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Back to Basics Putting Your Best Foot Forward Kids And Veggies Fresh Faces - Cheri Weatherly Oswego Pet Pantry Cover -Cynthia Slavens IN ART- Terry Lynn Cameron D’s Beauty Bar Perennial Picks Summer Decor

Photo: Courtesy Pixar

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4 wouny.com • June 2017

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6 wouny.com • June 2017

Get Back to Basics


By: Mary McCandless

ere it is June. Soon, schools will end for the summer, and the kids will get ready to put the books and teachers behind them. Well, for at least a couple of months. So now is the time to plan how they will spend their summer. Many parents have jobs and cannot take three months off, and those pressing questions come into play, What do we do with the children? There are many programs out there to keep them busy, day camps, relatives, or babysitters. What did our parents do during summer break? Most mothers chose not to work so they could spend time with the children. Today, most households are two incomes and to stay home is just not cost effective. However, with all the pressures are we losing connections with our children? Sure, we can give them cell phones and other devices to stay connected and amused, but is that really enriching their lives. Is it enriching yours? It is funny how time flies. One day, they are toddlers, and then they are teens, and soon off to college. For me, it is reminiscent of the song “Cats in the Cradle,” by Harry Chapin. Here is an excerpt from the song: “My child arrived just the other day. He came to the world in the usual way. But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay, He learned to walk while I was away, And he was talking ‘fore. I knew it, and as he grew He’d say, I’m gonna be like you, dad” What Mr. Chapin was telling us is that we allow time to pass us by and miss out on everything, and then it becomes cyclical and our children will end up doing the same. The times that we thought we could spend with our children are gone, and now our children, as us, do not have the time. It is a very sad song, yet a rude awakening. The good thing is, is that we do can break this chain by going back to basics. How? Start with setting aside family time, which means NO cell phones, computers, TVs or video games for at the very least one night or day a week. Plan

something the family can do together. Why not try planting a garden with everyone having a task to maintain it. Pick vegetables that everyone enjoys eating. Nothing is better than enjoying the fruits of your labor. If you do not have a green thumb, there are many DIY projects on Pinterest to create lawn art or birdhouses and feeders. These are fun projects and great learning experiences for the whole family. Oh, and guess what? The birds will appreciate the food, shelter and will shower you with their beautiful songs. There are many other family projects that everyone can take part in. Why not go through the house, closets, garage and weed out all of the things you no longer use. Then plan a weekend yard or garage sale and let everyone who contributed an item reap the benefits of selling it. It is a great learning tool for children to realize that hard work can have benefits. The money that they earn they can put away for something that they really want. During the summer there a quite a few family events going on so that is another way to have family time. Remember, leave the phones and tablets at home or leave them in the car. If all else fails, just pack the car and head out to the hundreds of parks located in New York State. There are campgrounds with nature trail, lakes, and waterfalls, where you can pitch a tent or rent a cabin. More importantly, you can reconnect with your entire family. The only device available is the presence of each of you. A time to share your thoughts, explore, learn and enjoy what is around you. This summer spend quality time with each other, have fun and really enjoy your family. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you will learn from each other. Stay connected and enjoy your summer. Ten years from now you do not want that Harry Chapin song to come through the radio and you wonder, “What happened?”

wouny.com • June 2017


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Putting Your Best Foot Forward For Summer By: Beth Phillips,RPAC


ummer is coming...which means sandal season will be here as well. As we put away our boots and heavy socks, we sometimes realize that we are not ready to fully bare our feet.

Traditional pedicures are a wonderful way to “clean up your act,” but sometimes they are not enough. There are treatments for your feet that are not commonly offered at a nail salon, but that may make a bigger difference in the long-term health of your feet. Sometimes termed the “medi-pedi,” treatments such as laser treatment of nail fungus, chemical peels of the foot skin, and microdermabrasion are all services offered to further improve troubled feet. For many people, even going for a pedicure is embarrassing due to the presence of nail fungus. This condition is also known as onychomycosis. This can range from superficial white patches, to yellow brittle nails, to thick crusty nails. The infection usually begins as a slight discoloration or as small white patches and then progresses to affect more of the nail and often other nails as well. It can remain in the nail itself, or it can invade the nailbed. Onychomycosis is caused by the organism Tinea Unguium.. People can acquire this fungus in many ways. It is frequently seen in athletes who have their feet in hot, sweaty athletic shoes for long periods of time. It can be acquired via pedicures where the instruments have not been properly sterilized. People with weakened immune systems or poor circulation are also at increased risk. Whether or not you have any significant risk factors, many people find themselves with significant nail color and texture changes. Onychomycosis is often very hard to cure. The earlier it is treated, the better potential for resolution of the problem. Topical treatments have not been shown to be very effective in eliminating the infection. There are oral medications that have a better efficacy rate, but have potential significant side effects on the liver. Specific lasers are used to cause selective photothermolysis. The goal is to selectively heat the fungus to kill it while keeping healthy tissue intact. The lasers also are designed to keep the procedure at a tolerable comfort level. Treatments last approximately 10 minutes. Most often, patients require a series of treatments spaced several weeks apart. Those having the procedure are encouraged to discard all old footwear to avoid reinfection.

A chemical peel is another procedure that can enhance the basic pedicure. There are over-thecounter chemical peels or chemical peels performed by a licensed aesthetician. There are several peels that are considered to be keratolytic. This means that the chemicals break connections of dead skin cells. The dead layer of skin will then slough off. Salicylic, lactic, and glycolic acid peels are among some of the common chemicals. Chemical peels cause a more uniform exfoliation of dead skin than manual filing performed during a standard pedicure. Lastly, most people think of facial treatments when they hear the term microdermabrasion. However, it is a very good modality for treating rough foot skin. It can be directed at specific targeted areas where there is a thicker build-up of dead skin. Deeper dermabrasion can be used in trouble areas, whereas a light all-over dermabrasion can buff and polish foot skin to give it a healthy glow. So while a nice trip to your local nail salon may be all you require, it is good to be aware that there are other treatments available to treat your feet if you feel you need more. If you would like more information about this and other procedures call us 315-329-6602 or visit our website plasticsurgeryofsyracuse.com

wouny.com • June 2017


Kids and Veggies = Recipe for Success By: Stefanie Heath


ne of the biggest challenges’ parents face is helping to ensure that their children develop healthy eating habits. In this day and age, of convenience and fast food, it’s easy for kids to fall into sugary and processed food traps. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that a majority of children are not eating enough fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Why is it important that we teach children good nutritional habits? A diet lacking in nutrient-dense foods can have harmful effects. According to the Centers for Disease Control, childhood obesity rates have more than doubled over the last 30 years. Nor is obesity is not the only concern when it comes to poor eating habits. With the continued rise in preventable chronic diseases, and with a majority of Americans failing to meet the recommended amount of fruit and vegetable intake, it’s no wonder that Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States, is promoting a plant-based diet as a way to help treat and prevent certain illnesses. It’s important to establish good nutritional habits that your child can carry into adulthood, and the good news is that it’s never too late to introduce your family to meals that are not only nutritious but delicious,

10 wouny.com • June 2017

too! In fact, a simple solution is within your grasp. The decision to choose more plantbased foods is as simple as following the Three Rs: “reducing” or “replacing” consumption of animal products, and “refining” our diets by switching to animal products from sources that adhere to higher welfare standards. If your goal is to become your family’s cheerleader for fruit and veggie consumption, I encourage you to try these tips and tricks: Get them in the kitchen: Using a hands-on approach is a surefire way to engage your kids when it comes to eating more plant-based foods. Kids are more likely to eat what they prepare, so ask for their help in the planning process. Just be sure to choose flavorful recipes like black bean and veggie tacos or broccoli coleslaw. Schedule time for outings to the farmers market or grocery store and then ask your kids to help prepare and cook alongside you. Not only will you create a healthy and delicious meal, but you’ll also reap the benefits of spending quality time together. Add the old in with the new: Try not to overwhelm your kids with too many unfamiliar foods. According to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, children are more likely to eat vegetables when paired next to something they enjoy. If you’re itching to use those zesty red radishes from the market, serve them beside your child’s favorite hummus dip. Associating a familiar food with a new one can increase the chances of it being a palate pleaser.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: Homemade pizza is a staple in my house. We love it because it’s a blank canvas begging for veggies and other healthy toppings. Popular kid-friendly meals like pizza and pasta dishes are excellent opportunities to add veggies, whole grains and beans. Try making pasta with a savory marinara tomato sauce and blend in protein-packed cannelloni beans for a satisfying cream sauce. Or try making a “cheesy” queso dip made with carrots and potatoes to pour over whole-grain tortilla chips. Make it easy access: Families are constantly on the go with sport practices and music lessons. As a result, we tend to eat what is most convenient. Arrange sliced veggies, roasted chickpeas and handheld fruits around the house. Your family will be more likely to grab them and go if you have these convenient and healthy snacks easily available. An added bonus is that these snacks will help fuel them throughout the day! Be the role model: Kids are sponges. Not only do they absorb what you tell them, but also what you do. Lead by example by incorporating more plant-based foods into your own routine. Make sure to cook with the bean, vegetable or fruit that lights up your taste buds. Kids will see and hear your excitement and therefore, be more likely to follow suit. So, if Brussels sprouts cause you to turn up your nose, then steer clear of them at the supermarket. If the thought of a roasted garlic cauliflower “steak” gets you salivating, then show your kids how delicious and fulfilling cauliflower can be. Just remember, if you want your kids to try a variety of plant-based foods, then be sure to do the same. Stefanie Heath is the New York food and nutrition coordinator for The Humane Society of the United States.

Family Vegetables During the Upstate New York summer months, kale is a staple at the local farmers market. Make this super food the star in a familiar favorite, like satisfying tacos. By Stefanie Heath


1 large bunch curly kale, stalks removed and finely chopped 3 tablespoons olive oil 
 3 garlic cloves, minced 1 (15 ounce) can black beans, drained 
and rinsed 1 small onion, chopped 
 1 (7 ounce) can green salsa (salsa verde) 
 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 
 1/2 teaspoon chili powder 1 teaspoon cumin Corn or soft tortillas Guacamole: 3 avocados – peeled, pitted, and mashed Handful cilantro, finely chopped Lime juice, to taste Salt and pepper, to taste Taco Bar: Minced red onion Sliced radish Sliced tomato

Warm Kale and Black Bean Tacos


Combine ingredients for guacamole and set aside. Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a saucepan over medium-low heat; cook onion in oil until tender, about 5 minutes. Stir black beans, green salsa, garlic powder, chili powder, and cumin with the onion. Reduce heat to low and cook the mixture at a simmer until it thickens, 5 to 10 minutes. On low heat, swirl the oil to coat pan. Add garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes until fragrant. Start adding kale in handfuls and stirring continuously. When kale begins to wilt, add another handful. Sprinkle with salt and stir until all of the kale is wilted. Place cooked beans in tortilla and then add the warm kale. Add your favorite toppings from the taco bar and enjoy! wouny.com • June 2017



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Going Places By: Amari D. Pollard he opens the door to her house, which often serves as the headquarters of Going Places Transportation, with her Bluetooth hooked to one ear as she speaks to the person on the line without missing a beat. She continues in deep conversation as she leads me to the living room where a laptop and stacks of papers are sprawled across the coffee table. Watching as she slips gracefully between the incessant phone calls and our conversation, it’s clear Cheri Weatherly perfected this dance long ago.


enjoys the challenge of proving herself. “It’s all mental and depends on how you approach it,” shrugs Weatherly, like it’s that simple. “I’ve had men inquire about the company and say they can’t work for me after learning it’s woman-owned. But why does that matter? You can’t function without diversity, especially with the way society is. I might have been the one

reading an issue of Jet magazine. After reading an article about a woman who pieced together a van to start a transportation company for kids’ extracurricular activities and was able to supplement her income by $60,000 a year, Weatherly realized that’s what she wanted. She wanted a side job to enhance her income from Chrysler and other business ventures. For months, the idea sat in the back of Weatherly’s mind until she shared it with her mom, who coincidentally organized transportation for Home Inc. and was having difficulties with transportation for their customers with disabilities. So she did her homework, studied the competition, and got herself a van to transport her new clients from Home Inc.

“I’ve had men inquire about the company

and say they can’t work for me after learning it’s woman-owned.

From the hair to the nails, I instantly put Weatherly into the category of women who always look put together, even when they’re not trying. We sink into the couch as she regales me with colorful stories of owning her own business and being a working mom, and I find myself wondering how her femininity transfers into navigating a male-dominated industry. However, having worked at Chrysler on the assembly line with transfer cases, owning her own in a man’s world is nothing new, and she

16 wouny.com • June 2017

person to give them an opportunity and propel them forward.” Weatherly doesn’t understand that mentality because when she started out she wanted the help and the opportunities, regardless of where they came from. The idea for Going Places was originally birthed under the hot air of a hair dryer in a Maryland salon while Weatherly was

Come June, Going Places will celebrate its 15th birthday, and the company has come a long way; now operating 17 maxi-vans, which has allowed it to expand

“We like to think of ourselves as perpetually

young, but time continues,

into wheelchair transportation. “We had to purchase more vehicles to accommodate our growing client base because Going Place just took off. This was done without advertising or exposing myself. It was all based on reputation,” explains Weatherly. The CEO wanted to take baby steps and grow into her business, rather than expand too quickly and dilute their services. She focused on the quality of her transportation and was able to separate herself from the competition by focusing on their execution. Weatherly learned that after being transported to appointments, clients were waiting up to three hours to get picked up. So she has her drivers sit for the span of the appointment to make sure they’re there to take clients home when ready. “People with disabilities and the elderly are a special group of people that need more help,” says Weatherly. “My mother was a family care provider, and I did respite for the person she took care of, so he was like a family member. I just wanted this group of people in the community to be transported with dignity, to be transported like I would want my loved ones transported.” In 2017, Weatherly feels like she can begin to enjoy the fruits of her labor. She remembers working on Going Places late into the night after coming home from a long day at Chrysler and taking care of her three kids and admits it feels nice to have self-sufficient young adults and one job that she can put all her energy into. She went on her first real vacation last year to Dubai and is looking to venture out again this year. This time, without being so attached to her technology. Weatherly says that’s a part of her nature though: She thrives off constantly working and credits her parents for her work ethic. The thought of unplugging doesn’t really scare her, but in many ways, Going Places is her child, and she wants to protect it. As she continues to move through the earlier years of her AARP membership phase, slowing down is constantly on her mind, but she acknowledges retirement would mean selling the company, and she’s not quite ready for that. “We like to think of ourselves as perpetually young, but time continues, and you do have to think about that,” reflects Weatherly. “I don’t see myself retiring anytime soon—especially when I think of my employees, and if they’d want to work under someone else for Going Places. In my heart, I don’t think they would or could.”

wouny.com • June 2017





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Oswego Mayor Proves His Passion for Oswego Animals Mayor Barlow Opens a Pet Pantry for Pet Owners Experiencing Financial Strain, Keeping Pets with their Loving Families! By Kristen Penfield


swego Mayor, Billy Barlow, (whom we wrote about last year, being the youngest mayor in New York State and the secrets of raising such a success), was reviewing his overall numbers of licensed pets in Oswego. He knew they seemed low. From 2012 through 2015, the city averaged licensing 266 dogs per year. “I knew that number was reflecting the fact of many unlicensed dogs in our town. We had to do something about it,” said Barlow. He and the City Clerk’s Office then conducted a dog censes and license mailing campaign to better register and track animals living in the City of Oswego. The result? In 2016, the city issued 1,097 licenses! Barlow did not stop there. “I realize that people come into hard times, and it can be expensive to feed or properly care for a pet during those times,” stated Barlow. “No pet should suffer nor should a pet be abandoned during those times. We want to help. Our goal is to reduce strays, increase adoption, increase spay and neutering of pets, properly license animals with the City of Oswego and keep loved pets at home where they should be,” added

Barlow. Certainly increasing the number of vaccinated animals in the City keeps pets and residents safer. Barlow created the Oswego Pet Pantry (located at the Animal Control shelter in the City of Oswego) in order to help those in need. The Pet Pantry is 100% donation driven. It provides assistance to qualified pet owners

by supplying food and other necessities for the animals whose owners may be experiences difficult financial times. Barlow said, “The Oswego Pet Pantry will provide food and other care items, be it flea and tick preventatives, litter, toys, soap, etc. We want to encourage those who live

in our town to take better care of their pets. We are working with area veterinarians to assist in the cost of spay or neutering Oswego pets so their owners will not become overwhelmed.” Barlow noted that a condition of using the pet food Pantry would be the owner’s consent to license their pet, including spaying or neutering, to better control the population of dogs and cats within the City of Oswego. “ At little or no cost for the owner, and through donations and partnerships with local animal welfare organizations, this will definitely make a difference. We are already noticing,” Barlow said. “I adopted my beagle Sammy at six weeks old. He is properly cared for; well, maybe a little spoiled,” laughed Barlow. “But we want to help as many pets have a life similar to Sammy. Occasionally, folks need assistance in pet care, and we are here to help,” he added. Barlow is grateful that his sister, Emily, recently adopted her first dog, a beagle mix, who was abandoned in Granby. We can only wish for such good news for all dogs. Natasha Falter, Oswego Animal Control

wouny.com • June 2017


LOCAL SAVINGS on car insurance.

2735 ERIE BLVD E | SYRACUSE 3 15 -4 79- 2886 | geico.com/syracuse

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2017. © 2017 GEICO

Shelter Aide said, “It is heartbreaking to see animals come in who can no longer be cared for. For various reasons, people can no longer properly care for their loved pet. It’s difficult too, seeing strays come in.” The Shelter confirmed that they receive calls almost every week from people who can no longer keep their pets due to financial hardship. Barlow’s goal of helping to keep loved animals at home while reducing overpopulation is certainly a goal every city should have. The Oswego Pet Pantry will accept donated food and supplies from the public and make those goods accessible to those who are having trouble providing adequate needs for their pet. They will be open on Thursday afternoons from 3 pm to 7 pm or by appointment. The owner must provide proof or be willing to spay or neuter their pet, provide proof of current rabies vaccinations and provide proof of need. Temporary assistance will also be available on a case-by-case basis. Barlow stated, “The Pet Pantry is solely donation-based and will not incur a cost to the City of Oswego.” Donations needed for the pet Pantry include dog or cat food, cat litter; animal treats and flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. The Oswego Animal Shelter is located at 621 East Seneca Street in Oswego and is open to the public from 11am – 3pm Monday through Friday with extended hours on Thursday evenings until 7pm and by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays. Thank you, Mayor Barlow! If you’re not in Oswego – take the initiative to do the same in your city!

wouny.com • June 2017





Finding Cynthia Meet Cynthia Slavens By: Amari D. Pollard

Photos Courtesy Pixar n order to understand Cynthia Slavens, you have to think back to Saturday mornings. When the smell of grinding coffee beans wrapped around your nose and bacon crackled on the stove, fighting against the sound of cartoons playing on the living room TV. Instead of sitting down to breakfast, Slavens fed on Looney Toons and Super Friends until her stomach bloated in satisfaction.


Slaven’s appetite for animation only intensified as she got older, to the point where she watched Toy Story three times in theatres and called every local Burger King to see which Toy Story toys were available—she wanted them all. And with absolutely no shame she continued this trend for every Pixar film. You might be led to believe that with her love for animation came an ability to draw, but Slavens admits she’s solely a fan and her talents lie in other places. She’s always been drawn to telling stories and decided to major in a theatre during college. Her plan was to become an actress, but soon after graduating, she came to realize she wasn’t prepared for that level of rejection in her life or career.

wouny.com • June 2017


After regrouping she traveled down to Wilmington, North Carolina to work for a small production company. “The beauty of starting out in a small film community like that was you really didn’t have the luxury of being choosy, so it was a great place to build up my chops in terms of learning about production,” explains Slavens. She worked as a set decoration buyer (yeah, she was basically given money to go antique shopping), as a production assistant, and even got to be a stand-in for Jamie Lee Curtis on an alien movie. Her path was a little circuitous, but it eventually led Slavens to a studio in Dallas to work on Nickelodeon’s Jimmy Neutron, where she made her way into working post-production for animation. That’s where it happened, where she had “The Moment.” You know, the one when everything kind of comes together, and you finally realize where you need to be. “They had arranged for us to have a special screening of Monsters Inc., and that was the first time I realized I could work for those [Pixar] guys,” says Slavens. “That was the first time it really clicked, and I kind of made it my mission to work for them.” It may have taken her five or six years to get there, but now Pixar Animation Studios is home and as the Director of Post Production, Slavens gets to work on all Pixar’s new release titles and protect the Pixar catalog in its entirety. When she saw the posting for Post Production Supervisor, what would ultimately be her first

26 wouny.com • June 2017

position at Pixar, Slavens knew she would be perfect for the job. She submitted her resume, got the call, and then met with 25 people over the course of two days at the Pixar studios. She says those were some of the most interesting conversations she’s ever had in her life and was so proud that at the end of it all; she got the position on her own without any personal connections. Slavens acknowledges that her job doesn’t contribute to the attainment of world peace, but she truly believes everyone at Pixar is helping to make the world a better place through the stories they’re telling and the experiences they’re giving audiences. They hold Pixar stories and characters so close to them that Slavens compares releasing a new movie to sending your kids off to school for the first time. You just want them to be well received and for

everyone to like them. Going into work every day at Pixar is like walking through a dream for Slavens. She’s so grateful for the opportunities it has afforded her, from the stimulating conversations she has to the questions she gets to ask to the mentors she’s found on her path to Pixar, like Ralph Sanchez and John Kirkman. Slavens says some of her worst days at Pixar rival some of her best days at other jobs, and that says a whole lot. “The fact that I get to come in every day and do this work with these people feels like a gift,” she gushes. “Till this day, I’m still a giant fan and there are still moments where I look around in shock—like, it is so dumb that they pay me to be here!” What really draws Slavens to animation is the boundless storytelling potential. There’s

something awe-inspiring about creating entire environments from nothing, especially when you think about the creative energy it requires. “If we think it would be great to have an apple sitting on the counter in a scene; somebody has to model the apple. Somebody has to do the artwork of how the apple should look, then hand it off to the very talented folks who create all those assets,” explains Slavens. It’s a process, and Slavens confesses she’s often dumbfounded by the skill it takes.

a certain point when you start to lose your objectivity, and it’s just not as funny anymore. But after watching Inside Out around 50 times, she found something new to love during each screening. Throughout the whole viewing process, she was guilty of quoting the film at nauseam, along with the rest of her team. If there’s anyone who rivals Slavens’ Pixar superfan status, look no further than her hometown of Manlius, where her parents Nancy and Robert still live. Slavens jokes that Pixar’s marketing department should give her mom a cut for the one-woman marketing machine she runs out of Central New York. “She’ll take a half a dozen of her friends on opening day to see whatever movie is coming out and then will take more friends for multiple viewings,” laughs Slavens. “She’ll talk to anybody who will listen to her about what we’re doing. It’s very validating to have my folks be the kind of fans that they are.”

“She’ll talk to anybody

who will listen to her

Nevertheless, everyone at Pixar feels that way about animation. They’re all very much Pixar nerds, the kind of nerds who will see how many lines from a movie they can insert into meetings without anyone noticing. Slavens says that if they’re not enjoying the work they’re doing, then they’re doing it wrong. Most of the people on Slavens’ team have worked at Pixar for just over ten years and have all had the opportunity to work on every film since their jobs are positioned at the end of the pipeline. Each project is different and in that respect, it’s almost like they get new jobs with every title that comes along. When it comes to choosing her favorite movie to work on, Slaven is honestly stumped because every movie is so special to her. She says she’ll always have a soft spot for Cars because it was the first movie she worked on for Pixar and during that time she was so amazed, they were trusting her with that amount of responsibility. However, Inside Out would probably have to be her first choice. Her team is responsible for all the final touches on Pixar titles and have to rewatch the films an ungodly amount of times before determining whether they’re ready to be distributed. From experience, Slavens says that no matter how much you love a film there comes

Like any child working in a creative industry, Slavens put her parents through the ringer, but they always kept their faith in her. “Every time they turned around I was moving somewhere new to do a new job,” says Slavens. “I think that over the course of time they just rolled with whatever mad call they got from me about whatever job I was doing.” Slavens set aside time several times every year to take breaks from life in the San Francisco Bay Area to visit her parents. Though San Francisco is different from Syracuse, Slavens says it can be very Syracuse-esq at times, from the weather to the people. She believes everyone has a Central New York connection, whether they know it or not, and she’s even been honked at numerous

wouny.com • June 2017


times on the freeway because her license plate references Syracuse. Even so, now matter how much she loves the Bay Area; home is home and 2,431 miles can’t change that. After more than 10 years at Pixar, Slavens feels that she’s made it for where she is at this point in her career; and if Pixar winds up being it for her, then she’d be pretty satisfied with the arch of her journey. While it may have seemed like she was lost along the way, she always knew what she wanted to do: Tell stories and be authentic about it. “I think that so much of being creative is in the authenticity of the story,” says Slavens. “If you’re making your own stuff, telling your own stories, and speaking your truth, I think that is oftentimes a recipe for and a path to success.”

Cars 3 In Theatres in 3D June 16th.

28 wouny.com • June 2017

Photos Courtesy Pixar.


id you ever lend your brother-in law $1,000.00 and have him then refuse to pay it back? Has the neighbor’s teenager son run his car over your lawn and destroy your flower bed? Has a landlord ever kept your security deposit for damages to an apartment you rented that never occurred? The answer is probably yes, and the question is what do you do about it? Well, you can sue and get justice from a Court. The problem arises when the amount of your claim is as much as the legal fees you might be charged for trying to get your money back. The legal system in New York State has provided for this by establishing “Small Claims Courts” throughout the State Village, Town and City Courts. This is a Court that you can sue in without the assistance from an attorney. The Town and Village Courts usually hold brief hearings in these matters in the late afternoon or evening so that you don’t have to miss work to pursue these matters. Syracuse City Court holds such hearings in the afternoon. The system is designed to be convenient. Your Small Claims Court case is started by filling out a simple form that is provided by the Court setting forth the basis of your claim and the amount of your claim. (A minimal filing fee will be charged). The Court will mail the form to the “Defendant” setting the date, time and place for the hearing. This really is all there is to start a case. Mailing the form is the sufficient service to start a “Small Claims Case.” The form is not complicated and requires no legal expertise. Just say what went wrong. You should be careful to have the right name and address of the Defendant to

By: Jeffrey L. Drimer make sure that the Defendant is properly “served” ( (Post Office Box addresses don’t work). The “Defendant” does have the right to bring a counter-claim if he or she believes that they have a claim against you. The defendant must do this in writing very soon after they are served in your case. Though it is discouraged, you can adjourn a Small Claims Court hearing in an emergency, but you should check with the Court Clerk on how to do this. It is always in writing with notice to the defendant. When you file your complaint the Clerk will give you your hearing date and tell you when to be in Court.Some of the larger Towns and City Courts use the services of local attorneys to hear Small Claims Court cases. Before you go to Court, you should prepare your case. You should bring to Court anything that will help prove your claim. Estimates of Damages, Photographs, letters, contracts, agreements, bills and invoices and receipts are examples of things you might bring with you as evidence to help prove your case. Your own testimony is evidence, and you should think out what you are going to say so that the Judge or hearing officer will get a clear and concise understanding of your claim. You can also bring witnesses to help prove your case. If a witness chooses not to come voluntarily you can apply for a subpoena from the Clerk of the Small Claims Court. (You should check with the Clerk the costs and timing of service of subpoenas). On the day and time of the hearing of your Small Claims Court case, the Clerk of the Court will call your case from the calendar. You should make sure to be early to Court and not miss your case being called. If the Defendant doesn’t show up,

you win by default (not an uncommon occurrence). You as the Claimant will tell your side first. This is when you can offer your evidence to the Court and call your witnesses. The rules are relaxed and the Judge will often ask questions to move things along and make them clear. The Defendant can then question you and your witnesses. After your part of the case is finished the Defendant is given a chance to testify, and you will get an opportunity to questions the Defendant. You get to “cross examine “ the witness (just like on TV). Untruth, exaggeration and misstatements can be exposed in cross-examination. After the Judge or hearing officer hears the case a written decision will usually be mailed to you after it is filed with the Court. If a Judge decides your case immediately a decision might be immediate. If you don’t win your case, it is possible to appeal but unless a Small Claims decision is clearly erroneous, it won’t be overturned. Technical mistakes at the hearing won’t’ get a Small Claim’s decision overturned. You can check with the Clerk for the rules on appeals. (you will receive a hand out to refer to for all the rules of the Court). If you win your case you will get a judgment in your favor and become a “judgment creditor” and the Defendant becomes a “judgment debtor” (Enforcing Judgment is another article for another time). So, as your can see, Small Claims Court is set up to be inexpensive, quick, un-intimidating and a real access to the justice system. Don’t be afraid to pursue what you think is right. This system is designed for you. Use it. To you it may not be a “Small Claim” but might be the difference between right and wrong, fair and unfair. Don’t be afraid to sue. Be prepared. You’ll do fine.

wouny.com • June 2017


Terry Lynn Meet

Cameron V

ery often the passion for creating is not only to create a visual delectation but to be surprised by the process. The feeling is magical, like the scene in A Christmas Story, when Ralphie runs down the stairs on Christmas Day to open up the gift that he’s been begging for, a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a sundial. The feeling is the same when an artist washes the India ink off of a tempera batik or pulls a clay pot out of a raku firing to see its glorious colors. The difference is that the artist made it. I ventured to the home/studio of Terry Lynn Cameron to see what she was doing with her art. Terry teaches art in the Syracuse city school district. I wanted to know more about her as an artist and as a person. How was she doing it? What did she have in mind for the future of her art? Why does she choose the subjects for her art and what are the stories behind them? What is this wonderful process she is using? What I thought was prints at first were not. They were actually paintings using a technique called tempera batik. I had never seen this special effect in painting before. Her work is truly beautiful and interesting. Terry goes through a lot of

30 wouny.com • June 2017

By: Audrey Levinson layering to get this look to her work. First, she sketches with pencil on high-quality watercolor paper. Then she does a layer in chalk pastel and tempera paint, another layer of India ink. Finally, she covers the entire painting with ink, and uses a hose or faucet to spray it off with water. She never knows quite how her painting will come out. That’s when that feeling of complete surprise, and “I just opened a beautiful gift, and I love it envelops her. At that point, Terry inspects her work and adds more tempera paint where she thinks it needs it. The India ink is fabulous though. It’s so rich, and the fact that this process leaves color mingling with the ink fascinated me. I also saw that she likes to use odd objects to produce a rhythm in her work like bubble wrap, and old holiday cards that she slaps into some of her more abstract pieces. She told me that sometimes she just let’s go and while listening to worship music, she draws the shapes, themes, whatever comes into her head with the music. Terry is a very soulful person. She chooses her subject matter through feeling that this part of life needs to be illustrated. The painting “Kissing in the New Year” is all about the romance and current engagement of Mary and Jon. They passionately kiss in NYC in front of the dropped ball on New Year’s Eve. Terry allowed them

to name this artwork. Another painting called “The Three Pals” is about the guitars and their interesting cords that Terry heard when she went to see her friend Bob Halligan Jr. perform his Beatles tribute show. She loved the way the cords wrapped themselves up in circles on the floor. She was inspired. A third painting called Chromelines is the ride of a gentleman whom Terry met at Wegmans. She saw the bike in the parking lot and found the owner inside. He gave her permission to photograph the bike and his information if she really did a painting of it. By the time she finished painting his information was no longer good. It remains a mystery, where did that man go? I talked to Terry about her beginnings. When did she know she was an artist? What was life like in her beginning years? Where did she see her future in art going? Terry said that by the time she was in eighth grade, she knew that this was her calling. She was painfully shy, unless she knew you as a friend. She found that in art class, she could produce something that everybody loved and commented on, and she didn’t even have to talk. This was something she never wanted to give up. Her future involves technology, namely the Internet. She is working on getting a base portfolio of around twenty different paintings. She would like to show her


work and work with a company that would make items to sell with her artwork. Hopefully, a future of prosperity for her, I found her works to be quite worthy of what Terry has in mind. Look for Terry on Facebook under Terry Lynn Cameron Arts to contact her or see what’s new.

wouny.com • June 2017


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An Article by Mary Ann Pierce, CLU, Women of Upstate NY magazine, page 38.

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I lost 85 lbs. and found my strength and spirit. Overweight with diabetes, Nerissa wanted to get — and stay — healthy to be around for her young son. Since her weight-loss surgery at Crouse, she’s found a pursuit that’s built her own strength and spirit. She’s also found a caring and compassionate team to support her every move. Down 85 pounds and off medications, Nerissa’s on to an active new life. Hear Nerissa’s story at crouse.org/weightloss.

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D’s Beauty Bar with Donna Adamo

t’s June already and there’s no better time than now to get the summer party started. Who doesn’t love a summer shimmer and well-hydrated skin? After all, it’s all about living your best life. This month, we’re tackling all the summer ‘some things’ you’ll need to let that summer breeze make you feel fine.

Summer Shimmer.

Run, don’t walk, to your closest Ulta or Sephora to get the right shimmer powder that’ll create a long-lasting, delicious, luminous, youthful glow. A makeup artist can help you pick out the right color that’s not too orange or pink. You’ll also need a separate brush to apply. Go to the counter with your regular foundation already in place as shimmer is only meant to complement your face, and you don’t need a lot.. Rinse. Repeat. You don’t need a lot, and you only apply it in certain places. In the summer early evening dusk, shimmer that summer glow!

Slimming Summer Salad.

Trade that tantalizing summer sugar - which only makes you feel bloated anyway - for a slimming summer salad loaded with lots of fresh veggies and fruit. It’s so easy to find summer recipes on Pinterest, or if you’re like me, I like to find recipes on Instagram. Check out @deniceemoberg for fitness tips and exercise and @jamieoliver for his enticing summer recipes. Salad your way to happy and healthy because when the gut’s happy, we’re happy.

Summer Sexy.

Nothing feels better than when you feel good in your own skin. As mentioned in our spring blog, layers, Boho and Bohemian styles are everywhere. They’re light, airy and colorful. All the more reason that summer salad is going to make you feel more confident in your summer sheer. Check out summer fashion trends with @hellofashionblog on Instagram. The author, Christine Andrew, is married with three kids and a really cute hubby.

Summer Sun.

Commit to sunscreen and spray tans. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it needs lots of water and lots of protection from sun damage. Commit to buying only makeup and moisturizer that already have sunscreen in them. Commit to keeping a sunscreen everywhere. I keep a small tube in my car, my suitcase, my desk at work and in my bag. Commit to glowing, hydrated skin.

Summer Sunglasses.

Most of us can’t afford a pair of $1,500 J’adoir sunglasses or Gucci’s $400 Aviators. Don’t feel bad, because chances are we’d just lose them or sit on them anyway. While we should all have that one special pair for days there’s not a single cloud in the sky, there are lots of fun options this summer than cost $20-30. Oversized glasses are still a hit, but what’s really trending, are futuristic goggles and statement specs with geometric shapes and sassy colors. For a look at what’s complementing summer faces in 2017, check out this! http://www.fashionisers.com/trends/ spring-summer-2017-eyewear-trends/.

Summer Skin.

Water, water, water is your best friend! If you don’t like plain water, try Perrier’s Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. Pink grapefruit is my favorite, but they also have lemon and lime flavors. It’s a little cheaper in the bottle, but I also buy the 10 pack of cans so I can grab one walking out the door. It’s a fresh and sassy drink and much better than sugary or saccharin-laced diet soda. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly sparkle, try this delicious option: LaCroix’s Cucumber Refresher Mocktail 3 cucumber slices 3 mint leaves (yummy!) 1 6-oz. can LaCroix Sparking Water ½ lime (squeezed) Summer is the best season for lots of sunny shimmery reasons! Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy it.

34 wouny.com • June 2017

Stay beautiful and we’ll see you next month!

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We ask that you donate One Quart which will be given to The Samaritan Center, VNA Adult Day Care & Silver Fox Senior Center.

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Lipstick On

Your Wine Glass


Randy Agness - Winemaker Agness Wine Cellars

ith summer here, the thoughts of visiting the wineries of the Finger Lakes to taste the new releases of Roses, one thing that shouldn’t be left behind is style. The colors of the season are the vast array of Dry Rosés, flirty blush wines bottled and ready to uncork. In most cases, not as bold and spicy as the Cabernet and Syrah. Rosés provide a refreshing lightness not quite red, but rather in a rainbow of shades from salmon to berry jam pink as the level of maceration time results in a deep richness.

But what should be your go-to lipstick color might just depend on what wine you plan to drink? For a chemist like myself – this with much certainty will be a totally unscientific method, but absolutely fun! Even the perfect lipstick will leave a reminder on the rim of that wine glass that can match not only the Rose of choice but a bit of your personality as well. “Everybody’s favorite all-purpose wine was made for day -drinking. Brunches, patios,

Rosés made from Merlot and Cabernet Franc vinifera grapes support the choice for and no more excuses with indulging in a good glass of wine along with wearing a complementary and adored pink shade lipstick. Nevertheless, save your brightest pink for the Blush … These happy-go-lucky wines are sweet and delicious, or maybe a nice Plum Pearl to match the Fruity wine blends.

“Rosés are hot, and, in fact, a category rosés now outsell Syrah’s nationally,” notes Bob Ecker in ‘How the first Rosé Today competition came together.’ With more and more competitions focused on Rosé wines, what is being noticed is that the sweet, cheap after-thought rosés are clearly being eclipsed by well-crafted, dry Rosé wines. All over the country, including here in the Finger Lakes, Rosés are finally receiving their well-deserved recognition? Upon your adventures into the Finger Lakes, you’ll find an abundance of Rosé available at just about every winery on the trails. The method capable of producing some of the longest lasting Rose wines called Saignée were during fermentation of a red wine. Roughly 10% of the red-wine juice is removed leaving a higher percentage of juice to grape skin contact producing richer and bolder tastes. According to Jeff Licciardello in ‘Your Definitive Guide to Pairing Lipstick with Wine’ – “Thing is, you’re going out in that dress and those heels. It turns out that wine and lipsticks have a lot in common. So don’t waste your time leaving lipstick trails in all the wrong places. Use these perfect wine and lipstick pairings to achieve that heightened, magical tone that lipstick and wine were made for.”

full-bodied Bordeaux, and spicy Syrah’s promise a beautiful finish when it comes to a dramatic beauty look,” notes Dacy Knight in ‘The Best Wine-Colored Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone’ will not have to be put aside, but kept readily available for that bold head-turning entrance. And believe it or not, even BITE Beauty Luminous Crème fortified Lipsticks now boasting an equivalent of five glass of red wine antioxidant resveratrol.

beaches— rosé is outdoorsy, so you don’t have to be,” notes Lauren Hubbard – Allure Cosmetics. Does the irresistible red lipstick shade match Rose wines, when the French meaning of Rosé is literally pink? Probably not! The wonderful delicate aromas of fine wine with relatively light body and tannins like Rosé or Pinot Noir actually have a paler pink color should be along a beautiful pink, but with simple satisfying characteristics. “Lipsticks in hues that pay homage to

Do you prefer Chardonnay, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc? You’re also covered. Non-smudging Silky and Sensational Beige, Mauve and Natural tones with a lasting finish with the savory, crisp aromas and flavors. Keeping your sassiest intensely creative ultra-Red lipstick for sipping that late-night Champagne (Sparking wine in the Finger Lakes) to capture the wonderful effervesce flavors and great looks. Either a flute glass of Champagne in the evening or a bunch mimosa both indicators of a good time about to happen so be prepared to shine. With such similarities to a fine wine, a lipstick impression remaining behind on the glass is one of the most iconic and difficult to remove substances but leaves a permanent reminder as well of a lasting memory in the admirer’s mind.

I Should Have Known!


met with a wonderful group last week, to talk about Investment Basics. This group was a mix of people from all ages, from different backgrounds and varying professions. Every single person in this group appeared to be confident and competent. We had a lively discussion, and there were many relevant questions asked that were interesting to the group members. However, at one point one of the women remarked, “I feel so stupid about finances and investing. I just feel as though I should know this!!!” This sentiment was echoed by just about everyone in the group. Suddenly, this great group of intelligent, capable people began to put themselves down. Why do so many feel this way? Why should you be expected to understand all the “ins and outs” of financial planning and investing? Financial planning is not something that is generally taught in school – unless that is the course of study that you’ve chosen.

By: Mary Ann Pierce, CLU that encourage us to be a bunch of “do it yourselfers”. These ads tell us that we can - and should - be able to navigate a labyrinth of information to evaluate among the thousands of investment options available to choose an appropriate investment mix (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.). And we’re also told that we can balance our portfolios so that we can someday retire and live comfortably off our investment earnings. Feeling overwhelmed by all of this is understandable. Furthermore, understandable is an urge to procrastinate when faced with this overabundance of information. Then we beat ourselves up because we feel that we “should” be doing all of these things, in addition to spending time at work, running our household, and perhaps raising a family. It would be easy to feel incompetent.

Finances and investing are also not necessarily intuitive – we’re not born knowing how to save, invest and plan for our financial well-being.

My suggestion is to take enough time to learn the basics of investing – learn about the different types of investments, and what vehicles, such as 401(k), IRAs, etc. are available to help us save and invest for our future financial goals. Having a good grasp of the basics will lend a sense of empowerment and trust that we are making sound financial decisions.

I believe that part of this stems from the myriad of advertisements we are exposed to in magazines, on TV or on the Internet

I also think it is important to have a team of reliable professionals to work with to assist in meeting financial goals. It is im-

38 wouny.com • June 2017

portant to work with an attorney to discuss your will and estate plan. Tax advisors are important to ensure that we are not paying more taxes than we are obligated to. It is also important to work with an insurance and/or financial advisor to define and implement strategies for achieving financial goals. Each of these professionals will work together to ensure that you have an appropriate financial and estate planning strategy. Every one of the individuals I was speaking with had the intelligence and capability to learn all about investing and financial planning if that was their desire. However, finance is not their chosen career, and they did not have that knowledge. For them to feel they are somehow “not smart” or as another person said, “I feel like such an idiot for asking this question – I should know the answer,” is placing unreasonable pressure to be proficient in an area that is not their main area of expertise. As I said to this woman – “Let’s turn this around. Should I feel bad that I don’t understand your profession (medicine) and should I have my hand held throughout every exam and procedure and have the “language,” explained to me?” Of course not, and neither should she nor anyone else!

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Perennial Picks F

lowers can make you smile, and when they pop their heads out at the first sign of spring, we know that warmer weather is ahead. That is what perennials can guarantee, a sign of the new season. We are sharing just a few of the many plants that can bring curb appeal and smiles. From Spring to Fall, there are many different perennials to choose from. Better Homes and Gardens features a wide variety. Learn more at www.bhg.com/gardening/flowers/perennials/top-perennials-for-your-garden Once you have chosen which plants you would like, be sure to check out the many local garden centers to find every plant you need for the perfect garden.

Tulips & Hyacinths Beautiful Colors that tell us Spring is here!

Hostas & Roses Start to poke their heads in late May

Black Eye Susan

Perfect around trees or along the deck!


dibles with flowers - Plant Basil, Squash Flowers, Chives, Cilantro, Lavender. Sunflower, and Hibiscus to name a few.


Vibrant Colors - mix them up

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New Trends and Colors


By: Samantha Leader

s the clouds begin drifting away, the sun starts peeking through and the temperature rises, Upstate New Yorkers begin to get summer fever. Summer fever comes along with home renovations. In this article, you will learn about new colors and trends popping up in stores around you that could help liven up your house these upcoming months.

What are the certain colors you should be painting your walls or using this summer season you ask? According to Kat Tily, Home Depot Associate, the Pantone color of the year is green. Grey and tan are still the base colors used in homes, but if you are wanting a vibrant wall or dĂŠcor color, green is what it should be. The two most popular colors at Home Depot for this month are New Bamboo and Green Energy.

If you decide to paint a room at your house such as the kitchen, green, a popular dinnerware collection that would pair perfectly would be the Phocacia Melamine Dinnerware collection. This dinnerware set is designed to be durable; therefore, if you have a bunch of friends or kids over at your house, there will be a limited chance of breakage, according to Patushenko.

Most likely, indoors comes to mind first when thinking of decorating but if the inside of your house is set up just how you like; it’s time to move to the outdoor patio. The best way to design that is to get the reversible woven hammock with a pillow (pictured below). The hammock, which can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, is made of weather resistant woven polyester and includes a coordinating pillow for added comfort, Pastushenko said. This hammock is good for any type of weather, and the pillows added around it give your patio just the right summer look. Bed Bath & Beyond has a vibrant lookbook coming out with all cool blues, yellows, and greens to wake your house up. A blend of different colors will give your outdoor patio or living room just the pop it needs. A way to incorporate these colors in a neutral room would be with decorative pillows or rugs. According to Christina Pastushenko, PR & Social Media coordinator, the Balta US natural border indoor/ outdoor area rug combines the natural looking, tone-on-tone shades of sisal with sun and wears resistance for indoor and outdoor usage. 42 wouny.com • June 2017

The area rug will help spice up your patio or living room while adding colored decorative pillows (pictured above) around on couches, chairs, or outdoor wicker lounge chairs. While decorating your patio it is efficient to have a place to store your belongings if the weather doesn’t go as planned. The Crosley Palm Harbor outdoor Wicker storage bin that is pictured above is a great way to keep everything stored away. The storage bin is durable, and it will last many seasons. This is a great way to make sure your patio always stays neat but still looks fashionable at the same time! If you are from the Syracuse area, it is nice to shop somewhere that is unique and located nearby. A good place to get outdoor décor and plant is Chuck Hafner’s and the Plant Farm. As June approaches these local stores get new plants that will brighten up your patio. Geraniums and Mandevilla are frequently purchased outdoor plants because they’re full sun and can be put in a pot or the ground Lauren Carguello, Hafner’s Associate, said. Full sun is another way for saying these plants need to be receiving direct sunlight all day. The Mandevilla plant can be found in red and yellow, which will add a bright color to the room and last for seasons to come. Hafner’s also has a collection of indoor décor such as Begonia plants, which can be put inside near a window to get a hint of sunlight. These plants come in every color such as white, yellow, orange, red, etc. They will be able to match any other décor that is around your house. Next to the flower, you can find air plants at Hafner’s, which are very popular in the summer season. These can be put in kitchens or bathrooms near a lot of humidity, according to Carguello. There are many other home stores throughout the Syracuse area that can help you find the perfect summer décor that will brighten up your house for the seasons to come! A few examples of these stores are; At Home, Lowe’s, Old Wicker Mill, and Pottery Barn. wouny.com • June 2017


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