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thankUfor40YEARS of intensive caring for newborns+families

More than four decades ago, Crouse Hospital introduced our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Today, we’ve grown to become the premier—and highest level—NICU in the region. And we continue to grow, with a dedicated staff of renowned neonatologists, nurses and pediatric specialists who care for more than 1,000 infants annually from an area that stretches north to Canada and south to the Pennsylvania border. Together, we’re celebrating 40 years of intensive caring for the region’s tiniest premature and critically ill newborns and their families.

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t was the last week of school and there was a dance in the gym. I was 13 years old. My friends gathered around me to form a small circle. To on lookers, it probably looked like one of those moments you see at the movies; where it’s a group that’s slow dancing together as we all tearfully promise undying friendship until we’re old and gray. The truth was I was being taken down, and hard. The group leader spoke up: “Everyone who thinks Molly has totally changed and is one of ‘them’ now raise your hand.” I looked around at my closest friends and their upward stretched arms. You couldn’t pay me enough money to go back to middle school. Thankfully, I could find a few good (new) friends by high school, and I ran in much smaller circles for the next four years. However, the drama will still rear its ugly head from time to time. Petty secret e-mail chains, gossip, bullying, not getting invited to the party- did I mention these are the problems of my adult friends today?



Fitting In By: Molly Lizzio, LMFT

The thing is these problems never really go away. And it’s not just the small stuff anymore, life millstones get thrown into the mix now, and no one is exempt from those stings. They look like being single when everyone else is getting married, being childless while everyone is at Mommy & Me, career standstills while everyone around you is climbing the ladder, still working 40 hours while those around you are retired and traveling, or being the only one in your friend group with no grand kids. The magnitude of not hitting these milestones with the rest of your peers carries a different burden than not fitting in with your friend group at the middle school dance. What ends up happening and how we cope is we break off into groups of people that are most like ourselves. Sometimes it’s about the big stuff like hanging out with other couples, or people who have kids, and sometimes it’s smaller stuff based on interests: yoga friends, foodie friends, people who also watch House of Cards. There’s a group for everyone. In a way, these groups aren’t far off from popular kids, nerds, jocks, etc.. It still creates a sense of otherness. It can be seen as something that divides us. However, in the moment, it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like “I’ve found my tribe of people who also don’t eat gluten!” And bonds form. These groups are born out of shared common ground, but at some point what happens is suddenly the conversation switches to the most-recent episode of

The Walking Dead (which you don’t watch), and immediately you’re out of the conversation. This is where it can get really complicated, because we break off into these sub groups all with similar interests and ideals. But somehow within those groups there is another microcosm of society as a whole. You may all have something in common like Cross Fit, but the best people in class will somehow all be friends with each other, then there will be the group that just like the workouts and come to have fun. Even the sub group of Cross Fit gets broken down into its smallest components. It’s in these ways that we’re all forever young, forever feeling separate and left out. This happens at any age. Back in high school and you didn’t fit in with the popular kids, or weren’t pretty enough, smart enough, sporty enough, cool enough- what it boiled down to “is that you just weren’t enough.” Now plug those “not enough” feelings into a life milestone like starting a family. Imagine it’s something you desperately want, and haven’t been able to do for one reason or another. Imagine the scope of “not enough” feelings then. It’s important to be sensitive to the missed milestones that hurt others. What you feel is a harmless question, out of curiosity, could be the biggest sore spot of someone’s life right now. Recognize that there is a small teenager in that other person, who is feeling insecure and different, even if she isn’t showing it on the outside. That fearful

teen girl resides in us all. As adults, we look back on the hurt of teenagers who don’t fit in, and we see as clear as the day how it doesn’t have to hurt that bad, it feels unnecessary, and we want to tell them “It won’t be this way for long.” In many ways, we’re right. The small hurts will go away; however, we as adults leave out in our advice is that the hurt that exits will get replaced with other, usually much larger hurt. In some ways, I believe we’re hard wired for this kind of struggle. We derive our most important lessons from those feelings of “not enough” and “not there yet.” They are lessons of patience, love, humility, empathy, understanding, and courage. We can get so hung up on not fitting in that we forget all the ways we fit perfectly. We take the beautiful gift of our human experience for granted. Forgive yourselves and others for not fitting into perfect subcategories at exactly the right time. Not fitting in is such an illusion manifested by our ego. The fact that we’re all so completely different, and all face struggles of inadequacy and hurt is the very thing we all share. It’s like that saying, “change is the only constant”; absolutely, everyone feels like they don’t fit in somehow, really none of us ever fit in- therefore, we all fit together. The hurts of not being where you want to be, is hard enough, don’t add onto that hurt by looking around at others and using their place as evidence of your own lesser status.



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Dermal Fillers: Erasing Years without Surgery


By: Kristen Penfield,with Beth Phillips, RPAC

ow can this be? How can it be that we’ve reached this age? So quickly, it seems? We can remember our mother at the same age…our grandmother, too. They were “older” than we were at this age – weren’t they…weren’t they? Most of us have asked these questions as we gaze into the mirror. We ponder the wrinkles that have ambushed our once flawless, youthful skin. We try over-the-counter products that insist we will look at least 10 years younger in less than five seconds. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Nope, it is still there. Sigh. Our facial muscles are closer to our skin surface making smile lines and crow’s feet more distinguished looking. I mean, noticeable. Gravity grabs a vicious hold of us, and we look older, more tired.

Xeomin. “Those products stop the action of the muscle that causes certain wrinkles in the first place.” Fillers, on the other hand, are injected under the skin to “plump” the area of concern. “Sometimes the gel is placed very superficially to diminish fine lines, or other times it is placed deeper to add volume.” “Fillers give instant results and a patient can walk out looking younger than when they walked in.”

Beth Phillips, RPAC, our go-to consultant says, “As we age, our face naturally loses fatty tissue. There are ways we can dramatically improve a woman’s appearance and bring back a more youthful look without having to endure surgery.” Phillips added, “The facial skin also sags as we age as the result of loss of facial volume. Of course, some of the other factors that affect our skin are sun exposure, lifestyle and heredity.”

What’s more, Phillips said that dermal fillers “have excellent biocompatibility” which means side effects or allergic reactions are rare. Commonly, slight temporary bruising occurs, but most patients feel that the benefit is well worth it. Most fillers last 9-12 months, while some can last up to two years. These convenient treatments help to erase the years and increase self-confidence. “The joy we witness when a woman (or man, yes, guys use it too!) She sees herself after dermal filler is absolutely priceless,” said Phillips. “Your face is obviously important and should only be treated

Beth tells us that fillers are often confused with paralytic agents such as Botox and

There are several different fillers. Hyaluronic acid gels( Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Belotero), calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), collagen and autologous tissue are very commonly used. Not every filler is right for every type of wrinkle. By using the correct filler, we can see the best results. All are approved by the FDA.

by a well-trained professional.” Most people think of fillers for their face, but some are also FDA-approved for use in rejuvenating hands. Other common areas that fillers are used include thinning lips, depressed scars and in genital rejuvenation. With such an array of options, it is a relatively simple procedure to help restore a more youthful look. Nevertheless, still, no one filler can address every patient’s concern. It should be tailored to each person’s needs in order to get the results desired. During the initial consultation, Dr. Deboni, Dr. Baum, Beth Phillips PA-C or Kristyna Giancola PA-C will discuss each patient’s desires and help them choose which treatment is right for them. “We strive to give realistic expectations for what we can achieve, we hope to build a relationship with our patients to provide the best outcomes as their needs evolve.” We honestly believe that 60 is the new 30. Refreshing your appearance most often boosts confidence. Why accept what you see in the mirror if you don’t feel that it portrays the way you feel inside? Do something about it! For additional information on Dermal fillers and all other procedures offered at CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery visit:



Your Beautiful on the Inside, Let it Show on the OUTSIDE TOO!

How much are you spending on Creams, Lotions, Masks, that do not work? Join Us February 23rd. 5 - 8 pm for our OPEN HOUSE at our New Location 5898 Bridge St. meet the Doctors and staff! Stop in and enjoy some hors d’oeuvres and learn more about us and how you can bring back the pears in your cheeks, eliminate the fine lines for a fraction of what you spend in a year! * no obligation informational seminar




1:30 PM

Confidently You

The team at CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Anthony Deboni and Dr. Gregory Baum, have one goal in mind — to help you look and feel your best. Whether you want to look younger and more radiant or contour your body for a more flattering figure, they achieve beautiful results that can enhance your confidence.      

Botox® & Dermal Fillers Micro Needling Chemical Peels Laser Skin Rejuvenation Laser Skin Tightening Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Acne Treatments ClearToe Laser Toenail Fungus Treatments Facelift & Neck Lift Breast Augmentation, Lift & Reduction Liposuction Tummy Tuck and more...

Call for a Free Consultation: 315-329-6602 Financing Available



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Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons, Drs. Baum and Deboni, along with Beth Phillips, RPAC and Kristyna Giancola, RPAC possess years of specialized training, decades of combined experience and an outstanding dedication to patient care.

5898 Bridge Street East Syracuse

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rouse Hospital’s Physical Rehabilitation team provides the area’s premier outpatient rehabilitation therapies. And with our new, expanded location in East Syracuse, we’re more convenient than ever. Our services include: orthopedic and sports rehab | post-stroke neurological care | evaluations and treatments for TMJ | neurospinal therapy | vestibular (dizziness) evaluations and treatments | speech therapy and more. When you want to return to doing what you love, say “Take me to Crouse.” 5000 Brittonfield Pkwy. Suite A123, East Syracuse 315/766-1720

739 Irving Ave. Across from Crouse Hospital 315/470-7531

Plenty of free parking at both locations!

Physical Rehabilitation


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Viva La Resolution! By:Jennifer Nastasi-Guzelak


fter a season of too many cookies, several pieces of pie, and a half dozen holiday parties, it’s no wonder that a vow to lose weight and get in shape would follow. To many of us this means dusting off our scales, getting a membership at our local gym, and making a desperate attempt to be a frequent flyer at our local health food store.

With our gym bags packed, we solemnly swear that 2016 will be different! This year, were going to make good on our resolutions! Here a few tips to help you get back on track: Make a commitment. Though you may have good intentions, sticking with a weight loss program is a lot of hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have to approach it as you would a job. It is your responsibility to show up, do the work, and give it your all. Don’t give up so easily! Repeat after me: One minor slip-up does not mean your attempt to lose weight was a failure! Don’t judge your success on the basis of “one bad day” or “one bad meal.” Stay focused on the bigger picture. Keep a food journal. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but keeping a food journal is a vital part of staying motivated. If you don’t eat according to your goals, you can’t expect to reach them! Be specific about your goals. Saying that you want to lose weight is way too vague. You need to set specific goals, such as “I want to lose ten pounds in six weeks” or “I want to run a mile in a month.” Establish a plan to reach your goal. Say things like, “I’m going to take Spin Class three times a week” or “I’m going to eat smaller portions at each meal”. This way you will be accountable for the plan you’ve established. Put a picture on the fridge! Yes, the infamous picture. Cut out a photo of how you would like to look or find an old “skinny” photo. Hang it on the fridge or somewhere you will see it for inspiration. Join a gym. You can take advantage of the group fitness classes they have and even hire a personal trainer to help steer you in the right direction. Check out the special rates and numerous classes at Champions Fitness Center in Cicero! Unmistakably, a gym where your health and fitness goals matter.

Champions Fitness Center member Bambi Purcell

Find a gym buddy. Play dates are always fun! Besides, studies show that people are much more successful at achieving and maintaining their goals when they work with others who share similar commonalities. Stay on course! You are going to make mistakes from time to time, but never use it as an excuse to give up. This year, resolve to take it one day, one meal, and one pound at a time. Sure there will be minor setbacks. It’s how you handle them that counts. Good luck and Happy New Year! WOUNY.COM • JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2016


fresh face of upstate ny

Sarah Flick T

By: Amari D. Pollard

ucked away at the corner of East Genesee Street in Fayetteville rests a Greek revival house. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people pass by it every day unaware of the history they leave behind. And within those walls, at the center of historic memories, sits one young woman dedicated to making sure people remember the fight for women’s rights, justice and liberty. After graduating from The Maxwell School at Syracuse University with a degree in policy studies and political science, Sarah Flick found herself volunteering at The Matilda Gage Foundation as a part of the Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights program. As a volunteer she spent a lot of time with young girls striving to be agents of change. Their commitment and deep interest in social justice issues amazed her, and was a significant factor in pushing her to apply for the Site Director position when it opened in 2013. “These girls, they just blow me away,” said Flick. “They were talking about Margaret Atwood in their applications, and they know what The Second Shift is, and the first day we write down all the things they want to talk about and they’re bringing up things like meninism…. They’re an incredibly well educated and engaged bunch of young women.” The ambassador program is now in its fourth year and Flick admits managing it is her favorite part of the job. The program accepts applicants from high schools all over the area. This year there are 20 girls participating from 11 high schools, as far away as Hilton High School in Rochester to as close as Fayetteville-Manlius and Nottingham. Although the program is still evolving, Flick best describes it as a social justice training program for girls to receive a crash course in feminism and various social justice topics. Through dialogue, conventions, public speaking and volunteerism they gain the skills needed to go out into the world and become agents of change, just like Matilda. This year the girls saw the influential movie



Suffragette, visited the LGBT Resource Center in Syracuse and will later travel to New York City to visit the U.N. and meet with NGOs. The program has more events planned for the upcoming year such as a feminism and masculinity conference for high school boys on April 2. The idea came about after the girls expressed how important feminism is for boys, and how gender roles negatively affect them as well. In recent years, feminism has marched back into the spotlight with issues such as equal pay, sexual and reproductive health, and violence against women taking precedence. More and more people are stepping out as feminists, but that doesn’t come without backlash. Some people tend to shy away from the word feminist because of its association with "man- hating," but Flick clarifies that at the core of its definition is equality. And that’s what Matilda Gage symbolizes. “So much of Gage’s work is relevant today; what she wrote about human trafficking, and the separation of church and state,” said

Flick. “She was talking about things like reproductive rights back in the 1850s, and that’s still a highly contentious issue." Flick has always considered herself a feminist, and says she was exposed to feminist ways at a young age. Her parents like to tell her of the (now) funny altercation that happened between them after Flick's father let her watch Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. He didn't tell her mom they were going to watch the film, and she got upset because she didn't want her daughter to see Princess Leia in a bikini. She thought it was a terrible message for a young woman. And although not the type to react and yell, Flick's mom got so angry that she threw the VHS tape into their driveway. It's safe to say the tape didn't make it, but the message behind destroying it did — even though it didn't really sink in for Flick until later. But now, she definitely knows where her feminism comes from. Years later and having fully embraced her sense of feminism, Flick is now the sole paid employee of The Matilda Gage Joslyn Foundation. As Site Director there is not much Flick doesn't do. While her list of


Sarah Flick

"I get to work in the home, in the space where one of the most important women in our nation's history made a difference every day. Same floorboards...and that makes it worth it."

responsibilities such as overseeing the house, running the Girl Ambassadors program, and working the gift shop can be daunting, she says helping to keep Gage’s memory alive makes it all worthwhile. To simply explain the importance of Gage and her message in a brief synopsis is almost impossible because there are so many facets of her life to discuss. And that’s where the foundation comes into play, to educate generations about her work and dedication to women’s rights and human liberation in a society so uncomfortable with contemporary social reformation. The Gage house has become a second home to Flick. Although she’s not sure how long her stay will be, she’s happy with the work she’s doing for the foundation and plans to stay in the field of women’s advocacy work. Sometimes it can seem like it's all work and no play for Flick, but she knows how to take full advantage of her free time. A perfect day off for her would probably involve cooking a vegetarian Indian meal before snuggling into the couch to watch Star Wars: A New Hope and then falling asleep between the lines of a good book like Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me. When she gets those rare, quiet moments, Flick makes sure to relish in them. But at the same time, work can be just as fun for her. When you believe in something so much, and want to see it flourish, it’s hard to look at work as “work.” That's why each new day with the foundation is an exciting one for Flick. “A lot of people don’t know we exist,” said Flick. “But when they do come, there are these moments on tour when people realize, ‘Oh my God, this woman is amazing how did I not know about her?’ It happens all the time, and I want it to happen more.” WOUNY.COM • JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2016


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When great doctors work with a highly skilled, committed and caring staff, the outcome is patient satisfaction. At Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY, great effort is put forth to let patients know they matter. It’s not just their advanced treatments and technology, it’s the spirit of every physician and employee that offers hope and a partnership to walk the journey together, committed to the best possible outcome.  At HOA, everything matters!

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The Island Girl Living Diet:

Activate your life!


By Linda Quinn, MS, RDN

he reason to seek out movement and foods from the Earth, isn’t about weight loss or vanity. It’s about your life force. When you move your body, muscle cells are activated. However, it is so much more than that. Movement can activate all our cells. Humans have up to 200 million trillion cells! There are 200 different types of cells that include fat cells, blood cells, neural cells, skin cells, and so much more. By activating these cells, you provide your body with the opportunity for growth. Aging is a simple case of deactivation, dimming down the lights. New research on Epigenetics shows that we can change our genetic destiny and keep our lights shining bright. We can continue to grow at any age.

experience will improve your digestion, protect you from disease and promote cellular activation and growth. And when you add more, those benefits magnify. There is a great benefit to eating any and all edible plants. In fact, in any given plant, there are hundreds of substances like vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. We continue to find through research all the amazing benefits these substances can provide.

Choose life. Once you decide that you want to keep your synapses’ firing and your cells activated, movement becomes your friend, your buzz. It’s not just about running marathons. It’s about making every movement count. When you walk, sit and stand, learn to activate your muscles. Instead of depending on your bones to hold you up, you should think about all the muscles wrapped around those bones. Use them to stand, move and live.

Whether in Upstate New York, on a Caribbean island or anywhere, the key to true culinary enjoyment is freshness. The closer to the ground you obtain your food, the fresher and more alive it will taste.

Once you start the activation process, you will need fuel. Cells need energy to grow. The superior fuel to produce that energy comes from the earth. Plants are the key to optimizing your life force. That’s because plants contain thousands of substances that promote growth and health. A plantbased diet provides optimal nutrition. Research shows that simply adding just one plant food to your diet can dramatically change your health. Whether you munch an apple, add a banana to your cereal or add a little lettuce to your sandwich, it matters. Adding a plant to your eating


Whenever you are cooking or eating, commit to adding a plant to the mix. Even if you can’t eat this way all the time, make an intention and build from there. Habits aren’t changed in a day. They are built over time. Start slow and make it permanent. Build your new fabulous life one salad at a time.

Island Girl Living Diet. I like to emphasize the word “living” because you want to eat plants as close to being picked as you can. The Island Girl Living Diet can vary depending on where you live and what grows around you. You can find fresh, but it takes effort. Your food should be the most important thing you buy. In this culture, it’s not. When you change that dynamic, you will see the health you always dreamed of. Think quality, not quantity. Breakfast: Eat within 2 hours of waking. Fresh fruit: 1-2 cups Cereal: Look for 4 or more grams fiber with under 10 grams of sugar.


Nuts: 1 ounce I eat walnuts but any nut will do. Hemp -1teaspoon Flax seed meal-1 teaspoon Soy milk-1/2-1 cup Look for “GMO project label” on carton. Island add in: Fresh coconut! 1/4c Sprinkle with cinnamon Some people like smoothies as opposed to cereal. Make sure to add in a fiber source like Flax or Chia. Fiber is your friend to keep your gastrointestinal cells happy and healthy. Lunch: The Big Salad. The real trick to this is the greens. Finding your “greens source” is a critical part of your diet. Whether you like sprouts, bitter greens, micro-greens, or all the above, this is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. The farmer I know cuts the greens while I hold the bucket! In Central New York go to the Regional Market and grab some fresh cut “Green House” greens. Find out about Micro-greens at Main Street Farm! Add-ins: chick peas, carrots, celery, any and all vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, coconut, and fresh cheese (from Wake Robin Farm). Topping: Add high quality oils, vinegars and herbs. Dinner Balance your meal with vegetables, fruits, protein and starch. Although many people are moving away from a highly starched diet, you need some grain and starchy vegetables for nutrition and satisfaction. Whole grains contain B vitamins and fiber. Adding a starch may decrease your desire for treats and snacks later in the evening.

Create a meal that satisfies and sustains you. Protein: Fresh fish, beans, peas, tofu, nuts and seeds are best. Starches: Quinoa, whole wheat couscous, el dente pasta, sweet potatoes, corn and brown rice. Vegetables and fruit: Make sure at least half your plate is vegetables and fruit. Go to the Farmer’s Market and learn about the growing season and eat through the

seasons. You will live as one with your environment. Learn simple cooking techniques and allow the flavor and goodness to shine through. Fat: Look for high quality oils and don’t be afraid to use them. Fat is needed to absorb the plant nutrients you are eating. Aim for 2 tablespoons daily. Dessert Try one ounce of high quality dark chocolate and/or fresh fruit.

The Island Girl Living Diet is eating the best foods you can find and activating your body. Take the journey this winter with me as I eat so close to the ground I’m kissing it! Be the change you want to see in the world. Peace, love, grace and gratitude. Linda Quinn, MS, RDN is owner of Island Girl Living, LLC. Next month learn about becoming a Scavenger.



By: Molly English-Bowers


t’s difficult to find anyone who has not been touched by cancer in some way. Whether the ill person is a family member or friend, a co-worker or even yourself, cancer of all types is the second-leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. For Susan Bertrand, the death of her sister Maureen from a rare form of cancer has brought her in touch with thousands of people who either had or have cancer, or know someone that does. Her non-profit foundation, Maureen’s Hope, based in Baldwinsville, uses purple as its symbolic color, because, Bertrand says, “purple is the color that represents all cancers.” Indeed, sitting in her compact but centrally located office at the main intersection in Baldwinsville, Bertrand is surrounded with all things’ aubergine. The foundation’s logo is that color, and the hue dominates the decorations inside the two-room office. Bertrand’s desk dominates the front room, while a workspace occupies the back room. There she stores fund-raising supplies, jewelry for mailing and other items she is preparing to sell or donate, all affiliated with the foundation. Bertrand started the Maureen’s Hope Foundation after her sister died on Jan. 19, 2003. She struggled with clear cell adenocarcinoma, a very rare and aggressive cervical cancer that starts in the glands, for nearly two years. Maureen’s Hope Foundation was established in 2004, managing it out of her Baldwinsville home before


moving six years ago to 44 Oswego St. Here she directs the foundation that counts among its outreach programs: Beads of Courage, is for children with cancer or Cystic Fibrosis that are at the Golisano Children’s Hospital. When a child is diagnosed, he or she receives a leather lanyard with a hook on one end and on which they string beads. Each bead represents a chemotherapy session or any other milestone treatment. “They end up with a strand of beads that tells each particular child’s story,” Bertrand says. “It’s a visual of what they went through.” The hook is so the child can hang his or her strand on the IV pole. They have also given more than 1,600 personalized baskets to adults who are hospitalized with cancer. These baskets are filled by volunteers, topped with a purple bow and delivered with some of Maureen’s favorite items, a blanket, a book, a journal, lip balm. “We fill each basket with all those things you need when you’re in the hospital,” Bertrand explains. “It’s a little something, but when you don’t know what to do for someone, if you can brighten their day, a basket makes a difference.” “ You and Me Bears help comfort children. Cancer is tough on the entire family, and if a sick child has a sibling at home it’s likely that brother or sister feels that absence. The children receive a bag with two stuffed bears, one for the hospitalized child and the other for the sibling. This program got a huge boost a few years ago when the Dave Matthews Band got involved after Bertrand shared a story about it on Twitter


and the band’s bassist, Stefan Lessard, picked up on it. Ultimately, Dave Matthews sponsored the program at Golisano for two years. Inspirational jewelry, including Pennies from Heaven and a sterling silver line. “My sister wore a funky bracelet from Chico’s,” Bertrand says. “The nurses would talk about the bracelet instead of her illness.” The Pennies from Heaven bracelet features a shiny coin held by a sterling silver chain. ATMS for Good. Currently, two Baldwinsville restaurants, the B’Ville Diner and Basta on the River, donate ATM fees they would have received from the customer’s bank to Maureen’s Hope. All funds that are raised go right back into the foundation. “I don’t fund research,” Bertrand says. “I look at what people need today: What do you need? How can I help you? I provide practical support—everyone’s needs are different. I heard from a local gentleman who is battling cancer, and he wondered how he was going to plow his driveway this winter. So we’re going to pay for his snow removal service.” Other practical items Maureen’s Hope has helped with are a wig for a chemotherapy patient, meals, even a cleaning service. “Most of our funds come through sponsorships or personal donations,” she says. The organization also holds an annual Spa Day for Moms of children with cancer at Turning Stone Casino’s Skana. “It’s our

third year of the spa day, and in 2016, we’re going to hold one for men,” Bertrand says. Maureen’s Hope has received funding from the Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation, UPS and Walmart and in-kind support from Anheuser-Busch InBev, where her husband Ron works as a manager. Once again, in 2016, the foundation is selling tickets for the Syracuse Auto Dealers Charity Preview, one of the largest charity events in Central New York. That formal event takes place Feb. 10 at the OnCenter, 800 S. State St., Syracuse. As part of the educational outreach to the Baldwinsville community, Bertrand also founded a youth club. It is open to students in grades 9 through 12 and has about 80 active members. The students provide additional grass-roots support to those with cancer by raking leaves, decorating at Christmastime, baking cookies and more. While she would rather have her sister alive and well, Bertrand acknowledges that Maureen’s death sparked her compassion. “I wouldn’t have the passion for helping people if my sister hadn’t died of cancer,” she says. “Through our adversities in life is where we find our strength.” Learn more about Maureen’s Hope Foundation at www. Call (315) 243-6918 or email



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By: Tory Russo • Photography Kamyal

he doctors had her newborn on a ventilator in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before Lenore Sealy regained consciousness after her emergency cesarean section. They had cleaned and weighed her son, Zak, but didn’t measure him. There was no time. She was two weeks overdue when she went to Crouse Hospital on Holy Thursday, a few days before Easter, almost 22 years ago. Although Sealy was scheduled to be induced the following Monday, her husband and sister urged her to go earlier. “Had I not gone to the hospital when I went, he wouldn’t have survived,” Sealy says. Zak’s heart rate dropped at every contraction. His umbilical cord prolapsed and his head pushed against it. As a result, he likely panicked and aspirated meconium, the sticky substance that forms an infant’s first feces. The physicians decided to put Sealy under general anesthesia and perform a c-section to remove the baby immediately. As they transferred Sealy from a gurney to the operating table, her water broke. It was black.


Sealy woke up surrounded by several family members with solemn expressions, which reflected her son’s prognosis. Because Zak had aspirated meconium, which stuck to the inside of his lungs, he was born with chemical pneumonia and he couldn’t breath on his own. Her family knew how sick he was and that he might not make it, but because she was still coming to, Sealy didn’t fully grasp the gravity of the situation. On her way to a recovery room, the doctors took her to the NICU. “I only knew after the fact why they did it,” Sealy says. “I had to see him alive. They wanted me to see him because they didn’t know if he was going to survive or not.” When she looked at her baby, who had tubes wired around his body, she finally understood. A ventilator sustained his breathing. Doctors mentioned the possibility of airlifting the infant to Buffalo or Pittsburgh, which at the time had hospitals that were better equipped for the care her son required. For the first days of his life, they couldn’t hold their baby. The nurses told her Zak was the sickest baby


in the NICU. They could only rest their hands on his body through two circular openings in the isolette. However, the emotional support they received from the staff at Crouse helped them cope with the situation. It started the night Zak was born after the doctors took Sealy to see him as she sat in her room sobbing. A nurse overheard her crying, came into her room and prayed the Lord’s Prayer with Sealy and her husband. The nurse told them she felt confident that their son would get better. 21 years later... Zak Sealy is now a 21-year-old lacrosse player studying education at Le Moyne College. Since the first moments of his life as Zak kicked and fought against the doctors trying to insert a catheter into him, he has displayed a strong-will. His mother credits his survival to this stubbornness. Her son’s one-month stay at the NICU and 10 days on a ventilator is an experience she and her husband will never forget.

“Miracles occur everyday on the NICU” What makes it work. Each year the Walter R. G. Baker NICU, on the ninth floor of Crouse Hospital’s Irving unit, cares for nearly 1,000 babies. About two-thirds of the infants admitted to the NICU are born premature, a number which has risen 15 percent over the last 10 years. The hospital which started as a women and infant care hospital, is Upstate New York’s leader for high-risk perinatal care and admits babies from 19 hospitals in 15 counties. As a level 4 Regional Perinatal Center, this is accomplished with the highest technology for diagnosing and treating sick mothers and preemies. The NICU is largely supported by donations such as books, blankets, and clothing for families as well as money for purchasing new equipment. As the NICU approaches its 40th anniversary, the Crouse Health Foundation has launched an awareness campaign as the hospital develops plans to expand the size of the NICU. ‘The Baker NICU is one of Crouse Hospital’s marquee services,” says Kimberly Boynton, President & CEO of Crouse. “We are immensely proud of the work our team does and the miracles that occur every day on the unit.” Boynton adds that the current NICU, at nearly 17 years old, is cramped and not as private as newer NICU’s are today, which is why the unit will be one of the focus areas for an upcoming capital campaign by the Crouse Health Foundation. Currently, the 57-bed unit can accommodate up to 70 babies although it averages at 40 to 50 patients. If the NICU approaches this maximum capacity, the physicians often do a reverse transport and send healthier babies to less-intensive nurseries at other hospitals so the Crouse Baker NICU can provide care for the highest risk mothers and newborns. Within the NICU, there are intensive and sub-intensive areas. Both areas have several nurseries which each has room for six babies, unlike other floors of the hospital which limit the number of patients per room at two. The NICU also differs because each bedside, whether an isolate or open crib,

is fully equipped. In addition to a computer that monitors vitals such as the baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure, the stations have supplies like diapers, wipes, IVs, catheters and bandages. Every two to three hours, nurses provide routine care to the infants by checking their vitals, assessing them from head to toe and performing any necessary activities like changing diapers or giving medication. Babies come to the NICU for a number of reasons but most often it’s due to premature birth. Any baby born before

Kimberly Boynton, CEO 35 weeks, whether healthy or sick, has to be assessed in the NICU. The quick visits, called “pit-stops,” may last less than 24 hours if the baby just needs to be observed. Other times babies may require a visit to the NICU because they are born with a condition or congenital defect. Some of the more common conditions are respiratory stress, heart defects of hypoglycemia, which is inability to maintain blood sugar. The number of babies born with gastroschisis, when the organs are outside of the body, has increased. Babies who have this condition need to be monitored and undergo surgery, and must stay in the hospital until they have normal bowel function. Another condition on the rise is neonatal abstinence syndrome, an addiction in the baby as a result of

a mother’s drug use during pregnancy. To ensure that babies receive the best care possible during their stay, the staff coverage remains the same during every shift. The NICU has 24-hour access to providers and a neonatologist is always available. Nearly 200 RNs work alongside nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, therapists and other specialists. “As a doctor, you rely heavily on the nurse who’s been at the baby’s bedside for the eight-hour shift, whereas you’ve popped in and out multiple times throughout the day,” says Rebecca Barnett, a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) and neonatologist at Crouse. “You’re not the one sitting there the whole time, so they really are your eyes and ears when you’re taking care of 30-some babies.” The nurses must rely on their experiences and instincts to determine the appropriate direct care for the infants. The entire unit, from lactation consultants and speech therapists to physical therapists and pediatric cardiologists, works together to provide this level of comprehensive care. Despite the amount of technology available to the staff, not every baby makes a full recovery. The long-term effects for preemies depends upon when they were born. “The earlier, they’re born and the smaller they are when born, the higher risk that they will have longterm issues with development,” Barnett says. Sometimes babies incur injuries at birth and other times they are born with conditions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. The severity of these complications and the resulting care required can range. An infant might be vent dependent, or if they have a condition like spina bifida, the baby will need continued appointments with neurologists and physical therapists. Because every condition varies, the NICU staff work with the infant’s family, social workers and other services to provide each baby with all the necessary resources and services for their care. “I don’t feel overwhelmed because I know I have a really good team behind me,” says Honora Marceau, a registered nurse (RN) at Crouse.



Rebecca Barnett,DO, Nora Marceu,RN, Erin Coleman,RN, NICU Nurse Manager

NICU Graduates ~ Little Fighters Some things come full circle. Thirty-two years ago, Marceau had a several-week stay in the NICU. She was born at another hospital and transferred to Crouse, where she underwent a series of diagnostics. The doctors determined Marceau needed a lobectomy, a surgery that removes the lobe of an organ. She had a large mass, called a congenital cystic malformation, on her lower-right lung. After her surgery, Marceau was taken to the intensive end of the NICU, placed in an incubator and hooked to machines to control breathing and drainage. She didn’t experience any long-term physical effects, but her parents suffered emotionally for years. Marceau didn’t know she was so sick as an infant until she was a teenager because they chose not to discuss it. “I think now looking back it makes sense that, that’s kind of the driving force behind me wanting to become a nurse and work in the NICU,” Marceau says. Although she started in business and administration, she eventually went back to school for nursing and has been at the Crouse NICU for three years. One of her coworkers, Cathy O’Connor, RN, has been an employee since Marceau’s birth and remembers the exact spot where she stayed as an infant. The two often see one another when Marceau leaves from the night shift and O’Connor arrives in the morning. These close and enduring relationships often form between staff and patients in the NICU because of the nature of its services. Unlike other areas of the hospital where patients typically stay for a few days, many babies in the NICU have extended visits that can last several weeks or months. Recently, one little baby celebrated a first birthday in the NICU.



“You’re watching them grow and watching them have these successes daily,” says Erin Coleman, NICU RN and nurse manager. “At the same time, your patient is not only the baby, but the parents or the grandparents or whoever the family is.” To celebrate and maintain these relationships, the nurses plan an annual “Preemie Reunion.” They invite individuals who stayed in the NICU and their families to reunite with the staff and update one another on life. As a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the care and compassion they received from Crouse, there are two photos of Zak, one at birth and one year later, along with a letter. His gift to the staff hangs along with dozens of others in the hallway leading from the elevator to the double doors that open into the Crouse NICU. Theses letters of gratitude detail the emotions experienced by families whose child had a stay in the unit: This was the scariest times in our lives... The monitor she was hooked to was enough to haunt your dreams... We went from excited, expecting parents to not knowing if we would be parents at all... Sealy advises anyone going through the situation to take advantage of the resources available, connect with someone else to share stories and know that this quality of care exists so close to home. “We are very grateful that Zak was born at Crouse,” Sealy says. “I don’t believe he’d be here if he weren’t.” Other success stories of these NICU graduates, or “Little Fighters”, are available on the Crouse website at littlefighters.

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By Audrey Levinson WOUNY.COM • JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2016


Jee Eun Lee



By Audrey Levinson


met Jee Eun Lee at the Comstock Art Facility on a warm December evening. As we entered the building, I could smell supplies like clay, fresh cut wood and tools that students who take ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, metal-smithing, leave to permeate the building. This was reminiscent of past days spent in this very building. Jee Eun is presently an adjunct professor in the ceramics dept. and has been here, in the United States for almost six years. Originally from Korea, she holds two Masters degrees, the first one in sculpture which she obtained from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea. Her second degree was earned at Syracuse University in ceramics. When asked what brought her to Syracuse, she told me that she thought she would have more opportunities in America. She researched the top ten ceramic programs in the country and applied. Syracuse accepted, and we are so fortunate that this brilliant artist landed here. Though her credentials are very impressive, it’s her artwork that blew me away. She has exhibited in numerous events both here and in Korea, she showed me a presentation of her works that she had prepared for me. Each slide was exquisite, from her drawings to her life-size figures created in resin, fiber, handmade paper, and clay. She loves to use mixed media in her works, she noted that this was important to her in order to express her ideas. She is a master of technical skills. She once spent days inside of a kiln creating life-size figures for one of her works in clay. These hollow figures had to be formed with less than one inch, thick walls or the figures (life size!) could possibly blow up when fired, and they were too large to be able to move from the workspace to the kiln without the chance of breakage before they were fired. I can only imagine how important this work was to her, and the technical skill one must possess to make this happen. She often



expressed how difficult the materials were to use in many of her artworks. Many times she would have to recast items until they came out to her liking. I was particularly impressed with the concepts she spoke and wrote about. Her purpose for creating is to assimilate human attributes with nature, in particular, the mountains and water. She tries to show various elements such as dreams, memories, time, shadow, light, and self-image through her artworks. One of her works (Temporal reflection 1) she creates a mountain range from a topical point of view in wet clay, hand carved. It’s shadowed, when cast, is of a reclining woman, thus, showing the earth as the female body. Another work of art called Journey, was based on a dream she had. She dreamed of a lotus flower which she used as the focal point for this work.

Artwork Shown Below: Rippling

Jee Eun wrote that, In many eastern religions this flower could represent rebirth, purity, self-regeneration and virtue of the soul. The root of the lotus grows in muddy waters, yet gradually blooms above water. The root of the lotus can represent material life, and the flower the astral world with a meaning of enlightenment. She chose to focus on the purifying aspects of its meanings. She also wrote, “ Since the vividness of the dream was so extraordinary I thought something wonderful was to happen in my future. The lotus, symbolizes my hopes and dreams.” “Life in general has been muddy as well as crystal like moments.” The lotus can have profound effects on these moments. I made three life-size figures that are trying to jump in the water, symbolizing the moment when we think about ourselves and memories. The water is arranged in large concentric circles, fabricated from letters of my friends, family and

acquaintances.” I use this example of her concept because it shows how she can use an entire human experience to connect the relationship man has with nature’s surroundings, in this case water and earth. I thought this was creatively brilliant. Jee Eun created one other piece that I was particularly excited about. She cast her figure in blue translucent resin creating what looked like bubbles inside the figure. Each bubble had a pump underneath it that allows the viewer to see water flow through its bubbles. At that time, we did not go into depth about her meaning but to me, I felt she was expressing the relationship between woman and water, this time water becoming a symbol for blood/life always coursing through the body. Most of her artworks are displayed as installations. Installations need space so they can be creatively set up, as in Journey. She said there are many limitations that she has to work out, it’s not always just setting up artwork but working with the physical space and placement of each element of the work. I asked if the idea that she plans her art around includes these limitations before she begins the work, or if the physical placement of each element of the art is put together in the moment. Jee Eun said that her art is well planned out before she begins her creations, but that she does allow herself to make changes as she is placing the elements of each installation where necessary. Recently, Jee Eun has been focused on creating more sculptural pieces in clay. She had two pieces in a group show at Edgewood Gallery in Syracuse during December. She is now working on some more functional pieces such as the lizard mug. If you are interested in knowing more you can email her at Watch for her in upcoming shows throughout the area.






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interested in getting things resolved. Judy just stepped in and took care of everything, even things that were definitely not part of her role as my buyer’s agent. I never would have gotten through it without her. Judy is amazing! M Marcus, Syracuse, NY Judy says, we have found that providing over-the-top concierge service is all about listening and staying alert to anticipate our clients’ needs so that we can address them even before they come up. This added touch lets our overwhelmed buyers or sellers know how much we really care! “Dear Judy and David. It’s not easy moving to a new area, but you helped us handle whatever problems we couldn’t be there to handle ourselves. Because of you, we not only had an easy move, but you helped us get acquainted with our neighborhood and local schools. Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations.” J & D Rathbun, Cazenovia, NY Judy has an added personal dedication to helping first time buyers and enjoys her position as a volunteer real estate teacher for Home Headquarters. When working with first time buyers, she offers them a very personal, two - three hour consultation so that they start their exciting adventure with

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Starting the NEW YEAR RIGHT


By: Mary Ann Pierce, Marathon Financial Advisors, Inc.

f you’re like many of us, November and December passed like a blur. Holiday parties, family gatherings, food and presents – it can all be a bit overwhelming! After the rush of getting ready for the New Year, we can now take a step back (and a deep breath!) and make some positive choices for saving in 2016.

keep your funds liquid and close to hand for your more immediate needs. If you don’t expect a refund this year, you may still be able to lower your tax obligation by opening a tax-deductible IRA. You have right up until the tax filing deadline to do this, and in addition to putting money away for your future retirement use, it is

First, evaluate the “damage” from the Holidays. Did you spend more than you may have wished to on presents and get-together? Not to worry – putting together a plan to pay down and pay off those credit cards is a great first step in getting your finances back under control, and starting to save for yourself. Look for the cards with the highest interest rate, and pay more than the minimum monthly payment due as you are able; this will decrease the balance more quickly, so that you can then pay more on the lower-interest cards. If possible, making extra payments during the month will save you interest and pay them off more rapidly. Next, take a look at your taxes. Many of us like to do them early (in anticipation of a nice refund). If you are expecting a refund, save part of it. A suggestion for long-term savings would be to open an ROTH or a Traditional IRA. If long-term at this point means saving for next Christmas, then a savings account or 12-month CD would



accessible. I have had client’s open savings accounts at another bank or credit union (than their primary one) in order to have the money farther “out of reach.” The key is saving over time; even if it is “only” ten dollars a week, at the end of the year, you have over $500 you didn’t have when you started. What a difference that can make over several years! Make sure to take advantage of any “points” you can earn by using your credit cards responsibly. If you use the card(s) for everyday expenses (gas, groceries, paying bills, etc.) and pay them each month in full you can accrue points quickly, which can add up to airline miles, hotel stays, store gift cards – you name it. The key is to use the cards in a way that benefits you, and not the card issuer.

a great way to save money on your taxes now. Before opening an IRA, check with your tax preparer to make sure that you are eligible to contribute. Your tax professional, and your financial advisor will work together to ensure that you open and fund the account which is most appropriate and beneficial to you. Are you still looking for ways to save? Use stores coupons (but only for items you would buy anyway). Put the money you saved into an account that is not easily


Last, meet with a financial advisor to review your cash flow and financial picture. You may be surprised at what a few changes to your spending or saving habits can mean to you over the long term. The New Year is a perfect time to evaluate, take stock of your current situation, and plan for financial success in the coming year and into the future! Marathon Financial Advisors, Inc.Securties and investment advice offered through Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Marathon Financial Advisors and Cadaret, Grant are separate entities.

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Women and Heart Disease. Opening our Eyes to Save our Heart


omen. We are certainly ardent about all of those around us whom we love. But are we attentive enough to our own needs? Do we educate ourselves to know the signs of heart disease? Most of us do not! For a long time, we have placed heart disease in more of a man’s category. However, the truth is, women have broken the barrier and have surpassed men in this category. Currently, cardiovascular diseases cause one in three women’s deaths each year, killing approximately one woman every minute. It’s time to protect ourselves and reduce this number, because 80% of heart disease can be prevented. Dr. Uzma Iqbal is a cardiologist in private practice with SJH Cardiology Associates, which is affiliated with St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center. Her passion is the prevention of cardiovascular disease and heart disease in women. She works with the American Heart Association to raise awareness among women about their cardiovascular risk and is the past President of the local chapter in Syracuse. Dr. Iqbal went to medical school in Pakistan and completed her Medicine Residency and Cardiology Fellowship in Washington Hospital Center in DC, before moving to Syracuse. She is board-certified in Cardiology, Echocardiography, and Nuclear Cardiology. “I am very passionate about teaching women about heart disease,” said Dr. Iqbal. “Heart disease is very common among women, and it is on the rise. Unfortunately, we are now losing more women to heart disease than we are to breast cancer. We must educate women and gain focus on this disease. Many women are not aware of the warning signs; it is


By: Kristen Penfield imperative that they gain knowledge in order to reduce their risk of this deadly disease,” added Iqbal. Warning signs are different and more unique for women, than they are for men. Becoming more aware of them is imperative. Not all signs are severe or even the most prominent in women. According to the experts, women have symptoms that are unrelated to chest pain such as: Neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back or abdominal discomfort Shortness of breath Right arm pain Nausea or vomiting Sweating Lightheadedness, dizziness Unusual fatigue “Mind and body are so closely connected when it comes to health,” claimed Iqbal. “Women are emotional beings and tend to carry a lot of stress. 90% of women are the chosen caregivers within the family, and stress plays a big role in heart disease; finding a way to manage stress is extremely important,” Iqbal said. Dr. Iqbal added that there are countless ways in which to manage stress, whether it be exercising, laughing, reading, spending time with friends, surrounding themselves with people who have positive energy or having a group of supporters. Whichever way helps a woman to release stress and relax, she must do it at least once a week. Dr. Iqbal added, “High blood pressure and cholesterol are large risk factors for heart disease. It’s so important to get checked consistently and know your numbers. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to get your numbers where they should be.”


Dr. Uzma Iqbal, Cardiologist So if you had heart disease, would you know the warning signs? Most people might think they do – and there are many similarities in the symptoms of heart disease in men and women. Even so, there are big differences, too. Differences that could be life or death, if you are not aware of them. A number as big as 80% preventable with education and lifestyle changes is something worth knowing. Dr. Iqbal noted, “Go Red for Women is the American Heart Association’s national movement to end heart disease and stroke in women because it’s not just a man’s disease. Go Red for Women advocates for more research for women’s heart health. They have formulated an easy way to get started on a healthier path: Get your Numbers: Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. Own your Lifestyle: Stop smoking, lose weight, be physically active and eat healthy. Raise your Voice: Advocate for more women-related research and education. Educate Your Family: Make healthy food choices for you and your family. Teach your kids the importance of staying active. Donate: Show your support with a donation of time or money. So don’t just read these facts, know them. Live them. An estimated 43 million women in the US are affected by cardiovascular diseases and 90% of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease or stroke. Nevertheless, 80% of heart disease and stroke events could be prevented! Education is the key to a healthy, long life!

Heart disease is not something only older women should be concerned with, either. Especially those with a family history and heart disease should pay close attention to the heart-disease risk factors. Women of all ages must take heart disease seriously. As well, cardiovascular diseases affect women of all ethnicities. Dr. Iqbal said, “Women must be in tune with their bodies. They cannot ignore symptoms or be too quick to claim it as ‘something else’. Discussing their health regularly with their physician is extremely important. Knowing the facts can save their lives and, of course, living a healthy, active lifestyle.” Iqbal added, “When a woman quits smoking, she immediately lowers her risk of cardiovascular disease by 34%. Being active 30 minutes a day lowers her risk significantly!” Dr. Iqbal tells us that when it comes to reducing our risk of heart disease, change can be the cure. The American Heart Associations Go Red for Women campaign helps women become more educated, more aware and live healthier lives. We must open our eyes, to save our heart. It’s up to us. We can begin by talking to our physician and going to to learn the facts about heart disease. Dr. Iqbal lives in the Syracuse area with her husband and two children.



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SJH Cardiology Associates Offering Quality Invasive and Interventional Cardiology, Electro physiology and General Cardiovascular Services. Providing full consultative coverage at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Appointments by referral are always welcome.

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Making Healthcare a Priority

How many times have you sat in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen? Was your appointment at 10 am? I am so sorry, but the doctor is running late. It will be another 20 minutes. That was at noon! Unfortunately, so many offices are required to see a certain number of patients each day, and most spend on average 10 minutes or less with each patient. Is that enough time to assess what is wrong? How can you really be sure, and your time is valuable too especially when you are sick. What you want is personalized care, and the attention you need. Shouldn’t you be the doctor’s priority, and not just another number? Thankfully, there is a doctor who feels that your health is a priority. His name is Dr. Stringer, and personalized health care for him is paramount. When he opened his practice in 2013, it was to make his patients the center of the healthcare experience, bringing to it over 30 years of family practice. In addition to providing care in General Internal Medicine, he has extensive experience in Gerontology. If you are caring for your aging parents and find it difficult to bring them to see their physician, Dr. Stringer can ease your mind and come to your parents for any of their healthcare needs or concerns. Dr. Stringer is no stranger to the medical field. He grew up surrounded by healthcare providers, his father, a respected doctor of gynecology and his mom a nurse. He saw how they

cared for their own patients in an unhurried fashion making house calls and getting to know their patients. They were his inspiration. Today, Dr. Stringer continues the core values in his own practice. His philosophy is “a patient’s health is my priority.” It begins with the first call to his office when you get to speak to a real person, who will schedule your appointment. Most often, you will be able to see the doctor on the same day or within 24 hours of your call. More importantly, you are scheduled for 30 minutes to allow the doctor enough time to address your needs, and you are seen right away. Giving you, peace of mind is important, so the doctor has extended hours, does house calls, conducts more testing to solve your health issues, and is on call 24/7. If this sounds like the old-fashioned personal care, you had as a child, you are right. Patients also receive an expanded comprehensive wellness evaluation, which is created to optimize and maintain your health. So if you are looking for the peace of mind and a doctor, who will help you to navigate through the maze of modern healthcare, contact Dr. Stringer and stay healthy. If interested in this style of personalized care practice with amenities, call 315-760-3490 to set up a meet and greet with Dr Stringer and his staff. You may also want to go the doctor’s web site: for more details. WOUNY.COM • JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2016



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Spirtual Psychic-Reader &Advisor Excluding Palm Readings. Coupon valid for up to 2 people. With this coupon Not Valid with other offers.

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Lost and FOUND Take your Game/Life to the next level!


ain Ehmann’s path to coaching wasn’t always crystal clear. A graduate of both Stanford and Syracuse Universities, she seemed destined for a career in her chosen field of government. She worked for a year as a budget analyst for the Governor of Massachusetts, but realized quickly this work was not her passion. She subsequently left that position to hone her writing skills and soon became a sought-after freelance writer penning thousands of articles for various business and women’s interest periodicals. Her passion for writing and helping women tell their stories led her to create and develop a six-figure on-line scrap booking business community. Lain with her success as an on-line entrepreneur, began to counsel people who were interested in building their own businesses. As she began to help more people, a new career was born. “I started by doing a lot of business coaching, but I would end up doing more mindset coaching because I found that there was always something deeper going on than just the nuts and bolts of building a web page, or setting the right pricing for services. There was something else keeping them stuck and preventing them from moving ahead, and this part became more interesting to me. I have always been intrigued as to why certain people succeed, and others don’t. You can have the smartest person in the world and then have another person who has the deck stacked against them. The second person is rocking it, and the first is struggling, and you wonder why? These are the questions that continue to fascinate me, and that I focus on with clients in my current coaching practice.” What is a Life Coach? Lain shares that she is not always comfortable with the term life coach because it sounds like sort of new agey. “That is not what I am like at all or what my definition is,” Lain explains. “I see my role as a coach


By: Christine Vickers, MLS,CAS in this way; to help people define what they want, identify where they are now, and what road blocks are keeping them from where they want to go. Then, together we build a path to help them succeed.” Lain notes that her approach with her clients is down to earth and clear, “I don’t give anyone a pass. If your life is not taking you where you want to go, I’m going to tell you that it’s a direct result of the choices you make. I’m not going to feel sorry for you, but I will be your biggest cheerleader as you work to move forward! “ Back to Basics Approach Through her work with clients, most of whom are women, Lain was inspired to take some of her lessons and experiences

from her own personal journey and incorporate them into her new book, FOUND Rediscovering Your Dreams, Your Voice, and Your Life in 15 minutes a Day. “I have come across so many people who are living lives of quiet desperation, and I really think it is killing us as a society. The world needs more positive energy. People need to feel fulfilled, especially women and mothers. If you feel fulfilled, that spills over on to your family. Here’s what I’d like women to think about as they make their own journeys through the different stages of life; what is it that your heart and soul are telling you to do and are you really


Lain Ehmann listening? You can make that transition; you can get what you want, and you have every right to seek more. It’s my hope that my journey and experiences will continue to serve as a model to my own children as well. “ Currently a #1 bestseller in several Amazon categories, Lain’s book is an excellent starting point for people who might be thinking about self-improvement for the first time and offers encouragement for those who may want to explore possibilities in the New Year. It is an easy read, with practical suggestions that can be implemented quickly. Lain begins by having her readers do a values’ assessment, identifying their own core values and reflecting if their lives are aligned with these values. It seems like a perfect exercise for New Year’s resolutions! As Lain states, “in order to make lasting changes, your goals must be linked to your highest values.” Lain received her MPA (Masters of Public Administration) at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University in 1992. She fell in love with the process of leading groups in problem solving. “The analytical skills I gained through the MPA program have been so applicable in my professional and personal life.” This native California girl was drawn in by the beauty and special charm of Central New York. Memorable moment for Lain is attending SU Basketball games, spending time at Skaneateles Lake and her most favorite, shopping at Wegmans! Do you have the desire to make changes in your life, and want a blueprint for closing the gap between the life you have and life of your dreams? Then check out FOUNDRediscovering Your Dreams, Your Voice, and Your Life in 15 minutes, a Day on For more inspiration from Lain and details on her private and group coaching options, visit her website and blog at


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Women of Upstate New York Jan/Feb 2016  

Women of Upstate New York Jan/Feb 2016

Women of Upstate New York Jan/Feb 2016  

Women of Upstate New York Jan/Feb 2016