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Table of Contents 4

President’s Report: Bruce Paisner


2019 Gala Chair: Mo Abudu

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2019 Gala Host: Ronny Chieng International Emmy Directorate Award: Christiane Amanpour International Emmy Founders Award: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss


About the International Academy


2019 International Emmy Award Nominees



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2019 International Emmy Kids Awards@Miptv 2019 International Emmy Awards Semi-Final Round


Fall Board & Members Meeting


2019 News & Current Affairs Categories


JCS International Young Creatives Award & Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award


Directory of Members


2019 Judging Participants


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International Emmy® is produced by World Screen. Members of the International Academy can get a free subscription to World Screen’s online newsletters by visiting subscriptions.ws. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020


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President’s Report 2019

International Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner welcomes the News & Current Affairs Nominees at the Medal Ceremony in New York


he world is changing, more than at any time since televisions were first mass-marketed to the public in the mid-1940s. On the geopolitical front, nations are looking inward, and the alliances which have held the world together in an unsteady peace since WWII are weakening. The whole concept of freedom of the press and of the ability and right of the media to criticize people in power is under relentless attack. It has always been my belief that if you cannot solve the problems you read and hear about every day, you can at least do your part with those things where you do have some influence. And that is the direction the Executive Committee and the staff of the International Academy have taken in the current turmoil. Our primary mission is to award Emmys for excellence in television outside the United States, a task which has grown both more complex and more rewarding by the addition of new streaming services to an already crowded television landscape. To keep up with the demand for quality recognition, the Academy now presents Emmys three times a year. The main event is the Gala in November, where we recognize 11 categories, including Comedy, Drama, Performing Arts and Documentaries. In the spring, at MIPTV in Cannes, France, we present Emmys for excellence in Kids Programming. We have been doing this with MIPTV for the last five years. In mid-September we present Emmys for News and Current Affairs coverage at a joint ceremony in New York with the National Academy. In these times of threat to news media around the world,


this ceremony and the aggressive reporting we honor have taken on new importance. If one part of our mission is recognizing excellence in television, the other is enabling our members to go to places where news is being made, so they have a better understanding of the issues and, hopefully, the solutions. We do this by moving some of our Board Meetings to locations around the world and by staging multi-day Academy Days, which provide a deeper insight into a region and its issues. In recent years we have held Academy Days in Beijing (twice), Hong Kong, Rio (twice), and in Jerusalem, and are now planning for a major event in Istanbul from June 3 to 6, 2020. Our host in Istanbul will be Ay Yapim and its CEO, Kerem Çatay. Our Board Meetings have ranged from Florence to Versailles to Berlin and most recently to London. Last March, the staff of the Academy and our partners at BritishAmerican Business, led by its CEO, Duncan Edwards, organized an outstanding day of in-depth looks at the issues surrounding the Brexit dilemma. Although as of this writing no viable solution is in sight, I believe everyone who attended these meetings has a much better understanding of Brexit and the complex issues surrounding it. A highlight of this meeting was an opening reception at the House of Commons on the night of one of the key parliamentary votes that brought down Theresa May’s government. Our speaker that night was Lord Daniel Finkelstein, a member of the House of Lords and a respected British journalist. The closing dinner was hosted by Discovery INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

EMMY_2019_PRES-V2.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/5/19 4:04 PM Page 5

Networks International, great friends of the Academy, with a particularly thoughtful welcome by JB Perrette, President of Discovery Networks International. Most recently, in September, we held a board meeting in Los Angeles, with an overview of the television universe from Andrew Wallenstein, co-editor in chief of Variety. To help advance our activities, we receive significant support from several major media companies around the world. I am particularly pleased that several of these partners have supported us for many years. I would particularly like to acknowledge and thank Phoenix Lord Daniel Finkelstein addresses Satellite Television and its chairMembers at the House of Commons man, Liu Changle; Globo, the leading media company in Brazil and the Marinho family; and most recently Ay Yapim of Turkey and its CEO, Kerem Çatay. The Academy has an excellent Executive Committee to set the course and provide guidance for our organization. Most of its members have been on the committee for many years and bring much wisdom and experience to the job. I want to acknowledge Fred Cohen, our Chairman; Simon Sutton, our Secretary; Kevin Beggs, our Treasurer and Co-Chair of our Special Awards Committee; as well as Abbe Raven, Adriana Cisneros, Bruce Tuchman, Rainer Siek, and Armando Nunez, Jr. I particularly want to mention the contributions of Larry Gershman, who passed away this summer. Larry was the Chair of the Emmy Committee and a mainstay of the Academy for the last 30 years.

JB Perrette and Bruce Paisner at the March Board Meeting Closing Cocktail in London


The day-to-day job of running the organization is done by our professional staff, led by the very talented Camille Bidermann Roizen, Senior Vice President and Executive Director. The Academy has an unusually small staff for such a large organization, a tribute to its management and a key reason for its good financial health. The International Academy works closely with the Television Academy in Los Angeles and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. We participate directly with the National Academy in the News Emmys. I am grateful to our many helpful colleagues at both organizations, especially Frank Scherma and Maury Mcintyre at the Television Academy and Terry O’Reilly and Adam Sharp at the National Academy My professional home for many years has been Hearst Corporation, one of the world’s great media and information companies. I have watched Hearst go through many transformations, always on the cusp of dramatic change. I continue to learn a lot about the business and the world at Hearst, and I am particularly indebted to Hearst’s President and CEO, Steven R. Swartz, for this. Steve is also Chairman of the Associated Press and serves on several important Boards. Steve and his predecessor, Frank A. Bennack, Jr., Executive Vice Chairman, have supported the Academy and my role in it for many years, and I am deeply grateful for their backing and encouragement. By this time next year, the world will surely have changed geopolitically, and our industry will be continuing a transformation with the advent of new streaming services and the arrival of new technologies. In this latter area, I believe the Academy plays an important role in establishing guidelines and rewarding accomplishment, and I expect we will continue to do that to the benefit of our members and the wider industry. 5

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Mo Abudu

Mo Abudu is the Founder and CEO of EbonyLife Media, a producer, broadcaster and OTT operator based in Nigeria. hit drama series. Viewers know quality and we have seen rising demand for our series in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Guinea, France, Australia, Ireland and Italy. This affects how we tell our stories, which must have global appeal in order to travel. We’re focused on reaching global audiences from an African perspective. In March 2018, we finalized a three-project production deal with Sony Pictures Television (SPT) to co-develop three new scripted TV projects, with SPT set to distribute internationally. The three-project deal, the first of its kind between SPT and a Nigerian production company, will include a TV series inspired by the Dahomey Warriors. The actionpacked series, inspired by true events that took place in the West African Kingdom of Dahomey, will tell the empowering story of these all-female warriors and show the ultimate strength of women coming together, fighting to protect and honor their people. Ever since our launch in June 2013, our vision has always been to change the narrative about Africa and to tell our stories from our perspective. We have invested in the creation of quality programming and the development of our people and their ideas. It is this ethos that has given us the opportunity to partner with a world-class organization like SPT. Now we have the opportunity to bring the fascinating story of the Dahomey Warriors, and many other such stories, to audiences around the world.

hat does being the 2019 Gala Chair mean to you? As producers, we are in a unique position to share fresh, authentic, and original stories with a global audience. Our content is not limited by language or culture. Viewers want to see stories that reflect their everyday lives—which can be found everywhere. At EbonyLife, we believe in changing the global African narrative. And like many, we connect the world with our stories. As a Nigerian television producer, I am honored to chair the 47th International Emmy Awards and be part of an organization that celebrates extraordinary television producers from all over the globe. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the International Emmys board of directors on the appointment as the 2019 Gala Chair. My big dream was—and still is—to change the narrative about my continent. I’m fueled by the desire to tell a different story and portray another image of Africa—one that is more authentic, positive and progressive. I realized that the most effective way to reach the masses was through media, and this realization gave rise to the vision of creating content for the continent that represented a true reflection of Africa and spoke to the hearts of the people. How important is the international TV market for EbonyLife? As a TV producer, broadcaster and OTT operator, we have seen the demand for drama continue to increase. The draw continues to be our 6

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for EbonyLife in the coming years? As a continent, Africa has remained creatively silent for centuries. Our stories are seldom told outside of our families and villages and often from the perspective of “someone” looking in. These stories need to be told with authenticity and also produced to the best international standard—which can really only be done in partnership with those that understand how to get the best out of truly great stories. (Nobody does it better than Hollywood for the gloss and Europe for the grit.) But these stories cannot be told effectively without our input. If these stories are told from both perspectives, there is a captive audience on both sides of the Atlantic waiting to be entertained as never before. EbonyLife Media is ideally placed to partner with the best studios in the world to bring high-concept series to global audiences. We have invested hugely in the development of scripted and unscripted formats with an African twist. We see this as a great opportunity to pursue copro alliances internationally, for titles with an African perspective and a global outlook. The world craves freshness, newness and the alternative. We believe this is what sets us apart. We have been very successful in Nollywood and are now looking to produce features with a broader appeal that resonate with the black Diaspora and beyond. With renewed interest for African content globally, EbonyLife is now offering unique content formats, scripts and concepts to producers and distributors. These range from high-quality shows ready for syndication to exciting, contemporary, futuristic and historical films and series ready for development. A specially resourced team has researched and developed content in four key areas, known as Afrogenres, that have been carefully curated to match audience interests. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

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Ronny Chieng

©Mindy Ticket

Stand-Up Comedian and Actor Ronny Chieng is a correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and starred in Crazy Rich Asians.


onny Chieng is a Chinese stand-up comedian and actor born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, raised in Manchester, NH, USA, and Singapore, who graduated from the University of Melbourne in Australia in 2009 with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce. Ronny has sold out multiple global stand up comedy theater tours in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Canada and London, including performances at the Just for Laughs Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the SOHO Theatre in London, the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Town Hall, the Enmore Theatre in Sydney and the Esplanade concert hall in Singapore. Ronny has appeared in GQ, the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, as a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Ronny co-wrote and starred in his own television comedy series Ronny Chieng: International Student, which aired on the ABC in Australia, the BBC, Comedy Central Asia and Comedy Central in the USA. In 2015 Ronny moved to New York City after being hired as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central. He also lost 11 kg but that was unrelated to comedy, and was named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch in 2016. In 2018 Ronny starred in the Warner Bros. smash hit comedy film Crazy Rich Asians, based off the best-selling book by Kevin Kwan. He is set to release his upcoming Netflix comedy special.


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORATE_AWARD.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 9:23 AM Page 1


Christiane Amanpour The International Emmy® Directorate Award is presented to Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s Chief International Anchor of the network’s award-winning, flagship global affairs program Amanpour, which also airs on PBS in the United States.


eginning in 1983 as an entry-level assistant on the international assignment desk at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, Amanpour rose through the organization, becoming a reporter at the New York bureau and later the network’s leading international correspondent. Amanpour’s fearless and uncompromising approach made her popular with audiences, and a force to be reckoned with by global influencers—in 1996, Newsweek said that her reporting from conflict hotspots in the Gulf and the Balkans had helped make CNN “must-see TV for world leaders.” From the 1991 Gulf War to the 2003 American-led invasion, Amanpour documented the bloody violence that has marked Iraq’s recent history. On the ground during the siege of Sarajevo, Amanpour exposed the brutality of the Bosnian War, reporting on the daily tragedy of life for civilians. She was outspoken, calling out the human rights abuses, massacres and genocide committed against the Bosnian Muslims, later 8

saying, “There are some situations one simply cannot be neutral about, because when you are neutral you are an accomplice.” In 2009 Amanpour was launched, and the primetime interview program has seen Amanpour speak to a raft of leaders and decision-makers on the issues affecting the world today. Throughout her time at CNN, Amanpour has secured exclusive interviews with global power players. In the wake of the September 11 attacks she was the first international correspondent to interview British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Amanpour spoke exclusively to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani following his landslide election victory, eliciting from him acknowledgment of the occurrence of the Holocaust. She was the first journalist to interview Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff following her country’s shocking defeat in the 2014 World Cup semi-final. She also had the rare opportunity to sit down with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, talking to him about the widespread violent demonstrations in his country. In January 2014, Amanpour also exclusively broke the news of a dossier of testimony and photographs which alleged to show systematic torture of prisoners by government forces in Syria, welcoming a panel of war crimes experts who attested to the veracity of the shocking allegations. It was with this evidence that she later confronted Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, challenging him to justify his government’s support for the Assad regime. She has reported from the aftermath of many humanitarian crises, including the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the 2011 Japanese tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina, where she visited a community center which had been converted to a makeshift morgue for victims of the storm. In addition to her work as an anchor and reporter, Amanpour is an active rights campaigner. A board member of the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Centre for Public Integrity and the International Women’s Media Foundation, she has used her profile to raise awareness of key global issues and journalists’ rights. She has interviewed educational rights activist Malala Yousafzai for CNN on several occasions, bringing focus to her courage and international advocacy work. In May 2014 she used an appearance on BBC television to raise awareness of the plight of the 200 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram, asking British Prime Minister David Cameron to join the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Amanpour has earned every major television journalism award, including 11 News and Documentary Emmy Awards, four Peabody Awards, two George Polk Awards, three duPont-Columbia Awards and the Courage in Journalism Award. She has received nine honorary degrees, has been named a CBE and was this year inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame. She is an honorary citizen of Sarajevo and a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Freedom of the Press and the Safety of Journalists. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

EMMY_2019_FOUNDERS-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 9:25 AM Page 1


David Benioff and D.B. Weiss The International Emmy® Founders Award is presented to Game of Thrones Creators and Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Since its debut in 2011, Game of Thrones has been billed as one of the world’s most popular television series, airing in over 207 countries and territories and receiving 160 Emmy nominations, the most of any primetime scripted series in Emmys history.

David Benioff David Benioff works as an author and screenwriter. He adapted his first novel, The 25th Hour, into a feature film directed by Spike Lee. His second novel, City of Thieves, was on the New York Times bestseller list for 13 weeks and has been translated into 35 languages. His screenplays include The Kite Runner, Brothers, Troy, and Stay. Stories from his critically acclaimed collection When the Nines Roll Over appeared in Best New American Voices and The Best American Nonrequired Reading. David co-created and executive produced the INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones for HBO. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two daughters and one son.

D.B. Weiss D.B. Weiss is the author of Lucky Wander Boy, and has worked on numerous film projects such as Halo, Ender’s Game and The Game. D.B. co-created and executive produced the Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones for HBO. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons. 9

EMMY_2019_ABOUT_ALT_.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 9:28 AM Page 1


The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Recognizing excellence in television with the Emmy® and connecting the world’s leading media and entertainment professionals across all segments of the industry.

he International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is a membership-based organization comprised of leading media and entertainment figures from over 60 countries and 500 companies from all sectors of television, including internet, mobile and technology. The Academy’s yearly schedule of events includes the prestigious International Emmy® Awards held in New York, the International Emmy® Kids Awards at Miptv and a series of industry events such as Academy Day, the International Emmy® World 10

Television Festival and Panels on substantive industry topics. Academy Members are invited to attend exclusive, invitation-only Board & Members Meetings and events designed to enable them to network with their peers from around the world and catch up on the latest industry developments and opportunities. For more information on how to become a Member, enter programs into the International Emmy Awards competition and a calendar of upcoming events go to the Academy’s website www.iemmys.tv. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

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International Emmy Award


very year, the global television industry competes in the International Emmy Awards competition to be recognized on the International Academy’s global stage. This year, there are 44 Nominees across 11 categories and 21 countries. Nominees come from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. Information about all the Nominees is included in the following pages for the following categories.

Arts Programming Best Performance by an Actor Best Performance by an Actress Comedy Documentary Drama Series Non-English Language U.S. Primetime Program


Non-Scripted Entertainment Short-Form Series Telenovela TV Movie/Mini-Series


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 16


Arts Programming

Dance or Die

John and Yoko: Above Us Only Sky

Witfilm / NTR

Eagle Rock Films


United Kingdom

Producers: Iris Lammertsma, Boudewijn Koole, Astrid Prickaerts Director: Roozbeh Kaboly Principal Cast: Ahmad Joudeh

Executive Producers: Geoff Kempin, Terry Shand Producer: Peter Worsley Director: Michael Epstein Principal Cast: Yoko Ono, Julian Lennon, Diana Robertson, Ray Connolly, Dan Richter, Eddie Veale, Jim Keltner, Kieron ‘Spud’ Murphy, Klaus Voormann, Nicky Hopkins, Alan White, John Dunbar, David A. Ross, Jack Douglas, Kenelm Jenour, Tariq Ali, David Bailey, Elliot Mintz, Doug Ibold, Allan Steckler

“Dance or Die” is Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh’s (27) life philosophy. It’s tattooed on his neck. Dance is Ahmad’s life, but it’s become impossible for him to practice dance in his war-torn home of Damascus.

The untold story of John Lennon’s album IMAGINE, which was released in 1971. The underlying message was a radical engagement as relevant today as ever. This film reveals the depth of the creative collaboration between John and Yoko and explores how the art, politics and music of the pair are intrinsically entwined.



EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/7/19 9:33 AM Page 17

[Michel Legrand, Let The Music Play]

Ópera Aberta — Os Pescadores de Pérolas

Cinétévé / ARTE

HBO Brasil / O2 Filmes



Executive Producer: Laurence Miller Producers: Fabienne Servan Schreiber, Nathalie Verdier Director: Gregory Monro Writer: Gregory Monro

Producers: Roberto Rios, Patricia Carvalho, Andrea Barata Ribeiro, Bel Berlinck, Fernando Meirelles Director: Carlos Nader Writer: Carlos Nader Principal Cast: Fernando Meirelles

Michel Legrand, Sans Demi-Mesure

Three-time Oscar winner Michel Legrand composed some of the most famous soundtracks of all time. He has collaborated with the greatest names in cinema, jazz and pop music. His recent passing reminds us of the incredible story of this unmatched artist.


Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles finds himself doing two things for the first time: directing an opera and being the main focus of a documentary. Ópera Aberta — Os Pescadores de Pérolas follows the behind-the-scenes of the director’s attempt at creating something completely different.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 18


Best Performance by an

Haluk Bilginer

Christopher Eccleston

Ay Yapım / Puhu TV

Red Production Company / BBC


United Kingdom

Agah is retired and living in the Istanbul apartment building his wife left him. However, he has never forgotten the unspeakable crime against a little girl in his old town—or all the officials who covered it up. Now in his 60s, this prim little man has become a cold-blooded vigilante, and he won’t stop until every one of them is dead. However, Alzheimer’s Disease has already begun to ravage his mind. He must complete his quest for vengeance before he forgets it all.

When mother Marie mysteriously leaves the family home, the repercussions are enormous. But when secrets are revealed from the past, both Marie and her husband Greg realize they can’t just walk away from their lives.

in Şahsiyet [Persona]


in Come Home




EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 19


Raphael Logam

Jannis Niewöhner

FOX Networks Group LATAM-Brazil / Barry Company

Amazon Studios / Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion / Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany / Pantaleon Films

in Impuros [Impure]

Brazil Throughout the ascension of cocaine traffic in Rio de Janeiro during the ’90s, an ambitious criminal mastermind and a controversial alcoholic cop are on a collision course in a gritty tale of revenge and self-destruction that will cross borders, changing the history of South America forever.


in Beat

Germany Club promoter Robert Schlag, aka “Beat,” lives a life of excess. Fast and hard. But then the bodies of two young girls are discovered in his club, and a mysterious stranger wants to get to know him. Not only the police, but also Emilia, an agent of the Secret Service, put pressure on Beat.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 20


Best Performance by an

Radhika Apte

Jenna Coleman

Flying Unicorn Entertainment / RSVP / Netflix

Synchronicity Films / December Media


United Kingdom

The companion to 2013’s Bombay Talkies, Lust Stories consists of four short films by four of India’s biggest directors exploring love, sex and relationships in modern India.

A young couple, Joanna and Alistair, travel from Scotland to Australia with their baby son, Noah. They’re going to Melbourne to see Alistair’s mother, Elizabeth, and to fight for custody of Alistair’s daughter, Chloe. Whilst in Australia, an unthinkable tragedy occurs, prompting a police investigation and the descent of the world’s media on Wilde Bay. The couple’s relationship crumbles under the weight of lies and betrayal and a young woman is thrust into the spotlight.

in Lust Stories


in The Cry



EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 21


Marjorie Estiano

Marina Gera

Globo / Conspiração Filmes

Szupermodern Studio Ltd.



The public hospital is under new management and becomes the target of the greed and opportunism of Renata, who now holds Samuel’s position as director of the place. Gradually, the mechanism established by her—apparently harmless— involves the environment and changes everyone’s lives.

Christmas 1944. Soviet soldiers invade Hungary and drag every young ethnic German woman away from a small village and transport them to a Soviet labor camp where they are forced to work in the coal mines under inhuman conditions.

in Sob Pressão [Under Pressure]


in Örök Tél [Eternal Winter]


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 22



Especial de Natal Porta dos Fundos [The Last Hangover] Porta dos Fundos Brazil Executive Producer: Tereza Gonzalez Producer: Niara D’Avila Director: Rodrigo Van Der Put Writer: Fabio Porchat Principal Cast: Fabio Porchat, Gregorio Duvivier, Antonio Tabet, Rafael Portugal In this biblical Hangover spoof, the apostles awaken to find Jesus is missing and must piece together the events of the previous night’s wild Last Supper.


FAM! Oak 3 Films Pte Ltd Singapore Executive Producers: Lai Jason, Lim Suat Yen, Zaihirat Banu Codelli Producer: Lim Suat Yen Director: Glenn Chan Writer: Tan Soon Teck Principal Cast: Vernetta Lopez, Gurmit Singh, Benjamin Kheng, Jermaine Leong, Patrick Teoh, Suhaimi Yusof FAM! is a lighthearted family comedy series that touches on today’s obsession of wanting to be seen and heard online. Ultimately, it seeks to show how a balanced and fulfilled life can also come from learning when to go off-line.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 23

Kupa Rashit [Checkout!]

July August Productions Israel Executive Producers: Amit Stretiner, Idit Mistriel Producer: Noam Arazi Director: Oren Shkedy Writers: Nadav Frishman (Created by), Yaniv Zohar (Created by), Arnon Weiss, Hagai Turisky Principal Cast: Keren Mor, Noa Koler, Dov Navon, Amir Shurush, Yaniv Swisa, Daniel Styopin A sitcom about the clash of cultures and characters in a dysfunctional supermarket. Checkout! takes a behind-thescenes look at a chaotic supermarket in central Israel. Each episode follows the daily lives of the store’s crazy staff and equally eccentric customers.


Workin’ Moms — Season 2 Wolf + Rabbit Entertainment ULC Canada Executive Producers: Catherine Reitman, Philip Sternberg, Tina Horwitz, Joseph Sorge Producer: Jonathan Walker Directors: Catherine Reitman, Philip Sternberg, Aleysa Young, Paul Fox Writers: Catherine Reitman, Karen Moore, Rebecca Kohler, Jillian Locke, Robby Hoffman, Hannah Cheesman Principal Cast: Catherine Reitman, Dani Kind, Juno Rinaldi, Jessalyn Wanlim, Philip Sternberg, Ryan Belleville Workin’ Moms is back for the “terrible twos.” But things look different this season as Kate, Anne, Frankie, and Iana deal with the chaos of toddlers, tantrums, careers, and the competing responsibilities that come with “having it all,” while trying to maintain friendships, marriages and a sense of self.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 24



A Primeira Pedra [The First Stone — The Rise of Lynching in Brazil] Canal Futura (Fundação Roberto Marinho) / Couro de Rato Edição e Produção LTDA Brazil Executive Producers: Luis Carlos de Alencar, Ana Paula Brandão, Joana Levy Producers: Luis Carlos de Alencar, Érica Sansil, Filipe Espíndola, Tatiana Milanez, Juliana Oliveira Director: Vladimir Seixas Writer: Vladimir Seixas

Bellingcat — Truth in a Post-Truth World Submarine Amsterdam / VPRO Netherlands Executive Producer: Nick Fraser Producers: Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix Director: Hans Pool Bellingcat — Truth in a Post-Truth World follows an international team of citizen investigative journalists who are using their knowledge of social media, reconstruction techniques and audio analysis to conduct in-depth research.

This documentary investigates a wave of lynchings in Brazil and shows how this violence has become daily. From emblematic cases, it questions the motivations and consequences over these perspectives of “justice”. It also exposes the conservative face of these acts, which has drastically increased the numbers of lynchings in Brazil.



EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/7/19 9:39 AM Page 25

Louis Theroux’s Altered States

Witness — India’s Forbidden Love

BBC Studios

Grain Media / AJE Witness

United Kingdom


Executive Producer: Peter Dale Producers: Gagan Rehill, Flo Barrow, Arron Fellows Directors: Arron Fellows, Wesley Pollitt Writer: Louis Theroux Principal Cast: Louis Theroux

Executive Producer: Fiona Lawson-Baker Producers: Aloke Devichand, Anna Murphy, Harri Grace Director: Sadhana Subramaniam Principal Cast: Kausalya Shankar, Sakthi Sathyanaryanan, Gautham, Kodaiammail, Ramasamy, AP Jayachandran

Journalist Louis Theroux explores the unusual ways modern America deals with birth, love and death. Changing social attitudes and radical new laws have transformed how Americans can now experience some of life’s most intimate moments—how we raise children, how we love and even how we die.

In March 2016, Kausalya and her husband Shankar were brutally attacked on a crowded street in southern India. Shankar, who came from a lower Dalit caste, died of his injuries. Kausalya survives and accuses her parents of orchestrating an honor killing.



EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:36 PM Page 26


Drama Series

Bad Banks


Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH / Iris Productions S.A. / ZDF German Television

Cuba Pictures / BBC / AMC United Kingdom

Germany Executive Producer: Guenther Russ Producers: Lisa Blumenberg, Nicolas Steil, Caroline von Senden, Alexandra Staib Director: Christian Schwochow Writer: Oliver Kienle Principal Cast: Paula Beer, Barry Atsma, Désirée Nosbusch, Albrecht Schuch, Mai Duong Kieu, Marc Limpach, Tobias Moretti Bad Banks takes a look behind the scenes of the world of high finance: an adrenaline-driven game of power, manipulation, economic interests, political common sense, personal ambitions and shifting loyalties. To survive this game, young investment banker Jana surpasses herself and oversteps boundaries.


Executive Producers: Hossein Amini, James Watkins, Nick Marston, Dixie Linder, Misha Glenny, Robyn Slovo, Ben Hall, Elizabeth Kilgarriff, Matthew Read Producer: Paul Ritchie Director: James Watkins Writers: Hossein Amini, James Watkins, Peter Harness, David Farr, Laurence Coriat Principal Cast: James Norton, David Strathairn, Juliet Rylance, Merab Ninidze, Aleksey Serebryakov, Maria Shukshina, Faye Marsay, David Dencik McMafia charts Alex Godman’s journey as he is drawn into the world of organized crime. The English-raised son of Russian exiles, Alex spent his life trying to escape their criminal past. But when his family is threatened, Alex is forced to confront his values to protect those he loves.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 27

Sacred Games Phantom Films / Netflix India Executive Producers: Vikramaditya Motwane, Kelly Luegenbiehl, Erik Barmack Producers: Vivek B Aggarwal, Arya A Menon Directors: Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap Writers: Varun Grover, Vasant Nath, Smita Singh Principal Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte A link in their past leads an honest cop to a fugitive gang boss, whose cryptic warning spurs the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from cataclysm.

Um Contra Todos — Season 3 [One Against All]

FOX Networks Group LATAM-Brazil / Conspiração Filmes Brazil Executive Producers: Mariana Perez, Gonzalo Fiure, Jérôme Merle, Zico Goes, Edgar Spielmann Producers: Gustavo Baldoni, Breno Silveira, Maria Amélia Teixeira, Renata Brandão Directors: Breno Silveira, Daniel Lieff Writers: Thomas Stavros, Gustavo Lipsztein, Breno Silveira Principal Cast: Julio Andrade, Julia Ianina, Roberto Birindeli, Rita Guedes, Julia Konrad, Silvio Guindane, Brenda Sabryna, João Fernandes, Roberto Bomtempo, Erom Cordeiro, Stepan Nercessian Cadu made an effort to become an honest congressman, but failed. Desperate to mend his personal life, free his son from juvie and get rid of criminal allegations, he makes a deal with a Fed agreeing to infiltrate a Bolivian drug cartel in order to turn in the organization.



EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 28


Non-English Language

Al Otro Lado Del Muro

El Recluso

Telemundo Global Studios

Telemundo International Studios

United States of America

United States of America

Executive Producers: Ricardo Coeto, Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja Ll., David Posada Producer: Aimée Godínez Directors: Nicolás Di Blassi, Luis Manzo Writers: Laura Sosa, Leticia López-Margalli Principal Cast: Marjorie De Sousa, Litzy, Gabriel Porras, Guillermo Iván, Uriel del Toro

Executive Producers: Marcos Santana, Ana Paula Valdovinos, Inna Payán, Sebastián Ortega Producer: Luis Salinas Directors: Jorge Colón, Alfonso Pineda, Mariano Ardanaz Writers: Joaquín Casasola, Enrique Vázquez, Gerónimo Barriga Principal Cast: Ignacio Serrichio, Ana Claudia Talancón, Flavio Medina, Luis Felipe Tovar, David Chocarro

Two women, who share little in common but their Mexican heritage, cross paths again on the other side of the border, and support each other’s new dreams. They are Sofia, the wife of Puebla’s governor and a prominent figure in Mexican society, and Eliza, a woman of humble means.

Lazaro Mendoza, a former U.S. marine, infiltrates a maximum security prison on a secret mission to rescue the daughter of a prominent judge. While his courage and negotiating skills help him survive, things get complicated when he loses the support of those who smuggled him into the prison.




EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 29

U.S. Primetime Program


Magnífica 70 — Season 3

Spiral International / Red Arrow Studios International / Dynamo

HBO Brasil / Conspiração Filmes

United States of America Executive Producers: Zasha Robles, Diego Ramirez Schrempp, Ernesto Contreras, Andres Calderon, Henrik Pabst Producer: Maria Jose Gomez Director: Ernesto Contreras Writer: Fabian Archondo Principal Cast: Michel Brown, Marina de Tavira, Hoze Melendez Falco follows the story of detective Alejandro Falco who, after being in a coma for 23 years, wakes up to find a different world. In every episode, Falco solves a case with his oldfashioned methodology as he discovers what happened the night he fell into a coma.


United States of America Executive Producers: Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios, Eduardo Zaca Producers: Cláudio Torres, Gustavo Baldoni, Renata Brandão Directors: Cláudio Torres, Claudia Castro, Rodrigo Monte Writers: Cláudio Torres, Renato Fagundes, Melanie Dimantas, Aline Portugal Principal Cast: Marcos Winter, Simone Spoladore, Maria Luisa Mendonça, Adriano Garib Magnífica 70 portrays the underground cinema-making scene of São Paulo during the military regime in 1970s Brazil. The third season concludes with the protagonists returning to their original paths as they struggle to battle cultural censorship, while remaining faithful to the art in order to find success.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 30



The Voice Argentina — Season 2 Viacom / Telefe Argentina Executive Producer: Diego Nuñez Producers: Lucía Varela, Martín Borrillo, Agostina Millansky, Alex Roy Menendez, Christian Pedace, Gastón Martinez, Gerardo Crespo, Sebastián Canziani, Sergio Weinzettel, Silvia Caumon, Antonella Cardoso, Florencia Valsagna, Francisco Affranchino, Hernan Figari, Manuela Camacho, Mariana Rubel, Martin Olivar, Melina Torres, Verónica Weahner Director: Fernando Emiliozzi Writer: Andres Maino Principal Cast: Alejandro “Marley” Wiebe, Tini Stoessel, Soledad Pastorutti, Ricardo Montaner, Axel

Taboe [Taboo] PANENKA / VRT - Eén Belgium Executive Producers: Tom Lenaerts, Kato Maes Producer: René Vermeulen Director: Kat Steppe Writers: Tom Baetens, Bart Cannaerts, Philippe Geubels Principal Cast: Philippe Geubels In Taboo, Flemish comedian Philippe Geubels laughs at people you really shouldn’t laugh at. He gets to know the sensitivities of his new friends and ends up doing an entire comedy set on their issues.

The Voice aims to find currently unsigned singing talent (solo or duets, professional and amateur) drawn from public auditions.



EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 31


The Real Full Monty: Ladies’ Night

The Remix — India

Spun Gold TV / ITV

Greymatter Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

United Kingdom


Executive Producers: Nick Bullen, Kevin Mundye, Ceri Jones Producers: Cassie Bennitt, Alice Scaysbrook, Rachel Rosen Director: Will Yapp Principal Cast: Ashley Banjo, Coleen Nolan, Sarah-Jane Crawford, Victoria Derbyshire, Sally Dexter, Michelle Heaton, Helen Lederer, Ruth Madoc, Megan McKenna

Executive Producers: Chandradev Bhagat, Payal Mathur Bhagat, Rahul Sarangi Director: Rob Mclaughlin

A show of female defiance follows the journey taken by eight female celebrities, all affected by cancer, as they battle to overcome their nerves and inhibitions, learn to love their bodies and dare to bare in a one-off performance that will wow their audience and raise awareness of the disease.


The Remix—it’s the new sound of Indian music! On this music reality show some of the coolest musicians rejig, reshuffle and remix popular Bollywood songs. A singer and music producer team up to create a fresh take on popular songs. Each of the 10 teams give it all they have to put out riveting performances to impress the celebrity judges: Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi and Nucleya!


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 32


Short-Form Series


Hack the City


Fox Lab / Yourmama

South Korea


Executive Producer: Chiehwan Sung Producers: Jinkwon Kim, Doroomuk Director: Doroomuk Writer: Kyeongseop So Principal Cast: Jian Chae, Seung-Yoon Choi, Jiwon Oui, Jinha Lee, Yurim Park

Executive Producer: Mayra Faour Auad Producers: Leonardo Haar, Beatriz Morgado, Eduardo Rostirolla, Leonardo Neumann, Henrique Molina, Bruno Almeida Director: Wladimir Winter Writer: Marcelo Gavini Principal Cast: Raquel Brust , Catarina Martins, Kevin David, Levis Novaes, Lidia Thays, Louis Rodrigues, Raphael Fidelis, Suyane Ynaya, Vinni Tex, Leandro Mendes “Vigas”, Guto Requena

In each episode, two friends Anna and Mori find themselves in different situations: two girls in a zombie apocalypse, a policewoman stopping a driver, an optometrist and patient... The stories unfold in this surrealistic sitcom that’s three parts scenery, art and rhythm.


In this National Geographic series we follow four people with different backgrounds in their journey to solve serious problems in the city through design and technology, hacking the city and creating, producing and implementing real solutions.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 33

Luottomies — Season 2 [Wingman] Yle Draama Finland Executive Producer: Jarmo Lampela Producer: Matti Kajander Director: Jalamari Helander Writers: Kari Ketonen, Antti Luusuaniemi Principal Cast: Kari Ketonen, Antti Luusuaniemi, Maria Ylipää, Taneli Mäkelä A comedy about two guys, Juhis (Kari Ketonen) and Tommi (Antti Luusuaniemi) who end up in bizarre and odd situations. The daily life poses surprising challenges to this dynamic duo. Everyday situations escalate, and the guys are left with two bad choices on how to get out.


Wrong Kind of Black Princess Pictures Australia Executive Producer: Emma Fitzsimons Producers: Andrea Denholm, Melanie Brunt, Kelly West Director: Catriona McKenzie Writers: Boori Monty Pryor, Nick Musgrove Principal Cast: Clarence Ryan, Aaron McGrath, Lisa Flanagan, Tom E Lewis, Nilbi Yasserie, Christopher Ketchup From the crocs and cops of 1960s Queensland to the bloodsplattered disco floors of 1970s Melbourne comes the story of afro-bearing, flare-wearing Aboriginal DJ Monty Pryor and his little brother Paul.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 34



100 Days to Fall in Love

La Reina del Flow

Telefe / Underground

Teleset / Caracol Television



Executive Producers: Leandro Cullel, Pablo Cullel, Sebastián Ortega Producer: Osvaldo Codazzi Directors: Mariano Ardanaz, Pablo Ambrosini Writers: Jorge Korovsky, Silvina Fredjkes, Alejandro Quesada Principal Cast: Carla Peterson, Nancy Duplaa, Juan Minujín, Luciano Castro, Juan Gil Navarro, Pablo Rago, Jorgelina Aruzzi

Executive Producers: Juana Uribe, Juan Pablo Posada, Luis Eduardo Jimenez Producer: Luis Eduardo Jimenez Directors: Liliana Bocanegra, Rodrigo Lalinde Writers: Claudia Sánchez, Said Chamie Principal Cast: Carolina Ramírez, Carlos Torres, Andrés Sandoval

100 Days to Fall in Love is a telenovela in which two friends test their marriages. These friends face deconstructing their relationships, only to rebuild them under new circumstances, or opening themselves up to new possibilities that they would usually run away from.


Seventeen years after being wrongly imprisoned, a talented songwriter seeks justice against the men who caused her downfall and killed her family.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 35

The River Tshedza Pictures South Africa Executive Producers: Phathutshedzo Makwarela, Gwydion Beynon Producers: Phathutshedzo Makwarela, Gwydion Beynon Directors: Johnny Barbuzano, Zolani Phakade, Catharine Cooke, Ferry Jele Writers: Phathushedzo Makwarela, Gwydion Beynon Principal Cast: Sindi Dlathu, Hlomla Dandala, Presley Chweneyagae, Larona Moagi, Lawrence Maleka, Lunga Shabalala The River showcases the high stakes of the diamond mining world in South Africa and the contrast of the super-wealthy and the poverty-stricken. The discovery of a massive diamond starts a battle between the first local successful black female mining entrepreneur and the community where the mine is located.


Vidas Opostas [Tangled Lives]

SP Televisão / SIC Portugal Executive Producer: Bruno Oliveira Director: Jorge Queiroga Writer: Alexandre Castro Principal Cast: Sara Matos, Joana Santos, João Jesus, Renato Godinho, Diogo Amaral This is a story about the rise of a villain, Eva, whose life changes drastically after the disappearance of her husband. She discovers that Marco had a double life, which included trafficking anabolic steroids and running away with his lover Maria and their three-month old daughter. However, Maria is also unaware of his double life.


EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/4/19 2:37 PM Page 36


TV Movie/Mini-Series

Lust Stories

Safe Harbour

Flying Unicorn Entertainment / RSVP / Netflix

Matchbox Pictures



Executive Producers: Sahil Mehra, Meeta Dave, Smriti Jain, Guarav Mishra, Parth Dholakia Producers: Ashi Sua Sara, Ronnie Screwvala Directors: Anurag Kashyap, Soya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, Karan Johar Writers: Radhika Apte, Dibakar Banerjee, Anurag Kashyap, Ruchika Oberoi, Sumit Saxena Principal Cast: Radhika Apte, Akash Thosar, Randeep Jha, Bhumi Pednekar, Neil Bhoopalam, Jaideep Ahlawat, Manisha Koirala, Sanjay Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Kiara Advani, Neha Dhupia

Executive Producer: Debbie Lee Producer: Stephen Corvini Director: Glendyn Ivin Writers: Belinda Chayko, Matt Cameron, Phil Enchelmaier Principal Cast: Ewen Leslie, Leeanna Walsman, Hazem Shammas, Nicole Chamoun, Jacqueline McKenzie, Phoebe Tonkin, Joel Jackson, Robert Rabiah

The companion to 2013’s Bombay Talkies, Lust Stories consists of four short films by four of India’s biggest directors exploring love, sex and relationships in modern India.


On a yachting holiday, five Australians come across a broken-down boat full of desperate asylum-seekers. The Australians decide to tow the refugees, but the next morning the boat is gone. Years later they meet some of the refugees again and learn the truth. Someone cut the rope between the boats and, as a result, seven people died. A wedge is driven between the Australians, as they grapple with protecting themselves and doing the right thing. The refugees struggle with desire for justice and, possibly, revenge. Old secrets come to light, relationships are shattered and lives are put in danger. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

EMMY_2019_NOMINEE-ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_ARTS 11/7/19 9:56 AM Page 37

Se Eu Fechar Os Olhos Agora [If I Close My Eyes Now] Globo Brazil Executive Producer: Carlos Manga Jr. Producers: Fabiana Moreno, Betina Paulon Director: Carlos Manga Jr. Writer: Ricardo Linhares Principal Cast: Antônio Fagundes, Débora Falabella, Murilo Benício, Mariana Ximenes, Gabriel Braga Nunes, Thainá Duarte, Xande Valois, João Gabriel D'Aleluia, Milton Gonçalves, Renato Borghi, Jonas Bloch, Enzo Romani, Paulo Rocha, Lidi Lisboa, Antônio Grassi A black boy and a white boy find the mutilated body of a woman. A mysterious man helps them investigate the secrets behind the appearances, in a society dominated by the oppressive white elite. This crime thriller is a human drama around racism, violence against women, pedophilia and homophobia. Inspired by the work of Edney Silvestre. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

Trezor Szupermodern Studio Ltd. Hungary Executive Producer: Tamás Lajos Producer: Tamás Lajos Director: Péter Bergendy Writer: Norbert Köbli Principal Cast: Zsolt Anger, Péter Scherer, Bence Tasnádi, Zoltán Bezerédi, József Varga, Gabriella Hámori The keys to the vault of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are lost during the 1956 Revolution. The police pull a former bank robber out of prison to open their own uncrackable safe, but the convict finds something very different behind the door than what he had expected.


EMMY_2019_MARCH_BOARD_.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 1:42 PM Page 1


March Board & Members Meeting

Lord Daniel Finkelstein addresses the Members at the Opening Cocktail in the Strangers' Room at the House of Commons

March 14-15, 2019 London Speakers: Hayley Brady, Consultant, Head of Media and Digital, UK, Herbert, Smith, Freehills Global Law Firm Duncan Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, BritishAmerican Business William Hobbs, Chief Investment Officer, Barclays Investment Solutions Richard Johnston, CEO, Endemol Shine UK Victoria MacCallum, Head of International Policy for the Creative Industries, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) JB Perrette, President & CEO, Discovery Networks International Moderators: Ben Keen, Independent Analyst & Advisor, Technology, Media & Telecoms Axel Threlfall, Editor at Large, Reuters Academy Members and their guests convened in London, on March 14 and 15, for the March Board & Members Meeting & Events, held in association with BritishAmerican Business and with the support of Discovery Networks International. Board & Members activities kicked off with a visit and Welcome Cocktail at the House of Commons on March 14, featuring guest speaker Lord Daniel Finkelstein, a Member of Parliament and renowned journalist, who gave the group a historical perspective and personal anecdotes on Brexit and British politics, while the House was still in session. The next day, the Board & Members Meeting took place at the News’ Dow Jones Building and was followed by two panels. Before 38

the panels, Duncan Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, BritishAmerican Business, gave a brief historical overview of the Brexit movement. The first panel, “What Now for Britain,” addressed the effect of Brexit on the finance and cultural industries and featured experts Hayley Brady, Consultant, Head of Media and Digital, UK, Herbert, Smith, Freehills Global Law Firm; William Hobbs, Chief Investment Officer, Barclays Investment Solutions; and Victoria MacCallum, Head of International Policy for the Creative Industries Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The second panel, “Brexit: Two Media Perspectives,” featured a conversation between Richard Johnston, CEO, Endemol Shine UK, and JB Perrette, President & CEO, Discovery Networks International, about how Brexit has and will impact the content industry. The conversation was moderated by Ben Keen, Independent Analyst & Advisor, Technology, Media & Telecoms. In the evening, Academy Members and their guests were invited to a closing cocktail and dinner sponsored by JB Perrette and Discovery Networks International at the top of the Shard, with spectacular views of the city and a music performance by British classical violin group Ember Trio. Tour of the Galleries inside the British Parliament


EMMY_2019_MARCH_BOARD.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/6/19 10:01 AM Page 2


The group met as the House was voting

Arriving at the House of Commons

Lord Finkelstein

Academy Members Janet Balis, Rola Bauer and Alexander Dannenberg


BritishAmerican Business Executive Director Emanuel Adam

Curated tour for Members


EMMY_2019_MARCH_BOARD.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/6/19 10:02 AM Page 3

Richard Johnston, JB Perrette and Ben Keen

Academy Member Paul Zilk

March Board Meeting in session at the Dow Jones building Academy Members Kelly-Anne Perera and Ibrahim Eren

Axel Threlfall, Hayley Brady, William Hobbs and Victoria MacCallum



EMMY_2019_CNN_.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/1/19 10:25 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_ Pjmhoenix.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/7/19 1:07 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_MARCH_BOARD.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 2:50 PM Page 4

View of London from the News Building

BritishAmerican Business’ Duncan Edwards presenting a history of Brexit

Panelists Axel Threlfall, Duncan Edwards, Hayley Brady and Ben Keen with Academy President Bruce Paisner

Academy Members Bruce Tuchman, Richard Hofstetter, Olena Sibiriakova and Jay Yogeshwar arriving


Academy Member Brian Buchanan at the Members Luncheon


EMMY_2019_MARCH_BOARD.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 2:51 PM Page 5

Academy Members Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa, Paul Zilk and Steven Bawol

Discovery’s JB Perrette and Academy President Bruce Paisner welcome guests at the closing cocktail and dinner at Oblix at the top of the Shard Discovery hosts JB Perrette and Amy Perrette

Academy Members Kayo Washio, Phoebe Wang, Don Taffner and Nadav Palti Academy Members Jarmo Kalliola and Kaija Kalliola enjoying the dinner

Ember Trio



EMMY_2019_Hearst.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/30/19 10:28 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_Northern Ireland Screen Ad.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/30/19 11:00 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_Int Emmys kids ad.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/5/19 3:02 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/5/19 1:06 PM Page 1


International Emmy Kids

International Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner and Reed Midem CEO Paul Zilk welcoming guests

April 9, 2019 Cannes he International Emmy Kids Awards took place in Cannes on April 9, 2019, at the Carlton Hotel. Organ ized in partnership with Reed Midem, the ceremony was attended by leading international executives from the children’s television industry, and recognized excellence in seven kids categories: Kids: Preschool; Kids: Animation; Kids: Digital; Kids: Factual; Kids: NonScripted Entertainment; Kids: Series and Kids: TV Movie/Mini-Series. The International Emmy ® Kids Awards at Miptv closed a full Junior@Miptv and In Development Kids conference day dedicated to children’s programming with a variety of panels and keynotes, including a discussion on current trends featuring Anna Carugati, Group Editorial Director of World Screen, and Genevieve Dexter, CEO and Founder of Serious Lunch. The Emmy statues were presented on stage by an international cast of TV personalities, including Mira Awad, Creator of the series Muna, Finnish Actor Pelle Heikkilä, French Comedian Mr. Poulpe, Lebanese Host Anabella Hillal, Miss Supranational Valeria Vazquez from Puerto Rico and the French beatbox group Berywam, who opened the ceremony with a performance. The International Emmy Kids Awards presenting partners are TV Kids, Ernst & Young and Junior@Miptv. 48

Winning programs from Brazil, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are Hey Duggee—Season 2, Studio AKA (Kids: Preschool); Kop op (Heads Together), Viking Film / VPRO Television / Job, Joris & Marieke (Kids: Animation); Overgrep (Sexual Abuse Awareness Week), NRK / Bivrost Film & TV (Kids: Digital); My Life: Born To Vlog, Blakeway North (Kids: Factual); Fixa Bröllopet (Marrying Mum and Dad), Fremantle Sverige AB / Sveriges Television AB (Kids: Non-Scripted Entertainment); Malhação: Viva a Diferença (Young Hearts), Globo (Kids: Series); and Ratburger, King Bert Productions (Kids: TV Movie/Mini-Series). Complete winners’ information follows.

Kids Preschool Nominees for Luo Bao Bei Ma Lin, Grace Tian (center) and team INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020


EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 2:57 PM Page 2

Awards@Miptv Presenter Miss Supranational Valeria Vasquez

Presenter Mira Awad Opening show performance by Berywam Beatbox Group

Presenter Anabella Hillal

Presenter Mr. Poulpe

Presenter Pelle Heikkilä

EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 2:58 PM Page 3

Nominee showcase discussion featuring TV Kids’ Anna Carugati and Serious Lunch’s Genevieve Dexter

Genevieve Dexter

Nominee Medal Ceremony

Nominee Showcase

Nominees networking session after the showcase

Kids Guide AD_lo 8.5x11_mech.qxp_Layout 1 10/23/19 5:18 PM Page 1



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TV KIDS is the proud media partner of the International Emmy Kids Awards at MIPTV ®

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EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 2:59 PM Page 4


Winner Kids: Animation

Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw and Job Roggeveen

Kop op [Heads Together] Viking Film / VPRO Television / Job, Joris & Marieke Netherlands Executive Producer: Marleen Slot (Viking Film) Producers: Marleen Slot (Viking Film), Job Roggeveen (Job, Joris & Marieke), Joris Oprins (Job, Joris & Marieke), Marieke Blaauw (Job, Joris & Marieke) Directors: Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw Writers: Lotte Tabbers, Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw Principal Cast: Steye van Dam, Paulien Cornelisse, Nasrdin Dchar A story about three friends who exchange heads by accident and are forced to adapt to each other’s lives. Will they be able to keep it secret? And will they ever get their own heads back? 52


EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 2:59 PM Page 5


Winner Kids: Digital

Marianne Mueller, Tonje Voreland, Stine Kuhle-Hansen, Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen and Trond Jacobsen


[Sexual Abuse Awareness Week] NRK / Bivrost Film & TV Norway

Executive Producer: Cathrine Simonsen Producers: Joakim Vedeler, Trond Jacobsen Directors: Tonje Voreland, Marianne Müller, Christoffer Alve Writers: Marianne Müller, Espen Thorkildsen Principal Cast: Clara Penzo-Fasting, David Aleksander Sjøhol During one week in November, NRK used all available channels to open a dialogue about sexual abuse. After extensive research and consultation with specialists, they adopted a direct approach to tackling this difficult topic. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020


EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 10:11 AM Page 6


Winner Kids: Factual

Miss Supranational Valeria Vazquez (left), Nikki Lilly Christou, Launa Kennett, Alison Lewis and Sarah Murch

My Life: Born To Vlog Blakeway North United Kingdom Executive Producer: Sarah Murch Producer: Launa Kennett Director: Launa Kennett Writer: Launa Kennett Principal Cast: Nikki Lilly Christou Twelve-year-old Nikki Lilly is not your average social media vlogger. Called a “monster” and “disgusting” due to a rare, life-threatening medical condition, Nikki has defied the bullies and medical expectations. Filmed over one extraordinary summer, Nikki proves why she has a global following and inspires so many. 54


EMMY_2019_TELEMUNDO_AD.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/5/19 2:37 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 3:00 PM Page 7


Winner Kids: Non-Scripted Entertainment

Tomas Schubert and Björn Östlund

Fixa Bröllopet [Marrying Mum and Dad] Fremantle Sverige AB / Sveriges Television AB Sweden Executive Producers: Björn Östlund, Christoffer Lantz Producer: Tomas Schubert Directors: Tomas Schubert, Theo Bolin Writers: Tomas Schubert, Theo Bolin Principal Cast: Alexander Hermansson, Caroline Hermansson In Fixa Bröllopet the kids have the power to decide details of their parents’ wedding—the parents don’t know anything until the wedding day! Everything is top secret until the actual ceremony. The kids are assisted by our hosts, Alexander Hermansson and Caroline Hermansson. 56


EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 3:00 PM Page 8


Winner Kids: Preschool

Sue Goffe and Grant Orchard

Hey Duggee — Season 2 Studio AKA United Kingdom Executive Producers: Sue Goffe, Jackie Edwards, Henrietta Hurford-Jones Producer: Janine Voong Director: Grant Orchard Writers: Sam Morrison, Jo Clegg, Sander Jones, Diggy Hicks-Little Hey Duggee is a place for children to have fun, be energetic, and most of all to do things! Based around a children’s playgroup called The Squirrel Club, Hey Duggee is run by a big dog called Duggee. The Squirrel Club is a place where kids have adventures and earn badges. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020


EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 3:01 PM Page 9


Winner Kids: Series

Paulo Silvestrini and Cao Hamburger and the Berywam Beatbox Group

Malhação: Viva a Diferença

[Young Hearts] Globo Brazil

Executive Producer: Paulo Silvestrini Producer: Fabiana Moreno Director: Paulo Silvestrini Writer: Cao Hamburger Principal Cast: Gabriela Medvedovski, Daphne Bozaski, Manoela Aliperti, Heslaine Vieira, Ana Hikari, Matheus Abreu, Lúcio Mauro Filho, Juan Paiva, Aline Fanju, Bruno Gadiol, Ângelo Antônio, Malu Galli, Marcello Antony During a subway malfunction, five girls get stuck in the same car and one of them goes into labor. The other girls work together to help her. Despite their different backgrounds, experiences and personalities, the new friends will discover how enriching it can be to live, confront and celebrate diversity. 58


EMMY_2019_AMAZON.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/1/19 10:29 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_KIDS.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 3:01 PM Page 10


Winner Kids: TV Movie/Mini-Series

Ratburger production team

Ratburger King Bert Productions United Kingdom Executive Producers: Jo Sargent, Jon Mountague Producer: Joanna Hanley Director: Matt Lipsey Writers: David Walliams, Kevin Cecil Principal Cast: David Walliams, Sheridan Smith, Talia Barnett, Mark Benton, Nigel Planer, Sir Michael Gambon, Sophie Thompson, Sarah Hadland, Jocelyn Jee Esien, Harish Pat When Zoe discovers a baby rat in her bedroom, they quickly become firm friends, especially when she discovers he is no ordinary rat—he can dance. Zoe wants to show off his skill at the school talent show, but her stepmother and shifty burger man Burt have other ideas. 60


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Semi-Final Round

Buenos Aires

hosted by Marcello Coltro, NBCUniversal International Networks

rom June to September, thanks to the 32 member companies who hosted Semi-Final Rounds of Judging for the 2019 International Emmy Awards competition, the Academy traveled to 28 events in 16 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, People’s Republic of China, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America. Semi-final Rounds of Judging are not only a crucial step in the judging process, but also a great networking opportunity for the Host, and for Jurors invited to participate in the competition. Jurors, selected by the Academy in collaboration with the Host, are television professionals involved in all sectors of the industry. Hosts have the opportunity to choose from two options: to organize a judging 62

with sole branding for their company or to have outside sponsors for their event and become an International Emmy World Television Festival Sponsor. A complete directory of the 2019 judging hosts and participants follows in this section. International television professionals interested in participating in the competition are invited to apply on the Academy website www.iemmys.tv to become a juror for the 2020 season. Academy Members interested in getting more involved in the judging process are encouraged to judge, and host an event in their region. To be considered as a host for the 2020 Semi-Final Round of Judging, please contact Nathaniel Brendel, Director, Emmy Judging. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020


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of Judging Paris

hosted by Pierre Sissmann, Cyber Group Studios


hosted by André Sampaio, Sonae FS and Carlos Henrique Schroder, Globo TV

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hosted by Sheila Aguirre, Fremantle

São Paulo

hosted by Flavia Vigio, HBO Latin America Group

Abu Dhabi

hosted by Nashwa Al Ruwaini, Pyramedia

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hosted by Catherine Tait, CBC


hosted by Michael Carrington, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)


hosted by Michael Mckay, activeTV


hosted by Lasse Halberg, Monday Production and Steven Bawol, Helion Pictures

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Nathaniel Brendel and Mariana Perez

Buenos Aires

hosted by Mariana Perez, Buena Vista Original Productions

Buenos Aires

hosted by Mariana Perez, Buena Vista Original Productions


hosted by Leland Ling, LIC China

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hosted by Ryoichi Ueda, NHK

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Washington, D.C. hosted by Bill Dunlop, Eurovision Americas

Miami hosted by Jonathan Blum, Cisneros Media

Seoul hosted by Sung-dong Yang, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

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The Academy would like to thank: 2019 SEMI-FINAL HOSTS A+E Networks Latin America, Cesar Sabroso – Miami, USA

Graf Filmproduktion, Klaus Graf – Berlin, Germany

activeTV Asia, Michael McKay – Singapore, Singapore

HBO Latin America, Flavia Vigio – São Paulo, Brazil

Apple Tree Productions, Piv Bernth – Cologne, Germany

Helion Pictures, Steven Bawol – Oslo, Norway

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Michael Carrington – Sydney, Australia

KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), Sung-dong Yang – Seoul, South Korea

Breaker (formerly SingularDTV), Kim Jackson – New York, USA

LIC China, Leland Ling – Beijing, PR China

Broadview TV, Leopold Hoesch – Cologne, Germany

Monday Production, Lasse Hallberg – Oslo, Norway

Buena Vista Original Productions, Mariana Perez – Buenos Aires, Argentina

NBCUniversal International Networks, Marcello Coltro – Buenos Aires, Argentina

CBC Radio-Canada, Catherine Tait – Toronto, Canada

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Ryoichi Ueda – Tokyo, Japan

Cisneros Media, Jonathan Blum – Miami, USA

ORF-Enterprise, Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder – Vienna, Austria

Croton Media, Fang Ying – Shanghai, PR China

Pyramedia, Nashwa Al Ruwaini – Abu Dhabi, UAE

CTC Media, Vyacheslav Murugov – St. Petersburg, Russia

Riki Group, Diana Yurinova – New York, USA

Cyber Group Studios, Pierre Sissmann – Paris, France

Sonae FS, André Sampaio – Lisbon, Portugal, and Corvo Island, Portugal

Eurovision Americas, Bill Dunlop – Washington, D.C., USA

Star Media, Vlad Ryashin – St. Petersburg, Russia

FFP New Media, Michael Smeaton – Berlin, Germany

Telemundo, Marcos Santana – Miami, USA

Fremantle, Sheila Hall Aguirre – Miami, USA

TV France International, Hervé Michel – Biarritz, France

Globo TV, Carlos Henrique Schroder – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Lisbon, Portugal

Ziegler Film, Regina and Tanja Ziegler – Berlin, Germany

Rio de Janeiro

hosted by Carlos Henrique Schroder, Globo TV

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hosted by Leopold Hoesch, Broadview TV and Piv Bernth, Apple Tree Productions

Leopold Hoesch, Petra Müller, Nathanael Liminski and Matthias Kremin

Piv Bernth and group of Jurors

New York

hosted by Diana Yurinova, Riki Group

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Jurors at work

St. Petersburg

hosted by Vlad Ryashin, Star Media and Vyacheslav Murogov, CTC Media

St. Petersburg hosted by Vlad Ryashin, Star Media and Vyacheslav Murogov, CTC Media

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And thank: 2019 SEMI-FINAL COORDINATORS A+E Networks Latin America: Mariela De Gregorio activeTV Asia: Louisa Lim Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Rachael Nathan Breaker (formerly SingularDTV): Thessa Mooij, Jess Mills Broadview TV: Doro Zauner, Petra Schlieter-Gropp Buena Vista Original Productions: Roxana De Candia, David Cerdas, Jerome Merle CBC Radio-Canada: Marie McCann, Drew Mullin Cisneros Media: Niurka Corradino Croton Media: Yanou Zhou, Teddy Han CTC Media: Kim Belov Cyber Group Studios: Raphaelle Mathieu, Eve Cohen Eurovision Americas: Peggy Soucy FFP New Media: Carmen Wolf Fremantle: Millie Siqueira Globo TV: Duda Pereira, Priscila Mizrahy, Fernanda Christo Graf Filmproduktion: Stefanie Feodorow HBO Latin America: Barbi Gomez, Raquel Amin

KBS (Korean Broadcasting System): Hyun-Kyung (Jenny) Woo LIC China: Cherry Lu Monday Production: Erika Sornede NBCUniversal International Networks: Sandra Molina NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation): Yuki Yoshida ORF-Enterprise: Kathrin Marik, Thomas Horetzky Pyramedia: Sofia Khziri Riki Group: Valeria Korotina Sonae FS: Joana Ramos Star Media: Nadia Rekhter Telemundo: Olimpia Del Boccio TV France International: Sarah Hemar Ziegler Film: Markus Olpp, Nadezhda Friedrich

Tabulations by Ernst & Young LLP Matt Askins - New York, USA

Miami hosted by Cesar Sabroso, A+E Networks Latin America

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hosted by André Sampaio, Sonae FS

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Vienna hosted by Beatrice CoxRiesenfelder, ORF-Enterprise

Vienna Red Carpet

Vienna hosted by Beatrice CoxRiesenfelder, ORF-Enterprise

Shanghai hosted by Fang Ying, Croton Media

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Red Carpet


hosted by Regina and Tanja Ziegler, Ziegler Films; Michael Smeaton, FFP New Media; Klaus Graf, Graf Filmproduktion


hosted by HervĂŠ Michel, TV France International

Markus Olpp, Judith Smeaton, Nathaniel Brendel, Regina Ziegler, Michael Smeaton and Klaus Graf

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A View of the U.S. TV Business

Andrew Wallenstein

September 20, 2019 Los Angeles Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor in Chief, Variety WALLENSTEIN: Good to be here. I know this is the big Emmy weekend, and you’ve got probably Emmy coming out of your ears at this point. This conversation will have nothing in the Emmys about it. We’re going to really talk about the business in the most macro way. I know some of you are from overseas, and so I think this will also have a bit of an American point of view. I’m also looking forward a while, but also then opening it up to the floor. I’m not here just to preach. I actually love to learn a bit, especially about the international television business, which is obviously huge. So, looking forward to also getting some back and forth—I think this is just a really interesting time to be having this kind of conversation. You guys see it every day, the forces of change sweeping across this business are tremendous. So, what I’m going to show here, this is a bunch of slides. It’s not meant to be the entire businesses encapsulated in these ten slides. No, but what I would say is I think these are the most macro trends impacting our business right now. I think it’ll probably be some food for thought for yourselves. I’ll probably talk for 84

about half an hour, and then open it up to the floor and we’ll do some give and take. These slides are also a product of a new venture that we’re working on at Variety called Variety Intelligence Platform. It’s a new section, coming sometime next year. It’s all focused on the big picture, the big issues, the macroeconomic trends. So, keep an eye out for that. Without further ado, let’s talk about some business, right? I’ve got to start here. This is really the Wall Street perspective. I see two things when I see this, which is the more collective market cap of four companies compared to 24 media and entertainment companies. So, this is actually a bit dated. This is from August. Apple, I think, literally hit a trillion a few weeks ago when the iPhone announcement came out. I’ve even cheated a little and put Netflix over here. I think Netflix is really more of a media company than a tech company anyway. When I look at this, the two things that pop out to me are, this tells you really about the larger war going on between, let’s call it Silicon Valley and Hollywood, for the hearts and minds of a global audience. I think it’s about engagement and time spent on content and other services, and it’s also about money, whether in the form of advertising or subscription services. I think what this also tells you is perhaps the double standard at work in the economy or at Wall Street right now. If you look at the finances of these companies, it says there’s a very clear double INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

EMMY_2019_PRIMETIME_ALT3_-.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 1:52 PM Page 2

standard, and the tech companies are given a pass on demonstrating increasing quarterly profits in a way that there’s this bet on scale. They’ll grow audience, and eventually the business will work out. Amazon, in particular, I think is a big beneficiary of that attitude. Whereas these other companies, there’s a more traditional set of expectations that doesn’t necessarily allow them to take the bigger content spend or the big leaps and risks necessary to compete in the modern media. What I would also point out is that advertising is such a big piece of this puzzle, particularly when you’re looking at Google and Facebook. I think this is where the TV business is feeling a big risk. The socalled duopoly that is at work right now when you think about the online advertising business and just two companies commanding 60 percent of the market. Amazon is quickly turning this into a, let’s call a trio-poly as their market share goes up. It’s incredible. I know, of course, I don’t have to tell you about, on the subscription dollars, what Netflix is doing. It’s pretty tremendous. So, there’s a big war here, and when you look at those numbers, it puts it in perspective, $3.3 trillion versus $1.4 trillion, more than double. Of course, what’s also interesting, though, is the tech sector is actually starting to shrink their total number a bit versus last year. I think that goes to the cloud that is really hanging over this sector right now in a big way. You see the headlines every day, all sorts of issues about how these platforms manage their privacy issues, how they host extremist content, fake news, advertisers have big issues with that, and yet, there’s this cognitive dissonance because on the one hand, their evaluation, while somewhat down, is still sky-high. On the other hand, there’s lots of big fundamental questions that could bring regulation, whether that’s federal, international, even the U.S. states have attorney generals mobilizing against these companies in terms of anti-trust suits. So, there is certainly activity to watch that could even bode for the breakup of these businesses, which I don’t think is going to happen, but it’s in the air right now, and that’s kind of interesting. This is also obviously a very clear trend in the media business right now. You are seeing tremendous consolidation going on over the past year. Megadeals right and left. I didn’t even get a chance to update this with the latest Hasbro and Entertainment One doing their deal, which is I think a little different in what’s going on here. If you go back to this slide, these


companies to catch up have to gang up, and that’s really what is going on. It’ll be interesting over time to see, Does scale for scale’s sake make sense? If you put all these assets together, is it one plus one always three? Or, is it the combination of those assets that have to be a certain way in order for these things to really succeed? I think we’re seeing signs of this already. AT&T is suddenly under an activist investor’s scrutiny asking pretty fundamental questions about the combination of content and distribution. I think also CBS/Viacom, which is a pretty fresh merger, you’re just beginning to see questions, not just about how these two companies will combine, but also is this a prelude to more? Could we see yet other companies come together with CBS and Viacom, and create yet bigger entities? Will CBS and Viacom be the acquirer or the acquiree? It’s kind of interesting to have this conversation at this moment, though, because while there has clearly been a lot of consolidation in the past year, it’s also sort of at a lull right now. We’re kind of just waiting to see what could happen next. Not that there’s a lack of properties waiting in the wings to be acquired when you look. There is just endless speculation—will we see an agglomeration of a number of these companies? There’s not a week goes by where you don’t see a company like a Lionsgate or a Sony Pictures mentioned as someone who could possibly do some acquiring or be acquired, and how consolidation plays out is really where the business is going right now.

he forces of change sweeping across this business are tremendous.” —Andrew Wallenstein


Academy Members at the Board Meeting


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Andrew Wallenstein presenting an analysis of the U.S. TV business

I also want to take a step back and just give the 50,000-foot view of the business in general. This is data from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the whole business is worth $2.2 trillion. I should point out, it is still growing. When you talk about that shadow that tech puts over the media business, you would think everything is sort of heading downhill. But the business is still growing, however. Two things; number one, that growth is clearly slowing as you could see that top-line number is still a nice mid-single-digit percentage, but clearly heading downward. When you compare global digital revenue versus traditional revenue, digital is clearly doing the heavy lifting here. It’s slowly increasing while really, the traditional business as we know it has kind of plateaued. So, I just wanted to give you this overall snapshot of what the business looks like right now. Now, TV is a pretty damn big chunk of that $2.2 trillion, especially with my new friends here from the international business, when you look at how big the global TV business is, I mean, it is, far and away, the biggest revenue driver in entertainment. This is half a trillion figure that is part of an overall business worth $2.2 trillion. You look at it on the U.S. side—also a very healthy number, obviously the biggest piece of the pie—but there’s so much out there in the marketplace when you’re looking overseas. There’s another $300 billion-plus in value. It tells you how much is still going on in the TV business across so many continents. What’s also interesting I think about the TV business is, again, it’s the biggest revenue driver in entertainment. There’s all sorts of talk in Hollywood about film and music and things far afield like virtual reality. Make no mistake, Hollywood is still the television business attached to some other businesses that are a bit smaller. Those twin pillars,


advertising and affiliate fees, still massive businesses, but there’s actually kind of a cross-over that is beginning to occur when you look at how advertising that used to be dwarfed by affiliate fees starting to cross over a bit. I think that tells you a bit about where the pay-TV business is going right now. The advertising business is actually quite healthy. Clearly, ratings are declining in traditional linear television. I think we’re seeing that in pretty significant ways, particularly in younger demos. There’s no avoiding that, but actually, when you look at the advertising piece of the puzzle here in the U.S., it’s still holding up very well. I think that goes back to what I was saying previously about the overhang over the digital space. Yes, the Facebooks of the world can give you targeting and they can give you reach, and that does make that a very compelling buy. But, given all the issues with regards to extremist content, which no advertisers want to be next to, TV still looks pretty good. TV is still, even in decline, a massive audience that you’re hitting real time with full motion video, I think the appeal of that business will always be there. There’s something to be said for that. However, this is the stat that should be keeping some of us up nights. I’m sure it’s keeping some CEOs up nights. Cord-cutting is a very real phenomenon. It’s not a new phenomenon. Although I think prior to this year, it was so nominal that you could at least have the pretense of, “Well, maybe it’s going to decline very slowly for a very long time,” or, “Maybe the decline will plateau for a while, or even pop back up for a quarter or two.” All those things happen for many years, but man, when you look at these numbers right here, the comparison over the first half of 2018 to 2019, 725,000 cord-cutters, now, we’re at 2.9 million in the same period. So, this is a key stat. There has been, very clearly, an

he global TV business is, far and away, the biggest revenue driver in entertainment.” —Andrew Wallenstein



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EMMY_2019_CBS f .qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/5/19 2:51 PM Page 1

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Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner with Members David Gregg, Nelson Sato and Amauri Soares at the Luncheon

acceleration and this does endanger the affiliate fees that we were talking about on that previous slide. It endangers the advertising to some degree as well, but now look, yes, there is an acceleration. Does that mean the sky is going to fall tomorrow? Not necessarily. I would draw a comparison, and this is not an exact comparison to the DVD business which, as we all know, has been in decline for a long time, but if you actually look at the numbers for what DVD does even in 2019, yes, it’s a pretty massive double-digit decline, but there’s still a business there, and probably will be for, not forever, but for some time. So, when I look at the pay-TV business, I don’t necessarily know that this giant decline that happened between the first half of this year and last year, that we will necessarily see that again. That decline could actually moderate. I don’t think it’s going to reverse though. I do think— one man’s opinion—we are in a state of secular decline that is not going back, the genie is not going back in the bottle. However, kind of like the DVD, this could be a drip that happens very, very slowly over many, many years. It’s not exactly a cheery thing to talk about managing decline, but when you’ve got something that declines as massive as this, as slowly as this, I do think it gives media companies the opportunity and the time—and I would think we’re seeing this already—to really rethink their businesses. I think the media companies, the content companies, are going to have to do that. When you think about cable networks, which have really been the underpinning of the content business for so many years, if those businesses were to go away tomorrow, that would be cataclysmic for Hollywood. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think to some degree, these brands will actually redefine themselves for a new media age, whether these brands become relevant as apps or the like. I think we will see some of that, but let’s also not ignore what we are already currently seeing. We are seeing that these incredibly bloated cabled bundles with dozens and dozens of channels, we are starting to see some of those channels in recent years go extinct. We are starting to see some of these media companies that program these channels focus on a lesser and lesser number, and of course, we are also starting to see that they are INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

View of the Hollywood Hills


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Academy Chairman Fred Cohen with Academy Secretary Simon Sutton and Members Superna Kalle, Mikhail Solodnikov and Lu Ning at the Luncheon hitting into the streaming business. This is really, I think, the slide. This is really the moment that we’re at now because I’m not blowing smoke here when I say, “Could we be at a more interesting time? Could we be at a more precarious time in this business when you see the explosion of streaming options that are hitting right now?” It’s unbelievable. Of course, it’s not a new trend. We have what we call our early aggregators like Netflix that have been at this for quite some time along with Amazon that have grown massive businesses. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Nothing can convince me otherwise, no matter what you want to say about this new class of challengers that are coming from the very companies that are building the cable businesses of the past 50 years. They are now trying to establish themselves in a whole new way. Fighting fire with fire, going against the Netflixs of the world, spending billions of dollars on content. Let’s stop for a second and understand the implications of that, because I don’t think that’s entirely additive. When you’ve got the varied companies of the world that have put all the cable and broadcast channels out there that had been the Golden Goose for Hollywood for so long, then make them compete with their own content that is now available to stream at a cheaper price point, you can’t tell me that’s not going to have an impact on the bread-and-butter traditional Golden Goose business that’s been there all along. I don’t know how fast that decline is going to be, but you can’t, to me, argue that there won’t be some sort of self-cannibalization there. When you’re looking at Disney+ and you’re looking at Peacock, and HBO Max, this is the story of 2019 and beyond, how these ventures do is going to mean everything. It is going to tell you everything about where these businesses go. Let’s be honest. There is a possibility that not everyone you see listed here is going to be here in a year or two. There’s not room for everyone at a party where Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have already well entrenched themselves, and I frankly don’t see a scenario in the near term where those businesses go away or even decline significantly. I think they’re that entrenched. Of course, there’s other tech players coming in as well. Apple made a fascinating move of their own with this subscription streaming 90

service. So, it just goes to what I was saying about the 2019 to 2020 phase that is going to be unbelievable because it is, I would argue, probably the biggest change to hit this business in decades. It will be fun to watch. Now of course, there’s still other pockets to the streaming world. What I call the D-to-C TV brands, a network like Showtime or Starz that you used to just be able to pay for as part of the cable bundle while these same companies also offer broadband. They perhaps will start packaging the Showtime and Starz of the world in a broadband package, in the same way they will still offer the linear channel business. What will that do with that linear channel business? Cannibalization to me is certainly inevitable. Something that may not be on everyone’s radar that I want to point it out is what some are calling FAST TV streaming. FAST is an acronym for Free Ad Supported TV. Probably the most prominent example is Pluto [which was acquired by Viacom]. It’s a free product for adsupported content that you stream, but it’s not the same TV that you get in your linear packages. Frankly, it’s lesser content. It’s library. It’s catalog that the studios are only too happy to either buy them up, or sell or license to them. There was actually just a report that NBCUniversal is thinking about getting into this business. They’re signing up dozens of millions of subscribers fairly quickly. So, we’re just beginning to see what is the implication of those streamers. There’s also very notable niche players. WWE is a classic example. They’ve been at it for a while. They were kind of a pioneer where WWE has a very robust linear business globally, channels, pay-per-view, but some years ago [they had] a very bold idea to launch a streaming venture and are already at 1.6 million subscribers which, when we’re talking about Netflix, may sound like a drop in the bucket, but when you’re talking about a niche media brand, that could be the beginning of a whole reorientation of where their business is. Again, there is this balance between the traditional, what brought you to the party, and the businesses that they are pivoting to, what could be the future of their businesses. Also, I wanted to point out what I call the resellers, because this is also a fairly growing business that more and more players are getting into. INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

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EMMY_2019_PRIMETIME_ALT3_-.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 10:41 AM Page 6

Academy Members Nelson Sato and Rodrigo Bernardo

Amazon, Apple, Facebook are basically taking a lot of these OTT brands out there, like some of these niche players, WWE, Crunchyroll, and bundling them together on a platform like Amazon, where you’re already doing so much business there—you’re buying your paper on Amazon Prime, you’re watching your Mrs. Maisel, this is a whole other area for them that they’re not only doing quite well in terms of bringing in subscribers and essentially becoming an MVPD or a cable operator onto themselves, but this, in turn, also represents new opportunities for the HBOs of the world to find new subscribers on these platforms. There’s probably more upside there than back with the traditional players like Comcast and Charter. Lastly, I want to point out the virtual MVPDs. Maybe some of you are subscribers. This is a fascinating sector that I wanted to drill a little deeper into. For those that don’t know, maybe you’ve heard about YouTube TV, Hulu with live TV, Sling TV, it’s your cable package, but thinner, meaning less channels with a smaller price point. You here in America know how bloated the traditional cable package is, how expensive it is to pay for channels that you’re not necessarily even watching all that often. So, this was supposed to be really a great opportunity for the entertainment establishment to stop the bleeding of cordcutting with a cheaper price point, and there was some early success, but I’ve got to tell you, it’s not looking good anymore. The reason for that is the same dynamic that I think jeopardized the traditional cable or multichannel business, which is entertainment companies stuffing too many channels into what was supposed to be a thin package. So, if you had a channel package with 30 or 40 channels, and that all of a sudden became 50 or 60 as entertainment companies muscled in their other channels the way they did in the traditional packages, well, guess what? You want to make a profit, you’re going to need to bring the price up. As soon as that happens, as soon as the marketing firepower went away, we started to see a significant decline. I honestly would not be shocked if, in a year or two, most of these businesses are not even happening. I think it’s that dynamic—a sense of change here that 92

what in 2015, 2016, looked like the great hope, now looks like a stopgap measure that’s probably not even going to work that long. We’ll see. Maybe there’ll be some new ventures that will come in, or perhaps some of these ventures will pivot in all sorts of interesting ways. I also wanted to point out the connected-TV phenomenon. That’s another beneficiary to the streaming boom. It’s on the hardware side. Mobile is real. When you look at long-form content, there’s a reason Jeffrey Katzenberg is slicing these things into eight minutes for Quibi. Mobile is really about short-form content. People in their homes like to rely on the biggest screen in their home for the long-form viewing experience, and I think that is what is driving such growth in connected TV. While you have Amazon Fire TV, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Google, literally every major big player, Roku, a small disruptive company, has a commanding presence in this space that is really the leading option for people that are looking to turn their TVs into streaming vehicles. They’ve also built out quite an ad platform. They’ve got a commanding chunk of the advertising going there. I would put Roku ahead of Fire TV and Apple TV, which is really saying something. I think it also, as we speak more broadly, tells you about this space in terms of anything could happen. Just because you are a massive company does not necessarily mean that victory is yours. When you see a company like Roku over the course of a decade edge their way up, it tells you that you could look at the entrenched players on the field right now, and think they’re so dominant that it’s going to last forever, but I don’t necessarily see that as the case. It’s those kinds of broad issues that are going into this new venture that we’re launching called Variety Intelligence Platform. It’s going to be a really interesting mix if you like the kind of content I was offering here today here from this stage as we talked broad big-picture issues. We’re going to have informed special reports, exclusive data, day-today briefings, I think it’s a new layer of the Variety experience that’s really a function of the times that we’re in. We can’t just rely on the same old news consumption habits when you’re playing on a field where everything is changing as rapidly as it is. So, feel free to email me at eic@variety.com to find out more about that.

Fall Board Meeting


EMMY_2019_VARIETY.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/30/19 11:24 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_NEWS_ALT2.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/6/19 9:40 AM Page 1


2019 News & Current Affairs September 24, 2019 New York City

very year, the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences celebrates its International Emmy Awards Nominees for News & Current Affairs with a medal ceremony and networking event in New York City. This year, Nominees from Brazil, Nigeria, Sweden, Qatar, Russia and the United Kingdom gathered for a lunch at New York’s landmark 21 Club on 52nd Street, during which Academy President & CEO Bruce Paisner and Academy Chairman Fred Cohen presented the nominees with their medals and certificates. Winners received their Emmys with their US counterparts at a ceremony held at Alice Tully Hall. Information on the Nominees and Winners follows.

Alvaro Pereira and Bruno Bernardes

Academy President Bruce Paisner and Academy Chairman Fred Cohen with the News Nominees 94


EMMY_2019_NEWS_ALT2_.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 1:07 PM Page 2

William Bonner

Ernst & Young’s Victoria Bissett Adejuwon Soyinka and Charlie Northcott

Emmy statue with Medals and Certificates Leslie Leitão and Tadeu Schmidt

EMMY_2019_NEWS_ALT2_.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 2:03 PM Page 3

Academy President Bruce Paisner and Academy Chairman Fred Cohen with the Current Affairs Nominees

Nikki Aaron and Igor Zhdanov

Syarina Hasibuan Leslie LeitaĚƒo

Robin Barnwell & Mehrad Vaezinejad

EMMY_2019_AL JAZEERA_2f.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/30/19 10:05 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_NEWS_ALT2.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 3:49 PM Page 4


Winner News Data, Democracy and Dirty Tricks: The Cambridge Analytica Scandal ITN / Channel 4 News United Kingdom In a series of reports, Channel 4 News’ investigation into controversial British data company Cambridge Analytica sparked the biggest international scandal of the year, prompting inquiries across the world, and wiping billions of dollars off the value of Facebook, forcing its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, to testify before Congress. Facing a wave of global scrutiny in the wake of our investigation, Cambridge Analytica collapsed.

Job Rabkin and Guy Basnett

Nominees Indonesia: Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami Al Jazeera English Qatar On September 28, 2018, a 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The earthquake triggered a tsunami with waves up to six meters high, and a deadly phenomenon called liquefaction. More than 2,000 people died and about 10,000 others were injured. As many as 5,000 people remain missing, presumed dead.


Jornal da Globo, Jornal Nacional and Fantastico: The Murder of Marielle Franco Rede Globo / GloboNews Brazil An outraged population asks: who killed city councilor Marielle Franco and her driver? Our reporters revealed CCTV footage indicating premeditated assassination; proof that the ammunition was stolen from federal police. This is the first interview with Marielle’s assistant, the sole survivor and witness of the attack.

Siberia Fire: Kemerovo Tragedy RT Russia A blaze in a Siberian shopping mall claims the lives of 64 people, many of them children. RT is on the ground covering the personal stories and numerous acts of courage, as the survivors’ shock turns to anger and protests against the city’s authorities.


EMMY_2019_FoxTelColombia.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/8/19 4:48 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_NEWS_ALT2.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/4/19 3:49 PM Page 5


Winner Current Affairs Deceptive Diplomacy— Cover-Up by the UN Sveriges Television (SVT) / Mission Investigate (UG) Sweden A leak from the UN headquarters revealed that the official version of the murder of the UN experts Zaida Catalán and Michael Sharp in Congo was false. The story, including secret agents, mass graves and deceptive diplomacy, became global news shaking the entire United Nations to its core.

Ola Christoffersson, Axel Gordh Humlesjö and Ali Fegan

Nominees BBC Africa Eye: Sweet Sweet Codeine

Exposure: Iran Unveiled: Taking on the Ayatollahs

Fantástico: 11 Days in North Korea

BBC World Service Nigeria

ITV / Hardcash Productions United Kingdom

Rede Globo / GloboNews Brazil

Sweet Sweet Codeine follows Nigerian journalists Ruona Meyer and Adejuwon Soyinka as they investigate their country’s devastating addiction to codeine cough syrup. This program reveals the horrors of an opioid crisis and exposes the corrupt forces behind it, resulting in a total ban of the drug in Nigeria.

ITV goes undercover into Iran, filming the women who launched an unprecedented protest, challenging the country’s religious rulers. Forty years since the hijab was made compulsory, these women risk imprisonment and torture to demand freedom, in the year when the most widespread unrest against the Islamic Republic swept Iran.

11 Days in North Korea draws a portrait of the country amidst the 70th anniversary of the nation’s founding. It also shows the dilemmas facing journalists that report on NK, and includes rare footage of forced labor in the countryside and unexpected real-life situations.



EMMY_2019_FEDERATION_BADBANKS_.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/18/19 4:25 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_JCS .qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/30/19 10:33 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_FOUNDATION_ALT.qxp_EMMY_1109_MARCH 11/7/19 11:01 AM Page 1


JCS International Young Creatives Award he International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and JCS International presented the JCS International Young Creatives Award for the third year. Designed to discover, recognize, and foster young talent while creating a global conversation around peace, the new competition is open to entrants from around the world between the ages of 18 and 29. Entrants submitted a oneminute video on the theme of the year. The theme for 2019 was Stand Up For Peace.

2019 Winners Breech Asher Harani — Philippines for “Next to Me” Artes Ferruni — Albania for “It Starts Within”

Special thanks to the 2019 JCSI Young Creatives Awards Jurors:

Funke Alafiatayo — United Kingdom for “P.E.A.C.E. – A Spoken Word”

Oliver Mahrdt, Agent, Senior Agent, President, Hanns Wolters International Lisa Azuelos, Film Director & Producer Anne Bahr-Thompson, Managing Director, Synergos' Philanthropy Devin Woods, Program Manager, Big Bad Boo Michal Grayevsky, President, JCS International Amanda Nguyen, Founder & CEO, Rise Fred Graver, Consultant Camille Bidermann, SVP & Executive Director, International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Winning videos are available to view on the Academy’s website www.iemmys.tv.

(L-R) Alvarao Pereira, Emmy-nominated journalist, TV Globo Brazil

Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award ach year, The Foundation administers the Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award. The competition is designed to motivate non-American novice writers under the age of 30, and offer them the recognition and encouragement that might lead to a successful career in television scriptwriting. Entrants are asked to create a completed halfhour to one-hour English-language television drama script. The award winner receives $2,500, a trip to New York City, and an invitation to the International Emmy® Awards Gala.

2019 Winner: “The Wolf” by Violet Macdonald Canada

Special thanks to the 2019 Ustinov Jurors: Mauro Alencar, Post-doctoral, Master and Phd in Brazilian and Latin American TV Drama, University of São Paulo Michael Baser, Head of Department: Writing for Film & Television and Video Games, Head of Department: Film Production, Vancouver Film School Adrienne Bortoli, Scriptwriter Joe Brukner, Writer/Producer Louisa Burns-Bisogno Jaclyn Chan, Writer Stephen Corvini, Development Executive/Producer, Matchbox Pictures Rosy Deacon, Screenwriter Sarah Deane, Scriptwriter & Executive Script Editor, LA Productions Paul Freaney Prof. Ken Friedman, Screen and Television Writer, New York University, Tisch Graduate Film and Television INTERNATIONAL EMMY® 2019-2020

Géraldine Gonard, CEO & Founder, Inside Content George Huang, Writer/Director/Professor, Screenwriting, UCLA Department of Film, Television & Digital Media Karen Jeynes, Head Writer and Producer in Charge of Development, Both Worlds Pictures Oriana Kujawska, Head of Series Development, TVN Discovery Norbert Maass, Scriptwriter and Consultant, International Script & Sales Co. C.S. McMullen, Screenwriter Julie M. Poll, Freelance Writer/Script Consultant Lexi Savoy, Screenwriter Gary Sinyor, Writer/Director, The Jewish Enquirer Jason Spencer, 2010 Ustinov Winner Scott J. Thompson, Screenwriter & Director of Screenwriting MFA, Boston University Gordon C. Webb, Asst. Professor, TV/Radio (retired), Ithaca College 103

EMMY_2019_ house membership ad-.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/1/19 12:55 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:27 PM Page 1



The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE


Bruce Paisner President & CEO Senior Advisor Hearst Entertainment & Syndication

Piv Bernth Co-Chair, Emmy Committee Apple Tree Productions

Catherine Warren Vancouver Economic Commission

Nashwa Al Ruwaini Pyramedia

Jay Yogeshwar Viometric

Fred Cohen Chairman Chairman, Foundation International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Simon Sutton Secretary CEO Luminary

Steven Bawol Helion Pictures Deirdre Brennan DB Consulting Thierry Cassuto Both Worlds

Olusola Momoh Channels Television

SPECIAL AWARDS COMMITTEE Kevin Beggs Co-Chair, Special Awards Committee Jim Rosenfield Co-Chair, Special Awards Committee

Kevin Beggs Treasurer Co-Chair, Special Awards Committee Chairman Lionsgate Television Group

Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder ORF-Enterprise GmbH & Co KG

Rainer Siek Co-Chair, Nominating Committee President MT.NY

Michael Schelp Fujisankei Communications International


Jorge E. Vaillant Perspectives21

Steven Bawol France Managing Director Helion Pictures France

Piv Bernth Co-Chair, Emmy Committee CCO, Creative and Executive Producer Apple Tree Productions Adriana Cisneros de Griffin CEO Cisneros Armando Nuñez Jr. Chairman, Global Distribution & Chief Content Licensing Officer ViacomCBS Abbe Raven Chairman Emeritus A+E Networks

Joshua Mintz TV Azteca

NOMINATING COMMITTEE Rainer Siek Co-Chair, Nominating Committee MT.NY Adina Pitt Co-Chair, Nominating Committee Cartoon Network & Boomerang Leonardo Aranguibel Disney Media Distribution Scott Borden Laureus World Sports Awards

Camille Bidermann Senior Vice President & Executive Director International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Guido Corso RAI

Bruce Tuchman Board Member Parrot Analytics & iflix

Aline Marrache Universal Music France


Tom Devlin Entertainment Studios

Fred Cohen (International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) Bruce Paisner (Hearst Entertainment & Syndication)

Gai Dunlop Australia CEO Festcom International Australia Roberta Durrant South Africa CEO Penguin Films South Africa Leopold Hoesch Germany Managing Director BROADVIEW TV Germany André Sampaio Portugal Brand & Media Management Director Sonae FS Portugal

DIRECTORS Mo Abudu CEO EbonyLife Media Nigeria Katsuyoshi Aota President & COO Fujisankei Communications International USA Avi Armoza CEO Armoza Formats Israel Janet Balis Partner, Global Advisory Leader for Media & Entertainment Ernst & Young USA Francisco Pedro Balsemao CEO Impresa Portugal Rola Bauer Managing Director STUDIOCANAL TV Germany Kevin Beggs Chairman Lionsgate Television Group USA Thomas Bellut Director-General ZDF German Television Germany Josh Berger President & Managing Director Warner Bros. Entertainment UK United Kingdom Camille Bidermann Executive Director International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:27 PM Page 2

Scott Borden Head, Television Laureus World Sports Awards United Kingdom

Jeffrey Dunn President & CEO Sesame Workshop USA

Paula Kerger President & CEO PBS USA

Paul Buccieri President A+E Networks Group USA

Susan Ennis Ennis Media Strategist Founder USA

David Kessler EVP, Orange Content & CEO, Orange Studio Orange France

Tom Buhrow Director General WDR Germany

Ibrahim Eren Chairman & Director General Turkish Radio and Television Corporation Turkey

Alex Carloss Director, YouTube Originals International YouTube USA

Hélène Etzi SVP Integrated Media Content & Platforms Walt Disney International United Kingdom

Adriana Cisneros de Griffin CEO Cisneros USA

Robert Friedman CEO Bungalow Media + Entertainment USA

Dan Cohen President, Global Content Licensing ViacomCBS USA

Michal Grayevsky Senior Advisor to Mr. Ronald S. Lauder & President, JCS International JCS International USA

Cesar Conde Chairman NBCUniversal International Group and NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises USA

Robert Halmi, Jr. Chairman Great Point Media USA

Noel Curran Director General European Broadcasting Union Switzerland

Hisashi Hieda Chairman Fuji Media Holdings USA / Japan

Gary Davey Managing Director, Content Sky United Kingdom

Leopold Hoesch Managing Director BROADVIEW TV Germany

Stephen Davis Executive VP & Chief Content Officer Hasbro Studios USA

Nico Hofmann CEO UFA Germany

Raphaël de Andréis CEO, Havas Media Group France Havas Media Group France

Stanley Hubbard Chairman & CEO Hubbard Broadcasting USA

Arzuhan Dogan Yalcindag Chairperson Dogan Holding Turkey

Superna Kalle EVP, International Digital Networks Starz USA Andy Kaplan Media Consultant USA


Herbert L. Kloiber Germany Jerome Levy Vice Chairman Archie Comics Publications USA Changle Liu Chairman & CEO Phoenix Satellite Television PR China Martin Lopez Chairman of the Board ABS-CBN Corporation Philippines Roberto Irineu Marinho President of the Board Grupo Globo Brazil Maury McIntyre President & COO Television Academy USA Gerrit Meier CEO Red Bull Media House Austria John Morayniss President JDM Media USA Doug Murphy President & CEO Corus Entertainment Canada Vyacheslav Murugov Chief Executive Officer CTC Media Russia Armando Nuñez, Jr. Chairman, Global Distribution & Chief Content Licensing Officer ViacomCBS USA

Terry O’Reilly Chairman National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA Ahmet Oren Executive Chairman Ihlas Holding Turkey Lucio Pagliaro General Director Artear Argentina, Clarin Group Argentina Bruce Paisner President & CEO, International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Senior Advisor, Hearst Corporation USA Nadav Palti President & CEO Dori Media Group Israel Jean-Briac Perrette President, Discovery Networks International Discovery, Inc. United Kingdom Surang Prempree President & CEO Chandra 25 Co. Thailand Abbe Raven Acting Chairman A+E Networks USA Chip Register Co-Founder & CEO inNOLAvate Venture Capital USA Goncalo Reis CEO RTP Radio e Televisao Portuguesa Portugal Maxime Saada Chairman, Managing Board Canal Plus Group France Fabrizio Salini CEO RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana Italy


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:27 PM Page 3

Josh Sapan President & CEO AMC Networks USA

Ryoichi Ueda President NHK Japan

Jeffrey Schlesinger President, Worldwide Television Distribution Warner Bros. USA

Luis Villanueva President & CEO SOMOS TV USA

Neal Shapiro President & CEO WNET USA Zafar Siddiqi Chairman SAMAA TV UAE Pierre Sissmann Chairman & CEO Cyber Group Studios France Mikhail Solodovnikov General Manager RT America USA Hanna Stjärne Director General SVT Sweden Simon Sutton CEO Luminary USA Donald Taffner, Jr. President DLT Entertainment USA Catherine Tait President & CEO CBC/Radio-Canada Canada Henning Tewes COO, Programme Affairs & Multichannel Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland Germany Darren Throop President & CEO Entertainment One Canada Bruce Tuchman Board Member Parrot Analytics USA


Hayma Washington Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Television Academy USA Nobuya Wazaki Director & Senior Adviser WOWOW Japan Sung-dong Yang President & CEO KBS—Korean Broadcasting System South Korea Gerhard Zeiler Chief Revenue Officer WarnerMedia United Kingdom Paul Zilk President & CEO Reed MIDEM France Neal Zuckerman Partner & Managing Director Boston Consulting Group USA

ALTERNATES Erica Adler Senior Vice President, Business Operations & Sales Strategy Paramount Pictures USA Eleonora Andreatta RAI Fiction Director RAI Italy Jonathan Barzilay Chief Operating Officer PBS USA Wolf Bauer Co-CEO UFA Germany

Michel Bissonnette Executive Vice President, French Services Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Canada Kai Blasberg Managing Director TELE 5 Germany Jonathan Blum President Cisneros Media USA Jim Brehm EVP, Global Operations & Administration Warner Bros. International Television Distribution USA Ozge Bulut Marasli Executive Vice President, International & Corporate Strategy Dogan Holding Turkey Mehmet Cakir TRT U.S. Bureau Chief, COO TRT Corporation, TRT World USA / Turkey George Chien USA/Singapore David Cohen Head, Marketing & Operations Bungalow Media + Entertainment USA Jeff Cooke VP, Programming Starz USA Jeff Cotugno Chief Operating Officer DLT Entertainment USA Harold Crump HBI/Reelz Channel USA Jérôme Delhaye Director, Entertainment Division Reed MIDEM France Michael Feeney EVP, Corporate Communications A+E Networks USA

Frank-Dieter Freiling Head, International Affairs ZDF German Television Network Germany Richard Goldsmith President & CEO Cyber Group Studios USA USA Irene González Deputy News Director RT America USA Jörg Graf CEO RTL Television Germany Tim Halkin COO/Partner Tandem Productions Germany Hajime Hashimoto Senior Managing Director WOWOW Japan Agapy Kapouranis President, International Sales & Digital Distribution Lionsgate USA Kenji Kohno Bureau Chief NHK Broadcasting Corp. General Bureau for America USA Serge Laroye Deputy EVP Orange Content France Yann le Prado EVP, Library STUDIOCANAL France Vivien Lewit Content Partnerships Director YouTube USA James Tao Lu Director, America News Center Phoenix News Americas USA


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:27 PM Page 4

John MacDonald Vice President, Head, Corus Women & Family Corus Entertainment Canada Diane Masciale General Manager WNET USA

Rosario “Charo” Santos-Concio Executive Consultant ABS-CBN Corporation Philippines

Fredrik af Malmborg Managing Director Eccho Rights Spain

Jacqueline Scalisi Vice President & General Counsel RSL Management Corporation USA

Sheila Hall Aguirre EVP, Content Distribution & Format Sales, LatAm & Hispanic US Fremantle International USA

Thomas McGrath Chairman & CEO Crossroads Live USA

Heidi Scheeline Executive Vice President, Content Strategy & Operations Entertainment One USA

Nashwa Al Ruwaini CEO & Board Member Pyramedia UAE

Ivan Morales General Counsel SOMOS TV USA

Wared Seger CEO & Co-Founder Parrot Analytics USA

Mona Al Ruwaini Senior Producer Pyramedia Productions UAE

Amos Neumann COO Armoza Formats Israel

Adam Sharp President & CEO National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA

Monica Albuquerque Head, Development, Globo Studios Grupo Globo Brazil

Armando Nuñez, Sr. President Nun.TV USA Suphamat Pongput Media Coordinator Royal Thai Army USA Diane Reynald Head, Fiction Acquisition, Drama Canal Plus France

Sara Siddiqi Director SAMAA TV Pakistan Amauri Soares Head, Programming & Acquisitions Globo Brazil Jorge E. Vaillant President Perspectives21 USA

Gillian Rose Senior Vice President, Television & New Media Distribution NBCUniversal USA

Alan Wexler CEO Publicis.Sapient USA

John Rose Managing Director & Senior Partner The Boston Consulting USA

Stephan “Steve” Youngwood Chief Operating Officer Sesame Workshop USA

Carolina Sabbag VP, Sales Dori Media Group Spain


Marcos Santana President Telemundo Global Studios USA


Nancy Abraham Executive Vice President, Documentary & Family Programming HBO USA Talal Adnan Awamleh CEO Arab Telemedia Services Jordan

Carla Albuquerque CEO Medialand Brazil Mauro Alencar Consultant & Researcher Rede Globo Brazil Talal Al-Haj New York/UN Bureau Chief Al-Arabiya News Channel USA Aws Al-Sharqi Director & Producer Yara Media UAE Alexandra Amon CEO/Founder/Producer ZIV Creative (TV series production) Ivory Coast

Leonardo Aranguibel Leader, General Entertainment Productions Disney Media Distribution USA Xavier Aristimuno VP, Licensing HBO Latin America USA Michael D. Armstrong Executive Vice President, Worldwide Licensing & Operations Paramount Television USA Ronen Artman Vice President, Marketing LiveU Israel Jennifer Askin Vice President, Sales Kew Media Distribution USA Nicolas Atlan President Gaumont Animation USA Agnes Augustin President Shaw Rocket Fund Canada Alexandre Avon Head, Distribution ComediHa! Distribution Canada Andres Badra CEO ABBA Media Peru Luis Balaguer CEO & Founder Latin World Entertainment USA

Vyara Ankova Chief Information & Editorial Policy Officer Nova Broadcasting Group Bulgaria

Avi Balashnikov Chairman Jerusalem Capital Studios Israel

Faraz Ansari CEO Alliance Media FZ UAE

Gustavo Baldoni Executive Director, Entertainment Delicatessen Films Brazil


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Norbert Balit Producer Adamis Production France

Jordi Bosch President Endemol Shine Iberia Spain

Daniel Burman CEO Oficina Burman Argentina

Miguel Brailovsky SVP & General Manager A+E Networks Latin America Argentina

Caitlin Burns Strategy Director/Executive Producer Future Colossal USA

Piv Bernth CCO, Creative & Executive Producer Apple Tree Productions Denmark

Alex Breingan Executive Producer & Managing Director Stripe Media New Zealand

Daniela Asquini Busoli CEO Formata Produções e Conteúdo Brazil

Giuliano Berretta President Oberon Media Italy

Deirdre Brennan Founder DB Consulting Canada

Diana Bartha Head, TV Sales & Development Wild Bunch TV France

Lynn Beveridge Consultant USA

James Bridges Co-Founder & CEO iwonder Singapore

Radik Batyrshin Chairman of the Board MIR Interstate TV Company Russia

Rachna Bhasin Founder & CEO EQ Partners USA

Steven Bawol Managing Director Helion Pictures France

Petr Bilek Managing Director/Producer FilmBrigade Czech Republic

Mike Beale Managing Director, Nordics & Global Creative Network ITV Studios United Kingdom

Martin Blankemeyer Managing Director Muenchner Filmwerkstatt Germany

Keiko Bang President Bang Singapore Singapore Luiz Bannitz Head, Content & New Business Director Fitness Channel and Looke Platform Brazil Walkiria Barbosa CEO Total Entertainment Brazil

Gregory P. Bellon President Bellon Entertainment USA Oliver Berben Executive Board Constantin Film Germany Alex Berger Co-Founder, CEO, Executive Producer TOP - The Oligarchs Productions France Wolfgang Bergmann CEO ARTE Deutschland Germany Mitchell Berman Managing Partner Berman Strategic Advisors USA


Klaudia Bermudez-Key SVP & GM, Universal Networks International — LATAM NBCUniversal International USA Rodrigo Bernardo CEO Chocolate Filmes Brazil

Ben Blushi General Manager Top Channel Albania Filip Bobinski Producer, CEO Dramedy Productions Czech Republic Colin Bohm EVP, Content & Corporate Strategy Corus Entertainment Canada Katarzyna Bojarska Deputy Programming Director TV Puls Poland Philip Borbely Managing Director MMC Germany

Nick Buzzell CEO NBTV Studios USA Valerie Cabrera SVP, Worldwide Content Distribution AMC Studios International USA

Tobias Bringholm CEO & Founder Storyfire Sweden

Joseph Calabrese Global Chair, Entertainment, Media & Sports Practice Latham & Watkins USA

Kseniya Britikova Head , RT America’s Newsroom T&R Productions (RT America) USA

Gillian Carr Managing Director Moody Street Productions Australia

Elizaveta Brodskaya Head, News, RT International RT Global News Network Russia

Michael Carrington Director, Entertainment & Specialist Networks Australian Broadcasting Corporation Australia

Brian Buchanan Digital Media Producer & Writer The Herald & Weekly Times Australia Iris Bucher Producer/CEO Quad Television France Fred Burcksen President & CEO ZDF Enterprises Germany Jean Bureau President Incendo Media Canada

Anna Carugati Group Editorial Director World Screen USA Alberto Carullo Executive Director Big Bang Media Spain Arturo Casares CEO, Producer & Director LR Studios PR China Thierry Cassuto Founder & Executive Producer Both Worlds South Africa

Sebastian Burkhardt Managing Director, Global Content Keshet International USA


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/7/19 11:13 AM Page 6

Kerem Çatay CEO Ay Yapim Turkey

Karen Cifarelli Founder Cifarelli Talent Consulting Germany

Wissam Chahine Head Producer, Head Creator & Director Orbit Radio & TV Network Lebanon

Brian Cobb Executive Producer Cobbstar Productions Australia

Donovan Chan Creative Director Beach House Pictures Singapore

Bryan Cockerill Company Director & Executive Producer The Full Box Australia

Wei Chen Senior Vice President iQIYI PR China

Sean Cohan President Wheelhouse USA

Lan Chen Writer/Show Creator Shanghai WeiLan Film and Television Studio PR China

Gavin Cole Director, Global Strategic Partnerships|Technology & Innovation Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Canada

Rungthip Chotnapalai News Anchor Thai Television Channel 3 Thailand


Marcello Coltro Senior Vice President Marketing, Digital & Creative NBCUniversal International Networks LATAM USA Vince Commisso Co-Founding Partner, President & CEO 9 Story Media Group Canada Patrick Connolly SVP, Programming AMC/SundanceTV Global USA Francisco Cordero CEO BTF Media USA David Cormican Executive Vice President, Business Development & Production Don Carmody Television Canada

Guido Corso Direttore, Coordinamento Sedi Regionali ed Estere Rai Italy Patrice Courtaban COO TV5Monde USA USA Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder Managing Director ORF-Enterprise Austria Hugo Coya CEO National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (TV Peru) Peru Valerie Creighton President & CEO Canada Media Fund Canada


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:28 PM Page 7

Anna Croneman Head, Drama SVT (Sveriges Television) Sweden

Hans Demmel CEO Vaunet Germany

Roberta Durrant CEO Penguin Films South Africa

Cynthia Fenneman President & CEO American Public TV USA

Enrique Cusco CEO Ole Communications USA

Eugenio Derbez CEO 3Pas Studios USA

Didier Duverger Vice Chairman & CEO Natixis Coficiné France

Jay Ferguson President MiraMedia Canada

Carlos Cusco President & CEO Foton USA

Michael Dessart Senior Vice President, Global Distribution Strategy & Operations HBO USA

Petr Dvořák Director General Czech TV Czech Republic

Juan Antonio Fernandez President STAR CONTENTS USA

Nicole Devilaine Director, France Televisions USA France Televisions USA

Simone Emmelius Senior Vice President, International Fiction, Co-Production & Acquisition ZDF German Television Germany

Jorge Fernández President Atlantic Access Group USA

Prasad Devineni CEO Arka Mediaworks India

Mouhssine Ennaimi Director & Producer TRT World Turkey

Tom Devlin President, International Sales & Distribution Entertainment Studios USA

José Escalante Managing Director Latin Media Corporation USA

Alexander Dannenberg CEO Cinemakers Germany Sebastian Darcyl President Darcyl Media USA/Argentina Daniel David CEO SOICO Mozambique Phil Davies Managing Director Astley Baker Davies/The Elf Factory United Kingdom Sam Davis CEO Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion Germany Bianca de la Garza CEO Garza Digital USA Fabrice de La Patellière Head, French Drama & Co-Productions Canal+ France Paul DeBenedittis EVP, Programming & Content Strategy, Co-Productions & Acquisitions Nickelodeon USA Jose Del Valle-Iturriaga Camblor CEO, Telefonica Media LatAm Telefonica Peru


Nandish Domlur Co-Founder & CEO Xentrix Studios India

Melissa Escobar EVP, TV Development & Production Latin World Entertainment USA

Paul Drago Producer, HBO Originals HBO Latin America USA

Wolfgang Fandrich Chief Editor & Head, History & Current Affairs MDR Television Germany

Marc du Pontavice Chief Executive Officer Xilam France

Ying Fang Vice President Croton Media Group PR China

Nancy Dubuc CEO Vice Media USA

Valeriy Fedorovich CEO TV3 Channel Russia

Gai Dunlop CEO FESTCOM International Australia

Ben Feigin Founding Partner/Producer/ Executive/Worldwide Distribution Equation Unlimited USA

Linda Dupree CEO Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) USA

Cong Feng General Manager Touch Video Live Broadcast Resource Corp PR China

Laura Fernandez Espeso Corporate Director MediaPro Spain Adeline Ferro Co-Founder Mambo Babalu USA Christoph Fey Attorney at Law Unverzagt von Have Germany Paul Field Managing Director The Wiggles Australia Gordon Finlayson General Counsel TwoFour54 UAE Jay Firestone Founder Prodigy Pictures Canada Urs Fitze Head, Fiction Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) Switzerland Terry Fitzpatrick Head, Children’s Media & Education WGBH USA Alberto Gonzalo Fiure EVP, Entertainment Fox Networks Group Latin America USA


EMMY_2019_Mesimvria.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/1/19 12:06 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_Frankfurt Kurnit.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/30/19 10:12 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:28 PM Page 8

Helena Forjaz Corporate Communications Director Group Media Capital (TVI) Portugal

Paula Gómez Vera Director & Executive Producer Mi Chica Producciones Chile

Fabiano Gullane Producer, Co-Founder Gullane Entretenimento Brazil

Liselott Forsman CEO Nordisk Film & TV Fond Finland

Géraldine Gonard CEO & Founder Inside Content Spain

Kavita Gupta Founding Managing Partner ConsenSys Ventures USA

Deborah Forte Founder Silvertongue Films USA

Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat Director Light and Dark Films South Africa

Francoise Guyonnet Executive Managing Director, TV STUDIOCANAL France

Fred Fourcher CEO Bitcentral USA

Andrea Gorfolova President, Family & Factual Entertainment Sonar Entertainment USA

Ralph Haiek Vice President INCAA Argentina

Christian Franckenstein CEO Bavaria Film Germany Paulo Franco Head, Programming & Content Record TV Network Brazil Clifford Friedman Managing Partner Raptor Group Holdings USA Jose Carlos Garcia de Letona Velasco COO Anima Estudios Mexico Alan Gasmer President Alan Gasmer & Friends/Veritas Entertainment Group USA Pierluigi Gazzolo President, Viacom International Media Networks — The Americas & EVP, Nickelodeon International Viacom International Media Networks USA Robert Gilby CEO & Founder Blue Hat Ventures Singapore Amit Goenka CEO, International Broadcast Business Asia Today/Zee USA


Klaus Graf Owner Graf Filmproduktion Austria Fred Graver USA Johann Grech Malta Film Commissioner Malta Film Commission Malta Maria Grechishnikova VP, Sales & International Projects Star Media Russia David Gregg Vice President, International Publicity Bell-Phillip Television Productions USA Harold Gronenthal Executive Vice President AMC/Sundance Global USA Diego Guebel President BoxFish Argentina Ricardo Guise President & Publisher World Screen USA Caio Gullane Producer, Co-Founder Gullane Entretenimento Brazil

Carl Hall Managing Director Warehouse 51 Productions United Kingdom Lasse Hallberg CEO Monday Production Norway Matti Halonen CEO, Executive Producer Fisher King Finland Adnan Hamza Chairman & Owner ABC Marketing & Distribution FZ UAE Yu “Olivia” Hao CCO Xi’an Momo IT / Baozou PR China Mehdi Harbaoui CEO Med&Co France Lisa Harrison Director BAFTA New York USA Beata (Bea) Hegedus VP Global Content, Scripted ITV Studios Global Entertainment United Kingdom

Pola Hempowicz Channel Manager, Comedy Central Poland Viacom International Media Networks Poland Wayne Henry Executive Producer Dramaworks United Kingdom Volker Herres Director, Programs ARD First Television Germany Germany Laurence Herszberg General Director Series Mania France Hannes Heyelmann SVP & Managing Director, Central & Eastern Europe Turner Broadcasting System Deutschland Germany Andy Heyward Chairman & CEO Genius Brands International USA Yoko Higuchi-Zitzmann Executive Producer Letterbox Filmproduktion Germany Norbert Himmler Program Director ZDF Germany Yuet-Fung Ho President 380 Media Group USA Richard Hofstetter Entertainment Lawyer Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz USA Lisa Honig EVP, Television & Digital Sales, Americas Fremantle USA Cynthia Hudson SVP & General Manager CNN en Español USA


EMMY_2019_MIP_PLANISPHERE.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 10/3/19 3:13 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:28 PM Page 9

Abid Hussain CEO/Founder Creative Stew Malaysia

JJ Johnson Executive Producer Sinking Ship Entertainment Canada

Tom Koch Vice President PBS Distribution USA

Zach LeBeau CEO Breaker (Formerly SingularDTV) USA

Naochika Ichino Chief Producer, TV Drama Series Tokai Television Broadcasting Japan

Jian Ju Chief Content Officer, Head, Huawei Global Content Acquisition & Partnership Huawei Technologies PR China

Ivar Kohn Head, Drama Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Norway

Keli Lee Managing Director, International Content, Platforms & Talent ABC Studios International/The Walt Disney Company United Kingdom

Andrea Iervolino Founder & CEO, Film Producer AMBI Distribution Italy Maria Cecilia Imperial VP, Program Acquisitions & Distribution ABS-CBN Corporation Philippines Duncan Irvine CEO Rapid Blue South Africa Kim Jackson President, Entertainment Breaker (Formerly SingularDTV) USA John M. Jacobsen Owner & Producer Filmkameratene Norway Silvia Jafet International Development Director Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação Brazil Christina Jennings Chairman & CEO Shaftesbury Films Canada Linda Jensen President Amediateka Russia Anders Jensen President & CEO Nordic Entertainment Group Sweeden Camila Jimenez Villa President & Chief Content Officer Fusion Media Group USA Hermann Joha CEO action concept Films Germany


Gil-Hoon Jung President FunnyFlux South Korea Michael Kagan Partner ICM Partners USA Lydia Kali CEO #Edith Paris France Jarmo Kalliola Executive Vice President Alfa-TV Finland John Kastner President J.S. Kastner Productions Canada C.J. Kettler President King Features USA Deeyah Khan Producer/Director Fuuse Films Norway Makhosazana Khanyile CEO National Film and Video Foundation South Africa Jongmin Kim Director, International Relations MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corp.) South Korea Ivana Kirkbride USA Nikolaus Klingohr CEO/Producer Interspot Film Austria

Masahide Koike Managing Director Cyber Agent Japan Steven Kram President Content Partners USA Ilya Krivitsky CEO Member of the Board Red Square Group Russia Jan Kromschröder Founding Partner & Managing Director Bantry Bay Productions Germany Maciej Kubicki Producer Telemark Poland Nilüfer Küyel Founder/Managing Director Lucid Dream Entertainment Turkey John Laing CEO Rallie USA Eivind Landsverk EVP, Chief Content Officer Nordics Discovery Networks (Norway) Norway Fabienne Larouche President Aetios Productions Canada Fabrice Larue CEO & Founder Newen France David Leach Commercial Director Tinopolis Group United Kingdom

Kirill Legat Chairman of the Board Kalastus Television Russia Charles Lei President Thunder Communications International PR China Denis Leroy Head, Scripted Formats Banijay Studios International France Eteri Levieva General Director Russian Academy of Television Russia Xunyu (Benjamin) Li Head, R&D Department Shanghai Croton Culture Media PR China Leland Ling CEO/Chairman LIC PR China Klaus Lintschinger Head, TV Features ORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Austria Dick Lippin Chairman, Chief Executive & Founder The Lippin Group USA Jocelyn Little Managing Director Beach House Pictures Singapore Xiaofeng Liu CEO Jiangsu Strawbear Film PR China


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:28 PM Page 10

Mara Lobão Partner/Executive Director Panorâmica Comunicação Brazil Michael Loeb CEO WDR Media Group Germany Harry Lowell President/Executive Producer NiteLite Pictures USA José Machado Author & Host VSéries Portugal Mamiko Maekawa Managing Director/International Dept Fuji Television Network Japan Oliver Mahrdt Senior Agent/President Hanns Wolters International USA Philippe Maigret President, Scripted ITV Studios America USA Sandra Maischberger Journalist/Presenter/Producer/Author Vincent TV Germany Iqbal Malhotra Chairman & Producer AIM Television India Marcos Mandarano Monteiro Consultant Digital Consumer & Internet of Things Brazil Daniel Mann Producer/Founder Gilles Mann Filmproduktion Germany Karin Marelle VP, Program Acquisitions Starz, International Digital Networks United Kingdom Alexander Marin EVP, International Distribution, LATAM & Canada Sony Pictures Television USA


Javier Mendez Zori Chief Content Officer Mediapro Spain

Zama Mkosi Chief Executive Officer Mkosi Group South Africa

Mauro Mendonça Filho Producer TV Globo Brazil

Tom Mohler CEO Olympusat USA

Ricardo Martinez-Coeto C-Founder BTF Media USA

Belinda Menendez President & Chief Revenue Officer, Global Distribution NBCUniversal USA

John Momoh Chairman & CEO Channels Television Nigeria

Mohammad Mashish Executive Producer Beelink Productions Egypt Egypt

Nicola Merola President Productions Pixcom Canada

Rodrigo Mazon Vice President, Content Acquisition Netflix USA

Kelly Merryman VP, Content Partnerships YouTube USA

Suzanne McAuley Executive Producer Salt Films Ireland

Lorne Michaels Chairman of the Board The Lorne Michaels Company USA

Donald McDonald President & CEO Allarco Entertainment 2008 Canada

Hervé Michel President TV France International France

Diane McGrath Chief Strategy Officer, Global Falcon Media House USA

Luca Milano Director, RAI Ragazzi RAI Italy

Michael McKay President Active TV Singapore

Jonathan Miller Partner Advancit Capital USA

Balázs Medveczky Director Duna Media Service Provider Hungary

Barbara Miller Partner Fasken Martineau DuMoulin Canada

Jakob Mejlhede Andersen CEO Nordic Entertainment Studios UK United Kingdom

Joshua Mintz Principal Gilah Studios USA

Njoki C. Muhoho Academy Director/Executive Producer Multichoice Talent Factory/Zebra Productions Kenya Kenya

Tiago Mello Executive Producer/Partner Boutique Filmes Brazil

Robin Mirsky Executive Director Rogers Group of Funds Canada

Guy (Ben) Murray-Bruce Vice President Silverbird Communications Nigeria

Mostapha Mellouk CEO Casablanca Media Partners Morocco

Alexander Mitroshenkov President Junior TV Russia

Kazufumi Nagasawa CEO HJ Holdings Japan

Aline Marrache Senior Vice President, Development| Original Content & Medias Universal Music France France Kate Marsh Non-Executive Director Independent News & Media United Kingdom

Olusola Momoh Vice Chairman Channels Television Nigeria Jose Eduardo Moniz CEO JEM Media Consultancy Portugal Sheila Morris Founder, President & CEO Morris Marketing USA Michael Moser Founder/Director/Executive Producer The Open Era Entertainment Netherlands Martin Moszkowicz Chairman of the Executive Board Constantin Film Germany Javad Mottaghi Secretary General ABU Malaysia Petra Maria Mueller CEO Film & Media Foundation NRW Germany


EMMY_2019_deluxe.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/30/19 3:47 PM Page 1

EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:30 PM Page 11

Andres Naim CEO Naím Media Group USA

Lu Ning President Beijing Interstellar Global USA

Ramsey Naito EVP, Animation Nickelodeon USA

Mitsuru Oda Senior Vice President, Warner Bros. International Television Warner Bros. Japan Japan

Yoko Narahashi President United Performers’ Studio USA/Japan Fidela Navarro CEO Dopamine Mexico Abel N’guessan Kouamé CEO Afrika Toon Ivory Coast Evgeniy Nikishov General Producer TV3 Channel Russia


Benjamin Odell President 3Pas Studios USA Fatma “Gul” Oguz Producer/ Director Most Production Turkey Godfrey Ohuabunwa Group Managing Director/CEO Multimesh Broadcasting Company Nigeria Can Okan Founder/CEO Inter Medya Turkey

Miguel Oliva CEO The Olive Tree Public Relations & Communications USA Bernadette O’Mahony Head, Development & Production Australian Children’s Television Foundation Australia Angel Orengo Executive Vice President, Distribution, EMEA Sony Pictures Television USA Natalie Osborne Chief Strategy Officer 9 Story Media Group Canada Jim Packer President, Worldwide TV & Digital Distribution Lionsgate USA

Diego Palacio Chief Creative Officer Storylab Argentina Argentina Chalakorn Panyashom COO Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Thailand Sylvain Parent-Bedard Producer & CEO QuébéComm Canada Franz Patay Legal Counsel IMZ—International Music & Media Centre Austria Rodion Pavlyuchik CEO Prior Group Russia Catherine Payne CEO Endemol Shine International United Kingdom


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:28 PM Page 12

Mark Pedowitz President The CW Television Network USA

Ryan Pirozzi Head, Worldwide Television Licensing Amazon Video USA

Christophe Riandee Vice CEO Gaumont France

Anette Rømer Head, Acquisitions & Formats TV2 Denmark Denmark

Matthias Peipp CEO CineAtlantica Ent. Germany

Adina Pitt VP, Content Acquisitions & Co-Productions Cartoon Network & Boomerang USA

Gil Ribeiro Producer/Partner Coiote Produções Brazil

Antony Root EVP, Original Programming & Production HBO Europe United Kingdom

Beto Ribeiro Executive Producer/Screenwriter Medialand Brazil

Roxana Rotundo CEO V.I.P 2000 TV USA

John Rice Chief Executive Officer Jam Media Ireland

Julian Rousso President Anima Argentina

Chris Rice Co-President Endeavor Content USA

Sohan Roy Founder, Director & Chairman Indywood UAE

Izabela Rieben Producteur, Editorial Fiction & Co-Productions, Animation RTS (Radio Television Suisse) Switzerland

Bushra Rozza Founder & COO El Gouna Film Festival Egypt

Luis F. Peraza President, Networks HBO Latin America USA Ricardo Pereira Director, TV Globo Portugal TV Globo Portugal Kelly-Anne Perera Vice President, Europe Baozou United Kingdom Kari Perez Senior Manager, Media Relations Netflix USA Mariana Perez Head, General Entertainment Production The Walt Disney Company Latin America Argentina Dragan Petrovic Co-CEO Visionary Thinking Serbia Chris Philip President Starlings Television USA Greg Phillips President Kew Media Distribution United Kingdom Stefan Piech CEO Your Family Entertainment Germany Sebastien Pigeon Executive Producer, VP Legal Affairs Aetios Productions Canada


Sergio Pizzolante Managing Partner C&T Mobs USA Moritz Polter Executive Producer, International TV Series Bavaria Fiction Germany Ilya Popov General Producer RIKI Group Russia Linda Porto Media Content/Sales Strategist CLGR Communications USA Benjamin Pyne Pyne Media Group USA Marlon Quintero Managing Director CIC Media USA Jawad Raja Chief Operating Officer & Director AVT Channels Pakistan Hanani Rapoport Israel Narendra Reddy EVP & General Manager The Africa Channel USA Rainer Retzlik Managing Director Beckoffice Germany Christina Rezk Resar Head, Comedy Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Norway

Paul Riggio Executive Producer, Global Entertainment Production Fremantle United Kingdom Alejandro Rincón CEO Endemol Shine Boomdog Mexico Roberto Rios Corporate VP, Original Production HBO Latin America Group USA Denise Roberts CEO, Principal Director & Actress Screenwise Australia Alejandro J. Rojas Regional Director Parrot Analytics USA Lise Romanoff Managing Director Vision Films USA

Emilio Rubio CEO HBO Latin America Group USA Eduardo Ruiz President & General Manager A+E Networks Latin America USA Rudolf Runge CEO Runge.TV Germany Vlad Ryashyn President, Board of Directors Star Media Russia Antoine “Tony” Saab VP, Content & Production Intigral UAE Cesar Sabroso SVP, Marketing, Affiliates, PR & Corporate Communication A+E Networks Latin America USA Benjamin Salinas CEO TV Azteca Mexico


EMMY_2019_NATPE Miami Print Ad.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/1/19 11:26 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:28 PM Page 13

André Sampaio Brand & Media Management Director Sonae FS Portugal

Carlos Henrique Schroder CEO TV Globo Brazil

Robert Sharenow President, Programming A+E Networks USA

Michael Souvignier Managing Director & Producer Zeitsprung Entertainment Germany

Angela Santomero Chief Content Officer 9 Story Media Group USA

T.C. Schultz EVP, Networks Operations, Programming & Strategy Sony Pictures Television USA

Mikael Shields Chief Executive Officer Acamar Films United Kingdom

Edgar Spielmann Managing Partner Screen Capital Chile

Jonathan Shiff Executive Producer Jonathan M. Shiff Productions Australia

Frank Spotnitz Chief Executive Big Light Productions United Kingdom

Nicola Shindler Executive Producer Red Production Company United Kingdom

Jorge Stamadianos SVP, Development Fox Networks Group Argentina

Alexander Shulgin Founder, CEO & Author Gruppa Kompany Familia Russia

Danna Stern VP, Acquisitions, Channels & Programming YES-DBS Satellite Services Israel

Juan Pablo Santos SVP, Content & Business Development Mediapro North America USA Didier Sapaut CEO DSA Conseil France Ted Sarandos Chief Content Officer Netflix USA Nelson Sato CEO Sato Company Brazil Yusuf Timur Savci President/Chairman Tims & B Productions Turkey Hannes Michael Schalle Owner Moonlake Entertainment Austria Marcos Schechtman Brazil Michael Schelp Senior Director, Business Development Fujisankei Communications International USA Patricia Schlesinger Director-General Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (rbb) Germany Christoph Schneider Managing Director, Head, TV Licensing, EU Amazon Prime Video Germany Germany Charles Schreger President, Programming Sales HBO USA


Oliver Schündler Managing Director/Producer Lucky Bird Pictures Germany Douglas Schwalbe Senior Vice President, Co-Production DreamWorks Animation Television USA Arthur Schweitzer CEO Cinevest Interactive USA Udi Segal Founder & CEO SUMAYOKO Israel Stephen Segaller Vice President, Programming WNET USA Kyoko Sekine Senior Content Acquisition Manager HJ Holdings—Hulu Japan Japan Markus Selin Producer Solar Films Finland Nicholas Selz Global Co-Head, YouTube Originals Performance Google/YouTube USA Nil Shah CEO Verance USA Vanessa Shapiro President, Worldwide Distribution Gaumont USA

Olena Sibiriakova Co-Founder Since TV United Kingdom Jonathan Skogmo Founder & CEO Jukin Media USA Yuliana Slashcheva Head of the Board Souzmultfilm Animation Studio Russia Michael Smeaton CEO FFP New Media Germany Tine Smedegaard Andersen Denmark Elana Sofko Chief Operating Officer Chicken Soup for the Soul USA Miguel Somoza CEO Sabbatical Entertainment USA Frederic Soulie Senior Vice President, Content Distribution & Business Development Mattel USA

Noelle Stevenson Film & Entertainment Commissioner Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Office of Film & Entertainment USA Giorgio Stock President, Distribution & Advertising Sales, EMEA & APAC WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks United Kingdom Julie Sultan COO/President, Worldwide Sales & Acquisitions AMBI Distribution USA Xu Sun Producer Beijing Television Station PR China Fernando Szew CEO MarVista Entertainment USA Edilenia Tactuk Producer Imaginativa Dominican Republic Vladimir Taller President TVM Group Russia


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/7/19 11:51 AM Page 14

Anders Tangen CEO/Producer Viafilm USA

Rose Marie Vega President RMViStar USA

Yuan (Phabey) Wang Chief Content Officer Cinearc Entertainment USA

Cheng Xiong Chairman, President, Chief Producer Beijing CTV Splendid Film and TV PR China

Larry Tanz Vice President, Content Acquisition Netflix USA

Jose Velasco President iZen Producciones Audiovisuales/ Zebra Producciones Spain

Anil Wanvari Director, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief Indian Television Dot Com India

Aram Yacoubian Director, Kids & Family, International Originals Netflix USA

Eileen Tasca Producer Task Films/Alien Films Italy João Daniel Tikhomiroff Founder/Partner/Artistic Director Joao Daniel Filmes (Mixer) Brazil

Christophe Vidal Director, International Operations Natixis Coficiné France Patrick Vien Group Managing Director, International A+E Networks USA

Michel Tikhomiroff Partner/Film Director/Co-Artistic Director Mixer Filmes Brazil

Flavia Vigio VP, PR & Communications HBO Latin America USA

Demian Torres-Bohl Producer Mexicanal USA

Marcel Vinay, Jr. CEO Comarex Mexico

Michel Trudeau President Aetios Productions Canada

Takonkiet Viravan President Scenario Thailand

Volodymyr Trukhnin CEO & Owner Agency “Informburo” Ukraine

Roberto Vivo Chaneton Chairman & CEO Claxson Interactive Group Argentina

Alexander Tsekalo General Producer & Owner Sreda Production Russia

Philip von Alvensleben President Alive Entertainment USA

Dario Turovelzky SVP, Global Contents, Viacom/Telefe Viacom International Media Networks Argentina

Gero von Boehm President Interscience Film/LUPA Film Germany

Sunita Uchil Executive VP, International Co-Production & Co-Development Division ZEE TV, Asia Today UAE

Mohinder Walia CEO Golden Bird Entertainment & Mumbai Media City USA

Tetsu Uemura President & CEO Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Japan

Patrick Walton Producer ShootAway Productions South Africa


Catherine Warren CEO Vancouver Economic Commission Canada Kayo Washio Head, Los Angeles Office WOWOW USA Timur Weinstein General Producer NTV Broadcasting Company Russia Ed Wells SVP, International Media & Education Sesame Workshop USA Cathrine Wiernik Director, Programs Bonnier Broadcasting Sweden Courtney Williams Managing Director Blue Orange Europe United Kingdom Jana Winograde Co-President, Showtime Entertainment Showtime Networks USA Andrew Winter CEO White Light International Media United Kingdom Nathalie Wogue Partner Ascendo TV France George Xinaris President & CEO Mesimvria Enterprises Cyprus Wenning Xing Managing Director, Hearst China Hearst Corporation PR China

Tomas Yankelevich Executive Vice President & Chief Content Officer, General Entertainment Turner Latin America USA Shobu Yarlagadda CEO Arka Mediaworks India Andy Yeatman Head, Americas Moonbug USA Arthur Yezekyan President Shant TV Armenia Jay Yogeshwar Chief Strategy Officer Thomson Broadcast USA Ashraf Younis Director, MBC Action & MBC 3 MBC Group UAE Diana Yurinova VP, International Business Development & Distribution RIKI Group Russia Dominic Zapata Director GMA Network Phillipines Hanyu Zhang Founder Shanghai Hanyu Television & Culture Studios USA Abby Zhang CEO Blue Sky Media of Zhejiang PR China


EMMY_2019_DIRECTORY.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:28 PM Page 15

Shen Yan Zhang Producer Shanghai Shuimu Harmony Film & Television PR China Shao Gang Zhang Host, Senior TV Professional, Professor Landgent International PR of China Regina Ziegler Executive Producer Ziegler Film Germany Tanja Ziegler Producer Ziegler Film Germany Carmi Zlotnik Managing Director Starz Media USA Aria (Huan) Zou Sales Manager, Content & Formats, China BBC Studios PR China

FELLOWS Bill Baker Journalist in Residence Fordham University USA Edward Bleier Warner Bros. (ret.) USA Bruce Christensen Senior Vice President Bonneville Salt Lake Media Group USA Bert Cohen Consultant USA Sonny Fox President Sonny Fox Consultants USA

Gene F. Jankowski Consultant USA Kay Koplovitz Founder, USA Network Koplovitz & Co. USA Sam Nilsson Sweden Bob O’Reilly Canada Felipe Rodriguez Advisor Cognitec Systems Corp. USA Tom Rogers Chairman TRget Media USA Jim Rosenfield JHR & Associates USA Dietrich Schwarzkopf Consultant Germany Dieter Stolte Axel Springer Company Germany Fred Cohen Chairman International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences USA Helmut Thoma Chairman Freenet/Debitel Germany Rainer Siek President MT.NY USA

Ralph Franklin USA Herbert Granath Chairman Emeritus ESPN USA



EMMY_2019_EY International Emmy Ad .qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 9/30/19 10:17 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:40 PM Page 1


2019 International Emmy Awards. 2019 FIRST ROUND JURORS Todd Abbott Director, Programs & Development Guesswork Television Australia Philipp Abresch Reporter Norddeutscher Rundfunk Germany Herval Rossano Abreu Director & Executive Producer HA Producciones Chile Mauricio Acosta CEO MAZDOC Colombia Nelson Akira Sato CEO Sato Company Brazil Vicente Albarracín Writer Univision USA Manuel Alduy SVP, Sales 20th Century Fox TV Distribution France Alexandra Alegren Producer Alegren Productions Sweden Susan Alexander Production Executive, Original Content, Scripted Corus Entertainment Canada Anel Alexander Actress/Producer Scramble Productions South Africa Rana Alhariri Screenwriter United Arab Emirates Jo Allen Producer BBC Children’s Acquisitions & Independent Animation United Kingdom Andrea Veronica Alvarez VP, Production & Development Comarex/QCStudios Mexico


Anna Alvord Senior Sales Manager PBS International USA

Marc Bary Producer/CEO IJswater Films Netherlands

Aaron D. Berger Partner Chatrone USA

Nicole Amarteifio CEO An African City Ghana

Nadine Bates CEO Like a Photon Creative Australia

Mara Bergmann Journalist & TV Presenter Germany

Jane Anderson Casting Director Jane Anderson Casting United Kingdom

Sandra Batson Anchor/Producer CBC — Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada

Karan Anshuman Showrunner Excel Entertainment India

Fabrizio Battocchio Head of Formats & Factual Mediaset RTI Italy

Dudi Appleton Writer/Director/Executive Producer 87 FILMS United Kingdom

Jennifer Batty Chief Content Officer HOOQ Singapore

Giovanna Arata Executive Producer Sky Italia Italy

Simone Baumann Head, Documentaries Saxonia Entertainment Germany

Monica Athayde General Manager ScreenLab Brazil

Steven Bawol Managing Director Helion Pictures France

Alexandre Avon VP, Sales ComediHa! Canada

Mathieu Bejot Founder & CEO Connoisseur Media France

Carmen Avram Producer/Host, In Premiera Antena 3 Romania

Paula Belchior Consulting Producer Brazil

Rehima Awol Ibrahim Programming & Research Manager Kana Television Ethiopia Kenny Kihyung Bae Senior Producer Korean Broadcasting System South Korea Tom Baetens Senior Creative Panenka Belgium Peter Barabas Editor in Chief Euronews France Estee Bardanashvili Managing Producer Sesame Workshop USA

Yury Belenkiy Founder & General Producer Studio Garmonia Russian Federation Liat Benasuly Producer L.Benasuly Productions Israel David Benaym Journalist I24news USA Virginia Berberian Formats Development & Distribution Very B International Argentina Johanna Bergenstråhle Producer Nordisk Film Sweden

Mike Berry President Golden Tulip Films India Carlos Biern President DIBOOS Spain Elizabeth Binns Head, Production World Productions United Kingdom Henrik Biskjaer Head, Acquisitions & Development NENT Studios Sweden Matthias Bittner Director Germany Mary Black-Suarez EVP, Production & Development Somos Productions USA Martin Blankemeyer Managing Director Muenchner Filmwerkstat Germany Nicky Bligh Casting Director Nicky Bligh Casting United Kingdom Jan Blomgren CEO/Executive Producer Art & Bob Sweden Heather Blumenthal Director Spirit Sister Productions South Africa Filip Bobiňski CEO/Producer Dramedy Productions Czech Republic Katarzyna Bojarska Head, Acquisitions TV Puls Poland


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:40 PM Page 2

Carina Bordewich Commissioning Editor/Acquisition Exec. NRK Norway

Jacqueline Cantore Development Exec. Globosat USA

Eduardo Cisneros President Eduardo Cisneros Productions USA

Elwin de Groot SVP, Entertainment Optomen Productions USA

Magdalena Borowska Commissioning Editor & Senior Programming Editor, Documentaries Telewizja Polska Poland

Beth Carmona Director Festival comKids — Singular, Media & Content Brazil

Bryan Cockerill Executive Producer/Director The Full Box Australia

Alexandra De La Mora Actress USA

Gideon Boulting Director/Producer Red Earth/Terra Vermelha Brazil

Mariano Carranco Producer BTF Media Mexico

Nathalie Boutrie Casting Director Casting Nathalie Boutrie Canada

Ron Carroll Executive Producer Fact & Friction Canada

Marlene Braga Principal Woman on the Verge Productions USA

Brock Carter Producer/Editor CuriosityStream USA

Rodrigo Brazão Senior Film Editor Producing Partners USA

Arianna Castoldi Head, Documentary Sales Mediawan Rights France

Andre Breitman President 2DLab Brazil

Nick Catliff Managing Director Lion Television United Kingdom

Oliver Brendel Managing Director Lightkid TV Germany

John Cavanagh Executive Producer Smithsonian Channel USA

Helena Brooks Drama/Comedy Director Australia

Wissam Chahine Head Producer/Writer/Producer/Director Orbit Productions — Orbit Mediagates — Alfa — OSN Lebanon

Hedda Bruessing Head, Media Business NTR Netherlands Ozge Bulut Marasli Advisor to Board Dogan Holding Turkey Vincent Burke Chief Executive Top Shelf Productions New Zealand Rob Burnet CEO Well Told Story Kenya Adriana Bustos Production Director TV Azteca International Mexico

Scott Chambers SVP/GM, North America Media & Licensing Sesame Workshop USA Peter Charley Executive Producer Al Jazeera USA Liliana Chavez Executive Producer USA Melody Chen Actress/Host Singapore Michelle Chong Director Left Profile Holdings Singapore

Alex Cohen CEO Synkronized Films USA

Cininha de Paula Director TV Globo Brazil

Jose Cohen Producer Cactus Film and Video Mexico

Jacques de Suze Managing Director TV Development Partners & GlobalCities Media Project USA

Paolo Conti CEO Animaking Brazil

Ryan Denmark Editor Third Star Films USA

Gabriele Conze Commissioning Editor (retired) WDR Germany

Nicole Devilaine Director France Televisions USA USA

Antoni Corone Actor/Director/Producer USA

Genevieve Dexter Founder & CEO Serious Lunch United Kingdom

Stephen Corvini Development Executive/Producer Matchbox Pictures Australia

Maria Dinulescu Actress Romania

Ivan Cotroneo Screenwriter/Director/Showrunner Italy

Maria Alicia (Alice) (Dizon) Manuel Managing Director Xentrix Toons Philippines

Jeff Cotugno COO DLT Entertainment USA Hugo Coya CEO, General Producer & Director, Television Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú (IRTP) Peru

Paul Dolan Former Executive Director, ABC NEWS International The Walt Disney Company — ABC-TV USA Irina Dorogan Chief Producer Red Media Russian Federation

Paul Crompton Creative Director BEEZR Studios United Kingdom

Kestutis Drazdauskas Producer ARTBOX Lithuania

Ross Crowley Director, Content Foxtel Australia

Gai Dunlop CEO Festcom International Australia

Dina Dahboura Content Manager/Producer MBC United Arab Emirates

Graham Dunster Agent Auckland Actors New Zealand

Emma Cahusac Commissioning Editor, Arts & Music BBC United Kingdom

Rungthip Chotnapalai News Anchor Thailand

Elly de Bont Director, Documentaries KRO-NCRV Netherlands

Marc F Duret Actor/Director #Antidote France

Stephen Campbell Producer/Writer/Director Amaru Road New Zealand

Lucia Cianfarani Programming Manager FNG Italy Italy

Noemi de Cabo Executive Acquisitions RTVE Spain

Jane Durkee COO & Corporate Vice President Tremendous! Entertainment USA



EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 3

Jorge Silvio Edelstein CEO Yellow Kingdom Argentina

Kristina Frajtic Head, Acquisitions Blitz Film & Video Distribution Croatia

Ami Glam CEO Studio Glam Israel

Anttu Harlin Co-Founder, Executive Producer Gigglebug Entertainment Finland

Josh Elbaum Managing Director Media Investment Group USA

Nina Franoszek Actress The Connectress — International Film & Acting Services USA

Luis Gnecco Dessy Actor Chile

Maki Hatae Senior Producer NHK Japan Broadcasting Corp. USA

Abdellatif Elmenawy Editor in Chief & CEO Al-Masry Al-Youm United Kingdom Yasser Elsahn Managing Director ILY Production & Distribution Egypt Daniela Elstner CEO Doc&Film International France Jose Escalante President Latín Media Corporation USA Daniela Escobar Actress Danielaescobarfilms USA Carla Estrada Executive Producer Televisa Mexico Leonardo Fasoli Screenwriter Italy Esther Feldman Screenwriter Argentina Lynn Ferguson Writer/Performer/Story Coach Youtellyours USA Jay Ferguson CEO Mira Canada Juan Fernandez President Star Contents USA Pep Figueiredo Manager, Content Sony Pictures India Sonia Fleck CEO Bomanbridge Media Singapore Brendan Foley Writer/Producer Foley Films United Kingdom


Beth Frey Producer Blackout Productions Australia Kristy Fuller Managing Director 1440 Productions Australia Irakly Gachechiladze Head, RT.com RT Russian Federation Henry Gagnon President HG Distribution Canada Ben Gale Executive Producer/Managing Director Little Gem United Kingdom Emanuela Galliussi Filmmaker Falling Up Films USA Sydney Gallonde CEO/Executive Producer Make It Happen Studio France José García CEO My Friend Chile Rachel Gardner Executive Producer See-Saw Films Australia Victoria Garrett Director Two Little Indian Films Australia Mihai Gâdea CEO Antena 3 Romania Assaf Gil CEO Gil Productions Israel Jean-Benoit Gillig Managing Director/Executive Producer LEONIS Productions France Barbara Giordani Casting Director Italy

Aashka Goradia A Source India Hedva Golschmidt Founder & CEO Go2Films Israel Cecilia Gomez de la Torre CEO Tondero Distribucion Peru

John Hay Film Director Atticus Pictures United Kingdom Meghan Heffern Actress Canada Thomas Heinesen Producer Nordisk Film Production Denmark

Gustavo Gontijo Content Manager Globo Estudios Brazil

Bernhard Hendling Format Developer, Content Consulter Austria

Emre Gorentas Content Sales Deputy Manager ATV Turkey Turkey

Wayne Henry Executive Producer Dramaworks United Kingdom

Julie Greene Executive Producer Grass is Greener Productions Australia

Jimena Hernandez Contents Director Mediapro Argentina Argentina

Jonas Grimas Director My Own Label United Kingdom

Timothy Hobart Drama Development Executive, Showrunner Matchbox Pictures Australia

Natalia Grimberg Artistic Director TV Globo Brazil Wynand Grobler Executive Producer Carte Blanche South Africa Gustavo Grossmann CVP, HBO Networks HBO Latin America USA Nathalie Habib Partner/Executive Producer Blink Studios United Arab Emirates Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri Dr. Arte Coordinator SWR/ARD Germany Jonas Kryger Hansen Commisioning Editor, Fiction, DR Ultra DR — Danish Broadcasting Corporation Denmark Reiko Hara Manager, International Dept. Fuji Television Network Japan

Patricia Houtart Producer Bel Air Media France Alex Hryniewicz Head, Owned Channels Little Dot Studios United Kingdom Lester Hu Head, Formats & International Business Hunan TV China Isabelle Sissi Hueetlin Editor & Buyer WeltN24 Germany Francis Humble Asst. Head, Acquisitions TV3—Televisió de Catalunya Spain Jimmy Humphrey Head, Acquisitions & Co-Productions TCB Media Rights United Kingdom Joseph Husseini Head, Channel MTV Lebanon Lebanon


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 4

Pauline Marie Ick VP, Sales, Asia, Middle East Dori Media International Israel

Sudheer KG Media Head Learnslate India

Meefung Lee Managing Director PIK film Malaysia

Matthew MacLennan CEO Time and Chance Productions USA

Maria Cecilia Imperial Vice President, Integrated Acquisition & International Distribution ABS-CBN Corporation Philippines

Deeyah Khan Documentary Filmmaker Fuuse Films Norway

Charles Lei CEO Thunder Communications International PR China

Brenda Maffuchi Head, Acquisitions & Property Development De Agostini Editore Italy

Seungmo Kim Chief Producer MBC South Korea

Spruce Leong Asst. Lead, Audience Development Mediacorp Singapore

Matthew King President LaRue Entertainment Canada

Javier Lerena Animation & Fiction Series Acquisitions Executive RTVE Spain

Kishwar Iqbal Theatrical Agent GGA, Toronto Canada Yegor Irodov Sound Supervisor Star Media Group Canada Patrick Irwin Executive Producer 87 Films United Kingdom Dan Jawitz Managing Director Fireworx Media South Africa

Nikolaus Klingohr CEO/Producer Interspot Film Austria Jobst Knigge Director Knigge Werke Germany

Gudrun Jonasdottir Media Consultant Iceland

Zafrir Kochanovsky CEO, Producer TTV Productions Israel

Alethea Jones Director Leafy Greens USA

Sylvia Kocman Administrative Manager Attraction Distribution Canada

Karen Juve Vice President, Programming & Acquisitions The Africa Channel USA

Abel N. Kouame Producer/Director Afrika Toon Ivory Coast

Mamta Kaash Actress/Producer Scenario Films, London & Various Broadcasters United Kingdom Lydia Kali CEO #Edith Paris France Ivan Kamaras Actor Fair Studio USA Audrey Kamga Sales Manager Arte France France Ingrid Kasper Television Producer UNTV/United Nations USA Jim Keeble Screenwriter/Producer 87 Films United Kingdom

Maciej Kubicki Producer/Board Member Telemark (Poland) Poland Keiichiro Kubota Producer USA Oriana Kujawska Head, Series Development TVN Discovery Poland Dejan Kukrić Head, Entertainment, Factual & Music TV Unit Radio and Television of BosniaHerzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Ram Landes Founder, Editor in Chief koda communications Israel David Leach Commercial Director Tinopolis Group United Kingdom Pedro Felix Leda Chairman Ledafilms Argentina


Monica Levy Head, International Federation Entertainment France Marcelo Lezama Film&Arts, General Producer AMC Networks International Latin America Argentina Marcelo Liberini Digital Vice President Caracol Television Colombia Suat Yen Lim Chief Operating Officer Oak3 Films Singapore George Lominadze Head, Programming Broadcasting Company “Rustavi2” Georgia Ana Maria Londoño Fiction Manager Canal RCN Colombia Jesús Arley López Head, Content Deaposta Colombia Nina Lopez-Corrado Producer/Director Broken Toy Works USA Marc Lorber UK Acquisitions, Investments & Development, International Co-Productions & Formats Lionsgate TV United Kingdom

João Maia Abreu Journalist, Head of International Channels TVI Portugal Damiano Malchiodi General Manager, A+ Channels Canal+ International/Canal+ Group Ivory Coast Alejandro Malowicki Director Argentina Aude Marcle Scriptwriter France Omri Marcus Director Screenz Originals Israel Margaret Mardirossian President Anaid Productions Canada Mercedes Marro Director & Producer Tomavision Spain Lionel Marty Managing Director APC Kids France Owen Matthews Creative Producer Endemol Shine Australia Australia Thuso Mbedu Actress South Africa Suzanne McAuley Executive Producer Spiral Pictures Ireland Marie McCann Senior Director, Children’s Content CBC — Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada

Sheena Macdonald Chief Operating Officer Canadian Film Centre Canada

Kathleen Meek Manager, Original Content, Drama & Factual Corus Entertainment Canada

Stewart Mackinnon Chief Executive Officer & Board Member Headline Pictures United Kingdom

Manuel Meimberg Showrunner UFA Germany


EMMY_2019_SOFITEL_Ad_o.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/1/19 9:55 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 5

Carlos Mesber Executive Producer/Co-Founder/New Business Development High Hill Entertainment USA Sean Cameron Michael Actor USA Pavol Miller Executive Director DuckTV Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Maarten Moerkerke Director Tot Ziens BVBA Belgium Rohana Mohd Senior Programming Director Mediacorp Singapore Leif Mohlin Producer Mint Sweden Donna Molloy Producer LA Productions United Kingdom Verena Monssen Producer Warner Bros. International Television Production Deutschland Germany Carlos Montero Showrunner El desorden Crea Spain Carlos Moreno Director Dynamo Colombia Noah Morowitz Executive Producer CuriosityStream USA Clive Morris CEO Clive Morris Productions South Africa Rosie Motene Managing Director Waka Talent Agency South Africa Mouna Mounayer Founder/Owner TRIARC Lebanon Thembi Mtshali-Jones Actress/Producer/Director Spirit Sister Productions South Africa Thomas Mueller-Kulmann Head, Acquisitions Teleclub Switzerland


Kaspar Munk Director DR Denmark

Jyrki Nokkonen Acquisitions Executive Yleisradio Oy, YLE Finland Finland

Vladimir Perez Executive Producer Tigritos Media USA

Gerardo Murguía Actor Mexico

Luke Nola Producer Luke Nola and Friends New Zealand

Marco Perez Film Editor/Partner Union Editorial/Union Entertainment Group USA

Maria Nordenberg Producer Sveriges Television (SVT) Sweden

Ignacio Perez Cabana Writer Spain

Helena Nylander Acquisitions Executive Sveriges Television (SVT) Sweden

Laura Perlmutter Producer First Love Films Canada

Micheál Ó Domhnaill Head, Development Hub Ireland

Claude Perron Actress France

Nick Murphy Writer Key 23 USA Fusako Nagashima Head, Formats Nippon Television Network Corporation Japan Rola Najem Creative Writer Google USA Takashi Nakamoto Secretary to the Chairman Fuji Television Network Japan

Oscar Olivares Actor Mexico

Christian Poccard VP, Acquisitions, Programming Eurochannel USA

Raita Nakashima President & Producer Qilin Family Company Japan

John OLoan CEO iO Media Group United Kingdom

Linda Porto Director CLGR Communications USA

Vatiswa Ndara Actress Word of Mouth Productions/SABC South Africa

Sergio Ortega Brand & Creative Senior Manager Discovery, Inc. Italy

Hadar Porubanova Managing Director Ruth Films Israel

Joy Nduto Senior Creative Producer Switch TV Kenya

Lourenço Ortigão Actor Portugal

Arabelle Pouliot-Di Crescenzo Head, Format Distribution Newen Distribution USA

Proinsias Ní Ghráinne Commissioning Editor TG4 Ireland Mamadou Niang Managing Director NextMedia.tv USA Aurelian Nica Producer KINETOSCOP Romania Lars Erik Nielsen Acquisitions Executive TV 2 Denmark Denmark Lu Ning Chairman Interstellar Global USA Akira Nishimura Producer Fuji Television Network Japan Olav Njaastad Show Host/Documentarist NRK Norway

Tope Oshin Director/Producer Sunbow Productions Nigeria Mikael Osterby Head, Factual Sveriges Television (SVT) Sweden

Gary Pudney General Manager, Keshet Asia Keshet International Hong Kong Marco Valerio Pugini Producer Panorama Films Italy

Luca Paiva-Mello Partner/Showrunner Scriptonita Films Brazil

Sílvia Quer Director Spain

Caroline Palmstierna Founder & Producer Shoot for the Moon Sweden

Ralf Quibeldey Head, Nature & Discovery Programs NDR Television Germany Germany

Sofie Peeters Executive Producer Shelter/Toreador Belgium

Haryaty Rahman SVP, Distribution, Asia, International Fremantle Singapore

Margarida Vitoria Pereira Director, Acquisitions TVI Portugal

Mohit Rajhans Programming Air Canada Media Canada

Ricardo Pereira Actor Brazil

Christian Rank Head, Drama DR Denmark


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 6

Jessica Raspe Commissioning Editor, Art Documentaries AVROTROS Netherlands Subha-Orn Rathanamongkolmas Country Head The Walt Disney (Thailand) Company Thailand Alexander W. Rauscher-Nachwalger Correspondent ORF — Austrian Broadcasting Corp. USA Ricardo Ravanelli News Manager Artear Argentina Vincent Rebetez Producer Cactus Productions/RTS Switzerland Najat Rizk Founder & CEO Firehorse and TRIARC Lebanon Denise Roberts CEO & Principal Director Screenwise Australia Greg Robertson Senior Vice President & Managing Director MGM Studios Australia Alejandra Rodriguez de Palomera CEO Palomera Group USA Leonardo Rojas Creative Director Rocket Cartoons Costa Rica Chris Roland Filmmaker ZenHQ South Africa Anette Rømer Head, Acquisitions & Formats TV2 Denmark Denmark Sharon Roobol Executive Producer Al Jazeera English Malaysia John Roque Head Writer GMA Network Philippines Christopher Rose VP, Animation Production & Development Nickelodeon International United Kingdom


Hans Rossine Founder Rossine Consult Norway

Rene Seegers Producer/CEO Lowland Holding Netherlands

Jan Rudovsky Head, Acquisitions FTV Prima Czech Republic

Yvonne Sellins Director, Production King Bert Productions United Kingdom

Paul Ruven Producer Talent United Netherlands

Sang-Wan Seok Producer TUBAn Corp. South Korea

Linda Saffire Director/Producer Got The Shot Films USA

Qays Sheikh Najib Actor Lebanon

Sorayuth Sagrikananda Format Development Manager Zense Entertainment Thailand Viola Salu Head, ETV2 ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting) Estonia Esther Sánchez Head, Strategy Grupo Ganga Audiovisual Spain Felipe Santana Senior Foreign Correspondent TV Globo USA Didier Sapaut CEO DSA CONSEIL France Hilal Saral Sevim Unalan Director Ay Yapim Turkey

Alexander Siddig Actor This Red Rock USA Marco Luciano Simionato Executive Producer Canal de la Ciudad Argentina Ron Simon Curator Paley Center for Media USA Julie Simonney Scriptwriter France Nicole Sinclair Vice President CBS Studios International Australia Abhimanyu Singh Managing Director Contiloe India

Samia Sassi Actress France

Radoslaw Slawinski Director, Programming, Thematic Channels, Polsat Play & Polsat Doku Polsat Poland

Sameer Saxena Chief Content Officer Contagious Media (The Viral Fever) India

Brett Sleigh Executive Producer, Comedy ABC Television Australia Australia

Michael Schelp Director, Business Affairs Fujisankei Communications USA

Alexander Smith Head, Scripted Content Roughcut TV United Kingdom

Marc Schötteldreier Casting Director Marc Schötteldreier Casting Germany

Maria Jessica Soho Broadcast Journalist GMA Network Philippines

Ulrike Schroeder Acquisition Manager Global Screen Germany

Juan Solera Sales & Acquisitions Manager Sideways Film United Kingdom

Christoph Silber Writer/Producer 1971 USA

Wanda Sondiyazi Commissioning Editor MNET/Multichoice South Africa

Julia Song Head, International Drama Acquisitions & Business Development Youku, Alibaba Digital Entertainment & Media Group China Akanksha Sood Producer/Director The Gaia People India Mohamad Soueid Senior Producer/Director/Head, Documentary Department United Arab Emirates Hugo Sousa Director TV Globo Brazil Cristiana Sousa Cruz News Programs Director GloboNews/TV Globo Brazil Otto Steiner Managing Director Constantin Entertainment Germany Valerie Stroh Actress/Director France Paul Sullivan Producer Benchmark Films Australia Assaad Taha Writer & Documentary Filmmaker Hot Spot Films Bosnia and Herzegovina Lek Hwa Tan Chief Editor Mediacorp Singapore Alison Taylor Head, Sales & Acquisitions Aardman Animations United Kingdom Martin Teitelbaum Head, Programming Televisión Pública Argentina Argentina Benjamin Ternynck CEO KWANZA France Robbie Thorpe Producer Rififi Pictures South Africa Michel Tikhomiroff Partner/Executive Creative/Director/Film Director Mixer Films Brazil


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 7

Claire Tonkin Head, Drama Development CJZ Australia Dori Toribio US Correspondent Mediaset USA Antoine Torres Head, YouTube Family Content Partnerships, LatAm Google Argentina Fani Toupalgiki Head, TV Programs Broadcasting ERT3-ERT Greece Michel Trudeau Producer Aetios Productions Canada Georg Tschurtschenthaler Producer Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduction Germany Valerie Tubiana Producer Redstone France Milagros Tuccio Head, Fiction/Audiovisual Producer Latina Peru Dario Turovelzky SVP, Global Contents Viacom Argentina Anders Tvegard Journalist, Former US Correspondent, Foreign Affairs Department Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) Norway Jennifer Ulrich Actress Germany Kristofer Updike Senior Director, Development Universal Kids USA Jorge Vaillant Director Perspectives 21 USA Zane Valeniece Head, Acquisitions State Ltd. Latvian Television Latvia

Rui Vilhena Writer Portugal Thomas Vogt Film Editor USA Bernhard von Hülsen Managing Director, Producer 3B-Produktion Germany Henrik Von Sydow Acquisitions Executive Sveriges Television (SVT) Sweden Paul Voorthuysen Producer PVPictures Netherlands Karishma Vyas Reporter Al Jazeera English USA Monica Wahi Director Southasian Children’s Cinema Forum India Goh Wakabayashi Producer Aniplex Japan Robert Walden President Dextrous Productions USA Martin Dingle Wall Actor/Producer Alchemy Film Productions USA Patrick Walton Producer ShootAway Productions South Africa Yuan (Phabey) Wang CEO Dreameast Pictures USA Aimee White Principal Ellis-Webb Management USA Zoe Whittall Writer Polyester Bride Canada

Nathalie Wogue Partner Ascendo TV France Kaja Wolffers Producer NL Film Netherlands Bruno Wollheim Director Coluga Pictures United Kingdom Steven Wouterlood Film Director Netherlands Arnaud Xainte Producer/Director ILLEGITIME DEFENSE France Thomas Xenakis TV Editor CBS News USA Wenning Xing Managing Director Hearst China Dominic Zapata Director GMA Network Philippines Philippines Brendan Zauner Senior VP, Sales, Asia Twentieth Century Fox International Television Distribution Australia

Noriko Abe Senior Producer NHK Educational Corporation Japan David Abelson Producer/Director/Editor USA Silvio Abreu Head, Drama Globo Brazil LaToye Adams President Wonderwhy Consulting USA Alexander Adolph Writer/Director Germany Maria Carolina Aguirre Screenwriter Pol-Ka Argentina Fayez Al Malki Actor Saudi Arabia Ali Mohamed Al Marzooqi Producer Ghabsha Films United Arab Emirates Yaser Al Neyadi Actor/Producer/Filmmaker United Arab Emirates

Olga Zhurova Head, Channels, Russian Feeds Fox Networks Group Spain

Hani Al Shaibani Actor/Director Ghabsha Films United Arab Emirates

Anna Zielinska Programming Manager, Kids’ Channels ITI NEOVISION Poland

Yasir Al Yasirir Producer/Director Starship United Arab Emirates

Leonardo Zimbron Producer & CCO Traziende Films Mexico

Monica Albuquerque Head, Development Globo Brazil

Kresimir Zubcic Editor/Buyer HRT / Croatian TV Croatia

Mauro Alencar Consultant/Researcher/Professor/Doctor Universidade Catolica Portuguesa Brazil


Mansoor Alfeeli Actor/Producer United Arab Emirates

Dewi Wyn Williams Writer United Kingdom

Amr Abdeen Director Egypt

Jasper van der Schalie Creative Director Stepping Stone Netherlands

Mauro Wilson Television Writer Brazil

Saskia van Lier SVP Talpa Asia Hong Kong

Alix Wiseman SVP, Distribution & Acquisitions 9 Story Media Group Ireland

Ahmed Abdelhamid Head, Programming & Acquisitions, Majidkids TV Majid Entertainment United Arab Emirates


Marwan Abdullah Saleh Actor United Arab Emirates

Verena Altenberger Actress Agency Lentz Reinholz Austria Helios Alvarez Managing Partner Load Brazil


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 8

Marisol Amaya Director, Acquisitions Viacom International Media Networks — The Americas USA Marcus Ammon Senior Vice President, Original Production Sky Deutschland Germany Kevin Amour Director, Content & Strategy ProSiebenSat.1 Germany Jimin An TV Producer/Director KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) South Korea Giovanna Antonelli Actress Brazil Paula Apsell Senior Executive Producer Emorita NOVA WGBH Educational Foundation USA Leonardo Aranguibel Head, General Entertainment Productions The Walt Disney Company Latin America Argentina Mariano Ardanaz Director Underground Media Argentina Dganit Atias Yes Israel

Javier Balmaceda Senior Development Executive Amazon USA

Alex Berger CEO/Executive Producer TOP - The Oligarchs Productions France

Beate Bramstedt ZDF Film Editor ZDF Germany

Cristina Banegas Actress Argentina

Piv Bernth CEO Apple Tree Productions Denmark

Stefan Brandenburg Head, News Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln Germany

Javier Berruti Screenwriter & Executive Producer Kuarzo Entertainment Argentina

Gerardo Brandy Founder & Director Nippur Media Argentina

Marta Betoldi Screenwriter Argentina

Markus Brauckmann Head, Division, Communications Staatskanzlei des damdes NordrheinWestfalen Germany

Estee Bardanashvili Senior Director, Supervising Producer Sesame Workshop USA Natalya Bardo Actress Russia Daniel Barone Director Pol-Ka Argentina Oceana Basilio Actress Portugal Maria Joao Bastos Actress Portugal Berthold Baule Director/Producer/DOP/Editor baulefilm Germany Steven Bawol Managing Director Helion Pictures France Friederike Becht Actress Germany Paula Belchior Consulting Producer Brazil

Agnes Augustin President & CEO Shaw Rocket Fund Canada

José Eduardo Belmonte Director Brazil

Alexandre Avon VP, Sales ComediHa! Canada

Daniel Benaim Content Strategy, Programming & Partnerships Cause and FX USA

Robert Bachem Head, ZDF Info ZDF Germany Kelly Bailey Actress TVI-Plural Portugal

Christina Bentlage Head, Film Funding Film- un Medienstiftung NRW Germany Virginia Berberian Creative Content Developer Very B Argentina

Andreas Bakka Hjertø Program Director NENT Norway

Maria Laura Berch Casting Director Argentina

Jorge Balleste Head, Content, Acquisitions Univision USA

Quirin Berg CEO Wiedemann & Berg Film Germany


Chandradev Bhagat Founder & CEO Greymatter Entertainment India

Konstanze Breigebner Screenwriter/Actress Austria

Margarita Black VP, Content Development Somos Production USA

Deirdre Brennan Content Executive Canada

Mary Black-Suarez EVP, Production & Development Somos Productions USA

Betina Brewda Executive Producer Non Stop Argentina

Juan Marcos Blanco VP, Scripted Development Telemundo Global Studios USA

Whitney Bright Producer CBS News Newspath USA

Jonathan Blum President Cisneros Media USA

Michael Brönnimann Programming Executive/Buyer SRF Swiss Radio and Television Switzerland

Ana Bond SVP & MD, International Production, LatAm & US Hispanic Sony Pictures Television USA

Massimo Bruno Director, TV Channels De Agostini Italy

Julien Borde Head, Channels, Kids & General Entertainment, France & Africa Turner Broadcasting System France France Agustin Bossi Executive Producer Pampa Films Argentina Pol Bossi Executive Producer Pampa Films Argentina Daniel Bourré Executive Producer, Kids Bristow Global Media Canada Jesus Braceras Director Argentina Regina Braga Actress Brazil

Astrid Bscher Director/Producer Filmfritz Germany Junita Budvytiene Head, Acquisitions LRT Lithuanian Television Lithuania Daniela Busoli CEO Formata Produções Brazil Lila Byock Writer USA Leandro Calderone Screenwriter Pol-Ka Argentina Mary Cruz Camacho Creative Director & Executive Producer Coco Media TV USA


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 1:18 PM Page 9

Diego Carabelli Executive Producer Pol-Ka Argentina

Leila Coelho Actress/Singer DMT Produções Brazil

Silvana D’Angelo President Glowstar Media USA

Cesar Diaz Senior Vice President, Content 7A Media USA

Michael Carrington Director, Entertainment & Specialist ABC Australia

Jorge Colón Director Letca Films USA

Olga Dager Programming Director NBCUniversal USA

Frank Dietz Deputy Programme Director, Head, Acquisitions BEI RTL Disney Fernsehen (Super RTL) Germany

Carolina Castro Writer/Producer Migdal Filmes Brazil

Marcello Coltro SVP, Content & Creative NBCUniversal USA

Claudia Dalley Channel Manager, Tiny Pop Sony Pictures Entertainment United Kingdom

António Pedro Cerdeira Actor Portugal

Bianca Comparato Actress USA

Paul Danahar BBC News Washington Bureau Chief BBC USA

Nathalie Chamberland Director, Youth Programming CBC/Radio-Canada Canada

Luiz Felipe “Doc” Comparato Writer Brazil

Vikram Channa Vice President, Production & Partnerships Discovery Asia Singapore Nancy Chapelle Executive Director Bell Fund Canada

Patrick Connolly SVP, Programming AMC/SundanceTV Global USA Sarah Cooper Chief Operating Officer NBCUniversal United Kingdom Solveig Cornelisen Commissioning Editor ZDF Germany

Javier Daulte Screenwriter Argentina Sam Davis Managing Director Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion Germany Daphne de Beauffort EVP in Charge, Youth Programs Acquisitions & Diversification TF1 France

Anja Dihrberg-Siebler Casting Director Anja Dihrberg Casting Germany Libbie Doherty Head, Children’s Production ABC Australia Vasco Domingos Content Director S+ Portugal Juan Antonio Dominguez CEO/Chairman CropTV/ADN Spain Alexandr Doulerain Head, Scripted Programming TNT Network, TNT Premier Russia

Daniel De Felippo Director The Walt Disney Company Argentina

William Dunlop Journalism Consultant USA

Tiphaine de Raguenel Head, Programming, France 4, Head, Children & Youth Activities France Televisions France

Brigitte Dusseau Director, North America AFP USA

Vanda Correia Talent Manager Vanda Correia Management Portugal

Joana de Verona Actress Portugal

Dmitry Dyanchenko Director/Producer Keystone Production Russia

Yung Young Choi Journalist KBS South Korea

Helena Isabel Correia Ribeiro Actress Portugal

Sebastian Debertin Head, Fiction, Acquisition & Co-Production KiKa Germany

Leo Edde Producer Urca Filmes Brazil

Ralph Christians CEO Hold the Page Germany

Jorge Corrula Actor Portugal

Lori Cheatle Producer/Founder Hard Working Movies USA Ruby Chen CEO & Co-Founder CNEX Foundation PR China Mariano Chihade CEO Mandarina TV Argentina

Alexey Chupov Scriptwriter & Director TNT-Premiere Russia Alejandro Ciancio Director Underground Media Argentina Marcela Citterio Screenwriter Alianzas Producciones Argentina Rick Clodfelter Consultant Garden Place Media USA


Ursula Corona Actress/Producer United Kingdom Antoni Corone Actor/Director/Producer USA

Maria Joao Costa Screenwriter Portugal Daniel Cruzeiro Executive Director SIC Portugal Yan (Tracy) Cui General Manager Jetsen Huashi Wangju PR China Sebastian Cyrulnik Manager & Production Director Kapow Argentina

Gia Delaney VP, Global Sales, Kids & Family Boat Rocker Studios USA Marco Delgado Actor Portugal Bruna Demaison Program & Content Manager, Globosat Multishow Brazil Nicole Devilaine Director France Televisions USA USA Jonas Diamond Executive Producer/CEO Smiley Guy Studios/iThentic Canada

Vera Egito Vellez Writer/Director Paranoid BR Brazil Ellen Ehni Chief Editor, Television Westdeutscher Rundfunk Germany Yousef Elkaabi Actor United Arab Emirates Françoise Emperador Youth Programming TV5 Monde France Arild Erikstad Executive Producer/Editor NRK — Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Norway



EMMY_2019_DISCOP-.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/1/19 10:48 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 10

Luis Erlanger Creative Director/Journalist Erlanger Comunicacao Brazil

Christoph Fey MC Entertainment Masterclass Entertainment Masterclass Germany

Carlos Gerstenhauer Head, Production Bayerischer Rundfunk Germany

Caio Gullane Producer Gullane Brazil

Tina Ermuth Executive Producer ProSiebenSat.1 Germany

Denise Figueiredo Content Coordinator Multishow Brazil

Habib Ghuloom Actor/Director Ministry of Culture United Arab Emirates

Sally Habbershaw EVP, Americas All3Media USA

Burkhard Ernst Managing Director/Shareholder Cult Film Austria

Jay Firestone Founder Prodigy Pictures Canada

Gabriela Gil SVP, Programming Entertainment The Walt Disney Company Latin America Argentina

Salloom Haddad Actor Arabian Falcon Syria

Luis Esparteiro Actor Portugal

Justine Flynn Company Director Buster Productions Australia

Juliane Eßling Head, Editorial Department Mediengruppe RTL Germany

João Fonseca Director Brazil

Enrique Estevanez Producer/Actor L.C.A. Producciones Argentina

Helena Forjaz Communication Cooperative Director Media Capital (TVI) Portugal

Johannes Fabrick Director Germany Renato Fagundes Head, Creative A Fabrica Brazil

Jose Fragoso Director, Programs RTP Portugal

Hernan Goldfrid Director Argentina

Lila Hannou Head, Youth Programming M6 France

Emilie Fretland CEO Concorde TV Norway

Caterina Gonelli-Linden Director, Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Disney Channels EMEA The Walt Disney Company France

Wolfgang Hantke Executive Producer Ziegler Film Production Germany

Marcos Gorban General Director & Executive Producer Sinapsis Produccion Argentina

Abdullah Hassam Ahmed Director United Arab Emirates

Arwa Gouda Actress Egypt

Tore Haukenes Head, Comedy Nordisk Film TV Norway

Craig Graham Director & Owner Fredbird Entertainment Australia

Bea Hegedus Vice President, Global Scripted Content ITV Studios Global Entertainment United Kingdom

Paula Granica Executive Producer Pol-Ka Argentina

Claire Heinrich Head, Acquisitions, Youth Programming France Televisions France

Nico Grein Commissioning Editor RTL Television Germany

Bernd Hellthaler Managing Director Euroarts Music International Germany

Wolfgang Grundmann Producer/Editor ZDF Germany

Pola Hempowicz Comedy Central, Channel Manager Viacom International Media Networks Poland

Olaf Grunert Head, Editorial Department ZDF Arte Germany

Kai Henkel Head, Department, Documentary SWR (Südwestrundfunk) Germany

Marcela Guerty Screenwriter Argentina

Michele Hennessy TV Executive Amazon Studios USA

Kim Fatheuer Producer Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion Germany

Friedemann Fromm Director/Writer Germany Helge Fuhst Program Manager Phoenix Germany Andrea Gabourie President/Executive Producer FORTÉ Entertainment Canada

Esther Feldman Screenwriter Argentina

Mitchell Gabourie Executive Producer FORTÉ Entertainment Canada

Dina Felix de Costa Actress Portugal

Jan Gallasch Producer Pictures in a Frame Germany

Dorthe Ferber Head, Studio ZDF Germany Claiton Fernandes California Filmes Brazil Ditte Feuk Producer/Director Sveriges Television (SVT) Sweden


Kathrine Haldorsen CEO Mastiff Norway/TV2 Norway Norway Bin Han Chief Editor/Senior Correspondent CGTN PR China

Annette Frier Actress Germany

Wilson Feitosa CEO Europa Filmes Brazil

Simona Goddardova Acquisition Manager FTV Prima Czech Republic

Friederike Haedecke Journalist/Head, Editorial Department ZDF Germany

Aelrun Goette Writer/Director Germany

Ying Fang Vice President Croton Media PR China

Anton Fedotov General Producer CTC Channel Russia

Rasmus Gjersten Øyen Head, Comedy/Executive Producer Discovery Norway

Esperanza Garay CEO Mega Global Entertainment MGE USA Frank Gerdes Head, Culture ServusTV Austria


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 11

Kari-Anne Henriksen Producer Feelgood SFT Norway

Abid Hussain Founder/CEO/Creative Head Creative Stew Malaysia

Somyos Kiataramkul Manager, Program Production Thai PBS Thailand

Pierre Hergaut VP, Content & Channels, Kids & Adult, Chez Viacom Viacom France

Gruffydd Dylan Huws Managing Director Cwmni Da United Kingdom

Jeong Joong Kim Chief Producer, International Co-Prodution KBS South Korea

Lars Hermann COO Apple Tree Productions Denmark Ryan Hermelijn Bureau Chief NOS Dutch Broadcasting USA Rita Herring SVP, Content Distribution Viacom USA Tobias Herrmann Producer Pictures in a Frame Germany Annette Hess Screenwriter Germany Patricia Hidalgo SVP, Chief Content & Creative Officer, EMEA & International Kids Strategy Turner Broadcasting System United Kingdom Shannon Higdon VP, Content & Brand Strategy Nickelodeon International USA Michael Hirsh CEO WOW Unlimited Canada Frank Hofmann Senior Correspondent Deutsche Welle (DW) Germany

Gunny Hyoung Executive Producer EBS Korea/EIDF South Korea Annebeth Jacobsen Producer/Director Broadview TV Germany

Tarmo Kivikallio Head, Acquisitions YLE Finland Telidja Klai Content Manager VRT - Ketnet Belgium

Kimberly James VP, Production HBO Asia Singapore

Burghart Klaussner Actor Germany

Kavitha Jaubin Cluster Head Sun TV Network India

Sloan Klevin Film Editor/Producer Union Entertainment Group USA

Christian Jeltsch Author Germany

Alexandra Kling Head, International Co-Production, Content Commissioning & Localization ZDF Digital Germany

Varavuth Jentanakul Chief Executive Officer Zense Entertainment Thailand Katharina Jeschke Secretary General IMZ — International Music + Media Centre Austria Liane Jessen Commissioning Editor Hessischer Rundfunk Germany Dongyan Jia Scriptwriter Paper Fortress Film and Television Culture Studio PR China

Yasuko Kobayashi Senior Producer NHK — Japan Broadcasting Corporation Japan Sandra Köppe Casting Director Newtork Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion Germany Sebastian Krekeler Director, ZDFE.drama ZDF Enterprises Germany Saskia Krijnen Children’s Programming Consultant RTS Switzerland

Ravshanna Kurkova Actress Russia Susa Kusche Producer/Executive Producer Ziegler Film Germany Markus Küttner Head, Entertainment RTL Television Germany Aleksandr Kuznetsov Actor Russia Jason Lai Head, Content Oak3 Films Singapore Stephan Lamby CEO ECO Media TV- Production Germany Renate Landkammer Agent Management Goldschmidt Germany Brandon Lane Development Producer/Production Executive Corus/Nelvana Canada Sarah Lanningham Vice President, News & Events Eurovision Americas USA Carmen Larios Senior Vice President, Content A+E Networks Latin America USA Yann Lebasque Head, Children’s Programs TF1 France Chong-Ae Lee Team Leader (News Headquarters Editorial Room) SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) South Korea

Silke Holgersson TV Editor Westdeutscher Rundfunk Germany

Helen Jurado Senior Director, Content Sales, Latin America & US Hispanic A+E Networks USA

Martin Hövel Head, Editorial Department Westdeutscher Rundfunk Germany

Jan Kaiser CEO Bavaria Fiction Germany

Haibo Huang Deputy Head, Chinese Channel Phoenix Satellite TV Hong Kong, China

Ingrid Kasper Television Producer UNTV / United Nations USA

Keiichiro Kubota Producer USA

Spruce Leong Asst. Lead, Audience Development Mediacorp Singapore

Dai Huang SVP, Distribution, Production & Networks, China, TVD Management Sony Pictures PR China

Philipp Käßbohrer CEO btf Germany

Florian Kumb Managing Editor ZDF Germany Television Germany

Christoph Letkowski Actor/Director Germany

Takeshi Katsume Director NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan

David Kunac Producer Final Frame Germany


Elmar Kruse Managing Director C Major Entertainment Germany Jan Kruse Producer Bavaria Fiction Germany

Nathalie Leffray Deputy Director, Animation Development, Youth Department Canal+ France

Mark Levinson Filmmaker USA


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 12

Harry Levy Actor/Host/Producer USA Hong Liang Controller, CCTV Documentary 9 CCTV PR China Annalisa Liberi Head, Acquisitions RAI Radiotelevision Italiana Italy Jef Lim Non-Fiction Series, APAC Netflix Singapore Hsiao Pei Lin Producer/Commissioning Editor PTS (Public Television Service) Taiwan, China Susan Link Journalist/TV Host Westdeutscher Rundfunk/ARD Germany Klaus Lintschinger Head, Features ORF—Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Austria

Oliver Mahrdt Talent Agent/Consultant Hanns Wolters USA

Dagmar Mielke Commissioning Editor Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg/ARTE Germany

Marc Müller-Kaldenberg Producer, CO Zieglerfilm Baden-Baden Germany

Charlotte Maihoff Journalist/TV Host Mediengruppe RTL Germany

Luca Milano Executive Director, RAI Kids RAI Italy

Darren Nartey Senior Programme Acquisitions Executive ITV United Kingdom

Nanna Mailand Head, Originals, Viaplay NENT Group Denmark

Kinu Miyano Producer NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan

Fidela Navarro CEO Dopamine Mexico

Marney Malabar Director, Kids TV, TVOKids TVO Canada

Gaston Moguilevsky Production Director The Walt Disney Company Latin America Argentina

Abdul Hakim Amir Nazri Content/Formats Specialist Hakimamir Mediaco PR China

Rachel Marcus Vice President, Creative Development Guru Studio Canada

Catalina Molina Director Austria

Selina Nederhand VP, Content Strategy & Acquisition, Latin America Sony Pictures Entertainment USA

Alexander Marin EVP, Distribution & Networks Sony USA Stefan Mathieu CEO Kobalt Germany

Gea Montorfani Head, Fiction Acquisition & Programming RSI Switzerland Francisco Morales Content Acquisition, Latin America Amazon USA Sandra Morales Consultant USA

Thomas Nennstiel Director Germany Doreen Neo Chief Content Officer Mediacorp Singapore

Jocelyn Little Managing Director Beach House Pictures Singapore

Matthias Matschke Actor Germany

Jiang Liu Director/CEO Perfect World Pictures PR China

Marie McCann Senior Director, Children’s Content Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada

Rosemarie Morales Senior Manager, Media Content Acquisitions Claro Video USA

Alexandr Nezlobin Producer/Director/Stand-up Comedian STS Media (CTC) Russia

Arne Lohmann Vice President, ZDFE.junior ZDF Germany

Michael McKay President activeTV Singapore

Flavia Morete Content Director Floresta Brazil

Thu Ma Nguyen Deputy Director, News Department Vietnam National Television Vietnam

Bruna Lombardi Actress/Writer Pulsar Cinema Brazil

Alex Medeiros Director, Content Development & Acquisitions Globosat Brazil

Tomas Motl Executive Director, CT Art Czech Television Czech Republic

Luiz Noronha CEO A Fabrica Brazil

Luciano Moura Director 02 Filmes Brazil

David O’Donoghue Managing Director Carnival Films United Kingdom

Marcius Melhem Writer Brazil

Sharon Moverman Director, Acquisitions Hop! Media Group Israel

Daniela Ocampo Writer Brazil

Andres Mendoza Executive Director, Development & Acquisitions Turner Broadcasting System USA

Birgitta Muehlenbeck Head, Children & Family Entertainment WDR Germany Germany

Joao Pedro Lopes CEO SP Television Portugal Florian Lukas Actor Germany Fedor Lyass Cinematographer Russia Xing Lyu Director Communication University of China PR China José Machado Author/Co-Host Global Media Group Portugal Alejandro Maci Director/Screenwriter Argentina


Francisco Meirelles Director OZ Filmes Brazil

Sergio Mendoza Senior Director, Scripted Development Telemundo Global Studios USA Natalya Merkulova Director TNT-Premiere Russia

Monika Mukusova Programme Buyer & Editor Radio and Television of Slovakia Slovakia Elke Müller Head, Editorial Department ZDF Germany

Pedro Neschling Actor/Author/Director Portugal

Rick Okon Actor Germany Cristina Olea-Fernández Correspondent TVE USA Daniel Oliveira General Manager, Programming SIC Portugal Lourenço Ortigão Actor Portugal


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 13

Marcos Osorio Vidal Screenwriter Argentina

Rita Pereira Actress Portugal

Vilma Otazo Director, Creative Services & On Air, Latin America AMC Networks International USA

Tiago Teotonio Pereira Actor/Author/Director Portugal

Stephanie Pacheco Vice President, Client Relations CBS Studios International USA Carolina Padula Senior Director, Acquisitions HBO Latin America USA Pedro Antonio Paes Director 2Mlqs and Delírio Produções Brazil Diego Palacio Chief Creative Officer Storylab Argentina Valeria Palazio Director, Acquisitions Telemundo Networks USA Chalakorn Panyashom Chief Operating Officer Workpoint Entertainment Thailand Nuno Pardal Actor Portugal Franz Patay CEO VBW Austria Carrie Paupst Shaughnessy VP, Scripted Marble Media Canada Jose Silva Pedro General Manager Coral Europa Portugal Luis Peraza President, Networks HBO Latin America USA Jorge Peregrino President Academia Brasileira de Cinema Brazil Margarida Vitoria Pereira Director, Acquisitions TVI Portugal Ricardo Pereira Director Globo Portugal Portugal


German Perez Nahim Senior Executive Producer Albavision USA Cecilia Persson VP, Acquisitions & Co-Productions, EMEA & International Turner Broadcasting System United Kingdom Ruth Pfletschinger Deputy Secretary General IMZ — International Music + Media Centre Austria Anna Pflüger Director Germany Juan P. Pichetto VP, International, Content & Production Mandarina TV Argentina Martin Pieper Head, Arte ZDF Arte Germany Juri Pihel Partner, Head, Programming Kids Network Television Estonia Izzet Pinto Founder & President Global Agency Turkey Paulo Pires Actor Portugal Suzana Pires Screenwriter & Actress Brazil Frank Plasberg Journalist/TV Host Ansager & Schnipselmann Germany Michal Pokorny Producer Mia Film Czech Republic Giacomo Poletti Deputy Head, Acquisitions Mediaset Italy Lukasz Jozef Poninski Deputy Head, Feature Production Department TVN Poland

Inga Pudenz Executive Director Agentur Scenario Germany

Roberto Rios Corporate VP, Original Production HBO Latin America USA

Trystan Pütter Actor Germany

Helen Roca Co-Founder & General Director Nativa Contenidos Argentina

Isabel Quintero Director, Acquisitions and Business Affairs A+E Networks Latin America USA

Daniel Rodriguez Senior Vice President Itoydani Corporation USA

Shamala Rajendran Senior Editor Mediacorp Singapore

Jesus Rodriguez Vice President & General Manager HBO USA

Marina Alexandra Ramos Marketing Director RTP Portugal

Anna Rohde-Seyfried Commissioning Editor Beta Film Germany

Pit Rampelt Producer ZDF Germany

Peter Rosberg Head, Publishing & Acquisitions Apple Tree Productions Denmark

Hany Ramzy Actor Egypt

Christopher Rose VP, Animation Production & Development Nickelodeon International United Kingdom

Jan Rasmus Head, Investigative Journalism & Documentaries Info Network (Mediengruppe RTL) Germany Pamela Rementeria Screenwriter Argentina Nathascha Rengifo SVP, Distribution & Networks, Sony Pictures Television Latin America Sony USA Simone Reuter Commissioning Editor Südwestrundfunk Germany Shabnam Rezaei CEO Big Bad Boo Studios Canada Christina Rezk Resar Head, Comedy NRK Norway Joana Ribeiro Actress Portugal Carlos Riccelli Director Pulsar Brazil Claudia Richarz Director Germany

Gillian Rose Senior Vice President, US Sales & Acquisitions Sky Vision USA Bo Rosenmueller Producer/Casting Director Bo Connect Germany Thomas Roth Director/Screenwriter Rothfilm Austria Eduardo Ruiz President & General Manager A+E Networks Latin America USA Suzanne Ryan CEO SLR Productions Australia César Sabroso SVP, Marketing, Affiliates & Corporate Communications A+E Networks Latin America USA Agustin Sacanell Founding Partner & Creative Producer Kapow Argentina Eduardo Sacheri Screenwriter Argentina Abdullah Saleh Al Rumaithy Actor/Secretary General Dubai Folklore Theatre United Arab Emirates


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 14

Guillermo Salmeron Screenwriter Argentina Steen Salomonsen Acquisition Executive, Fiction DR TV Denmark Marcelo Savignone Actor/Director Argentina Hannes Schalle Owner, Managing Director Moonlake Entertainment Austria Elizabeth Scharang Director/Writer ORF Austria José V. Scheuren CEO Cinemat USA Torben Schiller Sales Manager Universal Pictures International Germany Germany Regina Schilling Director Germany Antje Schlag Agent Agentur Schlag Germany Christoph Schneider CEO Amazon Instant Video Germany Germany Ellen Schweiger Senior National Producer C-SPAN USA Steven Seidenberg Senior Producer, Head, International Dept LIC-BCBC PR China Shreya Sen Producer TRT World USA Julia Sengstschmid Commissioning Editor ORF Austria Fernanda Serrano Actress Portugal Sam Shaw Writer USA

Ai Shibata Senior Producer NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan

Barbara Stephen Managing Director Flying Bark Productions Australia

Daniela Tolkien Casting Director Tolkien Casting Germany

Kay Siering CEO Spiegel TV Germany

Annette Strelow Department Head, Fiction & Entertainment Radio Bremen Germany

Frank Tönsmann Redakteur Westdeutscher Rundfunk Germany

Linda Simensky VP, Children’s Programming PBS USA Christin Simms Writer/Executive Producer Sinking Ship Entertainment Canada

Carola Studlar Agent Agentur Carola Studlar Germany Gabor Szollossy Program Director Digital Media and Communications Hungary

Martin Traxl Head, Culture ORF Austria Yuki Umehara Senior Producer NHK Japan

André Singer CEO & Creative Director Spring Films London United Kingdom

Nesreen Tafesh Actress UAE

Aurelio Valcarcel Director, Fiction Imagen Television, Mexico USA

Uttam Pal Singh Head, Discovery Kids Discovery Communications India India

Lara Tamalas Senior Content Acquisitions Manager Prime Video Direct, Latin America USA

Jessica Valls Screenwriter Argentina

Pierre Sissmann Chairman & CEO Cyber Group Studio France

Sian ju Tan Executive Director Refinery Media Singapore

Guri Skavlan Producer NRK — Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Norway

Nebojsa Taraba Producer Drugi Croatia

Yuliana Slashcheva CEO Soyuzmultfilm Studio Russia

Adina Tartak Pitt VP, Content Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Cartoon Network & Boomerang WarnerMedia USA

Raul Slominsky Creative Director & Production Head Kuarzo Entertainment Argentina Jose Eduardo Soares Moniz Consultant & CEO Jem Media Consultancy Portugal

Roland Teichmann CEO Austrian Film Institute Austria Martin Teitelbaum Head, Programming Televisión Pública Argentina Argentina

Willy Van Brook Screenwriter Argentina Günther van Endert Editorial Manager, in charge of the Fiction Department ZDF Germany Denise Vance Head, US Video & Audio Associated Press USA Filipe Vargas Actor Portugal Patricia Vasapollo Head, Family & Children’s Programmes Hessischer Rundfunk Germany Eva Vass Channel Director, M2 MTVA Hungary

Juan Carlos Sosa Executive Vice President & General Manager Cisneros Media USA

Barbara Thielen CEO Zieglerfilm Cologne Germany

Geraldine Soto Head, Acquisitions, Kids Department CANAL+ France

Paul Matthew Thompson Writer United Kingdom

David Spaeth Director Spaethfilm Germany

João Daniel Tikhomiroff President, Creative Director/Film & TV Director Mixer Brazil

Ignacio Viale Director Storylab Argentina

Avrill Stark CEO/Executive Producer A Stark Production Australia

Anders Toft Anderson Producer Apple Tree Productions Denmark

Elisabeth Victoria Winter Line Producer Apple Tree Productions Denmark

Veronique Verges SVP, Latin America & US Hispanic Endemol Shine International USA Lucia Verissimo Actress Brazil

Julieta Steinberg Screenwriter Argentina



EMMY_2019_TV academy.qxp_EMMY_1107_NORWEGIAN 11/1/19 10:04 AM Page 1

EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 15

Luis Vidal Executive Producer Hungry Man Brazil

Jörg Winger Producer UFA Fiction Germany

Guang Zu Executive Vice President Documentary Academic Committee PR China

Norbert Balit CEO Adamis Production France

Rui Vilhena Writer Portugal

Yury Winterberg Writer Germany

Ailing Zubizarreta Vice President, Creative Services Cisneros Media USA

Roxanne Barcelona Vice President GMA Worldwide Philippines

Alexandra von Nahmen Washington Bureau Chief Deutsche Welle (DW) USA

Sonya Winterberg Writer/Director Germany


Giacomo Battiato Director 3 on a Bench Italy

Alicia von Rittberg Actress Germany

Mariana Ximenes Actress Brazil

Jose Mari Abacan First Vice President, Program Management Department GMA Network Philippines

Oliver Berben Producer Constantin Film Germany

Melanie Wallace Senior Series Producer NOVA/WGBH USA

Tomas Yankelevich EVP & Chief Content Officer, General Entertainment Turner Latin America Argentina

Chenggang Wang Scriptwriter/Deputy Director, Hunan Economic Television Station Hunan TV Station PR China

Gladys Yeung Producer Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong, China

Mingjuan Wang Scriptwriter PR China

Mohyun Yi Managing Director, Documentary Production MBC South Korea

Jean-Pierre Alessandri Executive Producer Ramona Productions France

Ismihan Yilmaz Deputy Head TRT Çocuk Turkey

Eleonora Andreatta Head, Drama RAI Italy

Zidan Yuan Scriptwriter PR China

Leonardo Aranguibel Head, General Entertainment Productions The Walt Disney Company Latin America Argentina

Felipe Boshell Partner/Director Pulsar Studios Colombia

Avi Armoza CEO Armoza Formats Israel

Miguel Brailovsky SVP, Programming & Production, A+E Networks LatAm A+E Networks Argentina

Adrienne Arsenault Senior Correspondent & Co-Host, The National Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada

Alex Breingan Executive Producer Stripe Studios & Media New Zealand

Sarah Wassermair Screenwriter Austria David Webster Director Cheeky Little Media Australia Michael Wech Director Germany Andreas Weinek Former Managing Director A+E Networks Germany Franziska Weisz Actress Germany Bettina Wente Producer Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion Germany Alexi Wheeler Kids & Family Content/Production & Development/International Content Strategist Netflix United Kingdom Heike Wiehle-Timm CEO Relevant Film Produktionsgesellschaft Germany Jörg Wildermuth Editorial Manager Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) Germany


Diana Yurinova VP, International Business Development Riki Group Russia Elisabetta Zenatti Managing Director Floresta Brazil Ting Zhang Scriptwriter China Film Association PR China Lei Zhang Scriptwriter, Post-Doctor & Creating Tutor University of China PR China Cooky Ziesche Head, Drama Department RBB Germany Robert Zimmermann Managing Director Berlin Phil Media Germany Dennenesch Zoudé Actress Germany

Alexander Akopov President Cosmos Studio Russia Nashwa Al Ruwaini CEO Pyramedia United Arab Emirates

Javier Avila Master in Journalism & News Director Latina TV Perú Peru Michal Aviram Screenwriter Write Better Scripts Israel Luis Balaguer CEO/Founder LatinWE Entertainment United States Alex Balassa Content Creator/Producer/Director Balassa Films Mexico

Luca Bernabei CEO Luxvide Italy Liliam Bernal Head, Programming Management RCN Television Colombia Loïck Berrou Director, Magazine & Reports France 24 France Jonathan Blum President Cisneros Media USA

Jamie Brown CEO & Executive Producer Frantic Films Canada Sebastian Burkhardt Managing Director, Global Content Keshet International USA Daniel Burman CEO Oficina Burman (a company of The MediaPro Studio) Argentina Valerie Cabrera SVP, International Content Distribution AMC Studios USA


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 16

Luis Calle VP, Operations, News & Sports Caracol Television Colombia

Pedro Damian Showrunner Televisa Mexico

Georges Campana President Breakout Films France

Sue Dando Executive in Charge, Production Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada

Alberto Carullo Executive Director Big Bang Media Spain

Sebastian Darcyl President Darcylmedia Argentina

Thierry Cassuto Founder, Executive Producer Both Worlds Pictures South Africa

Carlos de Elía News Director ARTEAR Argentina

Kerem Çatay CEO Ay Yapım Turkey

Erik De Winter SVP, Northern Europe & MENA Dentsu Aegis Netherlands

Peter Chalupa Head, Acquisitions MARKIZA-SLOVAKIA Slovakia

Kristof D’haene Chief Operating Officer/CEO Het NieuwsHuis/Jogoo Productions Belgium

Jason Charters Producer Riddle Films Canada CheeK VP Content Development & Creative The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Japan Claude Chelli General Manager/Executive Producer CAPA DRAMA France Tina Cleary Casting Director 1965 New Zealand Marsha Cooke SVP, Content & Community Strategy Vice Media USA Francisco E Cordero Founder & CEO BTF Media USA Guido Corso Regional Head Rai Italy Tom Cox Managing Director SEVEN24 Films Canada Pablo Cruz Executive Producer Gloria USA Ross Dagan Network Director, News Content Network 10 Australia


Michela Giorelli VP, Production & Development Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanic USA Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat CEO Light & Dark Films South Africa Fred Graver President Fred Graver USA Lauren Groenewald Producer Plexus Films South Africa

Kenji Kohno General Bureau Chief NHK General Bureau for America USA Norihiro Koizumi Film Director Robot Communications Japan Svetlana Kolosova Head, Documentary Films Department Channel One Russia Russia Fabienne Larouche Producer/Showrunner Aetios Productions Canada

Kirsi Heikel Journalist YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company Finland

Eduardo Lebrija GM, North LatAm & SVP, Regional Sales Viacom Mexico

Leopold Hoesch Managing Director BROADVIEW TV Germany

Chris Lee Producer Chris Lee Productions USA

Paul Drago Director, Original Production, Operations HBO Latin America USA

Dhanasak Hoonarak Chief Business Development Officer Workpoint Group Thailand

Moonyeenn Lee Casting Director MLA South Africa

Samuel Duque President FOX Telecolombia Colombia

Cynthia Hudson SVP & Managing Director CNN en Español USA

Leland Ling Chairman LIC China PR China

Roberta Durrant Showrunner Penguin Films South Africa

Gale Anne Hurd Executive Producer Valhalla Entertainment USA

Mamiko Maekawa Executive Officer, International Dept. Fuji Television Network Japan

Gjermund S. Eriksen Showrunner Sancho Panza Norway

Maria Cecilia Imperial Vice President, Integrated Acquisition & International Distribution ABS-CBN Corporation Philippines

Jorge Maestro Screenwriter Argentina

Ying Fang Vice President Croton Media PR China Caroline Faraj VP/CNN Arabic Editor in Chief CNN United Arab Emirates Cynthia Fenneman President & CEO American Public Television USA Paulo Franco Head, Programming & Content Record TV Network Brazil Nimrod Geva Head, Development Quizzical Pictures South Africa John Gillespie Head, News & Current Affairs TVNZ New Zealand

Daisy Irani Creative Director/Founder HuM Theatre Singapore Patricia Jasin Vice President, TV Azteca Internacional TV Azteca Mexico Rick Kalowski Head, Comedy Australian Broadcasting Corporation Australia Tunde Kelani Director Mainframe Film & TV Productions Nigeria John Kochman Executive Vice President Cohen Media Group USA

Iqbal Malhotra Chairman & Producer AIM Television India Alexis Marant Director France Joseph Maxwell Head, Documentaries SBS Australia Roberto Mayo News Director Viacom - Telefe Argentina George Mazarakis Executive Producer/Director Combined Artistic Productions South Africa Jo-anne McGowan Producer Stranger Than Fiction Films Australia


EMMY_2019_JURORS.qxp_Layout 1 11/5/19 12:41 PM Page 17

Jennifer McGuire GM & Editor in Chief, CBC News Canadian Broadcasting Company Canada

Troels Branth Pedersen Acquisitions Executive TV 2 Denmark Denmark

Anders Tangen Producer Viafilm Norway

Colin McKeown TV Producer LA Productions United Kingdom

Emelie Persson Commissioning Editor SVT Sweden

Aylin Tezel Actress Germany

Balazs Medveczky Director Duna Media Service Provider Hungary

David Picazo Head, International News Service TVE Spain

Gerrit Meier CEO Red Bull Media House Austria

Ana Piñeres VP/Productora Creativa CMO Producciones Colombia

Nicola Merola President Pixcom Canada

Surang Prempree Managing Director Chandra Company Thailand

Laura Michalchyshyn Chief Creative Officer & Co-President, Content Blue Ant Media USA

Ma Regina Reyes Head, Integrated News Division ABS-CBN Corporation The Philippines

John Momoh Chairman/CEO Channels Television Nigeria Jon Mountague Director, Comedy Sky United Kingdom Yoko Narahashi President United Performers Studio Japan Eduardo Nava Programming Director Canal 22 Mexico Laura Ní Cheallaigh Commissioning & Acquisitions Editor TG4 Ireland Robert Olsson Senior Managing Editor SVT Sweden Lisette Osorio VP, International Sales Caracol TV USA Ozlem Ozsumbul Head, Sales Madd Entertainment Turkey Diego Palacio Chief Creative Officer Storylab Argentina Yash Patnaik Chairman & Managing Director Beyond Dreams Entertainment India


Gil Ribeiro Producer Coiote Brazil Thomas Robins Producer/Director KHF Media New Zealand

Ana Celia Urquidi General Manager Production Yellow Productions USA Jorge Vaillant Director Perspectives 21 USA Tim Van Aelst Director Shelter Belgium Wilna Isabel Van Schalkwyk Executive Producer Okuhle Media South Africa Kayo Washio Head, Los Angeles Office WOWOW USA Jana Winograde President, Showtime Entertainment Showtime USA

Ann Robinson CEO, Casting Director Mullinars Casting Consultants Australia Diego Rougier Director Picardia Films Chile Tolga Saritas Actor Turkey Takashi Sasaya General Producer/Director Fuji Creative Corporation Japan Stephen Segaller VP, Programming WNET USA Vanessa Shapiro President, Worldwide TV Distribution & Co-Production Gaumont USA Jonathan Spink CEO HBO Asia Singapore David Stubbs Director/Producer KHF Media/Krafthaus Films New Zealand


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