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Letter From the Director

Terrace Views Keeping you connected and up-to-date on all of the exciting news, innovative programming, and brand new activities taking place at the Wisconsin Union. Editorial Director Sarah Artz ‘04

Editorial Advisors George Cutlip ‘71 Jan Montgomery ‘59

My family made it through the annual “back-to-school” supply shopping ritual awhile ago, but not without a lot of turmoil and heartache–not on the part of the kids, of course. The turmoil and heartache were exclusively experienced by me. I fully understand why each new school year brings about the need for clean, new paper, but did we really need to purchase the twentieth pair of safety scissors (I counted) in the last eight years? I’m convinced that there must be a giant pile of scissors sitting in a custodial closet at the school, just waiting to spill out all over the floor should some unsuspecting teacher open the door. However, even though I was skeptical, we complied and sent two brand new pairs off to school in early September. All was well, until last week when my daughter announced at dinner: “Dad, do we have any protractors in the house? My teacher says I need one for math tomorrow.” So, off we went in search of a new protractor, our dinner a distant memory. Getting something “new” isn’t only in vogue around my kitchen table. By the time you read this, we will be just a few short months away from opening the new Union South. This project has been five years in the making–from the moment we celebrated a successful student referendum campaign in the fall of 2006 to the upcoming grand opening ceremonies on April 15, 2011. A tremendous amount of creative input, hard work, and true passion have been poured into every corner of this exciting and engaging facility. The entire process has truly been a “labor of love” for those of us (students, staff, and alumni) who have worked to bring the very best in student programs and gathering spaces to our members. We can’t wait to share every inch of it with you.

Contributors Sarah Artz ‘04 Esty Dinur Tara Dowd ‘11 Miguel Guevara ‘95 Kate Mini Ralph Sandler ‘69 Ben Young ‘11

Design, layout & production Jane Philip Mary Rohrdanz Terrace Views is published three times a year by the Wisconsin Union and funded in part by the Memorial Union Building Association (MUBA). For a full list of MUBA members go to

Address comments or questions to: Membership Office Memorial Union Rm 3318 800 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53706 Phone: (608) 262-2263

Designing and constructing the new Union South has been a source of inspiration for us as we’ve been encouraged to think differently about how we’ll deliver our programs and services. In many ways, it has been a catalyst for change, helping us think about ways we can be more efficient and effective in our efforts as an organization. Sharing Union South with you in person on April 15 will be the highlight of the year and an opportunity for us to show you all that’s new with the Wisconsin Union. However, some of our changes simply can’t wait until then… One change that will benefit you is our plan to evolve Terrace Views. After this issue, the publication will become a monthly online newsletter, distributed to your email beginning February, 2011. We plan to produce an annual year-end printed version, but for the other eleven months of the year, you’ll receive timely, up-to-date information on what’s happening at your favorite place on campus right on your laptop, notepad, PDA, or even your reliable desktop computer. We’re excited to offer this new way to connect with you on a more regular basis. I strongly encourage you to respond with the postcard attached to this issue to ensure that we have your preferred electronic address. You won’t want to miss a single issue of Terrace Views going forward! In the meantime, enjoy the stories and updates inside this combined Fall/Winter issue. I’m on my way out the door to find some new “un-lined index cards” for my other daughter… See you around the Union,

Mark Guthier Director, Wisconsin Union


Fall/Winter 2010


Terrace Views Goes Virtual As the opening of the new Union South draws near, excitement is permeating every inch of the Memorial Union. From members asking about rumors of hotel rooms and climbing walls, to students and staff planning special grand opening events, it’s apparent everyone has new Union South fever! Here in the membership department, the excitement of the new building has inspired us to think of fresh, innovative ways to engage our current members and invite new people to join the Union family. One important new initiative we’d like to share with you is our plan to move Terrace Views and The Wild Grapevine online. Beginning in February, we’ll be distributing an electronic newsletter once a month with articles on upcoming events, interesting Union stories and updates, photos, videos, and more. The newsletter content will be stored in a blog you can post comments on and access anytime. The Wild Grapevine will also be there, which means Union family will be able to post updates as life happens, include photos and videos, and comment on friend’s posts. At the end of each year, we’ll produce a printed “Year in Review” piece highlighting memorable moments from the year. Your wants and needs are first and foremost in every program decision we make. We’re confident the online edition will offer a number of benefits to you as well as open up many new possibilities to us. It takes several months to create and publish each printed version of Terrace Views. By the time you read it, much of the information could already be outdated. The new format will allow us to publish information as it happens. We’ll be able to provide you with more timely, relevant news and you’ll be able to post feedback to help shape future stories. We’ll also be saving a lot of money which translates into new programs and services for you. Perhaps most importantly, going online has less of a negative impact on the environment. Imagine how much paper and resources we’ve been using to print over 20,000 copies of our 12-page newsletter three times a year! We hope that by making our communications more dynamic and interactive, we’ll continue to develop our relationship with you—our members. Instead of talking at you, we want to talk with you, learn about you, share memories, stay connected, and ensure the Union remains a place that you can call “home.”

You can subscribe to the e-newsletter at We realize that not everyone has access to technology and we don’t want anyone to miss out on updates from the Union. If you or someone you know needs a printed version, please contact us at 608-262-2263 and we’ll do all we can to accommodate you.

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The Wisconsin Union If the Wisconsin Union were a song, what would it be? Tuesday at 11:00am • Comment • Like

Gabi Helfert Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, wasting time... John Ouellette Sun sun sun here we come! Kshipra Kulkarni These are days u will remember (10000 maniacs) Rose Lane This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan Joel Plutchack No one can encompass the Union. You’d need at least a double album. Scott Schiller The theme from Cheers. “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name... Ellen Gibson Morris On Wisconsin, of course! Elain Axtell-Thomas Jeremia Was a Bullfrog Matt McLimans Roll out the Barrel! The Wisconsin Union Question of the day: where is the best place to take a nap in the Union? Yesterday at 3:30pm • Comment • Like

John Lee The hotel rooms! Michael Draves the couches by the bathrooms across from the Rathskeller! Raina Danger Christman the couch in room 5210! Micah Kearns the couch in the Hoofers lower office... Scott Schiller one of the studio rooms if they’re not in use. The locks aren’t exactly Fort Knox-worthy. Gary Muskat Like Mike said, otherwise the chairs in the Main Lounge are good too. Courtney Byelich Theater dressing rooms



Cantus’s All is Calm Offers a Different Sort of Christmas Show On Saturday, December 11 at 7:30 pm, the Wisconsin Union Theater will present All is Calm, a musical drama by the male vocal ensemble Cantus. This performance recreates the remarkable World War I Christmas truce of 1914, when Allied and German soldiers laid down their arms and celebrated the holiday in “No Man’s land.” The drama was created by playwright Peter Rothstein and is based on letters written by soldiers who served during the horrific war. Promises to go home before Christmas were unfulfilled and the disappointed soldiers remained in the trenches. This is when an unexpected “Christmas truce” was proclaimed between the opposing sides. The soldiers created a sense of camaraderie by singing in the trenches, using music as a common language. Many of them did not survive the war to tell this story, so Cantus dedicates All is Calm to their memory. The performance evokes the soldiers’ feelings of

goodwill as they disregarded their hardships and hostile environment to enjoy a moment of peace. Cantus performed in the Wisconsin Union Theater back in 2004 too much. The group is considered by many to be America’s finest professional male vocal ensemble. The group travels internationally and has been widely recognized for its style, originality, and musical mastery. For more information on this and other upcoming events, please visit the Wisconsin Union Theater website at

Memorial Union Renovation Project Underway

Der Rathskeller. Memorial Union

In October 2006, the student body not only voted to increase their segregated fees in support of constructing a new south campus Union, it also voted in favor of renovating the beloved Memorial Union. Dubbed “Memorial Union Reinvestment,” the long-term vision of the project includes a complete renovation of the Theater wing, central core, and commons wing. The project will include restoration, space and program enhancements, ADA accessibility improvements, infrastructure and building code upgrades, modest additions/expansions, and site improvements. 4

The Union will work diligently with the Wisconsin Historical Society to make sure the historical nature of the building is balanced with the wants and needs of innovation. The architectural and engineering team was selected with careful consideration to both college union building experience and historic preservation experience. Unlike the new Union South project, this project is a reinvestment in a building we all know and love. While there will be some renovation or addition, much of the project focus on changes that complement the historic character of the building. As of now, the Reinvestment will be funded through a third of its overall plan, thanks in large part to the student contribution. The remaining upgrades to the building will be implemented as funding allows. The ultimate purpose of the

Fall/Winter 2010

Reinvestment is not only the historic preservation of the iconic Memorial Union, but an advancement of the Union’s mission of being “the heart and soul of this great university.” By creating physical spaces that serve as social magnets, the Union hopes to advance student programming and draw people together from around campus, the state, and the world.

As a member, your involvement is important to us. Stay up-to-date and share your ideas on the Memorial Union Reinvestment by joining our list serve. To sign up, visit, where you can also view floor plans, share your memories, or learn about interest groups.


A Memory With David A poem on time spent at the Memorial Union

We were never bored sitting At our table mid-way between The artificial planters and the Glass wall overlooking the lake, Sharing un-spoken thoughts about The elusiveness of truth, or Bantering, pyramid style, aimless Word games. A sense of sympatico Rarely manifested even amongst The best of friends.

Beyond the Building: What the Memorial Union Means to Me QUOTES FROM ACROSS THE GENERATIONS “Everything that makes Madison, Madison, everything that distinguishes it from Anywhere, USA, is contained within the Isthmus. Ground zero of what makes Madison different is the Memorial Union and Terrace.” - John D. Wiley, UW Chancellor 2001-2008 “Every circle cries out for a center. The Union is it for UW-Madison. Geographically, practically, emotionally. “ -Ben Karlin, Com. Arts & History ‘93, Emmy award-winning writer and executive producer “I am proud of [my family’s gift]; I’ve always spent a lot of time at the Union. It is a thrill to have our family name over a room in the Union, which has always been a place for warm memories.” -George Hamel, Sr., Journalism ‘66 on his family’s naming of the Hamel Family Browsing Library “The Union is a microcosm of the outside world. Whether you’re the littlest kid or the grumpiest old person, you feel that sense of belonging here. It really is Wisconsin’s Union!” -Rose Gear, Music Theory ‘09, Wisconsin Union Theater Committee’s associate director, Concert Series

We were young then; smart, Witty and quick to decide. Absolutes, though slippery, were evident Even shared, as they were, with coffee, Mashed potatoes and long glances At passing beauties. The Union Lakeside Cafeteria: A mysterious magnet for budding poets, Politicians and wayward youths. Stephen Dedalus in his round primitive tower, Exhorting the trinity over a dish of Fishes would not have disagreed how Epiphanel it all was; An eternal paradox of crosswords and Iambs ineluctably juxtaposed to the Pallor of English Department politics; The doctoral lure - frustration, Poetry and love. The plaque, though never affixed, Exists somewhere marking that spot where So many grand thoughts and wretched puns Punctuated the academic ether. -Ralph E. Sandler (Union ‘67, Theater Director ‘70-‘80)



the Wild Grapevine Change is in the Air By Miguel Guevara

On a recent walk around Washington D.C. with family, I pondered how our interaction with destinations has changed over the years. When I was younger, my parents and I would buy a folded paper map to navigate through our travels and find out where we were in relation to everything else around us. Today, my children (all three under eight years of age) know enough to pick up my mobile phone to find a “map” that shows them where they are in relation to the rest of the world. Gone are the days when you had to unfold and refold a large, cumbersome piece of paper, repositioning it as you changed your direction so you could keep finding your way. Now, our mobile phone maps move around us as we walk. We are little icons on the screen and the maps change as our direction changes so that we are kept at the center of the map at all times. Always being at the center of the map is a subtle, yet fascinating perspective. It also serves as a simple analogy of how our interactions with the Wisconsin Union will become more dynamic and personalized as the organization delves more deeply into using online technology to connect members. Through social media, the Union is able to help members more openly and seamlessly communicate with each other and to better engage with the Union.

Instead of asking members to find and pick up literature to read about the Union or hear stories through word of mouth, there will be online sites filled with relevant information and news that you can connect to wherever you are and whenever you’d like. The online communities will be centered around you—your interests and how you like to communicate. Content will change based on your participation and feedback. I’m excited about these new changes and I invite you to go online and get involved by joining conversations, sharing photos and videos, commenting on articles, or contributing your updates so we can hear how you’re doing. Like the map, you’ll soon be able to better interact with the Wisconsin Union wherever you might be. In my case, the Union Terrace webcam helps me dream I am enjoying a beautiful sunny morning sitting on a brightly colored orange chair, drinking a cup of coffee while Hoofer sail boats pass by on Lake Mendota… Miguel Guevara is a trustee of the Memorial Union Building Association.

Join us online!

Union Facebook page: Union Family community: Union YouTube Channel:

Grapeviner News WILLIAM WELSH (Electrician 20+ years), Portage, WI, celebrated his 62nd anniversary with his wife. He wishes the best for all Union members and plans on visiting the new Union South.

1950s DAVID W. WEISS (Film Chair ‘50) lost his wife of 53 years, PENNY, after a battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease. She was remarkably brave, never losing her sense of humor or her wise outlook on life. Her children miss her terribly and DAVID is doing well under the circumstances. STANLEY KRIPPNER (Forum ‘53) released his latest book, Debating Psychic Experience: Human Potential or Human Delusion. KATE CARNEY (Dance ‘55) continues to present her Living History character’s programs under the umbrella title of Heroic Women You Can Talk To. JUDITH STIEHM (Gallery Chair ‘57) is serving as distinguished visiting professor at the U. S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs for the year. 6

GAR ALPEROVITZ (President ‘57) recently spoke, along with CORKY (WAGNER) REIMERS, at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Letters & Science honors program, which was created in response to an initiative a large group undertook as seniors just before they graduated. Amazing as it seems—that was more than 50 years ago! BILL IMMERMAN (Film ‘57-‘58) just finished photography on the film Guns, Girls & Gambling with Christian Slater and Gary Oldman which he also executive produced. He hopes to show it at upcoming festivals. JANET MONTGOMERY (‘58) spent two weeks in Egypt last May and visited with her nine grandsons and their parents. Now she is back being involved with water issues of the Great Lakes, painting, and cheering on the Badgers.

1960s PEGGY DOUMA (Summer President ‘62) was recently elected chair of Attic Angel— Prairie Point, the independent living section

Fall/Winter 2010

of the Attic Angel community for senior citizens in Madison. KERRY MCGRATH (Craft-Head of Chairman ‘63-‘64), Urbandale, IA, traveled to Ireland with her daughter and met their Irish cousins for the first time. She and her daughter visited Madison a year ago and can’t believe how much the campus has changed! ROBIN LOVRIEN (Theater ‘65-‘67) is back in DC and is working at Montgomery CC and NO. VA CC (NOVA) as well as Trinity DC, teaching ESL to college students. She’s still working towards her PhD and is determined to leave this world as Dr. Lovrien! DENNIS SCHATZ (Vice President ‘68‘69), will soon spend time in Australia. He hopes to complete the manuscript for a children’s book: Growing Up in Australia. PAUL KURNIT (Outreach ‘69)published a new book, The Little Blue Book of Marketing: Build a Killer Plan in Less Than a Day. PAUL is also teaching at Pace University.


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Membership Director ************************************************************************ Sarah Artz

1980s Sincerely,

FRANK POWELL (Staff at Union South ‘81-‘85), Eden Prairie, MN, recently began new job as chief technology officer for GLS Companies. He’s still an avid Badgers and Packers fan and is married with three kids.


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53706-1495 DP=99 CK=2 embership. Experiences for a Lifetime


GILLIAN C BROWN FINK (Hoofers ‘91‘96) & ADAM FINK had a baby boy named EAMON ALAN FINK in February. DANIELLE REIFF (DLS Director ‘96-‘97) will be headed overseas to Bogota, Colombia for her next assignment with the Foreign Service. She’s thrilled to learn Spanish and explore a new continent. PAUL BELLRICHARD (Travel Committee Director ‘97-‘98) and his wife, YUN, bought their first home in Chicago. He also accepted a promotion at LagasseSweet. Look him up if you’re heading to Chicago! SUSIE YOUNKLE (President ‘98-‘99) and her husband MATT (Hoofer sailing team ‘92-‘97), welcomed their first child, ELIZABETH JAYNE YOUNKLE, in June. ERIC OLSON (VP Program ‘99 -‘00) is now the director of the UW-Extension


HANS HOPF (Hoofers ‘49) passed away in September at the age of 89.

Create masterpiece THEa WISCONSIN

STAN DUROSE JR. (‘48) Madison, WI, recently passed away. STAN was an avid skier and member of the Hoofer Ski Club. His particular focus was ski jumping.


CLARICE BERGEN ADAMS (Dance ‘47-‘48), Stevens Point, WI, passed away at the age of 82.

800anLANGDON Catch outdoor flick

CHARLOTTE SPOHN (‘44, Voting Member ‘76-‘97) passed away in July at the age of 88.

MADISON WIto 53706-1495 Get800 yourLANGDON groove on aST live band

In Memorium

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IAN ROSENBERG (President ‘93-‘94; Film Director ‘92-‘93) was nominated for an Emmy award for his work as producer of the documentary, Finishing Heaven, which premiered on HBO.

as to offer. Beyond just SITIVE FOR: adventurePREPARED through our Hoofers thusiast, get your culture fix at the lm events. For special events like ric Union rooms for free. As an nts on items such as bus tickets to eater events.

KATE (HUSSEY) YOUNG (VP-Personnel ‘91-‘92) is working in the UW Department of Neurology. She continues her other activities as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Stephen Minister Leader, Variety Show Director, Soccer Mom, Taxi Service, Chef, House Cleaner, & overall manager of many life details!

(800) 576-3279

TIM PRINCE (Hoofer Council President ‘91) relocated back to Madison with his family. His job was unfortunatley eliminated, so now he’s considering next steps in the adventure of life. He believes this will give him more time to reconnect at the Union!


Learn to sail the Cowboat holly self-supporting and operates 10 Manager version 3.021.005. Created October 8, or 2010 9:50reply AM mail artwork in minutes! pe Envelope Manager's DAZzle Designer to create aTake complete courtesy business stain the Union and ensures it will in a spectacular sunset years to come. DAZzle Designer to create a complete courtesy or business reply mail artwork in minutes! pe Manager's

RICHARD J. BRACHMAN (Union Director/Alumni Representative ‘85-‘87) has been named market chairman of Town Bank in Madison after 17 years as president and CEO of The Brachman Group. Customized Color Postage Stamps!

PAM GARVEY (President ‘85) moved to Cudahy, WI. She’s now enjoying the Lake Michigan sunrises and the aroma of Patrick Cudahy bacon each morning.

plication included in this (800) 576-3279 Customized Color Postage Stamps! du/membership where you can also learn more about the many benefits of

RENEE RAMIREZ (Cross Cultures/Travel ‘82-‘83) has been named 2010–11 chair of the national board of directors for the Wisconsin Alumni Association. RENEE is also executive director of the Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic.

Lakes program. He’s also been working with community partners to create a new AmeriCorps program focused on sustainability in Stevens Point, WI.

2000s ANDREW WALLMEYER (President ‘01‘02) finished an internship in the strategic planning department of the Associated Press and is now finishing his MBA at the University of Minnesota. NIKITA ERNST (Member 2010) is currently attending graduate school for history at Western Illinois University. PATRICK TILLEY (Vice President 2010), Brooklyn, NY, recently took a new job at a music marketing company in Newark, NJ. Find more Grapeviner updates online or post your own at!



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