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Welcome to the Fall Mini Course catalog. Autumn offers a bounty of opportunities and we have tried to capture some of them for you! Please join us – Register early to insure your space in the courses that you want…

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Photography, music lessons, written words…

Mind Matters Technology to meditations!

Outside & Inside

Money Helps

New Cuisine

Explore traveling, from Tour Management to Languages for Travel, or Fly Free Sleep Free to Traveling Solo we have you covered for better, more informed travel. Prepare now for future, great travels…

Be a better money manager, make more money and make sure your assets go to the folks you want them to after you are gone… Create your will, learn how to make millions or successfully stage your home for sale.

Sabi and Kiki return to share Mediterranean and Thai cooking tips. Bill, owner of the Malt House, enhances our Beer Geekness! Plus the Wednesday Wines Series continues with three new offerings…

Adventures, cuisines & home stuff

On the Move Dance, more dance & martial arts

Yoga & Travel Most travel courses ever!

The Craftshop Lives! Pottery, art metals, fabric arts…

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Interested in discovering your family’s history? We will look at how to begin genealogy, what resources are available, how to keep track of your information and genealogy standards. You will learn how to find information on the Internet as well as the large amount of information available at your local libraries. Emphasis will be on using free computer programs and Internet sources. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Lloyd is an experienced genealogist with over 25 years of experience. #4740.201 TUE 6-8pm, Sept 25-Oct 9 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)


A Travel Feast

Master That Podium

Have folks walking away from your presentations saying “Wow, she (or he) was a great presenter!” Learn the tips and tricks, from an accomplished public speaker with over 20 years of experience, that will take your podium presentations from good to great. We will cover getting rid of any nerves you may (still) have, methods for keeping your audience engaged and creating a podium presence that exudes confidence and credibility. Register today and become master of the podium! 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Kay Price is an accomplished speaker with over 20 years of experience willing to share her tips and pointers. #3500.301 WED 7-9pm, Nov 7 $24.50(Student/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff )

Spanish for Fun! Learn beginning Spanish through short films, popular stories and current issues. Designed for those with no previous knowledge of Spanish who want to give it a try in a fun and relaxed environment. Sec. 301, no class 11/22. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Marisol Bedrinana, native Spanish speaker and experienced instructor with vast travel experience in Spain and Latin America. #3065.201 THR 6-7:30pm, Oct 18-Nov 8 #3065.301 THR 6-7:30pm, Nov 15-Dec 13 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Basic Medical Spanish

You Can Juggle!

Develop your basic Spanish language skills in health care scenarios. Enhance your ability to provide quality care and build relationships with Spanish-speaking patients. Spanish grammar and medical vocabulary for concrete health care situations covered, including things like admissions, health history and physical exams. All levels of Spanish welcome, learning materials included in course fee. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Marisol Bedrinana is a native Spanish speaker and experienced tutor.

Anyone can learn how to juggle, even you! Learn the “three ball cascade” before working your way up to a number of trick variations including three and four ball tricks, rings, and clubs. For beginners and experienced jugglers alike. Learn to juggle – it is fun, it is therapeutic, and you will amaze your friends! 5 meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Melonhead, a member of the International Jugglers Association.

#3070.201 TUE 6-7:30pm, Oct 16-Nov 6 #3070.302 TUE 6-7:30pm, Nov 13-Dec 4 $54.50(Students/U.Mem)$64.50(Fac/Staff)

Uniquely Yours

#4700.201 TUE 7:30-9pm, Sept 18-Oct 16 $39.50(Student/U.Mem)$49.50(Fac/Staff )

Murder, Mayhem & Becoming a Private Eye What’s it like to be a real woman detective? If you love reading mysteries and solving them and you watch crime shows on TV, this class is for you. Find out what a real detective does. Kay started out with a legal pad and a murder case. She will tell you about some of her best cases, and how you too can become a real Private Eye. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Kay Price, owner of Price Detective Agency. #4580.301 MON 7-9pm, Nov 5 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Tour Management Find out how to get a job as a tour guide or a tour manager for a company escorting others in the U.S. or throughout the world. There are hundreds of tour guide specializations to choose from - aerobics to winery tours. You will learn the four income sources available to professionals in the guiding field and much, much more. Optional booklet available (approximately $10). 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter has led tours to exotic locations throughout the world. He started the country’s second tour director training program.

Growing Blueberries in Dane County Anyone who has tried to grow blueberries in Dane County knows it isn’t easy - but it can be done! Learn the tips and tricks to make your blueberry plants a success. Topics include soil type, soil and water pH, methods for testing pH, how to transplant shrubs, blueberry varieties that thrive in our climate, pruning, growing new plants from cuttings, and dealing with garden pests and other issues. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Eric Johnson, a local gardener who grows blueberries, raspberries and prairie plants on Madison’s east side. In 2010, he harvested three gallons of fruit from his blueberry shrubs. #4532.301 MON 7-8:30pm, Nov 12&19 $34.50(Students/U.Mem)$44.50(Fac/Staff)



An Artisty U


Dinner & Dialog: Shaping Our Towns & Cities

A special free event at Union South. Join us for our second year of the Dinner & Dialog series. Through a facilitated two-night dialog we will explore a variety of issues including how to create the communities we want to live in, the different visions for the future of our towns and cities and what forces are shaping them. Explore a list of possibilities for creating what it takes to make a really good community, a good town or city to live in via a facilitated dialog designed to explore, further develop, and consider the implications of each possible change. We will also take time to reflect on how this discussion worked for us and how we might engage in our own quality public policy deliberation/dialog. This FREE event includes dinner each evening. It is presented in cooperation with Wisconsin Union Directorate and the Interactivity Foundation. Registration is required and you are expected to attend both dates. #4000.201 MON 6-9pm, Oct 8 & 15 FREE! – Preregistration is required.

#3095.201 SUN 9-11am, Oct 14 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

F U L L C O U R S E I N F O & R E G I S T R A T I O N O N W E B : : [web] wisc.ed u/mi ni c ours es [p hone] 262.3156



Looking for a way to unwind from stress, focus your thoughts, or explore your creative side? Learn the creative and relaxing process of the Zentangle® art form. By using easy to learn repetitive patterns and deliberate pen strokes, you will create an abstract piece of art while entering into a relaxed and focused meditative state. Includes high quality supply kit containing all the necessary art. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Diane Knauff, certified Zentangle® teacher and self-taught multimedia artist.

Autumn Nature Journaling Autumn is the perfect season to begin keeping a nature journal. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or an avid journaler, keeping a nature journal can help you get in touch with yourself and the world around you. Learn to articulate your reflections on the natural world by exploring in writing what you may have taken for granted during your Autumn walks. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Debra Pierce has been journaling for 15 years. #1420.201 TUE 6-8pm, Oct 2&9 $34.50(Students/U.Mem)$44.50(Fac/Staff)

Fiction Writing Take your writing to the next level! We will learn the tools and techniques of fiction writing, including the art of dialogue, character development, and how to bring your reader’s imagination to life. Ideal for those looking for new ways to defeat writer’s block. Participants will develop their skills through writing exercises and critiques of student work, all in a safe and supportive environment. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: John Fons, professional writer and experienced writing Instructor. #1430.201 TUE 6:30-9:30pm, Sept 18-Oct 9 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

Start Writing Your Memoir For every life there’s a unique story - start writing yours. Whether you want to share your own life experiences or pass on your family’s stories, this class will help you get started and stay motivated. We will use short writing exercises to explore the four elements of effective stories: characters, plot, setting, and point of view. You’ll leave this class with a better idea of the answers and have a clear plan for turning your life experiences into compelling essays. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Sarah White, author, personal historian, and writing coach.


#1450.201 WED 6-9pm, Sept 26 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Write Your Cookbook Memoir

Memories made around the table are some of our finest. Share your own recipes and stories, or pass on your family’s food traditions. We’ll share readings from food authors, suggest themes, offer in-class exercises. Familiarize yourself with the steps required and resources available to help you complete a one-of-a-kind record of your place at life’s table. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Sarah White has taught memoir writing locally since 2004. #1460.201 WED 6-9pm, Oct 10 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Become a Travel Writer Good money, almost unlimited free travel, and your name in print! What else could anyone want? Travel writing can offer good income, travel to just about anywhere in the world, and the chance to build a recognizable name as an author. Learn how to: get started in this lucrative career. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter, authored a weekly travel column for a major international newspaper for three years. #3094.201 SAT 3-6pm, Oct 13 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)


Zentangle® – Zendalas: A Love Affair with Shape

Like bread and butter or peanut butter and jelly, bringing together Zentangle® and mandala art creates a delicious mediative and creative practice that produces a beautiful Zentangle®inspired work of art. Introduces the use of Zentangle® patterns and techniques to create a mandala. Previous enrollment in Zentangle® Basics or equivalent expected. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Diane Knauff. #1295.301 THR 6:30-8:30pm, Nov 1&8 $64.50(Students/U.Mem)$74.50(Fac/Staff)

Drawing Using the Right Side of the Brain Unleash the inner artist and release the inner critic. Learn the basics of drawing and advance your ability. Create line variations, spatial depth, volume, composition, texture, light and shadow. Learn to really see what you are looking at. Add supply cost. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Jeremy Anacker, experienced Instructor with a BFA from UW-Madison and private art school training.

#1370.201 MON 6:30-8:30pm, Oct 8 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Digital Photography 101 & 102 Your digital camera works fine as a “point and shoot” but you want to make even better pictures. Designed for the new or intermediate digital photographer. Covers all those confusing technical issues and menu settings. Understand your camera better as the nifty tool it is and then get beyond the basics to get the picture your mind’s eye sees. Includes basic printing techniques so you can showcase your great new photos. Bring camera to first class. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Gene Staver, over 40 years experience as a professional photographer. #6740.201 MON 6-9pm, Oct 1-15 #6740.301 WED 6-9pm, Oct 24-Nov 7 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

Digital Photography 201

Advanced concepts to help you become a better photographer no matter what the subject. Starting with a quick review of important basics, we will go on and cover histograms, “Expose to the Right,” Perspective, and 8 other ways of getting the exposure correct on your first shot. Completion of Digital 101 &102 course or equivalent assumed. Bring your camera to all classes. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Gene Staver. #6744.301 MON 6-9pm, Oct 22-Nov 5 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

High Def Digital Photography You have seen high definition or high dynamic range (HDR) imagery popping up in popular magazines, artwork and advertising. Teaches you how to do it yourself. Learn the basic method of HDR photography and how to put the images together in various softwares. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Patricia LaPointe, Master of Fine Arts Photography graduate from UW-Madison. #6645.301 MON 5:30-8:30pm, Nov 5 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

#1320.201 WED 7-10pm, Sept 19-Oct 17 #1320.301 MON 7-10pm, Oct 22-Nov 19 $69.50(Students/U.Mem)$79.50(Fac/Staff)

Watercolor Painting for All Levels

Learn the time-honored principles involved in executing a classical oil painting of a still life of your choosing. Presents both fundamental and advanced concepts in drawing and oil painting. Learn how light works and how to apply that to painting with oils. Whether you’re interested in an introduction to oil painting, or how to paint realistically, this is the class for you. Additional supply cost. Meets at Instructor’s studio on Madison’s east side. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Phil Salamone received his BFA at the UW Madison and studied classical painting in NYC at the Art Students League, the Water St. Atelier, and the Grand Central Academy of Art. #1400.301 MON 6-9pm, Oct 22-Nov 19 $79.50(Students/U.Mem)$89.50(Fac/Staff)

Facepainting: Tips & Techniques Facepainting can liven up birthday parties, the company picnic, block party or your fundraiser. Learn simple and fun designs, safety tips to prevent allergic reactions, working with different skin types and how to deal with problem parents (and children!). Includes ideas for how to use your new talent as a fundraiser and/or entertainment

OK, you have gotten your image into your computer, now what? Make your good digital photos great efficient workflow and minimal manipulation. Enhance your images by learning to use the basic enhancement tools in your computer. Starting with monitor calibration and working through to printing, printers and inks, gain a more complete understanding of the potential of digital photography. 1 Session. INSTRUCTOR: Gene Staver. #6747.201 TUE 6-9pm, Oct 16 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Voice Private Lessons Whether you’re an experienced performer or have only sung in the shower, voice lessons can help. Sharpen your skills and learn to better communicate through your singing in the relaxed atmosphere of private lessons. You will become more comfortable with your voice while working on basic musicianship, correct vocal production, proper breathing, and correct diction. All singing levels welcome! 45 minute private lessons. Choose from available time slots. 5 Meetings . INSTRUCTOR: Margaret Ingraham, voice teacher for over 40 years, MFA in acting and professional AEA actress who has acted in theaters across America including eight years in Chicago theater. #7180.201 MON 6-9pm, Oct 15-Nov 12 #7180.202 TUE 6-9pm, Oct 16-Nov 13 $119.50(Students/U.Mem)$129.50(Fac/Staff)

Harmonica Private Lessons The harmonica is a popular, easy-to-learn, and expressive musical instrument. Single notes, melodies, blues, bent notes and improvisation are covered in these one-on-one lessons. Beginners and advanced players welcome. Music reading unnecessary. Participants must provide their own harmonica. Choose from available 30-minute time slots starting on the hour and half hour. No classes 11/19 - 11/22. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: DeWayne Keyes has taught over 1500 people to play harmonica! #7400.201 MON 11am-3pm, Sept 17-Oct 15 #7400.202 WED 3-5:30pm, Sept 19-Oct 17 #7400.203 THR 4-8pm, Sept 20-Oct 18 #7400.301 MON 11am-3pm, Oct 22-Nov 26 #7400.302 WED 3-5:30pm, Oct 24-Nov 28 #7400.303 THR 4-8pm, Oct 25-Nov 29 $69.50(Students/U.Mem)$79.50(Fac/Staff)

If you have never played a four-string ukulele before, get ready for a world of fun. A ukulele is an easy instrument to learn. It’s addicting and you can take it with you everywhere. We will be learning some chord progressions and strums. Participant must provide own ukulele. Sec. 301, no class 11/21. Five (5) 60 minute group lessons. INSTRUCTOR: Richard Gordon, performer and private music instructor. #7450.201 WED 7-8pm, Sept 19-Oct 17 #7450.301 WED 7-8pm, Oct 24-Nov 28 $69.50(Students/U.Mem)$79.50(Fac/Staff)

Guitar Private Lessons

#1350.201 TUE 5:30-8:30pm, Sept 25-Oct 16 #1350.301 TUE 5:30-8:30pm, Oct 23-Nov 13 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

Still Life Oil Painting

The Digital Darkroom

Beginning Ukulele Group Lessons

Whether you’re just starting out or want to refine your watercolor skills, join us as we explore various painting styles and develop our own! Choose your subject matter and incorporate various watercolor techniques such as washes, glazing, brush handling, color theory, and textural effects--all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Additional supply cost, supply list available upon registration. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Luci Shirek, accomplished landscape, floral and house portrait artist with a BFA from UW-Madison.


Arts U


#1290.201 TUE 6:30-9pm, Oct 16 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

enhancement. Fee includes all supplies in a hands on workshop. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Monica Wahlberg ran her own facepainting business for seven years.


Zentangle® Basics

Abstract/Macro Photography Create abstract, fine art prints, with your pointand-shoot digital camera! Learn how to use the macro function on your camera to compose beautiful and interesting abstract or macro photos. An introductory course that will also give tips and pointers on inexpensive ways to alter your photographs and make fine art prints. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Patricia LaPointe. #6700.301 MON 5:30-8:30pm, Oct 22 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Selling Your Photography Ready to start marketing your photography? An introduction to all that is involved in selling your photographs to others for use in their publications/productions. Learn how to look professional, talk the talk, and walk the walk from the beginning so that publishers will consider using your work. Applicable to both traditional and digital photography. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Gene Staver, professional photographer with over 40 years experience. #6670.301 TUE 6-9pm, Nov 6 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Interested in learning or improving your playing? Explore chords, scales, techniques, theory, whatever you like. Material covered will be determined by your ability, experience, and interests. Guitarists of all skill levels welcomeyes, even beginners! Access to guitar required. Five (5) 30 minute private lessons choose from available time slots, lessons start on the hour and half hour. INSTRUCTOR: Richard Gordon, performer and private music instructor. #7460.201 TUE 6-9pm, Sept 18-Oct 16 #7460.301 TUE 6-9pm, Oct 23-Nov 20 $79.50(Students/U.Mem)$89.50(Fac/Staff)

Piano/Flute/Violin Private Lessons Choose either flute, piano or violin for private one-on-one lessons that are fun and energizing. All experience levels welcome, from beginner to advanced. We offer lessons that you can really enjoy, which leave you feeling inspired as you grow in confidence and musical skills. 45 minute private lessons. Choose from available time slots. Flute and violin students must provide own instrument. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Susan Merriman has nearly 30 years of experience teaching music. #7200.201 SAT 3:30-6:30pm, Sept 22-Oct 20 $119.50(Student/U.Mem)$129.50(Fac/Staff)

F U L L C O U R S E I N F O & R E G I S T R AT I O N O N W E B


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. Find your own “sacred center” by learning more about Mandalas, their origins, their meanings, and their purpose in our daily lives as you explore this circle artistic meditation. Learn how to draw your own Mandala through a guided meditation and how this practice can help you center yourself. 1 Meeting. Monica Wahlberg, creating opportunities to craft what you imagine into reality. #3750.201 WED 6:30-8pm, Sept 26 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff))

Chakra Balancing & Clearing Chakras are energy centers, touch points, in the body located at major branchings of the human nervous system, beginning with the base of the spinal column and moving upward. Chakra education is awe inspiring, especially if you take an experiential approach. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jeremy Anacker is an energy seer, Reiki Master, and the co-founder of a non-profit specialty school. #3293.201 MON 7:30-9:30pm, Oct 1 #3293.301 WED 7:30-9:30pm, Nov 7 $24.50(Student/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

5 Minute Daily Energy Routine Stressed? Fatigued? Constantly sick? Learn a simple routine of acupressure, applied kinesiology and chi kung exercises that will cut through what ails you. Boost your immune system, relieve stress, improve concentration, and feel more vibrant in only 5 minutes a day! 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Ali Treviño-Murphy is an experienced teacher and certified Energy Medicine practitioner. #3299.201 SAT 2:30-4pm, Oct 13 #3299.301 SAT 2:30-4pm, Dec 1 $19.50(Student/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

Tapping Away Negativity Be free of anxiety, worry, stress and more. The residue from negative thinking and emotion sits in our energetic meridians. As the natural flow of the life force energy becomes impeded we can reinvigorate these flows. Empower yourself with some basic self applied techniques. 1 Session. INSTRUCTOR: Jeremy Anacker. #3312.201 MON 7:30-9:30pm, Oct 8 #3312.301 WED 7:30-9:30pm, Nov 14 $24.50(Student/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Conversations with Runes Start a new conversation with yourself through the use of Nordic Runes. We will explore the history and mythology of these symbols. You will learn how to cast the Runes as a way of personal reflection and meditation. Create your own Runes set in class for personal use. Course fee includes all supplies. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Monica Wahlberg. #3700.301 TUE 6:30-8pm, Oct 23 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Labyrinth Journeys Explore the culture and history of labyrinths. Look at a history which finds labyrinths in all major cultures since pre-pagan times. Find where they may have a place in your own personal journey. Learn how to draw a simple, seven circuit labyrinth and use it for your own personal reflections. Also includes information on walking labyrinth options in our area. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Monica Wahlberg. #3795.201 MON 6:30-8pm, Oct 15 $19.50(Students/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

Meditation, Mindfulness & Inner Peace Learn to find your inner peace and make yourself feel happier in minutes with simple skills you can practice at home or the office. Here are challenging and therapeutic teachings to awaken the healing power of breath and compassion for all beings. Includes basic meditation techniques, breathing exercises, other mindfulness practices including basic yoga and a demonstration of gong -- all with the goal of getting closer to inner peace. All levels of previous experience with meditation welcome. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Lawrence has over 30 years experience teaching others how to take care of their own mind and body. #3810.201 MON 6:15-7:30pm, Sept 17-Oct 15 #3810.301 MON 6:15-7:30pm, Oct 22-Nov 19 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

Be a Better eBay Buyer & Seller

You have visited the site, maybe even bought and/or sold a few things. Now you’re ready to take the next step at internet auctions. Learn how to “read” an auction page to decide if you should bid or not. Learn how to sell the stuff you no longer want, your options as a seller, and how to make more money in the process! Learn the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts from an experience eBay Power Seller. Includes how to avoid scams and and how to find your niche for selling on the internet. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Gene Staver, e-Bay Power Seller and experienced Instructor. #3105.301 TUE 6-9pm, Oct 23&30 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Be an iPad Master! Whether already a new owner of an iPad (or iPod) or thinking about buying a new iPad, and concerned about getting the most out of your investment, here’s a class to help you master this incredible computer innovation. Designed for beginners and/or those overwhelmed by all those apps, we will build your self confidence, explore application options and make you comfortable with that new iPad. Class size kept small to individual attention and learning from each other. Bring your iPad or iPod if you have one. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Kay Price, experienced instructor and devoted, non-geek, iPad2 user. #3110.301 TUE 7-9pm, Nov 6 $24.50(Student/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Live Internet Video 101 Your event can go live, over the web, many local wi-fi locations or an onsite production! From teleconferencing and distance learning to weddings, birthdays, concerts, special events and theater. Real-time live, on the internet, with television quality pictures produced from a standard DSL or cable modem. We will work with state of the art digital video cameras and voice recording equipment using UW streaming media services. Your webcast presentations can be seen live world-wide and can be archived on a web site of your choice. Combines two oneon-one sessions, a lecture/demo session and the opportunity to be part of a variety of different weekly live web feeds. INSTRUCTOR: Terry Kline, UW wireless webcasting pioneer and a lighting and sound technician. $3120.301 Schedule with Instructor $29.50(Student/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

Video Web Site Design Learn the basics of putting your videos on the web! Includes discussion of live streaming, software, camera settings and more. Start wherever you are at in your plans, including an introduction to web site design to maximize your video content. Two one-on-one sessions and the opportunity to be part of a live web feed. INSTRUCTOR: Terry Kline. $3121.301 Schedule with Instructor $29.50(Student/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff) Get your Learning Value Card and Get a FREE Mini Course!

Wills & Estate Planning for Everyone

Everyone is talking about e-publishing, but how do you start? Once you start, how do you get noticed? Move from wannabe to published author in five lessons. Will you get a big New York contract? Well, no, but you might make enough to quit your day job! We will cover everything from the business side of being an author. Additional fee (Approx. $40) for formatting software. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Lisette Carrithers, successful author and entrepreneur.

Learn the basics of estate planning and whether you can use the Wisconsin Basic Will. Discussion of wills, trusts, probate and non-probate property, marital property and other subjects related to estate planning. Includes this session on campus plus one individual, personalized, 30 minute meeting with the instructor at her office (to be scheduled at the first session). 1 Meeting plus individual session. INSTRUCTOR: Juscha Robinson, a partner at Herrick & Kasdorf, LLP, focusing on estate planning.

#3125.201 THR 6-9pm, Sept 20-Oct 18 $64.50(Students/U.Mem)$74.50(Fac/Staff)

Publish Your Book w/ Kindle Kindle is the most rapidly growing publisher of books in the world. You, too can be among the Kindle book authors. Before your book can appear on Kindle, you will need to meet their publishing guidelines. Get an understanding of what Kindle wants and the various ways of meeting their publishing standards. 1 Session. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter has a growing number of his books on Kindle and has used several approaches to get them there. #3122.201 MON 5-7:30pm, Oct 15 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Placing Your Book on Kindle Once you have your book prepared according to Kindle’s specs, you will need to place your manuscript and the front cover onto the placement form for uploading to Kindle. Everything must meet Kindle’s guidelines. You will leave with your own Kindle Information Form Data Sheet totally completed. 1 Session. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter. #3124.201 MON 7:45-10:15pm, Oct 15 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

SAVE $10! The Kindle Package Register for both Publish Your Book w/ Kindle and Placing Your Book on Kindle and Save $10. Use this registration to sign yourself up for both classes AND pay $10 less in registration fees... #3123.201 MON 5-10:15pm, Oct 15 $39(Students/U.Mem)$49(Fac/Staff)

$ & Sense Take Control: Planning for Illness, Death & Taxes Estate planning is not just for the famous and wealthy, it is for everyone! Regardless of your age, net worth, or health, you will benefit from this class if you need to create your own documents, update an existing estate plan, or advise aging parents. Learn basic terminology and how to complete wills and other important documents on your own. Option of a 15% discount when using the Instructor to complete your estate plan. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Melinda Gustafson Gervasi, a college lecturer and attorney who focuses on estate planning and probate issues.

#3560.201 SUN 5:30-7:30pm, Oct 7 #3560.301 SUN 5:30-7:30pm, Nov 11 $34.50(Student/U.Mem)$44.50(Fac/Staff)


Mandala Meditations



Mind Tech Matters Master

The Mechanics of Indie E-Publishing

Your $100 Start Up

Creative self-employment on a shoestring! In this day and age of the internet and social media you really can start a business for $100. We will help you evaluate your business idea through market research. Learn the six steps to getting started right now and use a Decision Making Matrix to determine the potential success of your idea or product. Create a step-by-step launch checklist and one page business plan. We will cover timing, pricing and promoting your product or service and more. This course is based on the book The $100 Startup and is being presented with the permission of author Chris Guillebeau. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Dee Relyea owns Career Life Coaching, LLC and also teaches for the UW Small Business Development Center. #3853.301 MON 6-8:30pm, Oct 22-Nov 5 $69.50(Students/U.Mem)$79.50(Fac/Staff)

Get Really Rich Fast Ever dream of becoming a millionaire? Now you can get millions -- fast! The secrets to getting really rich fast will be explained in detail. With a menu of simple, practical steps you can learn, investigate and earn your way to the top. More than double your money in three years! It’s hard, but traders in puts over the last five years have been able to do it! Learn about investment programs that have shown huge returns. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter, who, by following an investment program, had accumulated enough wealth 26 years ago that he could have retired. His two oldest sons have enjoyed similar success and become millionaires. #3290.201 SUN 11:30am-2:30pm, Oct 14 $24.50(Student/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Raising Millionaires Raise your son or daughter to be a millionaire by the age of thirty. You can start when your child is born or at any time after that. By steadfastly applying key fun training, your child will become more able to do the things that really make a difference and at the same time (s)he will grow closer to your family. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter. #3292.201 SUN 3-6pm, Oct 14 $24.50(Student/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

#3565.201 TUE 6:30-8:30pm, Oct 9 $34.50(Students/U.Mem) $44.50(Fac/Staff)

Take six courses & receive your 7 th course for FREE!* *Any course up to $40 or $40 off any single course registration. No time limit! Fill your card with six courses (or keep your confirmation notices) and save up to $40. Not valid with any other coupon or offer.


[ w e b ] w i s c. ed u /m i n i c o ur s es [p h one] 262.3156


Frank Lloyd Wright: Taliesin to Madison Frank Lloyd Wright, Wisconsin’s most famous architect and possibly the most famous and revolutionary architect of the 20th century, had a strong connection to Madison and Wisconsin in general. Enjoy a about his connection to Madison followed by an exciting, informative, and unique tour of the Taliesin Estate, Wright’s archetypal home. This tour ($52.00 value) custom designed to meet the interests of class. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Margaret Ingraham, has been a Taliesin tour guide for the past 14 years and enjoys sharing her expertise on Frank Lloyd Wright with others. ##4527.201 THR 6-8pm & SUN, Sept 13&16 $59.50(Student/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

Rusty Stirrups – Beginning Horseback Riding It’s never too late to learn how to ride! If you’ve always dreamed of learning to work with and around horses, this is the class for you. Spend time getting to know your mount, learning the basics of English riding--control, communication, and form. Designed for beginners, all experience levels welcome. Course fee includes all supplies and horses, and a trial Hoofer Riding Club Membership. Located at the Hoofer Equestrian Center in Belleville, WI. Sec. 301, no class 11/21. 6 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Hoofer Riding Club Instructors. #4350.201 WED 8-10am, Sept 12-Oct 17 #4350.301 WED 8-10am, Oct 31-Dec 12 $199.50(Student/U.Mem)$209.50(Fac/Staff)

Sailing Theory & Practice Join the fun on Lake Mendota and learn to sail! The second and third classes will consist of significant on-water instruction on your very own Tech dinghy. Fee includes sailing handbook and $30 boat user fee which may be applied towards a Sailing Club Membership. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Hoofers Sailing Club Instructional Staff. INSTRUCTORS: Hoofers Sailing Club Instructional Staff. #4080.107 MON-WED 5-8pm, Aug 13-15 #4080.108 MON-WED 5-8pm, Aug 20-22 $99.50(Student/U.Mem)$109.50(Fac/Staff)

Home Staging Your House for Sale House values keep sliding and sellers can’t sell. Let this interior redesigner show you how to improve your odds. Unstaged homes average 6 months or more to sell but over 94% of professionally staged houses sell within 5 weeks and bring up to 10% more. Find out how to help


Having trouble making your decorating vision a reality? Allow a choreographer (and professional redesigner) to share the trade secrets for decorating and design with you. All it takes to succeed is knowing the key secrets. Learn the techniques to: Be your own decorator. Create a home where all the elements working together to reflect your personal style and vision. Make major changes for much less than you might think, using whatever you already have. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Rita Horvath has organized, redesigned, and staged homes and offices since 2004. She has a business degree in enterprise development. #3370.301 TUE 6-9pm, Nov 13&20 $39.50(Student/U.Mem)$49.50(Fac/Staff)

Streamline Your Life Stressed out by disorganization at home? Whether you live in an apartment, a house, or an RV, you can master your home. Here is a chance to save your family, friends, and yourself from the destructive spiral of clutter buildup and get back to what really matters. Learn how to effortlessly handle all your chores and projects, always find what you need right away and make clutter disappear. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Rita Horvath. #3350.201 TUE 6-9pm, Oct 2-16 $44.50(Student/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Streamline Your Business Frustrated by disorganization at work? Whether you work in a home office, cubicle, or anywhere else, you can be on top of your work life and get more money and fun from it, too. Learn systems to tame your in-box, master calls, contacts and paper flow, be on time effortlessly. Sign up now while it’s still on your mind. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Rita Horvath. #3360.301 TUE 6-9pm, Oct 23&30 $34.50(Student/U.Mem)$44.50(Fac/Staff)

Center Stage Acting Techniques: For Your Life or On Stage! Whether you are an aspiring actor wanting to nail that audition, a business professional making presentations in the office or just interested in taking the mystery out of acting, this course is for you! Through focusing on improvisation, personality exercises, theater games and character building you will learn to lose your inhibitions and improve your presentation. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Kevin Croak, a casting director, has been teaching acting for over 20 years. He has appeared in over 300 films and 100 plays. #1820.201 TUE 5:30-8pm, Sept 18-Oct 16 #1820.301 TUE 5:30-8pm, Nov 6-Dec 4 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

Learn to use Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing software. Covers the basics of the software and provides the resources for learning the program in more depth after the class. Class sizes are small for more personal instruction. Editing lab open weekdays featuring 4 Macintosh stations with software found in many professional video operations available with additional WYOU membership. Presented in cooperation with WYOU Community Television. Meets at WYOU studios. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Rick Richards or Robert Lughai, WYOU Community TV. #1850.201 THR 5:30-8:30pm, Aug 30 #1850.202 THR 5:30-8:30pm, Sept 27 #1840.301 THR 5:30-8:30pm, Oct 25 #1840.503 THR 5:30-8:30pm, Nov 29 $69.50(Students/U.Mem)$79.50(Fac/Staff)

Wine & Dine Beer Geek 101

It’s been said that life’s too short to drink bad beer, and it’s true! Become a beer geek (not a snob!). Learn how to experience and judge beers using all five of your senses. Join a national rank Beer Judge on a journey through the world of beers and the ingredients that make them. We will sample ten different styles, light to dark, and use each to learn more about judging beers. Join us and enhance your beer geekdom! Proof of age required at class. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Bill Rogers is the owner of the Malt House Tavern, voted Madison’s favorite beer bar. He is a cofounder of Madison Craft Beer Week, a 20-year home brewer and has been Chairman of the Great Taste of the Midwest five times. #5570.201 TUE 6:30-8:30pm, Oct 2 #5570.301 MON 6:30-8:30pm, Nov 12 $19.50(Student/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

Let’s Make Lefse

Many of us associate lefse with the holiday season. But in Norway, and in some homes around the upper Midwest, this Norwegian flat bread is a year round staple. Learn how to make traditional Norwegian potato lefse in this hands on course, including how to do it without purchasing a lot of specialized equipment. Discover the fun of getting a group, your family or others, together to have a lefse-making party. Fee includes all supplies. 1 Session. INSTRUCTOR: Kris Rasmussen continues to maintain her family tradition of lefse making for the holiday season. #5300.301 WED 7-9:30pm, Nov 7 #5300.302 SUN 6-8:30pm, Nov 11 $34.50(Students/U.Mem)$44.50(Fac/Staff)

The Thai Cuisine

Explore the exiting and varied cuisine of Thailand with a native cook and experienced instructor. From egg rolls to mango sticky rice, and a variety of fabulous entrees in between, we will talk, demo and eat our way through a survey of Thai culture, cooking and its ingredients. Begins with demonstrations, tastings and information on the specific dishes, and finishes with a sit down six course dinner and discussion of Thai cuisine and culture. 1 Session. INSTRUCTOR: Kiki is a native of Thailand and experienced teacher whose house parties are known for their incredible and creative Thai food offerings. #5350.201 WED 6:30-8:30pm, Oct 3 $49.50(Student/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

Wine Journey Workshops Develop your base knowledge and expand it as you sample more wines! You will learn to read wine reviews, determine price-value relationships and see through advertising to select the best wine for your palate. Find out what makes one wine different from another and learn interesting trivia that will impress friends! No wine tasting experience necessary. Proof of age required at class session. 1 Meeting each. INSTRUCTOR: Paul Camponeschi, wine lover with a degree in Hospitality/Tourism and specialized culinary training.


Inexpensive Home Decorating

Intro to Video Editing

#5420.301 THR 7-9:30pm, Oct 25 $69.50(Student/U.Mem)$79.50(Fac/Staff)

Spain & Portugal

Come enjoy an evening of wines from Spain & Portugal as we explore this region’s rich wine offerings. #5535.301 MON 7-9pm, Oct 29 $19.50(Student/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)


#4190.301 SAT 7am, Oct 27&SUN, Oct 28 $169.50(Student/U.Mem)$179.50(Fac/Staff)

#3340.201 MON 7-9pm, Oct 1-22 $59.50(Student/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

#1840.201 THR 5:30-8:30pm, Aug 23 #1840.202 THR 5:30-8:30pm, Sept 20 #1840.203 THR 5:30-8:30pm, Oct 18 #1840.301 THR 5:30-8:30pm, Nov 15 $69.50(Students/U.Mem)$79.50(Fac/Staff)

Wines of Italy What’s more Italian than wine? Join us for a tour of Italy via the grape…

#55322.501 WED 7-9pm, March 13, 2013 $19.50(Student/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

SPECIAL OFFER! Sign up for the Wines of Italy and receive a FREE TICKET to “Italy: A Journy to the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, and Venice” on March 11th or 12th, part of the Wisconsin Union Theater’s Travel Adventure Series!

The Wednesday Wines Series Join us in the Prairie Fire Winebar at Union South as we sample and learn the stories of a variety of wines. We will tour the wine landscape, sample a variety of wines and fee also includes a sampling of complementary light appetizers. Presented in cooperation with Wisconsin Union Dining Services and the new Prairie Fire Winebar. 1 Session each. INSTRUCTOR: Greg Huber is a Certified Specialist of Wine by the Society of Wine Educators. He is known for offering informative and fun wine tastings.


The staging of Sandhill Cranes at the Jasper-Pulaski National Wildlife Area in northern Indiana is one of the more imposing spectacles in all of nature. Assembled in one area can be as many as 20,000 cranes! This is the second largest stopover area for Sandhills in the US. Witness this impressive natural occurrence and learn about this regal and once-endangered bird. On Sunday we will visit the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. 2 Days. TRIP LEADER: Kim Tschudy, naturalist, author, itinerant hiker, experienced Instructor, 17th year leading this trip.

Have you thought about bringing in more light, adding a great new view or that extra counter space to your home? Learn how you can design your own home improvement project. Whether you want to remodel your bathroom, create more space through an addition, or draft your new dream home, with the hands on help of an experienced architect, you can make it happen. Start by developing your design concept then take that concept to the next steps. Class size is limited to allow you one-on-one time with Instructor each meeting. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Chris Chambliss is a local architect with 10 years of experience.

Tour de France

The Wednesday Wines Series tackles the large world of French wines! Sample and explore some of the many wines of France, from the classic Bordeaux to a few new surprises from the king of wine producing countries. #5540.201 WED 6:30-8:30pm, Sept 19 $19.50(Student/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)


Sandhill Crane Weekend Odyssey

Intro Architecture for the DIYer

Cooking Mediterranean – A Healthy Cuisine

Take a tour of Mediterranean cuisine with a completely healthy spin. Discover an abundance of culinary delights with a masterful chef. Explore how to combine locally sourced foods with a cuisine recognized world-wide as one of the healthiest. All supplies included, bring your appetite and a container for any leftovers. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Sabi Atteyih is a world traveler, Madison-based, Mediterranean Chef since 1984, now Culinary Team Member of the Wisconsin Union.

Wide World of Cabernet

Explore a selection of Cabernets from around the world. Learn the story of Cabernet – one of the most recognized wine grape varieties, producing wine around the world, including France, Italy, South America, Australia and more! #5540.202 WED 6:30-8:30pm, Oct 17 $19.50(Student/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)



#4875.201 SAT&SUN, 9am-5pm, Oct 13&14 $149.50(Student/U.Mem)$159.50(Fac/Staff)

#3400.201 TUE 6-9pm, Sept 25 $29.50(Student/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)


There is not much more satisfying than catching a trout on a fly rod you built yourself! Learn how to design and build your own fly rod. We will explore basic design, materials, construction steps and finishing techniques as you build a four piece, nine foot, 4wt fly rod. Course fee includes all materials and a rod sock (approx. $100 value) for your finished masterpiece. Course meets at the On The Creek Fly Shop in Cross Plains - directions at registration. Presented in cooperation with On The Creek. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: David Fowler, avid fisherman and experienced instructor in building fly rods.

Covers the technical basics of operating Canon MiniDV cameras focusing on how to avoid the most common errors made by amateur videographers. You will learn how to get good color, clarity, and sound, as well as an idea of what is actually happening inside the camera. Class size small and “hands on” with a camera and tripod for each participant. Presented in cooperation with WYOU Community Television. Meets at WYOU studios. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Eric Allin, Technical Director of WYOU and local videographer..


Build Your Own Fly Rod

Into to Videography/Camera




buyers see themselves in your house so they’ll make more offers. Save yourself thousands of dollars and lots of time and missed opportunities. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Rita Horvath has staged homes and offices since 2004.



Sparkling Wines for the Holidays

The Wednesday Wines Series helps you get ready for holiday entertaining! Sample and explore a wide variety of sparkling wines to serve and enjoy this holiday season -- of course Champagnes but oh so much more... #5540.301 WED 6:30-8:30pm, Nov 14 $19.50(Student/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

@ WUMiniCourses

F U L L C O U R S E I N F O & R E G I S T R AT I O N O N W E B

Note to Ballroom Dancers Couples recommended, partners are not guaranteed for single registrants. NO refund of course fee if you are not able to find a partner in class. Please do not wear tennis shoes or sandals. A hard-soled shoe is best. NOTE: Course fees are per individual, not per couple.

Ballroom Blitz Learn the dances you will find most useful in social settings - nightclub dancing, dancing at wedding receptions, holiday parties, and benefit galas. Work on basic step patterns, musicality, leading and following, and some styling for the Fox Trot, Swing, Salsa, and others. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Tom Choudoir and Debby Morfey, dance instructors with over 30 years of experience. #2120.201 MON 6-7pm, Sept 17-Oct 1 $29.50(Students/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

Salsa! Get in on this spicy dance craze! Salsa is a sultry, fast and flashy Latin dance that will keep you moving. We’ll focus on the basic steps and turns of salsa dancing to get you out on the floor in style. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Tom Choudoir and Debby Morfey. #2150.201 MON 7-8pm, Sept 17-Oct 1 $29.50(Students/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

West Coast Swing Learn the basics of one of the hottest dances around, West Coast Swing! This improvisational dance evolved from traditional swing dance, but when swing music fell out of popularity, west coast dancers started dancing to the rock n’ roll music of the 1950s, and west coast swing was born! 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Mike and Deb Moe, dance enthusiasts with 15 years of dancing experience.


#2170.201 WED 6:30-7:30pm, Sept 19-Oct 17 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

Beginning Waltz

Graceful and easy to master, the Waltz is sometimes called the ultimate partner dance. Learn to move confidently to this lilting or sprightly dance. Instruction includes basic lead and follow technique, form, and adding dance steps. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Mike and Deb Moe, dance enthusiasts with over 15 years of dancing experience.

Beginning Cha Cha

The Cha Cha is an exciting syncopated Latin dance with Cuban origins that get its name from the distinct rhythm of its footwork. Get out on the dance floor and learn the basic, easy to master moves. Expand your dancing enjoyment with a playful, dynamic dance that is suited for many genres. No class 11/21. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Mike and Deb Moe, dance enthusiasts with over 15 years of dancing experience. #2190.301 WED 8-9pm, Oct 24-Nov 28 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

SAVE 25%! Ballroom Workshop Package Register for any two dance workshops below, September 30 and/or October 28, and SAVE $10. Register via this course number, pick your two workshops, and SAVE! Limited to onesession workshops 9/30 and/or 10/28 only. #2205.301 SUN 3-9pm, Sept 30 & Oct 28 $29(Students/U.Mem)$39(Fac/Staff)

Your Wedding Dance Workshop Learn an easy, stress-free routine to get you through the reception’s first dance, whether you are getting married, a member of the wedding party, or just want to impress your friends on the dance floor! This workshop offers help in choosing your music and dance style to fit the occasion. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Christine Stickland. #2220.201 SUN 3-5pm, Sept 30 $19.50(Students/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

Salsa Workshop Come and learn the basic steps and turns of salsa dancing--a spicy Latin dance that will definitely keep you moving. This class is high energy fun! 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Christine Stickland. #2330.201 SUN 5-7pm, Sept 30 $19.50(Students/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

Ballroom Basics A relaxed, flexible, fun introduction to partnership dancing. An easy presentation of basic steps, music and style of the most popular social dances: Foxtrot, Waltz, Salsa, and Swing. This course is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident when someone says... “Let’s Dance!” 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Christine Stickland, enthusiastic, ISTD certified dance professional. #2210.201 SUN 7-9pm, Sept 30 #2210.301 SUN 3-5pm, Oct 28 $19.50(Students/U.Mem) $29.50(Fac/Staff)

Frequently danced to mid-tempo ballads, Night Club Two-Step is a smooth romantic dance for all ages. With many moves in common with Bolero and Rumba, the swing and sway style promotes a smooth look and feel to this elegant, fun, and easy dance. No class 11/21. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Mike and Deb Moe, dance enthusiasts with 15 years of dancing experience. #2110.301 WED 6:30-7:30pm, Oct 24-Nov 28 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

Lots of Latin


Swing, Swing, Swing

From Jitterbug to Lindy hop to West Coast, Swing is an all American dance. Introduces you to some of the most popular forms of swing today. Learn to dance this classic to both swing hits of the past as well as popular music from today! We will also include fun new steps to expand your step list! Get ready to swing the night away! 3 meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Tom Choudoir and Debby Morfey.

#2415.301 SUN 7-9pm, Oct 28 $19.50(Students/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

Mindfulness Movement

A focus on techniques for stress reduction using gentle physical postures and optimal breathing techniques as anchors for our attention and awareness. Introduces concepts of “mindfulness” - paying attention on purpose in a sustained fashion - as a tool to help calm the mind and bring a sense of ease to our busy lives. The practices are accessible to all, regardless of age or body type. Sec. 301, no class on 11/21. 5 Meetings. Instructor: Lisa Grant is a Physician, Mindfulness Teacher and Mother. #2640.201 WED 5-6pm, Sept 19-Oct 17 #2640.301 WED 5-6pm, Oct 24-Nov 28 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Intro to Hoop Dancing Looking for a new and unusual way to have fun and be active? Modern hoop dance is an excellent way to work out, have fun, and express yourself. This artistic style of hula hooping strengthens the core, improves coordination and reaction time, increases flexibility and balance and improves your sense of rhythm. Learn the basics of hoop movements, hoop tricks (both on and off the body), angle hooping, transition moves, and how to fuse your movements and your hoop’s movements into a captivating yet liberating dance. Participants must provide own hoop. Sec. 301, no class 11/21. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Sarah Sparkles Strahler has been performing and teaching hoop dance since 2009. #2455.201 WED 7-8pm, Sept 12–Oct 10 #2455.201 WED 7-8pm, Oct 24-Nov 28 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff) Pole dancing is no longer just for strippers! Build confidence, flexibility and strength through this unique and fun fitness activity. In this introductory class, participants will learn safe technique, basic pole moves and some spins using a portable pole. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jackie Steinhauer, owner of Aerial Bliss pole dancing studio.

Beginning Nite Club Two-Step

#2130.301 MON 6-7pm, Oct 22-Nov 5 $29.50(Students/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

Heat up your evening with this great introduction to Latin dance and music. Partners will learn to lead and follow several versatile steps in a range of popular Latin dances. Have fun with music and dance styles chosen from Rumba, Cha Cha, and Salsa! Learn how to dance to the music you will hear in a dance club, or on a cruise or a trip to Latin America. Couples recommended, partners not guaranteed in class. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Christine Stickland.

Intro to Pole Dancing

#2185.201 WED 8-9pm, Sept 19-Oct 17 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

Upbeat and energetic Latin dances can be performed to a wide variety of music. Learn the steps to popular Latin dances, including the Merengue, Salsa, and Cha-Cha. Leave class feeling confident in your ability to dance to virtually any Latin dance. Beginners welcome; no experience necessary. Singles are welcome but couples are recommended; partners are not guaranteed for single registrants. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Tom Choudoir and partner Debby Morfey, dance instructors with over 30 years of experience.

Sizzling Latin Rhythms


On The Move…



#2445.301 SUN 5:30-7pm, Oct 21 $19.50(Students/U.Mem) $29.50(Fac/Staff)

Beginning Belly Dance

Swing, Swing, Swing A fun, fast-paced workshop to help you try on the different styles and steps of East Coast Swing. The class will feature several types of Swing - from triple step to jitterbug. We will dance to the big band rhythms of the 40s, R-b-B of the 60s and try on a little Rockabilly for fun! 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Christine Stickland. #2230.301 SUN 5-7pm, Oct 28 $19.50(Students/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

#2140.301 MON 7-8pm, Oct 22-Nov 5 $29.50(Students/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

[ w e b ] w i s c. ed u/m i n i c o ur s es [p hone] 262.3156

Discover for yourself this ancient, beautiful and sensuous dance. You will develop body isolations, flexibility, posture, basic walking patterns, dance movements and start your own routine. Sec. 301, no class 11/22. 6 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Mona N’wal, an enthusiastic Instructor who wants to bring dance into your life. #2430.201 THR 6-7:30pm, Sept 13-Oct 18 #2430.301 THR 6-7:30pm, Oct 25-Dec 6 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

Continuing Belly Dance For those wishing to build on basic isolation and movements started in Beginning Belly Dance or other belly dance classes. New movements added, with focus on building these into the complete dance form. Sec. 301, no class 11/22. 6 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Mona N’wal. #2435.201 THR 6-7:30pm, Sept 13-Oct 18 #2435.301 THR 6-7:30pm, Oct 25-Dec 6 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

The Rock Gym Join the fun way to play and work out at the same time - the climbing wall at Union South. We will start by learning the basics of climbing, safety and use of the climbing gym. Then explore climbing technique and skills for becoming a better and better climber and ways to use the climbing wall as a part of your regular (and now more varied) workout and training. Course fee includes a one-month membership at the Union South climbing wall. Designed for beginners, open to any level or previous experience. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Casey Dahl, certified rock climbing Instructor and avid rock climber. #4325.201SUN Noon-2pm, Sept 30-Oct 14 #4325.301 SUN Noon-2pm, Oct 28-Nov 11 $74.50(Student/U.Mem)$84.50(Fac/Staff)

Kickboxing Fundamentals Learn basic strikes and footwork while building strength and gaining confidence! PLUS – Hitting stuff is great stress relief. Beginner friendly; no sparring. 6 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Villari’s Martial Arts Instructors. #2765.201 TUE&THR 5:30-6:15pm, Sept 18-Oct 4 #2765.301 TUE&THR 5:30-6:15pm, Oct 23-Nov 8 $39.50(Students/U.Mem)$49.50(Fac/Staff)

Master Kickboxing Master kickboxing is the ultimate full body workout! Professional martial arts instructors teach the real applications of kickboxing in a fun, high energy format. Students will strike heavy bags but will not spar with opponents. This is a high intensity aerobic workout. Burn calories, reduce stress and learn something new! 6 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Villari’s Martial Arts Instructors. #2770.201 MON&WED 10-11am, Sept 17-Oct 3 #2770.202 MON&WED 4:30-5:30pm, Sept 17-Oct 3 #2770.203 MON&WED 7:30-8:30pm, Sept 17-Oct 3 #2770.204 TUE&THR 6:30-7:30pm, Sept 18-Oct 4 #2770.301 MON&WED 10-11am, Oct 22-Nov 7 #2770.302 MON&WED 4:30-5:30pm, Oct 22-Nov 7 #2770.303 MON&WED 7:30-8:30pm, Oct 22-Nov 7 #2770.304 TUE&THR 6:30-7:30pm, Oct 23-Nov 8 $39.50(Students/U.Mem)$49.50(Fac/Staff)

S.A.F.E Self-Defense for Women by Women Explore what really happens in a self defense situation and simple techniques that really work. Topics include prevention, verbal/social strategies, power striking and escapes from grabs and holds. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Ali Treviño-Murphy is a 3rd degree black belt instructor of Shaolin Kempo Karate and a sexual assault prevention activist. #2760.201 SAT 9am-Noon, Sept 29 & Oct 6 #2760.301 SAT 9am-Noon, Nov 10 & 17 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

Kung Fu for Fitness & Self Defense Always wanted to try martial arts? Covers stances, blocks, strikes and several self defense techniques including basic joint locks. No uniform necessary, but please wear comfortable clothing. 6 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Villari’s Martial Arts Instructors. #2750.201 MON&WED 6:30-7:30pm, Sept 17-Oct 3 #2750.202 TUE&THR Noon-1pm, Sept 18-Oct 4 #2750.203 TUE&THR 7:30-8:30pm, Sept 18-Oct 4 #2750.301 MON&WED 6:30-7:30pm, Oct 22-Nov 7 #2750.302 TUE&THR Noon-1pm, Oct 23-Nov 8 #2750.303 TUE&THR 7:30-8:30pm, Oct 23-Nov 8 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)


Go Yoga! Absolute Beginners Yoga Get started with yoga! You have heard it is good for you. You know you need to work out, or add some variety to your present routine! Designed for absolute beginners, we will explore all the yoga basics and how to use it for flexibility, strength, relaxation and more. Those with previous experience also welcome. Work with an experienced Instructor and get started on yoga today! 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Lawrence, certified yoga instructor with over 25 years experience teaching Kundalini Yoga nationwide.


#2670.201 MON 5-6pm, Sept 17-Oct 15 #2670.301 MON 5-6pm, Oct 22-Nov 19 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Flow Yoga

Here is an active, flowing style yoga (Vinyasa/ Hatha blended yoga) proven to improve your strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility and even help you lose weight. Enjoy all the benefits of flow yoga in this class appropriate for all levels of previous experience. Options given for each pose so that you feel challenged, yet successful, without breaking the natural flow from pose to pose. We will focus on alignment, breath and maximum impact for what you want to get from your yoga session. Sec. 301, no class 11/22. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Patricia ZelmEmmart is a certified health counselor and yoga instructor.


2655.201 THR 5:30-6:30pm, Sept 20-Oct 18 2655.301 THR 5:30-6:30pm, Oct 25-Nov 29 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Core Galore Yoga

Looking for immediate and long lasting results from your workout? When it comes to overall fitness, core training is just about the best thing you can do! Core work out benefits are widespread and include increased balance and coordination, flexibility, improved respiration and lung capacity, reduction of lower back pain and more general physical strength. No experience required. Come see how a stronger core can change your life! 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Courtney Seidel, certified Yoga Instructor. 2677.201 TUE 6-7pm, Sept 18-Oct 16 2677.301 TUE 6-7pm, Oct 23-Nov 20 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

Mindfulness Movement See Page 5.

PiYo – Pilates + Yoga Enjoy the benefits of yoga and pilates in this class that blends the best of both. Improve muscle balance and posture. Increase strength and flexibility while developing a stronger core. Gives you a new way to connect mind and body while getting a fully integrated workout that is fun and easy. All fitness levels are welcome. Learn to apply the basics and best of yoga postures and pilates movements and feel great after each workout. 10 or 9 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Ellen Utter has been teaching for over five years. She holds certifications in Pilates, Yoga, and PiYo. #2604.201 MON&THR 6:30-7:30pm, Sept 17-Oct 18 $79.50(Students/U.Mem)$89.50(Fac/Staff) #2604.301 MON&THR 6:30-7:30pm, Oct 22-Nov 19 $74.50(Students/U.Mem)$84.50(Fac/Staff)



#2632.301 MON 6-7:30pm, Nov 26 $14.50(Students/U.Mem)$24.50(Fac/Staff)

Yoga for Workaholics

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? But this Far Eastern philosophic approach to life may be just the thing you need to bring your whole life into balance. The concept of a time to work and a time to rest is looked upon with great suspicion in our society, many believe that they have to keep moving in order to prove themselves. Sadly, this takes a terrible toll on your mental and physical health. Learn a few simple techniques that will help bring you into a place of balance and harmony. No previous yoga experience needed, those will experience welcome. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Lawrence. #2633.301 MON 6-7:30pm, Dec 3 $14.50(Students/U.Mem)$24.50(Fac/Staff)

Yoga At Noon Here is a powerful, practical technology for health, fitness and all around transformation. You can improve overall body function through emotional balance, weight loss, elimination of negative habits, and a consistent sense of well-being. Meets at Memorial Union. 10/11/8 Meetings. INSTRUCTORS: Lisa Lawrence, certified yoga instructor with over 25 years experience teaching Kundalini Yoga nationwide, assisted by Mary Hoddy. #2650.201 MON&THR Noon-1pm, Sept 10–Oct 11 #2650.202 MON&THR Noon-1pm, Oct 15-Nov 19 $89.50(Students/U.Mem)$99.50(Fac/Staff) #2650.301 MON&THR Noon-1pm, Nov 26-Dec 20 $74.50(Students/U.Mem)$84.50(Fac/Staff)

Gentle Yoga Has yoga been recommended by a physical therapist, doctor or your own research? Here is a low impact class with big results aimed at those who require a workout with less physical demand. Perfect if you are recovering from an injury, working around a permanent injury, dealing with back or neck pain, pregnant OR want to try yoga for the first time. No previous experience needed. 5 Sessions. INSTRUCTOR: Courtney Seidel is a certified Yoga instructor. #2668.201 MON 5-6pm, Sept 17-Oct 15 #2668.301 MON 5-6pm, Oct 22-Nov 19 $44.50(Students/U. Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Kundalini Yoga 2.0 Get past that “been there, done that” feeling when doing your yoga. If you are ready to graduate from rookie yoga then come join us! We will take your yoga practice to the next level in this intermediate, 90 minute class intended for experienced students, those who have completed at least one Kundalini yoga course. Sec. 301, no class 11/15, 11/22 & 11/29. 5 Sessions. INSTRUCTOR: Courtney Seidel, certified Yoga instructor. #2678.201 THR 5-6:30pm, Sept 20-Oct 18 #2678.301 THR 5-6:30pm, Oct 25-Dec 13 $59.50(Students/U.Mem)$69.50(Fac/Staff)

Traveling Solo & Loving It Traveling solo can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Follow your dream even if you do choose to travel alone or with a wellselected companion. Learn how to locate reliable resources to create your own tour or connect with other tours. Learn what to pack, ways to get around the language barrier and how to find reasonable accommodations. Most importantly, discover how to find the courage to travel alone! 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Welch, artist, creativity presenter and Sierra Club trip leader with over 25 years of travel experience. #3090.301 THR 6-9pm, Dec 6 $24.50(Student/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Work Your Way Around The World Get the experience and education that money cannot buy and get paid for it! Learn how to travel inexpensively, land a job in any country, avoid common rip-offs and how you can work without a permit or business visa. Includes real examples, resources to help and numerous tidbits to get you ready to go. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter has worked in over 30 countries and has been helping others for just as many years. #3091.201 FRI 6:30-9:30pm, Oct 12 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Fly Free, Sleep Free, Travel Free Tired of paying high prices for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, or cruises? Come learn the secrets of cheap travel from a 35-year veteran of the travel industry. You will leave with facts, figures, addresses, web sites, and other tools that will start you on your way to getting totally free airline tickets and lodging. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter. #3092.201 SAT 9-11am, Oct 13 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Become a Travel Writer See Page 2!

Cheap Cruises Save 80% or more on your next cruise and still have lots of fun! Learn tips on how to save more than enough to take another cruise – possibly two more. Best of all, you do not have to cut back on your fun. In fact, you will probably have more fun and less hassle than the average cruiser. Get first sitting dining at no cost, often even weeks after it has been fully booked. Find hidden sailing dates that can save you as much as 45% each on your cruise price. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Jim Poynter has worked in over 30 countries and had been helping others for just as many years. #3093.201 SAT 11:30am-2:30pm, Oct 13 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Tour Management See Page 1.

Languages for Travel Our language for travel courses are designed for beginners. Make your travels more comfortable and fun! Learn words and phrases specific to traveling situations such as ordering food, asking directions, etc. Includes some discussion of the cultures encountered where this language is spoken.

French for Travel 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Mouhamadou Ndiaye is from Senegal and has taught both French and English. #3030.201 SUN 3:30-5pm, Sept 16-Oct 14 #3030.301 SUN 3:30-5pm, Oct 21-Nov 18 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

Spanish for Travel 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Marisol Bedrinana, native Spanish speaker, experienced tutor with vast travel experience in Spain and Latin America. #3060.201 MON 6-7:30pm, Oct 15-Nov 5 #3060.301 MON 6-7:30pm, Nov 12-Dec 3 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Italian for Travel Sec. 301, no class 11/21. 4 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Giosue Alagna, native of Italy, previous experience in teaching, translating and interpreting. #3050.201 WED 6-7:30pm, Oct 17-Nov 7 #3050.301 WED 6-7:30pm, Nov 14-Dec 12 $44.50(Students/U.Mem)$54.50(Fac/Staff)

Holiday Craft Norwegian Hardanger Sewing

Learn this beautiful, but simple, old world embroidery technique. Hardanger was originally taught to Norwegian girls so that they could learn to count, as well as learn to sew and mend. You will learn the fundamental skills to make doilies, table runners and clothing. Create a holiday ornament you can take home. Learn all the basic skills you need to continue and advance on your own. All supplies are included. INSTRUCTOR: Kris Rasmussen is a UW-Madison grad and owner of the Wisconsin Artisans Gallery in Merrimac. #1575.201 WED 7-9pm, Oct 17 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

Color Block Printmaking: Holiday Cards & More

Hand make multicolored holiday cards or art prints with inexpensive linoleum block! Whether beginner or accomplished artist, block printing is a wonderful way to express yourself. We will cover image transfer, tools, carving techniques, color separations and hand printing. Use these skills to create unique art prints and handmade cards for the holidays or special events. Short supply list at registration. 5 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Louisa Waller learned printmaking at the Smithsonian Institution and has a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. #6150.301 SUN 6:30-8:30pm, Oct 21-Nov 18 $79.50(Student/U.Mem)$89.50(Fac/Staff)

Holiday Sparkling Wines See Page 4.


When you are desperate to fall asleep, you will try anything! Why not try the yoga way to a peaceful night’s sleep. You are not alone in your sleepless nights! Millions of Americans take billions of over-thecounter pills every night in an effort to fall asleep at night. Learn everything you need to know in using healthy and beneficial yoga as a way to restful sleep. It could change your life! No previous yoga experience needed, those will experience welcome. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Lawrence, certified yoga instructor with over 30 years experience.



Yoga for Insomnia




Quilled Ornaments & More

Quilling, or paper filigree, is an art form that uses of strips of paper rolled, shaped, and glued together to create unique decorative designs. The paper, wound around a “quill” to create basic shapes is glued and these shaped coils can be arranged to form holiday ornaments, flowers, leaves, and other decorative patterns. This 18th century “gentle ladies art” is now becoming popular due to the low cost of supplies, and for scrapbooking and card making! You will learn all the basics, including design and techniques, in this hands on class. 1 Session. INSTRUCTOR: Kris Rasmussen. #1600.301 MON 7-9pm, Oct 22 $24.50(Students/U.Mem)$34.50(Fac/Staff)

F U L L C O U R S E I N F O & R E G I S T R AT I O N O N W E B

The Wisconsin Union Craftshop

Handbuilt Pottery

Wheel 1 & 2 Designed for first-timers and those with some experience, covers basic and intermediate wheel throwing techniques, trimming, handles and basic glazing. No clay experience necessary. Course fee includes materials and outside-of-class studio time. 6 Meetings. Presented in cooperation with Midwest Clay Project on Williamson St.


#6060.201 TUE 6:30-9pm, 9/11-10/16 $220(Students/U.Mem/FacStaff) #6060.202 WED 10am-Noon, 9/12-10/17 $190(Students/U.Mem/FacStaff)

Wheel 2 & 3

For those who have taken a session or two of Wheel One and are ready to explore new material. Throwing techniques for making lids and spouts demonstrated along with an exploration of altering parts to create complex forms. Includes more in-depth exploration of glazing techniques. Basic wheel-throwing skills expected. Course fee includes materials and outside-of-class studio time. 6 Meetings. Presented in cooperation with Midwest Clay Project on Williamson St. #6070.201 THR 6:30-9pm, 9/13-10/18 $220(Students/U.Mem/FacStaff)

Ceramic Tile Making Learn the infinitely creative and fun art of making ceramic tiles. Develop construction and design techniques to turn your slabs into custom ceramic art tiles. Includes a variety of design approaches plus glazing/finishing techniques. No previous pottery experience needed. Course fee includes materials and outside-of-class studio time. 6 Meetings. Presented in cooperation with Midwest Clay Project on Williamson St. INSTRUCTOR: Gloria VanDixhorn, accomplished professional potter with tons of teaching experience who sells through galleries and art fairs. #6080.201 SUN 6:30-9pm, 9/16-10/23 $220(Students/U.Mem/FacStaff)

Nature & Leaf Printing on Fabric & Papers Learn to transfer prints of leaves onto fabrics, cards and papers to create beautiful art, note cards, t-shirts and great gifts. This is an easy from of art with exciting results! Register with a friend and enjoy a creative evening. Paints, papers and fabrics to practice on provided. Additional short supply list at registration. $8 material fee paid to instructor at class. Meets at the Madison Senior Center. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Welch has an art degree and teaches playful art classes. #1560.301 THR 6-9pm, Nov 8 $29.50(Students/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

Charming Bracelets

Go beyond basic bead stringing and learn to create beautiful jewelry bracelet designs using the “wrapped loop” technique. You will design and assemble your own unique bracelet design using beads and wire. Also learn to make jewelry findings like clasps, catches and headpins. No previous jewelry making experience required, those with experience welcome. Supply list at registration. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Alison Lesniak is an independent jewelry artist and experienced teacher. #6225.201 MON 6:30-9:30pm, Sept 24 & Oct 1 $49.50(Student/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

Metal Jewelry: Pendant & Bracelet

You do not need a lot of tools, dangerous torches or other hot stuff to make beautiful jewelry! Create a unique riveted pendant and a hinged bracelet as you learn how to cut, shape, texture, join and finish metal to make unique jewelry designs. We will explore design connection techniques including rivets, tabs, and hinges and how to use them to make great jewelry. Add supply costs. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Alison Lesniak is an independent jewelry artist and experienced teacher. #6226.201 WED 6:30-9:30pm, Oct 3-17 #6226.301 MON 6:30-9:30pm, Oct 22-Nov 5 $69.50(Student/U.Mem)$79.50(Fac/Staff)

Precious Metal Clay Silver Pendant

Learn how to make a solid fine silver pendant by using a roller and textures with precious metal clay. Discover a new hobby you can do at home and make sensational gifts for the holidays. You will manipulate the clay, dry and refine the pendant, then torch fire your clay into solid silver. Ta Da! You have jewelry. Course fee includes all supplies. Meets at Light Haus Glass on Madison’s southwest side. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Carol Giffin, teaches nationally, stained glass and precious metal clay artist.


Soapstone Carving

“I saw an angel in the stone and I carved to set it free” Michelangelo famously said. You, too, can carve stone! Soapstone , also known as Steatite, is a great medium and a wonderful way to get started in stone carving. We will explore the tools and carving techniques, choosing stone pieces, seeing the image in your stone, dealing with cracks, how to repair breaks and more. Course fee includes initial soapstone for carving. A very short tool list (items you may already have!) at registration. Meets at the Goodman Community Center, east side of Madison. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Metje Butler, RISD/BFA with over 23 years of experience teaching soapstone carving and creating commissioned works. #1910.201 MON 5:45-8:45pm, Sept 17-Oct 1 $49.50(Students/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)


#6040.201 WED 6:30-9pm, 9/12-10/17 $220(Students/U.Mem/FacStaff)

#6224.301 TUE 6:30-9:30pm, Oct 30&Nov6 $49.50(Student/U.Mem)$59.50(Fac/Staff)

#6280.201 TUE 6-9pm, Oct 9-23 $74.50(Students/U.Mem)$84.50(Fac/Staff)

Woodworking Unplugged

Discover the art of woodworking entirely by hand! Use hand tools to create a 4-legged bench for your home or apartment. Working in teams, learn material selection, hand tool usage, shaping techniques, and bench construction basics. Includes materials. $25 supply fee payable to Instructor at first class. You will finish the course with your own rustic bench. Meets approximately 20 minutes west of Madison, provide own transportation to meeting location. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Nels Diller, woodworker with over 30 years experience who studied lofting in Norway in 2005 and 2006. #1950.201 SAT 9am-Noon, Oct 13&20 $109.50(Students/U.Mem)$119.50(Fac/Staff)


Designed for those who want to work with the human figure and animal forms. Presents a variety of techniques and “tricks” for handbuilding. Great for those new to clay as well as those with previous experience that want to explore non-functional forms. Course fee includes materials and outside-of-class studio time. 6 Meetings. Presented in cooperation with Midwest Clay Project on Williamson St.


Handbuilding Animals & Figures

Learn to create unique and stylish earrings using basic wire jewelry construction techniques. Each participant will have the opportunity to make 3 pairs of earrings using sterling silver wire and beads - bead drop earrings, wire-link designs and beaded wire-wrapped earrings. Learn jewelry making techniques you can do anywhere with minimal equipment. No jewelry making experience is necessary. Supply list at registration. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Alison Lesniak is an independent jewelry artist and experienced teacher.



#6030.201 THR 10am-Noon, 9/13-10/18 $220(Students/U.Mem/FacStaff)

Custom Made Earrings


Perfect for the beginner or the experienced student. Presents unique approaches to making pottery forms “off-the-wheel” and demonstrates innovative ways to utilize and combine simple handbuilding techniques to create unexpected and dynamic shapes. A great class for expanding your handbuilding vocabulary and skills! No clay experience necessary. Course fee includes materials and outside-of-class studio time. 6 Meetings. Presented in cooperation with Midwest Clay Project on Williamson St.

Intro to Knitting

Are you curious about knitting? Never tried it but always wanted to or know the basics and want to improve? Join Intro to Knitting and learn how simple and fun knitting can be. Learn to knit woolly socks and sweaters perfect for chilly Wisconsin weather! Learn about the basics of knitting as well as how to read and understand patterns. It’s much easier than you think! More advanced knitters who want to branch out and learn basic lace or color pattern techniques are also welcome. All supplies and materials included in course fee. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Emily Popp has been knitting for fun and fabulousness since the year 2000.

#1870.201 THR 6-8pm, Oct 4&11 $39.50(Students/U.Mem)$49.50(Fac/Staff)

More Tunisian Crochet: Scarves & Shawls

Looking for a fun way to further your knowledge of Tunisian crochet? Advance your skills by learning two new stitches perfect for scarves and shawls for chilly Fall evenings or as thoughtful homemade gifts for the Holidays! Knowledge of the Tunisian simple stitch is necessary, however a quick review and troubleshooting will be provided. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Sheryl Thies. #1880.301 THR 6-8pm, Nov 15 $19.50(Students/U.Mem)$29.50(Fac/Staff)

Needle Felting with Wool Using colored wool roving (wool before it is spun into yarn) and a barbed needle, create art onto most fabrics for colorful art work, fashion a piece of jewelry, add as fabric embellishments and create 3 dimensional objects. A simple and relaxing art form. Also makes for great gifts. $8 material fee, payable to Instructor at class, includes needles, wool fabric and wool roving. Meets at Madison Senior Center. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Welch, has a degree in art and teaches playful art classes. #1505.301 TUE 6-9pm, Oct 30 $29.50(Students/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

Simple Silk Scarf Dyeing Come create stunning yet easy to make silk scarves. You will learn new techniques to dye silk fabric. You will create 2 scarves. They make great gifts! No art background necessary. Bring an old shirt or apron, rubber gloves, spray bottle and a small towel and enjoy an evening of fun. $10.00 material fee paid to Instructor at class. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Welch, has an art degree and teaches playful art classes. #1540.301 TUE 6-9:30pm, Dec 4 $29.50(Students/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

Wool Wet Felted Pouch/Purse

Come create a small pouch (for eye glasses, cell phone) or purse using colorful wool roving (wool before it is spun into yarn) enhanced with colorful silk threads. Wet felting with wool is an old art form being taken to new levels with bright colors and applications. This is not knitting and felting. Short supply list at registration. $10 material fee paid to Instructor at class. Meets at the Madison Senior Center. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Welch, has an art degree and teaches playful art classes. #1565.301 THR 6-9pm, Nov 15 $29.50(Students/U.Mem)$39.50(Fac/Staff)

#1570.301 THR 7-9pm, Nov 1-15 $54.50(Students/U.Mem) $64.50(Fac/Staff)

#6230.301 WED 6-8:30pm, Nov 28 $39.50(Student/U.Mem)$49.50(Fac/Staff)



The Craftshop space in Memorial Union has closed for the Memorial Union Renovation Project. The new studio space will open at Memorial Union in September of 2014. In the mean time we are keeping the Craftshop spirit alive with these Mini Course offerings…

Discovering Tunisian Crochet

Easy to learn and quick to work, Tunisian Crochet is an old technique that is making a big comeback. Learn the basics, such as the Tunisian Simple Stitch, and explore some variations. This class is suitable for both experienced and beginning knitters and crocheters. No previous knowledge of needle-arts is required. Pattern for coasters, placemat, and scarf provided. Additional supply ($5) paid to instructor at first session. 2 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Sheryl Thies, author and designer specializing in knitting and Tunisian crochet.


An excellent introduction to bead making and the related skills of working with hot glass in a flame. Learn a variety of skills beginning with a simple round bead and progressing through more advanced shapes such as cylinders and bicones, and how to apply dots and lines to create many beautiful designs. Additional supply cost depends on projects. Meets at the Madison Senior Center. 3 Meetings. INSTRUCTOR: Maggs Kailhofer, makes and sells flame worked glass in stores and shows, experienced Instructor.


The CS Lives!

Glass Bead Making



Mosaic Dichroic Glass Pendants

Explore the vibrant colors of dichroic glass while making two pendants. You will mosaic two projects. We will tack fuse one pendant, then full fuse the other to render two different style pendants. This is a fun night making great gifts for the holiday season. Your pendants will be ready for pick up the next day. Course fee includes all supplies. Meets at Light Haus Glass on Madison’s southwest side. 1 Meeting. INSTRUCTOR: Carol Giffin, teaches nationally, stained glass and precious metal clay artist. #6270.301 WED 6-8:30pm, Dec 5 $39.50(Student/U.Mem)$49.50(Fac/Staff)

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Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Law

Create a Cookbook Memoir, Nature & Leaf Printing, Holiday Crafts & Gifts, Sandhill Crane Odyssey, Beer Geek 101, Thai & Mediterranean Cooking, Autumn Nature Journaling, AND Many More Inside!

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Mini Course Catalog Tabloid Fall 2012

Mini Course Catalog Tabloid Fall 2012  

Mini Course Catalog Tabloid Fall 2012