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Dear brothers scouts; This is the first issue of the Official Newsletter of the Interamerican Scout Region: Mundus Novus. Its name refers to the name of the book from the navigator Amerigo Vespucci, describing his expeditions across the Americas, then called the New World. Novus Mundus aims to become a communication space for the Interamerican Scout Region. An area in which the 34 National Scout Organizations can show a little of how much they make, making they known for everyone, not just for the Scout World. Today, more than ever, our Interamerican Scout Region lives Scouting intensely, in every corner of our continent thousands of scouts every day develop actions to Create a Better World. A renewed spirit accompanies this newsletter we hope you like it. We ask you to share it with your friends to get Mundus Novus to more and more peole. As shown by the new symbol of our region, our continent is a vast mosaic of cultures that make it valuable and interesting. The Americas are one continent, a Scout Region is distinguished by his joy and brotherhood. As we travel through the pages of Mundus Novus, discovering a new world in which the Scout Movement in Interamerica is made known and projects itself into the future. Enjoy the content and feel free to send us your articles and comments to Be prepared to serve RaĂşl SĂĄnchez Vaca Regional Director World Scout Bureau Interamerican Region

SEDENTARY AND MODERNISM Many of us, if not all, enjoy a little something called modern life. We bring this silent enemy into our homes and this enemy is very common, especially in the cities. Inactivity. One of the consequences of modern life and urban society, with their exaggerated technological development, is very little physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle causes people to spend much of their lives in front of their desks, computers, video games, in front of their televisions, in their cars, or simply sleeping. Many of us inadvertently fall into this kind of sedentary lifestyle by our body and mind becoming accustomed to the routine obligation of our jobs, a simple unwillingness of activity, or lack of incentive. The only way to combat the sedentary lifestyle is through exercise, performing outdoor activities, doing yard work, or exercising your body somewhere or how our day permits. This is not implying we become high performance athletes, but only to establish measures that will allow us to perform 30 minutes of physical activity three or more times per week. If you do not have time to devote 30 minutes continuously, the periods can spread throughout the day. It is important to remember that the benefits of exercise we do get is from the commitment of some type of physical activity, not forcing our bodies to make one or two hours of physical activity only once a week.Encourage your family to take time for outdoor activities, a simple walk and explore your city parks, or games that stimulate movement, even at an early age.

If you have any physical limitations, consult your doctor about exercises you can perform. Remember that, although exercise alone is not enough, there are huge benefits to your health by just getting active.

You have to limit the time spent watching television, in front of your computer, and playing video games. Encourage participation in Scout groups and sports teams within your community. Find ways to incorporate physical activity in your work or office tasks like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walk or take a bicycle to work. Make your days much more worthwhile and, before long, you will feel much better and your body will thank you.

Find more information and treatments to prevent a sedentary lifestyle at:


GREEN PLANET Perhaps many of us ignore a very special day for people who love our planet and appreciate and enjoy natural resources. November 6 is the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict. Friends, no matter what, it is important to remember that there is an invisible war which results in more death, destruction and suffering than the roar of guns or the deafening roar of criminal attacks: it is the steady deterioration of the environment, from beautiful scenery to cruelly abused and polluted rivers, lakes, forests and deserts. They are used as sources of energy for war camps; acres of land turned into concentration camps; green fields turned into nuclear practice fields. The environment is completely changed over the years by violent military actions from an absurd and irrational war. It has become a battle against our own home and has caused irreversible environmental damage. Did you know that 60% of the species whose habitat is close to these fields have been declining? Even more troubling is the study which states that if no timely measures are taken several species could disappear by 2050. We also know that more than half of the world's coral could disappear in twenty years due to high temperatures, construction waste and other toxic agent invasions. Due to these issues, for a couple of years now, there are clauses in international law that can protect natural resources and the environment during armed conflict. Unfortunately this, together with the level of contamination by these people, makes the degree of efficiency in these areas to recover environmentally insufficient.

NOVEMBER 6 International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict. Friends, you know more than anyone that this is not just a task, but for everyone. You and your family can also protect and respect the environment by not being a source of pollution to rivers and lakes, get involved with plans for proposed sanitation of polluted areas in your country, know the recycling plans in your area, or help with reforestation of green areas in the field and in cities. Friend, let your actions be worthwhile in your community. Action is required. In all our countries, cities, and communities, we must make a significant contribution to not become like the message of Albert Einstein when he said that "life is very dangerous. Not by the people who do evil but by those who sit and watch what happens." Look for information so you can learn more about how you can help and know the contents of each of the clauses that help in the rehabilitation and conservation of these areas associated with the United Nations Organization.


HUMILITY I was walking with my father when he stopped at a corner and, after a short silence, he asked: "Besides the singing of the birds, do you hear anything else?" I listened intently and, a few seconds after, I answered: "I hear the noise of a wagon ... " "That" my father said, "is an empty wagon." I asked him: "How do you know that the wagon is empty if you haven’t seen it yet?" Then my father replied: "It's very easy to know when a wagon is empty because of the noise. The more empty the wagon, the higher the noise it makes. " I became an adult and now when I notice a person talking too much, interrupting the conversation, being inappropriate, boasting of what he has, feeling

arrogant, or looking down at others, I hear the voice of my father saying: "The more empty the wagon, the higher the noise it makes." Humility is to silence our strengths and allow others to discover them. And remember that there are people so poor that all they have is money. No one is emptier than that which is full of "Myself." Let's be calm like gentle rain that reaches deep into the roots, quietly nurturing.

APPLICATIONS AND SOLUTIONS Referring to a letter dated August 27, 2010 regarding the non-use of the flag of the Republic of China at the past 12th World Scout Moot held in Kenya, on 4 and 5 September, the World Scout Committee meeting, held in Geneva, discussed and, after a heated debate, decided to adopt the following position: "At World Scout events, official flags will be flown during formal and official ceremonies as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of these global events. At informal events, such as troop camps, other flags may be flown but always take into account the principles of Scouting, including respect for the dignity of others. " The World Scout Committee recognizes that situations may arise in the future in which this position would be incompatible with the protocol of State or Government Policy of the country that hosts a world Scout event.

It is the desire of the World Scout Committee for the decision to have a positive response and be welcomed by the Association of Scouts of China as well as to have the national flag of the Republic of China be raised at future World Scout events.



The World Scout emblem was shaped for the eleventh consecutive year in the main square in Mexico City. The event called “World's Largest Fleur-de-Lis" was held by collecting and recycling thousands of aluminum cans. This year, as part of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico, it was carried out with a great turnout. This event is to form a huge "Fleur-de-Lis" with aluminum cans. The Scout emblem measurements are 100 by 100 meters from tip to tip and petal by petal. Also, since this year included the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, within its structure is included the figure of the Angel of Independence and the years 1810 - 1910 - 2010. This event involved more than 8,000 Scouts from Saturday 28 August for 10 hrs to Sunday 29 August 2010, the closing day, for 12 hrs in the Zocalo of Mexico City. This year they managed to collect 559,635 aluminum cans and, they are sold, the money received will be $9,600 USD (Nine hundred sixty dolars). Proceeds

from the sale of the aluminum cans will be donated to the Foundation Aid Code and the Program "Scouts Academy" that teaches an IT Essentials course for scouts. The event ended with shouts of "Scouts Be Prepared!" and young people filled with emotion brought the cans and gathered them in the center of the Zocalo, which minutes before they were distributed throughout the square of Plaza de la Constitución. Thus, they achieved another year of success with this event for the non-profit, the environment, conservation, and awareness of the importance of recycling.

Visit the official website


THE BACKPACK The backpack is perhaps the most used item by Scouts. It is carried everywhere, even on large and sophisticated expeditions. But not all are equal and choosing the right backpack depends on the activity as well as many other factors. Before purchasing a backpack, you have to inspect all their features so you choose the right one. BACKPACK BASICS A poor design will, after a short amount of time and use, cause discomfort and injury. The only preferred fit is that with an anatomical design, which should be aligned perfectly to the shape of our back, and in turn, can be adjusted according to your physical characteristics. Another key point is the location or distribution of the weight carried in the backpack with respect to the loading points in our body. Normally, the weight carried by a person comfortably should not exceed A backpack’s fabric and seams must be made of a 25% or 30% of our own weight. For example, material that has the minimum quality someone weighing about 70 kg should not carry requirements for resistance to the weather, more than 21 kg. Even with the correct amount of shoulder pads have enough cushion, and have weight, you should not carry a backpack longer several zippered compartments for utensils. than 6 to 8 hours in normal conditions (flat terrain Insulation should be lightweight but only consume at sea level) and even less time in abnormal half of the backpack. Ropes and equipment should conditions. be located where they are most accessible. The backpack’s frame size is also very important. It doesn’t have a whole lot to do with a person’s height. Rather, it’s directly related to torso length (distance from shoulders to waist). A tall person with a short torso may need a small frame, and conversely a large frame might best fit a short person with a long upper body. Be sure to measure your torso area for the right backpack frame size. The shape and suspension system of the backpack also influences how to distribute the load inside. It is recommended to keep the heaviest items closest to the back and top (shoulder area, although this is not a rule). Try to keep the weight evenly distributed from side to side within the pack. Keep in mind that, when the stores refer to liters, they are referring to the internal volume and pockets of a backpack.

TIPS Each item should have a definite place inside the backpack. Small or needed items should be kept in outside pockets for easy retrieval. The rain gear should be at hand. Put things in different bags and clothes in plastic bags. "Your backpack should not be a musical instrument that wakes the dog and announces your arrival.”

Tab 3.2 taken from the same name of the Scout Association of Ecuador


THE VALUES Are values worth less now? It seems that now it is the same to be good or bad. In today's world, it seems that values are worthless and do not matter much, but when someone without those values runs over us, it hurts. The issue of values is usually a concern only when their absence hurts us, ie. when the lack of values in the other person affects our lives. One of the keys on the importance of values is that selfishness does nothing but destroy the society. More and more people think about their lives, their belongings, their space, their freedom but forget when they trample on others. It should not be a surprise that the world goes wrong, sometimes it even seems that doing good is outdated. The values are the backbone of a healthy coexistence between human beings, but that column is constructed with our individual values and family, regional and national, but it all starts with the person. Values need two steps: a serious review and its application. Values without action, without application, is an inconsistency. If we want to see a different world, a more balanced society, and a brighter future then we must reflect and move the "I" to "you", ie. stop to think less of us and turn to others and be generous. Solve the crisis of individual values and our actions will be consistent. We do not want to see a world in which "…it is the same to be treacherous, ignorant, wise, generous, scammer, everything is equal, nothing is better, as a donkey a great teacher...", as stated in the tango "Cambalache" by Santos Discépolo. The final values are those that represent end targets expressing situations and defined with a noun: trustworthy, loyalty, nobility. Instrumental values represent patterns of activity and are expressed by adjectives: honest, sincere, persevering and disciplined. For the Scouts, the final values are those that are embodied in the Scout Promise and Law.

LET´S THINK How are my values? Am I trustful, loyal, generous? What´s the meaning of values for me? Which of them are part of my life? Have the others importance for me? How the others are afected when we don´t live with values?


SENTENCES FOR SUCCESS Businesses are made up of ambiguous victories and doubtful defeats – always take them as victories. Try to remember what you do, some would hold you accountable. Never bring your boss a problem if you don’t have a thought for a solution. Keep in mind that you receive your payment by your thoughts not by your complaints. The long hours mean nothing. The results are what count, not effort. Write down your ideas, because ideas are like fine pens, they are lost very easily. Always arrive at work half an hour before your boss.

From: Reader's Digest

As far as possible do not work weekends.

MESSAGE FROM THE INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS The ambulance workers in medical emergencies have realized that those injured in road accidents or unconscious patients who come to the emergency department carry a mobile phone. However, these medical professionals, when calling the relatives of the sick or injured, do not know what number to dial as there is usually a long list of contacts stored in the mobile phone. Therefore, they launched an idea that all persons add to their mobile phone address book the number of the person to contact in case of emergency under the heading:

AA Emergency

The letters “AA” makes the heading always appears as the first contact in the list. It's simple, costs nothing and can help a lot. If you agree, pass this message to as many people as possible. It is a simple act that can be done in seconds and can be our salvation.




The 24th. Interamerican Scout Conference was held from 14th to August 19th at the premises of the Convention Center of the City of Knowledge, Panama. Over 250 delegates from 32 of the 34 National Scout Organizations comprising the Interamerican Scout Region, met to conduct the work themselves the highest assembly of the Scout Movement in the Americas.

Scout Bureau in Interamerica.

The 24th. Conference started with two days in which meetings of the Interamerican networks were held:

It was then that all participants were invited to take the official photo of the 24th. Interamerican Scout Conference, taking home 172 as background.


As a first act of construction of the interiors of the new office, one by one delegation, representing their respective National Scout Organization entered into the house to place a stone brought from their countries, and thus form a Fleur de Lis, symbol of Scouting for over 100 years, which will remain as a mute witness of this important moment.

Youth Programme Adult Resources Youth Involvement Institutional Development

Simultaneously was held the Seminar of the International Catholic Conference of Scouting. During these sessions participants worked in the tasks of unifying criteria, establish future goals and analyze the overall objectives of the Regional Plan 2011-2014. On Monday August 16 took place the inauguration of what will be the new home of the World Scout Bureau - Interamerican Region. This brought together all participants in the 24th. Interamerican Scout Conference as well as many guests to this important ceremony. After hearing the speeches of the Regional Director, Mr. Raul Sanchez Vaca, the Secretary General of the World Scout Movement, Mr. Luc. Panissod, the Interamerican Scout Committee Chairman, Mr. Ronald Castro and the president of the Interamerican Scout Foundation, Mr. Harold Friend, the ribbon-cutting by the latter two was done. It was then that Mr. Panissod and Mr. Sรกnchez Vaca unveiled the plaque which indicates that the house 172, in City of Knowledge, will host the World

The next day he carried out the five workshops, this time focused on the theme of growth: -

Young and Growth Program Adult Resources and Growth Institutional Development and Growth Image and Growth Youth Participation and Growth

In the afternoon, opened the Social Projects Fair where very diverse and interesting projects were shown by several National Scout Organizations, through their actions that scouts in the region conducted in the social field. The presidents of the National Scout Organizations in this day held a summit which discussed various aspects related to governance at World level.




...Continuaci贸n At night was performed the official opening of the 24th. Interamerican Scout Conference in the auditorium of the Panama Canal Authority. With the presence of the authorities of national and local government, was formally launched the 24th. Conference. The Mayor of the City of Panama, Hon. Bosco Vallarino, granted to the Secretary General, Mr. Luc Panissod, the keys to the Panama City and each of the delegations present recognition as distinguished guests. The next two days were hard work in the plenary sessions. Throughout the day various activities were conducted, including election of new members of the Interamerican Scout Committee, and the election of the next Interamerican events: 14th. Panamerican Scout Jamboree, 2nd. Panamerican Scout Moot and 25th. Interamerican Scout Conference. Were elected Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, respectively.

their governance and operation as well as National Scout Organizations that comprise it. The closing ceremony was held at the Sheraton Panama Hotel with a dinner-dance that was to everyone's taste.

Also took a total of 18 resolutions on various aspects, which will surely enhance the performance of the Interamerican Scout Region, strengthening

Scouts of El Salvador on Television

On September 17, 2010 Scouts of El Salvador attended to the Salvadoran National Television through the morning show "Morning Live" which airs daily from 8-11 am.

For three full hours was shown what the Scout Movement in El Salvador has done and is doing to benefit children and youth of their country.

That day the program was entirely devoted to Scouting. Presenters dressed Salvadoran scout uniform, capsules were previously recorded in the Scout House, some national leaders of the Scout Association of El Salvador were interviewed and a good number of young scouts show at the TV cameras a bit of how much have learned in Scouting.

It was very nice experience that will give a great projection to Scouting in El Salvador. Such opportunities are able to show our image of society to reinforced it, thus increasing the number of people who join the Scout Movement.

The Regional Director Raul Sanchez Vaca, was also present during the program, as it coincided with his two-day visit to the Scout Association of El Salvador


During 22nd and October 23 was held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the XVI Central America Scout Summit, which brought together 21 scout leaders from Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and the host country Honduras. Also some young people from Youth Networks from El Salvador and Honduras participated very actively in the meeting. On Friday 22 was devoted to held the first Sub Regional Workshop of Link Thinking, taught by Mr. Carlos Portillo from Toyota Honduras. The workshop was extremely interesting for all participants, knowing and applying the tools of strategic planning that this important company uses applied to National Scout Organizations.

On Saturday 23 a session was given by the Director of the World Scout Bureau, Interamerican Region, RaĂşl SĂĄnchez Vaca, to work on the Regional Plan 2011-2014. Participants had the opportunity to provide their comments for improvements to the proposal that the World Scout Bureau, Interamerican Region of the Regional Plan in its first version. The Summit was held during Saturday 23, allowing Presidents, Chief Scouts and Chief Executives of National Scout Organizations present reached consensus that will strengthen the Sub Region Central Region American.

DID YOU KNOW THAT…? Bill Gates received the highest honor of the Boy Scouts of America, the Silver Buffalo, on September 13, 2010 in Seattle. Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft, was commended for his deep commitment to improving the lives of disadvantaged people in the world. The Silver Buffalo Award is given by the Boy Scouts of America to recognize distinguished service to youth. The Chief Seattle Council hosted the award luncheon where Gates was awarded the Silver Buffalo honor. Since 1925, this award has been given to civic-minded men and women for their valuable contributions and service to youth.

Patricio Roblero Abarca, of the Chilean Navy, was a Scout during his teens and played a leading role in the rescue of 33 miners in the region of Atacama, Chile. Patrick is currently an infantry Marine with over 17 years experience in the institution. He was a member of the Scout group “Guía Scout San Francisco de Asís de Paine” during his youth. "I’m proud and honored," he told the official website of Guides and Scouts of Chile. “We hope to always be prepared to serve and help bring the light to our Chilean miners.”

The Association of Scouts of Bolivia, commemorating the beginning of the Scout Movement in Bolivia in 1911 in Tarija, has begun the plans to celebrate the year of the Centenary of the Scout Movement in Bolivia with an event that will reunite all the scouts of Bolivia, the “Jamboree of the Centenary”. It will be take place from the 27 of December 2010 to the 4 of January 2011 in the Field Arani school. Everyone is invited to participate. Children and young people (7-21 years) from all regions of Bolivia will come and celebrate 100 years of life. "It will be an opportunity to celebrate, remember, sharing between different generations of Scouts, meet friends, exchange experiences, learn many important aspects of Scouting's past and the country, discover the various opportunities offered by the Scout Movement today, and to strengthen our spirit by sharing activities with new friends.” The 39th World Scout Conference will be held from 10 to 14 January 2011 at the Estation Embratel Convention Center in Curitiba, Brazil. Established in 2004, Embratel Station is a world class center with 25,000 air-conditioned squared meters and the ability to host events for 5000 people. The conference will be translated from and into English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. This will be the first time in 100 years for the World Conference to be hosted in South America, in conjunction with the World Scout Youth Forum. The contents of the conference shall be based on the premise "Leaders of innovation”.


Mundus Novus No. 001  

This is the first issue of the Official Newsletter of the Interamerican Scout Region : Mundus Novus

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