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Bobby’s Baja was designed and built with the surfer in mind. All of the residences listed on the website are individually owned, well cared for, tastefully decorated to Alexis’s high standards to be enjoyed by owners and visitors alike. Alexis hopes you find the “village” concept of condominium resort development the embodiment of the rustic warmth and relaxed nature which is Mexico. We look forward to welcoming you for a weekend vacation retreat or for a long term stay. A warm Baja Bienvenido from us to you! For more info call | Mobile: 949-633-2504 | Office: 619-272-2131 Or visit our website at

Renting BikeS, SuRfBoARDS PADDleBoARDS &

fun! 3689 Mission Blvd. San Diego, CA 92109

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Farm fresh fruits, veggies and natural products delivered to your door. Live well, Go local & Eat organic!

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JoJo: We carry Surftech, Hobie, Naish, Boardworks, NSP, Riviera, Fanatic, Starboard, Suplove, Hovie and Tropical Blends boards, plus Quickblade and Kialoa paddles. All of these boards are very popular and sell equally the same. We try to fit the board to the costumers needs and desires. US4K Mag: What sizes or types of boards are more popular among your consumers? by alberto hernandez

JoJo: The more popular boards that we have sold are primarily cruising boards from Hovie, Nomad, Riviera Voyager, the Boardworks Raven, Surftech and Flowmaster. Many of our consumers desire an easily manageable board that can be thrown off of their dock and used by everyone in the family. Suplove, NSP, Tropical Blends, One World and Starboard all make great boards for this use. US4K Mag: Are there any special aquatic events that you sponsor or participate in? JoJo: Actually we are involved in a program and event called SUP’N Kids Ocean Crest. SUP’n Kids Ocean Experience is an event held at the Magnuson Hotel & Resort in Tampa. The event will be a world class stand up paddle board event for kids from the ages of 6-16. The focus is to help advance the mission of the Ocean Crest Alliance for conservation of the ocean and the sea.

Sun Coast Surf Shop: Interview with JoJo Braddock Treasure Island, in Florida, is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are the back drop to this wonderful beach community. Beautiful white sand beaches and breath taking sunsets are the highlights of Treasure Island. Yet the true treasure lies just minutes away from this paradise like beach community in the form of an establishment that has been around since 1966 called, Sun Coast Surf Shop. I had the privilege of interviewing the manager of the surf shop, JoJo Braddock. US4K Mag: Tell me a little about the history of Sun Coast Surf Shop. JoJo: Sun Coast Surf shop was established in 1966 by the owner Mr. Joe Nuzzo. We are a shop that caters to the surf and SUP communities. In 2008, we were in the process of closing our doors because the surf board industry was failing. It was then that we decided to invest in the stand up paddle board industry, and the rest as they say is history. US4K Mag: What are the more popular SUP boards that you sell in your store?

US4K Mag: Is there anything else that you want people to know about Sun Coast Surf Shop JoJo: I want everyone to know that we welcome and educate our customers, and truly listen to what they have to say. Our staff is made up of folks that make going the extra mile a way of life. We are not only a local surf shop, but we try to make our customers feel like they are part of the family. We love what we do and are glad we can give back to our community.


Enjoy a stay in a Villa of your own! Cerritos Surf Colony is located on world famous Cerritos Beach with a reputation frequently noted in Surfer Magazine for champion surfing. Cerritos Beach is the best beach in Cabo, and voted first runner up in Los Cabos Magazine! Cerritos Surf Colony is a neighbor to both the Hacienda Cerritos Boutique Hotel (a majestic mansion hotel located on a private cliff at the shore of the ocean), and the celebrity frequented hot spot Cerritos Beach Club & Surf where you can get surfing lessons, board rental, and great food.

The free standing studio, one, two, and four bedroom villas are solar energy assisted. Enjoy our amazing swimming pool and bar, surf the waves out your back door , climb the Sierra de la Lagunas, explore the artist colony of Todos Santos, or just lay back in your own palm shaded hammock. ATV rental, horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, art gallery walks, hiking Triple Waterfall, Voluntourism, massage, are just some of the things to enjoy here in Baja California. Los Cerritos provides simplicity, tranquility and a break from city life that you have been longing for.

Cerritos Surf Colony is a beach front resort of Mayan inspiration and thatched palm roofs.

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On your next trip to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands you may want to experience a wonderful new adventure, that of paddle boarding. Try meandering up the scenic coastline of the West side of the island of Oahu. At times, you are following along the majestic shorelines of the Pacific Ocean, and beginning to feel a warm and inviting sense of calmness that is beginning to surround you. As you arrive at Pokai Beach Park it provides for a scenic backdrop where the beautiful calm bay waters meet up with the ocean beyond the reef. It is there you will undoubtedly find George Kalilkane, better known as Uncle George, in the water instructing individuals how to stand up paddle board (SUP) You see Uncle George’s journey began about 4 years ago when he was overweight, out of shape, and in general his health was failing. After seeing his doctor Uncle George realized it was time to take action, and action is what he took!

sharing the beauty of the islands, and adding inspirational phrases to his magnificent work. His wife, Cony, supports him in all he does and is so proud of his accomplishments, he truly has her blessings in all he does! You may also wonder how did George became known as Uncle George? Well George had an Uncle named Harry. Uncle Harry used to pick George up to do odd jobs with him. He became his mentor and taught George how to treat people right. So he told himself with all the lessons he had learned from his Uncle that he would go to the Bay and be the “Uncle Harry”, thus the name Uncle George. Wesley Stewart, founder of Urban Surf 4 kids was preparing for his pending week long trip to Oahu known as, “Dreaming of Aloha” with 11 foster children. He was

“Love and compassion are the Mother and Father of a smile. We need to create more smiles in our world today. Smiles, after all, pave the way to a happy world.” Uncle George had never been paddle boarding before and one day he borrowed a board and taught himself how to SUP. Within 3 months Uncle George had lost 30 pounds. He was truly inspired to share his knowledge of paddle boarding and the benefits one receives. Not only does it helps you physically, but mentally as well. Uncle George's favorite movie is “Field of Dreams”, so he figured if he built it they would come. Well God had already built this beautiful Bay, and now all George needed to do was to get everyone to come and come they did. Uncle George has taught over 5100 individuals how to paddle board in less than 4 years. He has touched over thousands more with his incredible story. Uncle George, and his lovely wife Cony, reside in Nanakuli. Hawaii. They have raised four children and even found the time to work with foster youth through a program called Hale Kipa (House of Hospitality). He works full time and manages to help "newbies" to the sport of SUP 3-4 days a week, depending on his schedule. Free time, I don't think Uncle George knows the meaning of that word! You see if he is not at work, instructing people how to paddle in the Bay, he is no doubt taking beautiful photos, capturing and

arranging paddle boards for the foster youth when the paddle board company, Souled Out Surf, gave him the name and number of Uncle George. Wesley connected with Uncle George and together they made the necessary arrangements for the trip. Uncle George was so touched by what Wesley was doing, he was anxious to help in any way he could and Bay of Dreams was just the ticket. Uncle George managed to get all the foster youth up and paddling the day they all came to the Bay. Uncle George was able to share his touching story with the youth of why he became involved with Bay of Dreams and why he has so much of a passion for what he does. He was thrilled to see the joy on the faces of the foster youth. You see, Uncle George loves sharing and through this program he has been able to touch so many lives and bring peace to many hearts. He truly exhibits the Aloha Spirit! Mahalo Uncle George! To reach Uncle George go to his Facebook page called “Bay of Dreams” It is there you will find his weekly schedule of the days and times he will be at the Bay. Don’t forget to bring a sticker showing where you are located as George puts them on his trailer to show that he has helped people worldwide how to SUP.



t was a beautiful summer day and the beautiful blue skies were highlighted by the sun shining bright. A brisk wind, which came from the Pacific Ocean, refreshed those that were at the beach. It was a marvelous day. There were multiple volunteers ready and willing to give their time, talents and their hearts to the foster youth that glorious summer day. About fifteen foster youth, from outside of California, who were excited to experience the calming and therapeutic energy that permeates through and around the Pacific, awaited the amazing event. Along with the multiple out of state foster youth, many foster youth from San Diego County attended the event as well. So Cali Dreaming was a hit, and many lives were positively impacted. This year, on June 28, 2014, US4K is proud to present the So Cali Dreaming event once again. Last year was such a success, and the US4K family is looking forward to making this year’s event even more impacting. We have been diligently planning So Cali Dreaming and are super stoked to have these wonderful foster youth hang out and enjoy San Diego with us. Many of these kids lives have been filled with pain and suffering. Urban Surf 4 Kids believes that an event like So Cali Dreaming will fill our foster youth’s hearts

DATE by alberto hernandez

with joy and positive memories that will be embedded in them for a lifetime. We are currently having the foster youth that are attending the event read a book of their choosing that pertains to being successful as a teenager (one of the book options was 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens) and then asking them to write a book review and some important ideas that he or she learned from his or her readings. US4K is then calling the foster youth to give back to their perspective communities. The youth must participate in a random act of kindness towards someone, and then write about what they learned through that experience. When the foster youth get to San Diego we have a number of great activities for them throughout the weekend. The weekend will be highlighted by the So Cali Dreaming event on Saturday followed by a serve the homeless event on Sunday morning. We are excited about this great event and are looking forward to making the So Cali Dreams of foster youth outside of the greater San Diego area a reality. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or get more information about the So Cali Dreaming event feel free to contact Urban Surf 4 Kids at:, or follow us on Facebook.


Daily News Cafe 3001 Carlsbad Blvd

BREAKFAST SERVED ALL DAY; LUNCH SERVED from 11 am-4pm Featuring Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s

Southwest Corner of Carlsbad Village Drive

Open Daily 6:30 a.m. - 4 p.m

Only a short walk from the Tamarack Beach Resort

(760) 729-1023

As I get ready to go back to Portugal after a month here in California, I miss my kids and Maui. I do what I love and so I have no regrets. It will all pay off in the end. Very soon my younger daughter, Olivia, turns 10, so it won’t be too long now before I see her again. The 808 report is a special reminder to me, and all of those who read it, that we are obligated to go back to Hawaii every year at least once. We are all called to the intriguing cycle to go there, live there, leave there, and make sure to return there. There are a great number of Hawaii “expats” out there yearning to return to those warm translucent waters, the sweet fragrance of the wind, and its’ clear blue skies. The contrast of pure white clouds floating past with the tradewinds, against the deep colorful backgrounds of the sunlit skies, make them look like cotton balls floating through a blue sea, or a massive conveyer belt of cotton candy as the sun sets and kisses another perfect day goodnight. The smell of ginger and plumeria, and the way the air embraces your body as you first exit the plane, is like arriving in a fairy tale. It is a special place like Disneyland, only better. In fact, Disney is now living and working in Hawaii too. Hawaii is the home of happiness.

Often referred to as, “The Melting Pot of the Pacific”, Hawaii is home to one of the most diverse ethnic populations on earth. That said, I have always thought of it as a microcosm of the United States as a whole. The true home of happiness the world over has always been, and still is the U.S.A. We have Hollywood, surfing, biking, baseball,

skateboarding and basketball, Harley Davidson and Elvis. It is the melting pot of the world. Where else are there Jewish and German, black and white, Muslim and Christian, family, friends, lovers and neighbors living side by side in relative harmony?

Hawaii is an extension of all of that, to the greatest levels of humanity. It is young and vibrant. It has record highs, and unfortunately, record lows as well. Some of the lows are, the highest petty theft rate in the nation, more domestic violence than other states, an exuberantly high divorce rate, runaways, and foster youth, and the highest rate of crystal meth addiction among the 50 states. Just like her mom, the good old USA, baby Hawaii is needing love and attention. Just like her baby, mom isn’t above help either. Topping the world in violence, drug addiction, and incarceration by leaps and bounds, momma U.S. needs more help than her baby. Family bonding and protecting the freedom to live as we please as long as others are not harmed are two important social standards that Hawaiians have held intact. Hawaii, has a lot to teach its adoptive nation about nature and its inherent wisdom, family and “Ohana,” or extended family. Uncles and aunts are usually merely friends of the family, while the real uncles and aunts at times take a back seat to Ohana in the family structure. It’s not surprising then that President Obama is from Hawaii, and Oprah lives in Maui. Two of the biggest influences in the world today live and spend time on an island in the middle of the sea. They do it for love of the outdoors and family, for Ohana, and for love of life. Essentially, there is a lot for the nation and the world to learn from Hawaii. Surfing is one of them. Perhaps the most prominent. It leads to a love for our precious resources

and a general respect for the land we so easily take for granted. For me, it started with a trip to the big island as a kid, throwing the boogie board down like a skim board over and over and just eating it. The shuffleboard games with my dad and Manta Ray viewing at night, made for priceless memories. Again, the smell is like nowhere else in the world. The salt air literally caresses your soul. The village in Kona where I learned the value of the outdoors is burned into my being like a branding. The simplicity of the stone paths and the luau that felt so tribal was again, like no other feeing in life. The impression that those memories of my sister and I surfing for the first time in Waikiki, and the photos to cherish for years after of us gliding on water, holds a dear place in my mind and heart. So dear that I then longed for it year after year, as any child would. I had fallen in love. Fortunate enough I got a chance to go back there at 15 to stay with a friend for two weeks. My love affair for Hawaii took a serious turn. I remember walking down to the cliff, surfing, cruising around barefoot, it all just seemed so right. So right it seemed, that I returned at 18 for a few weeks during winter break. Again at 19, and then again at 20, only that last time with my girlfriend and dog to stay. I had asked a friend, Clint Caroll, how he had become so fluid and comfortable in bigger surf. He replied by stating bluntly, “if you want to get more comfortable in bigger surf, then you have to move here.” And so I did. In 1990 at the age of 20, my girlfriend and I moved. The whole world can learn from the people and land of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii can teach respect to a person in no time, as long as they are listening and ready for a good old fashioned slap in the face from a wave, the wind, the sun, or the land. Perhaps one from each is all we truly need to awaken our beings. Respecting oneself is where it starts. Respecting the sky and ocean, sun, wind, and land around

us is the next step. After that we can share the knowledge and value of this newfound respect with our children and so on. Hawaii teaches you these lessons. It teaches you to be humble and grateful. Nature is a force like no other in the islands. It gives life, and takes it too. A hike is filled with epic views and the cleanest air ever, along with deathly drop offs, and endless lava tubes one could easily disappear into. The same way a freeway is dangerous and takes lives, so does nature in Hawaii. A shark attack or lost hiker there is the norm, as a car crash or shooting is here. A priest once said as he married my wife and me, “You are the giver and she is the receiver, as long as you keep giving, she will keep receiving.” He could not have been more correct. As with marriage, we are required to be givers and receivers and education, primarily education of the Isand, is the way to this truth. Education is all that we have to depend on when it comes to truth, justice, and freedom. Learning is truly an endless pursuit. What Hawaiian education has taught me I profess to you: Do not ever stop seeking the truth, do not ever stop learning and discovering, do not ever give up on your dreams, and do not settle for anything short of what you see making YOU happy. It will be impossible to give yourself to anyone or anything until you do. Now go to Hawaii and live life, go with someone you love. Aloha and keep surfing, Dave Langer


grom report samuel jones Age: 16

by alberto hernandez Samuel Jones is an incredible downhill skateboarder and an avid surfer in the Baja California community. When I asked Samuel about the style of skating he preferred he told me, “I love the steepest most challenging hills.” I was able to experience, firsthand, Sam’s abilities to skate down one of the steepest hills in La Misison Mexico. I saw how fluid and controlled he was as he skated down the steep hill going from upwards to 40-50 mph. One of his favorite hills in Mexico is in the town of San Pedro. I asked him why he liked the San Pedro hills and he stated, “I enjoy the challenge of the longer and steeper hills. Also, I like the fact that there are no cars or police to harass us.” After talking about his love for skating, I asked Sam about his other love, surfing. Samuel has been surfing in the Baja California oceans for practically all of his life. His favorite surf spot is called K-38 (The K stands for kilometers) and I realized that this is where most surf lovers enjoy their sport in Baja Mexico. I asked him why he liked K-38 so much and he simply stated “The biggest reason is that the waves are more challenging and larger.” It was obvious to me that Samuel enjoys a great challenge. One of his greatest passions is giving back to his community. At the tender age of 16 years, Samuel understands the concept of “it is better to give than to receive”. Sam is an important part of the Urban Surf 4 Kids Baja chapter. One of the more inspiring ways that Samuel gave back, and in turn gave his heart to a number of foster youth, was during our inaugural “Dreams of Baja” event. During this event, US4K took a number of orphans from the Tijuana area to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and taught them how to surf and enjoy the therapeutic beauty of the ocean, while teaching the local San Lucas orphans how to surf. Sam was willing and ready to get in the water and teach the novice surfers how to surf. He went snorkeling with the orphans and gave all his heart by giving a helping hand when he was called upon to help. Sam also took the time to teach the orphans how to enjoy the water and its calming energy. I believe that Sam will be doing great things here in Baja Mexico and I know that he will be well known as someone that many can look up to and be proud of.


To serve visitors traveling along Coast Highway 101 between Los Angeles and Mexico, the Leucadia Inn was constructed in the classic California “horseshoe� design in the late 1920s, and completely renovated in 2005. Rooms face a friendly central courtyard that is flower and sun filled. The exterior design of the stucco buildings are of a timeless Southern California hacienda style. Within walking distance are the fabled Southern California beaches of Leucadia on the spectacular North Coast of San Diego County. Go back in time, before the arrival of the freeways, and relive the quiet beach-inspired elegance that drew Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante, Charlie Chaplin and Spencer Tracy to the picturesque North Coastal area of San Diego County~~ Experience the Leucadia Beach Inn.

Phone: 1-800-706-7461 | 1322 N. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024 |

Miracle Springs is the unique place where business, traditional values and hospitality are merged. Comfortable, business-like with soft artistic touch makes strong impression on all Guests. Inviting you to enjoy its spectacular mountain and desert scenery, newly-decorated rooms and suites, full-service spa, wonderful restaurant, banquet facilities, gift shop, spa boutique and pristine natural hot mineral water pools. 10625 Palm Drive Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240 760-251-6000

predominantly a tropical climate with wet seasons and dry seasons. The wet seasons begin in May and end in October (typically a wet season’s day will begin with clear morning skies and late afternoon showers) and the dry season lasts from November to April. Santa Teresa can be described as an unpaved, bumpy road, along with large upscale luxury hotels (Latitude 10 Resort, Flor Blanca Resort, Casa Mar Bella, and Milarepa to name a few), some small and medium sized hotels and hostels, and a few large buildings. My friend went to Santa Teresa during the dry season and stated that during the dry season, the roads get very dusty.

“You have to put Santa Teresa, Costa Rica on your bucket list”, my good friend said to me while he shared his vacation photos with me. He showed me the wonderful beaches and the clear warm waters. He told me that he surfed all day and was fascinated with the breaks in the area. He told me that the pictures did not do any justice and that I had to see the beautiful beach town for myself. Though I wanted to jump on the next plane to Costa Rica that moment, I realized that my vacation time was not available. So I began to ask my friend an assortment of questions about this foreign paradise called Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, and he jubilantly obliged. Santa Teresa started as a remote fishing village that’s main source of income was reliant on agriculture, cattle ranching, and small-scale fishing. Today, tourism is the main source of income for most families living in the area. Santa Teresa lies directly at the pacific shore between Manzanillo and Mal Pais, approximately 20 minutes away (by car) from Cobano, or roughly 150km (93 miles) west of the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica. There are two coast lines, the Caribbean and the Pacific, only separated by a dominating ridge and plateau. Santa Teresa is in

In Santa Teresa, the surf conditions are amazing. Playa Santa Teresa in Golfo de Nicoya is an exposed beach break that has beautiful waves and can be surfed at any time of the year. Offshore winds blow from the northeast. Groundswells are more frequent than winds wells and the ideal swell direction is from the west northwest. Waves at the beach break both left and right and in my friend’s opinion, surfing is best around low tide. When the waves are at its best in Santa Teresa the beaches can get extremely crowded. If you or a family member does not know how to surf, you can get some lessons from a local surf shop at a discounted price. One of the more popular surf shops that offer surf lessons is Kina Surf Shop. Kina Surf Shop is a terrific surf shop near the break in Santa Teresa. The shop provides lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers, and is available for all comers and last about 90 minutes.

Besides water sports, there are an array of action sport activities that the whole family can enjoy. In the heart of Santa Teresa your fearless family members can enjoy the thrills of white water rafting or bungee jumping. Perhaps the family wants to enjoy the town scenery while getting a little exercise. There are mountain bike rentals at a low cost for the whole family to enjoy. Perhaps you are like me, and you desire to learn more about the native lands history or ecosystem. You and the family can go on a jungle canopy tour where you will learn about the history and terrain of Santa Teresa.

If surfing is not your cup of tea, then stand up paddle boarding may be an option. There are a number of stand up paddle boarding shops that you can rent boards from. One of those shops is called, The Freedom Ride. The shop is a stand up paddle shop with English-speaking management, set on the Mal Pais. They offer full and halfday rentals and two-hour SUP lessons. Lessons should be arranged in advance. While you and the family are stand up paddle boarding in the open water you will often be able to see mantra rays, sea turtles and different species of fish. And if that does not excite you, enjoy a stand up paddle while enjoying views of the coastline and the scenic sunset!

In Santa Teresa there is fun for the whole family. For romantic dinning with that special someone, tucked away on the sand deep in Santa Teresa are a number of beach lounges that have become a popular local expatriate hangout at sunset. There are thatched dining areas (meals can range from US$8 to US$16), timber tables and beanbags stuck in the sand. In case you just want to lounge around after a long day of exciting surfing, SUP, or hiking, you can relax on one of the hammocks slung in the trees, all perfectly positioned for that romantic or relaxing sunset experience. “What do you think”, my excited friend exclaimed, “Are you interested in visiting Santa Teresa, Costa Rica?” I pondered that question for but a few seconds, and answered emphatically, “Not only am I interested in visiting, but I am booking my flight right now!” Santa Teresa sounded like the place that I needed to escape to so that I could get away from the toil of life. Who knows, maybe I will be one of the many expatriates that decides to make Santa Teresa home. Until then, off I go to see the beautiful sandy beaches of Santa Teresa.

WARM WATER, TROPICAL ADVENTURE, UNCROWDED WAVES. THIS IS SURFER PARADISE. Open since 1998 and located on a small private island off the coast of Panama (Central America), it is a paradise worth discovering! The Surfer Paradise Surf Camp is actually two islands. One being the big island and then a smaller outer island. The big island has the living accommodations. Private cabanas are located on the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, each with your very own hammock

for that afternoon siesta. Water is supplied by a fresh water spring that is used for drinking and showering. There are left breaks, and right breaks. Beginner breaks, experienced breaks, and advanced surfer breaks. If your looking for adventure, fun, and SURF, this is the place to visit.



A luxury resort on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, Florblanca is an award-winning destination for every adventurous traveler. Located on the pristine beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula, in an unspoiled tropical jungle overlooking the world famous surf of Playa Santa Teresa, Florblanca offers a vacation experience like no other.


At Florblanca, you will always enjoy fresh, healthy, and locally grown food prepared by our chefs at Nectar Restaurant. Stimulate your senses with surfing, hiking, horseback riding, or zip line excursions, just to name a few of the many adventurous activities we make available to you. Connect more deeply with the world around you with professionally guided sessions of Yoga or Pilates. And when you are ready to thoroughly indulge, try any of our relaxing and rejuvenating body treatments at the stunning Spa Bambu. Retreat to your own private beachfront villa, enjoy our luxurious amenities, and marvel at the natural beauty, serenity, and energy of Florblanca.

Today’s Pizza & Salad Specializing in homemade gourmet pizzas and premium salads! 481 Santa Fe Drive Encinitas, CA 92024 For delivery or other information, please call (760) 753-6425


Hours of Operation: Mon & Tue10:30am to 9:00pm Wed-Sat10:30am to 10:00pm Sun11:00am to 9:00pm

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waxing | color | men’s services | extensions 401 N. Coast Highway suite J Oceanside, CA 92054 | (760)435-0000

Photos by Marion Cunningham and Team Rider Luke Pelbath

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Soak in the Florida Lifestyle.... romantic ~ charming ~ relaxing

Bungalow Beach Resort

Recently awarded TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award for “Top Romance in US”

Directly on the beach, Bungalow Beach Resort is reminiscent of a bygone era. Bungalow Beach Resort offers 15 beautifully restored 1930s islandstyle bungalows. Visitors can enjoy accommodations, nestled among the white-sand dunes, sea oats and coconut palms of Anna Maria Island. Enjoy a heated pool, private beach area and much more. For more information call: 800-779-3601 2000 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL 34217

“I came in search of paradise and found it a haven,” a tourist from England had written in the guestbook at Bungalow Beach Resort. Philadelphia Enquirer

Siesta Key Bungalows

Come and enjoy a Siesta Key getaway at Siesta Key Bungalows… directly on peaceful Heron lagoon. Our 10 charming Bungalows are nestled within a tropical garden and offer large one-bedroom suites with full kitchens. Overlook the lagoon as you enjoy our pool, bicycle to the beach, kayak in the peaceful waters, or grab a fishing pole and relax on our dock. Siesta Key Bungalows sits near the #1 Beach in America, plus great shops & restaurants too.

“#1 Best Beach in America” by Dr. Beach

For more information call: 888-574-3782 8212 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key Fl. 34242

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Urban Surf 4 Kids Magazine  

Cover Shot & Story "Uncle George with "Bay of Dreams" Oahu, Hawaii

Urban Surf 4 Kids Magazine  

Cover Shot & Story "Uncle George with "Bay of Dreams" Oahu, Hawaii