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The Winston~Salem Foundation ~ DONORS TO NAMED FUNDS

EXCELLENCE 90 Generosity INTEGRITY inclusion YEARS

2009 Annual Report addendum

Donors to Named Funds wE gratefully acknowledge the following individuals and organizations that made contributions to named funds at the Foundation during 2009.

6th and Vine

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Andrews

Mr. James B. Axsom

Rev. and Mrs. Darryl W. Aaron

James N. and Rose S. Andrews CLAT

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Babcock

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Abrams Acme-McCrary Corporation Ms. Katherine Acton and Mr. Gerald Smith

Mrs. Robert J. Bach

James N. and Rose S. Andrews CLUT

Dr. Khosrow Bahrani

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Andrews, Jr.

Ms. Allison Keith Bailey

Ms. Aliza Diggs Bailey

Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Bazemore, Jr. BB&T Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Beason Mr. and Mrs. T. Stewart Beason Ms. Toyoko Beaty

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Blackwelder Dr. and Mrs. J. Breeden Blackwell Ms. Mary Beth Blackwell-Chapman Mr. Gregory Blake Ms. Barbara Blaylock Blessings Project Foundation

Ms. Grace M. Andronica

Ms. Carolyn L. Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Beauchamp

Ms. Susan P. Andrus

Mrs. Edith M. Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Beck

Mr. Donovan Angel

Dr. Jessica Bailey

Mr. Daniel Becnel

Ms. Shawn D. Angell

Dr. Judith I. Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Beem

Ms. Vera C. Angell

Mrs. Anita W. Bain

Ms. Linda Beerman

Angels Foundation

Mrs. Marilyn F. Baird

Ms. Diane Behar


Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Baker, Jr.

Ms. Christine Belcik-Griffith

Aon Foundation

Mrs. Linda Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bell, Jr.

Appalachian Regional Library

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Baldridge

Ms. Marian Bell

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Applegate

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Baldwin, III

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Archibald

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ball, III

Mr. Michael L. Bender

Dr. and Mrs. Guy Arcuri

Bank of America Foundation

Mr. Corey A. Benjamin

Ard-Vista Animal Hospital

Ms. Gloria Diggs Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Bennett, Jr.

Dr. Louis C. Argenta

Mr. David P. Barksdale

Mr. and Mrs. Graham F. Bennett

Mrs. Stevie Armbrecht

Mr. Kevin Barnard

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bennett

Mr. and Ms. James W. Armentrout

Ms. Phyllis M. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Bennett

Mr. Paul W. Armfield

Ms. Betty T. Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Benson

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Armitage

Mrs. Amy P. Barnhardt

Ms. Judy Benton

Mr. Douglas Arnold and Ms. Lynn Calhoun

Mr. and Mrs. H. Grady Barnhill, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Berlin

Mr. and Mrs. Archie G. Allen, Jr.

Ms. Kate D. Barrow

Dr. Carolynn B. Berry

Dr. and Mrs. Elms L. Allen

Ms. Judith J. Ashcraft

Ms. Alice Barsony

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bertram

Mr. John Allen

Mr. and Mrs. F. Wayne Ashworth

Mr. Fred Boring and Ms. Jane Hobson

Mr. Marshall B Bass

Dr. Deborah L. Best

Ms. Simona Allen

Ms. Patricia S. Ashworth

Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Boulanger

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts Bass

Beta Sigma Phi City Council

Ms. Lisa Alley

Mr. and Ms. Dean G. Assimos

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr.

Ms. Pat Bassett

Ms. Yvonne H. Bethea

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Alspaugh

AT&T North Carolina

Boulevard Animal Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Bassett

Bethesda Center for the Homeless

American Express Foundation

Mr. William Atcheson

Dr. and Mrs. Edwyn T. Bowen, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Bettis, Jr.

Ms. Carmen H. Ames

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Atkins

Patricia E. and John D. Bassett, III Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bowen

Ms. Ellen Hofheimer Bettmann

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Atkinson

Ms. Darby S. Bowers

Ms. Beverly O. Amick

Ms. Elaine M. Bates

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Beveridge

Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Bowers

Ms. Sarah Amigone

Ms. Carol B. Atwater

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Batte

Mrs. Rosy Beverley

Ms. Sandra C. Boyette

Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Andersen

Dan and Margaret Austell Lead Trust

Mr. James Howard Batts

Mr. Richard Bevis

Dr. Anne M. Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Black

Ms. Betty G. Boyte

Mr. Stephen Blacklocks

Mr. and Mrs. Cory P. Boyte

Dr. J. Walton Blackman, III

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Boyte

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Acton, Jr. Acuff & Associates Ms. Anne Adams Mr. and Mrs. Jim Adams Dr. Patricia L. Adams Ms. Sandra P. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Adams Mrs. Joyce T. Adger Dr. Harley P. Affeldt Mr. and Mrs. Eric Aft Agenda Club Alan G. Fletcher Construction Co. Ms. Martha Albertson Dr. Betty Acey Alexander Mrs. Betty W. Alexander Dr. Donna D. Alexander Mr. James R. Alexander Ms. Michelle D. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Allan

Ms. Edith S. Anderson Ms. Gayle N. Anderson Mr. Lus A. Anderson Ms. Barbara L. Anderson

[ 1 ] d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s

Ms. Monica Batts

Mr. Edward C. Austell

Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott Bauer

Mrs. Robert David Austin, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Baughan

Mrs. Marion Avera

the winston-salem foundation


annual report addendum

Ms. Judy D. Blevins Mrs. DeDe Bloodworth Ms. Mindy Bloom Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Blount Mr. and Mrs. William F. Blue, Jr. Blue Ridge Ice Creams Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation Mr. David L. Bodenhamer, Jr. Bodenheimer Plumbing Service Mr. and Mrs. E. William Boehmler Ms. Tara L. Bohley Mr. and Mrs. Don Bolen Mrs. Geneva Bolen Mr. and Mrs. M. Gene Bond Sion A. Boney Mr. and Mrs. Sion A. Boney, III Mrs. William Bryan Booe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke Mr. Sam L. Booke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. B. Keith Boothe

Ms. Penni P. Bradshaw

Ms. Ansley Browning

Ms. Lynn Bradsher

Mrs. Margaret B. Browning

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brady

Mr. and Mrs. J. Edgar Broyhill

Dr. J. David Branch

Senator and Mrs. James T. Broyhill

Ms. Margaret L. Brandon

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bryan, Jr.

Mrs. Betty Brantley

Ms. Barbara G. Bryant

Ms. Robin Brantley

Dr. Christy Buchanan

Dr. Allison Brashear

Dr. and Mrs. Vardaman M. Buckalew, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Taylor Campbell, III Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Cannon Mr. Edwin J. Canter Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Canter Mr. and Mrs. Arron Capel Mr. and Mrs. James O. Cappellari, IV

The Chapman Company

Ms. Margaret Collins

Mr. Alexander W. Chasnis

Collins Home Builders, Inc.

Mr. Benjamin C. Chasnis

Ms. Bernita Paschall Colvin

Mr. Christopher G. Chatham

Dr. Dorcas L. Colvin

Ms. Lucy H. Chatham

Ms. Tracy A. Commons

The Chatham Family Charitable Trust

Community Care Center for Forsyth County

Mr. Donnie Chattin

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

Ms. Patricia W. Capps

Ms. Christina Chauvenet

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Carchidi

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cheek

Ms. Karen Estelle Carey

Ms. Latoya D. Cheek

Ms. Felicia A. Carle

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Chellgren

Community Foundation of Western North Carolina

Ms. Martha B. Carlisle

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest C. Childers

Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Congdon

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Carlson

Dr. Caroline Chiles

Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Conger

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlson

Ms. Sandra Chitty

Ms. Dianne E. Conley

Mr. Coy C. Carpenter, Jr.

Ms. Vivienne Conley

Ms. Maureen L. Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. F. Hudnall Christopher, Jr.

Mrs. Anne S. Carr

The Christopher Fund

Mr. James A. Bunn, III

Mr. and Mrs. Austin H. Carr

Mrs. Hessie Church

Ms. Beverly L. Burcham

Ms. Genie Carr

Mrs. Mabel B. Clagett

Mr. Greig T. Burdick

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Carrier

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Clapp

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Carrison, III

Ms. Adele R. Clark

Mr. Stacy Brinson

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Burgess

Ms. Catharine R. Carruthers

Ms. Kay F. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde A. Bristow

Mrs. Johnsie Parker Burgess

Ms. Susan K. Carson

Ms. Pat Shore Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Billy M. Britt

Ms. Bobbie W. Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Carter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Clark

Mr. H. Michael Britt

Ms. Donna M. Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Jere Carter

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. W. Andrew Copenhaver

Mr. Larry L. Brittain

Ms. Pamela H. Burnell

Ms. Lisa Carter

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Clark, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Cordell, Jr.

Ms. Susan Brittain

Ms. Jeremy P. Burnett

Ms. Peggy C. Carter

Ms. Wilma Clark

Corn Products International

Ms. Katherine B. Broadhurst

Senator and Mrs. Richard M. Burr

Ms. Carmen Caruth

Mr. Craig Clarke

Mrs. Earnestine J. Cornelius

Mr. Douglas E. Broadway

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress, III

Ms. Jennifer Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Clary

Ms. Faye S. Cornelius

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Burton

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Casey

Dr. Carol D. Clayton

Ms. Florence P. Corpening

Ms. Linda M. Brock

Burton House Growers

Mr. and Mrs. William Casey

Mr. Paul M. Clayton

Mr. Harry Corpening

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brookby

Dr. Cheryl Bushnell

Mr. D. Christopher Cash

Ms. Catherine Clegg

Corporate Benefit Concepts, Inc.

Ms. Stephanie T. Brooks

Ms. Missy Butler

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Cassels

Mr. William L. Clement

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Corrigan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Broughton

Ms. Sherri D. Buxton

Ms. Barbara A. Cassidy

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Clements

Ms. Leigh Cortesis

Mr. and Mrs. James Broughton

Ms. Nikki Byers

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Caudill

Clemmons Veterinary Clinic

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cotterill

Ms. Amy Brown and Family

Ms. Vicki C. Byrd

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Caudle

Ms. Wenda Clinard

Mrs. Nettie T. Council

Ms. Betty L. Brown

Cabinet Studio

Mr. and Mrs. Hobart G. Cawood

Estate of Joel P. Clingman

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Couture

Mr. Bruce T. Brown

Ms. Suzanne Cachia

Mr. M. Campbell Cawood

Ms. Rebecca N. Clingman

Dr. Sharon Covitz

Mr. David H. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Callahan

Ms. Louise W. Clover

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cowan

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Rence Callahan

Centenary United Methodist Church

Ms. Kirtan Coan

Mr. Gregory A. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. J. Dayton Brown

The Centers for Exceptional Children

Ms. Mary Boone Coan

Mr. and Mrs. James Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Kenton R. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Calloway, Jr.

Mrs. Alice Cobb

CP3 Foundation

Ms. Mary Ellis Brown

Mr. Herbert Cameron

Mrs. Ellen Coble

Ms. S. Gail Craddock

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Brown

Ms. Jacqueline Camp

Ms. Emaline H. Cockerham

Mr. Morris L. Crafton

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney C. Brown

Ms. Dianne N. Campbell

Ms. Louise L. Cockerham

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Royall R. Brown, Jr.

Kay and Jimmy Campbell

Mrs. Sophia S. Cody

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Cramer

Mr. Wilbert F. Brown

Ms. Susan S. Campbell

Mrs. L. I. Cohen

Dr. Sonia Crandall

Mr. Robert F. Coil

Mr. Alpo F. Crane

Mr. and Mrs. James Braxton Ms. Deborah B. Brazell Ms. Carolyn Breese

Buckhorn Coal Co. Ms. Nadine Buckinger

Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Breitbach

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Budd

Mr. J. David Brendle, II

Ms. Sylvia S. Budd

Mrs. Ann L. Brenner

The Budd Group

Mr. and Mrs. David Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Bullett

Ms. Frances Brenner

Ms. Sara Bullock

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norman Bunce

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. James T. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bridgeford Mr. Grant R. Bridges

Ms. Jere C. Browne

Central Continuing Care Ms. Deborah Cesta Ms. Aracelli Cetina Mr. and Mrs. W. Kendall Chalk Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Chambers Mrs. Dee Chambers

the winston-salem foundation


annual report addendum

Community Foundation of Louisville

Mr. Kenneth S. Conti Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Cook Mr. Harry Cook Mr. and Mrs. William Cook Mr. Ralph M. Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Coon Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cooper Mr. Thomas Cooper

d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s [ 2 ]

Ms. Perry Craven

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Davis

Ms. Jane T. Dougherty

Ms. Martha Shore Edwards

Ms. Laura B. Farren

Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Craver

Ms. Joan Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. G. Walker Douglas

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards

Ms. Dolores Fasano

Ms. Jacqueline H. Crawley

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Day, III

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Douglas

Ms. Maureen Eggert

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Fatzinger

Ms. Fran V. Creighton

Dr. Richard H. Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Sandlin Douglas

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Egleston

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Faw

Ms. Elizabeth W. Crockett

Mr. and Mrs. William Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Douglas, III

Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Eidson

Mr. James O. Faw

Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Cross

Dean Foods Company

Mr. and Mrs. Graham P. Dozier, III

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Einstein

Ms. Dorian Faye

Mr. and Mrs. O. Roane Cross, Jr.

Dean Prim Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Drabik

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Einstein

Ms. Lynn Felder

Crotts & Saunders Engineering, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Carlton Deaton

Mr. Ron Drago

Mr. Lyle Einstein

Mrs. John H. Felts

Ms. Tonya Deem

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Driscoll

Ms. Lynn Eisenberg

Ms. Margaret H. Felts

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. DeForest, III

Mr. Frank E. Driscoll

Mrs. Nancy G. Elberson

Ms. Dinah Ferguson

Democratic Women of Forsyth County

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Drozen

Elkin Elementary School

Ms. Heather Ferguson

Ms. Teresa Drummond

Mrs. Aurelia Eller

Ferguson Realty, Inc.

Ms. Linda B. DuBose

Mrs. Inez C. Elliott

Dr. Carolyn R. Ferree

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Dubuisson

Ms. Kristine K. Elliott

Mr. E. Vernon Ferrell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Duckett

Ms. Margaret P. Elliott

Mr. Tom Ferrell

Mr. James J. Dudek

Dr. and Mrs. Mark F. Ellison

Ms. Jacquelyn S. Fetrow

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Dudley

Mrs. J. Robert Elster

Mr. Tim Fialko

Mr. and Mrs. R. Stephen Dula

Ms. Jeanine Elster

Ms. Alice M. Foster Ficken

Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Dull, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Elster, Jr.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Dumac Business Systems, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Emanuel

Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Fields

Ms. Joy E. Duncan

Enchanting Creations LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Fields

Ms. Kate Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. England

Ms. Mona B. Finch

Mr. Paul Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Engram

Ms. Frances S. Fincher

Ms. Shirley W. Dunlap

Enrichment Center

Mr. Eric E. Fink

Ms. Jennifer B. Dunn

Ms. Sandra M. Ericson

Mr. Edward S. Finley

Ms. Nancy Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Esch

Mr. and Mrs. Otello Fioravanti

Mr. Noel Lee Dunn

Mr. Philip Esformes

Ms. Pamela J. Fish

Ms. Evan K. Dunnagan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Eshelman

Mrs. Gail Fisher

Ms. Sharon Dunnagan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Eshelman

Mr. Samuel R. Fisher

Ms. Phyllis H. Dunning

Ms. Diana Y. Essick

Mr. Harry Q. Fitzgerald

Ms. Teresa K. Dunovant

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Essick, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fitzgerald

Mrs. Doretha D. Dupree

Ms. Shaily E. Estrella-Hulbert

Dr. Jack Fleer and Dr. Martha Fleer

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Durchman

Dr. Andrew Ettin

Mr. Richard E. Fleming

Ms. Vanessa Duren-Winfield

Ms. Terri W. Ettinger

Mr. and Mrs. Victor I. Flow, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Eustice, Jr.

Flow Companies

Ms. Mary Ruth Dobbins

Dr. John Dykers and Dr. Carol Dykers

Mr. and Mrs. Van Evanoff, Jr.

Flower Lore Garden Club

Ms. Sharon Dobbins

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Eagan

Mr. Mark R. Evans

Ms. Melanie Floyd

Ms. Ann T. Doherty

Mrs. Mary M. Eagan

Ms. Mary Margaret Evans

Ms. Ann Flynt

Mr. Christopher Dometrius

Eagan Brothers LLC

Ms. Angela Evans-Everett

Ms. Bonnie Flythe

Ms. Julia B. Donaghy

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon I. Early

Ms. Janie T. Everett

Mr. and Mrs. McDara P. Folan, III

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Donahue

Ms. Pateah East

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Ewing

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Folger

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Donald

Mr. James Eby and Ms. Heidi Harrom

Fain Enterprises

Representative and Mrs. Dale R. Folwell

Mr. Fred P. Crouch, II Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Crowder, Jr. Crown Sport Sales, Inc. Ms. Lila J. Cruikshank Ms. Ann M. Cruitt Mrs. Viola H. Crump Mr. Daniel Culpepper Mrs. Doris E. Cunningham Ms. Eileen R. Cunningham Ms. LaRue P. Cunningham Ms. Anne S. Curlett Ms. Luellen Curry Dr. Andrew M. Dale Ms. Jennifer I. Dale Ms. Suzanne G. Dale Ms. Judith T. Dancy Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V. Darden, II Mr. James T. Darnell DataMax Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Daves Ms. Ann Davis Ms. Barbara D. Davis Mrs. Brenda Smith Davis Mr. Charles M. Davis, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Courtland H. Davis, Jr. George Franklin Davis CLAT Ms. JoAnn E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. John N. Davis, III Ms. Katherine Davis Ms. Kirsten S. Davis Mr. and Mrs. L. Duane Davis Ms. La Venta Davis Ms. Linda G. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Linwood L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Davis Mr. Ronald R. Davis Ms. Terrie Davis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Davis, Jr.

Ms. Cathy Denning Ms. Nancy Dennis Ms. Sally I. Deramus Ms. Lawren Desai Ms. Melodie B. DeSanctis Ms. Jan M. Detter Mr. and Mrs. A. Horace Deudney Ms. Robin DeVane Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Devine Dewey’s Bakery, Inc. Ms. Laurie M. Dewyer Dr. and Ms. James P. Dickerson Ms. Mary Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. James H. Diggs Lt. Col. and Mrs. J. H. Dilda Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dillard Ms. Kay K. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Disher Mrs. Hazel S. Disher Mr. and Mrs. William W. Disher Mr. Donald O. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. William N. Dixson, III Mr. and Mrs. James H. Dobbins

Mr. Joshua Donley

ECHO Network

Ms. Mary F. Donnan

Ms. Margery A. Edgerton

Dr. William R. Donohue

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Edgeton

Ms. Rita P. Doran

Ms. Laura Edmundson

Mr. John W. Dortch

Ms. Colleen L. Edwards

Ms. Julia Doub

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Davis, II

[ 3 ] d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s

Mr. Frank H. Edwards

the winston-salem foundation


annual report addendum

Ms. Andrea M. Falden Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Falken Mr. Michael C. Falkner Mrs. Hilda H. Farmer Farmington United Methodist Church Youth Group

For Katie’s Sake Fund Mr. Gregory Ford Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. Ford, Jr. Ms. Talphaline Ford Ms. Lisa Fore

Forsyth County Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Fortune Ms. Jeanne Marie Foster Ms. Leigh Foster Mr. and Mrs. T. Vernon Foster Ms. Bonnie S. Fowler Dr. T. Sharee Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Fox Ms. Donna Fox Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fox Ms. Sheila F. Fox Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fox, Jr. Ms. Vicki G. Fragakis

Ms. M. Caroline Gamble Major and Mrs. German Garcia Ava Gardner Trust Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O. Gardner Ms. Kathryn W. Garner Ms. Susan Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Lee Garrity Ms. Linda D. Garrou Mr. John A. Garwood Gazebo Dr. Ann Geiger Mr. and Mrs. Stephen George Ms. Constance E. Gerard Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gfeller

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Francis

Matt Gfeller Memorial Doughnut Run

Ms. Gail Frank

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gfeller, Jr.

Frank L. Blum Construction Company

GFWC Camel City Junior Women’s Club

Ms. Denise Franklin

Ms. Peggy Gheesling

Mr. James P. Freetly

Ms. Kathleen Ghiorsi

Mr. and Mrs. Lee French

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Gibel

Ms. Jodi Frichner

Ms. Joann Gibson

Mrs. Alison B. Friduss

Ms. Rebecca G. Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Froelich, III

Ms. Claire Giffin

Ms. Erica Frost

Gilbert’s of Atlanta, Inc.

Ms. Mildred B. Frye

Mr. Eric B. Giles

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fulford, Jr.

Ms. Julie C. Giljames

Full Moon Oyster Bar

Ms. Anna May Gillett

Mr. David W. Fuller

Mr. Matthew Gilman

Ms. Lynne Fuller-Andrews

Ms. Linda L. Gitter

Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Fulp

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Glabman

Ms. Cici Fulton

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Gladding

Ms. Nella P. Fulton

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Glaze

Mr. Paul Fulton, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Glenn

Ms. Mary Irwin Furey

Ms. Eugenia S. Goff

Ms. Julia R. Fussell

Mr. and Mrs. John Goff, Jr.

Mr. Theodore C. Fyock

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Goins, III

Mr. and Mrs. Clark R. Gaither

Ms. Melissa Petty Gold

Dr. Candelas S. Gala

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Golding

Mrs. Athena P. Gallins

Ms. Shirley L. Goodman

Ms. Penelope L. Gallins

Ms. Jane Goodson

Mr. and Mrs. Alex H. Galloway, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Goodson

Ms. Carolyn L. Galloway

Mr. William A. Goodson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Galloway, Jr. Galloway Memorial Episcopal Church

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goodson, III Mr. William T. Goodson

Ms. Sandra Galyean

Mr. John W. Googe

Dr. Elizabeth Gamble

Dr. Isai Gopalakrishnan

Mr. Toby Gordon and Ms. Terry Shupbach-Gordon Mr. and Mrs. William C. Gordon James and Natasha Gore Dr. Louise Y. Gossett Ms. Jennifer E. Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. Louis N. Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gottlieb Ms. Nancy Gould Grace, Holton, Tisdale & Clifton, PA Ms. Betty Allen Graham Ms. Frances Graham Mr. and Mrs. William T. Graham Graper Cosmetic Surgery Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gray Mr. Bowman Gray, IV Mr. C. Boyden Gray Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gray, Jr. Howard Gray Charitable Lead Unitrust

Ms. Carol V. Hall

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan O. Hatch

Ms. Lynda Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Hatchell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hall

Ms. Donna Hatchett

Ms. Rhonda Hall

Mr. George Hauptfuhrer

Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Hall

Ms. Carol B. Hauser

Ms. Rose Hallberg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hauser

Ms. Sara J. Halperin

Dr. Amret T. Hawfield

Mr. Stephen P. Halstead

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hawkins

Ms. Donna Hamilton

Mr. Peter E. Hawley

Ms. Linda B. Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Culous M. Hayes, Jr.

Major Allan F. Hancock, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hayes, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hancock, Jr.

Mr. Michael W. Hayes

James A. and Martha S. Hancock Charitable Annuity Lead Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky D. Hayes

Ms. Charlotte M. Hanes Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borden Hanes, Sr. Frank B. Hanes Charitable Lead Trust Mrs. Gordon Hanes

Mr. Hunter C. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hanes, III

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hanley

Ms. Sarah Ruth Gray

Mr. Michael J. Hanley

Mr. and Mrs. Murray C. Greason, Jr.

Ms. Tari Hanneman

Mr. Murray C. Greason, III

Mr. Harry Hara

Dr. and Mrs. Gary M. Green

Dr. Kenneth R. Harbert

Ms. Priscilla J. Green

Ms. Delois Harding

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Green

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hardison, III

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos L. Greene

Ms. Pansy C. Hardy

Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Greene

Mr. Thomas J. Harlan

Ms. Penny D. Greenwood

Ms. Donna L. Harney

Mr. Edgar B. Gregory

Ms. Nannie S. Harpe

Mr. and Mrs. Harlon Gregory

Ms. Joelle Harper

Ms. Esther E. Griffin

Ms. Martha D. Harper

Mr. Stephen M. Griffis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Harrell

Alice Busch Gronewaldt Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harrington

Ms. Jennifer E. Grosswald Ms. Pecolia J. Grove Ms. Julie L. Groves Ms. Ann H. Guill Ms. Sally H. Gulley Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Gunnell Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gunter Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gwyn Mr. and Mrs. Ben Haggin Ms. Gloria T. Hairston Mr. and Mrs. Romas Hales

Ms. Angela M. Harriott Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Milton D. Harris Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Lott G. Harrison, Jr. Mrs. Claude B. Hart Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Hart Dr. and Mrs. Oliver J. Hart, Jr. Ms. Betty Jo Hartman Dr. Erica L. Hartmann Ms. Marie W. Hartsfield Ms. Hazel J. Harvey

the winston-salem foundation


annual report addendum

Estate of Thomasine H. Hayes Mr. Curt Hazelbaker Mrs. Carol A. Healy Ms. Karen Healy Dr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Healy Ms. Mary M. Hearn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hedgpeth, II Ms. Lacy B. Hefty Mr. and Mrs. Harry Heilig Mr. and Mrs. James R. Helvey, III Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hempstead Ms. Elizabeth C. Henderson Ms. Susan L. Henderson Ms. Ellen M. Hendrix Ms. Marjorie Hendrix Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heneghan Ms. Gardenia Henley Mrs. Henry H. Henley Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Henley Dr. Ozmer L. Henry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hensel Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hermanson Herrin Appraisal Company Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Herring Mr. Lee Herring Mr. Leonard Herring Ms. Susan R. Hester Ms. Bernadine D. Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Hickman Ms. Pamela E. Hicks High Point Community Foundation Mr. Kenneth Hill Mr. Michael D. Hill

d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s [ 4 ]

Ms. Ruth D. Hill

Ms. Carolyn Houck

Institute for Dismantling Racism

Ms. Molly Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Stanhope A. Kelly

Hillcrest Garden Club

Mrs. Francoise Houenou

Integrated Advisory Services LLC

Mr. Phillip Marc Johnson

Hillsdale Fund

Mr. C. Royce Hough

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Irvin

Ms. Savannah Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Hampden D. Kenan, Jr.

Hillsdale Veterinary Association, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Irvin

Ms. Shirley L. Johnson

Mrs. E. R. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Irwin

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Johnson

Mrs. Julius A. Howell

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Iseman, Jr.

Ms. Marsha G. Johnsrude

Dr. Gretchen Hoyle

Ms. Stephanie L. Isley

Ms. Anne Coggan Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hoyt, Jr.

Dr. J. Ray Israel

Ms. Beverly Johnston

Mr. Julius C. Hubbard, Jr.

Ms. Susan M. Ivey

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Johnston

Catherine C. Huber

J. La’Verne Designs

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Joines

Mrs. Frances R. Huber

Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Jackson

Ms. Betty B. Jones

Ms. Elizabeth Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones

Ms. Linda A. Hobbs

Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson Huber

Mr and Mrs. Roosevelt Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Jones

Ms. Kimberly A. Hobin

Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Huff

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Jones

Mr. Fred Colby Hobson, Jr.

Ms. Hilda R. Huff

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Jackson

Dr. and Mrs. F. Whitney Jones

Ms. Anna Ball Hodge

Ms. Carolyn Huffman

Dr. Cynthia J. Jackson-Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Halbert M. Jones, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin M. Hodge

Ms. Frances L. Huffman

Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Jacobs

Rev. Dr. Joseph Jones

Ms. Kate Winstead Hodge

Mr. James M. Huffman

Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. James, III

Mrs. Paul A. Jones, Jr.

Mrs. Jennifer Hodges

Dr. Doreen L. Hughes

Ms. Lena M. James

Ms. Robin G. Jones

Ms. Lisa P. Hodges

Mrs. Dorothy Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hughes

James A. Gray High School Class of 1957

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Jones

Hodges Triad Electric LLC Ms. Elizabeth L. Hoekstra

Ms. Sydney Hughes-McGee

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Holcombe, III

Ms. Patricia W. Hull

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hilton Mrs. Cynthia P. Hine Ms. Ann C. Hinkle Ms. Lucy M. Hinson Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hinton Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hite Ms. Sandra L. Hoback

Ms. Shelley S. Holden Holder Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. Hayes R. Holderness Ms. Elizabeth A. Hollan Mrs. William E. Hollan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Tony M. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Joel Hollander Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hollifield Mr. and Mrs. James E. Holmes, III Dr. and Mrs. Robert Holmes Mr. Stewart D. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Holt Ms. Nancy R. Holt Dr. Shea R. Holt Ms. Sarah R. Holthouser Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem Women’s Council

Ms. Mary Jamis

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hummel Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Humphries

Rev. and Mrs. Donald Jenkins

Mr. John W. Hunt

Mrs. Sarah Jenkins

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice N. Jennings, Jr.

Ms. Deborah Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Ernie D. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Hunter Mrs. Sarah O. J. Hunter Ms. Mary Kirk Huske Ms. Jamie Huss Mrs. Beth Hutchens Ms. Sandra M. Hutchens Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hutchins Judge Laurie L. Hutchins Dr. and Mrs. Ronald I. Hutton

Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Honeycutt, Jr.

Mrs. Addie B. Hymes

Ms. Marjorie T. Hoots

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ingle

Ms. Carol Hoover

Dr. Elwanda D. Ingram

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hoover

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Ingram

Ms. Ann Hopkins

Mr. Thomas E. Ingram

Mr. Edward Hornbeck

Ms. Carol C. Inman

the winston-salem foundation

Dr. Richard Janeway

Mr. Charles B. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Hunt

Ms. Terry Hyland

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Jamison

Ms. Annie M. Jenkins

Ms. Cashin Hunt

Homes By Jonathan Lee, Inc.

[ 5 ] d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s

James A. Gray High School Class of 1958

Ms. Cameron B. Jordan Ms. Carol D. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Jordan, II Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Joe Joseph Mr. Dick Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Milbourne L. Joye, Jr. Ms. Janet L. Joyner JPRUITT Management LLC Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Kahl

Mr. Thomas Jennings

Ms. Karen S. Kant

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Jensen

Ms. Lucy Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Trent E. Jernigan

Mr. Jerry W. Kapp

Ms. Debbie Jester

Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Johnson

Ms. Rachel Katzer

Dr. Constance Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Kay, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Johnson, III

Mr. W. K. Keener, Jr.

Mrs. Dell C. Johnson

Mrs. J. Lee Keiger, Jr.

Mr. Eugene C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Keith

Mrs. Florinda C. Johnson

Mr. Lennoye R. Keith

Mr. Graham C. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Ted Keith

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Johnson

Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation

Ms. Jennifer Johnson Ms. Joycelyn V. Johnson Estate of June P. Johnson Ms. Kay B. Johnson Mr. Kenneth A. Johnson


Ms. Susan Leake Jones

annual report addendum

Ms. Susan Lee Kendall Ms. Helene I. Kendle Mr. Harry E. Kendrick Mr. John Kennedy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Kepley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kerr Mrs. Mary R. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Keshian Ms. Martha H. Key Keystone Contract Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Kidd Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey J. Kierstead Ms. Megan Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Stockton LLP Mr. James N. Kimball Mr. and Mrs. D. Gray Kimel, Jr. Mr. Rob Kincaid Dr. and Mrs. Arthur T. King Ms. Kayce King Ms. Nancy Jane King Mr. Robert L. King, III Ms. Susan G. King Ms. Susan T. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kirschner Mr. J. M. Kitchens KL Global Services, Inc. Estate of Gretchen Klaff Dr. and Mrs. Kurt L. Klinepeter Mr. John C. Knab Mr. and Mrs. Gary Knight Mr. George H. Knostman Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Knott Dr. Nola Reed Knouse Mr. and Mrs. Mark Knudson Dr. and Mrs. L. Andrew Koman Dr. and Mrs. Keith R. Kooken Kooken Family Foundation Ms. Sandra M. Kopchik Ms. Hilary L. Kosloske Ms. Mary Krautter Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Krewson

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Kelly, Jr.

Krupa Family Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Jane W. Kelly

Ms. Brenda H. Kulp

Ms. Kristin Kelly and Mr. Lawrence Kellerman

Kulynych Family Foundation I, Inc.

Ms. Patricia A. Kelly

Kulynych Family Foundation II, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kunicki

Ms. Jeannette T. Lewis

Mr. Ronald T. Macklin

Ms. Billie Matthews

Ms. Cathy L. McLaughlin

Ms. Britta Kunzer

Mrs. Nancy Line

Ms. Joy W. MacLeod

Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Matthews

Ms. Edithe B. McLean

Ms. Andrea Kurtz and Ms. Rebecca Dunn

Ms. Sayre Lineberger

Ms. Diane M. Madison

Mrs. Mildred Matthews

Ms. Eloise A. McLean

Mr. Albert S. Lineberry

Mr. Michael G. Mallory, Jr.

Ms. Betty A. Mauceri

Ms. Sally R. McLeod

Ms. Sallye A. Liner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Malloy, Jr.

Dr. Amy McMichael

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Linton

Ms. Melissa Anne Maltzahn

Mr. and Mrs. G. Alexander Mavrogordato

Ms. Patti Mandel

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold N. Lakey

Dr. Michael Lischke and Dr. Aimee Lischke

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lambert

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Little, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donny C. Lambeth

Ms. Cheryl F. Livengood

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lambeth

Mr. Thomas Lockwood

Kurtz Family Foundation Ms. Jo Ann Kyslinger Mr. and Mrs. J. Gilmour Lake

Mr. James Lambie and Ms. Lisbeth Evans Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lamy

Mrs. Janie Locus Mr. Richard Loeser and Ms. Cathie Heck

Ms. Sarah Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. Whitman P. Loflin

Ms. Celesta W. Lane

Ms. Lea H. Loftis

Andrew Lane Memorial Alumni Game Mr. Richard Langston Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Lassiter Primary Addressee Dr. Brenda Latham-Sadler Dr. Denise H. Laurienti Mr. and Mrs. George C. Lautemann Ms. Gail M. Lavelle Mr. and Mrs. B. Thomas Lawson, Jr. Ms. Geneva A. Lawson Ms. Deborah Laydon Mr. Robert Leak, III Ms. Lula M. Leake Ms. Amy Leander Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Lee Mrs. Margaret R. Lee Ms. Valeria Lee Legatus Foundation The Honorable Molly Leight Ms. Christy Leimone Mrs. Katherine S. Leinbach Rev. Margaret K. Leinbach Mr. Curtis Leonard Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Leonard Dr. Barry Leshin and Dr. Diane Leshin Dr. Glenn Lesser and Dr. Tracy Lesser Mr. John Lewandowski Lewandowski Architecture Ms. Amanda G. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Lewis

Mr. Joseph P. Logan Ms. Martha Logemann Ms. Jeannette M. Loggins Ms. Holly S. Loke Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Long Mr. Kevin J. Long Mrs. Lisa Long Mr. and Mrs. Matt R. Long, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William H. Long Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Lord, III Mr. John H. Loughridge, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Love Love’s United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lovett Ms. Mona W. Lovett Ms. Wilma S. Lowry Ms. Elizabeth W. Lubin Mrs. Stephen R. Lucas Ms. Rebecca S. Luffman Ms. Joanna M. Lyall Ms. Gail Lybrook Ms. Jessa L. Lyders Ms. Annette P. Lynch Mr. Craig T. Lynch Ms. Barbara H. Lyon Ms. Linda C. Lyon

Ms. Lauren M. Manka Ms. Karen Mankin Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Manley Mrs. Heidi R. Mann Ms. Susan W. Mann Ms. Claudia Manning Ms. Agnete Mansori Ms. Meriwynn G. Mansori Ms. Robbie H. Marbaker Ms. Cathy Marchant Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Marchant Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Marcotullio Ms. Gail S. Marion Ms. Holly Marion Mr. Kevin Marion Mr. and Mrs. Morris D. Marley Ms. Deborah S. Marshall Ms. Lucia J. Marshall Ms. Nancy S. Marshall Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Martin, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth W. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Martin Ms. Hannah W. Martin Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Martin, Sr. Ms. Jacqueline Martin Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin Mr. James Martin and Ms. Rogeria Lombardi Ms. Jane Z. Martin Ms. Nancy Martin Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Martin Ms. Martha Y. Martinat Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marvin Dr. Richard S. Marx

Dr. and Ms. Kenneth Maxwell Ms. Marinda Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. William G. Maxwell, Jr. Ms. Joyce S. May Ms. Lucille W. May Mrs. Grace Frank Mayberry Dr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Maynard Ms. Mary McAfee Mr. Fred McAllister Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie McAllister Mr. Lonnie J. McAllister, II Ms. Susan D. McBride Ms. Susan McBurney Dr. and Mrs. K. Frank McCain Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. McCall Mrs. G. Emmett McCall Dr. William McCall, Jr. Ms. Mary G. McCandless Dr. Merdis T. McCarter Ms. Loretta B. McClain Mr. and Mrs. David L. McConnell Ms. Paula J. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. McCulloch Dr. and Mrs. David L. McCullough

Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. McMullen Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. McNair, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank McNair, IV Mrs. Martha Fowler McNair Ms. Ashley McNeill Ms. Gail McNeill Ms. Karen McNeil-Miller Ms. Linda McPhail Ms. Monica McSwain Ms. Libby M. McWilliams Ms. Patricia Mead Mrs. Betty Watson Meadows Dr. Robert L. Means Dr. and Mrs. William E. Means Mr. Ross Mecham Medical Wives Savory Samplings Mr. and Mrs. John G. Medlin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Meeks Ms. Savannah Meeks Ms. Barbara A. Mellin Boyden Dean Melton and Leigh Shoemaker-Melton Ms. Katherine K. Memory Mr. and Mrs. Danny J. Mendenhall Menz, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Merlo

Ms. Rhonda M. McDonald

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Matching Gift Program

Ms. Anne B. McDowell

Ms. Wanda Merschel

Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter McDowell, III

Dr. Margaret Stover Mertz

Ms. Sarah M. McFarland

Ms. Chi-Chi Z. Messick

Rev. and Mrs. James H. McGill

Mrs. Diane Messick

Ms. Katherine T. McGinnis

Ms. Patricia O. Messick

Mr. and Mrs. John J. McGirr, Jr.

Ms. Lea Metz

Ms. Kathleen McGowan-Carnes

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Meurer

Dr. W. Frederick McGuirt

Ms. Tamara Michael

Ms. Rhonda M. McIlwain

Mr. Joseph H. Mickey

Mr. and Mrs. Ed McKee

Ms. Susan Mickey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lytle

Mary Wagner Easter Insurance Agency

M.B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Masciello

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McKee, III

Mr. and Mrs. Don Mikush

Ms. Ann S. Mabe

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Maselli

Rev. and Mrs. Judson J. Milam

Ms. C. M. Mabe

Mrs. Anthony M. Masich, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ray McKinney

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mabry

Mr. Jeffrey Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey MacIntosh

MassMutual Financial Group

Mrs. Heather T. Mackey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Masten

Mr. and Mrs. Emm McKinnon Mr. and Mrs. John B. McKinnon Ms. Mary A. McLarty

the winston-salem foundation


annual report addendum

Ms. Barbara P. Miller Mr. Charles G. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Miller

d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s [ 6 ]

Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Miller, Jr.

Mr. George C. Mountcastle

Ms. Barbara D. Nimocks

Ms. Theresa Palmer

Mrs. Becky H. Perkinson

Ms. Jennifer L. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Mountcastle, Jr.

Mr. Robert P. Noble, III

Ms. Zula M. Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. A. Dane Perry

Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith Norman

Mr. W. L. Pannill

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Perry, Jr.

Ms. Rose Marie Norman

Mr. and Mrs. Alex C. Panzano

Mrs. Clifford W. Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Norris, Jr.

Mr. John Paravati

Ms. Kelly Persons

Ms. Corena A. Norris-McCluney

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Pardue

Mr. Gordon D. Peterson

North Carolina Medical Society

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E. Pardue

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Petree, Jr.

Ms. Marjorie Northup

Ms. Kathryn Parham

Dr. Patricia H. Petrozza

Mr. and Mrs. Christoph Nostitz

Mr. William Park

Ms. Teresa Petry

Novant Health, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Parker

Ms. Roberta L. Pettit

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nowak

Mr. Charles N. Parker

Ms. Betty Petty

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nunley

Ms. Emily H. Parker

Ms. Susan Pezzullo

Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Nunn

Mr. Joseph M. Parker, Jr.

Ms. Ann Googe Nusbaum

Margaret W. Parker Charitable Lead Unitrust

Gordon Pfefferkorn Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Ms. Nola G. Miller Ms. Vickie Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ward B. Miller Ms. Wendy J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William O. Miller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Milligan, Jr. Ms. Joann S. Mills Ms. Piper Millsaps Ms. Jane Milner Dr. and Mrs. Grover R. Mims Mr. Leroy Mims Ms. Sarah Mir Ms. Betty P. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mitchell Ms. Rodessa Mitchell Mitchell Industries Foundation Mr. Richard G. Mock Modern Automotive Network Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monk Ms. Helen Monroe Dr. and Mrs. John H. Monroe Ms. Tracy Monroe Mr. Robert A. Moody Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Moore Mrs. Clayton Moore, Jr. Mr. Fernard Moore Ms. Jenny M. Moore

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Mountjoy MSS Homes LLC Mt. Tabor High School PTSA Mr. James Mullikin Ms. Janet T. Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Mulvey, Jr. Ms. Sara Joyce Munden Mr. Thomas C. Munden Ms. Carol A. Munns Dr. Mariana Murea Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Murphy

Mr. Chester T. Nuttall, Jr.

Ms. Mollie S. Murray

Ms. Sylvia Oberle

Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Murray Mr. and Mrs. F. Bradford Myers, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. David Reese O’Brien, Jr.

Ms. Frances E. Myers

Ms. Lois O’Brien-Cronin

Mr. and Mrs. Grover M. Myers

Mr. Denis O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Odell

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt D. Odom

Mrs. Susie Nance

Mrs. Algine Neely Ogburn


Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ogburn, Jr.

National Philanthropic Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Ogburn, Sr.

Mrs. Mildred Naugle

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ogburn, Jr.

NC Association of Workers for the Blind

Ms. Mary Norris Preyer Oglesby Old Hickory Council, Boy Scouts of America

NC Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. L. Gordon Pfefferkorn, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Parker

Pfefferkorn Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Wendy Marie Parker

Ms. Sarah H. Pfeiffer

Ms. Katherine D. Parks

Ms. Anne Pfister

Mrs. Zetta F. Parks

Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program

Ms. Britt Parrish Mr. Carl F. Parrish Ms. Mary Ann Parrish Rev. and Mrs. Nathan E. Parrish Mr. Robert Parsons Dr. and Mrs. Art Paschal Mr. Lynn G. Paterson Ms. Sarah A. Patten

Ms. Phyllis C. Oliphant

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Luther C. Oliver

Mr. Gordon Patterson Ms. Nancy G. Patterson

Ms. Joyce R. Neely

Mr. Gregory Olson and Ms. Rosalind Willis

Mr. Blake D. Morant

Mr. and Mrs. T. David Neill

Mr. and Mrs. James O’Neill

Moravian Church in America, Southern Province

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Nelson

Ms. Dawn S. Opel

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Nelson, III

Operation Will Power

Dr. Rosemary Nelson

Oracle Corporation Matching Gift Program

Ms. Mary Lou Moore

NC Gamma Masters Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi

Ms. Megan Bishop Moore

The Honorable Stephen L. Neal

Ms. Peggy C. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. J. Reid Morgan Ms. Jacqueline Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Joe Morgan Ms. Olivia E. Morgan Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morris Ms. Vickie S. Morrison Ms. Karen R. Morrow Ms. Margaret G. Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Morton Ms. Sharon P. Mosley Ms. Elisabeth M. Motsinger Ms. Jo Ann Mount

Ms. Dawn Nestor

Ms. Roanne F. Ornelles

Mrs. Sally C. Nevius

Mr. and Mrs. Laney G. Orr, III

Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Newell

Mrs. Luther L. Orrell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newman

Ms. Katherine W. Otterbourg

Mr. and Mrs. George Newton

Mr. Kenneth Otterbourg

Ms. Sonya C. Newton

Ms. Susan Overman

Mr. Robert Niblock

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Overton

Ms. Amanda Nicholls

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Nickel

Mr. and Mrs. David V. Owens

Dr. Linda M. Nicolotti

Ms. Lois P. Owens

Mr. and Mrs. Claude B. Nielsen

Mrs. Mildred W. Paden

Mr. Bill Nifong

Mount Tabor High School

[ 7 ] d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s

Mr. Charles J. Palmer, III

the winston-salem foundation


annual report addendum

Ms. Jane M. Pfefferkorn

Margaret Weatherspoon Parker Charitable Lead Unitrust

Ms. Elizabeth L. Patton Mr. Chris Paul Mary Ann Payne Revocable Charitable Trust Ms. Leanna Paz Peace Haven Baptist Church Ms. Norma H. Pearman Ms. Denni Peebles Mr. Jerry Peek Ms. Patricia Pence-Sokoloff Mrs. Randon B. Pender Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Pendry Ms. Mary Elizabeth Fontana Penn Ms. Brenda B. Penney Ms. Sarah Penry Dr. and Mrs. Francis D. Pepper, Jr. Ms. Allison C. Perkins

Ms. Laura Phail Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Phelps Mr. and Mrs. Dave Phillips Mr. and Mrs. John B. Phillips, Jr. Ms. Josephine O. Phillips Ms. Kay McGee Phillips Mr. Michael W. Phillips Ms. Diane Picciuto Piedmont Ear Nose and Throat Associates PA Piedmont Federal Savings Bank Piedmont Gastroenterology Specialists PA Piedmont International Trucks Piedmont Land Conservancy Piedmont Spine Specialists PA Dr. Melody C. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Pierce Pine Hall Brick Company Ms. Mary Jane Pishko Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Pitt Mr. Walter W. Pitt, Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Repetti Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Pleasants, Jr. Mrs. Clifton E. Pleasants Mr. Graydon Pleasants and Ms. Margaret Scales Ms. Ronda T. Plummer

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Poe

Mr. Alvin Ray

Mr. Clay V. Ring, Jr.

Thomas Rutherfoord Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Scott

Ms. Marcella Poletti

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ray

Ms. Kelley C. Robb

Ms. Ann S. Rutter

Mrs. Lyttleton B. Scott, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Harold C. Pollard

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ray

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Sadler

Mr. Thomas J. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Pollard

Ms. Michele S. Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Robbins, Jr.

Mrs. Shirley T. Sadler

Mrs. Marshall D. Scurry

Ms. Susan M. Pollock

Mr. Oscar Ray, Jr.

Ms. Joelle Safko

SEANC-SEIU 2008 District #16

Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Poole

Ms. Jennifer J. Raye

Salem Academy and College

Mr. Roger Searls

Mr. and Mrs. Walker L. Poole

Reagan High School

Salem Lodge 139

Mr. Eric Searls

Mr. Alex Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Travis D. Reasoner

Mr. Robert Searson

Ms. Frances G. Porter

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Reaves, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Robins

Salemtowne-The Moravian Retirement Community

Ms. Mollie Aezen Porter

Ms. Rochelle Reaves

Dr. Andrea Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Salt

Mrs. Priscilla B. Porter

Ms. Earlene B. Reavies

Mr. E. Norwood Robinson

Ms. Anita D. Sanders

Mr. Michael J. Poston

Mr. and Mrs. Billy T. Reavis

Ms. Faye M. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Sanders, Jr.

Segmented Marketing Services, Inc.

Ms. Jane R. Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Reavis

Dr. and Mrs. George P. Robinson

Mr. W. Kirk Sanders

Mr. Richard A. Seipel

Michael L. Robinson and Wynn Tanner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Sandridge

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Seippel

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Sandridge, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Semans

Dr. Beverly S. Sanford

Senior Services

Mr. and Mrs. Omar P. Sangueza

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Sensenbrenner, Jr.

Powerhouse Cleaners

Mr. Joel Reavis

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pranikoff

Ms. Peggy S. Reavis

Mr. Brad Prendergast

Ms. Barbara Reed

Ms. Linda Preschle

Dr. Amber Reeves-Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Len B. Preslar, Jr.

REH Services, Inc

Dr. Norris W. Preyer

Mr. Thomas Rehder

Mr. Norris W. Preyer, Jr.

Mr. John Reid

Mr. Andrew Price

Dr. and Mrs. Burton Reifler

Mrs. Myrtle D. Pringle

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Reiley, Jr.

Ms. Brenda S. Proctor

Ms. Anna Reilly and Mr. Matthew Cullinan

Ms. Nan Prout Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pulitzer, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Reinemund Ms. Eddis P. Reinhardt Reynolda Rotary Club

Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Pullen

Reynolda Woods Neighbors

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Pulliam

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Reynolds

Ms. Rosemary Pulliam

Reynolds American

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Purcell

Ms. Lynn Rhoades

Mr. Wayne S. Purdy

Dr. and Mrs. Vade G. Rhoades

Quality Education Academy

Mr. Milton Rhodes

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Quick

Mr. Ross Rhodes

Mr. Hugh J. Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Riazzi

R. J. Reynolds High School

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Rice

R.J. Reynolds Booster Club

Richard Childress Racing Enterprises, Inc.

Ms. Donna G. Rader Mr. Stephen Ragan Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ragland Dr. and Mrs. David Y. Rainey Ms. Sharon N. Ralston Ms. Nan D. Rand Mrs. Lucille B. Ransby Mr. Stephen R. Rapp Mr. and Mrs. Cal Ratcliff Mrs. James C. Ratcliff Dr. Dariel L. Rathmell Mr. James Ratliff

Ms. Arnetta W. Roberson Mr. and Mrs. David A. Roberson Mr. Stan Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Rufe L. Robertson

Mr. Sherman L. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Robinson Rock-Tenn Company Rev. and Mrs. Cedric S. Rodney Mr. Jack Roehr Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Roemer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roemer, III

Ms. Carol Sapp Dr. Anita M. Saran Ms. Susan Sassmann Ms. Barbara F. Sasso

Ms. Emily Scott Seawell Mr. James A. Sebastian

Ms. Anne W. Sessions Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Sevin Mr. David E. Shaffner Shallowford Animal Hospital PLLC

Ms. Victoria L. Roemer

Dr. and Mrs. William M. Satterwhite, Jr.

Ms. Melissa P. Rogan

Mrs. M. Garnett Saunders

Ms. Beverly R. Shaw

Mr. Gene Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Saunders

Ms. Jody W. Shaw

Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Rogers

Ms. Eleanor Rosalie Savage

Mr. and Mrs. William Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Toy D. Savage, Jr.

Ms. Cindy Shearer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Rogers, III

Mrs. Betsy I. Sawyer

Ms. Sandra M. Sheldon

Ms. Hollie Rollins

Mr. Christopher G. Sawyer

Mrs. Sandra Shell

Ms. Sandra Romanac

Mr. and Mrs. R. Mark Sawyer

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Rominger

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Scanlon

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Ronan

Mr. Herbert Schafer

Mr. Stephen M. Shelton

Mr. William C. Rose CPA

Ms. Bonnie Jo Schell

Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Shelton

Ms. Angela P. Rosenkrantz

Ms. Kate M. Scheuer

Ms. Judy Shepherd

Ms. Suzie Ross

Ms. Jennifer Schiller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rossitch

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Schindler

Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem

Rotary Club of Stratford

Ms. Cheryl A. Schirillo

Ms. Bertha T. Roundtree

Ms. Pat Schlesinger

Mr. and Mrs. Channing O. Richards

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Rousseau, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Schneider

Ms. Irma M. Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rowell

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Royster

Ms. Meyressa Schoonmaker

Ms. Juanita C. Richardson

Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Rubin

Ms. Marianne Schubert

Ms. Keely Clayton Richardson

Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Rubinstein

Schwab Charitable Fund

Ms. Vera Richardson

Ms. Avon Ruffin

Ms. Susan S. Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Rickelton

Mr. Dalton D. Ruffin

Mrs. Victoria L. Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rickert

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ruffin

Ms. Michelle Scicli

Ms. Shawn A. Ricks

Mr. Robert G. Ruffin

Ms. Barbara J. Scoggin

Mr. Gwyn F. Riddick

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Russell

Dr. and Mrs. Steven N. Scoggin

Ms. Anne D. Rigby

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Scott

the winston-salem foundation


annual report addendum

Mr. David Sharp

Mr. A. Lincoln Sherk Ms. Anne Kesler Shields Dr. and Mrs. Howard W. Shields Mr. and Mrs. Brad C. Shinaman Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Shipley, III Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Shipley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Shore, Jr. Ms. Shirley D. Shouse Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Shropshire Ms. Sandra C. Shugart Dr. Ricky R. Sides Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Sifen Ms. Barbara Sifford

d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s [ 8 ]

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Simpson Dr. Thomas Simpson and Dr. Martha Simpson

F. Conard and Jean Snyder Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder Ms. Susan S. Sommerkamp

Mr. Jeffrey Sims

Sony Ericsson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sinal

Mrs. Robert B. Sosnik

Ms. Anna Singer

Ms. Mary O. Sotile

Mr. Douglas Sisson

Ms. Patti Soule

Ms. Patricia J. Sisson

Mr. John F. Southern, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim E. Sizemore

Southern Community Bank and Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Skarzynski Jonathan Skinner Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Spach Mr. and Mrs. Jule C. Spach

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Skorich

Rev. Laura Spangler

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Skowronski, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Spanos

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Sleap Mrs. Betsy Sloan Ms. Elizabeth A. Sloan Ms. Donna Smart Ms. Alice Calhoun Smith Amy K. Smith and Kenny Smith Ms. Betty M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Smith Ms. Deborah N. Smith Mr. and Mrs. E. Gray Smith, III Frank L. Smith Revocable Trust Mr. and Mrs. G. Dee Smith Ms. Heather G. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James N. Smith Ms. Kathelene M. Smith Ms. Margaret S. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Smith Dr. Paula Smith and Mr. Raeford Sawyer Mrs. Richard G. Smith, Jr. Mr. Sander Smith Ms. Sara C. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Tim Smith Mr. Tom Smith Ms. Anne S. Smitherman Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Smoak Mr. James N. Smoak Mrs. Brant R. Snavely, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Snelgrove Dr. Beverly M. Snively Mr. and Mrs. Jack Snoke Ms. Robbie Snow Mr. Colin M. Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Sparks Ms. Diane Spaugh Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Spaugh

Ms. Frances Thompson

Ms. Judith J. Sutherin

Ms. Lee Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Stensland

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sutton

Mr. Lydell L. Thompson

Ms. Kathy D. Stephens

Ms. Cindy R. Sutton

Mr. and Mrs. Mark I. Thompson

Ms. Margaret Stephens

Ms. Martha S. Sutton

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Thompson

Ms. Susan K. Stephens

Ms. Melba R. Sutton

Ms. Barbara L. Thornton

Ms. Donna Stern

Mr. Michael Swain

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Threatt

Ms. Allene Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Swanson

Dr. Jill Tiefenthaler

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Stevens

Mr. J. Kent Sweezey

Ms. Marcia Tiersky

Ms. Cynthia M. Stevens

Ms. Olivia C. Swinton

Ms. Linda G. Tilley

Ms. Ruth C. Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Swofford

Ms. Lisa A. Todd

Mr. Thomas P. Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Syms

Ms. Kristen M. Stille

Ms. Marcia B. Szewczyk

Mr. and Mrs. F. Nelson Tomlinson, Jr.

Ms. Robin Jayne Stinson

Mr. Wellford Tabor

Mr. Kerry A. Stith

Ms. Lamar S. Taft

Stock Building Supply

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tally

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hill Stockton

Ms. Mary Anne Tanner and Mr. Mark Biggers

Mr. Richard J. Tozier

Ms. Gwynne Taylor

Ms. Elizabeth C. Treadway

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Tregoning

Mrs. Margaret Taylor

Triangle Community Foundation

Mrs. Faten Tchelepi

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trostle

Mr. C. Edward Teague, III

Ms. Joy M. Troxell

Mr. Philip C. Teague

Dr. and Mrs. Jaime E. Trujillo

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Teague

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Trulove

Ms. Kathy J. Teasdall

Ms. Mary Kay Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Tedder

Mr. David F. Turner

Ms. Jo Anne Tedford

Ms. Jodi L. Turner

Ms. Rosalind Lee Tedford

Ms. Laura Davis Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Grover W. Teeter

Ms. Linda Turner

Ms. Nancy G. Streblow

Temple Emanuel

Ms. Audrey B. Tuttle

Ms. Kathryn K. Streng

Mr. and Mrs. Barry K. Templeton

Ms. Claire Tuttle

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Strider

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Templeton

Mr. Bill Tyson

Dr. Carol Strohecker

Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Tennille

U B C Incorporated

Ms. Carol Strom

Mrs. Mary Craig Tennille

Ms. Virginia C. Underhill

Dr. T. Elaine Strug

Mr. and Mrs. R. Christopher Teter

Ms. Leslie Underwood

Mr. and Mrs. Bryce A. Stuart

Ms. Lawren Thach

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Unger

Ms. Elizabeth D. Stuart

Mr. Jason C. Thiel

Mrs. Lois H. Stuart

Ms. Ann S. Thomas

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winston-Salem

Mr. Samuel P. Stuart, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Thomas, Jr.

Ms. Brooke J. Suiter

Mrs. Jean R. Thomas

Ms. Carole H. Sullivan

Ms. M. Louise Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sullivan

Ms. Patricia C. Thomas

Mr. Scott Sullivan

Ms. Sarah Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sumich

Ms. Virginia R. Thomas

Mrs. Myra R. Summers

Ms. Sandra B. Thomason

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Stone

Ms. Ann Lewallen Spencer

Stone’s Throw Films, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Spencer

Ms. Christine Storch

Mrs. William O. Spencer, III Judge and Mrs. Ronald E. Spivey

Ms. Lisa Stowe Ms. Mary E. Stowe

Ms. Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stowers

Sprint Heritage

Rabbi and Mrs. Mark Strauss-Cohn

Ms. Gale St. John St. Leo the Great Catholic Church St. Peters World Outreach Center Ms. Ena Stackhouse Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Stafford Mr. Alan Staggers Ms. Elizabeth J. Stahl Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Stainback Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Stallworth Ms. Sandra J. Stanford Mr. and Mrs. William Stanwood Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Starbuck Mr. and Mrs. Tim Starets Ms. Wanda V. Starke State Farm Insurance Companies Mr. W. D. Stedman Ms. Dianne K. Steele Mr. and Mrs. W. Fletcher Steele


Mr. and Mrs. Chris Towles

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Townsend, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Speas

Ms. Velma R. Torbett

Ms. Lucy Arlayne Tate

Mrs. Audrey Stone

Ms. Carol M. Speas

Dr. and Mrs. James F. Toole

Ms. Camille H. Townsend

Ms. Kim H. Stogner

Edgar M. Spears

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Toole

Ms. Belinda Tate

Ms. Pat Stoeber

SPC Custom Pub, Inc.

Ms. Linda Lee S. Tonnesen


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stockton

Ms. Sandra C. Spaugh

the winston-salem foundation

Surry Arts Council

Ms. Susan S. Steelman

Ms. Preston Stockton

Mr. and Mrs. R. Arthur Spaugh

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Steele

[ 9 ] d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s

Mr. Jack Steelman

Ms. Lucy S. Strawsburg Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N. Strayhorn, Jr.

annual report addendum

United Way of Forsyth County Mrs. E. Merritt Vale Dr. Peggy A. Valentine Ms. Rebecca S. Valla Ms. Sandra Van Buskirk Mr. Warren Van der Waag Mrs. Charles F. Vance, Jr.

Mr. Jim Vance

Ms. Leila L. Warren

Mr. James A. Whitler, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison M. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Wright

Ms. Jennifer Vanderford

Rev. and Mrs. J. Thomas Warrington

Constance L. Whitmarsh and Albert Tomko

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wilson, Jr.

Ms. Mona W. Wu

Ms. Lara S. Wilson

Ms. Erin Wyper

Mr. and Mrs. Claze Washington

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Whitted, III

Estate of Nancy Hogg Wilson

Mr. James E. Yarbrough, Jr.

Mr. George J. Washington

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Whyte

Ms. Tameca Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yarnoff

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Washington

Ms. Pat Wickham

Ms. Tammy Wilson

Mr. Michael Yarzinsky

Mr. Joseph L. Washington

Ms. Elizabeth H. Wiener

Mr. William G. Wilson

Bryan and JoAnn Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Watkins, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Wierman

Ms. Carolyn Miles Winfrey

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Yates, III

Mr. and Mrs. Keith T. Watson

Ms. Mary Lynn Wigodsky

Ms. Leslie J. Winner

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Yates

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watson

Mr. Steve C. Wilburn

Winston-Salem Chapter IAAP

Mr. and Mrs. David Yawars

Ms. Janis Watters

Wilco Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Yena

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Watts, Jr.

Ms. Camilla P. Wilcox

Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind

Mr. and Mrs. S. Hayes Wauford, Jr.

Mr. Terry M. Wiley

Winston-Salem Journal

Mrs. Jane M. Waugh

Mrs. Eileen Wilhem

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. S. Waugh, Jr.

Dr. Joan E. Wilkins

Winston-Salem Junior Woman’s Club

Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Weatherford

Ms. Montine P. Wilkinson

Mr. and Mrs. George Webb

Ms. Anne D. Willard

Weeds & Seeds Garden Club

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Willardson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wehr

Mr. and Mrs. A. Tab Williams, Jr.

Ms. Adrian Weidmann

A. Tab Williams Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Vaughan Ms. Joanna C. Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Vaughn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart F. Vaughn Dr. and Mrs. Ramon Velez Ms. Joanne L. Vernon Vernon Distribution Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith Vest Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Vestal Ms. Sarah Vestal Mrs. Sterling S. Vestal Dr. Lelia L. Vickers Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Villines Ms. Marcia Viloria Ms. Charlotte M. Vogler Dr. Mary Lou Voytko W. Wayne Frye Organization, Inc. Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Mr. Herold J. Weiler, III

Mr. Jeffrey L. Wade

Ms. Ginny Weiler

Estate of Spencer and Nell Waggoner

Dr. and Mrs. Earl P. Welch, Jr.

Ms. Janice Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Wagner Wake Forest University Health Sciences Ms. Janice L. Wakefield Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Walker Mrs. Carolyn H. Walker Ms. Carolyn W. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walker Ms. Perbena P. Walker Ms. Tonia G. Walker Mr. William W. Walker Ms. Susan B. Wall Ms. Bernadette Wallace Mr. and Mrs. McLain Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Hans W. Wanders Ms. Corinne Ward Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ward Ms. Linda J. Ward Mrs. Marvin M. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Warhover Ms. Carolyn Gilliam Warlick Ms. Lisa Warlick Mr. Evan Warren Rev. Garfield T. Warren, Jr.

Ms. Katherine B. Welch Mr. Richard C. Welch Mrs. Martha Wellman Mr. Ronald D. Wellman Dr. Gretchen L. Wells Mr. and Mrs. John N. Wells Mr. and Mrs. P. Everett Wells, III Ms. Amy M. West Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. West West End Construction Mr. and Mrs. K. Scott Westervelt Ms. Claudette Weston Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Whaling Mrs. Robert P. Whaling Mrs. Louise B. Whealton Ms. Donna P. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Harden B. Wheeler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. John C. Whitaker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chris White Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. White Mr. and Mrs. S. M. White, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth G. Whitener Ms. Alice J. Whitfield Ms. Rebekah Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Williams, III Elizabeth T. Williams Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Mr. and Mrs. James G. Williams Mr. James K. Williams Mr. and Mrs. John P. Williams Dr. Kathryn B. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Williams Mrs. Lamaya C. Williams Mr. Manalo L. Williams Ms. Mary Jane Williams Ms. Minnie B. Williams Ms. Mitzi Williams Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Williams Dr. and Mrs. S. Clay Williams, Jr. Ms. Suzanne Williams Ms. Theldora S. Williams Rev. and Mrs. Thomas R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. John G. Williard Mr. and Mrs. Francis F. Willingham Mr. and Mrs. John W. Willingham Mr. and Mrs. Ben S. Willis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Norton Willis Mr. Robert M. Willis Ms. Sharon K. Wilmoth Ms. Anne G. Wilson Mrs. Cortney H. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Wilson

Winston-Salem Police Department Winston-Salem Twin City Host Lions Club Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Mr. and Mrs. H. Vernon Winters Ms. Deborah Wishon Mr. and Mrs. James N. Witherington Mr. Jonathan H. Witherspoon Mr. Michael C. Wittenberg Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Wolfe Mrs. Rochelle Wolfe Mr. Richard Wolff Ms. Page Woltz Ms. Edith Womble

Weihong Yin and Fengjun Li Ms. Jill Yoder Ms. Nina Glenn Yokley Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Young Mr. and Mrs. James C. Young Mr. and Mrs. Larry I. Young Ms. Laura F. Young Ms. Lynn D. Young Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm D. Young Ms. Nancy Young Mr. and Mrs. Scott K. Young Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Ms. Kathryn F. Zagoria Mr. and Mrs. Nick G. Zegrea Mr. Michael Zielinski Ms. Jacqueline E. Zinn Mr. Marion B. Zollicoffer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zolot

Mrs. Calder W. Womble Mr. Ralph H. Womble Mr. William F. Womble Mr. and Mrs. William F. Womble, Jr. Women’s Reading Club Mrs. Amal Wood Mr. and Mrs. Bradley O. Wood Mr. Homer V. Wood Ms. Mildred S. Wood Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Woodall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Woodard Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wooten, Jr. World Villages Ms. Janice M. Worthington Mrs. Annette H. Woullard Ms. Sandy Wrench Ms. Amy O. Wright Ms. Doris L. Wright Ms. Elizabeth P. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. G. Gray Wilson

the winston-salem foundation


annual report addendum

d o n o r s to n a m e d f u n d s [ 1 0 ]

Donors to Named Funds 2010/2009 Annual Report Addendum  

2010/2009 Annual Report Addendum