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Bulletin 2– Appendix 6

Contingent Registration Form

National Scout Organization Country

1) Does your National Scout Organization intend to send a contingent to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree? YES


2) How many people do you estimate that there will be in your national contingent? Male



Participants Unit Leaders Contingent Management Team International Service Team Total Contingent Size

3) Is your contingent interested in participating in the Home Hospitality programme? YES


If YES, please indicate your current plan. i) How many people do you estimate will participate Home Hospitality Programme? Male


Participants Scouts Leaders

ii) Are you planning the Home Hospitality before or after the Jamboree? If possible, please specify

the dates. □ Before the Jamboree from            to            . □ After the Jamboree from            to            

iii) Is there any preferred area for Home Hospitality? □ No preference □ We would like to be hosted in the following area: Area (or name of prefecture):                  Contact Person in the above area (If any):  (Name) (Address) (Telephone/Mobile) (E-mail)

4) Details about the person filling this form (First Name) (Family Name) (Position in NSO) (Date) (Signature)

Approval from NSO (Name of NSO) (Name of Approver) (Title) (E-mail) (Date) (Signature)

This form should be completed by each National Scout Organization (only one per country), and returned to the Jamboree Office by the end of December 2013.

23wsj Contingent registration form  

23wsj contingent registration form ENGLISH

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