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CINEMA JOVE CINEMA JOVE CELEBRATES ITS 33RD EDITION IN VALENCIA FROM 23 JUNE TO 1 JULY WITH CYCLES DEDICATED TO PABLO TRAPERO AND URBAN ART. The Argentine director will receive the ‘Luna de Valencia’ award in recognition of his career. The official section will offer an overview of the burgeoning number of filmworks by young filmmakers in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Sri Lanka. The films in the ‘Art & the City’ cycle, in turn, will outline and give form to an audiovisual story about graffiti to be projected on the walls of a site in the centre of Valencia. The long-running international festival of Valencia cinema, which unveils a new management team headed by Carlos Madrid this year, begins a new phase as it celebrates the creative talent of filmmakers under 40 years old. The official section features films from countries that are far apart geographically but connected through their high quality and the promising talent showcased in them. The official section consists of 10 titles, and the festival will have the privilege for the first time of presenting one of the films that also appeared in the fortnight

of directors at the Cannes Film Festival recently celebrated in the French city. That is the Colombian film ‘Defense of the Dragon’, by Natalia Santa. The remaining films include ‘Los Años Azules’ by Sofía Gómez Córdova (Mexico), ‘Vigilia’ by Natalia Ledesma (Argentina-Uruguay), ‘Nalu on the Border’ by Cristiane Oliveira (Brazil), Laurent Micheli’s ‘Even Lovers Get the Blues’ (Belgium), ‘Seventeen’ by Monja Art (Germany), Kasia Roslaniec’s ‘Satan Said Dance’ (Poland-Netherlands), ‘Sexy Durga’ by Sanal Kumar Sasidhara (India), and Sanjeewa Pushpakumara's ‘Burning Birds’ (Sri Lanka). All these films fill out a festival line-up that revolves around themes such as sexual identity, the coming-of-age story of the transition from adolescence to adulthood, or conflicts based on race and social class. These issues are addressed from different angles but always from the fresh perspectives offered by these talented young directors. Audiovisual History of Graffiti The cycle dedicated to Urban Art under the title ‘Art & the City’ will project, on one of the walls of a site in the centre of Valencia, titles such as ‘Style Wars’ (Tony Silver, 1983), a landmark reflecting the original spirit and enthusiasm of hip-hop when it exploded on the

streets of New York in the early ‘80s. Also featured will be the ‘Metagrafitti’ collection of assorted short films, the emblematic ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ on the elusive urban artist Banksy, the 2014 film ‘Los Hongos’ by Óscar Ruiz Navia (Colombia), Adam Bhala Lough’s 2002 tribute to contemporary New York pictorial art ‘Bomb the System’, and the Italian documentary ‘Fame’ on the vibrant cultural scene the small town of Grottaglie experienced between 2008 and 2012. Webseries In the ‘Webseries’ section, there will be 12 titles selected from the many entries to the competition from countries including the USA, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Australia, Canada, the UK and Italy. The International Film Festival of València – Cinema Jove is organized by the Institut Valencià de Cultura and its focus and objective is promoting the work of young filmmakers. This annual encounter with the latest trends in the audiovisual world is scheduled for 23 June to 1 July, in different venues in the city centre of Valencia. Press Office / Cinema Jove Carlos Pérez de Ziriza 669 257 321 / 655 666 413 Article © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia

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CITY DISCOVER Duration: 45 min

If customers are falling in love with the deep history of Valencia we have this tour around most of attractive sights



Duration: 60 min

The bestseller! This tour gives you a chance to move in a park enjoying speedy riding and natural views.

CITY OF FUTURE Duration: 90 min

Visit to a city of arts and science that is an unbelievable architectural idea come to real life.





Duration: 150 min

Would you like to discover allVALENCIA city around? Then this option is TOURS definitely for you! Good possibility to visit all mentioned before places and even more.


Good afternoon!

Duration: 120 min

Valencia is a sea coast city that’s why it’s a big mistake not to bring tourists there.

CONTACT Manager Evgeny Adress: Carrer dels Sabaters, 8 (Near Torres de Quart) Tel. +34 654 99 15 93 (WhatsApp/ Viber)


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Editorial JUNE 17


















The energy that you emit is the energy that you will receive. In June, The Beach Boys will be visiting Valencia to put on a show that could well be their last in this fair city. We dedicate this edition to the band for the sheer positivity of their music. All of this despite the suffering & strife the band has suffered internally over the decades…a stoical lesson for us all. In ‘Valencia Music’, we have an exclusive report on the excellent live venue ‘16 Tonelades’, which is bringing more and more international bands to the area. We also have a report on the prestigious ‘CINE JOVE’ film festival. In ‘Restaurant of the month’ we visit the creative and tasty ‘El Llar del Chef’ in a quiet corner of the historic centre. By the beach, we have an insider’s view of the Malvarrosa beach area. In the Rio Turia gardens, we visit Valencia’s now famous Bioparc. We also have a report on ‘Tours Valencia’, which is a novel and very 21st century way to get around Valencia on a number of routes. In ‘Valencia Wines’, expert Ricky Wigley takes a look at vinos from the Alicante area.

Check out our packed agenda for what’s going on regarding clubbing and live music and our packed June listings for information regarding restaurants, pubs, clubs, shopping and more. Keep on shining and thank you for all of your support over the years! 24/7 Valencia team ““I, I love the colorful clothes she wears And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair I hear the sound of a gentle word On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air... I'm pickin' up good vibrations She's giving me excitations… Close my eyes She's somehow closer now Softly smile, I know she must be kind When I look in her eyes She goes with me to a blossom world... (Ah my my what elation) I don't know where but she sends me there (Ah my, my, what a sensation) (Ah my, my, what elations) (Ah my, my, what) Gotta keep those lovin' good vibrations A happenin' with her Gotta keep those lovin' good vibrations A happenin' with her Gotta keep those lovin' good vibrations A happenin'… (GOOD VIBRATIONS THE BEACH BOYS)


editor: Will McCarthy. contributors: Altogringo, John Murphy, Owl, Helen Westwater, Víctor Aranda García, Julián Jiménez, David Rhead, José Antonio Marín, Adri Castellanos, Tim Birch, Paul Knowles. distributed by: groovy cat Ltd. email: móvil: 650 639 177 online: FOR PRIZES, INFO, EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS, DAILY UPDATES,... JOIN US WITH 'LIKE' ON...

24/ 7 Valencia

is the definitive English speaking guide to Valencia. 24/7 Valencia is recommended by The Times, The Guardian, Time Out, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Let´s Go,, Business Traveller magazine, Footprints, Ryanair... Views expressed by the contributors are not necessarily those of the editor. 24/7 Valencia does not accept responsibility for date/time/venue changes. According to copyright law any reproduction, either total or partial, is completely forbidden without written permission of the editor. All articles, past and present, printed in 24/7 Valencia magazine are copyright of Orange Skies © 2017 Legal deposit: D4562606

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All Photos © Víctor Aranda García / 24/ 7 Valencia 2017 Móvil: 693 704 520 /

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BIOPARC VALENCIA Built as part of the Cabacera Park development at the Mislata end of the Turia riverbed, the Bioparc opened in 2008. It is a new-generation zoo where the idea was to move away completely from the bad old days of the ‘Viveros Gardens’ enclosed zoo, embracing the philosophy of ‘zoo immersion’ in line with other developments around the world like Orlando Animal World and the Singapore Zoo. The idea with Bioparc Valencia has been to create large spaces for the animals, which represent different African environments using clever design and indigenous plants and trees. As much as possible, this recreates their natural habitat, mixing animals

which would naturally cohabitate in the wild (avoiding mixing natural predators with their prey, of course, the lions and leopards each get their own area). All of which means the animals are happier and healthier, and we get to feel that we are experiencing something approaching what seeing these animals in the wild would be like. Also, we are visiting their environment rather than them becoming part of ours. However, this is still a zoo and all the issues about keeping wild animals in captivity for our enjoyment remain, but in terms of the welfare of these animals it is clearly a vast improvement on what went before. The commitment of the park to wildlife protection means that part of the ticket price goes to worldwide animal conservation. For the most part, the feeling as you are walking around is that the animals have all the space and

you are just getting the chance to briefly observe them and enjoy them without intruding too much. You can have a beer on the restaurant terrace looking out on zebras and exotic birds. They are completely unbothered by your presence to the point that they don’t seem to even realise you are there. The park stretches over 100,000 square metres and has more than 4,000 animals of 250 different species. It is dedicated entirely to Africa, divided into different areas and habitats. Areas concentrating on Asia and the Americas are planned but, given the present economic climate, they are unlikely to appear in the near future. The Madagascar zone, like the island itself, is separated off from the rest of the park. It is the only part of the park where you walk amongst the animals themselves, lemurs running and

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jumping around you as you wander along the path winding through the enclosure.

of the Great Lakes of Africa – the hippos, Nile crocodiles, fish and turtles – from above and below the water level.

close to get to the grass at the top of

In the Equatorial Africa zone, you walk through what looks like a huge, dark tree trunk and it has crocodiles, tortoises and boas. The Niger Delta area has hippos, mandrill baboons, otters and ducks living together amongst dark sand pools and indigenous trees.

There is a huge, dusty elephant area with tall rock faces, man-made baobab trees and a pool where the elephants swim, which can be quite spectacular if they happen to fancy a dip while you are there. Meerkats (surely everyone’s favourite), mongooses and porcupines each also have their own enclosure.

adult ticket and 18€ for children. If you

There is an area dedicated to the green mountain forests of Ethiopia with fiercelooking leopards and, in a separate enclosure, chimpanzees and cranes. Another area represents the valleys of the Congo with its buffalos, pelicans and gorillas who sit and look at you disinterestedly through the glass. The Kitum Cave area (named after the famous caves in Kenya partially ‘mined’ out of the rock by elephants in search of salt) allows you to observe the animals

The largest area of the park is dedicated to the savannah with its giraffes, zebras, rhinos and antelopes all roaming together and, up above and separated by huge rocks, the lions. The savannah area is at the centre of the park and you can walk all the way around it, the path leading you from ground level to where the restaurant is situated, then up above at the level of the lions where you can look down at the giraffes who come up

their enclosure. Ticket prices are 23.80€ for an individual live in the city, it’s well worth getting an annual pass, which works out only slightly more than the one-off price, allowing you to come and go as you please to a place which definitely merits successive visits. This is a huge, respectful and more dignified improvement on what went before and the philosophy of the Bioparc means that Valencia has a zoo which puts many similar institutions to shame. For more information: David Rhead and José Antonio Marín

Article © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia

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16 TONELADAS There are many places where you can enjoy live music in Valencia, but none like ‘16 Toneladas Rock Club’. Opened just three years ago, it is located next to

In English

heard before, only a 10-minute walk

have featured the likes of Luis Torino,

from the Barrio del Carmen, you can

Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Diego

enjoy the best in rock, garage and soul

RJ, Juan de Pablos and countless

music, as well as cutting-edge rhythms

other big names from the world music

ranging from classic ‘50s styles to the

panorama, and they will burn up the

most contemporary beats from 23.00h

soles of your shoes with classics

the bus station on C/ Ricardo Mico, 3.

to 07.00h the next morning.

The sala has become, in a short time,

The venue offers concerts starting at

one of the biggest and best spots for hearing live music in the city. Valencia nightlife has long needed a venue with its unique features, and it has become a

24.00h every Friday and Saturday, so you can enjoy a good dinner in keeping with our very special Mediterranean sense of time, and then burn off your

mandatory stop both for lovers of good

energy by dancing all night. Good taste

music and anyone looking for a great

and quality music govern the musical

party where you can sing and dance

programming of the venue, where

non-stop until the break of dawn.

eclecticism is the rule: rock, pop, blues,

Their stage has played host to the best national and international groups, including Marah, Gun, Mike Farris, the Fleshtones, Junkyard, the Drones and Micah P. Hinson, artists who never

indie, soul, ska, reggae ... all kinds of styles for every kind of taste. All you have to do is show up with the desire to dance, sing and have fun, and we are up for the challenge.

ranging from Wilson Pickett to Arctic Monkeys to AC / DC. During the week, you can also enjoy live performances with an earlier starting time, as you can see in the programme available on its website, If all that wasn’t enough, the room also presents concerts starting at 04.00h on two weekends each month, something no other venue does today. This is ‘16 Toneladas’, the place where good music, fun and the party never stops, where ice-cold drinks await you until the night gets so hot they reach meltdown. Believe us, you won’t know what it’s like to have enjoyed a real night

hesitate to choose this venue for live

After the live performances, the DJ

out in Valencia until you walk through

gigs during their tours in Spain. Boasting

sessions begin at 2:30am and go

the door of this very special venue. So

an incredible sound like you’ve never

until closing time. These sessions

what are you waiting for?

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En Castellano

Carrer de Ricardo Micó, 3. 46009 Valencia. Tel. 963 49 45 84

16 TONELADAS Hay muchos lugares donde se puede disfrutar de la música en directo en Valencia,





Toneladas Rock Club. Abierta hace tan solo tres años, y situada en la calle Ricardo Mico nº3, junto a la estación de autobuses, la sala se ha convertido en tan poco tiempo en el mayor y mejor templo de la música en directo en la capital del Turia. La noche valenciana necesitaba desde hace tiempo de una sala con sus características únicas, y desde que abrió sus puertas, se ha convertido en un punto de parada obligatorio tanto para los amantes de la buena música como para aquellos que quieran disfrutar de una buena fiesta en la que cantar y bailar sin freno hasta el amanecer. Por su escenario han pasado los mejores grupos tanto nacionales como internacionales, como Marah, Gun, Mike Farris, TheFleshtones, Junkyard, The Drones o Micha. P. Hinson, que no dudan en elegir la sala como uno de

los lugares en los que actuar durante

sus giras por España. Con uno sonido increíble como nunca antes lo has

escuchado, y a tan solo diez minutos a pie desde el barrio del Carmen, en

su interior se puede disfrutar desde las 23:00 hasta las 7:00 del día siguiente,

del mejor rock, garaje o soul o los ritmos más vanguardistas, desde clásicos de los años 50 hasta los sonidos más

actuales. La sala ofrece conciertos todos los viernes y sábados, que

empiezan a las 0:00, con lo cual puedes disfrutar tranquilamente de una buena cena según nuestro particular horario

mediterráneo, y coger así energías para bailar toda la noche. El buen gusto

y la música de calidad son las premisas por las que se rige la programación

musical de la sala, en la que manda el

eclecticismo: Rock, pop, blues, indie, soulska, reggae…todo tipo de estilos para todo tipo de gustos. Tan solo tienes

que poner las ganas de bailar, cantar y divertirte, y del reto se encarga la sala.

cierre, sesiones que han sido llevadas a cabo por nombres de la talla de Luis Torino,



Diego R.J., Juan de Pablos y un largo etcétera de grandes nombres del panorama musical mundial, que te harán quemar la suela de tus zapatos con clásicos que van de Wilson Pickett a ArcticMonkeys pasando por AC/DC. Además, entre semana también se pueden disfrutar de actuaciones en horario más temprano, tal y como se puede consultar en la programación de su página web:, y por si todo esto fuera poco, la sala también programa, dos fines de semana al mes, conciertos a las 4:00, cosa que ninguna otra sala en la actualidad hace. Así es 16 Toneladas, el lugar donde la buena música, la diversión y la fiesta nunca se detienen, donde la bebida se enfría esperándote y las noches se calientan hasta derretirse. Créenos, no habrás disfrutado de una noche de

Una vez concluidas las actuaciones

fiesta de verdad en Valencia hasta que

sesiones de DJs hasta la hora del


en directo, a las 2:30, comienzan las

hayas cruzado sus puertas. ¿A qué Article © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia

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MALVARROSA BEACH OF VALENCIA People have been making sandcastles and messing about in the water down at Malvarrosa since the mid-19th century but those seven kilometres that separate the city centre from its beaches have often seemed a very long way indeed. The last decade, however, has brought the seaside a little closer. The whole idea of ‘going down the beach’ is, of course, a relatively new invention. For centuries, the areas around Malvarrosa, Cabanyal and Canyamelar, were fishing communities who soon found that there were easier pickings to be had in that other ancient maritime profession, smuggling. The beach was a handy place for boats coming in from Algeria and Morocco to make ‘unscheduled’ stops… before passing through customs at the port on the other side of the bay. Malvarrosa Beach takes its name from the pink hollyhock ‘malvarrosa’ flowers

planted in the area by the botanist Félix Robillard in the early 19th century and it was around this time when it started to become fashionable for the city’s upper and middle classes and their families to come down to the beach to relax and take in the sea air. The fashion had spread from Britain, southwest France and northern Spain. All over Europe, men in stripy bathing suits and large moustaches were going down to the beach to faff around, smoke pipes and pose for photographs, while the womenfolk sheltered under parasols, wide-brimmed hats and 15 layers of petticoats and skirts. This was all considered a little risqué by some. The mayor set out legislation separating the beach into two areas, ‘Las Arenas’, which was only for male bathing, and on the other side of a 200-metre ‘no man’s land’ was ‘Malvarrosa’, which was only for women. The first railway line down to the beach was built in 1852; the station was in the exact spot where the Marina Real tram stop is today. These were golden years for Valencian business and the prosperous bourgeoisie looked to create their very own Brighton, Santander or Biarritz here on the

Mediterranean. Valencia was never able to compete with these more glamorous ‘resorts’ favoured by royalty and the aristocracy. The Mediterranean weather was too warm (having a tan was just not an option for any self-respecting lady of the time) and bizarrely the sea at Valencia was considered “too warm and tepid to be of any advantage to health”. Nevertheless, a pier was constructed (sadly destroyed during an air raid in the Civil War) and, inspired by the royal pavilion at Brighton, two huge neo-classical bathhouses were built, complete with Parthenon-like columns which can still be seen from the beach and are now part of a luxury hotel complex. Restaurants and bars began to line the sea front; many, like La Pepica and Valencia’s oldest restaurant, La Marcelina (1892), still survive today. Work began on a grand project of a large venue with gardens running through the middle which would connect Valencia to its beach. After two or three name changes (including Paseo al Mar and Avenida Lenin), the avenue is now known as Avenida Blasco Ibáñez and it still hasn’t reached the sea over 100 years later. At the turn of the century, the beach

twentyfoursevenvalencia 13


was frequented by great Valencian figures of the time. Many of Sorolla’s greatest works were painted here and Vicente Blasco Ibáñez built a house on the sea front, which has recently been restored and is now a museum. The 1920s however was the start of a slow decline, as fashions among the well-todo started to change. In the ‘50s and ‘60s it was the working classes, unable to afford trips to the French Riviera, who were catching the tram to Malvarrosa (as celebrated in Manuel Vicent’s book of that name) by the thousands each Sunday afternoon. The grand balneario of Las Arenas was now downgraded to a cheap and cheerful sort of Butlins. Families paid the admission and spent the day around the open-air pool (now part of the hotel), the private beach, the children’s park and the open-air cinema. Most Valencians over fifty will have spent many a Sunday afternoon picnicking down at Las Arenas. By the end of the’60s, however, people started to find their way further afield to beaches which were more glamorous and, let’s face it, less likely to have raw sewage pumped into them. Malvarrosa was unable to compete with Benidorm and the

Balearic Islands or even its neighbours like Cullera or Canet. It wasn’t until the ‘90s that Malvarrosa started to clean up its act. In the ‘80s, it had become an important part of Valencia nightlife. At that time, there was no promenade and the dozens of pubs and clubs spilled out onto the beach itself, which made for a great night out but didn’t help in keeping the place clean to attract daytime visitors. The local government decided on a plan to turn things around. The building of the promenade, the setting up of the showers and volleyball courts, the kids’ parks and the cleaning up of the water (Malvarrosa and Cabanyal have both been awarded European Blue Flags again in recent years) created the Malvarrosa we know today. Most of the discos left but the families came back in droves. The past decade has seen the America’s Cup and the Formula One Grand Prix come and go. Lewis Hamilton and company weaved their way around the yachts in the America’s Cup port right next to the beach for five consecutive years between 2008 and 2012. The old Las Arenas complex has

been converted into an impressive fivestar hotel (although it’s a great shame the old swimming pool is no longer open to the public). All this has had a mixed effect on the area. While some of its old charm has undoubtedly been lost along the way, transport links with the city have been much improved. The metro now links Malvarrosa with the airport and tourists and the city’s residents alike are spending more and more time there, enjoying the improved facilities at the beach. The promenade is a popular place for runners and cyclists and new restaurants have arrived. Whether elite sports and superficial event politics were the right way forward for everyone is open to question. Bringing Formula One to Valencia cost more than 117 million euros and now that it’s gone, it won’t be missed by many. Malvarrosa, after all, isn’t quite Monte Carlo. Just as it wasn’t quite Biarritz or Santander back in the 19th century and it wasn’t quite Benidorm in the ‘70s or Mallorca in the 1990s. And thank goodness for that, it is what it should be… a great big, beautiful city park by the sea. David Rhead and José Marín Article © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia

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English. After reading it thoroughly, we decided on the Menú Degustación (Taster menu, 22€ a head for four courses).

As we made our way to our dinner on a

warm and sultry evening for this month’s edition of the magazine, we could hear

brass band music coming from the

square opposite. It was an event for ‘Moros y Cristianos’. It was a lovely sight but we couldn’t stay long to watch as our table at ‘La Llar del Chef’ awaited us near the Torres de Quart. It






restaurant; its front door is on the corner

of intersecting streets and has a solitary

table for two outside. Inside there are

three floors, a lower floor with just two

I chose a Bonbon de morcilla con cream de manna (a black pudding bonbon with an apple cream), and D the Jugo de hongos con emulsion de avellana (wild mushrooms in their juice with a hazelnut emulsion) The mushrooms, in particular,

onions), perfectly cooked and delicious.

I had the Taco de ternera con salsa al toro (a steak served with a red pepper

sauce), a good-sized serving with an interesting sweet red pepper sauce.

Finally, to the desserts, D’s choice was

Esfera de pistacho con crujiente de quinoa y mora (a pistachio marshmallow

tart with a base of quinoa served with

blackberry and a cherry). The Tarta

were delicious.

de caramelo de violeta sounded really

Next was our fish course, I chose Coca

(and very large) carrot cake.

de sardines y espárragos ligeramente ahumado con brotes y pistacho y coco (Lightly smoked sardine and asparagus on a cracker with baby salad leaves, pistachio and coconut). D chose the

tables and what is obviously the kitchen,

Taco de atún rojo con pistachos y

dining area. We were greeted and

with pistachios and caramelised onion).

and a staircase leading up to the main

cebolla caramelizada (griddled red tuna

shown to our table. The restaurant is all

The sardines were soft and very tasty;

laid with white linen and odd glasses on

and was complemented well by the

white-painted brick walls and tables all

the tuna was enormous, well-cooked

each – no one glass was the same.

caramelised onion.

We chose a bottle of Nebla, a Ribera del

The meat course was next. D went for

bottle of water and perused the menu,

intriguing but I settled for an excellent It’s all great value and the surroundings

and the table linens are of great quality.

The service too was quietly attentive. All in all, a very good meal. There is an extensive ‘a la carte’ menu featuring

salads and rice dishes as well. A small and carefully selected wine list featuring mainly




the offer. The Valencian owner Teresa

Camacho is a lovely host as well as a highly experienced and award-winning

chef. This is creative, tasty and fresh Mediterranean




surroundings in a quiet corner of the old

Duero tempranillo wine (13.50€), and a

Taquitos de solomillo ibérico con queso de cabra y cebolla confitada (pork


which is in Spanish and well-translated

fillet with goat’s cheese and a confit of

Tim Birch

twentyfoursevenvalencia 15



C/ Pintor Domingo, 29 (near Torres de Quart) 46001 Valencia Tel: 96 044 68 29 Facebook La llar del Chef Zona Carmen Open Tuesday – Saturday 11.00h – 23.00h Sunday 11.00h – 18.00h Closed Monday Wines: 13€ – 18.50€ Starters: 5€ – 10€ Salads: 9€ – 12€ Rice Dishes: 14€ – 18€ per person (minimum 2 persons) Fish and Meat main courses: 9€ – 20€

Article by Tim Birch © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia

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From the kitsch pinky prawn and avocado cocktail of the 70s, to the militant 80s pasta, broccoli tuna mix… or the ‘90s high-flying yuppie, tricolour mozzarella, tomato, avocado, balsamic. As much as music and art, great salads also can encapsulate the aspirations and imagery of a decade. So, what will the salad of the current decade be? As health and environment issues push society towards a less meat-based diet, a new genre of power salads have arrived. Gone are the days where salad generally meant something involving a hopefully not-limp lettuce. The salads of 2017 instead are packed with protein and energy-rich foods. They are given names that make you feel, you will be imbued by the forces of a samurai warrior just by eating them, ready to take life on at a heightened pace. This month’s recipe is indeed one of those. It combines amino acid-rich quinoa, good fat coconut milk and sesame oil, zinc-rich incredible ginger, anti-oxidant watermelon and, of course, that oh-sopopular super food, curly kale. All hail the Kale Salad! PREPARATION

Mix the liquid ingredients with the fresh ginger and leave to stand.

Next, get friendly with your kale and massage the coconut oil into it. Heat the oven to 180C, Gas mark 4. Spread the kale on a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Lightly salt. Toast in the oven until the leaves start to crackle slightly. Just before it is ready, add the finely sliced red onions and the cumin seeds. Remove from oven before they start to burn. Mix the quinoa with the prepared coconut and lime dressing. Mix in the kale, red onions and cumin seeds. Chop the watermelon and mix in with the salad. Finally top with pistachio nuts to decorate. La Ola fresca

Open Tuesday – Friday 10.00h – 22.00h Saturday 10.30h – 22.00h Sunday 10.30h – 20:00h Every Thursday 20.30h: ‘Speak English’, 5 euros minimum cover charge

Every Sunday 11.00h: Brunch Saturday 24 June 17.00h: ‘Cook, Bake, Speak English’, 15 euros

More information:


Ingredients. • 1 cup quinoa, cooked • 1 small bunch kale, stems removed and leaves chopped (total about 4 cups kale) • Scant coconut oil to massage into kale • 1 cup coconut milk • Juice 1 lime • 1 inch grated fresh ginger • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds • 1 teaspoon sesame oil • 1 1/2 tablespoons soy sauce • 1 medium slice freshly cut watermelon, chopped into cubes • 1 red onion, finely chopped • Sprinkling of coconut flakes • Sea salt and cracked black pepper • Scant handful salted pistachio nuts

La Ola Fresca C/ Músico Magenti, 11 Tel.: 610 026 305 (For reservations) Zona Benimaclet Article © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia




CENTRO CULTURAL BANCAJA Hasta 25 junio Arte Contemporáneo (1984-2010). Colección Fundación Bancaja Hasta 29 septiembre CENTRO DEL CARMEN I Am Your Invention. Lecturas Colección Tea Hasta 3 junio La Deriva de un Gesto Romántico Hugo Martínez-Tormo Hasta 10 septiembre Joc Vinz Feel Free / Xema Rodriguez: Hasta 3 julio Notificaciones Hasta 3 julio Reinventar Lo Posible – Accionar Lo Imaginable Hasta 3 julio Premio ‘Mardel Artes Visuales 2017’ Desde 2 junio hasta 9 julio CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS (L’Hemisferic, Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe, L’Oceanografic) ESPAI TACTEL Axis Mundi Nelo Vinuesa Hasta 16 junio ESPAI VISOR Entre Geometrías, Recuerdos, Proyectos, Reflexiones y Ausencias. Ángeles Marco Desde 9 junio hasta 15 septiembre FUNDACIÓN CHIRIVELLA SORIANO Retrospectiva Joan Castejón Hasta 3 septiembre GALERÍA BENLLIURE Pintura Moderna y Contemporánea de los Siglos XIX y XX Permanente GALERÍA LUIS ADELANTADO Involuntary Memory Jorge Peris, Daniel Blaufuks, Gonçalo Barreiros y Julien Dubuisson Hasta 28 junio Call 2017. Jóvenes Artistas Desde 29 junio Boiler Room: Novaciéries Hasta 28 junio Boiler Room: Florencia Caiazza Desde 29 junio hasta 28 agosto GALERIA ROSA SANTOS Estructuras de Entretenimiento Moisés Mañas Hasta 30 junio IVAM INSTITUT VALENCIÀ D’ART MODERN EXPOSICIONES IVAM Perdidos en la Ciudad Hasta 18 junio El IVAM Produce: Cristina Lucas Hasta 25 junio Corpus Helen Almeida Hasta 11 junio Afinidades Electivas. Ignacio Pinazo y las Vanguardias Hasta 3 septiembre La Casa. Crónica de una Conquista. Daniel Torres Hasta 4 junio

24/ 7 Valencia Las Constelaciones de Julio González Hasta 14 enero 2018 Two Suns in a Sunset / Se Souvenir de la Lumière Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige Hasta 27 agosto Renau y la Segunda República Josep Renau Hasta 16 julio El IVAM Produce: José Maldonado Hasta 25 junio Imágenes de(l) Poder – Cartografía de lo Invisible Carmela García Hasta 17 septiembre Caso de Estudio Robert Frank Desde 15 junio hasta 15 octubre Anzo Desde 29 junio hasta 5 noviembre INSTITUTO FRANCÉS DE VALENCIA El Poema de Su Cuerpo Lorna Benavides Hasta 30 junio Algunos Retratos de Escritores Bernard Plossu Desde 27 junio Architextures/Arquitexturas Jean Criton, Nacho Errando, Enric Mestre y Juan Ortí Desde 29 junio LA BENEFICENCIA CENTRE VALENCIA DE CULTURA MEDITERRÁNEA Recorrido por la Prehistoria Valenciana, desde el Paleolítico hasta la Época Visigoda Exposición Permanente Zoos Humanos y Exhibiciones Etnológicas Hasta 30 junio L’ IBER DE LOS SOLDADITOS DE PLOMO Exposición Permanente: Guardias Españolas, Coleciones Valencianas, Almansa, Vida Cotidiana, Tirant y Serie Histórica JARDIN BOTANICO Por Las Ramas Manuel Sáez Hasta 24 septiembre MUSEU DE BELLES ARTES SAN PIO V Renacimiento Barroco Pintura Gótica La Pintura Académica La Pintura de los Siglos XIX y XX Colección Permanente Naturalia Piranesi en la Colección Permanente MUSEO DE PREHISTORIA DE VALENCIA Restes de Vida, Restes de Mort Exposición permanente MUSEU D'HISTÒRIA DE VALÈNCIA Historia de Valencia en Ocho Periodos Exposición Permanente MUSEO VALENCIÀ D’ETNOLOGIA Huerta i Marjal El Secano y la Montaña La Ciudad Vivida. Ciudades Valencianas en Tránsito, 1800 – 1940 Exposiciones Permanentes La Saviesa de Nostres Plantes Joan Pellicer Hasta 17 septiembre El País que va Fascinar Jean Dieuzaide Jean Dieuzaide Desde 14 junio hasta 10 septiembre MUVIM L’Aventura del Pensamiento Exposición Permanente

JUNE 17 Torre Islámica Exposición Permanente Valencia Según el Pare Tosca Exposición Permanente Philographics Hasta 25 junio València en Vinyetes Desde 8 junio hasta 17 septiembre Las Imágenes del Poder Desde 14 junio hasta 15 octubre Carteles Cubanos 1959-1989 Desde 14 junio hasta 15 octubre Poder y Propaganda Desde 14 junio hasta 15 octubre UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA, LA NAU La Valencia de El Flaco José García Poveda Hasta 27 agosto No Return Xisco Mensua Hasta 17 septiembre El Saler para el Pueblo, Ahora El Poder de la Ciudadanía en la Transformación Responsable del Paisaje y del Territorio Hasta 15 octubre Los Que Se Quedan (Photon Festival) Joseph Eid / Natalia Sancha Hasta 11 junio Un Palco en el Teatro del Mundo José Luis Cueto Desde 20 junio hasta 3 septiembre OPERA

PALAU DE LES ARTS Werther Turn of the Screw Benjamin Britten 2, 4, 6, 10 junio Teatre Martín i Soler Piramo e Tisbe (versión concierto) Johann Adolf Hasse 15 junio Auditorio Tancredi Gioachino Rossini 23, 25, 27, 29 junio / 1 julio Sala Principal TEATRO

CIRCUITO CAFE TEATRO ESPACIO INESTABLE Mividaesegunmi (teatro) 2 – 4 junio Lapis Lázuli (danza) 8 – 11 junio Desde el Infierno (teatro) 12 junio Les Solidaries (teatro) 17 junio – 2 julio SALA RUSSAFA Ultrashow (monólogo) Miguel Noguera 4 junio Resaca (teatro) 9 junio Kaspar Hauser. El Huérfano de Europa (teatro) 10 junio Barbados, Etcetera (teatro) 11 junio Siete Personas en Busca de Autor (teatro) 16 – 18 junio

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El Burlador de Sevilla (teatro) 23 – 25 junio Trabajos de Amor Perdidos (teatro) 29 junio – 2 julio TEATRO OLYMPIA El Amor Sigue en el Aire (teatro) 2 – 4 junio Sole Giménez (concierto) 7 junio Moncho Borrajo 8 – 11 junio David Guapo 9 junio Zenit. La Realidad a Su Medida (teatro) 14 -18 junio Taxi (teatro) 22 junio – 9 julio TEATRO PRINCIPAL En la Orilla (teatro) Hasta 4 junio Avetid 8 – 18 junio Festival de Cine Cine Jove 23 junio – 1 julio TEATRO RIALTO Avetid 9 – 18 junio Festival de Cine Cine Jove 23 junio – 1 julio TEATRO TALIA Por los Pelos (teatro) Hasta 23 julio FILMOTECA IVAC JUNIO 2017

Cine por Venir: El Otro en Nosotros Hasta 9 junio Vivir para Gozar: La Edad de Oro de la Comedia Norteamericana Hasta 25 junio Básicos Filmoteca Diálogos y Filiaciones Hasta 30 junio 150 Aniversario Blasco Ibañez Hasta noviembre Crimenes y Sombras: El Cine Negro Clásico Hasta 24 diciembre Mostra La Ploma 2017 2 – 14 junio Menuda Filmo: "El Circo" / "Kubo y las Dos Cuerdas Mágicas" Desde 3 junio hasta 2 julio Las Mejores Películas de 2016 Desde 9 junio hasta 30 septiembre Focus Filmadrid 13 – 22 junio Cinema Jove 2017 Desde 23 junio hasta 1 julio Cinema Jove 2017. Premio Luna de València: Pablo Trapero Cinema Jove 2017. 30 Años de Programa Erasmus Cinema Jove 2017. Premio Un Futuro de Cine: Adrián Lastra Cinema Jove 2017. Premio Un Futuro de Cine: Elena Martín Cinema Jove 2017. Sección Oficial Largometrajes ADDRESSES MUSEUMS / GALLERIES



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24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS TEL: 96 351 26 20 ALMUDÍN Pl. San Luis Bertrán, 1 Tel: 96 352 54 78 - ext. 4521 BOIRA C / Salvador Giner, 10 Tel: 96 205 82 67 CAFÉ BERLÍN C/ Cádiz, 22. Tel: 96 381 00 24 CAFE MALVARROSA / ESPAI PARAL.LEL Historiador Diago, 20 Tel: 96 320 50 56 CA REVOLTA C/ Santa Teresa, 10 Tel: 96 392 20 88 CENTRO CULTURAL BANCAJA Pl. Tetuán, 23 Tel: 96 387 58 64 CENTRO COREOGRÁFICO DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA Parque de la Granja, s/n, Burjassot Tel: 96 390 47 74 CENTRO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 192 26 40 CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS (L’Hemisferic, Museu de les Ciencies Princípe Felipe, L’Oceanografic) Av. Instituto Obrero de Valencia Tel: 902 100 031 COL·LEGI MAJOR RECTOR PESET Universitat de Valencia Plaça del Forn de Sant Nicolau,4 Tel: 96 316 60 00 COMUNICARTE GALERIA BAR C/ Conde de Olocau, 3 ESPACIO SANKOFA C / Beata Inés, 10 ESPAI D'ART BOIRA C / Salvador Giner, 10 Tel: 96 205 82 67 ESPAI TACTEL C/ Denia, 25 Bajo Tel:96 395 88 08 FNAC SAN AUGUSTÍN C/ Guillem de Castro, 9 - 11 Tel: 96 353 90 15 FUNDACION CHIRIVELLA SORIANO C/ Valeriola, 13 Tel: 96 338 12 15 GALERÍA AKKA C/ Almirante Cadarso, 6 Tel: 96 316 27 27 GALERÍA DUOMO C/ Luis Santangel, 18 GALERIA ESPACIO C / Carles Cervera, 38 GALERÍA LUIS ADELANTADO C/ Bonaire, 6 Tel: 96 351 01 79

GALERÍA MR. PINK C/ GUILLEM DE CASTRO, 110 TEL: 96 391 33 34, 669 787 918 GALERÍA MURO Correjeria, 5 Tel: 96 391 19 03 GALERÍA PAZ Y COMEDIAS C/ Comedias, 7-2 Tel: 96 391 89 06 GALERÍA PUNTO Av. Baron de Carcer, 37 Tel: 96 351 07 24 GALERÍA ROSALIA SENDER Mar, 19 (Ciutat Vella) Tel: 96 391 89 67

GALERÍA SEGRELLES C/ Ciscar, 4 Tel: 96 333 21 97 GALERÍA TOSSAL Pl Tossal, s/n Tel: 96 398 18 03 GALERÍA VISOR C/ Corretgeria, 26 Tel: 96 392 23 99

GALERÍAS THEMA C/ Cirilo Amorós, 87 Plaza América, 4 IMPREVISUAL GALERÍA C/ Dr Sumsi, 35 Tel: 96 004 16 43, 685 827 523 INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE VALENCE C/ Moro Zeit, 6 Tel: 96 315 30 95 INSTITUT VALENCIÀ DE LA MÚSICA C/ Barcas, 2 Tel: 96 318 44 53 IVAM C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 Tel: 96 386 30 00 JARDÍN BOTÁNICO C/ Quart, 80 Tel: 96 315 68 00 JOVE ORQUESTRA DE LA GENERALITAT VALENCIANA Tel: 96 318 44 90 / 93 KIR ROYAL GALLERY C/ Doña Germana, 24 Tel: 96 206 67 09 KITSCH INTERNACIONAL ARTEDIVERSO C/ Covarrubias, 5 Tel: 607 636 012 LA BENEFICIENCIA CENTRE VALENCIA DE CULTURA MEDITERANEA C/ Corona, 36 Tel: 96 388 35 79 LA CASA ENCESA ESPAI D'ART Plaza La Iglesia, 3 12594 Oropesa Tel: 96 431 37 26 LA GALLERA C/ Aluders, 7 Tel: 96 352 14 37 LA NAVE GALERÍA Nave, 25 Tel: 96 351 19 33 LA LLIMERA VALENCIA Pl. Pérez Escrich, 13 LA LLOTGETA, AULA DE CULTURA CAMESPAI D’ART Pl. Mercado, 4 Tel: 96 391 33 96 LAS NAVES, ESPACIO DE CREACIÓN CONTEMPORÁNEA C/ de Juan Verdeguer 16, 46024 Valencia T 963 531 272 L’IBER MUSEO DE LOS SOLDADITOS DE PLOMO C/ Caballeros, 22 Tel: 96 391 86 75 LIBRERÍA RAILOWSKY Grabador Esteve 34 Valencia Tel: 963 51 72 18 LLIG LLIBRERIES DE LA GENERALITAT Pl. Manises, 3 Tel: 96 386 61 70 MONASTERIO DE SAN MIGUEL DE LOS REYES Av Constitución, 284

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Tel: 96 387 40 13 MUSEO DEL ARROZ C/Rosario, 3 Tel: 609 877 956 MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES DE VALENCIA C/ San Pío V, 9 Tel. 96 369 30 88 / 369 21 11 MUSEO DE LA CIUDAD Pl. Arzobispo, 1 Tel: 96 352 54 78 - ext. 4126 MUSEO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 369 30 88 MUSEO FALLERO Pl. Monteolivete, 4 Tel: 96 352 54 78 MUSEO NACIONAL DE CERÁMICA GONZÁLEZ MARTÍ C/ Poeta Querol, 2 Tel: 96 351 63 92 MUSEO TAURINO Pasaje Doctor Serra, 16 Tel: 96 351 18 50 MUSEO VALENCIANO D’ETNOLOGÍA C/ Corona, 36 Tel: 96 388 35 65 MUSEU D'HISTÒRIA DE VALÈNCIA C/ València, 42 Tel: 96 370 11 05 MUVIM C/ Guillem de Castro, 8 Tel: 96 388 37 47 OCTUBRE CENTRE DE CULTURA CONTEMPORÀNIA C/ Sant Ferran, 12 ( Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 315 77 99 PAZ TEJÓN GALERÍA ESTUDIO C/ Salas Quiroga, 1, bajo (Zona Jesús) Tel.: 654 363 829 POPOL VUH C/ Burriana, 13 Tel: 96 336 08 25 REALES ATARAZANAS Pl. Juan Antonio Benlliure, s/n Tel: 96 352 54 78 SALA PARPALLÓ C/ Corona, 36 SPORTING CLUB RUSSAFA C/ Sevilla, 5 Tel: 96 325 15 98 TAMAR C/ Almudín, 16 Tel: 96 392 50 66 UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA C/ Universidad, 2 UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA, FACULTAT MAGISTERI Avinguda dels Tarongers, 4 UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE VALENCIA Camino de Vera, s/n Tel: 96 387 70 00 WAYCO VALENCIA C/ Gobernador Viejo, 29 Tel: 670 295 762

CARME TEATRE C/ Gutenberg, 12 Tel: 96 392 42 71 CARME TEATRE (EN LA PROTECTORA) c/ Maximiliano Thous 6. 46009 Valencia CENTRE LA RAMBLETA Bulevar Sur esquina C/ de Pío IX (Sant Marcel·li) ESPAI ATHENEIA C/ Guillem de Castro, 65 Tel: 615 578 344 - 657 857 792 ESPACIO INESTABLE C/ Dr. Sanchis Bergón, 5 Tel: 96 392 16 30 L’ALTRE ESPAI C/ Platero Suárez, 11 Tel: 96 353 92 00 OFF TEATRE C/ Turia, 47 Tel: 96 384 11 85 SALA ZIRCÓ C/ Joaquín Navarro, 11 Tel: 96 3 77 18 62 SALA RUSSAFA C/ Denia, 55 96 341 52 16 SALA TITERE C/Puerto Rico, 33 (Zona Ruzafa) Movil: 645 600 231 Email: Intimate music & puppet theatre in the artistic barrio of Ruzafa. Teatro-musical con automatas y musicos. TEATRE EL MUSICAL Pl. Rosario, 3 Tel: 96 367 31 95 TEATRE MICALET C/ Mestre Palau, 3 Tel: 96 392 14 82 TEATRO DE MARIONETAS LA ESTRELLA (LA PETXINA). C/ Dr Sanchis Bergón, 29 Tel: 96 371 73 84 TEATRO OLYMPIA C/ San Vicente Mártir, 44 Tel: 96 351 73 15 TEATRO PRINCIPAL C/ Barcas, 15 Tel: 96 353 92 00 TEATRO RIALTO Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Tel: 96 353 93 00 TEATRE ROMÀ DE SAGUNT Pujada al Castell, s/n Sagunto THEATRE SALA MORATÍN Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Tel: 96 353 93 0 TEATRO TALÍA C/ Caballeros, 31 Tel: 96 398 64 22


PALAU DE LES ARTS Autopista del Saler, 1 Tel: +34 96 197 58 00 Fax: +34 96 395 22 01



BABEL C/ Vicente Sancho Tello, 10 Tel: 96 362 67 95

JUNE 17 YELMO CINES Espai Campanar Av. Tirso de Molina, 16 Tel: 902 22 09 22

LIVE MUSIC 16 TONELADES (Zona Campanar) Calle Ricardo Micó, 3 Facebook 16 Tonelades New rock club and indie disco in the Campanar area, near the Rio Turia. BLACK NOTE (Zona Aragón) C/ Polo y Peyrolón, 15 Tel. 96 393 36 63 Top choice for music lovers who love it live jazz, blues, R’n’B, soul, funk, flamenco and rock. See listings. Jazz, blues, flamenco, world music, jam sessions and more… CAFÉ DEL DUENDE (Zona Carmen) C/ Túria, 62 Tel. 630 455 289 Great club specialising in authentic flamenco music and culture. See listings. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Sueca, 27 Tel. 96 341 83 78 CAFÉ PUB MURNAU (Zona Blasco Ibañez) C/Impresor Palmert Lambert, 5 Tel: 96 0 093 67 84 DELUXE POP CLUB (Zona Plaza Cedro) C/ Poeta Mas y Ros 42, Zona Cedro EL ASESINO (Zona plaza cedro) Plaza Cedro,1 Popular and legendary Rock bar that has been running for over 30 years! Live concerts, beers & spirits, good vibes. See the agenda at the back for the full live programme. ELECTROPURA (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Pinto Salvador Abril, 20 See Facebook for more details Acoustic gigs at 19.30h with indie often being the flavour. EL LOCO (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ Erudito Orellena, 12 Tel. 96 326 05 26, El Loco is a dynamic live venue with an eclectic choice of indie, funk, rock, fusion, blues and more. Check some music and dance later.

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JIMMY GLASS JAZZ BAR (Zona Carmen) C/ Baja, 28 Legendary and prestigious jazz club in the classic New York style with an authentic jazz atmosphere, integrated on the international live jazz circuit, where every week you can see famous international live bands from the modern jazz world. Mítico y prestigioso club de jazz de estilo neoyorquino, con una átmosfera auténticamente jazzística, donde pueden verse todas las semanas figuras internacionales del jazz contemporáneo. Consulta la web:

KAF CAFE (Zona Benimaclet) C/Arquitecto Arnau, 16 961131706 - 663 702 960 lk Atmospheric, literary café-bar with regular live gigs and jams. La3 (Zona Puerto) C/ Padre Porta, 2 Top-notch national and International bands every month with disco afterwards until past the dawn... LA BULERIA (City of Arts and Sciences) C/Obispo Jaime Perez, 24 Tel: 96 315 30 58 Live flamenco show & dinner. LA EDAD DE ORO (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ San Jacinto, 3 Tel. 649 255 048 Live music every Thursday & Friday. LA RAMBLETA Bulevar Sur, esq Pío IX (Next to Parque La Rambleta) (Zona Jesús) Tel: 96 0011511 Fantastic new live venue with great programme of live music and original and alternative theatre.

MONTEREY PUB (Zona Carmen) C/ Museo, 10 Jazz jam every Wednesday evening. PALAU DE LA MUSICA (Zona Río Túria) Paseo de la Alameda, 30 Tel. (+34) 96 337 50 20 E-mail: Excellent classical music concerts in the Rio Turia gardens with musicians from around the


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PETER ROCK (Zona Plaza Cedro) C/ Expolrador Andres, 19 Tel: 96 091 43 04 Hard rock and blues bar/pub with live music every Sunday from 21.30h. PETER ROCK CLUB (Zona Carmen) C/ Quart, 26 Facebook: PeterRockClub Concerts, Live music in the Barrio del Carmen with the emphasis on ROCK! SALA MATISSE C/ Ramon de Campoamor, 60 (Zona Plaza Cedro) Live music in a student friendly zone SALA ZIRCO (Zona Canovas) Joaquin Navarro, 11 Valencia Tel: 963 77 18 62 Newish venue with quality jazz bands TRANQUILO MUSICA Bringing you the best local, national and international indie bands to Valencia. Keep up the good work! UNA COSA RARA (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ Villanueva y Gascons, 2 Tel: 96 327 06 72 Some quality local bands to accompany your Mediterranean meal at this ‘Bistro Musical’ including Jazz, Flamenco, Blues, Fusion, World Music and more… WAH-WAH (Zona Blasco Ibáñez) C/ Campoamor, 52 Tel. 96 356 39 42 / 645 792 674 National and international indie-rock & pop in a student zone…

CLUBS Zona Blasco Ibáñez

AGENDA Avenida Blaso Ibañez, 111 Movil: 639 048 067 Sessions from Wednesday to Saturday. Open 01.30h to 07.30h Funk, disco, hip-hop, house. R’n’B, freestyle and more… Zona Ruzafa

GORDO C/ Carlos Cervera,23

Tel: 96 336 31 67 Underground electro and more in one of Valencia’s hippest barrios. LATEX C/Carlos Cervera, 23 Movil: 678 64 49 41 Electronica, Funk, House and more in the hip barrio of Ruzafa. NYLON C/ Germanias, 31 664 46 98 40 Valencia’s latest club. Electronica all night long in the hip barrio of Ruzafa. PICCADILLY DISCOTECA CLUB C/ dels Tomassos, 12. Barrio de Russafa. Valencia. (antigua Sala Sider / Excuse me!) One of the wildest and most fun clubs in Valencia now situated in the hip barrio of Ruzafa. PLAY C/ Cuba, 8 Tel: 96 3920570 Newish club in the hip barrio of Ruzafa. Indie, pop and dance all night long. XTRA LRGE PLAYGROUND Gran Via Germanias, 21(esq Cadiz) New club with 600 metre multi-use floor. Electronica and indie, art exhibitions too. Theatre every week at 23.00h. See facebook. Zona Juan Lloréns

LA EDAD DE ORO C/ San Jacinto, 3 Tel. 649 255 048 Live music and its classic mix of pumping sounds…from rock & roll to house! Open 22.00h until 4.00h, Thursday to Saturday. MAGAZINE CLUB Pza / Perez Escrich, 18 Zona Juna Llorens Magazine has become an essential part of the rock’n’roll scene in Valencia. Zona El Carmen

BLANCO Y ROJO C/ Alta, 11 Deep house, gintonics, tapas, cocktails, friendly service. BOLSERIA CAFÉ C/Bolseria, 41 Tel: 96 391 89 03 Hot tropical vibe with swinging crowd at weekends. House, Latin, funk and pop. CALCATTA C/ Reloj Viejo, 6 One of the few discos in the Carmen to stay open all night, until around 8 am. GONG C/ Concordia, 3.(near C/Caballeros) Movil:663111717 Subterranean spot in El Carmen to satisfy the underground explorer. Retro music bar with genuine atmosphere. One of the best hidden bars in the old town! Its music is simply too difficult to define. Small dance floor. Tropical drinks and absinthe. Open every Tuesday to Saturday. C/ San Dionisio, 3 Feel ‘heavy metal’ and like hard rock? Plenty of like-minded souls in a loud bar. Rock on!

MONTEREY PUB C/ Museo,10 Jazz Jam sessions, rock & roll and more...

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CHILL OUT Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento

FEDERAL C/ Embajador Vich, 15 Upmarket, elegant and spacious café-bar with plenty of magazines and healthy food and drinks. Tel: 96 0617 596 SOFARTCAFÉ C/ Musico Peydro, 7 Movil: 684047434 Zona Cabanyal

RADIO CITY C/ Santa Teresa, 19 Tel: 96 391 41 51 A legendary club in Valencia's old town. Free, eclectic disco Monday - Sunday nights, live flamenco every Tuesday @23h. English language nights Thursday @20h with Britpop music till late. Funky and friendly club. Club legendario en el centro histórico. Flamenco en directo los martes. Intercambio de inglés los jueves. Discoteca gratis los fines de semana. SLAVIA Plaza San Jaime, 8. Slavia is a long-established classic of the Carmen scene. Open since 1996, with an ample selection of cocktails, gins and beers. ÚNIC Plaza Sant Jaume, 1 New! Set in the very heart of the centro historico. Cocktails, music, art & design, fashion, young urban crowd. Vintage sofas too. Watch the people of the barrio stroll by. Lovely terrace too. VIBORA SAVAGE ROCK’N’ ROLL CLUB C/ Quart, 47 Zona Plaza Cedro

TORNILLO C/ Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 55 27 INDIE scene. Electronica beats collide with guitar, loads of students partying, dancing. Look out for the distinctive huge nail outside! Zona Puerto / Playa

GUERNICA PLAYA Eugenia Viñes, 227 By the beach! Great Cocktails and music from around the world (Electronica, African, Arabic and more) LA3 c/ Padre Porta, 2 Indie & electrónica sounds on 3 floors Zona Campanar

FRYDA Avenida de Las Cortes Valencianas, 58 Movil: 692 85 25 55 New! Disco & Restaurant with stylish terraza, 3 ambiences, house music and more…

BAR LAPACA C/ del Rosario, 30 Móvil: 637 86 05 28 Very popular hangout for the alternative crowd with tapas and beer at good prices. BODEGA LA PESETA C/ Cristo del Grao, 16 Móvil: 637 86 05 28 Attractive, bohemian interior with crowd to match. Tortilla is a speciality. LA FÁBRICA DEL HIELO C/ Pavia, 37 Set in the increasingly hip barrio of Cabanyal. Art space with café-bar, art exhibitions, live music and more. Zona Calle Jesús

CRACOVIA BAR C/ Alcira, 25 Tel: 963 287 456 Groovy café-bar with healthy cuisine, art exhibitions, live gigs, DJ sessions and more

JUNE 17 CAFÉ LISBOA Pl. Dr. Collado, 9 Tel. 96 391 94 84 An excellent café bar in one of Valencia’s most atmospheric plazas. Good mixed crowd of students, locals, visitors and a very popular terraza. Open 09.00h and all day until late. Lots of bocadillos, coffees and beers. Barça and Levante football on TV at the weekend. A legendary cafe-bar that is 36 years old. Set in the historic centre. Breakfast, lunch and dinner available everday. Salads, sandwiches, Snacks, Montaditos, Desserts. Fine choice of cocktails including Mojito, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary. Agua de Valencia, Sangria & Paella too. Warm interior and beautiful terrace. Un clásico del centro histórico, terraza amplio, interior relajado, tapas y cócteles. Bohemio, literario, y abierto a todos. CAFÉ MUSEU C/ Museu, 7 Tel: 960 72 50 47 Facebook Café-Museu Bohemia at its finest, with a mellow terraza in a tranquil part of the Barrio del Carmen. Breakfast, brunch, teas, coffees, beers, newspapers, magazines, acoustic concerts, exhibitions and more. "Esta original cafetería, con techos abovedados, ventanal ovalado y terraza, sirve desayunos, bocatas y tapas." CAFÉ DEL NEGRITO Pl. Negrito Tel. 96 391 42 33 Classic Carmen hangout. Liberal 30-somethings, arty crowd, lots of people wearing glasses! CAFÉ TERTULIA 1900 C/ Alta 4

Zona El Carmen

ANITA GIRO Pintor Domingo 7 (near the small garage next to the Quart Towers). Reservations: 961 133 418. Facebook anita.giro Off the beaten track. Near to the Quart towers but far from the crowds in the Carmen. Quality food at an average of 1520 euros a head including drinks. Good beer on tap; 2.70€‚ a pint before 21.30h and only 3.50€‚ afterwards. A relaxed, informal atmosphere. Tables available outside on a quiet, pedestrian street. English speaking staff.

CAFETÍN (Café.Cocktail. Bar) Plaza San Jaume, 2 Movil: 652 38 32 28 Situated in the heart of the barrio del carmen in Valencia with more than 30 years of history. This is a relaxing, agreeable and welcoming place where you can enjoy the best of teas and coffees. Specializing in AGUA DE VALENCIA, made the traditional way. Enjoy an ample selection of cocktails, sangria, spirits at good prices. Great to have a good time in good company with cool music soundtrack, a wonderful terrace to watch the world go by and the best service you will find in Valencia. Un lugar tranquilo,agradable y acogedor donde disfrutar cada dia de los mejores tes y cafés.Especializados en el

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AGUA DE VALENCIA (LA MEJOR) hecha de forma tradicional, con una amplia variedad de COCKTAILS, SANGRIA Y COPAS, AL MEJOR PRECIO , para pasar grandes momentos con la mejor compañia. Buena musica, una terraza privilegiada y el mejor servicio que puedas encontrar,¿Por que no vienes a conocernos? DANSET C/ de en Sendra,9 Tel: 655 93 25 40 New and friendly Bar-Tapas-Restaurant with terraza EL CAFÉ DEL MAR Plaza Lope de Vega, 4 Tel: 96 3 922 558 EL LABORATORIO (junto Pl. de la Virgen) Pl. Cors de la Mare de Deu, 3 Every Day 18.00h-01.30h Tel: 96 392 61 93 Young international staff and clientèle. The two coolest and cheapest bars to chill off the Plaza de la Virgen. Free tapas with drinks, international Beers, imaginative Cocktails and Gintonics, Mojitos at 4€. Fun food at fun prices: hamburgers, wraps, dimsum, samosas... Great terrace. Tuesday EnglishSpanish Language Exchange; Wednesday = German- Spanish Exchange and Cocktails 2x1. Also Exhibitions, Theme Dinners, Ethnic Fiestas, Art & Photography...Mixed drinks start at 3.50€!!!!

LA CAVA DEL NEGRET C/ Calatrava, 15 Tel: 96 392 33 01 Open every day from 12.00h, great bar on Pl. Negrito with terraza and some of the finest agua de Valencia around. Friendly staff, superb terraza, next to fountain and a great selection of cavas and champagnes. Abierto cada día, muy buena selección de cavas & champagne con terraza encantadora. MAGAROTA C/ Zurradores, 9 Movil: 665 04 15 08 Friendly Spanish tapas & café Bodeguita bar with terraza and popular owners.

MUEZ (CAFÉ-LIBRERIA GASTRONÓMICA) Plaza del Mercado, 26 Tel: 96 0067822 7 Movil:627406094 Hip and increasingly popular café bar with attractive terrace near Mercado Central and a bohemian clientele. RIVENDEL RESTO BAR


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24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS C/ Hospital, 18 Tel: 96 392 32 08

Emblematic of the buzzing barrio of Ruzafa. Wonderful, spacious and welcoming cafe-bar/ second-hand bookshop. Spanish & Italian tapas, beer, wine, bohemian crowd, friendly atmosphere. Closed Monday. Zona Plaza Xuquer

ROCAFULL CAFE Pl. Xuquer, 14 A key meeting point of the ‘indie’ community. Zona Plaza Cedro

SANT JAUME C/ Caballeros, 51 Tel. 96 391 24 01 Valencia Café society par excellence. Set in what may be the best corner of the centro histórico, this long established café bar has a cosmopolitan crowd, lots of room upstairs and one of the best terrazas in the city. Watch the characters stroll down C/Caballeros. Sant Jaume es un clásico del centro histórico con unas de las mejores terrazas en Valencia.

SOL I LLUNA C/ del Mar, 29 96 392 22 16, TETERIA TISANA C/Moret, 4 (just off C/Roteros) Music includes: Ultra-mod, ye-ye, Garage, Britpop 60s. Freak-Beat THE LOUNGE CAFÉ-BAR Estameñeria Vieja 2 (behind La Lonja) Tel: 96 391 80 94, TROMBON C/ Moret, 10 (near Plaza del Carmen) Open since 1974, Trombon is one of the oldest bars in the Carmen. Table football, good music and local crowd. Friendly service. Open from 20h – 03.30h from Tuesday to Saturday and open to all. Zona Ruzafa

EL PATIO DE RUZAFA C/ Literato Azorin, 13 Spacious cultural centre with bar and tapas, rich variety of activities including talks, workshops, and more. Centro cultural amplio con bar y tapas, gran variedad de actividades como charlas, talleres y más. LA TAVERNAIRE C/ Dénia, 18 Tel: 605 838 299 Bohemian cafe-bar, vegetarian dishes, live music Wednesdays. LA PINÇA C/ Pintor Salvador Abril, 34 Tel: 96 3 25 05 82 / 693 593 037 Arty and welcoming café-bar. UBIK CAFÉ Calle Literato Azorín 13 
Valencia 963741255 Mon-Tues: 17h - 01:30h Wed-Sun: 12h - 01:30h Thurs: 12h - 02:00h Fri-Sat: 12h - 03:00h

CAFE INFINITO C/ Poeta Mas y Ros, no 35 Tel: 617 27 20 42 Superb! International multilingual staff with a friendly atmosphere and packed agenda including theme nights, language exchange, live music, quiz. Wednesday ‛Ruta de la Tapa del Cedro’. Good food too.

TORNILLO C/ Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 55 27 A meeting point for faces from the indie and electronica scenes. Definitely worth checking. Zona Benimaclet

Zona Plaza Benimaclet LA OLA FRESCA Calle Músico Magenti 11, Benimaclet Reservations: 610026305 A ‘cafecito’ with a big heart and a fabulous terrace • Speciality in brownies and homemade cakes • world food cooking Juice therapy • local artesanal beers • fairtrade tea and coffee workshops and special events • Sunday BRUNCH • Facebook: La Ola Fresca Valenbisi: 116 Comidas del mundo, servicio excelente, sabroso y actividades cada semana.


650 639 177

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JUNE 17 FIESTAS TEMATICAS: Cada jueves fiesta "YEGUA" con barra libre de 18 a 23.00 Cada domingo fiesta en suspensorios con merienda de 18.00 a 23.00. SPARTACUS C/ Flassanders, 8 Gay sex shop TRAPEZZIO CAFÉ Pl. Músico Lopez Chavarri, 2

GAY / LESBIAN Codigo G Gay Discoteca & Club Carrer dels Tomassos, 14. (Zona Ruzafa) A Gay disco, next to Russafa market. 3 floors with House, Disco, Guateque, Pop, Petardeo.


CROSS C/ Juan de Mena, 7 (Zona Botanico) Facebook Cross Valencia Just 2 minutes walk from Torres de Quart in the tranquil Botanico barrio. Cross is one of Valencia’s most popular Gay Clubs. Open each night from 22h to 03.30am with Wednesdays and Tuesdays featuring ‘get naked’ parties. Every Friday parties with Dj. Saturday show with Drag Queen. Closed Monday. Uno de los pubs gays más populares de Valencia. Lunes cerrado, jueves noche karaoke, viernes fiestas preparadas por Dj, sábado noche show de Drag Queen.

LA BELLA DE CADIZ C/ Cadiz, 54 Facebook labelladecadiz54 Set in the hip barrio of Ruzafa, this friendly café-bar has a terraza and an international vibe and an incredible collection of camp antiques in the very spacious interior. LA PECERA C/ Cadiz, 86 Tel: 639 517 703 Popular with lesbians in evenings. Open to all. Ni María Ni Virgen C/ Pintor Vilar, 1 Lesbian pub-bar in the Campanar area.

¿PUBLICIDAD? 650 639 177

NUNCADIGONO C/ Turia, 22 The latest gay sex-club with rooms, showers, labyrinths, videos, slings, contacts, S&M, bears, fucking, sex, glory-holes, motor bikes. Fiestas ‛Sex’ every Monday (Slip or Naked) and Friday from 22.00h. Each month: ‘Fiesta Slip’ 1st and 3rd Thursday from 22h (jockstrap/ swimwear) ‘Fiesta Naturista’ 2nd & 4th Thursday from 22h. (naked) Free cloakroom service and free condoms and lubrication, ask at the bar. Every Friday Porno/ Live Show. Happy hours todos los dias. Open every day from 13.00 pm to 04.00 am. Gay sexbar. Cuartos, duchas, laberintos, videos, slings, valencia, contactos, gay, nuncadigono, bar, sm, bears, sexo, motos. PEKADO Pl. Vicente Iborra, 9 Tel. 96 392 41 39 The seven deadly sins are served after you enter the gates of hell of this restaurant. QART CAFÉ C/ Guillem de Castro, 80 SANT MIQUEL Pl. Sant Miquel, 13 Tel. 96 392 31 29

SEXBAR OHLALA C/Doctor Monseratt,28 Valencia Mas info: Near Torres de Quart! This is a Gay Sexbar that is open from Thursday to Sunday 18h -23h. Theme night “YEGUA” every Thursday with free bar from 18h to 23h. Every Sunday ‘jockstrap and snack’ fiesta from 18h to 23h. Friday and Saturday from midnight until close Open Thursday to Sunday from 18h to 23h Abrimos jueves y domingo de 18 a 23.00 viernes y sábado de 00.00 a cierre

BEER C/ Salamanca, 4 Tel. 96 374 14 31 Facebook Cerveceria Beer.

LOS PIKAPIEDRA (Zona Carmen) C/ Caballeros, 25 Tel: 96 3 919 876/ 681 215 545 Great! Definitive of the alternative Carmen scene. Highly popular with students, punks, hippies and adventurous tourists. It is a friendly, alternative hangout that is run by a multilingual, well-travelled owner and is open to all. Set on 3 floors with room for groups and couples. After 18 years of deserved popularity with locals and visitors, Los Pikapiedra is without doubt an essential part of the Barrio del Carmen scene. Easy to find too! Reasonable prices.They now have a wonderful selection of Spanish tapas. Ask at the bar for their carta. Special offers every WEDNESDAY! 1 litre Porrones 4,50€ (Cider, Beer, Calimocho, Tinto de Verano). Jarras 1 litro 8€ (Agua de Valencia, Sangria, Mojito). Cubatas 3,50€. Menu 6€ (Salad, Drink, Tabla Iberico of hams, meats & cheeses). Porrones 4.50€ on Thursdays too! Bar Los pikapiedra es un bar alternativo legendario, con gente bohemia, porrones, música ecléctica y tapas españolas.


GEORGE BEST C/ Alzira, 12 Great name, good beers, indie music. The fifth Beatle would surely have approved. ZONA EL CARMEN

BEERS & TRAVELS BAR Plaza Manises, 3

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Tel: 96 392 60 50 Zona Carmen Facebook Beers and Travels Bar ‘Beers & Travels Bar’ is a traditional pub set in the heart of the old town and just a stone’s throw from the legendary Torres de Serranos. At the pub, you will find 13 different drinks on tap, which includes beers from Ireland and ‘Maleoc’ cider from Galicia. Check out their ‘O’Hara’ Red, Pale Ale and Black beers.

BIRRA & BLUES BREW PUB VALENCIA Av. Maria Cristina, 12 Tel: 96 392 56 41 Zona Centro Valencia 46001 At ‘Birra & Blues Valencia’ the prize is our homemade craft beer, and the great food that goes perfectly with your drink. In our restaurant bar, centrally located on Av. María Cristina, 12, in the very heart of Valencia, you can taste the ten ales that have won international awards and that we produce in our Patacona brewery. We combine this with quality cuisine, pizzas and tapas. Next to the Central Market, we have three different spaces with ‘bluesy’ decoration and an attractive terrace so that you can enjoy our understanding of good beer and good food. We have menus with beer included from 12.50€, homemade pizzas and the best tapas. FINNEGAN'S Pl. de la Reina Tel: 96 392 28 62 The legendary meeting point in the heart of Valencia for those who like a good pint. Excellent terrace with fine view of the Cathedral. A genuine Irish pub with big screen for sports lovers who like it live. Spacious and warm interior, good selection of beers and tasty traditional lunches. It is internationally famous for all the right reasons. Great for the craic in the evenings. A classic. New owners with more emphasis on food. SAINT MARTIN’S URBAN IRISH Calle Abadía de San Martin, 2 (near San Vicente) Tel: +34963942171 46002 Valencia   Saint Martin’s Urban Irish is our new pub right in the center of Valencia! Enjoy international beers & spirits and great snacks to fill you up not only with beer. Enjoy all major sports events through our 6 extra large FULL HD screens. You will enjoy like never before.  Sky Sports on with all major events broadcasted! Our international atmosphere and our location manage to unite the tradition of an Irish pub with a young and relaxed atmosphere. (Find us between Plaza de la Reina and Plaza del Ayuntamiento, just off San Vicente street). Nuevo Pub irlandés moderno y céntrico donde disfrutar de todos los eventos de deporte, con cervezas de importación, snacks, copas... THE MARKET C/ Danzas / Cajeros (Near La Lonja) Tel: 961 054 050 Facebook: the market cerveza artesana The Market serves homemade beer in a warm setting with tostas & tablas to savour with your brown beer. Great music and experience owners. Open every day from 19h. Cervecería artesana, tostas y buena música. Cerca de la Lonja y Mercado Central. TYRIS ON TAP Taula De Canvis, 6 (near La Lonja)


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24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Tel: 96 1 13 28 73 Great! Just a stone’s throw from La Lonja and Mercado Central, you will find ‘Tyris on Tap’, which is the taproom of local Valencian brewers Tyris. All their cervezas are craft beers so you won’t find any commercial brands here, just lovingly brewed beer. Enjoy an ample terrazza and a hip yet relaxed interior of wooden tables & chairs and colourful posters lining the walls. On the wall, there is an attractively designed graphic explanation of the steps taken to brew beer. Tasty tapas, gourmet burgers and salads too. Cerveza artesanal, hambuerguesas gourmet en una terraza excelente. ZONA CANOVAS

PORTLAND ALE HOUSE C/ Salamanca 10 Yes! Valencia’s first true American pub, run by a friendly American team with draft beers available, sports and an increasingly mixed crowd of locals, visitors and English and Spanish speakers.

the massive beret and drum. Just across from Mestalla stadium, a Mecca for football fans from all over the world. Friendly atmosphere. ZONA PLAZA XUQUER

MAX MAX C/ Vinalopó, 11 (Pl. Xúquer) Tel: 96 362 68 67 ZONA PLAYA

SPAGHETTI & BLUES Restaurante Pizzeria Av. Mare Nostrum, 34 Tel: 96 355 04 74 Zona Playa de la Patacona 46120 L'ELIANA

THE DRAGON (BAR INTERNACIONAL) C/ Virgen de Pilar, 12 (L’Eliana) British-run bar with good reputation for food. Popular with locals and the expat crowd from the area.


BABALÚ C/ Manyans 17 (next to Plaza Redondo) Tel: 96 315 50 40 ¡Fiesta! An excellent restaurant-bar-club for those who love authentic Cuban food. AMERICAN

GOIKO GRILL C/ Martinez Cubells,4 Tel: 96 116 98 02 New! Quality Hamburguers, tasty fries,cocktails,friendly staff... ST. PATRICK’S IRISH PUB Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, 69 Tel: 96 351 36 42 “A true Irish pub” that knows the craic! Friendly helpful international staff who speak Spanish and English! FREE WIFI to all customers. Open every day from 4pm ‘till late! Cosy interior with 5 rooms and 2 bars. A good mix of Spaniards and expats. We have 5 big screen plasma T.V.s that show all the sporting events (football, rugby, cricket, golf, basketball, etc.)! We have pool, darts, a big terrace and good music (pop-rock from all the ages with Spotify)! Great selection of beers, whiskies, cocktails, including fresh fruit slush, nonalcoholic or you choose the mix! Great snacks, sandwiches, quiche, meat pies, fish&chips, etc. Lots of events: Live Music every Friday at 23h. Parties with prizes. Open Saturday and Sunday at 13:00h pm. Reservations at See Facebook for more details! Pub irlandés famoso con pantallas para deportes en directo. Buena selección de cervezas y cócteles, música en directo los viernes, intercambios los jueves y más… Zona Avenida Aragón

MANOLO EL DEL BOMBO Pl. Valencia Club de Fútbol, 5 Tel: 96 930 460 A traditional Spanish bar with a different interior - a football museum with photos of the legendary Manolo del Bombo, the chap with


DUKALA Dr Sanchis Bergon, 27 Excellent Moroccan cuisine with a beautiful interior and experienced owners. Set in the mellow barrio of Botanico by the Rio Turia gardens. SAHARA (ZONA CARMEN) C/ del Mar, 52 Tel: 96 394 32 76 Movil: 698 579 148 ASIAN FUSION

TAO TAO TABERNA ASIATICA C/ Cadiz, 37 Tel: 96 091 2915 / móvil: 615 725 320 Set in the hip barrio of Ruzafa… Authentic & Asian run fusion restaurant with Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese cuisine. FUSION RESTAURANT

SÉSAME C/ En Bou (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 391 30 62 Highly popular. The well-travelled French owner proposes a wide variety of creative tapas and dishes with an original Greek & Mediterranean/ Asian/ French and Vegetarian fusion using only fresh local produce. GREEK

EL RINCON GRIEGO C/ Conde Montornes, 23 (just off C/ Mar and corner of Poeta Liern)

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ʻLIKEʼ US ON Tel: 96 394 4443 Mobile: 639608867 Zona Carmen Intimate and Greek owned and run, wellestablished restaurant in a quiet corner of the old town. Enjoy Greek tapas, fish and meat dishes, cheeses, yoghurts, pastries and Greek wine too! INDIAN / PAKISTANI

TAJ-MAHAL (ZONA AV. PUERTO) C/ Dr. Manuel Candela, 20, Tel: 96 330 62 64. One of the best Indian restaurants along the coast. Authentic Indian cuisine, chefs with 12 years Brit experience. Classic menu with all the favourites: Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, King Prawn Tandoori, Lamb. Variety of rices, attentive bilingual staff on hand to serve ‘English’ or ‘Spanish’ version of spicy. About 18€ per head. Taj Mahal now has home delivery until midnight for minimum price of 20€. Check out the British and Indian products at their shop next door! Curry powders, cornflakes, ketchup, tinned beans, and loads more. An expat’s dream! Uno de los mejores restaurantes indios en Valencia con comidas y cenas típicas del país. Muchos productos indios en su tienda a lado también.

regions of Italy. Ensaladas, antipasti,

piadina, tapas italianas, pizza, pasta, platos de carne y pescado. Vinos de diferentes regiones de Italia. ZONA CANOVAS


C/ Conde de Altea, 41 Tel: 96 334 13 04

Spot the Valencia footballer! LAMBRUSQUERÍA

C/ Conde Altea, 31 -36 Tel: 96 334 07 53 Clooney did eat here! JAPANESE


Plaza Pere Borrego I Galino, 10 (C/Alta con Na Jordana)

Tel: 96 3 911 102



Tel: 96 311 94 29


in Valencia run by a Japanese & Valencian

LA FORCOLA C/ Borrull, 29 Tel: 963 155 909 Highly popular Italian owned & run pizzería & restaurant with quality food at reasonable prices and friendly staff. Set in the tranquil Botanico barrio. ZONA EL CARMEN

AL POMODORO C/ del Mar, 22 Tel: 96 391 48 00, Very popular, good value, great pizza. BACCO D.O.C. C/ Derechos 29, bajo (1 min from La Lonja) Tel: 96 391 19 65 Everyone welcome at this distinctive and very original Italian restaurant in an excellent location. CIAO BELLA C/Corona, 8 Tel: 96 105 65 81 Spacious & classy restarant, with historic interior with authentic Italian cuisine with experienced hosts from Rome. LA PAPPARDELLA C/ Bordadores, 5 (next to Cathedral) Tel: 96 391 89 15 Popular Italian restaurant without pizza and emphasis on Piadinas and pastas. LA STRADA C/ Quart 17 Tel: 96 392 41 77 Excellent! Hip pizzeria and pasta restaurant just a brief stroll from Torres de Quart. 8€ daytime menus, around 15€ at night. Salads, antipasti, piadine, italian tapas, pizza, pasta, meat and fish dishes. Wines from many


Great! Finally, an authentic Japanase taberna couple!



C/ Explorador Andres, 24 (Plaza Cedro) Tel: 96 0150 796

C/ Sueca, 61 (Ruzafa)

Facebook Kaña Makan

Smells delicious! Exotic and tasty

Mediterranean tapas with Arabic influences and interior and friendly Syrian owner.


(Tapas Bar & Mediterranean Food) Plaza Cedro, 16

Movil: 603 63 22 20

A mix of Syrian and Spanish food and Tapas.

In Oriento you can find Mediterranean flavours along with a friendly service and a happy

family environment. Good price for traditional dishes and Syrian desserts. Enjoy red and white wines with others types of drinks. Facebook: Oriento.VLC MEXICAN


Conde de Salvatierra, 39

Tel: 96 3205 837/ 96 3 236 153

Upmarket Mexican cuisine in a spacious and beautiful interior in a cosmopolitan zone. ZONA ARRANCAPINS

PALARDI CAFFE RESTOBAR C/ Cuenca, 31. Come and chill on our terrace, in this new friendly cafe bar. Copas, cócteles, coffee and great food. Tex-mex menu available day and night. Every Thursday is the day of " Burger and Beer". Closed Mondays. English and Spanish spoken. Relajate en nuestra terraza y bar acogedor. Copas, cócteles y buena comida. Cada jueves es el día de "haburguesa y cerveza". Cerrado los lunes. Hablamos castellano e inglés. PERUVIAN

SIMALÚ C/ Caballeros, 10 Tel: 96 1 93 03 57 Classy Peruvian restaurant of the highest quality in terms of product and presentation. This is authentic Peruvian cuisine with real flavours of the land. PORTUGUESE

CAFÉ PESSOA C/ Literato Azorin, 2 Tel: 96 341 75 14 Great! An authentic Portuguese café bar with lovely cocktails and trendy interior.

LA CONSERVA Literato Azorin, 18 Movil: 697 95 52 94 Dig the trendy & kitsch interior and enjoy sardines, cod, 'vinho verde' and fado music in the hip barrio of Ruzafa. Wouldn't look out of place in Shoreditch! PORTUSCALE C/ Subida del Toledano, 6 Tel. 96 1 14 40 63 e-mail: Authentic Portuguese restaurant with Portuguese owners. Next to the cathedral. SPANISH / VALENCIAN ZONA PLAZA AYUNTAMIENTO

ALKAZAR C/. Mosén Femades, 9 y 11 (Zona peatonal/ Pedestrian street) Just off Plaza Ayuntamiento 46002 Valencia · T. 96 352 95 75 · 96 351 55 51 This is the real deal. Quality Valencian cuisine. With over 60 years of experience, Alkazar is perfectly placed right in the centre on a

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mellow & traffic–free street, very near to Plaza Ayuntamiento so easy to find. Mariscos y arroces auténticos con 60 años de experiencia. CARPE DIEM C/ Martínez Cubells, 4 (off Passeig Ruzafa) Tel: 96 342 77 80, A genuine Spanish restaurant right in the centre of Valencia, on a mellow side street, dead easy to find! EL COLMADO DE LA RIVERA C/ Ribera, 14 LOLAILO C/Pie de la Cruz, 8 Facebook Taberna anadaluza Lolailo Movil: 622 131 746 New! Spacious and beautiful Andalusian restaurant with tapas from the South of Spain and North Africa. Just a stone’s throw from the Mercado Central. LOTELITO VALENCIA ROOMS & BAR C/ Barcas, 13 Tel: 96 206 78 52 Movil: (+34) 656 265 229 You can enjoy breakfast early in the morning, almuerzo around midday, lunch or dinner a la carta or menu as well as enjoy a wide range of spirits & cocktails. Tapas and platos to share are Lotelito’s speciality, which are notable for their tastiness and loving presentation. Bread & desserts are homemade & freshly produced daily. The head of the kitchen is Miguel Angel Mas who has had ample experience with a number of Michelin Star restaurants as well as having run his own restaurant for the last 7 years, which are both great signs of somebody who both knows all about cuisine and cares about it too. Enjoy Lotelito morning, noon and night! ZONA EL CARMEN

ALMA DEL TEMPLE C/Almirante, 14 Tel: 96 315 52 87 Upmarket restaurant in beautiful setting with historic Arabic wall as part of the interior, reflecting Valencia’s Moorish past. Wide range of rice, fish and meat dishes. BAR ALMUDIN C/ Almudin,14 Near Plaza del Virgen. Tapas bar since 1932. Rice dishes, tapas, wines and spirits. Attractive and well-established. An old-fashioned interior with real character. No telephone number. You have to visit in person to make a reservation!


650 639 177


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24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS DOS AGUAS C/ Marqués de Dos Aguas, 6 Tel: 96 251 64 26 Good value Spanish menu del días, great view. EL ARENAL DEL CARMEN C/ Calatrava, 4 Tel: 96 009 16 57 New & spacious Mediterranean restaurant in the old town.

9:00 - 01:30 todos los días EL BOTIJO C/ San Miguel s/n Spanish tasca in the Barrio Carmen! Great terraza & excellent service, great variety of delicious tapas, a top ensaladilla rusa and nice cheeses too. Good selection of beers & wines. Kitchen and bar is open everyday from 9h -01.30h. Clasica tasca situada en el Barrio del Carmen, cocina siempre abierta, servicio excelente, gran variedad de tapas, vinos y cervezas.

EL RALL Pl. Tundidores, 2 Tel: 96 392 20 90 Legendary paella restaurant, prime location by La Lonja and Plaza Negrito. Restaurante legendario de paellas y más arroces. Bien situado entre La Lonja y Plaza Negrito. Terraza encantadora. ESCALONES DE LA LONJA C/ Pere Compte, 3

EL PONY PISADOR C/ Zurradores, 7 (Near Plaza Santa Catalina) Tel: 638 196 289/ 635 849 390 Homemade Spanish food, rustic interior and run by a friendly Spanish couple. Try their Croquetas de Jamón Ibérico, artichokes, baby squid with paprika, strawberry cheese cake. In a quiet corner of the Centro Histórico. Good selection of wines from 8€ to 16€. Menú del día 10€ including drink. Saturday & Sunday lunch 14€, drink extra. Dishes from 4.50€ to 7€. Authentic Spanish cuisine. Restaurante Español íntimo, rústico y con comida casera muy buena; rabo de toro, croquetas, jamón ibérico, calamares y más. KA'RAK (RAQUEL CERNICHARO) C/ Baja, 42 Tel. 96 315 45 88 Set in a quiet corner of the atmospheric old town. Run by a friendly and experienced owner, enjoy wonderful homemade Mediterranean cooking. LA CARME C/ Soguers, 2 Tel: 96 392 2532 30 years old emblematic restaurant of the Barrio del Carmen with Mediterranean dishes and cosy yet spacious interior.

LA LLAR DEL CHEF C/ Pintor Domingo, 29 Tel:96 044 6829 Facebook Restaurante La Llar del Chef This is special. On a quiet street near to the Torres de Quart. A la carte and daily tasting menu. Quality and authentic Valencian and Mediterranean cuisine including home made paellas, meat and fish dishes created with artistic panache.Very well-travelled and experienced chef owner Teresa Camacho Giménez vision is to fuse traditional Valencian

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ʻLIKEʼ US ON & Mediterranean cuisine with innovative presentation. Vegan and gluten-free choices too.Comida mediterránea, rica en verduras, arroz, aceite, frutas seleccionando los mejores productos de temporada combinados con sus peculiares innovaciones, directa a los paladares más exigentes LA PITANZA C/ Quart, 5 Tel: 96 391 09 27

LA PILARETA C/ Moro Zeit Tel: 96 391 04 97 Every major Spanish city has a tapas bar regarded as ‘quintessential’. Established in 1917, this one is high up on the list in many guides. Veteran waiters serve excellent tapas: habas, ensaladilla rusa and the famous mussels. Open daily midday to midnight just off Plaza Tossal, not hard to find. Now that’s what we call atmosphere... El bar de tapas más histórico en el centro de Valencia, especialidad en clóchinas, buenas habas y ensaladilla rusa.

L'APLEC C / Roteros, 9 (near Torres de Serranos) Movil: 696 119986 Bar - restaurant to go for tapas. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12 noon to closing. Closed Monday. Spontaneous atmosphere, friendly and fun. Home cooking. Drinks and hot tapas with a hint of fun. Easy to find as it is just a stoneʼs throw from the Torres de Serranos. Nice and spacious interior too! L' Aplec has a great terrace. Enjoy their homemade, fresh and authetic paella to order in advance for groups. Enjoy classic and original Spanish tapas. Gay & Lesbian friendly. Tapas caseras, divertidas, servicio amable y buenas paellas para encargar. Muy cerca de Torres de Serranos. Auténticamente español y abierto a todos.

24/ 7 Valencia LA LOLA C/ Subida de Toledano, 8 Tel: 96 391 80 45, This is ‘nueva cocina española’! Authentic live flamenco every week.

LA VALENCIANA C/ Juristas, 12 Tel: 96 3 153 856 Email: Highly popular with discerning customers and for all the right reasons. This is an authentic Valencian restaurant where you not only savour Valencia paella you can also take a certified course in order to become proficient in cooking your own paella! This includes a trip to Mercado Central to pick the ingredients as well as cooking with an expert chef in one of their 2 restaurants. Check it out! Paella auténtica valenciana con cursos de paella ofrecidos por expertos cocineros. LIGAZON C/ Arolas,11-bajo. 46001-Valencia Telefono de reservas: 961141112 MAR D’AVELLANES C/ Avellanas, 9 Tel: 96 392 51 66 Classy cuisine near Plaza Reina. MARIA MANDILES Plaza Manises, 2 Tel: 96 04 60 57 MARIA MANDILES C/ del Padre Huérfanos, 2 Tel: 96 315 48 84 A wonderful choice. In the heart of the historic centre in a tranquil square by the church of El Carmen, next to a garden, you will find the restaurant Maria Mandiles. With an ample terrace, you can enjoy tapas, fondues, cheeses, salads, homemade desserts, a variety of sangrias, cocktails, and ‘Agua de Valencia’ too. Lunchtime menu from Monday to Friday for 10.50€ with everything included. Saturdays and Sundays at lunchtime has paella for 6.50€. Typical price for evening dinner is 18€. Open all day from 10am to 01.30am. MATTILDA C/ Roteros, 21 Tel: 96 392 31 68 Very near Torres de Serranos so easy to find. Creative cuisine with highly experienced owner and staff. Mattilda combines succulent tapas and quality cuisine with artistic presentation with a loyal and cosmopolitan clientele. Clean & attractive vintage style interior.

JUNE 17 OCHO Y MEDIO Plaza Lope de Vega, 5 Tel: 96 392 20 22

PICOFINO GASTROBAR Plaza Reina, 18 Tel: 96 3 155 020 Classy & classic Mediterranean cuisine and tapas on a beautiful terraza in the heart of Valencia. Enjoy exquisitely presented sardines, tuna tapas, quality mussels, salads, croquetas, artichokes, beautiful desserts, and a great selction of Spanish & Italian wines. Cocina mediterranea de mucha calidad con una presentacion equiseta. En el Corazon de Valencia… RACÓ EL FALLERET Guillem de Castro, 114 Tel: 96 064 28 72 REFUGIO RESTAURANTE DEL CARMEN C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 77 54 A warm and authentic Mediterranean fusion restaurant with touches of Asia and a new carta, too. See ‘Something Different’ for more details. RINCÓN 33 C/ Corretegeria,33 Tel: 96 4 910 952 Cuisine from the Mediterranean… SAN MIGUEL C/ San Miguel, 7 Tel: 963921447/ movil 685893736 Facebook: Restaurante San Miguel Valencia Classy & authentic. In the heart of the historic centre, San Miquel has a tapas bar, a wonderful terrace and authentic traditional cuisine including paella and other rice dishes, quality mediterranean cuisine, warm interior and experienced staff. SIDRERIA EL MOLINÓN C/Bolseria, 40 Tel: 963 91 15 38 Legendary Spanish / Asturian restaurant in the heart of the old town and highly popular with locals. Enjoy Asturian cider and hams, cheeses and steaks from the region. Set on 2 floors , so perfect for groups as well as couples. The real Spain. Restuarante legendario asturiano, español. Quesos, jamones, solomillos, sidra asturiana y más.


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staff. Superb paella, arròs en fesols i naps, arroz a banda, patatas bravas, salads and more. Near Torres de Serranos. There are now two Yusos, near to each other. La autentica paella valenciana. Cocineros valencianos, una paella estupenda. Ahora hay dos Yusos, cerca de Torres de Serrano. ZONA CÁNOVAS

TASCA EMBRUJO DEL CARMEN C/Juristas, 5 Tel: 96 0 014 584/ 695 478 914 Facebook Embrujo dl Carmen Delightful Spanish restaurant with warm and colourful interior, relaxed terraza and friendly service. Spanish and Andalusian cuisine to savour and just a stone’s throw from the Cathedral in a quiet spot of the centro historico. Live music, paella, friendly service. Cocina española y andaluza para saborear y sólo un tiro de piedra de la Catedral en una zona tranquila del centro historico. Música en vivo, la paella, el servicio amable. TINTOFINO ULTRAMARINO C/ Corretgeria, 38 Tel: 963 154 599 / 636 429 329 Like a fine wine? Oh, that’s superb! Tapas, cheese, and meat too! Tinto fino is a wonderful, classy tapas bar restaurant with an extensive collections of 50 wines from Spain & Italy as well as delicious tapas from the mediterranean. Live acoustic music every Wednesday. TRECE C/ Calatrava, 12 Tel: 667 719 897 Hip new restaurant with mediterranean fusion dishes and original, vintage interior. VOLARE C/ Roteros, 12 Tel: 96 0 643 540 Mediterranean cuisine

COCO PAZZO Conde de Altea, 51 Movil: 717 12 22 35 Set in the cosmopolitan Canovas restaurant where you can enjoy Spanish / Mediterranean tapas and delicious & authentic barbecue ‘parrilladas’ with hamburgers to enjoy too. Good value prices too. MAMA RACHA TABERNA C/Ciscar, 15 Tel: 960 065 558 Tapas with soul with a welcoming interior. O'PAZO C/ Conde Altea, 21 Tel: 96 320 11 78 Galician bodega... ZONA CALLE JESÚS

PICA’P (FOOD & DRINKS) Plaza Pintor Segrelles, 7 Tel: 96 0 642 867 Creative tapas and traditional dishes with terrace, original interior, great pints and top Gin’n’tonics! ZONA BENIMACLET

PATA NEGRA C/ Barón de San Petrillo,3 Tel:96 389 09 54 Vintage-style interior, quality Mediterranean tapas and dishes, jazzy soundtrack... ZONA PUERTO

TABERNA LA PICONERA C/de la Peanya, 15 (near Avenida de Puerto) Off the beaten track, delightful Andalusian style taverna-restaurant that is family run. Valencian paella, squid, Gazpacho, Salmorejo, salads


CASA SALVADOR Legendary rice restaurant in Cullera. Tel. 961 72 02 36

SOMETHING DIFFERENT BODEGA BAR VALERO C/Palleter, 51 (Zona Juna Llorens) Genuine Valencian Bodega off the beaten track with a bohemian atmosphere and popular with an alternative crowd of all ages and open to all. Run by 2 brothers for over 30 years…

YUSO C / de la Cruz, 4 izquierda and Plaza del Carmen, 6. Tel: 96 315 39 67 The real deal. Valencian chefs and Valencian


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BUHOBIO C/ Murillo, 9 Tel: 96 205 73 69 New! Eco-cuisine! Wonderful mix of vegetarian & vegan dishes available, organic fusion, salad dishes and more. Friendly, cosmopolitan staff and arty events attract an open-minded clientele. Just a stone’s throw from Torres de Quart! ¡Nuevo! Eco-cocina! Maravillosa mezcla de platos vegetarianos y veganos disponibles, fusión orgánica, platos de ensalada y más. Personal amable y cosmopolita y eventos arty atraen a una clientela de mente abierta. Sólo un tiro de piedra de las Torres de Quart!


650 639 177

CLECTIC OPEN KITCHEN Gran Via Marques del Turia, 63 (Zona Canovas) Tel: 96 322 77 48 Clectic is Open Kitchen. Every day from 9am to 1am. Whatever you want, whenever you want. Healthy cuisine without schedules nor borders. Lunch set 9,90€. Dinner tasting menu 16,90€. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, Brunch, from 4,90€. Every Wednesday night live music Clectic es Open Kitchen. Todos los días, de 9h a 1h. Lo que quieras, cuando quieras. Cocina saludable, sin horarios ni fronteras. Solución comida 9,90. Cena menú degustación 16,90€. Sábados, domingos y festivos, Brunch, desde 4,90€. Todos los miércoles por la noche música en vivo. DANIEL HORCHATERIA Av. De la Horchata, 41 Alboraya, Valencia Tel: 96 185 88 66


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ʻLIKEʼ US ON Legendary Horchateria on the outskirts of Valencia, in the traditional Alboraya district.

EL PATIO DE RUZAFA Calle Literato Azorín, 13-Bajo DERECHA Valencia 666 76 64 12 Restaurant -bar- paella - dinner - products crafts - drinks - Cineforum - conference banquet - taichi - environmental exposures. El Patio is all this and much more. LA CASA DI SOPHIA Plaza Joan de Vila-Rasa, nº6 – bajo izquierda Telf: 963113412 Healthy cuisine, vintage wallpaper. Arty crowd. MONTEREY BAR & DISCOS C/ Baja, 46B (Barrio del Carmen) Tel: 96 3917 929 Monday –Friday 17h-01h Saturday 12h-15 / 18h-01.30h Sunday and holidays: 18h-01h REFUGIO RESTAURANTE DEL CARMEN C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 7754 The ‘Cooking Revolution’! Refugio is truly a restaurant of the Carmen. Run by a warm, bohemian Valencian couple with years of culinary experience this is now a Mediterranean fusion restaurant with International cuisine. Warm, wooden interior with intimate corners. TAPAS BARS

AL CANTONET C/ San Tomas, 21 Movil: 677345510 Fantastic and very authentic little tapas/tasca bar in a hidden corner of the Barrio del Carmen, away from the tourist crowds. Enjoy ham, mushrooms, artichokes, potatoes, cheeses, beers, wines, cocktails and more. Great blues and jazz soundtrack too!

beer. Auténtico bar de tapas español con dueño de familia andaluza con alcachofas, croquetas, sardinas, opciones vegetarianas y mucho más. Popular con gente alternativa, gente del barrio y visitantes. Excelente terraza.


KAÑA MAKAN C/ Sueca 61, Ruzafa C/ Explorador Andrés, 24( Plaza Cedro) Tel: 960 15 07 96 Open everyday from 19h - 00.00h Middle Eastern tapas fusion with attractive interior and friendly crowd. MAR CUATRO - Tapas & Burguers (Zona Carmen)

C/ del Mar, 4 Tel: 96 391 43 50 Great! Valencian owned and run. Just off Plaza Reina so really easy to find. A fresh, modern and relaxing space to enjoy a wide range of quality tapas, gourmet hamburgers, unique and top notch hotdogs, skewer recipes with different tastes and textures. Savour delish desserts in crystal pots that will surprise you for their delicious taste and lovely presentation. This is a vanguard Spanish tapas bar and open to all ages and backgrounds. Expect to pay around 20€. Tapas de calidad, hamburguesas gourmet, pinchos, postres deliciosos, muy cerca de Plaza Reina.

PICNICITY C/Calatrava, 2 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 960 099 900 Email: Picnicity is a family-run, welcoming and very tasty snack bar with homemade and healthy food, fresh juices, delicious cakes and picnic packs available. Trendy yet warm interior and friendly and experienced staff. Eat in or eat out, this is a great addition to the Barrio del Carmen food scene. Modern yet warm, cosmopolitan & homely. With WiFi. TABERNA ARANDINOS C/ de la Cruz, no 1 (Plaza del Angel) Mobile: 639259581 VIVA MASCARAQUE C/ Santo Tomas, 18 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 064 93 35 Very classy tapas bar and restaurant in spacious listed building on 2 floors in the heart of the Carmen. Cuisine is Spanish and Mediterranean fusion with exquisite quality and with avant-garde presentation. THAI

THAILICIOUS C/ Almirante Cadarso, 6 Tel: 96 3815181

DELICIOUS VEGAN FOOD C/ Quart, 41B · Valencia · 626 355 997

THE VURGER C/Quart, 41-B (Zona Carmen) Movil: 626 355 997 Very popular with all ages and it has only been open for a month! Delightful twist on a Fast food burger bar… in that all the food is only vegan! The Vurger is well-designed and thought out. It's great fun and the food is very inexpensive and surprisingly good. Delicioso giro en una barra de hamburguesas de comida rápida ... en que toda la comida es sólo vegana! The Vurger está bien diseñado y pensado. Es muy divertido, la comida no es cara y esta sorprendentemente buena. Cerca de Torres de Quart.


LA PEQUEÑA PASTELERÍA DE MAMÁ Calle Poeta Josep Grifol y cerverá 14 bajo 963 44 44 95 Facebook: LaPequenaPasteleriaDeMama Beautiful gourmet bakery that is cosy, with a cosmopolitan crowd and lovely terrace.Ideal for brunch, to read a book, be with family, friends and pets.Excedllent products include pancakes, cheeses,yoghurts, fruit juices, ZONA CANOVAS

LE CABINE (STYLE THAT ROCKS) Cirilio Amoros, 65 Tel: 960 214 031 Mov: 655 840 553 TASTE OF AMERICA Avenida Reino de Valencia, 6. Tel: 962 06 64 65


EL OLIVO TABERNA Plaza del Árbol, 4 (end of C/ Baja) Tel: 96 391 70 87 Authentic Spanish tapas in the historic centre. Highly popular with alternative crowd and visitors. Amongst their many specialities you will find artichokes, homemade croquettes, grilled sardines, fried prawns, octopus, cured ham, a selection of cheeses and much more. All tapas are made in the moment, which means you can take your time over a glass of wine or

OLIVÍ (ZONA CARMEN) C/ Calatrava nº4 bajo 1º derecha Tel.: +34 637 17 03 03 / +34 961 05 06 43 Great! Oliví is set in the historic centre, just past Plaza Negrito and a stone’s throw from La Lonja so easy to find.

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JUNE 17 www.tasteofamerica.



ALOE VERA Calle Martín Mengod, 6 bajo 46001 Valencia tel 963926183 Since 2001 we have been making natural cosmetic products that are certified Aloe Vera and with the highest standards of quality. Products without parrafin or petroleum derivatives or parabens nor are they tested on animals. Distribution available. Recently, we have incorporated Bach Flower remedies and Aromatherapy. Our philosophy is “be the change you want to see in the world.” Desde el 2001 creando productos de cosmetica natural con Aloe Vera certificado y 
con los mas altos estandares de calidad. Productos sin parafinas ni derivados 
del petroleo, sin parabenos y no testados en animales. Distribucion y venta al 
menor. En la epoca mas reciente hemos integrado las Flores de Bach y 
Aromaterapia. Nuestra filosofi­a es "Sé el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo". Tienda de Aloe Vera con buen servicio.

AFRIC ART Avenida Maria Cristina, 4 Tel: 96 315 41 76 BEERS &TRAVELS SHOP C/ Serranos, 19 Tel: 96 3915 142 This well-established shop has 350 beers to choose from and includes ‘beer holiday’ trips for groups to Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic COLLA MONLLEÓ CERAMISTES Plaza Redonda, no 11 -12 Tel: 96 392 30 43 Facebook Colla Monlleó EL MONSTRUO Calle Calatrava 11 Vintage style and creative. KINNARA Plaza Comte de Bunyol, 1. (C/ Caballeros) Quality clothes shop & very well situated in the heart of the historic centre. Mov: 605 31 63 04 KUPKA C/ Trench,15 & C/ de los Derechos,19 Tel: 96 105 76 99 Mov: 665 06 06 86


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LA ROOM C/ Puríssima - Estamenyeria Vella, local 2 (Junto/ next to Tasca Angel) 46001 - (historic downtown) - VALÈNCIA Tel. 962.293.300 / 963.155.813 Mov.656.447.636 MADAME BUGALÚ C/Danzas, 3 Tel: 96 315 44 76 Chic! MANDALA (Espai Creatiu) C/ Calatrava, 4 Movil: 655 301 390 Facebook Mandala Espai Creatiu Spiritual shop run by a kindly couple… NEEDLES AND PINS C/ En Bou, 3 PANNONICA VINTAGE C/ Baja, 28 Tel: 696 95 10 55 Facebook: Pannonicavintagedeluxe A cosy vintage store where you can find all kinds of little treasures. From fine clothing and Antique accessories to a great selection of Import Jazz on Vinyl. SEBASTIAN MELMOTH C/ San Fernando, 17 Sebastian Melmoth is a unique design shop with objects collected from around the world by the globetrotting owners. Art exhibitions and acoustic concerts. SOHO DEL CARMEN Calle Derechos 33, Valencia Tel: 96 391 2463 TAMALA TIENDA ETNICA Etnic Gallery Shop C/ Caridad, 2. Plaza Santa Cruz. Mov. +34 672 929 300 TRIXIE’S VINTAGE EMPORIUM C/ D’Ercilla, 1 (next to Plaza Dr Collado) Vintage, quality clothes. UNO UNO, Mercado Central Main entrance Mercado Central. Tel: 963 82 92 51 UNO is the emblematic new stand of the Mercado Central. It’s a place to meet, to sample food at the Central Market of Valencia, which is known as the ‘Mercado Central, where UNO fits right in. Enjoy a snack, and take the chance to re-discover local products. It is the project of the very amiable and experienced owner Rafael Valls. This is a place to revalue the culture of local product, to ‘chop’ and to try local novelties. When you enter the main entrance of the ‘Mercado Central’, designed by the prestigious Jaime Hayón, with the aim to extol the best traditional essence of local trade but in a new way. It is their raw material that truly rules at the stand of ‘UNO’. Savour their delightful Spanish sandwiches ‘bocados’, with freshness and quality intact, a new bottle of wine, an instant coffee, a counter with succulent sweets and desserts brought by artisan suppliers. Here you’ll find the best customs, and there is always a new product to be surprised by. And all in the most privileged scenario of all, you will find ‘UNO’ at the entrance of the Central Market! UNO es la emblemática nueva parada del Mercado Central de Valencia. Donde el mercado encaja. Un tentempié, nuestras

cajas para comer, aquellos productos locales que (re)descubres... Es el proyecto de Rafael Valls para revalorizar la cultura de ultramarinos, de 'picar', de probar novedades locales. BRITISH LLIRIA

SWEET HOME Plaza Jaime Roig, 1 Tel: 960 629 367 Email: Facebook sweethomeliria New supermarket in Lliria with quality British food including Quorn, Marmite, Golden Syrup, Linda McCartney veggie burgers, Yorkshire tea and so much more! There are Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and French choices too. New opening hours. Monday – Saturday 10h-14.30h Friday 16.00h – 20.00h Lunes a Sábado desde 10h hasta 14:30h Viernes desde 16:00h hasta 20:00h. CRICKET CLUB

Levante CC are a new cricket club based in Valencia that have regular league games with teams throughout Spain and also welcome touring sides to the city. The club train most Thursday evenings at the Camp de Beisbol in the riverbed, start time 8pm. New members welcome. Jason: 654071182 Barry: 652291897



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SMILEY BIKES C/ Rocas, 4 Movil: 654 61 44 16 Great! Very near to Torres de Serranos. Well-established bike shop run by a friendly, experienced and multi-lingual owner. You can hire a bike here for just 9€ and there are special rates for groups. BOOK SHOPS

RE-READ LIBRERIA LOWCOST C/ Gran vía Ramón y Cajal, 45 Movil: 610 20 09 63 Nearly new books at great prices in a number of languages...


CASA MONET C/ Serranos, 36 bajo izquierda Tel: 96 3127532 / Movil: 696 397 225 Email: Looking for original presents over the festive season? Check out one of Valencia’s most original gift shops. Run by entertaining Londoner Vladmir Ksieski, a distinctive artist who also has his own paintings for sale at the shop. He has been based in Valencia for the last 35 years. English and Spanish spoken. Easy to find as it is very near to the famous Torres de Serranos! Arte y regalos y complementos.

CENTRO URANIUM C/Quart 101, bajo, Valencia. Sirio Simó Calatayud Movil: 676 758 709 This is an alternative health centre with classes including Yoga, Chikung, Tarot, Massage therapy, Reiki. Run by the highly trained and experienced Sirio.



CASINO CIRSA VALENCIA Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas, 59 Tel: 96 3 175 199 This casino is open 24 hours. With different menus everyday and at night! Live music, stand-up comedy, private parties and more… ENGLISH CLASSES



C/ Santo Tomas, 24 Tel: 96 392 52 82 Fantastic hair salon that is renowned in the city where highly experienced professional experts get to the essence of each person’s head of hair for the cut you are truly looking for. Combining health, pleasure and imagination there are a wide range of services, cuts, colours, styles available. They are make up experts who have worked with a number of film directors, designers and photographers too. There is also an erotic corner for customers… “La Niña Los Peines mueve las tijeras y zapatea, afina el tono de los colores cuidadosamente, mima tu melena mientras te la modela al ritmo de tus deseos. Y en el gabinete de belleza te arregla de la cabeza a los piés. Calidad Schwarzkopf, trabajo cuidado y trato personal ¡Óle!”

GABINETE DE MEDICINA NATURAL C/ Albacete 1 pta2 (next to Plaza España) Mari Trini Romeu is a specialist in treatment for physical, psychic, emotional & spiritual pain and mental illnesses. Natural therapies, Bach flower treatment, Massage. Mari Trini es una especialista en Bionoeuroemoción, Terapias Naturales, Flores de Bach, Masajes. Tratamiento por dolencias y enfermedades fisicas, trastornos psiquicos y emocionales. By appointment Tel: 96 2555727/ Movil: 625 799 330 Email. PILATES CLASSES Movil: 687605722 Personal Trainers specialising in Pilates techniques for single or double classes. Reformer in our studio or at your home. Marta & Mike. HOSTELS

HOME (Zona Carmen) Pl. Vicente Iborra Tel: 96 391 37 97 C/ La Lonja, 4 Tel: 96 391 62 29

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HOSTAL ANTIGUA MORELLANA (Zona Carmen) C/ En Bou, 2 Tel: 96 391 57 73 SINGLE/ INDIVIDUAL 40€ (IVA included/ Incluido) DOUBLE/ DOBLE 55€ (IVA included/ incluido) Lovely hostel in the heart of the old centre with comfortable rooms, good service and all modern conveniences. HOSTAL EL RINCÓN (ZONA CARMEN) C/ Carda 11 Tel: 96 391 79 98 / 96 391 60 83 Single: 10-13€, Double: 18-24€ QUART YOUTH HOSTEL C/ Guillem de Castro, 64 Tel: 96 3 270 101 THE RIVER HOSTEL VALENCIA (Zona Carmen) Plaza del Temple, 6 Tel: 96 391 39 55 HOTELS

ALKAZAR HOTEL C/ Mosén Femades, 11 (peatonal) Tel: 96 351 55 51/ 96 352 95 75 CHECKIN **** Avenida del Puerto, 129. Tel 963 44 78 87 HOTEL LAS ARENAS ***** Eugenia Viñes 22-24 Tel. 963 120 600 HOTEL MELIÁ VALENCIA PALACIO DE CONGRESOS***** Avenida Cortes Valencianas, 52 Tel: 902 14 44 40 LOTELITO VALENCIA ROOMS & BAR Rooms/ Apartments/Free Wi-Fi C/ Virues, 6 (corner C/Barcas) Tel: 96 306 09 30 NEPTUNO **** C/ Paseo de Neptuno, 2 Tel: 96 356 77 77 Petit Palace Germanías *** C/ Sueca, 14 Tel: 96 351 36 38 PURPLE NEST HOSTEL VALENCIA Plaza Tetuan, 5 Tel: (34) 96 353 25 61 RED NEST HOSTEL VALENCIA Calle de La Paz, 36 Tel: (34) 96 3 427 168 SERCOTEL SOROLLA PALACE**** las Cortes Valencianas,58 46015 Valencia (ESPAÑA) Tel: 961 868 700 Fax: 96 186 87 05


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24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Two of the funkiest hostels in town, set in the heart of the centro histórico.


EL CARMEN SPANISH SCHOOL Calle Santo Tomás,22 b (acceso calle Alta esq. Calle Ripalda) 46003(Valencia) Telf. 963 914 518 Learn Spanish in a fun setting in the historic center of Valencia. GLENBURN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH C/ Doctor Modesto Cogollos 6 y 8 Tel: 96 393 35 88 www.glenburnsch English school with welcoming atmosphere and experienced native staff offers courses at all levels for adults and children and prepares students for FCE, proficiency and E.O.I. exams. Offers Spanish for foreigners, French and German. Excellent translation. Academia inglesa de calidad con profesores nativos y cursos para niños y adultos a todos los niveles. También castellano, francés, alemán. Traducciones excelentes. Preparación exámenes. PLAYGROUND ARTS CENTER

PLAYGROUND ARTS CENTER C/ Historiador Diago, 3 (Zona Abastos) Movil: 617 00 37 07 Playground Art Center Valencia is an art academy in which a variety of disciplines are taught to students of all ages. Our mission is to work with creative students of all skill levels and all ages to help them find and develop their artistic talents. PROPERTY


Tel: 622 230 597 We have a relocation and property service. Flats, houses and chalets for sale and to rent within a 30km radius of the city. Let us know what you are looking for, chances are we will already have something to suit on our books but if we don’t we’ll find it for you.

Movil: 659084936-Jordi Email: VALENCIA WEBSITES

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WWW.THISISVALENCIA.COM is the finest independent guide to the city and beyond with a wealth of information about the city and countryside of Valencia, exclusive interviews, updates, blog, forum and more! Recommended by ‘The Times’ and ‘Lonely Planet’. VET CLINICA VETERINARIA MANDOR Plaza de la estacion n5, (next to train station), La Eliana, 46183 Facebook Centro Veterinario Mandor. For appointments, tel: 962741772, 626487281 Monday-Friday 10.30h - 14h / 17h 20.30h. Saturday 10.30h - 13.30h. Dental cleaning.Has your dog got this smile? Full veterinary services. GOOD ENGLISH SPOKEN (13 years working in the UK), vet Victoria Gallego Perez speaks English & Spanish.Veterinario con mucha experiencia al lado de estación de tren de L' Eliana.

VALENCIA PROPERTY Tel: 96 166 28 92 Finding you more than just a home in Valencia. Get the lifestyle information too. STUDIOS

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TURIA ESTUDIO DE GRABACIÓN / TURIA RECORDING STUDIOS C/Hernán Cortés bajo, Alfafar (Valencia) › turia.degrabacion

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CONTACT INFO: Reciclart Estudio

Founder: Teresa Méndez Dasca Tel: 650 854 653

The Print Shop


664 638 395



5.000 FLYERS A6 (10 X 15) -


5.000 FLYERS A5 (15 X 20) -


1.000 POSTERS A3 PLUS (35 X 50 ) -


1.000 POSTERS 50 X 70-


¿ Donde Quieres Vivir ? Atrevete a soñar


145.000 €

Vivienda de 2 dormitorios Garaje y trastero incluidos

Atención al cliente 664 638 395




34 twentyfoursevenvalencia

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36 twentyfoursevenvalencia


MARCELINO TO LEAD VALENCIA NEXT SEASON On May 11, it was officially announced that Marcelino García Toral would become the new manager of Valencia CF. He now becomes the 19th different name to head the club since the turn of the century. During this time, household names like Rafa Benítez, Claudio Ranieri, Gary Neville and Cesare Prandelli have come and gone with varying degrees of success. The last manager to win any piece of major silverware was Ronald Koeman, when his side beat Getafe 3-1 in the 2008 Copa del Rey at the wonderful Vicente Calderón Stadium. Unfortunately, the stadium, like Valencia's victory, is now just a distant memory, as it is currently in the process of being demolished to make way for a park that will be aptly named ‘Park Atlético Madrid’. That year Valencia had the quality of players like David Silva, Juan Mata and David Villa playing in that final whilst Marcelino was still honing his managerial craft with Racing Santander. Spells at Real Zaragoza and Sevilla followed, but he really made his name with Valencia’s neighbours, Villarreal, by taking them to three top six places and a Europa League run in 2016 that

ended in the semi-final at the hands of Liverpool. At the beginning of last season, he was sacked for vociferously clashing with the Villarreal board of directors. Since then, media punditry on Sky has followed and frequent name links with vacant positions of La Liga and English clubs. It was no secret that Marcelino was on Peter Lim’s wants list and no surprise when he agreed to take over after a visit to Asia to see the Valencia owner. The general feeling is there will be a radical change of faces in personnel by the time the new season kicks off. One of the first things Marcelino will need to do is make a decision on the goalkeeper. Yoel Rodríguez has joined Eibar after a successful loan period but Mat Ryan is returning from Genk to give Valencia three top goalkeepers to choose from. Diego Alves has quashed leaving rumours by stating he wants to stay at Mestalla. Local favourite Jaume Domènech ended the season in prime position to keep the role after a string of excellent performances with the first team. The defence was fragile for the most of last season but looked at its best when Garay and Mangala joined forces to marshal the central defence. The latter is now back at Manchester City after his loan period finished. However, many Valencia fans are hopeful that he will return to Mestalla next season on a

permanent deal. Other loanees look less likely to return. With Atlético Madrid under a transfer embargo until 2018, Guilherme Siqueira may be wanted back by his parent club. Coupled with this is the fact that Toni Lato made an impact in the handful of games he played at left back and is ready-made competition for Gayà. Mario Suárez fell out of favour and Munir has got a lukewarm reception from fans after an uninspiring loan move from Barcelona failed to live up to expectations. Piatti is also confirmed as an Espanyol player for next season after a convincing spell in the Catalan capital. So, he is another to leave Mestalla. Negredo, Tropi, Nando, Rúben Vezo, Robert Ibáñez and Vinícius Araújo have all returned after spells with other clubs. At least half of them are likely to find opportunities limited under the new regime and could be farmed out once again, or sold to raise funds for purchases. The good news for Los Chés fans is that Simone Zaza has completed a permanent move from West Ham and so has the Chilean international Fabián Orellana from Celta Vigo. With solid competition waiting in the Valencia Mestalla team for opportunities, the chances are there will be more people leaving than staying put during the summer months.

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Marcelino will start work with Valencia CF at the beginning of July in the French base of Évian-les-Bains. His first game in charge will be a friendly against Lausanne in Switzerland on 12 July and then three days later, they play Sporting Lisbon at a venue to be determined. After returning from France, the squad have a few days break before flying to Canada for a friendly contest against the New York Cosmos in Regina. Another friendly is scheduled for the North America tour, this time in the States on either 24 or 25 July, against a side as yet to be determined. The final confirmed friendly is on 30 June, when Valencia go to England to take on Eddie Howe’s side Bournemouth. This is almost a year to the day to last season’s pre-season encounter at the Vitality Stadium that ended in a 1-1 draw, with Enzo Pérez being on target for the Spaniards. The only home game scheduled at present before the League starts on 19 August is the annual Trofeo Naranja

that will be the week before, on the 12th – the visitors again are yet to be confirmed. It is likely other fixtures will be added in due course but, at the moment, many of the Valencia fans are still concentrating on the ‘B’ team’s push for promotion and the exciting Cup run of the ‘Valencia Femininos’. The ladies won their recent quarterfinal of the Copa de S.M. la Reina by beating Athletic Club in San Sebastián 3-1 to reach the semi-finals for the third consecutive year. They now have the daunting task of facing the ladies of FC Barcelona for a place in the final at the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas, in Madrid in the middle of June. The Valencia Mestalla ‘B’ team are also looking to end the season on a high, after beating Celta Vigo ‘B’ in the first phase of the promotion play-offs. Next up is Real Murcia and 17,000 fans cheered Los Chés to victory in the first leg of the two-leg contest played at Mestalla. The return leg is at Nueva Condomina on either 10 or 11 June.

Finally, Levante UD have their last

game of the season against Huesca at the Ciudad de Valencia on Saturday 10 June. Huesca are in seventh position

and need a result in order to reach the play-offs, whilst the home side will be hoping to end the successful season

on a winning note and celebrate in true champions style. John Howden VALENCIA CF Mestalla stadium, Aragón/ Facultats metro, lots of buses incl. 9, 10, 12, 29, 30, 31, 32, 41, 79, 80. Tickets on sale from the stadium, club shop (Plaza del Ayuntamiento), VCF website. LEVANTE UD Ciudad de Valencia stadium, 11/70 bus, Machado metro, Estadi del Llevant tram. Tickets available at ground on matchday and in advance from club shop (C/Colón) and LUD website.

Anyone wishing to buy tickets for Valencia CF or Levante UD can find more information at the following websites.

Levante UD Photo © / Valencia CF Photos © Valencia Club de Fútbol / Article © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia

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All photos Julián Jiménez © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia

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Living in Valencia is a blessing for a photographer. I like to get up early and capture the streets as the city wakes up and the light is at its magical best. see more of my travel photography at www.paullyknowles.tumblr. com and on instagram@ paulknowlesphoto. Contact:

Photos Š Paul Knowles / 2017 24/ 7 Valencia

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DO Alicante shows its new wines in Dénia Each year the Denominaciones de Origen (DOs) show their wines during the summer and June is the chosen month. Alicante have their ‘Winecanting’ Festival on 5 June (public admitted), to be held in MARQ. DO Valencia hold theirs under the Opera House on 12 June (entry by invitation) and DO UtielRequena take over Las Arenas Hotel on 19 June for ‘Placer Bobal’ (also by invitation only). DO Alicante introduced its Salón Profesional last year and invited restaurants, sumilleres and the press to a private invitation before the main event. This year they repeated it but, recognizing the importance of the holiday resorts up the coast, held a second event in Dénia on 29 May. VÍ Vid were very pleased to be able to attend and taste the new crop of wines from this DO. Eighteen bodegas showed their wines and this is a selection which impressed us. David Carbonell has been making wines from viognier (and other varieties) at Vins del Comtat for as long as we have known the bodega and was a pioneer

of producing the variety in the region. Like us, he believes it has adapted very well to its new home. He produces two versions, a 12%ABV young 2016 white which is full of peach and spice on the nose and has a spicy, long, dry finish in the mouth. His alternative is fermented in barrel with a further two months crianza in oak. If the first is gutsy, this is elegant and refined, it has all the fruit but also a vanilla and cream touch in the mouth. (2016, 12.5% ABV). His young red, a 14.5% ABV monastrell is vermillion in colour, from 2015 with three months in oak and is full of red and black fruit, very easy to drink with a nice touch of oak in the finish. The MO is cabernet sauvignon with a little monastrell, a deep cherry colour with oak, vanilla and toast on the nose. In the mouth, deep, very smooth with a touch of tobacco in the finish. Bocopa have just released the second edition of their flagship ‘Fuego Lento’, from monastrell, syrah and Alicante bouschet. Deep garnet colour, lovely sweet fruit, like jam, sharp red and black fruit in the mouth, smooth tannins and soft oak. Limited edition. The cooperative at Mañan produces a very good selection of wines but the new rosado from syrah excels, a strawberry pink, clean, fresh wine, with redcurrant fruit and a clean, long dry finish. A favourite.

Finca Collado, the ‘bodega de referencia’ in Salinas, showed all their new wines, including the legendary white from moscatel and chardonnay with 12.5% ABV. Very clean and fresh on the nose with apricot fruit and hints of pineapple in the mouth, the chardonnay gives good acidity and structure. A fullbodied white with hints of citrus acidity. For us, the 2016 is the best vintage produced to date. The rosado from merlot with a bit of monastrell is also pale strawberry in colour, very fresh on the nose, light red fruits but in the mouth, it has depth, good acidity and a long dry finish with minerality. Their 2016 syrah is creamy, fresh and full, but an easy-to-drink young wine with potential to keep for 2-3 years. Carabibas produce blockbuster red wines, also in Salinas. ‘La Viña del Carpintero’ 2014 is monastrell and merlot. Black cherry with long legs (14.5% ABV) Mature black and red fruits on the nose, rich in the mouth with nicely balanced fruit and oak. The ‘VS 2014’ has nine months in oak and is a deep black cherry with the legs colouring the glass. On the nose it is soft fruit, but in the mouth, this 2014 from cabernet sauvignon, monastrell and merlot is big and chewy! They also make a reserve version with 21 months in oak from the same wine as the VS. This is not so youthful in the glass, fruitier on the nose but you also note

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the effect of oak, and is smoother and rounder in the mouth. For serious meat dishes! The bodega of Joan de la Casa in Benissa has been described as a ‘friki’ but chatting to him I found his different approach to making wines quite sensible and worth his efforts! He makes his whites from moscatel by picking the grapes later, when the sugar content and concentration is higher. The grapes are macerated on their skins, left in contact with their lees and, in the case of ‘Nimi Tossal’, enjoys oaking as well. Nimi 2013 is 13.5% ABV, gold in colour, from 45-year-old vines grown on white chalky soils. The nose is very complex, anise, orange flower, orange peel, and this is repeated in the mouth which is complex, concentrated and has a very long dry finish. The 2012 vintage of this wine has more structure, is deeper

gold in colour, and in fact every facet is deeper or more concentrated than the younger wine. Part of this will be evolution, the rest the difference in vintage, but these are dry moscatels worthy of searching for (you can ring the bodega!) The ‘Tossal 2012’ is fermented in barrel and then spends a further 12 months in the bottle before release. Even deeper gold in colour, it has honey, notes of oak and spice. In the mouth vanilla and fruit, orange peel, very different! There are two reds from giró, a local variety with vines between 40-80 years of age. The 2012 has 12 months in American oak, is cherry red, with black fruit, and is medium-bodied. Nice fruity finish. The other version has 18 months oak and is blended with tempranillo. Blackberry fruit and a creamy complex flavour, round. Very nice.

Finally, we tried ‘Essens Chardonnay’

from Vinessens in Villena, a bodega

we found six years ago or so and

which exports to the UK. This fresh Mediterranean chardonnay is fermented

in oak barrels, has nice tropical notes and a light, long dry finish.

The wines are generally available from the bodegas directly.

This article was prepared by Marian Dáras and Riki Wigley of VÍ Vid.

Further information from them is available at vividvinos@hotmail.

com and you can follow their blog, or

on Facebook (VÍ Vid), Twitter (@

Vividvinos) and Instagram (Vivid8702). Current articles are on ‘Paella de

Cullera’ and a restaurant review in Puçol.

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CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Paco Berbel, Júlia Gimeno, Tomás de los Cariño, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 22.30h. JIMMY GLASS: Paula Cánovas Trio (vocal jazz) 22.15h – 00.30h 4€ consumición.16 TONELADAS: Señor Mostaza Plays Sgt. Pepper’s (tributo Beatles) 21.30h 12€ (anticipada) / 15€ (taquilla). FRIDAY / VIERNES 2

BLACK NOTE: Moo & Los Broncos (rock ‘n’ roll) 23.30h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Paco Berbel, Júlia Gimeno, Tomás de los Cariño, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.00h. EL LOCO: Gatomidi + Doctor Lobo + Lost River Bastards 21.30h 8€ / 10€. JIMMY GLASS: Pepe Zaragoza Quintet (jazz) 22.30h – 01.00h 4€ consumición. LA3: La1: Beach Party con Pablo Cebrián + RedMoon / Oven: David PinUp + Alber Hi. 16 TONELADAS: Porcientozero + Desire + Doce Lamentos 23.00h 6€. WAH-WAH: Fronkonstin + Barrabas Hookers 22.30h 5€. SATURDAY / SÁBADO 3

CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Paco Berbel, Júlia Gimeno, Tomás de los Cariño, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.00h. JIMMY GLASS: Brut & Nature (quintet, jazz) 22.15h – 00.30h 4€ consumición. LA3: La1: Kate Ryan en concierto + Resident DJs / Jamie 3:26 + Basement Soundsystem + Recho 01.30h. LA RAMBLETA: New Hamburg Philharmonic Chamber Group 21.00h 25€. RADIO CITY: Xavibo + Anton (hip-hop) 18.00h 7€ / 10€ // DJ Session 23.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Swingers 23.00h 12€ / 16€ // Burnout 04.00h 6€ con cerveza. WAH-WAH: Stoneds + Bell Boys (tributo Stones y Who) 22.30h 6€. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 4

BLACK NOTE: Black Label (jazz – soul) 20.00h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Paco Berbel, Júlia Gimeno, Tomás de los Cariño, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y

Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 20.00h. LA3: Wateke con Cabeza + Enzzo + Omar Svenson + Sounic 20.00h. MONDAY / LUNES 5

RADIO CITY: Hip-Hop Jam Session 22.00h Gratis // DJs 24.00h Gratis. TUESDAY / MARTES 6

EL LOCO: Smokey Fingers 21.30h 9€ / 12€. JIMMY GLASS: Ricardo Valverde Quartet (jazz) 20.45h 12€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Dani de Francisco, Juan José Amador, Salomón Torres y Tomás de los Cariño (flamenco) 22.30h 15€ con reserva. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 7

PALAU DE LA MÚSICA: Naima Jazz Trio 20.00h 8€. RADIO CITY: Reggae Jam Session 22.30h / Jamrock DJ Session 24.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Eric Gales 21.30h 18€ / 22€. THURSDAY / JUEVES 8

CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Irene de la Rueda, Esther Garcés, Amaro Carmona y Pablo Fernández (flamenco) 23.00h. JIMMY GLASS: Andrés Belmonte & Baptiste Bailly (jazz) 22.15h – 00.30h 4€ consumición. PALAU DE MÚSICA: Nou Ensemble 20.00h Gratis (Ensems Fest). 16 TONELADAS: Clacowsky + Mr. Perfume 21.00h Gratis hasta Aforo Completo FRIDAY / VIERNES 9

CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Irene de la Rueda, Esther Garcés, Amaro Carmona y Pablo Fernández (flamenco) 23.00h. EL LOCO: Marc Ford & Neptunes 22.30h 15€ / 18€. FESTIVAL LES ARTS (Museo Reina Sofía): Jake Bugg + Fangoria + Digitalism + Miss Caffeina + León Benavente + Fuel Fandango + Sensible Soccers + Varry Brava + New Raemon & McEnroe + Polock + Luis Brea y El Miedo + Apartamentos Acapulco + Rural Zombies + … 16.00 32€ / 2Day Bono 46€. JIMMY GLASS: French Horn Jazz Project (quartet, jazz) 22.30h – 01.00h 4€ consumición. LA3: Post Party Les Arts con Mikel Izal + Innmir + FaceRadio + Navvier / Aapaes + Darío Méndez 01.30h. LA

RAMBLETA: Elvis Vive con Greg Miller 21.00h 25€. RADIO CITY: Bob Marley Tribute + Women in Reggae en directo 19.30h 7€ / 10€ // DJ Session 24.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Jaime Urrutia + Sotos 22.30h 12€ / 16€. WAH-WAH: Freaky Styley + Mötorized (tributo Red Hot Chili Peppers y Mötorhead) 22.30h 6€. SATURDAY / SÁBADO 10

BLACK NOTE: Veva’s Band (swing – rockabilly) 23.30h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Irene de la Rueda, Esther Garcés, Amaro Carmona y Pablo Fernández (flamenco) 23.00h. FESTIVAL LES ARTS (Museo Reina Sofía): Vaccines + Kakkmaddafakka + Iván Ferreiro + Casa Azul + Sidonie + Habitación Roja + Maga + ElyElla DJs + Modelo de Respuesta Polar + Soledad Vélez + Nudozurdo + Lost Tapes + Meridian Response + … 16.00 32€ / 2Day Bono 46€. JIMMY GLASS: Cuarteto Concorde (jazz) 22.15h – 00.30h 4€ consumición. LA3: Post Party Les Arts con Ley DJ + Maadraassoo + Obtuso / Pau Pérez + David PinUp 01.30h. RADIO CITY: Harp & More en directo 20.00h 7€ // DJs 23.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Máquinas + Mocetones + Truc 23.00h 8€. WAHWAH: Wandered & Amigos + Perroflaco Pinchadiscos (tributo Chuck Berry) 22.30h 7€. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 11

BLACK NOTE: Solidarity Reflex Sunday con Paco Luna 18.00h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Irene de la Rueda, Esther Garcés, Amaro Carmona y Pablo Fernández (flamenco) 20.00h. LA3: Wateke con Cabeza 20.00h. RADIO CITY: Funk Time (funk jam) 20.30h // DJ Session 23.00h Gratis. MONDAY / LUNES 12

JIMMY GLASS: Enrico Rava meets Soupstar (trio, jazz) 20.45h 25€ Aforo Limitado. TUESDAY / MARTES 13

RADIO CITY: Manuel Serena, Juan de Pilar, Sergio Martínez y Juanma Maya (flamenco) 22.30h 15€ con reserva.

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BLACK NOTE: Jam Black (Jam Session) 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Randy Ingram Trio (jazz) 20.45h 15€ Aforo Limitado. THURSDAY / JUEVES 15

CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Serena, Esther Garcés, Tomás de los Cariño y José A. de Torres (flamenco) 23.00h. EL LOCO: Santi Campos & Herederos + Xarim Aresté 20.30h 12€ / 15€. JIMMY GLASS: Federico Nathan & Baptiste Bailly Duo (jazz) 22.15h – 00.30h 4€ consumición. RADIO CITY: Micro Abierto / Open Mic Night + DJ Session 22.30h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Carlos Luna + Víctimas Civiles 23.00h 8€ / 10€. WAH-WAH: Sunshine Brothers + Sai Sai 21.30h 5€ con consumición. FRIDAY / VIERNES 16

BLACK NOTE: Black Dog (tributo Led Zeppelin) 23.30h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Serena, Ana Lloris, Tomás de los Cariño y José A. de Torres (flamenco) 23.00h. JIMMY GLASS: Víctor Jiménez Quartet (music of Yellow Jackets, jazz) 22.30h – 01.00h 4€ consumición. LA3: Space Elephants + Kid Rizzo + Resident DJs 01.30h. PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): Paquito D’Rivera con Orquestra de Valencia (jazz) 20.30h 15€, 12€ y 8€. PARQUE DR. LLUCH (Cabanyal): Festival Mar i Jazz con Igor Tavan Collective + Playground.2 + Orjazzmic + Nacho Belda Gipsy Jazz + Nina Dinamita & Swing Milicia + Gypsy Club de Valencia + Pool Jazz 17.00h – 24.00h Gratis. RADIO CITY: BJam Session con Kaya + DJs 22.30h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Nora Norman 22.30h 8€ / 12€ // Act-Ups 04.00h 8€ con cerveza. WAH-WAH: Lyers + Zaidía 22.30h 5€.

con Sexpeare + Mateo Rived It Project + Drama & Bass + Bertrand Kientz Quintet + Xavi Gómez Trio + Latino Blanco Quartet +Twise + Calliope + Baptiste Bailly & David Minguillón Duo + Joan Saldaña Quintet + … 12.00h – 24.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: The Del Prince + Sun Rockets 23.00h 12€ / 16€. WAH-WAH: Joe la Reina + Meridian Response 22.30h 7€ (Día de Música). SUNDAY / DOMINGO 18

BLACK NOTE: 13 Millas (rock) 20.00h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Serena, Esther Garcés, Tomás de los Cariño y José A. de Torres (flamenco) 20.00h. PARQUE DR. LLUCH (Cabanyal): Espiral + Lupe Azcano & Jazzy Beatle Band + Ricardo Valverde Quartet + Dómisol Sisters Swing Band + Jazzomingo Quintet + Lorente/Yepes/ Baker Trio + Elektrik Jazz Mantra + Pepa Swing Band + Roxanne Arnal Quartet + Jeff Jerolamon Jazz Experience + …12.00h – 24.00h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Funk Time (funk jam) 20.30 + DJ Session 23.00h Gratis.

BLACK NOTE: Woodstock Experience (versiones) 23.30h 6€. EL LOCO: Ramírez Exposure + Lois 22.30h 10€ / 12€. JIMMY GLASS: Orlando Bonzi Trio (jazz) 22.30h – 01.00h 4€ consumición. LA3: Basement Sound System + Resident DJs 01.30h. RADIO CITY: BJam Session con Tyler Middlemiss 22.30h + DJ Session 24.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Surfieras + Ukelele Zombies + A-Phonics + GoBananas 23.00h 15€. SATURDAY / SÁBADO 24

RADIO CITY: Hip-Hop Jam Session 22.00h + DJs 24.00h Gratis.

BLACK NOTE: La Golfería (rock Latino) 23.30h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Rosa Sanz, Ana Lloris, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 23.00h. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz Session en directo 22.15h – 00.30h 4€ consumición. LA3: Fiambre con Eterno + Resident DJs 01.30h. RADIO CITY: Sergio Sanz en concierto 20.00h 6€ // DJ Session 23.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Plastic Factory (tributo Lou Reed & Velvet Underground) 23.00h 7€ / 10€. WAHWAH: Somrice + Chlorophile 22.30h 5€ (Día de Música).



RADIO CITY: Manuela Morales, Ricardo Bustamante, Paco Rubio ‘El Pey’ Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ (flamenco) 22.30h 15€ con reserva.

CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Rosa Sanz, Ana Lloris, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 20.00h. LA3: Wateke con Cabeza 20.00.



AUDITORIO BURJASSOT: Beach Boys 20.00h 53€. PALAU DE LA MÚSICA: Plaerdemavida Ensemble 20.00h Gratis (Ensems Festival). RADIO CITY: Reggae Jam Session 22.30h / Jamrock DJ Session 24.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: La Plata 22.00h Gratis hasta Aforo Completo.

RADIO CITY: Hip-Hop Jam Session 22.00h Gratis // DJ Session 24.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Ratos de Poráo + Zhuo 21.00h 15€ / 18€.




CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Serena, Ana Lloris, Tomás de los Cariño y José A. de Torres (flamenco) 23.00h. JIMMY GLASS: Nathan/Mezzanotti/ Guerra Trio (jazz) 22.15h – 00.30h 4€ consumición. LA3: Bullet Club con Chuck & Mutan + Resident DJs 01.30h. PARQUE DR. LLUCH (Cabanyal): Festival Mar i Jazz

BLACK NOTE: Silencio de Corchea (rock) 23.30h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Rosa Sanz, Ana Lloris, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 23.00h. JIMMY GLASS: Tony Tixier Trio (jazz) 20.45h 13€ Aforo Limitado. PALAU DE LA MÚSICA: Nordic Affect 20.00h Gratis (Ensems Fest).

Agenda © 2017 24/ 7 Valencia



EL LOCO: CJ Ramone + Capitán Booster 20.30h 15€ / 18€. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz en concierto 20.45h 10€ mínimo Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Selene Fernández, Miguel de Kallardo, Pedro Pérez ‘El Pepe’ y Rafael Vargas ‘El Chino’ (flamenco) 22.30h 15€ con reserva. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 28

BLACK NOTE: Jam Session) 23.30h Gratis.



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BLACK NOTE: Javi Vela & Blues Mestizo 23.30h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Asunción de Martos, Alberto Marqués, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 23.00h. EL LOCO: Dan Baird & Homemade Sin 21.30h 15€ / 18€. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz Session en directo 22.15h – 00.30h 4€ consumición. RADIO CITY: Micro Abierto / Open Mic Night + DJ Session 22.30h Gratis. FRIDAY / VIERNES 30

BLACK NOTE: Fabulosos Blueshakers (blues – R&B) 23.30h 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Asunción de Martos, Alberto Marqués, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 23.00h. EL LOCO: Banda del Pop 22.30h 8€ / 12€ con consumición. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz Session en directo 22.30h – 01.00h 4€ consumición. LA3: Que Movida! con Brian Van Andel + Liz Dust + Tripletz Showcase + BoccachicoBeat + Oto Vans 17.30h 8€ y 12€ // Pegboard Nerds + Qwert + Beauty Brain 01.30h. RADIO CITY: BJam Session con Jennifer McMahon 22.30h Gratis // DJ Session 24.00h Gratis. 16 TONELADAS: Kojaks + Hora del Té 23.00h 6€. JARDINES VIVEROS: Txarango + Vadebo + Pupil. les 20.00h 18€ (Feria de Julio). SATURDAY / SÁBADO 1

BLACK NOTE: Von (rock progresivo de Turquia) 20.00h 5€ // Killer Karaoke Band (pop) 23.30h 3€ / 5€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Asunción de Martos, Alberto Marqués, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 23.00h. EL LOCO: Divas Vocal Party con Cristina Blasco 22.30h 10€. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz Session en directo 22.15h – 00.30h. 16 TONELADAS: Seven Waters + Crossroads Blues 23.00h 5€.

FIB. FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL BENICÀSSIM 4Day Bono (13 – 16 July): 149€ 3Day Bono (13 – 15 July // 14 – 16 July): 130€ 2Day Bono (13 – 14 July): 90€ 2Day Bono (14 – 15 July // 15 – 16 July): 105€



The Weeknd + Stormzy + Bonobo + Ride + Jesus and Mary Chain + Courteeners + Kaleo + Honne + Kölsch + Sylvan Esso + Belako + Viva Suecia + Troyboi + Bejo & DJ Pimp + Tortel + Twin Peaks + Sunflower Bean + Dream Wife + Gatomidi + Ten Bears 50€

Red Hot Chili Peppers + Biffy Clyro + Liam Gallagher + Dinosaur Jr. + Peter Doherty + Mura Masa + Surfin’ Bichos + Mala Rodríguez + Rüfüs + TCTS + Marika Hackman + Como Vivir en el Campo + Desperate Journalist + Lao Ra + Conttra + Biznaga 65€



Foals + Deadmau5 + Los Planetas + 2ManyDJs + Blossoms + Temples + Casa Azul + Joe Crepúsculo + James Vincent McMorrow + Austra + Bigott + Theme Park + Mykki Blanco + Mourn + Sherlocks + Alien Tango + Ella Rae + Wheels 50€

Kasabian + Crystal Fighters + Years & Years + Love of Lesbian + Kaytranada + Dua Lipa + Tiga + Slaves + The View + Pional + Peaking Lights + Declan McKenna + Ron Gallo + Las Odio + Captains 50€


CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Asunción de Martos, Alberto Marqués, Javier Calderón ‘El Tete’ y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 20.00h. RADIO CITY: Funk Time (funk jam) 20.30 // DJ Session 23.00h Gratis.

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Great live music with bar, DJ, drinks and all types of rock & roll. Just ten minutes walk from Barrio del Carmen, near main bus station. (Open until 7am!) Amplio bar de copas y sala de conciertos en el que suenan todas las variedades de la música rock & roll. Cerca del Carmen. ¡Abierto hasta las 7:00!

Carrer de Ricardo Micó, 3. 46009 València Tel. 963 49 45 84




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