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Writing Studies and Composition

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Course Offerings, Spring 14 Writing skills are vital for professional advancement in fields such as business, law, medicine, communications, education, and engineering. The Minor in Writing Studies requires successful completion of 18 semester hours chosen from at least two of the following areas: (1) Professional Writing, (2) Composition and Rhetoric, (3) New Media Literacy. Consider adding one of the classes below to your fall schedule. WSC 30 Business Communication TR 11:10-12:35 Professor Robert Vestigo This course provides instruction in crafting effective memos, emails, proposals, policies and reports. Students will learn how to write in team environments and in a variety of organizational structures. The course pays special attention to writing audienceappropriate messages in both digital and print media. Prerequisite/Course Notes: WSC 001. Required for all Minors in General Business. WSC 102 Grammar MW 2:55-4:20

know the difference after taking this course, which provides instruction in the forms and functions of standard English grammar and their relation to meaning. Prerequisite: WSC 1 & 2 WSC 110 Advanced Composition MWF 12:50-1:45 Professor Ethna Lay Students design several research projects and develop a portfolio of compositions that convey their unique talents and interests. The class will read exploratory, narrative, and researchbased essays, using each form as a model for thinking and writing in academic and popular contexts.

Professor Carol Porr

Prerequisite /Course Notes:

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WSC 001. WSC 110 may be substituted for WSC 002 with permission of the

departmental chairperson. WSC 101 Practicum in Writing Center Pedagogy MF 11:15-12:40 Professor Frank Gaughan Students will study the issues and methods of writing center pedagogy through researching the history of writing centers in postsecondary American education and studying landmark works in composition theory. Students will also observe and participate in writing tutorials at the Hofstra Writing Center. Students who complete this course may be eligible to work as Hofstra Writing Center consultants. Prerequisite: WSC 1 &2

For more information about these classes, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Frank Gaughan or call 516.463.5467.


Spring 14 Course Offerings