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MEN’S HEALTH ISN’T JUST A GUY THING. So what if you can’t pull off a mustache, women already make 80% of all health care decisions for their family1. Who better to urge the guys in your life to screen for some of the hairiest threats to their health this Movember: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Contact St. Joseph’s Health to schedule a screening today. 1

Kaiser Family Foundation report from May 2011

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Little WOMEN By: Molly Lizzio, LMFT

Which one do you want?” My mom asked. I looked up at the rows of little sachet dolls. There was a row for each of the March girls: Marmie, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. She had picked out a Marmie for herself, and a Jo for my older sister, and she wanted to know which March girl doll I would want to have for myself. Without it being said, I got a message. I was to pick the doll that would represent me in my family. My mom picked the mother doll, though that’s hardly her favorite character. She picked Jo for my sister, who in real life is as brilliant and outspoken like Jo that the choice was obvious. And in the small gift shop at the original home of the Alcott family where the real women who inspired these characters actually lived I found myself having a small identity crisis. Who am I? Little Women was the first meaningful book. I can remember reading all on my own, and so it’s always had a very special place in my heart. Whenever anyone asks me who my favorite sister is I always respond “Beth.” For those who haven’t read or seen the movies, Beth is the sweet sister. She is the kindest and most generous of all the girls. Her sweetness is portrayed in a perfect and angelic way. If I was going to pick which doll would represent me, I honestly couldn’t say I’d be a “Beth,” and then the realization set in of who I actually would be: Amy. The bratty younger sister, portrayed as a whinny, demanding, and at times selfish.

6 • November 2016

Amy was the youngest just like me, with blonde curls so unlike her dark-haired sisters; Amy is an artist and is portrayed as very ambitious, in both good and bad ways. As I summed up both characters in my mind, I knew I had almost nothing in common with Beth, yes she was sweet, but she was also painfully shy and very plain, but admitting to myself of being the “Amy” in my family made me feel uncomfortable. Standing in the cramped gift shop, I realized no one was actually asking me to set my identity based off these little sachet dolls, and I pointed to the doll in the middle and said “I’ll take Beth”.

adored. She is built up to be the person the family rallies around, and to symbolize the great love and deep heart break we all experience when love is so strong. When someone says Beth is their favorite sister everyone nods and can understand why. After thinking about all of this, I realized what bothered most about this whole silly situation I’d created in my head was that I had seen something in myself and felt that it was wrong or less than, mostly based on the perception of other people. I chose to want to be more like someone else, someone far from who I actually am, but who is beloved by all.

I thought about my choice all the way home, and I’ve continued to think about it on occasion since that day. I couldn’t figure out if I was more bothered by the lack of “Beth” in my personality, or if it was the abundance of “Amy.” I thought about all the good qualities of Amy, and the things that made her an excellent character, and one worthy of emulation in so many ways. But I always came back to the view of Amy from almost anyone who knows the story; Amy is probably the least liked sister. There’s a sense of jealousy over her opportunities and the future she created for herself. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say, “Amy is my favorite character.”

I have the Beth sachet doll hanging in my office above my computer as a reminder of my realization. She serves two purposes for me: first, it helps me to remember a way that I’d want to be more like, and to make an effort to be more kind and sweet when it’s not always my first and the most natural inclination.

Then I thought about my own choice of Beth, aside from the fact that she’s played by Claire Danes in the movie, whom I thought was endlessly cool at the time; it came out; I love Beth because she’s written in such a way to be loved and

Secondly, and much more meaningful to me, the little doll reminds me to still be myself. It reminds me of how foreign it could be to try to be someone I’m not. While it’s ok to have goals of becoming a better woman by incorporating admirable aspects of others to further your own growth, it is unacceptable to burry who you are because of the fear of how others will view it.

Pick up your copy of Little Women, it is a great gift to give. • November 2016


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The “Right to BARE Arms” By: Beth Phillips,RPAC


ot exactly as stated in the second amendment! With all the political talking points currently being discussed, and as I was trying to find a catchy title for this month’s article, I just couldn’t help myself... so, this is not a political stance, just a feeble attempt at humor as our presidential election draws near. As a Physician Assistant in a busy plastic surgery practice, I am very frequently asked about procedures both in and out of work. Since it was such a hot summer in Syracuse, there were a lot of women wearing sleeveless tops (and many wanting, but too embarrassed to). I found myself in the middle of conversations over the past several weeks with women lifting their arms and showing me their wiggling skin. Beautiful, often very inshape women, who felt that they could improve most other areas of their bodies with exercise, still struggled with loose skin in their upper arms. Women can have loose skin due to weight fluctuations, advancing age and the change in collagen that comes with it, or simply heredity. Brachioplasty is the procedure where excess skin and adipose tissue is removed from the upper arm to provide a more pleasing contour. Other goals of the procedure include tightening and smoothing underlying supportive tissue to improve definition in the upper arm and reducing pockets of localized fat in the upper arm and pre-axillary (in front of the under arm) areas. There are two basic procedures. The full brachioplasty and the short scar or “mini” brachioplasty. The full brachioplasty removes skin and fat along the lower border of the outstretched arm. Most often liposuction is performed first to de-bulk the fat but also to loosen the tissue to allow for more mobility of

the tissue for better definition results. The incision usually runs from the axilla (underarm) to the elbow. Often there is a T-shaped incision that extends into the underarm to allow for the removal of even more skin. While most everyone would love a “shrink-wrapped” upper arm, attention must be paid to the lower arm appearance. Especially in massive weight loss patients, if the lower, forearm still has a moderate “heaviness” to it, the amount taken from the upper aspect should be proportionate to avoid what we call “Popeye arms.”

on the physical demands of the job, but most women with desk jobs can return to working in one week or less. Some women do not have enough extra skin for them to be willing to have such a long scar. These women are often very good candidates for a short scar brachioplasty. This involves liposuction to the upper arm and a crescent-shaped incision in the axilla to provide removal of a modest amount of skin. While the results are less dramatic than with a full brachioplasty, many women are very happy with the amount of improvements they achieve. Risks associated with this procedure include poor wound healing, fluid collections, unsightly scarring, skin sensation changes, and potential damage to underlying structures. Most of these risks are not often seen, and new techniques have been emerging to limit the potential for these risks.



The incision is placed on the arm so that it hugs the body and hopefully is not visible during most daily activities. The incision is most often closed with dissolving sutures that do not require removal. Drains are placed much of the time, but not always. Most patients can shower after 24hrs. Time off of work is variable depending

Other procedures that may help trouble areas on the arms include liposuction alone for pre-axillary fat deposits. As we age, even thin women can find that they have fat that is apparent at the arm opening of sleeveless tops. This procedure can often be performed in the plastic surgeons’ office with local anesthesia with a scar that measures less than a centimeter and has minimal downtime. Lastly, laser skin tightening provides modest results and is also used for maintenance and prevention. The time of the year to address these concerns is not in the middle of the summer when your arms are bare. It is better to heal throughout the “long sleeve” season and be ready when springtime hits. For more information contact us at : 315-329-6602 of vist it our website • November 2016


Best Holiday Albums By: Abbey Adams


ith the voice of an angel and rhythm of a well-seasoned church choir, Grande provides the soundtrack of the season with her cute winter compilation titled Christmas & Chill. R&B undertones spice up each track as subtle holiday bells chirp throughout, she sprinkles some sexy lyrics in here and there too (listen to “Wit It [This Christmas]”). There’s no doubt this collection keeps you singing long after the holiday season is over.


say November, you say Michael Buble!! You can’t go wrong with Buble, he’s practically a holiday staple. His effortless Sinatra suave keeps you coming back for more each year. His 2011 album appropriately titled, Christmas, features every classic holiday song you can imagine (listen to “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas). This man could sing literally anything, and I would still fall asleep to the sound of his voice.


he Elf soundtrack is one that never gets old. A couple cutesy covers, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, and even some older hits, “Pennies from Heaven” keep you on a fresh holiday song loop. These aren’t your typical Christmas jams. Elf is a unique bunch that will somehow still get you in the joyful spirit, not to mention help trigger memories from the hilarious 2003 film starring Will Ferrell.


heek to Cheek is a musical masterpiece. It’s not exactly a holiday album, but you can’t deny the power of a jazzy duet around December. There’s something about it that just makes you want to grab a glass of wine and make some sugar cookies. Gaga’s smooth soaring voice blends like butter with Bennett’s classy sputterings of lyrics. Songs like, “Cheek to Cheek”, “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye”, and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” will remind people of the beauty in jazz that we often forget about. These two artists are far in age but are beautifully alike in style and musicality.

The Clock Partially Stopped


he age of poodle skirts; malt shops and beehive hairstyles have come and gone. A lot has changed. Women no longer serve as breeders and housewives(unless by choice); instead, they are chasing their dreams, holding high-power positions and showing what they are capable of, equal to men in every way. Now it isn’t strange to see several stay-at-home dads while the wives bring home the bacon. It’s a whole new world, but sometimes traces of the past still seem to be penetrate present time. Even the best men seem to have their moments when they revert from loving how strong, independent and hard working we are to say, “Babe, you didn’t make dinner?” Or “The house really needs to be cleaned.” Unfortunately, it’s still a struggle even on the home-front at times. It begs the question: Why are men still living in the 50s? It’s not rare among family gatherings to witness women cooking a feast and then when the plates are empty, and it is time to clean up the mess; the ladies are the ones at the sink while the men sit, chatting at the table without even offering to lend a hand. They aren’t intentionally trying to be rude. They just feel that this is the way things should be. It’s natural for them not to feel compelled to help; no guilt, it’s not manly enough for them to do—it’s a cultural message. The Nation states: “Today’s women spend more time in paid employment but still come home to the second shift. On the typical day, nearly half of them will do housework, but just 20 percent of men will do the same. And women put more time into scrubbing the toilet or doing the laundry—three more hours each week than men. Men carve out three more hours of leisure time. Even mothers who work fulltime will still put in a week and a half ’s

in the 50’s By: Molly Congdon

worth more time on household tasks than their male partners each year…but there’s no biological determinant for housework. No gender is physically predisposed to want to do the dishes or take out the trash. This drudgery is necessary—at least if you like eating off of dishes that don’t have old food on them or living in a house that doesn’t smell like the dump.”

Oh yes, that’s fair. So guys, take a giant leap out of the past and load the dishwasher without feeling it is beneath you. Don’t turn it into a gender war, you eat off of them too!

According to the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, the amount of housework done by women has decreased since 1976, while the amount of housework done by men has doubled. In 1976, women did about 26 hours of housework a week; in 2005, they did about 16.5. Men did about six hours a week in 1976, and in 2005, they did about 12.5. Still not equal shares. The Huffington Post reported statistics from data compiled by the U.S.Bureau of Labor: “It’s still true that women do the lion’s share of housework. On an average day in 2015, 85 percent of women spent time doing things like housework, cooking, lawn care or financial management, while only 67 percent of men did so. Women spent an average of 2.6 hours on housework on the days they did housework, while men spent 2.1 hours.” A Slate article written by Amanda Marcotte states: “It is well-documented that working women do more housework and childcare than working men. This is what we call the ‘second shift’: Men and women both go off to work, but it’s women who come home to a whole other job.” • November 2016



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12 • November 2016

Are You Aligned With The Stars? By: Mary McCandless Astrology has intrigued us for thousands of years. We look for advice based on the alignment with the stars, and determine our strengths and weaknesses based on what the stars say are our personalities. But where did it begin? According to, It started around 3000 BC with the fascination of the skies and how it connected us to the gods and these gods were our rulers on earth. It came into being with the Mesopotamia civilization, and the Babylonians introduced the zodiac.

your birth date? There are 61 days that were not accounted for so would you be just considered a winter baby? It wasn’t until around 700 BCE these two months were added giving us 365 days to the year. It is all confusing, but I guess they would have had to divide 304 days by 12 to find your astrological sign in that time period.

The zodiac was also based on 12 moon cycles, but if there were only 10 months to the calendar. So is our sign truly correct? Confused? So am I. The calendar during Romulus had 10 months, which was around 45 BC. However, a complete history of this is for another time. Let’s get back to astrology. If 10 months was, in fact, in place in the beginning than it means that if you were born in January or February, you did not have a sign that truly represented your astrological traits since those months did not exist. So, if you were born during those non existing months, what was your sign? Furthermore, what was

Thankfully with a 12-month calendar, you can now align your sign with the astrological cycles created by the Babylonians. Whew! Fast-forward to today, recently Ophiuchus, the 13th sign has been in the news and was questioned about why it

was not added to the zodiac charts. No worries, it has always been around but not included because there are only twelve lunar cycles that occur between the moon and sun. Furthermore, Ophiuchus is a constellation of stars and not a sign. So do not worry your signs are your signs. It is still quite amazing how these moons phases and our astrological signs really do align with our personality traits. I have always wondered how they got their information. Did the ancients decide that they needed to do control studies of people born in a particular month to formulate their traits? Was there a bigger source that said if you were born in April, you would be Incisive, Daring, Courageous, Impatient, and so on for the other signs? We look at us as an intelligent society, but are we really? Many of the ideas, inventions and paths we have taken began thousands of years ago. I am always intrigued how ancient societies have come up with things that we use to this day. Maybe if we look into the past, we can get farther ahead for the future. • November 2016


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For the Holidays By: Deb Cabral


ovember is a month for giving thanks, but it’s also the month right before the big holiday season. The days go by quickly and before you know it, the holidays are upon us. Don’t wait till the last minute to get organized. Start early so your holidays can be less stressful and more enjoyable. Here’s a list of things you can do in November to get ahead of the game! 1. Start your Holiday Gift Shopping; record all purchases; store receipts in a convenient location I’ve created a Holiday Planning Binder to help get you organized and simplify your holidays. Visit our website and select the Shop then DeClutter Coach Products tab to purchase the downloadable holiday planner for only $2.99. 2. Wrap gifts as they are purchased Save time and take a few extra minutes when you come home from shopping to wrap gifts. It beats spending the night before the holiday wrapping for several hours. 3. DeClutter the house in preparation for Holiday Decorating Go though each room of your home and get rid of items you no longer need or use to make room for holiday decorating and new gifts you may receive. Have children do the same. 4. Start Interior and Exterior Holiday Decorating Decorating for the holidays can be fun! Put on some holiday music and have the family join in. Some of my family’s fondest memories are decorating our home for

the holidays. I go a bit overboard (what’s wrong with 12 Christmas trees?) but it is my family’s favorite time of the year and we love when our house looks and feels festive! 5. Purchase and wrap extra gifts for unexpected guests A bottle of wine, a holiday ornament or a gift card to a local restaurant make great gifts to have on hand for an unexpected guest. 6. Write out Christmas Cards to mail right after Thanksgiving. If you send a lot of holiday cards and like to write a personal message on all of your cards, fill out a few each night so the task does not seem so overwhelming. Don’t forget to get your holiday stamps early at the post office before they sell out. 7. Schedule Babysitters for Holiday Parties Good babysitters book up fast. Don’t be left without someone to watch the kiddies! Plan ahead and reserve your favorite sitter sooner rather than later.

let your friends know through social media. There are so many parties and events during the holidays, the early you schedule yours and notify your guests, the better. 11. Stock up on non-perishable items needed for holiday meals and baking. The price of items increase the closer we get to the holidays. Buy early and save money. 12. Schedule time for fun! Go tubing or skiing or have a trip trimming party. If travel is something you enjoy, attend the 4th Annual DeClutter Coach Bus Trip to NYC on Friday December 2nd. It will be a day of fun, laughter and holiday fun. For more information and to register to attend visit the events page of our website From all of us here at The DeClutter Coach, we wish you and your family a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

8. Make meals and freeze to use during busy December nights This is a favorite of mine. Spend a few hours on a Sunday morning cooking several meals that you can freeze and use whenever you need them during the month. 9. Take a Family Christmas Photo If you don’t do this with your family, it’s never too late to start this fun family tradition. We love looking at the photos from years gone by. 10. Plan and Schedule any Holiday Parties you will host Send out a save the date email reminder or • November 2016


Becoming Van Dyke


hen lined up next to each other there is a clear fluidity to her designs. Triangles and cutouts move down one dress only to climb up the next. Each piece is carefully structured, yet still manages to retain its movement. There’s a certain kind of edge to the clothes Michelle Van Dyke creates, and it takes a certain kind of woman filled with enough confidence and attitude to pull them off. It only seemed natural for Van Dyke to gravitate towards the arts having been born into an artistic family. Growing up in Franklin Lakes, NJ she put most of her energy into creative projects such as drawing, painting, and DIY room renovations. Fashion was just another medium of art she was able to express her girly, innovative side through. Van Dyke credits two things for her love of fashion: her mom and her height. Like most girls coming of age in the 2000s, her collection of Bratz dolls and Polly Pockets was extensive, and there was absolutely no room for unfashionable dolls. Van Dyke’s mom would sew dresses for her and her dolls so they could walk through life matching and on trend. She would tag along with her mom to the fabric store and was mesmerized by the fabrics and patterns available, and how her mom could take a piece of cloth and transform it into a design with some scissors and thread. And while her dolls stayed the same height, Van Dyke certainly did not. Being so tall, she outgrew her clothes pretty quickly, forcing her to figure out and shape her style at an early age. She was known for experimenting with color, layers and cut out pieces––which has carried on throughout her adult style. Fashion was always there in the background, following her throughout each stage of her childhood, but it wasn’t until her freshman year in high school that Van Dyke seriously considered pursuing a career in fashion. “I really never

16 • November 2016

By: Amari D. Pollard thought about it as a career until I got an assignment my first week of school that asked me to choose three jobs I would be interested in having,” said Van Dyke. “I think my three choices were marine biology, artist, and actress. When we did our presentations, one of my classmates said that she thought it would be cool to be a fashion designer, and immediately I knew that’s what I wanted to do.” Now at 22-years-old, she has two clothing lines to her name, first with Michelle Hope Designs and second with Van Dyke Apparel. Michelle Hope Designs was originally a way for Van Dyke to challenge herself and provide a platform to share her designs, especially since she wanted a strong portfolio site for when she graduates from Syracuse University and starts looking for jobs. Michelle Hope Designs was able to give Van Dyke her start, but after some time, she felt the name just didn’t reflect the edgy work she was doing. So she decided to name her company Van Dyke Apparel, giving her an opportunity to carry on her last name. “I really wanted to start my own line because I don’t want to work for a big company,” said Van Dyke. “I wanted to start a company where I could express myself through my designs, and that just wouldn’t happen working for a large brand. I love seeing progression and growth, and so that was just more motivation for me to start my own line.” Some might be inclined to call Van Dyke’s designing process unconventional since she doesn’t start with a sketch before embarking on a new design. Instead, she sits herself down in front of her dress form with fabric and a box of pins, and allows her hands to work along with what her mind tells her to do. The young designer pulls from different places based on whom she’s designing for. One of her favorite parts of creating pieces for other people is weaving their personal-

ities into the design, and helping to bring out their vision. When it comes to her personal designing, she sometimes bases it on art or photography, but for the most part, it’s based on her emotions. “I have dealt a lot with depression and anxiety, and so most of my personal designs have a very dark look. I have always believed in the idea that there is beauty in the darkness, and so I try to portray that through what I create. I use design as a relief from my anxiety and depression, as I try to release it through what I design,” said Van Dyke. She hopes that those same pieces of relief will one day continually find their way into the closets of women, particularly tall women, looking forward to adding something special to their wardrobe. “That has always been my dream, because growing up, there were no stores that made tall clothing, at least not for women as tall as me,” said Van Dyke. “I want to have a line that offers something different than every other clothing line, as I feel that most brands are all sticking to the same guidelines.” Admitting your dreams to people can sometime be a tiring event, seeing the lines of doubt form in their foreheads as you reveal hopes that, to them, seem unrealistic. But as Van Dyke says, there will always be people telling you that you’re not good enough to fulfill those dreams and instead of allowing those comments to deter you, they should only motivate you more. There was a time when becoming a fashion designer was inconceivable to Van Dyke, but with her rising clothing line a store front may not be that far away. Make sure to check out Michelle Hope Van Dyke’s latest collection at Threads of Sound on Thursday November 10th from 7pm-11pm at Dinosaur BBQ.





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ung cancer is such a horrible disease and is very painful. I am not saying that other cancers are not painful, but seeing the effects first hand, people suffer immensely. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are more than 200,000 cases in the U.S. each year. The two types of lung cancer are the non-small cell and small cell lung cancer. If you have not seen someone who has struggled with the disease it is very hard to comprehend what the symptoms are and how they affect that person. I recently lost a brother to lung cancer. He was exposed throughout many of his years to the very things than can cause lung cancer. Some of those causes are smoking, exposure to toxins, family history and more. My brother was a smoker, and struggled on and off many times to quit. As with any type of addictive, Nicotine is one of them. Many find that smoking is very calming and the mere effort of trying to quit with a high-stress job or life situation is even more difficult. I do not condone smoking, but I understood my brothers’ plight. In addition, over his 30 years in construction, he was also exposed to various toxins, which added to any problems that he might have had. The effects of lung cancer are very debilitating. For my brother, it started about 10 years before he passed with a slight cough, maybe a cold here or there and then some shortness of breath. I would ask him if he had it checked, and he would say yes and

By: Mary McCandless that the doctors said he had bronchitis and would give him antibiotics and inhalers. He was always a private person, so if I asked too many questions he would get mad. I later realized he never wanted me to worry, but he was my brother and of course loved him. As time passed, his cough got worse, and he would be visibly in pain from coughing, which broke my heart. I continued to hound him over the years and could not understand why the doctors did not dig deeper to see why this was getting worse. They continue to treat him for bronchitis, which in fact, it was not. In 2013, he told all of us that he was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was of course upset, but I was so angry because I felt that the physicians that he was seeing should have dug deeper a long time ago. It was no secret that the symptoms he had, his constant horrible cough and labored breathing was not noticeable. It did not take a rocket scientist to see that there was some very wrong. So when he told me this, I asked what stage is it, what are they going to do, what is the prognosis? He told us that he was starting radiation, chemo and going to Rochester to see if they could do surgery to remove his one lung. I told him that I would go with him, and we went as they performed the procedure to check his lung. Unfortunately, his other lung would not sustain him so there was nothing they could do. They continued with the chemo and radiations. We all hoped for the very best. Since my

brother now fell into the 4% which is the advanced non operable stage, the only hope we had was that the chemo and radiation would help. In spite of everything he was going through, he woke up every single day, went to work, and continued to live his life until the day he passed on May 29, 2014. A very sad day for everyone who knew him, people would say Frank had a heart larger than the earth, and he would always say what is on his mind. Something we all reflect on every day and laugh, remembering what a great person he was. This is my story of lung cancer and what I want you to take away from this is, if you smoke, please try to stop. Be aware of chemicals and carcinogens that you may be exposed to. If you or someone you know has a cough that does not go away, or wheezing, shortness of breath, you should demand that they are checked for lung cancer. I struggle everyday with how could my brother’s symptoms be overlooked or pushed off as bronchitis. There are many sites and doctors who will say lung cancer is hard to detect. However, when there are symptoms that are evident to the average person, I question that logic. We all must advocate for ourselves, and the ones we love. If you do get the answers, you must push for them. To learn more about lung cancer go to • November 2016


Sarah Klaben is One

Passionut Entrepreneur


he was statuesque and personable like the quintessential girl-nextdoor, but such a prototype was too two-dimensional to describe Sarah Klaben. She had moved to Baldwinsville, NY from Tully the summer before her sophomore year of high school, and in a few months had managed to establish herself as one of the most intelligent and athletic people at C.W. Baker High School. Her days were strategically structured: wake up, attend classes, go to lacrosse practice, return home to finish homework, find some time in between to still

22 • November 2016

By: Amari D. Pollard

have fun and hang out with friends, and then sleep. It was clear from her A’s in the classroom to her bounce-shot goals on the lacrosse field. Klaben was going to be one of the success stories from the Class of 2013. Now, at only 21-years-old, she’s majoring in finance through Penn State’s World Campus, working for an asset-management firm and establishing a startup company, Passionut. Nut butters have always been a favorite of Klaben’s, but she was disappointed by the available options in stores, which were either too bland or contained artificial flavors and/or sweeteners. So she figured

she should try making some of her own. “I was convinced I would be able to make something healthier and more flavorful on my own, and so I began experimenting with different blends of nuts and seeds as well as WheyPur protein––which I put in almost everything I make,” said Klaben. At first, she was just messing around, turning her kitchen into her own “Dexter’s Laboratory” with tasty concoctions strewn across countertops. Then she started sharing her nut butters with friends, and they all loved the flavor, the smooth texture. After her close friend Ricky Marton––no, not that one––tried it for

“You have to be willing to give 100 percent commitment” Jensen. “Long story short, we decided to make a business out of this healthy and tasty food product.” The duo is still developing new flavors, but so far they have Vanilla Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate Bliss, and Pumpkin Spice. The goal is to get into a nice groove where they have new flavors rolling out every so often. There’s a good chance something coconut-y may make an appearance sometime soon. himself, he suggested that Klaben could start selling her nut, and seed butters under a company of her own. Running a business seemed like a big undertaking, but friends who were accomplished entrepreneurs surrounded Klaben, and she found the passion they had for their own companies almost intoxicating. She wanted that, not just the prospect of success but to be excited about the kind of work she was doing. Last November Klaben was enjoying a day on Indians Rocks Beach when a young guy ran by her and caught her attention. She said it’s odd seeing someone her age on the beach during late autumn, so she definitely took notice of him. Then later that day when she was on a walk she passed him again. Having spotted her too, he chased after Klaben and essentially asked her to be friends with him and Marton. His name was Tye Jensen, and neither of them would have guessed they’d be business partners a year later. “Sarah and I are both very interested in health, which is reflected in our diets. I tried one of Sarah’s nut butter creations one day and loved it. I suggested she add Epibolics [my other company] WheyPür™ Protein powder to enhance the texture and add a bump in protein,” revealed

What makes Passionut a healthier option is its use of all raw materials, MCT [Medium Chain Triglycerides] oil which supports body weight and appetite reduction, and a mixture of three nuts and three seeds. Klaben and Tye strategically used this combination to provide optimal health benefits, and avoided using peanuts because they contain anti-nutrients that prevent vitamin and mineral absorption and are a source of aflatoxin, which has been linked to liver and gastrointestinal cancers. The hope is that Passionut becomes one of the premier alternatives to peanut butters and is sold in grocery stores across America, maybe even in her beloved We

and diabetes can be prevented through healthy living inspired Klaben to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why she created her own health and fitness Instagram @sarbearhealth and is working hard to make sure Passionut provides the best nutritional values. In order to successfully go to school, work at the asset-management firm, and run her own company Klaben has to follow much of the same strict agenda she did in high school. There’s no room for procrastination and her days are so full it also seems like there’s barely any room for fun, but she knows how to keep her balance. The young entrepreneur says there’s something invigorating about the challenge her chaotic schedule presents, and also very satisfying. “Technology has made it easier than ever to start a business and even receive funding. While starting a business may be easy, starting a successful and sustainable business is where the challenge lies,” said Klaben. “You have to be willing to give 100 percent commitment, and it helps when you are extremely ‘passionut’ about your business idea.”

gman’s back home. “Right now, our main focus is launching our company. We had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and so our next step is to get our business up in running. In the near future, we have plans to sell in local stores in St. Petersburg and St. Augustine,” said Klaben. Growing up as an athlete, Klaben has always understood the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but she admits her passion for health grew as her friendship with Jensen did. Before meeting him, she didn’t fully understand how certain diseases could be prevented through lifestyle strategies. Knowing that diseases such as obesity, heart disease, • November 2016





Catching Up with

Donna Adamo

Living in Georgia, but forever in an Upstate NY State-of-Mind By: Kristen Penfield


ost of us remember a woman such as Donna Adamo. She anchored the news for WTVH5 for over twelve years. She became a household name. She was a reporter, producer, news manager, she delivered stories. She informed us and made us smile. In 2009, WTVH 5 merged with WSTM 3, causing the unfortunate lay-off of several channel 5 employees; Ms. Adamo being one of them. Her upbeat, energetic personality won us over, and we quickly realized Ms. Adamo was a talented professional. Guess what? She still is…and so much more.

D. Boyd Photograpy Atlanta

I was fortunate to speak to her at length; I must share my findings of a person with such magnificent layers – each one, more beautiful than the next. When growing up in Utica, NY, Adamo was certain she wanted to become an attorney. But, as life changed, so too, did her goals. She pushed herself through college, graduating at the age of 35. Impressing everyone in her path, including her son and daughter, her first day as a news anchor was at the age of 37. She soared immediately.

Adamo said, “I learned that none of us can accomplish anything on our own. We do it as a team. I was lucky and was able to learn from the best.” That included David Muir {currently anchor of ABC World News Tonight}, Jeff Glor {CBS Evening News correspondent}, Matt Mulcahy {Syracuse’s NBC3 Emmy award-winning journalist/anchor for over 30 years and going strong}, Sheryl Nathans {WIXT Channel 9 anchor and reporter who passed in 2002 at the young age of 55}, Maureen Green {prominent news anchor for WTVH for 25 years} and Broadcast • November 2016


“Never place a period where

God has placed a comma”

legend from WTVH, Ron Curtis. “I was given direction and opportunity in my early years from selfless people like Brandy Hammer and Greg Mollette of WKTV in Utica, who taught me that the news industry has a place for women of all age groups; I will forever be grateful to them. They all taught me how to lean in and be brave,” Adamo added. “All roads lead to home…and Syracuse will always be home.” –Donna Adamo “During my time as a news anchor and reporter in Syracuse, I learned every nook and cranny in the area. Good and bad. I felt the strong sense of community in central New York. My colleagues and I had been through countless grueling days as well, such as 9/11. None of us left for days it seemed, and it taught me to live life grounded and humble,” Adamo said. “Laughing at my imperfections is something I do easily. I sit in truth and have learned that mistakes are merely opportunities,” she added. “Although I am living and working in Atlanta, everything I’ve learned in Upstate New York will forever stay with me,” Adamo said. “Moving forward, nothing will ever compare to that, and it has made me who I am today,” she added. For almost the past five years, Adamo has been the Director of Client Project Communications for Arcadis, in Atlanta. “The people are very kind in Atlanta. It is a beautiful, serene place,” she said. As well, she is an acting student, earning her first movie role and attempting to break into a TV series, all while continuing to finish her first book. Life continues to be very successful for Adamo. Atlanta has allowed her to tap into her creative side. According to Adamo, when contemplating a life change, we will simply “know” when the right time presents itself. In February of 2012, Adamo was in Mount Pilatus, breathtaking mountains overlooking Lucerne, Switzerland. Though her mind was full of decisions to make re-

26 • November 2016

garding offers and working as News and Communications Manager at Syracuse University Office of News Services, it was in that very moment that she knew…it was time. It was time to move away from Syracuse and pursue new opportunities. Adamo said, “I don’t want to live a life of could have, should have, would have. I want to say - could have, should have, would have – DID!” Adamo claimed, “Moving to a big city by myself was not easy, especially after being so comfortable in Syracuse, but the timing was right, and I had much more to achieve. It gave me another chance to

grow as a person, a mom, and a friend. With the help of my amazingly supportive family and friends, I am accomplishing things I never thought possible. I took a risk and moved to a large city where I didn’t know a soul. It was a complex move, and I missed my family; nothing was familiar. But those moments in life are the moments in which you grow in the most. A message she shares and upholds: ‘Imagine if we all put our energy into our dreams, instead of our fears, what a life we will live!’ As well, Adamo noted her favorite quote by Gracie Allen, “Never place a period where God has placed a comma.”

David Baggett is on the left. Karyn Matthews is on the right. Chatting about the best detour for the project.

In the photo, David Baggett, Construction Ambassador; Jeremy Land, Sr. Inspector; Michael Stephens, Sr. Inspector: Donna Adamo, Dir. Communications; Kristen Orton, Project Engineer; Michael New, Sr. Inspector; Karyn Matthews, Sr. Engineer. Donna Adamo works closely with engineering teams to tell the public how major transportation projects will affect travel.

Cobb County is one of the fastest growing areas in Georgia. Donna and engineers review project plans affecting traffic patterns.

Photos: James Taylor, ARCADIS • November 2016


Donna with Kristen Penfield at Core Adamo was sure to add that it is not easy to make a change. There have been struggles along the way and will be more in the future. They are always there. “As long as you are moving forward positively towards your future and working hard, know you are on the right path. Struggles are merely opportunities to find out what you are made of. Allow faith to take care of the rest,” she said. Adamo never stops. She is forever looking into the future. “I do because I always ask myself, where do I see myself in five years? How do I plot to get there?” She is decisive, energetic, forceful and determined; a beautiful, eloquent…fireball. To meet her is to grasp this within minutes. When asked if she would ever consider moving back to Syracuse, Adamo replied, “I feel as if I have never left, because [Syracuse] will always be a part of me. One never knows what the future will bring.” But what is Adamo most proud of ? “That’s an easy one,” she said, “My kids. They are honest, sincere and are always helping others. They are (34) and (32) years old now, and I am forever thankful for them. They respect me and to me, that’s everything.” Adamo stated, “I have taught and still teach my children to be grateful. Gratitude (and sports, she chuckles) is what carried me through the tough times. I have always said that we are in charge of our own story. If you find you’re in the wrong story, change it! Determine what you want your story to be and take the steps the make it happen. Put a shelf life on your mistakes and figure out what you should have learned from it. As for my story, I am not finished.” Yes, we are lucky to have such an incredible woman grace our cover. We are also excited to have her share monthly beauty tips in her new column D’s Beauty Tips, featuring insights on beauty dilemmas and inspirational advice. She debuts in this month’s issue, and if you have a beauty question, email us, and we will feature advice in her next article! Want more Donna Adamo? We thought so…you can follow her at and read her blog packed with so much informative and inspiring variety. You’re welcome.

28 • November 2016

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Rick & Jeremy Reina


ick and Jeremy Reina are doing just that…making things right, and they’re making things, right? Yes to both! Since 2003, the Reinas have dedicated themselves to provide Central New York with the purest, environmentally and animal-friendly bath and body products. They have perfected centuries-old soap making traditions they learned in France, as well as premium vegetable oils and pure essential oils, eliminating chemical detergents and synthetic fragrances. There are many choices too, for the many vegans living in our area. “My husband and I have definitely found our niche,” said Rick Reina. “After many years of working in the wholesale music industry, and retail industry, I knew the only investment I wanted to make was in myself. Initially, I was moving in the direction of law school. However, after school

30 • November 2016

By: Kristen Penfield loans were building quickly, I considered beginning my own company, after I graduated,” he added. And that, he did. Reina knew the need for environmentally safe soaps existed. He had seen a few in shops and online, but all of them were quite expensive. He knew he could create a better soap, for less money…so he began researching and experimenting. The hard work and dedication paid off. With a simple, small list of ingredients and even homemade equipment, the Reinas began creating batches, finally finding the magic one. Seventeen other versions were left behind…a star was born. Their 1920’s bungalow home in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse would become their operation’s center. Reina said, “In the beginning, we were selling only to the wholesale market. Many stores in CNY invested in our products,

such as Seven Rays Bookstore, The Syracuse Real Food Coop, Deal & Company Florists and Natur Tyme were our very first customers.” News was traveling fast about their products, and people wanted to get their hands (or wash them) with their soaps. Rick and Jeremy began selling at the Central New York Regional Market, the Downtown Farmer’s Market in Syracuse and other markets in Baldwinsville, Manlius, Auburn and Oswego. “We were quickly expanding and running out of space in our home,” said Reina. “We moved to a larger space in the suburbs of Syracuse, but outgrew that area too, in three short years,” he added. Advertising of our product and word-of-mouth began to spread rapidly. That landed them in their current location in a quaint, refur-

Syracuse Soapworks at Hawley-Green opened their doors to many local artists and artisans from New York State. “We wanted to feature other local items and make them available to our customers,” Reina explained. Their retail store boasts locally made jewelry, art, woodwork, glasswork, antiques, and more. When you step inside the doors, you immediately take in the aroma of lavender, citrus and patchouli. Stop in and discover the many soap blends and other great local items they offer in their store located at 226 Hawley Avenue, Syracuse.

Local items can be found at Soapworks bished factory building on Syracuse’s Near Westside. The stunning, peaceful surroundings is home to their retail store as well as production of their products. An expansion of products in which they still make from scratch; a large difference from many other retail stores and online. Reina stated, “We are very particular about keeping it homegrown and local. We use only our own recipe and very high-quality raw ingredients without the high price.” Reina said, “We love the location of where we are now. We like the vibrancy of the city and safety of where we are on Hawley Avenue in Syracuse. It has convenient offstreet parking, and we are close to Laci’s Tapas Bar, which brings many people our way that may not have known where we were located.” He added, “There is a concentration of businesses in our area, and more and more people are coming to enjoy us and our neighbors. The city of Syracuse is definitely making a comeback.” It is without a doubt that mainstream consumers have become more health conscious. They are more aware of what they are eating, desire healthier options, as well as what they are putting on their body each day in their soaps and lotions. They realize that natural products are better for their body unlike the chemicals such as phenoxyethanol, aluminum, formaldehyde, dioxins and more that are in so many products. And with everyday stress at an all-time high, the mere fragrance of their soaps, lotions and

candles can reduce anxiety and welcome relaxation. The soaps that they make are naturally fragrant and are great for your skin. “Jeremy and I have a good rhythm right now and want to keep our balance,” Reina said. And quite a balance they have! To say that Reina and his husband have energy is an understatement. When they are not making their soaps, candles, lotions, butter and lip balms, they build, remodel, re-purpose, and even make plush, beautiful socks from their vintage loom they have brought back to life - amazing talent. Rick and Jeremy know they are certainly not alone when it comes to talent.

Natural Soaps & Bath Products • November 2016



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To assist companion animals in need by providing grants for emergency and non-elective medical treatment. Grants may be awarded for animals that are homeless during their time of need or to pets of owners who are facing financial hardship.


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D’s Beauty Bar

with Donna Adamo


ife is a red carpet and there’s nothing more beautiful than a natural you. It’s the best kind of beauty there is. It’s not about size or shape, but rather, how you feel in your own skin. Natural beauty works from the inside, out. When we feel good on the inside, we radiate on the outside. We all have that one girlfriend who can go from makeup to mud in a heartbeat and look effortless doing it. Natural beauty is mesmerizing. So as Women of Upstate New York editor, Mary McCandless, and writer, Kristen Sozzi Penfield, and I, met for the first time at CoreLife Eatery on a beautiful fall day in September, we did exactly what women do. We shared stories about life, kids, politics, travel and beauty. The more we chatted, the more we thought it’d be fun to share tips and secrets learned along the way.


Working in television news, being around studios, TV shows, commercial sets, and green rooms, I’ve been lucky to learn beauty tips from makeup artists, actress friends and hair stylists. I love, love, love their tips! So each month, we’ll do the work for you and share the latest beauty trends and tips.

If you love red lips, try Mac’s Russian Red or Ruby Woo (Macy’s) or Urban Decay’s, Vice, (Sephora). These matte finish reds are yummy for holiday season. Be sure to add a little lip primer (your own foundation) to give nourish your lips before applying a matte finish. If red is out of your comfort zone, try Sephora’s Matte Color Lip Last Lipstick, Brown is Back. This stuff stays on all day long and goes with just about any complexion. Another favorite is Mac’s most popular lipstick, Twig, which has been my go-to color for years, day or night.


Nothing beats water to bring on the natural beauty. It took me a long time to accept the value of just how much water nourishes every cell in your body, keeping your body in motion like a well-oiled machine. Water make your tummy feel good (and by good I mean flat), your body hydrated, and your skin feel nourished. It costs nothing but commitment and will go a long way in making your jeans fit better and your skin (remember, it’s an organ) radiate.


Two items I never leave home without, especially if I’m traveling, are Q-tips and blotting or rice paper. Our hands are laden with bacteria so keep them off your face! I had no idea rice paper (also called blotting paper) existed until I started melting in the Atlanta sun. Blotting papers help you gently ‘blot’ the shine on your T-zone, and are also great for blotting bacteria off before re-applying makeup if you have to scoot out after work. They’re soothing on your skin and are inexpensive. You can buy a pack of 20 (about the size of a pack of gum) for a couple bucks at a local drugstore or makeup store.

Q-tips are perfect if you’re outside in the elements, have allergies, or get something in your eye. Avoid getting bacteria in your eye by using a Q-tip to gently clear the corner of your eye. They’re also perfect for fixing eye makeup mistakes on the fly. Put a drop of water on the Q-tip and minor makeup mishaps disappear effortlessly.

Coming up in December, the one product that changed my life! Stay beautiful and see you next month! • November 2016


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Just a Small Town Girl By: Christine Vickers ow dreams + drive led Lori Bizzoco to success in the Big Apple!

Growing up first in rural Palermo and later in suburban Syracuse, Lori Vadala Bizzoco always knew she was meant to live in Manhattan. After graduating from Bishop Ludden High School, she headed to the Long Island Institute of Technology to major in advertising and subsequently received her master’s degree in public relations from the same institution. In was during these years that she knew she had a passion for PR and began a meteoric rise through the top Public Relations firms in New York City and the world. Working in healthcare, PR for fifteen years, she was involved in launching Botox cosmetics and worked on numerous accounts that represented celebrities who were either affiliated with various diseases or specific drug companies. Individuals ranged from Kathleen Turner to Dr. Oz and also included a Capitol Hill engagement with Hillary Clinton. Family Foundation Lori’s attributes much of her incredible success to her humble Central New York roots and the strong work ethic instilled in her by her parents Gloria and Frank Vadala. “I always had goals,” Lori shares. From the time I was nine or ten, my Dad made me write out my short-term and long-term goals and explained to me what the difference was between the two.” At fourteen, Frank encouraged Lori to create a resume for a job at Wendy’s. “I remember being embarrassed and didn’t want to bring it. He told me, you’re going to get the job because you have a resume and of course, I did. I really credit him with being

44 • November 2016

Lori and her family

a great teacher of some early life lessons that I have never forgotten. “ Hard Work, Hot dogs & 711 Lori’s early years down state were difficult. “I had nobody in Long Island. I had a car payment, rent. I probably moved eight different times, various roommates and no money. My parents helped me as much as they could, but I was living in the most expensive place in the country. I used to go to 711 and buy two hotdogs for a dollar. It was just painful.” Lori shares that at one point, she took some time off from

began writing about dating and relationships. Her pieces were featured on many popular dating sites, including, Match. com; JDATE and and she became a sought-after speaker also being interviewed by publications and companies like The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, Woman’s Day, Working Mother and Fox News.. In 2010, Lori combined her writing skills, her entrepreneurial spirit and celebrity connections as, she and her husband formed a new company called Cupid’s Pulse. Cupid’s Pulse is a one-of-a-kind relationship site that shares the latest celebrity news and repackages it to help singles and couples navigate their own love lives. Lori shares, “We did lots of research before we started, but even I was surprised at how quickly the company took off. Within three months, BRAVO network was giving us the trailers for their show Millionaire Matchmaker. Within the first year, I had an on-camera interview with Kelly Ripa. It was unbelievable.“ Cupid’s Pulse now has over a million users and over 50,000 twitter followers. The company has conducted over 300 celebrity interviews though Lori counts Ripa and journalist Leeza Gibbons among her most memorable.

“Have goals and create your own openings” her master’s degree because she needed to work and began doing door to door sales. “My mother was so upset and scared for me. My Dad had more of the long-term vision, he told me, this is great, and you are going to get really good at sales! And I did,” Lori recalls. Entrepreneurial Edge While in her late 30’s Lori met her husband, Drew Bizzoco. The two became engaged after 9 weeks and within the next few years the parents of daughters, Natalie and Victoria. After a car accident, six months prior to her wedding sidelined her, Lori left her agency career and with her trademark chutzpah and grit turned her attention to writing. Still a newlywed, she

Starting her own company has become important to Lori as it is part of the legacy that she hopes to impart on her young daughters. “They can become whoever they want to be. But, my family is full of entrepreneurs, and it’s my hope that at least one

of them will recognize and embrace that spirit.” With a nod to her roots, Lori also strives to be a model of non judgment and kindness. “I tell my girls, we don’t judge. We don’t know or care what people have or don’t have.” Passing it on… Lori enjoys working with interns at her companies and with community women’s groups. She shares real advice from the trenches and practical tips and lessons. To that infamous question of how do you balance career and family, Lori notes that Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s Shark Tank fame gave her the best advice she has ever received about time management and something she has adopted. “Barbara shared that an effective way to manage time is not by the hour but by the day. Putting that into practice in my own life, it might look like this; Mondays are my day for working in the office, no other appointments or calls. Tuesdays are my day to be in the city for events, dinners, etc. Wednesdays would have a different theme. Life happens, and it doesn’t always run as smooth as this but there is a real value in having a specific focus to each day.” As Lori notes the inevitable bumps in the road, including successfully navigating a breast cancer diagnosis, she is quick to acknowledge the blessings that can be found within them. “I live five minutes from the beach but prior to having breast cancer, I didn’t get there. Since then, I’m there all the time. I have also gone back to doing what I love, freelance PR, and I have been just enjoying myself spending time with my children and family.” Though now a longtime Long Island lady, Lori remains a frequent visitor to the area as her parents and extended family live here. A recent visit included a Central New York summer must, the great New York State Fair. Lori’s message to the young women she mentors include the following: *Have goals and create your own openings to achieve them. Openings may not seem obvious at first but use your creativity to find them. Lori notes that while working for a dermatologist to build her portfolio, she set a six-month goal to land a position at a Top 5 PR agency. In those pre-Internet days, she answered a NY Times ad looking for an employee at the senior vice president level. Knowing she was not yet quali-

Kelly Ripa & Lori fied for that position she sent a customized cover letter detailing what she could do for the company, and she was hired. This became the beginning of her ascent up the career ladder. *Network and use the resources that are around you. “I would talk to everyone and ask questions. It was scary and sometimes I felt stupid. But I sought out people who could help me and I in turn could help them. The give and take was essential in bonding with people in my field. Lori says it probably wasn’t until she met her husband did she truly feel that she could relax and be herself, the downto-earth person of her core. No longer “sleeping with her blackberry “ it was also at this point in her life where she had the opportunity to do some reflection on all of her achievements. “Sometimes I’ll think, how the hell did this happen?” Lori laughs as she offers this last bit of wisdom to other small-town girls with possibly similar dreams, “ Don’t worry about where you

Lori & Patti Strange come from and don’t worry about what you have… Just keep driving forward, and good things will happen!” For more information on Lori Bizzoco’s company, visit Twitter- @cupidspulse Facebook • November 2016


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A Mother's Memories of Lake George The Effects of Alzheirmer's By: Anne Campanella Author of

Motherhood Lost and Found


lzheimer’s is a disease of forgetting, but for some, certain images and beloved people remain embedded in the brain. Elizabeth “Bet” Seelye Williams, a former summer resident of Lake George, NY, suffered from Alzheimer’s for over 10 years before she died. But the lake remained vivid in her mind during that time. For Bet’s daughter, Ann Campanella, National Alzheimer’s month brings up special memories. Campanella tells the story of her mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s and her love for Lake George in her memoir, Motherhood: Lost and Found. Bet spent every summer at the lake as a girl, and when she grew up and married, she and her family traveled miles to vacation at Lake George. The home she visited was built in the 1880s by her great grandfather, Edward Eggleston, a writer who was famous in his day for classics such as The Hoosier Schoolboy and The Hoosier Schoolmaster. Bet’s extended family has preserved an undeveloped tract of land on Dunham’s Bay. Some of her most vivid memories were of sailing on the clear waters of Lake George. When Bet was in her mid seventies, her daughter began to notice changes in her mother. “She talked about the lake all the time, but often it was out of context,” said

48 • November 2016

Ann and her baby daughter share a special moment with her mother.

Campanella. Little did she know that her mother was beginning her long and painful journey into Alzheimer’s Disease. “My mother often thought she was at the lake even though she lived most of the year in North Carolina. I remember her scanning the parking lot of her rest home and thinking she was looking out on Lake George.” “Writing became a way for me to capture pieces of my mother and her history before her mind lost the ability to hold them,” she said. “My mother’s love of Lake George and what it represented to her – a deep connection to family – is one of the threads that holds my book together,” she said. Motherhood: Lost and Found shares not only the story of the author’s mother’s illness, but also Campanella’s multiple miscarriages as she struggled to have a child of her own. “Sometimes it was hard for me to return to the lake,” said Campanella, “because I was surrounded by reminders of what I’d lost.” “This disease of forgetting makes me look at my own life differently,” said Campanella. Her mother was 41 when she was born, and Campanella’s own daughter was born 40 years later. “I was in the middle of an age continuum,” she said. “I couldn’t

help but be aware that everything I experienced with my own mother might come to pass for my daughter.” This telescoping of time brought an intensity to the interactions between the author, her mother and daughter. “Writing was a gift because it provided an outlet for my grief and a way to preserve moments of beauty.” “These days, when I return to the lake, I think of my mother and am grateful for the time we spent there together. It makes me want to create the same kind of memories for my daughter,” said Campanella. “In honor of my mother, Elizabeth Seelye Williams, and my horse, Crimson, we are pleased to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book on a rotating basis to Alzheimer’s disease/ dementia, land preservation and animal nonprofit organizations.” The voice in Ann’s memoir, Motherhood: Lost and Found has been called constant and abiding, her imagery indelible. Her graceful, exacting language rises above the grief of infertility and the struggle to care for aging parents, connecting the reader ultimately to the heartbeat and resilience of the human experience. “Ann Campanella’s Motherhood: Lost and Found is a chronicle of family tragedy

For more information go to Anne Campanella and triumph told in some of the most truly lyrical writing you’ll ever encounter. She writes of grief and loss with heart wrenching honesty but without sentimentality then adds humor in such unexpected places I found myself laughing and crying all on the same page. This is the best memoir I’ve read in years....”- Judith Minthorn Stacy, author of Maggie Sweet, winner of the Carolina Novel Award


“Alzheimer’s disease leads to nerve cell death and tissue loss throughout the brain. Over time, the brain shrinks dramatically, affecting nearly all its functions... “

“Ann Campanella’s Motherhood: Lost and Found records the ordinary and extraordinary courage of those who must endure debilitating, even crushing illness and those who must suffer with them while they do so. Here is bravery, patience, reconciliation, and -- at long last -- hope. I found this story valuable in an intensely personal way. I think others readers will find it so too.”- Fred Chappell, former Poet Laureate of North Carolina. This memoir was a finalist in the Next Generation Independent Book Awards, the world’s largest not-forprofit independent book awards. September 22nd marked the E-Book release ( Motherhood-Lost-Found-Ann-Campanella-ebook/dp/B01L30NTYY/ ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1472304621&sr=8-6&keywords=motherhood%3A+lost+and+found) where a portion of book proceeds, along with the paperback edition will help support the rotating causes. Press Release Published by Divine Phoenix Books with Pegasus Books in conjunction with The Bridge. • November 2016


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WEIGHT LOSS VS. FAT LOSS Are you sure you’re losing fat?


his month I have a topic to discuss that I think will interest everyone. A lot of us get confused or don’t fully understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss. For many of us, if we see the numbers on the scale going down it’s a victory. I think this is a topic which leaves a lot of us perplexed, and it’s something that unfortunately, despite our best efforts, is a message that gets lost in translation, especially within the mainstream media. How most of us approach weight loss is wrong. We need to change our mindset! We need to start thinking in terms of fat loss, NOT weight loss. Our ultimate goal should be to maintain as much muscle as possible (even better, build some muscle) and reduce our body fat to improve our overall physique. I’m not necessarily saying that you should toss your scale into the trash, but what I am saying is if you’ve been training your butt off, and you step on the scale and see that it hasn’t changed, you shouldn’t let it upset you! Did you know that one pound of muscle weighs the EXACT same as one pound of fat? The difference, however, is that muscle is more dense than fat and takes up less space. So those few pounds of muscle that you’ve gained will make you look better. Remember: YOU CANNOT OUTTRAIN A POOR DIET. It’s just not going to happen. I can put you through a

By: Jennifer Nastasi-Guzelak workout that will make you hate life, but it’s not going to matter if we don’t tackle the nutritional side of things. How confident would you feel about eliminating fast food, chips, or soda from your daily regimen? If this doesn’t seem like an easy task for you to accomplish, we need to take a step back and figure out a better approach. This is about changing your behavior. When you are able to successfully accomplish a consistent behavior, you will start to see a real difference.

where you feel confident that you can be successful. If you are sincerely making an effort and putting in the work, you’re going to get results. Period. Keep muscle, burn fat and lose inches. It’s simply a better way to lose weight.

Here’s something to think about. If we know that fat loss is mostly determined by calories in vs. calories out, which seems to be a more efficient use of our time: A) Spending an hour on the treadmill burning off approximately three hundred and fifty to five hundred calories. Or B) Electing not to eat that bag of M&Ms before bed? From a time efficiency standpoint, and with fat loss as the goal, nutrition is going to trump the exercise (in terms of better use of our time) no matter what. In Conclusion: What can you do each day to bring you one step closer to your goals? Find a place • November 2016


Why GO SU PART TIME ? Here are four good reasons: 1 More than 150 SU undergraduate degree options


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Shorts The Spider and the Shower It is seven a.m., and the alarm is sounding as you toss and turn trying to reach for the off button. With the slap of the hand, you stop the alarm, and you finally pull yourself out of bed and head to the shower to start your day. Ah... the great wake-up call of water pattering on your face and body. You have lathered yourself with your favorite soap and feeling refreshed when out of the corner of your eye, you spot a spider. What do you do? Should you jump out of the shower? Maybe if you swat him, he will no longer be a threat. Of course, you are much larger than him, and he is probably wondering what this big thing is doing in the shower. However, as you are debating on what to do, he starts to edge closer to you and drops down a few inches on his web. The thoughts of him falling on you or in the shower begin to take over you. Is this how your day is going to start? Should you scream? No, it is just a little guy, who has made his own little spot in your bathroom. He is probably thinking that you have invaded his space. Do not fret I do not think spiders like water, so finish washing up, dry off and grab a piece of paper. Now you can edge it close to him, and he will gladly hop on it then you can simply open your front door and let him out. Have a spiderless day!


Did you know that STOP signs are universal throughout the world? The pronunciation may vary a bit, but it still means the same thing. So if that is the case, why is it that no one ever really stops? It does not matter where the sign is placed, leaving a driveway, coming to a corner, because not too many come to a full stop. We all have done it, but I have always wondered. Why do we not stop? A roll and quick pause on the brake are not a stop. “Are we really in a hurry that we would jeopardize ourselves and others?” Is time going by so fast that we have “stopped” making time to do what we need to do to get it done? Have we lost our grip with time management that we put our lives on the line each day? When will we slow down? Life comes and goes very quickly did you miss something because you forgot to ‘STOP” If we started our tasks five minutes earlier, would that be enough time to accomplish our goals? We get so caught up in what we are doing that we forget that if we suddenly died who would be there to pick up the pieces? The old adage “Stop and smell the roses” is something we should do everyday. Here is your rose, smell it!

Birth Dates!

Every year we celebrate our birthdays on the same date that we were born. Did you know that your birth DATE from year to year does not always equal 365 days? For instance, I was born, Saturday June 15th, 1991, when I celebrated my first birthday, I was, in fact, 366 days old. So my actual one year would have been Sunday June 14th 1992 making me 365 days old. If I celebrated the DAY that I was born my one year would have been Saturday June13th. Okay, by now I am sure you are scratching your head and wondering what? Every year we celebrate birthdays on the “date” that we were born. However, that is not correct. If you were born on a Saturday, that day changes year to year so that exact day has to cycle back through to a Saturday June 15th for it to truly be called a Birth date. Correct? Now, the question is; should we be celebrating birthdays or BirthDATES? Who decided that it would be called birthday? Maybe we should change the greeting cards, and songs. Happy Birth date to you! Happy Birth date to you! Did you know that it is correct on documents that ask your age? It does not ask for your birthday, but for your birth date. Hey and with all the insanity in this world, maybe we should start a movement to change birthday celebrations to Birth Dates. Furthermore, since we gain and lose a few days based on the calendars, we can add or subtract a few days every ten years? That would be great! I am sure this is too complicated to decipher, and who wants to deal with math equation to determine our true age. So when Is your Birth date?

54 • November 2016


is a  family  owned  and  operated  company  that  has  been  Secretly  providing   your  neighbors  with  resort  vaca7ons  right  in  their  own  backyard  since  1986.         Liverpool  Pool  &  Spa  has  stayed   successfully  focused  on  what  we  have   been  doing  well  for  over  26  years.   Stop  in  and  relax  with  one  of  our   highly  trained,  low  pressure  associates   to  see  all  we  have  to  offer.  With  over   30  models  on  display  we  have  the   best  selecJon  in  CNY.    

                                                                                               HOURS:  Mon.-­‐Thurs.  9-­‐7  •  Fri.  9-­‐6  •  Sat.  9-­‐4  •  Sun.  11-­‐4        

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Intelligence is the new rock and roll. This is the power chord. Today, more than ever, intelligence is taking center stage. So we designed the all-new Audi A4 to steal the show. The available, fully digital virtual cockpit puts Google Earth™ navigation square in your sight. It also delivers cutting-edge technology like available traffic jam assist* that senses and adapts to help conquer your commute. This is intelligence with a whole new attitude.

The powerfully intelligent, all-new Audi A4.

Audi Cicero at Driver's Village The Crossroads of Central NY at the intersection of Routes 81 and 481 (888) 440-2286 *Feature is not a substitute for attentive driving. See Owner's Manual for further details and important limitations. “Audi,” all model names, and the four rings logo are registered trademarks of AUDI AG. “Google Earth” is a trademark of Google Inc. ©2016 Audi of America, Inc.

Women of Upstate New York November 2016  

Women of Upstate New York magazine November 2016

Women of Upstate New York November 2016  

Women of Upstate New York magazine November 2016