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The super sexy URGE Miami Festival returns to our vibrant Magic City Thanksgiving weekend.


Meet our gorgeous cover model DJ Davis with beautiful photos by Antony Kozz.






We preview the 50th Anniversary National LGBTQ Task Force Gala and speak with honoree Dominique Jackson.


Get ready for the 15th OUTshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival Fort Lauderdale Edition in October.


The beloved Tony Award winning Broadway musical Annie is coming to the Broward Center.



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producer, ARENA. DJs Alexis Tucci and Brazil's Rick Braile will make sure the pool is where the action is, with their high-energy beats and plenty of eye candy in skimpy bikinis. Saturday night, revelers will travel back to the '80s at the newly remodeled MAD Live in the Wynwood arts and fashion district. DJs Alex Lo and Mor Avrahami will transport you to the era of Pac-Man and MTV's music video revolution.

Get ready to party on beautiful and sunny Miami because URGE Miami Festival is back this Thanksgiving weekend with a bang! This LGBTQ+ extravaganza is set to light up the vibrant Magic City November 24-27, featuring three unforgettable, massive nighttime events and two sizzling daytime fetes, the Royal Palm Pool Party and the famous Beach Party on the sands of South Beach. Produced by the dynamic trio of Luis Morera, Billy Kemp, and Hilton Wolman, this Festival is not just about featuring some of the world’s most famous circuit DJs; it's a celebration of love, freedom, and standing strong against discrimination. Tickets and passes are available now at urgemiamifestival.com!

What makes this year's URGE Miami Festival even more relevant is the backdrop of Florida's controversial antiLGBTQ legislation. Despite the challenges, URGE Miami Festival is here to prove that love knows no boundaries and that the LGBTQ+ community will not be silenced. As producer Hilton Wolman puts it, "We are here, we are queer, and we are not going anywhere."

URGE Miami Festival is a rallying cry for unity and support for local LGBTQ+ businesses, which have been hit hard by recent events. “We need to stand strong against Governor DeSantis and all right-wing conservative bullies and prove that we cannot be silenced by showing our support to the local LGBTQ+ business community,” added Hilton.

The Festival kicks off on Friday, November 24, at 10 p.m. with LA LECHE at M2 nightclub. Miami Beach will witness Barcelona's Matinee Group returning with a production level that's out of this world. DJs Orel Sabag, Jerac, and Ivan Gomez will keep the dancefloor sizzling, and guests are encouraged to arrive dressed in dazzling white. Saturday afternoon takes you to the Royal Palm South Beach Pool Party, presented by Mexico's renowned party

And then, the Sunday Beach Party — the pièce de résistance of the weekend — on the sands of South Beach. This year, it's happening at 20th and Collins, just south of the W Hotel, and the theme is all about cabana stripes and mod fashion. DJs Dan Slater and Joe Gauthreaux will rock the sands, and a grand fireworks show will light up the sky. But wait, there's more! Sunday night at M2 nightclub, URGE-Verse will take you on a musical journey like no other. Headlined by the Grammy Award-winning

DJ and producer Roger Sanchez, along with U.K. sensation Tom Stephan and Cesar Hernandez, this will be a memorable night. Remember to dress in radiant yellow.

But it's not all about partying; it's also about giving back. A portion of the proceeds from URGE Miami Festival will benefit Miami Beach Pride, an organization that celebrates the vibrant LGBTQ+ culture of the City. So, by attending the Festival, you're not only having the time of your life but also contributing to a great cause.

Photos by J.R. Davis


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I really like Puerto Rico, so I want to let our readers know about the Hydro Caribbean Festival taking place November 10-13. Hydro Caribbean is the first and only LGBTQ+ music festival in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, showcasing renowned international DJs. The 5th Anniversary Festival will welcome hundreds of hot men from the U.S. and around the world, as well as local ‘boricuas,’ to some very fun events taking place in the capital city of San Juan.

According to Hydro Caribbean’s organizers, ‘music will bring us together,’ so visit hydrocaribbean.com for information about tickets, passes, events, DJs and the host hotel. You can fly from Miami and Fort Lauderdale direct to San Juan on JetBlue or American Airlines. Wire Magazine will offer two VIP All Weekend Passes to the Festival at a 40% off discount starting on Saturday, October 7 at wiremag.com/deals. Stop by the website to get a great deal to the 5th Hydro Caribbean Festival!

As the summer comes to an end, Season in our Magic City is about to get going in full force. The beloved Tony Award winning Broadway musical Annie is coming to the Broward Center. This Broadway show about Little Orphan Annie celebrates family, staying optimistic, and maintaining the American spirit high no matter what tough challenges life sends our way.

The National LGBTQ Task Force will celebrate its 50th Anniversary Gala at the Miami Beach Convention Center with the theme ‘Forever Strong, Unapologetically Queer.’ I invite you to join me and other members of our LGBTQ community and allies to celebrate 50 years of Task Force activism. I sat down with actress, model, and activist Dominique Jackson, who will be receiving the 2023 National Leadership Award at the Gala.

The 15th OUTshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival Fort Lauderdale Edition will showcase captivating and intriguing films, as well as several fun events. We preview six of this year’s films to give our readers a chance to learn more about the 2023 program. Then comes URGE Miami Festival back with a bang on Thanksgiving weekend. Thousands of sexy gay men from the U.S. and the world will light up our vibrant Magic City for the different events and the famous Beach Party on the sands of South Beach, all featuring some of the world’s most famous circuit DJs.

So get ready for Season by reading this week’s Wire Magazine! Plus, enjoy the photos of beautiful cover model DJ Davids taken by Antony Kozz.


8 WIREMAG.COM #9 2023


Rafa Carvajal: Where do you live and what city are you originally from?

DJ Davids: Originally Minneapolis, normally New York, and currently Miami.

RC: What do you do for work?

DJD: Strategist at Meta on the virtual reality team.

RC: How do you stay in such great shape?

DJD: Something really boring. I don’t like to cook, so I eat basically the same thing every single day. I don’t spend hours every day in the gym, but I am consistent when I can be. And I think being in any kind of shape takes a lot of selfdiscipline, so finding a reason to do it for myself and no one else has helped me stay motivated and on track-ish.

10 WIREMAG.COM #9 2023

RC: What do you like the most about modeling for photography?

DJD: Getting to be a part of someone else’s art form. Every photographer has a different style and it’s just really cool to be a part of bringing that to life.

RC: What are your favorite 2 hobbies?

DJD: Anything outdoors and competitive, even when it probably shouldn’t be.

#9 2023 WIREMAG.COM 11

RC: What are your typical top three workout exercises?

DJD: We never skip leg day in Miami so a lot of squats. Different forms of bench press. And I have a tough time growing my arms so a lot of curls and triceps extensions.

RC: What kind of diet do you follow as part of your fitness routine?

DJD: A whole lot of chicken and brown rice. Though after a while when you eat the same thing too

much it sort of feels like dog food, so I’m about to start a meal prep service. TBD how that goes but looking forward to some variety.

RC: Is there anything else you would like to share with Wire Magazine readers?

DJD: One of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned from someone, and this is easier said than done, is that every day we wake up we get to choose, no matter what happens throughout that day, if it is a good day or a bad day. And good days are so much better than bad ones. So, choose wisely.

Follow DJ on Instagram @djnotdiscjockey.

12 WIREMAG.COM #9 2023
#9 2023 WIREMAG.COM 13


ever really had value enough to be recognized on such a scale. To receive this award speaks to my journey as an immigrant, as a black woman, as a black woman of transexperience, as a mother, and as a Sister. It speaks volume to possibility. To determination, to perseverance, to never giving up in the face of adversity. To wanting to live. It speaks volume to working your hardest to be the best that you can be. I only wanted to be equal to. I only wanted to have the same privileges and safety in this world as others do. I only desired the opportunity to say that I tried it and I didn't make it, as others would tell me that I would not make it. But apparently, they were wrong. In my journey along the way, people have seen me. And in seeing me, they are acknowledging people like myself. And I I'm grateful for this honor.

RC: Why did you choose to be an activist?

The National LGBTQ Task Force will host its 50th Anniversary Gala October 14 at the Miami Beach Convention Center with the theme ‘Forever Strong, Unapologetically Queer.’ I invite our entire LGBTQ community and allies to celebrate 50 years of Task Force activism at the Gala. After the Gala, there will also be a very festive After Glow Ball with music by DJ Hector Fonseca, hosted by Athena Dion. You can purchase specially priced tickets to this party if you are unable to attend the Gala. Visit thetaskforce.org/task-force-gala to get your tickets to the 50th Anniversary Gala.

Actress, model, and activist Dominique Jackson will be receiving the 2023 National Leadership Award, which is an honor awarded yearly to an advocate who has helped further the Task Force’s mission to advance freedom, justice, and full equality for all LGBTQ people. I sat down with Dominique in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary Gala.

Rafa Carvajal: How do you feel about receiving the 2023 National Leadership Award at this year’s National LGBTQ Task Force 50th anniversary fundraising Gala?

Dominique Jackson: National Leadership Award is a huge honor, and I am still very much in shock. I'm beyond excited — a little confused — and I think a part of that is the impostor syndrome of not ever feeling that I

DJ: I didn't choose to be an activist. Actually, I don't even really see myself as one. I just believe that my existence is valid, and I refuse to sit in oppression, marginalization, and fear. I know that it would be difficult to achieve the things that those that I felt were peers of mine were achieving. I set out to not let my identification, my place of birth or my social status that was handed to me by others hinder me. And so, if I am able to live a better, more fulfilling life, every one of my brothers and sisters should be able to do the same. I believe that every day that a trans or non-binary person gets up and faces this world, they are being activists for themselves. They're speaking out against the world, saying that we do exist. And even though this fight is difficult, we are going to stay in it because we matter.

RC: Why is it so important for all of us to be activists in the advancement of freedom, justice, and full equality for all LGBTQ people?

DJ: Maybe it's my perspective, but I feel like it is second nature to want others to have at least a comfortable experience throughout life. To not advocate for those that face prejudice, discrimination, and unemployment because of race, gender, sexual orientation, and identification is confirmation that you stand on the side of oppression. Many of us don't realize that in some small way, we stand on the side of oppressing others when we deny others. We must be activist to what's not only the betterment of the lives of others, but the understanding that every single human being deserves to live freely and equally to each of their counterparts and deserve to be handed the same opportunities as everyone else.

14 WIREMAG.COM #9 2023
Forever Strong,Unapologetically
Photo Provided by The National LGBTQ Task Force


The 15th OUTshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival Fort Lauderdale Edition will take place October 19-29. We preview the Festival and six of its captivating and intriguing films to whet your appetite about what’s coming up. OUTshine Fort Lauderdale will also have several fun events that you should attend. Visit outshinefilm.com to view the entire lineup of films and events and to purchase your tickets. We asked OUTshine’s Interim Executive Director and Board Chair Mark Gilbert to tell us more about what you should expect.

Rafa Carvajal: What is new and different about this year's 15th Annual OUTshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival Fort Lauderdale? Mark Gilbert: This being our 40th Festival, (15 years in Fort Lauderdale), we are so fortunate to have secured for this milestone some of the best films in years. This will be one of our best film programs since… well as long as I can remember. Aside from our incredible Opening Night at NSU Art Museum for the film — which too is great — our famed Opening Afterparty is at the beautiful Rooftop Lounge across the street, with open bar and some great bites and entertainment. These types of events happen throughout the Festival. We have added special nights like ‘Cine en Español’ for our Spanish language feature film, followed by an afterparty, an ‘After Dark’ program adding horror for later in the night, a Bear Special that feeds into an afterparty, a brunch for the Ladies, and just simply an 11-day great experience.

RC: Why should our readers purchase tickets to this year's Festival?

MG: Because we have truly great, never seen before films almost every night, and that is amazing. So many of these films will only be shown at Festivals like ours and may never get picked up for alternative release for viewing. And, mainly, because watching these films, experiencing them with others like us, is incredibly special. Tickets and ticket bundles (including membership) are so reasonable, and, in fact, our Galas are the best deals in town, with a great film, drinks, food, all for a great price.


Director: Andrew Haigh. U.K., 2023

This expertly modulated, emotionally overwhelming love story is suspended in a metaphysical realm. Adam (Andrew Scott), a melancholy screenwriter living alone in a newly built, nearly empty high-rise on the outskirts of London, meets and tentatively begins a passionate relationship with the more extroverted Harry (Paul Mescal), his apparent only neighbor in the building. At the same time, Adam begins another parallel journey, venturing out to the city’s suburbs to confront his troubled past and perhaps reconcile his unsettled present. Adapted from a Taichi Yamada 1987 novel, this film is extra perceptive about the desires, fears, and traumas of a specific generation of gay men while extending into the universal, or perhaps the cosmic, in its depiction of familial love and estrangement, piercing straight to the heart.


Directors: Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping. U.K., 2023

Jules is a beloved drag queen who loves to perform, where his stage persona is not just a role but a truer version of himself. After a brutal beating, Jules retreats into himself and stops performing. When he encounters his aggressor again, it happens in a gay sauna. Following an impulse, Jules becomes entangled in a risky revenge game with a profoundly closeted young man. Femme doesn't just force its characters into the revenge and erotic thriller genre but reinvents the revenge script, exploring both openly homophobic violence and internalized homophobia, and the daily tensions of queer existence. This a tense, stylish thriller about desire and self-loathing.

16 WIREMAG.COM #9 2023
Photos Provided by OUTshine Film Festival


Director: Tom Gustafson. United States/Mexico, 2023

Serious musician Doom and free-spirited circus kid Glitter start a budding summer relationship filled with camping trips, late-night conversations, and plenty of song and dance. Their relationship is tested as they try to make it in the music biz and find what feeds each of their souls and dreams. Glitter & Doom is a wholly original film take on the Broadway mainstay jukebox musical featuring the hit songs of the Grammy Award-winning duo Indigo Girls. Alex Diaz and Alan Cammish lead a cast with an eclectic Who’s Who of queer icons, Tig Notaro, Lea DeLaria, Kate Pierson of the B-52s, and the Indigo Girls themselves.


Director: Marwan Mokbe. Egypt, 2023

The film follows a gay couple returning from the U.S. to Egypt for a family emergency. This forces the couple back into the closet as they attempt to pass as just friends in a country where homosexuality is forbidden. As the pervasive tension of dangerous homophobia rises around them, they begin to fear that they have fallen prey to witchcraft as punishment for their ‘homosexual sins,’ causing one of them to fall into religious terror and exposing his unhealed past. With a sexy Egyptian cast, The Judgement is a unique queer psychological horror story sure to please fans of the genre as well as anyone looking for a different kind of love story.


Director: Andy Vallentine. United States, 2023

Thomas is at a critical moment in his life. The child he and his husband, Oscar, fostered has been reunited with his birth mother, and Oscar’s long-stagnant career as an actor has picked up and sent him to Michigan for filming. In the bewildering lurch of change and loss, Thomas embarks on a journey to figure out what he wants from life and what it means to be gay in 2021 when so many new possibilities exist for those who grew up thinking that marriage and children were impossible. Tender, heartwarming, and funny, The Mattachine Family reflects on ‘chosen’ families, the bonds we form with friends, lovers, and children, and how those relationships define us, elude us, and perplex us.


Directors: Julian Hernandez. Mexico, 2023

Hunky Románis is an actor who works in B-movies and who’s isolated in his apartment as a pandemic keeps the world on edge. Beautiful Aldo, an indigenous young man, is an essential worker who’s allowed by the authorities to come and go. They live across from each other in an apartment complex. They meet online, talk, and even see each other in video calls, but they can’t meet in person. Eventually, the temptation to break out of their lockdown comes up. With evocative references to the AIDS crisis and our own time, what follows is an erotic, visceral, and generous exploration of the pandemic state of mind, a time when individual pleasure becomes taboo.

#9 2023 WIREMAG.COM 18



The beloved Tony Award winning Broadway musical Annie will be at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts October 10-22. This must-see Broadway show about Little Orphan Annie reminds us that sunshine is right around the corner, so we must always keep hope alive, even when we are going through very difficult times. Annie is known for celebrating family, staying optimistic, and maintaining the American spirit high no matter what life sends your way. This much-loved musical features a book by Thomas Meehan, music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Martin Charnin. These three brilliant authors were awarded Tony Awards for their work.

As explained by Director Jenn Thompson, “this show, with its iconic title character, continues to delight generations of theatre-lovers old and new by joyfully singing directly into the face of great adversity with perseverance, guts and guile. For decades, Annie has continued to shine brightly, not only as an appeal to our better angels, but also as an example of the thrill of hope, hard-won: promising a better ‘Tomorrow’ not only for Annie herself, but for all who need her message now more than ever.” The score for Annie includes such treasured songs as “Maybe,” “It’s the Hard Knock Life,” “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile,” “Easy Street,” “I Don’t Need Anything But You” and “Tomorrow,” the everlasting anthem of optimism.

20 WIREMAG.COM #9 2023
Photos Credit: Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade. Provided by Broadway Across America
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