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MINDFUL At St. Joseph’s Health, we know women are mindful and dynamic—and each moment in your life is as unique as you are. That’s why we have brought together all health care services for Breast Care, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Neonatal Care that are equipped to meet your needs, wherever you are in life. We bring the latest technologies and an empathetic approach to each aspect of your care, which is why we’ve been named one of America’s Best Hospitals for Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Bariatrics and Heart Care by the Women’s Choice Award®. You are multifaceted, and your health care should be designed the same way.

HEALTH CARE FOR WOMEN THAT IS FEMALE BY DESIGN | visit womenshealthsjh.org to learn more © 2018 St. Joseph’s Health. © 2018 Trinity Health. All rights reserved.

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Cover: Luciano Miceli



6 Sorrento Italy 9 Lips Obsessed 14 Nascentia - Making A Difference 18 Celebrating Earth Month 25 Cover - Nancy Muserlian 31 It’s Not Easy Being Green 32 In Art - Rachael Ikins 34 Bittersweet Birthdays 36 7 Ways to Catapult your Confidence 40 D’s Beauty Bar



Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento Bay

Photos: Mary McCandless

Mt. Vesuvius

Anna & Anna at Nino & Friends, Sorrento

Balsamic Vinegars, Oils, Truffles.

Cookies, Candy & Jams


t was one of those mornings that got my curiosity going. Every now and then, I would check flights just to see if by chance there are any specials. As you may have read in the past, we have been able to scoop up flights to Italy for only $649 round trip, but this day was different. As usual, I went on to American Airlines and plugged-in January 16th to the 24th , Syracuse to Rome, and I was shocked at what I saw. Airfares were $428. Now that was the lowest I’ve ever seen so of course I had to take advantage of it. I then called my friend Jennifer and she said, let’s go. She also reached out to her sisters to see if they too wanted to go, and they said yes. We were now preparing for a trip and for sisters to be able to take a vacation together. So where does that leave me? Well, I became the step-sister, and tour guide. Some of you may say, but you have been to Italy, why go again? There are so many other places to see and I know that a deal can be found with a bit of perseverance. However, there is something about Italy that keeps drawing me to it. I think it is the beauty of the country along with discovering other places, having a sense of being, and meeting new people. And meeting people is exactly what we did! When we arrived in Rome, we took a taxi to the Termini which is the train station and main terminal for Rome’s subway system. We hopped on the train that took us to Naples and then another train that took us right to Sorrento. Sorrento

By: Mary McCandless is located on the southwest coast. Along the coast of Sorrento, you can see the Bay of Naples, the Isle of Capri and Mt. Vesuvius. Sorrento is a quaint town where homes have lemon and orange trees that grace their yards. The lemons are the size of small melons, and taste spectacular. Sorrento is also known for Lemoncello, which is a delicious liquor made from the lemons they are so famous for. We booked our hotels through hotels.com and had only one hiccup in our trip. Our original hotel that we booked ended up having issues, so we moved on and found a super place called the Sorrento Apts. It was spacious with a kitchen, terrace and was perfect. Although we were a bit exhausted from the flight and train we still wanted to get out and savor every moment of our trip. One of the first things on our list was dessert and Gelato shops could be found on almost every block. The flavors were many, from fresh hazelnut to a rich vanilla smothered in yummy cherries. The Streets were still decorated with lights from the holiday season and bustling with locals all enjoying a night out. The cobblestone streets are lined with marvelous shops filled with keepsakes, Italian leather, Lemoncello, fruit and more. As we ventured around town, we also discovered many great restaurants, some tucked away in alleys and all run by locals. Our hosts were welcoming with delicious food and a wonderful sense of humor. The first night in Sorrento we dined at ZJ’ NTONJO, a name none of us can still

pronounce. The restaurant was packed with locals, and tourists from Japan, who feasted on oversized Pizzas, and more food than you could eat in a day. Amazing! The four days that we spent in Sorrento were exciting from cafes for morning espresso to shopping and nightly dining. Everything is priced within anyone’s budget, and this time of the year, there is a Sconti (sale) everywhere. There are two final places really worth mentioning. The first is Ristorante L’Abate. Our waiters were marvelous. They were attentive to what we needed, and asked us if we would like a picture and then took a picture of themselves as a joke. We all laughed, and they took the picture of us. The second memorable place was Nino and Friends. Located just a hundred meters from the Piazza Tasso is this decadent shop. When we entered, we were greeted by Anna and Anna each presenting a tray of samples for patrons to try. By the way, they are not related; they just had the same names. We sampled biscuits made of lemon, hazelnut, cocoa, and cappuccino creams that melted in your mouth. We tasted a variety of balsamic vinegars, truffles, chocolate, jams and coffee from the area and around the world. Anna and Anna had us sample almost everything in the store. By the time we left, we were toting bags filled with goodies. They have one simple rule at Nino’s, “We do not produce, nor do we offer anything to our customers

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LipsObsessed A

couple of years ago I wrote an article in this magazine about lip injections and how popular they had become. I have continued to see a significant rise in numbers of lip augmentation procedures performed in our office. What I find fascinating is the varied ages of patients that come in for their lips. I have performed lip enhancement procedures on patients varying from age 20 to 80, both male and female. Many patients come with friends or family (often mothers and daughters or sisters) to have the procedure performed together. People have differing ideas of what they perceive to be a beautiful lip. I must admit, I often find myself focusing on the lips of actors on television shows or movies in trying to best understand which characteristics seem to be the most appealing. I sometimes feel a little lip obsessed!! There are many new techniques that allow for more sophisticated and directed sculpting of the lips. Techniques such as the “lip flip” , “keyhole” or “right angle ” are among the many emerging popular trends. The basic anatomy of the lips does not change. I still believe that the best looking lip enhancements respect the natural lip anatomy and then highlight aspects that an individual finds most appealing. When evaluating the lip, it is important to understand the anatomy and the areas that can be addressed or enhanced. The five main areas of concern are: 1-Vermil-

By: Beth Phillips,RPAC

lion Border, 2- Cupid’s Bow, 3- Philtral Columns, 4- the Tubercles, and 5- the Lateral Commissures. Volume, shape and structure of the lips should be assessed, as well as the balance of the lips with the total facial proportions. Your clinician should be able to discuss these

areas with you to help you to achieve your desired result. Often by enhancing the vermillion border, better definition of the lips is created. The ideal lip proportions are believed to have the upper lip measuring 1/3 of the total lip volume and the lower lip measuring 2/3 of the volume. Although on side view, the upper lip should extend slightly beyond the lower lip. Fullness noted in the lip tubercles creates a more natural appearing look than a totally uniform volume. Augmentation of the philtral columns along with the Cupid’s bow provides for a more youthful and sensual look to the mouth.

And finally, the lateral oral commissures tend to turn downward with with age and loss of connective tissue. A small amount of fullness in this area will cause the edges of the mouth to be upturned and appear more pleasant and happy. Dermal fillers are most commonly used in lip augmentation. There are several fillers, most of which are hyaluronic acid gels. These fillers are injected into the lips to provide temporary fullness that generally lasts 6-12 months. This gel is reversible if the outcome is undesirable. Dermal fillers are often suggested for first time augmentation. Filler may be injected with small needles or with a blunt cannulas. Fat grafting is also commonly used. This is a procedure where fat is harvested from a different location in the body and reinjected into the lips. The pros to fat injection include more permanent results with the fat that sur

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Lips Obsessed cont. vives, a more natural feel than dermal fillers, and there is no cost for the product. The cons are that this requires a fat harvest site, the amount of fat that “takes” is unpredictable. The volume can change significantly with weight fluctuations. There is a longer recovery from fat injections, and the cost of the procedure is higher. Lip implants may consist of synthetic or biologic materials. Synthetic materials such as silicone or gore-tex among others, provide a permanent yet reversible result. These may feel more unnatural than other options and have possible side effects of scar formation or may become infected as any foreign body can. Biologic materials such as collagen or Alloderm can be absorbed to some extent and therefore are not as reliable in their long-term outcome. Most lip augmentation procedures can be performed in your physician’s office under local anesthesia. Often topical anesthetics are used just prior to injectable fillers. Dental blocks can be performed as well with a few intra-oral injections like one would have with a dental procedure.

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There are surgical options for improvement of the lip shape and position on the face. A lip lift or vermillion advancement procedures involve surgical removal of skin either directly above the lip or just below the nose. These are more invasive but provide permanent improvement. There are risks associated with lip augmentation. The most common side effects include temporary bruising and swelling usually only lasting a few days. Uncommon side effects include injection into a blood vessel that can cause tissue damage or infection. If the procedure is performed properly, there should be minimal risk of long-term damage. Lastly, the delicate use of neurotoxins (ie Botox) can be used to enhance the shape of the lips. Often it is used to treat a “gummy smile” where too much gum line shows when a person smiles. It can also be injected carefully to decrease lines surrounding the lips or placed in the DAO muscle to elevate the oral commissures. Lip enhancement trends seem to be continuing to grow with no evidence of slowing. Results do not have to leave you looking like a duck. If done with experience and care, most patients can achieve natural and pleasing results. For more information contact CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery at 315-663-0112



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Sorrento is known for its lemons that are the size of melons and oranges that are as sweet as the day is long.

Holly, Myself,The Restaurant Owner, Jennifer & Erika

that we cannot recreate or use in our own kitchen,” So, you have heard our story, are you ready to make your own? The amount that you would spend on a ticket to a destination in the states, you can visit Italy and have your own experience. You will be greeted with open arms and treated like royalty. Total cost for airfare, hotel and travel are just under $1,000. The sales are plentiful and dining is very affordable. The food totally memorable! Get packing your bags and we would love to hear your story. Don’t forget to go back to the May 2016 issue for all of our travel tips. Arrivederci e buon viaggio!

Our Selfie Waiters in Sorrento

Morning Espresso, Prosciutto & Salami Appetizers and Gelato in every flavor. Above Photos courtesy Jennifer, Holly and Erika

Around Sorrento and Pizza from ZJ’Ntonjo Ristorante Photos: Mary McCandless

Nascentia Health Foundations Seek to Make a Profound Difference By: Aida Byrne,Vice President of Corporate Development Nascentia Health


hen Nascentia Health was asked to adopt a family of ten young children who have had many struggles, including a recent diagnosis of cancer for their 6-year-old, without hesitation, President & CEO Kate Rolf asked the VNA Foundation of Central New York to assist. Clothing, toys, gift cards, and food donated by local businesses including Strada Mia, staff, community members and Nascentia Health’s foundations were delivered by me, my husband, Tim and our children along with Jenna Rolf, development and events specialist on the snowy Christmas Day. Dressed as Santa and his elves, a 12-passenger van filled with presents, meals and gift cards, the day was an absolute success thanks to the generous donations made throughout the year by supporters of the foundations. It’s stories like these that are a theme at Nascentia Health. The foundations that exist – the Eldercare Foundation and VNA Foundation of Central New York are both divisions of Nascentia Health, a full-service home health care system committed to making a profound difference in the lives of their patients by providing expert, high-quality care where they want it most – in their homes. Nascentia Health was born of the unification of VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options, Home Aides of Central New York and all their respective affiliated organizations and foundations. As a healthcare system without walls, Nascentia is an innovator in the concept of home healthcare, focusing on the patient as a whole and leveraging leading-edge care approaches and technologies to improve outcomes and quality of life. Specialties include: in-home nursing and medical



services; home health aides and elder care; complete cross-continuum care management; community health and wellness programs; transportation, equipment

and innovative care technologies; chronic disease management; and managed long-term care. The system’s catchment area spans 48 counties across Central and Upstate New York. “Our goal is to deliver an unprecedented level of home health care specifically designed to meet the needs of those who mean the most to us – our patients,” said Rolf. “Our focused approach improves the quality of each patient’s life and helps each individual achieve maximum independence. ” The Eldercare Foundation strives to increase the community’s awareness of the needs of aging individuals and their families, as well as to raise funds to better serve our community’s elders. Meanwhile, the VNA Foundation of Central New York exists to support and promote the provision of pediatric home health care services to children throughout the Central New York region.

“Our goal is to deliver an unprecedented level of home health care specifically designed to meet the needs of those who mean the most to us – our patients”

Kate Rolf

Each of the foundations serve a very important role in the community not only helping patients and families, but also fostering the education and development of professional and paraprofessional home health care practitioners, ensuring the availability of qualified caregivers into the future. We are thankful to everyone who has supported us, donated, volunteered and has helped us to grow over the years. Funds are raised throughout the year in various ways, including two main events. This year Nascentia Health’s Eldercare Foundation is pleased to welcome internationally acclaimed keynote artist Mike Rayburn to Syracuse for his first performance in Upstate New York. Rayburn will present his transformational “What If ?” Keynote Experience at the Foundation’s first annual Legacy Luncheon, scheduled for Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. A two-time TED Talk Presenter and international Hall of Fame speaker, Rayburn’s personal and professional mission is simple: transform communities. Using his world class guitar skills and hilarious music-based comedy as a metaphor, he’ll illustrate three tools designed to turn guests into an army of innovators with the peak performance skills to transcend the status quo and lead by creating change. Oh…and all who attend will laugh so hard it hurts! Complementing Rayburn’s performance will be the presentation of the Foundation’s first annual Legacy Awards, recognizing community members/organizations and Nascentia Health patients who have made a profound and lasting impact on the greater Syracuse community or shown a commitment to advocating for the aging and/or eldercare services. The Eldercare Community Champion Award will be presented to the Marriott® Syracuse Downtown in recognition of the hotel’s recent renovation and the positive economic and community impact it has had on the city of Syracuse and surrounding suburbs. The event is scheduled to begin with registration at 11:00 a.m. followed by lunch and award presentations at 11:30 and Rayburn’s performance at 12:15 p.m. Tickets are $50 per person ($500 for a table of 10) and may be purchased by calling 315-477-9582, emailing events@477home.org, or by visiting nascentiahealth.org/foundations/events. “This event is all about transformation, innovation and leadership,” said Rolf. “The recent transformation of our system and its operational headquarters, the innovation and collaboration that led to the restoration of the Hotel Syracuse, one of our city’s most beloved historical landmarks, and the way that local businesses and leaders have worked together to grow and enhance the healthcare for our community.” For more information about the event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Aida Byrne, vice president of corporate development, at 315.477.9301 or abyrne@477home.org.



Beautifully Sculpted Dr. Anthony Deboni and Beth Phillips, RPAC, have over 50 years of combined surgical experience. Together they provide a compassionate approach with unparalleled skills for impeccable results. Trust yourself to Syracuse's Dynamic Surgical Duo. • Tummy Tuck • Liposuction • Buttock Lift • Arm Lift • Breast Lift • Breast Augmentation

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Dr. Anthony Deboni is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Crouse Hospital. Beth Phillips, RPAC, in addition to being involved in all aspects of patients’ surgical care, is an Allergan Certified Master Injector. Together they possess years of specialized training, decades of combined experience and an outstanding dedication to patient care.



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Celebrating Earth Month: Fueling Change through our Food Choices By: Stefanie Heath

uninhabitable for most plants and animals.


s Earth Day approaches, I’m encouraged by the growing number of new bike paths, easier access to recycling receptacles and communities that adopt programs like “Save the Rain,” which promotes rain water collection and use. As an environmental advocate, it’s inspiring to me to see our society take proactive steps to protect the health of our planet. We know that cleaning up litter and choosing to bike instead of drive are great ways to celebrate Earth Day, but did you know that what you eat also has a significant impact on the planet’s health? Factory farming is one of the leading causes of environmental destruction, according to the United Nations. The astronomical amount of our natural resources such as land, water and oil used to keep up with the demand of meat has taken its toll on the planet. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the animal agricultural sector is, “the leading contributor to identified water quality impairments in the nation’s rivers and streams, lakes, ponds, and reservoirs.” Untreated manure is flushed into the oceans creating “dead-zones” caused by a reduced level of oxygen that makes the water



Large-scale animal farming operations also pollute our air. As many of us strive to reduce our carbon footprint, it’s well documented that factory farms contribute a significant amount of greenhouse gases. A study from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has identified global farm animal production accounting for 14.5% of all human-caused greenhouse gases. Moreover, the expected demand and global population increase is projected to result in farm animal production emitting over 2/3 the amount of greenhouse gas emissions considered sustainable by 2050. Animal agribusiness is also responsible for destroying valuable land ecosystems. According to the Climate Land Use Alliance, commercial agriculture drives 71% of tropical rainforest destruction, which is often cleared to grow animal feed. The good news is that it’s not too late to start healing our planet. With a number of companies offering more options than ever, it’s easier than ever to fill your canvas shopping bag with plant-based foods. Even transitioning to one day a week of plant-powered meals can make a huge difference. As the Sierra Club has reported, “If Americans reduced meat consump-

tion by just 20 percent, it would be as though we all switched from a sedan to a hybrid.” Celebrities from Ellen DeGeneres to Beyoncé have acknowledged the benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits, veggies, beans and legumes. In fact world-renowned NFL quarterback, Tom Brady, credits his ability to recover faster and perform better to eating a mostly plant-based. Even Bill Gates has dedicated large amounts of his own money to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of the current food system. Health care facilities, universities and school districts across the country are making the choice to go more sustainable by adding more veg-centric meals to their menus. New York State is rich with decadent produce. Shopping at the Central NY Regional Market can help shrink your carbon footprint even more. When purchasing local products, both the supplier and the consumer are decreasing transportation emissions while also contributing to the local economy. It’s a win-win! We are the fuel that can create change for our planet, but don’t let it stop on April 21. You can turn each day into Earth Day by committing to mindful eating. Not only will you experience delicious and wholesome food, you’ll help to rejuvenate our beautiful planet.

Asian Fusion Power Bowl By: Stefanie Heath

Bowls can be an easy and delicious way to get a boost of nutrients. I make bowls often and usually pick a specific ethnic cuisine. This protein packed bowl is an ode to Asian flavors. I add Kimchi as a way to boost my digestive health. Kimichi is not only loaded with vitamins A, B and C, but it contains the healthy bacteria, lactobacilli, which is great for digestion. One serving • 1 cup cooked quinoa • ½ tablespoon sesame oil • ½ cup baby spinach • ¼ cup carrots, grated • ¼ cup edamame, shelled • ¼ cup kimchi (store bought is fine) • 1 tablespoon scallions, sliced • 1 tablespoon peanuts, chopped Ginger Miso Dressing: • 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated • 1 small garlic clove, minced • 1 tablespoon white miso • 1 tablespoon sesame oil • 1 ½ tablespoon tahini • ½ tablespoon agave nectar • 1 tablespoon lemon juice • 1/4 cup water Instructions: Cook quinoa according to package instructions. To make the dressing, place all of the ingredients into a high speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Set aside.

When the quinoa is cooked, place into a bowl and toss it with the sesame oil. Top the quinoa with the spinach, carrots, edamame, kimchi, scallions and peanuts. Pour the ginger miso dressing over the quinoa mixture and enjoy! WOUNY • APRIL 2018











The Big Picture Approach To Breast Cancer


Dr. Kara Kort, Medical Director St. Joseph’s Bres Care & Surgery Ctr.

he St. Joseph’s Health Breast Care and Surgery Center suite in Northeast Medical Center is undergoing an exciting transformation. The space is being redesigned to include women’s imaging services and enhancements that bring breast care team members into one space, improving the patient experience and patient care. Dr. Kara Kort, Medical Director for St. Joseph’s Health Breast Care and Surgery Center is excited about the changes and the positive impact they will have on patient care and provider collaboration.

located inside the suite.

“I am most excited to see all of our great services really come together. St. Joseph’s Health currently has an excellent breast care program and bringing more services and providers together in the same space will only serve to benefit our patients,” said Dr. Kort. “The renovated breast care suite nurtures patients’ spirits while providing high-quality medical care in a convenient and efficient fashion.”

St. Joseph’s Health Breast Care and Surgery Center is a comprehensive center of excellence for breast health, consisting of an interdisciplinary team of experts who provide diagnostic care, treatment and follow up based on national standards of care.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women affecting nearly 235,000 per year. It is not surprising that many experience fear and anxiety associated with annual mammograms or being told there is something suspicious found on a scan. The improved breast care suite is designed to meet the needs of women who are just having routine imaging but also provides the opportunity for those patients whose imaging may reveal a finding to meet with breast care professionals immediately, helping to reduce anxiety. “Our holistic approach to breast care provides a reassuring and calm environment for patients. Even something that seems as simple as allowing patients the luxury of changing their clothing once and coming right over to see their provider can make a vast difference in the experience,” said Dr. Kort. The Breast Care and Surgery Center continues to partner with St. Joseph’s Imaging but now offers the added convenience of St. Joseph’s Imaging women’s imaging services



“Breast imaging is an integral part of caring for patients, and our team is constantly reviewing patients’ mammograms and ultrasounds with our radiology colleagues,” said Dr. Kort. “To have women’s imaging physically in the same office as our highly-trained team of breast care specialists improves efficiency, communication and provides an atmosphere of comfort and convenience for patients and providers which results in better care.”

St. Joseph’s Health’s coordinated approach provides for the best possible results for outcomes, prognosis and emotional support. The renovated breast care suite is one more way St. Joseph’s Health patients will experience advanced medical care and integrated health counseling in comfort and with confidence. Said Dr. Kort of the overall transformation of the breast care and surgery space: “We are blessed to have ability to make this center come together, and I’m privileged to be a part of creating a space where patients can come and their whole person be cared for. Practicing good, compassionate medicine is really about people and relationships, and we have a great team who truly care about their patients and one another.” Learn more about St. Joseph’s Breast Care and Surgery Center by visiting www.sjhsyr.org/breastcare.

A community healthcare system built with exceptional people.

Nascentia Health – a shared commitment to providing exceptional care. VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options, LLC, Home Aides of Central New York Inc., and all our respective affiliated organizations and foundations are now unified as one new healthcare system – Nascentia Health. This new system reflects our continued commitment to providing the best possible care to those we serve.

In-Home Nursing & Medical Services Home Health Aides & Elder Care Complete Cross-Continuum Care Management Community Health & Wellness Programs Transportation, Equipment & Innovative Care Technology Chronic Disease Management Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) Plan

1050 West Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13204 Call 888.477.HOME



Nancy Muserlian She Is Owera Vineyards By: Abbey Adams Photo: Luciano



Owera Vineyards:

From Garden to Grapes By: Abbey Adams


riving down the winding entrance to Owera (meaning “of the wind”) Vineyards makes you feel so relaxed. An enticing field oasis awaits you – almost like a oneday vacation. To say it’s beautiful would be an understatement. Every decoration, garnish, and piece of furniture felt curated for the space – like it belongs there and only there. I sat down with Nancy Muserlian, the woman behind this gorgeous establishment. Initially, she and her husband bought the Cazenovia property with a big vegetable garden in mind. It was 100 x 150 and ended up producing way more than they thought it would. “I started donating to food pantries and my friends. When we eventually built the tasting room and the café, we decided to use the fresh vegetables in the café. So we started with the vegetable garden, and then we bought a hundred apple trees (from orchards in Utica)” said Muserlian. They dug up the trees and transplanted them over to the property to give them a new home. Now they have an apple orchard. “We were sitting around the dinner table one night, and my husband said ‘You know; you really like wine. Maybe we should grow grapes!’ I said ‘In Cazenovia? Are you crazy? This is not Napa or Sonoma.’ So, we looked at the different types of grapes you can buy and found out that there’s a hybrid grape there that can withstand up to 40 below wind chill.” They went on to plant the grapes 10 years ago and had their first harvest around 2012. Since they had no facility yet on the property, they decided to do mobile bottling of their first grapes. They also hired a parttime winemaker to help the process. When I ask Nancy if she’s always had an



interest in wine, she immediately says, “I like to drink wine…” she chuckled and continued to say, “I was a chardonnay girl. I don’t consider myself a wine expert. I consider myself a little bit of an entrepreneur. What I did was I hired very smart people and people that are gifted in their areas. My general manager is amazing and has run events all over the country and has great attention to detail. My winemaker started out in the vegetable garden; but she has Masters from ESF and just started training and now works with our consultant winemaker in the Finger Lakes. Basically, she is the winemaker now. Who would have ever thought that she could work into being a winemaker in Cazenovia, New York?” After receiving money from a New York State grant, Owera became what it is today. Complete with a tasting room, barrel room, production center, and then an event center where birthdays, weddings, fundraisers, and many more events now take place every year. They also have a kitchen, including a brick oven for homemade pizzas (the dough comes from Columbus Bakery in Syracuse). While I was there, Nancy told me I had to try their pizza, I did, and it was phenomenal. The Auburn native told me, “In order to promote our wine, we decided to have events, because we’re not on a trail like the Finger Lakes. So we really had to come up with a way to draw people to Owera Vineyards. By having a wedding, birthday party, or a shower, people would come to the event and say

‘What is this place?” Nevertheless, what Nancy is most proud of, is the wine they’ve created. Their chardonnay has won at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. Two of their wines are named after their mothers “Betty’s White: my mother was Betty, and that’s a white blend, and Teddy’s Red: my mother-in-law was Theodora. So we

paid homage to our mothers.” They also make an un-oak ed chardonnay, Solo Chardonnay, and a Cab Franc that is quite tasty this year. However, Owera is most known for their Rieslings, the dry Riesling, and the semi-dry. Owera only buys New York State grapes, and their wine can be found in liquor stores and restaurants throughout the area. The wine business is expensive, which is why they decided to open a tasting room for people to visit and learn more about their wine, taste it, and find what they like the best. Owera also partners with several charities, non profits, and businesses (Nascentia Health, JCC, Clear Path, etc.) for various events each year. Nancy is a big advocate for giving back and supporting all local businesses/artisans as much as possible – which was instilled in her at a young age. “I actually believe in what’s called reciprocity. My father had a local business in Auburn, NY where I grew up; and he believed that if someone did business with them, you do business with them. So if he put a heating and air-conditioning unit in a restaurant, we’d go and eat in the restaurant.” Almost every, if not all, aspects of Owera Vineyards are from area businesses, farms, entrepreneurs, etc. Nancy explains how the back panels behind the bar were constructed by a local man; the paint on the walls in the tasting room was done by a local painter. “I know Amazon is probably employing a lot of people; but I think it’s also important to stay local. I think eating locally is important. Eating what you grow in your own soil is very important” she says. Another important part of Owera is the comfortable family atmosphere it has created. “It’s a family business. And my daughter, we felt that we wanted to start a business where she could actually grow up and be a part of it. So, we kind of built it for her; and she works in the events’ area.” Nancy and her husband hired a landscape architect company, who helped craft the road that you drive up. The ponds were developed and what species of trees to plant, etc. There was a lot of effort put into the external portion of this vineyard to make people feel invited. Not to mention, the small staff (15 full-time employees) adds even more to the welcome wagon right as you set foot inside. It means a lot to Nancy to have a tight-knit group of people who are passionate and ready to work; people who aren’t afraid to clean the bathrooms, wipe down tables, or take on extra work. Being an entrepreneur: “I think when we first started this business, we thought maybe it would be easy to find someone to run it. But it was pretty specific, so when we decided to develop the property, my husband is very busy in his other business, so he said ‘You know; you’re going to have to take the reins and run this company.’ I said ‘I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ll give it a try.’ I just surrounded myself with smart, talented, and honest people. I was part of all the interviewing, the training, just to make sure they really were the right fit for Owera. I think I just learned by doing. I’ve always had pretty good people skills and I always have a kind of a sixth sense. I can tell when I talk to someone whether or not they’re going to work out or whether or not they’re honest. So I just tried to hire staff that would help us be successful. Because, it’s not just me; it’s the people, you know. It’s the core group of people that help run Owera, that I really owe the success to.”



Above: Corner shot of the bar. Top Right: Chardonnay, Cazenovia Blush, Owahgena White, and Semi-Dry Reisling

Amy Heiderich, Winemaker at Owera. She is one of many women coming into the field.

Nancy’s best advice? “Be involved, be present. Don’t be afraid to do anything that they’re doing, sweeping the floors, vacuuming, cleaning the toilets. Be kind. Treat everyone with respect.” In some way, Nancy has always been a leader. Before Owera Vineyards, she was employed by Weight Watchers for 15 years as a motivational leader. Helping others along on their journey is something she loves to do. Nancy is still involved currently as a part-time employee. Future plans for Owera: I asked Nancy where she sees Owera in the next five years. She said, “I wish now that the facility was a little bit bigger, because we have to turn people away now. I think I’d like to see the Beverage Trail in Cazenovia grow and develop so that people that are now traveling almost two miles to the Finger Lakes wineries will instead think about coming here right down on Route 13.” Owera Vineyards is open: Wed-Thurs: 4pm - 9pm Fri-Sat: 12pm - 10pm Sun: 12pm - 5pm For more information, visit: http://oweravineyards.com/ or call at 315-815-4311




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It’s Not Easy Being Green! By: Lisa Beach My favorite Muppet, Kermit, said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” Like any good mom, I try to lead my family down the do-the-right-thing path as we go about our suburban lives. This includes adopting environmentally friendly habits as I try to instill a leave-no-trace mentality in my family. Let’s just say they’re about ready to stuff me into the recycling bin with my attempts to “green up” our lives. “Listen, Mother Earth, you need to chill,” my husband Kevin says to me on a regular basis as I try to shove my save-the-planet philosophy down my family’s throat. I admit that I sometimes go a little overboard in my efforts. I also admit that I sometimes fail miserably at my own green habits due to inconvenience or the reality of living with teen boys. For example, I’ve drilled my kids on the importance of the three big “R’s”: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Yet, despite my best efforts, we often fall short. Reduce: •The Good: To cut down on all the harmful chemicals and reduce the influx of disposable containers in our home, I sometimes make my own non-toxic cleaning products with simple ingredients like water, vinegar, and lemon juice. The Bad: While this DIY approach works as effectively as most cleaners, I’m banned from using them when my family is at home because they claim it makes the house smell like pungent salad dressing. Which it does, but only for 10 minutes. 
The Ugly: With two teen boys in the house, I’m not against breaking out the Lysol as needed. I’m all for “going green,”

but teen messes and smelly soccer cleats demand the toxic big guns, like bleach, alkyl, dimethyl benzyl, and other ingredients I can’t pronounce. Ozone layer, air quality, and clean water be damned! I’m trying to survive two teenagers. Reuse: •The Good: We own at least a dozen refillable water bottles, which we regularly take to school, work, soccer games, etc. One drink at a time, we’re not adding to the county landfill. Yay, us! The Bad: While we’ve slowly upgraded most of our water bottles to stainless steel or BPA-free plastic over the years, a few “bad plastics” still lurk in our cupboards. For unknown reasons, we’re still holding onto a few toxic, BPA-laden freebies emblazoned with our local radio station’s logo.
The Ugly: At this very moment, we’ve got a case of disposable water bottles sitting on our back porch. Despite our best efforts to bring reusable containers everywhere, we’ve just committed the pinnacle of atrocious eco-crimes. Not only did we buy disposable water bottles, but we bought them in bulk. What kind of monsters are we? Recycle: •The Good: My family has dubbed me the Recycling Nazi for my zealot-level intensity of recycling. Each week, our recycling bins overflow with aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, and empty cereal boxes. I’m thrilled that we’ve reduced our carbon footprint.
The Bad: Sometimes my overly aggressive efforts tick off my husband, like when he hasn’t yet read the Sunday newspaper, and I’ve already tossed it into the recycling bin by 10 a.m. that morning. (This is where he starts, “Listen, Mother Earth….”)
The Ugly: Like George

Costanza picking a Twinkie out of the trash in a classic Seinfeld episode, I’ve been known to pluck a perfectly good empty toilet paper roll out of the bathroom waste can and put it in the recycling bin. My husband thinks I’ve sunk to a new low. But do you know how many trees I’ve saved over the years? While I’ve got the best of intentions, I struggle with trying to set a good example and then consistently live up to it. For example, rather than waste gallons of water while brushing my teeth, I turn the faucet off until I’m ready to “rinse and spit.” Sometimes my husband or the boys will leave the faucet running full blast while brushing their teeth. “My God, you can bathe a toddler with all the water you’re wasting!” I chastise over the gushing stream. The problem? My hypocrisy comes back to haunt me when they point out that I take longer showers than a construction worker after a long, hot day on the job. Damn, they’re right. Yet, despite my eco-fails, I keep trying to live the green life. In fact, I’ve seriously asked for a compost bin for Mother’s Day for the last five years. So far, no one’s running to Home Depot to fulfill my wish. Instead, I usually receive flowers on Mother’s Day. Of course, when they die, I could have tossed them into the compost bin IF I HAD ONE. The struggle is real, people. I agree with Kermit. It’s not easy being green. Lisa Beach is a freelance journalist and copywriter. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Parents, Woman’s World, Eating Well, and more. Check out her writer’s website at www.LisaBeachWrites.com.




Rachael Ikins Artist, Writer & More!

By: Audrey Levinson


his story begins with a chance meeting. I was on my way to run an errand and passing by Eye Studio in the village of East Syracuse. Though I had not intended to stop there I decided it would be a good idea before I headed to my next stint. When I entered, the owner/artist/teacher, herself was meeting with an artist by the name of Rachael Ikins. Rachael’s work adorned the walls of the studio there, and they were discussing the opening for her show. So, I had a little time to meander around and wandered into the studio to check out Rachael’s artwork. The first thing that called to my attention was that some of her paintings were created using tissue paper. When I looked even closer at her work, she had painted over the tissue to bring colors more together, but it’s such an elegant, unique look. There was a variety of different artworks by Rachael as well as books that have been published. When Ilene and Rachael were finished with their business, Ilene introduced us. Through the small chit chat and cordial friendly conversation we found that we had a few things in common. We both have a great admiration and love for cats. I thought well of her and decided to find out what makes her an interesting artist. Rachael has a home studio as many artists do. She invited me to her house to see more of her work and to talk about her creative life. Going to any artists home is always fun. Usually, I am blessed with the collections of meaningful things to look at and Rachael did not disappoint.



They are personal to the artist and for that I give credit. Rachael is also a published writer and award winning poet and as we got deeper into conversation, she told me she really sees herself in the capacity as a writer more than as a visual artist. She told me a story that recently happened to her. Some of her packed away belongings ended up in her mother’s basement. A friend of hers who was helping her sold an old filing cabinet that was amongst her things and so he packed up the items from inside the cabinet in plastic bags ready to go to the dump. He called Rachael to let her know of his sale and what was going to happen to the items in the filing cabinet. She made sure nothing went to the dump and retrieved her bags. Rachael unpacked her things only to discover valuables from her past like old valentines from her husband, some of her first photographs and manuscripts of her children’s stories that she thought were lost forever. She was elated. She brought the five children’s stories to a publisher and 3 of them have been accepted for publication. However, they wanted her to illustration them in pen and ink. Not a bad deal. I got the impression it’s been a long road, but Rachael seems to know how to put her work out there. She’s an inspiration to those who are still grasping for time and places for their work to be appreciated. She writes everyday she told me writing had saved her life a few times. She has a very strong confidence that shines through her. I got the impression that she usually has something going on. She’s won eleven prizes through the Pen

Women for poetry. She is now a member of the National League of American Pen Women. She started a Monday night open poetry at Sushi, Blues, and Barbecues in Hamilton NY. Rachael belongs to Associated Artists of Central NY. She has also taken art classes with local artists, including Ilene Layow of Eye Studio. Rachael went on a trip to Ireland to write in an old Irish castle. I can imagine the ambiance there and how it must touch the creative nerves and imagination. She wrote and was critiqued by Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley In that castle in Ireland. She has books published such as, For Kate (Clare Songbirds Publishing) poems about her favorite feline companion. She has a novel called Totems (Log Cabin Books) and God Considered The Horizon (Finishing Line Press), a chapbook of poetry that has a related theme. There are more published poetry books and collaborative works that Rachael has written, too many to mention here. Rachael’s artwork is notable and very connected to her writing. Her artwork and writing share her insights, thoughts, and relate to one another. Her works whether it is her art or written word is surely worth looking for. My gut feeling was right she is an interesting artist. Read more about Rachael at: http://www. thevoicesproject.org/poetry-library/afairytale-by-rachel-ikins



Bittersweet Birthdays


y heart both rejoices and breaks every year when we celebrate my firstborn’s birthday.

I rejoice when I think back to my son’s earlier birthdays when he was about 4 or 5 years old. Each year he’d pick a new theme for his birthday party, reflecting his current favorite passions. One year, he loved Blue’s Clues. Another year, trains. The next, magic. Weeks prior to my son’s birthday, I’d plan fun activities, crafts, games and goodie bags to go with the year’s chosen theme. Yes, I was that mom. Even in the days before Pinterest, I loved collecting ideas of how to make every DIY birthday feel special for my son and his friends. No matter the theme, each birthday party shared one thing in common: a group of friends from preschool or elementary school at our home helping my son celebrate his big day. They played silly games in our living room, ate cake on our back porch, and chased one another in our backyard. Laughter filled the air against the noisy backdrop of the slightly uncontrolled chaos of a kids birthday party. To see my son’s face light up, to know he felt valued and accepted by his friends, to hear the shared laughter – that was a birthday gift in itself.

By: Lisa Beach My heart swells with happiness when I look at photos of preschool party-goers standing next to the life-size, wooden Bob the Builder cut-out my husband created for a party photo opp. And I can’t help but smile when I watch the video of birthday attendees wearing their hand-crafted cardboard box race cars as they zoomed around our backyard crashing into each other. Those truly were the happiest of birthdays. Flash forward to middle school. Around sixth grade, we began to notice my son’s friends slowly drifting away, one by one, like balloons just floating up into the sky, forever out of reach. They stopped inviting my son to their birthday parties, to go to the movies or to just hang out. By high school, social invitations ceased to exist, except from the neighborhood teen whose family we’ve known since our boys were toddlers. Not only did my son’s old friendships fade away, but new friendships weren’t taking their place. A gaping social hole existed in his life. What happened? Around ninth grade, we discovered that my son---always a shy, socially awkward kid---has Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s a talented artist and a smart kid, even qualifying for the gifted program in elementary school. Although quirky, he was

such a high-functioning kid that we didn’t connect the Asperger’s dots until high school. With social and communication difficulties at the crux of Asperger’s, this autism-spectrum disorder often spells a death-sentence to a child’s social life and delivers a devastating blow to self-confidence. Being socially awkward and missing out on the hidden nuances of body language, facial expressions, and social cues, people with Asperger’s struggle to connect with others, making it difficult to make and keep friends. And this brings me to the bittersweet tinge of celebrating my son’s birthday. Every year since 5th or 6th grade, birthday parties have gotten noticeably smaller. In preschool, a dozen or more kids filled our back porch at birthday parties. By middle school, we could fit the entire birthday party (including our family of four) in our Honda Odyssey. The very last birthday party was an awkward gathering with two of my son’s friends who knew (but did not like) each other. Painful to watch, it was like a page right out of Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Was None, as one by one, the attendees vanished from our once-burgeoning RSVP list. The heartbreak of it all actually mirrored a scene in the 1991 movie Little Man Tate, where seven-year-

Continued on pg. 39

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7 Ways to Catapult Your Confidence By: Sara Cruz


onfidence is the feeling or belief in one’s abilities or qualities. The truth is confidence can be a bit of a roller coaster, especially for a woman. Things are going great and you walk into a room like you own it, and then something happens that derails your confidence. You don’t walk quite as tall, don’t hold your head quite as high, and you don’t feel as empowered. Everyone can benefit from more confidence at one point or another, and I want to encourage you to implement these tips to catapult your confidence. #1 Be willing to grow your confidence muscle. It’s often in moments when you are uncomfortable that you are gifted the opportunity to grow your confidence. Think about the first time you drove a car. If you were anything like me, you were scared, awkward, and far from confident. I remember the more I practiced driving the more confident I became with my driving skills. This is the same with confidence. The more you practice acting and feeling confident, the more easily you will be confident. Become comfortable being uncomfortable and know that your first attempt may not be your best attempt, but it should be celebrated because you went for it. Raise your hand in that meeting. Offer to give the presentation. Learn a new skill. Talk to that stranger in the grocery store. Join that club or networking group. Commit to doing something once a week that puts you just outside your comfort zone, because that is where magic happens. #2 Charm yourself before you harm yourself. Are you speaking confidently? Think about it. You begin to believe what



you say to yourself and to others about yourself. It may be unintentional, but if you are saying things like, “I can’t. I am not ____. I am nervous. I am uncomfortable,” you are brainwashing yourself and decreasing your confidence with the thoughts and words you are choosing. Think and speak confidently. When you notice those thoughts come up, stop yourself, and change it. Imagine you are saying what you are saying yourself to your boss, your best friend, your sister, or your daughter. If you wouldn’t say it to their face, you are no longer allowed to say it or think it about yourself. #3 What you focus on grows. When you are constantly focusing on pleasing others, you are feeding your worry and self-doubt and not feeding your confidence. When you focus on one negative comment or one person’s negative opinion, you are turning down the volume on all the great things that people have said about you. You are creating a habit of focusing on insecure feelings. Not everyone will love you, and that is totally okay, but focus on the good things that people say about you. I used to be the woman who could hear 100 compliments and ONE negative comment, and that ONE negative comment was all I focused on. Confidence train, derailed! Don’t ever derail your confidence train. You are amazing, brilliant, unique, and an expert with all that you do. Focus on the good, never the bad. Create an “I’m a ROCKSTAR” folder. What compliments have people given to you? What “thank you” messages have you gotten from people? If you have clients, what testimonials do you have from them? What have people said about you or to you that boosted your confidence? Make a list of at least ten compliments that you have received

that made you feel amazing. Now take your list and create a file on your computer, on your phone, or in a physical folder of your ROCKSTAR status. This becomes your “I’m a ROCKSTAR” folder. Look at them frequently to boost your confidence. In moments when you are feeling less than stellar, take 30 seconds and read something from your “I’m a ROCKSTAR” folder. These comments and compliments are your new confidence arsenal. These are your focus. Build an impenetrable fortress around them. Stop dwelling on the negative comments and make it a habit to focus on the positive comments that boost your confidence and keep your confidence train moving along. #4 Confidently own your expertise. How do you do that? Write down everything that makes you an expert in your field. Include formal education and credentials, but also include your personal experiences. Some people will want your credentials, some people will want to feel like you understand them, and some will desire a combination of both, so include them all. #5 Find a confident role model. We all have women in our lives that we view as confident. Women we admire. Women we look up to. Think about who you view as confident and why. Think about how you are similar to them. That will catapult your own confidence when you consciously choose to recognize how you are similar to them. Also, think about 3-5 ways you can be more like them, and actually commit to doing it. #6 Be interested and engaging. In groups of people it becomes easy to

blend in when you were born to stand out. The easiest way to feel confident and portray confidence in a group setting is to be interested and engaging. The loudest person in the group is not necessarily the most confident. Classy confidence is quiet, welcoming, and engaging. Don’t lead with your resume. Smile. Give and receive genuine compliments. Ask questions. Create a list of questions that you can ask in any situation, questions that are unique and thought provoking. You will stand out and be remembered. #7 Wear it with confidence. What you wear matters. If you don’t feel fired up and red carpet ready in what you are wearing, you won’t portray yourself as confident, powerful, and influential. As a woman, I have worn that dress that was less than comfortable. Maybe it was slightly tighter or shorter than I wanted, but I wore it anyway. It affected my experience and my impact at the event. I challenge you to open your closet and have a fashion show in front of a mirror. Find 3-5 outfits that are your POWER outfits. Prepare outfits you feel ready to take on the world in, and have them ready and accessible before you attend an event or a big meeting. You are a powerful, brilliant, sophisticated, and confident woman. There are situations that can hinder your confidence, but only if you allow them to. Use these tips and own who you are, what you stand for, what you stand against, and empower yourself to stand tall, speak true and be a confident you.

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Quick Gardening Tips


t is finally Spring and the first thing we want to do is see those beautiful plants and clean up the yard. For your garden make sure you choose a spot that will get plenty of sun. When choosing flowers mix it up with annuals and perennials so that you will have blooms all year long.

old Fred Tate (whose intellectual and artistic giftedness made him not fit in with his peers) threw a birthday party and no one showed up. You could just see the anguish on the face of his mom Dede (played by Jodie Foster). Fred could be my son, and I could be Dede Tate. I am mourning the birthdays of yesteryear filled with two dozen cupcakes, party bags, Pin the Tail on the Donkey and squeals of laughter in my backyard. I am yearning for those long-ago days when my son felt accepted and included by his peers. I am missing the days when birthdays felt 100% like the celebrations they should be. As my son’s birthday approaches each year, I still cry a little inside for what should be the happiest day of the year for my son. I must admit, those middle and high school years pummeled my heart when my son’s birthday rolled around, making me cringe at the shrinking circle of friends who no longer issued or accepted a party invitation. Parties once populated by friends have been replaced by family-only celebrations. But I also celebrate my son, now 19 and, in college, as he prepares for the next phase of his life. I am his biggest cheerleader and in awe of the man he is turning into, as I watch his self-confidence slowly rebuild. And I silently thrill at the flicker of college friendships I see beginning to take shape.

Mix up your garden with vibrant colors that will make your neighbors envious! Local plant farmers will soon be open with a variety of plants to choose from. So, get out explore and get colorful. Make your garden more interesting with some DIY projects. Get creative with some old tires, or concrete blocks. Also, when you are out checking out yard sales you can find many cool items to create your very own DIY planters. View more great ideas at www.countryliving. com/gardening/garden-ideas

Birthdays serve as bittersweet reminders, now and forever, to be my son’s best friend, regardless of whether or not anyone else steps up to fill that role. Lisa Beach is a freelance journalist and copywriter. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Parents, Woman’s World, Eating Well, and more. Check out her website at www.LisaBeachWrites.com.



D’s Beauty Bar with Donna Adamo


pril is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning, and by cleaning, I mean your wardrobe, your makeup and your soul. Out with the old, in with renew. Yes, renew.

Your closet is calling you. The rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid of it. If you’re ambitious, try Poshmark, an online app where you sell good-quality clothing at a great saving. More than 700,000 people, just like you and me, buy and sell their gently-used brand named items clothes, shoes and accessories (Michael Kors, Kate Spade, even StitchFix). The app is legitimate and was founded by Tracy Sun, who traded neuroscience, for fashion. You can read about her right here: https://www.sfchronicle.com/style/article/Poshmark-co-founder-Tracy-Sun-The-mind-behind-7464828.php. If you’re a bit too busy to sell your used fashion online, donate to a local women’s shelter or charity and be done with it. Ah, more room in your closet for fresh air. There are deals to be had. Now is the time to invest in a really, really good moisturizer. There are always the go-to’s such as Roc Retinol Day or night cream in the tube. However, if every face needs a little special something, and there are bargains to be had big time, and they’ll really help clean up, but not clean out, your wallet too. I recently have found a large number of Philosophy, Origins and Dr. Perricone, MD products on the shelves at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Last night, I found a gem! I love Dr. P’s OVM anti-aging cream. The product retails on QVC, Sephora and Ulta for $170.00, which is why I rarely purchase it. I found it at TJ Maxx for $35.99 in early March 2018. I purchased it and called Perricone’s 1-800 number to make sure the lot number was good. It was. Perfect. That’s a $135.00 savings. There were many other products with similar savings as well. One of the serums on the shelf was $465 at Sephora and was on sale for $99.00. I left that one on the shelf so someone else could enjoy the product. Also, it’s really important to toss those makeup brushes you’ve been using over and over as well. They collect bacteria from the oils on your skin. A new set of brushes is about $50, but well worth it every six months or so. Your soul needs a little l-o-v-e. Look, I’m no preacher, but I know that one extra hour of sunlight every night soothes the soul from the long, hard winter. Spring is a time to think about what you want to bring into your life that it’s been missing. Maybe it’s time to tell someone you’re sorry, or it’s time to let go of that grudge. Maybe it’s time to be kinder to yourself.. Maybe it’s taking a karate class, a singing class, or that day trip you always say you’re going to do but never find the time. Make it a “Do You” moment. Nature teaches us everything we need to know. Just like the fallen leaves in October each of us let go of what doesn’t work, spring birds and spring buds show us better things always come our way. Be present and pay attention to what nature is showing you. The signs are there. Sit in the silence and renew your soul. The silence will speak to you. That, my friend, is what makes spring so special. It’s a time start again and don’t look back. Sedona Lace Brushes



Stay beautiful and we’ll see you next month!!!

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Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

• Personalized Nutrition • Motivational Coaching • Medical Supervision

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Ginny Gordon founded the Brickhouse Café in 2005, originally on Brewerton Rd. She is now located inside Driver’s Village. Her passion for food and creating delectable treats has also taken her down the path of catering too! The Brickhouse Café can cater for any event that you are planning. The café is known for its fabulous food and pastries. They can provide entrees such as Brickhouse Baked Chicken to Lobster Macaroni with plenty of sides to choose from. Appetizers, wraps, fresh fruits and salads will make your event a hit. Also, there is a complete Gluten-Free Menu filled with delicious options. Ginny takes pride in everything that she creates, proving that her many years of experience have allowed her to keep bringing the best food for you to enjoy. In the mood for a great pastry? Enjoy freshly made cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies and more. Be sure to buy more than many, because one is never enough. But, It all doesn’t stop there, when you stop into the Brickhouse, you can relax with a great cup of coffee, enjoy breakfast or lunch, and you will not leave hungry.

Your Catering Specialists!

brickhousecafeny@gmail.com www.brickhousecafeny.com

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and more. Daily 7:30 am to 6 pm

Book your Catering Events Now! 5885 E. Circle Drive Cicero, NY 13039

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Great Food, & Good For YOU!




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Cancer Care at its Best The Only CNY Cancer Practice that is Certified for Quality by the American Society of Clinical Oncology!


Syracuse 601 West Fayette Street Syracuse, NY 13204 Auburn 360 Grant Avenue, Suite 102 Auburn, NY 13021

Rome 295 East Dominick Street Rome, NY 13440 Amsterdam 4184 State Highway 30 Amsterdam, NY 12010

Family owned and operated since 1958, offering: • In Home Design • 3D layouts • Wholesale Pricing • Installation Come & Visit one of our Sales & Design Centers Today!

Breast healthcare at Crouse. As individual as you are.

N Crouse’s breast healthcare team (l-r): William Schu, MD; Tammy Congelli, MD; breast care nurse – navigator Katie Tindall, BSN; James Sartori, MD all from from CNY Surgical Physicians; and of Stephen Montgomery, MD, medical director tal. the Falk Breast Health Center at Crouse Hospi

o two women are alike. And no two breast imaging results are alike, either. That’s why our breast care team puts a continual focus on what matters most — you. A nationally designated Breast Center of Excellence, Crouse offers the latest in 3D imaging technology and the region’s leading radiologists, surgeons and nurse navigators. Together, they provide breast healthcare that’s compassionate, comprehensive and customized to your individual breast health needs.

crouse.org/mammoappt 315-470-5880



Salina Family Dental Dr. Wilson D. Sithole, DDS, MPH


traumatic mistake in the dental chair resulted in a 12 year old boy losing two teeth. It was at that time the young boy decided he was going to become a dentist who cares about his patients. From that day to present, Dr. Sithole has dedicated his education, continuing education and career to that promise. Born and bred in Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe, Dr. Sithole’s path to a career in dentistry is one of determination, hard work and compassion for his community. His career, spanning over 30 years and 3 continents, is fueled by his motto “education never stops.” Soon after graduating high school, Dr. Sithole was awarded a full scholarship to study in America. In 1967, he received his BA from Clark University and later his DDS from Howard University School of Dentistry. After graduating from Howard University, Dr. Sithole moved his family to Syracuse, NY where he worked at the Syracuse Community Health Center from 1973-1981 and again from 2000-2006. In July 2006 Dr. Sithole opened Salina Family Dental where he and his staff continue to provide great compassionate dental care to all their patients.



Salina Family Dental “The Smile Makers”

•Dentures •Root Canals •Crowns •Bridges •Extractions •Whitening • Digital Xrays

Now Offering “Implant Restoration” Accepting Medicaid, Most Major Insurances & Care Credit 315-457-7393 Evening Hours Available Monday & Thursdays, Closed Friday Every Other Saturday - 8 am to 12 By Appointment

6846 Buckley Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212

“Creativity is the key for any child with dyslexia, or for anyone for that matter. Then, you can think outside the box. Teach them anything is attainable! Let them run with what you see is whatever they need to run with. “ Orlando Bloom, Actor/dyslexic Imagine that you are reading a magazine, playbill, cereal box or instruction manual…. Letters look reversed; inverted, transposed and spelling is jumbled. This is everyday life for many people who are dyslexic. Dyslexia is a brain-based disability that makes is difficult to read accurately and fluently. It is a disorder that includes poor word reading, oral reading fluency, word decoding and spelling. A common learning issue, it is estimated that 1 in every 10 people has dyslexia. While individuals have this condition throughout their lives, it is not tied to intelligence. People with dyslexia are just as smart if not smarter than their peers, and it occurs across all backgrounds and socioeconomic states. There appears to be a genetic component as parents with dyslexia may have children with it. Early Signs In children, early signs of dyslexia may include an inability to rhyme words, difficulty sounding out words (decoding) difficulty recognizing common sight word spelling, poor comprehension skills and difficulty solving word problems in math.

Steps for Intervention. If you suspect your child may have dyslexia it is important to get them tested early on. The ideal time to begin is in kindergarten or first grade. Once you receive a diagnosis, begin the Individualized Education Program (IEP) with your child’s school. Depending on what type of program the school can provide and the needs of your child, you may also decide to do additional tutoring from a certified academic therapist. Programs that address the needs of dyslexics are multisensory structured language programs that are based the Orton-Gillingham method. Next, work with your child’s school and teachers. Teachers can give dyslexic students accommodations that will help them be more successful in the classroom. These may include, extra time on tests, reading tests and other written materials out loud, a reduced homework load and frequent brain breaks. An additional strategy includes the use of assistive technology. Assistive technology tools like word processing programs that read texts and innovations like the Livescribe smart pen which records classroom discussions and facilitates note taking can be of great use to dyslexic students. Although dyslexia is a lifelong condition, strategies and accommodations can enable individuals to be highly successful in their chosen field. From CEOs like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, actors and directors like Henry Winkler and Steven Spielberg and athletes such as Magic Johnson and Nolan Ryan, dyslexics that develop and celebrate their strengths can lead productive and satisfying lives. Additional resources on Dyslexia can be found at: The American Dyslexia Association- www.American-dyslexia-association.com The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity- www.dyslexia.yale.edu


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Skincare is our only Business!

A Gift Certificate Purchase of $125 or more With coupon.No cash value. Not valid on prior purchases. Expires 4/30/2018 WU18

$120 Reg. $195

Facial Package 3 Facials

1 person must use all 3 facials


1st. time clients only. Must be 21 years old

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Extreme Hand and Foot Makeover Spa Manicure & Pedicure w/ callus smoothing peel and relaxing paraffin to soften hands and heels.

With coupon.No cash value. Not valid on With coupon.No cash value. Not valid on prior purchases. Expires 4/30/2018 WU18 prior purchases. Expires 4/30/2018 WU18

Free Pedicure

w/ the purchase of a 1 hour Massage $85 LYNDON CORNERS, FAYETTEVILLE | 315.449.4036 | LAFLEURDAYSPA.COM


3 Pedicures 1 person must use all 3 Pedicures

With coupon. No cash value. Not valid on With coupon.No cash value. Not valid on prior purchases. Expires 4/30/2018 WU18 prior purchases. Expires 4/30/2018 WU18



Central New York’s Best Kept Secret




is a family owned and operated company that has been secretly providing your neighbors with resort vacations right in their own backyard since 1986.

Liverpool Pool & Spa has stayed focused on what we have been doing well for over 30 years. With over 25 Hot Tub Models on display, we have the largest and best selection in CNY. Discover the possibilities and affordability within our Hot Tub Superstore. Our highly trained, low pressure associates will take you through a guided tour to demonstrate all we have to offer. Let us help you with Making Every Day Better!

Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 9-7 • Fri. 9-6 • Sat. 9-4 • Sun. 11-4 315-414-0741 | 6804 Manlius Center Rd., E. Syracuse | Liverpoolpoolandspa.com

Monotony, please keep right. The Audi Q3 is nothing you’d expect from a crossover. Its distinct and dynamic design stands out amongst the crowd. Its luxurious interior seats five comfortably, with plenty of room for your gear in the back. Yet its impressive agility and available quattro® all-wheel drive gives you the confidence to handle it on virtually any road.1 So why settle for the same old thing, when you can simply outmaneuver it? The agile Audi Q3. Stray the course.

Starting at $32,900.2 Available features may increase price.

Audi Cicero 5885 East Circle Drive Cicero, NY 13039 315-233-5387 www.audicicero.com Always obey speed and traffic laws. When driving in cold, snowy, or icy conditions, ensure that your vehicle is equipped with appropriate all-season or winter tires. 2Starting MSRP of $32,900 for a 2018 Audi Q3 Premium 2.0 TFSI® with FWD and six-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission. Model shown is a 2018 Audi Q3 Premium Plus 2.0 TFSI quattro® with six-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission and optional Sport pkg. in available metallic paint, starting MSRP of $39,475. Prices exclude transportation, taxes, title, other options, and dealer charges. Dealer sets actual price. “Audi,” “quattro,” “TFSI,” all model names, and the four rings logo are registered trademarks of AUDI AG. ©2018 Audi of America, Inc.


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