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Visit wiremag.com to read all our past issues of Wire Magazine with beautiful men and interesting lifestyle content for the LGBTQ community. ENJOY OUR MAGAZINE LIFESTYLE CONTENT WIREMAG.COM: We showcase imposing model Daryn Alexander in our Holiday Gift Guide special issue with festive photos by Photo Studio Miami. 14. COVER STORY: MEET IMPOSING MODEL DARYN ALEXANDER Check out our gift ideas for your loved ones, and yourself, in our Holiday Gift Guide. 12. HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: GREAT GIFT IDEAS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES Magic Mike Live features a large cast of beautiful men with very sexy bodies dancing great choreographies. 6. OUT & ABOUT: MAGIC MIKE LIVE Enjoy our photo albums of all the hot men who partied at the URGE Miami Festival Matinée Pervert, Beach Party and Surreal parties, on pages 4, 19 and 20. 4. IN PHOTOS: URGE MIAMI THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL TABLE OF CONTENTS:
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positivity that I think impacts people long after they leave. Oddly, it’s so much more than you’d ever expect, but somehow everything you want.

RC: What does it take to put together a show of this magnitude?

The Vegas stage spectacular Magic Mike Live , created and directed by Channing Tatum, is a very energetic, fun, live show with a large cast of sexy dancers. Over one million guests have attended its performances currently running in Las Vegas and London, and its past shows in Berlin and Australia. Having attended the Opening Night for its multi-year North American tour that premiered in Miami, I highly recommend going to see the show. I interviewed Magic Mike Live Executive Producer Vincent Marini and Dancer Davis Rahal . Dancers Davis Rahal and Edson Juarez are members of our LGBTQ community. Davis is originally from Tampa, Florida and has danced on shows like Dancing with The Stars , Ru Paul's Drag Race , America's Got Talent , The Masked Singer , The Golden Globes , and The Emmys . Davis enjoys horseback riding, traveling and wine tasting with friends and family.

Rafa Carvajal: Tell our readers why they should see Magic Mike Live

Vincent Marini: When I was a kid, I remember the first time I saw Cirque du Soleil . I remember thinking… wow, this isn’t like any circus I’ve ever seen. Well, I can promise you, Magic Mike Live is unlike any male revue you’ve ever seen. The show is the culmination of a lot of work by some of the world’s most talented dancers, aerialists, singers, choreographers, designers, and artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Over the last six years we’ve refined the show to a point where it really delivers on all levels. It’s sexy and funny. It has live music, incredible dancing, people flying through the air, and it even rains inside the venue. Most critically, at the heart of it all, is a great message of empowerment and

VM: This touring production of Magic Mike Live has taken all the best features and lessons we’ve learned from staging the show around the world over the last six years. It’s the ultimate team effort with hundreds of people coming together to make it happen. We custom designed the venue in Belgium with a master tent builder and spent over a year working with him to refine and enhance the design. We then worked on the show continuously while it was touring Australia and made further enhancements when we brought it to the U.S. Funny enough, the day after we opened the original show in Las Vegas six years ago, I remember sitting at breakfast with Channing and the team. That morning we talked about putting it in a tent someday, and I’m telling you, what seemed like a dream all those years ago, is now realized in Miami and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

6 WIREMAG.COM #12 2022
Photos Courtesy of Magic Mike Live
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It is hard to believe that 2022 is almost gone, but here we are in the midst of the holiday season. Best wishes to all our readers for a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2023! I hope you get to celebrate with your family and friends.

This week’s annual Holiday Gift Guide special issue provides you with several gift ideas for all your loved ones. You can also choose some presents for yourself as a reward for all the hard work you have done this year, and to celebrate that our lives are back to normal after surviving a worldwide pandemic.

This issue also showcases imposing model Daryn Alexander with very festive photos by Photo Studio Miami. Check out the beautiful photos and Daryn’s interview telling us about him, so you can get to know Daryn better. We also bring you our photos of the URGE Miami Thanksgiving Festival Matinée Pervert, Beach Party and Surreal parties.

In case you are looking for a fun outing during the holidays, Out & About previews the show Magic Mike Live, which features a large cast of beautiful men with very sexy bodies dancing great choreographies. We interview the show’s Executive Producer Vincent Marini and Dancer Davis Rahal, who is a member of our LGBTQ community.

I wish our loyal readers great happiness this holiday season and want to thank our advertisers for your continued support of Wire Magazine.

Cheers to a great 2023,

10 WIREMAG.COM #12 2022
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Wire Magazine Holiday Gift Guide



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#12 2022 WIREMAG.COM 13

Daryn Alexander

Rafa Carvajal: Where do you live and where are you from?

Daryn Alexander: I live in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and I was born in Miami.

RC: What do you do for work?

DA: I am a kinesiologist who specializes in fat loss and building muscle to help people live a healthier lifestyle.

RC: What are your favorite three exercises to stay in shape?

DA: Dumbbell chest press, side lateral raises, and hack squats.

RC: What are your hobbies?

DA: I love to play volleyball since I was a college athlete. I also love to walk outside to clear my mind. It’s a natural meditation for me. I also enjoy watching new Netflix shows.

14 WIREMAG.COM #12 2022

RC: What are your eating habits to complement your fitness routine?

DA: I eat four meals a day. Each meal has some type of fruit and or vegetable. I consume around 200 grams of protein a day with over 350 grams of carbohydrates. I eat to live. I do not live to eat. My food is my fuel and I make sure I eat as healthy as I can to optimize my performance.

RC: Why do you enjoy modeling for photography?

DA: I find it very fun to try and look your best for the camera. Always trying to find the best angle, with the best lighting, with the best pose, with the best facial expression, while also trying to be in the best shape possible. I never know when I have taken my best picture, so I find the joy in always trying to take a better one.

RC: Who is the person or public figure that inspires you most and why?

DA: Ever since I was a kid John Cena has always been my role model. His motto ‘Never Give Up’ is something I have followed to this very day. It has inspired me to always never give up in anything I want to do. I have learned that by never quitting, you will eventually find success.

#12 2022 WIREMAG.COM 15

RC: Is there anything else you would like to share with Wire Magazine readers?

DA: Never strive to be like someone else, always strive to be the best version of yourself. Focus on the journey of your goals, not the destination. Only true happiness comes from within you. Follow me on Instagram @darynalexander_13.

16 WIREMAG.COM #12 2022
Happy Holidays! #12 2022 WIREMAG.COM 17

RC: How did you find all the gorgeous men in the show?

VM: I’m so proud of our casting team. We ask so much of them. We’re not just looking for hot guys. We’re truly looking for unicorns – attractive guys who are among the best male dancers in the world, who also have unique skills that allow us to perform a world class aerial number, a stunning b-boy routine complete with head spins, a live concert-level musical number with drums that fly in from the ceiling, and one of the most difficult partner dance routines that I’ve ever seen… in the rain. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, we also do extensive interviews with our guys to make sure they are kind, respectful and love their moms! That’s why our casting happens in every corner of the globe, from Eastern and Western Europe to Australia and New Zealand to L.A. and N.Y.

RC: Are the performers trained dancers or did some of them have to learn how to dance?

VM: Every single member of our Magic Mike Live cast is a professionally trained dancer with years of experience dancing… except one. His name is Nate Bryan and believe it or not, he was one of the two finalists in our reality competition series Finding Magic Mike on HBO Max. He never had professional training until joining our team, but after going through the process on the show, he dedicated himself to a year of training and performing to prepare himself for Miami. I can’t tell you how proud I am of him. He has truly transformed his life and he fits right in!

RC: What do you enjoy the most about producing Magic Mike Live ?

VM: The first, is that I love the people I work with to create the show. We’ve been working on it together now for seven years from Vegas to London, Germany to Australia and everywhere in-between. We’ve become like a family, and we enjoy spending time together, creating together and growing together. However, the other thing that gets me every time I see the show is the incredible amount of joy it brings to people. I think men and women enter our show expecting one thing and then they not only get what they were expecting but so much more…

and it’s that ‘more,’ that feeling of empowerment and joy, that keeps me coming back for more.

Rafa Carvajal: What's the best part of being a Magic Mike Live dancer?

Davis Rahal: The interactions with the audience members. It’s the first show of its kind, in my experience, where we break the fourth wall and experience the show with the audience and can interact with them! Feeling the energy of the people watching, it changes the show from night to night. Getting to feel their energy is another layer to the performance that is new and exciting for me and always keeps things interesting!

RC: How did you become part of the show?

DR: I guess it started back when choreographer Allison Faulk brought me on a few years back to do the one-off promo performance for the show on the finale episode of Britain’s Got Talent . They hired half L.A. based dancers and half London based dancers. That’s when I first met her and the team, and even Channing Tatum himself, and I instantly connected with everyone. I then went on to do the same thing for the opening of the Berlin residency, performing in a promotional performance on the finale of Germany’s Next Top Model . And then again was brought in to do two episodes of the HBO Max show Finding Magic Mike . During the filming of that, I told Allison that I think if they ever did a tour of any kind that I would be interested and the next thing I knew, I was contacted about this U.S. tour! The rest is history :-)

RC: How do you stay in such great shape?

DR: Honestly, the show itself two times a night is all the cardio we need, plus it has lots of dance moves and aspects that naturally work out our abs, glutes and shoulders. I also just make sure to eat as much as possible and go to the gym three to four times a week to keep building muscle. I’ve also been enjoying running over the Rickenbacker Causeway to keep me toned and also keep that Miami tan.

RC: Why should Wire Magazine readers come see you and your fellow dancers perform in Magic Mike Live ?

DR: Because I promise you it will be an experience unlike anything you have ever had, and you will get lots of oneon-one attention from all of us ;)

18 WIREMAG.COM #12 2022
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