Winter 2023 - Lifeguard Recruitment

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LIFEGUARD RECRUITMENT SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS WILL BE PROVIDED WITH FULLY PAID NATIONAL LIFEGUARD TRAINING, VALUED AT $850. Join us on January 4, 2023, at 4:30 p.m. for an information session. Interested candidates must register at using code 6135.



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For Course details contact the Manluk Centre Phone: (780) 361-4444 / Website: To apply for a Lifeguard position email

Winter 2023 – Advanced Aquatic Programs

CPR-C and Bronze Medallion – Continued

Lifeguard Recruitment Program

includes an introduction to the purpose of an AED and how they are used.

Activity #6135 Are you looking for a new opportunity? Why not register for our Lifeguard Recruitment program? The Lifeguard Recruitment Program is designed to train and recruit our next generation of Lifeguards by removing registration barriers and waiving the registration fee of each course required to become a certified National Lifeguard. The City of Wetaskiwin will train any person (at least 16 years of age by the National Lifeguard exam) interested in the program that can pass a basic in-water skill assessment. After the skill assessment concludes, successful candidates will be asked to submit a resume to to begin the hiring process as a lifeguard in training at the Manluk Regional Aquatic and Fitness Centre. During the program, participants will receive over 96 hours of paid training and will save over $850.00 in training fees. Those interested can register online or in person at the Manluk Centre. The information and skill assessment will be held on January 5 at 4:30pm. Job Interviews and training will commence after the skill assessment and interview process has concluded. Participants in this program will be automatically enrolled in each required course by a Manluk Centre Staff member. Prerequisite(s): Minimum 16 years of age at the time of the National Lifeguard exam. (March 31, 2023), Must be comfortable in deep water, possess basic swimming abilities, and be able to swim a minimum 100m.

Bronze Medallion challenges the candidate both mentally and physically. Judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness – the four components of water rescue – form the basis of Bronze Medallion training. Candidates acquire the assessment and problem-solving skills needed to make good decisions in, on, and around the water. Bronze Medallion is a prerequisite for assistant lifeguard training in Bronze Cross. Prerequisite(s): Bronze Star (need not be current) or minimum 13 years of age at the time of the exam, Date(s) of Class Jan 13-15, 2023 Last Day to Register

Registration opens

November 14,2022 Activity # 6135


Prerequisite(s): None.

Registration Closes

January 1, 2023


Information Session

January 4, 2023


Date(s) of Class Jan 30, 2023 Last Day to Register Last Day to Register

Interview process

January 5-10, 2023


January 11, 2023


January 12, 2023


January 30, 2023

Bronze Cross

February 9-11. 2023

National Lifeguard

March 27-31, 2023

Please see below for individual course details and times.

CPR-C and Bronze Medallion (Note this class is delivered as a combined course) 20-hour course $200.00 CPR-C Covers all aspects of CPR skills and theory for adult, child, and infant casualties, including two-rescuer CPR skills. CPR-C


Standard First Aid (SFA) provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid and CPR. This course is for those who want an in-depth understanding of first aid such as: medical/legal aspects, spinal injuries, heat or cold injuries, bone and joint injuries, abdominal and chest injuries, burns, and medical emergencies. Includes CPR-C certification.


Standard First Aid

Activity #

8-hour online component (Must be completed before classroom component) 8-hour Classroom component $100.00


January 13-15, 2023

Time 4:00-9:00pm 8:30-4:30pm 11:59pm

Red Cross Blended Online Standard First Aid


In water skill assessment H&S/Facility orientation CPR-C & Bronze Medallion

Days Friday Sat, Sun Jan 1, 2023

Days M Jan 8, 2023 Feb 5, 2023

Time 8:30-4:30pm 11:59pm 11:59pm

Activity # 6123

Bronze Cross 20-hour course $200.00 Bronze Cross begins the transition from lifesaving to lifeguarding and prepares candidates for responsibilities as assistant lifeguards. Candidates strengthen and expand their lifesaving skills and begin to apply the principles and techniques of active surveillance in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication in preventing and responding to aquatic emergencies. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for advanced training in the Society’s National Lifeguard and leadership certification programs Prerequisite(s): Bronze Medallion (need not be current), current Alberta workplace approved Standard First Aid, and minimum 13 years of age at the time of the exam. Date(s) of Class Feb 9-Feb 11, 2023 Last Day to Register

Days Th, F, Sat Jan 31, 2023

Time 8:30-4:30pm 11:59pm

Activity # 6120

Winter 2023 – Advanced Aquatic Programs

National Lifeguard 40-hour course $350.00 The Lifesaving Society's (NL) certification builds on the fundamental skills taught in the Bronze Medallion and Cross courses. This program develops a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, builds physical endurance in the water and teaches the mature judgment needed to be a successful lifeguard. Participants will learn how to safely carry and remove distressed swimmers from the water, treat individuals in major first aid situations, providing follow up care for the aquatic environment. This course has 40 hours of instructional time. The time will be shared between the classroom and the swimming pool. 100% attendance is required. Homework assignments may be given out during the 40-hour instructional time. Candidates should bring paper, pen, water bottle, snacks, lunch/dinner, extra towels, swimsuit, deck appropriate footwear and goggles. Those with long hair should bring hair elastics or wear a swim cap. Completion of this course is based on the instructor’s evaluation and completing all Alberta Lifesaving Societies Standards. Prerequisite(s): Bronze Cross (need not be current), current Alberta workplace approved Standard First Aid, Minimum 16 years of age at the time of the exam. Date(s) of Class Mar 27 – Mar 31, 2023 Last Day to Register

Days M,T,W Th, F Mar 13, 2023

Time 8:30-4:30pm 11:59pm

Activity # 6122