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Winter Edition 2017/2018




WOW to say the least it has been a life changing Fall season. Jam packed with the stress and excitement experiencing evacuating from hurricane Irma, being grateful to get back safely with only minor damage to our home and our Ohana Center. Thank you for all your calls and prayers. We are still blown away to see first hand the impact and growth of our program and how our Ohana is meeting the needs of our community and children in need is inspiring! Florida US4K is super excited to follow in the footsteps of our San Diego Chapter in hosting our 2nd annual Surf with a Cop Day on November 4th at Sun Splash Park 9am - 3:30pm (OK folks that’s East Coast Time Zone :) It will be one like we’ve never done before by hosting a Pancake Breakfast for our law enforcement and local community kids along with our foster youth/children in need. We can’t express enough on how the Daytona Beach business community has supported our Ohana by Cracked Egg sponsoring the Pancake Breakfast and Krispy Kreme donuts sponsoring to top it off. Now that’s what I call a breakfast of champions. As the Fall season begins to wrap up and winter sets in we were thankful to be a part of the following events. • We were still super excited to host a movie night at (FUMCH) Florida United Methodist Children’s Home. Kids had a blast, however we did have to move the festivities inside the gymnasium due to the “cold” weather. Right, yes still talking about Florida. • Surf with a Cop Day, where will have over 60+ kids signed up and a whole host of volunteers that are ready to make an impact to share the stoke and joy of the ocean. • Looking forward to our Dec’em out 4 the Holiday. This event is very special to us because we want the kids to be Dec’d out in either cool hat and T-Shirt or Board shorts and flip flops. Now if that does not sound like


a surfers outfit. This event is loads of fun too. Who does not get joy out of wrapping a gift then seeing the pure genuine excitement in a kids face. Our hope and goal is to wrap over a 1000 present for foster/orphaned youth hand them and send them out to encourage the kids during the holidays. • We are super Stoked to solidify our 2018 calendar to empower and impact more and more. Each event makes us and our volunteers feel like kids again, and what a wonder feeling. We have learned that engaging in water activities such as surfing or paddle boarding, there is a state of flow, in which time stands still and nothing else matters, it has been once called “Pure Stoke”! It means the world to us to provide these moments! I had to state this again, and will do again and again because it is so true. In closing, we are thankful for Daytona Beach Chapter and coming into our biggest events of the year, Nov 4th Surf with a Cop with Top Sheriff Michael Chitwood, and our Christmas “Deck’em Out 4 the Holidays” event. Our purpose, passion, and drive is stronger than ever, we know our youth desperately need a healthy outlet and positive role models. Thank you for being a partner and helping us push our youth into some of the best moments of their lives. Please continue to discuss our program and the topic of how we can meet the needs of our foster/orphan youth for these are our children in need. It can be said that foster youth have one of the biggest impacts on our society. Let us be known as the people who turn the tide and make it a positive one. Taking a quote from one of my daughters favorite movie Robots, with the voiceover of one of our late great comedians Robin Williams, “See a Need, Fill the Need.


Wesley & DeBora Stewart

Edition Winter 2017/2018


TABLE OF CONTENTS Urban Surf 4 Kids Magazine | Winter 2017/2018

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Shaper Spotlight: Michael Arenal by Jake Broderick

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Surf with a Cop San Diego by Craig Jenkins

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Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Johnson by Jake Broderick

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Huntington Beach U.S. Open Event by Debora Stewart

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Duke Fest Event by Jason Rose

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Lions Club Surf with the Blind by Craig Jenkins

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Surf with a Cop, Daytona Beach by Debora Stewart

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Grom Report: Kalani by Jake Broderick

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Dreaming of Aloha by Louise Zavala

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Surf Photography: Bradley Krisher, Damian Antioco, John Maher

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US4K Upcoming Events

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Shaper Spotlight featuring

By Jake Broderick

“I was more attracted to the atmosphere of surfing than actually surfing.” Tell us

about yourself and your surfing background. Grew up in southern orange county, it seemed like everyone I knew surfed like all my friends. I started boogie boarding i would always go to the beach just never surfed. One summer I went to Hawaii with a friend, and surfed over there. It actually didn’t hook me right away. I came home and bought a short board and I kept doing it and wasn’t really into it. Then i saw longboarding, that’s what grabbed. At the beginning I was more attracted to the atmosphere of surfing than actually surfing, then my love started later on.


When you started, and when you

started shaping? I started really getting into surf and shaping at the same time it was all together. The shaping almost got me more excited about surfing. I was so stoked to shape something that i could go out and ride. When I started getting into it I found a blog online that had videos and tutorials. There was a video of Tom Weagner in Australia shaping Alaia’s (the super thin wood ones with no fins). I thought it was so insane these guys surfing these little pieces of wood they made. So I made some of those and then I tried to make a real board and turned into my job.

Have you ever had to

overcome something shaping? Yeah, I was originally making an egg and I thinned out the tail too much so the rocker was off. But if I chopped off like 6 inches I could fix it and make myself a fun little board. I ended up calling it stubby and still ride it today. It was cool because it was something I wanted to make but i don’t know if i would have made it if i didn’t mess up.


Tell us a little bit about your van and your

favorite trip you’ve taken in it.

The van is a 2005 Dodge Sprinter with a high roof, white with cargo doors so they open up. I insulated the walls with wood paneling. I built like a basic bed with a bench behind the driver’s seat, with a little area to walk in. It’s simple because I need it for work I didn’t put a sink in it. I got racks on the top so i can fit more boards and blanks in it. The best trip was from Orange County up the Coast of California, up to Bend, Oregon, Washington looped around Idaho, then through Canada and back down. It held up, lucky enough it was warm and no major issues on the trip. I got to see so many cool places and meet so many awesome people it was my favorite trip

Do you have any

tips for people trying to get started in shaping? I’d say go for it! Talk to people you may know who are shapers or who have shaped. Go to your local shaping or board supply store and ask questions there. Maybe order a board from a shaper and ask if you can stand in and watch their process. Also, there is a ton of information online such as websites like swaylocks and youtube videos. These can help you understand what tools to use and when to use them. A lot of glass shops have shaping bays that you can rent out, and then you get your board glassed there. Another good option is to find an old longboard or buy a big longboard blank. That way you can shape a longboard, then cut it down and shape a mid length, and then a fish or something after that. It’s a good way to get some mileage out of your dollars. Oh, and have fun! If you want to order a Arecal Custom Surfboard please email for more information.


Surf with

aC p Day

San Diego

By Craig Jenkins


July 21st Surf with a Cop Day is one of our most treasured events. This day enables foster youth to interact with local law enforcement in a completely different way. Most of our youth grew up with their last memory with law enforcement being the time they were taken from their homes or separated from their siblings. This day enables both our youth and law enforcement to see beyond the uniform and get to know each other in more of a personal way. We can’t thank all of our volunteers enough for showing their support and donating their time for our youth. Our days at the beach together make it very evident that it is definitely not...”just a surf camp”. We thank you for helping to impact the lives of your local foster youth. Special thanks to the Coast Guards, Border Patrol, San Diego Sheriffs and Police Department for coming out to our event. Many of our youth who grew up saying the phrase, “I hate cops” were found to be playing on the beach and surfing with a smile with all of the “cops”. Thank you for making the day extra special. We truly can’t thank our sponsors Board & Brew, Reef, Nature’s Bakery, Shore Buddies, and Love on a Leash - San Diego North County Coastal Chapter for enough supporting Urban Surf 4 Kids. How incredible are those sandwiches though?! Thank you Board and Brew for always feeding our youth and volunteers!

Surf With a Cop was an amazing opportunity to get kids interacting with members of our Law Enforcement community here in San Diego. Our amazing speaker, Jason Philpot from San Diego County Sheriff Department’s SWAT Team, spoke about growing up in the inner city and getting bullied by guys in his neighborhood and seeing a lot of wrong happening there which helped him in deciding what he wanted to do in his life, help others and clean up the streets. Hearing him talk about just being a person had to connect with our youth that may just see him and officers and deputies like him as cops, the law. That’s what our event is all about. We had over a hundred volunteers on land and in the water and had an absolute blast. Our paddle out that honored members of the law enforcement community who passed in the last year was a nice gesture that allowed many of our volunteers to honor a friend or colleague in a unique way.

“This day enables both our youth and law enforcement to see beyond the uniform.”



Mention Urban Surf 4 Kids for 12


The Truth of Foster Care: A Statistical Analysis

Death (326) Runaway (1,138) Transfer to Another Agency

- 415,129 children were in foster care on September 30th, 2014,

Living with Relative

a 4% increase from 2012

- 264,746 children entered care - that translates to a child entering


care every two minutes in the United States

- 238,230 children exited foster care - 107,918 children waiting to be adopted on September 30th, 2014 - 60,898 children waiting to be adopted whose parental rights (for all

Emancipation Emancip Adoption

living parents) were terminated

Reunited with Parent or Primary Caretaker

- 50,644 children adopted with public child welfare agency involvement 0%







c i r E hnson o J

olunteer spotlight

By Jake Broderick

What does US4k mean to you? I have been volunteering for 5 years, the first thing that comes to mind is Wes, then when I think of Debora and Kalani they’re so instrumental. It’s just a positive feeling when I think about it, then I think about what we do for foster youth. The opportunities we provide them, then the memories flood my mind, surf camps, talking with kids, the Dreaming of Aloha trips. I think of all the positive things and the relationships I have established. Many of them I stay in contact with whether a text or at a surf camp. Also the relationships I’ve developed with other volunteers, it is like a FAMILY. What is your single favorite moment? That is a tough question because I have so many great memories. I go back to the first trip on Dreaming of Aloha. The end of the trip I was doing an interview with Wes and he asked “If I thought it was a life-changing experience” and it caught me off guard because this is a very powerful statement I don’t use that phrase lightly. I wasn’t sure when he asked me and I wasn’t sure how to answer that. After the trip thinking back of going through all the feelings I had about the experiences and talking with kids shortly thereafter and then even months after about how impactful the trip was for them. It was a life-changing experience that wasn’t only for the kids it was for myself also it’s an experience that’s hard to define or explain. I still talk to kids from five years ago that went on the trip and they still talk about how life-changing the trip was. It truly is a life changing experience. That’s the top one, but I probably have 100 more of them.

What motivates you to give? I grew up in a home where my mother was very much like a Mother Theresa type of


person. She was extremely giving. I remember I would get upset because growing up we didn’t have a lot, I mean we had cloths and we had food, we didn’t have a lot of extra things. My mom no matter what if somebody needed help she would always help them. Whenever my friends needed a place to stay they would stay at my home and she became known as everybody’s mom. To this day some of my friends I grew up with still call her mom. I saw the joy that it brought her and I felt the joy too. I feel like I would love to give everything away if I could but it’s really a personal thing so people giving connect when giving on a personal level. Giving can be done in many ways by I giving your time donating to organizations, helping at events, fundraising, donating material items. But to me the most important thing you can do is give the gift of smiling at somebody and saying “thank you” “how are you doing?” My mother worked with elderly people and I would go to the nursing home and walk in and their faces would light up. Just to have someone come talk with them spend time with them and just say “hi”. My mom would say that they would talk about it for weeks because they didn’t have a lot of visitors. I try to also raise money because these events cost money. I try to donate money when I can when I have extra money that I don’t need. I don’t need to be driving a new car, cut some expenses here there. I’d rather give financial contribution when I can. It’s not just a financial support it’s a personal support you’re there for somebody to hear the words “Hi, how are you today”. What is the best US4K story? We’re at a surf camp a couple months ago Craig (The President of the San Diego Chapter) comes up to me and points across the grass area and says “John John Florence came out today.” We kind of look. I don’t know exactly what John John looks like but I knew he had blonde hair and is a kid. So my daughter got a picture with him some of the kids got a picture with him. Then the next day I’m at a college graduation party showing pictures “OK check out John John Florence with my daughter” the kid who I showed said “that’s not John John Florence.” I called Craig and was like “hey Craig was that John John?” Craig said “I was just kidding.” Top 3 favorite surf breaks? Indicators is a break that only breaks when it’s really big in the winter outside of Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. This is a killer wave, it’s a good left and I’m a goofy foot so I had great memories of doing a bottom turn and the fin breaking because of so much pressure. Next to that is inside of that is called Bird. Another left because I’m a goofy footed. Then next is G-Land my son and I went there 2 years ago that was the most amazing surf I think I’ve ever seen. I can’t say I tore it up cause I’m too old now, if it was 20 years ago then this would read much different. If anyone ever gets the chance to go they need to go!

“I feel like I would love to give everything away if I could but it’s really a personal thing.” 15



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untington Beach Our surf camp in Huntington Beach on July 29th was full of smiles, lots of Aloha, and pure stoke! We started off as strangers, but left as an OHANA! Special thanks to the US Open of Surfing and the World Surf League for inviting our youth to your event. The VIP tour given by ChloĂŠ Kojima made each one of them feel so special! We provided each youth their very own US4K Passport and spent lunch discussing values and our code of conduct.


Open Event




By Debora Stewart



By Jason Rose




Accessurf’s Hawaii Adaptive Surf Competition at Duke’s Oceanfest continues to be my favorite event of the year. This year we had 84 competitors from 14 different countries compete in 7 different divisions depending on their particular physical disabilities. There’s nothing quite like seeing a partial quadriplegic drop in on an overhead wave. Unfortunately the waves were small this year, but there’s always plenty of good vibes and stoke regardless of the conditions.


By Craig Jenkins Urban Surf 4 Kids volunteers and youth were stoked to help out Lions Club Surf With The Blind event. This was an amazing day where our youth was able to serve in an and unique way! Our Lions Club Surf With The Blind was a powerful opportunity to connect with first time surfers with visual impairments and catch some waves. The amount of trust that is given by a participant to let us get them into a wave is absolutely awesome to experience. Many of our first timers caught and rode waves all the way into shore with hoots and cheers from everyone all day. Our Dreaming of Aloha youth were on hand to assist our participants into wetsuits if needed and escort them down to the beach for instruction before getting in the water and then escorting them up to change out again when they were done. What a truly moving day for all. I personally go to surf with John, a 6’4� 214 lb. man who had never even conceived of the idea of surfing before and here he was just having the very best time catching and riding waves all the way into the beach. I also got to surf with Linden, and Matt, and Malibu, and so many others who had never surfed before, never imagined they could do it, all who were riding waves throughout the day. What an amazing gift and wonderful day.


club surf with the blind


Surf with

aC p Day

Daytona Beach


By Debora Stewart

November 4th

Our 2nd annual Surf with a Cop Day was EPIC! We participated in a Hawaiian tradition to honor our fallen local law enforcement with a reading of names lost in 2017, a prayer, a moment of silence and a paddle out! We took time together to discuss the importance of this event in helping bridge the gap between our local law enforcement and our children in need! This event was a community collaboration starting with our local enforcement from Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety and Volusia County Beach Safety team. Our sponsors all helped make this a day to remember. Special thanks to: Alphagraphics Daytona Beach, One Voice for Volusia, Coastal Family Church, Maui Nix Surf Shop, Daytona Board Store, Jay Todd, Gnarly Charley’s Grom Surf Series, Christian Surfers Daytona Beach, Ryan Ragan, Flagler Chiropractic (Adam), The Home Depot, Madden’s Ace Hardware FL, Lowe Orthodontics, All Aboard Properties, The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Tijuana Flats, Pizza Hut, Hope Scouts, and Perego! We can’t wait till next year!!!


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Photos by Marion Cunningham and Team Rider Luke Pelbath

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g grom report

by Jake Broderick

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your surfing background. My dad introduced me to surfing through Urban Surf 4 Kids. I’ve always grown up with a love and respect for the ocean, but in the last year I have really developed a desire to surf. Other than surfing what are your hobbies? My hobbies are volleyball, skateboarding and paddle boarding. What are your goals in and out of the water? In the water my goals are to become a professional surfer and compete all around the world. Out of the water my goal is to go to the University of Hawaii at Manoa and get my degree in Marine Biology and work for National Geographic. Tell us about your experience at the Sisters of the Sea Surf Contest? I think that the Sisters Of The Sea surf contest really helped start my career as a surfer and helped me build relationships with other surfers and sponsors. Tell us about how being at all the US4K events, trips have shaped your life in and out of the water. My favorite Urban Surf event is the Dreaming Of Aloha trip where we take foster kids to Hawaii for one week. This trip has helped me by introducing me to the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In addition it really helps me connect with the youth on the trip and understanding more of what they go through. I appreciate the opportunity of going to the Urban Surf events because there like a big family reunion.



Our kids need more



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nity e opportu h t e m s e giv Surf 4 Kids • Urban with rmal.” together t e to feel no g s id k e where • “A plac fluences.” nfide, in positive in , “I can talk and co events ill listen.” w y e • At the h t d n ple, a these peo

By Louise Zavala

Aloha!!! My name is Louise Zavala and I along with my husband and son Mikey, we are volunteers for Urban Surf 4 Kids. I am also humbled and honored to be one of the Board Members for Urban Surf 4 Kids. I am so proud to be apart of our 5th Annual Dreaming Of Aloha Achievement Program. This program allows our foster youth to dream big! What impacted me the most was some of the quotes from their essays. So take a moment and be inspired from kids who want to achieve great things in life.


• Having someone give you their undivided attention feels so incredible and so motivational. It’s just such a positive experience. You leave there feeling like you can accomplish anything.” • “To be able to inspire others to be who they want to be no matter what the odds are, and achieve their goals.” • “It is like a safeplace. Cause you don’t feel different than anyone else.”

• “Urban Surf 4 Kids means to me hope and a chance to try something new. It also means family and love.” • “Hopefully one day I can design a new logo for Urban Surf, or even sponsor you guys.” • “Urban Surf 4 Kids would be an amazing platform to get me started on continuing my journey to better myself and inspire others along the way.” • “Everybody needs a vacation.” • “It’s always been my dream to travel to Hawaii.” • “it would be great to not only meet other kids what have the same interests, but to meet people that are giving us this opportunity and what it means to them.” • “It will be an amazing experience to see how the people in Hawaii are.” • Trip will “make me a better person.” • God’s creation of Hawaii is such a miracle!” • “The waves wash my burden from my body; the sand helps me dream about my future. The shells and rocks, I like squeezing them in my hand, it’s like squeezing God it draws me closer to Him, the God I learned recently is a God of love not fear.”


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Surf Photography


photo by: Bradley Krisher



photo by: Bradley Krisher



photo by: Bradley Krisher 43

photo by: Bradley Krisher


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Surf Photography


photo by: Damian Antioco



photo by: Damian Antioco



photo by: Damian Antioco



photo by: Damian Antioco



photo by: Damian Antioco


Surf Photography

all photos by: John Maher



photo by: John Maher 58



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sayulita surf Retreats index.html 001 52 (329) 29 838-81



Villas San Buenas

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c o s t a r i ca

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US4K Beach Christmas Party La Jolla Shores December 15, 2017

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Urban Surf 4 Kids Magazine Winter 2017  
Urban Surf 4 Kids Magazine Winter 2017  

Urban Surf is proud to bring you another edition, highlighting our "Surf With A Cop Day" in San Diego, Volunteer spotlight with US4K legend...