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Messengers of Peace



Issue No. 16 OCTOBER -DECEMBER 2016

Messengers of Peace quarterly newsletter is an initiative of the Asia-Pacific Support Centre of the World Scout Bureau highlighting the projects of National Scout Organizations under MoP Initiative.

Better World Village welcomes huge number of visitors (Story on page 3)

Message from MoP APR Decision Committee

Peter Blatch On behalf of the Regional Decision Committee for Messengers of Peace, it gives me great pleasure to share with you the MoP Bulletin last quarter issue for 2016. A productive yet challenging year has ended as we gear our efforts closer to Vision 2023, that is, extending Scouting to 100 million young people. This paves our vision of “Creating a Better World”, which could visibly and practically be realized through MoP initiatives.

Chay Hong Leng pioneering role in its expansion through reinforced promotion at all levels. Today, this program is running in 27 countries in the region. Networking is an integral part of MoP. and other social media are the current platforms that connect members around the world, share stories and good practices, and inspire each other with positive messages.

This quarterly newsletter features the wonderful opportunities of Scout members to engage in purposeful projects and share their stories with a wider audience.

The Asia-Pacific Region leads in the implementation of MoP fund with 70 projects. Many NSOs in APR belong to the top 10 countries with the highest number of service hours, service projects, and network members.

Messengers of Peace is one of the most dynamic initiatives of World Scouting. Since its inception in 2011, APR has played a

This region initiated the training of NSO MoP coordinators and introduced the MoP Regional Team Gatherings in

J. Rizal C. Pangilinan 2013, where NSO coordinators are invited and trained. Three Regional Gatherings have been organized, first in Philippines, 2013; the second in Indonesia, 2014; and the most recent in India, 2016. One highlight of MoP this year is the recognition of Myanmar Scout as member of WOSM under the project “Scouting Development in Myanmar”. This issue features the International Peace Day celebrations, a regular update on service hours and projects, and the MoP Hero Awards. We wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback to make this quarterly newspaper useful and interesting to our readers. Best Scouting regards, J. Rizal C. Pangilinan Regional Director


Better World Village welcomes huge number of visitors The 17th National Jamboree held on 29th December 2016 to 4th January 2017 at Mysuru, Karnataka State opened the Year 2017 echoing the value of unity with the theme “Together for Better Tomorrow”. Known for being vast in many ways, the India Jamboree gathered around 25,000 people comprised of Scouts, Guides and leaders of The Bharat Scouts & Guides (BS&G) including over 1,000 overseas participants and guests who signed up for the adventure. At the opening ceremony, flags of the 17th National Jamboree and the BS&G were raised at the arena signaling the official start of the Jamboree. Honourable President of India Sri Pranab Mukherjee graced the ceremony, joined by Governor of Karnataka state Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala and Chief Minister of Karnataka state Siddaramaiah. In his message sent out to BS&G, World Scout Bureau Asia-Pacific Regional Director J. Rizal C. Pangilinan expressed his hope that young people will be inspired more to live out the values of Scouting. During the Jamboree, one of the busiest areas was the World Scout Village which showcased the WOSM flagship programs: Messengers of Peace (MoP), Scouts of the World Award (SWA), and the World Scout Environment Program

(WSEP). The village was divided into three major areas and the concept was delivered through these following activities: Sharing the Idea – ‘Ale le’ song; What Does Peace Mean to You – Drawing; Patrol System – Networking Game; What is MoP – Life Vest & Platform; Introduction to; MoP Beat – We are Scouts; Solar Cooking – Solar Cookers; Solar Games – Car, Cockroach, Grasshopper Race; Solar Art – Painting & Sun burning; Solar Gadget - DIY Solar Kits and SWA Tent -- which the participants find them all interesting. Scouts and Guides with their unit leaders enjoyed completing the activities and learning more about solar energy through Scouts Go Solar initiative. Others were excited knowing more about SWA and MoP Initiatives. Atmosphere at the village was jovial as Scouts were in high spirits in completing every task. With visits made by some government leaders at the Jamboree site, leaders hoped that this can create positive results at local level. Moreover, volunteers were happy welcoming non-Scouts and saw it as an opening to introduce Scouting to them. During the first day alone, more than 800 Scouts registered at the World Village, and the number went up from 4,000 to 6,000

Scouts and visitors daily on the succeeding days. It took a lot of combined efforts of 100 volunteers who were helping each other run the village. Thanks to the dedication of these volunteers composed of Rovers, unit leaders and professionals who took turns in supporting the activities, with assistance from Asia-Pacific MoP Coordinator and Director, Development Support & Finance S. Prassanna Shrivastava, country coordinator Ms Lerchanta Ally Seeluangsawat from Thailand, Erwin Samuel Ramli from Indonesia, BS&G MoP coordinator Krishnaswamy Rammorothy, Madhusudan Avala and Pankaj Gupta. Highlight of the closing ceremony was the awarding of the MoP Award presented by Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association International Commissioner Dr. Hamad Abdulrahman H. Alyahya, with S. Prassanna Shrivastava as WOSM representative to BS&G which was received by BS&G Chief National Commissioner Shri. B.I. Nagarale. The award was first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific given to an NSO. Ministers who graced the closing ceremony were Power Minister D K Shivakumar and Minister for Education in Rajasthan Prof. Vasudeva Devanani and several other dignitaries. -- Photo credit: The Bharat Scouts & Guides India


MoP Heroes Award 2016 Remarkable Scout leaders from NSOs around the world received the Messengers of Peace Hero Award in November 2016 in Saudi Arabia. This award is a special recognition from the Saudi Arabia government to individual Scouts and NSOs for their outstanding work in contributing to a more peaceful world. These Scouts and NSOs are true examples of active citizens working for positive changes in their communities. Awardees from all the six regions - Africa, Arab, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Europe and Inter-America - were distinguished for their remarkable peace initiatives at local, national and regional levels. Their projects have contributed to raising awareness and

fostering peace culture, social entrepreneurship, environment and emergency relief.

for Peace” project in Indonesia and for being a source of inspiration for the global network.

Awardees from the Asia-Pacific were:

4. Tan Sijie (Singapore) – for his contribution to MoP and the Better World Framework.

1. The Bharat Scouts and Guides (India) – for contributions to the development and growth of the MoP Network in India and for being a source of inspiration to the Global Network. 2. Bernando de Leon (Philippines) – for his contribution to the development of promotional strategies and educational materials to promote MoP in Asia-Pacific Region. 3. Jaenal Muktain (Kang Ze Guro) (Indonesia) – for his “Scout Journey

5. Seeleuangsawat Lertchanta Ally (Thailand) – for her contribution to inspire the Rover community in Thailand through Scouts of the World Award, promoting peace, sustainable development and environmental awareness. 6. Peter Blatch – for his contribution in the implementation of MoP fund, best practices with the Regional Decision Committee, and support to the development of MoP network in Asia-Pacific.

2016 MoP Hero Awardees

The Bharat Scouts & Guides (India)

Mr. Peter Blatch (Australia)

Mr. Jaenal Muktain (Kang Ze Guro) (Indonesia)

Mr. Bernando de Leon (Philippines)

Ms. Seeleuangsawat Lertchanta Ally (Thailand)

Mr. Tan Sijie (Singapore)


MoP Peace Day Summary Report To celebrate the International Peace Day on 21 September 2016, NSOs have organized various programs and activities for thousands of participants. Below is a summary of statistics received from MoP National Coordinators.

Based on the reports received from Bhutan, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal, below is the the statistical report. Total Participants: 8,733 Total Service Hours: 23,866 No of Participants No. of Service Hours Peace Run 6,398 17,702 Tree Planting 1,135 5,184 Youth Speech 1,070 260 Blood Donation 230 Scuba diving



8,733 23,866 * Statistics will be updated as participating National Scout Organizations continue to submit their reports of their Interntional Day of Peace activities in their respective countries.

World Scout Seminar for Messengers of Peace The World Organization of the Scout Movement organized the World Scout Seminar for MoP in Budapest, Hungary on 12-16 October 2016. Many Scout leaders and National MoP Coordinators represented the six regions of Scouting. The International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) supported this gathering. KAICIID is

an inter-governmental organization that promotes inter-religious dialogue to prevent and resolve conflict. KAICIID was launched in 2012 by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Austria and the Kingdom of Spain, following the initiative of King Abdullah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

The seminar was designed in two parts: Messengers of Peace Initiative and Dialogue for Peace. The Better World framework, MoP Network and MoP Fund were explained, discussed and brainstormed to pave the future development and promotion of MoP Initiative. Two executives from Asia-Pacific Support Centre participated in the seminar and the MoP Global Planning Meeting.


Special WSEP Module for the National Scout Venture

Boy Scouts of the Philippines successfully organized the National Scout Venture Camp in Maasin City in southern Philippines on 25-30 September 2016. The National Scout Venture Camp is a special outdoor educational and recreational event for all Senior Scouts. It was a week-long gathering which aimed to promote active and healthy lifestyle as well as specialized skills through physical fitness and obstacle activities in land, sea and air. Among different learning modules, one of the most popular was the WOSM Better World Framework. The module explained the role of Scouts as active global citizens through the principles of 21st century leadership skills, youth participation, involvement, engagement and empowerment. It included the Messengers of Peace (MoP) initiative, the World Scout Environment Programme (WSEP) and the Scouts of the World Award (SWA). The WSEP sub-module was designed as special part of the WOSM Better World Framework Module, specifically supported by the Asia Pacific Support Centre, and provided links to partners such as Scouts Go Solar and Liter of Light. The camp awarded the World Scout Environment Badge to 292 Senior Scouts after completing a series of projects including the WSEP aims and objectives. Boy Scouts of the Philippines’ partnership with Liter of Light Philippines and Greenpeace Southeast Asia led to the success of Scouts Go Solar and the donation of GD solar lighting system and solar lamps to 100 less fortunate families in communities near the campsite.


Scout Blood Donation in Hong Kong Scouts in Hong Kong organized a blood donation activity where 110 units of blood were collected at the “Scout Blood Donation Day” on 8 August 2016. For many years, Scouts have collaborated with the Hong Kong Red Cross to raise awareness of blood donation. Younger members – Cub Scouts and Grasshoppers – participated in their own way by joining the “Invitation Card Coloring Contest” with the theme “Give Blood, Save Life”. Around 3,000 entries were received.

Blood Donation Campaign by Sri Lanka Scout Association Island Rovers of Moratuwa – Piliyandala District of Sri Lanka Scout Association set a blood donation campaign in partnership with the Golden Hands Charity & National Blood Transfusion Service. This one-day event on 20 November had around 70 blood donors.


Scouts tribute to the King of Thailand MoP NSO Coordinator for National Scout Organisation of Thailand (NSOT) Poldej Worachat gathered Scouts from Rajadhivas school to pay tribute to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. They extended a helping hand to the elderly and handicapped people through wheelchair service at the Grand Palace in Thailand.

World Mega Devotion for Peace in Bhutan In Bhutan, 45 Scouts and leaders rendered services in various forms during the “Moenlem Chenmo� or World Mega Devotion for peace. The Chief Abbot of Bhutan, Je Khenpo, presided the event from 16-21 November 2016. Scouts did many services such as cleaning, crowd control, and meal distribution.


Water Exploring by Venturers

Brighton Venturers is one of the best performing community-based Scouting units in Manila Council of Boy Scouts of the Philippines. For 25 years, it has been teaching Scouts the value of fellowship, leadership and training. During its regular outfit meeting, Brighton Scouts presented their World Scout Environment Programme requirement on water exploring. The Scouts walked around the vicinity of Brighton HQ to take pictures of water sources. The pictures were presented to Scouts to identify the water issues in nearby areas and its good as well as unhealthy impact on the community.

MoP Start Up & Networking in Mongolia The Scout Association of Mongolia (SAM) organized a four-day training and planning workshop on 14-18 November 2016 for 30 Rover Scouts and leaders who are active in troops, groups, aimag and district. MoP leaders from Boy Scouts of Philippines and The Bharat Scouts and Guides/India served as resource persons. Training centered on understanding the Messengers of Peace, drafting a start-up plan, networking and project proposal writing.


MOP Regional Team REGIONAL DECISION COMMITTEE Peter Blatch Chay Hong Leng J. Rizal C. Pangilinan

REGIONAL OFFICE COORDINATOR S Prassanna Shrivastava Director, Development Support & Finance REGIONAL SUPPORT TEAM J. Rizal C. Pangilinan Regional Director S Prassanna Shrivastava Director, Development Support & Finance Luz Taray Director, Communications and Strategy Uzair Kamal Development Support Manager Nancy P. Ladores Assistant, Development Support

MoP NATIONAL COORDINATORS Australia: Johnathan Raymond Morey Bangladesh: Mohammad Atiquzzaman

Malaysia: Amir Hamzah bin Aman Maldives: Ibrahim Rasheed Myanmar:

Bhutan: Nawang Gyaltshen

Mongolia: Uyanga Erdenebulgan

Brunei Darussalam: Liyana Binti Haji Salleh

Nepal: Ram Prasad Bhattarai

Cambodia: Chek LIM Scouts of China: Sherman Sheng, Hsiao-Ming Fiji: Kailash Vimal Pillay Hong Kong: Peggy TAM Siu-lan

New Zealand: Michael Jeffrey Pakistan: Zahid Mahboob PNG: Vagi Clergy Waru Vagi Philippines: Carmelo B. Francia Singapore: Tan Sijie

India: Krishnaswamy R.

Sri Lanka: Prabath Kularathne

Indonesia: Venny Indri Christiyanti

Thailand: H.E. Dr. Poldej Worachat

Japan: Reiko Suzuki Korea: Kim Su Yeon

Macau: Tang Chon Meng, Jacky Scout Polynesia: Raiarii Benjamin Tama

Kiribati: Mataiti Bwebwe

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MoP Bulletin Issue No. 16  

Stories of Scouts and leaders working on projects, and their participation in different events from October - December 2016 promoting peace.

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