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Dear Sir or Madam! Here is a personal business card of the Company AJM okna-vrata-senčila d.o.o. which contains a brief presentation of the Company. Company AJM is a leading Slovenian manufacturer of builders´ joinery products and the largest family owned company in Slovenia. The production range includes all kinds of builders´ joinery products made of PVC, aluminium and wood, so that we are able to comply with every request of our customers. Our products are among the most energy efficient in the world, but also a great emphasis is placed on safety and noise protection. The history of our company dates back to 1989, when Janez Ajlec with his wife Marija founded the first private company to produce doors and windows made of plastic in the former Yugoslavia.

AJM, the largest family-run company in Slovenia

With our business units and sales representatives all across Slovenia, we have succeeded to be close to people where they are at home. We are also successful abroad. We have subsidiaries in Croatia, Italy and are also very successful in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, ... Our employees are our most valuable asset. We strive to provide a healthy, stimulating and especially family-friendly work environment. It all started with less than ten employees; today we were more than three hundred! We encourage the development of employees, society and the environment, so we do not just work within our business field, but we try to leave our positive leads in our narrowest and widest society. Since its foundation, our company has recorded constant growth. Not only the number of our employees, but also sales, investment and number of markets reached constant growth. All that we have achieved confirms the correctness of our life motto that only hard and honest work delivers results. Get to know us and I wish you a pleasant stay in our company.

Trivo Krempl

Director of Company AJM okna-vrata-senčila, d. o. o.

„All that we have achieved confirms the correctness of our life motto that only hard and honest work delivers results.“

A better view of the world ...


With more than 20 years of tradition. The family-run company AJM oknavrata-senčila d.o.o. from Kozjak nad Pesnico near Maribor recorded since its establishment in 1990 continuous growth of the production volume and products, the number of markets and employees. With systematic work, honest relationship with our customers, employees and business partners and by investing in the development today we are not only one of the leading manufacturers of PVC, aluminum and wooden builders` joinery products in Slovenia, but we are setting new trends in this field. We are not

only top-quality manufacturers, but also experts in builders’ joinery installation, which we perform in line with the latest standards. A good reputation can get you far... but a superior reputation can get you even further. After becoming known and tested by the Slovenian market, the quality of the company became increasingly recognisable to the outside world, in the European Union markets and worldwide. Our products are wellestablished in Austria, Italy, Germany and Croatia and our land and Scandinavia. In addition, we are becoming recognisable, in France and many other countries in Europe and worldwide. Over the years, the company’s primary activity, the production of PVC windows, has grown into an extensive range of PVC and ALU builders’ joinery products, such as windows, doors, blinds,

winter garden systems and jutting roofs. The production range is supplemented by a huge selection of blinds, shelves, mosquito screens and cleaning and maintenance sets for our products, as well as ventilation and advanced security systems. We also perform investment construction and energy renovation of buildings (windows, doors, facades). In the construction we see a completion of our builders` joinery products offer as a new business opportunity and a filling of a gap that arose in the Slovenian construction branch due reducing and closing of construction companies. Today, as we stand in the first line hand in hand with the leading PVC, ALU and wooden builders’ joinery providers in Slovenia and this part of Europe, we are guiding our development towards energy-efficient and environmentally friendly builders’ joinery.

The first in the business ... Production by means of cutting-edge technology Computer-supported paperless production with state-of-the-art machinery and a technique of gluing the glass into the wing enables us to produce up to 670 windows in one work shift per day.

We have found excellent solutions to the latest trends in building, especially in relation to passive and low-energy building.


For the above-referenced way of building and living, we have developed a special window profile, the characteristics of which fully meet the requirements set forth for passive and low-energy building. It provides triple protection, namely thermal, sounds and enables annual savings of up to 36%. We are also developing a special builders’ joinery installation in line with the RAL standard, which stands as the most perfected method of installing builders’ joinery at the present.

... the first in terms of quality. The company was awarded the Quality Certificate for Building, the ISO 9001 standard and the Green Dot. The above-referenced certificates confirm that our products developed in our own development department and together with the German Aluplast profile manufacturer are of the highest quality, that they are environmentally friendly in all stages of their life span and that the solutions we provide to our customers in the field of energy efficiency are optimum.


With commitment, energy and thoughtfulness ...

... as well as responsibility and honesty.

We are distinguished by professionalism and expertise

Looking into the future with optimism and courage

Today, there are over 300 members of AJM family and we work with more than 160 external associates. Commitment, energy, responsibility and thoughtfulness are the guidelines of our work. Our work environment is healthy, pleasant and full of stimulation.

Obstacles are opportunities for new victories and that is why we are not afraid of the future. By nurturing honest relationships with our employees, business partners and customers, we will become the leading manufacturer of builders’ joinery, which will fully meet all trends within modern living in this part of Europe. We intend to increase our sales share in the domestic market even further and play a visible role in our European neighbourhood.

The AJM employees are constantly attending training courses, either within the company or at fairs, congresses and expert consultations. Optimum results can only be achieved when we are in good shape and that is why we take care of our healthy bodies by cultivating various sports and recreational activities.

We are here to improve the way people build and live. Our mission is to produce the best possible builders’ joinery in order to achieve complete customers satisfaction.

A family is a value... Nurturing the tradition of a family-run company. We are continuously striving to bring the family and professional lives of our employees in a state of harmonious balance. A family represents the foundation and value behind our operations. Family values such as respect, mutual adjustment, attentiveness and concern for our fellow people are what guides our relationship. From 2007 on, we are holders of the Family-Friendly Company Certificate, which means we belong to the first generation of companies to have been awarded this certificate.


For us, the values of a familyfriendly company are not just a set of measures written on a sheet of a paper, but we actually live them. Therefore, since 2010 we have a permanent certificate of a Familyfriendly company.

Family values are the values we live by

Our company as a great homogenous family

Our work schedule is adapted to a family lifestyle. We socialise with our families at picnics. The company also employs people who are in charge of harmonising the family needs and wishes of our employees. Not one year goes by without having a party to conclude the year with and a Christmas bonus, ever since the company’s establishment. Another such tradition is giving presents to the children of our employees, which are distributed by the first of December’s good men, St. Nicholas.

The company breathes as a great homogenous family. The management’s doors are always open wide and anyone can come in, no matter what time or day of the week it is. The positive effects of the family-friendly policy are reflected in the satisfaction and the well-being of our employees.

Familiy Friendly Enterprise

...and concern for the environment is our obligation. AJM does not live independently, isolated from the environment in which it is situated. We are aware of the trust of people, especially costumers and business partners. We enjoy the trust of more than 27,000 different customers per year and we are delighted with each and every one of experts comprised of sales agents and measurers prepares individual offers for each individual customer.

Respecting people and the environment We are preserving our environment for future generations. Our boiler room operates on wood chips and we have our own biological treatment plant. In our production process, we produce no waste or emissions which could harm the environment, while the PVC cuttings are completely recyclable. Our builders’ joinery is also entirely suitable for recycling. That is way we have the right to use the Green Dot eco symbol, thus following the sustainable development of the environment.

We cannot exist without the support of closer and wider local communities We often help those in need. In line with our family-oriented tradition, we are especially responsive in providing help to families who fall on hand times.

We support sports and recreational activities. We believe in the balance of body and mind and in the saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Therefore, we support recreational activities of our employees and of our domestic environment. We founded the Sports Club AJM, where employees and their family members are active in a variety of recreational activities. We are also preparing recreational cycling events AJM Team Time Ride, where the concept places emphasis on team cooperation and not on competition. We also support young athletes and successful sports professionals on their professional way in skiing, tennis ... We are also member in half-professional or small amateur sports clubs in the local area.


The trust shown by our customers provides us with encouragement for the future. Gaining trust is difficult, and keeping it even more so. We have been preserving the trust of our customers for over 20 years. Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience and have ourselves in many areas. We are proud to be able to boast of many successfully implemented projects.


From 1990 to today, we have equipped many individual and business facilities, both in Slovenia and abroad, with our builder’s joinery.


The road travelled. AJM’s story began in the early 1990s when Janez Ajlec, together with his wife Marija, established the first private undertaking that dealt in the productions of PVC windows in the then Yugoslavian territory. What followed were years of hard and honest work. Today, numerous milestones represent memories of the road travelled.


1990 1994 1997 1998 1999 2002 2004

the company is founded


Rome-international award for business success and growth entitled “International Trophy For Quality”

2007 2009 2010

The “Family-friendly Company” certificate


Receipt of AAA Highest Creditworthiness Rating, “Mark of Quality for installation of builders` joinery AJM”, “Best Director of the Year” and The best Company of the Year for small and medium-sized companies and Full certificate “Family Friendly Company”


Receipt of the unique logo “Trusted Brand” as selected by readers of magazine Reader’s Digest, golden mark “Mark of Quality in Construction” for the installation of builders` joinery, Golden Award of the Celje Fair (Celjski sejem) for the wooden window AJM passive 90, Certificate “Consortium Passive House” for the system AJM 8000 energeto®

“Entrepreneurial Family of the Year” The “ISO 9001:2000”Certificate “Quality Label in Building” The “Organised Business and Work Environment” Award “Quality label for AJM builders’ joinery installation” “Director of the year” and “Company of the Year in the Category of Small and Mid-sized Companies”

The “ISO 9001:2008” Certificate Permanent certificate »Family Friendly Company«, renewed »Mark of Quality in Construction« and »The best small and medium-sized Company in 2010, according to the magazine Mariborčan

Business units and representatives Parent company: AJM okna-vrata-senčila, d. o. o.

E-mail addresses:

Kozjak nad Pesnico 2a

General Information:

SI-2211 Pesnica pri Mariboru

PVC Sales: ALU Sales:

Tel.: +386 (0)2 655 04 10


Fax: +386 (0)2 655 04 12

Service and Reclaims:


Accounting: Shipments: Acquisitions: Marketing:

Business units: AJM Ljubljana BU

AJM Celje BU

AJM Dravograd BU

Šmartinska cesta 105, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Aškerčeva ul. 14, SI-3000 Celje

Meža 24, SI-2370 Dravograd

Tel.: +386 (0)1 524 28 01

Tel.: +386 (0)3 492 11 00

Tel.: +386 (0)59 227 011

Fax: +386 (0)1 541 45 26

Fax: +386 (0)3 492 11 09

Fax: +386 (0)59 227 012




AJM Kranj BU

AJM Murska Sobota BU


Cesta Staneta Žagarja 53, SI-4000 Kranj

Markišavska ul. 10, 9000 Murska Sobota

Via Flavia 9, 34148 Trieste

Tel.: +386 (0)4 234 28 08

Tel.: +386 (0)2 522 11 00

Tel./Fax: +39 040 2413791

Fax: +386 (0)4 234 28 09

Fax: +386 (0)2 522 11 01





AJM in Europe:


Switzerland Italy

Austria Slovenia Croatia


A better view of the world!

AJM Windows‒Doors‒Shades Kozjak nad Pesnico 2a 2211 Pesnica pri Mariboru

Company profile  

Personal business card of the Company AJM okna-vrata-senčila d.o.o.

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