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MINDFUL At St. Joseph’s Health, we know women are mindful and dynamic—and each moment in your life is as unique as you are. That’s why we have brought together all health care services for Breast Care, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Neonatal Care that are equipped to meet your needs, wherever you are in life. We bring the latest technologies and an empathetic approach to each aspect of your care, which is why we’ve been named one of America’s Best Hospitals for Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Bariatrics and Heart Care by the Women’s Choice Award®. You are multifaceted, and your health care should be designed the same way.

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Cover: Luciano Miceli


WOUNY • MAY 2018

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Chelsea Handler: Fearlessly Forward

We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired” says comedian turned activist, Chelsea Handler. The New Jersey native has devoted the last year or so to making her mark in the political world. Handler describes this change of career as a necessary step for her. “I wanna do something real. We have an opportunity to do something we’ve never done before. We have to remain tireless. You don’t stop fighting until you get what you want.” University Union and The New York Times presented the event, “Get With the Times: Fearlessly Forward with Chelsea Handler”. The premiere sponsor was The North Face and ¬¬the media sponsor was Refinery 29. Handler was joined by investigative journalist at The New York Times, Megan Twohey, also known for her work breaking the infamous Harvey Weinstein story in 2017.


WOUNY • MAY 2018

By: Abbey Adams According to the United States Department of Justice, about 20 million out of 112 million women in the U.S. have been raped during their lifetime. In light of recent events, women have been banding together to support the Me Too movement, showing that sexual abuse can happen to anyone. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, and more have come forward to stand up for what’s right. Twohey was deep in investigation on film producer Harvey Weinstein, and has since made it a point to talk about how we can move forward and make a change in our society. Handler has been supporting the cause since day one. Twohey asked Handler several thought provoking questions, all pertaining to the comedian’s early career, her stance on our nation’s leaders, and her newfound love for politics. Handler has recently announced she will join

forces with EMILY’s List; an American political action committee that aims to elect pro-choice Democratic female candidates to office. They also help people register to vote as well as campaign for candidates who are fighting for women’s rights. Handler answered every question charged up and ready to fight. She seems to be up to speed and full of knowledge when it comes to today’s current events. While talking to the crowd of college-age young adults, Handler said “It’s easy to be involved. It’s so imperative to get engaged at a young age. It’s powerful to be informed. These are our lives. You have to do that for the next generation. It’s a social responsibility.” Every college student clapped in response to her focus on educating young people to get involved in something that they may think “doesn’t matter” but indeed, does. Female comedians like: Tiffany Continued on pg. 10

Women are Discovering

Real Solutions to Hair Loss


ith so many causes of hair loss out there today, women are experiencing it more often than ever before. By age 40, forty percent of women suffer from visible hair loss. It’s no longer just a man problem, and in the age of the empowered woman, ladies you do not have to remain victims of hair loss. Recently a client was told by her doctor to “deal with your hair loss, you’re just getting old.” The same clients’ dermatologist also claimed she couldn’t be helped. I hear these statements often, and I have the same reply every-time, something can ALWAYS be done. I encourage patients to see a doctor to determine possible medical causes of

By: Jeanine Stevenson, Genesis II any kind of physical trauma, surgery, a car accident, or a severe illness, even the flu can cause temporary hair loss. Pregnancy – post-partum hair loss, Lack of Protein, Female Hormones - switching or going off birth-control pills, Anemia - almost one in 10 women aged 20 through 49 suffers from anemia due to an iron deficiency, which is an easily fixable cause of hair loss, Hypothyroidism, Dramatic Weight Loss/Bariatric Surgery, Chemotherapy, and much more. The pattern and severity of female hair loss is what helps us determine the appropriate course of treatment. We offer every proven solution for hair loss. Surgical, Non-Surgical, Hair Extensions, Medical Wigs, Hair

made of ultra-fine, soft mesh and shaped for you. It is cleverly and discreetly secured to your head. Then your hair is cut and styled to create any look you desire. The possibilities are endless. Hair Extensions are hand crafted from 100% human hair, so your hair will make you feel more self-confident, sexy and secure than ever before. Achieve increased hair volume and have long, thick, healthy, beautiful looking hair. Medical wigs are recommended for women being treated for cancer and undergoing chemotherapy who are experiencing temporary hair loss. We offer the highest

Actual Patient hair loss and believe your next step is a hair replacement studio. At Genesis II we provide a free, no obligation hair loss and scalp evaluation with a hair loss specialist. You do not have to figure this out on your own. Hair loss occurs when the natural growth cycle becomes disrupted, which can stem from many different factors. Below are some of the most common causes of female hair loss: Androgenetic Alopecia - most commonly referred to as Female Pattern Hair Loss Heredity, Emotional Stress – a divorce, after the death of a loved one, Physical Stress -

Loss Control Products (All Natural or Minoxidil) Low Level Light Therapy and PRP Treatments. Hair Transplantation is a Surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the ‘donor site’, to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site. This is a minimally invasive procedure. Most people will see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months. Non-Surgical Hair involves blending your existing hair with real hair that is attached to a custom-made system. This system,

quality medical wigs available which are specifically designed for a woman with little or no hair. Our customized medical wigs offer greater comfort and are lighter and cooler than wigs found off-the-shelf in retail fashion outlets. Hair Loss Control Products by Genesis II is an advanced anti thinning, multi-therapeutic hair loss program designed specifically to stop hair loss and promote healthier, thicker hair. Utilizing a combination of tested, proven growth activators and hair nutritionals, they include special hair supplements and sodium laurel ether Continued on pg. 10

Peace of mind for life

Every beautiful Cambria® natural stone surface begins with American craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to the finest quality. That’s why we can proudly offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on everything that carries our name. Find

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your dream kitchen or bath at

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Knife Vs Needle


ntil this past decade, traditional surgical facelifts were the mainstay for rejuvenation of the face. These were considered big procedures that were mostly reserved for the rich and famous. Over the past several years, however, plastic surgeons have realized that one of the major factors which makes people’s faces look older is a loss of volume. Because of this, simply re-positioning and lifting the skin of the face is not always enough to provide a youthful result. This has led to the development of many options to improve the appearance of the aging face which do not involve surgery but rather volumizing the face. Although many times used in conjunction with traditional facelifts, these procedures alone can provide a very significant improvement without “going under the knife.” under the knife”. As we age, our faces undergo changes in both skin and soft tissue. Historically, it was thought that the skin just got saggy, and this caused the look of aging. Although there is some loosening of the skin over time, a major factor which makes people’s faces look older is the loss of volume. If you look at the pictures of a person in their 20s, their face will look fuller and rounder, even if they weighed less at 20 than they do at 50. As we age, the location of our fatty deposits tends to shift away from our faces and into less desirable areas. As plastic surgeons became more aware of this, the trend over the last several years has been to not only to reposition

By: Beth Phillips,RPAC facial tissue but to add volume. Although frequently combined with traditional face lifting, this technology has become a procedure unto itself, which alone can provide excellent results. Traditional facelifts require incisions that extend from the hairline along the front of the ear and travel to the back of the ear and back into the hairline. Although these incisions usually heal very well, many patients do not have the interest, time or desire for such an involved procedure. An exciting new option for patients is simply adding volume to the face which can reverse many of the changes associated with facial aging. These procedures tend to take much less time and have a shorter recovery than standard traditional facelifts. This allows patients to return to work and social functions much more quickly and also allow for a somewhat more gentle and gradual improvement. Options to increase volume include synthetic fillers, as well as the patient’s own fat. Fillers are temporary gels that are injected into the face to achieve fullness. These last anywhere between six months and two years, depending on the product injected. There are a number of different fillers, each formulated for a specific function and area of injection. For example, thicker and more dense fillers tend to be used for deeper filling such as cheeks, while very superficial area such as lips and lower eyelids use a less dense filler. These products provide immediate and reproducible results.

An option which is gaining more popularity recently has been the use of the patients own fat to provide facial volume. Although using fat to add volume has been used for many years, it is becoming much more mainstream as a facial filler. The advantage to fat is that it is utilizing the patients on tissue, there is a reasonably large supply available, and most importantly the results can be permanent. Unlike synthetic fillers, once fat is injected and has “taken” (meaning that the blood supply is reestablished) the fat that is transplanted remains permanently. This allows for significant addition of volume which does not need to be repeated. The fat grafting procedure is more involved than utilizing synthetic fillers. Fat must be harvested from another part of the body, usually the abdomen, and then processed to prepare it for injection. Once this is done, the fat is then re-injected into the face using very small needles called cannulas to add volume and correct wrinkles. Unlike fillers, all the fat injected does not remain. A certain portion of the fat will be absorbed, which means that more fat than the final amount needed has to be injected. The healing process is sometimes longer than with synthetic fillers, as there can be some associated bruising and swelling. That being said, once the swelling settles down, the results tend to be extremely natural and long-lasting. As a bonus, the fat cells contain growth factors and stem cells, which have the added benefit of improving skin texture and quality. Learn more at www.plasticsurgeryofsyracuse. com or call 315-329-6602

WOUNY • MAY 2018


sulfate free shampoo and other topical treatments that have proven especially effective when used in combination with a monitored course of laser hair therapy. Low Level Light Therapy, also known as a cold light-based laser, is administered with a comb or a cap that stimulates regrowth. It’s a combination of red laser and LED light diodes that stimulate and energize cellular activity. Laser can even be done in the privacy of your home, is FDA approved and has no side effects.

Haddish, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, and Kate McKinnon all have been paving the way for women in comedy within the last couple years. Handler says she does not see them as a threat anymore, but instead, cheers them on, proud to see more women being true to who they are in an industry that can so easily change a person. “This feels like an army of women” Handler says powerfully, “Things are changing because we are getting louder. There is a movement happening.” Handler remained motivational and purposeful with every breath she took on that stage. Inspiring is an understatement. This is just the beginning for her. Stay tuned for more from Chelsea Handler and her activist journey when her original documentary comes to Netflix soon. To learn more about EMILY’s list, visit https://www.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy is an excellent non-surgical option for hair restoration. PRP Therapy has been proven to repair damaged hair follicles and make them healthy enough to produce thick strands of hair, while reversing hair loss. PRP Therapy is a very simple non-surgical procedure that involves minimal discomfort, no sedation, zero recovery time and is 100% safe when done properly. We never use growth factors. We only use your own platelet rich plasma, nothing else. Genesis II is Central New York’s only hair loss studio that offers every solution for hair loss. We pride ourselves in making real solutions available to women suffering from hair loss, no matter the type. Our solutions allow women suffering from hair loss or thinning hair to treat female hair loss as though it were a thing of the past. Beauty is but one of many elements that comprise a woman’s life, yet one of the most important by which she is judged. And for a woman, your hair is a very large part of your sense of beauty and self-image. If you’re interested in learning more about female hair loss and hair replacement solutions visit Genesis II’s website at www. or call (315) 458-1074 to schedule a free hair and scalp analysis. Genesis II offers all proven hair replacement solutions for both men and women in the Central New York area.



SOFA COMPANY Handcrafted Sofas & Recliners Nelson, NY 315-815-4112 Owner: Shawn Gilmore


WOUNY • MAY 2018

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WOUNY • MAY 2018

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My Journey in the world of Art By: Audrey Levinson


his month I’m praying for some nice weather. You all know Syracuse is about the weather. So long, so harsh, so white. I wouldn’t paint a snow scene if you paid me. Well, maybe I would. The snow is awfully pretty on an evergreen lined street like Edward’s Drive in DeWitt, NY.. However, for a woman like me, I need color around me all the time. Like green grass and bright yellow tulips and those gorgeous blue-violet irises. They are such feasts for my eyes. I love vibrancy. It shouts out life. I have always been an artist. My mother was an artist. She could draw and paint and sculpt like no other in my eyes. My childhood dream was to be just like my mother. She spent so much time with me making giant tissue paper flowers of all different colors at our dining room table for no reason at all but just the fun of it, and It was fun! My mother, Mimi Levinson was my first and everlasting inspiration for my own art. I was a lucky little girl. She was a student at University College and learning all kinds of art. She would come home with clay and invite the neighborhood kids along with her best friend’s children to go to our basement where she had everything set up to create in clay. We made pinch pots and slab boxes adorned with impressions from found objects. Sometimes she would set me up with my own easel right next to her and we would paint together. Yep, Mom was a natural art teacher, and I loved her for that. Those memories will always drive the artist in me. It is also due to her that I write. When she lay sick and dying I promised myself that I would continue the gifts passed down to me from my mother. Magically, I found this publication who


WOUNY • MAY 2018

accepted my idea of talking to local artists and writing about their lives, their work and their inspirations for creating. Meeting so many wonderful and important women who share my passion has been a joy for me. I’ve learned so much about technique and especially the business side of art. I only hope they felt how much I support them through writing and encourage each woman to continue their own path. In high school, all I wanted to do was fit in with my friends and be in the art room working on how to really see and draw. I

had fantastic art teachers. Mr. Benedict (George), my high school art teacher, set a plain old log in front of me and with a pencil looked over the log with me in great detail. He pointed out every nodule, every shadow and how light affected the log. It was no longer a log to me but a new world. I could look at a blade of grass and now see not just green, but where it was a darker green and where the light made it translucent. In the other art room was Mr. Carl Wenzel. He taught me about shape and texture and other ele-

ments of art. I learned how to use colored pencils and watercolor paints with him and he was a kind man. He never asked me for a pass when I skipped physical education to be in the art room. In college at Syracuse University, I earned a BFA, BA, and MA in Art Education. The good thing about this is that I took studio courses about art forms I didn’t know much about. Metal Smithing, serigraphy, and clay. I wanted to make sure I was a well-rounded art teacher. I also took one painting class, now my favorite thing to do on this earth. I felt I knew enough about paint and could handle teaching myself the rest. All these class experiences add up and mingle among each other. I can’t say that my studio courses were a waste. Painting takes me to a very happy place where the only thing that can go wrong can always be corrected with a swipe of my brush, which is why I paint. It feels good. Once out of school I decided to give myself permission to make up my own projects instead of creating art to fulfill an assignment. This is when I acknowledged to myself that I was an artist. I control what I put out. I control what I wish the viewer to see. I narrate the story in pictures. It’s a part of my soul. This all being said you can see my paintings at Dolce Vita restaurant from May 20th - July 6th with an opening celebration from 6:00 - 8:00 PM on June 4th. It will be vibrant.


“I control what I wish the viewer to see”

“I control what I put out”

WOUNY • MAY 2018


Salina Family Dental Dr. Wilson D. Sithole, DDS, MPH


traumatic mistake in the dental chair resulted in a 12 year old boy losing two teeth. It was at that time the young boy decided he was going to become a dentist who cares about his patients. From that day to present, Dr. Sithole has dedicated his education, continuing education and career to that promise. Born and bred in Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe, Dr. Sithole’s path to a career in dentistry is one of determination, hard work and compassion for his community. His career, spanning over 30 years and 3 continents, is fueled by his motto “education never stops.” Soon after graduating high school, Dr. Sithole was awarded a full scholarship to study in America. In 1967, he received his BA from Clark University and later his DDS from Howard University School of Dentistry. After graduating from Howard University, Dr. Sithole moved his family to Syracuse, NY where he worked at the Syracuse Community Health Center from 1973-1981 and again from 2000-2006. In July 2006 Dr. Sithole opened Salina Family Dental where he and his staff continue to provide great compassionate dental care to all their patients.

Salina Family Dental “The Smile Makers”

•Dentures •Root Canals •Crowns •Bridges •Extractions •Whitening • Digital Xrays

Now Offering “Implant Restoration” Accepting Medicaid, Most Major Insurances & Care Credit 315-457-7393 Evening Hours Available Monday & Thursdays, Closed Friday Every Other Saturday - 8 am to 12 By Appointment

6846 Buckley Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212

Beautifully Sculpted Dr. Anthony Deboni and Beth Phillips, RPAC, have over 50 years of combined surgical experience. Together they provide a compassionate approach with unparalleled skills for impeccable results. Trust yourself to Syracuse's Dynamic Surgical Duo. • Tummy Tuck • Liposuction • Buttock Lift • Arm Lift • Breast Lift • Breast Augmentation

• Botox® & Dermal Fillers • Micro-Fat Grafting • Nano-Fat Grafting • PRP Injections • And More!

Call for your free consultation: 315-329-6602

Dr. Anthony Deboni is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Crouse Hospital. Beth Phillips, RPAC, in addition to being involved in all aspects of patients’ surgical care, is an Allergan Certified Master Injector. Together they possess years of specialized training, decades of combined experience and an outstanding dedication to patient care.


WOUNY • MAY 2018



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Food Swapping Made Easy By: Stefanie Heath Cauliflower:


omething I hear often is how difficult it is to start eating healthy. Like many, I grew up loving the traditional comfort meals and I considered myself a connoisseur in tacos, pizza and macaroni and cheese. As I became a young adult, I found myself not only busting my budget, but my waistline too. When I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I quickly realized that I would need to unlearn many day-to-day behaviors if I wanted to make real change. This included learning new sustainable tactics for meal prep planning, grocery shopping and cooking at home. One day, I came across an article that discussed the concept of “swapping.” It was at that time that I experienced my “A-HA” moment. I discovered that it was possible to enjoy my familiar favorite meals if I simply swapped out certain ingredients for healthier ones. Swapping allows you to adapt recipes to suit your taste, time and budget. It’s also another effective way of incorporating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains into your diet. With a majority of Americans still not eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, swapping becomes a fun and simple way to eat healthy! Check out some of my “go to” swaps below!


WOUNY • MAY 2018

Move over kale, there’s a new “it” vegetable in town. Cauliflower is popping up on home and restaurant menus across the country, and for good reasons. This cruciferous vegetable is cousin to broccoli and loaded with nutrient-dense properties like vitamins C, K and B6. It’s a natural source of fiber and contains antioxidants.

of buzz in the food world lately. We’ve noticed that cashews are being used to dish up decadent cream sauces and as a meat substitute. When soaked for at least three hours (or boiled on the stove top for 20 minutes), cashew can be blended into a rich and creamy sauce. For your dairyfree family and friends, this magic nut is a game changer. An added bonus is that the cashew nut contains a host of nutrients such as iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and zinc.



• Cauliflower rice instead of white rice • Cauliflower buffalo “wings” instead of chicken wings • Cauliflower pizza crust instead of tradi tional pizza dough

• Cashew cream for sauces instead of dairy milk • Chopped cashews and mushroom blend instead of beef taco meat • Cashew parmesan instead of dairy par mesan

Avocado: Avocado sales have increased dramatically over the last decade and this fruit has a creamy texture that lends itself well for a variety of swaps. Known for containing the ‘good fat’, avocado has been regarded as beneficial to cardiovascular health. Avocado contains beta-sitosterol and other plant sterols that have been discovered to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Did you know avocado is great for eye health too? They contain two phytochemicals called lutein and zeaxanthin that can help minimize damage from ultraviolet light. Swaps: • Spread avocado on your sandwich instead of mayo • Blend avocado in your smoothie instead of milk • Puree avocado and dollop on your tacos instead of sour cream Cashew: This protein-packed nut has created a lot

Beans: Black, pinto, kidney, lentil and cannelloni are just a few beans we pass in the grocery store. I eat beans at least once a day and I love how I’m left feeling full and satisfied. Beans are a natural source protein and fiber among other nutrients. The American Heart Association promotes the power

of beans to their consumers as a way to keep a healthy heart. The best part about beans is that you can easily sneak them into several recipes adding a punch of nutrition in each meal. Swaps:

• Black beans in a burrito instead of chicken • Lentils in chili instead of beef • Garbanzo beans on a sandwich instead of tuna

Chocolate Avocado Banana Pudding By: Stefanie Heath

Avocados lend a creaminess texture to this decadent dessert. I have no doubt that you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth with this pudding. If you’d like to cut back on the sugar even more, simply substitute cocoa powder for the chocolate chips. Yields 4 Servings Flesh of 2 ripe avocados 1 ripe banana 1 cup dark chocolate chips ½ cup almond milk 4 tsp maple syrup 2 tsp pure vanilla extract 1/8 tsp salt Instructions: Melt the chocolate chips using a double broiler. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until completely smooth. Top with fresh raspberries or sliced banana. Store in refrigerator in an airtight container for up to three days. Tip: To make a mousse; cut back the almond milk to ¼ cup, place in individual portion sizes, and let set in the refrigerator for three hours. WOUNY • MAY 2018


At Wit’s End Turned 50! A Celebration of Erma Bombeck

The Original “Mommy Blogger” By Lisa A. Beach


oday’s mommy bloggers can thank Erma Bombeck for paving the way. In a time when Al Gore hadn’t yet “invented” the Internet and blogs weren’t yet a thing, humorist Erma Bombeck can lay unofficial claim as the original mommy blogger. Tackling everything from motherhood and marriage to self-esteem and body image, Erma put the fun in dysfunctional as she laid her soul bare in weekly newspaper columns and a dozen books for all the world to laugh. Never one to shy away from a hilarious mistake or a teachable moment gone hysterically awry, Erma thrived on sharing the insanity of everyday life at a still-politically-correct time when married Rob and Laura Petrie slept in separate beds on The Dick Van Dyke Show. With her groundbreaking (and self-deprecating) humor, Erma set the world on fire. In 2017, Erma’s 1967 breakthrough hit At Wit’s End celebrated its 50th anniversary. While Erma passed away in 1996, her humor stands the test of time. It resonates with any mother facing the demanding challenge of raising kids without losing your mind, any wife dealing with the ups and downs of marriage without killing your spouse, and any woman struggling with body image and aging in a Size 0, Photoshopped world. I fell in love with Erma humor in my teens. Busy with college homework, beer pong, and a part-time retail job at the time, I had absolutely nothing in common with the midlife humorist other than a shared love of laughter and writing. I was single, childless, and living in a college dorm at the time, while Erma was queen of suburban housewife drudgery and stay-at-home mom frustrations. At 18, I was still years away from a life


WOUNY • MAY 2018

filled with whiny kids, a stubborn husband, and the monotony of housework. And yet, Erma’s funny observations about everyday life struck a chord, turning me and millions of others into lifelong fans. Over the years, I inhaled her comic genius in At Wit’s End (1967), If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits? (1978) and Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession (1983). Now 53, my life practically mirrors Erma’s as I navigate a midlife career reboot after being a stay-at-home mom. Her sharp observations often hit painfully-yet-hilariously close to home. And that “it-happened-to-me-too” relatability is why Erma’s humor stands the test of time. Look at some of the best of Bombeck over the years as she takes on family, marriage, men, and beauty: 1. “I haven’t trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I’ve never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex.” (Especially if they serve a basket of crusty ciabatta bread. Men just can’t compete.)

5. “I take a very practical view of raising children. I put a sign in each of their rooms: ‘Checkout Time is 18 years.” (Sadly, your kids will probably never see the sign buried in the clutter-trap they call “their bedroom.”) 6. “Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving.” (Also known as mom’s little motivator.) 7. “I’m trying very hard to understand this generation. They have adjusted the timetable for childbearing so that menopause and teaching a sixteen-year-old how to drive a car will occur in the same week.” (That’s so you can’t distinguish between a hot flash and an anxiety attack.) 8. “My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?” (Way to manage expectations, Erma.) 9. “My kids always perceived the bathroom as a place where you wait it out until all the groceries are unloaded from the car.” (It’s amazing how your kids are “done” just when you carry in that last bag.)

2. “You are going to have a good time on this vacation if we have to break every bone in your body.” (Nothing drives a family apart quicker than 12 hours together in a car.) 3. “The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.” (I’m looking at you, Target.)

10.In two decades, I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet. (Fad diets don’t work? Who knew?)

4. “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.” (You just never know when that brownie will be your last one. Ever.)

Lisa Beach is a freelance journalist and copywriter. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Parents, Eating Well, USA Today Pet Guide, and more. Check out her writer’s website at

Erma’s timeless humor reminds us that, while the world seems to change at breathtaking speed, some things never change— and we might as well keep laughing about it.


at the Carriage House 422-3194

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The Shoppes at Johnny Appleseed bring a mix of Local Vendors


he Shoppes at Johnny Appleseed located just outside of Cazenovia, in Erieville, are open and ready to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day present. Only in their tenth month of business, this experiment in space sharing has proven very popular with artists and crafters alike, who see the possibility of having a storefront without all the upfront costs and obligations. The Shoppes are like a co-op, each vendor presenting a different version of a products and a vision of a storefront, but different from a co-op in that the vendors don’t have to be there. The 20,000 square feet of space means there is room to shape and share, and with 40 vendor’s currently offering their unique wares, there is still room to grow! The Apple Kitchen, located inside the store is open on weekends and offers fresh soups and sandwiches, along with homemade desserts. Looking forward to spring, Johnny Appleseed will be adding more vendors, who specialize in floral arrangements and outdoor décor. Add this to the samplings of furniture, up-cycled, primitive, antique and modern décor options and you won’t be disappointed in the visit! The owner’s, Florence and Erica Gilmore, say they are grateful for the reception they have received from the surrounding community as well as the enthusiasm of all the vendors. Operating hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 10 – 5 and Sunday 11 -5.

A community healthcare system built with exceptional people.

Nascentia Health – a shared commitment to providing exceptional care. VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options, LLC, Home Aides of Central New York Inc., and all our respective affiliated organizations and foundations are now unified as one new healthcare system – Nascentia Health. This new system reflects our continued commitment to providing the best possible care to those we serve.

In-Home Nursing & Medical Services Home Health Aides & Elder Care Complete Cross-Continuum Care Management Community Health & Wellness Programs Transportation, Equipment & Innovative Care Technology Chronic Disease Management Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) Plan

1050 West Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13204 Call 888.477.HOME


Lori Myers Her Journey To Success By: Abbey Adams Photo: Luciano

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look over by the window in Lori Myers office. A tall fish tank towers over me. What’s inside of it? Seahorses. “Most people have never seen one in real life, so it’s kinda cool when kids come in” she says. Definitely not what you would expect to see in a fish tank. However, that’s a testament to Lori’s character; full of surprises. Insurance has been in Myers’ family for 50 years. “My dad was in this business. He was an independent agent, so I kind of grew up with it, watching him and seeing what he did.” After getting married, having children, and moving to Florida, Lori ultimately came back to the CNY area after hearing news of her Grandmother becoming ill. “My mom said, ‘Can you please come back here?’ I hate New York weather, but I moved back here, especially for my grandma.” After working as a receptionist, and then in customer service, Myers decided to obtain her Insurance license from Bryant & Stratton. She says, “I just loved what I was doing. I loved talking with people, saving them money, making people happy. I was a hero when they walked out, so it was kind of cool. It was a good job.” She went on to own and run an office in Auburn, until word got around about a Syracuse office. Myers flew down to Washington DC to interview for


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the position. She was the only female and interviewed with a five star retired army general. Her nerves were running high but she left feeling fairly confident. Before leaving for the airport to come back to Syracuse, Myers got a phone call to head back in to do some paperwork; she got the job. “They loved my business plan, and now it’s 11 years later, and we’ve grown” she said of the progress she’s made with Geico. Lori manages 10 employees at their Erie Blvd location; one of them being her son. When asked what it’s like to manage your kids, she says: “Everyone says, how do you work with your children? They’ve known that they’re not my children here, they’re employees, and I expect more out of them than I do my employees, and they’ve done that, so it makes it real easy.” Her daughter also worked for her as well as her kids’ wives and husbands. Insurance has definitely become a family affair. “The work ethic is huge, because you don’t find that today, but I’ve been lucky. I’ve gotten some good employees who have been here five years plus, and we’re growing.” Lori is heavily involved in the hiring process and makes it clear that everyone is equal in the office. Whatever people are doing outside of her office doors is things she’s also doing inside her office.

Back in the day, insurance was often thought of as a man’s business. Lori planned to turn that idea upside down. “You could work for an owner or be a manager for an office, but didn’t know a lot of women that owned their business. Within the last 20 years, I think it’s really changed. That’s when I knew I didn’t want to stay an agent. I wanted to own an agency, because I love the public, so I like to do a lot of giving back.” Lori’s office has contributed to The Red Cross, Helping Hounds, The Salvation Army, local schools/colleges (Geico gives away 10,000 pencils/year). They also helped families celebrate Christmas that couldn’t afford it, and have lent a helping hand to those with loved ones in the Army. Currently, she is the sole sponsor of the McMahon Ryan Race “Step Up For Kids” and will be part of the Baldwin Motorcycle run. Giving back is near and dear to Myers’ heart, because growing up, she never thought she would have the means to help others. Making a career for herself is her greatest accomplishment, and giving back is just an added bonus. She is humble, with every breath she takes and has worked hard for every square inch of the desk sitting in front of her. “When I first got into Geico, my dad said, ‘You’re giving up family

After many years of working out of an office that she rented, she was finally able to complete another dream of hers, which was to have her own building that is located now at 2528 Erie Blvd. East. Photo Left: Lori with her daughter and employee Jennifer Rockewll. Opposite Page: Lori with son and employee Joshua Hunter. Bottom Photo: Lori with employee Robin Reynolds.

business.’ I was a black sheep. I had to hear about it. Then when he found out everything, I said, ‘Dad, you got to come up, you gotta help me find a building.’ So, him and I did that together.” She says, “Almost every day I was calling him, ‘Guess how many policies we wrote?’ He got blown away. He couldn’t believe their offices wrote 250 a month. That was huge back then. So, we’ve written 500 auto apps out of this office in one month. That’s just amazing.” Not only did Lori succeed in her professional life, but also managed to keep her personal life just as fun and exciting. She’s a scuba diver, motorcycle enthusiast, and has traveled to many places. “I’ve been all over the world. The Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, Cuba, everywhere, and I love it. If I could live under the water I would. Too bad I can’t open an agency down there” she laughs with a big smile on her face as if one day she just might do it. To say she’s adventurous is an understatement. Myers is also an avid motorcycle rider. “I grew up with a brother that always had a motorcycle, and girls weren’t supposed to have them, so I would steal his dirt bike and ride” until one time she got caught by the police and dragged home. Her parents then banned her from riding it, which in turn, drove her crazy. When she got older, she started out on a smaller bike and loved it. “I got my license, and when I moved back to Syracuse because of my grandma, I started looking into it, and I said, you know what, I’m going to buy a motorcycle.” After buying her own Sportster, Lori’s mom also decided to get her own motorcycle. “She’s 75 years old and is still riding a Harley. She’s really cool.” The pair have gone on cross country trips all over the nation together. Female empowerment is something Lori exudes effortlessly - no matter what she’s doing. “I just feel that there’s nothing we can’t do, and we just gotta stay strong, and go for your dreams. That’s what I did. I just didn’t let anyone tell me no,” she goes on to say, “I have a granddaughter. I have a daughter, and I want to see them do the same. My granddaughter tells me since she’s been four, she’s going to be an FBI agent. She’s now eight and still says the same thing. Grandma’s there, I will make sure you have every opportunity to do what you want.” So, what does someone like Lori have to say to women looking forward to paving their own professional career? “I raised my children as a single mom, and I was always worried how I was going to feed them, how I was going to make

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Community Garage Sale NYS Fair

everything work. At one point, I already had three jobs, and so it was just like, I can’t do this. I don’t have time with them, and it’s either make money or this” she says, “When I moved back to Syracuse and I started at my father’s agency. I wasn’t given anything without earning it. You could’ve worked for him and got more than I did.” If she can do it, you can too. She pauses for a moment, looks at me and says, “I stay focused. I don’t let anything get me down. If something goes wrong, I fix it, and I get right back up again...It’s like the first time I dropped my motorcycle. Everybody would say, ‘Oh, never again, I’m not going to do that,’ but I think women can do anything they want today. Even in this field, which was predominantly men, it’s proven. I’ve been a top performer, and so can they. It’s amazing.” To learn more about Lori Myers, visit:

Gini Gozzi and Lori


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Lori & Kristen TourdeCure

Why Genesis II?

Because confidence looks good on you.

w w w. ge n e s i s h a i m

( 3 1 5 ) 4 5 8 - 1 0 74

4 0 5 E a s t Ta f t R o a d







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D’s Beauty Bar with Donna Adamo

Style Knows No Age


ven at 40, 50, or 60, we still want to feel beautiful. Sometimes we just don’t know how as our bodies change and the styles we once loved and depended on betray us.

The most important first step is to make the decision to care, at least a little. If not, think about why you stopped caring. Where is your focus? Body? Mind? Soul? Once those are out of whack, it’s easy to give up. Don’t. You’re worth it and whether you’re 40 or 70, you’re still young! Three simple rules to follow as we age gorgeously: not to short, not too low, not too tight. So easy. May is a perfect time to raid your closet and concentrate on pieces to build on: quality, comfortable, functional pieces that will build the foundation of the ageless style icon you are. And yes! You’re allowed to experiment and have fun over 40. Don’t believe me? Tell that to Lyn Slater: Here are seven fashion basics we can all use from 40 to far beyond! Tip 1. A good pair of jeans Always in style, yes, women over 40, can and should wear jeans, and, no, you don’t need to be a size two. Find that one pair of jeans that makes you feel like a million bucks. And yes, you’ll need to try on 37 pairs of all shapes and sizes to find that one that fits YOU in all the right places. Nothing says ‘sharp’ like jeans, a blazer and a sassy flat, sleek heel, or boot. Tip 2. Neutral casual crew neck sweatshirt or sweater Find a beige, cream or white crew neck sweatshirt or sweater, messily roll up the sleeves, and accessorize with a chunky watch, or stack two or three mix-n-match bracelets. This casual look gives the classy vibe that you care, but, are confidently busy. Tip 3. Invest in a good fitting bra Look. Gravity is coming for you and will take over your top shelf if you’re over size 32A. So, let me do for you what @supermodelemme did for me my first year in Atlanta. Invest only in bras that lift and tuck. This will make a huge, welcomed difference in how you feel, look, and how your clothes will lay. #trustmeonthisone Tip 4. Do the heels, just be responsible As we age, heels can be a little more challenging. But agility-responsible heels can really turn an okay looking outfit into a ‘hey, you look great!’ outfit. If you can’t do heel, wear a shoe that complements your outfit like a bow on a present and shows you put a little extra thought into the wheels on the carriage. People notice. Tip 5. Clunky watch or stackable bracelets Stackable bracelets have been around for a while but most of us are afraid to wear them. They look awesome with Tip 1 and 2. Go for it! The rule of thumb is the larger the bracelet, the fewer you stack. Make your stack meaningful. When on vacation, find a boutique and buy that fun watch or uniquely local beaded bracelet. As you wear them and layer them through the years, your wrists will begin to reveal part of your adventurous and well-traveled life story. Tip 6. Sunglasses Find the right style that frames your face. Sunglasses do more than protect your eyes. They are an accessory that draws people to your face. Invest in a good pair you’re willing to take care of for years to come.

Tip 7. Wear a smile with confidence A smile is the most important thing you wear. Flash it with some confidence, after all, we’re all trying at every age. Check out Pinterest or these Instagram feeds for great fashion ideas @supermodelemme @helenmirren @iconaccidental.


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Stay beautiful and we’ll see you next month!

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Farmer Street Pantry Owner Lynne Della Pelle Pasquale Shares her story of Applesauce & more. By: Samantha Leader Lynne Della Pelle Pasquale, Owner of Farmer Street Pantry, LLC, will blow you away with her amazing vegan mincemeat and applesauce. Pasquale combined her passion for history and love for baking to start Farmer Street Pantry, LLC. “I learned of the story of mincemeat being made in Syracuse during the mid 1800s which caught my attention and attracted me to mincemeat,” Pasquale said.

Another homemade product is her applesauce. The apples ordered in large quantities are from Wolcott, N.Y., making the apples local, according to Pasquale. “The applesauce is sweetened with maple syrup and apple cider; the cider is from Beak and Skiff apple farm, and the maple syrup is Dutch hill maple making the ingredients pure from Central N.Y., which is rare,” Pasquale said.

In fact, Mince Meat was being manufactured in Franklin Square by G. Lewis Merrell and Oscar F. Soule, who owned a canning company and invented low moisture mince meat. By the early 1900s they produced 70% of all mince meat used in the United States. Many people get intrigued when they hear the word mincemeat; it stops people and makes them ask what is it and can I taste it? Mincemeat used to have meat in it back when it was first produced with fruit and sugar, according to Pasquale.

Farmer Street Pantry, LLC is sold at about 15 locations around Syracuse N.Y. such as Nature time, Fins and tails, Green

Pasquale takes a different route by creating her mincemeat vegan morphing it into a sweeter kind made with fruit, apple cider, and raisins. The mincemeat is an all vegan product meaning it can be used for much more such as a smoothie, cheese and crackers, and yogurt. “I have been very fortunate with my customers, who give out their family recipes with mincemeat or start crying because it reminds them of a loved one,” Pasquale said. There is as little as 1% separation between many people and a family or friend story with mincemeat. “As a person who loves history, it is wonderful to get personal history from customers; it makes her receive as much from them as they receive from the products”, Pasquale said.


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Planet, The Stoop, Paladino farms, Chuck Hafners, Pompey Farms Store, and Nelson farm. “I have an Etsy shop online but not our own store as we are still developing our brand, when people make orders on our shop they are directed to the Nelson farm’s website to finish order,” Pasquale said. According to Pasquale, Syracuse is a wonderful place to become an entrepreneur because there are many resources such as consultants in small business development and courses at the South Side innovation center. “This business is especially great in Syracuse because you can have access to farmers and markets while being in a cen-

tral location to travel to stores in Ithaca, Rochester, etc.,” Pasquale said. Another product that is seasonally sold, mince pie granola. Pasquale has many plans for the future regarding her business such as two new products that will be coming out soon. She is will be making two salad dressings, orange sriracha and lemon turmeric, Pasquale said. “They are brightly colored with a lot of body and flavor with a few local ingredients, one being maple syrup,” she said. According to Pasquale, she is looking into an apple cider syrup with pure apple cider and apple cider jelly, taking syrup and reducing it to jelly. The apple cider syrup ties together with mincemeat because a lot of old mincemeat recipes called for boiled apple syrup. It was great for deserts, cocktails, meats and vegetables. Farmer Street Pantry, LLC and its products have given as much to Lynne Pasquale as she has given to the community through her wonderful tasting products that are only going to be expanding in the years to come.



Flower and Vegetable Bedding Plants Available Visit us at the StopMarket in fortoo! Regional


Pick your own Strawberries next month Call or Visit our Website for times Two Store Locations to better serve you!

BALDWINSVILLE LIVERPOOL Check our Website 1482 W. Genesee Rd. 1401 Buckley Rd for Liverpool Location Opening Date 315-635-7529 315-451-1144 Mon - Sat 9 am - 6 pm Mon - Sat 9 am - 6 pm Sunday 9 am - 5 pm Sunday 9 am - 5 pm U-pick starts Fri. Sat. Sun We are OPEN! 9 to 5 EnjoyAntonio’s Ice Cream

Osteoporosis The Silent Disease By: Christine Vickers, MLS,CAS It seems as if everyone knows someone who suffers from this disease. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, Osteoporosis is common as approximately 54 million Americans have osteoporosis and/or low bone mass. The NOF states that studies show that one in two women and up to one in four men age 50 and above will break a bone due to Osteoporosis. Further statistics are even grimmer, the NOF shares that osteoporosis is responsible for two million broken bones and 19 billion in related costs every year. By 2025, medical professionals predict that osteoporosis will be responsible for almost 3 million fractures and 25.3 billion costs annually.

gen for women and low testosterone for men, insufficient Calcium and vitamin D intake, to name a few. Black and Hispanic women have a lower risk.

Exactly what is this disease and what are the causes? The NOF notes that osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone or both. This results in bones that are weak and that may break due to a fall, etc. When looked at under a microscope, healthy bone looks like a honey comb. When osteoporosis occurs, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are much larger than in a healthy bone. Osteoporotic bones have lost density or mass and contain abnormal tissue structure. The National Institutes of Health Osteoporosis and related Bone Diseases National Resource Center notes that there are many risk factors which can cause this disease. Some risk factors are things that patients can change and some that they cannot.

Prevention Having an appropriate supply of calcium is a key element in warding off Osteoporosis. Good sources of calcium include low-fat dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream, dark-green leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach and other foods like sardines and salmon. Additionally, Calcium can be found in fortified foods like orange juice, cereals and breads. Calcium supplements can be taken if you are not consuming enough of the required amounts. The amounts of calcium vary by age and need. A body’s demand for calcium is great during childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and breast feeding. Postmenopausal women and older men should increase their calcium intake. Older adults are more likely to take medication that impairs the ability of the body to absorb the calcium. Vitamin D is an important part of maintaining the health of your bones. Vitamin D can be found in diets that include egg yolks, saltwater fish and liver. Lack of vitamin D can be found in older adults or others who are housebound and are not able to absorb the vitamin naturally from the atmosphere. The recommended dosage for vitamin D intake for adults up to age 70 is 600 IU. Adults over age 70 should increase intake to 800 IU.

Some identifiers are listed below. By perusing this list, you can see if you have any risk factors of Osteoporosis: Some are: Gender, Age, Body Size, Ethnicity, and history of Osteoporosis tend to run in families. White and Asian women are at the highest risk. Other risk factors include: Anorexia nervosa, sex hormonal changes, low estro-

It is a good idea to be proactive, try exercising it is a critical element in maintaining bone health. In addition, walking, hiking, climbing stairs, weight training, tennis and dancing help too. Women who smoke have lower estrogen, and smoking may absorb less calcium from food. Try to limit alcohol consumption to no more than two drinks


WOUNY • MAY 2018

per day. Symptoms/Detection/Treatment Osteoporosis can be called the silent disease as bone loss often happens without any outward signs. Many times, people will not know that their bones are brittle until a fall causes a fracture or strain. For an assessment on bone health, a doctor may recommend a bone mineral density test (BMD) A BMD test is similar to an x-ray and can measure several things, including; detecting low bone density before a fracture occurs, confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis, and if you already have one or more fractures, predict your chances of fracturing in the future and determine your rate of bone loss. After a BMD a doctor may recommend a treatment program that focuses on nutrition, exercise and medication. The NIH offers tips for eliminating environmental hazards that may increase or exacerbate symptoms of osteoporosis, here are just a few: wear rubber soled or heavy shoes that provide traction, Use a cane or a walker for added stability, In winter, carry salt or kitty litter to sprinkle on slippery sidewalks. (This is especially important in Central New York!) Indoors, keep rooms’ clutter free and floor surfaces smooth but not slick. Avoid walking in socks, stockings or slippers. Depending on your diagnosis your doctor may also recommend rubber bath mats and grab bars for your shower and tub. Wear a health alert device that in the event of a fall, help will come quickly. *Information for this article was obtained from the National Institutes of Health Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases- National Resource Center and the National Osteoporosis Foundation. For further knowledge regarding Osteoporosis, please visit: NIH-

Reiki and Aromatherapy. Experience this deeply relaxing healing method for mind, body and soul.

BeneďŹ ts include: Stress reduction Energy balancing Increased mental clarity Reduced aches and pains Enhanced spiritual awareness

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“Your Abuser is a Criminal” By:Jeffrey Lee Drimer, Esq.


he incidence of domestic violence in the United States has reached an alarming rate. Many of you have been the victim of such violence or know or have been consulted by someone who is a victim This Article is devoted to providing some insight into the identification of and the treatment of Domestic Violence under the laws of the State of New York.

Domestic Violence cases can involve many different types of crimes. An on-line search can describe for you, disorderly conduct, harassment, aggravated harassment, sex crimes, including sexual misconduct abuse and rape, assault, reckless endangerment, stalking and strangulation. You will know if you are a victim. The police officer that answers your call for help will know what to do. Please, just call.

To begin, a victim of Domestic Violence (either physical, psychological or sexual) should not believe for a single moment that they will not be believed or that their allegations will not be treated seriously by the authorities. It is quite the contrary. If you or someone you know is dealing with this situation your first step is to identify it as abuse and then confront it. If a person is afraid of their partner and avoiding confrontation, it is likely that your relationship is abusive. If you feel belittled and desperate, you probably need help. If you need convincing, just go online and answer a simple series of questions about you and your partner and you can identify the nature of your relationship. Police officers, investigators, Prosecutors and Judges in Onondaga County will assist and support a victim of abuse in any way they can within the law. A simple phone call to your local law enforcement officers will begin the process.

If you are afraid to call and allege that you are a victim of these crimes, there is help. Among the most valuable resources in our community is Vera House. Vera House describes itself as a “comprehensive domestic and sexual violence service agency providing shelter, advocacy and counseling services for women, children and men, education and prevention programs and community coordination.” Vera House services include a 24-hour hotline. Victims of Domestic Abuse can reach out at any time with an assurance that their problems will be addressed by people with empathy, sensitivity, experience and training.

In order to make it simpler for victims of Domestic Violence to access protection and prosecution of their abuser the Family Courts and Criminal Courts both have jurisdiction over assault, sexual misconduct or abuse cases. A victim can bring civil charges in Family Court; criminal charges in Criminal Court or file charges in both. The Courts are here to help you.

Your abuser can be arrested and charged with a crime. One of the first things the Courts will do, even at the most preliminary stage is to issue a Temporary Order of Protection. This Order is designed to protect victims of abuse from further harm or threat while their case is pending in Court. A Judge can order no contact, not just limited to no physical contact but also to phone calls or e-mails as well as other restrictions. (i.e. temporary custody of children). Throughout New York State one might also have access to a special court called the Integrated Domestic Violence Court (IDV) If there is a Criminal Domestic Violence case and a Family Court or

matrimonial case the IDV Court will have jurisdiction. The cases will be heard separately but by one Judge. This will ensure that the disposition of the cases will have a coordinated result. Using the IDV Court helps ensure an efficient and effective result. The charges that can be made in Domestic abuse cases range from violations to misdemeanor to felonies. In 1992 District Attorney William Fitzpatrick established the Special Victims Bureau in his office to focus on the crimes dealing with Domestic Violence and sexual offense. (now a model for District Attorney’s Offices throughout the State). The current bureau chief is James Cali, Esq., Mr. Cali. His assistants and investigators provide our community with competent and experienced prosecutors of these offenses. Victims, mostly women, children and the elderly can be assured that the crimes perpetuated against them will be diligently and aggressively prosecuted. The Judges of Onondaga County are aware of your danger and enforce these orders against those who violate them in many cases with incarceration. In the event that victims of Domestic Violence makes a charge that results in a conviction, misdemeanors and felonies could result in probation or significant periods of incarceration. Please remember that if you or a friend or a relative is the victim of Domestic Violence, the laws of the State of New York are on your side and should be accessed as soon as possible. You are not alone.

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PAR People for Animal Rights By: Samantha Leader


eople for Animal Rights (PAR) started in fall 1982 when Linda DeStephano and two friends had success teaching people the negative outcomes from teaching young boys how to trap animals. This one scenario showed the women what could come from spreading their knowledge on animal rights. “I did a lot to support farm workers at first, after reading the book Speciesism it opened my eyes to the abuse of animals leading me to start supporting animal rights,” DeStephano said. There are many events held by People for Animal Rights that can self-educate the people of CNY who may not notice the effects of their actions. According to DeStephano, the group brings in speakers on a variety of topics. These people will speak on the different topics such as nuclear energy harming animals, experiments, foods, and more. Other types of events held are demonstrations, Vegan socials, and movie nights. “People for Animal Rights have held demonstrations in front of Skaneateles Furs, circuses that use animals, and the state fairgrounds,” DeStephano said. Any business or event that shows animal cruelty is usually a place that People for Animal Rights try to target for demonstrations, according to DeStephano. One other thing that People for Animal Rights will do to help keep people in the loop of upcoming events or things happening in Syracuse, N.Y. is providing a physical newsletter twice a year, she said. People for Animal Rights cannot do a lot of lobbying but can meet with the city, state and county legislatures to discuss certain laws that will help animal rights occasionally.

Linda DeStephano

got milk made me transition to a Vegan,” she said. The main way people in society can prevent abuse of animals would be to self-educate and be self-aware. “People grow up, even I did, not thinking about what goes on in the labs and behind closed doors. We do not think about isolation, psychological experiments, shootings, and tubes being injected into animals,” DeStephano said. The way to “see something, say something” is to know what is going on around you and then try to make a different, she said. There are many new ways of finding out how to treat human disease by research, People of Animal Rights follow CARE (Committee on Animal Research and Ethics) to learn new research tactics; other people can keep up with them to stay in the know, she said. According to DeStephano, People of Animal Rights is $10 a year for an individual, $15 a year for a family that is two people or more, and $100 for a life membership. There are two ways to sign up for the membership, enter their website and use pay pal or send a check to P.O. Box 15358, Syracuse NY 13215-0358. Come get involved and learn more about Animal Rights at 7 P.M. on Wednesday, May 9th while PAR and Syracuse Vegans Meetup Group co-sponsor a lecture located at Onondaga Free Library. Dr. Barnett, founder and Medical Director of Rochester Lifestyle Medicine, will be lecturing about the benefits of exercise and plant-based eating for health.

“A young Pit bull that froze to death outside in his un-insulated dog house brought on Adrian’s law that was voted on March 6, 2018. It will state that in extreme weather conditions dogs can’t be left outside longer than 30 minutes,” DeStephano said. Dogs are left outside on leashes, in cars, in cages, etc. more than people notice. In the Syracuse area, especially, with frigid weather in the winters, this can lead to unfortunate circumstances, she said. People for Animal Rights as a group agree with the International Group PETA when they say, “animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use in cruel entertainment or exploit, in anyway,” DeStephano said. As a group, they urge people not to wear fur, leather, use down comforters, and eat vegan/vegetarian. “Vegan is a big step; I started as a Vegetarian and then how they

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Women of Upstate New York May 2018 Issue  

Women of Upstate New York Magazine May 2018 Issue

Women of Upstate New York May 2018 Issue  

Women of Upstate New York Magazine May 2018 Issue