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Molly Lizzio - Thoughts are Power Bring Back The Bow Tie

In Art - Barbara Vural Linda Quinn - Before you Share Allergies

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Thoughts Are Power By Molly Lizzio, MA, LMFT


magine you’ve just arrived at a friend’s party. You’re a little late and you see by the cars on the street all your friends are already inside. As you enter the house you find your friends quickly, and as you approach you see them being very animated while talking and laughing. As you get closer the laughter comes to a halt. I don’t know about any of you, but my first thought is going to be: They were just talking about me. It brings me back to the cafeteria in elementary school, and it’s likely going to have a big impact on my night. What if I told you that when situations like this come up you could influence the outcome without changing any of the variables of the original situation? The secret is changing the initial thought after the situation. By having control over what thoughts we allow, those thoughts change how we feel, and then we have control over our behavior, and by extension can help steer a situation down a more desirable path. Connecting thoughts, feelings, and behavior is a very basic but very effective tool from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The idea is simple: Thoughts affect feelings; feelings affect behavior, and behavior affect thoughts.



Lets go back to the example in the beginning. If my thought is that my friends are talking about me behind my back I’m likely to feel hurt, confused, maybe even angry. Imagine how someone would behave with that thought and those feelings. It might look like walking away and ignoring those friends, being really quiet all night and wanting to cry, or even an angry confrontation. Now imagine the situation is still exactly the same, you walk up to your friend group at a party just as they all stop laughing. What if you choose to think a different thought? What if the thought is I just missed a funny story. Go through the process again, identify what is the feeling of just missing a funny story? Maybe curiosity, wonder, etc. How you behave when you think that thought and experience those feelings is likely to be something along the lines of “Hey what’s going on?” or “What’d I miss?”

change them at first. Notice the feelings that accompany them to get the lay of the land of how this pattern works. Once that is done and you really understand your own thinking patterns you can begin to challenge your thoughts. Challenging thoughts is about asking yourself questions like: Do I have evidence for this thought? Is there evidence that this thought maybe isn’t true? Is there an alternative thought I can conclude based on all this evidence. Start the pattern again and notice the feeling based on the new thought.

Nothing changed in the situation except the initial thought, and yet the two different thoughts are likely to provide two very different nights out for you. It’s something really small but it can have a lasting impact on your experiences.

Once we know how important our thoughts are we can learn to harness them instead of falling victim to them. The truth is we don’t always have the most helpful or productive thoughts. And I know what some of the responses will be around this idea of changing your thought process: “Yeah but the new thought of: Maybe I just missed the punch line isn’t realistic. I’d never buy that, so it won’t make me feel better”. What I would ask you then is “Why is it harder for you to believe you missed the punch line and easier to believe you were the punch line?

Once people realize how important their thoughts are the first thing they want to know is “How do I change my thoughts?” My response to these “How?” questions is always to take a step back and be really still and just observe the thoughts before trying to change them.

Your thoughts affect your feelings, which create behaviors. Us humans are gifted with the extraordinary talent of higher-level thinking. We do have control over our thoughts. It can be challenging, but so is being drained emotionally because of unhelpful thoughts all the time.

It’s important to understand when these thoughts come up, how often, and where they might be coming from. You can’t begin to change something it you don’t understand it. Observe and reflect your own thought patterns without effort to

Take a risk and dare to see things differently.



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Lip Augmentation By: Beth Phillips, RPAC


ver the past couple of years, lips have been a hot topic in the media. Whether it is Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner (as evidenced by the Kylie Jenner Challenge), the desire for plumper, fuller lips has never seemed so prevalent. Lip augmentation can be performed using dermal fillers, fat transfer, or lip implants. When evaluating the lip, it is important to understand the anatomy and the areas that can be addressed or enhanced. The five main areas of concern are: 1-Vermillion Border, 2-Cupid’s Bow, 3- Philtral Columns, 4- the Tubercles, and 5- the Lateral Commissures. Volume, shape and structure of the lips should be assessed, as well as the balance of the lips with the total facial proportions. Your clinician should be able to discuss these areas with you to help you to achieve your desired result. Often by enhancing the vermillion border, better definition of the lips is created. The ideal lip proportions are believed to have the upper lip measuring 1/3 volume vs 2/3 volume of the lower lip. Although on side view, the upper lip should extend slightly beyond the lower lip. Fullness noted in the lip tubercles creates a more natural appearing look than a totally uniform volume. Augmentation of the Philtral Columns along with the Cupid’s Bow provides for a more youthful and sensual look to the mouth. And finally, the lateral oral commissures tend to turn downward with age and loss of connective tissue. So, a small amount of fullness in this area will cause the edges of the mouth to

be upturned and appear more pleasant and happy. Dermal fillers are most commonly used in lip augmentation. There are several fillers, most of which are hyaluronic acid preparations. These fillers are injected into the lips to provide temporary fullness that generally lasts 6-12 months. This gel is reversible if the outcome is undesirable. Dermal fillers are often suggested for first time augmentation. Fat transfer is also commonly used. This is a procedure where fat is harvested from another location in the body and re-injected into the lips. The pros to fat injection include more permanent results with the fat that survives, a more natural feel than dermal fillers, and there is no cost for the product. The cons are that this requires a fat harvest site, the amount of fat that “takes” is unpredictable, and sometimes the result may be lumpy or may change significantly with weight fluctuations. There is a longer recovery from fat injections, and the cost of the procedure is higher. Lip Augmentation Lip implants may consist of synthetic or biologic materials. Synthetic materials such as silicone or gore-Tex among others, provide a permanent yet reversible result. These may feel more unnatural than other options and have pos-

sible side effects of scar formation or may become infected as any foreign body in the body can. Biologic materials such as collagen or Alloderm can be absorbed to some extent and therefore are not as reliable in their long-term outcome. Most lip augmentation procedures can be performed in your doctor’s office under local anesthesia. Often topical anesthetics are used just prior to injectable fillers. Dental blocks can be performed as well with a few intra-oral injections like one would have with a dental procedure. There are surgical options for improvement of the lip shape and position on the face. A lip lift or vermillion advancement procedures involve surgical removal of skin either directly above the lip or just below the nose. These are more invasive but provide permanent improvement. There are risks associated with lip augmentation. The most common side effects include temporary bruising and swelling usually only lasting a few days. Uncommon side effects include infection or injection into a blood vessel that can cause tissue damage. If the procedure is performed properly, there should be minimal risk of long term damage. So, if you are bothered by thinning lips that occur naturally with age, or if you have never had a plump pucker or pout and have always wanted one, there are many ways to help you achieve your goal. If you would like more information about Lip Augmentation or our other services offered, contact us at 315-329-6602 or visit our website www.plasticsurgeryofsyracuse.com WOUNY.COM • JUNE 2016


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It’s Time to Change

By: Jennifer Nastasi-Guzelak


f I had a dollar for every time I started my weight loss journey, I’d have enough money to pay for a gym membership, and a whole year of Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig combined.

In the past, I’d begin each one of my weight loss endeavors with good intentions. Then somehow, I would slip right back into my old ways. Sound familiar? Don’t you think that you deserve to feel better than this? Aren’t you sick of being the person who hides from the camera? Shouldn’t you be more determined than ever to enjoy a long and healthy life with the ones you love?

Here are a few tips to get you started: •Overhaul your eating. Be honest with yourself, and be willing to put in the work that’s necessary to reach your goals. This means more grocery shopping and less eating out! (sorry)

•Download a Weight Loss App. For example MyFitnessPal. You can keep track of everything you put in your mouth and every calorie that you burn during exercise.

•Find something that works for you. Do you despise running? Then don’t. You have to find something that keeps you coming back, so choose something you can enjoy.

•Ask for help. Many of us are willing to extend a helping hand, but we’re very reluctant to reach out for help when we need it ourselves. It takes a bigger person to ask for help!

•Write it down. Don’t just rely on the scale to show you how far you’ve come! If it has a number and you are looking to improve it, write it down.

•Try a class. Group fitness classes will help you build stronger relationships and support systems with individuals with similar goals. It will also help improve your self-confidence. Getting out of your comfort zone may just be what you need to overcome obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward.

•At first, you will suck. The first stationary bike session you complete? It’s going to suck. The first mile you run? Suck. The important thing to know is that you will get better! •Set realistic goals. Aim to reach smaller goals, maybe ten to fifteen pounds at a time. Reward yourself when you hit big milestones. •Be prepared to fail. There are going to be many times when you eat too much pizza. There will be times when you miss three consecutive workouts in a row. Anticipate these occurrences, move on from them, and get back on the wagon.

•Quality matters. Try to focus more on food quality over calorie restriction. There’s a BIG difference and your body will thank you for it. The journey will be a challenge, but in the end it will be worth it. Remember to surround yourself with people that support you throughout your journey and don’t forget to celebrate every success along the way! Do it for your health and most importantly do it for YOU! Want more information? Contact me at Champions Fitness Center. 315-452-5522



Nikki Poles

is Bringing Back the Bow Tie

Ana Gil-Taylor photography


s I flipped through the catalog of J. Allen Inspired bow ties in the corner of Freedom of Espresso with creator and designer Nikki Poles, I was struck by how much I wanted one for myself. Before that moment bow ties had never occupied any space in my mind, but when I looked at the different textures and patterns, I found myself thinking of different ways I could implement them into my wardrobe. They looked like something you would find in Banana Republic or J. Crew. There was just something about those bow ties...they were, cute. No, that’s not the right word. They were dapper, unique, and you could tell the person who wore a J. Allen Inspired bow tie had style. Named after her husband, J. Allen Inspired started after Poles noticed that men didn’t seem to have as many options as women when it came to accessorizing. When her husband had to dress up for events, or even when he was looking to be less formal with a sports jacket and jeans, there weren’t many choices outside of the bland ties and bow ties. “They need some more accessories out there for the guys, where they can stand apart from just the regular men in the suits,” said Poles. “I just think there’s something about that guy in a bow tie or



By: Amari D. Pollard that guy with a pocket square or different prints of some sort. He stands out.” Poles had always loved fashion—she was a runway and print model before she ever considered designing, and every stylish woman needs a stylish man. Having had a knack for styling and seeing what colors and patterns work, she wanted something different for her husband that would make him stand out. So, rather than doing the all too familiar task of scouring retail stores to end up unsatisfied, Poles decided to make some bow ties for her husband herself. There was only one problem: she didn’t know how to sew. “I could needle and thread. I could sew a button on—it might be crooked, but it would stay for a little while. I didn’t know how to sew before [ J. Allen Inspired], and I didn’t really know how to sew after it started,” laughed Poles. It took a lot of YouTube videos and sewing books before Poles became comfortable with sewing, and after three years of operation, her bow ties have come a long way. Instead of being thin and crooked, they’re now nearly flawless, almost as if they were manufactured. No one is

probably happier for this progression than her husband, who was her first muse along with being her personal model; although Poles said he has always been supportive and a good sport about wearing her bow ties. Poles has only been in Syracuse for about three years now, but she has already started to make a name for herself and for her brand. J. Allen Inspired relies heavily on the word of mouth for its sales but the line also operates as an online boutique. The website shows off 43 styles and with such variety, there is a bow tie for every kind of guy. “I want to be able to dress the guy that thinks he wouldn’t dare to do that and the guy who thinks he would so do that, and more,” said Poles. “Everybody goes, what’s your market? My market is men. I don’t care if you’re 18 or 65. I want to be able to work with everybody.” J. Allen Inspired bow ties aren’t merely just there to help elevate a man’s style or separate him from the crowd. Poles think of them as a conduit for communication. They’re there to start a conversation, whether you’re the talkative guy who loves to meet new people or the shy guy who’s not sure how to.

in Central New York, trying to do big things.”


““I’m just an island girl

my bow ties,” said Poles. But for now, she’s focusing on building her brand in the Central New York area, familiarizing herself even more with the men’s fashion industry, and teaching her children the power of believing in themselves. Life has the habit of taking you places you never considered. For Poles, it took her from modeling to men’s fashion, from San Juan, Trinidad to New Jersey to Central New York; but the key factor throughout all those transitions was staying true to herself and knowing her worth. “Don’t ever think I can’t do it. I mean, here it is, I am a woman stepping into the male industry. Some people might think, “What do you know about a man?” But I know some things, and I know how to dress them,” said Poles. “Just go for it. No matter what anybody tells you, or what anybody else thinks, you know what you feel inside.”

Each of Pole’s bow ties has its own personality, its fabric matching the name given to it. You have Thor, with his blue and red dynamic pattern, almost like the energy seeping from the superhero’s hammer. Then you have Stuart, the classic old-fashioned tie with his subtle flannel. Most of the bow ties are named after the men who have been and are in Poles’ life, but no ex-boyfriends. Then some are just names whom she likes or has come across on the Internet, and of course there is a bow tie named in honor of everyone in her family. Spearheading her own line has been very fulfilling for Poles, but she openly admits it’s a lot of work. Between running an online boutique, managing social media and the website, and being a full-time mom to her three kids (a son and two daughters), plus a wife, it’s a wonder how she finds time to breath. Poles said the key is not to think about it too much. You just do it. At the end of the day, the most important thing to her is being a mom, but she has also enjoyed having something of her own, running a business where she can control the creative outlook and create her own product. And seeing her bow ties on people like Bob Costas during the NBA finals, Dan Patrick, Jim Boeheim, and Quentin Hillsman, has only shown her all the hours are worth it. Even with her newfound success in Syracuse and her daughters thinking she’s famous, Poles is the first one to tell you she’s still new to men’s fashion and has a lot more goals she would like to accomplish with her line. “I would love to get into some boutiques and have my online business grow. But I would really love, when I look at the red carpet, to see some really well-known names wear WOUNY.COM • JUNE 2016


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Barbara Vural


arbara Vural, then a high school student was awarded a scholarship from her high school in Flatbush Brooklyn, NY to Syracuse University. She came to Syracuse to study art, not only did she complete her Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting, but also met her husband who was an engineering student at the time. With upcoming nuptials, I imagine Barbara was in a bit of a quandary. How was she going to be able to support her husband through school as an artist? You see. It is a privilege to graduate from college as an artist and actually be able to make a livable wage just through one’s artistry. It’s a lot of hard work creating enough product, socializing with the “right” people, and organizing a great marketing plan. Many fine artists go into teaching not because they can’t create at the professional level, but they can’t take the time to cultivate the career as an artist without financial support from somewhere or someone. Barbara fell under this category. Fortunate-

By: Audrey Levinson ly, teaching was something she loved. She told me about her 30 year” teaching career “I loved every minute of it!” She spent 27 years at Westhill High School. She said teaching high school was a perfect fit for her. After Thirty years of teaching, she left the field to pursue other interests, namely her passion for painting. You can imagine that odd feeling of not having to get up and go to work. Where do I begin my new life, you might think? Barbara new but it was a frenzied feeling. She had not focused on painting for thirty years and now the ideas were flooding her mind. Barbara and I toured her studio. I poured over every piece of work with her, asking questions about technique and color and Barb told me about the pieces one by one. She has an interesting way of beginning a work. She creates in a way that one might think of as backwards. She uses abstractions that are color related at first, then

places figures and other images in the work. She is definitely what I would call a colorist. She knows so much about color that she uses it as a tool to surprise the viewers. A bright yellow beach, a pink new york city skyscraper, a red and green striped street in Skaneateles is all from Barb’s colorful imagination. It was fascinating to see how she used the most unusual colors for things that wouldn’t be those colors, and it works fantastically in her paintings. We also looked at a piece that started out as a collage but ended up as a beautiful agglomerate of poppies, Irises, snapdragons and other flowers. She told me that her collage wasn’t turning out the way she expected, so she went to her pastels and made that surface work for her through nature and color. She proved that an artist can make something out of anything. Barbara does most of her work using pastels and acrylics’ paints. As we made our way along the wall of artwork, I noticed a quote on bright pink paper that WOUNY.COM • JUNE 2016



said, “The hardest part of art making is living your life in such a way that your work gets done over and over.” I asked Barb what that statement meant to her. She told me that it meant to never stop making art. Even when you’re in a slump, don’t stop, it will come around if you keep working at it. Never give up! Barb has a wonderful view of life. She also stated, “I think life is spectacular!” Last year, Barbara won a first place prize for her self-portrait painted in pastels through the Adirondack Pastel Society, this was a national show. Beginning in July, you can see her work at Cazenovia Artisans, Cazenovia, NY. Barbara Vural’s email is armoryworks@gmail.com



Before You Share:

Question Everything! By Linda Quinn, MS, RDN


f you are ready to start a new diet or buy a nutritional product your friend shared on Facebook, stop and do a search. Google the name and then add the words “Critic” “Skeptic” or “Research.” Read what other people have to say. Then decide. Your body is more important than anything. Before you buy, look under the hood, do your research. You might do yourself and your friends a favor by reading carefully before you “share” nutrition advice on social media. Headlines sell magazines and make for fun commentary. But, many of the articles being shared are not accurate or helpful. Eat Bacon And Lose Weight! I saw a headline on a friend’s Facebook page. He may have meant it as a joke. I knew the headline was silly, but the comments from his Facebook friends were worrisome. Comments like, “scientists can’t agree.” “First something is bad and then they find it is good for you.” “Eat whatever you want. Scientists don’t know what they are talking about.” I simply commented, “Read the study, not the headline!” Posts like these appear every day, many times a day. Before you press “like” and “share” let me share just one example of misinformation. I decided to dissect one article from Men’s Health.. The first red flag was that this article was written by “Men’s Health” and not an actual person. The first article was: “6 REASONS BACON AND SAUSAGES ARE GOOD FOR YOU by Men’s Health March 4, 2016” 2. Bacon can help you burn fat. No, we’re not telling porkies. Scientists at Kyoto University found bacon is a great source of the hormone coenzyme Q1, which ramps up your metabolism when combined with a brisk walk. In fact, the

study showed six rashers (slices) of bacon an hour before your stroll to the office will double your fat burn. There is a typo on their page since the substance is called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Additionally, they state, “the study showed 6 rashers of bacon…” Not true. The study did not show that. They reference an earlier article written again by Men’s Health below: “1 WEEK TO DOUBLE WEIGHT LOSS: Eat bacon to double your weight loss in just one week by Men’s Health June 15, 2015” They again use the study from Kyoto University as the evidence and say: “We’re claiming this as one of the year’s best tips: eat more bacon to burn fat.” After much digging, I found a study conducted by 2 researchers at Kyoto University graduate School called: “Influence of CoQ10 on autonomic nervous activity and energy metabolism during exercise in healthy subjects.” Zheng, A, Moritani, T ( J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo). 2008 Aug;54(4):286-90.) In this study, 11 men were given a 30mg pill of Coenzyme Q10. They found that those who received CoQ10 had increased fat oxidation (fat burning) during low-intensity exercise. To prove this, they collected gas exchange (respiration) data. But, since the researchers never weighed the 11 men, there is no evidence the subjects lost any weight. So where did the “bacon” come from? There was no evidence of any bacon being given to these Japanese subjects. There was no bacon. Men’s Health editors may have deduced that since pork contains CoQ10 just as humans, and many other plants and animals do that eating bacon would be a great

way to get more. They mentioned eating six slices of bacon to obtain the desired effect. That is a lot of bacon, especially for someone hoping to lose weight. Let’s consider that numerous epidemiological studies have linked consumption of processed meat (bacon, pepperoni, salami, beef jerky and corned beef ) with obesity, type two diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers. In fact, The World Health Organization Cancer Report of October 2015 has declared that processed meat cause cancer. They have classified it as Group 1 carcinogen to humans. Their report said 50g of processed meat a day - less than two slices of bacon - increased the chance of developing colorectal cancer by 18%. Just because pork and bacon contain CoQ10, doesn’t mean you should eat more of it. If you really want to burn fat and lose weight you may want to try eating more whole foods and moving throughout the day. If you find a plan that works for you and makes you feel well, then good for you. But, keep in mind that many diets and products are based on questionable science. With all the information on the Internet, it is very difficult to find reliable sources. Don’t believe everything you read and certainly, don’t make a purchase until you’ve done your research. Be a skeptic and then decide! Linda Quinn, MS, RDN is available for speaking engagements. Contact her at Islandgirllivingllc@gmail.com.



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lthough December may seem to be the ultimate gift-giving month, June comes pretty close. With the combination of Father’s day, high-school graduation, and late college graduations, people often take to the stores in search of great gifts. It is well known that most college graduates are going to be strapped for cash after they graduate. In between student loans, apartments, and fun nights out, it is no wonder that the number-one gift for college grads is money. Of course, money is not all that they want! Many college seniors already have an apartment, but they may be lacking some of the creature comforts of an established home. Things such as high-quality pots and pans, nice pillows, and even new books are something that they most likely cannot afford. Checking with parents or siblings could reveal some home décor that they have had their eyes on. Assuming that the college grad is of age, alcohol makes another great gift. Nothing really says, “You survived college!” like a sentimental note tied on the top of a good bottle of wine. Furthermore, life advice is the one gift that will stay with them past all material items.

By: Leah wolf Care packages are something that each graduate, high school or college, will appreciate. Most high schoolers do not know what they will need for laundry, and most college students probably just ran out of detergent.

love material gifts too! Concert tickets are always appreciated – Desert Trip, a concert in California, features favorites such as the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney. What could be better than some family bonding time and rock and roll?

High-school graduation gifts can become expensive very quickly. Most family members are expected to give money, which makes sense – college is costly! However, if you’re shopping on a budget, it can be tough to find a good gift. Fluffy, matching towels, or a few toothbrushes can be just as useful as $20.

In the vein of music, CDs are something that shows your dad that you know what they like. Whether it is a contemplation of Beethoven’s best symphonies, Def Leppard’s Adrenalize, or the newest Imagine Dragons album, music is a great way to bridge generations and spend time together.

A box of quarters can also be great – many laundry rooms at college will require quarters. For the most part, dorm decorations should be left up to the recent graduate. That doesn’t mean that dorm essentials is off limits though. Laundry hampers, notebooks, and funky pens are greatly appreciated.

If a concert is a little pricey, tools are often appreciated. A power washer is an unexpectedly fun gift, but anything in the Black & Decker catalog will be perfect for a dad who loves DIY projects.

However, the month of June is not all about graduates. Dads matter too! Many dads just want something meaningful from their children. A hand-crafted card with a note inside will have much more significance than a power tool. That does not mean that fathers don’t l

Clothes can also score a home run with dads. A jersey from a favorite football or baseball team shows team spirit for the next playoffs. Even though it is easy to get caught up in the money aspect of graduation and Father’s day, remember to have some fun. Graduation is something that people will always treasure, and Father’s day is all about how much they are loved. Those parts are more important than any gift. WOUNY.COM • JUNE 2016


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By: Mary McCandless


rab your tissues, as spring has kicked into full gear and so have our Allergies. We start with stuffy noses, runny and itchy eyes, skin rashes and the infamous sneezing. But of course, allergies do not just come with the change of seasons. Many suffer all year long from many types of allergies. So what causes this? It is when your immune system overreacts to an allergen. Allergens can be from dust mites, dog or cat dander, mold, Insect stings or food. The list goes on. When we come in contact with any of these allergens, our bodies want to remove the them so it will cause us to have the above reactions. When your allergies are severe, it can cause anaphylaxis that is the swelling of your airways. This is not only dangerous but can be deadly. On average, someone experiences an allergic reaction every 6 seconds. How do we try to minimize the effects? Start inside your home by removing foods, chemicals that can cause reactions. Dust your home to stay clear of dust mites, then vacuum to make sure you pick up any dust that has come in from outside. Change your bedding regularly and vacuum the mattress. Dust also gets into your furnace filter, and if you have central air, it just gets cycled back into the house. Be sure to change them regularly. Have mats at your doors so that people can remove their shoes, thus cutting down on dust tracking into the house. Food allergies can occur from peanuts, eggs, flour, wheat, shellfish and more. Some reactions are worse than others and the mere smell of some of these can cause a reaction. If you have family members that are allergic, it is better to not have them in the home at all. Pets are another source of allergic reactions. We all love our pets,

but we also have to be aware that when guests are allergic and visiting to keep them in another room.


Allergies The warm weather calls upon us to leave our houses and absorb the Vitamin D that it offers. However, with that are the outdoor allergies. Pollen, grass, ragweed, bees and insects are some of the culprits. We cannot hide inside, but we can be prepared. Usually with one allergy comes another. If you are not sure how severe, your allergies are, you should see an allergist. They can perform tests to find our exactly what allergies you may have, so they can access what medications, if any you will need. One test that they can perform is a scratch test. They will label areas, usually on your back and drop different allergens onto each spot. Then they will scratch the area to see what reaction you will have to it. This procedure does not draw blood it just allows the doctor to access how allergic you are to the areas they are testing. Allergies and allergic reactions are something you should have checked and maintained. There are prescription and over the counter medications, along with Epipens for severe reactions. If you have allergies, it is best to see a doctor and determine the severity. Instead of suffering this year be prepared. Get rid of the allergens that want to hide in your home and stay clear of the ones that are outside. Better yet, make that appointment to see an allergist and counter your allergies before they kick in. Why suffer when you can be out having fun and enjoying the weather?







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by Sanda ls


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Castle Creek

Kim Monroe Story: Amari D. Pollard Photography: Luciano WOUNY.COM • JUNE 2016


Swimming down the creek with

Kim Monroe


tepping on stage, Kim Monroe looked tiny, really tiny. It would be no exaggeration to say she, and her electric guitar were about the same size—give or take a few inches. She seemed to disappear under its bravado as she adjusted her straps, fiddling the last of her nerves out of her fingers before stepping forward to take the mic. Even so, she looked confident, comfortable. She was cool: in her black jumpsuit and black floppy hat, almost like she just got back from Coachella. Standing next to her was band mate Chris Eves, they both looked at each other and paused for a moment, steadying themselves before Eves closed his eyes and started strumming his guitar in preparation. Without a cue, Monroe slid into her role, belting out the first note from a cave incomprehensibly deep within her stomach. Never having seen Castle Creek play live I was unprepared for the sound that resonated from her petite frame, so full I was afraid she might break in half. I had listened to their songs about a hundred times before that moment, and even though I’m not generally a fan of the rock almost country-ish sound, I could definitely get behind this band. The rock/blues duo has been touring the area for years and even after gaining traction across other cities like Portland, Austin and Nashville. Something keeps bringing the band back to Syracuse. Monroe admits the small city isn’t the best music hub and doesn’t dish out top artists like Nashville or Atlanta, but there’s an energy about the place that makes her want to stay. That and her house would be much more expensive somewhere else. “I think that the [music] scene is really welcoming. And there’s kind of this whole attitude about Syracuse. It’s just filled with light hearted, good-natured people,” said Monroe. But it’s more than that. Syracuse is home.



By Amari D. Pollard It’s where she grew up, where she went to school, where her family is. It’s a circle of people and experiences that led her to music in the first place. Like so many other musicians, Monroe is a byproduct of the music industry. She has been surrounded by the business her whole life: her mom was a show promoter, and her dad fed her artists like David Bowie and Phil Collins with Cheerios starting from a young age. At six-years-old Monroe was convinced she was going to become a drummer. At 10, she was convinced she was going to sing with Phil Collins. At 16, her parents gave her first guitar. Her potential as an artist felt tangible, almost inevitable. Everything seemed to be directing her towards a certain path, but as she got older practicality started to seep into and harden her dreams until a music career was just another faded thought. It wasn’t until college when she discovered YouTube that music started to feel more like a reality instead of a lost hope. “I went online and I would look up some of my favorite songs, and I started to teach myself how to play guitar. Some of my friends in college also played guitar, and they would show me things,” said Monroe. “I wouldn’t say I ever got super proficient at playing guitar, but I was good enough to play some open mics and some talent contests with friends.” Playing on stage by herself wasn’t an option in Monroe’s mind. She was all right as a guitarist, but nowhere near ready to conquer a crowd by herself. It wasn’t until 2010 when she met Eves at a best friend’s wedding that she started to hum a different tune. Monroe had spotted him playing guitar during the reception and decided

to join the band onstage for a rendition of Stevie Wonders “Superstition.” Somewhere between Eves strumming the first chord and Monroe singing the last verse a musical connection was made, and the two have been partners ever since. From the moment Eves heard her voice. He knew something could come out of their introduction. “I thought it was great! It is also powerful with great tone and unique expression. I knew it was special, and that I wanted to work more with her,” said Eves. Eves, who has been playing guitar since he was around six-years-old, started giving Monroe guitar lessons. She said she was enamored by his skills, which were almost prodigy-like, and eventually she joined the band Eves had started with a few other people called Wild Honey. He would give her tips before shows and as Monroe gained more experience, she would play electric guitar for a few songs, just simple

“we go places Musically” rhythms, so she could gradually become more comfortable as a guitarist. And then when the guitar player left the band, Wild Honey had two choices: hire a new guitarist or let Kim take the reins and earn more money. Obviously more money sounded better...and they guessed Monroe was too. Right as Monroe earned her stripes, the band was about to go on tour, so she had to learn almost 40 songs on the electric guitar. She said she had never practiced that much in her life, and probably never will again. Although her fingers were basically crippled when they were done preparing for tour and even more so after touring was over, Monroe said it was one of the biggest payoffs as a musician. “The ultimate way to be good at an instrument is knowing you’re going to have to play in front of people what you learned,” said Monroe. Now, as the second half of Castle Creek, Monroe has no problem taking the lead on their songs, but she’d still prefer to follow Eve’s lead. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been playing with someone for so long, you acknowledge and appreciate each other’s strengths. Eve catches the crowd with his tactful yet demanding guitar work, and Monroe keeps them with her sinewy vocals. Eves has become dependent on that type of relationship. “I love being part of a team where her strengths make up for my weaknesses and vice versa. I think we go to places musically, and with songwriting that neither of us would find on our own,” said Eves. The two have been touring for quite some time this year, making their rounds in

Central New York and up north. Their local show spots consist of The Westcott, The Blarney Stone and Funk n’ Waffles— where I had the pleasure of catching them in action. Monroe says touring can be the death and life of her. It gives her freedom and keeps her inspired, plus the playing and traveling and partying doesn’t hurt. At the beginning, she thought touring was the pinnacle of her career and when you’re so new to touring half of the excitement just comes from being out on the road and seeing new places, new crowds. But after the haze of innocent zeal wore off Monroe started to see what touring really was: hard work. “There’s just a lot that goes into it. Loading gear, listening to the same CD over and over again...I don’t know, parts of it can be pretty boring. And then other parts of it are fantastic,” said Monroe. “You show up and you go to clubs where nobody knows you, and there’s something really cool about that because you can be anybody to those people. There’re no preconceived notions and that’s freeing in a way, to just go out and do your thing without fears.” It’s not just the touring that can be tiring. It’s the music industry has a whole. It’s the playing and the self-promoting and the constant motion. And since the band doesn’t have booking agents or managers, all that work lands of Monroe’s shoulders. She compared the process to applying to jobs: every year they’re applying to the same jobs, hoping to play spots like the Taste of Syracuse and Fox Fest. “We need

to constantly put out new products or do something different to kind of explain to people why we’re still relevant and why they still need to have us at their festival and why what we do is worth getting compensated for,” explained Monroe. But every now and then in the midst of the hustle and yet the mundane, there’s something to remind you that all the endless hours are worth it. For Castle Creek, one of their reminders was playing with the Zac Brown Band. A few months ago, the duo got to join the famous country band on stage as their backup singers for three shows in front of 20,000 people, and Monroe said that experience had to be the highlight of her career. “You look out, and literally everywhere you look, there’s a person. I was very honored to be a part of that, and really happy I didn’t faint,” laughed the singer. As the shows continue to be played, and they continue to travel on their tours, Castle Creek has grown into their sound more and more—although they’re not even exactly sure how to categorize it. Monroe says we live in a nation of many genres. Sounds blend together and crossing over has become more popular for artists [Taylor Swift being a prime example], but if she had to pinpoint their sound, she would say its strongest elements are rock and pop; rock because it’s heavily guitar driven and pop because of the melody and harmony styles. Of course, there are hints of country and blues, even Americana, but none of them shine as brightly as the former. Monroe admits that as her guitar, profi WOUNY.COM • JUNE 2016


It’s not just the music that energizes...

ciency improves so do the artists she wants to emulate. There’s Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Grace Potter and Stevie Nicks [for instrumental inspiration, not vocal]. It’s not just their music that energizes Monroe. It’s the entity of their careers: the longevity and the consistency. The artists mentioned above are performers who have managed to stay relevant through their trials and despite their aging, which let’s face it, in this industry can be career crippling for some. But luckily for Monroe, she’s young and true talent supersedes age—so she has time. Time to play and advance her skills and get to the level she wants to reach. If that could be like Grace Potter a number of years ago when she was headlining venues the size of the Westcott Theatre consistently, that’d be good enough for her. Although Funk n’ Waffles isn’t the Westcott, the night, I saw Castle Creek, the hipster space in Armory Square was overflowing with good vibes and savory waffles and people jamming out. During their set, the band kept everyone moving on the dance floor with Eve’s haunting guitar riffs and Monroe’s raspy Christina Aguilera-ish vocals. At one point in between transitioning songs, the two looked over at each other, smiling as if they had a secret the crowd wanted to be in on. I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted to. If I had to guess, maybe it was the same thought going through my mind: Castle Creek is going places. Make sure to check out Castle Creek this summer at the Taste of Syracuse Main Stage, Darien Lake Performance Center, and the Lakeview Amphitheater. If you can’t wait until then, their music is available for download on iTunes.



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Meet Mariel Hemingway

Cambria’s Ambassador of Wellness, at the 2016 Parade of Homes!



The 2016 Parade of Homes is set to open their doors June 4th-19th in the Crane Brook development within the town of Manlius. Making an appearance at this year’s event and representing Cambria Natural Stone Surface is an actress, author and healthy lifestyle advocate, Mariel Hemingway. By: Christine Vickers

Cambria Connection When family friend and Cambria CEO Marty Davis first approached Mariel about becoming a brand advocate, she wasn’t so sure what her connection to kitchen countertops might be. Davis knew that Mariel had just come out with a cookbook, Mariel’s Kitchen and invited her to his home in Palm Springs to see the product and learn more about the company.

styles and colors that are indicative of a particular region. On the West Coast, people tend to choose white, light colors and on the east coast, people seem to choose darker more grainy color shades. Mariel also notes that Cambria products are American made and from a family-owned company, something that the close-knit Central New York community can certainly appreciate.

During the visit, Mariel soon realized that they had a natural alliance. “ I chose to represent Cambria because there were some key factors that were very much in concert with my message about healthy living and lifestyle,” Mariel shares. Those factors include Cambria’s commitment to being environmentally conscious. Materials are natural resulting in a stain a resistant non porous surface of quartz; no chemical sealants are used. “I am a big cook and natural surfaces for food preparation are important to me.” Mariel references a health and wellness book she wrote a few years back called Healthy Living from the Inside out. “In one of the chapters from my book, I talk about how each room in a home is important to our wellness, our mental well being, and our balance. In a sense, a kitchen is a representation of a home, or the heart of a home. It tends to be where we spend the most time. So, you want your kitchen to be beautiful and supportive of the joy and happiness to your life at home. “ Mariel has found that cambria quartz can do just that.

Family Ties

As her affiliation with the company has grown so has her interest in the creation and design process. “After spending time traveling around the country with Cambria, I have become fascinated with the

Family and shared values are important to Mariel Hemingway as they are for many across Upstate New York. “The older I get, the more I realize it’s about the little things, and the importance of time spent



Mariel’s own healthy lifestyle journey has been a complex one. Hailing from a famous family, where some members suffered from mental illness, she candidly tackles these issues in two recently published memoirs, Out Came the Sun and Invisible Girl. The Invisible girl is targeted towards younger readers. The books were an outgrowth of a 2013 documentary, Running from Crazy that Mariel produced as she continued to pursue a better understanding of her family history of suicide and mental illness. Mariel shares, “I felt like there was another story to be told… my story. I wanted to explore more deeply both the struggles and the joys of being part of my family.” Mariel credits the practice of Yoga as the introduction to really understanding herself. “Before Yoga, I was just trying to survive my life. Yoga has led me to a mindfulness practice of mediation that I’ve done for 30 years. I’m very grateful for this and for the life I live.”

with people that are like minded. Cambria feels like family, and the quality to their work is so good. I love traveling with them across the country; I always meet interesting, creative people. I especially enjoy visiting their plant in Minnesota and watching the craftsmen creating slabs of quartz. They are all so involved during the design and the evolution of something new and special. I like it when people feel valued, and my relationship with Cambria is with people that I value. “ More with Mariel Hemingway at www.marielhemingway.com Twitter @Mariel Hemingway For more information on Cambria and their products visit www.cambria.com Cambria is distributed locally at Busch Products www.buschproducts.com

Cambria Company LLC | 9,289,923 US Pat D713,154


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Renewal by Andersen was founded with a mission to redefine the industry and to offer a different— and better—window-replacement experience.

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How do we do it? Renewal by Andersen Signature Service: the perfect combination of the best people in the industry, a superior process, and an exclusive product. From design and sales through installation and service, we own the entire process—giving you a single point of contact and helping make replacing your windows the best home-improvement project you’ve ever done.

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3. Our exclusive Fibrex material stays strong; even after 20 years of exposure to severe hot and cold temperatures.** 4. Renewal by Andersen® windows made with Fibrex® material: no cracking, peeling, or chipping – even after more than two decades of extreme weather.***

It’s the kind of service you would expect from the Andersen name, and it’s only available at Renewal by Andersen.

5. Renewal by Andersen® windows made with Fibrex® material: tested and warranted not to crack, peel, or chip, even after 20 years.***

The best people.A superior process. An exclusive product.

6. Scientifically proven to stand the test of time.*

Renewal by Andersen Signature Service: The Better Way to a Better Window™.

*Based on testing of 10 double-hung units per ASTM E2068 20 years after installation. **Based on testing of 10 double-hung units 20 years after installation. ***See the Renewal by Andersen limited warranty for details.

Is Clutter Taking Over Your Home? By Deb Cabral, Certified Professional Organizer, The DeClutter Coach


s The DeClutter Coach my team and I work with busy families to cut the clutter, get organized and regain control of their space and time. Life is crazy! As working parents we have to juggle the never-ending responsibilities of family, home and work obligations. In addition, as “Super Moms” we volunteer for PTA, teach religious education and coach our children’s sports teams. So many responsibilities… so little time. Something has to give. Unfortunately it is usually our home. One question we hear from many of our clients is, “How can I keep my home more organized and less chaotic?” Before we can create a plan to help you manage your home, we need to determine what is causing the clutter. Below are some questions that will begin to help you get a better understanding of how and why your home may be cluttered. Do you always feel overwhelmed by clutter when you enter your home? If so, what are the major items cluttering your home? Are you overwhelmed, stressed or annoyed by the state of your home, but don’t know where to start? Are you always buying items that you really don’t need because you love to shop? Do you several times a year go through and get rid of things you don’t need or use?



Do you have problems letting go of sentimental possessions? Do you keep items that you no longer use because you think you may need or use them “some day”? Do you get rid of junk mail as soon as it comes into your home and open your mail daily to organize it/pay bills or do you let it pile up? Once you can determine how and why your home is cluttered, it is time to get motivated to break the cycle of disorganization and return peace and harmony to your home and your life. At The DeClutter Coach, we teach our clients the DOM Process- DeClutter, Organize & Maintain. To declutter is to rid your home of items you no longer need or use. Remember, visual clutter breeds mental clutter. Organizing is creating a space for everything you own so it can be easily accessible. There should be a place for everything and everything in its place. Maintaining is creating a routine to keep things in order. Keep in mind, the more you own the more you have to maintain. The most important step is to JUST START! As we tell our clients, starting is the hardest part. Commit to declutter-

ing 5-10 minutes a day everyday without fail! Select the area of your home that is causing you the most stress whether it’s the kitchen, the living room or the mudroom. Put on some comfy clothes and get working- no excuses. Small steps over the long hall yield big results! As time permits, increase your decluttering time to 30 minutes or even an hour a day. Once you have decluttered and organized one drawer, closet or room in your home it will motivate you to continue. Make it a family project. Take before and after photos for further motivation. Your home should be your sanctuary, a place to rest and rejuvenate. Don’t let clutter take over your home. Conquer it by starting today! The DeClutter Coach is a residential organizing company that focuses on motivating people to make positive changes in their lives by taking control of their space and time. We work with individuals and families to cut the clutter and break the cycle of disorganization. We create new systems and teach effective skills so our clients can get and stay organized. Our goal is to return peace and harmony to each client’s home and life. www.decluttercoachdeb. com

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is’ the season to be outside and the Heckled Hen is sharing some great ideas to have a creative yard. Decorating your plain fence will bring life to your yard, and with some creative concepts that they have for your garden or flower beds will have your neighbors wanting to compete with you. Think outside the box, stop by and find some fun things for your yard and garden.

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Perfect for placing along your flower beds and it brightens up your yard.

Find fabulous baskets for your Annuals.

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elaxation, that is what I crave after a hectic day of work. My typical workday as a designer starts off with an early-morning walk with my dog Wendell, followed by a cup of coffee. I have designed my home to provide the air of “relaxation” with the ability to unwind at the end of the day. So when I walk through my own door, I immediately feel a sense of calm. As a designer, I look forward to providing the same for my clients and assist them with many aspects of their homes. The clients that I work with all have different requests, one client needed assistance with the best placement of artwork, and new accessories for their home. My other clients who are building a new home have sought me out to guide them on choosing countertops, flooring, lighting, vanities, room colors and more. I had another client who decided to build a sunroom, but was not sure what window treatments and furniture would work about the room, so they reached out to me to assist them. We choose window treatments and furniture that created a smooth

transition between the old and the new. My day is getting to know clients and their lifestyles so that I can help them to make their home their sanctuary. Too often we are at work with loud and harsh environments. We do not notice it because we adapt to our spaces at work. However, the colors at work are not the colors that you want to have in your home.

Have you ever come home to bump into that desk or table? You say a few choice words and move on, but what if it was placed elsewhere? Do you have angry colors in your home, and each room is so differ-

ent that it is unbeknown to you? It keeps changing your mood? When you get home, you want your house to be calming. When you have colors or furniture misplaced in your home the stress of work follows you home. My goal is to help you to achieve a serene mood and a home that flows to your lifestyle. I have been working as an independent designer for over 18 years and feel as a designer it is my duty to look at each environment to determine its purpose and intent. I want to create a setting that is not only tasteful but comfortable, and to set the mood that my clients need. Remember, we all need space, but is your space working for you? If you feel that any of my design services can make your house more of a home, where you can enjoy the simple joys of your home, contact me Rene Setteneri of Rene Designs 315-627-0392. WOUNY.COM • JUNE 2016



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e have signs in our home, and entry mats that say Home Sweet Home, but is it? When we buy a home, we are excited about decorating, painting, getting new furniture and making it comfortable for the family. It is time to settle in and enjoy it for as long as you want right? Not quite, now that you have your home you need to make sure you have the home, garage, sheds and possessions protected. How much insurance should you get? What do you cover? How much coverage do you need? Do you feel that headache coming on? Many people think that insuring the home for its value is all that is necessary, well there are many other things you need to consider. Let’s look at what is inside your home. Do you have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? If you have a dog, what type is he? Now let’s take into considerate your personal assets such as furniture, art work, jewelry, fine China or vintage items. It is important to evaluate how much these items are worth and worth to you. Standard homeowner’s insurance will cover them to only certain limits. If you have items of value that exceed those amounts you should get a rider on your policy to cover them, in case they are lost, stolen or destroyed by fire. It is a good idea to take an inventory, get appraisals and take pictures. Always keep your valuables in a safe and secure place. Safe deposit boxes are also another place to keep important documents and jewelry. Now that you have taken an inventory of your possessions, access a value to it, then check your policy to make sure you have enough coverage. If you do not have 100% replacement cost, you will need to consider what it would cost to replace those items. Let’s move outside of your home and give you tips for keeping the exterior safe and insured. If you have a shed or garage is it in



good shape? It is a great idea to keep them safe and repaired at all times. The items that you have in them should be safely secured and easily assessable. You would not want to lend something to your neighbor and have a ladder fall on him as he went in to use your rake. Also, as he leaves your garage, he trips on your sidewalk that is uneven or cracked. These are things that you are responsible for maintaining keep them in good shape. If you have a dog, is he on a leash? If he is in a fenced yard is the fence high enough so that he does not get loose and attack someone? These too, are things you need to consider. Finally, you need to cover the structure itself. If you had to replace your entire home what would it cost? All of this may be overwhelming, but that is why we are here to help you through it. At GEICO, we want you to have the coverage that you need to feel safe and comfortable in your home. If you would like to review your current coverage with us, get a quote and bundle all of your insurance, we have eight agents right here in Syracuse that will review with you your coverage needs. What is even better, no appointment needed just stop by our office on Erie Blvd E. or call us for your quote at 315-479-2886.

Saving money never felt so good.

315-479-2886 2735 Erie Blvd. E, Syracuse Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or in all GEICO companies. See geico.com for more details. GEICO and Affiliates. Washington DC 20076. GEICO Gecko image Š 1999-2015. Š 2015 GEICO.




fter months of harsh weather your yard deserves a makeover. However, time, money, and experience can keep us all from trying something new. These tips from Karen Thompson, a professional gardener at Ballantyne Gardens for 11 years and a recreational gardener for 35 years, will help people with any level of experience, and budget, to make a change. Her best tip for everyone: “Start with the right soil. Then the plants will do so much better.” Slow and steady: For the beginning gardener What to try: The thought of planting an entire garden seems overwhelming. You start with one area, like a corner of your yard or a part of your porch. How to do it: Make improvements one at a time instead of trying to complete many projects simultaneously. Start with a simple herb box or buy a couple of small planters to place around your property. Petunias or geraniums do well in the sun on balconies or porches.



By: Victoria Russo Remember that you don’t need to spend a lot to get started. Invest in a good pair of gloves and keep a few tools, like a trowel and watering can, on hand for upkeep. Extra tip: Know the answers to a few key questions that will help to determine which types of plants will work best for your conditions. For example, are you planting in a sunny or shady area? What type of soil (clay, sand, etc.) do you have? Envy of your neighborhood: For the semi-experienced What to try: So you have some gardening experience, but want to try something new. If you have the means to take on a project, you can test your skills by planting a large, window box. How to do it: An easy and less-expensive option than buying many individual plants is to purchase several hanging baskets, take the plants out, and replant them in the box. Then mix in some annuals. Place them in groups of threes or fives, by color or by type, to create a balanced look. Extra tip: If you want to give your garden

a special meaning, choose a plant for a personal reason. It could have the same name as you or someone you know, or a more symbolic meaning, like red tulips, which signify true love. Out of your comfort zone: For the green thumb What to try: You’re looking for a challenge. You already know what can survive in this zone (the term for the standard that determines which plants can thrive in a certain location) so experiment with a plant native to a warmer region. How to do it: “A true gardener is always looking for something that really shouldn’t grow in this area,” Thompson says. This year she planted banana trees to give her yard a tropical feel. Take a risk with plants that will only survive the summer. Extra tip: Mix it up. Put herbs with perennials and add in some annuals. Buy a new plant, or an old favorite in a new color. Try lavender, which looks great in a container, Thompson says. If you need help getting srarted stop by and see Karen. She is there to help to help you!

Relax & Enjoy your Backyard Escape Specializing in Remodeling & Accessorizing your existing pool.

New Inground Pools starting at $24,000

with choice of Automatic Cleaner or Deck Jets

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Take the Backyard and Pond Tour Landmasters Landscape and Construction is celebrating a milestone anniversary with a Backyard and Pond Tour on Sunday, June 26th showcasing just some of the thousands of jobs completed over their twenty years in business. Landmasters owners Kim and Gail Maddox and Chuck Longyear have a unique approach to their business by not only designing with the environment in mind but also using quality products and materials sourced throughout North America. Their retail/ wholesale store “The Pond and Rock Shop” is rebranding itself to more accurately describe their

core business, which includes the broadest offering of water gardening products from pond liners, pumps, filtration systems, fish, plants, additives, Aquaponic supplies, etc. Aquaponics is the combination of fish and plants in one integrated system. The fish waste provides an organic food source for growing plants. Additionally, they have a unique offering of natural stone products sourced throughout the world, including Travertine, Marbles, Slates, etc. that can be used on the exterior or interior of your home. While offering the exotic, they also carry natural fieldstone and domestic quarry products sold by the pallet

or by each. They can also deliver and set product where desired. In addition, they stock polymeric sand, edging, bagged gravels, manufactured wall materials and pavers. Gail Maddox says, “We are known for our unique pond designs and installations recently having completed projects at both The Rosamond Gifford Zoo and The Wild. In addition to installing water features we also service them. We have many customers for whom we start up or close down their ponds and maintain throughout the season.”

20th Anniversary

Backyard and Pond Bus Tour A portion of the proceeds will go to the Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation.

Sunday June 26, 2016 • 9:00am - 4:00pm • $20- Lunch included Enjoy visiting 8 beautiful backyards created by Landmasters while you ride in a luxury, air conditioned coach bus.

Landmasters owners

Gail and Kim Maddox

Purchase tickets at www.decluttercoachdeb.com There will be door prizes and all attendees will receive a goodie bag. Bus pick up and drop off is at Landmaster’s Showroom, 5607 Business Avenue, Cicero, NY

Learn more about Landmasters at www.landmasters.net A portion of the proceeds will go to the Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation.

with Jim and Juli Boe heim

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Winding Down Naturally


t’s been a long day, and by the end of that day muscles are stiff and your feeling a few aches and pains. Have you ever noticed that when this occurs, you also start to favor the area that is hurting? The pain causes you to grimace, and if it is your neck, you can barely turn it. Much of this can come from being in front of a computer all day, stress and more. First, find ways to channel your stress so you are not internalizing it. Second, take breaks from your desk, get up move around and do neck stretches. Third, get a massage and work the knots out of your neck and shoulders. Did you know that the benefits of getting a massage can help you feel much better? We make time to visit the doctor when we do not feel well or go to the dentist when we have a toothache, but we do not do anything when we are stressed or our muscles ache. Did you know that massage dates back over 5,000 years when Buddhist monks found that massage was an important part of healing the process? The use of massage was to help with the body’s imbalance and deficiencies. The ancient Egyptians used it to relieve pain, and it was also a part of relaxation for those of status. Over time, different methods of massage were used to help a variety of illnesses. Now, fast-forward to today, according to mayoclinic.org “massage therapy that it is an effective method of reducing stress, muscle pain and tension.” Today we still use many of the methods of the ancients, and many doctors are also incorporating massage therapy to go hand and hand with conventional treatment. There are many types of massage that you can choose to use to feel better. Hot Stone massage is when heated stones are placed on you to allow for the it to penetrate the areas of discomfort and provide more relief. Trigger Point massage focuses on your most painful areas to relieve pain. Swedish massage is a complete body massage which will give you a total body distressing and gets your circulation moving thus clearing out your lymphatic system. Some companies offer employees chair massages to help with their productivity and decreased time off from work. So, what is stopping you from feeling better? Has your day been overbearing? Did you work out harder than you should have? Maybe you should consider having a massage.



Rachel McClean, owner of Terra Organic Spa takes her services to a whole new level and also incorporates skin care based services. The boutique health spa, offers professional services to support positive transformation in people’s lives. They will design your massage therapy sessions for relaxation, rejuvenation, pain relief and injury prevention. Their Skin-care treatments are designed to provide results using organic products and clinical methods. Their customer focus lets them strive to enhance your health and assist you in meeting your personal goals. Learn more about Terra Organic Spa by visiting their website at www.terraorganicspa.com or call them at 6370767 and rejuvenate yourself.






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ONLY $10/mo.* Enrollment includes: Unlimited Classes: Zumba, Pilates, Cycling Kick Boxing, Boot Camp Access to any Facility, Complimentary Towel use, Guest Pass & more.

EXPIRES 6/30/2016

Requires one year enrollment. * See club for details.




By: Mary McCandless

egacy, as defined by Vocabulary.com is “something handed down from one generation to the next.”. Legacy comes from the Latin verb, legare “to appoint by a last will, send as an ambassador.” Originally, the noun meant “ambassador” or “envoy” but soon shifted to mean; the money and property a person leaves behind in his will.

touched to do the same and through that she created a legacy that others will pass down to future generations. Mothers will share her stories with their children and then with the grandchildren to come. Legacies come in many different ways and what you do with your life does not have to change the world, but if it changes a few, you have created your legacy.

However, we now tend to use this word to identify those who have made a mark in life, someone notable. Their concern for their positions in life is what people will remember as their legacy. For example, she was a great leader and fought over the rights of women. Her legacy will influence women in the future.

I would like my legacy to be that I was not afraid to experience new things, learn and share my wisdom with others. Years ago, I wanted to start my bucket list early, why not? Who says that you have to wait?


What baffles me is why do we reserve this right for those who are in a position of power or famous? Why in the world would we the average person not have the same right? We do! Good, Bad or ugly our lives are our legacies. It is not necessary to make a mark on everything we do, nor do we have to broadcast our achievements. We should, however, cause a change each day that we live, whether helping someone cross the street, donating your time or money, everything you do is part of your legacy.

I made a list of all the things I wanted to do, and have done most of them. A few are a bit far fetched such as being a walk on in a comedy sitcom. It has not happened yet, but I have not given up on it.

So what is your legacy? It is not reserved for only the notables of the world but for us too. You can now get started on your own list. I am sure that you already have one, whether you have it in writing or not, it is there. If you think back on what you have done and what you plan to do you will find quite a bit of great things that should be shared with your family and friends. It may seem to be small bits and pieces, but to those who know you, it is special.


I had a conversation once with an older lady who said, “when I am gone on no one will remember me, nor will they care.” My response was “that could not be farther from the truth” She may have not changed the world, but she did for the people who were a part of her world. She did not have much, but her love, humor and helpfulness were more than most give in a lifetime. When she eventually passed many were sad, and the stories shared were immense thus showing that she made a difference. She touched lives and helped those she



Remember, we only get one chance to be, so be who and what you want, and leave a legacy for those you leave behind. That is what your legacy should be.


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All Tummy Tucks are Not “The Same!” BEFORE


Stop by our office and learn why! Over 30 years of experience we offer the following services: • Abdominoplasty • Breast Augmentation • Botox • Facial Peels • Fillers - Juvederm, Restalyne, Radiesse, Beltero, Scuptra • Liposuction • Rhinoplasty


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The Miracle of Mending Little Hearts By: Christine Vickers


en years ago, Onondaga Hill resident Judy Walsh was twenty weeks pregnant with her second child when she and her husband Joe went in for what she expected to be a routine ultrasound. Everything looked fine, but the radiologist could not seem to get a good look at the baby’s heart and advised coming in a few weeks later to check it again. “I had been having a normal pregnancy and went back by myself for the ultrasound,” shares Judy. “I had no reason to believe that anything would be wrong.” But, in fact, something was very wrong. Her baby’s heart was not looking normal. Judy was immediately referred to a pediatric cardiologist and after some discrepancies during further testing, it was confirmed that the baby had a Congenital Heart Defect. (CHD) Neither Judy nor Joe had any history of heart issues of this kind, and this diagnosis seemed to come out of nowhere. Indeed, every year, approximately 40,000 children in the United States are born with some type of CHD, with the condition affecting 1 out of every 100 children. Judy and Joe’s daughter, whom they would name Maggie, had one of the most serious CHDs. Maggie would be born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). The simple translation was that she was born without a left ventricle and only half her heart. This condition can be dire and is extremely rare affecting only 1% of the overall children diagnosed with a CHD. Upon the diagnosis, Judy and Joe were given four options: abort the pregnancy; engage in compassionate care after Maggie’s birth, put her on a heart transplant list and wait for a donor or commit to three stages of heart surgeries the first of which would be performed at two days old. “If we had

put her on a transplant list most likely she would have died waiting for one as it is rare to get a baby heart,“ Judy says. “We knew immediately that we would do anything that we needed to do and moved forward planning for the surgeries.” Two days after Maggie’s birth she was transported to Rochester’s Strong Memorial Hospital where Dr. George Alfieris a thoracic and pediatric cardiac surgeon performed the first of a three-stage process to repair her heart. The first surgery had a 75% success rate, and Judy notes that there were many ups and downs following the operation, subsequent surgeries had higher rates of success. Maggie’s second surgery was at nine months and the third at age five. “When a child has a heart defect, unlike cancer, it is not something that you can see,” Judy says. “The reality is that it’s very common. It is the number-one birth defect. More children die from CHDs than all types of pediatric cancer.” The Little Heart That Could Now ten years old,Maggieisa 4th grader at Cherry Road Elementary in the Westhill School District. She is a member of the Camillus swim team, plays basketball and soccer and loves to play outside. Judy reports that though Maggie does receive support services for reading, math, speech and occupational therapy, there are no limitations on her. The long-term prognosis is still unknown as the oldest living children with HLHS are now just in their thirties. Judy says that Maggie is a “roll with the punches” type of girl and is very caring and friendly, always taking time to make sure that others feel included. Sibling Love

and Joe is how their oldest daughter Abbi has handled having a sibling with a serious illness. Twelve-year Abbi recently won an essay contest from the Paint Westvale Purple Board of Directors.. Abbi’s persuasive essay on Congenital Heart Defects and her sister’s experience resulted in funds from a local race being donated to Mended Little Hearts, an organization that is very meaningful to her family. Education and Awareness Shortly after Maggie’s last surgery at age 5, in 2011 Judy started a local chapter of the national organization Mended Little Hearts. Her goal is to provide support and hope to area families and in particular, to incorporate siblings in functions and activities. Activities have included making care bags for families with children diagnosed with a CHD, fielding a team to walk in the Syracuse Heart Walk and simply being a listening ear. Judy notes, “I wouldn’t be who I am today if this experience had not happened. It has made me stronger, defined my priorities and heightened my empathy. You never know what someone might be going through; everyone has something and we need to be understanding and there for each other. “ The Walsh family is leading by example as they continue to seek opportunities to provide education, support and awareness to those affected with Congenital Heart Defects. For more information on CHD’s visit the national organization of at www.mendedlittlehearts.org Connect with local families and resources at Mended Little Hearts of Syracuse on Facebook

Comparison and care are strong family traits as another source of pride for Judy WOUNY.COM • JUNE 2016


Embracing Age Improves Lives

LucianoMiceliphotography 315-944-8212


Head Trauma: What You Need to Know Neurosurgeon Eric Deshaies, MD Tells Us the Importance of Awareness


nfortunately, most of us have had experience in head trauma. If we have children in sports, we have questioned its seriousness. As well, there are many summertime activities that put us as risk of a head injury be it swimming, biking, running and more. Believe it or not, many people think that head injuries are considered an endurable and tolerable risk when engaging in sports. However, there are definitely ways in which we can better protect ourselves and our children. We decided to go straight to the source for answers. I met with Eric M. Deshaies, MD, FACS, FAANS, Neurosurgeon at Crouse Neuroscience Institute in Syracuse. He is one of few nationwide, trained to perform both minimally invasive brain procedures and traditional open neurosurgery and the only neurosurgeon in Central New York. Dr. Deshaies is the Medical Director for Endovascular and Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery and specializes in brain aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations of the brain and spinal cord, stroke rescue therapies and skull base and brain stem tumor surgery. “There are several different types of head injuries and all of them must be taken seriously,” said Deshaies. “Often, head injuries go unnoticed by coaches and parents. Even mild head injuries can have effects that add-up over days or weeks and could cause long-term effects,” Deshaies added. Head injuries are injuries to the skull, brain or scalp caused by trauma. Dr. Deshaies said, “Concussions are the most common types of sports-related brain injury and happens when there has

By: Kristen Penfield been a blow to the head causing a person to be stunned, dazed or confused.” Concussions can be mild or severe. Deshaies told me that symptoms could include headache, nausea, confusion and certainly in severe cases, loss of consciousness. “With a head injury, there is a possibility of a bruise on the brain that can cause swelling or bleeding,” said Deshaies. “A CT or MRI scan is used to diagnose head injuries and evaluate any damage,” he added. All head injuries should be taken seriously and assessed by a doctor.

“We must be vigilant in protecting our head and recognize the symptoms of head trauma,” insisted Deshaies. He has had parents, and coaches refer to a child’s head injury as ‘just a concussion’. It’s surprising, he explained that many kids with head injuries go right back into the game. Deshaies acknowledged that in sports such as football and hockey, improved helmet design has helped reduce concussions, but does not eliminate them. Putting a child back into a game after a minor head injury doesn’t assure that they will be playing to the best of their ability. We must be

Dr. Eric Deshaies smart and take each case seriously. In other activities such as biking, rollerblading, and many more we like to enjoy during the summer. It is imperative that wear a helmet. Realizing some may not like the appearance of a helmet, or think it not to be cool, it certainly is much more uncool to experience a traumatic head injury – something to think about. Swimming/diving is another summer activity with which we should be very cautious. It can cause neck injury and of course, the risk of drowning. Though have fun we will this summer, we should all simply be aware of risks and symptoms of head injury. The more we are aware, the less risk involved. “Think of it as preventative medicine,” said Deshaies. “We know better and should always be cautious of protecting our head no matter what we are doing.” Deshaies still sees patients with head trauma related to not wearing a seatbelt. Most mild head injuries are just that and do not require hospitalization. If symptoms persist, take adequate time to rest and recover. But if there are more severe symptoms such as bleeding, unconsciousness, loss of balance, or more, call 9-1-1 or go to the ER immediately. Have fun this summer…but BE SAFE! Dr. Eric Deshaies is located at the Crouse Neuroscience Institute at 739 Irving Avenue, Suite 600, Syracuse. He and his team can be reached at 315.701.2550.



LET US CATER YOUR NEXT PARTY OR EVENT View Full Menu Options online at www.myavicollis.com

Primi/Appetizers Half Full Mozzarella Sticks Chicken Fingers Combo Platters


Italian Roasted Potatoes Mixed Vegetables Meatballs with Sauce Italian Sausage Sausage, Peppers & Onions

Insalada/Salads Tossed Salad Chef Salad Antipasto Salad Caprese Salad

Melanzane/Eggplant Eggplant Parmigiana Eggplant Rollatini

$40 $45 $50

$75 $80 $85

$28 $28 $35 $35 $45

$45 $45 $65 $65 $75

$25 $35 $45 $45

$40 $50 $70 $70

$40 $45

$65 $75


Tomato Sauce Meat Sauce Vodka Sauce Ravioli w/Tomato Sauce Chicken Riggies Tortellini Alfredo

Baked Meat Lasagna Stuffed Shells Baked Ziti Baked Manicotti

7839 Oswego Rd.

$50 $70 $70 $70 $90 $70

$50 $40 $35 $40

$85 $70 $65 $70

$55 $60 $60 $60 $60 $50

$85 $95 $95 $95 $95 $85


Chicken Parmigiana Chicken Scallopini Chicken Catcciatore Chicken Francese Chicken Marsalla Roasted Chicken

3 OFF LUNCH Entree

$30 $40 $40 $40 $55 $45

Pasta Al Forno/Baked Pasta



Buy 1 Lunch Entree, Get $3 off 2nd Lunch Entree Valid Mon.-Sat.with this coupon. Limit one per customer. Not valid with other offers. Expires 6/30/16 Valid in Formal Dining Area Only

Half Full


Buy 1 Dinner Entree, Get $6 off 2nd Dinner Entree Valid Sun.-Thurs.with this coupon. Limit one per customer. Not valid with other offers. Expires 6/30/16 Valid in Formal Dining Area Only


Rt. 57 Liverpool


is a family owned and operated company that has been Secretly providing your neighbors with resort vaca7ons right in their own backyard since 1986. Liverpool Pool & Spa has stayed successfully focused on what we have been doing well for over 26 years. Stop in and relax with one of our highly trained, low pressure associates to see all we have to offer. With over 30 models on display we have the best selecJon in CNY.

HOURS: Mon.-­‐Thurs. 9-­‐7 • Fri. 9-­‐6 • Sat. 9-­‐4 • Sun. 11-­‐4

414-­‐0741|6804 Manlius Center Road East Syracuse|liverpoolpoolandspa.com



ALAN BYER VOLVO (315) 471-6107

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