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it‘s Time! bulletin 2: november 2009

WELCOME FROM THE MOOT DIRECTOR: Dear friends in Scouting, will hear from Dr. Josphat Njiiru, Chairman of our Health, Safety and Security Sub-Committee, on the work that his team is doing to ensure that you and your Contingents may enjoy your Moot adventure in a safe and secure environment.

Welcome to the second Bulletin for the 13th World Scout Moot! My name is Gathogo Ngugi and I am your Moot Director. I lead the small team that work in the Moot Office and we are working hard to provide you and your Contingents with the Scouting adventure of a lifetime in Kenya next summer. Our message now is: There is no time to lose! If you have not yet done so, start building your Contingent today! As you do it, remember that you are not alone! The team at the Moot Office is there to help you every step of the way.

Finally, I’d like to say what an honor it will be to welcome you to Kenya. As you may know, this will be the first ever World Scout Moot to take place in Africa. We count on your support in making the 13th World Scout Moot a great success for our country, for Africa and for World Scouting. Karibu Kenya! (Welcome to Kenya!)

In addition to the latest news, in this month’s Bulletin you will find information on:

Yours in Scouting

• Expedition Centres

Gathogo Ngugi

• Health, Safety and Security


13th World Scout Moot, Kenya 2010

• Moot Programme • Moot Office • “Operation Safari” Our preparations have been progressing well in the past few weeks. Work on constructing brand new toilet and shower facilities, both at Rowallan and at our Expedition Centres, is now nearing completion. Our Heads of Contingent meeting in September was a great success with attendance from 13 National Scout Organizations from all around the world. You will read more on all of this later in the Bulletin. At the 13th World Scout Moot, your safety and security is our number one priority. In this month’s Bulletin, you


MOOT DIRECTOR: Gathogo Ngugi email:



















In our subsequent Bulletins you will get a chance to hear more from them.

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It’s time…


CHANGE OF MOOT EXPEDITION CENTRES. “They will greatly enhance the quality of our camping facilities, ensuring that the Moot leaves a lasting legacy to benefit Scouting in Kenya for years to come.”

There are changes to the number and location of the Moot Expedition Centres.

Of course, if you would prefer a more traditional toilet experience, do not fear! The campsites still have plenty of the old style pit latrines left!

The main campsite of Rowallan in Nairobi will now be used to host Participants only on the first night and during the last four days of the Moot and not as an Expedition Centre.


Siaya and Miritini will no longer be used as Expedition Centres. These camps will, however, serve as host venues where programme will be offered to Contingents wishing to spend time in Kenya before or after the Moot. If you are interested in visiting these locations and want to find out more, please send us an email at

We wish to remind you that CDs containing Moot Registration Kits were distributed to all NSOs in the Scoutpak of 4 September 2009. If you have not received this CD please notify the Moot Office immediately. Please note that the Moot Office will not accept individual registrations. The Moot Office will only accept registration of National Contingents made by National Scout Organizations. If you have any additional questions regarding registration, please contact the Moot Office at

To the remaining Expedition Centres of Kaiyaba and Machakos, Embu has now been added as a new Expedition Centre. This campsite is situated approximately 120km North-West of the capital, Nairobi in a beautiful rural setting. All three Expedition Centres are located within a 150km radius of Nairobi. You will hear more about each of these locations later in the Bulletin. See also World Scout Bureau‘s Circular No 24/ 2009 which was distributed to all NSOs in Scoutpak sent on 15 October 2009 and which is available for reading at: centre/circulars/2009

HEADS OF CONTINGENT MEETING We hosted a very successful Heads of Contingent meeting in Nairobi at Rowallan camp, the main venue for the Moot, from 6-9 September 2009. It was attended by 21 participants from 13 countries and World Scout Bureau staff. The countries represented were Burundi, Denmark, Finland, France, Japan, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom and Kenya.

NB: When indicating Participants’ choice of Expedition Centres on the Moot Registration Forms*, please now list your choice by order of preferences from the following three:




H.E. Mr Stephen Kalonzo, Vice President of Kenya, who is also the Chief Commissioner of Kenya Scouts Association visited the meeting and addressed the participants. The meeting programme was organized in such a way that there were presentations on the various key issues followed by questions and answers session. The participants then visited the facilities at Rowallan Camp. They also had a field day to visit Kaiyaba Expedition Center, Paxtu and BP’s grave in Nyeri. The participants also had an opportunity to witness some aspects of Kenyan Scouting as the national competitions were being held at Rowallan Camp and were very impressed with the quality of the pioneering skills of the Kenyan Scouts. The participants were satisfied with progress made so far and we shall take on board the various inputs and suggestions they made.


The Moot Registration Forms are included in the CD-Rom sent with World Scout Bureau‘s Circulqr No.23/2009 through the Scoutpak of 4 September 2009.

NEW TOILETS AND SHOWERS! New toilet and shower facilities for Rowallan and the Expedition Centres are nearing completion. These facilities use eco-friendly technology to harness the biogas produced by human waste which can then be used for cooking, lighting or heating water. The new facilities also cater for people with disabilities. “We are delighted with these new facilities”, says Jimmy Gakuva, Campsites Director for Kenya Scouts Association.


HEALTH, SAFETY AND SECURITY Greetings from Kenya! We are delighted and excited to welcome your National Contingents to Kenya for the 13th World Scout Moot. My name is Dr. Josphat Njiiru. I am the Chairman of the Health, Safety and Security Sub-committee. In my professional life I am a pediatric surgeon at Kenyatta National Hospital. We could like to assure all concerned that health, safety and security is our number one priority at this great event and the team is working very hard to ensure just that! Here I would like to give you some information on the plans that I and my team are putting in place to ensure that you enjoy your Moot in a safe and secure environment:

I and my team recommend the following for all attending the Moot: • Anti-malaria medication • Anti-malaria precautions such as mosquito repellant and mosquito nets • Polio vaccine • Hepatitis A & B vaccine • Typhoid vaccine • Rabies vaccine

MEDICAL INFORMATION FOR KENYA We advise Heads of Contingent to ensure that all members of the Contingent consult with their doctor regarding their own personal vaccination requirements for Kenya and to follow their country’s instructions on this issue.

We also recommend tetanus vaccine if you are coming from an infected area.

Finally, please note that a valid yellow fever international certificate is required by Kenyan immigration authorities if you are coming from an endemic area. Please consult your relevant government authority for more information.

HEALTHCARE PLANS Qualified first aiders will be on duty in the Main Venue and the Expedition Centres throughout the event. They will also be at hand during the large gatherings such as the opening and closing ceremonies. Basic first aid provisions will be available on each sub camp. We also encourage everyone attending the Moot to bring a small personal first aid kit with sticking plasters, antiseptic liquid or ointment and personal medication as appropriate.


There will be a clinic with qualified medical practitioners on every campsite (main site and three Expedition Centres) to manage any simple issues. In the event of more serious accidents or illnesses, ambulances will be on standby at each of the campsites. Hospitals have been identified for referrals near to each Expedition Center and near to the main venue as follows:

SECURITY A comprehensive security plan is being put in place to ensure the security of all attending the Moot. We are in regular contact with local and national government who are assisting us in ensuring the best possible security is provided. The Moot Security Team will be composed of:

- Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi – this will be the referral hospital for the main venue, Rowallan Scout Camp, and also for the Expedition Centres in the event of a serious medical emergency. This is the largest and best-equipped hospital in Eastern and Central Africa.

• Kenya police • Administrative police • Kenya National Youth Service • Volunteer IST stewards

- Machakos General Hospital – this will be the referral hospital for Machakos Expedition Centre

Security posts will be set up in all camp sites and there will be a main base station at Rowallan Scout Camp. Kenya police officers will be on standby at all sites. The Moot Security Team will patrol the perimeter of all campsites 24 hours per day and there will be permanent bases at each of the entry and exit points.

- Embu General Hospital – this will be the referral hospital for Embu Expedition Centre. - Mathari Hospital, Nyeri – this will be the referral hospital for the Kaiyaba Expedition Centre.

As this is a Scout event, you can be assured that security will be friendly and Scout-like. We request the assistance of Heads of Contingent in ensuring friendly cooperation with the Moot Security Team and welcome any comments or suggestions to

The Moot fee includes basic medical care at the on-site clinics in the event of illness or accidents, including minor treatment when necessary during the period of the Moot. Please note that medication and any costs relating to hospitalization are NOT included in the fee. We therefore strongly advise Heads of Contingent to ensure that all members of their Contingent are covered by comprehensive travel insurance.

If you have any questions on health, safety and securityrelated matters please contact the Moot Office. I look forward to seeing you in Kenya next year and wish you a safe and happy 13th World Scout Moot. Yours in Scouting

Dr. Josphat Njiru


Chairman, Health Safety and Security Sub-committee

My team is working in close cooperation with the Programme and Logistics Sub-committees in order to conduct risk assessments of all activities, as they are developed.

13th World Scout Moot, Kenya 2010

We are also developing the following plans for the Moot which will be communicated to all Heads of Contingent in advance of the event: • Fire safety plan. • Emergency evacuation plan. • Waste management plan.











PROGRAMME In each Bulletin, we intend to give you more information on the Moot Programme. In this Bulletin, we will share with you information on the Expedition Centres. As mentioned previously, there are now three Expedition Centres: Machakos, Kaiyaba and Embu

KAIYABA SCOUT CAMP Kaiyaba Scouts Centre is located about 150 kilometers north of Nairobi shortly before you reach Nyeri town. The campsite is one of the newest and most beautiful campsites in Kenya and will leave a lasting impression on participants who camp here.

Here is more detailed information on the Expedition Centres:

Nyeri town is in the central province of Kenya. A number of renowned people come from Nyeri, including Mwai Kibaki who is the current President of Kenya and Patron of Kenya Scouts Association, Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai and Catherine Ndereba who has won several major marathon races around the world.

MACHAKOS SCOUT CAMP Machakos Scout Camp is situated on a ten acre piece of land two kilometers outside Machakos town and 64 kilometers from Nairobi. The camping ground is quite flat and the facility has modern toilets and showers. It is located next to a prayer centre suitable for all religions. The hilly landscape surrounding the campsite is excellent for exploring and hiking.

Nyeri is also the burial place of Lord Robert BadenPowell, the Founder of the Scout Movement. During the last years of his life, he and his wife Olave lived in a small cottage named “Paxtu� in the grounds of the Outspan hotel. Moot Participants will of course have the opportunity to visit these sites that are of great historical significance to the Scout Movement. The nearby Mt. Kenya National Park, which participants will have the opportunity to explore, is home to many endangered species including the giant forest hog, wild dogs, black rhino, leopard, birds, reptiles and insects. The park is also famous for the caves used by freedom fighters as hideouts during the Kenyan independence struggle.

People that live here are mainly Akambas. One spot in the surrounding hills is famous for water flowing against gravity! This will be one of the fun activities for participants who will chose Machakos. Other activities here will include swimming, tree planting, hands-on community service work, workshops and games. Machakos is known for having local schools and other community facilities that cater for all kinds of disabilities. Kenya Scouts Association has gone a long way in this aspect as it has a fully fledged department of Extension Scouting and there are Scout units in these institutions. Community projects in these facilities will feature as part of the programme for this Expedition Centre.




Participants will camp at the Agricultural Society of Kenya showground, which is some five kilometers from Embu town. The showground is part of Njukiri forest, ideal for Scout camping. Participants will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the surrounding tropical forest scenery and small scale farms neighboring the camp site. This campsite is perfect to give Scouts an adventure in nature!

The main site for the 13th World Scout Moot will be Rowallan National Scout Camp. The camp is situated in Nairobi city about 20 minutes drive from the central business district. The World Scout Bureau - Africa Regional Office, Kenya Scouts Association headquarters and the Moot Office are all located here. Rowallan is a campsite of great natural beauty. There are exciting caves and hike routes to be explored and many colorful birds, monkeys and baboons live on the campsite. The monkeys and baboons live in close proximity to the campers but the participants need to remember that these are wild animals. There is a seasonal river which flows through the site and the Ngong sanctuary features indigenous flora in Kenya. The camping area occupies 30 acres leaving 60 acres with a natural forest. The campsite has good running water, toilets and bathrooms, a swimming pool with good facilities, “Friendship Corner” where campers can have informal meetings in a relaxed atmosphere, campsite kitchens and a large arena for all outdoor activities. There is also a conference hall that is suitable for indoor games, a dormitory and Bandas (Small cubicles) for accommodation. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is known as “the green city in the sun”. It is the world’s only capital with a safari park in town. It is the safari capital of Africa and a good base for travel to other parts of Kenya and Eastern Africa. Excursions and expeditions can be arranged to many of the exciting sites in the region. There are several museums and places of interest in the Nairobi, including the National Museums of Kenya.

Embu town is a major trading centre in Eastern Kenya. The town of Embu, is known for its Jacaranda trees, that literally turn the municipality into a purple shower when in flower. The Jacaranda trees lose their green leaves and become solid purple when they bloom, usually in October-November each year, depending on the rainfall.

All participants will assemble at Rowallan Camp. On the morning after the opening ceremony, they will depart to the three Expedition Centres where they will remain for four days. The remaining days of the Moot will be spent at Rowallan camp.

The National Training Centre of Kenya Scouts Association is located in the town of Embu. This modern facility will serve as one of the main programme venues for Embu Expedition Centre where Scouts will have the opportunity to experience the best of Kenyan Scouting and interact with the local community. There will also be opportunities for hiking in the tropical forest, visits to local rural villages, workshops on farming and coffee cultivation, sports and games and many more exciting activities.




Operation Safari is the solidarity fund for the 13th World Scout Moot. Operation Safari has been set up in order to help Scouts who have economic difficulties to participate at the Moot. As you may know, “safari” is the Swahili word for “a journey”. We want to ensure that as many young people from around the world as possible have the chance to experience the safari of a lifetime in Kenya at the 13th World Scout Moot.

PROGRAMME AND EXPEDITION CENTRES MANAGER As promised we are going to introduce the Moot Office staff to you one by one. In this Bulletin we will begin with the Programme and Expedition Centres Manager, Esther Ayoti. Esther joined the Moot Office earlier this year, having worked at Barclays Bank as a sales Manager since she graduated in 2006 from Kenyatta University.

Kenya Scouts Association, as the hosts of this event, will be making a significant contribution to Operation Safari. If your NSO would like to contribute further to this very worthwhile initiative, you can do so by making a donation to the following bank account:

Esther has been a Girl Guide since she was 10 years old where she took her Promise in 1994. She was invested into the Scout Movement in 1999 as a junior Scout and remains today an active Rover Scout. Esther has attended the 4th Africa Youth Forum and Conference in Rwanda, the 10th World Scout Youth Forum and 38th World Scout Conference in Korea, the East Africa Zonal Youth Forum in Tanzania and Roverway in Iceland 2009. Besides that she has been to many scout camps nationally and internationally. When Esther is not working for the Moot she spends her spare time reading while eating chocolates. She also likes travelling. The one food she would never eat is beans and her favorite place in Kenya is Mombasa Island. Her motto in life is “you will give yourself peace of mind if you do every act of your life as if it were your last”. Her latest achievement is getting to the peak of Mt. Kenya and of this she says, “It was an amazing journey that I will live to remember”.

World Scout Bureau

c/o UBS

P.O. Box 2600

CH-1211 Geneva 2 - Switzerland

Account: 240 396.337.61W (USD)

IBAN: CH57 0024 0240 3963 3761 W


Purpose: “Operation Safari”

For your information and as a guide, the average cost of sending one Scout to the Moot including transport to and from Kenya and Moot participation fee is approximately USD 2,500. All contributions to Operation Safari no matter how great or small are most warmly appreciated.

Esther promises a fun, exciting and challenging Programme for all attending the Moot. Esther welcomes you to Kenya, and hopes that you will enjoy the Ultimate Discovery.

Whilst we encourage all NSOs to contribute to Operation Safari, we are aware that a number of NSOs have existing arrangements in place whereby they instead provide direct financial support to a specific NSO in sending Scouts to the World Scout Moot. If your NSO plans to directly support one or more specific NSOs in this way, please let us know about this by sending an email to Doing so will allow us to ensure as fair as possible an allocation of funding from Operation Safari. Thank you for your co-operation.

CONTACT The 13th World Scout Moot Office Rowallan Scout Camp opp. Jamhuri Park, Kibera Drive P.O. Box 41422 – 00100 NAIROBI KENYA e-mail:


+25420 2461335

cell: web:

IN THE NEXT BULLETIN... That’s all for this Bulletin. Thank you for reading and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time on The next Moot Bulletin in February 2010 will include: - More details on Moot Programme

+25420 2461334

- Practical information in preparing for your trip to Kenya

- Reports on Moot promotion in the Regions - Answers to frequently asked questions Don’t forget that December 31 2009 is the deadline to register to avail of a 5% discount on Moot Registration fees. We look forward to seeing you in Kenya next July!


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