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NEWSLETTER April 2017 What’s New?

Research Analyst

News & Events  Featured Events: Partners in Safety BBQ May 10 Shipyards Park Yukon Chamber AGM & Reception June 01 Waterfront Station Social Events with a visit from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce June 9-11 Various locations in Whitehorse

Julie Dufresne is sociologist (MA) and has 10 years of experience in research and project coordination in both academic and governmental settings in the areas of social policy, health and labour market. She worked for the Montreal Public Health, research centres affiliated with the Université de Montréal, the Yukon Chamber Annual Yukon ogvernment and more recently with the Nova Scotia Gala Dinner Health Authority. Living in Yukon for the last 10 years, she also June 11 $90.00 coordinated for Advanced Education the development of four Yukon Convention Centre labour market strategies for the Territory. Julie’s role at YCC is Tickets NOW Available to assist the five community chambers in tackling challenges to economic growth, support the committees working on strategic issues such as energy, interprovincial trade, infrastructure, labour force, and business regulatory environment, and conduct Keep an eye on our website research for the Yukon Chamber of Commerce. and our Facebook page for event updates

Julie Dufresne Research Analyst 867-336-6062 _____________________________________________________________

We are happy to welcome a new YCC member Amos Westropp -

Come See Us! Suite 205, 2237 – 2nd Ave Whitehorse

**CORRECTION** In our October 2016 newsletter we published an article, “Q&A on Reporting of Workplace Injuries”. In it, we said the following, “Q: If an incident initially described as work-related turns out not to be work-related, does the incident STILL count as a workplace incident for YWCHSB stats? Is it included in the number on the sign out front of the building? “A: Only legitimate workplace incidents are included in the stats or shown on the sign.” We learned recently that the information we were given at that time regarding this point was not completely accurate. In fact, the sign reflects the number of injury/illness reports received from workers. Some reports do not result in accepted claims. Therefore, the number of reports will always exceed the number of accepted claims. We apologise for the error we published. If anyone has a question in this regard, please get in touch with Mal Malloch at 393-6061 or

YCC Annual General Meeting Reception and Open House June 1, 2017 Birch & Bear Waterfront Station, 2237 Second Ave Whitehorse 4:30pm AGM will begin 7pm Reception and Open House to follow AGM Come check out our NEW OFFICE SPACE Drinks and snacks available To RSVP for the AGM or the reception or both please email or call Rachel Morgan (867) 667-2000

Yukon Chamber Gala Yukon Convention Centre

June 11, 2017

Plated Banquet Dinner with wine selection Program will include: Keynote speech by the Honourable Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Special guests from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Networking reception Three-course plated dinner with wine selection Introduction of new Yukon Chamber of Commerce board and staff members Yukon business community Lifetime Achievement Award 2nd Annual Awards for Innovative Employment and Retention Strategies

Doors open at 6pm $90.00 per person To order tickets or for details, contact

Klondike Travel 867-668-5655

FREE Webinars on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace The Mental Health Commission of Canada offers a series of free webinars on psychological health and safety in the workplace. They are usually held at 09:00 Pacific on the last Wednesday of the month. Typically each one lasts about an hour, although the one this week runs 90 minutes. Past topics include: 

Psychologically Healthy Workplaces, Trauma, and Resilience

Building Civility and Respect into Your Organization's DNA

Depression and Anxiety in the Workplace

Building a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Inspiration for a Mentally Healthy Workplace

There are recordings of many past webinars on line. You can browse the topics and select any one that interests you. You can then watch and listen to the webinar at a time convenient for you. This content can be found at

The next free webinar is this Wednesday! Stress, the Brain & Mental Health Hygiene April 26, 2017, 10:00–11:30 PDT This webinar presentation, which will be delivered in English, will enable participants to understand the different types of stress and our brain’s response to stress, as well as how to adopt positive mental health hygiene practices. The Guest Speaker is Dr. Bill Howatt who is the Chief Research & Development Officer, Workforce Productivity at Morneau Shepell. To register for this event, please go to

MHCC is in the process of updating their website; some additional functionality will be available soon. In next month’s newsletter we will provide a link to this material. If you have questions about anything related to this series, please contact Kristine Houde who is the Program Manager, Workplace at the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Her number is (613) 683-3956 and her email address is We would love to hear your thoughts on this resource. Please direct any feedback to our Employer Advisor, Mal Malloch at 393-6061 or

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Welcome Reception Climb aboard the S.S. Klondike, Parks Canada’s historic Steamboat. This exclusive reception for Canadian Chamber delegates from all over Canada is open to members of the Yukon business community.

June 9, 2017 6:30pm Welcoming remarks from Yukon Chamber and Whitehorse Chamber

Witness Canadian Chamber of Commerce board members taste and earn certificates for drinking the world famous Dawson City “Sourtoe Cocktail”. This opportunity is also available to all attendees for a cost of $10.00 Appetizers catered by The Claim and a cash bar Display of Traditional Watercraft of Canada’s North Yukon First Nation Culture and Tourism Association received Canada 150 funding to present an extraordinary collaborative project that will celebrate traditional modes of aquatic travel used amongst indigenous people and early explorers. The project will bring together indigenous master artists and apprentices from across the North to construct traditional watercraft vessels: birch-bark canoe, dug-out canoe, moose-skin boat, seal-skin kayak.

$20 per person. Space is limited. To register or for more information contact

Klondike Travel 867-668-5655

Putting you in touch with Yukon businesses To find a Yukon business, simply enter a keyword, business name, category, or location using the search fields. To register your business click “Register Your Business� in the top right-hand corner. For more information, or to edit an existing business listing, please contact the Yukon Chamber of Commerce 867-667-2000 or by email .


Membership Recognition

The Yukon Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Westmark Whitehorse Hotel & Confrence Centre as they have been a member since 1989. Thank you to all our members for your ongoing support for the efforts of the Yukon Chamber…. It’s your memberships that allow us to do the work we do for the Yukon Business Community.

Yukon Chamber of Commerce Suite 205, 2237 – 2nd Ave Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0K7 867.667.2000

Yukon Chamber of Commerce Newsletter  

April 2017

Yukon Chamber of Commerce Newsletter  

April 2017