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From The Editor We did it! Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine is back!! I must tell you that this issue is near and dear to my heart. The issue is near and dear to my heart because of the theme of the magazine, “Mid Life Strategy for Full Life Living.” I came up with this theme because as I arrived at my 61st year in June of 2018, I began to ask myself “what IS my strategy for living a thriving and well life aJer 60?” I thought about how I wanted to live or be aJer 40 and aJer 50, but I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted to do in terms of my aJer 60 strategies. I began to journal and came up with some of these thoughts: If you had the ability to create a strategy or plan for your mid-life years what would it be? What would be included in your strategy? Would you have goals for your health, travel, career, family, vacaRons etc… What would be included in the mid-life strategy that helps you to live a more enjoyable and full life? These are the quesRons we should be asking ourselves as we head into mid-life and beyond. We have the right and the ability to live our lives as we see fit. We also have a right and a responsibility to ourselves to live our best lives. In mid-life you can sRll go aJer your dreams, your desires, and your life goals. Life doesn’t stop at mid-life, in many ways it begins. That is the reason why I interviewed 3 women who decided to make major changes in their lives aJer 50! Their stories are inspiraRonal and I hope moRvaRonal enough to get you thinking about what changes you want to make as you get into the 50 ’s, 60’s and beyond. I have to say that my life at 61 is the best ever!! One of the reason’s I feel this way is because I am determined to live my best life right NOW! Everything that we have gone through up to this point has prepared us to live our best lives now. There is no reason, to stop pursuing those things that we are passion-

ate about. There is no reason to just sit… and wait to get older. These days Women are rising up in their 40’s, 50’s, 60's’, 70’s ( yes I said 70’s) and doing what makes them happy, what gives their lives meaning and what gives them joy. It’s your Rme ladies! CREATE your strategy for mid-life living and beyond, IMPLEMENT the strategy, then live with GREAT EXPECTATION of all the good to come as a result! I pray that this issue is a blessing to you and will help moRvate you to create your own special “Mid-Life Strategy For Full Life Living.” Health and Blessings, Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHHC, CLC, CPI, Publisher and Chief Editor, Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, Different Backgrounds…Same Journey

By Becky Tucker With every new decade it seems like we are faced with new challenges and packing on extra body fat that does not want to budge is one of the most common issues as we age. ResRng metabolic rate declines, stored body fat does not convert to energy as quickly and less muscle mass can be brought on by our body’s relaRonship with calories. Our tendency is resorRng to restricRng calories but this can make mahers worse by further decreasing our resRng metabolic rate. LepRn and ghrelin are two of the many hormones that help to regulate your metabolism, appeRte and body weight. While lepRn is considered the main” saRety hormone” because it helps control your appeRte, ghrelin is considered the main “hunger hormone” because it increases your desire to eat. Even though these two hormones have opposite effects, working together in a checks-and-balances type of way, diet and lifestyle changes that help to regulate lepRn are also helpful for controlling ghrelin. One leading cause of fat gain is due to not eaRng enough nutrient dense calories. Almost every woman I talk to is confused by the fact they are eaRng less, in many cases exercising more, but gejng larger. EaRng a well -balanced and maintainable diet to burn stored body fat that contains a variety of nutrientdense foods including lean protein, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and water will help “wake-up” our metabolism and start to shed unwanted stored body fat.


sugary drinks, diet sodas, alcohol, added sugars, candy, processed foods and white flours.

Our bodies uRlize carbohydrates as the primary source of energy and help us burn fat and build Protein muscle and should be approximately 40% of our EssenRal for various funcRons in the body such as daily intake. Good sources are fruits and vegetagrowth and repair of Rssues and are used as a secbles and complex carbohydrates (beans, lenRls, ondary source of energy when there is a limited oatmeal, quinoa, potatoes and brown rice). Avoid

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A woman’s body goes through various changes as she grows older. The body that she may have now in her 40's, 50's or even 60's; may be drastically different from the one that she had in her 20's and 30's. Therefore, specific training is needed to combat those changes. Women over 40 need to perform specific exercises — stretching and strength to training. In particular — to maintain bone density, flexibility and increase muscle mass. Strength training at any age is great but especially for those over 40.

Your Success is Our Main Concern We understand that adapting to new fitness habits can be difficult. Having a Personal Trainer is a great way to jump start your fitness regimen. It takes the how, when and what to do out of the equation. A Personal Trainer can be your final answer to all of weight loss struggles. Professional guidance in the gym can help you to better achieve your desired results faster because you are doing the RIGHT exercises. Doing what's RIGHT in the gym can make a whole lot of difference in the numbers on your scale. Continuous support is always available to further promote continuity of your training. regimen. You can follow our daily blog and take advantage of a bi-monthly conference call to discuss your progress. Our sole purpose for you as our client is to set you up with a healthier lifestyle for life.

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source of carbohydrates available to the body. Aim to get 30% of your daily intake. Lean sources include poultry and eggs (free range and organic) game meat, lean ground beef (100% grass fed) wild caught fish and tofu.


relevant goals. Track your progress and don’t give up, 90 days of consistency will lead to success. Have one relaxed meal a week so you do not feel deprived and remember that one off meal or day will not set you back to your starRng point. This is a lifestyle change, enjoy the journey!

Becky Tucker is a Wellness and NutriRon Dietary fats insulate our organs and play a role in Consultant and Personal Trainer. She has been producRon and regulaRng hormones and should helping people and teaches quality lifestyles thru be approximately 30% of our daily intake. EssenRal nutriRon by helping other women understand the fahy acids also serve as an energy source for the importance and role of being the NutriRonal Gatebody and assist with the absorpRon of fat-soluble keeper for their families. Her passion of fitness vitamins. Animal sources should be carefully por- and nutriRon began when she was in her early Roned or limited, especially those high in satu- 20’s, teaching group exercises classes and teaching rated fat and trans fat. Good choices seeds, nuts women how to cook quality, healthy meals at and nut buhers, avocado, extra virgin olive oil and home. She became a CerRfied Jazzercise Instructor coconut oil. Avoid parRally hydrogenated oils. in 2000 and opened a fitness center which led to becoming a CerRfied Personal Trainer and a CerRPorRon control is an important tool for weight fied Wellness and NutriRon Consultant. She has management. Pay ahenRon to servings on packher husband live in the St Louis area where they age labels to avoid over consumpRon. There are enjoy spending Rme teaching, training and menmulRple ways to monitor porRons; food scales, eat toring other families about quality lifestyles for off of smaller plates, use your palm as guide (each healthy aging. serving should not exceed the amount you can hold in your palm) and when eaRng out ask for a to-go box and reserve half for later. As you begin a new journey it is important to set a goal. Be specific and set realisRc, measurable and

Featured Wellness Woman Sherry Burton CreaRve, Inspiring, Courageous I first met Sherry Burton about 7 years ago. Like most of the Sister/Friends I have met over the last 10 years, I met her virtually. I was immediately impressed by her creaRvity and her ability to communicate such beauRful messages through interior design. Sherry is an accomplished HolisRc Interior Design and a best-selling author. About 4 years ago at a Rme in her life when her business was going well, and she appeared to have all the trappings of success, she had to make a life altering decision. She decided to divorce her husband of 15 years. It was not an easy process. Sherry had to make some lifestyle changes, and she also had to dig deep to decide how she wanted to move forward in her life. Now at the age of 50, Sherry has a beauRful tesRmony of how making a monumental change in mid-life can be one of the best blessings in life. Not only is she thriving in her new life, she has found a new love and is now engaged! What made you decide to make a different choice in your career/business/lifestyle at this stage in your life? I was dissaRsfied with working in industries that did not make a difference in helping people on a more personal level. My lifestyle choices were made once I realized my mental, physical and spiritual health were in jeopardy.

What were the three thing that moKvated you to pursue this change in your life? I was dissaRsfied with living a mediocre life. I was Rred of playing it safe and feeling no joy in the act of living day to day. I was feeling increasingly unhappy and knew that I needed to make a change. I felt like I was living a lie. All of these feeling began to moRvate me to make a change. What signs has the Universe/God revealed to you to let you know that you are on the right track?

I began to get tesRmonials from people I do not know about the books and arRcles I write. I began getRng feedback at book signings from people who had followed my career. There were signs everywhere that I was on the right track. What have been some of your key learnings during this journey? When you make your interior space more conducive to transformaRon, you can quickly change your life. Take risks when necessary. Trust your intuiRon. Do not allow anyone to make you a doormat. Your acRons and decisions will not please everybody. The most important person you need to please is yourself. Don't wait for permission or acceptance. Do you! Decisions you make are not going to be popular with everyone. However, at the end of the day you have live for yourself. Stay grounded and use what works for you to maintain your sanity. If you were to give advice to a woman are considering a change of careers/lifestyle/business aQer 50 what would you say? I would say go with your passion and overall feeling about what you want to do. If it feels good to your should then do it! If you are feeling strong resistance, then don’t do it. Sherry Burton is the owner of SBW Aligned Expressions is and Interior Environment Coach & Author. You can ďŹ nd out more about her services at hhp://

10 Tips To Holis,cally Reduce Stress: Enhance Your Wellness, Focus and Produc,vity By Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHHC, CLC, CPI These days stress is a part of our lives. It appears that stress is unavoidable and a part of everyday life. StaRsRcs show that stress can come as a result of our jobs, money issues, relaRonships, poor nutriRon, media overload, and sleep deprivaRon. Studies have also shown 77% experience physical symptoms from stress; 73% experience psychological symptoms from stress and 48% feel stress has increased in their lives over the last five years. We have to start finding ways to minimize how stress impacts the body. Here are some great holisRc Rps to reduce your stress and increase your joy, focus, and producRvity!

1. Determine what is actually causing you stress. Is it a par,cular person, a situa,on you are experiencing, a par,cular event, a rela,onship? Is your plate too full? Have you taken on too many obliga,ons and now you are feeling anxious, nervous or fearful? 2. Make it a priority to set your personal boundaries and then live by them. 3. Get rid of any ac,vity, person, life situa,on that no longer serves you. 4. It is okay to say "no." If you are asked to do something you don't want to do say, "no." It is also ok to reset expecta,ons. Stop bi,ng off more than you can chew. 5. Take a look at your lifestyle. What can you improve or change? Do you need more sleep, are you ea,ng healthy foods, are you geTng enough exercise? What is it that you are do-

ing that might eventually lead to health problems? 6. Eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol and any other s,mulate that may put unnecessary stress on your liver. 7. Focus on the good in your life and keep a gra,tude journal. What we focus on influences how we feel throughout the day. Concentra,ng on the good in your life increases your overall feeling of well being and decreases that overwhelmed, stressed out feeling. 8. Increase intake of foods that are high in Vitamin-B, Omega 3, and Iron. 9. Use essen,al oils and blends to help with the feelings that come with stress; anxiety, depression, feeling of being overwhelmed, impa,ence, lack of focus, and fa,gue. Try Focus Blend, Lavender, Grounding Blend, Monthly Blend for Women, Wild Orange, Calming Blend, Roman-Chamomille. 10. Take five minutes and just be s,ll. Visualize a place that brings you a sense of peace and calm. Many like to visualize a beach,or the ocean, perhaps the forest. Click here for a video that will help with your visualiza,on

By Dr. Kat Smith, DHS, ACS

We are all aware that life gets in the way of loving passionately as we did in the beginning of a relaRonship, however, it can be managed. Change is inevitable. Managing your love life may not seem like a sexy descripRon when you think of romance, but in order to re-ignite the fun, excitement and saRsfacRon from before, you have to invest a lihle focus. How did you get there? That is the main quesRon asked of couples. What happened to us? Well, you have evolved into a life that is intricately woven together; kids, a home, material

possessions, pets, acRviRes, daily responsibiliRes, eaRng, sleeping, etc. But how do we manage relaRonship evoluRon? To begin, there are three phases of a relaRonship:

• AUracKon/LusKng • Bonding/Developmental • Trust/Acceptance

In the AhracRon/LusRng phase we experience the iniRal excitement of new love and physically we desire each other - sexually and with companionship. You can’t get enough of each other and you are high off the flood of love hormones due to the constant physical contact.

and what you are building together in your house of love.

The Trust/Acceptance phase is when we feel we know our lovers and we have resigned our emoRonal investment into the love we have developed. Our rouRnes are in place and we are comIn the Bonding/Developmental phase we are fortable with how life is playing out…well, hopeblending our lives together whether through fully. marriage and family or living together. We are None of this comes without Rme and dedicalearning about each other and making comproRon. We learn to manage our lives and the mises for the relaRonship. There maybe many labels we take on but when it comes to challenges, but you focus on the bigger picture our love lives we sort of let them sehle into ---------------ADVERTISEMENT---------------

Listen to The Wellness Journey Podcast Series here:

Toss your leg over his/hers or snuggle while watching television or reading. 2. No Run by Kissing - Mindless, emoRonless pecks are as rouRne as grabbing your keys when leaving home. Stop, look into each other’s eyes and share a REAL kiss. Hug and let them know that you appreciate them. Be present and in the moment of the kiss. Connect and allow your body to release stress replace and expect them to flourish. Over Rme lieving hormones to help you deal with traffic like any living thing, neglect will kill a relaRon- or co-workers or whatever else stresses you ship. Managing is key to sustaining a loving, ro- throughout the day. Besides it sends you off with that warm feeling of knowing that somemanRc and saRsfying love life. one loves and cares about you.

Here are 3 keys to managing changes in your inRmate relaRonship:

3. Date Night is Mandatory - When everything else take precedence over our love lives, it can fall to the wayside. So set up a regular night for your to reconnect and spend quality Rme together. No excuses. Get a siher or trade off kids with another couple and allow them a date night as well.

1. Get back in touch - I am amazed at how many couples live in the same dwelling and sleep in the same bed but share lihle to no affecRon on a daily basis. AffecRon is a key component of inRmacy. InRmacy is more than sex. Its trust, care, respect, nurturing, communicaRon, Go on an actual dinner or movie date. Do some passion and yes, sex is a component but it lasts role play and share some adult fun at a luxury on average about 7 minutes. What are you dohotel. Relive your honeymoon. Get back to ing to create a deep inRmate relaRonship with your other awaken moments? Sharing affecRon on a daily basis will reverse the recoil from your partner when iniRaRng sex, because you will have shown that you are affecRon not only when you desire sex. We need affecRon to feel desired and appreciated. Never pass your lover without a caress, hug, or snuggle. Stay in touch while relaxing in bed.

what you love about each other and express it on a regular basis. Making simple changes to your rouRne can reverse the negaRve changes and cause a ripple affect in your sex life. When we feel loved we want to express that desire. By making love we are encouraging our lovers to respond in kind. AdjusRng to changes in your inRmate relaRonship will enrich your relaRonship and signal to your lover that your desire for them is sRll burning. Dr. Kat Smith, DHS, ASC is America’s In6macy Expert. As an In6malogist™ (in6macy Expert) she helps couples and individuals expand their capacity to love a n d b e l o v e d . L e a r n m o r e a t hhps://


By Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen This is my year of Jubilee. That was my bold proclamaRon the day I turned 50 in 2017. This is my year of Jubilee, the year that I am set free from enslavement. The year that I pronounced complete happiness, joy, freedom and uher fulfillment.

From the outside I was living the “Dream.” But inside I was feeling and believing a story that looked nothing like how I presented outside.

So the folks in my life were stunned and skepRcal when they heard me say it was my year to be freed from enslavement. On the surface, with my execuRve career in a corporate law firm, my side passion career as a coach and intenRonal living strategist, the house, kids and car; how could I even begin to say that I was enslaved?

• overwhelming debt

For years, I had been suffering from:

• insecurity • low self esteem • self-criKcism • doubt

• failed relaKonships

• goals

• feeling really alone; and

• relaKonships

• I was giving so much of myself I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

• body

I had been enslaved by thoughts, emoRons and limiting beliefs that went virtually unchecked, and affected every area of my life: • my money • my career • my relaKonships • my health • my weight; and • my choices. Prior to my Jubilee declaraRon, I had already started my journey. Stumbled upon it actually. Although I was earning a great income, I consistently found myself in overdraJ month aJer month, without savings, and drowning in debt. It made no sense, so I sought the assistance of a wealth therapist (yes, they exist.) During our work together she introduced me to emoRonal freedom technique, also referred to as Tapping. I was amazed at how this mind body connecRon tool worked, revealing and clearing root issues so quickly! Tapping works. Tapping is a measurable mind body connecRon tool that calms down the fight or flight response, deregulates the stress response and dissolves those physical reacRons and programmed beliefs that oJen go unchecked, and course through our nervous system every Rme we think about our: • money • savings • income

• purpose; and • overall well-being. Once I discovered the benefits of Tapping, I could not get enough! I studied everything Tapping, and discovered Margaret M. Lynch, and became a cerRfied as a tapping into wealth coach. Simultaneously, I started releasing body weight, increased confidence and online visibility. My relaRonships with others improved, procrasRnaRon ended, people just started connecRng with me more;

and I’ve started manifesRng like a manifesRng magnet. Four months into my Jubilee, I experienced a huge shiJ in my paradigm, with an uher convicRon that I DESERVED HAPPINESS, and that was when I knew it was safe to walk away from a senior career in corporate to focus on my passion guiding other woman to the most powerful version of themselves. Guess what happened? I’m no longer swimming in debt, I have savings, and being in overdraJ is a thing of the past. As I introduced Tapping, and my customized Tapping scripts to my transformaRonal wealth clients, they started seeing similar results.

• reducing stress and anxiety • increasing their self-worth • showing up big online • alleviaKng chronic pain; and • filling their calendars with clients. Tapping daily shines the light of consciousness and clarity to what is really going on ‘under the hood.’ It is from this grounded place of clarity that transformaRon, manifestaRon and miracles occur. Jubilee Is Freedom From What Enslaves You and that is the compound benefits of tapping daily, Tapping produces Jubilee.

Results like: • doubling and tripling their income doing what they love


Keisha is a TransformaRonal Wealth Coach, IntenRonal Living Strategist and EFT PracRRoner. Despite earning a six-figure salary I was in a financial mess, even facing foreclosure. As a single Mother of 6, I needed something to change and I sought the assistance of a Wealth Therapist who introduced me to tapping. When I discovered the immediate relief, I received when I first tapped on my lack of savings, I was hooked! I realized it was my mindset that I needed to work on and my relaRonship with money needed to shiJ… ...and it did. I was able to pay my mortgage, I am no longer overwhelmed and stressed out by bills, my savings

is steadily increasing and I was even able to walk away from my 9-5 to become a full-Rme coach guiding women to do the same. Now, I am passionate about helping other women use EFT Tapping to authenRcally and powerfully show up as their best selves so that they can own their value and ahract the wealth they deserve.

Click HERE …and get immediate access to a powerful guided EFT Script that walks you through exactly what to say while you’re tapping away those mental money blocks so you can ahract the wealth you deserve without all the stress, worry, or overwhelm.

Supercharge Your Life AQer 60: 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade By Vicki Ward

Supercharge Your Life AJer 60 is the ideal travel companion to navigate your 6th decade. The subRtle issues (and delivers) an enRcing promise: a guide to educate and equip you to successfully navigate life challenges just ahead. You’ve completed goals, met challenges, celebrated milestones, successes, and shared losses. The decade from ages 60 to 70 promises to be a definite game changer. The truth is you will experience more significant life-altering challenges during this 10 year span than the sum experienced in your previous 60 years! Supercharge Your Life AJer 60: 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade provides informaRon to help you prepare for this decade through vital informaRon on achieving life balance–financially, medically and emoRonally–as you age. With the medical and technological advances available, living longer prosperous and producRve lives is a greater reality. Click Here to purchase: hhp://

The GraKtude Formula By May McCarthy In The GraRtude Formula, Mary McCarthy offers a definable, pracRcal system that you can put to use every day to achieve success in your relaRonships, career, finances, health, personal pursuits, spiritual growth, and virtually any other aspect of your life. The details of her 7-step pracRce are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and McCarthy teaches that implemenRng them on a daily basis is the key to creaRng a life that you love. In The GraRtude Formula, you will learn how to: CREATE POWERFUL, PRACTICAL, AND ACHIEVABLE GOALSDEVELOP YOUR SPIRITUAL INTUITION TO HELP YOU MANIFEST AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMSUNTANGLE FROM ANY DOUBTS, FEARS, OR BEHAVIORS THAT ARE HOLDING YOU BACK FROM ABUNDANCESAY YES TO PROSPERITY AND LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES. McCarthy’s experience as a business strategist and successful entrepreneur has given her the tools to create success in her life and for her clients, and now she shares those tools in this book. The instrucRons contained in The GraRtude Formula are simple and clear, and if you follow them daily, you can begin to receive abundance and create a life you love. You can get teh book here: hhps://

Soul Health Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living “To know your soul is to know true health. Only then can you reach radiant living.” Dr. Katherine T. Kelly Ph.D., M.S.P.H (2018) Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living describes how the soul is at the hub of all aspects of our health and well-being and provides the roadmap to reaching opRmal health—soul health. Our soul’s most natural state is that of unimpeded growth. Therefore, our soul’s evoluRon depends enRrely on our willingness and ability to balance our lives in such a way that we create an unobstructed environment for its growth. In the Soul Health Model, the soul is depicted as the life force within an ever-evolving tree. Much like the growth of an actual tree, our soul’s evoluRon depends on the health of the elements available to it and only thrives when the essenRals of our existence are balanced and fulfilled. The model illustrates the ten primary elements of the human condiRon which must be balanced in order to reach radiant health. Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living provides the framework for achieving ulRmate balance and fulfillment in your everyday life as well as provides important tools for your soul’s evoluRon. Click Here to Purchase: hhp://

The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words By Mary Fran Bontempo

We women talk—a lot. Yet, the words that take others to their happy place oJen make us miserable. Words like “vacaRon,” “change,” and “balance” can leave us breathing into a paper bag with our heads between our knees. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join Mary Fran Bontempo and The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words and redefine the “dirty words” that make women cringe. You’ll laugh, clean up your self-talk, and trim your “dirty words” list down to size. Click here to purchase: hhp://

Do One Thing - Feel BeUer | Live BeUer 31 Easy Tips to Improve Physical, Emo=onal, Mental and Spiritual Vitality By Julia Scalise, DN, PhD

AJer fiJeen years of listening to clients say they’re overwhelmed with life’s responsibiliRes and financial challenges to keep up with health and wellness goals, Julie Scalise, DN, PhD, compiled these thirty-one Rps to serve their needs. The Rps are easy, mostly cost-free, and success-proven. In this book, you will learn: •

Nine Rps for improving physical well-being

Eight Rps for improving mental well-being

Seven Rps for improving emoRonal well-being

• Seven Rps for improving spiritual well-being vitality and well-being is easier and less expensive than you might expect Click here to purchase Julie Scalise’s book. hhp://

Reader’s Trilogy from Best Selling Author Vicki Ward Life's Spices From Seasoned Sistahs A CollecRon of Life Stories From Mature Women of Color These are true stories and poems from the voices of women of color. These "seasoned sistahs" hail from all across the United States and also include a sistah living in India. They boldly share the defining events in their lives. They tell of relaRonships, parenRng, family, self esteem, mothers, forgiveness, death, and finding a spiritual path. They describe how they walked these journeys in their lives. This first volume of stories and poetry is for younger women just experiencing life, and for mature sistahs alike. As these "seasoned sistahs" share their lives they enable others to learn from, and gain support through their trials, and triumphs. When you share their stories, you learn the importance of knowing there is similarity of life's experiences for all women everywhere. The book also contains an extensive state by state resource guide for women, which includes many US territories. More of Life's Spices, Seasoned - Sistahs Keepin' It Real speaks volumes to women. This book helps women reclaim their voices, liJs hearts and lays a path for empowerment. It is a 'sistah circle'--a gathering of women soulfully speaking authenRc truths of joyful highs and heart-wrenching trials. Their narraRves deepen our belief that life events are universal for all women on life's journey. They speak of self esteem, family dynamics, surviving obstacles, and overcoming trauma. ConRnuing on this road of life, they bare truths about relaRonships and inRmacy, and gently broach the subject of death, and living with loss. Readers will laugh, cry, and relate to the events these writers breathe life into. They will recognize the universal truths these women speak, which bonds them to one another in sistah-hood. Savvy, Sassy and Bold AKer 50, A Midlife Rebirth is inspiring and empowering, tailored for maturing women developing exciRng new lifestyles. Topics include women's health and nutriRon, the use of 'mind body medicine' to achieve balance, and financial strategies for budgeRng, and reRrement planning. This book conRnues the tradiRon of older and younger women teaching and learning from each other. Valuable are the candid personal tesRmonies of women over 50 who liJ their voices in support of and educaRon for this new phase of life. They speak about their finances, changing sexuality, plans for reRrement, and new pursuits they're seeking aJer 50. Vick Ward is an best selling award winning author. You can purchase her books at hhps://

Love on a Two-Way Street By Cheryl Denise Ward If You Don’t Know Me by Now started us off with Angel and Rusty daRng and we find out if they get married in Love Don’t Love Nobody - the second in the series. Now, we follow it with Love on a Two Way Street, this third book in the Trilogy is a true page turner! Each chapter has a life of its own and tells its own story. The reader will laugh, cry and talk out loud as the saga unfolds following the lives of the Alexander Family again. Angel and Rusty are back! And so is the rest of the family - along with some new members we’ve never met or wish we hadn’t. They also run into some problems they may or may not be able to fix this Rme. Even if Mama and Cille are praying, it might not be enough to pull them through. If that’s not enough, Janay’s Mother, Janet is sRrring up trouble again. Cheryl Ward has taken it over the top! Be sure to get your coffee, tea or wine, a spot on the sofa and a blanket, because you will not want to put this book down. hhps:// oks&ie=UTF8&qid=1532135319&sr=1-1

Mid-Life Joyride: Love In The Single Lane By J. Hope Suis

Mid-Life Joyride is the ulRmate user's manual for midlife relaRonships. Being single in mid-life is not usually where many SIMs (Single In Mid-Life) expected to wind up. In Mid-Life Joyride, J. Hope Suis takes SIMs on an incredible and oJen humorous journey from how they ended up here (widowed, divorced, or never married) to learning to love again. With a lighthearted yet meaningful collecRon of stories, advice, and encouragement from both personal and anecdotal experiences, she provides insigh€ul navigaRonal tools for every SIM including: * Entering the daRng cyber highway, creaRng your profile, and recognizing red flags * DaRng eRquehe as a SIM (who now pays for the date and what not to wear.) * Developing and maintaining new relaRonships and when to walk away You can get the book here: hhps://

Help Me God! Change My Life By Rhonda Jones Help Me God! Change My Life is a 10-week Bible-based program that will take you through a process of examining, peeling back, and eliminaRng those areas in your life, those illusions, obstacles, habits, and decepRons that keep you from being content with your life and experiencing God’s peace, health, and joy now. Usually, it’s our own toxicity that creates the toxic situaRons we face. It's Rme to step out of that toxic pit and allow God to make your foot steps firm and plant your feet on His solid rock! The Help Me God! Change My Life Program integrates Biblical meditaRon and includes three Christ-Centered MeditaRon Scripts designed specifically to help listeners move past their conscious mind and into their heart, where according to Jones, "real healing takes place." It is also possible to purchase the companion Help Me God! MeditaRon CD or the 3-meditaRon downloads for more inconvenience. You'll find details inside the book. Jones is also the creator of the award-winning website The ChrisRan Meditator and creator of the ChrisRan MeditaRon and RelaxaRon CD Series that allows ChrisRans to meditate on God in a way that completely honors their ChrisRan faith. hhps://

Get Ready, Get Set, Cuz’ We’re All Gonna Go! By Beatrice Toney Bailey “Get Ready, Get Set, Cuz’ We’re All Gonna Go!” is wrihen for anyone who wants to get their affairs in order prior to an illness or serious illness. Gejng your affair in order prior to any illness or disability is key. This book is laced with plenty of humorous stories and forms that will allow you to map out your progress. The book leads you through a step-by-step process of what to do when you received a serious diagnosis and the necessary acRons that need to be taken during the actual dying, death, and grief process. I can promise you that you will not die any sooner by gejng your affairs in order. It will be the ulRmate giJ that you can give to your family. Some of the areas covered in this book are: · How to meet with medical professionals and document your discussions. · Handling financial and legal mahers. · Sejng up a convalescent room from start to finish. · Handling legal mahers and contract issues. · Maintaining your sanity and learning to perform like a matador by sidestepping the “bull” that comes your way… olé! · NavigaRng through the worlds of hospice, dying, death, grief and “closure. · Visualizing your new life. · Grief and finding a new normal. You can get the book HERE: hhps://

MAGNOLIA: My Life in Poem By August J. Peggrew August J. Pejgrew had an even€ul childhood. AJer her family moved from the Deep South to the West Coast, she spent the sixRes and sevenRes growing up in Northern California. She was near one of the most turbulent and evolving centers of counterculture and poliRcal fervor. Pejgrew admits that she was insulated from many of these radical changes, but she sRll recalls the tensions the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon’s resignaRon, and the hunt for the Zodiac Killer brought into her life. At the same Rme, Pejgrew celebrates the triumphs of the civil rights movement and its lasRng legacy. Pejgrew’s new poetry collecRon spans from her childhood to her current posiRon on the cusp of becoming a sexagenarian. Pejgrew infuses all of her poems with hope and opRmism. It was her strong faith and posiRve thinking that helped her overcome the many obstacles on her journey forward. She writes of the challenges of romance and motherhood but also of the light they brought to her life. Pejgrew may look back at where she’s been, but she also knows that she is nowhere near the end of her unpredictable path. She can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! You can get the book here: hhps://

STARLA’S HOUSE By August J. Peggrew Starla’s House honors the parents, caretakers, and advocates who passionately support and fight for the rights of the disabled. August J. Pejgrew didn’t know much about disability rights or caregiving. She thought that she was simply preparing for her first baby. It soon became clear, however, that Starla was special. Pejgrew shares the lessons she began learning as she discovered the unique giJs her daughter had and the challenges she would face as a disabled child and eventual adult. The first thing Pejgrew noRced about her daughter was that she was so Rny. Starla was delicate and fragile aJer her birth but soon blossomed into a healthy and happy baby. It wasn’t unRl she was a year old that her syndrome began manifesRng. Starla started having seizures. Doctors told Pejgrew that Starla would be dependent on her for the rest of her life. Pejgrew never let these challenges stop her from loving Starla and fighRng for her. In this powerful and inspiring memoir, she details the realiRes of life as a parent with a special needs child. Pejgrew explains the pracRcaliRes but also emphasizes the need to keep joy, hope, and faith in your house and in your life. You can get the book here: hhps://

InspiraKon in Small Doses By Michele K. Synegal InspiraRon in Small Doses: UpliJing Short Stories and Essays rests upon a promise it makes to its readers, This book is an offering to help you find those elusive keys that unlock the doors to richer living. In assembling and grouping a collecRon of brief pieces, Michele K. Synegal, a renowned teacher and consultant in the field of human development, offers a ten-part resource to help individuals achieve more than they thought possible. In its short stories and essays, InspiraRon in Small Doses looks at a variety of topics: work, money, and success; perseverance; change; graRtude; grace, love, and forgiveness; discovering one's higher self; intenRon; expectaRon and faith; prayer; and dominion. The brief chapters in these secRons use stories and reflecRons to explore various facets of the topics and to point the way toward locaRng the keys that unlock the doors to new possibiliRes. Each chapter ends with an affirmaRon that liJs up the theme of the chapter and points out the way forward. Many people face today's world and feel weighed down by the volume of threats and challenges that stare back at them. InspiraRon in Small Does: UpliJing Short Stories and Essays suggests an alternate perspecRve. When you focus upon the deep and inexhausRble sources of inspiraRon that reside beneath us all, you will find your hand grasping the key that opens the door to the possibiliRes of doing more than you had dreamed you could achieve. You can get teh book here: hhps://

Surviving Compassion FaKgue: Help For Those Who Help Others Beverly Diane Kyer If you’re a Human Service Provider, caregiver, or you work with at-risk populaRons such as child protecRve services or adult protecRve services, as a counselor, social worker, probaRon officer, medical or mental health professional, with the jusRce system and law enforcement, also emergency response, rescue and recovery teams, or in any of the dozens of helping professions, Surviving Compassion FaRgue: Help for Those Who Help Others is for you.

You can get the book here: hhps:// ooks&field-author=Beverly+Diane+Kyer&sort=relevancerank


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Featured Wellness Woman Julie PoRker Passionate, Mindful, Transformed I first met Julie PoRker when she was a guest on my show “The Wellness Journey Podcast Series”. Have you ever had that feeling that while you have only known a person a short Rme, that you feel you have known the person much longer than that? This is the feeling Julie and I both had aJer our conversaRons on and off the air. Julie is as transparent and honest as they come. Here willingness to share her journey and help others with their own transformaRons is inspiring. AJer surviving some serious health challenges, Julie made a decision to go aJer what she really wanted to do. Julie took the leap of faith and immersed herself in a different way of living and being. The result is her wonderful book “Life Falls Apart, but You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm In the Midst of Chaos.”, and her Mindful Methods for Life trainings and a beauRful transformaRon into a life she lives and loves. What made you decide to make a different choice in your career/business/lifestyle at this stage in your life? In 2006, I began exhibiRng symptoms of a possible brain tumor. The wrong words kept coming out of my mouth. I’d say ‘capRno’ instead of ‘cappuccino,’ ‘maginal’ instead of ‘magical,’ ‘bunkey burvey’ instead of ‘topsy turvy.’ I went to a neurologist fearing the worst. AJer a thorough exam, the doctor asked me about my life — what my days consisted of, my family constellaRon, my schedule and volunteer work. I was a typical baby boomer, sandwiched between three adolescent kids (including idenRcal twin daughters) and aging parents. He asked me whether I had ever heard of Mindfulness-Based Stress ReducRon; I hadn’t. He suggested that mindfulness training was what I needed in order to improve my health. I dove head first into full-blown mindfulness training, taking more than a dozen courses and exploring mulRple avenues of study over the next several years, including the groundbreaking new pracRce of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC). In 2014, I was in the first small group of people trained to teach Mindful-

ness Self-Compassion. Now, I share these and other mindfulness techniques with the world through my Mindful Methods for Life trainings and my new book, “Life Falls Apart, but You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm In the Midst of Chaos.”

fabulous teachers and authors wriRng in the field of posiRve psychology, neuropsychology, mindfulness, and personal growth and my love of learning is enabling me to drink it all in, and add whatever new tools I glean to my Mindful Methods for Life toolbox. That way, I can keep sharing the love.

What are the three things that moKvated you to pursue this change in your life?

If you were to give advice to a woman are considering a change of careers/lifestyle/business aQer 50 what would you say?

I was introduced to mindfulness because of my health challenges. From there, the incredible changes I experienced in my physical health, mental health, and personal relaRonships are what moRvated me to become a Mindful Self-Compassion teacher for others. AJer teaching Mindful Self Compassion for a few sessions, I realized I needed to fold in other teachings, and that synthesis became my Mindful Methods for Life program! What signs has the Universe/God revealed to you to let you know that you are on the right track? Wow... I love that quesRon! My adult students have shared their transformaRons and that tells me that what I’m teaching is making a difference. I also renovated a room to create a meditaRon studio in memory of my mom at our local community center and every Rme I walk into it — the Balanced Mind MeditaRon Center — I am filled with peace and love. Now that my book is out, I’m getRng feedback that readers are feeling relief from some of their suffering by pracRcing the Mindful Methods illustrated in the book. That means the world to me. What have been some of your key learnings during this journey? You are never too old to recreate yourself. I found something that I am passionate about and it has given this chapter of my life so much joy. There are

Find something you are passionate about and step into it. Then if it feels right, jump into it. Remind yourself that you are worthy and that you are enough. Try to relax and enjoy yourself while not knowing how it will all unfold, telling yourself “it’s okay” if you need to hear it’s okay, or “may I have courage” if you need a boost. We are all on this journey together. May we be safe, happy, healthy, and live with ease. Julie PoRker is a Mindulness Expert and Instructor, and the Author of “Life Falls Apart, but You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm In the Midst of Chaos.” To listen to her interview with me go to hhps:// You can find out more about Julie, her book and trainings at: hhps://

Morning Yoga Rou,ne To Reduce Stress

By Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHHC, CLC, CPI I love doing Sun SalutaRons to help invigorate my mind, body and spirit. It not only helps me to relieve stress I found that doing this Sun SalutaRon has really helped to tone me. 1. Mountain pose: Start by bringing your feet and legs together, spread your toes. Make sure your heels are rooted and firm your legs. Then, roll your shoulders back and down and spread and liJ your chest. 2. Extended Mountain pose: Inhale through your nose and raise your arms up to the side, palms facing upwards. Extend your arms above your head with your hands in prayer posiRon. 3. Swan dive to forward bend, be sure to bend your knees especially if you have Rght hamstrings. This will protect the back: Exhale through your nose. Open your arms wide and bend at your waist to a standing forward bend. Your hands should touch the floor if you can or if not, the front of the ankles. 4. Standing lunge: Inhale through your nose and place your hands next to your feet on the floor and step one foot back into a lunge. Keep the front knee directly over the ankle and keep the back leg firm. Now, exhale and bring the other foot back to form the downward-facing dog posiRon.

5. Downward-facing dog: Spread your fingers and press your palms into the mat, they should be shoulder width apart. Now, liJ your hips up towards the sky, lengthening your spine. Gently straighten your legs, pressing your heels down into your mat as far as you can go 6. Plank pose: Inhale and take your shoulders forward directly over your wrists, extending well with your arms to form plank posiRon. Keep your thighs strong and firm, your feet flexed and your belly drawn in. 7. Knees-chest-chin pose: Exhale and bend your knees to the floor and then lower your chest and chin to the floor. Keep your chest open and your elbows close to the side of your ribcage. 8. Cobra: Inhale and raise your upper body to the cobra pose. Roll your shoulders back and extend the shoulder blades down and press them in towards the chest. Your chest should be liJed and open and elbows should stay close to the body. Make sure to liJ up your knee caps and firm your thighs. Your legs and feet should be well extended. As a variaRon, you can also do an upward dog. 9. Extended child's pose to dog's pose: Exhale and tuck in your toes while bending your knees and

pushing back to the extended child's posiRon. If possible, in the same breath move directly back to downward-facing dog. Pull the belly up and towards the back of the spine. 10. Standing lunge: Now this is where we repeat in reverse the first three postures that start the sun salutaRon. Inhale, bring your one foot forward in between your hands to the lunge posiRon. Now, exhale, and bring the back foot forward to join the front foot so that your feet are together. Hands on the floor or ankles 11. Reverse swan dive transiRon: With knees slightly bent, inhale and liJ your arms up to the side with your palms face upward to the sky. Now extend the arms above your head in prayer posiRon. 12. Mountain pose: Exhale to return to Mountain Pose to complete the Sun salutaRon Click here for a great example of the Sun SalutaRon movements - hhps:// HQ Namaste

Five EssenRal Oils That Are Great For Women Over 40

By Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHHC, CLC, CPI

AJer 40, your body starts doing its own thing. Every woman has a different experience with their body changing aJer 40. Most of you will agree with me that there are some changes we all have experienced: •

weight gain and bloaRng


lack of energy


I have talked to many women over that last 7 years about their various symptoms and many have tried all kinds of methods to try to either get rid of the symptoms or at least minimize the symptoms. I have tried herbs, vitamins, working out, diet changes, and counseling. While all of these methods have had an impact, I find that essenRal

oils have had the most significant and lasRng impact. I love my herbs but essenRal oils can be 50 to 70 Rmes more powerful. For instance, one drop of 100% organic peppermint essenRal oil has the potency of 12 tea bags of herbal peppermint tea. These are the oils I have been using to help me with my "over 40 symptoms" These essenRal oils really have changed my life. Lavender - one of my favorite oils is wonderful for relaxaRon and sleep. Put two drops on the bohom of each foot and rub in. Put two drops of the oil in a bohle with disRlled water and spray on your pillow at night. You can also burn in a diffuser and the enRre room will smell like lavender! When you walk in the room you will immediately feel relaxed. One more way you can use the lavender is to put a couple of drops of water and drink at bedRme. All of these methods are effec-

Rve and will not only relax you but will lull you to sleep before you know it! Clary Calm - is a must have oil for me. I have been using this blend for many years. It helps enhance my mood, PMS symptoms (when I had PMS) and menopausal symptoms. It definitely helps with cramps and helps to balance my hormones. Apply to the lower back or bohom feet using Carrier Oil, or you can use a diffuser. The Grounding Blend is also wonderful for bouts with anxiety, nervousness, and helps the whole body to relax. Clary Sage - is a wonderful oil for women to use. It helps enhance your mood and occasional meno-

pausal symptoms. Use on the bohom of the feet, ankles, and lower black. It too is great when diffused or just taking a sniff from the bohle. Metabolic Blend - is a wonderful blend of oils help to manage your appeRte, increase your metabolism and enhance your mood. Just use a 8 of drops of oil in 16 ounces of water and sip throughout the day (some use fewer drops for a different taste and sRll find it effecRve. You just have to be consistent to get the best results). Basil, Lavender, Cypress and Grapefruit can also help to burn fat. Patchouli, Grapefruit and Dill can also help to curb your appeRte.

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Peppermint, Lemon, and Citrus Oil - all of these oils help increase my energy in different ways. Peppermint is a great aJernoon pick me up. Just a couple of drops in my palm to rub across the back of my neck. Lemon oil and any Citrus oil is a great wake up in the morning. I like to diffuse the citrus

oils. My office and home smell refreshing and invigoraRng. Going into my office and smelling that wonderful citrus smell in the morning is a great way to start the day.


5 Ways To Get Inspired By Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHHC, CLC, CPI About 6 months ago I was burned out. I was in a rut. I was uninspired, and I was about to just quit this whole “mid-life crusade” and just do nothing. But of course, that was a ridiculous noRon. AJer spending 9 years doing this, why would I suddenly just stop. How could I suddenly just stop? What was really behind my burnout, my decision to just stop doing what I love, what I was passionate about? I realized right then and there it was Rme for me to take an assessment, develop a new mid-life strategy, implement the strategy, and then let go and let God while celebraRng in advance all the posiRve outcomes. I used these 5 holisRc Rps to get me out of the burnout stage. These Rps helped me to reenergize my purpose and passion for life. I suddenly started looking forward to every day and found real joy in even the small things. It was a revelaRon and thankfully a much-needed panacea to get inspired to live my best life right now! Start a GraRtude and IntenRon Journal – Every morning aJer my prayer Rme I take a few minutes to write down three things for which I am thankful. Whatever pops into my mind I write it down. I then set my intenRons for the day. What is it I want to accomplish? What is it I am believing in God for. This is not a to do list, but a list of intenRons of things you want to happen for that day. AJer you have done that start looking for signs that will lead you to the intenRon you set. When you are starRng your day in graRtude and sejng intenRons, you find yourself looking forward to your day in a more posiRve way. Fill Your Day With Joy – What brings you joy? What gives you a sense of peace and happiness? Whatever that thing is incorporate it in parts of your day. For instance, I love to do adult coloring. SomeRmes I stop during my day (someRmes in a middle of a task) and just color for a bit. I love the brightness of the colors that I use. I love the sense of accomplishment as the colors I am using brings the picture to life. Perhaps you love music, or love

spending Rme with your dog, or maybe spending some Rme at your local book store. Whatever it is, do the things that brings you a bit of joy every day. Be Mindful of The Present – We spend a lot of Rme not really being present in our own lives. It feels like we are, because we are sRll get things done, we sRll go to our day to day acRviRes. But when you think about it can you remember the details of your day? If you don’t that is not unusual. We get into a habit of not “experiencing” our day. The touch, feel and sound of our day. Staying mindful and being present, truly focusing on what you are doing throughout your day will have surprising results. You will find more joy, more engagement and most importantly you will be showing up more in your life. Pursue Your Passion – Everyone has something they are passionate about. SomeRmes it might be buried in the day to day of your life, but it is there. Make it a priority to find out what that passion is and then begin to pursue it. Do some research, talk to others who may be doing what you want to do, join a club or or-

ganizaRon whose membership is comprised of people who are interested in the same dreams/passions that you have. You will find the pracRce of pursuing your passion will give you a new awareness in your life. It will add another posiRve dimension to your personality that has always been there, just lying a bit dormant. Give Yourself Grace – We place so many expectaRons on ourselves and when we fall short we start that negaRve “self-talk”. In mid-life it is high Rme to give yourself GRACE. It is okay to take a break, to remove yourself from a situaRon that doesn’t serve you, or to just say “no” when asked to do something you don’t want to do. When you make a mistake, or a situaRon doesn’t work out the way you may have wanted it to, that’s okay. Other opportuniRes will come. Don’t hang on to outcomes you cannot change. Let it go. Extend yourself love and grace. Get ready for the next experience God has for you.


Redefining the Older Woman By Deanna Strandquist The most important life phase for women is the paradigm shiJ of aging to 40 and beyond, that of becoming the Older Woman. If a woman is not connected with her inherent feminine self, she may not understand how shiJing this transiRon can empower her. OJen, by this stage of their lives, women have had years coping with struggle, limited self-exploraRon, lack of self-care, perhaps resulRng in depleted energies, and subsequent chronic health issues. The natural transiRonal phases of the divine inner feminine is connected with an ancient rite of passage, the journey of the Maiden/Mother/Crone. There is beauty in each phase and a chance for redefining of oneself. The feminine archetypical energies are real, primordial energies that are influencing us and are available to every woman, to be accessed from a deep level within our psyche. Every woman can connect at some level with the feminine Archetype of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, at some Rme in her life feeling that connecRon with her own inner goddess. However, societal convenRon has taught women to ignore their own inherent vibrant, sexual energy and power, and fit into a mold that keeps them passive and safe. We start out with the Maiden phase, growing into womanhood as the virginal young maiden inspired by the enchantment of life. Then we move into the Mother phase, in sexual, social and emoRonal abun-

dance and growth, we naturally enter this cycle when we marry and have children. So many of my clients I see in my shamanic healing pracRce are struggling to make that transiRon beyond the “Mother” phase in their lives. They get stuck in the nurturing, caregiver phase, and do not know how to truly step into the next, most empowering phase of the divine feminine. Once their children are grown, they either get caught up in meddling in their lives to conRnue to feel needed, or stay stuck in a cycle of meaningless acRviRes that define them as wife and mother, instead of moving into the most beauRful and self-fulfilling part of the feminine journey, that of the Crone – the powerful, majesRc, mature wise woman who knows who she is, what she wants, and who lives a life of deeper meaning and purpose. In spite of this deep inner yearning to enter this transiRonal phase, many women remain frozen in fear of what lies ahead. Their future may look dark, lonely and uncertain, while they remain locked in the old cultural paherns of aging in a certain way, when their enRre inner being is ready to make a dimensional shiJ to emerge into a new reality of themselves. Fear of change, and reluctance to step beyond their comfort zone can leave them hanging on to old paradigms of who

they can truly be, or the abundant life that is available to them, is their inherent birthright to become – just like the caterpillar who transforms into the beauRful buherfly. The Crone phase, the Older Woman can have connotaRons in modern society as being pushed

aside and reviled, oJen being depicted as sharp tongued and biher. I encourage you to shiJ your paradigm of the Crone – the mature wise woman, and welcome this rite of passage in your life. With this passage, women are taking back the noRon that with age comes wisdom. They are vibrant, sexual, life-embracing women who are proud to be labeled as a Crone – a mature wise woman. Instead of hiding in the shadows, they celebrate the later years, and live a life of inspired acRon and purpose. When women fail to transiRon into this next phase of the feminine journey, there is oJen a sense of unexpressed passion and vitality - emoRons that lie dormant to create joy and fulfillment in your life. These women are oJen fighRng a burning desire for self-expression, self-fulfillment, and a sense of meaning and purpose. Or there are women who are desperately hanging onto their youth, clinging to youthful styles, ajtudes and desires, rather than emerging into their truly authenRc, most dynamic individualism. You are what your deep driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your desRny.
 Brihadaranyaka Upandishad IV

Vision is an integral part of the Crone phase – all women are inherently meant to lead a life rich with meaning and purpose. It takes vision and courage, to change the dysfuncRonal aspects of our life that keep us enmeshed, trapped and disengaged. No maher how abstract or specific our vision is, it can only begin with changes we make in our own lives, first envisioning the fullest version we desire for ourselves, and stepping into each moment of our life, moving toward that new reality. As a mature wise woman – or Crone - you can create this vision, and define your path to your future that will liberate you to live a deeply fulfilling life as a mature wise woman over 40. In our current cultural paradigm, most women do not even know how to transform their journey into this mature phase of life, that of the Crone. To begin this natural transiRon, start with pracRces for self-care, and self-discovery, allowing your truly unique self to emerge from the shadows. There are many ways to take this journey. But some simple things you can do to begin:

• Keep a Journal - to explore thoughts, feelings and ideas. This journal can be used to record and monitor progress, areas where you noRce a pattern in your acRons, thoughts and emoRons. As During the Crone phase, the forward-thinking wise you are wriRng, be aware of any intuiRve nudges woman works with the life stream energies of her that may arise as an insight to the issue you are exbody to create new ways of approaching her life. periencing, and record them. WriRng and reflectThis may be apparent in the way she dresses, ing on your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can bespeaks, and acts, and the ajtude with which she gin to open up your awareness around your experiapproaches her life. Do you dare be creaRve and ences, or life events which have defined you. Once unique? Do you see a life full of infinite possibili- you open up to your conscious awareness, you can Res? Or are you a creature of habit, and hide your begin your transformaRon, and redefine your true self under a passive exterior to fit in or get journey through self-discovery. along? Do you allow yourself to fully parRcipate in • AffirmaRons – It is believed that human coneach moment anew? Do you allow yourself to exsciousness is changing from linear energies of isplore your true creaRvity, in which the Crone natusues, judgements, and negaRve beliefs, into the rally expresses herself unabashedly?

mulRdimensional energies where we begin to embrace our full range of emoRons and increase our awareness of the collecRve consciousness. AffirmaRons become so much more powerful, they have a greater influence on our subconscious. It is also suggested that the subconscious runs around like a small child exploring everything unRl we consciously give her direcRon. The daily affirmaRons can provide the direcRons to inform our subconscious. • Breathwork - Conscious deep breathing is the mechanism for an individual to move energy within the body, and to connect with the earth, with the higher self, and the collecRve energies, all of which are readily available to us. When we experience congesRon, and in turn mental and emoRonal issues, we tend to breathe shallowly, only parRally filling our lungs – this is part of the limbic system which keeps us in survival mode. When we take deep breaths, filling our lungs, opening up our diaphragm, we experience a connecRon, with the earth and its grounding energies, with our innate self. Moving energy through our breath assists in acRvaRng our subtle anatomy. • Dreamwork - a powerful way to work with intent through your dreams. Dreams teach us to think symbolically, to see and integrate what is hidden, and to access the archetypal realm that dwells both within and around us. As a woman entering this new phase of maturity, you need not fear or dread your later years. You were not designed to grow old prematurely, to live and think you are not good enough, not strong enough to live the life you truly desire. To shiJ your percepRons, you step out of the old cultural paherns can be scary. So how can you do it?

You are evolving into the new you – the one who is smart, beauRful, worthy and powerful! You are ready to emerge as the mature wise woman who lives an inspired, purposeful life. It is Rme for each and every women to empower herself to take charge of the change and embrace it without fear, to redefine the world’s view of the Older Woman.

About Deanna Strandquist Deanna is a modern day Shaman and Ceremonialist who uses ancient wisdom in the modern world, to help people bring balance in their lives and connect with their own inner mastery. She conducts personal consultaRons and performs ceremonies in Calgary, Canada as well as internaRonally. She is the creator of the “Metamorphosis” Program and is dedicated to assisRng people in achieving profound transformaRon they desire. She has a shamanic healing and coaching pracRce in Calgary, Alberta CANADA where she assists people along their path, working with clients who are searching for a more fulfilling life. Wind Haven Shaman


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Featured Wellness Woman Yvehe Gauff Consultant, Coach and Performing ArRst Determined, MulR-faceted, Faith Filled

Yvehe Gauff is one of those women who is just mulR-talented and blessed. Not only is she beauRful, but she giJed with a beauRful singing voice, beauRful children, and a beauRful giJ of wanRng to always up her game. Here decision to pursue her passion and leave a comfortable situaRon is truly inspiriRng. Yvehe decided in her late 40’s to move 3000 miles away. Yvehe moved to New York to pursue an acRng and singing career. In the face of objecRons from friends and family, Yvehe decided to not let their feedback stop her dreams. Now some five years later Yvehe is sRll in New York, learning, living and loving her life through all the transiRons that mid-life brings. At 50, she feels she is sRll has just scratched the surface of all that life has for her. What made you decide to make a different choice in your career/business/lifestyle at this stage in your life? I knew that I was killing myself by remaining in the same vein of living the status quo life of getRng up every day and trading Rme for dollars in work that brought me no joy, and didn't help me make a posiRve, tangible difference in the world. My creaRve life - had come to a near standsRll - and that is where my joy is/was. Bohom line: Can you say, "I wasn't happy?!!"

What are the three things that moKvated you to pursue this change in your life? I wanted more and something beher for myself, for my family. I wanted a life that provided financial freedom and the Rme freedom to do and live as I desired, on my terms I wanted to be a posiRve influence on and leave a legacy for my three children. I needed to show my family, and other women, that they have opRons, even if it is not considered 'the norm'. No one in my family lineage was an entrepreneur. I felt the need to create change in my life that spurred long-term generaRonal change leading to enterprise building and wealth creaRon. What signs has the Universe/God revealed to you to let you know that you are on the right track? I have had encounters and meeRngs with people who have either done the things that I am inter-

ested in doing or are doing the things I want to do. I have met many people whose work can fit into the puzzle of my larger vision. I find myself talking about ideas that resonate with people. SomeRmes, my ideas are answers to issues that are happening right now in our society. It is an amazing experience to get validaRon of a dream or a goal you want to accomplish when you meet a person who is doing what you want to do. And …This interview! What have been some of your key learnings during this journey? It's never too late to change your mind, and you can change your mind more than once! Never give up...keep moving in the direcRon of what makes you happy and the fulfillment of your dreams. If you were to give advice to a woman are considering a change of careers/lifestyle/business aQer 50 what would you say? Something came to me just the other day. I walk up at least 100 stairs to get to my office every day. For the sake of my health, I try to plow through them without stopping. I put my head down and don't look up unRl I get to the top. Some days, for one reason or another, I am not able to do that. I

may stop, get my breath and start over again. The changes and transiRons in your life is are different. You have good days when you meet your goals and other days when you fall short. The most important thing is that you reach your goal! Do it - you owe it on yourself! Trust yourself. Face your fear head on; God's design for your life is most likely on the other side of it. Honor your desires for more and beher. Let your heart be the determining factor in your decisions. Journal, and get those thoughts out of your head. Gejng those thoughts out of your head helps clear the cluher and moves you toward clarity. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Keep yourself around like-minded, POSITIVE people! Work at squelching the negaRve voices in your head and replacing them with posiRve ones. Don't tell yourself 'no' - make ahempts toward what you want. Let go of and/or quit things that don't serve you. Believe in the impossible. Take care of yourself - get enough rest, eat good, healthy food and exercise your body and mind. Make Rme to play and have fun! Be kind to yourself - you will have missteps, get Rred, etc. It's ok. As long as you keep going, you are either winning or learning! YveTe Gauff is s6ll living in New York, pursuing her dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

SOUL HEALTH FOR MASTERING MIDLIFE By Dr. Katherine T. Kelly Ph.D., M.S.P.H Self-care is soul-care, and for women forty and beyond, it is the essenRal ingredient in leading a more radiant and fulfilling life. Although many women view midlife as our “freedom period”—an era of lessening responsibiliRes and stressors, we oJen don’t know what to do with ourselves, let alone recognize what it takes to help us feel radiant again—or perhaps for the very first Rme. Why is it that we can’t pinpoint what we need to truly thrive? In my work as a holisRc health psychologist, it seems that the primary void in a woman’s life is the true understanding of what I call “soul health”. Beyond religious connotaRon, the soul is the very essence of who we are—the hub of all aspects of everyday life including the physical, psychological, social, interpersonal, intellectual/occupaRonal, environmental, financial, sexual, spiritual, and recreaRonal “branches” of the human condiRon. It is our soul—or the deep voice within that we oJen hear, but ignore—that informs us of what will meet our innermost needs and de-

sires. Our radiance, then, depends enRrely on our willingness to explore what is creaRng any misalignment with the desires of our inner ally and to commit ourselves to realign our human lives to reflect the truest essence of who we really are. Because early life oJen requires women to primarily care for others, our “essence” is oJen leJ behind, unnurtured, and someRmes undiscovered altogether. The willingness to explore our innermost needs and desires can be both scary and exciRng, but this inevitably provides endless opportuniRes to expand our awareness and deepen our experience of life. While some call this a “midlife crisis”, it is actually the most important Rme in a female’s emoRonal and spiritual development. To know one’s soul is to know true health; only then can you experience radiant living. Self-love is another element missing in a woman’s quest for radiance. Women are masters at showing

love for others but oJen remain their own worst criRc. A lack of self-love creates all challenges or concerns within the human condiRon: low self-esteem or confidence, body-image issues, fear of not being good or prehy enough, an inability to set boundaries or assert ourselves, and very long list of others. When a woman works on self-love, we guarantee an improvement in overall soul health and radiance as well. How can you begin the soul health journey to radiant living? First, pracRce listening to your inner ally—your soul. IdenRfy its needs and begin working toward realigning your life to match the desires of your soul. Second, trust what your inner voice is telling you—believe what your soul requests and stop talking yourself out of what you really want and need. Third, act upon your needs and desires and create a plan for gejng them met.

When we align our human lives with the needs and desires of our soul, we experience health at the deepest and most saRsfying level, which ulRmately is our soul health. Our radiance depends on it.

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly Ph.D., M.S.P.H. is a licensed holisRc health psychologist, consultant, author, and speaker. Named the “pioneer of soul health”, her book Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living, Revised 2nd EdiRon has reached naRonal acclaim as an Amazon #1 Bestseller and also through over 250 radio and TV shows as well as various magazines throughout the United States. For more informaRon go to

Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living “To know your soul is to know true health. Only then can you reach radiant living.” -Dr. Katherine T. Kelly Ph.D., M.S.P.H (2018) Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living describes how the soul is at the hub of all aspects of our health and well-being and provides the roadmap to reaching opRmal health—soul health. Our soul’s most natural state is that of unimpeded growth. Therefore, our soul’s evoluRon depends enRrely on our willingness and ability to balance our lives in such a way that we create an unobstructed environment for its growth. In the Soul Health Model, the soul is depicted as the life force within an ever-evolving tree. Much like the growth of an actual tree, our soul’s evoluRon depends on the health of the elements available to it and only thrives when the essenRals of our existence are balanced and fulfilled. The model illustrates the ten primary elements of the human condiRon which must be balanced in order to reach radiant health. Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living provides the framework for achieving ulRmate balance and fulfillment in your everyday life as well as provides important tools for your soul’s evoluRon. Click Here to Purchase hhp://


Recipes Super Food Quinoa Salad Quinoa is a grain that is protein and nutrient rich. This grain is gluten-free and very high in fiber. Quinoa is an excellent food for those struggling with maintaining their blood sugar levels. Quinoa also is a great anRoxidant. All good reasons to add this nutriRous grain to your diet.

Ingredients: • ½ cup of broccoli florets, rinsed • 1 cup buhernut squash, peeled, seeded and chopped into ¼ - ½ cubes • 2 cups cooked quinoa (cook according to package direcRons or ½ cup of uncooked quinoa and 1 cup of vegetable broth or 1 cups of water with a pinch of salt) • 1/3 cup edamame beans cooked and cooled • 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger minced • 2 tablespoons of honey • 1 bunch kale, stems removed, leaves shredded chopped • Olive Oil • 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds • 4 teaspoons of rice vinegar or teaspoon of apple cider vinegar • Salt for seasoning squash • 2 teaspoons of sesame oil • 1 teaspoon of wasabi paste, or to taste

DirecRons • Rinse the quinoa • Add quinoa and vegetable broth or water with a pinch of salt to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. • Boil for 5 minutes. Turn the heat to low and simmer for about

15 minutes, or unRl water is absorbed. Remove from heat and fluff with a fork. Set aside. • While the quinoa is cooking, preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking pan with aluminum foil. • Toss the diced buhernut squash and broccoli florets with a 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Spread out evenly on the lined baking sheet. • Roast on the top rack of he oven for 15-20 minutes, or unRl squash is tender and turning golden brown on top. • Remove from oven. • While the squash is roasRng- to serve the warm whisk all the wasabi lime dressing ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat and allow to come to a low boil.

To Serve • Serve salad warm at room temperature • whisk all the dressing ingredients in a small sauce pan over medium heat • place kale in large salad boil • pour half the dressing over the kale and allow the dressing to absorb • add the buher nut squash, hot broccoli florets, cooked quinoa and edamame to the salad bowl with kale • spoon more dressing over the quinoa and toss together unRl well coated • Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and divide into separate bowls and serve immediately or allow squash and broccoli to cool to room temperature

Coconut Cranberry Smoothie (For Gut Health) INGREDIENTS • 1 cup frozen unsweetened cranberries • 1 cup almond or coconut milk • 1/2 banana (OpRonal) • 1 tbsp MCT Coconut oil • 1 Scoop Vanilla Vegan or Grass fed Whey Protein • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract (conKnued on next page)

• Dash of cinnamon DIRECTIONS Blend ingredients in blender Serve Gut health is extremely important as we journey through mid-life. This parRcular smoothie is a great way to promote gut health. Cranberries are great in aiding digesRon, prevenRng bad bacteria that san attach itself to our stomach lining and they are nutrient rich. The secret ingredient in this smoothie is MCT Coconut oil. This can be found on-line or at your health food store. MCTs” are medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fahy acid that has numerous health benefits, ranging from improved cogniRve funcRon to beher weight management. Coconut oil is one great source of MCTs — roughly 62 percent to 65 percent of the fahy acids in coconut oil are MCTs.


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By Rhonda Jones We all have those Rmes that we just need to get away, unplug from it all, and reconnect with God and ourselves. A wellness or spiritual retreat can be a necessary Rme of respite, rest, as well as rejuvenaRon. They provide us with the Rme to reset, readjust, and reflect on what’s working and what’s not, and then make those needed changes that support our values, goals, and well-being. DistracRons are everywhere and wanRng our ahenRon, making it difficult to take spiritual Rme outs as they lure us away with their every beck and call. It’s up to us to listen to our internal yearnings to retreat to that secret place and be refreshed once more. Retreats also give us Rme to reconnect with God, nature, and our inner spirit, all necessary to help us maintain our peace of mind, direcRon, and to conRnue to build our lives on a spiritual foundaRon. Think you might need a spiritual retreat? Here are some signs that it might be Rme for you to unplug for a day, weekend, or even a week.

If You: • Are burnt out with the work, church, family, friends or life in general. • Feel distant or disconnected from God and His Spirit. • Feel confused and need to bring clarity back to your life. • Need some support and tools to help you stay on your spiritual path. • Are lacking faith or suffering from fear, worry or negaRve thinking.

• Bored with your prayer life and need to insert some freshness into your walk with God.

• Feeling heavy and weighed down or under • Need to be loved and nurtured without judgspiritual ahack. ment. • Got into some bad habits and need to detox some aspect of your life (mentally, emoRonally, or physically) – Not drugs

• Just want to fellowship with some like-minded believers who are also seeking encouragement. Many spiritual and wellness retreats include guided meditaRon, yoga, nutriRous meals, wellness workshops, and ouRngs that help to restore your soul and make you whole again. Many leave retreats with new tools, even inner healing. I personally try to take frequent solo spiritual retreats, someRmes for a day, someRmes a week. Each Rme, it feels like I’ve returned home, home to the spirit, home to God. I wonder every Rme, how do people live without retreaRng? It is no wonder stress is vamped and disease on the rise. We can only handle stress in our bodies for so long


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before it begins to manifest in the body. God’s Word says that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. On spiritual retreats you will be with others who are also wishing to explore or deepen their spiritual pracRces and find that quiet Rme to just be with God. OJen you will learn new spiritual pracRces to transform your life, draw closer to the Most High, manifest the desires of your heart, and live with more peace, joy, and contentment. In a nutshell, spiritual or wellness retreats help you to: Reset: Every now and then we need to push the reset buhon and move forward with a clean slate. We need to let go and release all that may be weighing us down, so we can begin our journey with clarity and a fresh new vision. Reflect: Reflect on what is and is not working in our life and then make new choices or decisions to live by our values, dreams, and truest desires. Many Rmes, our behaviors don’t match our deepest values or how we want to feel. ReflecRng helps us reevaluate what is important to us and then move in that direcRon. Reconnect: If you are not filling your spiritual gas tank regularly, you are probably running on fumes

or empty. We need to take Rme outs to reconnect with Father God as well ourselves. Being sRll, dwelling in silence, abiding in God’s presences and meditaRon can help you to build your life on a spiritual foundaRon that will carry you through the stressful Rmes of life as well as strengthen your spiritual walk. I nte re ste d i n a s p i r i t u a l ret re at ? V i s i t hhps:// to learn about local and desRnaRon retreats to help you unplug from the demands of like and find yourself again. Rhonda Jones is an Author, HolisRc Expert and Yoga Instruct with 15 years’ experience in helping people to reconnect with God and the spiritual side of themselves.

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Woman of Wellness Wellness women know the importance about breast exam and annual pap-smear
 This is something we must do every year
 Vitamins, protein, rest, and exercise is now our new regiment 
 now we are living life as if it’s heaven sent
 Wellness of mind, body, and soul is better than pure gold.
 Wellness is like the morning sun that keep your world brighten
 As you stand tall with strength, meeting each challenge 
 You take life by leaps and bounds
 Never touching the ground
 Wellness Women strike your pose for you are
 the new picture of the fountain of health
 Nurturing your body is your wealth
 Inspiring other women by living by example Is my sample
 Wellness is something you can’t keep a secret 
 Because your results are beaming when you step into the world
 You embrace life with such a glow as you speak your words f low
 You become the champion of your own destiny
 By loving yourself so much
 treating our body
 Like we treat our vehicle
 We keep it tune up and give it all the things
 To keep on running, we take pride in life
 We love the temple of our vessels
 And we thank God by showing him we love ourselves
 By being the Women of Wellness © Luella Hill-Dudley

Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Issue #7