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A window that opens up new dimensions



Minimum frame, maximum design Revolutionary. Innovative. Daring. Different. − It's the Zero Sash Window. Excellent design, virtually no frames, extremely large glass surface, energy efficiency and quality all revo­ lutionarily integrated in a har­ monious pro­duct – a window opening new concepts in the design and production of builders' joinery. The traditional sash frame is re­ placed by uninterrupted glass surface which is 15 percent larger than in any other mod­ ern window with frames.


The indoor sides of the sash and frame are completely levelled, complementing the excellent design of the pro­ duct. Upon order, the Zero Sash window can also be pro­ duced with the unlevelled sash and frame. The sash is available in the black or white colour. The enamelled glass edge is avail­ able in difference RAL chart colours.


Minimum energy loss, maximum efficiency The best things leave no room for compromises. We made none with the Zero Sash window. Zero Sash comes with highquality triple glazing with the heat transfer rate reaching up to Ug = 0.5 W/m2K. The tempered indoor side of the glass provides extra safety. The triple glazing is an excellent sound and thermal insulation system providing high energy efficiency. The entire window, including the frame, reaches the thermal insulation


(Uw) rate of up to 0.8 W/m2K, which substantially exceeds the low-energy and passive building requirements. The outdoor blinds make room for additional energy sav足 ings and light regulation possi足 bilities. Zero Sash can be used with any modern outdoor blinds. Additionally, the light intake can be regulated by in足 stalling indoor blinds.


Uncompromised technological perfection Forget looking through the window. Zero Sash brings a view indoors. The window frame is made either of the finest larch or spruce wood treated by means of the latest techno­ logical processes and finished in high-quality environmentfriendly coatings, or top-quality 6-chamber PVC profiles. Zero Sash is extremely sta­ bile owing to its 68-milimetre frame thickness, which is extended to the 80-milimetre thickness in windows with lev­ elled sashes and frames. The outdoor-mounted aluminium protection shield is installed


serially with any window frame material. The aluminium shield provides extra protection, addi­ tionally expanding the frame to the reliable 78 mm, or 90 mm in the levelled sash and frame windows. The finest metal fittings of the renowned Siegen brand allow long endurance and ex­ cellent anti-burglary protection. Their concealed position al­ lows dynamic window opera­ tions and exquisite design of the Zero Sash window.

Transition to a new dimension

AJM okna-vrata-senÄ?ila, d. o. o. Kozjak nad Pesnico 2a SI-2211 Pesnica pri Mariboru Slovenia, EU Tel.: +386 (0)2 655 04 00 e-mail:

Exceptional design Finest quality and manufacture Up to 15 percent more glass surface No sash frame The window frame is made of either the first-class larch or spruce wood or high-quality PVC profiles Aluminium protective shield mounted to the frame Concealed Siegen metal fittings (Un)levelled sash and frame at the indoor side Ug = 0.5 W/m2K Uw ≈ 0.8 W/m2K

AJM ZERO SASH — A window that opens up new dimensions.  

Excellent design, virtually no frames, extremely large glass surface, energy efficiency and quality all revolutionarily integrated in a harm...

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