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Edition summer 2017




Man it’s hot! The summer heat, with saturating humidity, has arrived in full force here in the “Sunshine State”. We’re stoked to share our summer edition US4K Mag-. It’s an opportunity to highlight volunteers, provide exposure to amazing companies that have “hopped on our party wave” of service, and provide a dose of inspiration to our Ohana. Our program has been charging hard into sustainable growth so we can grow our Ohana. It’s been a joy to see our core group expanding and taking on great responsibilities. You see, the youth we serve are not even allowed to enter the ocean or a body of water, primarily due to liability and insurance. Remember, they are “wards of the state”, but we know they are much much more than that. So, as a program, our goal is to entrust reliable men and women to lead forth the call to get foster children in the water and to wrap our arms around them when they come out. For us,we want to be that phone call they can make, that Holiday dinner they can attend, that someone they can lean on; in doing so, we can help lead our youth to something they did not have before—Confidence! Confidence in themselves, confidence in knowing that their story matters, confidence that they can serve others, confidence that they can ride this wave called life! On June 17th, “International Surf Day” for the first time in our program, we hosted three events in three different cities! The only way this could have happened was for people to step up. In San Diego, people like Matthew Goodrich (make sure to read his short story in this mag) and Saya Nodera lead countless volunteers to serve at our “Surf with the Dogs Day”. Craig Jenkins led the charge as we partnered with Surfrider, Hurley, and Erik Neilson Surf Camps for an amazing day in Newport Beach; and back here in Florida, we are thankful for the young buck, Jake Broderick, who oversaw the Orlando Sup Day @ Orlando Water Sports Complex. Amazing people coming together,


to serve the most deserving youth! Enjoy the highlights and photos in this edition from each of these events! So in closing, we know there is a lifetime of serving ahead to reach more and more youth. Recently we were reminded that Mcdonald’s has close to 450,000 US employees, which is just about the same number of foster youth in the US. Let that sink in—it’s sobering and staggering. However we are filled with hope, because as more and more people learn about foster care, they are stepping up to do their part! I was forwarded this picture from San Diego, where these young girls learned about Urban Surf 4 Kids and took to the streets to do their part, selling lemonade and telling their customers about how the ocean can heal a foster youth. Want some fries with that lemonade? Make it a summer full of Aloha and Ohana and we’ll see ya in the water!

Mahalo Wesley Stewart

Edition summer 2017


TABLE OF CONTENTS Urban Surf 4 Kids Magazine | Summer 2017

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Adaptive Surfing Competition by Charles Webb

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Grom Report: Wyatt Warren by Jake Broderick

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Feature Story: Connor Baxter by Connor Baxter

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International Surfing Day by Jake Broderick

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Intro to US4K

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Foster Parent Viewpoint by Libby Donalson

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Better You’re Health by Living & Eating Smart by Gina D.

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Just a Surf Camp by Matthew Goodrich

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Volunteer Spotlight: Steven Maingot by Jake Broderick

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US4K Upcoming Events

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1st Annual U.S. Open Adaptive

Surfing Championship By Charles “Chaka” Webb, Photos by Jason Rose

“This will be an elite world class adaptive surfing competition.”


As the world of adaptive surfing grows every year the need for events that support elite competition for disabled athletes grow with it. With contest like AccesSurf Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships and the I.S.A. Adaptive Surfing World Championships providing a great international platform for adaptive surfing to raise its game there is still no money structured for adaptive surfing in these elite contest’s, that is until now. Stoke for Life Foundation wants to change that with the very first all adaptive surf contest with cash and or prizes for the contestants that finish atop the podium in each division. That is one of the thoughts behind what has brought the U.S. Open Adaptive Surfing Championships to life. The U.S. Open Adaptive Surfing Championships will be held at Oceanside Pier in Oceanside California on October 21-22 in 2017. This will be an elite world class adaptive surfing competition that will be done annually and will attract the top disabled adaptive surfers from around the world. This open competition will be sanctioned under Surfing America and will be a qualifying event for the Surfing America U.S. National Adaptive Surfing Championships. This means it will draw the best adaptive surfers from all over the world. This competition will focus more on the ability of the surfer through elite competition rather than focus on the disability. First and foremost, this is an ADAPTIVE surf competition and how each disabled athlete has adapted to his/her surfing will not be altered in this competition. With support from a long list of sponsor to make this dream a reality the U.S. Open Adaptive Surfing Championships is taking shape. With hopes of hosting up to seventy adaptive surfers and the possibility of up to ten countries represented this competition hopes to set a new standard. The sponsors list includes Sticky Bumps Surf Wax, Volcom, Kaptain’s BBQ Shack, Bbraver Hand Rims, Adaptive Surfing Magazine, Major League Comfort Heating and A/C, American Tattoo, and Surf Ride. The sponsor list continues to grow with more and more big-name companies showing interest in getting involved to help adaptive surfing reach new heights. There are up to ten divisions of competition with eight structured for this event. Sit 1. Wave Ski Men’s 2. Wave Ski Women’s Standing/Kneel 3. Above the Knee/Kneel

4. Below the Knee Prone 5. Unassisted Assisted Divisions 6. Prone assisted 7. Sit/Kneel assisted Sight Impaired 8. Blind The idea is to attract the top adaptive surfers from around the world in each division with the allure of a pay check if they can finish a top the podium. The list of athletes would be very impressive and would include from Australia current two-time Adaptive Surfing World Champion Mark “Mono” Stewart (stand/kneel), from England current U.S. National Adaptive Surfing Champion Spike Kane (Prone), from Brazil current two-time Adaptive Surfing World Champion Felipe Lima(waveski), and from the U.S. the 2014 women’s Dukes Adaptive Surfing Champion (waveski) and three-time Paralympic Gold Medalist Alana Nichols. Although the contest is getting great support we still need more sponsors to make this event what it can be. Stoke for Life Foundation is still looking for a title sponsor for this event and is currently presenting to companies like Billabong, Quiksilver Foundation, and Monster Energy in the hopes to find an elite company to help the adaptive water sports movement reach an even higher level. As adaptive surfing becomes more accessible to more and more people with programs like Life Rolls On, Surfers Healing, and Stoke for Life Foundation there are more disable people finding that the competitive fire still burns inside them. Because of organizations like the Western Surfing Association, Hawaiian Surfing Association, and the Eastern Surfing Association giving adaptive surfing a more accessible platform we find the sport of adaptive surfing is growing very fast. The growth of the sport is such a great thing to witness because as the sport grows it is helping people in the disabled community to grow and reach new limits for themselves. Pushing the limits in adaptive sports in a main stay and is something we are striving for everyday to adapt and overcome all obstacle. We hope that the U.S. Open Adaptive Surfing Championships will be the new standard for adaptive surf competitions and we look forward to pushing the limits to help this event be world class.


Wyatt Warren

g grom report

by Jake Broderick

Wyatt can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the water. I am 10 years old, I am in 5th grade my favorite school subject is math and science because I want to become an engineer, and I have been surfing since I was 6 and boogie boarding since i was 4. Other than surfing what are some of you hobbies? I like skateboarding, jiu jitsu a form of martial arts and I also like playing baseball.

Can you tell us a little bit about how it felt to see you name in the top two at your last competition? Very, very good it was my first surf contest and I didn’t know if i was going to get up to a top position. There was 2 rounds the qualifier and which i got third in and the final which i got second which was very surprising. Cause some kids are out there getting barrels. What are some of your goals in and out of the water? Get straight a’s in school, be able to drop into the second biggest ramp at the skate park, be able to hit a homerun in baseball and be more confident and surf more.


Can you tell a story about a time where We were at the Christian surfers spring fling, me and my friend were getting ready for the first round in the competition and this kid slipped on the stairs and dinged his board pretty good. So, I went over to him and asked my dad if he could fix it for the kid and if he could use one of our boards in the competition, we ended up being able to put a sticker on the ding and he went into the heat no problem.



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The Truth of Foster Care: A Statistical Analysis

Death (326) Runaway (1,138) Transfer to Another Agency

- 415,129 children were in foster care on September 30th, 2014,

Living with Relative

a 4% increase from 2012

- 264,746 children entered care - that translates to a child entering


care every two minutes in the United States

- 238,230 children exited foster care - 107,918 children waiting to be adopted on September 30th, 2014 - 60,898 children waiting to be adopted whose parental rights (for all

Emancipation Emancip Adoption

living parents) were terminated

Reunited with Parent or Primary Caretaker

- 50,644 children adopted with public child welfare agency involvement 0%








The 2017 Japan Pro-Am was another hard race that I had to fight to the top! The event kicked off with the Long Distance race with a difficult course that will go down as the hardest distance competition for the APP World Tour!

r o n n Co er t x Ba a p a J 2017

m A o n Pr

By connor baxter

There were gust up to 40 knots hitting us on our sides. It was a triangle course with a bit of zigzagging on the inside. Plus they included the super lap - which is a shorter lap you can take at anytime. So I was going to have to play smart and make sure to keep an eye out on my competition. We had to do five laps and when the horn blew I made sure to get out in clean water and then started to draft. The first turn was 180 degree turn straight into some decent bumps. So I made sure to turn that mark first. I was able to jump into the front before the turn and started doing my thing on the sidewind downwinder. I was able to gap the group accept for Mo Freitas and then we started to work together. We planned out that we wanted to do the super lap after our 4th lap. Mo and I hammered hard and every time someone took the super lap we chased them to keep our lead. Every lap Mo and I went back and forth and that’s when I knew it was going to be a run up the beach to decide the winner.

At the end of our 4th lap I took the super lap with Mo and we were back in the lead - with a healthy lead. When we turned the last buoy I had a little hiccup which allowed Mo to pull away. I thought to myself “never give up!� and I chased him down. I turned the last buoy about 3 to 4 board lengths behind him and made sure not to let any bumps pass me. I hopped onto a wave, which caught me up to Mo and it came down to the sprint up the beach. Mo jumped first and I followed him up the beach until he tripped and I took the win!! I was super stoked to win my third year in a row for the distance race here in Japan.


My body was hurting - so I got a big meal and a good night of rest for the sprint racing the next day. For the sprint race it was a lot lighter winds and a little less waves. I was going to have to make 4 heats and then compete in the Final. I went into the sprints with my usual game plan of race as hard as I need to - to get to the next round. I took every heat as a warm up for the finals, but every heat was starting to feel more like the Final already. I was able to win my first three heats and get into the semifinals. I had a great start and then got caught on the first buoy allowing Casper and Daniel to pull away. I knew I had to get top 4 to get into the Finals, so I defended my third place all the way up the beach securing my spot in the Final.

...“never give up!�


The Final race was super stacked, but I was ready to go for it and take the win. The horn blew and we were off with Casper leading and Mo in second and I was close behind. We stayed like this until the second buoy turn when Mo took the turn sharp and was able to pass Casper. When he took the lead I knew I had to get second to take the overall. I put my head down and got on Casper’s inside. I came out in second and didn’t look back until I crossed the finish line. I took second for the day but came out on top for the Overall Title!! I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Salt Life, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Futures Fins, Dakine, Hammer Nutrition, GoPro, Garmin, Waterman’s Sunscreen, OnIt Pro, UB Super and Hi-Tech Sports. Also a big Mahalo to the event organizers and volunteers. Great Event!! Aloha, Connor Baxter




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International Surfing Day was established in 2004 by Surfing Magazine and The Surfrider Foundation. It is a global event that celebrates surfing, the surfing lifestyle as well as the sustainability of ocean resources. The day also helps to attract new participants in surfing and all the joy it brings. This year International Surfing Day was on June 17th and US4K held three events, two in California and one in Florida. This was a first for us and it is only possible because of our incredible Ohana. San Diego hosted Socal Surf with a dog day at the OB Dog Beach with the SOCAL Surf Dogs. This unique opportunity allowed the youth to not only surf but to share the ride with a dog on the nose of the board.

l Surfing Day By Jake Broderick

Newport Beach US4K partnered with Surfrider Foundation, Hurley and Erik Nelson Surf Camps after the youth were given surf lessons and tips from professional surfer Brett Simpson they showed their appreciation by cleaning up the very beaches they rode the waves on. In Orlando US4K partnered with Orlando Watersports Complex to give the youth a day of Stand Up Paddleboarding, laughs, games, fun and of course, the belly flop contest. The US4K volunteers and donors make sacrifices whether it is a Saturday afternoon, financial sacrifices or donating food, all for the same purpose, the youth. The look on their faces when they stand up on the board makes everything worth it. At the SUP Day in Orlando I had a group of boys who have been to almost every event in Florida come up and ask me “When’s the next surf day?” I answered “in a couple months’” this was not close enough for them and one of the boys said “Jake, let’s do one in July.” Seeing how stoked they were, I went back to the Ohana Center on Monday morning and began to plan an event that would be sooner. No matter the event or where it takes place our Ohana continues to grow. People who are sunburnt, exhausted, sore and really tired still have a smile that runs ear to ear always ask the same question as they leave an event, how can we continue to have this feeling? The answer is simple come back again. You may have thought you were coming to give back to the youth but as you leave you realize how much more you have received from them as well as the fact you are now a part of a new Ohana made up of like minded just like you.. US4K can not wait to see what is in store for next International Surfing Day. Thank you Ohana!


WARM WATER, TROPICAL ADVENTURE, UNCROWDED WAVES. THIS IS SURFER PARADISE. Open since 1998 and located on a small private island off the coast of Panama (Central America), it is a paradise worth discovering! The Surfer Paradise Surf Camp is actually two islands. One being the big island and then a smaller outer island. The big island has the living accommodations. Private cabanas are located on the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, each with your very own hammock

for that afternoon siesta. Water is supplied by a fresh water spring that is used for drinking and showering. There are left breaks, and right breaks. Beginner breaks, experienced breaks, and advanced surfer breaks. If your looking for adventure, fun, and SURF, this is the place to visit.


Miracle Springs is the unique place where business, traditional values and hospitality are merged. Comfortable, business-like with soft artistic touch makes strong impression on all Guests. Inviting you to enjoy its spectacular mountain and desert scenery, newly-decorated rooms and suites, full-service spa, wonderful restaurant, banquet facilities, gift shop, spa boutique and pristine natural hot mineral water pools. 10625 Palm Drive Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240 760-251-6000


Photos by Marion Cunningham and Team Rider Luke Pelbath

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NY US4K: US4K had our first ever SNOW event on January 28th on Swain Mountain, where a group of our youth got to experience snowboarding for the day. The day was filled with smiles, laughter and shredding the powder. What a great way to kick off the year!! A huge thank you to Swain Mountain for the support and willing to share the STOKE!! 24

january 25

Beach’n Board fest Cocoa Beach: On March 11th our youth in Florida was able to go to an amazing event put on by Ron Jon called Beach ‘N Boards Fest. Not only is there a surf contest featuring pro surfers but also beach volleyball, kite, skate and wakeboard demos, plus stand up paddleboard races and yoga. A huge thank you to Reef and Lloyd Wilkinson who made this event possible.


mARCH 27

Uncorked event: We couldn’t feel more blessed to have been chosen as the beneficiary again for this year’s Uncorked Wine Festival. We were able to raise 10k in donations to continue to support our programs and surf camp. We had over 30 volunteers donate their time to Urban Surf 4 Kids at the wine festival. Needless to say, we are so happy and lucky to have such an incredible Ohana. Big thanks to Michelle from Uncorked for supporting local foster youth! 28



Daytona Surf Camp: Our surf camp on May 6th was a success, our youth and volunteers battled some windy conditions but had a great time in and out of the water. A special thanks to Hope Scouts Troop 33 for leading the service project and Bruce Rothschild for speaking to us. 30

mAy 31

Surf Camp San diego: The STOKE is still alive from our first surf camp of the year! Our youth and volunteers had a blast, and it was truly a special day. We are always so humbled by the amount of support and STOKE that is shown at our surf camps. We had over 50 foster youth join us and over 70 volunteers! The day was filled with fun, waves, sunshine, Board and Brew sandwiches, and lots of OHANA love. We can’t wait for our next camp on June 17th! 32



Renting BikeS, SuRfBoARDS PADDleBoARDS &

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3715 Mission Blvd. San Diego, CA 92109


The Long Run Sportfishing

(858) 336-6594

The Long Run Sportfishing is the premier 4 and 6-pack Sportfishing charter business running out of Mission and San Diego Bays. The owner, Nathan, has been passionately fishing in local waters for 34 years and running charters for 23 years. Because we are so “hands on” we are certain that we will be able to show you and your friends and/or family the best time possible on the water. The Long Run is now offering 4 different vessels for charter: • 24’ 30 knot (4-pack) for your group at $125/hr • 34’ and 40’ six pack vessels at $150/hr • 52’ Hatteras is $250/hr 1880 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101


Foster Parent


magine, you are once again waking up in another home. You don’t know who these foster parents are, what school you are now going to, or how many schools this makes. How long will you stay here? Will you even try? They most likely won’t; so why even bother? Nobody cares.

As a foster parent, I hear this a lot from kids in the system. This is what makes Urban Surf 4 Kids magical—they care about the kids that society tends to overlook or forget. These kids have the potential to be some of society’s best investigators, detectives, prosecutors, social workers, or advocates. Ask them, and most will tell you that’s what they want to do. But, without intervention, statistics predict a very dark path of drugs, crime, pregnancies and jail. The beautiful thing about US4K is that through surfing, building sand castles, playing volleyball, or Dreaming of Aloha, they get to know our most vulnerable members and invest in them. Believe in them. Trust in them. Encourage them. Love them. US4K is more than surfing. It is a family—an Ohana. Everybody needs one, especially our forgotten children. Everyone wants a place to belong; for most of us, it’s our family. But what if you don’t have one? Who do you turn to when things are tough? If you are lucky enough to be a US4K kid, you turn to your Ohana. Every foster child needs to be in Urban Surf 4 Kids. Every foster child needs this organization. Every foster child needs an Ohana.


By Libby Donalson

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Better you’re Health by Living & Eating Smart By Gina D


How does one eat smart? Is it a new diet or do you have to follow a guideline? Not at all. In fact, it is simple and easy. And it does not have to be expensive. I personally do not believe in diets. For me, restraints do not motivate anyone to want to eat clean or get healthy. You ask, what is clean? Clean is just that, clean without artificial preservatives, flavors, or additives. Eating smart includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, healthy fats like avocados, nuts and seeds. Salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein, with vitamins and minerals like selenium, B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids contributes to brain function health and healthy joints. These are few items that can be added to your clean eating to make healthy snacks and meals for you and your family. When you make the choice to eat smart it can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and obesity. If you are young, you might be thinking this is an article for older people. Think again, young adults are at risk for high blood pressure, which leads to strokes too. A 2011 study from NIH Medline showed that 19 percent of young adults had high blood pressure. What you must understand is that high blood pressure does not discriminate and is a silent killer for both the young and old. The leading cause for this is what we consume, lack of activity, and smoking. If you smoke, it’s time to get help to stop. If you are thinking about starting because your friends do, don’t! It destroys the blood vessels and hardened the arteries which can lead to a heart attack. Also, let me tell you an important little secret. Our blood pressure rises as our body weight increases. Obesity is a known risk factor for high blood pressure and diabetes which causes heart disease. Another killer is alcohol, if consumed excessively it will damage the heart, liver, and brain. It is not worth it, and if you are under 21, in some States, you are breaking the law. Again, if you are seeking help for any addiction, I will have some links below for you. Do you like to dance, play football, bike ride, hike, or let’s save, the best for last “Surf!” We’ll all of these are great activities that gets the blood flowing. Even gardening, with all the digging, pulling of weeds and the best part planting the flower, or better yet, you’re planting seeds for your own fruits and vegetables garden. You never have to worry, if your produce is ever organic or not. Just a friendly hint. Also, try to make an effort to work out and become active. As humans we are designed to move and do incredible things. We have to realize because of sitting at work, school, and our car commutes, it is important to not become lazy. A sedentary life contributes to a dangerous lifestyle. Therefore, we must learn to respect ourselves enough to do right by our bodies. This is important to understand, because in order to eat smart, you have to make the choice to let go of your vices. If you

continue in them, you will mentally not be able to sustain healthy lifestyle or maintain a discipline life. In the beginning of the article, I spoke of how, I do not believe in diets. I still hold to this. Why? Because every one’s body is different and certain things may be beneficial for one individual and not the other. There is a diet for everything, but you must be smart for your individual needs. If a person is lactose-intolerance then it’s unlikely they well be consuming dairy products. Therefore, they would have to switch to an alternative. I love Silk cashew chocolate milk and almond milk. If a person is concern about animal rights or just maintaining a healthier life without consuming meats they become either a vegan or vegetarian. However, just know that eating smart does not mean you have to give up things you love. It’s all about smart choices and moderations. I have some tips for you, start reading labels you want the lowest amounts of sodium, sugars, trans and saturated fats. Also, say NO! To partially hydrogenated oils they are in margarine, premade baked goods, cookie dough, fried foods and coffee creamers. In addition, learn to enjoy cooking and eating food from home. You have more control of what you cook than in a restaurant. Another tip is to listen to your body and start writing down in a journal what you eat. This will help you determine what your body likes or dislikes. What causes you to bloat or become irregular? Another thing, if you want to maintain your weight or lose weight you must know your caloric intake. If you are working out you must put back those calories by eating a healthy meal to maintain your weight. If you are seeking to lose weight, you can either take in fewer calories or burn more calories. Just realize you must eat smart. So what I hope you get from this article is that you must understand that diets are not effective in controlling your weight. It is usually a temporary fix. Why? Because you are restricted for the amount of time you are on the diet and once off, people usually have a hard time adjusting back to reality. So the other tip is do not restrict yourself of foods or calories. Just start being mindful of what you are eating. I always say, if it has a shelf life that can last longer than 10 days, it is not fit to be eaten. Love your body, it is the only one you will have, so treat it with respect. Remember that an unhealthy life can lead to all types of diseases and the leading cause of strokes is high blood pressure that does not discriminate with age. I would like to end by saying, you are in control of your destiny, make it a healthy one that is full of great food, friends and enjoy life. Hotline: Resources:


book online at or call 1-876-982-3978 or 1-876-883-1307 | | 787-868-6588 sharing the love and magic of Puerto Rico




Want to support US4K?

Contact Jake Broderick at


Just a Surf Camp By Matthew Goodrich

Some of my favorite memories are from time I spent at the beach. Playing in the water, riding long, smooth, peeling waves, feeling the surge of energy just sitting in the shallows, connecting with others in the purest of ways, with the purest of emotions. The simplicity extracted from the complexities and physics and timing that make riding a wave happen is astounding. All the things that come together to be in that place at the right time are mind boggling. Having the opportunity to make that happen for someone else is an unimaginable gift from the universe. Taking the time and giving of yourself to create that opportunity for a child in need is a priceless note of selflessness. We long for a fun, relaxing day at the beach because it’s soothing, it’s refreshing, it’s a gift. Most of us just have to decide to go. Pack up a few things and hit it. Imagine if you weren’t allowed to go. Because of liability concerns (injuries, insurance), most of the 4400 kids in foster care, in San Diego alone, don’t get that opportunity. Someone else would have to take on that risk, that liability should something happen to that child while participating in those activities. Many of these kids are in a cycle of visiting with therapists and case workers on top of moving around homes or care facilities and then trying to keep up with school work. It’s no wonder that 90% of kids in foster care enter the system at least one year behind in school. Some of these kids are even actively involved in the court system, testifying against a parent or family member involved in their abuse or neglect.


Urban Surf 4 Kids is a volunteer run, volunteer and grant funded and volunteer dependent non-profit organization that serves foster youth through water based activities. Our insurance covers each child that attends one of our events so they can do what kids want to do. Have fun at the beach. A day at the beach with us is just a brief respite in a life of struggle, but it’s a day that these kids can see that an entire group of strangers and friends can become a family, Ohana, and lift each others’ spirits and shine a light of hope and love on kids who deserve that and so much more.

“’s a day that these kids can see that an entire group of strangers and friends can become a family.”

Many of our kids make a connection here, some for the first time, that can be life changing. It can shine a light on the darkness that can be overwhelming at times. Some of these amazing kids continue with our Ohana and help to change the lives of others. This may be “Just a Surf Camp”, but that’s exactly how we like it. Join us for our next event on July 15th at La Jolla Shores for Surf with a Cop Day to surf with law enforcement. With over 100 volunteers who signed up it’s hard to remember everyone, but I met Katy and Jess at Uncorked and here they were helping kids in and out of wetsuits, I met Keisha in Oahu on our DOA trip and here she was connecting with our kids, I met Augustine, Sebastian, Will, Jose and so many others for the first time, I saw so many people again for the first time in a very long time, Ian, Brad, Rex and so many others. Mucho Mahalo Urban Surf 4 Kids and everyone here volunteered, who gave of themselves and their time for da kids.



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Volunteer spotlight

I’m 16 years old, I’m going into my junior year of high school. I’ve been volunteering with Urban Surf for a year now, I first heard about it coming back from a summer camp where I was lifeguarding at and I went straight from the camp to an Urban Surf event.

What are my hobbies??? Some of my hobbies include volunteering for Urban Surf, Boy Scouts, working, church and being a regular teenager with hanging out with friends. What is my favorite US4K moment?? Honestly I don’t have one favorite moment, might sound a little corny but I just love seeing the kids we work with have a huge smile on their face and just to hear them say they had fun. For example we recently had an event at the Orlando Watersports Complex where we went paddle boarding and there was this bigger young man there who had some trouble balancing on the board, so one of my very close family friends who paddle boards a lot came up with the idea that we put two boards together and see if that works, turns out it worked and that young man had the biggest smile on his face for the rest of the day. It’s moments like these we cherish and will look back upon and smile or get that warm fuzzy feeling inside of us. What does US4K mean to me??? US4K to me isn’t just a name, it’s more of a family. From the people who are in charge of the events to the volunteers to the youth


By Jake Broderick

we set the events up for, there’s just so much love and care going on that it brings joy to all of us. One thing I like about US4K is that everyone gets treated the same and everyone gets treated with the utmost respect and gratitude. People look forward for the next event and can’t wait to see these kids with a smile on their face. So US4K to me is another family that brings in youth and gives them the chance to have an opportunity to do some pretty amazing activities they usually wouldn’t get to do on their own. What drives me to volunteer??? Honestly I’ve always loved to volunteer, ever since I was little I would always see what I can do to help others in need or who have less. Just being able to see the smile on peoples faces when you do even the smallest gesture of kindness means so much. Why spend our lives living selfishly when we can give to those who need it more then we do? People don’t realize the impact they can have on a personal less fortunate if they just talked to them for 5-10 minutes by just say “hey, how are you today?” They can meet someone who could be the most caring person in the world. So what drives me to volunteer??? It’s the reaction I get to see when someone appreciates what we’ve done for them, it’s the fact that I did some good in the world.



Villas San Buenas

The Sandbox

Owner: Nick Halverson 612.819.8154

Owner: Michael Halpins

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Urban Surf 4 Kids is excited to be growing! Now operating in Florida and California, makes plans to get involved.Visit our website to sign up and volunteers for any of the upcoming events below!



Event: Place: Date:

Surf with a Cop La Jolla Shores July 15, 2017

Event: Place: Date:

US4K “Surf Camp” Sunsplash Park August 4, 2017

Event: Place: Date:

Huntington Beach Pier Surf Camp Huntington Beach Pier, CA July 29, 2017

Event: Place: Date:

US4K “Surf Camp” Sunsplash Park September 9, 2017

Event: Place: Date:

US4K “Surf Camp” La Jolla Shores September 30, 2017

Event: Place: Date:

US4K “Surf with a Cop” Sunsplash Park Novemver 4, 2017

Please keep a look out on our web site under event page to follow-up with any changes or cancellations. Please take a moment and like us on FaceBook (FB) if you have not done so already. Thank you to all those that have been such a great support to our program.

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