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MARCH 2018

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MINDFUL At St. Joseph’s Health, we know women are mindful and dynamic—and each moment in your life is as unique you are. That’s why we’ve assembled teams for Breast Care, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Certified Nurse Midwives and Neonatal Care that are equipped to meet your needs, wherever you are in life. We bring the latest technologies and an empathetic approach to each aspect of your care, which is why we’ve been named one of America’s Best Hospitals for Orthopedics, Bariatrics, Obstetrics and Heart Care by the Women’s Choice Award®. You are multifaceted, and your health care should be designed the same way.

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Breaking out of the Box By: Mary McCandless


ell, we are beginning our third month of the New Year, with spring right around the corner. Soon the snow will disappear, and flowers will be blooming. Everything is new again. Now that it is March have you changed anything that you are doing? Recycling has become a standard in everyday life; we recycle cans, bottles and more. It is great for the environment and the future of our world. However, the real question is, are you recycling what you do? One would hope not. In business, when you do something that you have already done, is it new? Probably not! It is just presented another way, but it is the same-old thing with a different spin. It is like regurgitating the same thing over and over. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” -Henry Ford Success begins with looking beyond what you have done and find fresh innovative products or ideas. If you take a look at many of the fortune 500 companies, their success is by constantly coming up with new ways of doing things, to be one up. The fact is that you do not have to be a fortune 500. First step outside of your box and review what you are doing. Ask yourself “ Am I doing the same thing repeatedly that it is now boring?” If so, get those creative juices turning and make a list of what you are doing and how can you be different. At times, we have a tendency to emulate what others are doing and not being ourselves. We are so influenced by others that we forget we have our own creativity and should use it. Our brain power is immense! Did you know that humans use most of their brains everyday? The concept that we only use 10% is not true.



Our brains allow us to absorb tons of information, process it and basically let us compartmentalize everything. What we do with it is up to us. So why not take a hard look at what you are doing and try something different. It is not necessary to be like everyone else. People like different ideas. Again, stop doing the same thing over and over again. People will eventually catch on and find something else. If you want to keep it fresh, then be innovative. When you bring in new products, services or just how you do your job, you bring something fresh and unique. More importantly, it was your idea. That is how many of the top business leaders are at the top of their game. They follow the idea of continuous improvement, and it works. Many of us want to change what we are doing or how we want to accomplish the result, but never do it. Do you want to be the mouse in the cage that runs on a wheel to no where? The answer should be no. That is not who you are, and it should not be what you are. The first step is always the scariest. How do I accomplish it? Can I do it? The answer is yes you can. Remember to look outside the box and look at what you do as an outsider would see it. We all truly have our own style and thoughts and should use it. Stop second guessing yourself. If what you change does not work, try something else. It is not a sign of failure; it is trial and error. Reach out to friends and family to share ideas with you. You will surprise yourself, and discover new ideas and see the old habits may not work. They may also provide information to you that you did not see, because you were in the box. Success in everything that you do will depend only on you.

“Be yourself because everyone else is taken” - Oscar Wilde



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Micro and Nano Fat Grafting Natural Choices for Facial Rejuvenation


By: Beth Phillips,RPAC

orking in a plastic surgery office, I frequently have patients coming in begging for “HELP”! I think this time of year, when our skin is a little drier and less sun-kissed, many patients feel that their skin just looks “OLD.”

surrounding tissue and “take,” meaning that the volume added will not be lost. Typically, about 50-80% of the injected fat takes, with the remaining fat being absorbed. Because of this, sometimes a few treatments are needed to achieve the desired volume.

The good news is that there are many new modalities for rejuvenation of the skin and face. While much of my day consists of placing Botox (or Xeomin or Dysport) and/or fillers (ie. Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse) there continue to be many patients looking for a more permanent option. In those cases, I would say, “Fat is where it’s at!!”

In addition, the fat cells that are injected contain stem cells. Stem cells are special cells in our bodies that have the ability to change into any other cell type to replace aging or damaged cells. In the face, these cells can aid with adding volume, but also rejuvenate the skin and secrete hormones that repair damaged skin. After fat grafting, patients typically notice improved skin quality as well as volume.

In previous articles, I have discussed structural fat grafting and its uses in reconstruction. Over the past several years, techniques have been continually improving for its uses for facial rejuvenation. As we age, the fat volume in our faces decreases, which can result in a sunken appearance around the eyes and in the cheeks, as well as contribute to formation of nasolabial folds (laugh lines or “parentheses”) and marionette lines. Volume is also lost in the lips and superficial wrinkles from in the skin. Although these areas are commonly treated with injectable fillers, fat is an exciting option that can provide natural and more permanent results. Facial fat grafting, also known as fat transfer or stem cell grafting, is a procedure that uses the patient’s own fat to rejuvenate and augment certain areas of the face. The fat is harvested from a donor site (usually the abdomen) via liposuction and then processed and injected into areas of the face to replace lost volume. The fat cells will develop blood supply from the

Although fat grafting to the face has been done for many years, recent advances have resulted in much better results. It has been found that survival of fat is very dependent on the particle size and how it is harvested. These techniques are referred to as Microfat grafting and Nano-fat grafting. Microfat grafting, or droplet grafting, uses a very fine cannula with very small holes to obtain the fat. The fat is then rinsed and handled very gently, to minimize damage to the cells. It is then injected using very fine blunt needles, also called cannulas. It must be injected very precisely to obtain the best results. This is a technique where experience makes a dramatic difference in results. Typical areas injected include the cheeks, lower and upper eyelids, nasal grooves, lips, and temple hollows. The injections tend to take longer than filler injections as the fat needs to be obtained and processed before

being injected. The injections themselves are a bit more involved, and the recovery is a bit longer than with typical fillers. Most patients will be a bit bruised and swollen for several days. The results, however, are long-lasting and very natural. Nanofat grafting is a technique that utilizes the growth factors in fat to the maximum degree. Fat calls are harvested and them broken down or “emulsified.” This results in the growth factors being released and the fat to be very liquid. Using very fine needles, the fat in injected just beneath the skin surface. This does not add volume, but delivers the growth factors which have been shown to improve skin texture. There have been some promising results with using nanofat to treat dark under eye circles. Another new technique is called Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat grafting, or SNIF. This treats very superficial lines of the face. Micro fat is injected with a sharp needle just below the skin, treating very fine skin wrinkles. This was not possible with the larger fat particles used in the past. This works particularly well with fine wrinkles along the upper and lower lips and around the mouth. Acne scars can be treated by this technique as well. So it appears that help is on the way!! Facial rejuvenation has evolved dramatically over recent years. Achieving a natural result is less about removing skin than about adding back lost volume. Facial fat grafting is the next frontier and can provide natural, more permanent results. Learn more by visiting or schedule a consultation at 315-663-0112



“Criminal Possession 7th” By: Jeffrey Lee Drimer, Esq.


mong all the “bad” things you want to avoid in your life, becoming familiar with the words “Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance Seventh Degree” has got to be near the top of the list. Imagine seeing your child (no matter how young or old) in the City Court of Syracuse or one of the many Village or Justice Courts in Onondaga County and a Judge has just explained to your son or daughter (now a “defendant”) that they have been charged with a drug-related crime.

As soon as possible, you should contact the best available lawyer you can find with experience in “drug-related” cases. This is extremely important because this attorney’s knowledge of evaluators, treatment agencies, prosecutors, judges and program personnel will become your lifeline in the months to come. Your attorney will then assess the validity of the case against your child. Assuming that your child was in possession of the drugs discovered after a lawful search, you and your child will have to decide what to do next.

What do you do? Who do you call? How bad is this? You have more questions than you can process and a growing sense of fear. . . Is his or her life in danger? Good instincts. Unfortunately in 2016, Onondaga County’s opioid death rate was, outside of New York City, one of the highest in New York State. Your fears are not unreasonable. There is also the possibility that he or she will have a criminal record, be incarcerated, or put on probation. Your child is treading upon dangerous ground.

It is likely that your attorney will then arrange for an evaluation of your child’s relationship to drugs and possible dependency. Again, for the purposes of this article, let’s assume the evaluation determines that an addiction exists, and treatment is necessary. Please believe me. . . This is a good start. No one, not your lawyer, the DA, the Judge, or the Probation Department wants to put your child in jail or even give them a criminal record over this charge. Everyone involved with your child’s case file wants to protect him or her from their addiction. Unique in the Criminal-Justice system is the degree of cooperation between Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Treatment agencies, and the Judiciary in identifying and treating addiction as a preference to criminal prosecution, conviction, and incarceration of a first-time offender.

For the purpose of this article, we are not going to discuss drug sales (felonies) or other crimes committed while under the influence of drugs or crimes committed to get money to buy drugs. We are going to discuss the first-time, simple possession defendant with no prior record and try to put a positive “light” on the pending case. Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th is a violation of Penal Law Section 220.03. If one is charged with this crime, it is the result of the individual having on their person a controlled substance such as cocaine, Oxycontin, or heroin among others.



It is possible that your child’s case will then be moved to the Syracuse Community Treatment Court now presided over by the Hon. James H. Cecile. To quote SCTC’s purpose in its online statement: “The mission of the SCTC is to improve the processing of drug cases through the

expeditious entry of eligible defendants into judicially-monitored drug treatment.” Substance abuse defendants are given an opportunity to enter in an agreement with the Court choosing treatment commitments over criminal consequences (Eligibility Requirements online along with the Particulars of the Agreements). Even at the felony level, the degree of concern for a defendant’s future well-being is extraordinary in Onondaga County. Project PROUD (Prosecutors Response to Offenders Using Drugs) is an alternative method of prosecution for non-violent felons that was established by District Attorney William Fitzpatrick in 1992; the only one of its kind in Upstate New York. Project PROUD attempts to divert defendants into rehabilitation, aftercare, and education. Eliminating drug dependency and removing the addict from the criminal-justice system is the goal. It is possible with a commitment to treatment that the criminal consequence of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance can be eliminated, and control over the drug addiction can be found. So look at the pending charge as a warning sign that your child is in danger. Take the charge of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree as “a shot across the bow.” Do not minimize the charge as a simple misdemeanor but consider it an opportunity to get the best treatment possible for your child or loved one. Be as informed about addiction as you can be. Be ready for failures and disappointments. But, most importantly, have faith that your loyalty and love can help bring your “child” home safe.

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o two women are alike. And no two breast imaging results are alike, either. That’s why our breast care team puts a continual focus on what matters most — you. A nationally designated Breast Center of Excellence, Crouse offers the latest in 3D imaging technology and the region’s leading radiologists, surgeons and nurse navigators. Together, they provide breast healthcare that’s compassionate, comprehensive and customized to your individual breast health needs. 315-470-5880

Declaration of Sentiments, 1848



On October 13-14, 2017, more than 1,000 Girl Scouts traveled from near and far to Seneca Falls to celebrate 100 years of Women’s Suffrage in New York State and be part of history at our inaugural Girl Scout Convention on Women’s Rights—aptly titled, Carrying the Torch.

They came not just to hear about the past but to learn how to channel their voices to impact their future. While civic engagement has always been a bedrock of the Girl Scout Movement, with the plethora of miscommunication and misunderstanding threatening us daily, it’s imperative for girls to learn to formulate their own opinions. Feeling confident to share what fuels your passion is the first of many steps in shaping your future. Knowing you are not alone in your pursuit is validating, comforting, and empowering. Over the two days spent at Seneca Falls, girls participated in a variety of activities exposing them to the concerns which compelled the 1848 convention and to demonstrate how women AND men worked together for dramatic social change. Our partners at Women’s Rights National Historical Park (with help from Friends of the Park) and National Women’s Hall of Fame provided girls with an


EQUAL” - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

interactive experience bringing exhibits to life and making learning enjoyable. It’s hard to believe that back in 1848, women were seen but not heard. No, she could not vote. She had no right to an education and the financial opportunities it afforded. Marriage brought its own set of chains. She promised to be obedient to her husband when they wed, and her husband alone decided her fate with regards to her liberties and punishments. She had no right to keep wages she earned. She couldn’t own property if she were married. And if she divorced her husband, she had no right to custody of their children. Her happiness and fulfillment didn’t matter. Carrying the Torch was created to connect lessons from the past to problems of today. We asked girls to take a moment to write down the issues that fuel their fires. And oh, did they write.

It’s heartbreaking to read about body shaming and bullying from girls as young as 7 or 8. One wrote people don’t think she’s smart because she’s a girl. Several comments appeared regarding adequate nutrition and healthcare, not just their own but for others, too. Insufficient income keeps girls up at night: Can Mom pay the bills? Will they get paid the same amount as a male when they enter the workforce? Sexual assault infuriates them: When will people stop saying “she asked for it” based on clothing a girl chooses to wear? Girls want acceptance for our LGBT community, for minorities, for refugees, for voices lost in the din of endless rhetoric. If they created a Declaration of Sentiments for 2018, these issues would be at the top of the list. The non-partisan Girl Scout Movement focuses on putting female empowerment front and center of all we do. Civic engagement is about identifying, researching, and organizing your thoughts around issues—and communicating through the right channels to effect lasting change. We need more women AND men to show the young women who will become our future leaders how to empower themselves. We need your support in any way you can lend your expertise or assistance. If you were EVER part of the Girl Scout Movement (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, etc.), you are one of the more than 50 million Girl Scout alums! Let us carry this torch together and act with courage, confidence, and character to be the change we wish to see. We invite you to join us for Carrying the Torch 2018 on October 6-7 in Seneca Falls and to learn about our other alum events at By Wendy Cobrda, Chief Marketing Officer, Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways,


TOGETHER 1.855.213.8555

D’s Beauty Bar with Donna Adamo


t’s March already and summer is just as close ahead of us as the holidays are behind us. Three months sure goes by fast and March is the perfect time to reboot your fitness and beauty goals. I’ve found a few gems to share that’ll reboot your body and your beauty and they won’t ding your wallet or your time. Simple, easy, breezy, and effective.

Seven-Minute HIIT Workout Before you say no, HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the best workout and only takes seven minutes daily. I do this workout at home EVERY DAY (even when I’m on the road), sometimes twice a day because I love it so much and see and FEEL the benefits. HIIT may seem like a buzz workout lately, but it’s been around for years and it really gives your body a load of bennies: feel strong, curb appetite, and improved sleep. It’s actually FUN and you don’t have to go to the gym (or you can do it at the gym post-cardio). Just find a spot with a little room and turn up the volume. You don’t have to be as amazing as Tracy Anderson or Nicole Glor at first, but you WILL improve quickly!!! It shredded my core down 4 inches and I’m as strong as in my 30s. Check with your doc if you feel you have a serious health issue. Here it is: :30 jumping jacks :10 rest :30 pushups (start with modified pushups with bent knees) :10 rest :30 wall sit :10 rest :30 tricep dips (use the couch) :10 rest :30 lunges (around the room) :10 rest :30 small arm circles with 3-lb weights :10 rest :30 squats (I hold a 10-bound bell) :10 rest :30 crunches (elbow to knee) :10 rest :30 step ups (20/20) :10 rest :30 planks :10 rest :30 good hamstring stretch (fingers to toes, you’ll get there!!) Drug Store Basket Buys Spring is that time of year to throw out the old and try something new. Get rid of that tube of mascara you’ve had for months. The dipping in and out can easily cause bacteria to form. And spring is the perfect time to try a new moisturizer. Skin is our largest organ and it responds to change. Try these gems you can find at any drugstore or Target. Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara I found this at Walgreens for about $10. I think it’s ‘kind’ to my eyelashes and it’s great on length and color. It’s free of harsh chemicals and 70% of its ingredients are from organic farming. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream I like to change my moisturizers and this one is high on my list. It’s yummy. This moisturizer is only about $18 (Target) and has a stack of studies that back its effectiveness. Let it hug your skin overnight. You’ll like the way your skin feels when you do your HIIT in the morning. Even better, you’ll feel results quickly.



Stay beautiful and we’ll see you next month!!!

Why Genesis II?

Because confidence looks good on you.

w w w. ge n e s i s h a i m

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4 0 5 E a s t Ta f t R o a d

Healthy Mind, Healthy You:

Celebrating Nutrition Month By: Stefanie Heath


e’ve heard it for years and the research is clear that two of the most important things we can do for our overall well-being is to eat right and stay active. March is celebrated as National Nutrition Month, so what better time to take inventory of our mind, spirit and body then right now. The moment I made the decision to start eating for my health was after watching the documentary, Forks Over Knives. The movie provided science-based research about how the Standard American Diet (SAD) was literally killing us. It offered example after example of how the SAD was chock-full of saturated fat and cholesterol, which was wreaking havoc on our hearts causing them to work overtime. Most of our commercials are even filled with highly processed foods, and many of them target children. I knew then that I needed to reevaluate my own diet. The research was pointing to one thing – eating a whole food. Plant-based diet is a potent defense against chronic illness. It didn’t take me long to realize and appreciate that plant-based foods like whole grains, vegetables and legumes are a delicious way to maintain my health. The more I learned about the nutritional benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, the more I found others who would agree. World-renowned cardiologist and former president of the American College



of Cardiology, Dr. Kim Williams, advocates a plant-based diet for heart health. After becoming a high-risk patient himself, Dr. Williams adopted a plant-based diet and within six weeks his cholesterol score dramatically improved. Dr. Williams is in good company. A leading healthcare organization, the American Heart Association (AHA), has also encouraged individuals to move towards a more plant-based diet. Nancy Brown, CEO of AHA said, “The American Heart Association recognizes the role of plant-based foods in a healthy dietary pattern, as evidenced by our recommendations that emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts.” In addition to their heart-healthy benefits, several plant-based foods contain cancer-fighting properties. For example, walnuts not only provide you with hearthealthy fiber, but they also contain gamma tocopherols, a vitamin that stops the activation of Akt. Akt is the enzyme that nourishes cancer cells. Blueberries also top the chart as potential cancer fighters. A review published in the journal Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry found that blueberries show potential as “effective anti-cancer agents” due to their ability to prevent cancer cells from developing. The American Institute for Cancer Research also recognizes the importance of eating more plants such as beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables as a means to not only help prevent cancer, but aid in cancer survival, too. The power of plant-based food isn’t limited to disease prevention. Former NFL

linebacker David Carter found that it improved his athletic performance. After struggling to recover from football-related injuries, Carter decided to give a plant-based diet a try. It became a no-brainer for him to transition fulltime to this way of eating once he discovered he was running faster, recovering quicker and increasing his endurance. Furthermore, he was able to maintain his weight and muscle through the power of plant-based proteins. In addition to eating healthier and feeling better, there is also evidence to suggest you can potentially live longer. I’ve always been intrigued by centenarians. What kind of lifestyle does one have to live to see a 100th birthday? I was at a nutrition conference listening to a presenting physician when I learned the scientific secret to living for a century. The Blue Zones are five regions in the world that have been identified as having the longest living people. Unlike the SAD diet of greasy and low nutrient foods, the common theme of people who live in Blue Zones is a diet of minimal meat and dairy consumption and high intake of beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. It’s truly remarkable to see entire regions embracing the importance of healthy eating habits. Spring is around the corner, and soon our regional market will be flush with fresh, delicious and local produce. It’s the ideal time to take a look in your refrigerator and Pantry and ask yourself: Are the foods you’re eating hurting you or helping you thrive? Use Nutrition Month as inspiration to discover and experience the foods that will help you flourish in both your mind and body.

Breakfast Toast 3 Ways By: Stefanie Heath

As the old true saying goes – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Making breakfast a priority should be routine in every home. It provides you with the energy to get through the morning and helps to rev up your metabolism after a night’s sleep.

Avocado Toast: Take a few tablespoons of smashed avocado and spread it over your toast. Take a pinch of garlic powder and/or fresh ground black pepper and sprinkle over the top. This adds a nice depth of flavor. I like to top mine with sliced radishes or tomato and then scatter some chia seeds for an added shot of protein. Nut Butter Toast: Spread a thin layer of your favorite nut butter (or SunButter if you have a nut allergy) and add sliced apple or banana. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Hearty Bean Toast: Using premade hummus or mash chickpeas or cannelloni beans and spread on toast. Anything goes when adding toppings. I like a variation of sliced tomato, cucumber or radish on mine. I also use chopped fresh spinach or avocado slices with a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.

I love toast because the bread acts as a canvas for the delicious foods I place on top.Try sticking to multi-grain bread, or use my favorite, Ezekiel bread.This bread is loaded with nutritious ingredients like lentils and beans.I always have a loaf of Ezekiel on hand in my freezer.You can find it at any major grocery store. WOUNY • MARCH 2018


The Venus Project

Member of alt/pop band Broods with her brother Caleb, front woman Georgia Nott, establishes her own spotlight with a new adventure. She’s created an all-female musical project (The Venus Project: Volume 1) to be released on March 8th,, which is also International Women’s Day. Coming from a life of touring, writing music, and being in a constant spotlight, Nott found herself surrounded by mostly men. After meeting so many talented women in LA and on tour with Broods, she got the urge to start a side project featuring all of her talented friends in the industry. “Brought to life entirely by a team of women. From the artwork to the mastering and management, it’s a celebration of many impressive creative female talents who often fly under the radar” said Nott to Spotify. The New Zealand native talked in a press release about what she wants this project to be, “It’s a privilege to be able to act upon these ideas and do something constructive to encourage change.

I don’t really like dwelling on the negative parts too much. I think that’s just my personality, so instead I wanted to celebrate the awesome talented women around me, and inspire other girls or women to see there are loads of possibilities for them in this industry.” First single, “It Won’t Hurt” deals with the process of opening up and facing our emotions. Georgia is no stranger to sharing her feelings, now with two albums under her belt (with Broods) and an outstanding writing ability; she is ready to shine more light on the power of women. She told The Spinoff Music, “‘Won’t Hurt’ is about the duality of being both strong and vulnerable at the same time. Women are so often described as being ‘too emotional’ as if it is a burden on the world. I personally believe the complete opposite: that being vulnerable lifts the world into new levels of connection and understanding. I’ve been working on accepting my own emotions over the past few years and by sharing them more openly, have worked to make them become my strengths. It can be scary being so open and honest, but it’s more freeing than painful. Vulnerability is liberating!” “Hurt” is emotional and uplifting. Nott’s layered harmonies are angelically pure in the most gorgeous way possible. The lyrics prove just as powerful as the musical progression of the song. Air slips out of her soft voice as she sings, “For all the places I’ve been, I’ve only been skin and bone, so I wrap myself in you and pray that I’m not a ghost”. “It Won’t Hurt” already stands alone as such a powerful message for women everywhere to not be afraid.

How Are Your Eyes? Eye Safety Tips From Dr. Levinson Dr. Bruce Levinson By: Samantha Leader


yes are one of the most beautiful and sensitive parts of the human body. Women and Men participate in activities at work and out of work every day not thinking of the damage that could happen to their eyes. The most common eye injury, according to Dr. Bruce Levinson, Eye care of CNY, is a corneal abrasion. This is a disruption of the most forward layer of the cornea. This type of injury can easily be treated with antibiotics and a therapeutic contact lens or a thin layer of amniotic tissue, such as a Prokera. There are many things that the average person does every day that is putting stress on their eyes without them noticing such as smoking, not wearing sunglasses, blue lights (cell phones, computer screens, TVs, led screens, etc.), lawn care, bleaching clothes, and more. The average person stares at a computer screen or a cell phone most of their days, this means eye doctors see an increase in glasses in the pediatric population. We can decrease this by trying to prevent how much we are looking at a computer screen, tablet, or phone throughout the day. The blue light is one of the main things that affect the retina. All children should be tested by the age of 4 and annually thereafter, by the age 8-9 the retina is non modifiable, according to Dr. Levinson. “Of the almost 47 percent of all injuries occurring outside the workplace, about 40

percent occurs at home. Bleach, cleaning agents can cause a chemical irritation and damage to the cornea and grease splatter can cause damage to the cornea and skin around the eye,” Dr. Levinson said.

“The lack of sunglass use in the winter can cause the same amount of damage than in the summer. The reflection off the snow can cause snow blindness resulting in elevated amounts of glare,” Dr. Levinson said.

Most Women get home from work on a daily basis and cook dinner, do laundry, clean the house, etc. While doing these activities, they could be damaging their eyes without knowing by using cleaning supplies, and cooking oils that have certain products in them. Along with Women, there are always men who like to be a “weekend warrior or homeowner” with tools. “As a weekend warrior who is going to remodel the entire house in 36 hours, only 5% wear safety glasses,” said Dr. Levinson. Men or women can extremely reduce the amount of injuries to the eye in the house or outside the house doing lawn care by putting on a pair of safety glasses.

There are a few ways that a person can improve vision in a healthy, non-diseased eye. Those ways include refractive surgery, a procedure to reduce the amount of nearsightedness, and CRT (corneal refractive therapy or orthokeratology) a procedure where a person is fit with a therapeutic contact lens while they sleep. “I feel CRT is a better option because it is reversible,” Dr. Levinson said.

According to Dr. Levinson, of all the injuries occurred about 80% of people were not wearing protective wear at the time of the injury, the people who were wearing protection only 6% were safety rated. Along with safety glasses while doing work, sunglasses are a big part of eye safety. Most people have the idea in their heads that in the winter it is not as important to wear sunglasses while driving or just in every day outside activities. This idea is wrong causing many people to put more stress on their eyes, advance aging around the eyes, and increase the possibility of cancer around the eye secondary to UV light, he said.

The stand out for woman is dry eye, a condition that is treatable with great success. Women suffer from this disease twice as much as men, according to Dr. Levinson, there is a theory that hormonal imbalances increasing during menopause may attribute to the glands not functioning. Women live longer than men making them prone to a plethora of eye conditions. “It is known that fish oil, flax seed oil and omega 3 can help in dry eye,” he said. Keep in mind these three facts and you will be on the road to avoiding eye injuries; men are more likely to become injured then women, there are about as many injuries at work as there are at home, and 40 percent or so of all out of work injuries are sport-related.



Frameology Optical has been open for 4 years. I opened it in January 2014. I have been in the business for over 25 years (minus a 6 year bead store owner hiatus). I’m a licensed optician and have a bachelors in Finance. Within one year, I had some major life changes and decided to go back to the doctor I used to work for. I was discouraged with the styles and quality of eyewear with famous labels and I was extremely frustrated with insurance companies dictating lens styles and the quality of work their labs were putting out. I didn’t want my creative ideas stifled anymore, so… I went out on my own and had faith I could make this happen. I have worked with many amazing doctors but wanted the fashion part of glasses (along with a perfect fit and best lenses) to be at the forefront so I decided no doctor or insurance. It’s been a good 4 years and realized that patience is the key. Frameology’s business model is quality over quantity and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Frameology Optical is not your ordinary optical! Our glasses are handmade by independent designers from around the globe. Frameology opened in 2013 filling the need for unique eyewear and personal service in the Syracuse area. I opened Frameology because I enjoy fitting people with the perfect frame that expresses their personality. My staff and I specialize in the fit and fashion of the frame and lens. We analyze every prescription and fit you with a lens that is the most optimal fit for your needs and lifestyle.The frames that we carry are not well known labels, but top designers in the optical industry. Our service is personal and professional and we strive to fit everyone with the perfect pair of eyeglasses! It’s one of the only accessories that we wear 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so don’t settle for anything less than the best. Frameology Optical 5781 Bridge St.Suite 32 E. Syracuse, NY 13057 M, T, W, F 10-5:30 Thurs. 10-6:30 Sat. 9-1

Self Expression through Distinctive, Handmade, Artisan Eyewear!

Not Your Ordinary Optical Store! Come See What’s Inside! Bevel, Theo, Anne et Valentin, Robert Marc, Sabine be, Matsuda and more!

5781 Bridge Street (Chimney’s Plaza) E. Syracuse, NY 315.314.6681



A community healthcare system built with exceptional people.

Nascentia Health – a shared commitment to providing exceptional care. VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options, LLC, Home Aides of Central New York Inc., and all our respective affiliated organizations and foundations are now unified as one new healthcare system – Nascentia Health. This new system reflects our continued commitment to providing the best possible care to those we serve.

In-Home Nursing & Medical Services Home Health Aides & Elder Care Complete Cross-Continuum Care Management Community Health & Wellness Programs Transportation, Equipment & Innovative Care Technology Chronic Disease Management Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) Plan

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Michelle Dibernardo and Tammy Reese Are Visionary Minds! By: Abbey Adams Photography: Luciano Miceli and Michelle Debernardo



We call each other sisters; we really do,” says Tammy Reese. She’s of course, talking about her relationship with best friend/co-worker Michelle DiBernardo. This duo is producers of Visionary Minds, a publicity entertainment Media Company, located here in Syracuse, NY. Meeting in 2014 on set for a short mini trailer. Tammy was a production assistant, and Michelle was a publicist. Not soon after, the dynamic duo came together to form what is now Visionary Minds. “I said, ‘Hey Michelle, we’re talking about doing a TV series...I really think you’re so passionate and so focused to be my business partner. Just think about it. I have a business plan.’ Like with no hesitation, she said, ‘Yes, I’m on board.’ And we’ve been business partners ever since” said Tammy. Visionary Minds will now be branded as a publicity performance and media production company. They will be providing services of not only acting or location scouting, but casting, film, video production, post production, photography, and editing. Both have incredible experiences under their belts that have taken them far in the industry. Michelle hailing from an acting background is also a portrait photographer and certified makeup artist and publicist who was in the business on and off since the ripe age of 12. She also has her NYS teaching license and Director of Education license for acting and modeling. Entertainment runs in her veins “I just want to be involved in everything. I love that we’re doing inspirational stuff and shows and trying to inspire people. It’s very nice to come together [as two strong women] and be diverse too.” Not knowing where this endeavor would take her, Michelle was packed up and ready to move to New Jersey for a fresh start but this new chapter with Tammy kept her here and she never looked back. Tammy Reese started her career right in Downtown Syracuse at The Media Unit when she was just 12 years old. “I started my career as an actress, dancer, and writer. I was in The Media Unit for eight years as an actress, writer, choreographer, and TV host technical director,” she said. This Syracuse native also served on The Media Unit board of directors and won a college scholarship, because of her professional work. “I got to travel, do 60 stage shows a year, won a ton of awards, and was in regional competitions with The Media Unit



that we won.” An Empire State College graduate with a degree in media studies and a minor in theatre culture. Tammy had the opportunity to perform at the Red House Theatre, in productions like, “The Color Purple” and “Dream Girls.” The first product of Visionary Minds was a show called “Inspirational Women of Syracuse” that showcased different women who are inspiring different leaders within the commuTammy & Michelle with Aleks Paunovic of Pimp Your Ride. nity. Michelle R admits the show didn’t get the response they thought Tammy proudly chimes in saying, “We’re it would get. A slight content shift, and trying to let people know we’re serious. more production work brought them to a We take what we do seriously. We have new topic, all about survivors. “I wanted this roster of celebrities, famous people, to do like an Oprah show here in Syraproducers, etc. that we’ve been in concuse. We had my mom who’s a four time tact with,” she continues to say, “We love cancer survivor, Tammy’s mom that is showcasing people who are inspirational visually impaired, a friend of ours who has to give hope, because Syracuse is one of HIV, and another friend who has PTSD.” the poorest cities in the country. I grew up Michelle explains what they had in mind on Brighton Ave on the South Side, and with this production, “We wanted it to be where I come from, stuff like that isn’t even relatable. We wanted it to grab people’s imaginable.” attention. We wanted to inspire. So, we went to a lot of local businesses; Peppino’s, While I sat and talked to these two fearless Rosamond Gifford, Painting with A Twist, leaders, I couldn’t help but get caught up and they ended up giving us gifts to give in the sisterhood that has formed. Tammy our guests, so all of them walked away with was a vision in green that day; green eye like a thousand dollars’ worth of stuff.” shadow, nails, shirt, and jacket. She sipped Keeping in mind, this show had no budget; what seemed to be a coffee and couldn’t what they created came straight from their help but light up every time I asked anothminds to the screen. With everything er question. Michelle sipped a red Monfilmed at their home; The Media Unit. The ster; her smile infectious as she laughs and fourth show (about Syracuse filmmakers) nudges Tammy every time something funis currently in post-production. The duo ny or cool is said. I can picture these two has been talking to Siobhan Fallon Hogan, at the movies on a Friday night, sharing a Giancarlo Esposito, and more actors to big bowl of popcorn and chuckling along pitch in for the project. to a comedy. Michelle says, “We want to

If you’re coming to Syracuse to film, contact Visionary Minds, and they will help you with any casting, writing, location scouting, etc. “We can be that one-stop shop for anyone…we can help with that,” says Tammy. Michelle & Tammy has done their fair share of traveling, and though it may be easier to film in hot spots like LA, Atlanta, or New York, there are great tax incentives here in CNY. People often come here to shoot, because it is cheaper. “Our purpose is to enhance other regions outside of Syracuse to know that they

show that we are two women that can do anything we put our minds to. Just because we come from two different walks of life doesn’t mean anything.” Tammy responds by saying, “People really are fascinated with us. This Caucasian woman, this African-American woman, the impact they are giving… like wow.” It’s refreshing to see such a beautiful friendship like this one.

Both featured with Freddie

Everything involving Visionary Minds Robinson Jr. from Love and Hip Hop. is executed from their heart and their passion to tell stories and empower can come here for work…we have four others (especially locally). The duo’s next wonderful seasons and great venues to film project is an anti-bullying campaign. Both in. We want to build the community to women have experienced their fair share of stay here or come here.” Both women have bullying in the entertainment industry and been featured in newspapers, magazines, have come together to create a movement radio shows, etc. But even though the that will hopefully gain some national spotlight might be on them, it’s really attention. “We want to go to the schools; about making a difference for others. Tamwe’re going to do posters. We’re going to my says, “Even though we’re the producers, give them out, and we’re going to donate it’s way bigger than us. We love showcasagain. We’re going to get these flyers to ing people.” Dynamic doesn’t even begin to New York State schools and put them up describe these two. Michelle and Tammy and it’s going to be more graphic and defit together like puzzle pieces; one pauses, tailed. It may be a kid that looks like they the other finishes the sentence. The two just slit their wrist or somebody in the hoshave managed to complement each other’s pital. This is what happens every day, and strengths extremely well. it should not be happening,” says Michelle. The National Center for Educational 2018 is bound to be their best year yet. The Statistics recently reported that more than two explained to me how they eliminated one out of every five students, or about the word “dream” last year. They are going 5 million students, experiences bullying. to set goals instead and come up with Tammy adds, “This needs to be seen all a plan to accomplish them. “Somebody over because...So many places are dealing higher up from a network once told us with bullying.” Both hope this campaign that dreams are unreachable, but goals are makes a widespread impact in schools and achievable. So, you make a goal and communities. achieve it. That’s what we’re doing.” While

the two spend most of their time together, they also have families at home. Michelle is a mom of two teenagers who are very supportive of her career in the entertainment industry – always proud of what she’s accomplished. Both of her kids have been in the entertainment industry as well, from a young age. Tammy has an 8-year-old son. She says, “He thinks I’m a movie star, which I don’t understand why. He watches YouTube and he finds our (Visionary Minds) shows, and he’s like ‘Mommy; I’m so proud of you and your friend. You’re a movie star.’” Since the two have met so many incredible people over the past five years, I asked them who they would love to work with in the entertainment industry (dead or alive). Tammy said, “Angela Bassett and Johnny Depp. They are so versatile. They can play any role, and that is so important to me as an actor. Someone dead would be Michael Jackson because he’s my favorite entertainer of all time. It’s not just his talent, but his humanitarianism to inspire and give back to others, which I aspire to do.” Michelle said, “Definitely, Susan Lucci. She was a huge mentor/role model to me. My mom watched All My Children for 30 years. I also met her as a young lady when my mom and I were extras on All My Children. I would love to actually play a role against her. Someone dead? Marilyn Monroe. She was my idol. She paved the way for us curvy women.” FUTURE PLANS: Like I mentioned earlier, Michelle and Tammy have a set vision in mind for their company. When asked where they see themselves in five years, both agree with each other on every plan and smile and nod in the process of explaining it all. Tammy sees them with their own building where they can run shows, produce content, etc. “I see us having our show on numerous big networks, being actors in major productions, being show runners. We have all this experience, all this drive, the only thing that can defeat us is ourselves.” Michelle agrees and says, “Definitely having a place in New York, Atlanta, and maybe eventually LA. I want to be world known. I think show runners are definitely the word that we need for ourselves, because that’s what our goal is, and it’s very achievable.”



The ladies with Pimp Your Ride, Ray Ray ADVICE FOR OTHERS: Both have a plethora of sage advice to give other women who want to follow their dreams and reach success. Tammy pauses and says, “Watch how you present yourself…You can create your own opportunities. You can say no, you don’t have to do everything that’s presented to you. So definitely know your worth in this industry because, it’s so competitive, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to do what you shouldn’t to succeed.” Michelle backs up Tammy’s words “I think that any woman can achieve anything they want. You just need to get up, write down your goals and ideas and put them into movement. Being a woman is very hard in this industry… definitely build up that self-esteem and self-confidence, present yourself well, and make sure you have a great brand.” Before I left the interview, Walt, a man who works at The Media Unit, told us we had to do a “once around.” Walt explains what exactly this means saying, “We do this at meetings and then after every activity. It’s a five question exercise. How you feel, what you learned, what was good, what needs work, and what was fun. Our feeling is, if you’re not having fun doing this, then the work is too hard; you got to be having fun to make it work.” All of us went round the table and answered every question. Afterwards, Walt stood up and gestured for us to hook pinky’s – almost like a sign of unity. It felt like a support system. Everyone is aware of everyone else’s plans and goals and are willing to help each other achieve anything. Walt’s last question was to Tammy “What makes a good interview?” She replied without a hint of hesitation and said, “Women.” Learn more about Visionary Minds, visit their Facebook page: and website: https://




at the Carriage House 422-3194

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There may still be signs of winter but spring will soon be peeking its head through the still cool days. With every day that passes the trees will begin to bud and the plants that have slept all winter will begin to sprout and bloom. However, as this process begins so does our process of seeing the old deck which needs new life, or the remodeling projects that you have been yearning to do. Now is the time to start those projects and to find what and who you need to get them done. When you get a head start, you will not have to wait for it to get done. So if you are looking for a pool, spa, new kitchen or bath or maybe a new home now is the time to do it.



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Case Supply, Inc. is a family owned Kitchen and Bath Design Center that offers in-home design and measurement services, luxury and price sensitive product lines, job-site delivery, project financing and the creative expertise of our local specialists.


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Upstate Crate &Co. Beyond the Crate By: Abbey Adams

Hang on, I’ll make you lunch in 2 seconds,” Faye Jones says to her fouryear-old daughter, Pia. She’s managed to squeeze some time out of her busy day to talk with me on the phone. I can hear her smile as she tells me the beginning, current, and future state of her other baby; Upstate Crate & Co. A Brewerton native, Faye soon moved to Albany about 11 years ago to pursue a career in financial planning, but quickly came to the conclusion it wasn’t for her. “I kind of realized that I don’t really want to manage people’s money. I more so just like working with people” she says. Upstate Crate & Co. became her side business; something she could work on in her down time that fulfilled what she really loves to do. Faye was initially inspired to start this venture when she was pregnant with her daughter. She says, “I got really into healthy living and sustainability and reading about where stuff came from and how stuff was made. So I started a blog called Sustainable Snob… then I realized I’m not really a very good blogger. From there I came up with the concept of opening a store that would carry home goods and gift items that were all pretty much locally made and done in ethical practices.” Faye ended up being talked out of the idea to open a store, for fear it might not be as successful as she’d hope – especially in the Syracuse area. After floating several ideas to her friend Amber, she decided on selling just custom gift boxes. If you go on the company’s website, you’ll see this perfectly crafted description: “Upstate Crate Co. was born from the idea that gifting should be both meaningful and lasting. In our fast paced, mass produced the world; it is rare we are



given something made uniquely by the hand of a craftsman. You can find something created from attention, detail, and the commitment to quality; goods that are marked by their maker with both pride and passion. We’ve committed ourselves to the value in conscious and sustainable product creation and have sourced each item found in our collection with intention and mindfulness. Striving to strengthen our local communities, our collection showcase New York artisan goods in perfectly presented gift boxes.” Another woman named Kelly was also involved in the startup process. Upstate had a big launch around November of 2016 and were very successful. Fast-forward to June of 2017 and Faye decided to take the reins of Upstate Crate and Co, and shape it into what she thought would be the best way to approach her new vision. She wanted to make the boxes higher end, which in turn made it easier for her to reach out to certain vendors she wouldn’t have been able to work with before. “It’s very hard to build a gift box and keep it in the $50 price range, because you’re really only limiting yourself to bars of soap and candles at that point. To be able to use the textiles and home items I wanted to include, I just needed to take it a bit more higher end.” Faye was able to make real connections with

local businesses, inns, wedding planners, etc. The changes made have paid off and helped her build a strong community of people who believe in her and her business. She tells me, “There’s this really great community of women out here that help each other and share things with each other. I’ve learned about a lot of vendors that way.” Social Media Influence: In an article on it is reported that Instagram currently has 25 million active business profiles. This is up from 15 million last July. Instagram also says that more than 80 percent of Instagram accounts follow a business, with 200 million users visiting business profiles every day. Faye recognizes the importance of social media – especially the rising popularity of Instagram.

Continued on page 36

The Homestead Where Urban Meets Farm

Primitive Antiques and Home Goods

604 E. Seneca Street Manlius, NY 13104 p. (315) 692-4699

Hours: Wednesdays Saturdays 11am to 5pm

She uses the app to look up some of her favorite designers, who they follow, what they post, etc., which also helps her connect with more vendors who might be interested in the business. “I try to work with people who aren’t necessarily saturating the market. A lot of the vendors I have, most people have never heard of and I try to stick to that.” Faye leverages Instagram as much as she can – even taking orders from customers through the direct message feature in the app. She keeps her Instagram as on-brand as possible; posting only original content from her that she knows her fans and supporters will enjoy and want to interact with. “I strongly believe in keeping it genuine and yourself, because I think that’s what sets my brand apart and what people like about social media.”

what she loves. “I’m rarely stressed out at my day job and it allows me to spend the time with Pia that I need, and gives me that balance with work and home life. If I need to go do something for Upstate Crate, I have that freedom.” She is also a firm believer in meditation and keeping yourself in line. She admits how easy it is to get overwhelmed with so much going on around her. Living a disciplined lifestyle is important for Faye to maintain the sanity

Not Quite, A One-Woman Show Balancing a full-time job as a stockbroker/office manager, a fouryear-old daughter, and a side business can be hectic at times. Faye seems confident in her craft and the brand she’s created, which makes it easier to get things done. She says, “For the most part, I do everything myself, except I have this incredibly supportive community of women here. Amber runs the successful business, and if I have any questions, she answers them and it’s the same

she needs to get things done and still have time for her family. Going off on a tangent to me for a couple minutes, Faye talks about how thankful she is to have such a well-behaved daughter. “She’s sarcastic and very independent. She doesn’t need me all the time and takes care of herself in so many ways. When I’m with her, it’s like us interacting together, having conversations, instead of just me taking care of her.” Faye starts to giggle as Pia sings a little tune in the background.

with the handful of other women out here. I feel like I have a team in that sense. If I need help, any of them would be there, and my boyfriend is also incredibly helpful and supportive, he helps put the boxes together, and I bounce ideas off of him and stuff like that. I definitely have a team but not necessarily working for me.” Best friends, Amanda and Erica have taught Faye a lot. They remind her not to strive for perfection and work her hardest at



Pop Up’s & Future Plans “I partnered with Williams Sonoma and West Elm a couple of times and I had a wonderful response to it. The holidays went so great to the point that I couldn’t keep boxes on the website. They were selling out at the Pop Up’s, and people were placing orders with me via Instagram so much that I couldn’t keep the website stocked” said Faye. Pop Up’s are fairly new in the business world. It’s a bit of a market approach to help a brand reach out to a new audience, whether it be in a different location or venue. Faye participated in 3 this past holiday season and had great success. “I did one at Williams Sonoma, one at West Elm, and I did another one in Saratoga with a local blogger who put together a holiday market… but this year

the goal is to have one Pop Up per month.” While Faye is funding this business herself, another goal is to learn more about funding and how she can integrate it into her business this year. Driven and focused are two words to describe this entrepreneur. She has many set goals and already has a plan of action to accomplish them. This year, she also wants to dabble more in the wedding world; welcome boxes and similar items for the wedding party and guests. She also wants to start a collective, alongside a retail space, where you can build your own box, but also have an artist workspace. Faye still has a soft spot in her heart for building up the “Sustainable Snob” brand as well. This would include higher-end home goods and other items that can’t necessarily fit into a box. Not to mention, she’s working on a networking group for women called “Anti-Networking Group” which will be about connecting like-minded individuals. Passion & Advice “It truly is my passion to showcase makers and to really put the spotlight on making thoughtful purchases – buying things for someone that you know will last them a lifetime. To be able to bring that to my community is just an incredible feeling and to connect with people who have such immense talent is so humbling. I truly feel like I’m a part of something bigger by having this business.” Faye answers every question with a great amount of honesty and professionalism. Her passion alone is inspiring. I then asked her if she has any advice for women (like her) that want to follow their creative dreams and make their lives into something bigger. She says, “I think in the social media world; we tend to compare ourselves to others and compare ourselves to where others are at. I definitely have struggled with that myself and I think, trying everyday to look at how far you’ve come and not comparing yourself to how far someone else is. That’s the most important advice for anyone in any business – to follow what’s in your heart and stay true to what’s in your heart. If something doesn’t make you feel good – don’t do it.” To learn more about Upstate Crate and Co. visit their website: https:// Some of the people she’s worked with: Tulsi by Tara Hogan, Camille Carnevale, Caroline Corrigan, Jasmine of Jane and William, Cassie of Olive and June Floral Lynn of Ollie & Otto, Janelle Of Stuck in The Mud Pottery, Eileen of Nell Goods, Eilis of The Inn at Five Points, Amanda of New York Makers, Stephanie & Nina of Daughters Design Studio, Name Bubbles, Alexandra Stafford Author of Bread Toast Crumbs Olivia Clementine, Colie of Flowerscout, Tess of Forage Sundry, Adelia of Owlkill Studio, Brigid of Les Collines, Amber Of The Bundle Store, Evergreen Olive Oil, Emma of Forts Ferry Farm, Dorothy of Brookhouse Pottery, All the wonderful women of West Elm Albany, Melissa at Williams Sonoma Crossgates, Krissy at Breakout Press, Christina at Hudson Naturals, Stella of Hudson River Exchange, Brianne from Pretty Polite Print, Kara of Wolfden Studio/Brutal by Design, Sandy of Harley Rose Studio, Dana of Dana Antonia Designs Also, There have been a few women who are not makers that have been instrumental in my success: Amanda Dolan, Erika Fallon, Katy Smith, Kyle Cerutti, Holly Randall, Barbie Struss, Erin Cassavoy and My mother Judy and Mother in Law Merja (Plus Pia, my daughter, and Partner Petro)




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Salina Family Dental Dr. Wilson D. Sithole, DDS, MPH


traumatic mistake in the dental chair resulted in a 12 year old boy losing two teeth. It was at that time the young boy decided he was going to become a dentist who cares about his patients. From that day to present, Dr. Sithole has dedicated his education, continuing education and career to that promise. Born and bred in Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe, Dr. Sithole’s path to a career in dentistry is one of determination, hard work and compassion for his community. His career, spanning over 30 years and 3 continents, is fueled by his motto “education never stops.” Soon after graduating high school, Dr. Sithole was awarded a full scholarship to study in America. In 1967, he received his BA from Clark University and later his DDS from Howard University School of Dentistry. After graduating from Howard University, Dr. Sithole moved his family to Syracuse, NY where he worked at the Syracuse Community Health Center from 1973-1981 and again from 2000-2006. In July 2006 Dr. Sithole opened Salina Family Dental where he and his staff continue to provide great compassionate dental care to all their patients.

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Keeping It Chemical Free


By: Samantha Leader

any people have illnesses and allergies that reduce the amount of products they can use on their bodies. Davines, a group whose goal is to secure a future for the planet and it inhabitants, have set out to complete the sustainable development goals and help these individuals. Anne Marie Mesiti, Salon Amarti, has incorporated all of these products and goals into her new salon that opened in January 2018 in downtown Syracuse. Mesiti started Davines training back in the summer in Palm Spring, California. “Davines is a B Corporation which means it has chosen the route of responsible enterprise, a way of doing business that aims to create a positive impact on the society in which it operates,” Mesiti said. All of these products differ from the products sold in other salons because they are made from wind, solar, water and earth and 70% of the packaging come from solid waste recycled or recovered out of it. The color itself that is used in the salon are 87% biodegradable, Mesiti said. Biodegradable color means that it is good for the person’s skin, scalp, and environment unlike many of the other colors that salons use. Along with Davines products, Mesiti’s salon is a green circle salon. This helps make sure all of the products are natural, and it helps reduce the business’s waste, improve energy and water efficiency. According to Mesiti, there is no way to say if any products are allergy free because some of the products are made with caper blossoms and others are made with tomatoes. People could be allergic to both of those formulas. She has not seen an allergic reaction to any of these products because of the natural substances. “Certain Davine’s Salons hold Mondays for Cancer patients,” Mesiti said. This way a cancer patient can come, get their hair done and washed with sulfate free, natural products that will not give their scalp and body reactions. The colors that are used for these patients, and others are Vibrachrom and A New Color. Vibrachrom is low ammonia content



that is quinoa based from sustainable farmers in Peru. Quinoa is a protein, and carb mixed which your hair needs to be healthier and stronger. A New Color is also an ammonia-free color line that is enriched with carotenoids and melanin for a strong antioxidant action. The colors stay longer and don’t fade. Davines work hard to give back to the community and the kids by having the hair stylist give their time to volunteer and teach hair to men and women, that they rescue over in Cambodia. They have fruit planning projects where they plant fruit trees, and many more activities that help the community and environment. Employees of Davines even get special four business days off for volunteering circumstances. Mesiti informed us that working with Davines or running a Green Circle Salon requires certain training because of the products that are used in it. This salon has many natural, 100% recycled products that will be making your hair feel fresh and have much volume. The many different lines including the essential line that is picked, produced and packed in 24 hours. Along with the products, the salon uses fashion weeks, Joseph DeMaggio’s blow dryers and brushes, Mesiti said. The Salon is located at 451 S. Warren Street, Syracuse N.Y. 13202

In the early 1990’s facing being a single mother and an unfinished college education, I needed to find a consistent avenue of income. Since my passion and love for helping people fell into alignment with what helped me through the most difficult times, wellness and exercise, it came to me that this should be my path. I started in sales, then quickly management, and realized I was happier on the floor instructing. After 30 years in Fitness and co-inventing a line of fitness equipment, I now have several certifications to help multiple populations. With several spinal issues from cervical to lowest lumbar, and two hip resurfacings, the latest one December 2017, I can attest for the difference in my recovery due to prehab and rehab with Pilates. The difference was monumental. My passion is Pilates. When I decided to delve in to a certification, I went with what I consider the highest level of training you could aspire to, STOTT PILATES ®. The training is intense and not easy to acquire. It incorporates Exercise Science, Physical Therapy and Exercise Science into its method.Pilates is restorative to the spine and body, it is fun to do, and it serves all populations. The health benefits of Pilates include: improved flexibility. Increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body) balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body. Recently I have been blessed to recruit a few amazing team members to help me with my increasing business. The first think I look for is heart! Its about truly spreading love to the client and really caring if your making a positive experience for them. We are able to offer Pilates Mat and Reformer training, we have 4 reformers so groups are available, other modalities of Pilates such as the stability chair and ladder barrel, TRX training, Personal training of any sport or fitness level. I also offer aromatherapy during sessions and am Reiki II certified. Most recently I added light therapy.

Restore your Mind, Body and Spirit Precision Pilates | 2815 Erie Blvd | East Syracuse, NY 13224 (315) 409-5542 |

Margaret “Meg" Gregory


nside the artist is a vast array of the mind’s eye! Images, imagination, genres, beliefs, how to make the world a better place or cause a change in the world all through your art. Meg Gregory grew up in the hamlet of Higginsville, town of Verona, NY. She was always a good student and felt confident in school. She found her artistic side ironically when she took a standing-room only chemistry course in her high school that was just too crowded for her. She dropped that class and opted into an art class. Meg enjoyed her artistic side and found this class to be just right for her. She excelled and her art teacher gave her kudos by featuring her artwork in the front lobby of the school. She said that not only did her art teacher take her under his wing but students who would otherwise not talk to her would stop her to ask questions or comment on her art. I could tell by the tone in her voice that this was a time of impact in her life and when I asked, she confirmed that it was. So after Meg graduated, she went to Hobart and William Smith colleges. She majored in art and minored in anthropology. I have definitely come to realize that art and science both have commonalities



BY: Audrey Levinson to many artists. It may be the experimental process in both disciplines and the discovery of finding out what happens if I put this with that along with the historical elements define art history. Her high school experience led her to want to teach so she could help strengthen people emotionally just as her art teacher had done for her. She received her masters degree in art education at Syracuse University. Meg also took a fiber arts class and studied traditional women’s arts. She appreciates women’s crafts and believes that they are not a proponent to being “crafty” but are practical just as woodworking is to men. Men and women’s crafts have been stereotyped for a long time in our culture. One of the assignments Meg has accomplished was to make a doll, not necessarily a typical doll but one using her imagination. She created a character of whimsy. Then she created more. They are unique! Meg knits and sews them into creatures with magnificent personalities. Currently, she is weaving with a 24” Rigid Heddle Loom; tapestry looms, and a spinning wheel. Meg is enthralled with weaving, and she loves the relationship between colors even more than the patterns. She also enjoys charting out patterns. Meg explored the history and long ago knitting

and weaving was not associated with gender. Vikings would knit and there was an Elizabethan period when knitting stockings was all the rage. Men and women were not tending to the fields but knitting stockings, and this became an economic issue. Meg is a deep thinker and has the drive to examine the inner self and express that. She met with another pivotal point in her life that many of us have experienced. That is divorce. While healing from heartbreak, she would visit her long-time best friend with her dog and go for long walks in the woods. This comforted her. She decided to paint a portrait of her dog in a way that expressed the steadfast loyalty of her canine friend. She felt comforted by the way her dog chose to walk next to her through the woods without a leash. She added a cairn of rocks in the painting because historically Cairns were used to mark important things in places just as her friends welcoming home and the woods she loved to walk in with her dog. This was a place worth marking. Meg describes painting as her first boyfriend of whom she will always revisit. Though she has different artistic interests that are so varied from each other, she will always paint. In recent months, she has taken an interest


Window Box

Sancho on Crane Mountain in holistic herbs and has created some paintings based on them and other small woodland creatures. Meg enjoys abstractions and paints them beautifully. She is a powerhouse of so many types of creations. She sometimes paints outdoors, en plein air and will abstract nature as well. I asked her which artists she is influenced by, and she named all but one that I was familiar with. They are Cezanne (particularly in high school), Kandinsky, Henri Moore, Georgia O’Keefe, and Emily Carr. Emily Carr was one of the famous Canadian painters who was known for her abstracted paintings of the outdoors. As I looked at Meg’s paintings, I could see a strong connection between Meg Gregory and Emily Carr. Meg is like the center of the sun with all its’ rays hitting different parts of the (art) world. She worries that this makes her name unrecognizable but with her vast experience and knowledge, she will find a time when her only focus is making her name throughout the art world.


Check out Meg’s Blog and FB page: and a facebook page @Meggregoryartist





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Women of Upstate New York March 2018 Issue  
Women of Upstate New York March 2018 Issue  

Women of Upstate New York March 2018 Issue