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November 2011


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Executives from 5 NSOs benefit from On-the-Job-Training at ARO

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NAIROBI - As part of the Africa Scout Region’s strategic development plan, five participants from Angola, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Swaziland benefited from a month long On-the-Job-Training (OJT) at the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional Office (ARO) in Nairobi, from 27th September to 27th October 2011. The OJT aims at equipping participants with necessary skills for the running their National Scout Organizations (NSOs) offices. It is a combination of brief presentations, group work, field activities, attachments to various departments and personal projects. It is an opportunity for the participants to draw lessons and best practices through their interactions with both ARO and Kenya Scout Association’s (KSA) staff, as well as with communities that host scout facilities and/or activities.

The beneficiary countries are selected based on a needs assessment regularly carried out among the NSOs by ARO with regards to key issues such as NSO, events and/or projects management, finance and administration, communication and partnerships. Apart from their interactions with ARO and KSA’s Headquarters at Rowallan Scout Camp, this year participants had also the opportunity to visit the grave of the Founder, Lord Baden Pawell, in Nyeri, as well as Embu Scout Training Centre and KSA’s Scout Shop in down town Nairobi. They are positive about their experiences and hope to be able to share them and to implement the lessons learn while back home. ARO hosts the OJT once a year. Planning for the next training is already underway and is tentatively slotted for February next year.

Memorable Jemimah Nartey – Chair, Quote Africa Scout Committee. Page 4 And more!

November 2011


FESCO holds its 5th Conference and elects new leadership team. KINSHASA – From 25th to 27th October 2011, FESCO (Fédération des Scouts de la République Démocratique du Congo) held its 5th conference, with the Regional Director, Mr. Frederic Tutu Kama-Kama, in attendance. In the context of FESCO, a conference stands for a general meeting and, according to its constitution, an ordinary conference is held every 3 years. During this 3-day meeting (24th to 27th October 2011), delegates tackled a number of issues; key among them included the management of the NSO, management of adult resources, community development, constitutional matters and the election of a new national leadership team. As decided at its 4th Conference, 4 members completed their term and 4 others were elected members of the National Committee, making a total of 8 elected members. ⇒

15th East Africa Zonal Conference and Competition The Tanzania Scouts Association will be the host country for the 15th East Africa Zonal Conference and Competition. The conference and competitions will tentatively be held from 8th to 13th December 2011 at the Coast Region in Tanzania. The East Africa Zone is made up of 6 countries namely: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda. Each NSO is entitled to send 5 Scout patrols to the competitions, 2 youth representatives to the youth forum and 6 commissioners to the conference. For more information about the East Africa Zonal Conference and Competition, contact Tanzania Scout Association.

IKSDP continues to sow the seed of transformation in Nyandiwa–Gwassi (Kenya) As reported in our last issue, the Italian Kenya Scout Development Project (IKSDP) continues to play a transformative role in the Nyandiwa community in Kenya.The latest report (end of October 2011) indicates that more young people are joining the Scout movement in Gwassi division. To support students who would not otherwise meet the requirement, the IKSDP donated 100 Scout uniforms to five new Scout groups from five schools. Three groups are already registered with the Kenya Scouts Association. The ⇒

FOCUS ON NSOs (FESCO) And as it is customary, the 8 met to elect their chairperson in the person of Mr. N’Fan I Ying Mushid. Another highlight was the unanimous re-election of Prof. Bertin Makolo Muswaswa, at the floor of the conference, as Chief Commissioner for another 3 years (2011 – 2014). Other key resolutions that were adopted during the event include recommendations to form a constitutional review commission, improve internal communication, develop a POR (Policy, Organization and Rules) manual and formalize MoUs with relevant partners. The FESCO consists of eleven provincial Scout associations. Founded in 1924, it first became a member of the WOSM in 1963 and then in 1981. Its 4th conference held in 2008 put an end to a tumultuous past and paved way to the ongoing restructuring. We congratulate FESCO membership for this bold step and wish the newly elected national leadership team every success.

Benin to host the 7th West Africa Zonal Scout Conference Benin Scout Association is poised to host the 7th West Africa Zonal Scout Conference and Youth Forum under the theme “Staff Engagement and Dialogue for Active Citizenship”. The Conference will be held from 20th to 24th November 2011 at Abomey Calavi University, Cotonou. The Youth forum will be held from 16th to 19th November 2011 in Porto Novo, at the Scout Centre. There will also be alternative Hotel accommodation near the main conference centers at affordable prices.The previous West Africa Zonal Conference was held in Lome, Togo on 5-8 July 2010. It brought together 123 participants, including 38 youth, from 10 member countries.The West African scout zone is made of 13 NSOs, namely Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.The main aim of a zonal conference, as an operational and not statutory structure, is to stimulate mutual support and synergy of action among participating NSOs, based on their common needs and/or concerns.

Burundi Scouts to host an international Peace Gathering in December 2011 As another test-run of the 6th Africa Scout Jamboree, the Burundi Scout Association is poised to host an international Scout gathering from 26th December 2011 to 2nd January 2012, at the same venue where the 6th Africa Jamboree will be held (on 27 July – 7 August 2012) and where the regional Africa Scout Day celebrations 2010 took place. The gathering will bring together scouts and scouters from the Africa Great Lakes Region and their international counterparts with the aim of fostering understanding, dialogue and collaboration in view of a more peaceful society. There will also be a “mock jamboree” during the gathering. Preparations for the event are at an advanced stage, under the auspices of Amahoro-Amani, with substantial support from Swedish Guides and Scouts Council (the host of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree – July-August 2011) and Scouts et Guides de France. Amahoro-Amani is a joint initiative of Scout Organizations and Guide Associations of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It aims at bridging the ethnic divide through the establishment of peace clubs where youth learn to understand and accept each other, and work together to “sow the seeds of peace” in their communities. For further information on the International Peace Gathering and the 6th Africa Scout Jamboree, kindly contact Burundi Scout Association or the Regional Office.

Bem-vindo a Angola!

IKSDP is a joint project of The Brownsea Foundation (Italy), Kenya Scout Association, World Scout Bureau, and local community. In promoting Scouting in the Nyandiwa-Gwassi area, its target is to have at least a scout group in every school by August next year. As also reported in our last issue, thanks to the project, the community now has a Scout centre cum informal education facility, clean water, a dispensary, schools, sports ground, and Internet connection among other facilities. These facilities are turning Nyandiwa into a beehive of activities.


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For details, please contact: The Africa Regional Office, Rowallan Scout Camp Tel: +254 20 245 09 85

November 2011


FROM THE REGIONAL OFFICE 2 ARO staff attend APR workshop on partnership and fundraising

Reaching out to children with special needs


The Asia-Pacific Regional (APR) workshop on Partnership and Fundraising began on 15th October 2011 at the Seoul Olympic Parktel, Korea. Two executives from the Africa Regional Office (Jacques Sandrizi and Pauline Kibugi) were among the 29 participants, mostly from National Scout Organizations (NSOs) in the Asia Pacific Region. Through the able guidance of an external expert as main facilitator, the workshop was a combination of presentations, group discussions and case studies. Sessions on partnerships focused on the Marrakech Charter and public relations for partnerships. Participants observed that some key elements were lacking in the 2005 Bangalore edition of the Marrakech Charter, which serves as the guideline for partnership within WOSM. These include key components of MoUs and codes of conduct. Participants also felt that the document should clearly highlight the importance of agreeing on the value system from the outset of the partnership. In turn, sessions on fundraising focused on principles and strategy of fundraising, methods of fundraising and present trend, planning and developing fundraising and writing project proposals.

NAIROBI, Kenya - On 4 November 2011, the Africa Regional Office (ARO) made a donation of shoes and clothing to the Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa’s Home of destitute children in Langata. Sr. Marierose, who received the donation on behalf of the centre, was appreciative and thankful for this generous gesture. The donation, which was presented by the ARO’s Assistant Youth Programme, comprised of 30 pair of shoes and 50 pairs of assorted clothes. This is in line with WOSM’s strategic priority of reaching out and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. The Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa’s Home in Langata was opened in 1988 to cater for destitute children. The Regional Office has had a long lasting partnership with the home and celebrated the 2008 Africa Scout Day at the home where the Regional Staff participated in the cleaning of the centre, did laundry and fed the children. They also made a donation of foodstuffs and items of clothing.

The Korea Scout Association International Commissioner, Dr Eugene Gui Kim, acknowledged the participation and contribution of the Africa Region executives during the workshop. He expressed his enthusiasm on the opportunity to partner with the Africa Region, which has the potential to develop into a long lasting co-operation with the Asia-Pacific Region. The Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Mr. Abdullah Rasheed, who also attended the workshop, noted that through sharing of experiences among the participants, direct learning and greater collaboration are created. Also present during the event were the National Chief Commissioner of Korea Scout Association, Mr Jung Bok Hyun; the Secretary General of Korea Scout Association, Hong Sung Soo; the Asia-Pacific Region Scout Committee Vice-Chairman Prakorb Mukura; and the Asia-Pacific Committee member, Shim Sang Ho.


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November 2011



“Scouting changed my life” Dennilson Onsom, 22-year old, from Kisii in Western Kenya recounts how Scouting has transformed his life. “For almost twenty years, I had never known the luxury of a warm blanket or a well-cooked healthy meal”, he says. “Life was about sleeping in the cold and eating from the garbage pit of the Kisii town of the western part of Kenya. At one point I moved to the streets of Nairobi with the hope of a better life, but this bore no fruits and I resolve to go back to Kisii”, he goes on to recount. “It was after returning to Kisii that I was rehabilitated by Harambee for Kenya, an organization that rehabilitates street children and whose founders are Scouts. They introduced me to Scouting where I discovered my soapstone carving talent. Since then, my life has never been the same”, he recalls. Upon discovering his talent in soapstone carving, Dennilson decided to take a course in the same to perfect his trade. Today, the 22 year old is a skilled soap stone carver and expresses his passion for Scouting by carving scout items especially that of our founder Lord Baden Powell. His artifacts go for KSh. 100-1500 (US$ 1-15) each. Even as he makes a living from this, his deepest desire is to train in Scouting and be a Scout leader.

5th International Gathering for “Scouting & Young People with Special Needs” The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) Scout Association poised to host the 5th International Gathering under the theme “Scouting & Young People with Special Needs” on 4-12 February 2012 in Sharjah. The gathering will be held under a patronage of the governor of Sharjah, H.E. Shaik Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammad El-Qasemmi, with the main objective of increasing awareness, knowledge and skills of the participants on how to deal with young people with special needs.

The rover should be a male, between 18 and 23year old, interested in the relevant activities, and nominated by his NSO. For more information, please contact the Regional Office.

"Like an elephant, the Africa Region is moving slowly, surely and with gigantic steps". ~ Jemima N Nartey Chairperson, Africa Scout Committee






West African Zonal Conference

20 – 24th November 2011


East African Zonal Conference

8 – 13th December 2011


International Peace Gathering

26th December 2011 – 2nd January 2012


Africa Scout Day

13th March 2012

All African Countries (Main host: Angola)

6th Africa Youth Forum

1-4th June 2012


15th Africa Regional Conference

6-9th June 2012


6th Africa Regional Jamboree

28th July - 5th August 2012


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World Scout Bureau Africa Regional Office P.O. Box 63070 00200, City Square Nairobi, KENYA Skype: worldscoutbureauafrica Phone 1: (+254 20) 728499553 Phone 2: (+254 20) 245 09 85

African NSOs have been invited to nominate one rover each. ⇒


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