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Carrie Bloomston’s

Spool Dreams (60� x 60�) by Stephanie Kendron pattern for sale: modernsewciety.com

by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics is a vibrant collection filled with pattern-on-pattern inspired by our ancient ancestors told in a most modern way. The collection includes layered textures and inspiration from Ancestral Puebloan pottery as well as old textiles and handcrafts from around the world. It honors the earth and our fragile relationship with our dear friends the bees. The colorful collection features a print called Save the Bees which invites you to BEE THE CHANGE! We need the bees to pollinate our food crops and they need us to create new wildflower gardens and habitats so they have more flowers. Carrie’s passion for the natural environment fills this collection. You’ll BEE inspired! Carrie Bloomston and Windham Fabrics are proud supporters of the Xerces Society for Pollinator Conservation. The collection also features painted leaves, a myriad of triangle-inspired prints, painted solids, and of course, her best-selling NEWSPRINT in both 44” and 108” widths. DREAMER offers permission for you to play and to DREAM. It is filled with a creative spirit meant to inspire you to wonder and wander, dream and most of all play. - Carrie B.

Girls’ Cap Sleeve Peasant Dress (142) by Ramona Burke pattern for sale: burdastyle.com see more ramona projects at ramonarose.net

Slalom ( 51-1/2” x 43-1/2”) by Jenny Haynes of Papper, Sax, Sten for pattern contact: pappersaxsten@gmail.com • pappersaxsten.com

dream the dream: have fun with fabric Feather AppliquĂŠ, Bee Mini Pillow and Scrappy Strings made by Bonnie Bobman for concept only, see more bonnie projects at fabrications2B.com

Mira Mira Bags by Bonnie Bobman

pattern for sale: fabrications2B.etsy.com




to nly , see Tote mor Bag e bo mad nnie e by pro jec Bon ts a nie B t fa obm bric atio an ns2 B.co m

Love is Always Hopeful (42” x 58”) by Sally Keller of Sally’s Angelworks pattern for sale: sallysangelworks.com

Dreamscape ( 49” x 53” ) by Tia Curtis pattern for sale: tiacurtisquilts.com

Dreamer Table Runners (13� x 28�) by Brooke Sellman pattern for sale: sillymamaquilts.com

Mira Mira Zippy Bags by Bonnie Bobman pattern for sale: fabrications2B.etsy.com

Stargazer (60” x 60”) by Verena Ehrhardt

pattern for sale: zeit-fuer-patchwork.blogspot.de

Bucket Bag by Giuseppe Ribaudo of Giucy Giuce • instagram.com/giucy_giuce

free tutorial: weallsew.com/flying-geese-patchwork-bag/


Queen Bee Quilt (60” x 80”) by Kerry Goulder of Kid Giddy kit for sale: windhamfabrics.com see more kerry projects at: kidgiddy.blogspot.com KIT#: 42957-X

Churning 14 (54� x 68�) by Sam Hunter pattern for sale: huntersdesignstudio.com and at major distributors

Sunset Quilt ( 32� x 32� ) by Amie Plumley free tutorial: sewingschool.blogspot.com

Dreamer features painted leaves, triangles, bees, painted solids & more!

Dreamer’s Cabin (76” x 76”) by John Adams pattern for sale: quiltdad.com

kit KIT#: 42958-X

Medallion Quilt (46� x 46�) by Julie Goldin kit for sale: windhamfabrics.com see more julie projects at: chickenjulie.blogspot.com

Knit Top by Karen LePage from Alison Glass Knit Essentials Skirt from Alison Glass Sew Woven Essentials pattern for sale: alisonglass.com see more karen projects at: onegirlcircus.com

Tinny Paper Pattern Dress made by Rachel Gander pattern for sale: www.straight-grain.com see more rachel projects at: imaginegnats.com

Tulip Top and Clemence Shorts made by Rachel Gander top pattern for sale: kaatjenaaisels.org/shop shorts pattern for sale: fillesamaman.net see more rachel projects at: imaginegnats.com

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Patterns...inspired by our ancient ancestors told in a most modern way


medallion quilt by julie goldin





• 50 wt (1422 yds/spool) • 100%


Look for Dreamer inspired Aurifil threads

Painted Leaves

Favorite Things

Painted Pottery

Save the Bees

Pueblo Stripe

42567-1 Teal

42569-3 Stone

42570-1 Teal

42568-3 Stone

42571-1 Teal

42567-2 Coral

42569-6 Orchid

42570-4 Turquoise

42568-4 Turquoise

42571-4 Turquoise

42568-5 Denim

42571-6 Orchid

42567-3 Stone

Newsprint 36530B-5 Spackle Zig Zag 42575

Dash 42572

1 Teal

8 Rose

7 Moss

Stripe 42574

X Multi

7 Moss

Flying Birds 42573

4 Turquoise

9 Clay

6 Orchid

8 Rose

11 Ocean

Textured Solid 42576

10 Sky

1 Teal

7 Moss

3 Stone

11 Ocean

I am a dreamer. Being outside in nature helps me tap into my quiet mind and open heart so I can let inspiration alight. Dreams, like creativity, come when we aren’t looking for them. This collection feels to me like laying in a hammock at sunset, staring up at the sky with a soft mind–lost in reverie and wonder. I hope it will inspire you to dream big and to chase your creativity, passions, and playtime. The beautiful creations in this look book were made by my friends around the worldfrom Germany, England, New York, California, Maine and Arizona.

- carriebloomston.com - jillmcnamara.com

to know more about carrie and her work visit photos by (the talented) jill mcnamara