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Beautifully Sculpted Dr. Anthony Deboni and Beth Phillips, RPAC, have over 50 years of combined surgical experience. Together they provide a compassionate approach with unparalleled skills for impeccable results. Trust yourself to Syracuse's Dynamic Surgical Duo. • Tummy Tuck • Liposuction • Buttock Lift • Arm Lift • Breast Lift • Breast Augmentation • Botox® & Dermal Fillers • PRP Injections • And More! Call for your free consultation: 315-329-6602

Dr. Anthony Deboni is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Crouse Hospital. Beth Phillips, RPAC in addition to being involved in all aspects of patients’ surgical care, is an Allergan Certified Master Injector. Together they possess years of specialized training, decades of combined experience and an outstanding dedication to patient care.



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Excellence in healthcare begins with caring medical professionals. At St. Joseph’s Health, our award-winning doctors, nurses, clinical affiliates, and colleagues work harder because they care more. We’ve received Blue Distinction® recognition, Women’s Choice® honors, Healthgrades® awards, and Consumer Reports® top rankings, and we’re rated a Best Regional Hospital by U.S. News & World Report—the same organization that ranked our Magnet-designated hospital #9 in New York State and named it “Best in Central New York.” We hold ourselves to a higher standard, so you can expect a higher level of care.


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Happy New Year Gynecomastia I Think I Need An Attorney From New York To Monaco Cover- M.Kate Rolf Heart Healthy In Art - Wendy Harris Valentine’s Day D’s Beauty Bar Fresh Faces - Moriah Formica

Cover: Luciano Miceli

Make Your Home, Your Healthclub


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Happy New Year

“There is no footprint

too small,

to leave an imprint on this world”


Hotch By: Mary McCandless

nother year has come and gone, people, pet’s things in our lives. We sing Auld Lang Syne at New Year’s celebrations. A song used by the Scots where everyone joins hands in a circle, a symbol of endings and new beginnings. It is also a time to remember and cherish old friendships. The song has been used for funerals too. We sing it to go through the motions of the past year and new beginnings, the New Year. So, Yes, the year has come and gone and when I look back for me, it was a year of loss. I said good-bye to two of my pets and two friends. I also had the opportunity to travel with friends to discover new places, and with family as we planned fun day trips. There were many moments of bonding and enjoying the great adventures. It was also a time of discovering new things and realizing more talents. What was your year like? What are your plans for the New Year? Did you make New Year’s Resolutions? Many times we challenge ourselves with unrealistic resolutions. We promise to be better at this or not do that. Unfortunately, we do not always succeed. Is it really all that important? Why are we not just making resolutions throughout the year? We do not always need an ending to start a beginning. Why not challenge ourselves everyday to be better. It is ok to reflect upon our lives, and it is not required that we only do it at the end of the year. Everyday we can review the day before. How was yesterday? Can you improve upon today? Let’s face it; we are all human and we are not perfect. For myself, I have a list of Do’s and Don’ts and try to live by them everyday. Here are a few of my own: Do try to be more patient. Do find the good in everyone. Do try to be the best person you can. Don’t get mad because the person is driving slower than molasses. Don’t judge someone because they are angry, you have no idea what they may be



going through. Don’t walk through a door without holding it open for the next person. I am an Aries and we are the most impatient sign in the Zodiac. Having said that, I know that I need to slow down and consider the other person. I find that when I am walking with friends I end up twenty feet ahead of them. So I stop myself and wait for them to catch up. Now I stop myself and leave my speed walking for a day at the park. Just because my life travels at warp speed, I cannot expect everyone else to do the same. The resolutions that you make should be for yourself and not for what others would like to see you do. Many times we are influenced by the people around us, and it can be easy to lose a little of yourself. That in its self can be bothersome, because you are changing to please those around you. It is funny how we feel that what others think matters. What should matter is your own personal growth and path you want to be on. Your achievements are dependent upon you. If you want to take a new career path or start your own business, do it. Those who tell you that you cannot do not want to see you succeed. It is not because they do not like you, it is because you would be doing something they cannot, whether it is out of their own lack of motivation of just the fear of succeeding. So yes another year has gone by. Take your resolutions and throw them out of the window and make it your challenge to do and accomplish everything you want throughout the year. Remember, you have only one life. Make it the best you will ever live. Furthermore, No One should Judge You but Yourself, and heaven knows we can be critical of ourselves, another thing we should not do. Keep in mind, we will all be judged by a higher source! In the end that is all that will matter. Have a safe, prosperous and wonderful New Year!

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ynecomastia (guy-nuh-kohMAS-tee-uh), also known as “man boobs” or “moobs” is a condition where a male’s breast tissue enlarges to a size that we would normally expect in a female. I know this is a magazine for the Women of Upstate NY, but sometimes our guys need a little help! In our plastic surgery practice, the treatment of gynecomastia is one of the most common issues that get men through our doors. I have often had my female patients inquire for their male counterparts about causes and potential treatments. All men have breast tissue, and like females, the glandular tissue responds to variations in hormone levels. Any imbalance in testosterone and estrogen levels can potentially affect the breasts. While some of the hormone fluctuations are a normal part of the life cycle, there may at times be other causes that are treatable or avoidable. Newborns, boys going through puberty, and older men all have normal hormonal changes and gynecomastia at these times is not usually medically concerning. Gynecomastia causes the breasts to swell and often become tender or painful. There is a condition known as pseudo-gynecomastia. This is male breast enlargement due to increased chest fat as opposed to true gynecomastia which is an increase in actual breast tissue. Pseudo-gynecomastia does not usually cause as much physical discomfort. Other causes include medications, several health conditions, street drugs, alcohol and herbal products.

After By: Beth Phillips,RPAC There are numerous medications that report gynecomastia as a potential side effect. This should be considered early in the diagnostic process when evaluating the disorder. Antidepressants, anti-androgens (often used to treat prostate conditions), anti-anxiety medications, heart and ulcer medications are among the most common. Anabolic steroids are well known to be a potential cause of increased male breast size. Significant changes in a man’s breast size that is not within the normal window of hormonal change should not be ignored. It may be a side effect of a more serious medical condition. Tumors in the testes, pituitary gland or adrenal gland can often cause gynecomastia. Hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, liver failure, and cirrhosis are commonly linked with gynecomastia. Malnutrition causes’ testosterone levels to drop, but estrogen levels remain constant causing a hormonal imbalance. Street drugs, primarily marijuana, heroin and amphetamines are known to contribute to the formation of gynecomastia. Since marijuana has been legalized in several states for medicinal and recreational use, I expect we will see an increased incidence of gynecomastia in years to come. To quote a saying I once read, “Doobies make boobies,” something I frequently remind my patients. Alcohol consumption has been linked to increased breast size in men, primarily because the liver is responsible for eliminating excess estrogen from the blood. If the liver is damaged or “busy” due to alcohol use, the elimination is less. A controversial topic is that hoppy beers can cause a weak estrogenic effect. Hops contain high levels

of phytoestrogen that can bind to estrogen receptors in the body. Herbal products that have been associated with gynecomastia include lavender, tea tree oil and dong quai. Sometimes gynecomastia is just an inherited condition. Most men that have gynecomastia without a known cause should have a workup with their medical doctor. This usually consists of some blood work, a basic exam including breast, thyroid and testicular examination and a mammogram. (Yes, guys can get them too!) Depending on the cause, symptoms, and extent of the gynecomastia, some insurance companies will cover surgical correction. Even if it is not covered, most plastic surgeons will provide the correction as a cosmetic procedure. Surgery for gynecomastia can range from liposuction of excess fatty tissue, to excision of excess breast tissue alone or can be more dramatic with removal of breast tissue. Skin and resizing of the nipple and areola. As with any potential procedure, having a consultation with an experienced provider to be evaluated and explore your options should be an early step. There is no need to suffer from the physical discomfort or potential emotional stress of enlarged male breasts. For more information contact CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery at 315-663-0112



I Think I Need An Attorney L

ife is full of surprises. Not all of them are simple or pleasant. Sometimes you really do need help. On occasion, that help must come of necessity, from a lawyer. The question at hand, how do you find an attorney that will assist you in whatever the problem or question of the day is? Selecting the right attorney to answer your legal question or confront your particular legal predicament might be the most important decision you make depending on the severity of the matter. Begin your search for a lawyer with the premise that you are looking for an attorney who will treat you with dignity and respect. You want that attorney to be experienced in the legal matter at hand; be a good communicator (keeping you involved and informed about your own case); be honest and fair in his or her dealings on your behalf; and reasonable and accountable in the legal fees charged. In this community (because of the quality of the Onondaga County Bar), I assure you that legal professional is out there. The only question is. How do you find him or her? The first source for this information is the simplest. If you have done a Will



By: Jeffrey Lee Drimer, Esq or bought a house or had a traffic ticket and you had a good experience with the attorney that represented you, check with that attorney to see if they are the correct individual to handle your present matter. Other local attorneys are also willing to make referrals. They do it frequently and are generally familiar with the attorneys who specialize in the specific area of the law that you might be dealing with. Attorneys take making referrals very seriously. They don’t want to disappoint their clients. A bad referral will come back to haunt the general practice attorney; therefore, he or she will want you to be satisfied with whoever they referred your case to. Next, talk to your family and friends. If they have dealt with an attorney who is skilled in the area of law you are dealing with, their first-hand experience is often valuable. Take advantage of the knowledge they have accumulated. They may have been down a similar path to where your case is going, and they can guide you along the way. If you haven’t hired a lawyer before and are not in a position to ask a friend, then check with other professionals whom you may have a relationship with. If you have been injured in an accident or at work,

your physician may know who you should call. Real estate brokers, accountants, and insurance agents are often a good source of referrals because their professions frequently require interaction with the legal profession, and they have dealt with a cross-section of qualified lawyers. In addition, if you have a business law issue, you may want to approach your banker, stockbroker, or investment consultant/ financial advisor for a recommendation on an attorney because of their frequent involvement with lawyers who regularly deal with such business matters. Many people also use Lawyer Referral Services, Internet searches, scan print advertisements, or respond toTV ads. The lack of personal experiences with these sources make them my last recommendation to find a competent attorney. Let me also suggest that when seeking a referral you get more than one name. Not everyone you talk to about a problem is a match for you. Trust your instincts. Once you have the names of possible candidates, call and talk to them on the phone or set up a face-to-face interview. Many lawyers have free consultations. Make sure that any upfront consultation fee is agreed upon in advance. Be prepared. Organize your thoughts prior to the phone call continued on pg. 16

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Eliminate the Anxiety of Cancerrelated Hair Loss with a Flawless Wig

Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life — not the whole story.”

Within the United States, approximately 38 out of every 100 women will develop cancer during their lifetime. Since there are over 100 different types of cancer, symptoms can differ from one patient to the next. Among women, some of the most common cancers include colon, breast, skin, cervical, endometrial, lung and ovarian cancer. While undergoing treatment, women often experience changes in their appearance. The most common being the effect of hair loss and the experience of undergoing a mastectomy. In order to cope, these women will often invest in breast forms, special bras, hats and wigs. Why Women with Cancer Lose Their Hair Referred to as alopecia, cancer patients often experience hair loss due to treatment. When undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, this treatment can directly affect hair follicle cells. In other cases, biological or hormonal changes can result in dry or thinning hair. Since chemotherapy destroys all rapidly dividing cells, healthy cells are targeted in addition to cancer cells. The cells within your hair follicles are some of the fastest-growing in your body, dividing every 23 to 72 hours. When they’re destroyed, hair-loss results. Due to these effects,



cancer patients often experience more psychological problems than other patients. Each case is unique, and the amount of hair loss depends on various factors, including the length of treatment, the type of drugs being administered, dosage, and other personal factors. Hair loss can occur gradually or rapidly, often beginning two to three weeks after chemotherapy treatment begins. Most women will find a wig before they start shedding their hair. This makes the transition easier and less traumatic; giving peace of mind that they have a beautiful wig that is the proper fit, style and color. With this level of external support, women can continue to feel beautiful. This gives them hope for the future, which is incredibly powerful. Stunning Wigs to Boost the Confidence of Cancer Patients For women, losing their hair can be a devastating experience. When they begin to lose their hair, they are not only reminded of their condition, but they often feel less feminine. It is a confusing and fearful time. In order to cope, these women can select high-quality wigs that help them eliminate the anxiety associated with hair loss. By making them feel more beautiful and confident; they experience less stress — which is critical during cancer treatment and recovery. When they feel beautiful externally, they can focus their attention on

healing on internally. Due to poorly made wigs, this option has gotten a bad rap. There are certainly some less than desirable wigs on the market, but these “fashion” wigs do not compare to medical wigs. It’s much easier to spot a bad wig than a well-crafted wig, simply because quality wigs look so natural. A quality wig allows women to carry on within their social and professional lives, maintaining privacy regarding their current condition. Customized designs and attention to detail make all the difference — offering women a solution and more importantly, hope. When women are able to reduce their anxiety surrounding hair loss, they can worry less about their appearance and concentrate on getting better. Cancer does not need to define them — with access to both human and synthetic wigs. They can continue to be confident, beautiful and feminine throughout the recovery process. During such a difficult time, choosing the right wig can be challenging. At Genesis II Hair Replacement Studio, we encourage you to contact us today and make an appointment to visit with a hair-loss specialist who will work one-on-one with you to find the right wig. To get more information call (315) 4581074 or visit us at

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or meeting so that you can get to the point and evaluate their response to your questions. Always remember, you are interviewing the lawyer—not the other way around(even though you are probably in their law office). It cannot be stressed enough how important lines of communication are between an attorney and their client. During the interview, you should ask in what manner you will have access to the attorney. Will you be working with the attorney you hire directly or their associate, paralegal, personal secretary, or a Partner. Will he or she be available by cell phone or email? How quickly can you anticipate responses to your inquiries? These are not unreasonable questions. When problems develop between lawyers and their clients, a lack of prompt and ongoing communication is almost always involved. Though the discussion of fees can often be awkward, you should address this issue at the outset of your relationship with any attorney. What does the attorney charge for his or her services? What is the hourly fee? Is it a flat fee and if so what services are included? Will you have a retainer agreement? How often will you be given an accounting of the use of your retainer? What are the anticipated expenses and disbursements of your retainer? Agreeing on these things in advance will help improve and maintain the attorney/client relationship. You should know all of this before making a final selection of your lawyer. Don’t ever be afraid to ask the lawyer about his or her experience. You need to be satisfied that an attorney has the experience and will be sufficiently accessible to you. You should also feel a sense of the attorney’s willingness and enthusiasm to help you in your matter. If so, you are off to a good start on attorney selection and heading down a road where you can attain the best result in the legal matter at hand. If you would like more information, please contact Jeff Drimer at 315-472-4331



SOFA COMPANY Handcrafted Sofas & Recliners Nelson, NY 315-815-4112 Owner: Shawn Gilmore



The most comprehensive PRP Therapy Program from CNY’s Leader in Hair Restoration w w w. ge n e s i s h a i m

( 3 1 5 ) 4 5 8 - 1 0 74

4 0 5 E a s t Ta f t R o a d

From New York to Monaco: A Foodie’s Tale


hen I was in 4th grade, my teacher assigned us to write about a country. She picked the country and the student would research the culture, food, government and other interesting facts about it. I was assigned the country of Monaco. I was excited to learn about a country that I had never even heard of before, so I dove headfirst into reading everything I could about this fascinating place. I recall telling my mom about my project and she immediately began to gush about Princess Grace, the “American Princess.” I quickly learned that Monaco was so much more than Princess Grace. Never in my wildest imagination, would I believe that one day I would have the opportunity to travel to this captivating country. This past November, I had the pleasure of visiting Monaco for a work trip. Monaco is the second smallest city behind the Vatican, so it’s no surprise that it doesn’t house an international airport of its own, but this hidden gem is a destination for tourists from around the world. Our 30-minute drive from the airport in Nice, France along the stunning shoreline to Monaco



By: Stefanie Heath only adds to the allure of this beautiful country. Monaco is the home to 37,000 people with some of the most valuable real estate in the world. It also happens to be home to a vibrant night life and world-class restaurants. There’s a harbor that lines the entire country’s shore with massive yachts and impressive boats. After my work commitments, I was thrilled to explore this robust country and luckily our friends were able to show us a few of the ‘must see’ spots. Although gambling is not my cup of tea, it was fascinating to see the famous Monte Carlo casino with Lamborghini’s and other expensive cars lining the front of the casino. From there, we took a drive up a hill to see the castle. One guardsman stood out front while tourists like me snapped photos right at the front door of the royal family’s home. Let’s face it – I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. Wherever I visit, I like to connect with the local culinarians to see what’s trending. My most notable stop was for dinner at Eqvita Restaurant. This intimate restaurant

was adorned with books and greenery. For a moment, I felt like I was in a hip café on NYC’s Upper West Side. I was immediately drawn to Eqvita’s philosophy of creating food that was “as close to nature as you could get.” Since we were straddling the border of Italy, I knew we had to give the saffron arancini some attention. The creaminess paired with the saffron was heavenly. Next, the nachos were calling my name. The homemade bell pepper crackers topped with spring onion salsa, guacamole, hummus, black beans and tangy cashew sour cream was a delightful protein-packed powerhouse dish. Who knew nachos could be this delicious AND good for you? For my entrée, I stayed within the Italian theme by enjoying a polenta and Mediterranean chickpea salad. My Italian grandma used chickpeas often, which is how I discovered my love for them. Polenta was known as the Italian “poor man’s food” because it was inexpensive and could feed an entire family. Now, polenta has made a comeback and is making its way into mainstream dishes. My salad was lightly tossed in a citrus dressing with just the

right portion size to leave me feeling satisfied, but with plenty of room for dessert. The strawberry, mint and mango cheesecake melted in my mouth. As I took the last bite, I contemplated that flavors and textures wondering how I could recreate it at home. I love coffee but in Monaco, they really love coffee. Throughout our workday and into the evening, I drank more espressos than I could count. Unlike traditional American culture, residents of Monaco and other European countries find a true balance between work and pleasure. I must admit that I appreciated the priority that is placed on taking small moments to break throughout the day. Pleasure comes in the form of conversation, enjoying good food, and, of course, spending time with loved ones. The sea, architecture, food, and especially, the people made this trip to Europe a special one. Little did I know when I was nine years old, and writing my school project, that one day my career would bring me halfway around the globe to that small country of Monaco. They may be small in geography, but they more than make up for it with their hospitality and beauty.




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Breast healthcare at Crouse. As individual as you are.

N Crouse’s breast healthcare team (l-r): William Schu, MD; Tammy Congelli, MD; breast care nurse – navigator Katie Tindall, BSN; James Sartori, MD all from from CNY Surgical Physicians; and of Stephen Montgomery, MD, medical director tal. the Falk Breast Health Center at Crouse Hospi

o two women are alike. And no two breast imaging results are alike, either. That’s why our breast care team puts a continual focus on what matters most — you. A nationally designated Breast Center of Excellence, Crouse offers the latest in 3D imaging technology and the region’s leading radiologists, surgeons and nurse navigators. Together, they provide breast healthcare that’s compassionate, comprehensive and customized to your individual breast health needs. 315-470-5880

Celebrating 25 years!


andace Edwards has been involved in childcare programs for most of her life, starting Little Learners near Camillus, N.Y. In 1992, a hand full of parents got together to open a before and after school childcare program location in Liverpool, N.Y. for grades k-6. Sandy Widger and Candace met with key stakeholders in the Liverpool School District to start investing in one of today’s best childcare programs in Onondaga County, according to Candace. This year they celebrate 25 years of service.

By: Samantha Leader development, dramatic play, fine motor skills, and art. This helps the children have a mix of fun and education, stated Candace. In addition to their programs during the school year, they also have summer programs. The children do field trips to bowling, apple picking, pumpkin patches, and Thunder Island.

“My lifelong dream was to see this program grow, and I help that happen by being the executive director for six years now,” Candace said. BASCOL now has 19 locations and eight school districts. The school districts are Liverpool, Onondaga Central, Solvay, West Genesee, Central Square, Jamesville-Dewitt, and North Syracuse. This year was the first year that North Syracuse welcomed BASCOL, which was a new endeavor Candace Edwards with Gift Card Winner for BASCOL also according to Candace because they never worked with three and four year olds. BASCOL now has 50 employees, which consist of site “We keep it fun and exciting, by having directors and teachers each school site come up with special events and projects,” Candace said. A “I want the best for the kids, which is few of the different projects they did why it is so important to me that they was a video wishing BASCOL happy are happy and feel like they are in a safe birthday, and talent shows. environment having fun,” Candace said. Six years ago, BASCOL started to give The BASCOL program focuses on back to the community. The children many core areas including Literacy, PE, and employees collect Jell-O for the health, social and environmental Salvation Army Christmas Bureau. The

Salvation Army makes baskets of food for the needy families in this area, there are 4,000 families and last year BASCOL collected 8,000 packets of Jell-O, according to Candace. They also collect new and gently used bathing suits. “Children cannot swim in public pools for parks n rec without bathing suits, we collected 506 this year,” Candace said. The application process to get into BASCOL is like many childcare programs, parents have to set up an appointment to go through the application process. The prices vary depending on how many days parents decide to bring their children and if they do both days and nights. According to Candace, In 2017 BASCOL collaborated with Solvay school district to get a grant awarded to them. For the next 5 years, 50 students can attend BASCOL free in the afternoons, 3:10 P.M. to 5:10 P.M. Every school district varies but most districts hours are from when they finish the school day until 6:00 P.M. and open at 6:30 A.M. or 7:00 A.M. until school starts. All families are welcomed to come and visit to see what makes BASCOL such a great place for them to enroll their children. Visitors will be able to see all of the activities that the children partake in throughout the school year and summer program. “The more lives to touch, the better for families out there, and my goal is never ending,” Candace said.



2528 Erie Boulevard East


now is falling and the holidays are passing entering us into a new year but no one can forget one of the best holidays, Valentine’s Day. This is when loved ones around Syracuse, N.Y. are looking for gift ideas for their significant others, family members, and friends. Restaurants are booming with reservations and the stores are crowded with sales.

Bed Bath and Beyond is a one-stop location for all of your gift ideas and some of the best sales, which are featured in their new holiday look book. Anything from the perfect holiday mug, doormats, wall décor, kitchen appliances and accessory holders, according to Christina Pastushenko. Valentine’s Day does not always have to break the bank; there is a way to shop for your loved ones without going all out, and I am going to show you how.

Most of us spend our days at work sitting at a desk, uncomfortable and when we get home, we change and want to stretch out and relax. What a better way to show your significant other that you respect their hard work by getting them a spa gift basket with everything they need to feel like they are at a spa. Bed Bath and Beyond pure energy Apothecary, daily delight lavender gift set with basket for $41.99 is the perfect gift. It is already in a basket; therefore, it is perfect to add in a few other things, such as the formation hearts “XOXO” latte mug in pink/white for $6.99, according to Pastushenko. Let them know as relaxed as they feel at night, they can pick right up in the morning to go to work using their mug for coffee. Family members can be hard to shop for, but it is important to show them that you love them, especially around the holidays. Every year I make sure to buy my family a small gift on Valentine’s Day, and this year many of them are moving into new houses. New houses mean new home décor and appliances.

Iron Heart half-round doormat

A beautiful way to show your love while helping them decorate is an “Above All Else Love” canvas wall art for $19.99. While thinking of the house doormats are an important factor to the main hall way, J&M home fashions iron heart half-round doormat is perfect for that, Pastushenko said.

When you walk into a store and your shopping for your friends mostly everything catches your eye. Valentine’s Day is a time to show them you love them, but simply. To do that, you can get them jewelry holders, champagne glasses, coasters, cocktail stirrers, or even cheese boards and spreaders for their house.

The celebrate coasters at Bed Bath and Beyond show happiness and match perfectly with the champagne glasses. The coasters are $3.99 for a set of 10 and the glasses are $9.99 for a set of two, according to Pastushenko. If the person you are shopping for does not like gold, the same coasters come in the color black to switch it up.



A community healthcare system built with exceptional people.

Nascentia Health – a shared commitment to providing exceptional care. VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options, LLC, Home Aides of Central New York Inc., and all our respective affiliated organizations and foundations are now unified as one new healthcare system – Nascentia Health. This new system reflects our continued commitment to providing the best possible care to those we serve.

In-Home Nursing & Medical Services Home Health Aides & Elder Care Complete Cross-Continuum Care Management Community Health & Wellness Programs Transportation, Equipment & Innovative Care Technology Chronic Disease Management Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) Plan

1050 West Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13204 Call 888.477.HOME


M. Kate Rolf

Keeping the Heart in the Home By: Abbey Adams Photography: Luciano Miceli



Left to Right: Cheryl Manna, COO, Kate Rolf, Pres. & CEO, June Castle, CFO Andrea Lazarek-LaQuay, Chief Clinical Officer


alking around Nascentia, you immediately feel a sense of comfort. As you pass along all the file cabinets, cubicles, papers, and long narrow hallways, you see a smile around every corner. During my tour around the facility, an employee stops and says, “Oh, look at you two in matching jean shirts! Cute!” That seems to be the theme around Nascentia; heartwarming people with friendly faces. Nascentia Health was envisioned as a way to bring all the programs and services provided by Visiting Nurse Association of Central New York, Inc., CCH Home Care & Palliative Services, Inc. and Independent Health Care Services, Inc. together under one umbrella. Their main office is in Syracuse, while they hold three other offices in Albany, Rome, and Batavia. Spanning 48 counties, they care for over 6,500 patients every day and currently have contracts with over 1200 provider organizations. This system continues to embrace every opportunity to meet the changing medical and non-medical needs of those throughout the region. It is the mission of Nascentia Health to be the premier home and community-based care system for the regions they serve. Their goal is to maintain, restore and promote the health



and independence of those they serve by utilizing their agency and community resources, by working collaboratively, and by providing the proper environment for the development and retention of caring, competent staff. The face behind the progression is M.Kate Rolf, President and CEO. She was recruited by Nascentia to transform an under performing home and palliative care services organization and develop a successful growth strategy. She has redefined the 125-year-old organization as a leader in Upstate New York’s aging services. Kate accomplished this by leading a visionary re-branding campaign, restructuring nine entities under a 501c3 parent organization, creating an interdependent post-acute, long-term care health system, and integrating with another competing homecare organization. Prior to joining Nascentia, Kate served in roles of increasing leadership and scope during her 10-year tenure with Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare. In her last role as Executive Director of Home and Community Services, she oversaw the Home and Palliative Care Agency, the Managed Long-Term Care Plan, and the Durable Medical Equipment and Home Infusion

Company. As the Executive Director, she spearheaded the consolidation of the home and community-based post-acute agencies to operate as a service line, which improved care while simultaneously delivering substantial operational savings. While at Faxton, she also served as the Executive Director of the Visiting Nurses Association of Utica and Oneida County, and as the Chief Operating Officer for the Senior Health Network where she transitioned the organization from a demonstration program through the Department of Health to a permanent certified entity. Rolf explained the importance of health care and how Nascentia is progressing in their services to continue catering to those in need, and what drew her to such an important role. Rolf grew up in Oneida, married in 1990, and lived in Rome, NY for twenty years. Upon moving to Syracuse she began her journey with Nascentia. Now with the company for six and a half years, there’s nothing she can’t do. She has 15+ years of achievements in the expansion, consolidation, integration, and diversification of home and community-based health services. “I was going to be an accountant. I didn’t finish college until my kids were in elementary school. I studied right beside them and worked at the

“When you talk to most people they would rather be at home” “Kate is truly a dynamic leader, and her vision is responsible for making our system what it has evolved into today; innovative, progressive and truly committed to those we serve,” says Kimberly Graf, Vice President/ Public Relations & Corporate Communications at Nascentia.

keep a lot of people at home and care for them even during some acute episodes.” Many times people are in hospitals and nursing homes, where they can contract so many other diseases. However, if Nascentia can provide the care in the home and limit access to infection while they are in the healing process, that can help as well, not only physically but mentally as well. “Being in their home environment is familiar, comfortable, and not as stressed, which helps with their well being,” says Rolf.

Nascentia feels compelled to take care of their 620 employees just like they take Amy Davis, LPN, Director of the Social Day Nascentia is currently in the construction care of their patients. They Program and M.Kate Rolf believe that having a healthy process for their new building (which dining room table. I was studying health should be completed early this year). From balance between work life care at the time and decided that’s what the sneak peeks I saw outside; it looks and family/home life is important to one’s I wanted to do” says Rolf. “I’m blessed to modern and quite beautiful. They want the overall happiness. Rolf says, “We make have three beautiful daughters. As they space to be bigger, more inviting, and to sure our employees know that they come saw me going through my education and provide more opportunities for employfirst. Health care is a complicated area career, I think it helped aspire them to be ees as well as patients. It is going to have when it comes to getting nurses, home anything they want to be.” updated and new technology and will be aids, etc. We tried to establish an organias green as possible. The goal was to make zation that puts our employees first.” With Bachelors in Business Managethe new home a spacious and relaxing Health care is a common topic in today’s ment and Economics, Masters in Health place for employees to be in; a sort of news. With Medicare and Medicaid cuts, Service Administration, and an MBA in bistro/lounge feel. This will include a gym, home care isn’t always seen as a priority Technology Management, Kate made her new wellness programs, an adult daycare during budgeting time. Rolf stands firm education a priority. The more she learned, with the future of home care saying, program, community room for educational the better her professional work would events/opportunities, training facilities for “When you talk to most people they be. Health care has always been close to would rather be at home than in a hospital staff, and physical therapy appointments her heart, due to struggles she faced as or nursing a young woman “I lost my mom when I Kate and Amy visiting with seniors at the Social Day Program home. As was 16; I was one of six kids. When my the baby mom passed away it was tough because boomers she had cancer, and it was a struggle. Not population being able to be at home with the family gets older really made me realize I wanted to do we are gosomething with health care, I never knew ing to see what it would be. When I got into longa push for term care I started at a nursing home but more home when I had the opportunity to work and commumanage long-term care and home care it nity-based really became a passion of mine.” Taking services. on several responsibilities at a young age We can do propelled Kate into the professional leader a lot more she is today with a can-do attitude and the with techwill to make any situation better. nology to



Getting a tour with June, Cheryl, Kate and Andrea

during the day. Staff members are overjoyed for the thought of having a new home to pass through and experience everyday. Rolf makes it clear to me that she understands the importance of technology and how it can help elevate the business side of home care. “We started using a lot more telehealth and telemedicine connecting patients with doctors, so they don’t need to have people go into their homes or go into doctors’ offices as often.” Their latest project is doing a telehealth for individuals who may not be able to get out to participate in social programs and who might need more social stimulation. “We’re starting to connect them to be a part of the community,” says Rolf. As you can tell, Nascentia has thought of it all. Not only do they provide care for the elderly, but also infants, and mothers (lactation skills); they take patients when they come out of the hospital after surgery, provide short term help, long term help, and set up any services they need to maintain at home. Kate says, “We really are all the way through a life cycle of a patient.”

Office Area

The best part of her job? She says, “I love when we get some nice stories and different things from a patient calling, nice letters, etc. It’s such a great feeling to know that you’ve made someone realize how much they mean to you.” Learn more and visit



Social Day Program Area


at the Carriage House 422-3194

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Get Heart Healthy Signs, Symptoms, Prevention The American Heart Association.


By: Samantha Leader

ebruary is a big month for many reasons and one for Heart Health awareness. Women pay close attention to their exercise, diets, and weight making this month important to them. American Heart Association explains all of the ways to make sure that you stay healthy and aware of your body. According to Dr. Riya Chacko, American Heart Association board member, a main way to make sure you are keeping heart healthy is seeing your primary-care doctor at least once a year, that way you are up to date on your basic labs such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and your blood pressure. It is also important that you are continually checking your mass index and BMI. “Cardiovascular signs and symptoms come more frequently if you do not practice stress modification techniques to let your body unwind and relax as well as doing exercises,” Chacko said. Women are under stressful matters everyday with work, family, relationships, and holidays making it extra important to let your body unwind at the end of the day.

Eating is not only tough around the holidays; it is a struggle all year around because eating out is a social activity with friends. The toughest thing women come by is how to eat out and stay on your diet; I know it is a struggle of mine. “Be wary of heavy salads with heavy toppings such as rich dressings, bacon and lots of cheese,” she said. Many women think salads are the “healthier” choice when eating out but soon find out they are a higher calorie option.

symptoms for Heart attacks; women have chest pressure, which can radiate to your jaw/teeth, arms, or middle of your back. This can also be associated with sweating, and shortness of breath; any of these symptoms can be a heart attack without all happening at once, according to Chacko. Many things can make you at risk for this including hormones, know your risk for blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks before taking a high dose of hormones. It is important to keep exercising a fun and sociable thing to keep people involved. American Heart Association does this in February for American Heart Month. They kick off the month with national wear red day, which is always the first Friday, this year it will be Friday February 2nd. “National Wear Red Day is a reminder that heart disease is women’s No.1 killer, even though many women don’t consider it their biggest health risk,” Kristy Smorol said. Many businesses have special events,

National Wear Red Day Proclamation

This season combines a bunch of different holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and then Valentine’s Day in February, meaning unhealthy foods everywhere. There is a way to make sure you choose healthy options while cele brating. Making healthy choices in meal preparation and exercising portion control are keys to enjoying your holiday meal, according to Chacko. “There are many things to consider, try lower fat but tasty options for your food


such as, does turkey need butter for basting or can olive oil be used?”, Chacko said. You may find out that you enjoy the taste of the healthier options while serving a healthy and tasty meal to your loved ones.


You want to be looking for lean proteins while eating such as chicken breast, fish, lean beef, vegetables and nuts in moderation, stated Gwen Webber-McLeod & Mayor Miner Chacko. Most of the time foods that you think look healthy actually are unhealthy because of and buildings will be lit up in red everythe certain oils and spices that are used. where. Support Heart Health Awareness Cooking at home lets you control your fat month by knowing your body, loving your and sodium intake, she said. body, and keeping your heart healthy to live a long adventurous life. The most important thing is to know your

The Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart Being aware of cardiovascular disease can save your life


our heart. It works extremely hard every day without a break. Are you caring for it the way you should be? Most people are certainly aware of the basics of good heart health. We “try” to exercise (when work and life doesn’t get in the way), we eat healthy(ish), we don’t smoke…isn’t that enough? According to the American Heart Association, someone experiences a heart attack every 40 seconds. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, killing nearly 610,000 people every year. They have my attention; what can we do? We went straight to the experts to find out. Chris Fadden Schwarz, RN, BSN, a cardiac nurse at Upstate University Hospital since 1994, is an integral part of an amazing team with the division chief of cardiac surgery, Dr. G. Randall Green, and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Barry Esrig. Upstate Medical University reported that in the most-recent state Health Department report on cardiac surgery outcomes, Dr. Green was one of only six surgeons in the state and the only one in Central New York with a risk-adjusted mortality rate significantly lower than the state average. Dr. Green (who is also a lawyer and has a master’s degree in business administration), and his team have a goal to create a high quality, high volume, highly efficient academic cardiac surgical program that supports Upstate’s education and research missions. Dr. Green is also an associate professor of surgery and co-director of the Upstate Heart Institute which is expanding cardiovascular services at Upstate University Hospital.

By Kristen Penfield Fadden Schwarz said, “Eating healthy and exercise are extremely important to heart health, but hereditary factors are just as important. What’s more is that so many people ignore their symptoms. They ‘don’t have the time’ to see a doctor because of their busy lifestyles when that’s precisely what they should be doing,” she added. She was only five years old when she lost her father to a heart attack. He was only 40. Her father came from a large family; all of whom passed from a heart attack. Fadden Schwarz said, “This time of the year, we see an increase in heart issues. The colder temperatures constrict the vessels. People who unknowingly or knowingly have coronary heart disease can be in danger. We urge people to have a physical exam. This can lead to saving their lives, ultimately.” Fadden Schwarz added, “We have seen people in top physical condition, athletes, marathon runners, etc., but they are not aware that they have coronary heart disease. The bottom line is you must know your numbers. HDL, LDL cholesterol levels, hypertension, blood pressure levels should be known. The key is to have an exam to detect any issues.” “Some people learn that they have a type of cardiovascular disease and claim to be ‘unlucky’,” said Fadden Schwarz, “But the truth is that they are very lucky because it was detected in time.” Many people, especially women, ignore symptoms, blaming a big meal, or that they are simply too busy to get themselves seen by a doctor. The sooner, the better when it comes to heart health and maintenance.

To clarify, The American Heart Association tells us that cardiovascular disease is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels. Cardiovascular disease includes coronary artery diseases such as angina and heart attack. It also includes stroke, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart arrhythimia, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, and more. Coronary artery disease, which is a buildup of plaque in the heart’s arteries that could lead to a heart attack has symptoms that can range from chest pains, indigestion or nausea, lightheadedness, fast heart rate, shortness of breath – or even no symptoms at all. How can we take better care of our heart? Fadden Schwarz said, “Eating nutritious foods can reduce your blood and cholesterol levels and maintain your weight. Regular exercise, which also benefits your mental and physical wellness, avoid smoking and very importantly, visit your doctor regularly. They can provide more insight on ways to improve your heart health and be proactive in disease detection.” Fadden Schwarz said, “I feel very fortunate because as a nurse, I appreciate what I do every day.” Since graduating from Binghamton University in 1989, and many years in open heart intensive care as well as pre and post operative care, Fadden Schwarz has helped so many people become more aware of the importance of heart health. Be heart smart. Make an appointment with your doctor today. It can save your life.



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Meet Wendy Harris

By: Audrey Levinson


n artist’s energy about what they do can carry so much power within them. It is that which we call passion. It’s the artist’s core, the center of individuality. Ones mark on the world and the legacy that remains. No matter, what life may be like the core is always there just waiting to be ignited through thought and vision. I met with Wendy Harris who inspired me to write about the artist’s energy and passion. I found Wendy to be highly energetic, very animated and interesting with a soul full of wisdom. We talked about current worries in politics and especially what is happening to our planet. She was kind and allowed me to play a little using her best pastels; I could feel what it’s like to work with them. I have but one word; Butter! This was very satisfying. Wendy grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I learned that this was an area rich in creativity. Many famous writers and artists came out of this area. She said that she was always surrounded by original artworks. In her home and even in her high-school Central Bucks High School in Doylestown, PA. She went to school in a building that had art by Edward Redfield a renowned artist with the Pennsylvania Impressionists on loan. These paintings were 4’ x 5’ and hung in the foyer and auditorium of the school. To



people with a creative nature this is learning around museum-quality inspiration everyday. Her home was a different story and even better. Wendy’s talent is inherited. Her grandfather was a recognized artist in the early part of the 20th century. She showed me a book with her grandfather’s impressive work in it. Fortunately, the art gene was passed along to her mother who passed it to Wendy. Wendy’s mother received a full art scholarship to attend Syracuse University at the age of 16. I asked Wendy when and where she attended art school. She said she started using pastels in 1996 when she took a course at University College from Nicora Gangi and then Mary Padgett. Wendy knew what was good for her and took the course seven times. Since 1999, Wendy Harris has had a studio at the Delavan Center. It’s a great space to work. Wendy is an En plein air artist. She works outside among the elements whenever possible to capture the more intimate settings and vast landscapes of nature. She said working this way is not only hard work but is a “gestalt.” You remember all nuances of the day because you are in the elements. When she paints cloud studies which are some of my favorite paintings, she must do this in the studio from a picture. Of course, the sky is constantly moving and changing even on its calmest sunny days. Her landscapes are full of color and light. They will delight you. She

prepares her paintings typically using a very warm derivative of red and with that adding a paint stroke texture underneath the red along with using pastels to create her paintings. Her paintings literally glimmer. Wendy is in love with iridescent pastels and interference paint. This is paint that has no pigment but magically refracts light in color. Her paintings are filled with peace and are so uplifting that you want to always have one to look at. If only the world really was this way. I found myself taken into her landscapes and venues and through my imagination. I want to stay and explore. This brings me to the good news. Wendy entered a call for artists by the Upstate Cancer Treatment Center, a new 70 million-dollar addition. She was chosen over 80 other local artists for the one commissioned painting that the facility would own. The theme for this was about healing with nature. Wendy soon discovered that not only were they looking for artwork filled with the peace and healing with nature but that the entire center focused this from the architecture to all aspects involved. Wendy’s commissioned piece hangs there along with eight other of her paintings in various places. She feels humbled because the reaction to her work has been overwhelmingly thankful, especially from patients who have stared into a place where they can possibly forget why they are there.

Wendy Harris

Holiday Barn

Manhattan Bridge

Big Man Tree

Wendy teaches private lessons in her studio and has a website where you can see more of her work. She is an award-winning artist, and her triumphs are listed there. You can find an interesting video of how she creates using pastels and paint and texture. Her enthusiasm is abundant. You can reach her at to learn more about this rising art star.

Beyond The Bend


“Art making is a mysterious solitary work that moves between struggle and flow and if I’m lucky leaves me feeling like I’ve experienced grace.”

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Valentine’s Day V

alentine’s Day is an important day for everyone; loved ones, family members, and friends. It is a time to celebrate romance and love, but the history of this holiday goes back many years to the ancient Romans. This Holiday was known as a day of fertility and love, but it is now a day of celebration where loved ones are either buying jewelry, dinner and singles spending time with friends or alone. The tradition has changed drastically since it first came about. The day brings different joy for singles, relationships and marriages.

By: Samantha Leader Coming from a man in a relationship, the point of view does not change too much. Corey Barnes, 25, says he thinks the holiday is stupid but also can be nice. “Most people just celebrate it because that is what the social norm is, I don’t mind it, but it shouldn’t be as big as everyone makes it out as,” Barnes said. In a relationship, there are many expectations for this holiday such as what to get someone, where to get dinner, what wine to buy, etc.

Here we will hear the point of view from all of those individuals, When you are single people look at the holiday as a sad day where they end up eating alone with a box of chocolate. In reality, when you are single, this holiday is more stress free than anything else, according to Kristen Golden. I usually do a girls weekend away with all of my other single girlfriends, Kristen Golden, Kaleigh Donohoe, Allie Foland and Katie Quigley last year we all went to Boston for the weekend. It consisted of a lot of wine, quality time, chocolate and Valentine’s Day is a day to express your dinners. love for your significant other when you “It is a nice way to enjoy the holiday with- are in a relationship, according to Julie out the stress and pressure of buying gifts Tran. Not that you should not show them for a significant other and having to plan you love them any day of the year, but it is an extravagant night,” Golden said. a day devoted to expressing that love in an “extra” way. Many people say this holiday is more of a women’s holiday then a men’s now. “I appreciate this day before everyone According to Nicholas Sherwood, coming works 40+ hours a week, maintaining a from a man’s point of view when you are a house and families; it gives you the opporsingle guy the holiday is very insignificant. tunity to set aside your busy life aside and “It is just another day for a single guy unappreciate your loved ones,” Tran said. like women who spend it with girlfriends On this day, my boyfriend and I express it and still celebrate,” he said. “People should by the gesture of a little “meaningful gift” show love for each other every day, not or a gift that would benefit the both of us just one.” such as a little trip, following that is a



dinner that allows us to spend a quality hour or two to ourselves, she said. Valentine’s Day is still nice as a married couple, but it turns into more of a family event then just the couple, according to Pauline Shanley. My husband and I usually spend it at home and include our kids in what we have planned for the night which the past couple years have been making a nice dinner and exchanging something small, she said. A nice card and flowers is what is usually exchanged on this holiday. “I think it is a holiday really made for dating,” Shanley said. The point of views on Valentine’s Day change varying the man, women, dating, married, and single. The point of the holiday stays the same throughout the generations, to spread love and thankfulness to everyone who plays an important role in your life.

Julie Tran and Corey Barnes


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Moriah Formica

The Voice By: Abbey Adams

16-year-old Moriah Formica belts out Heart’s 1977 hit “Crazy On You.” Singer and Voice Coach Adam Levine mouths to the rest of the judges “She’s really good.” About five seconds later, pop singer and other Voice Coach Miley Cyrus presses her button, and soon she becomes Moriah’s mentor for the remainder of her time on the show. After being knocked off the show, Formica has returned to her hometown of Albany, NY. She headed back to high school, and back to reality with her family. I spoke with the now 17-year-old about her experience on a competitive TV show, her musical path, and what her future looks like. The Voice Experience: Being on a competitive show can wear you down. From practices, performances, long shoots, and more, Moriah opened up to me about how exhausting the process was. “For me, the days were really long. We would go out maybe 6 am and not get back till 4 or 8 pm. It personally was mentally taxing, physically taxing, emotionally taxing. It does affect every single part of you.” Going onto The Voice felt like such an honor, and something Moriah thought would be an easy pass into Hollywood…wrong. It was a lot more work than she thought. She says, “It changed my perspective on success. I thought that it would be like getting success handed to you, but it’s really not. There’s really so much work to it, and I’ve learned that you need endurance to have this kind of success. I learned to have thicker skin, just all those things…and confidence is the biggest thing I learned.”



Confidence is something that definitely helped her perform for the judges. Standing in front of celebrities and idols is already such a surreal experience, but doing it with all your heart and soul can be even more nerve wracking. “Singing for the coaches is really intimidating. One of the biggest challenges was when you’re out there constantly singing, practicing; every single day you’re doing something. Going out there even if my voice was shot, I still had to sing, so I think that was really nerve-wracking to go out there and do that,” she said. But, nothing helps fuel you up before a big performance than a good meal, right? The catering on the set of The Voice was unbelievably delicious according to Moriah “I really liked this chicken. It was a lemon zest chicken, and it had a lemon sauce on it. It was so good. They had really good salads and sometimes dessert cups, and a make your own wrap station. They made the best wraps.” Musical Past: “I’ve always loved music. I would always be in my car seat tapping on the seat or banging my head as a kid. I started playing guitar around 5 or 6 years old. I wrote my first song in 5th grade, so I guess I’ve been writing for a little bit. I’ll just kind of

sit down with my guitar and usually a line will come to me and I’ll base my song off of that line or riff or something like that and then go uphill from there.” Moriah has been a fan of good songwriters her whole life; voice coach Adam Levine being one of them. He is someone she admires and would love to work with one day; “I really love Adam Levine. I think he’s so talented, and it would be cool to write with him because I know he’s a great guitar player, and he’s also a really great songwriter and singer too. I think he would be really cool to collab with. I like collabing with people, because it’s just fun to write your own songs, but then when you get somebody else’s take on it; you think ‘oh well; I’ve never thought about it that way’ or ‘this adds so much more’, so I love collabing in that sense.” On Working With Miley: “I thought that I would be intimidated before I went to work with her, but she


“You need to have endurance like a runner” just makes it seem so comfortable and free and that it’s okay to mess up…of course you’re going to be super nervous – it’s Miley Cyrus. But, honestly it was great. Miley is super genuine and she really cares for her team and has the closest connection with her team. I think she spends the most time on working with the team and making sure we are all comfortable. Since we were all girls it was easier for us to have great relationships together, so I really enjoyed that.” Family Life: Moriah’s family is extremely supportive of her career and what’s to come. Her youngest brother is 15 and her oldest brother is 23. “They are two of my biggest fans. They are my best friends, and are always so proud and supportive. My younger brother works the merch table all the time. They both love it.” Moriah says, “Everyone is so proud. My parents are incredible. They do everything. A lot of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for them. My mom left her job just to come be out in LA with me to pursue my dreams.” Moriah’s dad is currently her manager helping her schedule tour dates with her band and any other business that comes up. Her aunt does all her hair and makeup for performances, shows, etc., while her grandmother makes the coffee/food runs for anyone who needs it. “It’s a whole family affair…a team effort” she says. Advice: “I would say you need to have tons and tons of strength in every aspect of your life. You need to have endurance like a runner. There have been times where I’ve been so tired and discouraged, but I’ve had endurance. You just need to have that drive to remind yourself that no matter how hard it gets; it all pays off in the end. You’re working towards your dream, your passion, and what you want to do, so as long as you have the passion I think it’s worth going after anything.” Future plans: There’s no doubt Moriah is destined for a bright future, and she’s more than ready for it. With a wonderful support system, a newfound drive, and a never-ending passion for music, nothing stands in her way. “We’ve thought about moving to LA or NYC. I just want to hone in and focus on my career, because now that I’ve made a name for myself, people are going to be expecting more of me. I really want to focus on my career, become bigger and bigger, and would love to make a living off of it, because it’s what I love and I also want to help other people.” To learn more about Moriah Formica, visit her website:









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Women of Upstate New York magazine Jan/Feb 2018  
Women of Upstate New York magazine Jan/Feb 2018  

Women of Upstate New York magazine Jan/Feb 2018