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Spring 2014

Are you passionate about writing? Do you like working with your peers and designing texts in traditional and digital media? Are you ready for a challenge that will develop your writing abilities and prepare you to succeed in the workplace?

WSC 110 Advanced Composition MWF 12:50-1:45 Professor Ethna Lay Students design several research projects and develop a portfolio of compositions that convey their unique talents and interests. The class will read exploratory, narrative, and research-based essays, using each form as a model for thinking and writing in academic and popular contexts. Prerequisite /Course Notes: WSC 001. WSC 110 may be substituted for WSC 002 with permission of the departmental chairperson. For more information about these classes, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Frank Gaughan or call 516.463.5467.

Advanced Composition  
Advanced Composition  

Advanced Composition, Spring 2014 Course may substitute for WSC 2