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November - December 2016

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A Day Filled with Magic My Creative Process


Founding Publisher & Editor (2003-2008) Kathryn Martin Ossege Publisher Life Dynamics, llc

BY Lori Mueller, LMT BY Joe Snider

7 Steps to Ensure Your Resolutions Stick

BY Renate Reimann, PHD

BY Judi A. Winall, M.Div.

Advertising & Promotions Tara L. Robinson

BY Robin OK

Do We Have More Than One Soulmate?

BY Maureen Hollmeyer, LSW

Goddess...The Sacred Masculine is Calling

Columns 6 EnlightenMeant Cartoon 20 Herbs ‘n Such 23 Intuitive Insights

by Odette Gibbs

Design & Layout Jon Robinson Events Calendar Darlene Robinson Distribution Teri Dettone Kendra Niese Bev Fisher Mimi Tagher Francine Haydon

by C. Pic Michel.

by mimi tagher, L.ac. by francine haydon & patricia garry

Our Community 24 Community Spotlight 26 Resource Directory 28 Event Calendar

Editor Tara L. Robinson Editorial Consultant & Contributor Heidi Bright

BY Tara L. Robinson

Multi-Dimensional Living Seek and Find

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BY Missy Conley

The Story of Stories Lived Awakening Avalon

Living Living Happy Living Healthy

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Letter from the Editor

Tara L. Robinson, editor@wholelivingjournal.com

What Wants You?


hen I interviewed inspirational thought leader and author Kute Blackson on the radio recently, he offered this dynamic advice...“Donʼt ask what you want. Ask what wants you. Ask what wants to come through you.” Brilliant. Truly. Iʼve learned just how valuable this advice is. In fact, I wonder if itʼs even possible to experience success without opening to what wants to come through us. Will we always receive a “no” until we surrender to this mystery? Well, thatʼs what happened to me anyway. Some of you may have been following the journey of my book which is (finally!) going to be published this April. I won first place in a writing contest and the prize was a coveted publishing contract with Hay House. It was a dream come true. Hay House had been my first choice publisher, but being in the industry, I know the plight of first time authors and how difficult it is to secure a contract with any publishing house. Getting the call from Reid Tracy, the president of Hay House, saying I had won, was one of the best days of my life. However, there was a little voice in the back of my heart that wondered if they had even read my book proposal. I was aware that the size of an authorʼs audience played a big part in choosing the winner, because book publishing is a business after all, and the publisher wants to ensure the author will be able to sell a good number of copies of the book to the people who already follow him or her. I had a professional relationship established with the publicists at Hay House so they were well aware of my various marketing outlets, such as Whole Living Journal. I figured there was a decent chance I had won the contest based solely on my platform strength. I didnʼt know if they liked my book proposal at all. Until...I submitted my first draft last summer and talked to my assigned editor to learn the ropes of the publishing process before she started editing the manuscript so I would know what timelines to expect, etc.. She immediately gushed into the phone about how happy she was to work with me. She said, “Your book proposal is one of the best weʼve ever received. Everyone in the office is envious that I have been assigned to work with you. We loved it. It was the clear winner.” My heart soared to new heights upon hearing this praise. As she went on to explain the stages of editing and even commented, “Youʼre a wonderful writer, Iʼm sure your book wonʼt need much editing at all,” I found myself lost in a spontaneous reverie. I suddenly knew she had been assigned as my editor for a reason. Unbeknownst to her, she was about to have her life forever altered by my book. She was the bookʼs first reader, and I just knew that was not an accident. In my projected vision of the future, I “saw” her telling me what an incredible impact my book had on her. I “heard” her tell me it was a very

powerful book and she couldnʼt stop thinking about it, even when she wasnʼt working on it. For the next couple months, I couldnʼt wait to hear back from her. Until...I got a scathing rejection letter from her. Apparently I had written the book I wanted to write, not the one that wanted me, because this book was not going to get published. Her letter included ruthless statements like, “The material felt unfocused and disjointed…I never got to the point of buy-in and engagement…I didn’t feel pulled in or invested in the teaching material or ever fully understand why I needed to do this work…There is no incentive for the reader to continue reading…The language is problematic…It’s not publishable…” Ugh, my poor heart. This response did not match my vision. How could my intuition have been so wrong? After I picked myself off the floor, and licked the wounds of my shame at disappointing her, I got to work rewriting the book. I was reluctant to try any of my editorʼs suggestions about making the book more imaginative and magickal. She said, “The book is not magickal. Make it more magickal.” I thought, “What the hell?! I tell the reader several times, ʽThis is a magickal book.ʼ Isnʼt that enough? Iʼm not a fiction writer. I donʼt know what she expects me to do.” But to my great surprise, I found a creative writer in myself when I opened to what wanted to come through me, and I began crafting a fictional journey at the beginning of each chapter to truly take the reader on an “epic adventure,” a quest of self-discovery. I knew I had finally written “what wanted me” when I received an email from my editor that matched almost exactly my original vision. She wrote, “Hi Tara, I have so, so immensely enjoyed editing your book. I completely felt as if I was on a journey through each mystery, and I’ve emerged renewed. This is such a magickal book! I mean that very much…Your style of writing is so lovely and heartfelt…Tara, you have such an incredible book here—it’s honestly one of a kind, and it truly IS magickal. I have so much enthusiasm for it, to the point that I’ve been thinking about your stories and narrative and concepts over my weekends!...Our copyeditor, Alex (a former senior editor here at HH), adored it. She wrote to me, ʽI’ve been enjoying this book so much that I have been loath to let it go. I thought the manuscript was in remarkable shape. To me, the symbolism totally worked, and the structure was super-inventive and cohesive. The execution was novel, and I must say this was one of the most enjoyable HH books I’ve read in a while! Thank you so much for the opportunity to work on it!ʼ” Another editor even called my book, “the next The Secret or The Celestine Prophecy.” Thatʼs more like it! Now I canʼt wait for it to be published in April. Finally...

November - December 2016

Living W h o l e Journal



Reader Feedback

The November meeting of Infusion lands on Election Day. Weʼll honor what will be on the minds and hearts of everyone that evening. Weʼll engage in open-mic conscious conversation about this HOT topic and come together to share our desired visions for our country and world. Using the power of collective consciousness to manifest a healthier, happier reality for all, weʼll meditate and pray together for positive transformation. Tara L. Robinson will host Infusion in December. Sheʼll talk about The “It” Factor and the importance cultivating ʽitʼ in our own lives. As we change ourselves, we change the world. Come Join the Brightest Game Changers in Town! Infusion Cincinnati is a free monthly gathering, open to the public, with discussions town-hall-style about living with passion and purpose. Infusion goers are adventurers and (r)evolutionaries who share aha moments and soul nourishment. The goal: shining powerfully together so we can light up this city! Infusion is revolutionary! Bringing powerful subjects to the stage for consideration, and allowing everyone to have a voice, Infusion is on the cutting edge of conscious collaboration. Each meeting includes music and a speaker to kick off the discussion. Then it’s open-mic and everyone has an opportunity to share what makes them light up inside. Infusion meets every 2nd Tuesday, 6:30-8pm at the Columbia Center, 3500 Columbia Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45226. (Moving to a new location in January. Stay tuned for more info.) Be a part of the movement! Facebook: Infusion Cincinnati

“The Writers’ Workshop with Whole Living Journal editor Tara L. Robinson was extremely informative as well as inspirational for anyone interested in ever having their words and stories seen, heard and published in the world. Tara is a phenomenal resource with a golden heart. The grace with which she shares her well-earned wisdom is a gift to all. And the people she attracts are always so super cool! Really great to gather in this circle of writers! Thank you!” Robin OK Received via Email Note: The next Writerʼs Workshop will be held on Sunday, November 13th, 9am-1pm in Loveland. Cost $149. Email info@wholelivingjournal.com to register.


Living W h o l e Journal


A Day Magic Filled with

by Missy Conley

riday started out just like any other day. After I sent the hubby off to work, I had just enough time to do some routine chores and get some writing in before heading into work. As I was getting dressed for work, I received a Facebook event invite to attend a book signing for 365 Moments of Grace. It’s the second book in the 365 Series, both of which have become Amazon Bestsellers. I immediately felt the need to go to this event. There were going to be seven local authors there and I thought there may be a chance at making a connection. I decided the Universe was going to make it happen for me. I clicked “Going” on the invitation. The restaurant where I work had scheduled too many people the previous two Friday nights. I was hoping my manager would text me and tell me not to come in. During my drive to work, I checked my phone repeatedly because I just knew the Universe would take care of it for me. Yet, I arrived at work almost in tears. No text had come. I went to the event page to express my sadness that I would not be coming. I wondered how I would pull myself together at work. I could not be my normal bubbly self when my heart was somewhere else. I headed down the hallway to clock in when I heard someone say,”Didn’t you get my text?” This was a different manager than had been working the previous two Fridays. My spirit started to lift because I knew what his question meant. He had used the old phone number in the system and it was incorrect. He told me I had the night off if I wanted it. The Universe had taken care of me after all! My heart was filled with joy. Something was driving me to go to this event. My heart was pounding like I had run a marathon. I thanked him and ran out of the building to my car. I even had brought extra shoes and a shirt because I had had a feeling I would be going to the book signing. I went back to the event page online to share that a last minute schedule change was allowing me to come. Magic was at work for me, but I had not seen anything yet. I arrived at New Thought Unity and was greeted by Sophie Maya, one of the contributing authors. She asked me what had brought me there and I told her I was an aspiring writer. I was there because I hoped to connect with the authors. “Well you have to sign up for the raffle tonight then!” She went on to tell me they were giving away a spot to contribute a story to the next


book in the series titled 365 Life Shifts. My heart started to pound again. Could this be why things lined up the way they did? Was I ProoftoDate: 08/17/10 there win that spot to be published in a real book? I was shakRef: ing with excitementGPU_081710 as I filled out the slip to enter the drawing. Designer: ads@wholeliving... The evening was amazing. You could feel the energySize in the Size: pg (3.5x2.25)" room rising as the 1/8 ladies shared their personal stories of grace. It finally came time for the drawing and Sophie called the name of the winner. When she read the name on the slip, she looked right at me. I really thought I was going to pass out when she called my name. The Universe had already had everything Page lined up for me. The whole day was just magical. I came there just hoping for advice, and I got way more than I thought possible. Never give up on your dreams; Grace will deliver them to you every time. About the author: Missy Conley has a passion for writing about all the fun you can have while creating your own reality. You can connect with her on Facebook: Missy Conley or you can read her blog at https://missysstory.wordpress.com

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Unity of Garden Park 3581 West Galbraith Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45239


Sunday Service 10:50 am (513) 385-8889

November - December 2016

• www.unityofgardenpark.org

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Anita Moorjani

Proof Date: 08/27/16 Ref: Coach_082716 1/2H (7.25”x4.75”) Designer: ads@wholeliving... Size: 1/2 pg (7.25x4.75)" Following her near-death experience as shared in the New Sizeknows York Times bestseller Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani the truths that exist beyond common knowledge and acceptance. The clarity she has gained has led her to further underPage stand who she was born to be. Part of that truth has involved contemplating the cultural myths infused into our everyday lives. Passed down from generation to generation, these myths are pervasive and influential. From the belief we reap what we sow, to the idea we must always be positive, cultural myths are often accepted as truths without questioning. Moorjani asserts it is time to question those myths in order to help us reach our fully informed, authentic selves in her new book What if THIS is Heaven? (Hay House, 2016) Moorjani explores these common myths in their real-world existence while presenting examples from her own life that reveal the falsehoods beneath the surface. By freeing ourselves from these ubiquitous expectations, we can break open an honest pathway to life as it was meant to be lived. Anita travels the globe, giving talks and workshops as well as speaking at conferences and special events. www.anitamoorjani.com Note: Anita will be interviewed on Waves of a New Age on Nov. 15th, 3:30-4:30pm ET. Listen live: WAIF 88.3FM, streaming audio at www.waif883.org, or via the free WAIF app.

What if THIS is Heaven?

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Tara L. Robinson

"Working with Tara was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’d already sought the support of many other coaches, teachers, healers, but my deepest fears and doubts were still alive in my psyche. Tara held up the Light, so I could see the light within me too. The loving gaze she reflected back to me was a game changer, and exactly what I needed to transform my life." ~ S.M.

Life and Relationship Coach

New Office Space in Historic Loveland www.TaraLRobinson.com 8

Living W h o l e Journal

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My Creative Process by Lori Mueller, LMT

Editor’s note: This article is part of an email we received from the author when she trepidatiously submitted the first draft of an article, which appeared in our previous issue, “Present Moment Power” (SeptOct ’16). We loved this raw, honest, organic and spontaneous piece of creative writing so much, especially the powerful way Lori teaches through her vulnerability, we asked for permission to publish her thoughts. This is what she wrote back, which we loved also... “I am open to the email about my creative process being published…though it is unexpected and vulnerable. But, lately if it doesn't feel vulnerable, then it doesn’t feel fully potent. And, I guess fully potent is the level I want to love at, live at.” We are honored to share her thoughts, and her creative process, with you now. Thank you Lori.


he truth is that I am really struggling with my creative process. This past year the cycle has been very intense...I feel like what’s inside of me has turned to mud and I am in a perpetual cycle of waiting for the sediment to settle and the water to be clear. The cycle is not new, but the duration of the waiting phase feels more intense than ever. It feels like a cosmic joke; a test to see how much I can take. The chaos that’s happening in my brain. The indecipherable mud that pours onto the paper when I try to write. The panic that invades my home. The minutes ticking like drops of water into the sealed chamber I write from. I try to trust as I watch the minutes wasting and the water rising. Breathe...surrender. It always works this way, I remember. I remember what it feels like to be afraid of the rising waters; for the water to rise above my knees, my waist, my chest, my chin, my head. I remember what it’s like to run out of breath and realize in desperation that it’s now or never. Only then, can the mud be diluted enough for the sediment to settle. Only then, when there is no more air to breathe, no more room in the chamber, can I put pen to paper and just write. The mud on the paper is finally washed away and I find the silken thread of words that are hidden within. I know that is the cycle. But, it’s different now...more frightening, more dense. As if the cosmic joker has upped the ante to see if I will break. Less capacity for water in the chamber. Less capacity for air in my lungs. More sediment as the roots of who I think I am are pulled from deep within. Yet, all I know to do is to trust the cycle. I know that the

death I fear is a symbolic one...another initiation...this time death and rebirth by drowning. Am I supposed to let the deadline encroach without the struggle....all the while knowing that the final hours will be filled with the possibility that I may drown? Can I learn to swim in the waters until the chamber is full and there is no place else to go but the silence of the deep? Can I let go of my attachment to breath, and by doing so, harness the powerful potency of the desire to survive? There have been times when I have been so vulnerable and raw that writing became the breath that kept me alive. Is that what creativity is for me? Is creativity the doorway, waiting at end of the long hall of initiation? I know it is important for me to surrender to the possibility of not completing the project, and more importantly, the possibility of allowing it to be seen unpolished…unruly…unkept. It is that mess that I strain to keep the world from seeing. Maybe the answer is in letting people see that my process is a mess, that I make many mistakes, that I certainly do not have it all together. Maybe, through the process of creativity, I am surrendering the mask of perfection. About the author: Lori Mueller is a Licensed Massage Therapist, mother, student, and fearless explorer of the inner depths. She provides therapeutic massage and wellness care in NKY and Cincinnati. www.lorimuellerlmt.com lorimuellerlmt@gmail.com

November - December 2016

Living W h o l e Journal


The Story of

Stories Lived by Joe Snider


ince I don’t have money, the only thing you can do is get married. I will get the cows to educate your brother.” These are the words spoken to young girls in Kenya by their own families….and the dim future presented to them. And these are their words in response: “I was not born to be unseen. I have a voice to be heard, and my voice matters.” “You lose trust in people. It’s hard to confide in anyone… Why am I here?... At the beginning I used to cry every night… Why did this happen to me?” These are the thoughts of an anonymous, truly brave Australian woman telling her story of recovery from domestic violence. “I was woken up in the middle of the night. The words of the song I had written when I was 20 just popped into my head... I think God wants me to adopt a child…” Ruth Grobler did adopt that child … and many more. The above are excerpts from video stories of everyday people, from Kenya, Australia, and South Africa, hosted at www.StoriesLived. com. Stories Lived was founded to be a catalogue of inspiring stories of inspired lives. We all are having experiences, some pleasant and some challenging in this lifetime. My wife, Courtney, and I believe these experiences are necessary for soul growth, and we personally find it fascinating how some people maneuver through these Earth School experiences so gracefully. In turn, we can all help each other have happier, healthier lives and truly create positive change in the world. It is a group effort, one of the collective consciousness. There are so many powerful, moving, and inspiring stories out there just waiting to be told. But the majority of our media

focuses on the negative stories. Courtney and I created Stories Lived as a ray of hope helping to balance our collective focus on the good in the world. The mainstream media feeds us a constant diet of the worst in life. Stories Lived is a community to celebrate the best. It is our sincere hope that these stories will go out into the world and be a channel of blessings for us all. In June, Courtney and I extended an invitation to filmmakers to join us in telling stories through short videos that inspire and emanate beauty and positivity into the world. While we knew the ties of humanity are not bound by oceans and borders, we were ultimately overwhelmed by the truly global response, with almost 100 videos submitted from over 20 countries throughout the world. The stories are categorized into Environmental, Personal Passion, and Personal Triumph, and include a wide range of topics, from clog making to community farming to disabled athletes, but are unified by their common effect of inspiration and motivation on the viewer. Stories Lived grew out of our own experiences witnessing the power of the inspiration a simple human being can have on another, just by who they are and how they live their lives. And then it all came together in an idea so clear that when someone recently asked me how we came up with the idea, I couldn’t even conceive of a scenario in which we didn’t have the vision. The concept had become such a part of our being that that it just was.

“I was not born to be unseen. I have a voice to be heard, and my voice matters.”


Living W h o l e Journal

About the author: Joe Snider founded www.StoriesLived. com with his wife Courtney Salamone and can be reached at 561.862.8938 or Joe@StoriesLived.com








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Join us for these inspiring events! Rose & Joanne at the Victory of Light Expo. sat–sun, 11/19–11/20. Behind the Veil: Meet Your Spirit Guides w/ rose & Joanne, sat 11/19, noon–2pm. Past Life Gifts w/Joanne & Jaccolin Franchina, sun 11/20, noon–1pm. Message Circle Event w/Joanne Franchina, rose vanden Eynden, guest readers. Fri 12/2, 7–9pm. Spirit Speaks i: Learning the Language of Spirit w/ Joanne Franchina, rose vanden Eynden. sat–sun, 12/3–12/4, sat 10am–5pm, sun 10am–2pm. Book Circle for Soul Searchers w/ Diane sears. 2nd tue, 7–9pm.

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Higher Beings Wisdom Circle w/rose vanden Eynden, Joanne Franchina. 2nd Wed, 7–9pm.



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7 Steps to Ensure

Your New Yearʼs Resolutions Stick! by Renate Reimann, Ph.D.

t’s that time again. New Year’s resolutions are forming in our minds. Any goal, from losing weight to eating a healthier diet to looking for a new job or starting your own business, can get a great boost from that dawn-of-a-new-era optimism. However, resolutions can become a source of anguish when we donʼt live up to the high expectations of ourselves. To avoid disappointment, follow these steps to formulate a viable New Year’s resolution that you can proudly accomplish. Make 2017 the year that you carry out your New Year’s resolutions and reap the benefits!



Decide on your highest priority for the coming year and turn it into a New Year’s resolution. By choosing only one goal, you are clear about your focus. Procrastination is much more likely when you have to regularly make decisions on which resolution to honor at any given point.


Word your New Year’s resolution in a way that energizes you. The more precisely, enticingly, and memorably you can define your goal definition, the better. Avoid any terms that evoke negative emotions because those can cause resistance and delays. If saying your resolution out loud does not make you smile or want to jump into action, keep rephrasing it until it feels right.

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Heidi Bright, M.Div. 513-444-0190 heidi@heidibright.com www.heidibright.com


Break down your project into concrete action steps. Many New Year’s resolutions fade away quickly because theyʼre only vague notions in our minds. Clearly defined tasks and behaviors also feel much more doable than generalized commitments.


Schedule important activities and milestones on your 2017 calendar. Just as with every to-do activity, reminders and blocked-off time can keep you moving forward -- especially with those New Year’s resolutions that require a longer-term commitment. Even if you forget about your goal for a week, seeing those items scheduled on your datebook will get you back on track.


Create a support network that keeps you on track. Whenever possible, bring other people on board, either by sharing the same goal and working together or by asking a spouse or good friend to keep you honest and accountable.


Forgive yourself when you procrastinate. Guilt is only useful when it leads to immediate action. Instead of beating yourself up, refocus on your goal. It’s okay to be human.


Reward yourself for making progress on your goal. Positive outcomes take time and a little instant gratification never hurts -- just make it a treat that wonʼt undermine your overall objective.

About the author: Renate Reimann, Ph.D., is founder of Fresh Life Coaching and author of the book, Beyond Procrastination: How to Stop Postponing Your Life. In her book, she offers concrete steps to move individuals past problematic behaviors to achievement and success. www.freshlifecoaching.com




Drawing Down the Mists by Tara L. Robinson


here’s a wild call in the heart of every woman. A call to awaken to her own mystery. A call to remember her magick. A call to know her power and stand confidently in it…without apology. A call to harness her divine presence and use her feminine gifts to heal herself and others. A call to gather in sacred circle with her tribe of soul sisters and brothers. A call to return to harmony with the cycles of nature, and to honor the seasons of life with skillfully crafted ceremony. A call to dance under the moon. This call will not be silenced. This call will not be tamed. This is the call of the Priestess. “Remember who you are,” she whispers in the stillness. I answered this call two years ago when I embarked on my own priestess journey and began the Shamanic Priestess Process facilitated by Anyaa McAndrew from Isis Cove, North Carolina. This summer I completed the process and emerged as a Magdalene High Priestess in the lineage of Nicole Christine. Over the past two years, my life has radically transformed. I was frustrated with feeling like I show up “small.” I set the intention to remove the blocks holding me back, heal my limited beliefs, and engage more passionately with life. By the time I emerged this summer, I was ready to take on the world. I had remembered who I was. Power and magick are seductive. But make no mistake, there’s a big difference between false power which seeks control over others and true power which seeks mastery over oneself. There’s a big difference between false, illusionary magic, which is adept at fooling others with parlor tricks, and true magick which transforms fear into love. True power is sexy. True magick is powerful. Most people want the magick, but not the mystery. Why? Because the mystery is hard work. It’s a mystery. Period. Meaning it is hidden in the unseen. It is shrouded in the mists. There’s a mystery to be solved…a question to answer, a “problem” to untangle. The fervor inside the guts of the priestess, the steel resolve to solve the mystery, is exactly what eventually sources the magick. The magick flows effortlessly from this place of pure diamond being. But the diamond is only mined through the heat and pressure of trying to solve the mystery. This epic journey of solving the mystery is precisely what strengthens and chisels the heart of the priestess into a container capable of channeling grace hot enough to heal. The hugs and handshakes of a priestess pack a powerful wallop that others can feel. A priestess knows how to move energy

and channel grace with her words. The alchemical properties required for true and lasting transformation are embedded and encoded into the priestess’ language because she has cultivated her own soul to possess the strength and stamina required to withstand the alchemical heat in order channel it. She possesses the spiritual endurance to stand in the middle of the fire, while maintaining a swift, clear mind characterized and hallmarked by wisdom, an open, neutral, loving heart, and a strong healthy body to serve as the vehicle for transmission. When we embody the truth and wholeness of who we are, we become a walking mystery. We don’t share our secrets because they are hard-earned. We wouldn’t be able to encapsulate them with words anyway since they are borne from pure experience. Living as love is the intention of a priestess. That’s all that matters. The other practices simply serve as support for that intention. The litmus test is, “Are my actions congruent with my heart’s deepest knowing?” I don’t like dogma. I don’t subscribe to stifling belief systems. I am for the full liberation of myself and others. Which is why I’ve created my own Mystery School. I am excited to announce the official unveiling of Awakening Avalon: An Apprenticeship in the Priestess Arts. I am now working with women by way of personal intensives to help them solve their own mysteries. Although the training involves exploration of harnessing personal power, expressing the many gifts of the divine feminine, embodying full life force energy, creating ceremony for manifestation, learning the value of trust and surrender, the importance of focus and intention, being the mystery, holding the paradox, etc., ultimately, no one can “make” someone else a priestess. It is always up to each woman to do whatever is necessary to part the mists to discover and claim her own inner-priestess. If this article intrigues you, if you hear the call of the modern day priestess, if you find yourself a little woozy at reading this cryptic language but you have a burning desire to learn more, I suspect your own inner-priestess has a mystery to solve. Sheʼs whispering ...“Remember who you are.” About the author: Tara L. Robinson is an ordained high priestess and the founder creatrix of Awakening Avalon. Her first book The Ultimate Risk will be published by Hay House in April. She is passionate about living from her heart, fully engaged, and deeply connected. She can be reached at LifeDynamicsTara@gmail.com

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Living by Judi A. Winall, M.Div.


iving multidimensionally in the world today is similar to the understanding of the statement, “Being in the world, but not of it.” We are so much more than we ever realized and the levels of perception available to each of us are many. But, we’re conditioned to relate to the world mostly with only our physical senses. This sets up limitations to our perceptions of the other dimensions all around us. Learning to trust our inner guidance system, or intuition, and becoming aware of the many dimensions of Self, are essential steps in living from our authenticity. We already know we are each composed of a soul/spirit, mind, emotions and a physical body. Another perceptual dimension of identity is understanding that we also have an inner self and an outer self. The outer self, which is also known as the personality/ego, is designed to deal mostly with the physical world, where as the inner self orchestrates the internal, multidimensional world, as well as influences our experience of physical reality. Our inner self approaches life spontaneously, joyfully and freely, whereas our outer self usually feels a great need to control and determine life based on reasoning and logical understanding. Seeing only through the eyes, or lens, of the personality/ego self innately limits our perception. It is only when we allow the perception of our inner self to guide our life, does the multidimensional awareness, expansion and compassionate understanding take place. Recognizing our multidimension-

ality begins to open an awareness of how we actually do create and attract the circumstances of our life. We are each constantly directing this ‘play’ of life through the blueprint of our belief systems,as well as our expectations, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Quantum physics has shown us that everything is energy and that we (the observers) affect the outcome of every situation. Once we embrace and integrate this knowledge, we step more fully into becoming the conscious director of our own life and begin understanding the depth of our ability to create our own reality. Accepting and allowing all aspects of who we are is essential for our wellbeing and spiritual expansion, realizing that unconditional love of self is the path to freedom and liberation. We have been so conditioned to believe that love of self is selfish or arrogant, when in actuality it is that which will catapult us into a whole new level of spiritual experience. It’s an ingenious design which we all embody, constantly supporting and guiding us to expand beyond the limitations of the past, although many have

November - December 2016

forgotten how it works and how to use it. Assisting individuals with the process of remembering and learning how to use this innate power and ability is at the core of my work of spiritual mentoring and life mastery counseling. About the author: Judi A. Winall, M.Div., CIH, CLYT is the founder of The Center for Soul Empowerment in Morrow, OH and offers spiritual mentoring as well as life mastery counseling for individuals and couples, in person as well as through phone sessions. 513.899.3115. judi@soulempowerment. com www.SoulEmpowerment.com

Life Mastery Counseling Judi A.Winall, M.Div.,CIH,CLYT The Center for Soul Empowerment 513-899-3115 www.SoulEmpowerment.com

Awareness! Do you know what your beliefs are? They are directing your life! E-mail: judi@soulempowerment.com

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Seek and

by Robin OK



found this today, 11 months old, one of many forgotten, neglected poems I have birthed. It is by no means what I thought I was seeking, but once found, it tapped me on the heartstrings and said, “Share me.” So I am. I was seeking words, you see… tapping into my soul-self, asking the question, “What wants me?” My goal was to somehow presence the profound energetic connection that happens when women give themselves permission to Just Show Up for themselves and others in community with other women…. the mysterious magic that weaves us like a tapestry of pure love when we are brave enough to show up from – and even - (gasp!) go so far as to reveal – our true-est souls to ourselves and one another. For five years now, the Creative Collaborative ReTREAT has held the space and intention to give women a weekend (that goes way beyond a weekend) where each woman is free to honor her momentby-moment needs, hopes and heart’s desires. Where each woman is given the green light again and again to listen to and trust her inner knowing… permission to ask the questions in the poem above and revel in the power of claiming both what she seeks and what she ultimately finds (definitely not always the same thing!) Before, during and after the Creative Collaborative ReTREAT, I marvel every year. I am moved, touched, inspired, empowered, blown away by the women who come and what shows up because we do. This happens many places, I know – it absoul-utely gives me goosebumps knowing that there are graceful gatherings of women in circles of unconditional acceptance happening near and far - it’s just I wasn’t there. I was here. I was here co-creating this circle, being with these women, tap-


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Creative Collaborative ReTREAT Group 2016. Photo credit: Carole Barnhart

Dear Heart, True, there is need for Visioning, Imagining a life desired, full of sensual someday-when wishes come true There is also need for Right Here Now-ness, honoring the needs of this moment we inhale, acknowledging the sorrow + the gratitude in each exhale. Breathe. Yes, I do want to know what, dear soul, what you yearn, ache, hope for in the somemay-be days ahead But today, all I ask is thisWhat, my friend, What do you need in your heart on your mind against your skin-deep bones — Right now?

ping into our truths – and its crazy-cool validation to know just how much this one circle matters. The sacred ripple effect, in motion. What if this article matters as much as that? Then, I repeat for you, my friends… “What do you need in your heart on your mind against your skin-deep bones — Right now?”


Name it, mon ami – name your empty place, this moment, now What is speaking? calling you? What is missing in, with, for you? What words or actions, what thoughts, feelings, (even – gasp! - things) could fill the hole, ease your angstMake you (feel) whole? Here now - if only for a moment Not forever… Not fixed, repaired (For, believe it or not, broken equals beauty-full) Just right here, right nowWhat would soothe, touch, calm, move, heal, sustain, nurture you? Whatever it is, Right here, right now, What you seek Is found. Take it. It’s yours. ~ ROK, Nov 2015

About the author: Robin OK is a writer and Creative Collaboration Coach. She has a passion to empower people to see their creative dreams through to completion. Robin founded Laugh & Dream Creative Coaching, where she leads Laughter Yoga and delves into Active Dreaming. She is Visionary for the Creative Collaborative ReTREAT. For more information, please visit www.laughndream.com or www.creativecollaborativeretreats.com

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In deep gratitude for the men in my life and the beautiful way they embody the masculine. . . I feel loved, protected, honored, cared for and respected. . . In deep gratitude for my ability and conscious choice to receive. . . Thank you, sweet masculine, dear men, who so graciously share your gifts. ~ Amanda Hendricks The ability to spot a pattern lays in seeing the signposts of the end of a paradigm before a new one is ushered in. ~ Jennifer Salstrom

I was introduced to Indigo Hippo (www. IndigoHippo.com) last week at Cincy Story Night. Organizations and people doing great work in our communities is what reminds me that amongst the ugly stuff that happens in our society there are plenty of us doing good stuff.

Because of You, I am regularly left breathless at the Pain, Evolution and Beauty that is the Human Experience. I am Grateful and Honored to share this Journey with You. And I am so Proud of us All. Loving You Always. ~ Sue Smith

Indigo Hippo is a non-profit that uses art for community connection and change through providing a thrift store for art supplies, art programs and using creativity to normalize mental and emotional capacities. For all my friends that do creative work or have children in schools this is the place to buy many art/craft supplies. It is amazing the amount of diverse stuff they have there. Worth checking it out. ~ Carolina Castano “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going,” said Jim Ryan. What habits can you begin today to have happilyever-after tomorrow? You can so totally do this! Write it out. Follow with action. You deserve the success! Go, baby, go! ~ Trish Mckinnley (Editor’s Note: Keep this in mind when setting New Year’s intentions at the end of December.)

When you feel moved to give don’t stop the pure flow of your heart. To hold back the impulse of love seeking to flow through you is painful. ~ Kute Blackson

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We Have More Than One Soulmate? by Maureen Hollmeyer, LSW


s a Spiritual Love Coach, this is the most common question I receive. And, YES, we do have more than one soulmate. I know this to be true from my own life experiences. Just like no love can ever be the same, we have different levels of soulmates. For example, when I was younger, I attracted different soulmates that met the level of love I would allow myself to give and receive at that time in my life.

Growing Through Different Levels of Love As we grow and mature, we want a deeper love. The qualities we wanted as a young person may be different as we get older. And if we aren’t maturing at the same level, then it’s time to release that soulmate relationship. As hard as it is to say goodbye, more than likely that relationship has taught us something we wouldn’t have learned on our own. We meet people for different reasons and it’s not always the plan to be with someone forever.

Love Meets Us Where We Are

I can look back on several relationships and see how each one was what I needed at the time. One taught me how to have fun, and another made me feel safe after a divorce. Then after 10 years of being single, I married my current soulmate and it was worth the wait!

The ʽPerfectʼ Partner...for Now So those of you who are waiting for the perfect soulmate, stop waiting...because as we all know, there is no such thing as perfect. Think of it as perfect for now, and let your relationship grow. Learn who you are in this moment and what your deal breakers are in relationship. Learn what qualities you consider are important in a healthy relationship.

Donʼt Limit Yourself to a Specific ʽTypeʼ

Be open to possibilities and don’t get stuck in the pattern of saying, “Oh, they aren’t my type.” Maybe you haven’t met your type yet.

Someone for Everyone

There is someone for everyone and my best advice is to let your sparkle shine!

About the author: Maureen Hollmeyer, LSW is a Spiritual Love Coach who uses her own life experiences, her intuition and guidance from her angels to help others along their love journey. She can be reached through her website: www.transitional-guidance.com


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Goddess, Dismount

Your High Horse and Listen: The Sacred Masculine is Calling by Odette Gibbs dor

(Reprinted with permission of www.RebelleSociety.com) dor isters, it’s not all about us. Let’s get off our narcissistic Goddess high horses and listen. The Sacred Masculine is calling. Sisters, I know. We have been oppressed. Patriarchy has clipped our wings and silenced our revolutionary voices for centuries. Sisters, I know. We have fought tooth and nail, aching, plunging deeply into the wellsprings of our wombs, purging our pain and the pain of our ancestors, firstly through the bold feminist movements of our mothers, and more recently through the groundswell of conscious feminine spiritual practices which have half-blossomed and half-volcanically-erupted into this newly emerging earth consciousness. Daily, hourly, moment by conscious moment, we have devoted ourselves to reawakening the Divine Feminine, within and without. Sisters, we call ourselves Goddesses. And we should. But let us not forget that with great power comes great responsibility. And hear me now. Patriarchy does not equate to Masculinity. What we are fighting is not men, Sisters. Maybe you think you know this. But do you really? If you do, let it be known through your actions. Put down your daggers, put down your spears against the Masculine. For after you have had your righteous rage (and yes, I grant that you must have it), there is work to be done. The rage without ending is not the solution, Sisters. Stop! Stop brandishing knives around your aura, and keeping at bay the good men you sorely yearn to unite with. Patriarchy is a paradigm, my Sisters. A paradigm which both men and women have allowed to be. To deny this is to deny your own power, to cast yourself into a space of victimhood which is getting old, Sisters. So old. We cannot, and will not, be both Goddesses and victims. We must choose the path of highest and deepest truth. Awaken your powers of listening and compassion which are wise beyond measure. Feel this. Do you know your essence is an all-encompassing, healing, sacred balm? Listen, Sisters, listen. Can’t you hear the Sacred Masculine calling? His essence is all around you. He is in pain, Sisters. You are not the only one. Get off your narcissistic Goddess high horses and listen. You say you want a Warrior. You say you want a Shiva to your Shakti. Then bring him into you. He is yearning for you, he


profoundly aches for you, just as rawly and wildly as you ache for him. He wants nothing more than to give you his everything. Universes he yearns to give to you, Sisters. How can he do that when you wield battleaxes before him? You are not even listening. Did you know that the balm of your essence is the nectar of his soul? That the grace of your loving attention is the nutrient which sparks a thousand sunshines in his heart? He would give his life for your honest love. The dance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine is not a transaction. There can be no tit for tat. Stop asking your men to fill a bottomless cup. Instead, open, Sisters. Allow the men around you to be worthy. See their radiant worthiness. The Sacred Masculine is everywhere, Sisters, longing to be welcomed into your hearth, to be warmly embraced in the intoxicating divinity of your velvet purity. Let go of the excuses. Give him safe harbor. Give him grace. Open your arms. See him. You have nothing to prove, and everything to give. Underneath it all, beneath the centuries of war, fighting and separation, all he wants is what you want too. The hieros gamos — the divine marriage of opposites. His dissolution into your arms, and you into his. He wants to be the hero in the story, Sisters. He wants to be your White Knight. But he cannot do that while you are blind with rage and fear. Open your eyes. Grace him with the presence, the love and the affection which will exalt him into that greatness. He will not fail you. He is only inches away from you every second of every day. He is behind you. He is beside you. He has protected you in ways you will never know of or appreciate. He has offered you his life essence. Welcome him into you, Sisters. The battle is over. Love has won. About the author: Odette Gibbs joins forces with those dedicated to living awake, in service of the evolution and healing of consciousness worldwide. She is the founding director of The Kundalini Centre, the first and only Kundalini Yoga studio in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. Odette runs transformative retreats globally, and is honored to hold space for her monthly Full Moon women’s tantric goddess circle, Shakti Temple. www.kundalinicentre.com

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3 Wise Gifts

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Herbs ‘n Such, by Mimi Tagher


old, frankincense, and myrrh have had holiday and spiritual significance since ancient times. The trio is best known through the story of the Three Wise Men delivering the most precious gifts of the times to the baby Jesus. These gifts were also revered as medicines for physical ailments in ancient times, especially in Egypt, China, India and Arabia.

Gold Good for More than Jewelry

Medicinally, gold was probably used most in India. Gold is known as Swarna or swarna bhasma in Ayurvedic medicine. It was famous for complicated health concerns as well as general well being. It was used as an aphrodisiac, a heart tonic, to improve appetitive, to improve energy and muscle strength, and to improve memory and intelligence. It was also used in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. All the diseases of Vata and Kapha imbalance respond quickly to the use of “swarna bhasma.” In Egypt, gold was ingested for mental, bodily, and spiritual purification. The ancients believed that gold in the body worked by stimulating the life force and raising the level of vibration. The Chinese were famous for their use of frankincense (ru Xiang) and myrrh (mo Yao) and often combined them for an even more powerful effect. These herbs work by “invigorating the blood” and “removing stagnation.” In other words, they work very well for painful conditions by decreasing inflamma-

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tion, removing painful obstruction, and relaxing rigidity and spasms. In Ayurvedic medicine, Boswellia, or Indian frankincense has long been used for supporting comfortable and pain-free joint mobility, as well as for the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and skin.

Modern Uses Today, Gold is still considered a very precious metal, as well as an all-natural mineral with many healing properties. It is used in surgery to patch damaged blood vessels, nerves, bones, and membranes. Colloidal gold has a balancing and harmonizing effect on the body, mind and spirit. It is used to improve mental attitude and emotional states. Today, Frankincense is the number one herb used to treat arthritis. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is used very successfully for many types of pain relief. Today, Myrrh is known as an essential oil to benefit the skin and slow the signs of aging. It has antiseptic properties and is great for wound healing. It helps with respiratory problems, digestive ailments, gum and mouth diseases, immune health, and inflammatory conditions. Which of these three was the greatest gift in ancient times might never be known. But the healing value of each is still true today...so remember that the wise men were bearers of not only riches, but good health as well. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday! About the author: Mimi Tagher, LAc, LMT is nationally board certified in acupuncture, Chinese herbology and Oriental Medicine. She practices at Synergy Holistic Health Center in Florence, Ky., and in Blue Ash. 859.525.5000, www.synergyholistichealth.com


project Xpress PH: 513.900.8150 | service@proxusa.com | www.proxusa.com

Creating home solutions to fit YOUR needs and lifestyle. Dear Valued Customer,

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November - December 2016


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Mason’s NANI Massage Named SCORE Client of the Year

NANI Massage of Mason was selected as Client of the Year at the annual SCORE luncheon and awards ceremony on September 16, 2016. The year-and-a-half old company is owned by Nancy Blanchard of Loveland; Matt Roth and Ashley McCarty. Their SCORE mentors are Gilbert Minson of Symmes Township; Dick Wendel of Cincinnati; and Jane Vanderhorst of Cincinnati. SCORE is the volunteer arm of the Small Business Administration. Its 100-plus mentors provide no-cost mentoring and low-cost small business workshops for entrepreneurs who are high on passion, but need the practical business guidance and support that only seasoned business owners and managers can provide. “When I began to help NANI, they were small, but going like gangbusters,” said Minson. “I’ve seen a beautiful transfor-

6:30-8pm @ Columbia Center 3500 Columbia Pkwy 45226


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Photo - From left are Nancy Blanchard, Matt Roth and Ashley McCarty of NANI Massage of Mason, with SCORE mentor Gilbert Minson. NANI was named a 2016 SCORE Client of the Year for its small business success. (Oak Tree Communications)

mation in their business that takes massage from a luxury to a necessity.” Blanchard said she and her partners worked on their business plan for two years and knew they had something special, but needed to hear it from a business professional. They planned to combine the holistic powers of therapeutic massage with various healing ingredients to deliver a transformational client experience that would rejuvenate the body, quiet the mind and refresh the soul, according to their website. “If it wasn’t for SCORE, we wouldn’t be where we are right now,” said Blanchard. “From that first meeting, Gilbert gave us confidence and suggestions that caused ideas to explode out of us in meetings.” NANI has purchased a dedicated phone system and grew from 13 to 20 massage therapists since SCORE began mentoring it. The owners plan to add another location in West Chester or Liberty Township sometime next year. SCORE also named two other Clients of the Year: The Delish Dish catering and Made by Mavis jellies and jams of Covington; and Helping Hands of NKY of Florence, Ky. Annual service awards were also announced at the luncheon. SCORE mentors who have volunteered for 10 years include: Claudia Aviles of West Chester; Bill Haman of Indian Hill; Tom Moon of Cincinnati; and Dick Wendel of Cincinnati; SCORE mentors who have volunteered for five years include: Brian Hanley of Cincinnati; Dan Herche of Cincinnati; Mary Hurlburt of Cincinnati; Bill Schlueter of Cincinnati; Greg Spontak of Loveland; Carlin Stamm of Cincinnati; and Jane Vanderhorst of Cincinnati. For more information about NANI Massage, please visit www.nanimassage.com For information about SCORE workshops or mentoring, call 513.684.2812 or visit www.scoreworks.org


Count Your

Blessings Intuitive Insights, by Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry


ach day begins anew, and with it comes another array of choices to be made. Every moment of every day involves choices and decisions. It’s called Free Will. It is what makes us humans versus any other type of being on Earth or in the Universe. We often do not give ourselves credit for all the power we have. We cannot control other people, but we can control how we react to what others say or do. Essentially, we can control our experiences of other people; how we experience them. When someone cuts us off in traffic or yells at us for some trivial matter that doesn’t even deserve the time or emotional effort, we can choose to feel mad and angry, or we can choose to feel compassion and give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they had a fight with their spouse that morning, or their boss just told them that they were fired. Some call it being the better person, but perhaps it is more about choosing to count your blessings. Learn to be thankful. Think about it. You can waste time and energy over getting upset, or you can contemplate how really fortunate you are. After all, you have a roof over your head, food to eat, family and friends that love and support you, a job that you love or at least that pays the bills – the list can go on and on. Dwell on the positives, not the negatives. Remember the power of positive thinking. Manifest what you’d like to see in the world by paying it forward. The change begins with you. As you prepare for the holidays, and there are so many to celebrate, so much fun to have, set the intention to clean out some of your old bad habits. Turn off the voice in your head that snarkily comments on your positive efforts. The ‘Yeah, right’ that echoes in your mind when you think about how well today is going to go. The buzz of worry about finding what you need while doing your holiday shopping – that can go,

Patricia Garry • Spiritual Coaching • Reiki Energy Healing • Intuitive Tarot Reading • Dream Interpretation • Teaching Personal Growth Classes

(513) • patricia@patriciagarry.com (513)281-6864 281-6864 ~ patriciagarry.com

too. Practice expecting the best, and push everything else out of your head. Another good practice is to keep some of your favorite joyfilled memories in the queue in your mind, so you can think about the fun you had at the zoo with your kids, or the raise you got recently, every time your mind tries to fit back into its old boxes. You can also put a pretty sheet of paper up on the fridge, and write down one thing that gives you joy every day. It’s guaranteed to make you smile, and brighten your entire household! We are not victims, we are huge and powerful spiritual beings. What we think about, what we use our massive energy to focus on, matters. So let’s decide to send some of that energy toward a more peaceful planet, and some to the grumpy people in our lives, so they can use it to be calmer and less afraid. We will be happier and we will be helping to make this a better world.

About the authors: Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry are the authors of Right Brain/Left Brain: Use Everything You’ve Got to Create a Great Life! They facilitate workshops based on their popular book. Francine is an intuitive tarot and palm reader, energy worker, teacher, and owner of Sea Angels Cruise and Inner Wellness Conference. francine.haydon@ fuse.net, 513.248.8772, www.foresthouseofhealing.com Patricia is a spiritual reader, teacher, healer, and writer. patricia@patriciagarry.com , 513.281.6864, www.patriciagarry.com

Rev. Francine Haydon

Reiki ~ Kolaimni ~ Crystal Energy Healing Medicine Wheel ~ Tarot Reader ~ Palmist foresthouseofhealing.com • 513.248.8772

November - December 2016

Living W h o l e Journal



Sp tlight Celebrating 10 years of Laughter Yoga in Cincinnati! Laughter really is the best medicine…for mind, body, emotions and spirit. Judi Winall along with Pam Hall help people laugh, whether they feel like it or not… and they love it! They are both ‘stand-up therapists’ who use Laughter Yoga to seriously improve the health and well-being of adults and children of all ages in a light-hearted and fun way. They have been offering a Free Laughter Yoga class to the public, as well as presentations for stress management and team building to businesses and organizations, for the past 10 years. They also offer 2-day intensive certified Laughter Yoga trainings twice a year. Laughter Yoga is a mind-body exercise which counteracts the negative effects of stress and has a profound effect on health and well-being. It was developed by a medical doctor from India in 1995 and is based on the scientific fact that the body cannot tell the difference between pretend and real laughter. In Laughter Yoga there is no need for jokes, comedy or even a sense of humor to receive the benefits of genuine laughter. It is accomplished through laughter exercises, deep breathing, stretching and playfulness. The Worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement is currently in 105 countries and is celebrating 21 years of promoting world peace through laughter. “Laughter Yoga facilitates a return to authenticity coupled with the spontaneous joy of the magical child. It creates true bonding and heart connections amongst all people making it a

wonderful agent of peace and goodwill,” says Pam. Judi and Pam’s LY club was filmed by PBS NOVA in April 2009 and they have been featured in a variety of magazines and newspapers. “Laughter Yoga reunites us with the joy within, which brings our perspective of life back into balance,” says Judi. As a free community service, every month Judi and Pam lead participants through various laughter exercises that are playfully engaging, highly uplifting and energizing at the: Joyful Healing Laughter Yoga Club on the third Wednesday of each month, 7-8:30pm at the Symmes Township Library, 11850 Enyart Road, Loveland, OH 45140 Everyone is welcome. www.JoyfulHealingLaughter.com or call 513.899.3115.


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LIVING Living Happy

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Living W h o l e Journal


You will never enjoy the fruits of good health by focusing on avoiding disease. You must turn your attention fully toward the incredible joy of health to actually experience it. - Jack E. Armstrong, D.C.

www.wholecarechiropractic.com November - December 2016

Living W h o l e Journal



resource Directory

CARRIE KONDOR. Breathwork, family constellation and sound coding practitioner. Supporting clients in unlocking their Truth to their truest potential. 513.549.6445. www.cariatherapy.com. carrie@cariatherapy.com


CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Transformational Bodywork Acupuncture Craniosacral Therapy

ART C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, Art Commissions, Murals, Illustration, Classes. 513.549.4607. www.enlightenmeant.com


BLUE ASH AREA. Massage therapy room for rent in an established office. $525/mo. 7351 E. Kemper Rd., Ste. A, call 513.520.8429 for more info.



Mary Ellen Moore, CCHt. Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthingÂŽ

859-525-5000 www.synergyholistichealth.com

859.466.4900 859.525.5000 www.synergyholistichealth.com www.innerbridges.com

SPACE AVAILABLE BEAUTIFUL, ENERGIZED SPACE FOR RENT. $15/hour for lovely consult room, classroom and therapy rooms at WholeCare. www.wholecarechiropractic.com 513.489.9515. lisahjames@yahoo.com

WHOLECARE. Dr. Jack Armstrong, Holistic Chiropractor. Babies to grandparents. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515. www.wholecarechiropractic.com

Mary Ellen Moore, VCSW, BCT Craniosacral practitioner & teacher


INTEGRATIVE LIFE HEALING JUDI A. WINALL, M.Div., CIH, CLYT. Re-claim the power and authority of your own life. 513.899.3115. www.SoulEmpowerment.com

www.synergyholistichealth.com www.dynamicstillness.com INTUITIVE READINGS BY PHONE. SAGE WOMAN. Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic. ENERGY HEALERS & HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS Be Empowered. 513.490.4693.

REV. FRANCINE HAYDON. Reiki, Kolaimni, Crystal Energy Work. 513.248.8772, francine.haydon@fuse.net ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€…ď€„ď€‹ď€Œď€? www.foresthouseofhealing.com Proof Date: 04/18/15

sagewomen61@gmail.com. www.connectingwiththegoddesswithin.com


INNER COMPASS. Intuitive life ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€‡ď€‰ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€‡ď€†ď€?ď€Žď€Œď€‚ coaching, spiritual leadership. Joanne Ref: Mil041815_ďŹ nal ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? Franchina. ACUPUNCTURE KONDOR. Breathwork, family 513.587.9855. Designer:CARRIEads@wholeliving... ď€?ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€†ď€—ď€’ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‚ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€‚ď€?ď€‹ď€˜ď€‰ď€”ď€™ď€šď€‚ constellation sound coding practitioner. www.YourInnerCompass.com MIMI TAGHER, LAc. Also Craniosacral, Size Size: 1/32 and page (2.25â€?x1)" ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‚ď€‡ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€Šď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€‹ď€„ď€Œď€„ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€‘ď€’ď€Œď€’ď€“ď€?ď€? Supporting clientsď€?ď€?ď€›ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€‰ď€ƒď€?ď€”ď€”ď€‰ď€‡ď€œď€›ď€†ď€ƒď€‚ in unlocking their Truth TCM. Cincy & N-Ky. 859.525.5000. to their truest potential. 513.549.6445. C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, www.synergyholistichealth.com www.cariatherapy.com. Toltec Master Teacher. 513.549.4607. carrie@cariatherapy.com www.enlightenmeant.com Astrology 10663 Loveland-Madeira Rd., Su Page 513.752.9288 • Fax SIVA: Self-Insight via Astrology. Use ROBERT TARA L. ROBINSON. astrology to inspire creative action. & LINDA VOGES. Energy Life and ads@wholelivin Healing Siva.appalachia@gmail.com Relationship Coach. Women, Family, Systems. Certified ThetaHealing https://sivanappalachia.wordpress.com/ Couples, Teens. Also helping Writers and Practitioners/Teachers; Certified Reiki Speakers. Ongoing Soul Conversations Master Teachers 812.594.2705. rbtvoges@ Women Circle. See ad page 13. yahoo.com www.risingsunwellnessspa.com CHIROPRACTORS LifeDynamicsTara@gmail.com DR. JACK ARMSTRONG. Beyond the back for 30 years. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515. ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€…ď€„ď€‹ď€Œď€? ď€Œď€? www.wholecarechiropractic.com KENDRA WILBURN. Certified ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€…ď€„ď€‹  ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€‡ď€‰ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€‡ď€†ď€?ď€Žď€Œď€‚ Mind Body Bridging Practitioner; Life ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€‡ď€‰ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€‡ď€†ď€?ď€Žď€Œď€‚ ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? & Career Coach. Stress Management CLASSES & WORKSHOPS ď€?ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€†ď€—ď€’ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‚ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€‚ď€?ď€‹ď€˜ď€‰ď€”ď€™ď€šď€‚ ď€?ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€†ď€—ď€’ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‚ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€‚ď€?ď€‹ď€˜ď€‰ď€”ď€™ď€šď€‚ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‚ď€‡ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€Šď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€‹ď€„ď€Œď€„ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€‘ď€’ď€Œď€’ď€“ď€?ď€? Specialist. 513.314.9659 ď€?ď€?ď€›ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€‰ď€ƒď€?ď€”ď€”ď€‰ď€‡ď€œď€›ď€†ď€ƒď€‚ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‚ď€‡ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€Šď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€‹ď€„ď€Œď€„ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€‘ď€’ď€Œď€’ď€“ď€?ď€? kendra@careerbydesignllc.com C. PIC MICHEL. Art and Creative Practice. ď€?ď€?ď€›ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€‰ď€ƒď€?ď€”ď€”ď€‰ď€‡ď€œď€›ď€†ď€ƒď€‚ 513.549.4607. www.enlightenmeant.com HEALING CENTERS MASSAGE INNER COMPASS. Meditation, STILLPOINT CENTER FOR GLORIA ESENWEIN, LMT.Revive mediumship, manifestation, metaphysics. HEALING ARTS. Massage Therapy, Restore. 513.481.7400. Joanne Franchina, guest instructors. Yoga, Shamanism, Counseling. www.ahealingplacemassage.com 11223 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 302. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com 513.489.5302. www.stillpointtherapy.com KENDRA NIESE, LMT. 513.646.3689. See ad on page 11. W h o l e

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ROBERT REPASKY, LMT. Oncology Massage. DancingHeartMassage.com. 513.505.5737.

ORGANIZING SPACES The Mess Mender Polly Giblin Hands-on, non-judgmental help with de-cluttering 513-305-0401 www.pollygiblin.com


10663 Loveland-Madeira Rd., Suite 162 • Loveland, OH 45140 513.752.9288 • Fax: 513.722.0752 VEENAA SAYNANA. Medical Intuitive. ads@wholelivingjournal.com Writing & Editing


Online/Phone Readings. Psychic Surgeon. Specialized Energy Clearing for Chronic Pain, illness, anxiety and depression. Skype Sessions worldwide. www.veenaasaynana.com


Writing Editing Heidi Bright, M.Div. 513-444-0190 heidi@heidibright.com www.heidibright.com

BR GHT concepts

CLARK ECHOLS. Licensed Therapist. Specializes in depression, anger, anxiety using cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and spiritual, techniques. Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. 513.791.5990. www.clarkechols.com

next deadline: DEC 1

Reflexology MARY WHALEN. Certified Reflexologist 513.561.8246

ReIKI Classes




H e a li n g Tou g ch

- I nt


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u m s h i p - Vi b r




November - December 2016


TAROT CARD READINGS CELTIC TAROT CARD & PALM READINGS/PARTIES. Francine Haydon. 513.248.8772, francine.haydon@fuse.net www.foresthouseofhealing.com


UNITY OF GARDEN PARK. Rev. Kathy Engelhardt. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. 45239. ALL ARE WELCOME. Sundays at 11am. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org



“Accurate & compelling readings” -Cincinnati Magazine 513-929-0406 VictoryofLight.com

u i t i ve R

Victor Paruta


ch Tou

GARY MATTHEWS. Energy work, Breathwork and Shamanic techniques. Call 513.722.1917 for appt. www.ShamanicCounselor.com

Psychic Medium

ANNE STEFFEN-RUSSO. Readings, Intuitive energy practitioner, 513.473.7447, by appointment. www.EnergeticAnswers.com

oaching - Reik i



COLLEEN DOHERTY. Evidential Medium, Intuitive Psychic. 513.515.1751.

al C


PSYCHICS & CLAIRVOYANTS INNER COMPASS. Evidential, insightful readings. Joanne Franchina. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com


tu iri


HAPPY SPINE, KRISTEN FRYER. Pilates, Alexander Technique, Theta Healing. Northside. 513.401.0668. www.happyspine.us

(1(5*< +($/,1* $7 81,7< 2) *$5'(1 3$5.



$2/word (phone, website & email each count as 3 words)



JACCOLIN FRANCHINA. Certified regressionist; alsopast-life readings. 513.528.5185. www,jaccolin.com

for Jan/Feb issue. Email listings to



JUDY PEACE-PALMISTRY, ASTROLOGY & TAROT. Tools for transformation and self understanding. In service for 22 years. Available for personal sessions or entertainment. 859.491.7885. silvorwing@aol.com

RADIO PROGRAMs WAVES OF A NEW AGE, WAIF88.3FM. Hosts Tara L. Robinson and Judy Peace. Tuesdays, 3-5pm on WAIF 88.3FM or WAIF app, or listen live at www.waif883.org. Soul-filled sounds and conscious conversation. Archived show recordings on Facebook. www.WavesofaNewAge.org

* Individual 30 minute sessions * Love Offering Basis When: 3rd Sunday of each month Time: 12:30 - 2 pm Where: Unity of Garden Park 3581 West Galbraith Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 Info: www. unityofgardenpark.org

:( ,19,7( <28 72 &20( $1' $&&(37 *2'¶6 +($/,1* (1(5*< ,1 <285 /,)(

Living W h o l e Journal


Weekly Radio Show - Waves of a New Age Tuesdays, 3-5pm on WAIF 88.3FM

Conscious Conversations with Today᾿s Leaders LISTEN LIVE ONLINE www.waif883.org Links to recorded shows on FB

BE ABUNDANT in 2017 LIVING Living Happy

Living Healthy


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TUES • NOV 1 - DEC 27

calendar of Events

Tai Chi session, 5:30pm, free. Madisonville Branch Library, 4830 Whetsel Ave. 513.369.6029. www.programs.cincinnatilibrary.org

WED • NOV 2 & 9

NOVember TUES • NOV 1

Grand Opening RBushmanTKD, w/Grand Master Roy Bushman, 5:30pm/Sun Do Taoist Yoga, 6:30pm/ Tae Kwon Do. 3666 Paxton Ave, Hyde Park. 513.884.1489. RB@RbushmanTKD.com

TUES • NOV 1 - 29

Living Life in the Flow ChiKung/TaiChi, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 1-2:30pm, $50/pre-reg discount. Centennial Barn, 110 Compton Rd. Cincinnati. 513.405.1514. www.harmonicpulsewellness.com


Living W h o l e Journal

Reversing Chronic Pain, w/Cynthia Allen & Larry Wells, 6-8pm, $65. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

WEDS • NOV 2 - 30

Engage Your Inner Healer ChiKung/TaiChi, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 6:30-8pm, $50/pre-reg discount. Gather Studio/College Hill, 6110 Hamilton Ave. 513.405.1514. www.harmonicpulsewellness.com


Pure Potential ChiKung/TaiChi, w/Jacquelyn Millay, 9:30-11am, $50/pre-reg discount. Gather Studio/College Hill, 6110 Hamilton Ave. 513.405.1514. www.harmonicpulsewellness.com


Next Deadline: DEC 1


Intro-Meditating with Animals, w/Kat Forgacs, $85. With guided practice. Cincinnati. Info Facebook: BLISS Reiki. 617.758.7496. aboutblissreiki@gmail.com

MONS • NOV 7, 14 & 21

Meditation Class, w/Mary Ellen Moore, 7-8:30pm, $57 sign up by 11/4. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000. www.synergyholistichealth.com


Healing/Drumming, w/Bob Laake Healing Drummer, 7-10pm, love donation. Grace Episcopal Church, College Hill, 5501 Hamilton Ave. All welcome. Several healing practitioners & tables.

SAT • NOV 12

Artist Reception, w/Mary Woodworth, 6:30-8:30pm, free. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

Essential Oils in Your Home, 1pm, free. Oakley Branch, 4033 Gilmore Ave. 513.369.6038. www.programs.cincinnatilibrary.org

SAT • NOV 12 & DEC 10

Yoga, w/Gina Belew, 10:30am, free. Resv reqd. Anderson Branch Library, 7450 State Road. 513.369.6030. www.programs.cincinnatilibrary.org

SUN • NOV 13

Writerʼs Workshop, w/Tara L. Robinson, 9am2pm, $149. 411 W. Loveland Ave, 45140. 2nd Floor, Suite 201 (Eagle Commerce Building, green sign). To Reg. 513.752.9288 or info@wholelivingjournal.com - Important industry secrets will be shared in this workshop. There’s an INSANE amount of good info in this class. INCLUDING contact info for key people in the writing industry! PLUS, a $35,000 business idea that’s actually working for people will be revealed! To be discussed: starting a blog, submitting articles to magazines, self-publishing books, etiquette and tips for securing a traditional publisher...AND the latest strategy rocking the market that ensures writers become BESTSELLING authors in no time! There will also be time for creative writing and sharing. Please bring a journal or paper for notes and a writing utensil. RSVP required.

TUE • NOV 15

Shamanic Journeying, w/Larry Crockett, Shamanic Practitioner, 7-9pm, $15. Bring snack/ share. RSVP reqd. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH. 513.702.4589.

TUE • NOV 15 & DEC 6

Yoga for Kids, 4pm, free. Hyde Park Branch, 2747 Erie Ave. 513.369.4456. www.programs.cincinnatilibrary.org

WED • NOV 16

NLP for Better Health, w/Larry Wells, 6-8:30pm, $40. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com Tarot Clinic, w/Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $20. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.405.1626. www.vandeneynden.biz

TUE • NOV 22

Thanksgiving Service, 7pm. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. Cin. 45239. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org World Service Meditation, w/Jim Wachter, Minister/Meditation Leader, 7-9pm, love donation. Bring snack/share. RSVP reqd. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason. 513.702.4589.

WED • NOV 23

Mediumship Development Circle, w/Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $20. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.405.1626. www.vandeneynden.biz

MONS • NOV 28 – DEC 19

Awareness Through Movement, w/Cynthia Allen, 6-7:15pm, $60. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com


Bones for Life, w/Cynthia Allen, 6:30-7:45pm, $45. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

SUN • DEC 18

Youth Nativity Musical Service, 11am. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. Cin. 45239. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org

TUE • DEC 20

Shamanic Journeying, w/Larry Crockett, Shamanic Practitioner, 7-9pm, $15. Bring snack/ share. RSVP reqd. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH. 513.702.4589.

SAT • DEC 24

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, 6pm. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. Cin. 45239. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org

SUN • DEC 25


Christmas Day Service, 11am. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. Cin. 45239. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org

SAT & SUN • DEC 3 & 4

World Service Meditation, w/Jim Wachter, Minister/Meditation Leader, 7-9pm, love donation. Bring snack/share. RSVP reqd. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason. 513.702.4589.

Message Circle Event, w/Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, Guest Presenters, 7–9pm, $30. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com

Spirit Speaks I, w/Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, Sat/10-5pm, Sun/10-2pm, $195. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com

SAT • DEC 10

Drumming Up Health with HealthRhythyms, 11am, free. Hyde Park Branch, 2747 Erie Ave. 513.369.4456. www.programs.cincinnatilibrary.org

SAT & SUN • DEC 10 & 11

Animal Reiki Level 1, w/Kat Forgacs, 10-6pm, $225 by Nov 1, afterward $250. Cincinnati. Info Facebook: BLISS Reiki. 617.758.7496. aboutblissreiki@gmail.com Usui Reiki I & II, w/ JoAnn Utley, 10-6pm, I-$135, II-$185. Louisville. 8 Nursing contact hours daily. 502.777.3865.

TUE • DEC 13

Full Moon Celebration/Ceremony/Cold Moon, w/Jim Wachter, Minister/Teacher, 7-9:30pm, love donation. Bring snack/share. RSVP reqd. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason. 513.702.4589.

WED • DEC 14

Healing/Drumming, w/Bob Laake Healing Drummer, 7-10pm, love donation. Grace Episcopal Church, College Hill, 5501 Hamilton Ave. All welcome. Several healing practitioners & tables.

November - December 2016

TUE • DEC 27


New Year’s Day & Burning Bowl Service, 11am. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. Cin. 45239. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org


Fitness Bootcamp, w/Betsy Carter, 5:30pm. Call for introductory rates. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave. Glendale 45246. 513.253.7625. Yoga, w/BevySue Hammons RYT, 10-11:15am, members 6/$65 others 6/$85. Fitton Cntr. for Creative Arts, 101 S. Monument St, Hamilton, OH. 513.863.8873, cell 513.259.4317. ombevysue@yahoo.com


Chair Yoga, w/April Aloisio, 9:30-10:30am, $6. Church of the Redeemer, 2944 Erie Ave. 45208. 513.205.6353. Tai Chi for Health, w/Betty Lubrecht, 1pm beginner 2:30 intermediate, $66/6 wks. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000. www.synergyholistichealth.com

Living W h o l e Journal


Waves of a New Age, WAIF/88.3FM, w/Tara L. Robinson & Judy Peace, 3-5pm. Conscious Conversations with leading authors and teachers. Listen online: www.WAIF883.org or via the free WAIF app for all smart devices. “Like” us on Facebook! Archived interviews on Facebook.


Gentle Kripalu Yoga, w/Melisa Lindsay, 9:30am, $15/session. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave. Glendale 45246. 513.307.3132. melisalindsay444@gmail.com Gentle Yoga/Chair Yoga, w/April Aloisio, 6-7pm. Harmony Healing Arts, LLC, 7146 Office Park Dr. 45069. 513.424.4730. Yoga, w/BevySue Hammons, 6:30-7:30pm, members 6/$50 others 6/$55. Elisha Morgan Mansion, Gilbert Farms Park, Ross Rd. Fairfield,OH. 513.867.5348, cell 513.259.4317. ombevysue@yahoo.com Yoga, Yin Vin, w/Glo Siry, 5:30-6:45pm, $10 cash drop in/$40 unlimited all month. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000. www.synergyholistichealth.com


Chair Yoga for Parkinson’s & Special Populations, w/April Aloisio, 11-noon, $6. Springfield Twp. Senior Center, 9158 Winton Rd. 45231. 513.205.6353.


Gentle Kripalu Yoga, w/Melisa Lindsay, 9:30am, $15/session. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave. Glendale 45246. 513.307.3132. melisalindsay444@gmail.com


Center for Spiritual Living, w/Rev. C. Dee Coy, Sun 10:30-11:30am, Wed 6:30-7:30pm. We honor & welcome everyone, whatever you are on your spiritual path. 5701 Murray Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45227 office 513.218.2128. www.cslgc.org Divinity Spiritual Service, 11am, love offering. Divinity Spiritual Church, 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield, Ohio 45014. 513.289.2914. Divinity Spiritual Service Online Your Location, 7pm, love offering. 513.289.2914. Experience Spirituality, 10:30am. Come for the message, stay for the love. NTUC 1401 E McMillan, Cincinnati. www.ntunity.org New Thought Unity Center, 10:30am. Universal Wholeness through spiritual healing & transformation. 1401 E McMillan, Cinci. www.ntunity.org


Living W h o l e Journal

United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church/USCL, 9:50-10:20am/healing, 10:30am/ service. 11006 Reading Rd. Ste 202, Cinci. OH. 25241. www.uscl.org Unity of Garden Park Church, 9:30-10:40am, adult learning & sharing mastermind prayer group, service w/Rev. Kathy Engelhardt, 11am. All are welcome. See ad. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd, 45239. 513.385.8889. www.UnityofGardenPark.org Yoga, Anyusara, w/Glo Siry, 9am, $10 cash drop in /$40 unlimited all month. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000. www.synergyholistichealth.com


Best Year Ever/Life Coaching Circle, w/Joanne Franchina, 7-9pm, $35/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com


Yoga, w/BevySue Hammons, 6-7:15pm, 1st free, 1/$9, 3/$25, 6/$50 to be used anytime. Mother Earth, 5158 Pleasant Ave, Fairfield,OH. 513.894.1131, cell 513.259.4317. ombevysue@yahoo.com


Gentle Hatha Yoga, w/Janet & Jo, 6pm, $15/ session-$120/10. Glendale New Church, 845 Congress Ave. Glendale 45246. 513.709.9265.


Mediumship Development Circle, w/Joanne Franchina, 7-9 pm, $20/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com


Book Circle for Soul Searchers, w/Diane Sears, 7-9pm, $10/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com Infusion Cincinnati, 6:30-8pm, free, donations accepted. Talk + Music + Connection. Join the brightest game-changers in town to light up the city! Columbia Center, 3500 Columbia Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45226 Facebook: Infusion Cincinnati


Higher Beings Wisdom Circle, w/Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $20/ session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com



Meditation class, w/Gary Matthews, 7-8:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Fri. Shamanic Journey class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302, Blue Ash. 513.489.5302. www.StillpointTherapy.com


Shamanic Journey class, w/Gary Matthews, 6:30-8:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Thurs. Meditation class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302. Blue Ash. 513.489.5302. www.StillpointTherapy.com


Laughter Yoga/Joyful Healing LY Club, w/Judi A. Winall & Pam Hall, 7pm, free. Symmes Township Library, 11850 Enyart Rd. 513.899.3115. www.JoyfulHealingLaughter.com


Awakening Avalon: An Apprenticeship in the Priestess Arts, w/Tara L. Robinson, 6-9pm, $300/mo. Email LifeDynamicsTara@gmail.com

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Patti: Angel / Spirit Guide Readings Success Strategies for Kids True Heart Healing Crystaline Attunement Conscious Living Coaching Awakening Angels Training Liquid Light Elixirs Messages of Mastery

Shared Monthly Offering:

Soul Spa ~ 3 hr. immersion (Emotional Healing, Intuitive Bodywork, Crystaline Attunement)

Amar: Protocols for Emotional Healing

Erin: Multidimensional Bodywork

including the Healing and Integration of the Bodies of Light Meditation as Medicine Spiritual Mentoring Kundalini Yoga Creativity Now! Soul Painting Workshop

Intuitive Energy Readings Posturing and Embodiment Myofascial Release Pit Work Living AS Love (Bi-monthly Support Group)

Erin Gallagher-Urtiaga 847.533.0721 www.ThriveCommunity.us

Patti Kessler

513.240.1602 www.PattiKessler.com

November - December 2016

Amar Jacqueline 513.871.0838 jacquelines@fuse.net

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