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ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€…ď€„ď€‹ď€Œď€? ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€‡ď€‰ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€‡ď€†ď€?ď€Žď€Œď€‚ ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? ď€?ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€†ď€—ď€’ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‚ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€‚ď€?ď€‹ď€˜ď€‰ď€”ď€™ď€šď€‚ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‚ď€‡ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€Šď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€‹ď€„ď€Œď€„ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€‘ď€’ď€Œď€’ď€“ď€?ď€? ď€?ď€?ď€›ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€‰ď€ƒď€?ď€”ď€”ď€‰ď€‡ď€œď€›ď€†ď€ƒď€‚


ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€…ď€„ď€‹ď€Œď€? ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€‡ď€‰ď€„ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€‡ď€†ď€?ď€Žď€Œď€‚ ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? ď€?ď€‡ď€‚ď€ˆď€†ď€—ď€’ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‚ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€‚ď€?ď€‹ď€˜ď€‰ď€”ď€™ď€šď€‚ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‚ď€‡ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€‰ď€Šď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€‹ď€„ď€Œď€„ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€‘ď€’ď€Œď€’ď€“ď€?ď€? ď€?ď€?ď€›ď€Œď€‰ď€„ď€”ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€‰ď€ƒď€?ď€”ď€”ď€‰ď€‡ď€œď€›ď€†ď€ƒď€‚

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ell, here we are. We made it to 2017…barely. I don’t know about you, but 2016 was a doozy for me. I had heard repeatedly throughout the year (we always hear what we are meant to hear, that which applies to our personal journeys) that 2016 was a “9” year in numerology, which meant it was a year of “completion.” This didn’t mean we were just completing the year’s events, but we were actually completing the events of the past nine year cycle. True to the predictions, I experienced again and again situations that mirrored my greatest challenges throughout the previous eight years. Sheesh! In 2016, I found myself often thinking with exasperation, “I’ve already been here and done this ‘lesson,’ I can’t believe I’m here again!” Then I would be reminded it was a “9” year, so of course I was going to revisit all the important lessons so that I could complete them once and for all. I did, in fact, find myself transcending many of them in new ways, which showed me how far I have come since the first time I faced those particular challenges. I’ve never looked so forward to the turning of a year. Reliving nine years of challenges in only one year? No wonder I’m exhausted! I’m ready for 2017…a “1” year, which begins a whole new nine year cycle. The question is, what will be the theme of the next nine years? Well, for starters, my book, The Ultimate Risk published by Hay House, is (finally!) coming out in April. That’s a pretty big deal, and something I definitely expect to influence the trends in my life over the coming nine years. Maybe this cycle will mostly contain experiences I won’t mind repeating in 2025, the next “9” year. One thing I observed as this new year drew closer was my excitement and anticipation of a whole new cycle. I discovered I have a propensity for “new.” I am an adventurer at heart which means I get bored fairly easily and I’m quickly distracted by the next shiny opportunity that crosses my path. The most recent shiny idea I’ve fixated upon is the concept of embodiment. No sooner had I opened my new office to expand my life coaching practice, which is primarily a mind-modality, did I become enamored with how physical touch can reach places in the psyche to heal in ways that “talking about it” never can reach or heal. I instantly signed up for Reiki training and added that certification to my credentials and to my list of services offered. I asked for and received a massage table for Christmas, and ever since, I’ve been fascinated by the subtle energies the body processes, how it holds onto and releases them. Combining body and mind modalities has taken my practice to a whole new level. In perfect fashion, the next piece to drop into place for me was a more potent awareness of the energies that move through my heart. The heart is a mystery. It seems to function in its very own manner. There’s no reasoning when it comes to what the heart feels. It simply feels what it feels. It often responds in


ways seemingly independent of the desires of the mind, and sometimes even the body. Why the heart pulses after what it does can’t be explained, but it definitely pulses in a certain direction. Like our own inner-compass, we can determine what that direction is if we pay attention. I’ve taken to referring to this intricate system of the mindbody-heart connection as the Holy Trinity. We feel most at peace when these three aspects of our being are aligned in our lives. When our thoughts, feelings and circumstances simultaneously satisfy our minds, bodies, and hearts, we feel fulfilled. What I find interesting, however, is that more often than not, we perceive a discrepancy inside us between one or more of these three parts of the Holy Trinity. We are often in a feverish pursuit for whatever will answer the demands of the parts of us that feel they are lacking something. Whether it be trying a new diet and exercise regimen to feel better in our bodies, studying for a career change or pursuing a new hobby to satisfy the mind, or pursuing and opening to a new relationship to calm the longings of the heart, the truth is, much of our time is spent generating energy in the direction of our inner-void. The tricky part is that sometimes what stimulates the mind or body, leaves the heart feeling empty. And, sometimes, when we feel compelled to follow the desires of our hearts, our minds and bodies scream out in resistance, immediately sending out signals of fear via thoughts and physical sensations. What is this madness? Why does it seem so difficult to feel “whole” and “complete”? What is the secret? Is the answer found in following the whims and fantasies of the heart? Or is it better to listen to the promptings of our bodies to determine what is best for us? And what about the good ole, dependable mind which works in the realm of logic and reason? In this issue, Dr. Laura Berman explains how understanding quantum physics with our minds can help us experience quantum love in our hearts, and Michelle Griffith argues how it is possible to “feel emotions” with our minds. But, ultimately, the secret is there is no secret. This is one of life’s mysteries. There is no “right” answer. Life is organic. It’s always moving, which means the answer can change moment to moment anyway. It is up to each of us to become intimately familiar with the workings of our own Holy Trinity to know what are the best choices for us to make that will most closely align all three aspects of our being in any given moment. Then, the stringing together of these “aligned moments” is what eventually creates a joyous life. I’ve always been a mind-person, always in my head. In 2017, I’m resolved to becoming better acquainted with my heart and body. I’m intending to follow the pulse of my own Holy Trinity to experience more of what life has to offer. I’m so curious what this will mean for the coming nine years!

January - February 2017

Living W h o l e Journal



Reader Feedback

Infusion will not meet in January. We are looking for a new home for Infusion, but haven t found it as of the printing of this issue of Whole Living Journal. Please be sure to Like Infusion on Facebook so you ll receive the most up to date information as we solidify our new address. On deck for meetings in the coming months will be Kim Belew sharing her inspirational rap music and facilitating the discussion. We ve been fortunate to feature her music at Infusion in the past, and now we re excited to welcome her to share her story with us. In 2017, we will also enjoy the rich tones of Ron Esposito s singing bowls. Additionally, we are looking forward to the personal debut of Tara L. Robinson book s The Ultimate Risk when it is released in April by Hay House. Come Join the Brightest Game Changers in Town! Infusion Cincinnati is a free monthly gathering, open to the public, with discussions town-hall-style about living with passion and purpose. Infusion goers are adventurers and (r)evolutionaries who share aha moments and soul nourishment. The goal: shining powerfully together so we can light up this city! Infusion is revolutionary! Bringing powerful subjects to the stage for consideration, and allowing everyone to have a voice, Infusion is on the cutting edge of conscious collaboration. Each meeting includes music and a speaker to kick off the discussion. Then it’s open-mic and everyone has an opportunity to share what makes them light up inside. Be a part of the movement! Facebook: Infusion Cincinnati

“The article about the Sacred Masculine (NovDec 16) was very good. It brought up in me an awareness of my reaction to the many times I hear people talk about the Patriarchy and how it needs to be destroyed. It can be men or women saying this and something does not feel right inside me. This article touched that part. I get that there is a lot of bad stuff that has been associated with what is called the patriarchy and when I sense that people want to destroy it, it seems they may destroy the masculine, or other elements that have served well. It is similar to detesting authority because of how it has been abused. If you destroy it, you might destroy the loving authority of a parent, a loving leader, or a business owner who really cares about his or her employees. If we destroy the Patriarchy we may destroy something we value. Moving to embrace the sacred masculine seems like a healthy change in direction. I also hope we can stop trying to destroy the patriarchy and focus on creating the powerful life giving community we want to live within. Thanks for offering an alternative. Bob Berberich, Cincinnati, OH


Living W h o l e Journal


Quantum Love

Power by Dr. Laura Berman


ex and relationship expert Laura Berman teaches us how to use our body’s own energy to create the relationship we desire in her new book Quantum Love. The following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Laura. Once the initial intense excitement of a new relationship fades, we tend to think there are only two options: chase the impossible dream of recapturing that early magic or settle for a less than fulfilling love life. But, there is a thrilling alternative. Using the essential truth we’ve learned from the study of quantum physics—the fact that at our molecular core, each of us is simply a vessel of energy—we can use what’s happening in our inner world to create a level of passion, connection, and bliss in our relationships that we never imagined possible. The latest scientific and metaphysical research can help us apply the principles of quantum physics to our lives in real, sustainable ways. At our core, we are pure atomic energy. The research happening in the field of Quantum Physics is demonstrating that we are all energetically connected, and our emotional states affect the energy within and around our bodies, impacting our partner and our relationship. Have you ever walked into your house and immediately felt the mood of your mate before seeing anyone? You probably already have noticed that your mood naturally affects the mood of your mate, kids and even your pet. This is Quantum Physics at work. When we apply the lessons of Quantum Physics to our relationships with conscious intention, we are able to create the love we most desire. The best part of Quantum Love is that it’s already our natural state. All the tools we need are already there inside us. Once we tap into them, what was once difficult is effortless. Truthfully your partner doesn’t even have to know you are practicing Quantum Love and you don’t need their buy in. But as soon as you start implementing the Quantum Love techniques, your mate will feel the difference and start naturally responding in kind. Home frequency is a term used to describe your energetic sweet spot for Quantum Love. Home frequency is the feeling you get when you look at your kids sleeping, or when you remember your first kiss with your beloved. We all move in and out of home frequency all the time. Your body’s energy moves into home frequency and all of a sudden, you notice your partner in a better light. In response to your energetic shift to home frequency, your partner’s energy changes as well. What you are most hoping for in love shows up in your relationship effortlessly. There is a higher purpose behind every relationship. The toughest aspect of our partner’s personality is typically the unconscious reason we fell in love with him or her in the first place! For each of us, those roughest edges of our love rela-

tionships reflect our own learning edges and deepest areas for personal growth. Your partner is ultimately a mirror of how you feel about yourself, and your relationship will call on you to get into integrity with earlier wounds and negative life patterns. Most of us have learned enough about the newer discoveries in physics to know that our core all of us are pure atomic energy. We now know that two people in a love relationship become energetically entrained to one another causing their atoms move into synchrony with one another. Once two atoms are entrained, they remain that way forever. Your partner feels and responds to your energetic state, whether they are conscious of it or not. We all know that our words and our actions have an impact. But the real power lies beyond that, in the energetic states you hold while with your beloved. We all are responsible for the energy we bring into the room and into the relationship with us. When you can consciously attend to your body’s energetic states and harness that power, it takes your love life to new heights you can’t imagine. Where your attention goes, energy flows. The lens through which you view your partner and your relationship will dictate your emotions toward them and the energetic frequency you hold around them. When you change the lens through which you view your partner and your relationship to a more generous and loving perspective, everything changes. We can’t go back to the honeymoon phase—and the truth is, we wouldn’t want to. We can reach new heights of intimacy as we gain a fuller sense of purpose in life and love. Laura Berman is a world-renowned sex and relationship educator. www.drlauraberman.com

January - February 2017

Living W h o l e Journal


My Guardian Angel by Karissa Seibel


Ur best friends are the ones we can not see. For each of us, there is a significant spirit that is the most reliable acquaintance we could have. We are repetitively shown signs as forms of advice. The outcomes of events in our lives are often messages from our Guardian Angels. Jennifer lives with her mother, now 80, and a teenaged daughter. Twelve years before her teen was born, she was gifted with twins. Two years after the youngest child was born, the family moved. However, just when life seemed to be sweeter than honey, everything turned sour. One night, October 22, 2004, the world stopped turning, just like a carrousel had spun off its hinges. Her 14-year-old daughter, Katelyn, had passed away from a car accident less than five minutes from their new home. For years they lived in heart wrenching grief. It was a rainy day in May years later. As Jennifer was merging on the highway, a car slammed into her, trapping her under a pickup truck. From there she was hit head on by a Grey Hound bus, sending her spinning. Her hands gripped the wheel so tight she couldn’t feel her fingers. However, she wouldn’t have noticed due to calling out for God’s help. The car screeched to a halt after hitting the cement embankments and a fire began brewing in the hood. Filled from head to toe with

terror, Jennifer realized she was trapped inside. Immediately, she saw a red vehicle speed up with a young man and woman inside. The man was clothed in a blue plaid shirt with dark hair, resembling someone she had known who had died young. Then, as the man jumped out of his car, Jennifer caught a glimpse of the strawberry blonde hair of the girl in the car - hair just like her daughter’s. The man pulled her out of the window and told her to run. Later, another car pulled up, carrying a man and his little boy. Kindly, they let her use the phone and offered her soda. She asked where the man in the red car was to thank him but the other man told her he hadn’t seen anyone around. Time went by and she healed. She later learned from a psychic that the people in the red car were her guardian angels and that it hadn’t been her time to go. About the author: Karissa Seibel lives in Milford, Ohio as an aspiring writer. 513.535.9573 jenniferboehm@rocketmail.com

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An Invitation to Grace by Robin OK

“Grace shows up in many ways. In the tangible - showing the magical. In the intangible - reminding us we’re never really alone- we are all connected.” ~ Jodi Chapman, 365 Moments of Grace


his fall, I attended an Evening of Conversation and Grace, where seven Cincinnati authors formed a panel to share about the book 365 Moments of Grace. Each of them had written a story for the bestseller. Beyond simply sharing stories, this group of soul-full women held the intention that this gathering would BE grace. They did not contrive, strategize or manipulate - simply held space. It was a warm, sunshine evening. Divine stained glass reflections cast a cozy glow. Each voice authentically offered real life experience, ranging from unexpected birthday adventures in Paris to receiving life-altering messages by tuning in to moment-by-moment synchronicities. Once all had shared, there was a shiny, happy song. Then, an open mic for audience members to share heartwarming stories. And then…. She came forward, grumbling, “NO…. I DON’T Get. It! I have no idea what you are talking about. I have never known ‘GRACE,’” her raspy-harsh voice yanked us all out of our reverie. “GRACE,” when she said it, sounded almost dirty - yet there was also a yearning, a longing (a willingness?) to understand. “All I do is GIVE,” she said, “But I get nothing -- nothing in return.”

Hostess of Evening takes ticket, says, “I’ll be honest… ‘LOSER’ is what someone wrote as the name on this ticket.” Our Grace-less friend stands, moves toward stage, “That’s me.” She named herself “LOSER.” Yet, she was the “Winner.” Let the Shift Begin! GRACE showed up. In courageous communication… community prayer… genuine connection…surrender. In her anger, angst, uncertainty? We held GRACE.

The contrast between all those graceful gratitude moments and this grace-less life truth? Stark. Palpable.

What next? To Be Determined. Her Voice, though? HEARD. Tangible. Intangible. Connected. GRACE in motion.

An invitation to GRACE. She was held in love as she returned to her seat. Next up: Raffle: Who wins the opportunity to submit to next book, 365 Life Shifts? Raffle Reader, clearly distressed, says “I can’t read this out loud. Only the phone number.” (Proceeds to read number aloud. Silence).

About the author: Robin OK is a Writer, Laugher, Dreamer and Creative Collaborative Coach. She inspires people to see creative visions through to completion. She is the founder of Laugh & Dream Creative Coaching and the visionary of Creative Collaborative ReTREAT. Robin is thrilled that both she and her daughter are contributing authors in the upcoming book, 365 Life Shifts. For more information, please visit www. laughndream.com or www.creativecollaborativeretreats.com

January - February 2017

Living W h o l e Journal


7 Ways to BE

The Change by Bob Wuest


ever have Americans been so divided and separated. Never so many bold acts of aggression. Never have normally conscious, awake human beings been so focused on political topics; nor identified so passionately for or against something that they were willing to abandon friendships as collateral damage. Therapists report dramatic upticks of panic attacks, insomnia, and PTSD-like symptoms. Both mainstream and social media seem to seek to further divide us with every article or post. Fear, anxiety, depression and separation are winning the day. What can we do to reverse this? Many of us have invested years of our lives in personal and spiritual development; and have taken giant steps into this lifetime journey. Many have achieved an admirable level of inner peace and joy. We may have had insights to our life’s purpose, and the gifts we brought in with us to help us achieve them. Some of us have created careers or freely given significant free time in service to others. At this moment in time, it is imperative not to lose sight of who we are. Of the love we are. As the Hopi Elders say, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” This is more true today than ever. The world needs us now to be present, and compassionate, and tolerant. While simultaneously boldly resisting hatred – in any form – from becoming acceptable. This is a knife’s edge. On the one hand, seek awareness and inner peace. And on the other, resist the normalization of hatred. How do we balance on that edge – maintaining our connection to all-that-is-within-us, and yet be spiritual warriors in the battle against darkness? This is the challenge faced by Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, and others. Each of them triumphed in the face of hatred and oppression. From Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Many movies are setup so that just when all seems lost, the hero swoops in and saves the day. You and I must become the heroes in this drama.


Living W h o l e Journal

Here are a few ideas: 1. Maintain an awareness of your life’s purpose and gifts. Meditation, reflection, asking of the wisdom within, “What does the world need from me now?” 2. Pray for peace - whatever that means to you. Maybe it’s inner peace, or world peace, or peace within your family or circle of friends. (Affirmative prayer is more effective than beseeching prayer). 3. Acknowledge that we are more than our political beliefs. And that those beliefs are far less important than those which show up when we get quiet and listen to our inner wisdom. Realize that that beneath that other person’s political beliefs is someone just like you, seeking love. Ignore the politics and find that part in the other person. 4. Set a firm boundary around politics, at least for now. “I don’t discuss politics” is a statement that serves to head off confrontation and preserve relationships. 5. Get out and serve someone today. Nothing feels so good, nor spreads love as well as selfless service. Build a home with Habitat with Humanity. Serve the homeless at a soup kitchen. Volunteer at your church. Sweep the floor at your yoga studio. Pay the highway toll for the person behind you. 6. Join with conscious community at every opportunity, and resist isolating – particularly with social media. Check Namaste! Events (www.namasteevents.org) for upcoming events. 7. Take a walk in the woods and breathe deeply. Let Mother Nature cradle you in her loving arms. And, if you are ever witness to an act of bullying or aggression, don’t just ignore it. Please be active and vocal in your disapproval. There are more and more stories of people actively resisting hateful acts. Let’s accelerate this trend. About the author: Bob Wuest lived in Cincinnati from 20022011. He created Namaste! Events as a vehicle for promoting spiritual and personal growth events in the Cincinnati area. namasteevents@gmail.com





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"Working with Tara was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’d already sought the support of many other coaches, teachers, healers, but my deepest fears and doubts were still alive in my psyche. Tara held up the Light, so I could see the light within me too. The loving gaze she reflected back to me was a game changer, and exactly what I needed to transform my life." ~ S.M.

Life and Relationship Coach

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Got Cramps? Try Reiki Stop Suffering! Heal Naturally by Jeff Donovan

“Almost every woman has experienced the debilitating pain of menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) at some time. More than 40 percent of all American women today suffer monthly with debilitating menstrual cramps. More than 10 percent of these women are incapacitated for one to three days each month because of excruciating pain.” ~ Dr. Howard H. Smith


n my early days of practicing Reiki, an ancient Japanese art of energy healing, almost by accident, I saw vast improvement in women who suffer from menstrual cramps and other symptoms associated with their monthly cycles, so I put a small study together. I found ten volunteers, age 17-50+ who suffered each and every month. Each agreed to try my home study course, practice daily for approximately 20 minutes and report back to me in 30-40 days. Of the ten volunteers, nine completed the program and eight of them showed up to give their reports. Eight out of eight reported vast improvement in their condition. Three of them stood out in the crowd because of the severity of their condition. Those three also had the most significant results and therefore, told the best stories. Here is my interview with Kristen, a 22-year-old woman who suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome...her story will amaze you. Jeff: Before you knew about Reiki how was your cycle? Kristen: Well, I've always had irregular cycles. About eight months ago I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, which means I'm infertile and I bleed on my menstrual period for 4560 days straight. And that's enough in itself to make someone go insane. But on top of it, I have full menstrual symptoms... cramps, bloating, nausea, everything (for) the entire 45-60 days I'm bleeding. So basically, my life was pretty much horrible before finding Reiki. I've been to so many different doctors, been on so many medications, which all cause symptoms in themselves...bloating, nausea, everything else going on. It was just beyond me. I'd spend weeks at home, curled up in a ball, crying because I was so frustrated, feeling so helpless. When I came across Reiki, I said, "What the heck, it can't hurt, and it's something to do." Within the first week, I felt my cramps diminish. I didn't throw up the entire first week of trying Reiki. By the end of the month, when I was finished with the entire Reiki cycle, I still had irregular bleeding, but the bleeding had diminished signifi-


Living W h o l e Journal

cantly, so it wasn't actually like a full period, and my bloating was gone, my headaches were gone, my cramps were gone...I didn't miss any work, any school anything. It was absolutely amazing! Jeff: So, the results were basically immediate? Kristen: Immediate. Like I said, within the first week. And I, of course, was skeptical too. I've been to every single specialist out there and have read every single book on my condition and what can be done, and nothing seemed to work. I was extremely hopeless...extremely, feeling helpless. The thing I am so happy about too, my family and friends have told me that my mood is so much better and I'm not suffering from these severe mood swings or, really depression from having to deal with all these horrible symptoms that go on. I can actually have a somewhat normal life. Jeff: So in effect, Reiki has helped you with your depression as well? Kristen: Oh definitely. Yeah, Reiki has helped me with my depression, feeling like I'm actually taking control and actually seeing something work. And I think, if anything, that's the best thing, to feel like you have some control over your body when you feel so out of control with all the symptoms going on. Jeff: So then, you would obviously recommend it? Kristen: I would definitely recommend it! Without sounding comical, it has completely changed my life because I can actually function and live normally rather than being a hermit and hating being a woman. A few months after this interview, Kristen emailed me because she was shocked to find out her doctor was a proponent of Reiki, and after just a few months of her practicing daily, he had taken her off 13 of the 14 medications he had prescribed for her. Reiki can change your life in so many ways...this is only one woman’s story. Anybody and everybody can learn Reiki. We only need to be attuned by a qualified Reiki Master, learn some basic hand positions and some practical application. From the very first day of training, we can begin healing ourselves, our loved ones, our pets and so much more. The possibilities are endless. About the author: Jeff Donovan has been a Reiki Master since 2003. He has hundreds of students around the world. For more information, please visit www.StopCrampsNow.com


The Magick of Loving

MySelf by Amanda Hendricks


ine years ago, I embarked on a journey of health and wholeness. What began as learning about food and exercise became a smorgasbord of exploring new ideas and beliefs to discover what was true for me. That which resonated with me became part of me, a variety of gems added to my treasure box. My exploration shifted into questioning my own beliefs. Things I had always assumed were true became subject to my curiosity. Being open to what was really my truth, and my willingness to let go of that which no longer served me, opened up infinite possibilities. What if I didn’t have to be at the mercy of my judgmental mind? What if I really could simply just BE? Little did I know when I made the commitment to “be healthy” that the foundation of healthiness for me would be loving and accepting ALL of me. Those parts of me I found unacceptable, embarrassing, unlovable, were the parts I excavated... fell in love with... freed. I was enveloped in the mystery of the divine feminine. I believe we all embody both masculine and feminine aspects, or energies, within ourselves, regardless of our physical sex or the gender with which we identify. The masculine and feminine within manifests uniquely in each of us. One way they manifest in me is that my inner feminine is the part of me that goes out into the world, supporting and nurturing others; and my inner masculine is my safe space to come home to, where I feel protected… grounded... held. An important part of the process of falling in love with myself has been accepting the sacred masculine within. I still remember my resistance, a few years ago, to honoring with reverence the masculine within myself. I have a strong feltsense in my body of the exquisite bliss and joy that arose from walking through my fear, and bowing to the sacred masculine within. It’s no wonder to me now that I was so judgmental of men when I could not accept, acknowledge and love the masculine within myself! Since cultivating a rich relationship with my inner masculine, I now experience the masculine in men quite differently. Where I once felt mistrust, thinking I could not count on men, I now trust implicitly that they are supporting me in the best way they can. Where I once believed I had to “do it all myself,” I now ask him for help and am able to receive. Where I once felt

disgust from perceived neediness, I now honor his vulnerability. Where I once thought he was stupid or lazy, I now know Proof Date: that there is a good08/17/10 reason for everything he does, even if I Ref: don’t know what itGPU_081710 is in that moment. Where I once was shamDesigner: ads@wholeliving... ing of men that they were “not good enough,” I now value their Size Size: (3.5x2.25)" strengths and gifts 1/8 thatpgare different than mine, and I connect through compassion. I am continually intrigued by the sovereign union of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine, within and without. I am curious to discover what nourishing, healing, enriching Page experience is next along this path of loving myself fully... of honoring the feminine and the masculine within us all. About the author: Amanda Hendricks is an educator, certified yoga instructor and ordained high priestess, committed to creating safe space for others to explore the depths of themselves. She offers relaxation massage and Healing Touch sessions in the Cincinnati area. She can be reached at phoenixsunshine13@gmail.com.

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An Election to

Remember by Susanne Wittrock


ith the recent election, there are so many people that have felt a deep shaking up in their most inner core. “This cannot be happening?” “What is going to become of the America we love?” These may even be some of the questions going through your mind. I am challenging you to a totally different way of thinking about this. What if it was the right thing that happened? What if, Trump becoming President is the right choice, for this time in our lives? I am not a political analyst or even a political person. Heck, I’m not even allowed to vote. I am “only” a legal permanent resident. Having lived here for over 20 years though, I could not imagine moving back to my native Austria anytime soon. So, why am I saying this crazy stuff about Trump being a good choice? I see it from the perspective of the divine. (Whaaat? Yes, I mean that with all my heart.) It is time for change on this planet. There is a cosmic awakening and nothing can stay the same anymore. We can no longer live the same lives we had in the past decades. As Thich Nhat Hahn says, “The Universal dharma door is already open.” If Hillary Clinton would have won this election, things would have pretty much stayed the same. Life would have gone on as usual. But I think a wakeup call was necessary, and with Trump winning, we got it. It shook so many people to the core and now it is time to start the change that will eventually bring a huge shift into this time and space reality we live in. I talked with some of my friends and what I heard them say was that they have to start thinking different about this now. Maybe start with their own lives...to Be The Change. To show what we are all really about. To be the light and goodness, that according to many, Trump is not. Now, would these thoughts have entered our minds if Clinton would have won? Somehow I don t think so. I believe The Change is already happening in many of us and it will be like the ripple of a small pebble that was thrown in the pond. It will go out into the world and become The Change that needs to happen.


Living W h o l e Journal

That’s the reason why I am not upset that Trump was elected. I have heard people say, that some now see this as an invitation to be racist towards others, or to treat women with no respect. But, honestly, people are going to think they way they did before the election. And we have the power to rise above all of this. Even when Trump said some of the terrible things about women, what does it really mean for me as a woman? I know my truth and no man can take that away by speaking his mind. We all have to know our own self worth. As a matter of fact, we cannot look to any President to change our world. We have to Be The Change and we have to take responsibility for how we feel and how we create our world. “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi Most of us know this as the quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We all have to believe in our own power, strength and knowing that we are pure spirits that came into his world to explore, roam around, find our purpose, life live, love and know that all is well. About the author: Susanne Wittrock works as a co-teacher in the Days of Wonder School, where Homeschool families find a different way for their children to learn. She is a seeker of spiritual truth and loves to work with the Universe to unlock the mysteries of life. She is currently in training to become a Pranic Healer and soon she will be working on her Apprenticeship in the Priestess Arts through Awakening Avalon. She is a dedicated mother to her son, who is her worst and best critic, when it comes to her writing of poetry and short stories. swrock3@gmail.com



Circle by Carla Faletti

Fine How do people live with this much pain in their hearts? How can you look me in the eye and tell me you are “fine” when I ask "how are you?" Do you not ache exquisitely in each and every moment of each waking hour to return Home to the BeLoved Creator? Do you not feel this Longing like a scorpion scampering inside your heart repeatedly stinging searing, scorching sending ice cold fire through your veins to Die? To return to Union with the One. What keeps you here? How do you go about your day? Do you not remember the Great Love Eternal? Have you forgotten that completely? Can you remind me how to forget? Will you burn the palms of your hands to hold this Torch of Remembering for one moment? Love, I beg to know from your heart tell me how can you be “fine?”

Circle [I am] a beating heart on a sun-warmed boulder perched on the shoreline in circle with companions waiting on Nothing. The waves crawling up the sand to kiss us. The stones the aching hearts our chests draped open in Ecstasy. The feather tips of our wings caressing the sand drenched by the Sea breathed by the bubbles waiting for a glimpse of Our Lover-BeLoved. The fish returned to shore.

January - February 2017

About the author: Carla Faletti’s heart is an exploding star, ablaze in Spanda, Love, Trust and Surrender to GODdess and Universe. In 2016 she embraced the Urban Priestess path and has practiced yoga and meditation since 2009. She offers her poems in celebration, as gifts of gratitude back to the Source. Leap like hanuman leaps! Carla can be reached at 214.226.5171 or via email at leavesonastream@gmail.com

Life Mastery Counseling Judi A.Winall, M.Div.,CIH,CLYT The Center for Soul Empowerment 513-899-3115 www.SoulEmpowerment.com

Awareness! Do you know what your beliefs are? They are directing your life! E-mail: judi@soulempowerment.com

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Thinking: Feeling with Our Heads by Michelle Griffith


ow did you get sideways with her? You have compassion with a commitment to serve. They show up, anno patience or compassion for people who are deep alyze, take action, and give leadership in highly emotional, in emotional chaos. You really need to work on that!” stressful and dangerous situations. First responders get awards Honest Feedback like the Purple Heart, brave heart and heart of a hero. Clearly Ouch. That was hurtful. In all fairness this comment came the head and the heart are not mutually exclusive. after I referred to a person in deep emotional chaos as a hot I want to narrow this gap in understanding between clear mess. headed and open hearted. I believe we all have the capacity for This scenario is familiar. It both and just have a preference for physically hurts. It is like a stab in how we express ourselves. the heart. In response to the stab, my Thanks to anyone who has ofheart explodes and I go right to my fered honest feedback on my lack of My heart capacity head to find words to describe what I compassion. My heart gets stronger is large and open. The key am experiencing. Be clear – I’m not every time I sink into high emotions. in my head analyzing the feedback or I feel more deeply and I’m able to difference for me is that I thinking of a pithy response. I am in make better word choices that won’t receive information in my my head trying to process the emofeel hurtful to you. heart space and then process tional shit storm that is taking place I have a deep level of patience in front of me. If I am not able to and compassion. I am the person the emotions through my respond it is because I’m still trying people call at the onset of an emohead. I know I am not the to figure out what I’m experiencing. tional crisis. My heart is big and only person who works like I am not cold or without emotion, I open and I have great capacity to this.” am genuinely processing the physishare space with others who feel cal sensations in my body. like their heart is in a million pieces. It’s time to draw the line. I don’t See me as the first responder that I really need to work on my patience am. I do care and feel deeply, and I and compassion. I need to work on speaking out about how I express it with words from my head. process emotions and experience vulnerability. My heart capacAbout the author: Michelle Griffith is an ity is large and open. The key difference for me is that I receive animal communicator and life coach. She information in my heart space and then process the emotions is passionate about balance, self-care and through my head. I know I am not the only person who works healthy boundaries. She owns Mane Rise like this. Recently, a friend who shares my preference for emoCoaching and specializes in creating safe tional thinking told me we are a lot like first responders. space for people to experience their personal First responders care deeply and choose to express their truth. www.ManeRiseCoaching.com


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I am deeply grateful for your comments. I also want to respond from the depths of my fierce-yet-loving feminine womb-and-heart space to some of the statements below. I want no woman or man to misunderstand the space from which my words have been spoken. I knew that as well as garnering support and fellow-feeling, this article (The Sacred Masculine is Calling) would push some buttons - and it has. That did not deter me, as the deepest love and passion within me held the torch of knowing which understood this message was ripe to birth. Allow me to share with you the story of how this article came to be. Perhaps then you will understand how deep listening to the Sacred Masculine has nothing to do with ‘sexism,’ ‘enabling’ or ‘being a doormat’ (as some have levelled below), and everything to do with claiming and activating our deepest essence and power as faces of the Divine Feminine at this point in history. The story is this: not long ago, I went to a sacred river to bless and release some items connected to my past male beloveds – photographs, letters, small symbolic gifts. As I ritually released the energies of these lovers (including two exfiances), I chanted a powerful prayer and invocation of honouring to the masculine. No sooner had I finished, than I was overcome by the most profound embodied ecstasy I have ever experienced. That day I experienced my first ‘womb orgasm’ (radically different from clitoral, vaginal or cervical orgasm) – which was elicited with zero stimulation, and (unexpectedly) catalysed purely through the power of my prayer and intention to honour the connection and love I shared with the Sacred Masculine. I was floored, as wave upon wave of deep, orgasmic Shakti coursed through my womb and being. THIS LASTED FOR 1.5 HOURS STRAIGHT. Overwhelming is not the word. Rapture is not the word. There are no words. As I drove myself home, the moonlight kissed my face, and a track suddenly came onto my stereo which I had not listened to in years. Aptly called ‘Worthy,’ by the brilliant producer Evan Bluetech. I later did some research and discovered that this track was in fact an invocation in itself. In Bluetech’s own words, it was created as “a prayer to remain humble throughout my life, to be worthy of the attention that is directed at me, and to be always in the presence of the Divine so that I am covered by grace.”

As the deep sonic power of this track enveloped me, I was overcome with emotion, as for the first time I felt I COULD TRULY HEAR THE SACRED MASCULINE. I say this as a woman who has been on a strong conscious path since adolescence. A woman who has been a sacred yogic space holder for Goddess circles for years, a woman who has experienced the depth and power of a seven-year conscious tantric relationship with a true Warrior, a woman who has plumbed the depths of the nature of consciousness and existence, academically, physically and spiritually. A woman who is in her seat of power. A woman who (as one lady put it) Takes Up Space. A woman who despite all this, had not TRULY HEARD the Sacred Masculine up until this point. Because, quite frankly, I wasn’t ready to listen. But on that night … I was INITIATED. Reverberating with wave upon wave of embodied truth, and aflame in every cell of my being, that night I RECEIVED the depth of HIS yearning, the depth of HIS consciousness, the potency of HIS intention and honour. And I have NEVER felt more moved. More touched. More emblazoned with passion and grace. And the radical knowing that His Power is My Power. The depth of my connection to the Sacred Masculine makes me far from a doormat. It makes me a Fire Woman. It makes me a Phoenix of Love. It makes me a Magnet of Ecstasy. In the presence of the underlying essence of what the Sacred Masculine truly stands for, I have unending power, unending compassion, unending tenderness, unending fearlessness, unending desire, unending Spirit. Unending power to let the old die, and be washed away in streams of the tears of sacred gratitude. Returning home, my eyelashes wet with immensity and passion, I lay down in front of my altar, and fell into a deep meditative state for over an hour. After this, I emerged and wrote the article above. So this piece is far from a call for a ‘spiritual bypass.’ This is a call for a spiritual REVOLUTION and REBIRTH. At no point did I suggest to tend to the Sacred Masculine AT THE EXPENSE of tending to the Sacred Feminine. Actually, if you really GET what the Sacred Masculine stands for, it is IMPOSSIBLE to tend to His essence in a way which diminishes Hers. If you feel diminished, it is a sure sign that whatever you are tending to, it is not the Sacred Masculine. Because just as you do, He stands for LOVE. Raw, wild, fierce, messy, passionate, sometimes-batshit-crazy-but-always-ready-to-evolve LOVE. ~ Odette Gibbs

January - February 2017

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A Pragmatic Approach by Dale Schlundt, M.A.


he very last thing anyone enjoys doing is to concede that there is an error in their own beliefs. Feeling that we currently know what is correct and true is important to most individuals. Despite there being very few absolute truths in life, the greatest fundamental lesson one can learn is the ability to question if there are fallacies in what we take as the correct answers to the challenges in our society.

Reinterpreting the Second Amendment There is a time every semester in my classes that I cover the framing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As elements of those documents are re-interpreted when facing the quandaries of new eras, it lends itself well to giving students the opportunity to have a voice in this task. Thus, I facilitate a debate questioning how we stay true to the Second Amendment, while creating a safer society under the current daunting context of gun rights issues. My purpose is to create awareness of their Constitutional rights and hopes for the student to be able to contribute to the dialogue that will lead to improvements in our society. Yet, every once in a while I will have a student comment that the debate is futile, as no one seems to change their mind based on the ideas of others. Although rare, the very first time this comment arose, my internal dialogue sought a quick scholarly answer. “It is to create awareness and a more in depth understanding.” Indeed it is, but that does not address that student’s dilemma. I have thought about this valid point at length, leaving me with an even more significant question. Do we live in a culture that promotes the search for errors in our own long held judgments and the merit in other’s?

Charging Ahead with Contradictions We watch society debate various issues with proposed solutions, that many times seem to be slight variations of the status quo, dictated by our political ideology. How many of us place blame on the socio-economic gaps in society on the same sole causes, contributing to the proliferation of narrow minded policies that do not result in upward mobility? We often hear the


Living W h o l e Journal

desire for stimulating America’s economy, yet while arguing this point we are weekly patrons of retail stores that supply primarily foreign imported goods. As we discuss defeating terrorism, how many of us rightfully advocate military action against those who commit these crimes, while failing to acknowledge that rhetoric portraying all young Muslim Americans as terrorists may lead those individuals to question their loyalty to the U.S.? The overarching question, are we a society that can objectively acknowledge all of the aforementioned and other contradictions that are prevalent in our society? As they are present in every society, is our response to simply justify them or to advocate heightened awareness?

The Wisdom of Changing Your Opinion Benjamin Franklin’s thoughts towards the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were, “For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions even on important subjects, which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise. It is therefore that the older I grow, the more apt I am to doubt my own judgment, and to pay more respect to the judgment of others.” The ability to look in the mirror and objectively look at one’s own beliefs as well as others is a rare asset. As for the concern over the lack of utility in the classroom debates that one or two of my students have voiced, I now offer the same valuable lesson to all of my classes as a whole. “For those who feel no one has considered your proposals, even in the slightest, I question, have you considered someone else’s?” Let us promote a pragmatic culture. About the author: Dale Schlundt holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education with a concentration in American History from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Dale has taught at Northwest Vista College, Our Lady of the Lake University, and is currently a faculty member at Palo Alto College.


A Firmly Built Self-Identity by Ricky Silvestri


y entire life, baseball had been more than all I knew; it had consumed my entire being. This is the reason I struggled to find my self worth; this is the reason I felt alone; this is the reason I was drowning in depression and anxiety without oxygen of hope. Needless to say, God finally got my attention through a flood of adversity. I haven’t played a full season of baseball in three years due to two labrum shoulder repair surgeries exactly 365 days apart, and a case of viral meningitis that left me without the use of my legs temporarily. Over the last three years, I have been stripped of everything I thought I knew about my life, but I’m finally at peace with it. After getting viral meningitis and hitting my official breaking point, my best friend told me, “Let it go. Floods will come, but eventually, seeds will sprout.” Through this adversity, I learned that my identity as a baseball player had become more important to me than my identity as a Christian. I lived for so long thinking I was worthy because I could hit a baseball far, but in actuality, I’m worthy because I am a child of God. I consider myself blessed because the creator of the universe cares about me, as an individual, enough to allow me to suffer and grow. This is what I ve learned so far on my journey. IDENTITY: A healthy self-identity cannot be rooted in earthly surroundings; it must be rooted in the promises of the Creator (Jeremiah 29:11). Personal identity is something that has been lost in today’s society because kids who are truly embracing the idea of a healthy self-identity, are the kids who are being shamed, bullied, and silenced. This causes the kids to force themselves to conform back into the majority, therefore, losing their self-identity. The problem with this is that kids are growing up being told what to think and believe by the majority, rather than asking questions and seeking their own answers and drawing their own conclusions. This leads to older generations with weak leadership and weak morals because these adults have no clue why they believe what they do, and the process of blindly following is restarted with their own children. PLANS: Everyone plans; they plan for work, school, vacations, but most importantly, they plan their lives. This is ironic because they have yet to learn what is truly best for them. The moment a person realizes they are not in control, and their plans for themselves are simply goals they hope to achieve, is the moment they will be able to fully embrace the plan that God has already established (Proverbs 16:9). The task, for humans, is not to question or try to fix; it is to trust the perfect divine plan that has already been bought and settled. TRUST: Trust is something that almost has been erased from

society completely because of the shortage of trustworthy leaders. Children are growing up in a distrusting and hateful society that can’t wait for the next horrendous scandal to hit the news so they can tear down and shame another person. The challenge here is to build quality relationships with quality individuals. When the unimaginable happens, who will be there for you? God gave humanity the gift of relationships because this life is not meant to be lived alone; people need people. Parents are called to set examples for their children (Proverbs 22:6). Parents can teach kids how to trust by setting a standard of honesty by fulfilling promises to show children they can be trusted to do what they say they ll do. To learn how to trust, one must be taught how. We can surround ourselves with people of integrity, honor, and faith to build our trust muscle. UNCERTAINTY: Uncertainty is an experience everyone faces in their life. The issue with uncertainty is the lack of genuine concern for those who are facing uncertainty. In today’s society, it is not uncommon for us to feel uncertain about the future, a family member s health, or relationships, but we must trust that our lives already have a perfect plan in place. All we have to do is listen to the direction God is calling us. With this trust, all uncertainty is negated because it is not a human’s place to question, think, or plan; the duty is to go where they are called and trust in the creator of the universe that He will not forsake them. About the author: Ricky Silvestri is a collegiate junior at Sinclair Community College majoring in English. He is an aspiring novelist who hopes to inspire people through his writing.

January - February 2017

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Winter Survival Tips Herbs ‘n Such, by Mimi Tagher


he arrival of cold winter weather often brings an increase in aches, pains and depression. For those with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud's, lupus, migraines, or seasonal affective disorder, winter can be a debilitating time of year. In the greater Cincinnati area, the combination of the damp cold that “chills to the bone,” and the dreary, cloudy skies is often enough to make many people dread going outside. No wonder so many often leave the area and migrate south with the birds. This winter season try warming up from the inside out with some medicinal herbs and spices. They can easily be added to tea, coffee or food.

Cinnamon: a warming herb that stimulates circulation, it is also good for digestion and has anti-viral properties. Ginger: a warming herb that stimulates circulation, it also boosts the immune system, cleanses the lymph system and aids digestion.

ClovE: a popular winter spice that is good for digestion, it is often used to treat respiratory problems. CumiN: a warming herb that is good for digestion, it also has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

TumeriC: very popular in Ayurvedic medicine because it has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

CayennE: warms everything - a pinch will do! Vitamin D: a precursor to seratonin that is used to treat depression and seasonal affective disorder. About the author: Mimi Tagher, LAc, LMT is nationally board certified in acupuncture, Chinese herbology and Oriental Medicine. She practices at Synergy Holistic Health Center in Florence, Ky., and in Blue Ash. 859.525.5000, www.synergyholistichealth.com

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Recognizing the Signs of Verbal Abuse by Holly E. Messick


uring the first twelve years of my second marriage, my husband and I were involved in a verbally abusive relationship. Because I had experienced ongoing verbal abuse since childhood, I was unaware of what was occurring in my marriage as it was unfolding. It wasn t until we d been together 10 years and the abuse began spiraling out of control, that I sought the help of a counselor who made me conscious of the nature of this verbally abusive relationship. Even with my newfound knowledge and awareness, I continued to stay, in the hopes that the situation would improve. But over the following two years, it only became worse, so I finally moved out and began a year-long separation. At the end of the separation, my husband acknowledged his behaviors and agreed to change. While we were separated, I continued going to counseling, reading about verbal abuse, reflecting on what I learned about myself, and journaling. I learned to recognize the abusive behaviors, and also see how my victim mentality supported them. When we reunited, I was able to teach him how to communicate in constructive ways, and we eventually created a balanced relationship. We worked together to create a loving relationship that lasted until Terry’s death in 2013. To define it, verbal abuse is used by one person to have control over another. There are a variety of verbally abusive behaviors, some of which are built into our culture. For example, behaviors such as one-upmanship, bullying, disparaging, manipulating, criticizing, hard-selling and intimidating can be considered to be fair practices in the business world. But in a relationship, these behaviors can be very destructive. Nothing is more damaging to one s confidence and self-esteem than being in a verbally abusive relationship. A victim of verbal abuse may not see or recognize the abuser s behavior as abusive. Instead he or she often develops coping mechanisms--which include denial and minimizing--in order to deal with the abuse. However, long-term verbal abuse can cause severe emotional trauma in the victim, which may result in depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Understanding the various destructive behaviors can help you identify whether verbal abuse is occurring in your relationship and enable you to realize that it is time to take action. Recognizing any signs of verbal abuse in a relationship requires a person to be completely honest with oneself to reclaim personal power, stop the abuse and heal the emotional trauma. Here is a list of what to watch for: • Countering is when the abuser refuses to acknowledge the victim s viewpoint or ideas, while constantly arguing against it, thus preventing any discussion.


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• Discounting denies a persons reality or experience and diminishes that person s worth. Such as “You don t know what you re talking about.” • Deliberate disparaging remarks are disguised as a joke and treated as if they are funny. • Controlling the conversation by deciding what is discussed, withholding information, switching the topic, or refusing to discuss something, is diverting or blocking. • Accusing and blaming someone of wrongdoing, breaking an agreement, or blaming the victim for the abuser s own anger or insecurity. • When an abuser makes judgements about a victim, then uses it to criticize that person. • Trivializing is when the abuser makes what the victim says or does seem insignificant. • An abuser undermines a victim s confidence by making statements that destroy that person s enthusiasm, or his or her interest in something. Undermining can also be seen in such sabotaging behaviors as disrupting or interrupting the other person when he or she is involved in other activities. • Ordering someone to do something instead of asking them to do it denies that person s equality. • When someone resorts to name calling, making up labels of any kind, or uttering cutting remarks under oneʼs breath. • Using denial is when the abuser tells the victim something which denies reality, such as saying, “I never said that”-- when in fact they did. • Threats can be subtle or overt, and involve saying things which manipulate a victim by causing them to be afraid or controlled. • Abusive anger can be exhibited through yelling and throwing things, withdrawing, or refusing to tell someone why they are angry. • An abuser may use control by treating their victim like a child or as an extension of themself. • Controlling of finances and access to money, and in the limitation of how a victim spends money. • Withholding permission to make decisions or to leave the premises is a form of abuse. • It is abusive when a person repeatedly crosses another personʼs boundaries or ignores his or her requests. Abusers may also tear down and attempt to prevent their victim from having boundaries, but will create boundaries for themselves. have an emotionally healthy life. About the author: Holly E. Messick is the author of Karmic Dance-A Spiritual Journey Through Verbal Abuse. www.karmicdance.com




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Intuitive Insights, by Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry


017 has arrived! With it, comes a chance for new beginnings, new hope and new adventures. In fact, it is the first year of the next Universal 9 year cycle. What’s done, is done, so it is time to begin anew. The future is now. In numerology, 2017 will be a Universal “1” year. (Numerology is a branch of knowledge that deals with the mystical power of numbers.) This is derived by adding 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and when further reduced, 1 + 0 = 1. In a 1 year, each of us has the opportunity to plant the seeds of the things that we want to bring or manifest into our lives. A 1 year is a time of revelation, planning and taking action steps based on new perspectives. We must step up, embrace our uniqueness and particular talents, and use those abilities to help make our life more fulfilling and our world a better place. But how? The process starts with meditation or thoughtful review, and then evaluation of the insights and guidance we receive. What are our strengths? How could they best be used? What are our deepest dreams? What additional knowledge or information do we need to learn or obtain? How can we work best with others to achieve these goals? The options are limitless. Next, we must begin to implement the steps and changes required. It all begins with you. Each of us is a leader in our own right. Be passionate and take charge of your life. Please don’t start out believing that it is hard to change, hard to grow. Start out believing that everything will be easy – and indeed, it will be. Especially in a “1” year, everything new will be much easier to begin and to do. Play to your strengths - pick what is the most fun. No need to climb Mt. Everest - just a walk around the block will move

Patricia Garry • Spiritual Coaching • Reiki Energy Healing • Intuitive Tarot Reading • Dream Interpretation • Teaching Personal Growth Classes

(513) • patricia@patriciagarry.com (513)281-6864 281-6864 ~ patriciagarry.com

you toward your goals. Of all the changes you want to make, which one will make you happiest? Which is the easiest? If you can’t figure that out, just pick anything – throw a dart, toss a coin, and get moving. An easy technique for making decisions is to sit on your couch, close your eyes and imagine yourself walking to the door toward whatever you are considering. Open your eyes as your hand mentally touches the door, and check your body – are you relaxed? Frowning? Close your eyes and do it again, starting toward the door but mentally deciding not to go, stopping and turning around before you get there. Check yourself again – hands clenched? Breathing slow and gentle? Your body will always tell you the truth. Life is not meant to be hard. Pain and suffering…victimhood is so 20th century. The 21st century is pointing us toward joy. Don’t forget, we live in a World of Grace where all the pieces fall into place. About the authors: Francine Haydon and Patricia Garry are the authors of Right Brain/Left Brain: Use Everything You’ve Got to Create a Great Life! They facilitate workshops based on their popular book. Francine is an intuitive tarot and palm reader, energy worker, teacher, and owner of Sea Angels Cruise and Inner Wellness Conference. francine.haydon@ fuse.net, 513.248.8772, www.foresthouseofhealing.com Patricia is a spiritual reader, teacher, healer, and writer. patricia@patriciagarry.com , 513.281.6864, www.patriciagarry.com

Rev. Francine Haydon

Reiki ~ Kolaimni ~ Crystal Energy Healing Medicine Wheel ~ Tarot Reader ~ Palmist foresthouseofhealing.com • 513.248.8772

January - February 2017

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Sp tlight New Wellness Center in Dayton As one of its many outreach programs to benefit the Dayton area and surrounding communities, White Dove Circle of Light and Love, a non-profit (501c3) corporation founded by Rev. Patricia Zimmerman, will be opening White Dove Wellness Center for Healing and Spiritual Growth in February of 2017. The Grand Opening will be held March 10-12, 2017. White Dove Wellness Center for Healing and Spiritual Growth will provide integrated healing and spiritual counseling. White Dove Wellness Clinic is a free clinic for the lessadvantaged, and White Dove College for Higher Intuitive Development is a learning center where students can be certified as life coach, wellness advocate, or spiritual counselor. White Dove Gift Shop will sell items to assist with health and well-being (sold by active members of the White Dove Community); e.g., healing blankets, healing balm, essential oils, tree essences, jewelry made with natural crystals, etc. More and more, people are looking for natural ways to heal and maintain health and well-being. White Dove Circle has been helping people to heal the mind, body, and spirit officially since June 2009 (although they were doing the work long before then), and they are ready to expand our work to reach more people. White Dove Wellness Center will be centrally located in downtown historic Springboro, Ohio—convenient for those living in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas. Beginning in Febriary, White Dove Wellness Center will

provide a variety of opportunities to assist in the healing of the mind, body, and spirit: • Integrated healing (e.g., Reiki and other forms of integrated healing, essential oils, herbs, art therapy, sound therapy, ionic foot detoxification, etc.) for humans and pets and spiritual counseling • Classes on nutrition, health and healing, creativity and well-being, mindfulness and meditation, metaphysics, and sacred teachings • Movement exercises, such as Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi White Circle of Light and Love is a small, non-denominational, spiritual church. It is a service-oriented community whose mission is to help people to heal and grow spiritually. Spiritual growth and healing go hand in hand, for all true healing comes from within. www.whitedovecircle.org


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Surya in the


by Beverly J. Welbourne


ith Surya in the bullpen, anything goes. As I sing a joyous new year to family and friends, I pause to reflect upon the amazing journey that has brought us to this open and dreamy field which for me characterizes the beginning of 2017. In November, with Surya, our sun, shining strongly upon Lilith, our love affair with the dark goddess increased its intensity, and now it seems that we will never part. Lilith, a point of empty space which is part of the mathematical description of the lunar orbit, and also the mythological strong, independent woman who predates Eve, does not appear to care whether or not her game plan agrees with established customs and institutions. Much change is afoot, and many structures are undergoing hasty re-evaluation. When Surya first illumines Lilith, she may not appear all that attractive. She might have dark skin, nonstandard sexuality, or strong spiritual values of her own. Scariest of all, she might happily walk through the darkest forest on the coldest night, warmed from inside by her certainty that she, the great subconscious mother, holds safely in her womb the templates for everything that ever was or ever will be imagined. Yet as Surya continues to smile upon her, her loveliness is increasingly revealed. Our inner darkness, though difficult, offers gifts of mystery, depth, and the potential for regeneration. Lilith provides sanctuary from stories too often portrayed in the news, which imply that we humans are largely driven by violence and are, therefore, bent on self-destruction. The dark beauty poses the possibility that our shadows may be inner treasures furnishing the resilience needed for extraordinary transformation. Our affection for the dark goddess became even more apparent in December when so many cheered for the veteran/native forgiveness ritual, releasing pent-up energy and allowing at least some redirection of the Dakota pipeline. Perhaps it is that Lilith and her children collectively own the very ground upon which we live. In leaving behind familiar structures, we, along with the goddess, become more self-referring for approval, measuring our values within ourselves. We need no longer be graded by obsolete and dying standards. We can experience the new world as present, even as the old one crumbles, no longer knowing at what or whom to shoot. Certainly, one of the harsh conditions to which we must be present are the many murderous incidents carried out by suicidal persons. According to systemic theory, the only way to work with suicide in a group energy field is to address the system as a whole. The suicidal one is almost invariably unconsciously loyal to someone else in the system who is already dead. It

does little good to round up and bring him to justice, since he already intended to give up his life to the system anyway. When Grandmother’s notion that every voice should be heard before taking action is taken casually, it becomes a casualty, and suicide must visit. It is our very presence and awareness of this which furnishes a little balm for the gaping wound. As the new year dawns, we recall that the destructuring constitutes evidence of our very labors. This is what we have been striving toward for eons. We are in the stage before completion, the birthing transition into Nova Earth, and here we find many raw materials in their archetypal condition. Everything is in general relation to everything else, but with very little yet in its proper place. This field in confusion exists as the precursor to the completion of our metamorphosis from chaos into order. It is the end of a massive cycle and the climax of a creative process which is bringing everything into a new light. By solar system standards of distance, Lilith’s influence is a relatively local event. Her movement and those of our dear neighboring planets occur under the very long cycle of Surya’s trek through the galaxy. With us as his tiny charges, he inches now into the wide, dark, sparsely-populated and silent area of space revered by the ancients as “the bullpen.” As we visit a place and a consciousness that we have not seen for perhaps 13,000 years and feel the fire of his love in this reality, we, like Lilith, have opportunity to discover our inner strength and radiance. In the final stage, peace comes when the dark goddess and the bringer of light unite. In the human psyche, this implies a state of harmony between the conscious and unconscious minds, an inner marriage, a balance and cooperation between yin and yang, where magic comes alive in the mortal realm. Welcome the new year and the new earth! In beauty shall we walk it together. About the author: Beverly J. Welbourne is the creator of Het Heret Transformational Resources, and works under Stillpoint Center in Blue Ash, Ohio, where she teaches techniques for stabilization of greater consciousness. www.stillpointtherapy.com

January - February 2017

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C. PIC MICHEL. Art and Creative Practice. 513.549.4607. www.enlightenmeant.com INNER COMPASS. Meditation, mediumship, manifestation, metaphysics. Joanne Franchina, guest instructors. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com See ad on page 11.

CLASSIFIEDS ART C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, Art Commissions, Murals, Illustration, Classes. 513.549.4607. www.enlightenmeant.com

COUNSELING CARRIE KONDOR. Breathwork, family constellation and sound coding practitioner. Supporting clients in unlocking their Truth to their truest potential. 513.549.6445. www.cariatherapy.com. carrie@cariatherapy.com

SPACE AVAILABLE CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY BEAUTIFUL, ENERGIZED SPACE FOR RENT. $15/hour for lovely consult room, classroom and therapy rooms at WholeCare. www.wholecarechiropractic.com 513.489.9515. lisahjames@yahoo.com BLUE ASH AREA. Massage therapy room for rent in an established office. $525/mo. 7351 E. Kemper Rd., Ste. A, call 513.520.8429 for more info.

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REV. FRANCINE HAYDON. Reiki, Kolaimni, Crystal Energy Work. 513.248.8772, francine.haydon@fuse.net www.foresthouseofhealing.com CARRIE KONDOR. Breathwork, family constellation and sound coding practitioner. Supporting clients in unlocking their Truth to their truest potential. 513.549.6445. www.cariatherapy.com. carrie@cariatherapy.com

DR. JACK ARMSTRONG. Beyond the back for 30 years. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515. www.wholecarechiropractic.com

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STILLPOINT CENTER FOR  HEALING ARTS. Massage Therapy, Yoga, Shamanism, Counseling. 11223 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 302. 513.489.5302. www.stillpointtherapy.com  WHOLECARE. Dr. Jack Armstrong, Holistic Chiropractor. Babies to grandparents. Blue Ash. 513.489.9515. www.wholecarechiropractic.com


Mary Ellen Moore, CCHt. Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing®

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JUDI A. WINALL, M.Div., CIH, CLYT. Re-claim the power and authority of your own life. 513.899.3115. www.SoulEmpowerment.com

INTUITIVE READINGS BY PHONE. SAGE WOMAN. Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic. Be Empowered. 513.490.4693. sagewomen61@gmail.com. www.connectingwiththegoddesswithin.com


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MIMI TAGHER, LAc. Also Craniosacral, TCM. Cincy & N-Ky. 859.525.5000. www.synergyholistichealth.com



INNER COMPASS. Intuitive life coaching, spiritual leadership. Joanne Franchina. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com

C. PIC MICHEL. Creative Intuitive, Toltec Master Teacher. 513.549.4607. www.enlightenmeant.com TARA L. ROBINSON. Life and Relationship Coach. Women, Family, Couples, Teens. Also helping Writers and Speakers. Ongoing Soul Conversations Women Circle. See ad page 11. LifeDynamicsTara@gmail.com KENDRA WILBURN. Certified Mind Body Bridging Practitioner; Life & Career Coach. Stress Management Specialist. 513.314.9659 kendra@careerbydesignllc.com

7/16 n12_17_16 Sizes MASSAGE @wholeliving... & Dir (2.25x1)" GLORIA ESENWEIN, LMT.ReviveRestore. 513.481.7400. www.ahealingplacemassage.com

JUDY PEACE-PALMISTRY, ASTROLOGY & TAROT. Tools for transformation and self understanding. In service for 22 years. Available for personal sessions or entertainment. 859.491.7885. silvorwing@aol.com

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PAST-LIFE REGRESSIONS JACCOLIN FRANCHINA. Certified regressionist; alsopast-life readings. 513.528.5185. www,jaccolin.com


PRIESTESS TRAINING Awakening Avalon: An Apprenticeship in the Priestess Arts. Facilitated by Ordained High Priestess Tara L. Robinson. New sessions starting. LifeDynamicsTara@gmail.com

TARA L. ROBINSON. Combining Reiki with Counseling for multi-dimensional healing. LifeDynamicsTara@gmail.com



GARY MATTHEWS. Energy work, Breathwork and Shamanic techniques. Call 10663 Loveland-Madeira Rd., Suite 162 • Loveland, OH 45140 KENDRA NIESE, LMT. 513.646.3689. 513.722.1917 for appt. INNER COMPASS. Evidential, insightful 1/8 & 1/32 Page 513.752.9288 • Fax: 513.722.0752 www.ShamanicCounselor.com readings. Joanne Franchina. 513.587.9855. ads@wholelivingjournal.com ROBERT REPASKY, LMT. Oncology www.YourInnerCompass.com Massage. DancingHeartMassage.com. SPIRITUAL CENTERS 513.505.5737. COLLEEN DOHERTY. Evidential Medium, Intuitive Psychic. 513.515.1751. UNITY OF GARDEN PARK. Rev. Kathy Engelhardt. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. ORGANIZING SPACES ANNE STEFFEN-RUSSO. 45239. ALL ARE WELCOME. Sundays Readings, Intuitive energy practitioner, at 11am. 513.385.8889. The Mess Mender 513.473.7447, by appointment. www.unityofgardenpark.org Polly Giblin www.EnergeticAnswers.com


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CELTIC TAROT CARD & PALM READINGS/PARTIES. Francine Haydon. 513.248.8772, francine.haydon@fuse.net www.foresthouseofhealing.com

· Hands-on, non-judgmental help · Emotional support while decluttering January · Define & achieve your desired space

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New Year’s Day & Burning Bowl Service, 11am. Unity of Garden Park, 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. Cin. 45239. 513.385.8889. www.unityofgardenpark.org

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Angels' Wings Resale Shop, Fri 10-2, Sat 10-4, Sun 11:30-3. No Wed.hrs. 2409 Grandview 45206.

New Year s Gift, w/CynthiaAllen & Larry Wells, 6-8pm, free. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

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Shamanic Journeying, w/Larry Crockett, Shamanic Practitioner, 7-9pm, $15. Bring snack. RSVP. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH. 513.702.4589.

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Studio Boutique International Hair Loss Recovery Salon, w/Master Cut /Colorist. Ask about free hair loss consultations and shampoo service. 513.884.4247.

Basic Tarot Workshop, w/Rose Vanden Eynden, 1-4pm, $45. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.405.1626. www.vandeneynden.biz

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World Service Meditation, w/Jim Wachter, Minister/Meditation Leader, 7-9pm, love donation. Bring snack. RSVP. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH. 513.702.4589.

Yoga for Kids, w/Vivienn Konz, 4pm, free. Hyde Park Branch Library, 2747 Erie Ave. 513.369.4456. www.programs.cincinnatilibrary.org

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Tai Chi, 5:30pm, free. Madisonville Branch Library, 4830 Whetsel Ave. 513.369.6029. www.programs.cincinnatilibrary.org


Declare Your Dream, w/Lynn Sullivan, 12-3pm, $25. A vision board workshop. RSVP for supply list. 5701 Murray Ave, Cincinnati OH 45227. www.CSLGC.org

SAT • JAN 14 New Year, New Life, New Joy, w/Joanne Franchina, 7–9pm, $85. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com

TUE • JAN 24

TUE • JAN 24 & 31

Teen Yoga, w/Larita Hayden, 3pm, free. Oakley Branch Libaray, 4033 Gilmore Ave. 513.369.6038. www/programs.cincinnatilibrary.org

WED • JAN 25

Mediumship Development Circle, w/Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $20. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.405.1626. www.vandeneynden.biz


There is No Pill for Posture, w/Cynthia Allen, 6-8pm, $35. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

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NLP Influence Self & Others for Success, w/ Larry Wells, 9-noon, $55. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

Y oga, w/Gina Belew, 10:15am, free. Reg reqd. Anderson Branch Library. 7450 State Road. 513.369.6030. www/programs.cincinnatilibrary.org

Usui Reiki I & II, w/JoAnn Utley, 10-6pm, I-$135, II-$185. Louisville. 8 Nursing contact hours daily. 502.777.3865.

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Full Moon Celebration/Ceremony/Cold Moon, w/Jim Wachter, Minister/Teacher, 7-9:30, love donation. Bring snack. RSVP. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH. 513.702.4589.

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Spirituality in Business, w/Larry Wells, 9-noon, $55. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

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Soul Collage Mini-Retreat, w/Susan Hill-Mellott, Sat/10-5pm, Sun/1-4pm. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com

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Shamanic Journeying, w/Larry Crockett, Shamanic Practitioner, 7-9pm, $15. Bring snack. RSVP. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH. 513.702.4589.


Circle of Success through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, w/Larry Wells, 6-8pm, $40. 4138 Hamilton Ave. 513.541.5720. www.FutureLifeNow.com

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Karuna Reiki® I & II, w/JoAnn Utley, 10-6pm, I-$175 & II-$215. Louisville. 8 Nursing contact hours daily. 502.777.3865.

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World Service Meditation, w/Jim Wachter, Minister/Meditation Leader, 7-9pm, love donation. Bring snack. RSVP. 216 Furbee Dr E, Mason, OH. 513.702.4589.


Mystic Message Event, w/Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, Guest Presenters, 7-9pm, $20. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com

Living W h o l e Journal



Yoga, Anyusara, w/Glo Siry, 9am, $10 cash drop in /$40 unlimited all month. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000. www.synergyholistichealth.com


Tai Chi for Health, w/Betty Lubrecht, 1pm beginner 2:30 intermediate, $66/6 wks. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000. www.synergyholistichealth.com Waves of a New Age, WAIF/88.3FM, w/Tara L. Robinson & Judy Peace, 3-5pm. Conscious Conversations with leading authors and teachers. Listen online: www.WAIF883.org or via the free WAIF app for all smart devices. “Like” us on Facebook! Archived interviews on Facebook.


Laughter Yoga/Joyful Healing LY Club, w/Judi A. Winall & Pam Hall, 7pm, free. Symmes Township Library, 11850 Enyart Rd. 513.899.3115. www.JoyfulHealingLaughter.com


Soul Circles, w/Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden, 7-9pm, $10/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com


Mediumship Development Circle, w/Joanne Franchina, 7-9 pm, $20/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com


Read-N-Feed, 12:30-2:30pm, $10 lunch/reading, $10 additional reading. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, 11006 Reading Rd, Ste. 202. Cincinnati. www.uscl.org Reiki Healing, noon. Energy Work available in The Chapel, 1401 E McMillan St, Cinci. 513.961.2527. www.ntunity.org


Yoga, Yin Vin, w/Glo Siry, 5:30-6:45pm, $10 cash drop in/$40 unlimited all month. Synergy Holistic Health Ctr. 859.525.5000. www.synergyholistichealth.com


Center for Spiritual Living, w/Rev. C. Dee Coy, Sun 10:30-11:30am, Wed 6:30-7:30pm. We honor & welcome everyone, whatever you are on your spiritual path. 5701 Murray Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45227 office 513.218.2128. www.cslgc.org Divinity Spiritual Service, 11am, love offering. Divinity Spiritual Church, 4800 Holiday Dr. Fairfield, Ohio 45014. 513.289.2914. Divinity Spiritual Service Online Your Location, 7pm, love offering. 513.289.2914. Experience Spirituality, 10:30am. Come for the message, stay for the love. NTUC 1401 E McMillan, Cincinnati. www.ntunity.org New Thought Unity Center, 10:30am. Universal Wholeness through spiritual healing & transformation. 1401 E McMillan, Cinci. www.ntunity.org United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church/USCL, 9:50-10:20am/healing, 10:30am/ service. 11006 Reading Rd. Ste 202, Cinci. OH. 25241. www.uscl.org Unity of Garden Park Church, 9:30-10:40am, adult learning & sharing mastermind prayer group, service w/Rev. Kathy Engelhardt, 11am. All are welcome. See ad. 3581 W. Galbraith Rd, 45239. 513.385.8889. www.UnityofGardenPark.org


Living W h o l e Journal


Book Circle for Soul Searchers, w/Diane Sears, 7-9pm, $10/session. 10901 Reed Hartman, Blue Ash. 513.587.9855. www.YourInnerCompass.com Infusion Cincinnati, 6:30-8pm, free, donations accepted. Talk + Music + Connection. Join the brightest game-changers in town to light up the city! New Location to be announced. Please check Facebook for up to date information. Facebook: Infusion Cincinnati


next deadline: FEB 1 for Jan/Feb issue. We will print 5 events up to 20 words each for FREE as part of our service to the community. Email listings to events@wholelivingjournal.com. All Ongoing events MUST be renewed each issue by the deadline. Please follow our format to ensure accuracy: Day of Week, Month Date, Title, Presenter, Time, Cost, Location, Contact info.

Meditation class, w/Gary Matthews, 7-8:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Fri. Shamanic Journey class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302, Blue Ash. 513.489.5302. www.StillpointTherapy.com


$5 Friday, 7-8:30pm. Lecture on metaphysical topics. United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church. 11006 Reading Rd, Ste. 202, Cincinnati , Ohio 45241. www.uscl.org Shamanic Journey class, w/Gary Matthews, 6:30-8:30pm, $20/class, $30/incl. 2nd Thurs. Meditation class. Stillpoint, 11223 Cornell Park Dr. Ste 302. Blue Ash. 513.489.5302. www.StillpointTherapy.com


Noon Prayer. Chaplains available in The Chapel, 1401 E McMillan St, Cinci. 513.961.2527. www.ntunity.org


Advertise with Us! Ads start at $59 Ads due FEB 1 for Mar/Apr issue

Email ads@wholelivingjournal.com

513.752.9288 www.wholelivingjournal.com

Whatever Works Wellness Center :;4(+<+,=&,>?=+@@'+??A3&*!

Providers of alternative wellness and spirituality products and services since 1990

Affordable Crystals and Stones, Jewelry, Incense, Inspiring gifts, Aromatherapy, Suppliments

ProofWhite Date: 04/13/16 Willow School of Tai Chi Ref: Heart_041316 1/2H (7.25”x4.75”) Designer: ads@wholeliving... of healing and body Size: A complete 1/2 pgsystem (7.25x4.75)"

transformation that provides amazing results in the very first class Size

Qigong, Tai Chi, and healing taught in a modern and productive way

Ad Proof


10663 Loveland-Madeira Rd., Suite 162 • Loveland, OH 45140 513.752.9288 • Fax: 513.722.0752 ads@wholelivingjournal.com


!"#$%&"$&'()* T-Th: 12-8 pm F: 12-7 pm Sat.: 12-6 pm! "#$$!%&'()&*+,-!./0!12'32''4(20!56!#78$9!

The Heart Space 10979 Reed Hartman Hwy Suite 135

10% off first service or product. Present this coupon

Patti: Angel / Spirit Guide Readings Success Strategies for Kids True Heart Healing Crystaline Attunement Conscious Living Coaching Awakening Angels Training Liquid Light Elixirs Messages of Mastery

Shared Monthly Offering:

Soul Spa ~ 3 hr. immersion (Emotional Healing, Intuitive Bodywork, Crystaline Attunement)

Amar: Protocols for Emotional Healing

Erin: Multidimensional Bodywork

including the Healing and Integration of the Bodies of Light Meditation as Medicine Spiritual Mentoring Kundalini Yoga Creativity Now! Soul Painting Workshop

Intuitive Energy Readings Posturing and Embodiment Myofascial Release Pit Work Living AS Love (Bi-monthly Support Group)

Erin Gallagher-Urtiaga 847.533.0721 www.ThriveCommunity.us

Patti Kessler

513.240.1602 www.PattiKessler.com

January - February 2017

Amar Jacqueline 513.871.0838 jacquelines@fuse.net

Living W h o l e Journal


project Xpress PH: 513.900.8150 | service@proxusa.com | www.proxusa.com

Creating home solutions to fit YOUR needs and lifestyle. Dear Valued Customer,

Services Provided • Electrical • Plumbing • Decks • Drywall Repair • Baths • Ceramic Tile • Window Repair • Exterior Trim Repair • Grab Bars • Cabinets & Shelving • Doors & Hardware

Special Offer Ceiling Fans

$80.00 ea. Special includes labor only for replacing existing ceiling fan.

(Additional work may be required if switching from light fixture to ceiling fan) expires 02/28/16 12/31/16 expires


Living W h o l e Journal

Customers are a vital part of our team. Many are repeat clients and refer their neighbors, family and friends. We have been providing professional service and excellence in the home and commercial industry for over 10 years. We would like to present to you this exclusive offer. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to be of service. Please see details below!

$ Special Offer Special Offer Decks & Baths

10% off all Labor:

Plumbing, Electrical, Cabinets, Flooring, Trim, Doors & Windows expires 02/28/16 12/31/16 expires



Paint 1 Bedroom

(Approx. Size 12'x12') Porter Paint® & Sherwin Williams®

Special includes labor for walls only (Paint & Trim separate). expires expires 02/28/16 12/31/16

Profile for Life Dynamics

Whole Living Journal JanFeb17  

Living Happy, Living Healthy! A healthy-living magazine supporting whole wellness in body, mind and spirit as well as the search for somethi...

Whole Living Journal JanFeb17  

Living Happy, Living Healthy! A healthy-living magazine supporting whole wellness in body, mind and spirit as well as the search for somethi...


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