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Sales catalogue A better view of the world

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Content PVC programme


ALU programme AJM 8000 energeto速 6 AJM 6000 ekskluziv 8 AJM 5000 10 Basement windows 12 Barn windows 13 Colour windows 16


22 23 24 25 25

Security levels for hardware Types of closures Window handles Door handles

41 42 43 43

PVC shelves Topalit shelves ALU shelves Stone shelves

62 62 62 62

20 Safety for all

PVC doors AJM ALU doors

37 39



Mosquito nets

Shelves Different types of mosquito nets


WicLine 75 EVO WicLine 65 EVO WicLine 50 EN ALU doors Glass facades



WOOD Programme

Winter gardens

AJM pasiv 90 28 AJM pasiv 90ALU 29

Basic types of winter gardens AJM 31




Shades Types of glasses 46 Reflex glasses 47 Ornament glasses 47



Energy efficiency

AJM Standard Energy-efficient installation AJM 60



Internal shades 49 External shades 50 Pleated curtains 51 Standard blinds 52 Mini blinds 53 PVC shutters 54 ALU shutters 55 Remote Control systems 56

Chain of satisfied customers 66 Installation and setting up 67 Service 68 Warranty 68 Certificates 69

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Choose the right windows for a better view of the world. Designed to meet your personal demands and high architects standards. Affordable, energy efficient, chosen and built to suit your requests.

PVC programme Why choose AJM PVC builders’ joinery?

What can be done with PVC profiles?

Windows and doors are made of recyclable materials and are highly energy efficient because of their superb insulating quality. The production is conducted according to quality standard ISO 9001: 2008. Our windows are attested with the certificate for air and water lets according to standard SIST EN 14351-1:2006. The PVC windows are exceptionally safe and available in various colour combinations.

Different PVC profiles enable us to customize the builders’ joinery to every customer’s desire. From classical one-wing white windows to highly advanced winter gardens. Every product can be of a particular shape and colour. Our sales assistants will happily give you advice and suggest the best solution according to experience and your desires.


PVC profiles in use Windows …

One-wing windows

Two-wing windows

Semi-circular windows

Oblique windows


Balcony doors

Slide-leaning doors

Folding-sliding doors

Slide-lifting doors

Roof windows The ROTO roof windows are made of white threechamber PVC profiles, centrally reinforced by means of galvanised profiles. They come with a border that can be made of aluminium, in anthracite R703 or copper or titanium-zinc, in four versions, depending on the roof cover type. Insulating glass (exterior glass is tempered, while the interior glass is laminated) with ther-

mal conductivity amounting to Ug=1.1 W/m2K. The windows open in the upper third of the wing (the R7 system), by means of an adjustable roof window (R8), around the middle axis (R6) or they can be electrically operated as with Designo R6/ R4 Roto Tronic. Customers may choose from 19 standard dimensions. Rooms can be ventilated by means of a slightly open wing in

two positions and roof windows may be installed when the roof inclination ranges between 20¡ and 65¡.

So everything is as it should be Roof windows have to be properly shaded because they are usually exposed to strong light. Inner and outer shades can be chosen in a range of colours, lengths and widths.

A complete offer of roof windows

6 7


AJM 8000 ® energeto nn

Total heat transfer of the window: Uw = up to 0.60 W/m2K


Total glass thickness: up to 51 mm


Sound insulation of glass: Rw= up to 51 dB


Three permanently elastic gaskets


Profile type: flat edges


Frame and wing without steel reinforcement


Wing of the window is laminated with glass


Frame thickness: 85 mm, Window thickness: 109 mm


Monterko recommends! The window is suitable for the most demanding of buildings, where we plan to use top materials (construction with special requirements for the highest possible level of energy efficiency, attractive appearance and other special requirements).

System advantages Outer temp.: Zunanja temp: -15 °C -15¡C

Blue line: +0 ¡C

Inner temp.: +20¡C

Red line: +10¡C

Innovative sound and thermal insulation The insulation is polyurethane foam and has three gaskets, a wing and a frame without metal reinforcement as well as a large windowsill between the frame and the wing to ensure the highest level of insulation.

Modern design The frame and the wing feature a modern design, with flat and smooth lines providing an attractive appearance. The narrower wing ensures greater light surface of the window.

Profile excellence n Bonding inside:

109 85



Technology of gluing glass into the wing



Integrated reinforcement with glass-fibre PVC strips


n Powerdur inside:


n Foam inside:

Filling profiles with special insulation polyurethane foam


The AJM 8000 energeto profile is distinguished by three high-technology manufacture procedures that move the limits of what is possible in achieving effective thermal insulation, mechanical firmness and minimum influence on the environment. These procedures are:


A reliable and elegant guardian In line with highest norms Advanced profile construction enables the installation of the most demanding safety hardware, from the basic to the most demanding RC2 level in line with the DIN V ENV 1627-1630 standard. The hardware is resistant to corrosion, while its handling is simple and reliable regardless of its exceptional characteristics in terms of safety.

For the safety of your home The standard glass thickness (36 mm) and the special glass laminating technique (integrated glass and wing) ensure additional safety. Subsequent change of glass is also possible.

Window installation in line with the RAL standard According to the RAL standard for installation of builders’ joinery, installation is divided into three parts. The inner side crack of the window is sealed by means of a diffusion tape, the middle is insulated with polyurethane foam and a compressed tape is on the outer side. This method ensures optimum sealing between the window and the wall, thus preventing cold air from coming from outside and decreasing the energy loss. Here, the following principle applies: “The joint must be water and air-tight from the inside and water-vapour permeable from the outside.�

Innovative technique of gluing The window wing is glued to the glass. A special type of gluing mass between the wing and glass enable perfect stability of the window. Additional reinforcement is not necessary.

Technically perfected At great temperature differences in winter, condensation is created in external chambers. This is a natural reaction and is completely harmless for PVC windows. A drain for condensation water can be made in the profile front or bottom.

8 9


AJM 8000 ekskluziv nn

Total heat transfer of the window: Uw = up to 0.67 W/m2K


Total glass thickness: up to 51 mm


Sound insulation of glass: Rw= up to 51 dB


Three permanently elastic gaskets


Profile type: rounded edges


Frame and wing with steel reinforcement


Wing of the window is laminated with glass


Frame thickness: 85 mm, Window thickness: 109 mm

Monterko recommends! The window is suitable for builders of low-energy and passive houses, as it has triple protection: thermal, sound and anti-burglar.

System advantages Outer temp.: -15¡C

Blue line: ±0¡C

Inner temp.: +20¡C

Red line: +10¡C

Excellent sound and thermal insulation Wide doorframe profile, three endless seals and large sill between the frame and wing provide great heat and sound insulation.

Elastic mass gasket Permanently elastic endless gaskets ensure optimum sealing, which prevents thermal losses and noise penetrating the room. The middle gasket additionally protects the hardware from external influences.

Profile excellence The AJM 8000 ekskluziv profile is distinguished by a special concave/convex shape of edges and the steel reinforcement protected against corrosion, which ensures high and long-term stability of the window. The flat foundation between the closures

enables simpler screwing of windows through the frames. The profile is of excellent appearance and is easy to clean. Profiles can be joined in an endless number of ways and hidden condensation drainage is also possible.

A step towards perfection This is an excellent choice The AJM 8000 ekskluziv windows meet the highest standards and requirements for all who want something special. The windows are distinguished by a massive profile and aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as technical perfection. A wide range of glass can be built into the AJM windows, thus making sure we adapt to your needs in every possible way. More on glazing on page 40.

For even better insulation

even more comfort. This can be achieved with special glazing which enables the heat transfer of the window of up to 0.67 W/m2K. The window thus becomes suitable for installation in passive and low-energy houses. n The prescribed value of

Uw for passive houses amounts to ≤ 0.8 W/ m2K, and ≤ 0.9 W/m2K for low-energy houses.

Security In the AJM 8000 ekskluziv windows, alarm sensors may be installed. More on security on page 36.

Along with standard execution, a special version is also available, ensuring even better insulation, which means

Innovative adhesion technique

Prepared for additional safety

A robust frame with steel reinforcements can be stabilised additionally by means of a technique where glass is glued into the wing. A firm, insulation-reinforced window is thus prepared for even the most difficult of conditions.

The shape of the profile and the shifted groove of the hardware ensure installation of special high-performance safety bolts.

10 11


AJM 5000 nn

Total heat transfer of the window: Uw = up to 0.90 W/m2K


Total glass thickness: up to 41mm


Sound insulation of glass: Rw= up to 49 dB


Three permanently elastic gaskets


Profile type: edges with angular finish


Frame and wing with steel reinforcement


Frame thickness: 70 mm, Window thickness: 89 mm

Monterko recommends! The window is suitable for traditionally insulated buildings and apartments undergoing renovation. Upon careful selection of glass, they are also suitable for buildings that are more demanding in terms of energy.

System advantages Outer temp.: -15¡C

Blue line: ±0¡C

Inner temp.: +20¡C

Red line: +10¡C

Exceptional sound and thermal insulation Five chambers in the frame and wing, three endless gaskets made of permanently elastic material as well as a large windowsill between the frame and the wing ensure optimum thermal and sound insulation.

Modern design The frame and the window have smooth, rounded lines both on the inside and on the outside.

Profile excellence The AJM 5000 profile is distinguished by a specially designed zinced steel reinforcement profile in main chamber of frame which ensures stability and firmness due to the special form. The flat foundation between closures ensures easier screwing of windows through the frames. The profile’s outlook is splendid and is easy to clean. An indefinite number of profile joints and hidden condensate drainage is possible.

Renewal of old windows with the system AJM Frame with internal sill

Frame with external sill

This frame is constructed for modern construction window system renewal (from 1950 on, mainly windows with joined wings). With this system the old frame stays built-in. Wooden frames are partially removed to the first level of ground surface, where a new plastic frame is fitted with screws.

Frame with external sill is intended for renewals of older types of windows (gothic and renaissance style). The wooden frame stays built in and is removed only to the first level of the Wooden surfaces. Frame made of plastic is fitted from the outer side into the wooden interior Frame.

Prepared for additional safety The shifted interior of the fittings (13 mm) enable the installation of hidden and safety fittings.

Characteristics of the renewal system n Quick and clean installa-

tion; n Window grooves are not

damaged; n No masonry or paint jobs; n Optimal frame outlook; n Possibility of partial cov-

ered wooden window (depending on the make).

Additional sealing The hidden middle seal ensures total sound and heat insulation.

12 13


Basement windows 5 standard types

n 5-chamber profile (in the frame and wing) n Joint thermal transmittance (frame, wing and

glass): Uw=1,28 W/m2K n Thermal transmittance of insulating glass:

Ug=1,1 W/m2K n Joint thickness of glass: 4-16-4+gas 24 mm* n Sound transimttance of glass: Rw=32 dB n Triple sealing n Frame type: Classic profile AJM 5000 n Frame thickness: 70 mm + reinforcement n Wing thickness: 79 mm n Vitrification: transparent

* on demand – maximal width of glass is 41 mm

Window outer measures Recommended wall opening (width x height) (width x height)

Opening from left and right

1. 600 x 600 mm

620 x 650 mm


2. 800 x 600 mm

820 x 650 mm


3. 1000 x 600 mm

1020 x 650 mm


4. 800 x 800 mm

820 x 850 mm


5. 1000 x 800 mm

1020 x 850 mm


Monterko recommends! For all, who want to use basement rooms to the maximum – for recreation, work or hobby the system offers cost and time reduction in planning.

System advantages

Aesthetic outlook



The window is white on both sides and looks the same as the windows for accommodation spaces AJM 5000.

The windows are designed based on rotation and leaning opening system.

The window is due to the high quality plastic resistant to all environmental influences and humidity. The reinforcement profiles improve the stability of the window.


Barn window

AJM patent

4 standard types

n 3 chambers system (frame) n Joint thickness of glass: 6 mm single

wired glass or poly-acryl glass (Lexan) 6 mm n Sealing: single gasket n Frame type: AJM 2000 n Frame thickness: 60 mm n Joint thickness of glass: 60 mm n Glazing: Wired glass or poly-acryl glass

Outer measures Opening

(width x height)

1. 800 x 500

Recommended wall opening

Wired Lexan

(width x height)

glass glass

820 x 520

4 4 White or RAL


Monterko recommends! one-wing

2. 1000 x 600

1020 x 620

4 4 White or RAL


3. 1000 x 800

1020 x 820

4 4 White or RAL


4. 1200 x 1000

1220 x 1020

4 4 White or RAL


5. Your choice

Your choice

4 4 White or RAL

Two or one-wing

For all, who want to give their domestic animals comfort and warmth, which they enjoy themselves.

System advantages

Glazing of your choice

Joining of profiles


Stable windows are glazed with one wired glass or heat insulating poly-acryl glass.

Vertical and horizontal joining of profiles is possible, which brings more light and ventilation to your stable.

Stable windows AJM are distinguished by a multi-degree lean opening.

Removal of the wing without tools Stainless framework has been used for the stable windows which enables very fast removal of wings.

14 15

16 17


Windows in colour Live life in colour. The newest technological solutions of PVC profile colouring, let you meet the most demanding wishes. The right colour can be chosen to fit architectural as well as personal demands.

PVC windows in a variety of colours New colouring technology The technologically advanced varnishing line enables us to apply different colours to the PVC according to the customers’ wishes. The colours are available in the RAL scale. An ecologically friendly water-based paint is used

on the windows and doors which is friendlier than other paints. You can also choose the foiling technique. It is a technological process of hot gluing of Renolit plastic films in different colours and various colour imitations of wood.

The RAL colour spectre.

The basic colour of windows is white. But you can choose between a wide variety of colours from the RAL palette in more than 250 colours, a combination of multiple colours on one window is also possible. Let us know about your choice in colour and we will fulfil your wishes.

ALU covering profile for special aesthetic effects The RAL colour spectre With all the advantages of the standard version it is possible to attach an aluminium colour profile on the outside of the plastic window, which provides a great variety of outer colour contrasts. The roundness of the profiles enables a tight joint with the window and maximal light input. The outer aluminium profiles can be coloured according to your choice in the RAL scale. This gives additional support to the window, a 3 mm gap between the aluminium and

window essentially improves the insulation of the window and gives an imperceptible fusion of two different materials. The combination of plastic and ALU cover profiles enables pleasant living conditions, resistance to weather conditions, minimal maintenance. It satisfies the needs of the customer as well as the architect and investor. The ALU-cover profile can be combined with all AJM PVC window systems.

Classic profile, white inside and covered in the ALU cover profile on the outside, combined with the RAL colour system.

Four colour combinations for your PVC windows Outside

Coloured profile*


Standard white profile*


Standard white profile

* the combination is also available for the ALU cover profile


Coloured profile


Coloured profile


Coloured profile



The frame in one colour and the wing of a different colour outside or inside.

18 19

DECOR colour system

Standard DECOR / Mahogany No. MA 05

Standard DECOR / Oak No. NB 27

Standard DECOR / Golden oak No. GO 23

Standard DECOR / Oak – amaretto No. WA 29

Standard DECOR / Dark green No. MGR 43

Standard DECOR / Brown No. MB 45

Standard DECOR / Antracite gray No. AGG 60

Standard DECOR / Gray without structure No. TGG 61

Non-standard DECOR / Oak – terra No. WT 28

Non-standard DECOR / Oregon III No. OR3 15

Non-standard DECOR / Dark red No. RO 32

Non-standard DECOR / Metallic blue No. SBL 41

Non-standard DECOR / Cream white No. CW 50

Non-standard DECOR / Birch No. BRK 52

Non-standard DECOR / Basalt gray No. BGG 62

The colours on the leaflet aren›t comparable to the real-life colours because of print deviation.

Standard DECOR / Gray ALU No. ALU 63

20 21

Materials, which follow innovations, classic make and reliable delivery. A wide selection in one place. For homes and offices. The AJM ALU programme is definitely a good choice.

ALU programme What can be done with ALU profiles

Why choose ALU builders’ joinery?

A wide selection of different high-quality ALU profiles from our offer enables us to adjust the builders’ joinery to every customer’s wishes and needs – from changing one-wing windows to the most advanced facade glazing. The elegance of ALU builders’ joinery is suitable for renewal of old buildings and modern architectural solutions.

A long lifespan, simple maintenance, resilience to outer influences and bruising as well as excellent heat and Sound transimttance are definitely characteristics which cannot be overseen. A wide selection of RAL colour tones ensures that you will find the one of your choice. The production of ALU builders’ joinery is in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2008.


Used ALU profile

One-wing windows

Lift & slide doors

Slide & leaning doors

Folding doors

Balcony doors

Special ALU-profile versions Anti-burglar and bulletproof system

Fire protection system

Certified AJM W70 FP - EI30 fire-proof door profile

Ever more frequently, architectural planning takes into account the highest safety standards that require installation of the best materials available on the market. For fire safety projects, we make fireproof doors with glazing above or on the side, which bear the certificate of conformity issued by the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute. An insulated (EI 30) and noninsulated (E 30) profile model is available.

Bulletproof protection on the outer front side of the ALU-profile

In certain environments, and in buildings intended for a specific purpose, safety against criminal and vandalism represents a necessary part of the building’s equipment. You can rest assured that our company will organise the highest level of security for your needs. For WicLine 65EVO and 75EVO window systems and WicStyle 65EVO and 75EVO door systems, we have safety hardware (RC2), anti-burglar and bulletproof glass as well as bulletproof profile protection (Cat. FB4).

22 23


WicLine 75 EVO The advantage of the profile is a better thermal break of the heat bridge, where the additional thermal insulation improves the insulation parameters even further.

n Profiles with thermal bridge breaks n Total thermal transfer Uw= up to 0.79 W/m2K n Thermal conductivity of the insulating glass

Ug= up to 0.4 W/m2K n Sound insulation of the insulating glass Rw= up to 47 dB n Total thickness of glass up to 70 mm n Permanently elastic gaskets n Frame thickness 75 mm; wing thickness 85 mm n Hardware: one-handed, combined with handle

Monterko recommends! ALU-builders’ joinery suitable for installation in buildings that are more demanding in terms of energy.

System advantages Improved insulation With a diverse range of thermal insulation glass, the profile width of 75 mm with a thermal bridge break enables us to achieve higher values of thermal insulation of elements. By choosing the WicLine 75 EVO profile, we can achieve total heat transfer of up to Uw=0.79 W/m2K.

An elegant and reliable guardian The hardware features a modern design and is durable at the same time. Its colour is standard silver. The hardware enables opening around the horizontal axis (above-in or below-out), around the vertical axis or a combination of both. The total glass thickness of up to 70 mm (wing) or 60

mm (fixed element) enables us to insert various security, anti-vandal, anti-burglar and bulletproof types of glass. A thoughtful design of ALU-profiles enables an execution of fire-resistant or fireproof elements without any major interventions in the profile.

WicLine 65 EVO The advantage of an insulated profile is in the thermal break of the heat bridge which is achieved with a special material polyamide which separates the outer and inner part of the ALU profile. With this we achieve a very good sound and heat insulation of the joint element. n Profile with heat bridge thermal break n Joint thermal transmittance Uw= up to 0,88 W/m2K n Thermal transmittance of insulated glass Ug= up to 0,4  W/m2K n Sound transmittance of the insulation glass Rw= up to 47 dB n Joint thickness of glass up to 59 mm n Permanently elastic gaskets n Frame thickness 65 mm, wing thickness 75 mm n Fittings: One-hand combined with handle

Monterko recommends! For all who want sustainability of solidness and aesthetics of ALU profiles at a reasonable price.

System advantages Profile advantages The profile Wicline 65EVO is made of three chambers. The inner and outer chamber is joined by a polyamide core reinforced by glass fibres. This enables the thermal break of thermal flow from the outside in and vice versa.

A reliable and elegant guardian The framework has a modern design and durability. The colour of the framework is standard silver. The framework enables opening on the horizontal axle (above – in or below – out), on the vertical axle or a combination of all. Joint thickness of glass up to 59 mm (wing) i.e. 49 mm (fixed element) enables the

build in of various safety, vandal and brake in safe and bullet-proof glass. The innovative design of ALU profiles enable the build in of fireproof and fire safe elements without much ado.

The firmness of the elements A special principle of ALU profile makeup with injection-gluing of all corners enables firmness of ALU products.

Comfort Eloxation and dust colouring according to the RAL scale enables a wide selection of colour tones, easy cleaning and maintenance of the surfaces.

24 25


WicLine 50EN For less pretentious buildings we offer elements of ALU profile WICLINE 50EN without thermal break of the heat bridge. This product is most suitable for industrial premises, storehouses, partition walls, various inner elements – where heat insulation isn’t the priority. n Profiles without thermal bridge break n Joint thickness of glass up to 43 mm n Permanently elastic gaskets n Frame thickness 50 mm, wing thickness 60 mm n Fittings: One-hand combined with handle

Monterko recommends! Intended for internal partition walls or less energy pretentious buildings.

System advantages Composition

Universal applicability

The AJM Wicline 50EN profile is composed of one chamber without thermal bridge break. The profile makeup ensures high stability of manufactured materials and low weight.

The framework has a modern design and durability. The colour of the framework is standard silver. The framework enables opening on the horizontal axle (above – in or below – out) The Wicline 50EN profile products are intended for installation inside buildings as partition walls or where no heat insulation is needed.

Joint thickness of glass up to 43 mm (wing) i.e. 33 mm (fixed elements) enables us to build in different safety or decorative glass.

Solidity The AJM Wicline 50EN profile is composed of one chamber without thermal bridge break. The profile makeup ensures high stability of manufactured materials and low weight.

Adaptability The width of 50 mm enables us simple construction and combinations with other systems (i.e. two-part slide window and side fixed elements).

Perfection in aluminium ALU - Vrata WicStyle When you need more than simply a door The doors are distinguished by high-quality hardware, while massive hinges are eloxated and coloured according to the RAL colour scale. They are available in numerous models and excel in compactness and firmness and close perfectly. You can choose between one-wing or two-wing doors, and between those with glazing above or on the sides. They feature a narrow frame and have an excellent safety cylindrical lock. The AJM WicStyle 88E must be pointed out especially, as it is distinguished by a massive 88 mm profile with rounded edges. The typical firmness and resiliency of ALU-profiles thus mirrors the aesthetic of PVC profiles in a superior manner.

Glass facades New architectural trends demand new solutions New trends in architecture demand ever greater glass surfaces on the outer walls of buildings. In other terms – glass facades. Indefinite possibilities of design and size of walls; arc and inclined forms, round glass domes, winter gardens are all easily designed using Wicona aluminium profiles.

AJM WicStyle 50EN

AJM WicStyle 65 EVO


AJM WicStyle 75 EVO

AJM WicStyle 88E

26 27

Express your lifestyle with wood furnishing. Using protective aluminium cover profiles is one way to link traditional and contemporary lifestyles. In any case, the AJM wooden windows are the perfect choice for low-energy and passive houses.

WOOD Programme Inspired by the oldest building material

Perfection lies in attention to detail

Today wood again gaining in importance since it is a natural raw material and as such environment-friendly. Beside its ecological value, its increasing popularity can be attributed to its physical and aesthetic properties. The first means good heat insulation, regulation of air moisture, and long service; the latter, however, means that, aesthetically, wood satisfies all our senses: it is pleasant to the touch, has a benevolent natural scent, incorporates the beauty of natural patterns and colours, and as such creates a harmonic habitat.

The resurfaced popularity of natural materials dictated that, with the next step, we need to offer wood furnishing which will pursue consistency and strive for perfection in every detail. We have thus developed a window of outstanding properties which also suits the needs of an energy-saving and passive construction. Our modern wooden windows AJM are made of the best materials and with state-of-the-art manufacture and information systems technologies.

We would like to offer only the best At the forefront of our philosophy is quality which is the cornerstone of our approach to the development of the AJM wooden window. The development was taken up with due-diligence and in accordance with the guidelines of ift Rosenheim, the leading European institute for builders’ joinery. The wooden window which was the fruit of our knowledge and long-established experience with windows and doors manufacture was designated AJM pasiv 90, while the version with aluminium cover profiles was designated AJM pasiv 90ALU. Our wish is to offer the best from the field of plastic, aluminium, and

wooden windows, which is why the AJM pasiv 90 is already proving to be the future trend in the field of wooden windows. For it, we have chosen the best materials, the latest tools, and state-of-the-art technology which enable us to turn intermediate products into the wooden window of many advantages.

A feel for wood Each wooden part is processed very carefully and gently in each manufacturing stage. Your window will be manufactured with great accuracy and on latest tools which provide precise treatment of intermediate products and high level of safety and ergonomics for the employees.

The harmony of function and aesthetics – to your taste For the manufacture of the AJM pasiv 90 windows, we have chosen only first-class pineand larch-wood which are held to be one of the most durable types of wood. Pine has a characteristic yellowish and larch reddish to red-brown hue.

Every windows is unique In addition to the technical characteristics of the profile, the window also has to fulfil its aesthetic function which is why it will be donned in the colour of your choice, taking into consideration

your room, equipment, or surroundings. The function and aesthetics are combined into the choice of material, shape and size of the window, opening mechanism, accessories, and possible combinations. The components of the fittings that make the window completely functional and safe.


Larch Colour specimens are symbolic


State-of-the-art technology without compromise

28 29

WOOD Programme

AJM pasiv 90 nn

Suitable for low-energy and passive houses*


Total heat transfer: Uw = up to 0.72 W/m2K


Glass glued into the window casement


Hidden fittings (hinges are not visible)


Glass sealing with dry sealing gaskets


Total glass thickness up to 54 mm


High-insulation bar for installing windowsills


Frame thickness up to 90 mm, total frame and casement width of 103 mm

*By choosing the right insulation glass

Monterko recommends! Passive wooden window of outstanding properties which also suits the needs of an energysaving and passive construction.

System advantages Suitable for passive houses

Four-layer paint protection

With the selection of proper insulation glass, the AJM pasiv 90 window is a suitable solution for passive and low-energy construction.

The four-layer paint coating protects the window from harmful environmental exposure. At the same time, it is given the desired colour look and gloss.

The best quality glued wood

Optimal profile width and height

For the manufacture of the AJM pasiv90 windows, we use only the best quality wood which is stored with care, while its quality is strictly controlled according to physical and aesthetic criteria.

Low profiles, having the same height at all sides, provide the glass with up to 10% more space, thus enabling greater incidence of light into the room.

WOOD-ALU Programme

ALU AJM pasiv 90 nn

Suitable for low-energy and passive houses*


Total heat transfer: Uw = up to 0.72 W/m2K


Glass glued into the window casement


Hidden fittings (hinges are not visible)


Glass sealing with dry sealing gaskets


Total glass thickness up to 60 mm


High-insulation bar for installing windowsills


Frame thickness up to 90 mm, total frame and casement width of 103 mm

*By choosing the right insulation glass

Monterko recommends! The protective aluminium profiles are appropriate for a more modern architecture type of buildings which are installed on the outer side of the wooden window. Alongside modern look, this also gives a more robust window protection and a wide variety of colours for cover profiles.

System advantages Hidden Siegenia fittings The hidden fittings of the renowned global manufacturer Siegenia are a standard equipment of the window. The function of the hidden fittings is that the hinges for opening windows are not visible when the window is closed.

Glass sealing with dry sealing gaskets On the inner side of the glass there is a dry sealing gasket which, unlike silicone, gives the window an aesthetically harmonized look. We have used the sealing gaskets of the top-notch manufacturer Deventer.

Gluing the glass into the casement

Insulation bars for installing windowsills

The mechanical strength and the increased insulation are achieved with the aid of modern technology of gluing the glass into the casement. This gives the casement additional stability so it doesn’t sink and maintains a millimetre-accurate shape.

Each window is equipped with a high-insulation bar for installing windowsills which, alongside improved insulation, provides a stable position of the window in the window opening and better installation of windowsills.

30 31

A winter fairytale in your home. With AJM winter gardens you can arrange living in a prestige winter resort, in the summer you can escape the humidity and sun.

Winter gardens A unique product for unique living A winter garden is a unique product. That is the reason why the wishes of the customer and architectural demands of the building have to be incorporated into the initial stage of planning. Winter gardens are a special living area where we spend a lot of time and we have to give thought to several factors in the planning stage; correct shading, cooling, heating, ventilation, etc. We are the leading manufacturer of winter gardens in this part of Europe.

Basic types of winter gardens

Walls of winter gardens

Roofs of winter gardens




You can choose between the following profiles:

We offer all types of opening mechanisms available within the AJM company sales range (slide, rotating, slanting, folding).

(a combination of aluminium, PVC-profiles and steel)

AJM 8000 energeto速 Uw= up to 0,60 W/m2K AJM 8000 ekskluziv Uw= up to 0,67 W/m2K AJM 5000 Uw= up to 0,90 W/m2K

Glazing All types of glass available within the AJM company sales range can be installed in the winter garden walls.

AJM 8000 energeto速

Shades It is also possible to install different types of shades, both the indoor and the outdoor kind (blinds, marquees, pleats, screens, shutters).

AJM 8000 ekskluziv

AJM 5000

ALU-INOUTIC profile (with load-bearing hot-dip galvanised construction with PVCcover profiles).

Glazing All types of glass from the AJM sales range can be installed in winter garden roofs.

All roof windows are executed with safety glass, which is comprised of a combination of tempered and laminated glass. The winter garden roofs are finished with PVC- and ALU water gutters.

32 33

We recommend

Choose from one of the innovations which we have prepared and make yourself the utmost enjoyment of living in your dream garden. n Special sunscreen win-

dows RX SUN Vision 50 (light permeability is only 31% of sun energy). n A special varnish for self-

n A wide selection of colour

profiles (wood dツ残or and colours from the RAL scale). n Ventilation system Ren-

son. n 3-D projection of winter

gardens (attaching the winter garden to the existing building).

Ventilation system Renson

cleaning of glass. n Snow stoppers n Stress marquis with a

special UV resistant linen in combination with a weather station and electric drive.

Ventilation system Renson

Hand control

Vent system Renson

We also recommend the installation of the venting system Renson. Vents are installed on the bottom of the winter garden and different turbines on the roof with the capacity of air exchange from 300 to 715 m3 of air in one hour with hand or automatic control.

A representation of Renson system operation

Ventilation turbine Renson

34 35

Glass roof shades

The most efficient shades of roof glazing Roof marquises are the most effective shades of roof glazing with special UV resistant fabric in combination with a weather station and electric drive. The special roof fabric Soltis reflects 95% of the sun’s energy. You can choose between a wide palette of colours.

Let’s design your winter garden together Planning with the use of computer technology A new era and new technologies have brought us toward the service which will help you in presenting and planning your new winter garden. With the use of new program software we can make a 3 D visualization of your new winter garden on your own house. All we need is a picture of your building.

36 37

Leave your worries by the front door. AJM offers an extensive range of various front door models with PVC or aluminium as their basic material. We guarantee safety, reliability and top quality of each and every product.

Doors A unique opportunity for a perfect first impression

The choice starts with deciding between ALU and PVC

The entrance door is that part of the house or flat which gives the first impression of its owner. Take your time and make the right decision. The company AJM offers a wide selection of different entrance door models which will satisfy the least and the most demanding customers.

For rooms with more traffic, where doors are opened more frequently, we recommend aluminium doors. They are distinguished by supreme firmness, sealing and a high quality framework. The PVC doors are made entirely by the company AJM. You can conceive your own doors and we will gladly find a common solution which we can manufacture.

PVC doors AJM 11 reasons why choose AJM doors 01 A variety of models 02 Different combinations of shapes 03 4-tube system with metal reinforcement in the core 04 Superb stability 05 Made according to your wishes




06 A wide selection of glass 07 A wide selection of handles and other accessories 08 High quality framework 09 High security level 10 Possible combinations with lighting above and on the side 11 Many price ranges



A range of combinations

Safe and effective

The entrance doors manufactured entirely in AJM are made of crossbars put horizontally, vertically and aslant. Many combinations of fillers and glass are possible. Glass order of your choice. All customers can choose their type of doors, if they are in accordance with technological limitations.

Your new entrance door is made of four chamber tube PVC profiles which are reinforced with zinced metal profiles in the middle and have a double sealing. The locking is threefold in height – two times with a massive hook. The handle offers as a standard a safety shield with the screws on the inside. The safety cylindrical lock has three keys. The door hinges are massive but look neat. Dimension wise we



can produce all doors upon order; but we are somewhat restrained regarding dimensions in some models. You can choose from different models of entrance doors, distinguished by shape and price. The doors can open in- or outward. The entrance doors can be with one or two wings.

A massive bolts for entrance doors

38 39

Premium Front doors with fillers Here, the doorframe, doorpost and hardware are completely the same as with the AJM models, but shapes are determined by means of the chosen filler. Exclusively for Slovenia, we offer fillers by RODENBERG, a German manufacturer. A wide range of shapes is available with something to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Therefore, models are classified by different types, namely Premium, Medium and Rofex, which differ by the method of treatment and structure.

















These fillers allow numerous glass shapes ranging from semi-circular and oval to multi-angular, as well as the use of various materials and glass colours. Fillers can be installed in two ways, namely by inserting them into the wing or gluing them onto the wing itself, whereby the wing is completely covered from the outside.










Trend 7406

Zmagoviti 2

Zmagoviti 3


Royal 1

Royal 2

Royal 3



ALU doors The ALU doors are distinguished by outstanding hardness and compactness, an excellent closing, sealing and quality framework. They are obtainable in different models, colour tones according to the RAL scale or different eloxated versions. The ALU hinges and wings are manufactured from three different profiles: n WicStyle 50EN n WicStyle 65EVO n WicStyle 75EVO n WicStyle 88E The profiles are dealt with in detail on page 25 under ALU programmes.

40 41

We would like to do all we can to make your home safe and pleasant. The AJM windows and doors have been refined to the degree that you can depend on the elements one-hundred percent.

Safety for all

Security levels for hardware

Hardware WINKHAUS tradition and quality

Basic hardware (2 security locks)

The windows and doors are equipped with the hardware Winkhaus which has high quality status. The hardware ensures simple product use and optimal sealing with a long lifespan. All our products are equipped with standard frames and handles, you can choose from a wide variety of additional offers.

Silver hardware colour The hardware is in silver and matches well with the other parts of windows and doors. It gives the appearance of perfection and harmony. The materials are durable, resistant to minor bruising and ecologically safe. RC1 according to DIN V ENV 1627

Elegant final design Parts of the hardware are designed highly aesthetically, nothing is left to chance. The visible parts of the hardware are standard white or brown or covered in polychrome caps on the outer parts of

the hardware. The hardware is hidden in the element profile and doesn’t affect the appearance.

Safety and ventilation Our hardware offers excellent reliability already in the basic offer with the possibility of the utmost security. Our windows offer a multistage regulation of the wing – the regulation is automatically regulated – from the 1st to the 5th level so you can control the ventilation even in your absence.

Parallel opening You can also chose a hardware which enables the so-called parallel opening so that the wing is opened parallel to the frame 6 mm on all four axles which enables the maximal flow of air at a minimal gap between wing and frame which enables optimal break-in safety with an open window – Security level 1.

RC2 according to DIN V ENV 1627

Long distance safety

It is wise to use the new achievements in this area of technology mainly for addi-

Hardware with parallel opening

Parallel opening for ventilation and safety.

Sensor control opening

Modern surveillance systems enable simultaneous video surveillance on the screen of a PC and the ground plan of separate floors with graphics representations of lights, blinds, doors, fire flaps and the control over them.

Silver hardware

tional safety of your home or business space. These elements are suitable for connecting with a security service and workplace. An additional feature is controlled opening of windows at night. This is natural ventilation which saves cooling energy at day.

42 43

Remote control of windows

Types of closures

Maximal comfort

Rotary or slope opening

If you do not or cannot open the windows by hand, you can order a mechanism which will do the work for you. With the use of a handle or lever at the touch of your hand which is installed

on the lower side or with the use of an electric motor. A nicely designed remote or switch at hand will assist you.

Slope opening with the help of the handle

Slope opening with the help of the electric motor

Infant closure

Classic closure

“Mushroom” closure

Windows in higher floors and those reaching to the ground were designed with children in mind. There is a danger of children opening these windows or leaning over them. With the installation of an infant closure this option is ruled out. With the built in safeguard we can allow only slope opening or it can be unlocked to allow normal opening. The closure hey is universal and can be used for several closures.

It is a part of mechanism which is hidden inside the closures of windows and has a chain connection (closing bolts are imbedded in the frame from all four sides). With the help of a window handle the classical closures are easily shifted between the bolts ensuring the position of choice – closed, rotary – opened or slope – opened. The bolts can be manually adjusted thus controlling the sealing of windows.

It is a safer way of closing windows with special bolts. The form resembles a mushroom – hence the name. When the window is in closed position the ’mushroom’ closure is totally caught in the closure in the frame – this prevents the opening of windows at burglaries. Using these closures it is possible to achieve different safety levels, the safety is increased with the number and position of closures.

The mechanism together with the hardware is installed so only slope opening separately or slope/ rotary opening with the system Ergo is possible.

Nicely designed and pleasant to the touch Windows

White handle

Silver handle

Mate brass handle

White handle with key

Polished brass handle

Brunated brass handle

Mate brass handle With safety button

Silver handle ALU programme


White handle

Knob brunated brass

Handle silver matte

Brunated brass handle

INOX handle 9022

Brunated brass handle 0702

INOX handle 9038

Polished brass handle 0708

INOX handle 9039

White handle 0744

INOX handle 9040

Bronze handle 0761

44 45

Glazing We want to keep loud parties and intimate moments to ourselves. With proper glazing, sound and heat insulation this will be possible. Get to know our offer to make a better choice. With the right decision you will save up to 36 % a year.

An important insulator U = Thermal transmittance coefficient The coefficient of thermal transmittance defines the amount of heat energy which is conducted through the surface of 1 m2 in a certain time period and a temperature change of 1K. The smaller the U value, the better the thermal insulation. AJM windows are distinguished by Uw values from 1,30 in double-layered and 0,60 W/m2K in three-layered glass.

Rw= Sound transmittance The bigger Rw the better sound transimttance. Simply put: better sound

transmittance by 10 dB means to cut noise in half. AJM windows have the coefficient of sound transimttance 27 to 51 dB.

AJM standard We have made an effort for you – we offer a glass with I4-16-I4, Ug= 1,1 W/m2K, Rw=32 dB as a standard. This can be achieved by filling the space between glass with argon. The windows are in accordance with the crediting programme of the Ecological fund of Republic of Slovenia.

AJM 5000 Heat transfer of the glass

Energy transfer

Permeability of light

Glazing spacer factor*

Heat transfer of the window

Ug (W/m2K)



Psi (W/mK)

Uw (W/m2K)




































1,30 0,04


1,23 1,24

0,04 0,07

1,16 1,17

0,04 0,07

1,10 1,04



AJM 8000 ekskluziv Heat transfer of the glass

Energy transfer

Permeability of light

Glazing spacer factor*

Heat transfer of the window

Ug (W/m2K)



Psi (W/mK)

Uw (W/m2K)






































1,24 0,04


1,17 1,17












0,76 0,032


0,74 0,69



AJM 8000 energeto®

U = Coefficient of thermal conduction Rw = Sound transimttance

Heat transfer of the glass

Energy transfer

Permeability of light

Glazing spacer factor*

Heat transfer of the window

Ug (W/m2K)



Psi (W/mK)

Uw (W/m2K)








1,17 0,04

































0,032 0,04

0,83 0,032


0,81 0,69

0,032 0,04

0,67 0,62


*The value of 0.07=standard ALU spacer, 0.04=PVC spacer, 0.032 thermal insulation spacer With suitable glazing, the sound protection factor can amount to Rw=46 dB

Note: the data for the table given according to standard DIN EN 10077. the values can differ from actual values.



46 47

Sound insulation glass

Glass Type

4 16 argon I4

6 16 argon I4

8 16 argon I44.2 stratophone

10 16 argon I44.2 stratophone

44.2 stratophone 16 argon 66.2 stratophone

44.2 stratophone 20 argon 66.2 stratophone

68.1 stratophone 24 argon 44.1 stratophone

Heat transfer of the glass Ug (W/m2K)








Sound insulation of the glass Rw (dB)








Different types of glass Thermo insulating glass


Thermo-protective glass helps improve your living conditions, reduce the energy consumption and help reduce toxic gas emissions.

This glass is glass distinguished by high tolerance to extreme temperatures and fire. Useful when the windows are exposed to these extreme conditions.

Paving glass A special make of glass ensures that the glass surface holds enormous pressures, even of several people at once.

Safety The glass is thermally treated with increased resistance to temperature change and grater impact and bending solidity.

The difference is in the composition Glued glass is composed of two or more glass plates. The difference is that it does not brake upon impact – it ensures additional safety. Hardened glass forms a web of small rounded particles upon impact.

Multiple wall polycarbonate plates They are used for vitrification of winter garden walls, jut-

ting roofs, vitrification of gardens and panoramic walls. Lexan Thermoclear panels are impact resistant and save energy. According to the number of walls you can choose between two, three, four, five and six-wall panels which enable different degrees of thermal insulation. A five-wall panel 22 mm thick achieves thermal conductivity of U=1,5 W/m2K.

Good light transmission The transparent plates transmit from 44 to 84 % of light – depending on the thickness and structure of the plates. Because of high bruise and impact resistance there is no risk of hail, movement of

Polycarbonate glass

constructions and various other influences. Regarding combustibility the polycarbonate plates Lexane Thermoclear are in the 1st quality rank.

Reflex glass Shielded from light and view

Stopsol supersilver clear

Stopsol classic clear

Stopsol supersilver darkblue

Stopsol classic gray

Stopsol supersilver green

Stopsol supersilver gray

Alt deutsch white

Rosa white


Delta white

Silvit white

Mastercare white

Colour specimens are symbolic

If light coming through glass or nosy looks from your neighbours are bothering you we have a solution. Mirror i.e. reflex glass are available in different types colour tones and intensity of light reflection.

Ornament glass Shielded from light and view

Colour specimens are symbolic

Glass fitted to AJM products can be very special – they can have a special structure. You can choose the right ornament glass for the perfect effect of your choice from our wide selection.

48 49

Shades Show only what you want and let in as much light as you like. AJM shades will dim and adorn your home. Your windows and glass will be protected from weather, the home will be additionally thermally and sound insulated.

Internal shades Reasonable and practical Inner shades are classic and practical shades. They are manufactured from quality aluminium lamellas which ensure the durability of shape and colour. Fitted inside the window frame they can be discrete, with the choice of colour they can give the room a unique accent. They are distinguished by a long lifespan. You can choose between 16 mm, 25 mm and IZO design shades.

IZO design

Colour specimens are symbolic

This is the newest design of internal shades. They are distinguished by an aesthetically designed carriing cornice which blends well with the modern form of the window profiles. The lamellas are designed without visible holes for the strings which results in complete closure.




Choose your colour

The installation is quick and easy. The shades have a detachable ALU cap on top which covers the window batten and shade.

Adjustment with an endless string which can be used for the regulation of sloping (light transmission) and lifting / lowering of shades.

The composition of the shades enables the preparation for different shapes of windows. Now round and triangular windows can be shaded.

The shades can be manufactured in different colour tones. We are sure you will find the right one for you.

50 51


External blinds Effective protection External blinds are used for shading business buildings and individual houses in modern architecture. They offer no-tier regulation of light input; they protect the windows against external influences and prevent the heating of glass surfaces. The profiles, lamellas and side guides are made from aluminium. The lamellas are reinforced and available in different colours.

Lamellas 60 or 80 mm wide (System R and T) They are raised and lowered in much the same way as the internal blinds. We regulate the incline and raise/lower the lamellas from the inside. They are available in many colours.

System R

System T

Choose your colour

Up to

System T


The external shades are distinguished by high heat insulation – they reflect 92 % of sunlight. This accounts also for a longer lifespan and outlook of the builders’ joinery.

010 – white

140 – alu- silver

780 – bronze

130 – gray

RAL – 9007

071 – brown

240 – beige

DB – 703

220 – green

720 – yellow

RAL – 7016

040 – blue

Colour specimens are symbolic

Longer lifespan of builders’ joinery

Pleated curtains For glass surfaces of various shapes The gentle fabric is fixed, harmonica-shaped, to the inner side of the window and combines the softness of curtains with the practical aspects typical of inner blinds. Pleated curtains are also special because we can use them in an aesthetically pleasing manner on windows of irregular shapes. Their neutral decorative appearance is suitable both for business and private residential spaces. In addition, they provide excellent shading in winter gardens. The light of the space can be regulated by pulling the curtain down, lifting it up, or by moving it in both directions.

Various shades of colour To a great extent, our well-being depends on the ambience created, besides shapes and mostly by colours. In choosing your pleated curtains, you should therefore carefully select the fabric colours that are available in numerous shades. The fabrics are very durable, easy to clean and have a long useful life.

Choose your colour

Light regulation is possible by means of moving the panel upwards, downwards or in both directions. Care must also be applied when choosing the fabric, as different kinds darken and colour a certain space in different ways.

Besides colour, fabrics also differ by the way their surface is treated. Metallised fabrics are more effective in reflecting heat and light. Materials for complete black-out effect are also available.

Colour samples are symbolic.

Simple regulation of light

52 53


Standard shades Total darkening of the room Standard shades are shades which provide total darkening of a room. We also achieve additional sound (up to 10 dB) and heat insulation (25 % in the winter). Shades shield your rooms against insects and dirt. Special attention has been given to the smooth and almost silent movement of the lamellas. The ventilation is possible when the shades are closed with the help of air notches between the lamellas. The shades can be combined with an electric motor and brake-in protection.

Additional insect protection Shades enable the simultaneous installation of mosquito nets which protect you from annoying insects.

Shutter casing above the window The shutter casing is installed above the window and can only be seen from the inside, where the repair is performed.

Internal standard shutter above the plaster

Internal shutter under the plaster

The lamellas are filled with polyurethane foam which gives additional sound and heat insulation. The colours are applied with dust technique from the RAL or Decor scale. The lamellas are hard and resistant to bruising.


Light gray


Aluminium gray

Anthracite gray



Dark beige




Light oak

Golden oak



Colour specimens are symbolic

ALU lamellas

Mini shades Advantages of mini shades The mini shutter is installed on the outer side which additionally improves the insulation of the window itself. The cap and guides of the shades are made of drawn aluminium. The colour of the casing and guides can be white, brown or according to the customers’ wishes and the RAL scale. The guides have gaskets for improved insulation; they prevent the lamellas to rumble upon raising/ lowering. The base is made of 8 angled straight zinced sheet metal with bearings left and right.

Mini shutter casing in front of the window The casing is installed in front of the window – the repair is performed from the outside. With this installation of shades the small and neat casings (17,2 x 17,5 cm or 14,2 x 14,5cm) save the light input.

Exterior under-plaster shades

Exterior above-plaster shades

They are used mainly for new constructions where we can conceal the casing with the plaster. A specially designed profile enables the treating of the casing with the facade. This also allows the opening of the casing upon repair.

They are mainly used in substituting the existent windows with old shades or on buildings with no previous shades. The casing is aesthetically designed so as not to worsen the exterior appearance.

Exterior under-plaster shades with integrated mosquito net

Exterior above-plaster shades with integrated mosquito net

The shutter casing is similar to the classical type with the addition of an mosquito net and extra guide. The mosquito net is hidden inside the casing, behind the shutter lamellas. This enables us to be safe against nosy looks of neighbours and insects.

A double guide and a broader casing are the characteristics of shades with built in mosquito net. With additional line in framework we can install all kinds of mosquito nets: Klipsonet, vertical, horizontal and slide nets.

54 55


PVC shutters An important addition to windows The shutters on your house are not only traditional heritage. They can be an important addition to the exterior of the building. They are a very effective shade and in some cases even an indispensable protection against weather and break-in. The shutters can be designed with fixed or movable lamellas in different designs and colours. The movable lamellas enable the intake of light and ventilation of the room. The plastic-coated quality framework enables a wide angle of opening from the inside and outside.

PVC shutter system sks – movable lamellas

n Fixed lamellas

n Bending lamellas

n Air slots between the la-

n Three-stage regulation of

mellas, air flows through also with shut shutters n Metal reinforcement of

frame and lamellas n Air slot between the win-

dow and shutters

opening n Metal reinforcement of

frame and lamellas n Air slot between the win-

dow and shutters n No open air slots when

the lamellas are closed

Choose your structure

Colour specimens are symbolic the colour of the shutters can differ from the colour of the windows

PVC shutter system sks – fixed lamellas

ALU shutters Light and effective shutters New technologies of production and striving for better efficiency, even better look and additional features of shutters have brought us to refine the ALU shutter shading programme. They have their own frame for complete sealing between window and shutter. Irregular forms are possible. The shutters can be made in irregular forms (inclined, semicircular).

ALU shutters with fixed lamellas

ALU shutters with movable lamellas

Additional safety for your home

Choose your colour


n Fixed lamellas

n Bending lamellas

n Air slots between the la-

n Pleasant design and su-

mellas, air flows through also with shut shutters. n Pleasant design and su-

perb stability

perb stability n ALU frame for complete

sealing n Three stage regulation of


The unique composition of the profiles and type of makeup ensure high breakin safety.


Irregardless of the make the aluminium profiles are dust coloured according to the RAL scale with three basic colours: white, brown and green.

Colour specimens are symbolic


56 57


Shade control Control of blinds The control of outer blinds is done by mono-control or electric drive.

Control of shutters The standard control of all kinds of internal shutters is a winding tape or, if requested, a mono-control or electric drive and remote.

Automatic shade control For greater comfort choose the appropriate amount of light at work or leisure. You can raise or lower one or more shades at a time with the touch of a button. You can install one or more blinds at once with a timer or the use of the appropriate controls.

Winding tape

Mono-control for hand control

Regulation of light penetration with blinds

Remote control

Wall electric control

Battery-charged roller blinds remote control system

You can automate all of your shades: shutters, blinds and other aluminium and wood shades. You can choose and save your favourite blind position. Because of the automated control the handling is smoother; this gives them a longer lifespan. In the case of an obstacle the shade automatically stops or raises itself. The automated shade control in the winter minimises the loss of temperature caused by large windows by 15 to 20 % and reflect the strong sunlight in the summer. The drive motors function at the voltage of 220 V.

58 59

Let the joy in the house not be disturbed by uninvited visitors. Insects and bugs should stay outside your windows and doors. AJM mosquito nets offer an effective and aesthetic solution. Their use is simple, you will avoid all kinds of unpleasantness.

Mosquito nets

Different systems of insect repellents Fixed



n The thin rim of the mos-

n Slide net

n Suitable for one-wing win-

quito net complements the aesthetic look of the window n Colours: white, brown,

green n Detachable

n Suitable for windows and

doors n The basic colours are

white, green or brown (other colours are made on the RAL scale)

n The installation can be

dows n The same system as with

blinds with a neat casing and guides n When not needed it is hid-

den in the casing n A combination with blinds

done on an existent window

and shutters is also possible n The basic colours are white,

green or brown (other colours are made on the RAL scale)




n Suitable for balcony or

n innovative tesioning sys-

n Mosquito nets with special

slide doors n The same system as with

rolo mosquito nets with a casing and guides but installed horizontally

tem of pleated net (plisse) for better stability n Suitable for balcony or

slide doors n low threshold (5mm) n stable frame made of ALU-


frames on hinges opening in or out n These are used mainly for

balcony doors n The basic colours are

white, green or brown (other colours are made on the RAL scale)

60 61

The details make a work of art perfect. The right shelves have to be chosen along with the window. We offer internal and external window shelves. You can choose between different materials and shapes of all dimensions in combination with a range of colour tones.


The finish of your window Window shelves help improve the living conditions of a room, that is why the right choice is very important. You can choose between different materials, patterns and

colours. The look of windows is influenced by every detail. The shelves can serve as a storing space that is why the proper dimensions have to be chosen.

Internal shelves

External shelves

The internal shelves are designed with a special method from artificial materials or Topalit shelves. You can also choose internal shelves made of artificial or natural stone.

External shelves are made of natural, artificial materials, or stone. You can also choose the aluminium version.

62 63

Shelves made of artificial material

PVC shelves The lowest price rank is occupied by plastic shelves distinguished by durability, easy cleaning, bruise resistance and nice form. The special feature of these shelves is a front screen.

Topalit Topalit shelves are made of compressed wood glued with artificial resins and plastic-coated on the outside. They are resilient to rotting,

ALU shelves

Easy cleaning and maintenance You can also choose external aluminium shelves in different colours. These are easily cleaned and maintained and have a long lifespan.

Stone shelves

Natural look The stone shelves are a regular feature among shelves and are suitable for inside and outside shelves. They are made of granite, natural or artificial marble and an artificial stone Azur. The outer stone shelves have a groove on the bottom side so that excess water does not flow on the facade. The shelves are 20 or 30 mm thick.

Marble Marble is suitable for the interior of buildings because of higher water intake and sensitivity to atmospheric influences.

moisture, bruising, scratching and abrasion. The cleaning is easy with gentle cleaning agents. They are distinguished by small weight and a sense of warmth in the room. The special feature of these shelves is the front screen which comes in two different dimensions. A wide choice of colours will suit even the most pretentious of clients.

The front screen is designed so that excess water simply flows in front of the facade. An ending is added on both sides and comes in two sizes according to installation: a new building or adaptation of an old one.

PVC shelves – the most inexpensive on the market

Topalit shelves

Azur and technical marble It is used for internal and external shelves. It is an artificial product made of a combination of marble and synthetic binders. A range of thickness (20 or 30 mm) and edge treatment is available.

ALU shelves

Composition: n 95 % marble mass n 5 % polyester

Suitable for internal and external shelves. Stone shelves

Granite It is suitable for internal and external shelves. Granite is very resilient to atmospheric influences!

Topalit shelves



Azur shelves

PVC shelves

008 Light Marble

Blue Pearl

Bianco Carrara C


280 White

070 White Marble

Bianco Sardo

Grey BraÄ? stone


281 Marble

020 Marmor Carrara

Ivory Brown



001 White


Verde Guatemala


Dark Brown

044 Natural oak

Kashmir White

Bianco Carrara CD


Natural Eloxated

046 Alder

Africa Red

Macedonian Gray



018 Light grey

Rosa Porrino

Rosa Portogallo


Granit Bianco






Baltic Brown




Verde Marina


The colour specimens are symbolic


64 65

Today we are making the future. The AJM system of builders’ joinery installation is writing a new chapter of energy efficient construction. Because of the extraordinary properties which enable energy saving our products suit the national subvention criteria.

Energy efficiency AJM – energy-efficient installation

Energy-efficient construction Nowadays, when modern building is discussed, the economy mode of living is becoming an increasingly frequent topic of conversation. Windows, especially when profiles of poor quality are chosen, are often a weak point in buildings that were otherwise built in an energy-efficient manner. That is why top-quality builder’s joinery is of crucial importance if we wish to achieve optimum energy savings. Low-energy building is not merely a current trend; it is a reality of the future way of living. It enjoys

increasing encouragements by the European Union, as plans are being considered for all new buildings to be constructed by means of passive technology from 2014 on.

Heat transfer of the frame and glass should as levelled as possible When selecting builders› joinery for our low-energy building, we must pay special attention to the heat transfer factors of the frame (Uf) and of the glass (Ug), which should be as levelled as possible so as not to create a thermal bridge between these two key elements.

A window with a quality frame but unsuitable glazing will not provide the desired effect. When selecting suitable glazing, the same level of careful attention must therefore be applied as when you are choosing topquality frames. Strict criteria are in force for installations in passive and low-energy buildings. Only products with heat transfer values below Uw 0.8 W/ m2K (watts per square metre Kelvin) are suitable, while heat transfer of the glazing must be at least Ug 0.7 W/ m2K.

RAL standard installation – for the most pretentious buildings AJM 8000 energeto – the best window for passive and low-energy building AJM developed an excellent solution for passive and lowenergy building. Currently, this is the PVC-window called AJM 8000 energeto®. Its sealing systems in the middle and on the windowsill, which are decisive factors when it comes to sealing, are currently achieving the best insulation results in their class. With this modern three-layered window, AJM is achieving heat transfer values of 0.60 W/ m2K even today. This type of glass enables the construction of windows that are extremely energyefficient and fully meet the requirements set forth for passive and low-energy building. A window suitable for energy-efficient building would be meaningless if it was not also environmentally friendly. AJM 8000 energeto is distinguished by an innovative window system made of polymer materials that are completely degradable. Its entire manufacturing process is in line with the existing recycling cycle. Thus both the energeto window itself, as well as its manufacturing processes, contributes to modern efforts in environmental protection.

Top-quality installation is of great importance Experts are aware of the fact that a window, no matter how great the quality, has no meaning or effect if

it is installed poorly. In addition to excellent window profiles for passive and lowenergy houses, AJM is also setting trends in builders’ joinery installation. At the moment, we are implementing the most cutting-edge method of RALstandard energy-efficient AJM installation. Without a doubt, the AJM energyefficient installation implemented in line with the RAL standard, together with the AJM 8000 energeto window fulfils all requirements set forth for passive and low-energy building. With energy-efficient AJM installation, we can namely achieve greater sound insulation of the entire window and eliminate thermal bridges between the frame and the embrasure. The advantages brought by this installation method are elastic joints as well as permeability to steam and air-tightness.

Installation excellence is hidden in details Top-quality installation is a reflection of the precision and attention given to the installation of builders› joinery, down to the last detail. The combination of materials for inner and outer sealing of cracks with regard to the existing construction conditions is especially important. Attention must also be given to connecting surfaces between the window and the shelf. They must be flat, smooth, dry and clean, without dust or grease spots. On the inner

A Outside




A B Legend: C

side, an air and watertight butyl seal tape with a membrane must be used. A precompressed sealing tape is foreseen on the external side, along with additional silicone sealing with an The intermediary space is filled with suitable installation foam, which, with its great density and smaller expansion, represents an optimal filler. For years now, our top-quality installations and guarantees have been confirmed by the Quality Label in Construction for installations awarded to us by the Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZRMK, d.d.) from Ljubljana. open cell structure.


Diffusion sealing tape


Installation foam


Precomprimated sealing tape

Investment in energy efficiency is definitely repaid within a few years If you start doubting the sense of such an investment when calculating the passive construction costs, a word of warning: this investment, with constant rising of the energy-generating products’ prices, will pay for itself in a few years. And as to the selection of PVC-windows: they are distinguished by stability, long lifespan and low maintenance costs as well as lower price and excellent insulation properties. In addition, PVC is an environmentally acceptable material, as it can be recycled in full with no complications.

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AJM  standard A chain of satisfied customers …

Approach We follow technological developments and market requirements, which makes it possible for us to fulfil the customers› wishes and needs in an effective manner. Computer-supported manufacture enables us to produce custom-made windows. Our products are distinguished by energy efficiency, quality, long life span, minimum maintenance and a high level of adaptability to various shapes. AJM products are recognisable by their flat profiles, computer-treated welds,

finished gaskets, first-rate crystal-clear glass, corrosion-protected hardware, aesthetically pleasing handles as well as precise manufacture within the agreed upon deadlines. We are aware of the various requirements of our customers, which is why our production range extends from the most affordable to the most technologically demanding products.

A family-friendly business Our concern for our employees and their consequent satisfaction are reflected in

their greater effectiveness and quality of work.

Environmentally friendly production We are aware of the burden placed on the environment by industry. We are therefore making sure that all our products are produced in line with environmental standards and from renewable materials. By optimising production and waste materials, our impact on the environment is minimal.

‌ from order to installation

New constructions Our first contact with the customer is established upon visiting the building, where our experts provide advice and measure the openings. After arranging the details and confirming the offer, the process of producing builders’ joinery begins, followed by installation. The latter is performed by fitters, in line with technical norms and standards. The installation is carried out in line with the pre-agreed upon procedure, which means either traditional installation or energy-efficient installation according to RAL standards.

The first option is affordable and quick, while the second is suitable for newer facilities where complete sealing of the building is desired. After completion, the work undergoes inspection followed by the hand-over of instructions and documents.

Renovation Traditional and energyefficient installations are possible here as well. The old frame must be removed and new windows and doors are inserted in the same openings. Everything is filled with foam and mason-treated on

the inner side of the embrasure. The window-wall joints are covered by means of joining battens. The protection of your space and furniture is by no means forgotten while the work is being done. After completion, the work undergoes inspection followed by the handover of documents. The work is done as quickly as possible and with the highest level of professionalism. At the end, we clean after ourselves and you are left with a better view of the world through the AJM windows and doors.

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Service organisation The maintenance of our products is done via our own service or representatives. The service team offers expert support as well as guidance. The employees are highly trained, regularly informed about technical changes and novelties of our products. The whole team is made up of a calling centre where we receive your calls and coordinate with the away team. The service staff on terrain is always

ready and equipped with the needed tools, instruments and spare parts which are needed with the repairs of our products.

Maintenance procedure Whenever a glass creaks or brakes, you are left with no door-key, that is when you have to call our service which responds to every call and saves the biggest problem in the shortest time possible. When the call is received a record is made

and sent to the service. They visit you at home. A precise description will make our work easier – we will have all the spares at hand and will be ready for full maintenance, the reclamation will be finished in the shortest time possible. The motto of our service team is: ĂˆThe smallest problem is big for us – it is handled seriously and as fast as possible.

Warranty* A warranty is a guarantee for quality A long warranty period is the proof that our products are made of only the best material. We choose components that have been proven to be the best, while our production is automated thanks to the quality control systems. As the leading manufacturer of furnishing in Slovenia, we are appreciated precisely due to the reliability of our

products and after sale services in case there are any issues with the products. To be able to deliver this level of quality, we collaborate with top-rated, globally renowned suppliers like Aluplast, Winkhaus, Rodenberg, Siegenia, Deventer, and many other European companies.

* The precise scope of the warranty and the conditions of its enforcement are for all products and services specified on the warranty certificate which the customer receives upon purchasing AJM products.






Acknowledgement of GZS for propietor of the year

Acquisition of standard ISO 9001

Symbol of quality in masonry

Award of a successful salesman

1998 – 2012




Symbol of quality in masonry for installation

International award for business success and growth of the company

Acquisition of the family friendly company certificat

AAA Certificate of excellence

2004 – 2011




Magazine Mariborčan: The best director 2003, The best small and middlesized company of 2003, 2007, 2009, 2011

Slovenian Quality Gold token for construction installations

Reader’s Digest: “Trusted Brand”

Celje Fair Gold Award for the AJM pasiv 90 wooden window


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MANUFACTURE AND TRADE AJM-okna-vrata-senčila, d.o.o. Kozjak nad Pesnico 2a, SI-2211 Pesnica pri Mariboru t: +386 (0)2 655 04 10 f: +386 (0)2 656 16 11 e: i:

AJM - Ljubljana office Šmartinska cesta 105, SI-1000 Ljubljana t: +386 (0)1 524 28 01 f: +386 (0)1 541 45 26 e:

AJM - Celje office Aškerčeva ulica 14, SI-3000 Celje t: +386 (0)3 492 11 00 f: +386 (0)3 492 11 09 e:

AJM - Dravograd office Meža 24, SI-2370 Dravograd t: +386 (0)5 922 70 11 f: +386 (0)5 922 70 12 e:

AJM - Kranj office Cesta Staneta Žagarja 53, SI-4000 Kranj t: +386 (0)4 234 28 08 f: +386 (0)4 234 28 09 e:

AJM – Murska Sobota office Markišavska ulica 10 SI-9000 Murska Sobota t: +386 (0)2 522 11 00 f: +386 (0)2 522 11 01 e:

Representatives in Slovenia Domžale, Gornja Radgona, Hrastnik, Koper, Kozina, Litija, Ljubljana Šiška, Petrovče, Ptuj, Solkan, Velenje

Your consultant: A.J.M. Zagreb d.o.o. Kalinovo br. 3, HR-10251 Hrvatski Leskovac t: +385 (0)1 657 83 32 +385 (0)1 657 89 29 f: +385 (0)1 657 89 33 e: i: p ol ni cer ti fikat

AJM sales programme catalogue | Some images in the catalogue are symbolic | We reserve the right to printing errors, technical and visual changes, delivery options, changes in procedures and programme | The colour shades in the catalogue may differ from the actual shades due to the printing technology | Allow your vendor to provide you with the original colour scheme | Printed for AJM-okna-vrata-senčila, d.o.o. | AD&D: Kraft&Werk | Photos: AFINO, Mira Partljič, s.p., Studio FOTOLAND, AJM archives, iStockphoto | Printing: DesignStudio, d.o.o., Maribor | Kozjak nad Pesnico, October 2012

AJM - Sales catalogue  

AJM sales programme catalogue (windows-doors-shades)

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