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Seize the opportunity to learn, engage, and make the most of your college years. Now is the time to jump into the action and start an exciting new chapter in your life.



MORE THAN CLASSES. WORLD-CLASS PROGRAMS. Challenging coursework. Engaged classmates and supportive faculty. Hands-on experience and study abroad. It’s all about opportunity, and our vast academic resources create a learning environment without boundaries.


 14:1 Student-to-faculty ratio

DYNAMIC CURRICULUM Get ready for engaging academics that challenge you to think from different perspectives. Dive into the mindset of an engineer and design a robot to compete in our “Bot Battle.” Work with real businesses to launch a new product or invent your own. Collaborate with Arts and Sciences professors on groundbreaking research, and even study abroad with them in London during your first spring semester.

INSIGHTS BEYOND YOUR COURSEWORK Hands-on learning isn’t just an option; it’s a requirement at Western New England University. With nearly 50 majors, you’ll have opportunities to gain marketable skills through internships or field work. Our Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) program connects theory to real-world experiences. Imagine starting your own business or collaborating with faculty to patent a new surgical device.

After completing my pre-pharmacy requirements here, I knew this was the perfect place for me to pursue my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I felt it was the right decision because of the many unique experiences I couldn’t have gotten in other programs. Western New England University has provided opportunities for me to travel to Texas, California, and DC, and I am very excited to be going to Thailand this fall for a Global Healthcare Elective rotation. Alissa Scalise, Pharmacy Student Rocky Hill, CT






FACILITIES THAT FOSTER COLLABORATION The spaces in which your ideas thrive should be as inspiring as the subjects you study. Our facilities are designed to foster collaboration and provide you with valuable tools to advance your learning. We offer new laboratories, cutting-edge technology, and the latest research equipment. Collaborative educational spaces facilitate teamwork and promote intellectual exploration. THE CENTER FOR THE SCIENCES AND PHARMACY: The newest academic building on campus takes classroom learning and research to a new level for students in Pre-pharmacy, the Sciences, and Psychology. The $40 million hightech addition includes state-of-the-art laboratories—from behavioral analysis to neuroscience—to prepare you for the important role that science plays in healthcare, technology, and the global economy.


$60 MILLION Total invested in academic facilities in last 5 years

SLEITH HALL: Sleith Hall is the second home for Engineering students who enjoy its open access to labs and study spaces. Fresh from a $12.8 million renovation and expansion project, Sleith is an incubator for ideas and innovation. The Biomedical Engineering suite includes a model hospital room complete with a medical simulation manikin. D’AMOUR LIBRARY: Where will you burn the midnight oil? You and your study partners will settle in at D’Amour Library, a research and social hub. The library includes individual and group study spaces, a computer lab, the new Business Analytics/SAP Technology Center, and a music listening room. The Media Center is where you’ll find Communication majors busy in our TV studio working for Golden Bear Television or preparing to compete in our annual Student Media Festival. CHURCHILL HALL: Churchill Hall brings the energy of Wall Street to Business students thanks to the Frances and Norman Cohen Trading Room and Financial Center. Learn the tools of the trade using our professional financial analysis software and even take a course managing a $100,000 student-traded investment fund.

19 LABS in the Center for Sciences and Pharmacy for Biology, Chemistry, Forensics, Health Sciences, Neuroscience, and Psychology


100% Cost covered by regular tuition and housing fees for Freshman Semester Abroad for Arts and Sciences students and Sophomore Experience Abroad for Business students

EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS BY STUDYING ABROAD Studying abroad is not only a valuable part of your college experience, but it can also make you a more marketable job candidate, giving you a broader global perspective. Some trips are even led by Western New England University faculty and staff who make your interests their top priority. Classes are taught by our professors and complemented by opportunities to learn from hand-picked local experts.

STUDY ABROAD AT RICHMOND, THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY IN LONDON FRESHMAN SEMESTER ABROAD: As an Arts and Sciences student, you can complete your spring semester in London at Richmond with classes led by Western New England University faculty.

SUMMER SEMINAR ABROAD SHORT COURSE LOCATIONS Brazil China Czech Republic England Iceland Ireland Italy Guatemala Peru South Africa Spain

SOPHOMORE EXPERIENCE ABROAD: If business is your cup of tea, you can spend the fall at Richmond in a unique semester-long program that focuses on international commerce. Additional opportunities to study abroad range in duration from one week to one year and have included experiences to the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. Other seminar courses have taken Engineering students to Guatemala to study global health and technology issues, Business students to the Czech Republic to study its culture and economy, and Arts and Sciences students to Iceland to study globalization and cultural conict.

HONORS AND GLOBAL SCHOLARS PROGRAMS The Honors and Global Scholars programs foster academic growth and encourage leadership development for academically qualiďŹ ed and motivated students. Honors students have opportunities to explore cross-disciplinary boundaries while Global Scholars expand their worldview through research and travel.

Dr. Jessica Rocheleau Professor of Biology

STELLAR FACULTY FOCUSED ON YOU Our expert faculty take the time to develop a close personal relationship with you. Whether you have questions about classwork, seek assistance securing an internship, want career advice, or just need a friendly ear, you can always count on your professors to provide guidance. Yes, they really are that attentive.

START WITH A GREAT FIRST YEAR The First Year Program is centered around you. We give you the tools and support you need to excel both academically and socially. We provide a circle of support to help you learn your way around campus, meet new people, get involved in campus life, and adjust to managing your time as a college student. Our team of peer advisors and faculty and staff mentors will help you start your first year off on the right track.

GET READY TO SOAR Your Western New England University experience kicks off with Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR), an interactive overnight program with fun activities to help you (and your parents) get to know our campus community. About 96% of incoming students participate in SOAR.

ǝ 90%

Full-time professors hold terminal degrees in their field.

 96% First-year students and their parents attend SOAR.

PEER ADVISORS Sometimes incoming students feel more comfortable seeking help from a fellow student rather than an adult counselor. That’s why, in addition to faculty, our Peer Advisors provide a personal link to programs and services. They will help facilitate your first-year transition and help you succeed.

150 HOURS are spent by Peer advisors to prepare to mentor new students.



Mentoring students is one of the highlights of my job at Western New England University. I love helping students adjust to the academic challenges of college life, pursue their goals, and thrive as aspiring scientists and healthcare practitioners.


The College of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International, a distinction earned by fewer than 5% of the world’s business programs.

There’s no better time to pursue a career in business. We have the programs to help you stand out. Through the Sport Management program, you will gain a solid business foundation that can lead in many directions, from scouting for the NFL to being a producer for ESPN. Our widely respected Accounting and Finance programs prepare you to work in many industries.

OPEN DOORS THROUGH INTERNSHIPS Build a résumé that opens doors through impressive internships. From LEGO Systems to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Western New England University offers a network of more than 1,000 internship sites. Specialized opportunities include making valuable connections as a member of a nonprofit board of directors.

STAND OUT WITH SAP Fewer than 10% of universities and colleges in the United States offer SAP certification.

One of two Sport Management programs in the U.S. accredited by both AACSB International and COSMA (Commission on Sport Management Accreditation).

In today’s global economy, successful businesses are built on connectivity and the seamless sharing of information. We are among fewer than 10% of business schools in the U.S. that include SAP (a market leader in Enterprise Resource Planning software) in its curriculum. Thanks to SAP Certification, our graduates have landed jobs with KPMG, Unilever, and MassMutual Financial Group. The College of Business has just opened the Business Analytics/SAP Technology Center. The Center will provide students with the latest SAP software for both ERP and Analytics. Courses in Analytics will be taught there through state-of-theart technology. Students will use the center to work on team projects and to make project presentations in upper level courses.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Put your finance skills to the test in the Frances and Norman Cohen Trading Room and Financial Center, which features simulated stock market trading exercises that utilize real-time stock tickers and data boards.

ENGINEER YOUR OWN PRODUCTS—FROM DAY ONE Exciting challenges await you! What sets our programs apart is our immersive first-year experience. You won’t just sit in lecture halls; you’ll dig right into the problem solving and design process. For example, you may develop a robot prototype or a smart product such as a portable food allergy detector.





$12.8 MILLION Recently invested in our engineering facilities

In your final year, you’ll work on a Senior Design Project. For this, you’ll draw from all of your experiences including coursework, internships, and study abroad trips, as well as from cross-disciplinary studies and collaborations. Western New England University students have broken new ground in everything from the application of acoustics to filtering blood during surgery to water purification. Many student/faculty collaborations have led to patents.

COLLABORATIONS YIELD BRIGHT IDEAS A focus on smart technology, sustainability, and innovative design helped Western New England University be selected to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. Our students collaborated with teammates from Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá and Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana of Honduras and won first place for Affordability and second place for Energy Balance. In the Latin America and Caribbean competition, we collaborated with Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. Our house won first place for Energy Efficiency and third place for Energy Balance. The Golden Bear Baja Team recently returned from competition where they took part in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International Baja Event for the second year. After a strong showing last year and a complete vehicle overhaul dropping vehicle weight from 575 lbs. to 425 lbs., this year’s team placed 21st (moving up 9 positions from last year) out of 100 universities from around the world. With a growing interest among freshmen and sophomores, the young team doubled in size this year, helping to reengineer a vehicle that placed 8th in the Hill Climb event. Are you in for next year’s team?

5 PATENTS and 9 provisional patents have resulted from student projects in the last five years.


$40 MILLION Invested in science and research facilities

50% Of Psychology majors attend graduate school immediatly after graduation.

LIBERAL ARTS PROGRAMS YOU’LL LOVE Are you creative, inquisitive, and eager to make a difference? Our liberal arts education offers you the foundation to think critically and communicate effectively. Our professionally focused programs prepare you for your career.

SUCCESS STARTS HERE With resources including 19 new laboratories in the new Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy and a Mac-based television studio at your disposal, you’ll work in collaborative, experiential learning environments. This will prepare you for a broad range of careers or for prestigious graduate programs. There will be opportunities to travel, conduct original research, attend special events led by influential companies, and present your ideas at professional conferences.

ENHANCE YOUR STUDIES AND YOUR FUTURE Specialized concentrations enable you to focus on your studies and gain a broader understanding in your area of interest. Studying Criminal Justice? Deepen your knowledge with a concentration in terrorism and homeland security, crime and society, or criminal investigation. If Creative Writing piques your interest, you’ll have opportunities to attend workshops and write and produce original content for local organizations. You’ll study the history of literature and develop an impressive body of your own work. You might even join the ranks of other alumni who are published authors! Intrigued by psychology? We have one of the best programs in the Northeast. You’ll analyze behavioral and language patterns, attend industry conferences, and conduct original research. Complement your classwork with clinical experience in local counseling centers and opportunities to work with special needs individuals.


PRE-PROFESSIONAL STUDIES PREPARE FOR AN ADVANCED CAREER Gain a competitive edge for professional school with one of our pre-professional programs. Whether you aspire to be a doctor, attorney, an optometrist, or pharmacist, Western New England University helps you get there. Many students continue their professional studies right here on campus, seamlessly transitioning into an advanced degree program.

PRE-PHARMACY Western New England University’s two-year Pre-pharmacy program lays the mathematical and scientific foundation needed to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). You can seek admission into our four-year professional program leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) and be qualified to work in many areas of this growing field.

3+3 LAW AND SIX-YEAR ENGINEERING/LAW These accelerated programs allow qualified students to save tuition costs and fast-track their careers by completing a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years instead of the typical seven. Through a unique arrangement with the Western New England University School of Law, students begin their first year of law school during their fourth year of undergraduate study. All credits apply to the bachelor’s degree.

PRE-MED Whether you’re a Biology or Biomedical Engineering major, we offer valuable opportunities that prepare you to be a more competitive candidate for medical school. You’ll gain clinical exposure at local hospitals and an in-depth understanding of human physiology, anatomy, and biology.

PRE-OPTOMETRY The Pre-optometry curriculum is a 3 + 4 affiliation program offered in collaboration with the New England College of Optometry (NECO). Students complete three years of coursework at our University and apply to receive early admission status to NECO’s program.


100% Pre-pharmacy students who meet GPA criteria are offered an interview for the PharmD program. They earn a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences after their second year in the College of Pharmacy.

t 86

Students in the most recent incoming class intend to participate in the 3+3 Law program.

PRE-PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT Prepare for admission to a physician assistant program with our rigorous three-year track or complete it in a traditional four year timeframe and receive a bachelor’s degree. You’ll concentrate on vital topics such as biology, genetics, and physics to gain a solid understanding of patient-centered healthcare. Sophisticated learning spaces link classroom studies to the practical application of science and medicine.

PRE-OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Occupational therapists (OTs) help people of all ages do the things they want and need to do through the use of everyday activities (occupations), such as helping disabled children participate in school or social activities to adapting workstations to help people who are injured return to work. Students seeking to be occupational therapists can choose majors in Health and Wellness in Healthcare, Health Sciences, or Psychology to prepare for application to our new Doctor of Occupational Therapy program (pending approval) leading to this valued and growing profession.



International Studies+

American Studies

Law and Society



Mathematical Sciences


Neuroscience +

Forensic Science Human Resource Management +


Latin American Studies Media




• Corporate Communication

Political Science+

Public Administration

• Health Communication


Quantitative Economics


Religious Studies

Pre-physician Assistant

Social Justice

• Journalism • Media Theory and Production • Public Relations

Computer Science+ Creative Writing Criminal Justice+ • Crime and Society • Criminal Investigation • Terrorism and Homeland Security

Economics+ +


• Elementary


Social Work+

Social Work for Criminal Justice Majors



• Crime and Society


Five-year Bachelor/Master of Business Administration*

Women’s and Gender Studies


Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Organizational Leadership* 3+3 Law Program*

• Secondary

English+ Forensic Biology Forensic Chemistry Health Sciences Health and Wellness in Healthcare

MINORS African American Studies Art Athletic Coaching Biomedical Physics


Computer Forensics

Information Technology+

Film Studies

+ Offered as both a major and minor

* Combined Degree

WESTERN NEW ENGLAND UNIVERSITY CENTER FOR GRADUATE AND ADVANCED STUDIES Beyond combined degree programs, you can pursue graduate studies separately after earning your undergraduate degree. Many programs can be completed online, allowing you to start your career while continuing to study with us. For more information about graduate programs, email us at

COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Master of Arts in Communication with a Concentration in Public Relations

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Master of Arts in English for Teachers

Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers

Doctor of Philosophy in Behavior Analysis

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction







Biomedical Engineering

Arts and Entertainment Management

Civil Engineering

Business Analytics and Information Management

• Civil



• Environmental • Reservoir

Computer Engineering

Finance General Business

Electrical Engineering


International Business


Management and Leadership +


Marketing Communication/ Advertising Pharmaceutical Business Sport Management Five-year Bachelor/Master of Business Administration* Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Accounting* Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Organizational Leadership*

Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering • Mechanical • Mechatronics

Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Civil Engineering* Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Electrical Engineering* Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Engineering Management* Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Industrial Engineering* Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering*


Five-year Bachelor/Master of Business Administration*

Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP

Being an exploratory student is a great decision when choosing Western New England University because we have so many options to offer. Today, finding the right school for you isn’t about landing on the “perfect major” right away. It’s about choosing a school that gives you choices—and that is where Western New England University truly shines!

• Green

3+3 Law Program*



Five-year Bachelor/Master of Science in Organizational Leadership* Six-year Engineering/Law*

Human Resource Management Integrated Marketing Communication Management

What makes Western New England University different is our focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration among our Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, and Pharmacy and our School of Law. With nearly 50 majors, 40 minors, and a growing number of accelerated bachelor’s/ master’s or law programs, your possibilities are endless.

COMBINED DEGREE PROGRAMS Earning a combined degree is an efficient and affordable option because you work toward your bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously, enabling you to fast-track your career and save both time and tuition.




Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Doctor of Pharmacy

Master of Science in Accounting

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

MSA Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation Concentration Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

MSEE Mechatronics Concentration Master of Science in Engineering Management Master of Science in Industrial Engineering Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering MSME Mechatronics Concentration Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Management

SCHOOL OF LAW Juris Doctor LLM in Estate Planning and Elder Law

In fall 2017, we will offer an entry-level Doctoral in Occupational Therapy Program (pending approval). The University also offers several combined graduate degree programs.


MORE THAN CAMPUS LIFE. LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCES. All work and no play? No way! Golden Bears never hibernate. We ďŹ rmly believe that after giving your intellect a good workout you deserve to have some fun. There are lots of ways to get involved on and off campus.



JUMP INTO THE ACTION Western New England University’s community aims to embrace everyone. Its vibrant student life offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations that meet every lifestyle and passion. Join one of the popular student government organizations, special interest groups, or recreational clubs, or create a new one. You’ll have countless opportunities to connect, unwind, and just have fun with some of the best friends you’ll have for life.


Student clubs and organizations


SAMPLING OF CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS Art Club American Society of Mechanical Engineers Campus Chorus Criminal Justice Association Dance Team Gender/Sexuality Alliance

GET MORE BY GIVING Our students enjoy many opportunities to volunteer. The Community Action Rewards Everyone (CARE) organization is engaged in community outreach programs with children, senior citizens, and those in need. Some students devote their time to helping with literacy programs. Others work with a variety of community partners in projects such as providing access to healthful and nutritious foods. The Center for Civic Engagement is another resource that helps coordinate community service opportunities, including post-natural disaster cleanup and tutoring programs.

Global Sustainability Club Golden Bear Bands


Honor Societies

Spend your time off doing a little good in the world. Students who are in this program participate in direct service and reflection that addresses critical social issues.

Improv on the Rocks Outing Club

Psychology Club Sport Management Association

Some past experiences include: • Working with emotionally and behaviorally vulnerable youth in Memphis, TN • Volunteering with Beans and Rice, Inc. in Polaski, VA, and working with youth at its after-school program

Stageless Players

• Traveling to Washington, DC, to learn about and work with organizations focusing on combating hunger and homelessness

Student Senate

• Assisting with Hurricane Sandy cleanup

Ultimate Frisbee

• Maintaining the Appalachian Trail

WARP (Role Playing Club)


United and Mutually Equal


View our slideshow at


Pre-Law Society

R E Q UIR 17

DR. SEUSS SCULPTURE GARDEN AT THE SPRINGFIELD MUSEUMS 4 miles • Five world-class museums in one convenient location.

THE BIG E 5.5 miles • Grab a key-lime-pie-on-a-stick, attend the circus spectacular, and go on rides at the largest fair in the Northeast with new and exciting attractions added each year.



5 miles • Enjoy Broadway-style productions, concerts, and performances, as well as lectures by internationally recognized speakers.

35 miles • Dip your own candles, tour the candle making museum, and indulge in all types of sweet treats.




29 miles • Check out concerts, museums, and outdoor activities in the entertainment and cultural epicenter of Connecticut.

50 miles • Enjoy a day of snowboarding, apple picking, or horseback riding, depending on the season.

24 miles • Spend a day enjoying the arts and cultural events as well as eclectic restaurants and retail shops.

SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND 11 miles • Experience the thrills of the park’s many roller coasters and make a stop at the New England SkyScreamer, the tallest swing ride on the planet.

NAISMITH MEMORIAL BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME 5 miles • Check out more than 40,000 square feet of basketball history and interactive exhibits.

DA Montpelier





NH Albany






PA Philadelphia


Cape Cod

New York City

All of the essentials are within walking distance of campus. Head over to Breckwood Shoppes, a retail complex that includes a bank, restaurants such as Hot Table (founded by two alums), a barber shop, nail salon, and a shoe store. Students love Fresh Acres, an openair farmer’s market and grocery store. The shop’s chef-prepared meals, stone pie pizza, and gourmet coffee are very popular. Whether you pick-up or call for delivery, Wings Over Springfield is the campus go-to choice for the best wings in town.


IT’S EASY TO GET AROUND We’ve got the wheels ready for pickup right on campus. Our Zipcar program for car sharing offers special student rates that include gas and insurance, so driving is stress free.

 30/90 Minutes from Bradley International Airport and Boston Logan International Airport, respectively



50 miles • Explore 50,000 sprawling acres of mountain trails, whitewater rafting, and ziplining.

145 miles • Catch a Broadway show in bustling Times Square, shop in trendy SoHo, or visit the Statue of Liberty.

ɡ 15

Minutes from the local Amtrak station



85 miles • Visit TD Garden, Fenway Park, the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, a renowned theater district, and other hot spots.

60 miles • Zipline or partake in other active pursuits at New England’s Adventure Resort.


Springfield ★


There’s so much to do around campus. Get to know the neighborhood and have fun off campus, too. Check out the fabulous places to visit nearby and plan a few local adventures.

MEN’S TEAMS Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Ice Hockey Lacrosse Soccer Tennis Wrestling

BEWARE OF THE GOLDEN BEAR Athletes and fans alike have plenty to cheer about at Western New England University. Student-athletes must maintain a level of commitment known as “The Western New England Way.” It focuses on excellence not just in sports, but in academics and leadership as well. This results in a record of considerable success on and off the field.

WOMEN’S TEAMS Basketball Cross Country

We had much to be proud of during the last school year. The men’s football, golf, and lacrosse teams were conference champions during the 2015-16 school year. Women’s lacrosse, softball, and the men’s golf teams were conference champions in 2015.

Field Hockey

In 2016 the Flynn Family Golden Bear Pavilion was opened to provide top-ofthe-line locker and training space for many of our varsity teams in our growing athletic program.


Lacrosse Soccer

Swimming Tennis Volleyball



Men’s and women’s Division III teams

Division III tournament appearances since 1999


CLUB AND INTRAMURAL SPORTS Basketball Bowling Dodgeball Flag Football Indoor Soccer Inner Tube Water Polo KanJam Kickball Martial Arts Rugby Softball Spike Ball Volleyball


TEAM UP FOR INTRAMURAL FUN Our Intramural Program offers something for everyone through what we call a “Competitive Social Environment.” We offer programs at different division levels from students seeking to have a fun, recreational experience to those wanting a highly-competitive challenge. Intramurals are scheduled to allow you to participate in multiple sports if you choose, so you can play football on Sunday and soccer on Tuesday without a conflict. If your schedule doesn’t allow for a season-long team commitment, you can still participate in our one-day events held throughout the year. At the close of the season, our sports compete in championships that are broadcast on Golden Bear TV and the Athletics website.

FIND YOUR FITNESS NICHE Our Alumni Healthful Living Center is designed to keep your fitness routine fun. Virtually any form of physical activity can be found here. Want to get pumped on weight machines? We’ve got plenty in our strength training room. Feel like a yoga class? Come on down to get your “Om” on. Take a dip in the indoor pool, go for a run on the track, or make a plan to meet some friends for an invigorating game of basketball or racquetball. And when you’re done exercising, don’t forget to give your tired muscles a treat with a stop in the sauna.


50%+ Student body involved in one or more intramural sports


123,000 sq. ft. Alumni Healthful Living Center full of fun fitness options


What’s great about the size of the University is that it’s more than just a college; it’s a community. The moment I stepped on campus it felt like a second home. My friends and teammates quickly became family to me.

Samantha Heffer

Marketing Communication/ Advertising and Business Analytics and Information Management Bethpage, NY


First-year students live on campus

DELIGHT IN YOUR NEW DIGS Living on campus is a great experience that keeps you immersed in campus life. It also gives you a taste of what it’ll be like to live on your own after graduation. As a first-year student, you’ll live in a traditional co-ed residence hall, and by senior year you’ll experience apartment-style living with facilities that include your own kitchen.



10 Residential offerings including traditional rooms, suites, apartments, and townhouses

Our Learning Interest Communities offer you the opportunity to live among students who share common interests. Each of these communities designs specific programs around its unique goals. The Learning Interest Communities include: • Engineering & World of Sciences • Women in STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) • Next Generation of Leaders • Learning Today, Shaping Tomorrow • Healthy Choices, Creative Living



Countries are the homes to our growing international student population who bring global perspective to our learning community.

Each floor has an upperclassman who serves as your Resident Advisor. It is the advisor’s job to provide support, answer questions, and help you adjust to campus life. RAs often organize fun activities and get-togethers, so it’s easy to make friends with your floormates.

GET A TASTE OF GREAT FOOD ON CAMPUS Step foot in our Dining Hall, and you’ll know that you’ve come a long way from your high school cafeteria. The choices are plentiful, and a wide variety of fresh foods is prepared daily to accommodate many dietary needs. A salad bar, hot and cold sandwiches, home-style cooking, vegan, and ethnic dishes are a sampling of our menu options. In a hurry? Grab a latte at Starbucks® Café, a sandwich from Subway®, a slice of pizza from the grille, or an after-class snack at the convenience store.

WHAT’S COOKING? OUR NEW DINING HALL. Our great dining options will soon have a new home. We are proud to announce our new state-of-the-art Dining Hall coming in 2017. It will feature a pedestrian mall with “store fronts” to browse and select your dining options. So, stay tuned, we can’t wait to show you our “Big Reveal”!

31 States represented in our student body



Our residence halls have tons of amenities including air conditioning, lounges with TVs, pool tables, and free laundry facilities (with an app to tell you when your clothes are done). Best of all, our campus was designed with convenience in mind. Classrooms, athletic facilities, the library, the dining hall, and Campus Center are all a quick walk away.


MORE THAN CAREER PREPARATION. CONNECTIONS TO LAUNCH YOUR FUTURE. We teach you how to excel in your chosen field. From your first day on campus to decades later as an alum, our resources are at your disposal.


HANDS-ON CAREER PREPARATION From leadership development to how to give killer PowerPoints and Prezis, we help you to build skills to make you a polished professional. We’ll take you to professional conferences to learn about and present your research and encourage you to enter your work in competitions. When graduation approaches you’ll be more than prepared, you’ll be career ready!

$47,943 According to The Economist magazine’s ranking of Best Value Colleges, recent graduates of Western New England University have expected earnings of $47,943 —an over-performance of $7,157 among four-year, non-vocational American colleges.


CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER The Career Development Center is a valuable resource. Experienced staff members help you write an attention-grabbing résumé, perfect interview skills, review job search strategies, or assist with the graduate school application process. We even make it easier for you to find your dream job by organizing on-campus career bootcamps, fairs, and recruitment activities.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS—INTERNSHIPS AND MORE Through more than 1,000 internship sites, field studies (education and social work), or engineering Senior Design Projects, we help you to gain practical experience where you can apply what you’ve learned to real-world situations. You’ll learn on-the-job from mentors in your future profession and build important contacts.


I have really enjoyed the opportunity to mentor and guide Western New England University business students. I have found the students to be both enthusiastic and well prepared to succeed in today’s workforce. Natalia Collins

Human Resources Manager, MassLive

DARE TO DREAM BIG When Sport Management major Emily Savino’13 came here as a first-year student, she knew she wanted her future career to involve sports in some capacity. Fast forward to 2016 and she is working at her dream job as an Associate Producer for SportsCenter Social Media at ESPN. “I am forever grateful to Western New England and the Sport Management program for leading me on the path to a successful future and ultimately shaping me into the business professional I am today,” she says.

UTC Aerospace Systems

Some of the many employers hiring our graduates.


YOUR HARD WORK PAYS OFF Top employers recognize the quality of a Western New England University education. You can see a small sampling of the world-renowned companies at which our students have held coveted internships or full-time positions. In many cases, students are offered jobs even before graduation.



1,000+ Internship sponsors

Alumni offer valuable career advice and networking opportunities. Our Alumni Mentoring program pairs you directly with an alumni mentor. You’ll often find alumni on campus as guest lecturers in class or for special events.

BUSINESS GETS REAL WITH THE REALTEST Each spring we put our business seniors to the test before a panel of experts to see how they might resolve problems in a business case study. The students are challenged to come up with solutions to the business problem and draw on the various business courses they have taken to develop and present their strategies to solve them—an excellent final test of their business education.

EXPO SHINES SPOTLIGHT ON EMERGING ENGINEERS By the close of their first year, engineering students have produced two impressive team-based projects: a multitasking robot in the fall semester and a smart design product in the spring semester. Four years later, every graduating senior works on a team in their Senior Design Project to solve a real industry problem. At the Emerging Engineers Expo, freshmen and seniors present these innovative projects to the University community, parents, and industry professionals looking for bright ideas and prospective employees.

97% Students S d employed/offered l d/ ff d employment within 6 months of graduation in our most recent academic year



MORE THAN ADDED VALUE. A VALUABLE EDUCATION. Western New England University is committed to providing an outstanding private education at a competitive cost. Your return on investment is our greatest achievement.


The New England Association of Schools and Colleges

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

BE A COMPETITIVE JOB CANDIDATE Our graduates are highly sought after by employers and are well prepared for the future by faculty with outstanding credentials and expertise in their fields.

RECOGNIZED AND RENOWNED Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology

Our programs are consistently among the best in the country. The College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Pharmacy, and the School of Law all hold many coveted accreditations and distinctions.


In the past academic year, merit scholarships for full-time first year students ranged from $6,000 to $18,000 annually or $24,000 to $72,000 over four years. Transfer students were eligible for scholarships ranging from $6,000 to $13,000 a year. Transfer students with an associate’s degree from an accredited institution automatically qualify for our Transfer Distinction Award of $13,000 per year. Transfer Phi Theta Kappa recipients can receive an additional $2,000 per year.

The Commission on Sport Management Accreditation

Massachusetts Department of

International students are also eligible to receive one of our academic merit scholarships, and they will be advised by one of our counselors on how to qualify. Visit for current academic merit scholarship amounts.

Elementary & Secondary Education The Massachusetts Board of Education

Association for Behavior Analysis International

An outstanding education at an excellent value is one reason why The Economist magazine ranked Western New England University in the top 3 percent of “best value” public and private institutions in the U.S. At Western New England, more than 98% of students receive some form of financial aid. Assistance may include merit scholarships based on high school and college grades, Western New England University need-based scholarships, grants, campus employment, and loans. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only financial aid application required for institutional aid. Our FAFSA code is 002226. Check out our financial aid calculator for an estimate on your tuition costs. Visit or contact one of our dedicated financial aid counselors at 800.325.1122 ext. 2080 or

The Council on Social Work Education



Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education




Rigorous academics, a supportive community, unforgettable memories, and more are waiting for you at Western New England University.

Check out what the Western New England University community is up to, get the latest campus news, watch videos, and engage with our students and faculty online.

Become a Golden Bear.






The connections and memories you will make at Western New England University will last a lifetime.




Students showcase their talents as they perform at WNEKSTOCK.

Show your pride for Western New England University with three full days of events for students and alumni.

TAKE A #SELFIE WITH THE GOLDEN BEAR Share your school spirit and take a #selfie with the bear.



Celebrate the cultures of the world through food, music, dance, and a fashion show at this Diversity Week event.

Call the cheesy hotline for a late-night snack delivery during finals.



Class of 2018 Fall Friday’s Event that included a shark limbo, treasure hunt, and a photo booth where this photo was taken.

Paint the rock, our campus icon and message board that’s a perfect place to make your mark and promote your event.

OUTING CLUB Outing Club members hang out at a trip to a Hadley, MA, indoor rock wall.

BEARFEST & OLYMPICS Represent your residence hall in the Bear Olympics challenges.

FALL AND SPRING SHOWCASES Our student chorus and musical ensembles give a special performance for the University community and guests each fall and spring.



Join in our bed races, a popular annual activity during Family and Friends Weekend—even parents participate.

Compete at Midnight Madness as classes are pitted against each other in various contests.

EXPERIENCE CAMPUS FOR YOURSELF—COME FOR A VISIT For information about campus tours and open houses, visit us online or contact our Admissions Office at 800.325.1122 ext.1321 or

• Meet and shadow current students • Sit in on a class • Chat with professors • Tour our campus • Learn more about our programs



The best way to get the Western New England University experience is to visit us in person. We invite you to see for yourself why so many of our students say they felt right at home the moment they set foot on campus.

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PAID Springfield, MA PERMIT NO. 896



1215 WILBRAHAM ROAD • SPRINGFIELD, MA 01119 • 800.325.1122 • LEARN@WNE.EDU

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