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ISSUE #05 | 02/03/11

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WINTER PARTY MAKES WAVES Miami Beach is home to a number of fantastic GLBT Fundraising events. Between White Party, The Task Force Recognition Dinner, SAVE Dade Halloween Party, and the Annual Equality Florida Gala, it seems there is always a party or dinner or fundraising reception on our radar! Well you should start getting ready, because it will soon be time to throw out the carbs, hit the gym, and find a hot new Speedo, as we all gear up for the 2011 Annual Winter Party Festival. Last year, thousands of people flocked to our multi-billion dollar sandbar to take in the sun, sand, and fab beats by international DJs, and this year is shaping up to be exactly the same. From the world renowned Beach Party to an Art Deco Walking Tour, the 2011 Winter Party Festival promises an array of events and activities as diverse as the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community itself. One of the world’s largest and most anticipated events of the year, Winter Party Festival is expected to draw 10,000 revelers from around the world for more than 20 pulse-raising events, including several dance events with world-class DJs and entertainment. Beyond the parties, Winter Party Festival features art and culture, shopping, cocktail receptions, tours, and events

exclusively for women, all dedicated to fundraising for local and national LGBT equality efforts.
Produced by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Winter Party Festival raises funds to build power, take action, and create change for the LGBT community. Two-thirds of the net proceeds generated from Winter Party Festival go to work locally through grants administered by the Miami Foundation (formerly the Dade Community Foundation), while the remaining one third goes to support The Task Force’s efforts nationally. Since its inception in 1994, Winter Party Festival, along with The Task Force’s annual Recognition Dinner, has raised more than $2.2 million for LGBT organizations in South Florida. “Miami Beach is, arguably, the world’s favorite playground,” said Chad Richter, chair of this year’s Winter Party Festival. “With our stellar line-up of events, DJs, and entertainers, this year’s Winter Party Festival will most definitely deliver and exceed the expectations of our guests. But it’s also important not to lose sight of the reason behind why we’re all here to have a great time. The proceeds from Winter Party Festival help continue The Task Force’s local and national fight for LGBT rights and equality. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.” In addition to the can’t-miss Beach Party on the sand along famed Ocean Drive, highlights of this year’s Winter Party Festival include the “Under One Sun Pool Party” on the Doubletree Surfcomber’s tropical pool deck as well as the debut of “Winter COVER PHOTO BY: VINCENT SOYEZ

Party Matinee,” a partnership with one of Europe’s biggest dance parties. Additional activities include a shopping adventure on the Lincoln Road pedestrian mall, a concert and reception featuring young musical artists from the Florida Grand Opera and four exciting events exclusively for Winter Party Festival’s women guests. “With apologies to Mark Twain,” Chad said, “we want everyone to know that they’ll have the hottest winter of their life at Winter Party Festival.” Tickets to Winter Party Festival 2011 are available individually or as part of discounted, multi-event passes. For more information, to purchase tickets and passes, or to check out the complete schedule of events, visit Be sure to grab your copy of our special Winter Party Collector’s Edition. We do this issue every year to provide locals and out-of-towners with the inside scoop on the official Winter Party events, as well as the regular weekly happenings of South Florida. It’s literally the beginning and end of everything fabulous during Winter Party Festival. Of course, our Winter Party Photo Album is also something you’ll want to keep an eye out for, as we will feature some of the sexiest guys and girls of Winter Party Week. See you on the sand!

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I am writing this week’s column with breaking news in the background from CNN showing pro Mubarak thugs on foot, horseback, and camelback attacking peaceful demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Molotov cocktails are also being hurled by pro Murabak brutes from the tops of buildings into the pro-democracy demonstrators below. This extreme violence against peaceful protestors is the worst example of the perils of entitled pharaohs.


PUBLISHERS’ CORNER wow! iT’S BeeN A yeAr? JoiN wire mA fight – albeit thankfully they are not out on

This week and lastbeating week horseback and camelback peoplehave probably up or throwing Molotov cocktails – at least literally. The establishment tentacles run beennot the busiest weeks ever for Thomas deep and include commissioners, public and even rich ball park owners. A and unions, I working on wire magazine. clear example of this is that the Marlins gave $50,000 to help Alvarez fight off the Why?recall. Alvarez For steered a millions couple of Miamiof very good taxpayer dollars to the Florida Marlins and they want to keep their pharaoh and reasons: We have been working their entitlements. very It ishard on producing our second time for the people of Miami to stand up like our Egyptian friends and say enough ever collector’s edition of is Pride enough. Our great democracy allows Hosni Mubarak was Anwar Sadat’s the people to get rid of the establishment vice president. Mubarak was also sitting officials who feel entitled to do as they wire magazine – that we think you next to Sadat when he was assassinated on please, who raise our taxes to give money October 6, 1981 during the annual victory to their cronies, and who hand out millions will enjoy reading through. In parade in Cairo. It was then that the perils really of the people’s money to build stadiums of entitlement started for this man, who “for the people” under the smoke screen of at 82 years has become dition, weof age have alsoEgypt’s been non-stop on the first ever lameworking “job creation” justifications. modern pharaoh by holding on to power for 30 years. Mubarak feels entitled to rule If the Florida Marlins actually cared about ficial Pool Party, which Wire magazine Egypt as Gay he sees fit, Pride and his supporters the people of Miami, who paid for their and establishment officials have benefited stadium with their tax dollars and their handsomely the years and areApril not l host onoverSaturday, 17th at the hotel Victor with ticket purchases, they would be on the side about to give up their lucrative entitlements of Miami’s taxpayers. If that was the case, without a fight.Vodka and herradura Tequila as sponsors. nlandia the Marlins would have actually written a The thing is, Mubarak and his bullies don’t get it. Their time is up! Democracy and freedom can be very powerful and people power can be very effective when the masses get fed up with those who feel entitled at their expense. Mubarak is done. It is just a matter of time before the Egyptian people get rid of their modern pharaoh because they do not want to be taken advantage of any longer.

check to help recall Alvarez, help lower real estate tax rates, and thank the people of Miami for funding their stadium.

events and parties taking p parade, Expo, and day of why we are including a co can use as your map of wh and times to be there.

We also want to extend welcome you to join us for t Pool Party at the hotel V decided to put together a year’s Pride, courtesy of W have fun in the company complement the Parade, Ex main stages of Pride, and for some additional fun at from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. thi miik will be spinning, complimentary Finlandia v ticket purchase.

eally is hard to believe thatPay a year has already gone by since we attention to the lessons of Egypt. Understand that people united can be very blished the first ever Pride Collector’s Edition of Wire magazine, powerful and can truly influence change. Educate yourself to understand who is on your is sideonce and who is just trying taking place in that is definitely the case.really Pride again to maintain the status quo to protect their entitlements. The people of Miami deserve ami Beach this Saturday and we hope that all our readers in Sound familiar? Of course it does. Miami- to be put first and to have their taxes Dade Mayor Alvarez feels just as lowered. More money in your pocket from ami and Fort lauderdale will have a chance to enjoy this entitled to hold on to his power, no matter re-adjusting what city government takes what the people think of him, and how from you would allow you to use your hard dollars at your We discretioncouldn’t – instead ek’smuch2010 have gotten they want Pride him out for Collector’s raising their earnedEdition. of having pharaohs like Alvarez and their taxes and overspending their money. use it for their benefit. Alvarez has behaved as Miami’s modern buddies re without all your support, and the support of our advertisers, make to stop by our FEBRUARY 10sure @ 7:30PM pharaoh who came to power through the ranks of our police force, feels entitled to Rafa K N I G H T your C O N copy C E R T of H A this L L onsors, the members ofPublishers the Wire staff. Thanks very much week’s sp do as heand pleases, all and promises to fight the For The recall to the end. Rafa Carvajal: everyone for helping us make this possible! contest, but definitely stop TICKETS! 305.949.6722 Alvarez also has his own powerful establishment of cronies who have hotel Victor to celebrate Pr benefited tremendously from the status quo Thomas Barker: and are not about to give up without a e also hope that you will be able to participate in the pool party. We will be cam 6 | wire magazine | ide festivities on Saturday, plus many of the ancillary some additional fun in the

POST MODERN HOGS AT THE TROUGH Most people can conjure up a pretty decent image when they hear the expression, "hogs (or pigs) at the trough," and it can be pretty graphic. I have a pretty vivid image myself. Having grown up in part on a family farm, and spending a good deal of time helping my parents out with one these days, this is an image that is pretty damn visual for me. Sure, it's true that pigs are smart and that they can actually make very sweet pets. But trough time is, well, pretty gross.

A plan to link the two was already being shoved through the early process at the state level when recently a second plan for MBCC funding was launched that specifically forbade linkage with the stadium. Miami Beach and county tourism officials seem to prefer the more recent plan. Apparently some political officials still want the two to go through together. One Miami Dolphins rep was quoted as saying he did not want to comment since the latest proposal hadn't gone to any committees yet, where things normally change. To continue the pork metaphor, committees are where the sausage is made.

So it's little wonder that I have enjoyed using the expression so often in writing and in conversation. It packs a powerful punch, and it is perfectly apt for so many Both proposals call for -- you guessed it -situations. tax hikes! Oh, they're couched as tourism Politics and public life come to mind tax hikes. But in a city in which the only immediately. Basically, I see government as industries are graft, money laundering, the trough and politicians, a good deal of narcotics and tourism -- a tourist tax so-called nonprofit organizations and of increase is effectively a tax on everyone. course the leach class as being the hogs. I saw a Roger Waters concert live recently and he had what seemed to me to be a much broader and more condescending definition from what I can discern. Mine is pretty narrow, relatively, and leaves alone the small percentage of people today who take responsibility for themselves and don't live off the largesse of the trough. But I digress.

Now politicians can only survive so many tax increases per term or someone might take their job. So there is a limit to how big a trough there is going to be to spend on the concrete lobby and on their own selfaggrandizing -- which is what both these proposed projects are about.

It's entirely possible that there isn't going to be enough slop in the trough for all the hogs to feed. We've already talked about A good deal of time, the trough system the grotesque situation that can cause. works out. There is enough slop that the pigs might jostle and shove one another-- even Sure, these hogs are different because they squeal at times -- but in the end, all the hogs have expensive suits that you probably end up properly fed. They then shut up for paid for. They have titles, at least one a while, not really contributing anything, business card, and they have all given until it's feeding time again. And then they each other awards before at events that come oinking and squealing again, and you and I weren't invited to. once again out of some presumed fear that they won't all get enough of the slop that In the end, though, even a prize winning actual working people had to pay for, they pig is just a hog when the trough starts to whine and jostle some more. come up short. Seriously, when reading about the ongoing situation and when The real pig fight, though, is when there talking to people about it, I really do try just isn't enough slop to go around. Things not to visualize combative porkers turning can get just plain ugly then. Pig ugly. I try on each other fast when the farmer can't not to envision pig ugly every time a chunk afford enough slop. It doesn't work though. of public money becomes available and It's how I am conditioned from childhood. Like the way some people are conditioned human hogs go after it. I really do. to think that this is the role of government Such is the case with the ongoing and of public dollars. Who's the delusional debate over linking improvements to the one? Miami Beach Convention Center to improvements of Joe Robbie Stadium Author and journalist Michael W. Sasser’s (yes, yes, for the last time I know it isn't commentary on all things political appears called that these days; but that's what it will exclusively in Wire Magazine. Your e-mail is welcome at always be to me). 7 | wire magazine |






nown as one of the most beautiful cities on the map and filled with lots of beautiful people, Miami is home to thousands of men who not only think it is important to look good; they feel it is a necessity. In our fabulous little city by the sea, a toned physique and designer threads paired with one-of-a-kind accessories are standard in the average Miami-man’s repertoire. And it certainly doesn’t stop there. He who seeks that extra edge above the competition when it comes to physical appearance is now looking at the man in the mirror, and finding ways to improve the things about themselves that don’t come off a couture clothing rack.


“As a society we are obsessed with beauty, obsessed with look,” says Marek Hewryk, a chemist, biologist, and the brains behind the 4VOO skin care line for men, which has gained popularity as the secret weapon of male celebrities around the world. Hewryk has gone beyond creating a superior product revered even by royal European families. In February 2011, he opened HEWRYK, his first luxury skin care boutique in a location with a name that is quite fitting. Referred to as “the City beautiful,” Coral Gables is where Hewryk will educate men “to know what products to use, how to use them, and how to look better.”

ABOVE: Anti Aging Set LEFT: Marek Hewryk

HEWRYK offers men in Miami an exceptional opportunity to learn about skin care in a way that is not currently available at any other retailer in the United States. In this boutique, men are free from any social stigma associated with shopping for skin care products and can benefit from receiving relevant information tailored to a man’s specific facial needs. Not content with opening a typical store where you grab a product and pay, Hewryk encourages his guests to create their own experience. Sit at the bar, have a drink, chat, and learn. The atmosphere at HEWRYK is reminiscent of an art gallery, as opposed to your average cosmetics store, and

10 | wire magazine |

the art on display is 4VOO skin care and cosmetics created by men for men. Rich and superior quality ingredients are harmoniously balanced and blended to create products that mimic the effects of Botox, reduce wrinkles, brighten age spots, and improve the quality of men’s skin. 4VOO is specifically engineered for men’s skin, unlike other skin care lines for men that can be merely extensions of women’s lines. In fact, one of the products most men love to use but are afraid to buy in public is the corrective skincare products. Blemishes, dark circles, and brown spots can disappear effortlessly with the use of 4VOO powders, confidence corrector, and appropriate skincare products. Now, men can shop in a more exclusive environment, where they can enjoy a shopping experience without the average Joe walking by. “I designed 4VOO with myself in mind,” says Hewryk, who began making his own skin care products after realizing that there was nothing on the market that could satisfy his needs. By taking organic skin remedies that were used in his family for generations, and combining them with modern technology, Hewryk created superior quality products that he wanted for himself. “Every product that I make, I can sign in blood, first I test on myself. We all deserve luxury,” he says. HEWRYK will feature small group sessions in which men will learn how to care for their skin, ask questions, and discuss common issues they have, such as healing shaving rashes, or applying correcting products. The goal says Hewryk, is to educate men and make them feel attractive using a fun and friendly approach. Call, email, or drop by the boutique for information about the next upcoming session. Experience the harmony, balance, and sophistication of 4VOO at HEWRYK at 57 Miracle Mile (breezeway) in Coral Gables and open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can also visit for more information.

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BY THOMAS BARKER PHOTO BY: VINCENT SOYEZ oming out can be an excruciating experience for almost all of us. The fears, the desires, and the need to freely express ourselves can truly be overwhelming. But even with all of the scariness and awkwardness of it all, most of us didn’t have to come out with a microscope focused on our private lives or have tabloids speculating about our sexuality when we didn’t even know it ourselves. Over the past few years, we have seen a good amount of celebrities face their fears, and finally confirm that they are, in fact, gay. Next Thursday, February 10th, The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts will welcome a performer who knows that all too well, as Idol star and singing sensation, Clay Aiken will hop on stage for his Tried and True Tour. After nearly taking home the big Idol prize eight years ago, it has been a whirlwind for Clay. He’s released eight albums, done multiple tours, and even became the father of a beautiful baby boy – all while being scrutinized by the media in a major way. In this week’s issue, we were lucky enough to sit down with Clay and get the inside scoop on his latest tour, the difficulty of coming out after Idol, and his advice for gay youth. I am sure you will find it just as fascinating as I did. Check it out: What has it been like for you to go from being a regular guy in Raleigh, South Carolina to the stardom you experience today? 12 | wire magazine |

Well it is kind of hard for me to answer that, because it has been so long. You do a job long enough, it kind of just becomes normal for you. At the time, it was a shock. It was very different. It changed everything in my life. It’s been eight years since that happened, so today is the new reality… the new normal. When you think of yourself at that time, what do you feel was the most difficult part for you? I think the thing that is most difficult still is that there aren’t that many people in your life who know exactly what you’re experiencing. I do sort of live on a different plain if that makes sense. Not a different level in relation to superiority; just a little different of a parallel universe. I know when I go out in public that people may stop me and ask for an autograph or a picture, and that has become normal to me; however, it’s a different thing for the people that are around me. It was strange then and it is still, if not even more so now, that people will talk about you around their dinner tables when you don’t know them. And these people definitely don’t know who I am, but think they do because they may have seen me on Idol or read something in a paper somewhere. You’ve released a number of albums over the past eight years. What has been the most exciting one to work on? That’s always a tough one. I am touring in support of Tried and True right now, so I really have to say that, right? But every single one of them has a little different quality. I can tell you that my first album was probably the most exciting, because it was all new to me. It was

completely different. I recorded Invisible in Miami. I recorded Measure of Man in Miami. A lot of the songs were recorded in Miami, so I got to travel there. I had never been to Miami. It was all new and fresh. The next one was a Christmas album, which was very exciting because I love Christmas music. I got to work with the same guy who did Mariah Carey’s Christmas album, which was a big deal for me. The next one, I got to be hands on with. Most of them were cover songs, but I got to be very hands on in the process. The same thing for the next one. This one I did in Germany. We recorded it with a full orchestra in London, so I got to see the entire album performed by the orchestra. That was a studio experience for me that was exciting. These songs and arrangements are all songs that I kind of wanted to sing, and I love doing this orchestral big band type of thing. The process for each was so different that they all have some sort of story and a special spot in my heart. When you think through everything that has happened over the past eight years, is there anything you would have done differently? I know what you want me to say, but I probably wouldn’t have done anything differently. I do believe that if I would have done one thing differently, it might have changed the trajectory of the life I live now. For example, if I were to say, “that I would have come out earlier,” I probably wouldn’t have a kid today. The thought of that would just devastate me. Everything happens in the order that it happens in our lives, whether you are a spiritual, non-




it stops being news that

is gay or


gay or



is gay,

it will become normal, but as long as it is still a news story, it perpetuates the notion that this is a strange thing.

spiritual, or none of the above, for a reason. Therefore, I don’t think I would want to change anything I did, because I am relatively happy with where my life is today. If I was unhappy, I might have a regret or two, but I’m content and happy. There are definitely days in my mind when I think I shouldn’t have gone on idol and still be teaching school, but I don’t really regret that anyway. Did anyone know you were gay before you officially came out? The people I cared about, my family, my friends all new I was gay. Within my personal circle, they knew I was gay. For the most part, I feel that is the way most gay men and women come out. And then they have people that they just don’t talk about it or mention it to. It’s just not part of their story. That’s the way it was for me. I didn’t talk about it with people that weren’t close to me. When I was doing Spamalot, I was going out. I was dating. They all knew I was gay. People who’ve I’ve worked with for years, including the band, have known. My mother, brother, and sister knew, but my grandmother didn’t know. I lived the out life that most other out gay and lesbian people live. The difference was that it was not enough for people. I wasn’t in the closet. I wasn’t hiding it, and I definitely wasn’t oppressing anyone else. I just chose not to tell people that I didn’t know. You obviously don’t walk through the grocery store every day and tell random strangers that you are gay, which is essentially what the media wants celebrities to do. And that’s the way it is with gay and straight celebrities. People believe that they know these people. They forget that the celebrity does not know them. That’s where the line becomes fuzzy for the media and people who like to read celebrity gossip. They believe there is some reason for me to tell them that I am gay when I don’t necessarily think it important. Was the scrutiny difficult to deal with? The scrutiny became difficult when I was 24, on Idol, and I had not told anybody. I told Kimberly Locke, who was on Idol with me. She was the first person I told. I wasn’t convinced myself at the time. Everyone takes a different path, and I am from North Carolina. It’s different from growing up in Boston or San Francisco, where it is more acceptable. I remember at age 24 thinking that this was going to come up in an interview at some point, and I wasn’t going to know how to handle it. Here’s something I’ve never told anyone before. I had 13 | wire magazine |

been on Idol for a very long time, and I was doing interviews right after the finale and Ruben was doing a press conference. Somebody from some magazine just shouted the question, “Clay, are you gay?” I didn’t know what the heck to do or what to say. At that point, I had just kind of realized that I was, and no one had ever asked me that before. Of course, I had been picked on and stuff when I was in school, but no one had just come straight out and asked me. It was unnerving to deal with that. And when someone is just coming out of the closet, they are fearful of coming out. It is horribly unfair for anyone, including press or friends to ask that. Each person takes their own path. Did it eventually get easier? A few years later, it became even more difficult, because I knew the answer myself, and I was afraid to come out. Just like when most people who are gay have to face that fear. Everyone thinks that their parents are going to disown them. They are not going to have any friends. And for me, it was also that I was just starting my career and I was afraid that people were not going to have anything to do with me. That period for me and for most people is an irrational period. Whatever you say to me in that period of time, I am not going to believe you… no matter how rational and true it is. I don’t think that coming out has made me happier, because that would imply that I wasn’t happy to begin with. But there have been freedoms and a vast majority of those fears that I had before that did not come to fruition. I can know that by looking in my rear view mirror and tell that to someone who is coming to terms with it that, but it won’t mean a thing. Their mind is not thinking rationally at that time. After I got over not really knowing and finally accepting it, I was pissed because I thought it was nobody’s business. In an interview I had with People Magazine, I said, “I don’t know why it is news. It shouldn’t be news.” It is sure as hell not news when someone comes out as straight. When it stops being news that Ricky Martin is gay or I’m gay or Lance is gay, it will become normal, but as long as it is still a news story, it perpetuates the notion that this is a strange thing.

who are picked on themselves. I don’t pick on anybody for the most part, because I know what it feels like. Anyone who is getting picked on for whatever, whether it be because they are gay or fat or whatever, as much it hurts now, it’s going to make you a more understanding and empathetic person at the end of the day. Let’s switch gears really quickly and talk about your new tour. What are some of the highlights that people can look forward to on this tour? Well, don’t you think I am enough of a highlight! What I think is really great about this tour is that we are going to keep it a little more intimate and talk with the audience a little more. We have kept it from being this huge, production heavy show that people will watch like a movie. I feel like you go to a concert sometimes that is incredibly well produced, flashy, and fancy, but what is the benefit of going to a concert and not actually getting to interact more with the performer. With this tour, I would like to have a little more dialog and back and forth with the people at the show, so it is not the same as any other concert out there. Truthfully, Miami will be the test round because it will be the first stop on this tour. Everything will be very off the cuff and natural. By the third and fourth show, everything will kind of cement into place. The whole feel and mood to this show is all about love songs. It is songs from the 50s and 60s and they kind of have that retro and classic vibe to them. I will take some songs from previous albums and do a medley that you wouldn’t expect to hear in that big bang kind of style. Lady Gaga’s Poker Face was on the list at one point. It will be very tongue and cheek at some instances too. What are you most looking forward to about visiting Miami? The warm weather! Are you kidding me?! You guys got the hook up in February and January.

Clay Aiken Live

Thursday, Feb. 10th @ 7:30 p.m.

For those kids that are regularly being picked on or bullied, what would you say to them?

Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

I do think that I am a better person for being picked on, because I can sympathize and empathize with people

1300 Biscayne Boulevard Downtown Miami



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FEBRUARY 3 - 16 Miami is rapidly becoming one of the cultural centers of the world and offers a wide range of entertainment in a variety of venues from small

lounges to large performing arts centers. Miami is home to world renowned talents like conductor Michael Tilson Thomas of the New World Symphony and Edward Villella of the Miami City Ballet, and we're constantly treated to visiting performers from around the globe. Some of the incredible talents performing this month include Clay Aiken, Jon Secada, Yann Tiersen, Sharon Gless, and Donna McKechnie.



In celebration of Black History Month, the Arsht Center presents Festejo, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Peru Negro, Peru’s “Ambassadors of Peruvian Culture,” with more than 30 musicians and dancers and the incomparable voice of Eva Allyon on February 4. Experience the incredible sounds of the New World Symphony in their new Frank Gehry designed New World Center with Awakenings conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas on February 5 and 6.

New Theatre presents High Dive, a one-person light comedy by award-winning playwright Leslie Ayazian (Thru February 13). Crowns, a joyous gospel play with music staged by M Ensemble, which features Tony Award-winning star Melba Moore, comes to the Carnival Studio Theater at the Arsht Center (February 2-6). Based on Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry's book Crowns, Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats.

One of Europe's most pioneering and original artists, Yann Tiersen, comes to Grand Central, one of Miami's hot downtown clubs, on February 9. This multi-instrumentalist and composer has collaborated with performers such as Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins and Jane Birkin. Clay Aiken, who rose to fame after his appearance on the second season of American Idol, takes the stage of the Arsht Center on February 10. Aiken, whose debut album reached multi-platinum, will sing his hits as well as some of the songs from his newest album Tried and True. 7:30 p.m. Fans of Hip Hop will want to check out Salt N Pepa's Legends of Hip Hop Tour at the James L. Knight Center on February 11. The show features Whodini, Kurtis Blow, Biz Markie, and Doug E. Fresh. 8 p.m. Disco fans are packing concert halls around the world to hear ABBA the Concert, a tribute band playing ABBA hits. ABBA the Concert comes to the Fillmore Miami Beach on February 12. This group pays tribute to one of the greatest pop phenomenons performing hits like “Dancing Queen.”


GableStage at the Biltmore presents the Southeastern premiere of A Round-Heeled Woman starring Sharon Gless (Burn Notice, Queer as Folk, Cagney & Lacey). The story of a retired school teacher who has not had sex in 30 years but sets out to remedy the situation by placing an ad in the personals. A RoundHeeled Woman runs thru February 6. Actors' Playhouse presents the Off-Broadway hit, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, winner of Two Tony Awards, running thru February 13. This show is a hilarious tale of six adolescent outsiders vying for the spelling championship of a lifetime. Miami Beach's Arts in the Parks, a free arts program at city parks, features the theatrical company Ground Up and Rising with a production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in Flamingo Park on February 12 and 13. 3 p.m. Fans of Broadway will not want to miss Donna McKechnie, Tony Award winning singer and dancing star of A Chorus Line, in her one-woman show February 12 and 13 at the PlayGround Theatre. West Side Story, the legendary musical that changed the face of Broadway fifty years ago, comes to the Broward Center for a two-week run starting February 15. An American favorite with memorable songs like "Something's Coming," "Maria," "America," "Somewhere," "Tonight," and "I Feel Pretty." WEST SIDE STORY

Two-time Grammy Award-winning singer Jon Secada brings his funky sounds to the stage of the Fillmore Miami Beach on February 13. Raised in Hialeah, Secada has sold more than 20 million albums since his English-language debut album in 1992.


New World School of the Arts presents “Daniel Lewis – A Life of Dance” tribute concert at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts on February 5. The concert will feature performances by world-acclaimed dance companies, dancers, and choreographers.

The World Erotic Art Museum, in celebration of Black History Month, presents a month long exhibit celebrating the life and work of Josephine Baker. Stop by the museum to learn more about the legendary French entertainer who became both the “Toast of Paris” dancing at the Folies Bergère and a tireless activist for equal rights.

VENUES Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre 280 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables 305.444.9293 or Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts Knight Concert Hall 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Downtown Miami 305.949.6722 or Broward Center for the Performing Arts 201 Southwest Fifth Ave., Ft. Lauderdale 954.462.0222 or Flamingo Park Meridian Ave. & 12th St., Miami Beach 305.673.7730 The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 877.598.8690 or GableStage at the Biltmore 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables 305.445.1119 or Grand Central 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami 305.672.5202 
 Gusman Center for the Performing Arts Olympia Theater 174 E. Flagler St., Miami 305.237.3684 or 
 James L. Knight Center 400 SE 2nd Ave., Miami 305.416.5977 or New Theatre 4120 Laguna St., Coral Gables 305.443.5909 or New World Center 500 17th St., Miami Beach 305.673.333`or

If it's hot street dancing you want then don't miss RHAW at the Arsht Center from February 10-13. From Campbell Locking, Popping, and Boogaloo to B-boy/girl, House, and Hip Hop dance, RHAW features some of today's newest and brightest street dancers.

The PlayGround Theatre 9806 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Shores 305.751.9550 or

Miami City Ballet, South Florida's critically-acclaimed dance company, offers another incredible program at the Arsht Center (February 11-13). Program III features Scotch Symphony; Promethean Fire Company Premiere; and Nine Sinatra Songs.

World Erotic Art Museum 1205 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 305-532-9336 or

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Chamber Orchestra Kremlin 8 PM Florida Grand Opera Tales of Hoffmann 8 PM Z



Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me 7:30 PM Z Crowns 8 PM C


Crowns 8 PM C





Crowns 3 PM C Featuring Tony Award-winning Broadway, TV and recording star Melba Moore (Hair, Purlie, Timbuktu), CROWNS delivers the gospel on hats!

9 February 23-26

-Beethoven & Brahms!

February 10



Flamenco Festival Miami 2011: Ballet Nacional de España 8 PM Z “Spain’s pre-eminent dance company!” Daily Telegraph


RHAW/Rennie Harris Awe-inspiring works 8 PM C Miami City Ballet Program III 8 PM Z Promethean Fire, Nine Sinatra Songs, Scotch Symphony.


Miami City Ballet Program III 8 PM Z RHAW/Rennie Harris Awe-inspiring works 8 PM C Matisyahu 8 PM K


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre 8 PM Z “Exhilarating Performances!”


Flamenco Festival Miami 2011 Café Cantate VI 8 PM C Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre 8 PM Z


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre 2 & 8 PM Z Flamenco Festival Café Cantate VI 8 PM C New World Symphony 8 PM K


Jazz Roots: Celebrating Miles 8 PM K Celebrate Miles Davis and his legendary work! Ballet Nacional de España 8 PM Z


Marionetas de la Esquina 11 AM, 2 PM & 5 PM C Ballet Nacional de España 2 & 8 PM Z


Flamenco Festival Miami 2011: Ballet Nacional de España 8 PM Z Direct from Spain! Following 3 sold out years in a row!

Marionetas de la Esquina 2 PM C Back after selling out two seasons ago, Mexico’s legendary puppet company brings to life an old fashioned circus!

TICKETS 17 | wire magazine |

Florida Grand Opera Tales of Hoffmann 8 PM Z Offenbach’s opera is one of the best-loved French operas of all time! Crowns 8 PM C

Clay Aiken 7:30 PM K Clay Aiken has never sounded more at home than he does singing his fifth studio album Tried and True! RHAW/Rennie Harris Awe-inspiring works 8 PM C

The Miami Herald




8 PM Z Musicians from 16 different nations call the German Philharmonic Orchestra their musical home!

RHAW/Rennie Harris Awe-inspiring works 2 & 7 PM C Miami City Ballet Program III 2 PM Z Free Gospel Sundays 4 PM K

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 2 PM Z

Deutche Staatsphilharmonie

Crowns 8 PM C Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me 8 PM Z Festejo: Peru Negro & Eva Ayllon 8 PM


FEB. 17-20

MAKE 305.949.6722 GREAT GIFTS!


Convenient parking is plentiful! Info: A Sophisticated Dining Adventure!

The Ultimate Cocktail Scene!



FORTITUDE w e e k e n d



17-21, 2011 Comedy Night,

Pool Parties, live concert,

Sunny Beaches, Sunset Cocktails, Dance Parties

and more! benefitting

Tickets on sale now at

Martha Wash

Taylor Dayne

International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association

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Ari Goldman

Deborah Cox

Brian Kent


THIS WEEK THURSDAY, February 3 BUCK15 LOUNGE: It’s The Simple Life Thursdays. DJ Daisy D. spins fun hip-hop, ‘80s, rock, and dance hits, with Chyna as Door Goddess. 707 Lincoln Lane, Miami Beach. MOVA: Stop by for happy hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., followed by a night with the ladies, as Pandora Events hosts Sweet with $3 beer specials all night long and music by DJ Zehno. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan.

Michael Tank, stiff drinks, beautiful dancers, and, of course, the only place where there’s “Never a cover...Always a groove.” SCORE: The Penny Back Boyz host the weekly Friday night party Filthy Gorgeous Fridays with DJ Mac spinning a true open format and Score’s hottest Go-Go boys on the speaker boxes. SATURDAY, February 5 ANGLERS: If you are looking to nurse that hangover with some unlimited mimosas and bloody Mary’s, look no further than 660 at the Anglers. Enjoy great food and delicious libations in one of the most beautiful boutique resorts Miami Beach has to offer.

PALACE: Palace will celebrate 23-years PALACE: 23-years of drag shows, stiff cocktails, and great of great music tonight with their customer appreciamusic appreciation party. From 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. enjoy tion enjoy an open bar, great performances, and, of an of course, some some fabulous fabulous surprises. surprises. CHA CHA ROOSTER @ THE LORDS: course, Enjoy a beautiful performance by the fabuSCORE: Enjoy cocktails out on the patio lous Kimona, while enjoying a three-course and watch the famous Lincoln Road traffic prix fixed menu and fantastic libations pass by as you and your friends chill and courtesy of the Cha Cha Rooster at The enjoy great music. Tonight Score hosts the Lords South Beach. Two seatings available: steamiest Thursday night soiree with fab 8:30 p.m. & 10 p.m. Call 305.455.2231 beats by DJ Pride paired with an incredible to make a reservation! crowd of delicious partygoers. 727 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. DISCOTEKKA: Downtown Miami’s only gay dance party delivers one hell of a SUNSET TAVERN: Ladies, swing by for shindig every Saturday night as Discotekka Sunkissed Productions' Thursday night soi- presents paparazzi: come camera ready ree, Girl Planet, a party for women who for your photoshoot & celebrate Juan love women. 7230 SW 59th Ave., Miami. Saco's birthday. Doors open at 11 p.m. 786.619.5412. 950 NE 2nd Ave. TWIST: Don’t miss out on a fabulous night at TWIST with seven different bars, DJ Just Oliver, stiff drinks, and beautiful dancers. And if you’re looking for some hot papis, DJ Adora will be hosting Sabroso in Bar 5! “Never a cover... Always a groove.”

MOVA: Stop by for happy hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., followed by FLASH Saturdays with the hottest music videos and visual entertainment till 3 a.m. with $7 Belvedere cocktails all night. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan.

FRIDAY, February 4

PALACE: Enjoy a special day of drag shows, great food, and stiff cocktails, as The Palace Bar hosts Drag Madness with Tiffany Fantasia and her gaggle of performers! Heels hit the pavement at 6 p.m. sharp!

CHA CHA ROOSTER @ THE LORDS: Enjoy a beautiful performance by the fabulous Kimona, while enjoying a three-course prix fixed menu and fantastic libations courtesy of the Cha Cha Rooster at The Lords South Beach. Two seatings available: 8:30 p.m. & 10 p.m. Call 305.455.2231 to make a reservation! HYPE: Tonight Edison Farrow hosts his Friday night sensation, Hype, with free Finlandia vodka cocktails from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. and music by DJ Smeejay. 721 Lincoln Lane. MOVA: Every Friday gets wild at MOVA, as they host one of the sexiest cocktail parties in town. Enjoy $6 Finlandia cocktails and a late night 2-4-1 happy hour from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m., as well as fab beats by hot DJs. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. PALACE: Drag Madness is the place to be to see the hottest Friday night shows by Latrice Royale, Champagne Bordeaux, and Noel Leon beginning at 6 p.m. You never know what these girls are gonna do, so get there early! TWIST: Don’t miss out on a fabulous night at TWIST. Enjoy seven different bars, DJ 20 | wire magazine |

SCORE: Tonight is Score’s weekly Bigger Saturdays, the largest gay dance party on the Beach with beats by international DJ sensations, and performances by CircX. 727 Lincoln Road. TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 with Tommy and the locals from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Come tonight and enjoy a full house of hot men and some incredible beats by DJ Mika. “Never a cover...Always a groove.” SUNDAY, February 6 ANGLERS: If you are looking to nurse that hangover with some unlimited mimosas and bloody Mary’s, look no further than 660 at the Anglers. Enjoy great food and delicious libations in one of the most beautiful boutique resorts Miami Beach has to offer. DA LEO: As one of Lincoln Road’s first Italian restaurants, Da Leo always attracts a crowd of locals and regular visitors, and that is no more evident than its weekly

Sunday brunch. A two-course menu paired with unlimited mimosas and champagne. Corks pop at 12 p.m. sharp! THE LORDS: If you love great food paired with free drinks, Punch Brunch is the way to go, as Cha Cha Rooster at The Lords offers a two-course meal paired with two free cocktails for only $20. Afterwards, enjoy cocktails poolside for their weekly Punch T-dance. LUX: LUX: Edison Edison Farrow, Farrow, along along with Omar Gonzalez, Florida’s hottest new Gonzalez, hosts hostsSouth South Florida’s hottest dance party party at one of the most luxurious new dance at one of the most luxurivenues in South Beach.Beach. Hot boys, great ous venues in South Hot boys, drinks, and fab DoorsDoors openopen at 10 great drinks, andmusic! fab music! at p.m. and the continues all night 10 p.m. andparty the party continues all long. night 1439 Ave. Ave. long. Washington 1439 Washington MOVA: Swing by for a night of dirty house beats and sexy Go-Go boys during VICE Sundays. Revelers will enjoy $1 Svedka drinks from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m., 2-4-1 drinks from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. and $4 Herradura Tequila shots all night long! No cover. PALACE: Swing by the only gay bar on Ocean Drive for one of SoBe’s most unique and over-the-top brunches, as some of South Florida’s most fabulously frocked fellows take to the sidewalk to perform for hundreds of onlookers during Brunchic. Two seatings: 11:30 a.m. or 2 p.m. Afterwards, check out the sexiest Sunday T Dance in SoBe. 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Stop by for Score’s weekly karaoke night hosted by Geraldine. With over 2,000 titles to choose from, you are sure to find a song to inspire your inner star. Grab a cocktail and belt out your favorite number.

$3 drinks for anyone with TWIST’s “I’m A Local” I.D. all night long. Join Nathan in the Frolic Lounge for his signature mix of pop and the top 20. Also check out the fabulous men of Gaiety in the Bungalow Bar starting at 10 p.m. and DJ Bryan Zero’s fab beats on the main dance floor. TUESDAY, February 8 MOVA: Stop by for happy hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. followed by Mova’s weekly Drag Bingo, hosted by Geraldine and serving as a benefit for Care Resource from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Afterwards it’s Stereo Jungle with DJ Chris V spinning the best in international house music with $5 Finlandia cocktails. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. PALACE: Better than ever before on Ocean Drive and 12th Street, try it for lunch or a late afternoon snack, or just hang out at the bar with the locals. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Palace is sure to have it! SCORE: It’s Planeta Macho, the hottest Latin Party in Miami Beach, featuring incredible Latin beats by award winner DJ George Ferrero, Pelu Rivero on drums, amazing shows by Miami’s best female impersonators, and the hottest crowd in town. Don’t miss this party – it’s South Florida’s Best Latin Party! TWIST: 2-4-1 Happy Hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Tonight Dustin Reffca hosts his weekly party, Fun House Tuesdays. With DJ Daisy D working the turntables on the main dance floor, you can be the beats will be hot and the dance floor packed. $5 Jumbo Blue Long Island Ice Teas all night long. Never a cover… Always a groove. WEDNESDAY, February 9

TWIST: 2-4-1 happy hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on everything. Afterwards, some of the most scandalous drag performers will hit the stage upstairs, while DJ Paulie works it out on the main dance floor. At TWIST: “Never a cover...Always a groove.

THE LORDS: There’s no better way to spend hump day than with a fabulous happy hour. Join Adora as she hosts Gettin’ Lucky with Adora. $5 Cha Cha margarits, $6 Finlandia cocktails, and $5 domestics from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

MONDAY, February 7

MOVA: Stop by for MOVA’s weekly College Night Wednesdays, hosted by the Penny Back Boyz. While DJ Bryan Zero works the turntables, enjoy a Finlandia open bar from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. followed by $3 Finlandia Cocktails all night long. Located on the corner of Michigan and Lincoln.

KILL YOUR IDOL: Dustin Reffca presents Glitter Box Mondays with Manic Monday beats by DJ Smeejay. $1 PBR Beers and $4 vodka drinks. Doors open at 10 p.m. 222 Espanola Way, Miami Beach. MOVA: Stop by for happy hour from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., followed by Movie Mondays complete with popcorn and your favorite Hollywood hits. Half priced drinks all night long. Located near the corner of Lincoln and Michigan. PALACE: Stop in for comfort food at lunch or dinner. Special bon voyage cocktail specials all day. 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Happy Monday, where all drinks, well and domestic, are half-price from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. No cover. TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 drinks ‘till 9 p.m. Then it’s “I’m A Local” night, with 21 | wire magazine |

PALACE: Stop by the Beach House to enjoy one of Palace’s signature cocktails. 1200 Ocean Drive. SCORE: Come and spend a pleasant evening on one of Score’s outdoor couches as they host Martini Madness Night. A half price Happy Hour runs till 9 p.m. TWIST: It’s time to hit the stage as Sean Brady hosts the Sean Brady Show. Karaoke and tons of entertainment all night long. After getting your jam on, head over to the main dance floor to snag some beats from DJ Maximus 3000. Happy Hour from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. with 2-4-1 on everything. “Never a cover...Always a groove.”

Food 11Th @STreeT DiNer 11th Street Diner 660 THE ANGLERS

Corner StreetAve., andWashington Washington Ave.,MB 660 Washington MB | 305.534.9600 11th Street and Ave., The new winter menu highlights MB 305.534.6373 305.534.6373 Contemporary American withdiner a fewcuisine, MedArray ofofhome-style American array home-style american diner inspired appetizers share like the highly from meatloaf friedtochicken. Daily specials cuisine, fromtomeatloaf to fried chicken. addictive $5 Fried Edamame with lime and and great prix fixe only daily specials and menu greatfor prix fixe$12.99. menu adobo, and succulent main dishes like the Can’t beat the prices here! It’s where the for only with $12.99. beatPappardelle the prices popular $18 Can’t Hand Cut locals eat as well as the starving tourists. here! it’s where the locals eat as well as Carbonara and $20 Buttermilk Fried

the starving tourists. Chicken. Daily Happy Hour can be enjoyed

A lA in the Folie bar, Front Porch or Mermaid lounge

516 MB | 305.538.4484 with free WiFiWay throughout. a LaEspanola FoLie

SouthEspanola Florida’s Way original that is more 516 MB crêperie | 305.538.4484 11TH STREET DINER café-likeFlorida’s in its offerings classic that French south original ofcrêperie is Corner 11th Street andsalads, Ave., MB crepes, sandwiches, and of platters. A more café-like in its Washington offerings classic 305.534.6373 very casual, friendly lounge with competent, French crepes, sandwiches, salads, and Array of home-style American diner knowledgeable wait staff. no need lounge to rush platters. from a very casual, cuisine, meatloaf tofriendly fried chicken. here! French, after all!prix Sit, fixe relax, peruse with competent, knowledgeable wait Daily It’s specials and great menu for the over a glass of staff.numerous no needperiodicals to rush it’s French, only $12.99. Can’t beathere! the prices here! Pouilly Fumé or a Stella Artois. Or maybe an It’s where the locals eat as well as the after all! sit, relax, peruse the numerous herbal orover infusion. Rightofinpouilly the heart of starvingtea tourists. periodicals a glass Fumé the fabulous Española Way neighborhood. or a stella artois. or maybe an herbal A LA Outside lounge open forinspecial champagne tea or FOLIE infusion. right the heart of the 516 Espanola Way, MBfor | 305.538.4484 nights in season. Call special prix fixe fabulous española Way neighborhood. South Florida’s original crêperie that is international dinners. outside lounge open for special

more café-like in its offerings of classic

champagne nights in season. call and for French crepes, sandwiches, salads, cAFé ATprix BookS & BookS dinners. special fixe international platters. A very casual, friendly lounge

933 Lincoln Road,knowledgeable MB | 305.695.8898 with competent, wait staff. One of the most important things that Books No need to rush here! It’s French, after all! anDiamo & Books has that sets apart from any other Sit, relax, peruse the itnumerous periodicals 5600 Biscayne Blvd.,Miami | 305.762.5751 over a glass of Pouilly Fumé or seven-year-old pizzeria thata Stella has

chainatbookstore is athey wonderful personality. not one $27.50. can’ttea beorbeat. Full Artois. Or maybe an herbal infusion. only with can you findspecials, the booksthe and coolest Right in the heart of latest the fabulous Española bar drink too. service Way neighborhood. Outside lounge open magazines, now you can truly Leo delicious has been outstanding asenjoy owners and for nights in season. and special generous food in one of the that’s most relaxed mario keepchampagne careful watch. why Call for special international environments possible on fixe Lincoln Road. The this restaurant is soprix popular!

dinners. food is really quite something, especially their

miami Cheese SteakiiSandwich. DaviD’S caFé ALTAMAR 1654 Meridian Ave., MB | 305.672.8707 1223 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.532.3061 DA leo TrATToriA You haveofto South travel Beach’s 90 milesbest to Stop don’t by one 819 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.674.0350 enjoy cuban to restaurants forcuisine. seafood,Justaswalk Chefover Simon One of café theprepares pioneers Lincolnroad Road, Da david’s ii off of Stajonovic anofLincoln assortment of mall fresh Leo is popular spot with locals, tourists, and on meridian avenue for some of the fish dishes that showcase the best in South celebrities. Where else menu could you enjoy rich, finest cuban dishes anywhere. andon alla Florida seafood. The changes tasty food, which is basic home-style regular basis; depending upon whatpastas chef at very reasonable prices. they’re open and hours. meat dishes, and some of the Our best Simon can Full get his on that day. 24 bar.hands incredible buffets for people-watching whiledefinitely dining al the fresco. Ask favorite hogfish those ondishes the go.are and octopus with Delicious! aboutthe their special prixferro. fixe menus – one at $15.95 and one atcaFé $27.50. They can’t be Front Porch BLT @with THE BETSY beat. STEAK Full barDrive, drink specials, too. The 1418 Ocean MB | 305.531.8300 1440 Ocean Drive, MB | 305.531.3934 service has been outstanding as owners Leo after 17 years of serving south In a mario class all its own, The Betsy Hotelbeach is one and keep careful watch. locals the freshest, impeccable meals in

of the most gorgeous dining destinations

generous this restaurant in South portions, Florida. Pair that with has the DAViD’StocAFé ii it’s the best for casual nothing prove. delectable nibbles of BLT Steak, and you 1654atMeridian Ave., MB | 305.672.8707 fare any time, but especially their have one fabulous restaurant. Cheffor Samuel You don’t have to travel 90 with miles to enjoy breakfasts. a great the most Gorenstein mans themenu helm, consistently Cuban cuisine. Just over tohave David’s producing dishes thatwalk would even tempt reasonable prices. you might toa Café IIbut offvegetarian. of Lincoln Road mall meridian hardcore The prime rib wait, be patient, it’sbone-in wellonworth the Avenue somemichael, of the dishes is phenomenal, and the finest seafood sampler effort asfor Larry, andCuban dawn cateris anywhere. Andneed. allyou’ve at veryever reasonable prices. unlike experienced. to youranything every Guaranteed!

They’re AT open 24 hours. Full bar. Incredible CAFÉ BOOKS & BOOKS buffets for those on MB the |go. 933 Lincoln Road, 305.695.8898

One of the most important things that Books & Books Porch has that sets it apart from any other FroNT cAFé chain bookstore is aMB wonderful personality. 1418 Ocean Drive, | 305.531.8300 Not can of you find the latest books After only 17 years serving South Beach localsand the coolest magazines, now you can enjoy freshest, impeccable meals in generous portions, truly delicious and generous food in one thisthe restaurant has nothing to prove. It’spossible the best of most relaxed environments for casual at any for on Lincolnfare Road. Thetime, foodbutis especially really quite their breakfasts. A greattheir menuMiami with the most something, especially Cheese reasonable prices. You might have to wait, but Steak Sandwich. be patient, it’s well worth the effort as Larry,

DA LEOand TRATTORIA michael, Dawn cater to your every need. DA LEO TRATTORIA

819 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.674.0350 819 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.674.0350 Da Leo is starting it’s very popular Bubbly Joey’S Da Leo hosts a very popular Bubbly Brunch. Brunch on November 7th. This year’s 2506year’s NW 2nd Ave., Miami | tantalizing This selections will be selections will be tantalizing and delightful and delightful under the careful watch 305.438.0488 under the careful watch of Managing of Managing Director Marcos. Enjoy Swing byMarcos. this new artsy pancakes, Italian eatery for Director Enjoy French pancakes, French toast, and more, plus some incredibly authentic as toast, and more, plus allItalian you nibbles can drink all youIvocan drink champagne for $32 per chef takes on a journey champagne foryou $32 perculinary person, with person, with alla carte menu options. alla carte menu options. Da Leo isDaa through the Veneto region of Italy. The mista Leo is a popular spot locals, with locals, tourists, popular spot with tourists, salad is a great way to kick off your meal and and and celebrities who love delicious celebrities who their –their delicious food, the spaghetti allelove vongole spaghetti with food, complemented by some of the best complemented someflied of the best peoplemussels – or thebybutter beef tenderloin people-watching, while al dining al on fresco on watching while dining fresco Lincoln are two tasty dishes to enjoy as an entrée. Lincoln Road.



445 Espanola 1654 MeridianWay, Ave.,MB MB| |305.420.5809 305.672.8707 Brazil’s most have well known Japanese You don’t to travel 90 Brazilian miles to

enjoy Cuban cuisine. Just walk over to

restaurant concept now in miami David’s Café II offis of Lincoln RoadBeach, Mall andMeridian offering Avenue an assortment delicious on for some of of the finest Cuban Andand all at very Kones, dishes sushi anywhere. rolls, sakes, salads. reasonable prices. They’re Fridays open 24starting hours. Swing by for Sake-Bomb Full Incredible buffets on the 20th at 6 p.m. for for $5 those sake-bombs go. and free sushi.


lA SANDwicherie 956 Washington Ave, MB | 305.673.3763 229one 14th MB | most 305.532.8934 As of St., Miami’s celebrated culinary Sandwiches saladsRodriguez along with fruit geniuses, chefand Douglas always smoothies and shakes is what you will who find attracts a fabulous crowd of foodies, just can’t get enough of his shop contemporary at this landmark sandwich on 14th take traditional Cuban bites. just Streetonbetween Washington and We Collins. can’t get of enough of the snapper conch It’s one the best places on and the Beach ceviche, Cuban malanga Tacos, and fare the for an outstanding selection of light oxtail. The Sangria Sunday brunch with with a French flair. Very reasonable prices. unlimited sangria is also an event you open from 5 a.m. andtodelivery won’t want 9toa.m. miss,toas you get try six until 10 p.m. different signature sangrias! mAyA TAPAS & Grill FRONT PORCH CAFÉ

1458 OceanRoad, Drive,MB MB| |305.538.0058 305.531.8300 809 Lincoln After yearsis of Lincoln17Road jamserving packedSouth with Beach some locals freshest, impeccable in of the the trendiest places to grabmeals a bite generous portions, this restaurant has in SoBe, and maya is definitely one of nothing to prove. It’s the best for casual them. Indulge in their succulent steak fare at any time, but especially for their and imbibe A on great one ofmenu their with fantastic breakfasts. the wine most selections –prices. all while enjoying a wait, front reasonable You might have to row be seat of miami’s but patient, it’s wellmost worthbeautiful the effortand as glamorous! Larry, Michael, and Dawn cater to your

every need from their new location.

expanded outdoor seating with video joey’S screens and complimentary wi-fi. 2506 NW 2nd Ave., Miami | 305.438.0488 BY DR. GREGG A. PIZZI, PSYCHOLOGIST Gourmet pizza is award winning and swing by this new artsy italian eatery for nationally recognized! additional italian some incredibly authentic italian nibbles menu selections include paninis, salads, as chef ivo you TO on a YOUR culinary BEtakes NICE FELLOW GRINDR soups, desserts. serves beer and wine. journey through the veneto region of In now my work with Frankie’s gay men, philly I havecheese become acquainted and appsis like Grindr aretonot unhealthy or less valuable I have found that frequently, profiles like these are written serving italy. the mista salad a great way with the many ways that guys find each other kick for dating, waysand of meeting people, steaks! off your meal the spaghetti allein and of themselves. It’s the by insecure people who feel the need to reject others making new friends, and hooking up. I’ve learned ways with that many people misuse them that are frequently before they can be rejected. Ironically, their negative vongolethat – spaghetti mussels – or the more and more, people are relying on electronic means unhealthy, asocial, cold, and downright hurtful at times. outlook and treatment of others does usually leave them caFé at BookS & BookS flied like Grindr (an application for smartphonebutter users) to beef tenderloin are two tasty feeling alone and disconnected. dishes to enjoy as an entrée. 933 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.695.8898 satisfy their social and sexual needs. Last week’s issue of Notice that I used the word, misuse. I could also say onefeatured of the an most important that of the Grindr abuse. When people post online profiles that are We can make better use of our electronic social tools Wire interview with things the founder konexPreSS books books hasinthat setshe it apart from many app, Joel& Simkhai, which highlighted of the degrading or disrespectful to themselves or other users, by simply being ourselves online, having humility, and wonderful for Grindr such as 445 being able Way, they MB are |abusing the application. I have seen Grindr realizing that in the end, whether it be for sex, friendship, any otherbenefits chain bookstore is users, a wonderful Espanola 305.420.5809 topersonality. combine being which heading is a rejection. For example, or dating; we all share similar needs and feelings. not out-and-about only can youwith findonline the chat, brazil’s mostprofiles well whose knownmain Japanese often it easier to ‘breakmagazines, the ice’ in meeting newrestaurant one young man’sis heading, latestmakes books and coolest brazilian concept now in right above his face picture, We all want to be loved. By putting forth a positive, people. What however, some of was, “Probably Not.” It’s negative, condescending, and complimentary attitude toward our online brothers and now you canwasn’t enjoy mentioned, truly delicious and was miami beach, and offering an assortment the ways that Grindr users misuse this handy app. creates a hostile space, even before anyone chats with sisters, we make ourselves more attractive and also generous food in one of the most relaxed of delicious Kones, sushi rolls, sakes,on Grindr if you’re “probably him. Why place yourself just might make a lonely fellow Grindr feel good about possible on Lincoln road. and salads. by for sake-bomb Asenvironments Grindr first gained popularity, I had my doubts about swing not?” Probably not what? It sets the tone for rejection himself. Now, what would be so bad about that? the food is really quite something, Fridays starting nov. 20th at 6 p.m. for its usefulness in the development of healthy, mature and is simply unnecessary. Also seen on another user’s especially their cheese steak $5 sake-bombs and free relationships. I feltmiami that people should be meeting one profile was,sushi. “Not afraid to use X” (the delete button). Do Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi, Licensed Psychologist, specializes in another face-to-face, rather than through chats that pop- they really think that that’s the way to start off a positive, the Emotional Health & Wellness of the GLBT community. sandwich. up and make a ‘bleep’ sound in your pocket.LaOur gay fun, meeting? SanDwicherie An Imago Relationship Therapist and HIV Psychologist subculture even adopted a sometimes shameful attitude Da Leo trattoria 229 14th St., MB | 305.532.8934 Trainer, he can be reached at toward people who meet “on Grindr,” as if admitting Another headline I’ve seen is, “Be masculine!” This is 1.888.DRPIZZA or www.drpizzi. 819 Lincoln Road, MB | 305.674.0350 salads along with fruit that you first Grinded your boyfriend were ansandwiches unworthy and another example of insensitive, asocial behavior. How com smoothies is supposed what you towill one of pioneers of Lincoln road,and da hence, means of the finding someone you like, a badandis shakes a person be something that they are not? at this landmark sandwich shop onor you aren’t, and who decides Leotoisapopular spot with tourists, start relationship. (Thislocals, is not true, by thefind way.) Either you are something, Washington and and celebrities. Where else could you 14th street between what ‘masculine’ is, anyway? Another guy identified The content of this article is for purposes only. Over time, I began to see the advantages to Grinding and himself in his main description as, “100% Masculine.” informational enjoy rich, tasty food, which is basic collins. it’s one of the best places on Reliance upon the information became morepastas accepting it asdishes, a way and to create initial forHow can anyone be 100% masculine? Even my theanbeach an outstanding selection home-style and of meat contained herein does not create social But once that has been established, grandfather, old-school of light fare with a Frenchanflair. very Sicilian who is as straight a professional relationship, nor someconnection… of the best people-watching while it’sdining important to move out of the electronic realm and as they come, isn’t 100% masculine... Some of these al fresco. ask about their special reasonable prices. Open from 9 a.m. to into real, face-to-face interaction. People tend to use comments just don’t even make sense, and are designed is the information intended to 5 a.m. and delivery until 10apart p.m. rather than create acceptance and provide psychological evaluation or prix fixe menusas– aone and the e-communication wayatto$15.95 ‘hide’ behind feelings to set people treatment. and frustrations of negotiating relationships. Websites community. Not attractive at all.


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Wire Magazine Issue #05, 2011: Clay Aiken Interview  

Wire Magazine interviews Clay Aiken