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W ILLY VANDERSTEEN Script: PETER VAN GUCHT Drawings: LUC MORJAEU Translated from the Dutch by Josh Pachter


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26/01/15 15:27

How do you feel?

And my nose is running!

Ow! With this fever, I can’t tell what’s worse, the headache or the muscle pains!

No? What if it’s bird flu?

Sure, laugh at the sick man … cough cough! It’s just the flu! It’s not going to kill you!

Nose not running. Still right on face!

Cooper’s getting ready to fly the coop! This flu clipped his wings!

That can be fatal … ow!

Call the doctor, Sybil, before it’s too late!

Man up, big guy! I’ll tuck you in and give you something for your fever, and you just get some rest!

You crazy? Sybil makes fine nurse!

Not fine enough for me! A sick Cooper needs the best!

No food?! Are you planning on starving me to death?! Calm down, Cooper!

Lucky I know someone who’ll take me seriously! Who?

Just leave me alone! I can take care of myself! Fine, then! Let’s go, kids!

The woman who raised me when Daddy moved to Africa!

Hello? Auntie Biotica?

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26/01/15 15:27

Later ...

What are you, the butler?

I’ll have a nice cup of tea with exactly two teaspoons of sugar and three drops of lemon! And make it snappy!

Sick of Auntie Idiotica already! Time for nice weekend getaway!

Oh, my poor little boy!

Auntie, I’m soooooo sick!!

What are Taking your temperature! With a you doing? nose like yours, this is the best way to check!

Oh, my, my! You’re burning up! I know just what you need! Antibiotics!

I’m sorry, nurse. My diagnosis is that Mr. Cooper has the flu…

Nonsense! Antibiotics are a wonder drug!

My father was shot in the leg in World War II! If they hadn’t given him antibiotics, he would have died!

Madam, your father’s wound was certainly infected! Antibiotics are indicated for bacterial infections, but only then!

You quack! This is scandalous! I know what I have to do!

… and the flu is a virus, so antibiotics won’t help!



But he did die, didn’t he?

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 4

Not then! Years later!

26/01/15 15:27

Leftover antibiotics from the medicine cabinet?

We’ll have to go to Dragon Island!

When the storm finally passed, they found themselves off the coast of a small island!

If they were good 10 years ago, they’re good now!

Never heard of it!

Many years ago, my husband was the captain of a cargo ship!

A member of the crew was injured during the storm, and the wound was badly infected!

But of course my hubby told me everything!

And you think those islanders can help Cooper?

Burp! I don’t feel any better!

Hmmm. These pills must not be strong enough!

On one of his voyages, a terrible storm blew them far off course!

The islanders saved his life, but they insisted the crew keep the island’s existence a secret!

Absolutely! According to my husband, they have the strongest antibiotics in the world!

I’m not surprised!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 5

26/01/15 15:28

You’re taking Cooper?!

Of course! How else can they cure him? Now, if you’ll excuse us!...

She doesn’t want any witnesses!

Ha! Then she doesn’t know Lucy very well! I know her….

Ohhhh, I don’t know what’s worse, the flu – burp! – or the waves….

What the – ? This fever’s got me seeing things … you look like Luke and Lucy! WHAT ?!

We can help! We’ve got loads of experience!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 6

The anti-seasickness pills are in the big suitcase!

What are you two doing on my boat!? This is a dangerous mission … it’s no place for kids!

Really? Then, sure, I’ve got a job for you!

Not the sort of experi- Oh, shut up! ence you meant, right?

But it’s fine for You little brat! What am I sick men and old women, of course! supposed to do with the two of you?!

Later ... We’re there!

26/01/15 15:28

Is that Dragon Island?

It is! And they’ve got the antibiotics that’ll cure you!

Let’s not waste any time! Luke, lower the dinghy! Aye aye, Captain Biotica!

Grumble, grumble! I’m no nurse!

I’ll fetch the medicine and bring it back to the boat! Luke, you come with me!

We can put in at that little stretch of beach! Good idea!

The ground here seems strange, too!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 7

According to my husband’s notes, their village is in the middle of the island!

What about me? Can I go? Somebody has to stay here and look after my poor Coopie!

This is a weird plant! Leave that alone, boy! Let’s explore the island!

Ah! Finally! That must be them!

26/01/15 15:28

Hi, there, little guy!

EEK ?!!

You silly human-type I think I can understand peoples! Why you their mushroom language! come here?!

Meep meep! Attackum!


Streppies?! Who are they?

Streptococci! Deadly silly-type bacteria!

Oh, no! The little Silly’s in trouble!

Me Auntie Biotica! Me come get medicine for me sickie nephew!

We under silly attack by Streppies!!!

Me get them with Sillyshooter!

Here I come!

Run! I’ll hold them off!


SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 8

26/01/15 15:28

Get silly weapons! Must keep them from silly enemy!

Hold-um! Me bite-um and make-um meep meep sick!

Infectum! Meep!

Great shot!

THE BATTLE IS SOON OVER, AND THE STREPPIES ARE DEFEATED… Little human-type child saved King Silly!

Them silly the We’re happy to help! Who were those monsters? Streppies! Very dangerous bacteria!

But we got Sillyshooters that fire antibiotic ray! So we silly stronger than Streppies!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 9

Streppies want to silly conquer Dragon Island!

Wonderful! May I borrow one of your, em, Sillyshooters?

But, why?

Not silly possible! Only Sillies able to silly shoot Sillyshooters!

We silly forever grateful!

Them want make island sick! Them silly bad! Make the island sick? What do you mean?!

Then one of you will have to come out to my boat to cure Cooper! He needs your help!

26/01/15 15:29

Sorry! Antibiotic ray only silly good against bacteria! No good against silly virus!

No, him sickie Why? Him got silly sickie! I mean, he bitten by a has the flu! Streppie?

We’ll see about that! Take this!

What?! You won’t help us?!

Let’s go, boy! Follow me!

We’re faster than they are!

Auntie Biotica, don’t!

Once we get to the boat, we’ll be safe!

Faster, Sillies! Human-type people escaping with King Silly!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 10

Let the Silly go! His friends are furious!

Unless I do something dumb like trip over a rock!

Where is that dratted boy? It’s time to go!

No way! Cooper’s getting their antibiotic, and that’s that!

Ow, I sprained my ankle! And here they come! I’d better hide!

I’ll have to leave him behind! He must have decided to stay with the mushrooms!

26/01/15 15:29

We silly too late! They silly gone!

But where little human-type boy? He silly not in boat!

Back to village to ask island for help! Ask the island for help? What do they mean?

What’ve you got there?!

If I can wake him up, that is!

It’s a Silly! He’s got medicine for Cooper!

Am I supposed to swallow him before or after a meal?

Hey, where’s Luke!?

He’s going to shoot you with an antibiotic ray!

He stayed with the mushrooms! What?! I don’t believe you!

I’ll get changed and go bring him back!

Oh, Master Island! Sillies need your help!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 11

Why? I could use some help here!

Now what? The ground’s shaking!

26/01/15 15:29

Does that old witch really think I’d abandon my best friend?!

It’s an earthquake!

What the —?! The island’s moving!

Hold on, Sillies!

The island’s rising out of the sea! But that’s … that’s …

… that’s a dragon! The island’s some kind of monster!

Oh, dragon, you are our silly hero! Save King Silly from the human-type people!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 12


26/01/15 15:29

Not a good time for a visit!

Auntie Biotica! It’s a drag- a drag- a drag-

Speak up, girl! I can’t hear you!

ROAAAAA AR That’s better, but more clearly, please!

Not a funny joke, missy!

My goodness! What sort of creature is that?! Amazing the things you find in the ocean!


SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 13

The island is a dragon! What are you doing with that starter’s pistol?!

This is how you take care of a sick man?

Shooting, duh! That thing’s heading right for us!




26/01/15 15:29

D-d-don’t be afraid, Coopie!

So much noise! My aching head!

CR Holy smokes!


Out of my way!

Little human-type person! Grab him!


Hang on, Lucy!

Hey, you! Leave my friend alone!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 14

I’ve got to get the boat to safety! If only the motor still works!


It does! We’re off!

…get a kick out of this!

You don’t want to? Well, see if you…

26/01/15 15:30


Hey! Stop swinging your tail!

OOSH W S No! I can’t even see her any more!

Thanks a lot, Luke! It’s the thought that counts, but you’re not really helping!

Human-type person surrender to the Sillies! ASH SPL

Dragon’s eye hurts! Don’t bother him now! Anyway, we gots silly hostage!

Let me go! I’ve got to save Lucy!

Okay, this is a problem! I’m way too far from shore!

Human-type girl gone!

I’ll have to swim for it, and hope for the best!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 15

Old human-type I don’t care what happens to lady escape with me! Lucy’ll never make it! King Silly! Not good! We trade for Luke person!

26/01/15 15:30

Sillies care what happen! If Streppies get Sillies’ weapon, Sillies be silly doomed!

We’re slowing down!

We’ve sprung a leak!

I see why…

Dragon starve!

I know, I know! We have to turn to port!

We’re sinking!

We’ll be okay! I’ve steered us onto a sandbar! That’s fine while the tide’s out, but when it comes in…

If you don’t shoot your antibiotic ray at Cooper, I’ll show you how old I am!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 16

But that silly useless! Cooper have silly flu! That a virus! Me only can kill silly bacteria!

C r a s h!

First we’ll sink and then we’ll drown! And I’ve got the flu!

Where silly this? Aha!

No more backtalkia! If you don’t help Cooper right now, I’ll make mushroom soup out of you!

Old human-type lady! What do you mean, old?!

No, thanks! I couldn’t eat a bite!

26/01/15 15:30

King Silly had enough! Find little boat and go back to Dragon Island!


Cooper! Your medicine’s escaping!

Yessir, King Streppie!

Meep-meep hello!

AFTER A BRIEF BATTLE. Good meep-meep catch! This-um great meep day for Streppies! Meep!



Now us steal-um all meep-meep Sillies’ secrets!

LATER ... The boat! If I can just reach it, I’m saved!

First figure out meep-meep weapon! Once me learn-um secret, we find-um meep way to protect us against-um!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 17


I made it! And just in time … I’m exhausted!

Cooper? … Auntie Biotica? … Anybody home? … Where are they?

26/01/15 15:30

And the dinghy’s gone! At least I can stay dry!

I’d better call for help! Come in, Professor Barnabas!


Lucy!? Finally! Your aunt’s been worried sick!

If I didn’t know Lucy, I’d think this was a fairy tale!

What’s that!? Bacteria? A dragon?!


Hope hyperdrive’s working again!

Meep meep! Long live-um King Strep!

The boat’s on a sandbar and the tide’s coming in! Once it lifts off the sand, it’ll sink!

Steppies! Listen to leader, King Strep!

Hello, Wilbur? I need you at the lab right away!

Me dear Streppies! Me have-um figure out meep-meep Sillies’ weapon! Me have-um special drink invent-um, make us meep immune to antibioticum ray!

Time to attack-um! Victory is meep-meep ours! We bite-um dragon, make-um sick and eat-um up! Meep! Meep-meep hoorah!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 18

26/01/15 15:30


That meep tickles! Attack!

Streppies beating Sillies! Sillyshooter not working!

The Sillies are so busy fighting, they’ve forgotten about me!

The Streppies’ canoes! Just what I need!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 19

Good thing I’ve got my penknife!

Now to find Lucy and the boat!

A few more minutes and I’ll be back in the water! Good thing those sharks are there!

They’ll eat me before I drown!

26/01/15 15:31

Streppies! Me proud of you! We defeat-um meep-meep Sillies! Now we must eat-um dragon!

Streppies all inside dragon!

Oh, look! A snack!

This is the end!

Soon our silly dragon get sick!

My hero!

Get lost, you ugly beast!


We use-um nose holes as tunnels! Geronimeep!



Aw, shucks, it was nothing!


Where to now?

We have to help the Sillies! Their dragon’s in danger!

Why we guard-um human people?

Me rather eat-um up! Eat-um meep! Ha!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 20

Silly scared! Anything’s better than the flu!

26/01/15 15:31


Came to say hello while Prof looks for place to land!

More meep-meep humans! Yum, yum, eat-um up!




M Bacteri-uh-uh! BA

Saw friends on island. Jumped out of Gyrocopter!

Always wash hands after touching bacteria!



Thanks to human-type children for saving Sillies, but is too late!

Silly dragon very sick!

All human-type people’s fault! Why you come here? We’re very sorry, but...

You silly guilty! Must pay for killing dragon! Get them!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 21

They call this gratitude?!

I can’t see the boat anywhere!

26/01/15 15:31

If only Luke and Lucy are okay!


Very smart kids! Maybe on Dragon Island?

That critter looks as sick as I feel!

Dragon coughing! End is near!

Silly dragon dies, human-type children die, too!

Landing would be too dangerous! He’s got a serious lung infection! Good thing Lucy warned me about the giant bacteria!

Hey, look! The Gyrocopter!


Quick, Wilbur! There’s a hypodermic pistol in the first-aid kit! We can shoot the dragon full of my super-strength antibiotic!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 22

Aim for head? Moving target too hard to hit! Got better idea! Fly a little south!

26/01/15 15:31

Good idea, Wilbur, but shoot – !

Butt shot!

AAARRGHH!! That should do it!

Not bad enough silly dragon sick! Now they silly shoot him in tushie!


Punish human-type children!

Creature If this strain of bacteria looks is resistant to my sicker, not super-antibiotic, I don’t better! know what else to do!


SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 23

Throw human-type children into sea!

Drown them!

Wilbur losing patience! Wait!

Of course! The Wait! Silly professor gave him dragon better! some medicine!

Dragon saved! Release humantype children!

It’s about time!

26/01/15 15:31


Yeah, and the dragon, too! Hmmph!

I’m glad the old beast is better! No thanks to you! If I’d just stayed home in bed, I would have recovered much faster! Ingrate!

But he’s right! Fine, fine, only use antibiotics when a doctor prescribes them!

And gather up any leftover medications from your medicine chest… … and return them to the drugstore, yes, I get it!

Oh, no, Sybil! Have you got the flu?

Luckily, I know something much better!

SW_Tante_Biotica_BW_ENG_v2.indd 24

Science can’t always come up with new wonder drugs, so we have to use the ones we have wisely!

I must have caught it from you! No antibiotics for a virus, now!

The care of Nurse Cooper!


26/01/15 15:32