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Messengers of Peace


IS S U E N o. 23 JU LY-S EPT 2018

Messengers of Peace quarterly newsletter is an initiative of the Asia-Pacific Support Centre of the World Scout Bureau highlighting the projects of National Scout Organizations under MoP Initiative.

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Six Scouts recognized as APR Messengers of Peace Heroes for 2018

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Three global MoP Heroes from the Asia-Pacific Region

Scouts and Guides in India extend help for Kerala

WOSM, KAICIID train new batch of Dialogue for Peace facilitators

Rover Scouts in Myanmar organise relief efforts story on page 5

Three global MoP Heroes are from the Asia-Pacific Region

Coinciding with the celebration of the 2018 International Day of Peace, the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), in a special recognition ceremony held at the UN Headquarters in New York City, recognised exceptional Scouts, volunteers and professionals for their outstanding work in creating a better world. From the roster of MoP Heroes of 2018, three are from the Asia-Pacific Region.

HUMAYRA IBNAT BADHON - BANGLADESH Empowering girls in Bangladesh through Scouting Badhon was a girl guide in her school. She always wanted to be a Scout, but Scouting in her school was exclusively for boys. When her school principal became a commissioner for “Scout Metro”, he encouraged her to start Scouting for girls. Through his support, Badhan set up the inaugural meetings with parents to convince them to allow their girls to join her group. Today, her group grew to 200 Girls in Scouting. At the age of 20, Badhon is now the “elder sister” to all of the girls, who are excited to get new opportunities outside of school through Scouting. She also works with her NSO in several capacities, including spreading the Messengers of Peace network in Bangladesh, and getting trained in facilitating dialogue for peace.


JUNBERT PABON - PHILIPPINES Helping young offenders turn their lives around. Scout Junbert Pabon has become a catalyst in promoting positive changes through Scouting in his community in the Philippines. He initiated the Holistic Development Program for Children in Conflict with the Law at the Social Development Center in Bacolod City, central Philippines. Scout Junbert Pabon has been instrumental in transforming law breakers into peace makers and conducting peace and empowerment programs for young offenders in his city to enable them to develop positive outlook and thereby find meaning and direction in life.

HIU LAM FUNG - HONG KONG Helping those living on the margins of society As the Chairperson of the National Rover Council, she leads the team in setting up a Rover Service Team. The team initiates different services towards the community and recruit Rover Scouts to plan and implement their community service. Each year, the team picks a specific group of people and do a project that last for a year. In the past few years, ethnic minority groups were targeted by the service team.

The Messengers of Peace Heroes Award was created in 2012 and acknowledges the extraordinary service of young people and their contributions towards improving their community, promotion of dialogue and peace, and relief in times of need.

Six Scouts named APR Messengers of Peace Heroes for 2018 In recognition of their outstanding contributions in making positive changes in their communities, the Asia-Pacific Region conferred the APR Messengers of Peace Heroes Award 2018 to six outstanding individuals for their invaluable services and commitment to the cause of Scouting and in creating an impact in the lives of others.

NAWANG GYALTSHEN – BHUTAN Since 2015, Nawang made MoP programmes and projects accessible to young people throughout Bhutan, providing them avenues to heighten awareness about peace, conduct and oversee community development projects and services.

KAILASH VIMAL PILLAY – FIJI Kailash has built an extensive network of leaders who serve as local coordinators to spread the message of peace at grassroots level, spearheaded peace actions in communities that enhanced the image of Scouting in Fiji. At the recent flooding in Fiji, a dedicated pool of leaders rendered commendable relief efforts in collaboration with partners.

KAUR AMRITPAL – INDIA As a unit leader, Kaur is very effective in preparing young boys and girls for formal schooling. A teacher by profession, she started evening classes for children below the poverty line, inspiring them to value and pursue their education. She led 11 children to go to regular schooling thru scholarships from donors.

AMIR HAMZAH BIN AMAN – MALAYSIA Amir began was a Cub Scout who worked through the ranks until he became Malaysia’s National Commissioner for the Better World Framework. He ushered the growth of the MoP network in Malaysia and organised various community development projects, including MoP courses in jamborees and trainings.

JYOTI CHARAN – INDIA We can do this!” is the mantra of Jyoti, a government employee who conceptualized the Samarth projects. He and his group helped run an orphanage funded through local donations, inspiring over a hundred Rover Scouts and Rangers to render services such as routine clean-up, refurbishment of the facility, and even organising interactive and fun games.

KARL LYEL B. LIM – PHILIPPINES A teacher by profession, Lyel spearheaded a yearly Walk the World project in his Scout unit. Through their collective efforts, they collected slippers and shoes and donated them to less fortunate families and kids in far-flung villages in Rizal province. His project has since been replicated in different parts of the Philippines.

Introduced in 2015, the Asia-Pacific Messengers of Peace Heroes Award is the award provided by the region to the most deserving messengers of peace whose efforts have unquestionably advanced the Better World Framework and has inspired Scouts and non-Scouts to become Messengers of Peace. The awards were given during a special recognition ceremony at the 26th APR Scout Conference on 19 October 2018 in Manila, Philippines.


Scouts and Guides in India extend help for Kerala

Eleven districts of the state of Kerala in southern India was affected by heavy flooding following unprecedented rains. About 40 million people were affected during the flooding which prompted the Indian government to initiate emergency services in areas which were heavily ravaged.


The flood water receded on the 21st of August and cleaning efforts went underway which included cleaning of the affected houses, streets and buildings, removal of dead bodies both of human and of animals, among others. Rehabilitation efforts were supported by the Indian armed forces and the HAM of Bharat Scouts and Guides.

Different Scout groups of the Bharat Scouts and Guides in Kerala and in nearby states spearheaded and participated in several rescue and relief operations thru their respective Scout Leaders. Affected people were rescued and sheltered in relief camps spread across the state.

Kitchen utensils, beddings, and used clothes were also collected from different parts of the country. They were transported to Kerala using special chartered vehicles. The Scouts and Guides, along with other volunteers distributed the relief goods to the affected region.

They collected food, clothing, and medicine. The relief goods were delivered to sixty relief camps between 15 to 20 August 2018.

Week-long service camps for cleaning the houses, schools, hospital and markets affected by floods were also implemented.

Fund-raising activities were conducted to support rehabilitation projects and efforts in the affected areas. The National Headquarters of The Bharat Scouts and Guides has also issued a nationwide circular seeking help, aid and contribution in cash or in kind to rebuild affected schools in Kerala.

Rover Scouts in Myanmar organise relief efforts Myanmar Scouts has successfully organised a flood relief project for those who were affected by the flood. The project lasted for fifteen days, from the 5th to the 19th of August 2018 at the Kayin and Mon states. Myanmar has been experiencing flooding since July 2018 due to heavy monsoons, coupled by the overflow in its drainage system. Thousands have already fled their homes and others were temporarily evacuated. Despite the efforts of the government to provide emergency relief assistance to its citizens, the resources remain scarce. Recognising the need for immediate

action, Myanmar Scouts launched the project called “Rovers in Action” with forty-four rover volunteers. The project was initially funded through cash donations from fund-generating activities organised by several Rover Scout groups from different schools across the country. Through the funds that were collected, they bought, gathered and distributed the basic and most needed supplies of the affected families – drinking water, rice, canned goods, medicines and even used clothing. Bulk of the relief efforts focused on Kayin Kawt Kyite, a distant village which barely received any help from the government. The project was able to provide the basic needs and

some supplies to over 250 families in that village alone. In recognition of the commendable efforts of Myanmar Scouts in this initiative, and despite limited funding, an emergency grant from the Messengers of Peace Support Fund was awarded to the team in order to further continue their project and implement the same in other communities which were heavily affected. The project was spearheaded by Phyo Thura Win, National Disaster Management Co-ordinator of Myanmar Scouts. Similarly, the project was able to render a total of 2,250 service hours in WOSM’s global network.


International Day of Peace Celebration in the Asia-Pacific Region The International Day of Peace is observed around the world every 21st of September. The United Nations declared it as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations. This year’s theme as announced by the United Nations is ‘The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70,’ celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

of Peace at the Canberra Nara Peace Park by having a symbolic ringing of the bell.

To commemorate this celebration, each National Scout Organization engaged their Scouts to undertake peace actions. This year, we have recorded the following:

Dr. Sue Wareham, Vice President of the Medical Association of Prevention of War, spoke on the importance of peace and how the commemoration of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings is a testament to the lives lost in acts of violence.

1. Australia. Scouts Australia together with the Rotary Club Canberra celebrated the International Day


From the very first Peace Bell housed in the United Nations following the Second World War, there are now over twenty replica Peace bells located around the world. Rung only twice in a year, during Peace Day each year and on the opening of the UN General Assembly.

2. Brunei Darussalam. In Brunei, the Peace day commemoration was utilised to address the issue of shortage in the blood bank. The Persekutuan Pengakap Negara Brunei Darussalam, through its MoP Coordinator, and together with the Ministry of Health - Blood Donation Centre, held a Blood Donation Drive at the Brunei Scout Headquarters. At the end of the event, 28 pints of blood were collected.

A mini Youth Forum was also held in conjunction with the Peace Day and Rovers Centenary. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was the main topic of the forum that was participated by ten Rover Scouts. Participants made a commitment to make an effort to do more peace projects and to help support the

objectives of the SDGs. 3. Indonesia. Simultaneous Peace Day celebrations were held in Indonesia. The main concept of the celebrations of Gerakan Pramuka was to share the importance of Peace, introduce the Messengers of Peace Initiative and to show and prove that Scouting has no barriers. In Bali, Denpansar, Scouts with disabilities joined the festivities. They joined various outdoor activities and despite the challenges, their spirit remained strong. Participants feel more involved in Scouting and have pledged to start

peace within themselves and they have pledged for a Better World. Imam M. Agung Fauzy and MoP Scout Journey for Peace Batch II participants donated books to the Naga Banjaran Local Community in West Java Province. This is for the improvement of the community member’s fondness of reading

books. Although the event place was remotely challenging, the team has reached out to the community. 4. Scouts of China (Taiwan). Scouts of China held orientation for aspiring Messengers of Peace. More than 70 Scouts and leaders get to learn more about Peace and SDGs. In addition to the orientation, an eco-friendly take on the celebration was held afterwards.

ter world. In the web, awareness campaign of the Peace Day was spearheaded by Sherman Sheng Hsia-Ming, MoP Coordinator, on Facebook. The effort was able to generate 2,645 reach, 289 engagements and 413 clicks on Facebook. In simple ways such as sharing, more people will be aware of the message of Peace.

Participants were given a tour of the environment of Jinshan. The celebration was the first time that they had Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts,

4. Nepal. Nepal Scouts organized 3 speech competitions, 3 clean-up campaigns and 1 blood donation camps at the district level. A total of 590 Scouts helped and thousands others participated.

Scouts, Venture Scouts, Rover Scouts, Scout leaders and non-Scout joined the MoP event at the same time. It was a chance for everyone to know each one and share the ideas. Scouts were encouraged to take practical actions, starting from discovering the community, planning and taking actions, also to make things possible and to create a bet-

Although activities may vary from country to country, the aim for the Peace Day was to involve as many young people as possible, engage them in peace actions or activities, create awareness on the role that they play in peace building, teach them how to become global citizens and allow them to create positive changes in their communities.


International Peace Forum at the Korean DMZ

The Korea Scout Association (KSA) held the 5th International Patrol Jamboree which took place at Mt. Seorak, Gangwon Province, South Korea on 2-7 August 2018. The event was held in celebration of KSA’s hosting of the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023 in Saemangeum. With the theme “Unified Dream”, the jamboree gathered 6,500 Scouts and non-Scouts from 45 countries. During the six-day jamboree, the International Peace Forum was held at the DMZ Museum located between the border of the north and the south. This is one of the ancillary events organised by the Messengers of Peace volunteers under the Better World Zone of the jamboree.


To jumpstart the event, participants were divided into four groups (Purple, Red, Green, and Blue). They were tasked to discuss issues based on four key agenda: Conflict Management, Climate Change, Diversity & Equality, and Education for Life. Each group was tasked to brainstorm about peace, what each Scout can do as individuals and their role in the community. After the discussion, each group came up with a peace declaration based on their assigned agenda. It was later presented during the Jamboree’s closing ceremony. Lasting for about three hours, the forum was attended by 40 Scouts from the forty-five participating countries.

Empowering young people with special needs through Scouting

The Fiji Scouts Association organised a three-day Scouts Camp at Ratu Sai¬moni Raseru Memorial School at Vakabuli, Lautoka on 13-15 July 2018. It was participated by Scouts from thirty-five schools.

by society.” As a result, it was difficult for girls with special needs to thrive in their communities.

The camp was poised to be an inclusive gathering by making an effort to empower young women with special needs in the society. Eight girls with special needs took part in the Scouts rally during the event.

“We are trying to expose them to the real world so that they may become strong and independent. We want society to look at them, believe that they are capable of making positive changes,” she added further. “Previously only boys used to participate in the scouts, but now we are also giving the same opportunity to our girls.”

Elenoa Vunitabu, head teacher of Lautoka School for Special Needs said that “children with special needs are prone to be neglected

Ms Vunitabu said it would be a real challenge for the young girls, however, the exposure provided would undeniably lead them to overcome

their own fears. “We want to prove to the mainstream schools that our girls can be a part of the Scouts programme,” she added. On another note, Kailash Vimal Pillay, MoP co-ordinator of the Fiji Scout Association, and the school’s assistant head teacher said that it is important to acknowledge that these children have special talents. He further stressed that these children are facing and continue to face very difficult challenges in the world today, and people continue to take advantage of their plight.


WOSM, KAICIID train new batch of Dialogue for Peace facilitators

A Dialogue for Peace (DfP) Facilitator’s Training was held at the Gold Camp in Naypyidaw, Myanmar on 22-25 July 2018. The training was attended by 50 participants from 13 National Scout Organizations, 36 of which were from Myanmar and 14 from different countries including Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Timor Leste. The training was hosted by Myanmar Scouts in collaboration with the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID).


DfP was organized to enhance social cohesion and international friendship in order to enable young people to discover shared values through dialogue. The training emphasised the need to respect fellow human beings regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, gender or age. It sought to teach the would-be trainers the principles of dialogue as part of one’s value system. World Scout Committee member Peter Blatch (Scouts Australia), along with Mori Cheng (The Scout Association of Hong Kong), youth advisor to the WSC graced the opening ceremony. Ranking officials from KAICIID and World Scout Bureau’s Asia-Pacific Region were also present including KAI-

CIID Chief of Global Practices Hub Anas Alabbadi, KAICIID Programme Manager Katerina Khareyn, KAICIID Fellow Nang Loung Hom, APR Regional Director J. Rizal C. Pangilinan and APR Management Sub-Committee chairman Dr. Somboon Bunyasiri of the National Scout Organization of Thailand. “I am certain that this training will be a wonderful Scouting experience for all of us. This training will show and teach our participants the value and importance of working with community members, as well as with young people, both Scouts and non-Scouts towards our goal to create a better world,” Blatch said in his address to the participants. The four days of intense work

WOSM, KAICIID....from page 9 showed the passion and conviction of the participants to promote and strive for peace. Trainers used varying techniques and learning styles to ensure that great outcomes could be achieved. The expert collaboration between WOSM and KAICIID, including a partnership with Peaceful Myanmar Initiatives (PMI) provided a greater avenue for learning and demonstrated the benefits of specialised partnerships. Mori Cheng, Youth Advisor to the World Scout Committee, who also participated in the training noted that the programme was very impressive and that the participation was very diverse. “The programme was very detailed, the staff ensured that maximum benefits occurred from the diverse groups in attendance. It was pleasing to see ten teachers from different ethnic communities participate in the training and become so involved to the discussions and sessions.” In his address to the participants during the closing ceremony, H.E. Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet, member of the Union Peace Commission of Myanmar,

stressed the importance of dialogue and how peace can be achieved through dialogue. “The need for dialogues as one way to achieve peace is greater more than ever. Through dialogues, we open ourselves to new possibilities and to greater understanding of differing beliefs and cultures. We open ourselves to the possibility of achieving peace.”

Prior to the four-day workshop, a two-day training for the facilitators was also conducted on 20-21 July 2018. The DfP Facilitators Training is under WOSM’s flagship programme Messengers of Peace. -- With reports from Syd Castillo and Fatima Kahlil M. Amido of the World Scout Bureau Asia-Pacific Support Centre


The Scout in the daring cave rescue mission in Thailand

John Paul Volanthen is a British cave diver who specialises in rescues through the Cave Rescue Organisation, South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue, and the British Cave Rescue Council. He attended De Montfort University in Leicester where he studied electronics. Volanthen is an IT consultant in Bristol by profession. As a hobby, he runs marathons and ultramarathons.

Scouting and Volanthen His interest in caving began when he was a young Scout. He is also a volunteer Cub Scout Leader with the Somerset Scouts, taking children on cave excursions. He does cave diving as a hobby and conducts rescues as a volunteer. He first started caving with the Scouts in 1982.

In 2004, Volanthen and Stanton set a world record for the greatest depth achieved in a British cave, cave diving 76 metres at Wookey Hole in Somerset. In 2010, Volanthen, Stanton, Jason Mallinson, and René Houben set a world record for the longest cave penetration dive, obtaining 8,800 m in the Pozo Azul cave system in the Rudrón Valley in Spain.

Mark Volanthen, 45, who lives in Winchester, said it was the Scouting movement that sparked his brother’s love of cave diving. John, who was brought up in Brighton, is still a Scout leader in Bristol where he lives, and it is a “big part of what makes John John”. “As a child he didn’t have normal coordination skills. He couldn’t kick or hit a ball,” he said. “Instead, through Scouts, he discovered a different set of skills as a teenager.”

Volanthen designs and constructs some of his own diving equipment and has been called a “technical guru”. He designed a mapping device that collects information while diving. He also modifies his own rebreathers to increase their compactness and efficiency. Volanthen was awarded a medal by the Royal Humane Society in 2012 for a rescue attempt of a diver in a French cave, and for the discovery of the diver’s body.


According to Volanthen’s mother, Jill, “All of my family have always been interested in sports and water sports,” she said. “My boys had a traditional outdoor upbringing, with me staying at home to bring them up while their father went out to work.” “It was when he got into the Rottingdean Scouts aged

The Scout...from page 12 about 11 that he really got his sense of adventure. I know all the cubs he leads in Bristol look up to him. They will do even more now.” Tham Luang Cave Rescue On 23 June 2018, a group of twelve boys aged between 11 and 17 from a local junior football team named the Wild Boars and their 25-year-old assistant coach, Ekapol Chantawong went missing after setting out to explore the cave. They planned to have a picnic to celebrate the 17th birthday of one of the boys, Peerapat Sompiangjai. The team was stranded in the tunnels by sudden and continuous rainfall after they had entered the cave. The rescue effort expanded into a massive operation amid intense worldwide public interest. On 2 July, after advancing through narrow passages and muddy waters, two British divers, John Volanthen and Richard Stanton, found the group alive on an elevated rock about 4 kilometres from the cave’s mouth. The Brits led the rescue operation and are universally regarded as the best cave divers in the world. Bronze Cross Award Bristol Cub Scout Leader John Volanthen has been awarded the Bronze Cross, the highest award for valour in The Scout Association of the United Kingdom for his

“heroism or action in the face of extraordinary risk”. Mr Volanthen said he was “very, very humbled” because he “started caving in the Scouts, so it’s kind of a full circle really.” He added, “I still take Scouts caving, so it’s an honour to be given this kind of medal.” -- With quotes directly lifted from (Jill Volenthen and Mark Volenthen) and uk-england-bristol-45511496 (John Volenthen).

APR-MoP gears up for the 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference The Boy Scouts of the Philippines, in partnership with the AsiaPacific Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement will host the 26th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference on 15-20 October 2018 at the Philippine International Convention Centre. The triennial event is expected to gather Scout officials from all 27 National Scout Organizations in the region. The Messengers of Peace Core Team is taking this event as an opportunity to hold an exhibit booth of the Messengers of Peace Programme, showcasing the achievements of the region in advancing the programme. Reaching 1 Billion Service Hours is a milestone of the Scout Movement that definitely calls for a celebration. Thus, the MoP Booth will reflect the invaluable contribution of the region’s Messengers of Peace in reaching that mark. Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific Messengers of Peace Heroes Award will also be held during the event. Awardees’ main peace action will also be part of the exhibit.


Scouts team up with external partners to promote peace

The newly minted Scout Journey for Peace (SJFP) project are eyeing to advance and to promote the message of peace in Indonesia by way of organising community development projects and community services. It is an on-going effort in a country where Scouting has been institutionalised as part of the educational curriculum. The project was organised by Scouts and non-Scouts from West Java and they intend to spread the project throughout the country. The main goal of the project is to bring together young people to collectively raise the awareness about the importance of maintaining peace. The proponents of SJFP project believes that in order to genuinely achieve peace, every person must be able to embrace diversity. Through this programme, participants will be immersed in different local cultures while they organise peace activities.


There will be three main activities in the project. They include the following: [a] Peace Campaign on Train – Dialogue for Peace, [b] Social Community Service, and [c] Scout Expedition. The project was conceptualised in the collaboration with Indonesia Railway Ltd, Fajar Cirebon Newspaper, Peace Generation Indonesia and West Java Provincial Headquarter. The SJFP project is expected to run for two years.

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Monthly Statistics

COUNTRY PROJECTS Malaysia 11,837 India 8,862 MoP Monthly Statistical Report – translated in numbers is making great progress. This was how top tenBhutan NSOs performed in the month 2,774 Philippines 2,364 of September in terms of MoP service hours, projects, and users. Indonesia 1,327 Thailand 1,279 Fiji 2018 505 SEPTEMBER Bangladesh 397 Australia 371 Nepal 336 TOP 10 NSOs (SCOUT.ORG USERS)



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India Indonesia Philippines Malaysia Bangladesh Bhutan Australia Pakistan Hong Kong Thailand

COUNTRY Malaysia India Bhutan Philippines Indonesia Thailand Fiji Bangladesh Australia Nepal COUNTRY Philippines Bangladesh India Malaysia


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



India 14,629 Indonesia 11,782 Philippines 7,111 Malaysia 4,273 Bangladesh 3,659 2,866 Bhutan 2,772 Australia 2,178 Pakistan Hong Kong PROJECTS Thailand


COUNTRY Philippines USERS Bangladesh 18,720 India Malaysia 18,440 14,629 Nepal 11,782 Fiji 7,111 Bhutan Indonesia 4,273 Thailand 3,659 Sri Lanka 2,866

2,772 2,178

11,837 TOP 10 NSOs (PROJECTS) 8,862 COUNTRY PROJECTS 2,774 Malaysia 11,837 2,364 India 8,862 1,327 Bhutan 2,774 1,279 Philippines 2,364 505 Indonesia 1,327 397 Thailand 1,279 371 336 Fiji 505

Bangladesh SERVICE HOURS Australia Nepal 545,230,364

184,116,472 60,908,808 COUNTRY 25,522,466


397 371 336

SERVICE HOURS 545,230,364

SERVICE HOURS 545,230,364 184,116,472 60,908,808 25,522,466 13,182,421 10,512,133 8,237,470 5,703,105 3,861,173 3,256,405

Messengers of Peace Regional Team REGIONAL DECISION COMMITTEE

Peter Blatch Chay Hong Leng J. Rizal C. Pangilinan REGIONAL OFFICE COORDINATOR

S Prassanna Shrivastava Director, Development Support & Finance REGIONAL SUPPORT TEAM

MoP NATIONAL COORDINATORS AUSTRALIA Johnathan Raymond Morey BANGLADESH M. Mohd. Monirul Islam Khan BHUTAN Nawang Gyaltshen BRUNEI DARUSSALAM Liyana Binti Haji Salleh

J. Rizal C. Pangilinan Regional Director S Prassanna Shrivastava Director, Development Support & Finance


Nancy P. Ladores Assistant, Development Support

FIJI Kailash Vimal Pillay

Matthew Valdeavilla Special Project Officer, Organizational Development and Messenger of Peace


Luz Taray Director, Comm. & Partnerships Theresa Quine Assistant, Comm. Kenny Ralph S. Fernando Special Project Officer, Comm. Neil Bolandrina Assistant, Comm & IS

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Messengers of Peace Bulletin No.23  

See the stories of Scouts impacting various communities in many different ways in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Messengers of Peace Bulletin No.23  

See the stories of Scouts impacting various communities in many different ways in the Asia-Pacific Region.