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from August 8 to 18, 2013

News Bulletin Bulletin 3, September 2012

Be there! «Moot 2013»

An International Experience When I was with the Pionniers (14-17 years old), I was young – yes – and full of hope. It was in 1998, I was 15 years old at the time, and for two years I looked for all kind of fundraising to finance my participation to the 1999 Jamboree in Chile. From our team of about 20 interested individuals only four “die-hard” remained to the end. When I talk about diehard, it’s really because we did everything together! During almost three years we, the four of us, worked relentlessly to achieve our dream, our ambitions. This trip cost us at that time countless numbers of hours of voluntary work, engagement and dedication.

facing up their miseries and daily problems. And I saw scouts during all those moments, ready to help their community. Always ready whatever the situation, despite the loss of theirs brothers and sisters in a building collapse. Scouts ready to help, to help under any circumstances, ready to create a better world. In a few years after 2013, I am sure that those who will share their experience at the MOOT will be you, not me; you who will have actively contributed to create a better world, one step at a time. You will talk about it with emotion and interest…

Why go to all that trouble? Why try to rise above our limits? Scouts that I met in Chile, from all over the world, didn’t ask these questions. It went without saying. Why, you would ask me? Because… • • • • • •

Because we believe in exchange among people. Because we see this as an opportunity to develop knowledgeable young adults. Because we believe in the strength of people to create lasting change in our life. Because we believe in change instead of status quo. Because we want to create a better world. Because we are scouts.

I am now 29 years old. I will always be a scout and happy to contribute to a better world. I did some humanitarian missions over the years; I saw nations from different parts of the world. I saw people suffer from hunger, infectious diseases, and natural disasters. I saw people standing up, WSB_bulletin3_moot2013_A4_ENG.indd 1

Those are my memories I cherish of my international experiences with the Scout Movement. I am looking forward to seeing you in 2013! Yours in Scouting,

Nicolas Gauvin, ing. National commissioner and Chief executive Officer of Association des scouts du Canada Chairman of the Board of Directors, MOOT Canada 2013


Means that an explanatory video capsule is on the website of Moot Canada 2013


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Bulletin 3 Summary 1







Moot Team in Denmark and Finland











Steps for registration to the Moot

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Participant registration with their contingent : obtaining Access Code for Moot registration system

Individual Registration in Moot System: choice of paths and cities by the participants. International Patrol Formation (from March 2013). Selection of activities with International Patrol. Arrival to Moot.



MOOT CANADA 2013 ONLINE BOUTIQUE WSB_bulletin3_moot2013_A4_ENG.indd 2

In order to find out whether your country has registered a contingent, visit the “Participants” section at

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Paths and Cities selection When registering, participants will have to choose a Path (Life, Adventure, Culture, Ecoresponsible) and a City (Montréal, Québec or Toronto). To help them in their choice, we have created video clips presenting paths and cities. To see those video clips, visit, or see the Moot’s Youtube channel Tele Moot!

Life Path and Messengers of Peace

Culture Path with the Friendship Centres

The Life Path is a partnership with the Messengers of Peace. The Messengers of Peace Program is a 10 years initiative of the World Organization of the Scout Movement aiming to involve Scouts in projects that promote peace in the World. With this partnership, the Messengers of Peace will undertake their first large scale project together with hundreds of participants to Life Path to spread a message of peace in the World through a collective action in cities visited by the Moot.

The National Association of Friendship Centres is a network of 119 centres from coast to coast in Canada. Friendship Centres enable the provision of a wide range of cultural programs to urban Aboriginal people. For more than 50 years, the Friendship Centres have helped Aboriginal People from the North and from reserves to make the transition to urban life while preserving their culture and values. Scouts choosing Culture Path will participate in a discovery activity the Canadian Aboriginal Culture with Aboriginal groups. It will be a great opportunity to National Association of Friendship Centres exchange and enhance Association nationale each other culture. des centres d'amitié

Adventure Path and Shelterbox

Ecoresponsible Path with ONE DROP

Shelterbox provides a roof and material to those who are in need when a disaster occurs in the World. Since its inception, Shelterbox has lead 200 urgent missions and brought help to more than 1,000,000 victims in more than 75 different countries. Each green Shelterbox supplies the equipment needed by a family to survive after a disaster (tent, blankets, water containers, kitchen equipment, etc.). In the city of their choice, participants to Adventure Path will have the opportunity to take part in deployment of a Shelterbox Village in an urban environment.

ONE DROP Canada develops accessto-water and sanitation projects in counties where access to this vital resource is lacking. ONE DROP is involved in raising awareness on waterrelated issues to create a mobilization for universal access to water and encourage people to adopt sound habits for preserving this precious resource. When visiting their selected city, participants who choose the Eco-responsible Path will participate in an awareness activity related to the conservation of water.

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Moot Team in Denmark and Finland This summer, the Moot was represented at two major Scout events in Europe: the Denmark National Jamboree and Roverway in Finland. Michel-Olivier Matte, Deputy Director General and François Demers, Communications Director, filled up their bag with camping and promotional equipment to promote the Moot, and also collect good ideas during those two events.

François Demers at the Roverway

exhibitors interested in being present in Canada. Those few days brought many useful exchanges to build an exceptional Moot. On the promotion front, the Moot Stand was literally taken over by participants during this European event. François answered numerous questions from youth interested in participating in the Moot. In addition, he met with Heads of Contingents, International Commissioners and Rovers Commissioners from many countries, several of which confirmed their intent to participate. Spain and Greece even registered on site! François was also invited to do presentations for entire contingents, including Finland’s contingent made up of hundreds of youth! Moot bracelets were very popular – 6000 were distributed during the Roverway. Many participants proudly wore the Moot colours on their wrists or on their scarfs. Moot Canada 2013 generated considerable interest during Finland’s Roverway. It’s a rendez vous for August 2013 in Canada!

Richard Bjerregaard, chief of Danish contingent for the Moot

35,000 scouts in Denmark

First stop, National Jamboree in Denmark, near the town of Holstebro in Jutland. The team was there from July 20 to 24. There were 35,000 scouts and 5000 EIS for a great week of activities. A real town of tents! Michel-Olivier and François held a stand with Richard Bjerregaard, chief of Danish contingent for the Moot. They also visited installations of this huge Scout Camp.

Roverway in Finland’s Forest

The Roverway was held from July 20 to 28 near Hämeenlinna in Finland. From all around the World, 4000 Scouts and Guides aged from 16 to 22 gathered for this European event. Located in Finland’s Forest, the camp had lots in common with our future Moot base camp in Canada. During the Roverway, Michel-Olivier went to several meetings to discuss programme, logistics and human resources. Organisers gave him many avenues to explore regarding the Moot’s organisation. Michel-Olivier also met WSB_bulletin3_moot2013_A4_ENG.indd 4

Portuguese Scout with the Moot bracelet!

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FAQ Some answers to a few questions frequently asked during last months.

Base camp in the forest

Important dates and transportation

Participants have to be in Ottawa on the morning of August 8 for the Welcoming Ceremony (we recommend arriving August 7). After the ceremony, buses will transport all participants to the base camp. Camp is located 75 km North of Ottawa and the ride is about one hour. IST’s will be welcomed in Ottawa as of August 4, with services starting the next morning. A shuttle service will operate from the Ottawa airport. Please let us know your arrival/departure times so we can provide adequate welcoming.

The base camp will be entirely autonomous. Located at 15 km from the nearest store and more than 75 km from the city, a general store and services needed by campers will be provided.

Access to drinking Water Wildlife in Canada

Canada’s forests are home to many animals, big and small. In Canada, learning to live in harmony with them is part of the camping experience. The most common animals in the camp area are racoons. Quite adventurous, this large rodent is very familiar with human garbage cans. Never leave food outside or in your tent, you certainly don’t want to receive unwanted visitors during the night!

The Awacamenj Mino Camp is a Scout Camp that has welcomed Scouts from Ottawa region for many years. There is a good infrastructure to welcome large groups and many safe water points are near camping sites. Each participant must bring a drinking canteen.

Weather in August

It’s not cold in Canada during the summer! The country has a continental climate, with very wide temperature variations between summer and winter. In winter temperature can go down to 30 below zero, but exceed 35 degrees in summer. In August, average temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees, but night can be chilly. Bring your shorts and bathing suits, but don’t forget your sweater and trousers.

Sometimes you can encounter black bears. Non-threatening, they usually run away from humans, unless they feel threatened. We recommend wearing a small bell when in forest so bears can hear you coming. Never leave food near tents or kitchens. Peak season for mosquitos is in May-June, but in August there still are lot of them, as well as black flies and dear flies in the forest. Please bring a good insect repellant if you want to enjoy activities in base camp. Bites of these insects are not harmful unless you have specific allergies.

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Equipment Preliminary equipment list for all participants, heads of contingents, IST and visitors for their stay at the Moot. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Individual Tent (compulsory for everyone) Sleeping bag and floor mattress Unbreakable Canteen (plate, bowl, knife, spoon, fork and cup) Water bottle – Water canteen Warm Clothes Closed shoes (covering the toes) Scout Uniform and scarf Traditional clothes for Festival of Cultures Underwear and socks Rain Gear Bathing suit, towel, toilet articles Small packsack for day outings Insect repellant Camera Passport and visa Personal medical health card or travel insurance document Canadian money Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat Flashlight and batteries Note Pad and pencil Working gloves for IST (optional) Badges for trading (if desired)

Participants will have all the required equipment to cook their meals in the sub-camp. They will share a community kitchen with two other patrols. Everyone must have a canteen as specified in the equipment list. IST, heads of contingent, members of IST contingent management team, CC and CMT will eat at the cafeteria. During registration, questions will be asked about allergies and special diets. Be sure to tell us about your special needs to have a real positive experience.

IST Training

Food/Meals Participants will have to prepare three meals each day. The meals will be prepared with the members of their International Team; it will be a great opportunity to exchange and to discover other cultures. The Moot Food Service Team is currently writing a recipe book for participants. After choosing the meal they want to prepare, participants will get the food they need at the Camp grocery store. Each patrol will receive a number of points for their purchases. The patrol must administer their points wisely to have a balanced diet during their stay. WSB_bulletin3_moot2013_A4_ENG.indd 6

All members of the International Service Team (IST) have to take online training before their arrival to the Moot. More details will be directly communicated to participants. The online training will be followed by half-a-day training on site. All individuals who would like to participate to the Moot as IST must register with their National Contingent.

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Global Development Village

Operation Solidarity Solidarity is a value cherished by all scouts. All together, we will join our forces to give financial support to our brothers and sisters interested in participating to Moot Canada 2013 and who live in a precarious economic situation.

The Global Development Village is now a integral part of international scouting events. By developing awareness to world issues, the GDV offers participants tools to make a difference and to create a better world. With the collaboration of 15 to 20 partners, the GDV will offer workshops and interactive displays around three large themes: 1. 2. 3.

Administered in collaboration with six regional offices, Operation Solidarity for Moot Canada 2013 is now in place. You can contribute by buying the Solidarity bracelet or t-shirt at the Moot online Boutique We also accept online donations of $20, $50, $100 and $200. For bigger donations, communicate by email at solidarity@ Scouts wishing financial support for their participation can communicate with their regional offices whose contacts are published at

Human and his surrounding Human and himself Human and human

GDV activities will be held at the Café de l’humanité where participants and partners will be able to discuss in a relaxed setting.

Solidarity Bracelet

NSOs will be invited to participate in the GDV. An invitation will soon be sent to International Commissioners.

Welcome to Girl Guides and Girl Scouts! World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts members are cordially invited to participate subject to following conditions:

• National Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts members interested in participating to the World Scout Moot, must apply with their NSO member of the WOSM.

• All information related to the event (registration

process, etc.) are processed by their NSO who is a member of WOSM.

Solidarity T-shirt

• Girl Guides and Girl Scouts participating in Moot

Canada 2013 will be part of the national contingent of their country.

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Moot Canada 2013 online Boutique The Moot Canada 2013 online Boutique offers many articles : Moot scarf and woggle, t-shirts, Baseball caps, knives, badges, and more! As the Moot nears, the Boutique will also offer camping gear and tents for those unable to bring their individual tent to Canada.


Baseball Cap

Aluminium Bottle

Swiss knife

Contact us Moot Canada 2013 Organizing Committee 214 St-Joseph Blvd. Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 3X4 Canada Telephone: 1-819-778-5014 Email:

«Moot 2013»



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Bulletin3 World Scout Moot, Canada 2013  

Bulletin3 World Scout Moot, Canada 2013