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Siding materials to consider for your home

Exterior renovations consistently top the list of projects that offer maximum return on investment, according to Remodeling magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report.” Siding replacement is a popular exterior renovation and one that can completely transform the look of a home.

Siding comes in a variety of materials, and homeowners can explore the pros, cons and affordability of each to make the most informed decision when replacing their existing siding. Factors to consider apart from price include durability, maintenance and aesthetics.


Vinyl siding is one the most popular siding materials in North America. That popularity is perhaps due to the relatively low cost of vinyl siding replacement, which Forbes Home estimates is between $6,150 and $15,900 to install for a 2,000-square-foot home. A wide array of color options as well as weatherproof protection makes vinyl siding worthy of consideration.

PVC, which is what vinyl siding is comprised of, also is quite fire-resistant. Potential pitfalls of vinyl are that it can fade more quickly than other siding materials and is sensitive to excess UV exposure.


Engineered materials cost more than vinyl but are considered very durable. They can be advantageous in damp climates or ones where insects are problematic. LP SmartSide® is a type of engineered hardwood that is very durable, so much so that a 50-year warranty often is offered for the product, according to First American Roofing & Siding. This material can be painted if homeowners desire a change of color down the line. This siding costs around $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot for siding and all trim accessories with an additional installation cost of $5.50 to $12.00 per square foot. The product is made of wooden strands that have been coated with wax for moisture resistance. A special zinc-based solution is added to

protect against rot and insect infestation.

A similar product, HardiePlank®, is engineered from a blend of cement, wood fibers, fine sand, and water. It is similar in price point to the SmartSide and offers resistance to rot and insects. HardiePlank also can be repainted.

Engineered products can be more expensive to install and generally are not DIY renovations, which may deter homeowners working on tight budgets.


Wood is one of the oldest siding materials. It can be stained or painted and comes in a variety of styles, from boards to shingles. It’s a popular choice in historical homes or ones with classic, architectural details.

It’s important to note that wood is a combustible material that can be susceptible to water and insect damage. It also needs to be maintained continuously to look its best. This makes wood siding a true commitment on the part of homeowners. The cost is midrange between vinyl and engineered sidings.


Those interested in one of the most energy efficient options in siding can look no further than metal siding. Metal isn’t just for roofing. According to Colonial Contracting, Inc., metal siding creates a uniquely modern appearance and comes in a variety of styles that complement homes.

Unlike fiber, wood or vinyl products, metal siding reflects the sun’s rays and keeps interior temperatures cooler in the summer, a boon in hot climates but maybe not the most insulating option for cold climates. One potential pitfall is the possibility of rust, which would make metal siding a less ideal choice for those who live near the ocean. The cost of metal siding is comparable to other siding products, at around $10 per square foot.

These are a few of the siding options homeowners can investigate if they’re revamping the exteriors of their homes.



6 things to consider for a successful painting project

Do you want to paint (or repaint) a room, staircase or piece of furniture? Here are six things to remember to ensure your painting project is successful.

1. Choose high-quality products. For the best results, invest in highquality products. For example, spend the extra money on good paint, brushes and rollers.

2. Select the right colour and finish. Compare several samples to select a paint colour you love. Make sure to choose the right finish for your desired look.

3. Think about maintenance. Kitchens, bathrooms and entryways are more likely to collect dirt and dust. Therefore, choose a finish that’s easy to clean and can withstand heavy traffic.

4. Consider the surface type. When choosing the right paint for your project, it’s essential to consider the surface type. For instance, concrete, wood and metal require different types of paint and surface preparation.

5. Evaluate your experience level. If you’ve done several painting projects in the past, you may have enough experience to take on the task yourself. If not, call a professional for beautiful, smudge-free results.

6. Buy enough paint. Depending on your project, you may need to apply a primer and account for one, two or even three coats of paint. Ensure you buy the correct amount of paint, especially if it’s a custom blend.

Visit your local paint retailer for personalized advice.

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2023 trend: arches

Keep an eye out for arches when planning home design and decorating projects for 2023. Their smooth lines, evocative of eastern ideals of space organization, promote inner balance and elevate your mood. Here are some ways to incorporate arches into your space.


If you’re planning a major renovation, con-sider including arches in the structure of your home. Turn boring thresholds into elegant ar ched entryways or install halfmoon windows. For added drama, install curved wooden ceiling beams.


Update the focal points in your rooms. For example, give your fireplace mantle a new look with an arch-shaped art piece. You could also create a curved headboard with backlighting to evoke the feeling of a romantic sunset.


You don’t have to invest in an extensive re-model to bring arches into your decor. Use curved moulding to create a DIY wall feature. Explore yard sales and secondhand shops for vintage mirrors and furniture with arch details. You could also experiment with an eye-catching paint colour by adding a geometric arch shape on an accent wall.

Talk to a design adviser at your local home improvement store for more ideas.

4 smart ideas for decorating your home on a budget

Most people dream about creating a welcoming, tidy and attractive home. However, creating a magazine worthy space can be pricey. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive ways to make a stylish residence. Here are four smart ideas.

1. Display your fashion accessories

Use nails, hooks, shelves or pegboard to artistically display your most beautiful, eccentric or elegant accessories like hats, evening bags, stilettos, watches and ties.

2. Create a bold accent wall

Transform the end of a hallway or large wall into a statement piece. For example, you can use a contrasting paint colour or apply a uniquely patterned wallpaper. Using recycled paint or liquidation wallpaper is even better.

3. Multiply the plants

Walking into a room full of plants instantly makes you feel good. Fortunately, you can find beautiful, affordable and easy- to-care-for plants at local stores. If your friends have green thumbs, ask them for a few cuttings.

4. Choose used accessories

With some research, you can find one-of-a-kind decor in classified ads, thrift stores, second-hand stores and garage sales. For exam ple, you can pick up mirrors, knick-knacks, frames, lamps and vases in good condition at ridiculously low prices.

With a bit of imagination and resourcefulness, decorating your home can be affordable and fun.

House lifting: 4 elements to consider

Lifting your home is a significant renova-tion project that requires careful planning. Here are four elements to consider.

1. Municipal regulations

First, you must determine if it’s possible to lift your home by contacting the urban planning department in your municipality. Once you have all the necessary information, you can move on to the next step.

2. Expert evaluation

Contact multiple house-lifting experts and have each one examine your property, establish a plan and come up with a quote.

3. Choosing a contractor

After analyzing several quotes, you can choose the right contractor for the job. Make sure the contractor has all the necessary permits and licences.

4. Temporary housing

When the work begins, you must find a temporary living situation because your water, electricity and gas may be cut off. Evaluate your housing options in advance to ensure they meet your needs.

For the best results, work with a professional in your area.

There are several reasons to raise your home. For example, if the foundation is sagging or cracked, the property is at risk of flooding, or you want to add a basement.



How to replace your kitchen countertop in 3 steps

With the right tools, the average home owner can install a new countertop over the weekend. Here’s how to do it in three easy steps.

1. Remove. Shut off your home’s water supply and disconnect the sink. Then, remove the old countertop.

2. Cut. Determine the dimensions of the new countertop. Allow an extra 2.5 centimeters for islands and overhangs. Use a scribe to cut the sides that touch an uneven wall surface.

3. Install. Depending on the material of your countertop, you may need to apply a protective sealant and use special ad hesives or screws. Ensure the countertop is secure and stable before reconnecting the plumbing and replacing the sink.

Look for a professional in your area if you’d rather leave this task to an expert.

Trex® transcend high performance composite decking is a leader in the decking industry, enhancing any outdoor space. Transcend decking’s deep wood-grain pattern and luxury colors create a premium, ageless look that leave other composites in the dust. It is hassle-free...No sanding. No painting. And simple soap-and-water cleanup. Transcend decking maintains it’s vibrant color and luxurious finish that is backed by a 25-Year Limited Residential Fade & Stain Warranty.

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Don’t Forget the Landscaping

Don’t make the common mistake of focusing exclusively on the inside

There are a variety of important choices to consider, all based on how you’ll be using the space.

You may ultimately choose to handle these things yourself – or to bring in an expert. Either way, approaching the outside with the same level of imagination, planning and attention to detail as the inside will ensure that your new build is perfectly complemented.


Do you want a spacious area that can serve as an outdoor living room? Or are you more interested in privacy? Do you want something more elaborate, or to create a lawn and garden that minimizes the environmental impacts? Landscaping, like building or decorating a new build, all comes down to personal needs and wants. Just remember to do your

homework: If you are very busy or don’t have a green thumb, avoid high-maintenance plantings that will require your attention.

Be aware of water and shade requirements, keeping in mind that you may not be able to create a strictly symmetrical look on both sides of your home because of your alignment with the sun. Many people are also adding specific elements to attract birds or pollinators, or to ward off wildlife that may want to munch on certain plants. The more thought and planning you put into all of this beforehand, the better suited your lawn will be to grow with you and your family.


For some, landscaping couldn’t more different than home building. They’re handy with a hammer, but stupefied by a shovel. If that fits your description, consider hiring a professional to create the perfect

setting for your new home. Landscape architects are experts at designing outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and functional. That sometimes means going above and beyond lawns and gardens to construct one-of-a-kind driveways, decks, water features or sidewalks. They can also endure that the plantings match your climate, expertise and level of commitment to upkeep.


Keep in mind that the best landscaping goes beyond seeds and trowels. Surround all of those new plants – not to mention larger construction projects like water features or decks – with smart lighting choices, comfy and function outdoor furniture, and other personalized elements like a grill, fire pit or sports options. Consider dedicating space to specific family activities, including a picture area or space to watch movies.



Design ideas for small kitchens

Small kitchens can be difficult to use. However, a few design hacks can make a small space more manoeuvrable. Consider these layouts and design ideas.


Your kitchen layout can have a significant impact on efficiency and comfort. Try these styles in your home:

Tiling: how to choose and apply grout

Do you have a tiling project in mind? Here’s how to choose a suitable grout and correctly apply it.



Sanded grout is most suitable for installations with grout lines wider than three millimetres. This type of grout is resistant to cracking and shrinkage. However, don’t use it if you’re laying tiles with a glossy finish, as it could scratch them. On the other hand, grout without sand is best for narrow grout lines down to 1.5 milli­metres. It’s also easy to apply to vertical surfaces.

If you’re tiling a bathroom or kitchen, use a waterproof grout. Moreover, some grouts are cement­based while others aren’t. Cementitious grouts come in powder form, and you must mix them with water. However, epoxy grouts, for example, come ready to use.


First, protect the area around your tiling pro­ject. For example, cover walls and counter­tops with plastic sheeting. Then, clean the area to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the grout. If you’re using cementitious grout, start by mixing it. Next, wet the tiles and apply the grout from the bottom up in small sections. Tilt the applicator to distribute the grout evenly and fill in the joints. Remove excess grout and wait about 20 minutes before cleaning the tiles and smoo­thing the grout with a damp sponge. Scrub as little as possible and rinse your sponge regularly. Wipe down the tile one last time once the grout has thoroughly dried. Then, apply a sealant. Find all the materials you need to complete your project at your local home improvement store. If you want flawless results, hire a professional tiler.

• Galley. A galley kitchen utilizes a middle aisle flanked with cabinets and appliances on one or both sides. Ensure there’s enough room for your kitchen cabinet doors to swing open all the way.

• U-shaped. This horseshoeshaped layout features cabinets and appliances on three sides. You can place an island in the middle for extra workspace if you have room.

• L-shaped. This layout efficiently utilizes a corner of the room with cabinets and appliances on two sides. It gives you a triangle­shaped workspace with everything you need within easy reach.


Incorporate these space savers into your kitchen design to maximize efficiency.

• Small appliances. Standardsized appliances can take up a lot of room. Choose a smaller dishwasher, refrigerator and stove to free up space.

• Accessories. Under cabinet storage containers and slide out pot organizers can increase the functionality of your kitchen and keep it organized.

If you’re designing a new kitchen, talk to an expert at your local home improvement store for more space saving ideas.

experience, andvalue


New Construction Financing

These loans are quite different than a conventional mortgage

Learn the ins and outs of loans for construction before diving into a new home build.

The terms, rates and even how the money arrives may surprise you, in particular if you’ve never built your own house. Here’s what you need to know about new construction financing:


Construction loans necessarily have shorter lifespans than home mortgages, which typically stretch to 15 or 30 years. Properties must usually be built out within a year, and that includes securing an issued certificate of occupancy. Be prepared for a bit of sticker shock: The rates on these short-term loans are usually higher, since they present a higher risk for banks than with an existing property. Construction costs might skyrocket, or problems with contractors might create lengthy delays. The rates are also typically variable, meaning they rise and fall with the prime rate.


Once your financing is approved, the bank will set up a draft schedule that follows a pre-submitted construction timetable. Builders typically make interest-only payments while the property is being built. Be prepared for bank-sponsored inspections, which will be held in order to monitor progress and to ensure the draft schedule is properly aligned. There will also be one or more appraisals along the way. Expect anywhere from four to six visits throughout the course of construction.


These loans cover the cost of land, labor, building materials and required permits. Furnishings aren’t

usually included, unlike permanent elements like landscaping or appliances. Best to overestimate your needs. The extra funds can go into a contingency reserve, in case unexpected costs arise. This additional money may also come in handy if you decide to make select upgrades after construction is underway.


As with other forms of financing, construction loans require a good credit score, proof that you have

sufficient outside income to keep up with payments, and a low debt ratio. There will be a cash downpayment requirement, and lenders may require an upfront construction plan before evaluating your application. They sometimes also ask for an appraisal to estimate how much the completed property might be worth. So do your homework before contacting the bank. It will save you the hassle of having to make multiple visits with additional documentation.



Does the cold winter make you dream of a sunny getaway? These five decorating tips will make you want to throw on a bathing suit, sandals and sarong despite the sub-zero temperatures.

1. Choose evocative materials and textiles. Transport yourself to a picturesque fishing town on the coast by decorating your space with furniture and rugs made of materials like rattan, driftwood, linen and bamboo.

2. Dress your walls and windows in summer colours. Purchase artwork and window coverings in tropical colours like pure white, azure blue, bright yellow, fuchsia pink, emerald green and turquoise.

3. Use outdoor furniture in your home. Turn your home into a beachside resort with outdoor lounge chairs, picnic tables and hammocks. You can also use your prettiest beach towels as throws.

4. Accessorize your space. Utilize ocean-inspired accent pieces like buoys, fins, surfboards, anchors, lobster cages and seashells to create a vacation-like atmosphere.

5. Arrange a variety of plants. Create a beachy vibe with natural or artificial tropical plants and flowers like palms, cacti and hibiscus. Arrange a basket of exotic fruits as a centrepiece.

Visit your local stores to find summer vacation decor.

How to maintain wood flooring

• Regularly dust with a microfibre cloth or soft broom instead of a vacuum cleaner. The aggressive brushes and wheels can damage the wood.

• Avoid using citrus, oil, vinegar and wax-based cleaning products. These substances can degrade the finish.

• Use products specifically designed for wood floors. These products keep the floor shiny without making it slippery.

• Promptly clean up spills. Standing liquids can cause your wood flooring to buckle and fade. High humidity levels can do the same.

• Use liquid repair products for stains and scratches. Make sure you strictly follow the application instructions.

Has your wood flooring seen better days, but you want to refinish it rather than replace it? Contact a professional to make it look great again.

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its best for years to come.
5 ways to add a tropical twist to your decor


How to approach a basement remodel

A fully finished and functional basement is a dream for many homeowners. Such a space, when completed, can serve as an entertainment space, a man cave, an artist’s studio, or any number of additional functions.

Despite their usefulness, finished basements are something of a rarity. In an analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, the National Association of Home Builders® found that only around 24 percent of single-family homes built in 2018 have basements. Homeowners who do not currently have a finished basement but are considering such a project can approach the remodel with a few key factors in mind. Careful consideration of these factors can ensure the project is budgetfriendly and worthy of homeowners’ investments.

• Investment value: Conventional wisdom among home renovation and real estate experts suggests that a basement remodel is best if done to satisfy current inhabitants and not necessarily to appeal to prospective buyers once the home is put up for sale. Remodeling magazine reports that a midrange basement remodel costing around $70,000 will provide a return of around $49,000 (or 70 percent) at resale. Though that’s not a poor return on investment, homeowners who are remodeling a basement solely for the potential ROI at resale can find other projects that provide a greater return.

• Foundation: The foundation of the home must garner ample consideration before beginning a basement remodel. Certain foundation issues, such as soft concrete, cracked or curved outside walls and cracks in the flooring, are indicative of significant issues with the foundation. These issues can be costly to address, and they must be remedied before the basement remodel can begin.

• Existing space: Some homeowners may have bought their homes with partially finished basements or even finished areas that they simply want to remodel. In such instances, a pre-remodel inspection from a licensed home inspector can save homeowners lots of money and heartache over the long haul. Partially finished or even aging finished basements

might not have been renovated in adherence to codes, which could lead to costly violations down the road. An inspection in advance of a remodel can give homeowners an idea of what they will need to do to bring the basement up to code. Local officials also can provide a list of necessary permits and a detailed description of requirements to ensure the remodeled basement adheres to code.

• Soil: Soil surrounding the home should be tested prior to beginning the project. Radon is an odorless gas found in soil that the U.S. Environmental

Protection Agency notes can increase individuals’ risk for lung cancer. Radon can seep into basements and increase that risk even further if it is present at elevated levels in the soil surrounding a home. Radon tests are simple and inexpensive, and no basement remodel project should begin without first conducting such a test.

Finished basements are valuable spaces. Homeowners who want to finish or remodel their basements should consider a host of factors before beginning the renovation.

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Interior door handles: how to make the best choice

Investing in a stylish handle can instantly elevate the look of your interior doors. Here’s a short guide to help you make the best choice.


Door handles are typically made of durable metals like steel, aluminum, brass, wrought iron and chrome. You can also find handles made of wood, plastic and porcelain. However, the internal mechanisms are always made of metal.


Here’s an overview of the three main types of handles:

• Lever handles can either have a lock or no lock. They’re activated

by raising or lowering the lever. In addition, you can find curved levers that are suitable for people with limited dexterity.

• Knob handles are usually round and have a locking mechanism. You can also purchase fixed knob hand les that don’t that need to be rotated or turned to open or close the door.

• Pull handles are fixed and can only be locked by purchasing a separate accessory.

The door handle you choose largely depends on your style and preferred use. Visit your local hardware store to browse different models.

6 ways to optimize your kitchen storage

Are you looking for ways to tidy up and declutter your kitchen? Here are six ideas to inspire you.

1. Shelves increase storage possibilities and come in various materials to match your decor.

2. Stackable containers maximize useable space and look good on shelves and inside cabinets.

3. Dividers are perfect for drawers and cabinets because they

keep things like spices, utensils and snacks in place.

4. Stacking trays are ideal for deep drawers because they save space and keep each item accessible.

5. Swivel trays are easy to install and prevent you from awkwardly twisting and turning to reach rarely used items.

6. Door storage units have many uses, and you can hide them.

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3 types of light bulbs

Lighting is a crucial element of home decor, and it can be challenging to know what type of bulb is best. Here are three types of light bulbs and their uses.

1. Light-emitting diode (LED). LED bulbs are energy efficient. In fact, they consume 75 per cent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. They give off a bright light, emit no heat and contain no mercury. They can last up to 50,000 hours, making them an excellent choice for hard-toreach sockets.

2. Compact Fluorescent (CFL). CFL bulbs are almost as energy efficient as LEDs but require time to get bright. They’re excellent for illuminating large spaces like

garages. They last between 8,000 and 10,000 hours and come in various colours. CFL bulbs contain mercury, so handle them carefully and dispose of them properly.

3. Halogen. These lights emit an intense directional light and are perfect for illuminating under kitchen cabinets and pendant or recessed lighting. You can use halogen bulbs with a dimmer. However, halogen bulbs burn hot, so keep them away from flammable objects. Plus, handle them with gloves because the oil from your fingers can make them explode if they get too hot.

Visit a home improvement store or lighting centre to see their lighting selections.

Reliable Energy Savings!

3 tips for reducing renovation costs

If you’re planning a renovation project, here are three tips to help keep costs to a minimum.

1. Pick the right time of year. Fall and winter are typically less busy for most contrac-tors. During these times, you may be able to negotiate a lower price.

2. Get several quotes. Contacting several contractors

will give you a good idea of the average price to complete the project. Shopping around may also help you get a better rate.

3. Be specific. Clearly explain what you want upfront to avoid unnecessarily driving up the bill.

Always ensure the contractor you choose has the required experience and certifications.

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What to consider when replacing your kitchen cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets 20 or 30 years old? Are they showing signs of deterioration? Replacing them is a significant project that requires careful planning. Here are a few things to consider for the best results.


Consult an interior designer to help you choose new cabinets that complement your home. They’ll create mock-ups using 3D design software to show you various cabinets that fit your space, style and budget. Cabinet materials include medium density fibreboard (MDF), hardwood, melamine and acrylic. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Browse several samples to find your preference. On top of how the material looks, consider how easy it is to clean and maintain. Once you know which cabinets you want to buy, place your order and determine when you

can have them installed, whether you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself.


First, empty your old cabinets and remove them from the walls. To avoid injuring yourself, entrust this task to a professional. They’ll also dispose of unusable materials correctly.


Before installing your new kitchen cabinets, prepare the room. For example, clear and protect the floor, remove your appliances and disconnect the plumbing. Depending on the project’s complexity, you may need to find an alternative space to prepare your meals. Replacing the cabinets is a sure way to make your kitchen look great and increase the value of your home. Visit your local kitchen design store for more ideas.

The benefits of vinyl flooring

Are you renovating your home or building a new abode? When it comes to flooring, keep in mind the undeniable advantages of vinyl.


This versatile material has been gaining popularity in the world of interior design. Modern vinyl flooring has the following benefits.

• It’s cost-effective compared to other floor coverings

• It’s easy to maintain

• It’s scratch- and scuff-resistant, making it suitable for hightraffic areas

• It’s waterproof, making it practical for bathrooms and kitchens

• It can be made to look like natural stone and wood

• It’s warmer underfoot than other types of flooring materials like tile

• It’s available in several formats, including rolls, tiles and strips

Visit a flooring retailer near you to discover the versatility of vinyl flooring.

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Finding More Space

Consider building in a basement, outbuilding or crawl space

The extra room can be used for storage, entertaining or seeking shelter.

You’ll have to study and plan before building starts, since not every terrain is right for certain construction add ons. Once you’ve decided on which type best fits your needs, however, you’ll have found a handy way to add needed square footage.


Depending on the terrain, a basement area may best utilize the available land. Basements are also a practical way to claim more space in cities where there isn’t room to spread out. They’re versatile areas that can be used to storage, living and entertaining, gyms

and bedrooms. Go all out and create a guest suite downstairs, in particular if you are part of a large family or often have visiting friends. Just remember to discuss those plans in advance, since new plumbing is far more expensive to put in place once a construction project is complete. Rec rooms can begin as a child’s playground before transitioning into an adult entertainment area for empty nesters.

Good Health Starts with Great Water!

Tired of paying extra for off-site storage space? Build in large closets or spacious bays, and bring all of your stuff back under one roof. Basements are also a safer place to wait out threatening storms. That’s why one value report from Remodeling magazine said the return on investment for this smart and practical add on is a whopping 70 percent.


Crawl spaces are meant to provide access to wiring, pipes and ductwork, but well-planned areas can also make room for additional storage. Crawl spaces require less maintenance than basements, and also provide additional protection from flooding. But depending on the construction, you may have to take additional measures

to keep the space free of mold, pests or fungal growth. Make sure when using a crawl space for storage that there is still plenty of room for convenience, comfortable access to make routine checks of the home’s critical features.


Underground storm shelters may be a necessity, depending on where your new build will be located. They’re safer than basements, if constructed properly. But as with basements and crawlspaces, it’s far easer to add this feature into your plan during the construction process than it is to incorporate a storm shelter later on. Builders can also construct useful outbuildings to provide space for lawn equipment, a boat, crafting or other hobbies.

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Best bathroom safety equipment

For the elderly or people with limited mobility, bathrooms are one of the more likely places for a slip and fall injury. These falls can result in broken bones and can even be fatal. Consider making your bathroom safer by incorporating some of these features.

• Accessible toilet. An elevated toilet seat can make sitting down much more manageable. Elevated toilet seats are easy to install and sit right on top of your existing one. A comfort-level or right-height toilet that sits slightly higher than a standard toilet is another alternative.

• Shower seat. This specially designed chair makes showering much safer. It has a back support, and the holes in the material allow water to drain. Look for a model with suction cups on the legs for stability.

• Grab bars. Installing grab bars in the shower and beside the bathtub and toilet improve accessibility and safety, especially for people who use wheelchairs.

• No-slip bathmats. These mats provide grip on the shower and tub floors and can help prevent falls. You can also use safety treads, which stick onto the floor for added traction.

Most slip-and-fall accidents occur in the home, so visit your local home improvement store to ensure your loved ones are as safe as possible.

Over 100,000 square feet

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