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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 5. OUT & ABOUT: URGE MIAMI FESTIVAL Our Magic City will welcome thousands of hot guys from around the world to the URGE Miami Festival this Thanksgiving weekend.

10. COVER STORY: ALLURING MODEL DAMIEN LENORE Meet our talented, alluring cover model Damien Lenore who loves burlesque and enjoy his artistic photos by David Vance.

16. ARTS & CULTURE: 2023 MIAMI ART WEEK GUIDE Use our Art Week Guide to help you decide which fairs to visit so you can enjoy your favorite artworks.


We preview two Broadway musicals coming to South Florida, The Book of Mormon and Pretty Woman: The Musical.


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OUT & ABOUT By Rafa Carvajal

LET'S PARTY AT THE LGBTQ+ URGE MIAMI FESTIVAL! join everyone at the famous Beach Party on South Beach, and enjoy a grand fireworks show that will light up the sky after. Sunday night URGE-Verse at M2 nightclub will cap the weekend with partygoers dressed in radiant yellow. Finally, you can finish your Festival experience with a bang Monday at The After in Miami’s Lvlone nightclub.

This Thanksgiving weekend our sunny Magic City will welcome thousands of gorgeous men from the United States and countries worldwide to the LGBTQ+ URGE Miami Festival taking place November 24-27. Get ready to party at the three massive nighttime events, the Pool Party, and the Beach Party on South Beach. Producers Luis Morera, Billy Kemp, and Hilton Wolman, and their team, always produce outstanding events with famous international circuit DJs Djing the parties. According to Luis Morera, “URGE is known worldwide for having the best crowd and attendees give the best energy. The DJs gravitate to us to be part of that energy.” Visit urgemiamifestival.com to purchase your passes and tickets and get the full scoop on the events. URGE Miami Festival starts this Friday at 10 p.m. with La Leche! Moulin Blanc party at M2 nightclub by Barcelona's Matinée Group. The Royal Palm South Beach Pool Party follows on Saturday afternoon presented by ARENA, Mexico's renowned party producer. On Saturday night, guests will go to URGE 80’s at the newly remodeled MAD Live in the Wynwood arts and fashion district. On Sunday,

Photos by J.R. Davis

DJ Orel Sabag, who will be DJing at La Leche! Moulin Blanc party, wants you to know that “URGE Miami Festival is one of the biggest festivals in America, known for its big productions, the best venues, the best selection of artists from all over the world, and the crowd that comes to the Festival is a very high quality crowd.” In addition, DJ Alexis Tucci says that “The DJ line up is really strong and covers such a wide range of representation from every corner, which undoubtedly will be represented in the music they deliver. It's spicy! I think the whole weekend will be explosive!” Alexis will be DJing at the Royal Palm South Beach Pool Party. So get your sexy outfits ready and have a fantastic time at URGE Miami Festival this year!

#11 2023 WIREMAG.COM 5


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PUBLISHER’S CORNER HAPPY THANKSGIVING & HAPPY ART BROWSING! This month’s issue brings you our annual Miami Art Week Guide. We put this Guide together every year to help you decide which art fairs you would like to visit to view and purchase your favorite works of art. Artists, gallerists, collectors, and art enthusiasts from around the world will be visiting our Magic City for the annual art extravaganza. I personally love art and take advantage of Miami Art Week to see as many artworks as possible. In the past, I have even seen works by some of the masters of the art world that never make it to museums because they are in the hands of private collectors and galleries. If you appreciate art, I highly recommend visiting some of the art fairs after perusing through our 2023 Miami Art Week Guide. Also in this issue, we feature our talented and alluring cover model Damien Lenore who loves burlesque performances. His very artistic photos by David Vance are just a sample of the outstanding photography by an incomparable genius behind the lens. You can also learn more about Damien in our interview. Out & About highlights the URGE Miami Festival taking place this Thanksgiving weekend. Thousands of hot guys from around the world will be partying at the Festival and enjoying music by some of the best international circuits DJs. In Arts Newsie, we preview the Broadway musicals The Book of Mormon and Pretty Woman: The Musical coming to South Florida. As the year comes to an end, I hope you get a chance to celebrate a nice Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season with your family, friends, and loved ones. We live in challenging times with a couple of wars raging in countries where you or your loved ones may be personally affected. Our LGBTQ community is also facing the growing threat of renewed discrimination from some members of the Republican party in Florida and around the country, and from some of our fellow citizens who do not believe that everyone has the same rights under our Constitution and Bill of Rights and want to impose their personal and religious beliefs on others. Hugh your loved ones and friends a little tighter this year, be there for them, make the extra phone call. We all need some support and love in our lives, and everyone can make a difference. Some of the smallest and kindest acts can really help people we may not even realize are struggling and need us. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! Cheers,

Rafa Carvajal Publisher & Editor in Chief rafa@wiremag.com


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By Rafa Carvajal Photos by David Vance davidvanceprints.com

"David really approaches photography like a painter and his work is always timeless and so beautiful." 10 WIREMAG.COM #11 2023

Rafa Carvajal: What do you enjoy the most about performing burlesque? Damien Lenore: My favorite part is envisioning the character and conceptualizing the act. I’ve always loved art and design, and really enjoy coming up with a look and persona for the character I’ll be embodying. Each act gives you the opportunity to be whomever you want to be. For example, I’ve always loved Salma Hayek’s character in From Dusk Till Dawn, and now I get to experiment with my idea of that character and share my love for that scene with the audience. RC: How do you prepare for your performances? DL: Typically, I’ll come up with the look first. Then I’ll go through a ton of music in my car and at the gym and narrow down which song would work best and envision impactful ways to use the props and costume throughout the song. Then create the costume and rehearse, rehearse rehearse. #11 2023 WIREMAG.COM 11

RC: What goes into creating some of the outfits you perform in? DL: Once I’ve conceptualized a look, I try to narrow down the most effective way to make it. Most often, I’ll make my accessories and embellish base pieces myself. I make my own feather fans and headpieces, stone my garments, and sew the appliqués on, and anything that needs to be able to tear away, I add the snaps or cords or Ve l c r o . I d o n’ t d o z i p p e r s though.

RC: Why did you decide to become a performer? DL: I was involved in a lot of musical theatre when I was younger, and I’ve always loved the stage. I also always enjoyed art and creating characters. I’ve also been very interested in burlesque since I was young. A lot of my favorite movies and stories and other media had a glamorous and visually dramatic aesthetic, and becoming a performer gave me the opportunity to put all those things together into a career I really enjoy. 12 WIREMAG.COM #11 2023

RC: How do you stay so fit? DL: I try to work out at least five times a week, and I am very active in my work. I really enjoy the gym, so it doesn’t feel like a chore for me. RC: Describe yourself in three words. DL: Creative, kind and determined.

RC: What is a dream you would like to achieve? DL: Someday, I would love to have my own show palace, with burlesque shows every night. It would be so amazing to be able to curate my own shows and highlight all of the amazing performers that I’ve met.

RC: What is the best part of modeling for photography with David Vance? DL: David is a fantastic photographer and artist. David really approaches photography like a painter and his work is always timeless and so beautiful. The composition is fantastic and he really has a way of building a mood and a story in his work. I always love how I look in his photographs. Also, he’s a really fun person to hang out with.

RC: Is there anything else you would like to share with Wire Magazine readers? DL: I just celebrated five years in recovery from drugs and alcohol. It is possible to be a person in recovery and still work in the nightlife field. There is absolutely no shame in knowing when something doesn’t bring out the best in you and adjusting your lifestyle to be the best version of yourself. Please follow me on Instagram @returnofbabylon. #11 2023 WIREMAG.COM 13

14 WIREMAG.COM #11 2023

ARTS & CULTURE By Rafa Carvajal

2023 MIAMI ART WEEK GUIDE ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH December 8-10 artbasel.com Miami Beach Convention Center. 1900 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach Art Basel Miami Beach, the leading fair in the Americas, has preview days December 6-7 and opens December 8-10 with 277 premier international galleries exhibiting this year. Twenty new galleries will join a superb group of yearly exhibitors, two-thirds of which come from North and Latin America. The Meridians sector, which is dedicated to monumental artworks, will showcase 19 thought-provoking projects related to how we inhabit our planet collectively. 1


ART MIAMI December 5-10 artmiami.com The Art Miami Pavilion. 1 Herald Plaza, Miami Art Miami will feature 170+ international galleries and over 900 artists, due to its stature as a leading fair in the global contemporary and modern art market. Galleries from cities worldwide, such as London, Toyko, Paris, Venice and many more, and from around the United States, will join several galleries from Miami and South Florida at this year’s fair. An outstanding array of investment quality paintings, drawings, design, sculpture, video art, photography and prints will be available due to Art Miami’s commitment to showcasing the most important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries. CONTEXT ART MIAMI December 5-10 contextartmiami.com Art Miami + CONTEXT Pavilions. 1 Herald Plaza, Miami CONTEXT, presented by Art Miami, continues to create and push boundaries on the conversation about contemporary art, and will feature works from 76 innovative galleries from over 21 countries. According to Director Julian Navarro, "CONTEXT Art Miami, as always, persists in showcasing a curated mix of art from both emerging and established galleries.”

ART GAYSEL December 7-9 gaythering.com Hôtel Gaythering. 1409 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Art Gaysel returns for its 8th year with 30+ queer artists that include painters, photographers, mixed media, and fashion & home decor artists. Open daily 5 p.m. to midnight with no admission fee. 3


DESIGN MIAMI/ December 6-10 Convention Center Drive & 19th Street, Miami Beach Design Miami/ will include over 40 gallery and Curio presentations and 20+ brand collaborations. According to Anna Carnick, Curatorial Director, “I chose the theme ‘Where We Stand’ not only to spotlight the role design plays in reflecting and responding to the world around us, but also as an invitation to consider how it might help us navigate this complex, far too often divided moment.” FRIDGE ART FAIR December 6-10 fridgeartfair.com Courtyard Miami Coconut Grove, 2649 S. Bayshore Drive, Miami

Photos Courtesy Art Basel: 1) © Ana Sacerdote, Untitled, 1967. 2) © Christine Tien Wang, Marx cat with blue blanket, 2023. 3) © Vânia Mignone, Untitled, 2022. Photo by Filipe Berndt. 4) © Jacob Lawrence, Games - Throwing the Dice, 1999.

16 WIREMAG.COM #11 2023

The Rainbow Popsicle Edition will commemorate 10 years of the Miami edition of Fridge with a particular focus on celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.



INK MIAMI ART FAIR December 6-10 inkartfair.com Suites of Dorchester. 1849 James Avenue, Miami Beach INK Miami Art Fair distinguishes itself by the quality of its works and exhibitors and its lush open-air courtyard with the surrounding hotel suites transformed into special gallery spaces. Exhibitors are selected for their excellent ability to offer collectors a diverse array of 20th century masterworks and newly released editions from leading contemporary artists who appeal to museum curators and committed collectors of works on paper. MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR December 6-8 miamiriverartfair.com The Penthouse Riverside Wharf. 125 SW North River Dr., Miami The 2023 Cosmos Hydrid Art Edition will feature a wide variety of exhibitors, including special NFT projects and virtual booths, galleries and individual curated artists – located in the only enclosed rooftop venue in Miami with 360-degree views of the downtown skyline. NADA ART FAIR December 5-9 newartdealers.org Ice Palace Studios. 59 NW 14th Street, Miami A diverse selection of 140 galleries, art spaces, and nonprofit organizations spanning over 50 cities around the globe, such as San Juan, Paris, Chicago, Memphis, Brussels, and Beijing, will be at this year’s fair, including over 85 NADA members and 34 first-time exhibitors. It will also feature the return of Curated Spotlight, a special section highlighting a selection of galleries organized by a renowned curator and in partnership with TD Bank. PINTA MIAMI December 6-10 pintamiami.com The Hangar. 3385 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove, Miami The international Pinta fair is committed to disseminating modern and contemporary art from Latin America and its artists work. Over 50 international galleries representing artists from around the world will be present in the different sections of the fair: Main Section, RADAR and NEXT. 17 WIREMAG.COM #11 2023

RED DOT MIAMI & SPECTRUM MIAMI December 6-10 reddotmiami.com & spectrum-miami.com Mana Wynwood. 2217 NW 5th Avenue, Miami Red Dot & Spectrum Miami feature a notable lineup of specially curated programs that showcase exhibitors, art industry professionals, and select nonprofits and institutions. Attendees can view and interact with sitespecific, and performance works by leading international artists. The featured programs include Art Labs, Spotlight Galleries, Directors’ Picks and the Discoveries Collection. SATELLITE ART SHOW December 5-10 satellite-show.com 700 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Satellite states that it bucks the boring traditional trade show model. It will present 30+ free-standing art installations, performances, and workshops. Their Halloween theme will run throughout the fair, so expect some scary good art. SCOPE December 5-10 scope-art.com 801 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach The 22nd Scope edition will honor its perpetual mission to provide a platform for experiential innovation and discovery by welcoming 130+ diverse contemporary exhibitors featuring The New Contemporary, a genre that stands as critical contribution to global politics and local community engagement, and presents daily programming amidst large-scale installations that bend, blend, and transcend genre. UNTITLED ART December 6-10 untitledartfairs.com Ocean Drive & 12th Street, Miami Beach Untitled Art is guided by a mission to support the wider art ecosystem and offers an inclusive platform for discovering contemporary art. The fair participants are selected for their curatorial integrity and international reach. Several galleries come from outside mainstream art hubs. Untitled Art attracts contemporary art collectors, art historians, curators, and students, and makes sure that leading galleries from Miami are represented. 7


Photos Courtesy Red Dot & Spectrum Miami: 5) Dubai Skyline through the Dubai Frame. 6) © Hisar Rita, Queen Elizabeth II. 7) Havana Street Scenes, Cuba. 8) © Fred Schneider, paint strokes by The Chimps Connor, Melody and Dylan, with brushes.

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ARTS NEWSIE By Rafa Carvajal


The Book of Mormon is a must-see uproarious Broadway musical. I have enjoyed this hilarious musical theater production with a missionary style twice and highly recommend it. The show follows two young missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as they do their best to preach their faith to the natives of a remote village in Uganda. The show returns to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts December 12-17, so visit browardcenter.org to purchase tickets. The Book of Mormon won nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical, a Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album, five Drama Desk Awards, including Best Musical, the NY Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical, the Drama League Award for Best Musical and four Outer Critics Circle Awards, including Best Musical. This musical is one of the most successful shows in Broadway history, breaking the Eugene O’Neill Theatre house record more than 50 times. It has also won more than 30 international awards. The Book of Mormon’s book, music and lyrics are by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone. The tour is directed and choreographed by Jennifer Werner and is based on the original Broadway direction and choreography. Its set is designed by three-time Tony Award winner Scott Pask, its costume design is by Tony Award winner Ann Roth, and orchestrations are by Tony Award winner Larry Hochman and two-time Tony Award winner Stephen Oremus.

The Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and Broadway Across America will launch the 2023-2024 Broadway in Miami series with Pretty Woman: The Musical playing December 5-10. The show is based on the famous silver screen romantic story so many of us love. Pretty Woman: The Musical features Roy Orbison and Bill Dee’s international hit song “Oh, Pretty Woman,” which inspired the beloved motion picture with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. You can visit arshtcenter.org to purchase your tickets and see one of Hollywood’s most loved and uplifting romances as a musical on stage.

Pretty Woman: The Musical has a brilliant creative team that represents the best in music from both Hollywood and Broadway with direction and choreography by two-time Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell, original music and lyrics by Grammy winner Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance and a book by the movie’s acclaimed director Garry Marshall and screenwriter J.F. Lawton. Ellie Baker and Chase Wolfe will play the lead roles of Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis, with Rae Davenport as Kit De Luca, Adam Du Plessis as Happy Man/Mr. Thompson and Liam Searcy as Philip Stuckey. Enjoy the show!

Photos Credit The Book of Mormon: Julieta Cervantes Photos Credit Pretty Woman: The Musical: Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade

20 WIREMAG.COM #11 2023

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