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Bridget Moynahan





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thankUfor40YEARS of intensive caring for newborns+families

More than four decades ago, Crouse Hospital introduced our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Today, we’ve grown to become the premier—and highest level—NICU in the region. And we continue to grow, with a dedicated staff of renowned neonatologists, nurses and pediatric specialists who care for more than 1,000 infants annually from an area that stretches north to Canada and south to the Pennsylvania border. Together, we’re celebrating 40 years of intensive caring for the region’s tiniest premature and critically ill newborns and their families.

Baker Regional NICU Share your little fighter’s story or make a contribution at crouse.org/littlefighters



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5 Ways To Be More Grateful Turkey Wattle When It Gets Cold In Art - Colleen Woolpert Cover - Bridget Moynahan

Amari Pollard’s - Fresh Faces Fall Fashion Glitter and Glisten XTravaganza Holiday Finds - Keep It Local Trish Anderson Rockin and Rollin Fall Favorites www.edwardjones.com

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Jim Henty, AAMS® Financial Advisor .

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Five Ways

To Be More Grateful By: Molly Lizzio, MA, LPMFT Do more of what you love! Most women I’ve met seem to have this never-ending checklist running through their mind. All day long they’re reviewing things they’ve checked off, and cataloging what is yet to be done. What I’ve noticed most about a lot of these lists is that are usually about care-taking to other people or things. If it’s not an endless list of household chores, it’s a list of tasks for work, family, friends, and more often than not it’ a list of all of these combined. What I like to stress to the women I work with is finding room on that list for themselves, and no, not at the bottom when everything is done. Because here’s the secret: There is no bottom of the list. It just keeps going. Create a well-balanced list. One that has necessary tasks on it, and also a good mix of things that you actually, want to do. When you make room for what you love, it creates a more positive energy, and you can carry that positive energy with you through out the rest of your list, and your day. Invest in something bigger than yourself! A good way to help get away from the list making frenzy is to devote yourself to something bigger than you. Many people see this as religion, and it’s a wonderful choice. Feel free to expand upon religion and look at spirituality in general. This can be seen in spending time in nature, and really reveling at just how small we are. Perhaps you’re interested in the larger picture of our country, and want to be involved in a political campaign.

When you’re involved in something really big, it can help put that never-ending list into good perspective. There is a reason so many people love to sit by the ocean. When you sit by the ocean and see those waves rolling in the dishes in the sink don’t seem as important. Once you’ve committed yourself to something so big, and have great perspective into your life, there’s room to see the blessings, and magic that belong to you. When you recognize just how small you are in this grand scheme of things you’re more likely to be thankful. Say yes! Dare to be adventurous. If your friends ask you to go climb Whiteface Mountain, say yes. If someone asks you to lunch, but you really don’t have the time, say yes. Getting out from under your normal every day life and responsibilities keeps you awake and alert to all the wonders life has to offer. It’s fun to see what comes your way when you let the universe know you are open. Routine is like home: there is a beauty to leaving it, and also a beauty to returning to it when the adventure is over. Some things you try may not be anything you ever want to try again, and some will be the saving grace you never knew you needed. Make dates! Surround yourself with people who fill you up. Ask out your best friend, your daughter, your partner, or even your grandchildren

for an afternoon out. Go out of your way to make the person your spending time with feel honored and adored. There is liberation in investing so wholly in another person without expectation of what you’d receive back. It’s important to remember sometimes that the people in our life are there for a reason. When we look for our highest blessings, we need not look further than friends and family. These are the people who build and grow us. Acknowledge the importance of these connections, and spend quality time honoring them. Volunteer! Few things can help someone find a sense of gratitude quite like volunteering. Volunteering is giving of ones time and energy. But this is different than the way you give time and energy to the list of chores, your adventures, or even your close friends. Volunteering combines the benefits from all of those things and gives it to someone who desperately needs it. The ripple effects of this process are endless. When you are focused on putting that kind of energy out there is no denying that what comes back will lift you up. People always think of volunteering in the obvious ways, like in a soup kitchen. It’s easy to see the benefits of a good deed like that. But do not diminish the millions of other ways to volunteer, whether it’s at your child’s school, girl scouts, or even a breast cancer 5k. There is always room for good deeds, and those good deeds will never fail to help you live a more grateful and filling life.



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The Turkey Wattle: Looks Good on Turkeys, Not on Us. Neck Lifts Gathering Flocks of Attention


e know the look. We have seen it on turkeys. That doesn’t seem to bother us. As we age, some of us start to see it in the mirror. And now it bothers us. Loose or weakened neck muscles cause the appearance of neck “bands” or the “turkey wattle”. Changing the look of our neck creates a firmer and smoother appearance to the neck and chin. This can dramatically improve one’s appearance. As we are witnessing throughout the years, our muscles, facial skin and neck can loosen and sag. There are several ways in which to change this. CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, LLC is a leader in Central New York in the area of neck lifts and corrective procedures.

Beth Phillips, RPCA

By: Kristen Penfield happy with the natural aging of their face and prefer the neck lift alone. Both ways, patients look dramatically younger and more vibrant.” There are several procedures that are encompassed under a neck lift. Phillips explains, “Platysmaplasty is performed when we want to tighten the neck muscles. This gets rid of the appearance of band lines in the neck. This procedure can be performed endoscopically (using a small camera) or directly. Either way, it entails a small incision under the chin to stitch the neck muscles together to create a smooth appearance “ (if there is not excessive skin). “The traditional neck lift is performed using an incision around the ear, and in the hairline and excess skin is removed.”

Beth Phillips, RPAC has the knowledge and experience to provide expert care for patients of the Syracuse plastic surgery practice. Phillips began her career as a Physician Assistant at the Cortland Memorial Emergency Room. She further honed her surgical skills and education by working at St. Before After Joseph’s Hospital as a Physician Assistant and the Coordinator of the Surgery PA department. She went “Since we are now in into private surgical practice in 2000 for a an age of taking pictures on cell phones, highly experienced general surgeon with a selfies, and social media, we are more aware focus on breast and thyroid surgery. Workthan ever of how a sagging neck makes ing for the past 11 years with Dr. Deboni, a us look,” claimed Phillips. Both men and respected plastic surgeon serving Syracuse, women, typically between the ages of 40NY, Phillips’ knowledge and experience 65, choose a neck lift to improve the lower with cosmetic and reconstructive procethird of their face. There are so many bendures is extensive. Phillips tells us that her efits! These procedures smooth wrinkles, practice sees many patients in Syracuse improve jowls, eliminate a double chin, coming in for neck lifts, or other procedefine the jaw line and neck, lift sagging dures to improve their physical appearance, skin on the neck, all while tremendously making them look visibly younger without improving self-image and self-confidence. changing the look in their face. “There are many variables that may cause Phillips states, “It definitely makes a big concern in the neck area,” claimed Phillips. difference in improving the neck and jaw “Weight can certainly be an issue. Perhaps line. It is often performed in conjunction a person has lost a significant amount of with a face lift, but many patients are weight, and the sagging skin becomes

worse. It can also be hereditary, a factor of gravity or simply fewer collagen in the skin due to aging,” she added. Phillips informed us of a common procedure done in their office, a Direct Excision with Z-Plasty. They remove sagging skin and fat along the front of the neck. “The Z-Plasty has an up and down incision with a small zig-zag to improve healing,” Phillips said, “the down-time after this procedure is minimal, but with great results.” “We often perform liposuction to remove tissue in the neck area,” Phillips stated. “It can help re-sculpt this area and tighten loose skin. We make a small incision under the jaw line, and this has minimal down time,” added Phillips. “Often, we follow up neck liposuction with Skintyte laser treatments to aid in firming the skin and stimulating collagen production.” Phillips informed us about a new, recently FDA approved product called Kybella. It is aimed at removing fat below the chin without any surgery at all. It is a deoxycholic acid which, after several injections, disintegrates fat under the chin. Deoxycholic acid is also produced in our own body that helps absorb fat. When it is injected into the fat, it destroys fat cells. The medical professionals at CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery are slated to be trained in the use of Kybella. Phillips said, “We are excited to learn about this new, FDA approved procedure. Most people will see the results they are looking for in two to four sessions. Each session must be a month apart. There are low side effects to this procedure. Anyone interested can certainly talk to us directly.” For additional information on neck lifts and other procedures offered at CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery visit:wwplasticsurgeryofsyracuse.com



When it Gets Cold… Heat Things Up! By Linda Quinn, MS, RDN


reaming of Big Bowls of Soup and Fuzzy Blankets?

Now that the air is crisp and cool, your yearning for spring salads and icy smoothies turns to a longing for warmer fare. You dream of noshing on crusty bread dipped in chunky soups and stews while lounging in the glow of a warm fireplace. This desire for more substantial sustenance is not just in your head. It’s in your genes. Turns out we actually feel hungrier in the fall. It is a throwback to our ancient ancestors who needed to hunker down and survive the cold winters. Researchers find that we still maintain some of that genetic footprint. They hypothesize that shorter days with less sunlight may contribute to this phenomenon. Subtle changes in our hormones and brain neuro peptides may also effect food intake and weight regulation throughout the seasons. In a 2005 study published in the journal Nature, researchers in Massachusetts found that people do in fact increase their daily caloric intake during the fall compared to the spring. In addition, they found that people are then less active in the winter. Although the average weight gain in this study was only 2 pounds, some people may be more vulnerable than others. Add in the holidays with tables full of indulgent desserts and you may start to see some rolls that aren’t so sweet. Comfort Foods with a Twist How do you stay warm and still maintain a handle on your love handles? Adding herbs and spices is a great way to turn up



the heat and lower fat and sodium in your favorite meals. Spicy fare may slow down eating rate and help you to reduce intake while still feeling satisfied. Herbs and spices contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals and antioxidants. A 2014 study “Spices: the savory and beneficial science of pungency” found spices may improve gastrointestinal and cardiovascular function, can optimize skeletal muscle performance, reduce chronic inflammation, and prevent metabolic syndrome and diabetes. In fact, a large 2015 study published in the British Medical Journal found that regular spice eaters reduced their risk of death by 14%. Warm Your Heart, Without Clogging It Fall and winter are great times to enjoy autumn harvest foods. Visit the Regional Farmers Market and look for dark leafy greens, colorful carrots, squash, root vegetables, onions, garlic, apples, pears and grapes. Add these local treasures to recipes that focus on herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, beans and ancient grains. Using high quality olive oil and vinegar in recipes instead of cream and butter can add flavor and heart-protecting satisfaction. With robust flavors you can use less meat and cheese in your favorite recipes. Seek out Mediterranean-style dishes that focus on plant foods. Concentrate on whole foods this winter and see a whole new you come spring.

Curry in a Hurry! Main ingredient: Turmeric (curcumin) Properties: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, gastro-protective properties, increase detoxifying enzymes, prevent DNA damage, improve DNA repair, decrease mutations and tumor formation. Uses: Great in stir fries, soups, stews, casseroles and sprinkled on grilled proteins. Hot Stuff with Chili Peppers! Main Ingredient: Capsaicin Properties: Antioxidant, may positively affect Gut Micro-biome, prevents carcinogens from binding to DNA, may help prevent blood clotting, and decrease risk of prostate cancer. Uses: Cooked and raw can be added to sauces, salsas, dips, soups and stews for heat and flavor. Keep Dancing with a Little Ginger! Main Ingredient: Ginger root with many bioactive compounds. Properties: Anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, antioxidant, hypoglycemic effect, may increase insulin release, and glucose lowering effect. Uses: Fresh grated ginger can be added to stir fries, salads and tea. Pickled ginger is served with sushi.

Sweet Home Cinnamon! Main Ingredient: Cinnamon bark Properties: May increase glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis. These actions have potential to improve blood glucose control. Linda Quinn, MS, RDN is Chief Happiness Uses: Sweet ground cinnamon can replace sugar sprinkled on desserts, cereals, fruit Hero for Island Girl Living, LLC. Follow and used in baking. her on Facebook at Island Girl Living.

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Patient Satisfaction Rate! When great doctors work with a highly skilled, committed and caring staff, the outcome is patient satisfaction. At Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY, great effort is put forth to let patients know they matter. It’s not just their advanced treatments and technology, it’s the spirit of every physician and employee that offers hope and a partnership to walk the journey together, committed to the best possible outcome. At HOA, everything matters!

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At CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we offer the latest cosmetic and aesthetic procedures with an impressive combination of extensive training and experience. Dr. Anthony Deboni, Dr. Gregory Baum and their knowledgeable staff have an uncompromising commitment to helping patients achieve a balance of natural-looking beauty and self-confidence.

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Hello, We live in a world that gets crazy in the blink of an eye. We can stop a little of the madness for every person in the family with a very simple action. It will enrich the lives of those around you as well. Dinner around the table, a communion of sorts, a celebration of family, a thanksgiving for the food that we have, a time for conversation, companionship, and an opportunity to spend time with the most important people in your world. Apple Pie brings to mind the harvest,Thanksgiving, and family. My Mom would swear at every pie crust she made, by default I became the pie baker and gravy maker. With this recipe I wish all of you time to spend around the table, the good times will make the difficult times easier to bear. With much love, Ginny


4 ½ C. Unbleached flour pinch of salt 2/3 C. Shortening or lard 2/3 C. Unsalted butter cut into tiny pieces APPROXIMATELY: 3/4 C. Water on ice and ¼ C. Vodka

In mixing bowl beat on low speed the flour, shortening, salt and butter until it looks crumbly. Add the water\vodka- strained until it just comes together. Lay out on pastry board and combine until it comes together in a ball. Split into 4 balls and roll out for bottom or top crusts. The vodka in the recipe acts as a tenderizer, just like my Grandma added vinegar to her crust. Vodka tastes better if there is any left!



Apple Pie Recipe Oven at 375.


2 C. Apples peeled and sliced Empire, Macs, Cortland and Northern Spies are great for baking 1 ½ C Sugar 4 T. Flour 1 ½ t. Cinnamon ½ t. Nutmeg 4 T. Butter - reserved for dotting with butter before top crust goes on. Combine above ingredients, fill pie shell. Dot with butter and put top crust on. Crimp or flute the edge so filling stays in, poke holes or decorate top with air vents to allow steam to escape. You can use a cookie cutter to cut a few decorations in the top before you put it on the pie. Brush with egg white or heavy cream and sprinkle with coarse sugar. Bake for about 45 mins to 1 hour in preheated oven. Wrap edges in foil if they get browned too quickly. Some fun ingredients to add to pie filling: 1 C. Shredded Sharp Cheddar, 1 C. Raisins or Craisins, 1 C. Plums, 2 Beaten Eggs combined with 1 C. Heavy Cream for a Custardy Apple pie…

Artisans Against Hunger Artisans against Hunger, a handmade quality craft show benefiting a local food pantry and animal shelter, started with just three artists, who were friends and animal lovers too. Nine years ago they began a local artisan hand made art sale at the holidays to promote their work. Eventually they outgrew the home location and when they decided to go to a community location they also decided to give back to the community in terms of donations for needy pets and people. Caring and sharing were the goals. When the Fayetteville Town Center capacity was reached as the number of local artists increased it was time to move again. Fast forward nine years and this year approximately 24 local artists will participate. The show will be December 12, 2015 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Dewitt Community Church. Shoppers are asked to bring a donation for the food panty or a donation for the local animal shelter. Customers that shop this sale, as well as the artists that participate, have been extremely generous allowing for thousands of dollars worth of goods and money to be donated to help those people and animals in need....especially at the holidays. Please Join Us on December 12th. Admission is Free. Dewitt Community Church is located at 3600 Erie Blvd East Across from Shoppingtown Mall. Rear entrance

Colleen Woolpert Artist Photographer Educator

Photo by : Jingyu Wan By: Victoria Russo


tacks of stereographs sit in the center of two rectangular tables pushed together in the corner of Colleen Woolpert’s studio in Syracuse’s Near Westside. Nearby lies an aged, wooden stereoscope, the hand held instrument used to view stereographic images - sets of two similar photographs taken from slightly different perspectives - in three-dimensions. Mock-ups of books with blue covers and cardboard stereoscopes, inspired by the Erie Canal museum’s 3-D book Syracuse and its Surroundings, represent a project the artist/inventor hopes to pursue. Woolpert’s appreciation for stereograph photography stems from its ability to engage an audience in several ways. The independent images tell a story, as a photograph and as a historic object, and the interactive process transplants the viewer into that story’s setting. She will share this experience with the public during her December exhibition, Syracuse in 3-D, which will feature stereographs of Syracuse taken between 1860 and 1900. The collection of images, typically not put on display in galleries, come from archives at the Onondaga Historical



Association (OHA), where Woolpert curated Sights Unseen: Stereographs from the OHA Collection, shown from Sept. 2012 to Apr. 2013. She reaches across the table for one, by the photographer George W. Fenner, titled Night view in the 800 block of S. West St. The snowy houses, illuminated by a street light and located in the same neighborhood as her studio, no longer exist. Syracuse’s Westside is also home to the mutoscope, an early motion picture device that has intrigued Woolpert since she was a child. It marveled her to work so close to its birthplace. But this clear connection between her work and her location became blurred when Woolpert considered that the four inventors, like all of the photographers in her upcoming exhibition, were men. “It’s enough to make me want to stop telling the story,” says Woolpert. “I’m a little bit tired of trumpeting these heroic endeavors of men when I know there were a lot of women who were doing things, but they didn’t get recognition or they weren’t given the opportunity.” Women worked behind the scenes, typical for that time period, and helped to manufacture stereographs by cutting the images and pasting them

to cards. But decades later, Woolpert has developed her own stereographic invention, a patent-pending device she calls the TwinScope Viewer. Her viewer, part of a larger body of work called the TwinScope Project, will be incorporated into her exhibition. Sights Unseen was a piece of this project, as well as SyraViews, the permanent stereo-viewers displaying historic photographs at Forman Park. The upcoming show is designed to allow audience to interact with both the images and Woolpert’s invention. “[It’s] far and away one of the best viewers for stereo-photographs that I’ve ever seen,” says Daniel Ward, curator at the Erie Canal Museum and a PhD in history. “It’s extraordinarily well-made. It’s the Rolls Royce of stereo viewers. She has great ideas and she’s extremely knowledgeable, particularly of vintage stereographs.” By presenting these images in a small and personal setting, Woolpert hopes to restore some respect and reverence for the art of stereography. Her interests and experiences inspire her work as much as her innate awareness of the world around her. A natural intercon-

Syracuse in 3-D nectedness exists between herself and her art, her art and her place, her place and the past. She motions to an image on her studio wall. Two women, both with blue shirts and red lips, stand against a crimson background. They appear almost identical, differing by the length of their chestnut hair. “My twin sister, here,” she says, “and I, we are like that stereo camera, where the conception happened simultaneously but two slightly different versions of that same DNA were expressed.” Her twin sister, a painter and drawer in Chicago, was born with strabismus, a visual impairment that affects how an individual perceives depth. They’re outwardly the same, but view the world with slightly different perspectives.

Woolpert’s exhibition Syracuse in 3-D will be on display at the SALT Quarters Gallery, 115 Otisco St., through December. An opening reception will be held on Dec. 4 from 5 to 8 p.m. The gallery does not have regular visiting hours, but the public is welcome Sat. Dec. 5, 12 and 19 from 1 to 3 p.m. or weekdays by appointment. Please contact Woolpert at cwoolpert@gmail.com or 315-412-5890 to schedule. Her project was made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by CNY Arts.

Photo by : Jingyu Wan Inset Colleen Woolpert WOUNY.COM • NOVEMBER 2015



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ust recently, I was dramatically reminded of the need for a conversation about insurance planning as a part of any discussion of financial planning and goals. We often think of planning for a secure retirement as being all about what we have saved in our 401(k), other retirement plans and investment accounts. We take great care in crafting a suitable portfolio and allocation to fit an individual or family’s risk tolerance and time horizon. We carefully monitor the investments, with money managers who are choosing what stocks and bonds to hold in each fund. We may make changes to the allocation of those investments depending upon one’s age, stage in life, and other life changes.

We often forget, however, or think it is too expensive to insure one of our most important assets: our earning power. Disability income insurance is used to replace a portion of income in the event that we become disabled and unable to earn an income. Another “building block” in our financial planning foundation is personal liability insurance, often called “umbrella” coverage. This is similar to what it sounds like – another layer of insurance over the benefit provided by homeowner’s or auto

Many of us own life insurance; we see the need to replace our income for our families if we die unexpectedly or prematurely.



Thankfully, my situation was not as dire as any of these. The question arose as I was telling my friend (who owns a pet grooming business) that I had to take my Yorkie for x-rays to determine if he would need surgery, as another friend had inadvertently stepped on him and broken his leg. She said, “I hope that you have pet insurance. It will really help, as it is very expensive to have that type of surgery done.” My response - “No I don’t.” It just had never occurred to me.

After writing a rather large check to the veterinary office (they did a wonderful job fixing his leg, by the way!) I realized that I might have a hole in my financial plan. Now I am off to research the costs and benefits of pet insurance because sometimes bad things happen no matter how careful we are, and they can be very expensive.

What often is forgotten during this conversation is what some people call the “building blocks” or the “base” of your financial plan. These are the things that can keep us, our families, and even our savings “safe” when bad things happen to us(which they often do, unfortunately). I am talking about insurance. We pay premiums to insure our health; we insure our homes against damage and our belongings against theft. If we drive a vehicle, we are required to insure it and also have a liability rider to protect others in case we injure them while driving. These are coverage’s that we rarely think about (other than the premiums seem very high sometimes) but take for granted that we are always going to have to plan for.

Not having a plan for any of the above situations can derail a carefully crafted retirement strategy.

insurance. In this increasingly litigious society, it can be an important part of a person’s financial picture. Finally, there is Long Term Care Insurance, which is often used to protect assets in the event of a need for long term care in a facility, or at home. With rising costs for extended care, it does not take long to deplete accounts that took a lifetime to build.

During your next conversation with your financial advisor please take just a few minutes to do an insurance review. Make sure that all of your various policies are covering the risks that you think they are and that they are enough. The peace of mind will be priceless! Securities and investment advice offered through Cadaret, Grant & Co., INC. Member FINRA/SIPC Marathon Financial Advisors, Inc. and Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. are separate entities.

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Exclusive Interview with Bridget Moynahan By Amari D. Pollard

From The Blue Bloods Cookbook by Bridget Moynahan and Wendy Howard Goldberg. Copyright © 2015 by the authors and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Press.


Moonlighting Episode with Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan. Photo: Heather Wines

Interview by Amari D. Pollard & Mary McCandless • Photography Courtesy CBS Television Network


here are a few key descriptors that come to mind when I think of Bridget Moynahan: talented, modelesque, mother.. The Natasha from Sex and the City. However, these words barely skim the surface when it comes to getting to know the model-actress who blossomed before Hollywood’s eyes. Born in Binghamton and raised in Massachusetts, Bridget always referred to herself as a self-proclaimed tomboy. Before modeling or acting was ever on her mind, she was too busy playing sports or roughing it with her two brothers. What she didn’t know, was that while her mind was concerned with sports certain people were starting to take notice of her. “Apparently, my mother said I was approached (to model) my entire life, but I was never aware of that,” said Bridget. It wasn’t until she accompanied her friend to a local modeling agency in Springfield, Massachusetts that she



considered pursuing a career in modeling although the fact that she was not one to flip through the pages of a fashion magazine growing up. After convincing her parents to let her enter the business, Bridget began modeling in department stores catalogs, and then she moved onto bigger appearances in widely known magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Glamour. She could find steady success in a business with no guarantees, but Bridget knew modeling wasn’t something she could do forever, so she looked into acting. “I did a lot of commercials when I was modeling, and so that was a very, very natural setting for me. And that led to different spots like VH1 and stuff like that,” said Bridget. “So I just started going to acting class to get more confident with it, and it was something I wanted to try.” Her parents were always hoping she would eventually change her mind and enroll in business school, but Bridget said she’d try her hand at acting before

giving into the idea of school. So, when Bridget got her television debut on Sex and the City her parents knew that ship had officially sailed. And it was never coming back. Bridget remembered her time on the show and laughed in awe at how amazed she was by the whole thing. She compared her experience to double Dutch. You just had to jump in and hope her feet found their rhythm. At the time, Sex and the City were in its second season, and it had already become such a powerhouse on TV. It was such a fast paced, well-oiled machine, and Bridget said you just had to go with it or there was no way you’d survive. “Oh my god! I was so nervous, and overwhelmed, and felt like a deer in headlights. But I think it helped that my character didn’t really have any lines for most of the time,” laughed Bridget. “All the girls were truly supportive, and so welcoming.” 16 years later and Bridget is still working with some of the crew from Sex and the City on her hit CBS series Blue Bloods. In an industry where faces are always

“There are a lot more roles for women on television and some really strong writings for female characters” changing around you, Bridget said it’s really great to work with people she’s familiar with and who’ve shared in such an iconic show. They’ve become a nice little family. Over the years, Bridget has starred in several high-profile TV shows and films: Coyote Ugly, Serendipity, Six Degrees, Ramona and Beezus. And Bridget is aware of the incredibly impressive resume she has, but she never forgets to be thankful everyday for the projects she has done, the people she has worked with and her career in general. Hollywood is a complicated industry, and it’s impossible to know who will find success and who won’t, so Bridget does consider herself one of the lucky ones. “What I’m always so grateful for is that I’ve had the opportunities. It’s a tricky business, and I think modeling gave me somewhat of an open door, something maybe a lot of people don’t naturally have in the beginning of their careers,” said Bridget. “So I felt fortunate that I was able to have that opportunity, and that Hollywood in general kind of welcomed me.”

female characters.” Although Bridget has been blessed with amazing roles, it was never easy navigating the industry especially in the beginning when she had absolutely no idea what it truly entailed. Looking back on her journey, there is a part of her that wishes she had a mentor, who was familiar with how things operated, to guide her through it. But not having a Mr. Miyagi of her own did help Brid-

to guide you beforehand. And while Bridget was prepared to be an actress in Hollywood, nothing could have prepared her to become a mother and actress. Between being on the Blue Bloods set and being totally involved with her son John, life definitely keeps Bridget on her toes. When it comes to juggling work and being at home Bridget said she has a lot of support from her family, friends and “the best nanny in the world.” She even laughed saying she should probably be doing more work-related things, but she just loves being a mom and chooses to put her family first. “I make my son a priority, and I happen to really enjoy hanging out with him,” said Bridget.

Unwritten Rules Episode Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Erin (Bridget Moynahan) discuss her dropping charges against cop killer. Photo: John P. Filo

The television and film are always evolving, and sometimes it’s hard for actors and actresses to grow with it, but Bridget has managed to remain relevant throughout her career. She said she thinks the way Hollywood has changed throughout the years has helped her, in that it’s no longer taboo to switch from television to film and vice versa and there are more opportunities for women.

“If you were doing film you would never consider doing TV, and I think that perception has been broken down. Movie actors are flowing in and out of TV all the time; it’s just one big medium now,” said Bridget. “And I also think there are a lot more roles for women on television and some really strong writings for

get to trust herself and learn from her experiences. One of the biggest lessons Bridget said she has learned is to always be prepared, and she says that goes for anything you do in life, whether you’re an actress or a college student or a businesswoman. Impressions, the first, the second, the third, they all matter, and they can be the deciding factor in whether you get a job or not. That’s why she started taking acting classes before she fully dived into the business, so that she would be as ready as possible. Nevertheless, in life, there’s not always a class to take or someone

With her role on Blue Bloods, it’s really easy for her work to translate over to her life at home. Much like in real life, Bridget plays a single working mom from a big family and there’s the constant tension of trying to balance having the career and being a great mom.

When it comes to parenting, Bridget said her personality as a mother is quite similar to Erin’s. “I would say liberal and strict is pretty accurate, and conservative. It’s a balance; it’s a diverse portfolio,” said Bridget. “When it comes to being a mom you can’t be just one. You got to have some flexibility.” However, in between takes and soccer games Bridget says it’s always important to carve out a little time for yourself, to relax and recharge for a moment. Whether that means getting a massage, going for a run or sitting in front of the TV to catch up on your favorite show. And if it’s a Friday night, there’s a good chance the television is turned to CBS for a new episode of Blue Bloods. WOUNY.COM • NOVEMBER 2015


Five years ago, families across America welcomed Blue Bloods into their homes and television sets. Now in its sixth season, gathering around the TV every Friday night to catch up with the Reagan family has become a ritual for many. Blue Bloods follows the life an Irish Catholic family composed of multi-generational police officers. Unlike other typical police series, Blue Bloods doesn’t just focus on solving crimes but works to reintroduce the old-school idea of family.

invariably find a way back to each other.

thing that brings people back to the show every week,” said Bridget. “That family structure, values and morals that are being thrown around the table.”

Each week viewers are brought to the Reagan dinner table, where the family shares in prayer and conversation and let’s not forget the sometimes heated debates that constantly keep things a little more interesting. It reminds us of

This firm sense of family is what ultimately led Bridget and Goldberg’s wife, Wendy Howard Goldberg, to create the Blue Bloods Cookbook. To create the perfect cookbook Bridget and Wendy took recipes from the show, cast members and their own personal lives. “There are definitely some Moynahan favorites in the book,” revealed Bridget. She loves to cook, and is always calling her mother to ask how to perfect certain recipes. Bridget said it has become a running joke between them.

This is often shown through Bridget’s character Erin Reagan-Boyle, who has to balance her career and relationship with her (sometimes) challenging teenage daughter Nicky, played by Sami Gayle. Along with Bridget, Blue Bloods has a stacked roster of talented actors to propel the multiple plot lines forward. It stars Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, the Police Commissioner and Reagan family patriarch; Len Cariou as Henry Reagan, the former Police Commissioner and grandfather; Donnie Wahlburg as Danny Reagan, the passionate and hot-headed cop brother; and Will Estes as Jaime Reagan, is the family baby and “golden boy” who exchanges a promising career in law to join the family business. The CBS hit has a way of leaving fans restless with anticipation as they wait to see what happens as each family member is confronted with corruption. And although there are moments where their work creates space between them, they

The cookbook felt natural to Bridget, a step that just made sense in the Blue Bloods franchise. It not only represents the cast, but the two distinct cultures. “People eat so many different styles these days, that the traditional Irish dinner isn’t broad enough. So, we just wanted to give a little of everything,” said Bridget.

Scene from Exiles Episode Photo: Craig Blankenhorn the once widely understood concept of family. Forgetting what happened that day, for just a moment, to gather and share in the simple moments even if that means just eating dinner. Bridget revealed the show was built on those family dinners, and holds a special place in Executive Producer, Leonard Goldberg’s heart. “He built the show around that, and I think it is the one

We asked Bridget if there was any one favorite recipe in the book and she without pause, said “Swedish meatballs.” “My son could eat Swedish meatballs by the bucket, and my mother makes it so well! And every Christmas Eve she does a double triple batch, and she’ll cook it, freeze it and then brings it to my house or to my brother’s house and that will be our Christmas Eve dinner,” shared Bridget. “Already prepared, we just have

Blue Bloods Dinner at the Reagan’s with: Bridget Moynahan,Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Len Cariou, Sami Gayle, Amy Carlson, Andrew and Tony Terraciano. This Scene is purposely written into each episode by Executive Producer, Leonard Goldberg. Photo: John P. Filo


WOUNY.COM • NOVEMBER Moonlighting Episode with 2015 Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan. Photo: Heather Wines

From The Blue Bloods Cookbook by Bridget Moynahan and Wendy Howard Goldberg. Copyright © 2015 by the authors and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Press. to heat it up, and it’s the family favorite.” Though, she does admit eating the meatballs does not go without gaining a little food baby. They’re definitely not a low-fat meal with all the cream and butter. When you read through the cookbook you will find “On the Set” segments with cast members, giving you a behind the scenes look at the Blue Bloods along with kitchen tips. It

even warns, “We knew from experience that the smell of a properly cooked pot roast straight out of the oven is a dinner bell that no mortal can resist.” So if you’re ready for some flavorful dinners to desserts from the Blue Bloods set and cast, you will want to pick up your own copy when it goes on sale in bookstores and on-line on Nov. 3rd.



Meet Upstate New York’s November Fresh Face

Allison Brown By Amari D.Pollard


or the common person a stick figure can be considered a masterpiece, but artist and entrepreneur Allison Brown is definitely far from average. At only 17-years-old her specially handcrafted Brownalliecat cards cover the shelves of The Nantucket Cat in Baldwinsville, NY; and she’s hoping to expand their reach by selling them at the Shamballa café and on-line. Allison cannot really remember a time when she was not into art, when her imagination wasn’t constantly flowing through her fingers onto the coarseness of a canvas or the smoothness of paper. Though, it wasn’t until moving to Baldwinsville that she started to take her talent for art seriously. “I was 12 or 13 when I decided I wanted to draw the mad hatter, Johnny Depp version. I sat down and just did it! I still think it looks pretty all right for a first attempt,” said Allison. “And then before I knew it, I was attending my first figure drawing class. And I’ve been pretty serious about art ever since!” As a favor for her mother, Allison started making cards for some of her mom’s clients [she’s the owner of B’Ville Buddies Pet Sitting], and the response was incredible, they all loved them. Before long Allison received a call from Barb the owner of Nantucket Cat who explained that she wanted to sell her cards. Created with watercolor, there is a great variety within the Brownalliecat card col-



lection. Some of Allison’s favorites include “thanks a latte”, “you’re a cup of tea” and “thinking of you”. From one favor grew an experience Allison could have never imagined. But that’s how success sometimes happens, when you least expect it. She was able to turn her passion into a business and Allison thinks the same can happen for others young girls as long as they do a few things…“Pick a path that you know you love, and will always love, stick to it and work your bum off practicing it!” said Allison. “Hard work does pay off

and I believe anyone can do anything if they truly set their mind to it.” Brownalliecat cards are selling extremely well in store, but Allison’s talent goes way beyond making cards: she paints, sculptures and draws portraits. She’s also been commissioning her pieces for quite some time now. Over the past two years completed between 25 and 30 pieces for customers. “I really love all mediums. I think my

favorite would have to be ink. I love to use ballpoint pens and markers,” said Allison. Outside of her art and schoolwork of course Allison finds herself most interested in reading, finding live music to listen to and [like many people today who love vintage things] developing her pretty impressive record collection. When it comes to balancing art with school, and everything else in her life, Allison thinks it all balances itself out. “I have a lot of time in the art rooms during school so deadlines on projects are never a problem. And I hostess at Lock 24 restaurant part-time too, so that’s great for putting some money in my pocket,” said Allison. “I finished most all of my required difficult classes my junior year. So this year should be a breeze!” After finished this year, her senior year, Allison plans on continuing her education at Concordia University in Montreal where she will study art education and psychology. Eventually she would like to get her masters in art therapy, but she has some time to figure out all the small details. You can also purchase some of her work at the Nantucket Cat in Baldwinsville. So for now, Allison’s happy where she is: making art and enjoying life. If you are interested in a personalized drawing email Allison Brown at allisoncharlotte.b@gmail.com

“Pick a path that you know you will love”

“Hard work does pay off”

Find Allison’s work at The Nantucket Cat



Restoring Your Youthful Look


As young as our late 30’s most of us experience loss of facial fat under the eyes that gradually leads to a hallow groove. Even those lucky enough to have the best genetics tend to have this groove or indent show by the early to mid-forties. This phenomenon of natural loss of fat and loss of collagen elasticity also occurs in the mid and lower face. Cheeks lose their youthful plumpness and the overlying skin sags towards the lip revealing a deep smile line. As time marches on marionette lines and jowls become more apparent and our faces appear to have lost the war against gravity. Understanding the physiology of the development of under eye hollowness and sagging face is very important to understanding how to best restore a natural youthful look. The best results come from a combination of procedures. The traditional face lift will tighten the loose skin and underlying dermis and that in and of itself will improve many of unwanted facial lines and sagginess. However, a face lift alone cannot fix the problem of facial volume


loss that comes with aging. This is where facial implants such as cheek or chin implants and the various fillers play a key role. There are a variety of facial fillers available and these can be a quick fix. They typically last from 8 to 18 months depending on which filler is chosen and each person’s physiology. Aside from being a quick fix these are considered to be nonsurgical procedures and have little or no down time. The use of facial implants is considered to be a surgical procedure albeit they require just a small incision which is placed inside of the mouth. They do require longer convalescence but are a permanent solution desired by many. That being said, they can be removed at any time. The person in the photos depicted here chose to have a face lift, upper and lower eye lid surgery and a chin implant. Dr. Armenta has 30 years of experience doing these procedures and this coupled with his unique artist skill can help you in restoring youthfulness and definition to aging female and male faces.

With over 30 years of experience we offer the following services:

• Abdominoplasty • Breast Augmentation • Botox • Facial Peels • Fillers - Juvederm, Restalyne, Radiesse, Beltero, Scuptra • Liposuction • Rhinoplasty

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Edited by Amari D. Pollard

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Rock and Rollin Great -Grandma By: Christine Vickers, MLS,CAS

rish Anderson just always felt the music in her. Some of her earliest memories at age 3 involve listening to all types of music with her parents and brothers and sisters. Three of her siblings would also go on to become musicians. Her most vivid early music experience was during a 7th grade Christmas pageant. Trish recalls a classmate performing “Oh Holy Night.” “She sang it so beautifully and when it came to the climactic part where the lyrics say, Fall on your knees, I almost did. I felt something go through my body, and I knew then that I wanted to do that and have music touch me that way. I knew I would be a performer.” Now 63 years young, Trish has been performing for most of her life. Based in the Capital region, for the past 19 years, she has rock and rolled around Upstate New York and beyond with her band the Bluz House Rockers. The band performs originals in addition to a wide variety of blues and rock standards. They have opened for numerous large acts, including Eddie Money, Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. Trish counts opening for Ms. Benatar at Empire State Plaza as one of her most memorable performing experiences. Another epic moment in Trish’s career came a few years back when she was a featured guest on Dennis Bono’s nationally syndicated radio show, “The Great American Songbook” taped weekly from the South Point Casino in Las Vegas. Mr. Bono introduced her as ”the Janis Joplin of Upstate New York” and when asked about artists who have inspired her Trish cites Joplin, Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler as a few that she has always admired. With her lengthy curly hair, deep, rich voice and passionate delivery of her music, the comparison to Janis Joplin is an obvious one; though Trish notes that she doesn’t try to imitate Janis Joplin “because no one can.” Jim Anderson, Trish‘s husband and long-time manager shared some insight into Trish’s continued appeal and career longevity, “She has this special connection to an audience where she can be both charismatic and accessible at



the same time. Through this connection, she developed a following and many long-time fans who have now become part of our own large extended family.” Trish is quick to note that family has always been the most important thing in her life. She is the great-grandmother of two and she and Jim lives with her daughter, son in law and their children. “I never cared if I was famous because I constantly had my family and that was better than anything,” Trish enthuses. Trish notes that she regularly made her musical career work with help from her husband and others. “We had a live- in babysitter when my children were young, and this person is still part of our lives today. This arrangement allowed me to be able to work 6 nights a week in a house band from 10-4am. I made $40 a night, but I was doing what I loved. Jumping around on stage, in 3-inch heels, it keeps you in shape, “she laughs, “and it keeps you young!” “I have younger friends in their forties that tell me they are fearful to start over and get out there and do something new. My response is, everyday is like starting over, and I’m never frightened of pursuing something that might bring joy.” Though known primarily as a vocalist, Trish is also a songwriter. She shares that though she has always written pieces, she did not start recording them until recently. Trish does not read music but draws on the experiences of her life to pen the lyrics and relies on her well developed ear to create melodies. One of her original songs, three Dollar Bill, became popular overseas, rising to #2 on the billboard charts in Denmark. When asked what how long she’ll continue performing, Trish shares, “When music is in your blood, you can’t stop. You do it for as long as you can and for me? It only continues to get better! For more information on Trish Anderson and the Bluz House Rockers visit www.bhrband.com or Contact Willjam Productions at 518-274-0316

Dorothy’s Secrets to Longevity D

orothy Haberl represents Binghamton tried and true. At 91 years-young she leads a life with enthusiasm and no limits. She lives on her own and is still driving and skiing. Dorothy’s leadership dates back to her college days when she was on the first women’s ski team at Cornell of which she was one of the originators.

By: Jamie Lober where the donuts were made and picking up the donuts off the line where your fingers would touch the middle, and it was so soft,” said Birdsey. Dorothy stays busy with her many hobbies, including rosemaling or Norwegian folk painting which she has loved for over 20 years. “We have a joke in our family that if you stand still for too long she will start

I had the opportunity to talk with her daughter Judy Haberl and grand daughter Kelly Birdsey. Here is their story. While at Cornell, Dorothy met her husband, a Denver native, and they moved to his hometown after they graduated, and he returned from the war. “My grandmother was quite the pistol and was the first person in our family to graduate from college,” said Kelly. Dorothy raised four children, worked as a dietitian at Cornell and was truly the glue of the family, always hosting them for meals and offering her famous chocolate-chip cookies. All of her baked goods have a magic touch, and her family has been making her gingerbread cookie houses as a tradition for 60 years. She has an independent streak, but it adds conviction and character. “She definitely likes to do things her own way, but she wears us all out and keeps us all on our toes,” said Birdsey. Named by those closest to her as Wild Dorth and it is for a good reason. Her family members hold her in high regard and were anxious to share her story with the town that shaped her. “My grandmother is a pretty amazing lady,” said Kelly Birdsey, granddaughter. Dorothy’s roots run deep. Her family started a large well-known bakery. “One of her earliest childhood memories is getting up to go to the factory

times a week. If she does not go to the gym, she will walk instead because exercise is important to her. “She will tell you that a glass or 2 of wine a day is the secret to life as well as being surrounded by family and friends,” said Birdsey. In the wintertime, Haberl likes to drive up to Vale where she has a condominium. “She loves Colorado because she is very physical and active, so she loves that life,” said Haberl. Dorothy is still skiing and talking about doing it again this year. Naturally, she would want people to get moving and watch what they eat. “She will have a little yogurt for breakfast with fruit, a little salad or half a sandwich for lunch, a small portion of fish and a vegetable or a salad for dinner and a little bit of ice cream at night,” said Haberl. She does not eat a lot of starches or carbohydrates. “She would want people to know that she is a very talented and passionate woman, strong but loving, a great role model for women, and that she is multi-talented with an athletic life and an artistic life,” said Haberl.

painting you,” said Birdsey. Everybody in the family has a painted lazy Susan or candlesticks from her. She makes her mark at all of her residences. “Her entire house and place in Vale are covered with her work, including furniture, ski helmets, trays and wedding boxes,” said Judy Haberl’s, daughter. When you ring the doorbell nine times out of 10, you will hear Haberl on the piano keys. She makes an effort to stay fit socially and physically by going to the local McDonald’s to meet up with people every few days and going to the gym three

Not only does Haberl insist on living independently and staying in her house, but she does handy work as well. “Up until last year, she insisted on cleaning her own gutters,” said Birdsey. There is nothing she will not attempt to do. “She still snow blows her own driveway, and it is 100 feet long,” said Haberl. She does not like to ask for help, prefers to do everything herself and has no signs of slowing down. “She is a hot ticket. She is what you call a true inspiration. This winter everyone will be coming to spend Christmas with Dorothy. “It is like over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go,” said Haberl. WOUNY.COM • NOVEMBER 2015


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