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December 2012


News from the Africa Scout Region

South Sudan Scout Association on the road to recognition

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South Sudan Scout Association on the road to recognition

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Centenary celebrations climaxes in a National Jamboree

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Africa Scout Foundation promoted in the APR Conference Spreading Peace knows no age


Mwamba Scout Troop benefits from ARO's Corporate Social Responsibility

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SOUTH SUDAN - After years of war, the Republic of South Sudan gained independence on 9th July 2011. Since then, the country has embarked on massive nation building initiatives. The challenge is to develop characters and skills needed to build a decent and stable nation. In this respect, both the authorities and the population see Scouting, in the words of the Deputy Governor of Central Equatorial State, as “an organization of public good”. Whereas Scouting has existed in the country since colonial time, the newly formed South Sudan Scout Association (SSSA) also faces the challenge of meeting the expectations of the authorities and the population. At least, to benefit from the experience of the world Scouting fraternity, the Association has applied for membership with the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). In its September 2012 ordinary meeting, the World Scout Committee approved the constitution of the Association and recommended a fact-finding mission to ensure that realities on the ground conform to WOSM membership requirements. Comprised of the Regional Directors of the Africa and Arab Scout Regions (Mr. Frederic Tutu Kama-Kama and Dr. Atif Abdelmageed Abdelrahman, respectively) and the Director for Adults in Scouting and Volunteers Development at the World Scout Bureau Central Office in Geneva (Mr. Saad Zian), the mission took place from the 5th to the 9th November 2012 and made positive recommendations. The buck is now with WOSM member National Scout Organizations (NSOs) to usher in SSSA as WOSM’s 163th member through the ballot.

Meanwhile, the Association has over 2,000 members and covers all the 10 states of the country. Its leadership and management teams comprise people of high caliber and enjoy the support of Government and local authorities as well as of the population. The President of the Republic is the Patron, the Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly is the Chief Scout and the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs is the Chairman of the National Scout Board. Major John Gatwec of the Police is also a member of the National Scout Board. On the management side, Mr. Ladu Said is the Chief Commissioner, with Evans Gogonya Israel as the Secretary General, Sadia Mohammed Osman as the Treasurer, Rev. Emmanuel Sokiri Lugor as the Commissioner for International Relations, Johnson Agau Makol as the Commissioner for Training, Gordon Gum Chol as the Community Development Commissioner, Gabriel Panchol Anyang as the INformationa and Public Relations Commissioner, Ngor Makuei Lueth as the Resources Mobilization Commissioner, and Nathaniel Yacub Tira as the Programme Commissioner. Besides, the Association has a relatively decent headquarters and a number of properties, including a camping and training site developed in partnership with Danish Scouters in Rejaf East and a new camping and training site donated by the local community in Koggi. There is also a new site for the proposed National Scout Headquarters in Lukwilili area of the capital Juba. (Continues on page 2)

Events Founder’s Day calendar

Africa Scout Day 2013 Southern Africa Zonal Youth Forum and Conference

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December 2012


FOCUS ON NSOs Centenary celebrations climaxes in a National Jamboree

(Continues from page 1) The Scout groups visited are well organized. The visit of the fact-finding team also coincided with the graduation of 58 Scouts in Juba and 473 Scouts in Yei. All the dignitaries met expressed their support to Scouting as a reliable partner for the development of the country. These are: H.E. Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth, the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs who is also the Chairman of National Scout Board; Hon. Manase Lomole Waya, Deputy Governor of Central Equatorial State; H.E. Dr. Cirino Hiteng Ofuho, Minister of Culture youth and Sports; H.E. Joseph Ukel, Minister of General Education; Hon. Deng Yai, the Under Secretary Ministry of General Education (MOGEI); H.E. Mohamed Elhaj Baballa Luala, the Mayor of Juba City and H.E. Juma David Augustine, the Commissioner of Yei County.

MAURITIUS – The climax of the Mauritius Scout Associations’ centenary celebrations and the National Jamboree took place from November 24th – December 3rd 2012. True to the theme, ‘Our colors brighten Scouting’, the Belle Mare beach was colorful with over 1800 Scouts aged between 11 and 16 years and leaders from seven countries: Mauritius (including Rodrigues), Portugal, Reunion Island, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore and South Africa).

Apart for the country infrastructure, which are under construction, as well as ICT facilities and leaders training which remain challenges for the Association, prospects for the development of Scouting in the country are bright. Kudumail Team takes this opportunity to wish SSSA every success in its WOSM membership bid.

Uganda hosts the East Africa Zonal Youth Forum and Conference UGANDA- From 9th-13th December 2012, the Uganda Scout Association played host to three East Africa Zone events: the Zonal Youth Forum, the Zonal Conference and Zonal Competition. Hon. Suleiman Madada, the Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development who is also a Scout, officially flagged off the concurrent events in a colorful ceremony. Ms. Mary Waweru, ARO’s Partnerships Support Officer, represented the Regional Office at the events as Senior Office managers were attending a WSB Staff Management Meeting at Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland.


The East Africa Zonal Scout Youth Forum 20 Scouts from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and for the first time South Sudan, converged at the Luyanzi College, Kampala for the Zonal Youth Forum. Under the banner “Rovering to Success”, the participants discussed how to develop the Rover Scout Section in the zone, youth participation in governance and development and Scouts as Messengers of Peace. In attendance was Ms. Grace Nyaruai the Chairperson of the Africa Youth Forum. At the end of the event, a new team was elected as the Zonal youth advisors, namely: Nelson Opany-Chairman (Kenya), Tracy Kiconco-English Secretary (Uganda), Fabian Akarikumutima - French Secretary (Rwanda), Valery Mbonimpa- Member (Burundi), Samson YounanMember (South Sudan), Carol Mbithe- Member (Kenya), Byamukama Rodgers-Member (Uganda) and Niyomungelimwiza Bertrand-Member (Rwanda).

H.E Kailash Purryag, the President of the Republic of Mauritius, who is also the Patron of the Association, officially flagged off the Jamboree. He commended the Scouts for their discipline and their involvement in developmental projects in the society and as an example that youth all over the world can emulate. Other guests present were Mr. Giandev Moteea Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Post who officially launched the first day cover for the centenary Scouting, Mr. Frederic Tutu Kama-Kama, the Regional Director World Scout Bureau - Africa Regional Office, Ms. Cynthia Marquez, the Global Projects Manager for Messenger of Peace, Mr. Jonathan Omondi the Youth Programme Assistant at World Scout Bureau - Africa Regional Office and representatives of Mauritius Telecom Foundation, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Environment. The participants were engaged in community service, aquatic and beach activities, martial arts and global village activities that were an opportunity for them to discover their skills, and learn through the exchange of ideas, culture and experience. The Jamboree provided a ripe opportunity for the participants to live the vision and mission of Scouting as they develop their sense of independence, autonomy, respect and tolerance for others. The Mauritius Scout Association was founded in 1912 and turned 100 this year. To celebrate this Scouting milestone, the association had activities through out the year culminating to the Jamboree.

The East Africa Zonal Scout Conference - Right opposite the youth forum venue, laid the Allianz Hotel, the Conference venue where 15 delegates from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and for the first time South Sudan converged. The session started with an introduction of the participants and a brief history of the conference. At the end, the conference came up with a calendar of next year’s events, resolutions and decided on Burundi as its next host. The East Africa Zonal Scout Competition - At the National Scout Centre in Kaazi, Entebbe, a group of 64 Scouts from Kenya and Uganda were taking part in a Scout Competition. Each country had a group of four troops and at the end, a troop from Kenya emerged the winner. At the ultimate end, participants from the conference were taken to the Kayanga District where the Hon. Madada was hosting a training camp for the disabled people. They were being trained on income generating projects as well as the sensitization on HIV/AIDS. In attendance were the Minister of youth and representatives from the Ministry of Health. 300 physically challenged people participated in the 9day training and the Scouts saw and bought the artifacts made by the physically challenged. The Scouts also visited the Namugongo Shrines, where in 1886 32 young men were burned to death for their refusal to denounce Christianity. The East Africa Zone comprises of Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Burundi and Rwanda National Scout Organizations joined the zone recently as a result of their countries joining the East Africa Community. Otherwise, NSOs of the zone have been working together for over two decades and meet every year for stock taking during the Zonal Youth Forum and Conference.


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December 2012


! FROM THE REGIONAL!!!OFFICE ! "#$%$&'#! ()$*+*!*,!)-!.!/#)$!01'2!31),,!0-#!4&4*1! The Africa Scout Foundation promoted in the APR )%!%5#!6#)$35!70+4$#5#-,*8#!635001!*-!9)*$0:*;!65#!*,!)! Spreading Peace knows no age <08*)12!41)/=&11!)-'!)'8#-%&$0&,!>*$1;!()$*+*!*,!)1,0!)!+#+:#$!0=!%5#!630&%*->!+08#+#-%!*-!(#-/)!*-!%5#!7&:! Conference Gertrude Karimi is an 8-year-old, class one>0!0&%2!41)/!)-'!5)8#! pupil at the Search Comprehensive 630&%!,#3%*0-;!65#!,)/,!%5)%!,5#!108#,!,30&%*->!:#3)&,#!*%!>*8#,!5#$!)-!0440$%&-*%/!%0! School in Nairobi. She is a jovial, playful and adventurous girl. Karimi is also a =&-;!!! member of the Scouting Movement in Kenya in the Cub Scout section. She says ! that she loves scouting because it gives her an opportunity to go out, play and have fun. ?-!@A%5!)-'!@@%5!908#+:#$!BA@B2!%5#!C08#$!630&%,!=$0+!(#-/)%%)!D-*8#$,*%/!0$>)-*E#'!)!F#)3#!7)+4!)%! %5#*$! &-*8#$,*%/! 3)+4,*%#! *-8018*->! ,30&%,! =$0+! 8)$*0&,! &-*8#$,*%*#,! )$0&-'! 9)*$0:*;! G$;! H#11#- On 10th and 11th November 2012, the Rover Scouts from .DULPL¡V Kenyatta University organized a Peace Camp at their university campsite involving scouts from +0%5#$!I50!*,!)!1#3%&$#$!)-'!%5#!3)$#%)J#$!0=!%5#!3)+4,*%#!5)'!:##-!*-8*%#'!%0!>$)3#!%5#!033),*0-;!F$0&'1/! various universities around Nairobi. Dr. Hellen, Karimiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mother who is a '$#,,#'!*-!5#$!,30&%!&-*=0$+!)-'!:#)+*->!I*%5!)!>$#)%!,+*1#!0-!5#$!=)3#2!()$*+*!)-'!5#$!1*%%1#!:$0%5#$2!(*$*+*! lecturer and the caretaker of the campsite had been invited to grace the )330+4)-*#'!%5#*$!+0%5#$;!! occasion. Proudly dressed in her scout uniform and beaming with a great smile on her face, Karimi and her little brother, Kirimi accompanied their mother. ! K%!%5#!#8#-%2!,5#!>0%!,0!*-8018#'!*-!%5#!)3%*8*%*#,! '0-#!:/!%5#!C08#$!630&%,;!65#!),,*,%#'!*-!41)-%*->! )%! 1#),%! ,*L! 4#)3#! %$##,! )%! %5#! ,*%#;! 9#1,0-2! %5#! (#-/)!630&%,!9)%*0-)1!M0&%5!C#4$#,#-%)%*8#2!I50! I),!)1,0!*-!)%%#-')-3#!)I)$'#'!KHUD´0HVVHQJHUV 0=!FHDFHÂľULEERQIRUKHUDFWLYHSDUWLFLSDWLRQ 65#! I),!,0!*+4$#,,*8#;!! ! /RRNLQJ DW KHU GDXJKWHU¡V DFWLYHQHVV DQG S),,*0-! =0$!630&%*->2!G$;!H#11#-!30-=#,,#'!0=!50I!()$*+*! *-,4*$#,!5#$!%0!)1,0!I)-%!%0!:#30+#!)!,30&%!#8#-!)%! The 24th Asia Pacific Region Scout Conference was held at the Bangladesh th th International Conference Centre from 65#! the 24*,! - 29 November 2012. The event )'&1%! was 5#$! )>#;! -0I! 30-,*'#$*->! %)J*->! flagged off by H.E. Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister, Government of the People's 1#)'#$,! %$)*-*->! %0! #N&*4! 5#$,#1=! I*%5! %5#! Republic of Bangladesh. Other guests included; Hon. Jejomar C Binay the outgoing Chairman of the RegionalJ-0I1#'>#!)-'!,J*11,!%0!,&440$%! Scout Committee and Vice President 5#$!')&>5%#$!)-'! of the Republic of Philippines; Mr. Simon Rhee, the Chairman of the World Scout Committee; Mr. Luc 0%5#$!/0&->!4#041#!*-!#-<0/*->!630&%*->;!! Panissod, the outgoing WOSM Secretary General; Mr. Scott Teare, the incoming ! At the event, she got so involved in the activities done by the Rover Scouts. She WOSM Secretary General; Mr. Gilbert Mussumba, the Chairperson of the Africa ()$*+*!-0I!,)/,!,5#!I*11!I#)$!5#$!O0F!$*::0-!%0!,35001;!P5$0&>5!%5*,!)-'!I*%5!5#14!=$0+!5#$!+0%5#$2!,5#! assisted in planting at least six peace trees at the site. Nelson, the Kenya Scouts Scout Committee;,Mr. Abdullah Rasheed the Regional Director, Asia- Pacific Region; National Youth Representative, who was also in attendance awarded her a Mr. Frederic KamaKama,504#,!%0!>#%!+0$#!0=!5#$!=$*#-',!%0!1*J#!630&%*->;!7KH\RXQJ.DULPL¡VH[DPSOHLVRQHRIKRZFKLOGUHQFDQ Regional Director, Africa Region; Mr. David McKee, the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Messengers of Peaceâ&#x20AC;? ribbon for her active participation. She was so Regional Director, Europe*-,4*$#!4),,*0-!*-!0%5#$!4#041#2!#8#-!)'&1%,2!)$0&-'!)!I0$%5/!3)&,#;!6&35!4),,*0-!)-'!,#-,#!0=!$#,40-,*:*1*%/! Region; Mr. Jeremy Naivasha, the treasurer Africa Scout impressed. Committee and guests from Arab, Inter-America, Europe and Eurasia, representing *,! I5)%! I#! -##'! %0! *-,%*11! *-! 0&$! 35*1'$#-! ,0! %5)%! %5#/! >$0I! &4! %0! :#! )I)$#2! 4#)3#! 108*->! )-'! 4$0'&3%*8#! Scouting from various levels of world Scouting and other partner organizations. Looking at her daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s activeness and passion for Scouting, Dr. Hellen The conference saw 400 +#+:#$,!0=!,03*#%/;! participants and guests take part in various activities, key confessed of how Karimi inspires her to also want to become a scout even at her among them was an input! on the role of NSOs in service management conducted by age. She is now considering taking adult leaders training to equip herself with external resource speaker Dr. A. K. M. Saiful Majid, Professor at the Institute of the knowledge and skills to support her daughter and other young people in Business Administration, 1$90.(*C,4'$()*C"%(6* University of Dhaka. The conference also elected new enjoying Scouting.Karimi now says she will wear her MoP ribbon to school. =.+*27#',%*D.<<:('56*E$%&$#*F*1%5'.(%9*G.:54*H$"#$0$(5%5'>$B*-$(6%*!,.:50*200.,'%5'.(* members of the Asia Pacific Scout Committee, with Dr Chao Shou Po as the new Chairman. On the lighter side of the conference, participants and guests enjoyed an education tour that mainly composed of an eight-hour train ride. Bangladesh Scouts Rovers went around the train dancing and singing bringing in so much fun to the trip. The trip was meaningful allowing overseas participants and guests to see Bangladesh in its true beauty, culture and character and the whole community waited to welcome the Scout guests as they arrived in Srimangal, the tea capital of Bangladesh. Mr. Mussumba, Mr. Naivasha and Mr. KamaKama promoted the Africa Scout Foundation during the event receiving 11 new members and numerous pledges. The Africa Scout Foundation was established in 1995 to contribute to the general budget of the Africa Scout Region and to ensure that externally non-fundable aspects of the region do not suffer. The Africa Scout Foundation achieves this by raising funds, through recruitment of members whose contributions finance the promotion of Scouting in Africa. There are three types of membership categories: Individual, Corporate and Scout Association respectively. In each category, a provision has been made for members to grow in a four-stage system starting from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Although Bronze is the starting point for each of the categories, it does not mean that a member must start from Bronze. One is free to enter from any of the stages; for instance, a corporation can choose to enter at the Silver or Gold Corporate category. However, the ranks allows for gradual contributions with the highest being the platinum membership. For more information, please visit: ca_scout_foundation


Through this and with help from her mother, she hopes to get more of her friends to like Scouting. The young Karimiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s example is one of how children can inspire passion in other people, even adults, around a worthy cause. Such passion and sense of responsibility is what we need to instill in our children so that they grow up to be peace loving and productive members of society.

Mwamba Scout Troop benefits from ARO's Corporate Social Responsibility KENYA- Thursday 29th November 2012 marked the end of an 8-day training and investiture camp for the Mwamba troop at the Rowallan National Scout Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. The troop that is under the Kasarani group of the Kenya Scout Association is from Starehe Girls Centre, a national school that admits bright but disadvantaged girls from all over Kenya since its inception in the year 2005. During this ceremony, 6 Scouts were invested and 61 others graduated to subsequent categories namely, Mwanzo, Mwangaza, Kilele and Simba. Gracing the occasion were Christophe Sanon, the Director Strategy and Educational Services, Jacques Sandrizi, the Unit Manager, Development Support, Mostaff Matesanwa, the Unit Manager, Adult in Scouting and Training and Amos Ndegwa, the IT Officer and Communications Assistant all staff of the World Scout Bureau - Africa Regional Office. At the end, they distributed Scout items that were donated by the Africa Regional Office as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Š 2012 World Scout Bureau â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Africa Regional Office

December 2012



Memorable quote “I was not a Scout but having lived in Kenya and seen the contribution of Scouting to the education of young people in there, and aware of the challenges we are facing as a new country, I would say that we cannot afford to miss the opportunity of making Scouting an organization of public good. As the host of the capital and the mirror of the country, we are glad to allocate lands to Scouts for them to establish centres that would help instill character and values to young people, not only from Central Equatorial State but also from our entire country.

Ghana Scouts joins fellow youth in a peace campaign GHANA - Jemima Nartey, the immediate former chairperson of the Africa Scout Committee was among Scouts and youth from different youth organizations in Ghana that organized and participated in a national peace tree planting on 24th November 2012. The event that was themed, “Peace in Ghana, youth concerned”, saw about 4000 youth from eleven organizations take part. They were; Ghana Scout Association, the National Cadet Corps, Ghana Red Cross Society, Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), Head of State Award Scheme, Ghana Girl Guides, Multi-media Groups of Companies, UN Volunteers, the Raleigh International and the St Johns Ambulance. The organizations’ heads participated in a tree planting at the 28th February Crossroad Park (a significant part of the Ghanian history where the shooting of three ex-service men who fought alongside the allied forces during the second world war took place) as a sign of peace and commitment to the youth. In attendance were; Chief Superintendent Saraj, the Head of the National Community Police Executive, the Ghana Scout Association Executive and representatives of the various youth organizations. The hallmark of the programme was the signing on a peace board by all present to pledge their commitment to peace. The first to sign was the guest of honor followed by Jemima Nartey, then representatives and heads of various participating organizations and the political parties present.

Hon.Manase Lomole Waya Deputy Governor, Central Equatorial State, Republic of South Sudan





Founder’s Day

22nd February 2013

Celebrated at NSO Level

Africa Scout Day

10th - 14th March 2013


Southern Africa Zonal Youth Forum and Conference

9th to 11th and 12th to 14th April 2013, respectively

Gaborone, Botswana


The National peace tree planting was a collaboration of the Ghana Scout Association, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Youth Authority in cooperation with the youth organizations.

The Kudumail Team wishes you a Happy and Prosperous Festive Season.!/ScoutingAfrica


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