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Wellness Woman 40 Columns Ask Rebecca Anything - With Rebecca Norrington


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Rediscovering Life After 40 - How to Conquer the Top 5 Problems of Entrepreneurs - With Sam Rafoss, RHN


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From The Editor I   can   remember   hearing   my   grandmother   tell   me   many  2mes  “Lynnis,  anything  worth  having  is  worth   working  for.  Be  pa2ent,  do  your  best,  let  God  do  the   rest”.    Even  today,  I  can  see  her  in  the  kitchen  dispers-­‐ ing  her  wisdom  in  what  we  could  call  “sound  bites”   today.    Of  course  at  the  age  I  was  (from  babyhood  to   college   age)   I   would   listen   and   say   to   myself   “yeah   okay…”.    But  now…those  words  and  so  many  others   come   back   to   me   and   minister   to   me   everyday.     Those  words  are  what  got  me  through  the  publishing   of   our   latest   issue   of     Wellness   Woman   40   and   Be-­‐ yond-­‐   Different   Backgrounds,   Same   Journey   E-­‐ Magazine.   This  par2cular  issue  is  of  great  significance  to  me  be-­‐ cause   of   what   was   going   on   in   the   background.   While   preparing   to   release   this   issue   my   children’s   father   passed   away.   It   was   sudden,   totally   unex-­‐ pected  and  was  a  great  shock  to  our  family.  I  had  to   put   the   magazine   on   hold   and   help   my   four   daughters   deal   with   their   grief.     During   this   2me   I   learned   much   about   strength   and   focus   from   my   daughters.     I   also   learned   (again)   that   tomorrow   is   not  promised  and  the  2mes  we  have  with  our  loved   ones  are  so  precious. When   I   returned   to   finish   up   the   issue   of   our   e-­‐ magazine   I   had   a   new   awakening   as   a   result   of   this   experience.     I   read   each   one   of   these   ar2cles   and   I   was   amazed   at   the   clarity,   focus   and   vision   of   each   message.     I   can   honestly   say   that   these   ar2cles   are   from   the   heart   of   the   writers.   I   am   so   thankful   and   humbled  that  they  have  given  their  2me,  talent  and   abili2es  to  our  e-­‐magazine.      This  issue  is  truly  won-­‐ derful  summer  reading.    The  topics  are  varied,  infor-­‐ ma2ve  and  entertaining.    From  our  “Dear  Rebecca”   column,   to   our   “Dream   Queen”   column   to   our   very   special   ar2cles   about   wellness   vaca2oning,   why   we   pray,  foods  to  eat  over  40,  the  power  of  medita2on  

and much   more…all   of   them   have   wonderful   mes-­‐ sages  to  share.     I   can   honestly   say   that   this   issue   ministered   to   me   during   my   2me   of   grief.   It   was   not   only   great   sum-­‐ mer   reading,   but   it   upliWed   me,   encouraged   me,   and   for2fied  my  mind,  body  and  spirit  connec2on.   THANK   YOU   –   to   all   the   wonderful   writers   of   Wellness   Woman   40   and   Beyond   E-­‐Magazine.   What   a   blessing   it   is   to   work   with   all   of   you   and   what   a   blessing   it   is   to   have   you   minister   to   so   many   women,  including  me.   Health  and  Blessings  Always,   Lynnis  Woods-­‐Mullins,  CHHC,  CLC,  CPI,  Publisher   and  Chief  Editor,  Wellness  Woman  40  and  Beyond,   Different  Backgrounds…Same  Journey 7


Please help  me  educate  women  on  mind  body,  spirit   wellness  and  help  me  bring  "Wellness  Woman  40   and  Beyond  "  e-­‐magazine  to  millions  of  women  and   all  the  people  who  love  them. 

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Plugging In:  Take  the  Power  out  of   Self-­‐Medica9on By  Dina  Proctor Self-­‐medica2on   is   a   tricky   topic.   I   happen   to   be   fairly   experienced   in   trying   to   medicate   myself   over   the   years   -­‐   for   a   long   2me,   alcohol   was   my   “medica2on”  of  choice.  I  used  it  to  feel  be_er,  to   quiet   my   nega2ve   thoughts,   to   ease   headaches,   to   make   myself   feel   more   confident,   a   li_le   bit   happier,  and  when  I  was  at  my  most  desperate,  I   drank  just  to  get  out  of  bed  in  the  morning.   Not   everyone   uses   a   self-­‐medica2ng   behavior   to   an  extreme  like  I  did,  but  many  of  us  handle  eve-­‐ ryday  stressors  with  mild  self-­‐soothing  behaviors   such  as  overea2ng,  drinking  too  much,  or  zoning   out  on  TV.  What  is  behind  our  need  to  self-­‐soothe   and  how  can  we  break  our  reliance  on  unhealthy   behaviors  and  find  a  sense  of  peace,  balance  and   wisdom   that   enables   us   to   leave   our   self-­‐ medica2on   substance   or   behavior   behind   for   good?     The   first   step   is   awareness.   We   are   powerless   without   being   aware   of   our   triggers   and   precur-­‐ sors   to   unhealthy   behaviors.   Maybe   the   way   an-­‐ other  person  behaves  triggers  us,  or  financial  fear   sets   us   off   balance,   or   the   frustra2on   of   over-­‐ whelm   and   feeling   like   there   are   not   enough   hours  in  a  day  set  us  up  for  a  night  of  drinking  or   zoning  out.     I  have  a  simple  analogy  that  helps  me  understand   all   of   this   -­‐   I   call   it   Plugging   in   my   Power   Cord.   I   believe   we   were   all   born   with   a   natural   drive   to   connect   with   the   place   of   peace,   wisdom,   and   personal   empowerment   within   ourselves.   How-­‐

ever, when  we  aren’t  connected  with  how  exactly   to   do   this,   we   need   to   get   peace   and   happiness   from   somewhere   and   we   may   mistakenly   try   to   fill   that   need   by   looking   outside   of   ourselves.   That’s   when   we   find   ourselves   looking   to   other   people,   or   food,   or   drugs   and   alcohol   to   soothe   that  feeling  of  disharmony  within.  The  trouble  is   that   circumstances   and   people   outside   of   our-­‐ selves  were  never  designed  to  be  our  sources  of   fulfillment   so   we   con2nue   to   have   the   need   to   soothe  that  inner  ache.     Just   as   over-­‐ea2ng   junk   food   won’t   sa2ate   true   hunger  within  ourselves,  plugging  into  other  peo-­‐ ple   or   circumstances   won’t   hold   las2ng   solu2on   for   finding   inner   peace   either.   The   key   is   to   re-­‐ 9

member that   our   power   cord   is   designed   to   be   plugged  into  one  place  only  -­‐  that  inner  source  of   power,  peace  and  wisdom  given  to  us  by  a  power   greater   than   ourselves.   When   we   learn   to   recog-­‐ nize  our  triggers  as  symptoms  that  we  are  looking   outside   of   ourselves   for   fulfillment,   we   can   re-­‐ focus  on  the  only  Source  that  could  possibly  fulfill   us,  and  rely  on  that  to  create  a  healthy,  balanced,   happy  life.   -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ADVERTISEMENT  -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐


Featured Wellness Woman Milan Perry  HHP,  MH Health  &  Wellness  Coach,  Herbalist,   Personal  Chef  and  Writer Beauty,  Wisdom,  CreaEvity “I  don’t  go  with  the  flow  of  everyone  else…   I  do  what  I  feel  is  right  for  my  body” There   was   something   very   intriguing   about   Mi-­‐ lan   Perry   when   I   first   found   her   picture   on   Twit-­‐ ter.    Her  energy  just  jumped  across  the  internet   wires   and   I   decided   to   contact   her.   I   found   that   not   only   was   she   beau2ful   outside,   most   impor-­‐ tantly   she   had   a   beau2ful   spirit   on   the   inside.     Her   constant   quest   to   discover   the   best   way   to   live  holis2cally  is  mo2va2onal.  I  found  her  story   of   how   she   helped   her   beloved   grandmother   leave   hospice   care   by   using   holis2c   prac2ces,   inspira2onal.     As   a   Holis2c   Chef,   Herbalist,   and   Wellness   Coach,   Milan   Perry   is   on   a   journey   to   further   discover   the   benefits   of   living   a   life   that   is  not  only  joyful  but  healthy.    She  represents  all   the  components  of  a  Wellness  Woman.        

Tell me   a   bit   about   yourself   and   how   you   came   to   be   interested   in   holisDc   health? I  became  interested  in  health  and  wellness  when   I  was  working  for  FedEx.  I  had  spent  18  years  with   FedEx;   seven   of   those   years   as   a   FedEx   driver.   I   was   constantly   exhausted   and   started   having   problems   with   my   back   and   ankles.     I   began   to  

get environmental   toxins   coming   out   of   my   skin   and   I   also   started   geing   extreme   migraines.   I   eventually   ended   up   in   the   hospital.     I   realized   that   the   stress   and   being   exposed   to   environ-­‐ mental  toxins  as  a  result  of  the  kind  of  job  I  did  as   a   driver   was   not   how   I   wanted   to   age.     I   didn’t   feel  feminine  anymore  and  I  felt  like  my  body  was   going  the  opposite  direc2on  of  being  well.  I  made   a   decision   took   a   leap   of   faith   and   changed   my   lifestyle   AND   my   career!     I   discovered   holis2c   11

health.   I   was   once   a   professional   print   model   in   my   20’s   and   30’s.   I   always   wanted   to   look   good   and   feel   good,   but   my   need   to   feel   be_er   went   past  just  looking  good.    I  wanted  to  change  what  I   could  change.    I  discovered  holis2c  health.  I  took  a   leap  of  faith  and  turned  in  my  resigna2on  and  de-­‐ cided  to  change  my  lifestyle.    I  read  a  book  years   ago   “French   Women   Don’t   Get   Fat”.   I   began   to   think   about   the   way   the   French   eat   and   the   fact   that  they  don’t  suffer  from  the  same  illnesses  and   diseases.     I   changed   my   diet   and   began   to   feel   be_er.   I   began   to   help   others   with   their   diet   and   went   back   to   school   to   become   a   Holis2c   Health   Coach.    My  grandmother  had  heart  disease  and  al-­‐ most   diet.     I   a_ribute   her   survival   to   what   I   have   learned  when  it  comes  to  ea2ng  a  healthy  diet.    I   realized   I   was   on   a   journey   to   educated   women   about  the  benefits  of  living  a  holis2c  lifestyle

toms and  also  help  to  get  to  the  causa2on  of  the   health  problem.    For  instance,  herbalism  is  a  very   old  and  effec2ve  therapy  and  has  been  around  for   years.     One   single   herb   has   300   to   500   different   cons2tuents   or   healing   proper2es.     One   part   of   the  body  can  be  ailing  but  the  herb  can  also  heal   other   parts   of   the   body   as   well.     There   are   other   therapies  that  can  help  the  body  improve  and  heal   itself.     Modali2es   such   as   acupuncture   and   mes-­‐ sage   therapy   can   help   the   body   in   unison   with   allo-­‐ pathic   medicine.   These   modali2es   help   the   body   to  improve  itself  and  be  more  in  balance  and  come   back  to  the  homeostasis  condi2on.  

AJer the   age   of   40   life   for   women   be-­‐ gins   to   change   when   it   comes   to   their   hormonal  health.    What  holisDc  Dps  can   you  share  that  can  be  helpful  for  women   Why   do   you   think   it   is   important   for   during  this  period  of  their  life?     women  to  live  holisDcally? During  this  stage  of  our  life  it  is  important  to  really   It   is   important   because   we   juggle   so   many   things   educate  yourself.    Don’t  be  afraid  to  go  outside  of   all   the   2me.     Our   body   is   going   through   so   many   mainstream   and   try   new   and   different   methods   different   cycles;   especially   in   comparison   to   our   that   can   help   you   cope   with   the   symptoms   of   male  counterparts.      We  have  our  teen  years  which   menopause.      Holis2c  medicine  doesn’t  work  over-­‐ bring   out   on   our   period,   childbirth,   motherhood,   night.    We  (our  society)  are  used  to  quick  fixes.  In   menopause,   caregivers   for   parents.   Many   are   s2ll   order   to   live   holis2cally   you   must   condi2on   your   taking   care   of   our   households.     We   don’t   think   mind   to   understand   that   it   takes   2me   to   see   a   about  ourselves.  We  need  to  learn  how  to  balance   change.     The   body   doesn’t   fall   sick   over   night.   our   mind,   body   and   spirit   by   living   a   holis2c   life-­‐ Therefore   you   will   not   heal   overnight.     Realizing   style.    I  think  it  is  important  to  not  always  look  for   that  there  will  not  be  a  quick  fix  is  important  but  it   a   quick   fix   every   2me   we   get   sick.   When   we   get   is  also  important  to  know  that  your  body  will  feel   sick   we   have   a   tendency   to   look   for   over   the   be_er  over  2me.     counter  medica2on  which  is  generally  a  temporary   Why  do  you  think  the  mind,  body,  spirit   fix.     Some2me   when   those   drugs   don’t   work   we   look   for   stronger   drugs   all   which   can   inevitably   philosophy   is   so   important   when   it   cause  more  problems.    I  believe  that  living  a  holis-­‐ comes  to  having  good  health? 2c   lifestyle   could   help   to   get   rid   of   many   symp-­‐ 12

Every organ   in   the   body   is   connected.     If   you   are   sick   then   mentally   you   don’t   feel   well.   If   you   are   having   problems   of   a   spiritual   and   psychological   nature   you   may   start   to   feel   physically   unwell.     My   grandmother  is  89  and  she  came  out  of  a  hospice   stage   as   a   result   of   essen2al   oils,   herbs   and   her   posi2ve  mental  state.    My  grandmother  wanted  to   live;   she   wanted   to   fight   to   live.     If   my   grand-­‐ mother   had   taken   a   nega2ve   approach;   had   nega-­‐ 2ve   aitude,   she   would   have   died.     But   thankfully,   she  made  up  her  mind  she  wanted  to  live  and  her   body   con2nued   to   fight.     We   need   to   be   reminded   ourselves   of   the   importance   of   the   mind,   body,   spirit  connec2on  and  keeping  that  connec2on  bal-­‐ anced.     Balancing   a   mind,   body,   spirit   connec2on   starts   with   maintaining   a   quality   of   life.     For   me,   quality  of  life  is  being  able  to  enjoy  those  around   you  and  the  ability  to  do  the  things  you  love  

What is   your   definiDon   of   a   wellness   woman? A    Wellness  Woman  realizes  that  she  does  have  a   lot  of  things  to  juggle  and  throughout  the  stages  of   her   journey   she   takes   the   2me   necessary   to   take   care  of  herself  and  listen  to  her  body.    A  Wellness   Woman   stops   and   takes   care   of   her   mind,   body,   spirit   connec2on.     She   takes   the   2me   to   listen   to   the   signals   of   her   body   is   sending   her   and   she   makes   the   necessary   adjustments   to   stay   well.     She   is   a   woman   that   cares   about   the   signals   that   her   body   is   sending   her.     She   will   make   the   changes   necessary   to   stay   well.       As   she   is   aging   she   is   paying   a_en2on   to   the   li_le   signs   of   her   body     She   stops   and   smells   the   roses   of   her   life   and  realizes  she  is  that  rose…basically. h_p://  

What do  you  a5ribute  your  youthful  ap-­‐ pearance  to? Modera2on   is   the   key   to   everything.   I   don’t   con-­‐ sume  a  lot  of  animal  products.    In  the  Islands  for   instance   a   lot   of   their   diet   is   not   based   on   heavy   animal  products  and  they  look  amazing.    I  don’t  al-­‐ low   stress   to   control   me   and   I   don’t   overly   con-­‐ sume   alcoholic   beverages.     I   have   come   to   under-­‐ stand   that   some   things   in   life   happen   because   of   life   experiences   and   decisions   we   have   chosen.   I   have  learned  to  accept  this  and  not  beat  up  on  my-­‐ self.    I  listen  to  my  body  when  I  am  ea2ng.  I  don’t   force  myself  to  eat  because  others  are  overindulg-­‐ ing.    I  want  to  encourage  you  to  think  about  your   body.     How   do   you   want   to   look   and   feel   as   you   age?     What   do   you   feel   you   need   to   do   to   take   care  of  you?    These  ques2ons  are  very  important   when  it  comes  to  doing  the  things  needed  to  main-­‐ tain  a  youthful  appearance  as  we  gracefully  age.    


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Medita9on Is  The  Key  To  Being  Fit By  Shawngela  Pierce,  MS   To   me,   being   fit   means   more   than   just   being   fit   physically.   To   me,   being   fit   is   a   holis2c   concept    which  should  include   the   mind,   body   and   spirit.   If   you   address   only   the   physical   body,   then   you   miss   part   of   the   story.   Your   health   should   involve   all   aspects   because   all   aspects   affect   each   other.   For   instance,   your   thoughts   and   emo2ons   affect   your   physical   health.   Your   body   doesn't   know   the   difference   between   what  it  is  thinking  and  what  it  is   actually   experiencing   in   the   moment.   If   you   are   lying  in  bed  or  at  work  thinking  about  a  stressful   situa2on,   your   body   is   undergoing   physiological   changes.    Your  heart  rate  is  increasing,  your  blood   pressure   is   rising   and   other   sympathe2c   events   are  occurring.  The  same  physiological  reac2on  oc-­‐ curs  if  you  were  actually  in  the  situa2on.   A  repeated  release  of  stress  hormones  either  due   to  conscious  or  subconscious  thoughts  can  result   in  chronic  stress.  It  has  been  shown  that  chronic   stress  is  linked  to  many  types  of  disorders  such  as   heart   disease,   weight   gain,   diges2ve   problems,   depression   and   anxiety.   As   you   can   clearly   see,   your   thoughts   are   affec2ng   your   health.   Due   to   this   correla2on,   it   is   important   to   address   the   mind  when  addressing  the  issue  of  being  fit.  

It is   also   important   to   address   the   spirit.   Again,   the   mind,   body   and   spirit   are   all   connected   and   one   cannot   be   separated   from   the   other.   When   you   have   a   healthy   spiritual   connec2on,   there   is   more   peace   in   your   heart   and   more   clear   guid-­‐ ance   to   the   answers   that   you   seek.   Having   a   healthy   spiritual   grounding   gives   you   a   sense   of   purpose,   and   a   knowingness   of   who   you   are.   All   of   this   clearly   affects   the   amount   of   stress   and   anxiety   in   your   life.   A   stronger   spiritual   connec-­‐ 2on   just   naturally   translates   into   less   stress   and   anxiety.   Medita2on  is  a  way  to  address  the  mind  and  the   spirit   and   thereby   help   to   improve   the   physical.     When   you   meditate   on   a   consistent   basis,   you   train   your   mind   to   naturally   quiet.   This   releases   you   from   the   borage   of   anxious   and   stressful   15

thoughts in  your  conscious  and  subconscious  mind.  When  you  do  this,  you  naturally  “quiet”  your  body   as  well.  This  means  that  instead  of  releasing  stress  hormones,  your  body  can  return  itself  back  into  a  bal-­‐ anced   state.   As   this   occurs,   the   body   becomes   more   healthy.   This   process   of   geing   back   into   homeo-­‐ sta2c  balance  is  a  process  that  naturally  happens  over  2me  with  medita2on. h_p://      

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Nakeesha Harris,  M.S,  C.N.C,  C.M.C. Nakeesha  T.  Harris  is  a  God-­‐fearing  wife  and  cer6fied  nutri6onal   counselor.   Nakeesha   is   cer6fied   through   the   American   Associa-­‐ 6on   of   Nutri6onal   Counselors.   A>er   many   years   of   die6ng   and   trying   various   programs,   she   learned   that   the   best   way   to   get   healthy  and  not  fluctuate  with  her  weight  was  not  a  diet,  but  a   lifestyle.   Her   desire   is   for   everyone   to   live   to   their   fullest   poten-­‐ 6al   and   purpose   without   any   hindrances.   Because   of   this,   she   works   very   hard   to   remove   any   of   those   nutri6onal   blockers.   Nakeesha  believes  that  making  adjustments  and  dedica6ng  some  6me  to  your  health  will  bene-­‐ fit  you,  your  family,  and  your  purpose.  Nakeesha  is  founder  of  Nakessha’s  Nutri6on.

Katherine T.  Kelly,  Ph.D.,  M.S.P.H Dr.  Katherine  T.  Kelly  Ph.D.,  M.S.P.H.  is  a  licensed  health  psychologist,   consultant,  author,  and  speaker.    Named  the  “pioneer  of  soul  health”,   her  book  Soul  Health:    Aligning  with  Spirit  for  Radiant  Living  has   reached  na6onal  acclaim  through  radio  shows  and  magazines  through-­‐ out  the  United  States.  


Rebecca L.  Norrington Rebecca  L.  Norrington  is  Radio  Personality,  Author,  Speaker,  Spiritual   Teacher,  Fitness  Instructor,  and  talk  show  host  of    RealitySpirituality.   In  June  2013,  Rebecca  was  one  of  17  authors  contribu6ng  to  publish-­‐ ing  "If  I  Knew  Then  What  I  Know  Now:  Our  Quest  for  a  Quality  Life".   Rebecca  authored  Chapter  3  which  focused  on  (1)  Defining  a  Quality   Life,  (2)  What's  Important,  (3)  Life  is  a  Gi>,  and  (4)  Forgiveness

Kathleen O’Keefe-­‐Kanavos  –  Dream  Columnist Dream  Queen-­‐Kathleen  O’Keefe-­‐Kanavos  is  a  three-­‐  6me  breast   cancer  survivor  whose  precogni6ve  dreams  diagnosed  her  illness   that  was  missed  by  the  medical  field.  She  penned  SURVIVING  CAN-­‐ CERLAND:  The  Intui6ve  Aspects  of  Healing.  She  is  represented  by   Steve  Allen  Media,  a  phone  counselor  for  R.A.  BLOCH  Cancer  Founda-­‐ 6on,  Q&A  cancer  columnist  for  CapeWomenOnlineMagazine,  an   inspira6onal  speaker,  Living  Well  Talk  Radio  Show  Host.  Watch  her   videos,  TV  interviews  &  follow  her  blogs  &  social  media  sites  @  &    

Diana Lynn Diana   Lynn   is   a   business   owner   and   freelance   writer   from   Washing-­‐ ton  State.  Her  responses  to  life’s  obstacles  serve  to  inspire  readers  of   all  backgrounds  to  find  new  beginnings.  Find  more  inspira6on  from   Diana   at   or   search   for   Pieces   of   Me:  Life  of  a  Recovering  Dysfunc6onal  on  Facebook.  Purchase  your   paperback  or  e-­‐book  today  at  hip://  .  


Dear Rebecca, I don’t like to admit this, but I am unhappy with other people’s success. It doesn’t even matter if I know the person or not. I always notice what someone else has that I don’t have. I have struggled with this for years and have not found an answer that will rid me of this awful behavior. It’s not that I don’t want them to have their success, but I feel I deserve success too. Can you please help me with this? Signed, Envious

My  dear  Envious, I   love,   love,   love   your   ques2on.   Believe   me   when   I   tell   you   that   you   are   not   alone   with   this   dilemma.   Don’t  tell  anyone,  but  I  was  guilty  of  the  same  type  of  behavior  .  .  .  for  years.  It  was  really  hard  for  me  to   fake  enjoyment  if  I  thought  I  deserved  the  same  things  I  was  cove2ng.  And  as  you  said,  I  did  not  want  to   deny   anyone   else   their   good   fortune,   but   I   always   wondered   when   my   pot   of   gold   was   going   to   arrive   at   my  door.  I  was  stuck  for  quite  a  while,  un2l  I  asked  the  Universe  for  help.  As  you  know,  when  you  ask  it  is   always  given.   I  asked,  “Universe,  why  am  I  bothered  when  someone  else  experiences  what  I  want  to  experience?  Why   can’t  I  be  happy  for  someone  else’s  good  fortune?”  I  should  have  asked  a  lot  sooner  and  saved  myself   years  of  misery  because  the  answer  came  very  quickly.  The  reality  is  I  am  not  bothered!  My  ego  is  the   one  that’s  bothered!  I  AM  NOT  my  ego.  I  am  a  physical  extension  of  the  Universe  and,  therefore,  I  truly   am  not  bothered.  I  AM  NOT  dissa2sfied  with  someone  else’s  success,  but  my  ego  sure  was  dissa2sfied.   It  was  2me  for  me  to  finally  realize,  accept,  and  remember  that  there  are  two  separate  en22es/energies   living  inside  of  me.  One  is  the  ego  and  the  other  one  is  the  Universe.  How  I  feel  depends  solely  on  which   en2ty/energy  I  pay  a_en2on  to!            Love,          Rebecca 19

Dear Rebecca,

Dear  Drained,

I thought a marriage is about give and take and mutual support. I keep giving, but now I am resentful because it’s not mutual. My husband is good at taking and thinks mostly of himself. His actions are guided by doing what makes him happy. He shies away from responsibility. But he follows your principles of making self happy, putting his own happiness above all else. Example: When my son was fourteen years old and doing poorly in school, and clinically depressed, my husband was busy making plans to travel to New York to teach a workshop. That’s the part about the pursuit of self-happiness that I don’t quite understand. And I get it: I have to look out for myself and create my own happiness. I'm married to someone who is looking out for himself. I'm not faulting him, but it’s taken me twenty years and a major financial set-back to recognize the imbalance and why I feel so drained.

I am   going   to   respond   to   you   without   a   single   reference  to  your  husband.  What  your  husband   did,  does,  or  doesn’t  do  has  nothing  to  do  with   you   or   your   happiness.   Furthermore,   your   cir-­‐ cumstances,  including  your  child’s  health,  have   nothing  to  do  with  your  happiness.  Nothing. Let  me  be  perfectly  clear.  It’s  not  your  fault  for   thinking   other   people   and   various   circum-­‐ stances   are   responsible   for   your   happiness.   That’s   what   we   all   are   taught   at   a   very   early   age:  Someone  else  is  responsible  for  our  happi-­‐ ness;  something  else  is  responsible  for  our  hap-­‐ piness.  Take  a  look  at  the  media.  There’s  always   someone   else   to   blame.   I   did   it.   I   placed   the  

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blame on  everyone  except  myself  as  to  why  I  was   so  unhappy.  My  dear  Drained,  the  reason  you  feel   discontentment   and   unhappiness   is   coming   from   inside  of  you.  And  contrary  to  what  you  think,  the   reason  why  you  feel  “so  drained”  is  because  your   focus   has   been   on   everything   and   everyone   else   other  than  you.

• STOP   blaming   someone   else   for   your   unhappi-­‐ ness

The formula  for  happiness  never  includes  another   equa2on   other   than   you.   Everyone   else   is   ex-­‐ cluded   including   children,   spouses,   parents,   friends,   co-­‐workers,   cashiers,   bus   drivers,   medical   staff,   travel   agents,   astronauts,   animals,   and   the   mailman.  This  is  a  very  powerful  concept  to  “get”   because   now   you—and   you   alone—are   solely   re-­‐ sponsible   for   your   happiness.   Let   me   repeat.   You   are   responsible   for   your   happiness.   Spiderman,   who   quoted   Voltaire,   said,   “With   great   power   comes  great  responsibility.”

• STOP  focusing  on  what’s  wrong

Now that  you  know  the  truth,  what  are  you  going   to   do   about   it?   As   I   see   it,   you   only   have   two   choices:  (1)  You  can  power-­‐up  and  take  on  the  re-­‐ sponsibility   for   your   happiness   or   (2)   you   can   con2nue  to  feel  powerless  and  make  excuses  and   blame  other  people  and  or  circumstances  for  your   unhappiness.  I  look  at  life  like  this:  If  I’m  solely  re-­‐ sponsible   for   my   happiness,   and   I   am,   what   do   I   need  to  do  now?  What  do  I  need  to  change?  How   do   I   change?   How   do   I   integrate   this   new   informa2on  into  my  daily  life?  I’m  glad  you  asked.   Here’s  how. You   want   to   be   happy?   Prac2ce   the   following   every  day,  for  the  rest  of  your  life. •  STOP  cri2cizing  (yourself  or  others) •  STOP  complaining  (about  yourself  or  others) •  STOP  judging  (yourself  or  others)

• STOP   having   opinions   about   what   someone   else   is  doing •   STOP   discussing   anyone   else   unless   its   compli-­‐ mentary  (including  yourself)

Now you  don’t  have  to  prac2ce  any  of  the  above.   But  I  promise  you  that  if  you  don’t,  you  will  remain   unhappy.   You   want   to   be   happy?   “Unlearn”   what   you’ve  learned  and •  START  accep2ng  people  just  as  they  are •   START   allowing   people   to   be   themselves,   with-­‐ out  judgment •   START   taking   deeper   breaths   throughout   your   day •  START  focusing  on  what’s  good  in  your  Life •  START  becoming  more  self-­‐aware •  START  being  honest  with  yourself •  START  living  consciously •  START  making  small  changes •  START  looking  in  the  mirror  for  answers •  START  asking  the  Universe  for  guidance Remember,   every   2me   you   cri2cize,   complain,   judge,   blame,   have   expecta2ons,   and   focus   on   “what’s   wrong,”   you   literally   subtract   from   your   happiness.  Now  that  you  know  the  truth,  what  are   YOU  going  to  do  about  it?  Remember,  your  happi-­‐ ness   is   never,   and   I   repeat,   never   dependent   on   anyone   else.   I   don’t   care   what   they’re   doing   or  

• STOP  expec2ng  anything  from  anyone 21

what they   are   not   doing.   No   one   has   the   power   to   make  you  unhappy. Finally,   I’d   like   you   to   know   that   you   will   find   the   happiness  you  seek  if  you  are  willing  to  journey  on   the  road  less  traveled.  The  reason  why  people  are   not  as  happy  as  they  could  be  is  because  they  are   not  willing  to  commit  to  the  arduous  daily  task  of   monitoring   all   moments.   It’s   called   living   consciously  and  becoming  self-­‐aware.  

looking in  the  mirror  because  that’s  where  all  your   answers   are.   The   only   2me-­‐off   you   get   is   when   you’re   sleeping.   When   you’re   ready   to   make   that   type  of  moment-­‐by-­‐moment  commitment,  I  prom-­‐ ise   you,   you   will   live   happily   ever   aWer.   Heaven   is   on  Earth,  pa2ently  wai2ng  for  you  to  discover  it.

P.S. I  want  you  to  know  how  much  I  love  your  cour-­‐ age   to   share   the   truth   of   your   experience   with   the   world.  Every  single  one  of  us  is  not  without  mul2-­‐ ple   challenges.   You   are   excep2onal   because   you’re   Warning:  Taking  responsibility  for  your  OWN  happi-­‐ asking   the   tough   ques2ons.   You’re   asking   tough   ness  is  not  necessarily  easy,  pleasant,  or  fun. ques2ons   because   you   want   answers.   Why   do   you   want  answers?  Because  you  want  to  be  happy. University  of  Happiness  A_endance  Guidelines You’re   in   training   every   day,   including   weekends.   You   don’t   take   vaca2ons.   You’re   always   on   duty   without   lunch   or   breaks.   And   you’re   constantly  

     Love,          Rebecca


Meet Your  Future  Self Have  Your  Own  Inner  Guide,  Parent  and  Coach   By  Suzanne  Strisower  MA,PCC

Many women   are   experiencing   Emes   of   change   brought   on   either   by   their   age   or   changing   circumstances.   As   we   age,   each   of   us   wants   to   be   happy,   healthy   and   financially   se-­‐ cure,  yet  at  Emes,  one  or  more  of  these  is  not   happening  and  we  are  leM  wondering  what  to   do,   what’s   our   next   step   and   who   can   we   trust   to   help   us   get   back   on   track.   In   coaching   cir-­‐ cles,   there   is   an   old   saying   that     “the   client   knows  best,”  but  if  you  feel  confused  or  other-­‐ wise  out  of  sync,  how  can  you  find  that  inner   guidance   or   wisdom   that   can   help   you   navi-­‐ gate  the  treacherous  waters  of  your  unknown   future?

Your Future   Self   is   the   Most   Loving   &   SupporDve  Parent  &  Inner  Guide  There   Is We   have   many   untapped   parts   of   ourselves,   one   is   the   Future   Self   and   the   great   news   about   meeEng   is   your   Future   Self   is   that   it’s   like   having   a   “good   parent,”   who   honors   you,   treats   you   well,   wants   you   happy   and   knows   how   to   help   you   successfully   navigate   thru   whatever  is  going  on  in  your  life.  It  offers  guid-­‐ ance,   energy   and   support   to   help   you   make   the   needed   changes   in   your   life.   To   help   you   arrive  at  the  places  of  your  heart’s  desire,  get  

healthy or   whatever   else   is   troubling   you   or   out  of  balance  in  your  life.This  is  NOT  a  psychic   reading,   but   rather   geVng   in   touch   with   a   more   conscious   part   of   yourself.   Each   person   experiences  this  from  within,  you  are  not  told   anything,   your   being   just   guides   you   and   you   get   to   experience   the   love,   healing,   insights,   guidance   and   well   being   from   KNOWING   that   everything   is   going   to   turn   out   ok   because   you   have   just   experienced   it.   Your   Future   Self   shows   you   all   the   steps   you   need   to   take   for   the   health,   wealth   and   happiness   that   each   one  of  us  desire.  

Instead of  a  Past  Life  Regression  –  Do  a   Future  Self  Progression Many   women   are   Ered   of   rehashing   the   past   in   therapy   and   want   to   move   forward   with   their  lives.  This  unique  approach  -­‐  a  visit  with   your  Future  Self,  the  super  conscious  and  sub-­‐ conscious   parts   of   you,   that   has   already   walked   the   steps   and   experienced   what   you   have  yet  to  do  consciously.  To  visit  the  future,   have  a  hypnotherapist  guide  you  into  a  trance   state  where  you  can  proceed  forward  in  Eme  –   you   can   control   how   far   into   the   future   you   want   to   go,   you   can   actually   experience   your-­‐ self   5-­‐10   years   in   the   future.   You’ll   see   what   you  look  like,  how  healthy  you  are,  where  you   23

are living,  what  you  are  doing,  how  you  are  feel-­‐ ing   and   get   a   perspecEve   of   what   has   taken   place  and  how  you  arrived  at  where  you  are  in   the   future.   Are   you   curious?   Watch   this   short   video   on   my   website   and   have   a   brief   encoun-­‐ ter  with  your  own  Future  Self…  .


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The Curious  ShiG:    Soul  Health  for   Changing  Times By  Dr.  Katherine  T.  Kelly,  Ph.D,  M.S.P.H “Happiness   comes   from….   some   curious   adjust-­‐ ment  to  life.”    ~  Hugh  Walpole It   goes   without   saying   that   change   can   be   diffi-­‐ cult.      As  we  meet  the  many  passages  of  life  we   have   to   adjust   to   various   things,   many   of   which   we  resist  rather  than  view  with  curiosity.     The  real  ques2on  might  be:    “What  doesn’t  shiW   as  we  get  older?”    Whether  it  is  a  body  part  that   is  expanding  or  heading  south,  the  mind  slowing   down  or  zoning  out,  or  our  household  growing  or   shrinking,   all   phases   of   life   are   accompanied   by   some   form   of   adjustment….   whether   we   wel-­‐ come  it  or  not.   “Soul   Health”,   a   new   concept   for   many,   is   all   about   listening   deeply   within   to   align   the   key   as-­‐ pects   of   your   life   (physical,   psychological,   social,   interpersonal,   intellectual/occupa2onal,   environ-­‐ mental,   financial,   sexual,   spiritual,   and   recrea-­‐ 2onal)   to   feel   balanced,   whole,   and   content.     If   we   allow   our   lives   to   naturally   align   with   the   changes  that  appear,  we  feel  much  less  frustrated   and  “dis-­‐eased”  as  we  adjust.      As  we  enter  new   phases   of   life,   we   oWen   feel   destabilized,   discon-­‐ nected,   and   unable   to   recalibrate   our   lives   with   ease.    This  happens  because  we  resist  the  change   rather  than  look  with  curiosity  for  how  the  shiWs   might   actually   help   us   grow.     Too   oWen,   we   dig   in   our  heels  to  remain  the  same  rather  than  follow   the  natural  flow  of  change,  growth,  and  evolu2on   of  who  we  are  to  become.     To   be   curious   is   to   have   a   strong   desire   to   know   or  learn  something.    What  if  we  approached  our  

phases of   life   with   curiosity   rather   than   angst?     How  much  less  discomfort  would  we  feel?    Would   we  age  more  gracefully?    More  peacefully?     Aging  gives  us  the  opportunity  to  evolve  beyond   who   we   were   and   refine   ourselves   to   be   more   and   more   of   who   we   want   to   be.     If   we   approach   our   evolu2on   as   a   curious   process,   we   expand   our   consciousness   about   not   only   ourselves,   but   the   world   at   large   as   well.     We   also   enter   each   phase   of   life   with   open   arms   rather   than   run   or   hide  from  it—which,  as  we  know,  is  fu2le  anyway.     Our   resistance   to   change   reminds   me   of   the   screen   doors   that   many   of   us   have   on   our   back   porch   or   deck.   These   doors   open   and   close   very   easily   when   they   are   aligned   or   centered   on   their   metal   track.     But   when   they   get   off   track,   there   is   resistance   as   we   try   to   move   the   door.     In   soul   health,   we   must   work   to   keep   ourselves   on   track,   regardless  of  what  phase  of  life  we  are  in. As  you  enter  your  40’s  and  beyond,  consider  tak-­‐ ing  some  2me  to  examine  the  key  aspects  of  life   men2oned   above.     Each   ‘branch’   of   our   human   condi2on   affects   the   others   and   if   we   approach   our  overall  health  proac2vely,  we  inevitably  lead   more   soulful   and   meaningful   lives,   and   thus   en-­‐ hance   our   well-­‐being   at   the   deepest   level—the   soul  level.     Happiness  is,  in  fact,  a  curious  thing.      Enjoy  the   process. h_p://   25

5 Secrets  to  a  Happier  You   By  Renee  Wiggins,  RD,  LD Have  you  ever  walk  into  an  office,  get  on  a  bus  or   take  a  seat  on  the  subway  next  to  someone,  and   they   don’t   even   speak   let   alone   smile?   You   won-­‐ der   how   those   people   can   wake   up   and   not   be   happy.   Are   you   one   of   those   people?   Do   you   know   there   are   5   Simple   Secrets   to   a   Happier   You?  Start  your  day  with  gree2ng  everyone  with  a   smile.  Think  posi2ve  thoughts  such  as  I  am  happy   to  be  in  my  right  mind,  I  am  happy  to  get  up  and   help   someone.   Repeat   affirma2ons   throughout   the   day.   Tell   someone   you   love   and   appreciate   them.   Hang   with   posi2ve   people   because   they   want   the   best   for   you.     Storms,   hindrances,   and   obstacles   roll   off   the   backs   of   people   who   stay   liWed   in   prayer,   helping   people,   smiling,   saying   posi2ve   affirma2ons   and   thinking   posi2ve  

thoughts. Yes,   they   have   their   pity   par2es,   but,   the   par2es   do   not   last   long   because   they   know   the  storms  are  only  temporary.   I  like  to  play  in  dirt.  Yes,  I  love  to  grow  plants,  flow-­‐ ers  and  vegetables.  I  feel  so  good  because  the  gar-­‐ dening   brings   me   peace.   In   addi2on,   I   volunteer   at   a   local   school   and   help   them   with   their   garden   and  landscape.

My 5  secrets  to  a  happier  you  are: 1)  Stay  upliWed,  and  hang  with  posi2ve  people. 2)  Think  posi2ve  thoughts.   3)  Help  others  (this  will  take  the  focus  off  of  you). 27

4) A  smile  will  break  down  any  frown. 5)   Let   affirma2ons   be   a   part   of   your   life.   Speak   good  things  about  yourself  to  yourself. In  truth,  being  happier  begins  with  a  simple  choice   to  be  happy.  It  also  takes  work,  which  is  probably   the  one  thing  we  never  learn  about  it  growing  up.   Happiness  does  not  just  happen;  it  requires  a  con-­‐ scious  decision   and   puing   in   the   work:   staying   up-­‐ liWed,   thinking   posi2ve   thoughts,   helping   others,   smiling   and   speaking   good   things   to   ourselves   about  ourselves.  What  is  the  outcome?  When  you  

do good  for  someone  else,  the  deed  rewards  both   of   you.   Staying   in   the   posi2ve   radiates   through   your   body   causing   your   cells   to   stay   in   the   posi2ve   range.   Joy   fills   you   up;   therefore   no   one   or   thing   can  destroy  you. Happiness  is  contagious  and  you  will  be  surprised   at  how  yours  will  influence  someone  else,  like  that   gloomy  guy  on  the  subway  in  the  mornings.

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Dream Bliss:  A  New  Way   “ A d re a m w h i c h i s n o t i n t e r p re t e d i s l i k e a l e t t e r w h i c h i s n o t re a d . . . ” -T h e Ta lm u d Are  you  ready  to  make  the  most  of  your  summer?   Those  lazy  days  are  here,  again.  And,  with  them   comes  hours  spent  daydreaming  in  beach  chairs,   searching  blue  skies  for  forms  and  faces  in  wispy   clouds.  You  find  yourself  lost  in  thought,  and  the   cares  of  the  world  just  driW  away.  Challenges   seem  to  solve  themselves  and  annoying  tasks  find   perfect  solu2ons.  Ahhhh….doesn’t  that  sound   dreamy?  It  is!  You  are  daydreaming  your  way  to   problem  solving  by  connec2ng  with  your  inner   guidance.        Although  everything  and  everyone  dreams,   many  of  us  have  trouble  remembering  our  nightly   dreams.     However,  everyone  daydreams,  and  daydreams   are  easy  to  remember.   Your  daydream  may  be  the  doorway  that  opens   to  the  memory  of  nightly  dreams,  one  of  which   may  be  a  healing  dream  that  answers  ques2ons   about  health  issues  and  concerns.  So  embrace   your  daydreams  and  journal  them  just  as  you   would  a  night  dream.  It  is  a  natural  and  easy  way   to  connect  with  your  inner-­‐self  for  inner-­‐ guidance.   Welcome  to  “Wellness  Women  40  and  Beyond”.  I   am  Kathleen  O’Keefe-­‐Kanavos-­‐your  Dream  

Queen. My  Life  Purpose  is  to  help  you  dream   your  life  to  Wellness  by: •  Using  6  Easy  Steps  to  Remember  Your  Dreams   and •  Iden2fying  the  7  Categories  of  Dreams.   In  each  publica2on  we  will  explore  how  to  find   your  pearls  of  wisdom  and  golden  secret  mes-­‐ sages  in  the  world  of  dreams.    Each  addi2onal   publica2on  will  take  you  deeper  and  deeper  into   the  dream  realm  as  we  interpret  your  best   dreams  and  worst  nightmares. Today  we  are  going  to  discuss  Healing  Dreams,   visita2ons  and  interpret  true  examples.

Dear Dream  Queen,   2  weeks  ago  my  diseased  father  appeared  to  me   in  a  dream  in  his  human  form. The  dream  was  so  real  that  I  could  see  what  he   looked  like  and  what  he  was  wearing. He  had  tears  in  his  eyes  and  as  he  looked  at  me   and  he  said,  "This  is  crazy  isn't  it?" We  did  not  have  a  very  loving  relaJonship  while   he  was  alive.  I’m  not  sure  if  he  was  sad  about 29

my youngest  sister  being  hospitalized  for  over  2   months,  or  that  it  took  him  this  long  to  show  up   in  my  dreams.  I  hugged  him  and  said,  “It  will  be   okay,  Dad.” Never  in  22  years  have  I  had  a  visitaJon  from  him.   He  has  been  dead  that  long. I  do  get  visits  from  loved  ones  who  have  “passed   over”  very  oLen.  In  fact,  one  of  them  I  needed  to   tell  to  stay  away.  They  visited  too  oLen. Tina

Hi Tina, Thank  you  for  sharing  your  dream  with  me.  I  don’t   think  it  was  a  typical  dream  so  underlined  arche-­‐ types  and  symbolism  would  not  really  apply.  I   think  you  had  a  visita2on  from  the  other  side.  Yes,   our  parents  oWen  get  permission  from  “the  other   side”  to  return  to  us  during  difficult  2me.  It  sounds   like  your  sister’s  health  challenge  may  have  trig-­‐ gered  his  return.    He  knows  about  your  sister  and   also  realizes  that  he  was  less  than  he  could  have   been  as  a  father  to  you.  He  appeared  to  you  with   tears  in  his  eyes.  As  our  deceased  parents  spent   2me  on  the  “other  side”  they  learn  the  error  of   their  ways  here  on  earth,  and  oWen  wish  to  make  

amends. It  is  all  part  of  the  process  of  being  hu-­‐ man  here  and  spiritual  over  there.  It  may  have   taken  him  extra  2me  on  the  “other  side”  to  reach   the  point  of  spiritual  evolu2on  to  be  given  permis-­‐ sion  to  return.  You  sound  like  you  are  very  emo-­‐ 2onally  evolved  and  have  already  forgiven  your  fa-­‐ ther  and  moved  on  with  your  life.  I  would  imagine   that  you  spent  much  of  your  childhood  raising  him   and  being  the  adult  in  the  family.    Your  dad  does   love  you.  Believe  it  or  not  we  choose  our  parents,   for  be_er  or  for  worse,  because  they  have  some-­‐ thing  to  teach  us  and  we  have  something  to  teach   them.  I  was  very  impressed  that  you  were  able  to   rise  above  the  difficult  memories  and  emo2ons  to   embrace  him  with  love.  Cuddos  to  you!!  I  invite   you  to  go  to  my  website   www.AccessYourInnerguide  and  download  my  free   7  Steps  to  Accessing  Your  Guides  workbook  to   con2nue  your  dream  journaling.  

Join us  next  2me  for  Prophe2c  Dreams  and  how  to   watch  for  and  understand  their  valida2ons.   Kathleen  O’Keefe-­‐Kanavos:    The  Dream  Queen


4 Reasons  Why  I  Pray By  Karen  Wells,  M.Div I   want   to   share   about   my   journey   of   prayer.   I   wholeheartedly   believe   that   prayer   is   the   link   to   a   truly   ho-­‐ lis2c  life.  Prayer  is  God’s  avenue  for  us  to  meet  with  Him  in  a  rela2onship. In  Acts  17  of  the  Bible,  Paul  comes  across  a  city  where  many  objects  of  worship  were  erected  because   the  city  was  very  religious.  He  came  across  an  alter  inscribed,  To  An  Unknown  God.  Here  it  is  that  Paul   tells  them  that  he  knows  this  Unknown  God  –  it  is  Jesus  Christ.  I  resonated  with  that  account  in  the  book   of   Acts   because   there   was   a   2me   when   I   really   did   not   know   who   to   pray   to   either.   And   really,   could   prayer  actually  change  my  life? Well  I  am  here  to  say  that  it  certainly  can!  My  very  first  prayer  to  Jesus  changed  my  life  forever!  I  was   changed  from  the  inside  out  –  heart,  mind,  and  soul.  I  felt  cleansed,  free,  and  accepted.  It  really  was  su-­‐ pernatural.  But  not  only  did  that  ini2al  prayer  impact  me,  it  was  the  turning  point  to  a  connec2on  with   God.   Over  the  years  since  that  first  prayer,  I  have  come  to  cherish  my  2mes  of  conversa2on  with  God.  I  have   to  say  that  my  deeper  2mes  of  geing  to  know  God  come  as  I  consistently  carve  out  2me  each  day  to  be   in   prayer.   I   have   discovered   there   are   many   reasons   why   I   should   pray,   and   I’d   like   to   share   four   of   these   with  you;   31


it   is   in   prayer   where   you   will   experience   peace   about   your   life   situa2ons.   I   mean,   who   doesn’t  

need peace  in  this  life?  There  is  so  much  strife,  unrest,  and  struggles  in  everyday  life.  Jesus  promises  to   give   us   a   peace   different   from   what   the   world   gives.   Instead   He   gives   His   peace   directly   from   the   throne   room  of  God.  With  this  peace,  you  can  leave  the  outcomes  to  God.  


it  is  through  talking  with  God  that  you  experience  a  renewing  of  your  mind.  This  is  not  the  same  

as us  geing  ideas  and  changing  our  thinking  about  something,  but  instead  it  is  God  inspiring  us  with  His   truth  about  how  we  need  to  think  and  decide  on  our  situa2ons.  It  is  in  prayer  that  you  receive  wisdom   from  the  Holy  Spirit.


it  is  in  prayer  that  your  faith  is  strengthened  to  believe  that  your  answers  to  needs  will  come.  Just  

as an  earthly  parent  desires  their  child  to  come  to  them  when  in  need,  so  God  does  too.  We  all  need   help  throughout  our  life.  God  knows  this  and  invites  us  to  trust  Him  to  move  on  our  behalf.


something  happened  once  I  began  praying  -­‐  I  yearned  for  more  of  God.  As  I  disciplined  myself  to  

carve out  special  2mes  in  prayer  with  Christ,  I  fell  in  love  with  God.  I  never  dreamt  in  a  million  years  I’d   feel  this  way.  But  I  am  sure  glad  I  do!   This  has  been  my  journey.  What  about  yours?  I  encourage  you  today  –  PRAY!   Karen  Wells,  M.Div.


Vaca9oning For  EveryBODY By  Jeri  Donavon A   new   traveling   concept   is   evolving   that   has   your   personal  well-­‐being  upfront  and  in  the  center  of  your   vaca2oning  experience….  wellness  vaca2oning. The   innova2ve   niche   is   exploding   world-­‐wide   with   amazing   opportuni2es   for   everyBODY   in   everything   from  yoga  retreats  amongst  the  soothing  rainforests   of   Costa   Rica   to   adventure   cruising   down   the   Ama-­‐ zon  River,  or  partaking  in  a  bona  fide  fitness  vaca2on   in  spectacular  loca2ons. A  fitness  vaca2on  is  a  terrific  way  to  feed  your  wan-­‐ derlust  while  jumpstar2ng  posi2ve  changes  for  your   mind,   body   and   soul.   Ideal   for   both   fitness   seekers   and   fitness   warriors,   this   type   of   vaca2on   can:   tone   tushes,   tantalize   taste   buds   with   delectable   yet   healthy  cuisine,  delight  your  inner  yogi,  and  propose   personalized  fitness  challenges.  Perhaps  most  impor-­‐ tantly,  a  fitness  vaca2on  can  send  you  down  the  path  

to crea2ng   a   healthier,   renewed   and   more   relaxed   version  of  yourself. Here’s  a  sampling  of  some  of  the  crème  de  la  crème   fitness   resorts   truly   serious   about   your   personal   transforma2on: BodyHoliday   Le   Sport.   One   of   the   most   beloved   fitness  vaca2on  resorts  is  hidden  away  on  the  idyllic   beauty   of   St.   Lucia.   Situated   on   a   private,   gorgeous   Caribbean   beach   lies   the   BodyHoliday   where   luxury   fitness   is   queen   and   all-­‐inclusive   packages   include   daily   spa   treatments   at   the   well-­‐awarded   and   very   comprehensive   Wellness   Center.   A   wonderfully   di-­‐ verse  range  of  fitness  classes  and  watersports  run  by   day,  dancing  to  steel  drums  is  enjoyed  by  night.   Jungle   Bay.   Nestled   on   the   in2mate   and   beau2ful   is-­‐ land  of  Dominica  is  Jungle  Bay  Resort.  This  bou2que   33

barefoot luxury  resort  surrounded  by  luscious  rainfor-­‐ est   offers   annual   Fitness   Boot   Camps.   Here   you   will   experience   a   fitness   vaca2on   that   is   geared   towards   blending   func2onal   fitness   training   with   hiking,   yoga   and  spa  therapies.  Your  fitness  coach’s  goal  is  to  inte-­‐ grate   a   fitness   and   wellness   program   into   your   own   lifestyle   so   that   the   results   last   long   beyond   your   vaca-­‐ 2on.  Isn’t  that  what  we  want? The  Ranch  at  Live  Oak  Malibu.  This  ultra-­‐uber  fitness   resort   is   for   health   warriors   seeking   challenges   that   push  beyond  their  current  fitness  level.  The  Ranch  at   Live   Oaks   is   not   for   the   faint   of   heart.   Their   low-­‐ impact  7  day  program  includes  10  hours  of  daily  exer-­‐ cise   consis2ng   of   yoga,   strength   training,   water   aero-­‐ bics,   massage   services,   and   revitalizing   hikes.   How-­‐ ever,   in   one   intense   week,   you   will   definitely   gain  

strength and  shed  some  unwanted  pounds,  whilst  en-­‐ joying  the  beauty  of  sunny  southern  California. Rancho   La   Puerta.     A   true   gem,   Rancho   La   Puerta   could   be   deemed   as   the   godmother   of   all   fitness   re-­‐ sorts.   AWer   over   70   years   of   providing   outstanding   wellness   vaca2ons,   Rancho   La   Puerta   does   not   rest   upon   their   well-­‐earned   laurels.   This   quintessen2al   wellness   resort   con2nues   to   embody   all   that   is   wellness   and   provides   sanctuary   for   the   soul,   engag-­‐ ing  classes  for  the  mind  and  an  extensive  range  of  ex-­‐ cep2onal   fitness   classes   for   the   body.   Spread   over   3,000  gorgeous  acres,  The  Ranch  is  located  in  Tecate,   Mexico,   and   is   easily   reached   with   organized   transfers   from  the  San  Diego  airport. Pack  your  gym  bag  and  let’s  go!


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Renee Wiggins,  RD.  LD. Renee   Wiggins   is   the   owner   and   operator   of   Results   By   Renee,   a   Medical   Lifestyle   Spa   with   a   mission   of   helping   women   achieve   healthier,   more   balanced   lives.   As   a   Registered   Die66an,   Life   Skills   Coach,   Cer6fied   Personal   Trainer,   and   Cer6fied   Massage   Therapist,   Renee   has   been   involved   in   the   health   and   wellness   industry   for   over  twenty  years.  She  is  passionate  about  helping  women  who  are   anxious  to  discover  their  power  and  realize  their  goals,  and  has  an   excellent  track  record  of  doing  so.  Renee  designs  and  tailors  menus   and  physical  training  programs  to  help  clients  who  want  to  lose  weight,  become  more  ac6ve,   and  enhance  their  overall  good  health. Her  Website: “Being  Fabulously  Fit”  Order  Here:  hip://

Dina Proctor Dina   Proctor   is   best-­‐selling   author   of   Madly   Chasing   Peace:   How   I   Went   From   Hell   to   Happy   in   Nine   Minutes   a   Day   and   a   life   and   business  coach..  A>er  hinng  emo6onal  rock-­‐boiom,  she  -­‐quite  unin-­‐ ten6onally!-­‐   created   a   process   called   3x3   Medita6on   (3   minutes,   3   6mes  a  day)  that  enabled  her  to  transform  every  aspect  of  her  life.   From  weight  loss  and  banishing  addic6ve  cravings  to  reconstruc6ng   rela6onships,   this   simple   and   yet   incredibly   effec6ve   method   has   gained  the  support  of  Jack  Canfield  and  Dr.  Bruce  Lipton,  and  is  now   helping  thousands  of  others  improve  their  lives  as  well.    Dina's  3x3  Medita6on  method  is  help-­‐ ing  thousands  to  transform  their  personal  and  professional  lives.   “Madly   Chasing   Peace:How   I   Went   From   Hell   to   Happy   in   Nine   Minutes   a   Day”   Order   Here:     hip://  Website:


Jeri Donovan   Jeri   Donovan   is   the   founder   of   Well   Traveled,   a   wellness   travel   agency   specializing   in   ac6ve   adventure,   spa   des6na6ons,   yoga   and   fitness   vaca6ons   and   wellness   cruises.   In   2011,   Jeri   was   diagnosed   with  a  brain  tumor  (months  a>er  comple6ng  a  century  bike  ride)  and   underwent  brain  surgery.  Jeri’s  recovery  was  the  catalyst  for  lifestyles   changes   both   personally   and   professionally.   Deciding   to   enter   the   travel  industry,  Jeri  felt  compelled  to  focus  on  a  new  niche,  wellness   travel.  She  became  the  first  travel  professional  to  become  a  Travel  In-­‐ s6tute’s  Well-­‐Being  Travel  Specialist.  Wellness  travel  truly  suited  her  soul  combining  her  insa-­‐ 6able  passion  for  travel  with  her  commitment  to  wellness.   hip://  

Lori Hanson   Life  Balance  Strategist  Lori  Hanson  is  the  award-­‐winning  author  of  four   books,  (including  Stress  Survival  Kit™  for  the  Alpha  Female)  a  transfor-­‐ ma6on   coach   and   mo6va6onal   women’s   speaker.   She   founded   Learn2Balance   and   inspires   women   with   her   keynote   programs   and   women’s   retreats.   She   supports   women   business   owners   and   execu-­‐ 6ves  and  helps  them  integrate  work/life  success  that  is  guilt-­‐free  and   feels  good.  She  teaches  clients  techniques  to  boost  confidence,  break-­‐ through  barriers,  reduce  stress,  lead  their  “pack”  confidently,  be  mindful,  honor  their  rela6on-­‐ ship  to  Self  and  get  the  results  they  really  want.  She  integrates  holis6c  nutri6on  to  build  a  solid   founda6on  for  success.   hip:// Link  to  book:  hip://


Enjoy The  Ride By  Diana  Lynn I’ve  always  thought  of  “holis2c”  as  balanced.  I’m  going  to  take  care  of  myself.  I’m  going  to  take  care  of   each   piece   of   me   equally.   Take   2me   to   heal   the   broken   pieces   of   me.   And   make   2me   to   nurture   the   pieces   of   me   that   are   thriving   and   healthy.   Live   balanced.   I’m   star2ng   to   realize   balance   is   part   of   a   holis-­‐ 2c  life,  but  maybe,  just  maybe  the  real  secret  to  a  holis2c  life  is  truth.  I  realize  everything  that’s  broken  in   my  life  is  broken  because  I’m  not  seeing  or  speaking  the  truth.   The  broken  areas  of  my  life  are  where  my  fears  live.  And  I  believe  fears  can’t  live  in  the  truth.   The  other  day  I  wanted  to  ask  a  client  for  payment.  Doesn’t  seem  like  a  big  deal.  I  worked  for  him.  He   owes  me  money.  But  I  felt  sick  to  my  stomach.  Guilt  filled  my  en2re  body.  I  sat  staring  at  the  wall  listen-­‐ ing   to   the   voice   inside   my   head   saying   “What   if   he   thinks   you’re   poor?   What   if   he   thinks   your   pushy?   Or   worse,  what  if  he  finds  a  less  pushy,  less  poor  vendor,  and  he  gets  rid  of  you?” All  because  I  wanted  to  be  paid  for  services  I  provided.   In  that  moment  I  lived  in  fear. 37

Again, I  thought  to  myself.  He’ll  pay  me  when  he’s   ready.  I’ll  just  wait.  It’s  ok.   I   wasn’t   speaking   my   truth.   My   simple   truth.   “I   worked  on  this  project.  I’ve  completed  it.  Can  I  get   payment  on  this?”

Every 2me   that   fear   pops   up   inside   me   I   have   to   ask   why?   What   just   happened?   Did   I   speak   my   truth?

If my   answer   is   “No.   You   stared   at   the   wall,   uncom-­‐ fortably.”   Then   I   pop   into   my   backseat   and   take   notes.   What   made   you   feel   uncomfortable?   And   Instead  I  stared  at  the  wall  and  became  uncomfort-­‐ where  do  you  think  that  is  coming  from?   able.   I   even   went   as   far   as   thinking   “He’ll   never   pay  me!  I  worked  for  nothing!  How  dare  he  do  this   Now  that  you  have  some  internal  answers  the  next   to  me!” ques2on   is,   can   you   let   that   nega2ve   feeling   go?   If   not,  how  are  you  going  to  address  it  from  the  back-­‐ In   not   speaking   my   truth,   I’m   not   living   a   holis2c   seat?   life.   Quite   the   opposite.   I’ve   broken   myself.   I’ve   done  this,  not  him.  He  never  said  a  word  and  most   Don’t   jump   into   the   driver’s   seat.   Have   you   ever   likely  had  no  clue  I  was  angry.   driven   your   car   when   you’re   angry?   You   may   speed,   avoid   stop   signs,   possibly   get   a   li_le   reck-­‐ So,   I’ve   decided   to   become   a   backseat   driver.   I’m   less.  But  from  the  backseat,  you’re  just  observing,   taking   the   backseat   to   all   my   rela2onships.   I’m   checking  out  the  scenery,  taking  notes.   learning   it’s   hard   to   examine   your   journey   in   life   while  you’re  feverishly  driving,  cursing  the  drivers   Only   you   can   find   your   truth.   Jump   in   the   back-­‐ next  to  you.  So,  I’ll  step  back  and  watch.   seat.  And  enjoy  the  ride.


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Featured Wellness Woman Tami Lindahl,  CPT   Fit,  EnthusiasEc,  Mindful   “Be  inspired  to  know  you  can  eat  delicious   and  wonderful  food  and  it  doesn’t  have  to   be  a  bad  thing…you  just  need  to  get  the   right  mindset.” Tami   Lindahl   is   truly   a   fitness   guru.   She   speaks   about   helping   women   to   get   fit   with     great   love   and   exuberance.     She   has   done   it   all   when   it   comes  to  fitness  from  Aerobics,  to  Kids  Fitness,  to   being   cer2fied   as   a   Biggest   Loser   Weight   Loss   Expert  and  known  as  LA's  #1  Health,  Fitness  and   Weight  Loss  Coach.  Through  all  of  her  adventures   with   Fitness   her   real   passion   is   working   with   Women   over   40.     She   especially   has   a   love   for   working  with  seniors.    When  I  first  met  Tami  she   had   just   finished   her   first   book,   now   about   two   years  later  she  has  wri_en  another  book  to  be  re-­‐ leased  August  2014,  “Eat  and  Think  Your  Way  Into   Weight   Loss”   which   really   focuses   on   one   of   her   favorite   topics…food   and   how   to   enjoy   ea2ng   while   s2ll   staying   fit.     Tami   Lindahl   is   an   inspira-­‐ 2on,  at  the  age  of  50  she  is  s2ll  working  hard  to   educate   and   mo2vate   women   40   and   over   that   it   is  never  to  late  to  get  fit  and  have  a  great  2me  do-­‐ ing  it!  

How did  you  get  into  fitness  industry? I  was  volunteering  at  the  Senior  Center  13  years   ago.     There   was   a   woman   teaching   low   impact   aerobics  and  they  needed  a  sub  for  the  class.      I   spoke   with   the   teacher   and   offered   to   sub.   I   en-­‐ joyed  it  so  much  I  went  ahead  and  got  my  cer2fi-­‐

ca2on in   aerobics,   and   con2nued   to   get   more   cer-­‐ 2fica2ons  in  fitness.    I  love  it!    Since  then  I  have   done   personal   training,   I   have   worked   sub   and   she  spoke  with  her  and  told  her  she  could  do  it.    I   went  on  and  got  many  cer2fica2ons.    Although  I   have   worked   with   children,   my   real   passion   is   working  with  women  over  40.  I  went  on  and  got   my   cer2fica2on,   opened   my   own   fitness   center   focusing  on  working  with  women  over  40

Why are   you   so   passionate   about   women  being  fit  over  40? 39

Simple overall  health  and  wellness.    As  we  age  we   loose  bone  density  and  strength  training  is  very  im-­‐ portant.     I   want   to   help   women   prevent   or   stop   os-­‐ teoporosis.     I   opened   a   gym   for   older   women   be-­‐ cause   they   are   in2midated   by   the   gym.     I   want   women   to   be   able   to   come   in   the   gym   and   feel   comfortable  and  mo2vated.      It’s  important  to  stay   ac2ve  keep  you  cardio  vascular  system  going.    You   don’t   have   to   necessarily   be   winded   to   get   in   shape.     You   can   ride   bikes,   walk,   dance…move-­‐ ment  helps  the  overall  quality  of  your  life.    There  is   also   the   social   side   of   it.   As   we   age   we   don’t   get   out   as   much   as   we   should   and   working   out   in   a   gym  with  other  woman  is  a  great  way  to  socialize.   For  instance  the  women  I  work  with  also  socialize   outside   of   the   gym.     The   women   I   work   with   gather  and  spend  2me  with  each  other.  

How do   you   moDvate   women   to   work-­‐ out? It   depends   on   the   person   and   where   they   are   com-­‐ ing  from.    Some  people  see  a  picture  of  them  and   see   how   bad   they   look,   or   the   doctor   has   told   them   they   are   sick,   or   they   have   a   special   event   coming   up.     I   try   to   understand   what   my   clients   struggle   is.     Is   it   their   diet,   is   it   some   emo2onal   challenge,  and  is  it  the  need  for  more  movement?     Some2mes  I  will  have  my  clients  do  some  wri2ng  

crea2ng a   vision   of   what   they   want   out   of   their   life.  Other  2mes  I  create  excitement  through  food   and   delicious   recipes.     I   show   my   clients   the   fun   recipes   that   allow   them   to   eat   and   s2ll   loose   weight.      In  my  second  book  I  spend  a  lot  of  2me   talking  about  the  importance  of  nutri2on.

What are   some   of   the   common   issues   women  have  when  trying  to  get  fit? I  believe  there  are  three  main  issues:   Hormones  –  I  had  a  lady  who  used  to  be  able  drink   and   eat   whatever   she   wanted.     She   developed   is-­‐ sues  with  her  thyroid  and  female  hormone  issues.     There  are  many  things  she  can  do  and  one  of  them   is   to   increase   her   exercise.   Controlling   your   hor-­‐ mones   is   a   big   challenge   but   with   monitoring   your   food   intake   and   increasing   your   exercise   will   feel   be_er.     I   can’t   emphasize   enough   how   important   strength  training  is  a  big  part  of  staying  well  and  fit   aWer  50. Backs,  Shoulders,  Wrists,  Knees,  -­‐  I  have  found  that   as   we   age   we   can   develop   some   physical   limita-­‐ 2ons   in   our   backs,   shoulder,   wrists   and   knees.     There   are   certain   exercises   you   can   do   to   strengthen   these   areas.     Get   a   good   personal   trainer   who   can   put   together   a   good   workout   re-­‐


gime that  will  help  you  to  strengthen  those  areas.   They  will  design  a  program  for  you  that  fits.  

cise and   ea2ng   right.       How   you   look   at   dessert,   candy  or  any  kind  of  food,  is  important  when  you   eat.    Begin  to  look  at  food  in  a  different  way  …the   Time  and  Money  –  This  can  be  a  serious  issue  be-­‐ thought  process  is  so  important.    It  takes  prac2ce   cause  women  over  40  might  s2ll  be  caring  for  kids   to   change   your   mindset.     Some   can   do   a   complete   at  home,  balancing  the  finance  for  kids  in  college,   180   and   never   go   back,   but   most   people   have   to   or   taking   care   of   their   parents.     Inves2ng   in   your-­‐ try  several  2mes  to  shiW  the  mind  set.   self  is  so  important  when  it  comes  to  your  health. My  food  program  keeps  your  body  in  the  fat  burn-­‐ ing   zone.     Managing   your   stress,   pedicures,   mes-­‐ sage,   medita2on   taking   a   moment   to   breathe;   all   of   this   helps   to   manage   the   cor2sol   levels.   The   thy-­‐ roid   issues   get   worse   if   you   go   all   day   without   ea2ng   and   calorie   burning   goes   down   also.     Taking   the   2me   to   eat   smaller   por2ons   but   more   oWen   helps   the   thyroid   to   func2on   be_er.     I   know   that   people  doing  strength  training  can  increase  the  tes-­‐ torone  and  an2-­‐aging  hormones.    LiWing  weights  is   great   for   fitness.   Zumba   is   fun,   but   strength   train-­‐ ing   is   really   important.         I   like   to   teach   more   strength  than  cardio.      Make  sure  you  are  feeding   your   body   the   right   foods.   Some2mes   the   body   takes   nutrients   from   proteins   and   muscles   don’t   develop   as   one   might   expect.       I   recommend   work-­‐ ing  for  an  hour  in  AM  and  an  hour  in  the  evening,   to  replenish  the  body  correctly.  Interval  training  is   wonderful.   Warm-­‐ups   are   important   and   make   sure   you   have   the   right   shoes   to   support   your   feet   and  knees.

What is   your   definiDon   of   a   Wellness   Woman? A  Wellness  Woman  is  someone  who  takes  care  of   her   mind,   body   and   spirit.     She   knows   that   exces-­‐ sive   exercising   is   not   good,   but   she   takes   2me   to   do   strength   training   and   cardio.   She   honors   her   body  with  the  rights  foods.  She  knows  that  having   spiritual  prac2ce  or  prayer  is  essen2al  to  her  spirit   and  overall  well  being.

What is   your   second   book,   “Eat   and   Think   Your   Way   Into   Weight   Loss”   about? My  first  book  I  had  all  these  secrets  I  shared  with   the   world.     This   second   book   I   wrote   is   about   how   important  the  mind  shiW  is  when  it  comes  to  stay-­‐ ing   fit.       A   mind   shiW   is   just   as   important   as   exer-­‐ 41




Fit and  Fabulous  At  Any  Age In   today’s   society   women   are   oWen   led   to   believe   that  having  shinier  hair,  fuller  lips,  smaller  hips,  a   larger   chest,   wrinkle-­‐free   skin   and   a   fla_er   stom-­‐ ach  will  make  them  feel  be_er  about  themselves.   Have  you  bought  into  this  message?  Has  this  mes-­‐ sage  intensified  as  you  have  go_en  older?     If  your  answer  to  these  ques2ons  is  yes,  you  are   not  alone! The  media  and  adver2sers  have  done  a  great  job   of  crea2ng  the  image  of  bodily  perfec2on  and  al-­‐ though  it  doesn’t  exist,  many  women  are  chasing   this  illusion.  This  chase  intensifies  as  women  age   and  although  aging  or  entering  into  a  new  decade   (40’s,   50’s   60’s)   of   life   should   be   celebrated,   it   is   oWen   dreaded.     Besides,   you’re   not   the   same   woman   you   once   were,   your   body   has   changed,   your   skin   and   hair   has   changed   and   the   world’s   expecta2ons   of   you   have   changed.     Change,   if   posi2ve,  can  be  a  great  process,  but  if  you  listen   to  all  of  the  subliminal  messages  about  aging,  you   will  believe  it  is  all  downhill  from  here.   Today   I   want   to   encourage   you   to   ignore   this   mes-­‐ sage  and  help  you  to  understand  that  aging  is  no   reason   to   throw   in   the   towel   to   geing   fit   and   feeling  great  about  yourself.  Today  you  are  wiser,   more   experienced   and   confident.   In   more   ways   than   one   you   should   be   celebrated.   Life   has   taught  you  many  valuable  lessons,  and  you  have   earned  the  right  to  stand  tall  with  your  chest  up   and  your  shoulders  back.    

In addi2on   to   standing   tall   while   wearing   your   badge   of   honor   for   making   it   this   far   in   life,   real-­‐ ize  life  isn’t  over.    Regardless  of  your  age  you  can   s2ll  get  fit  and  feel  fabulous  at  any  age.  

You can   accomplish   this   by   doing   the   following:   1)  Exercise  on  a  daily  basis,  adding  cardio  and  re-­‐ sistance  training:  Research  has  shown  that  every   decade  aWer  the  age  of  35  women  lose  anywhere   between   3-­‐5   %   of   muscle   2ssue,   a   condi2on   known   as   Sarcopenia.   Therefore,   in   order   to   keep   your   body   strong   for   ac2vi2es   of   daily   living   (ADLs)   and   increase   bone   density,   incorporate   a   combina2on   of   resistance   training   exercises   into   your   daily   ac2vity.   In   addi2on   to   resistance   train-­‐ ing,   perform   at   least   35-­‐45   minutes   of   cardiovas-­‐ cular  ac2vi2es  most  days  of  the  week  such  as  bik-­‐ ing,  walking,  dancing,  running  or  swimming.   2)   Drink   up:   Over   60-­‐65%   of   your   body   is   water   therefore   hydra2on   is   essen2al   to   your   skin   and   op2mal   health.   Staying   hydrated   can   assist   in   keeping   your   skin   looking   healthy,   provide   a   sense   of   sa2ety   (fullness)   and   transport   impor-­‐ tant   nutrients   to   your   cells.     Drinking   water   be-­‐ fore,   during,   and   aWer   your   workouts   will   provide   you   with   many   benefits   of   hydra2on.   Don’t   like   the   taste   of   water-­‐-­‐add   natural   flavoring   such   as   mint  or  lemon  to  enhance  taste.   3)  Compliment,  compliment,  compliment:    Never   wait   for   a   special   occasion   or   weight   loss   to   tell   43

yourself how   amazing   you   are.   Yes,   every   woman   regardless   of   her   size   should   feel   great   about   her-­‐ self.   On   the   days   you’re   not   feeling   great   about   yourself  (everyone  has  these  days)  speak  out  loud   3   things   that   make   you   an   amazing   woman   and   don’t  be  afraid  if  someone  hears  you,  you’re  worth   it! 4)   Fruits   and   Veggies   Please:   Fruits   and   vegetables   are   filled   with   rich   phytonutrients   that   provide   the   body   with   an   array   of   vitamins,   minerals   and   an2-­‐ oxidants.   Therefore   in   order   to   nourish   your     body   and  to  keep  looking  and  feeling  great  add  one  new   vegetable   to   your     meal   plan   once   a   week   and   con-­‐ sume  at  least  3-­‐5  servings  of  fruit  and  vegetables  a   day.  

6) Con2nue   to   look   great:   It   is   proven,   when   a   woman   looks   great,   she   feels   great   about   herself.   Therefore   don’t   be   afraid   to   try   new   clothes   that   you   believe   are   for   younger   women.   You   have   an   amazing   figure   and   should   be   proud   of   the   hard   work  you  have  invested  in  keeping  yourself  fit.  Try   a  new  color  palate  on  your  skin  and  try  a  new  bold   lip  color.  Get  bold  and  don’t  apologize  for  it! At  some  point  in  life  we  have  all  sought  bodily  per-­‐ fec2on  but  it  doesn’t  exist.  Therefore  it  is  essen2al   to   realize   that   feeling   good   about   yourself   at   any   age   first   starts   by   accep2ng   who   you   are   and   em-­‐ bracing   yourself   and   your   body   at   each   stage   of   life.  From  there  commit  to  doing  those  things  that   make  you  feel  great,  such  as  exercising  on  a  daily   basis,  ea2ng    healthy  well-­‐balanced  meals  and  tell-­‐ ing   yourself   each   day   how   amazing   you   are   you!   On   the   days   you   feel   alone   in   your   struggles,   re-­‐ member   millions   of   other   women   feel   what   you   feel.  You  are  not  alone.  I  am  cheering  you  on;  can   you  hear  me  cheering  for  you?    

5) Know   your   numbers:   Heart   disease   is   the   num-­‐ ber  1  killer  of  women  therefore  it  is  important  to   know   your   numbers   such   as   blood   pressure,   cho-­‐ lesterol  and  triglyceride  levels.  In  order  to  stay  cur-­‐ rent   with   your   status   make   your   annual   appoint-­‐ ments  with  your  physician  mandatory!  In  addi2on   to  regular  physicals,  discover  ways  to  relax  and  pre-­‐ You   are   truly   a   diamond   and   it’s   Jme   to   let   the   vent  stress  which  is  also  contribu2ng  risk  factor  to   world  see  you  shine.   heart  disease.


Holis9c Thinking     The  Founda9on  of  a  Healthy   Mind By  Andrea  Hanson All   the   holis2c   prac2ces   in   the   world   will   not   be   fully   supported   if   our   thinking   is   not   holis2c.   So   what   is   holis2c   thinking   anyway?     It   follows   the   guidelines  and  defini2on  of  “holis2c”   ho-­‐lis-­‐Sc,   adjec2ve/philosophy,   characterized   by   comprehension   of   the   parts   of   something   as   in2-­‐ mately  interconnected  and  explicable  only  by  ref-­‐ erence  to  the  whole. Our  “normal  thinking”  tends  to  be  deduc2ve,  gen-­‐ eralized,   exclusive,   judgmental,   results   oriented   and  based  on  conscious  and  compe22on  and  un-­‐ conscious   personal   and/or   societal/cultural   be-­‐ liefs.    For  example:    A  woman  I  will  call  Sally  says   to  herself,  “I  am  geing  old.  I  am  forgeing  things   gaining   weight   and   don’t   feel   as   a_rac2ve   or   strong   as   I   did   when   I   was   younger.     Oh   well,   I   have   to   accept   the   hard   truth   or   be   miserable.”     With   this   non   holis2c   statement   several   things   happen.     Sally  sees  herself  as  separate  from  the  a_ributes   of   agelessness,   op2mum   weight,   physical   body   and  youthfulness. In   a   strange   way   she   is   in   compe22on   with   her   former  self.      Her  self-­‐talk  is    judgmental  at  best  

Her “either   or”   thinking,     is   actually   elimina2ng   all  other  possibili2es   She  has  become  part  of  the  problem  crea2ng  this   undesirable  current  reality  and  future     for  herself. With   Sally’s   transformed   “holis2c   thinking”,   the   conversa2on   would   go   more   like   this:     Everyone   grows   older.     Some2mes   things   like   memory,   weight  gain,  physical  fitness  old  behaviors  and  at-­‐ 2tudes   are   a_ributed   to   geing   older.   But   when   I   look   at   the   whole   popula2on,   I   no2ce   those   traits  at  all  ages.    I  also  no2ce  people  older  than  I   am   that   have   great   memories,   op2mum   weight,   good   fitness   and   seem   very   happy   with   them-­‐ selves.   With   this   holis2c   aitude   and   looking   at   the  en2re  popula2on  as  one  make  several  things   possible  for  Sally. She  sees  herself  as  part  of  the  whole   Her  mind  gains  strength  in  memory,  discernment,   crea2ve  solu2ons She  is  not  judging  herself She   sees   sources   for   op2mum   health,   weight,   self-­‐confidence  are  open  to  her She  is  crea2ng  a  solu2on  to  her  concerns  and  the   desired  reality  and  future  she  wants


This changes   her   reality   and   the   reality   of   all   those   she  influences.


A very  important  holis2c  prac2ce  is  Contempla2on   and  Self  Inquiry.  Take  2me  to  contemplate  each  of   these   five   a_ributes   of   Holis2c   thinking.   Find   a   quiet   moment   and   ask   yourself   what   each   one   feels   like.   Then   contemplate   how   knowing   these   a_ributes   can   help   you   make   be_er   choices   and   guarantee  true  holis2c  living.    Use  these  basics  to   guide  your  thinking  and  your  choices.  Be  a  holis2c   thinker!   Everything  is  energy,  everything  is  connected  –  All   is  one Energy  is  either  flowing  or  it  is  stuck.  

Listen to  Our  Journey  To  Wellness  Moments h8p:// ments  

Judgment causes  stuck  energy  causing  suffering Everything   I   do,   say,   think   and   believe   has   a   posi-­‐ 2ve  or  nega2ve  effect  on  me  and  all    others.  There   is  no  neutral. Compe22on  is  an  old  way  of  thinking.  Coopera2on   and  collabora2on  are  holis2c  thinking  dynamics.


The Most  Important  Hormone By,  Cammi  Balleck,  PHd Are  you  struggling  with  weight  loss  and  think  you  are   doing   everything   you   can?   Have   you   been   on   some   kind   of   diet   your   en2re   life?   Do   you   crave   a   snack   be-­‐ fore   bed?   Have   you   ever   had   trouble   s2cking   to   a   diet?   Do   you   have   weight   gain,   and   can’t   sleep   as   good   as   you   used   to?   If   you   can’t   seem   to   s2ck   to   health   changes,   chances   are   you   have   Lep2n   resis-­‐ tance. Lep2n   is   a   master   hormone   in   the   body   that   controls   hunger  and  feelings  of  sa2ety.  In  other  words,  if  you   want   to   make   las2ng   health   changes   or   lose   weight   and  keep  it  off    the  good  news  is:  if  you’ve  failed  at   diets   or   health   changes   in   the   past,   it   was   likely   be-­‐ cause  you  failed  to  regulate  your  Lep2n  levels  and  do-­‐ ing  so  can  help  you  finally  make  las2ng  changes You  got  here  in  a  downward  spiral,  Lep2n  is  the  sa2ety  hormone  produced  by  fat  cells,  so  it  would  seem  logical   that  those  with  more  fat  cells  would  produce  more  Lep2n,  which  would  signal  the  body  to  eat  less  food  and   weight   would   normalize.   This   over-­‐simplified   idea   is   great   in   theory,   but   doesn’t   always   occur,   especially   in   those  with  damaged  metabolisms  or  endocrine  problems  (which  includes  most  overweight  people). The  problem  is  not  in  the  produc2on  of  lep2n,  but  rather,  studies  show  that  the  majority  of  overweight  individu-­‐ als  who  are  having  difficulty  losing  weight  have  a  lep2n  resistance,  where  the  lep2n  is  unable  to  produce  its  nor-­‐ mal  effects  to  s2mulate  weight  loss.  This  lep2n  resistance  is  sensed  as  starva2on,  so  mul2ple  mechanisms  are   ac2vated  to  increase  fat  stores,  rather  than  burn  excess  fat  stores.  Lep2n  resistance  also  s2mulates  the  forma-­‐ 2on  of  reverse  T3,  which  blocks  the  effects  of  thyroid  hormone  on  metabolism. So,   the   person   is   ea2ng   excess   food   but   the   body   thinks   it   is   starving   and   tells   the   person   to   eat   more.   It’s   easy   to  see  how  this  cycle  could  contribute  to  weight  gain! Factors  that  Contribute  to  Lep2n  Resistance As  with   all   hormone  issues,  Lep2n  resistance   is   a   complex   issue   with   no   singular  cause,  but  there  are  many  fac-­‐ tors  that  can  nega2vely  impact  Lep2n  levels  including:

•  Fructose  -­‐  yes  fruit  sugar  and  fructose  corn  syrup •    High  stress  levels 47

•  Consump6on  of  a  lot  of  simple  carbs •    Lack  of  sleep •    High  insulin  levels   •    Overea6ng

How to   Fix   Lep2n   Resistance:   This   is   complex   prob-­‐ lem,  but  not  irreversible! I   wish   I   could   tell   you,   you   can   fix   this   by   con2nuing   the  same  lifestyle  you  are  living,  I  wish  I  could  tell  you   the  answer  was  in  a  box  or  a  pill,  but  that  is  not  the   truth  the  truth  is  :  and  its  non-­‐nego2able:

•  Exercising  too  much,  especially  if  your  hor-­‐ •     You   must   not   eat   any   starches,   refined   foods,  sugars  and  fructose mones  are  already  damaged •    Gluten   -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ADVERTISEMENT-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐

•  You  must  consuming  a  large  amount  of  pro-­‐ tein   and   healthy   fats   first   thing   in   the   morn-­‐ ing,   as   soon   a>er   waking   as   possible.   Be   in   bed  by  9:30pm  and  get  8  hours  sleep. •     Get   outside   during   the   day   get   some   sunshine.   •    DON’T  SNACK!!!  Try  to  space  meals  at  least   4   hours   apart   and   don’t   eat   for   at   least   4   hours   before   bed.   This   includes   drinks   with   calories   but   herbal   teas,   water,   coffee   or   tea   without  cream  or  sugar  are  fine. •     Don’t   workout   at   first.   If   you   are   really   Lep6n  resistant,  this  will  just  be  an  addi6onal   stress  on  the  body.  Let  your  body  heal  a  liile   first,  then  add  in  the  exercise.

Happy, Healthy, Hormone Balance

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•   When   you   do   exercise,   do   only   yoga,   pi-­‐ lates,   walking   and   weight   li>ing.   Walk   or   swim   if   you   want   to   but   don’t   do   cardio   just   for  the  sake  of  cardio.  It’s  just  a  stress  on  the   body.   Also,   workout   in   the   a>ernoon   or   eve-­‐ ning,   not   the   morning,   to   support   hormone   levels.


-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ADVERTISEMENT -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐

•   Remove   toxins   from   your   life   as   these   are   a   stress  on  your  body.   You  must  keep  lep2n  in  a  state  of  healthy  balance  for  your   metabolism   to   work   correctly   and   your   appe2te   to   be   under  control.  This  is  not  a  situa2on  where  you  take  lep2n   hormone   as   a   substance.   This   is   a   case   wherein   diet,   exer-­‐ cise,   lifestyle,   stress   hormone   cor2sol   management,   good   nights   of   sleep,   and   various   nutrients   all   help   to   op2mize   lep2n  func2on  in  your  body.

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h:p:// h:p://www.Simran-ツュ窶心


Great Gluten  Free  Recipes for  the  Summer   By  Jennifer  Fugo While  out  in  LA,  I  had  the  pleasure  of  visit-­‐ ing  my  dear  cousin  Lisa  for  a  night.  Every   single   2me   I   go   to   stay   with   her,   I   leave   with   a   bunch   of   new   crea2ve   tricks   for   food.  She’s  currently  going  to  Duke’s  Inte-­‐ gra2ve   Health   Coaching   program   and   star2ng   her   own   health   coaching   prac2ce   out  in  LA.

Gluten Free  BlueBerry  Pie  Smoothie

So as   crea2ve   as   I   am,   it   never   occurred   to   me   to   add   ground   spices   to   my   smoothies.   Lisa,   on   the   other   hand,   cre-­‐ ates   these   taste   journeys   for   your   taste   buds   while   s2ll   being   nutri2ous   and   deli-­‐ cious.   I   suggest   adding   the   spices   in   small   amounts.   They   add   a   much   larger   punch   since  you’re  only  blending  up  a  smoothie!

• 1  cup  fresh  or  frozen  blueberries  

Since it’s  blueberry  season  here,  I  started   to   work   on   a   smoothie  that’s  both  hydrat-­‐ ing  and  a  burst  of  blueberry  goodness!

Prep Time:  5  minutes Cook  Time:  2  minutes Yield:  2

Ingredients • 1/8  cup  of  coconut  milk  (the  fat)  or  1/4  of  an  avocado   •  1  1/4  cup  fluid  (could  be  water  or  almond  milk)   •  1  to  2  tbsp  fresh  squeezed  lemon  juice   •  1  serving  vanilla  protein  powder   •  1  heaping  tbsp  ground  flax   •  2  to  3  gentle  shakes  of  cinnamon  and  ginger   •  A  tad  of  ground  nutmeg  and  cloves   •  Op2onal:  2  ice  cubes  if  blueberries  were  fresh,  not  fro-­‐ zen Instruc2ons 1.   Blend   together   un2l   smooth.   En-­‐ joy! I’ve  got  so  many  peaches,  I  don’t  even   know  what  to  do  with  them  all!    Since   it’s  the  height  of  peach  season,  I  want   to   share   with   you   my   incredibly   easy   Peach   Salsa   recipe.     While   it’s   perfect   51

on it’s   on   with   some   great   gluten   free   tor2lla   chips,   you   can   totally   dress   up   some   grilled   fish   or   chicken   as   well   with   this   crowd   pleasure.   I   know  you’ll  love  it!


Peach Salsa •  2  large  ripe  peaches,  cubed •  1  medium  onion,  finely  diced •  1  cucumber,  skinned  and  cubed •  1-­‐2  tbsp  minced  cilantro •  Juice  from  1/2  lime •  1  tsp  sea  salt Mix   ingredients   together   and   enjoy!     Great   on   top   of   tacos,   grilled   meats,   or   as   a   dip.     It   will  

hold up   for   a   day   or   so   in   the   fridge   as   a   leWover.     And   you  can  always  add  another  fresh  peach  to  it  the  next   day  to  make  it  go  further.    This  recipe  is  the  way  that  it   is   because   it   lacks   nightshade   vegetables   (ie.   toma-­‐ toes,  peppers,  eggplant,  potatoes).    If  you  aren’t  sensi-­‐ 2ve   to   them,   you   can   also   add   in   some   jalapeño   and   red  bell  peppers  and  even  some  tomato!

Jennifer Fugo  is  the  founder  of  Gluten  Free  School,  a  website  dedi-­‐ cated  to  teaching  gluten-­‐sensitive  individuals  simple,  savvy  and  em-­‐ powering  steps  to  get  healthy.  She’s  a  certified  Health  Coach  named   a   “Gluten   Free   Guru”   by   Philadelphia   Magazine   who   co-­‐hosts   the   popular  “Gluten-­‐Free  Sugar  Cleanse”  to  empowers  gluten-­‐free  folks   to  take  control  of  their  diet,  feel  great  and  kick  their  sugar  habit.     Jennifer  is  a  sought-­‐after  expert  about  healthy,  gluten-­‐free  living  as   well   as   a   speaker   who   has   been   featured   on   Doctor   Oz,   Yahoo!   News,  eHow,  CNN,  Huffington  Post  and  Philadelphia  Magazine.  She   hosts   the   popular   "Gluten   Free   School   Podcast"   to   share   eye-­‐ opening  health  information  vital  to  living  a  gluten-­‐free  life.   Her  first  book,  “The  Savvy  Gluten-­‐Free  Shopper:  How  to  Eat  Healthy   without  Breaking  the  Bank”  will  be  available  in  February  2014. 52

Suzanne Strisower Life  Purpose  Expert  and  Career  Coach  Suzanne  Strisower  is  commit-­‐ ted  to  helping  people  discover  their  purpose  in  life  so  that  each   person  can  live  their  best  life.  She  has  authored  three  books,  includ-­‐ ing  a  life  purpose  workbook,  111  Inspira6onal  Life  Purpose  Quotes   and  Exercises  to  Find  Your  Purpose  in  Life      and  a  Life  Purpose   “Tweet”  book.  She  is  being  featured  in  an  upcoming  segment  of  the   Na6onal  Geographic  hit  reality  television  show  “Doomsday  Prep-­‐ pers,”  where  she  shows  the  world  how  to  “leave  survival  behind   and  prosper  by  living  consciously.” Visit  her  websites  and  sign  up  for  her  free  guidebook   and  for  a  mini  e-­‐course  on  finding  your  life  purpose.

Andrea Becky  Hanson Andrea   Becky   Hanson   –   an   Amazon   Best-­‐Selling   author   of   Light   Through  the  Keyhole  –  Best  Kept  Secrets  of  Extraordinary  Holis6c   Energy  Healing,  Founding  Director  of  Merging  Rivers  Healing  Prac-­‐ 6ces,  researcher,  speaker  and  retreat  facilitator  has  39  years  of  ex-­‐ perience   in   mul6-­‐cultural,   holis6c   healing   studies   and   training   in   over   24   countries   including   9   years   as   Program   Director   of   the   Chopra  Center  for  Wellbeing.    As  an  innova6ve  catalyst  for  healing   and  realiza6on  of  human  poten6al,  she  weaves  ancient  wisdom  sci-­‐ ences   and   leading   edge   scien6fic   discoveries   into   empowering   and   sustainable   healing   prac-­‐ 6ces.


Milan Perry   Milan  Perry  HHP,  MH  is  a  Health  Wellness  Coach,  Herbalist,  Personal   Chef  and  Writer  in  Chicago,  Illinois.  She  graduated  “with  honors”   from  The  Interna6onal  Culinary  School  of  The  Art  Ins6tute  (ILIC  Chi-­‐ cago  Campus)  in  2010,  with  a  specializa6on  in  Nutri6onal  Cuisines.   She  went  on  to  further  her  studies  in  Nutri6on,  Holis6c  Herbalism   and  Naturopathic  Wellness—  where  she  received  professional  cre-­‐ den6als  as  an  (HHP)  Holis6c  Health  Prac66oner,  Master  Herbalist,   Nutri6onal  Counseling  cer6fica6on,  and  maintains  board  member-­‐ ship  through  the  American  Associa6on  of  Drugless  Prac66oners   (AADP).  She  consults  a  diverse  clientele,  but  primarily  works  with  women  over  40  to  empower   them  to  make  appropriate  health  and  nutri6onal  choices  for  their  own  unique  situa6ons

Dr. Kathy  Gruver,  PhD,  LMT,  RM,  NHC Dr   Kathy   Gruver   is   the   award   winning   Author   of   “Alterna6ve   Medicine  Cabinet”  &  the  host  of  a  Television  show  based    upon  the   book.  She  has  a  thriving  prac6ce  in  Santa  Barbara,  California  and  is   a  sought  a>er  speaker  and  expert  in  the  field  of  holis6c  health  and   integra6ve  medicine.   Visit  Kathy’s  Website  at:    

Dr. Cammi  Balleck,  PhD Cammi  Balleck,  is  a  ANCB  board  cer6fied  tradi6onal  naturopath.  The   leading  Happy  Hormone  Doctor.  She  specializes  in  teaching  how  to  un-­‐ leash  your  happy  hormones.  She  has  10  years  experience,  specializing   in  biochemical  balance.  She  is  the  women's  health  expert  for  O,  Pre-­‐ ven6on,  Shape  and  First  Magazines  as  well  as  a  featured  expert  for   FOX  NEWS  NATIONALLY  and  the  CW  sta6ons  in  Denver.


How to  Detox  EmoBonally  Using  MeditaBon By  Shawngela  Pierce Yes,  it  is  true!  Medita2on  can  help  you  heal  emo-­‐ 2onally  from  the  past  through  a  process  of  "emo-­‐ 2onal  detoxing”.    Emo2ons  from  past   rela2onships,  fearful  events,  etc.  that  you  have   stored  away  can  be  released  with  a  daily  medita-­‐ 2on  prac2ce.   In  order  to  understand  how  you  can  emo2onally   detox  with  medita2on,  let’s  first  look  at  the  body   and  emo2ons  from  an  energe2c  perspec2ve.    Eve-­‐ rything  in  the  universe  is  energy.  Remember  the   formula  E=mc2?  Well  this  applies  to  the  physical   body  as  well  as  to  the  emo2onal  and  thought  bod-­‐ ies.     Some  emo2onal  and  thoughts  energies  vibrate  at   higher  frequencies  then  others.  Thoughts  or  emo-­‐ 2ons  that  make  you  feel  good  such  as  happiness,   joy,  peace  or  gra2tude  vibrate  at  a  higher  fre-­‐ quency  then  thoughts  that  make  you  feel  bad   such  as  guilt,  lack  of  self-­‐worth,  lack  of  confi-­‐ dence,  or  fear. Now  let’s  look  at  the  mind-­‐body  connec2on.   Thoughts  (conscious  and  subconscious)  affect   your  emo2ons  and  your  body.  Whether  these   thoughts  affect  your  emo2ons  and/or  body  in  a   posi2ve  or  non-­‐posi2ve  way  will  depend  on  the   frequency  of  the  emo2ons.  Higher  frequency   thoughts  (thoughts  that  make  you  feel  good)  will   produce  a  posi2ve  effect  and  the  opposite  is  true   of  lower  frequency  thoughts.  To  put  it  in  another   way,  thoughts  that  make  you  feel  bad  cause  a  re-­‐ lease  of  stress  hormones  in  your  body.  A  consis-­‐ tent  and  frequent  release  of  stress  hormones,  i.e.   chronic  stress,  has  detrimental  impacts  on  your   emo2onal  health.

Before we  move  on,  do  realize  that  most  of  the   thoughts  you  are  forming  throughout  the  day  are   subconscious  thoughts.  Let’s  consider  your  sub-­‐ conscious  thoughts  as  the  “autopilot”  thought   processes  occurring  in  your  life.  For  most,  espe-­‐ cially  those  undergoing  chronic  stress,  this  autopi-­‐ lot  is  either  regurgita2ng  nega2ve  thoughts  of   the  past  or  worrying  about  something  in  the   future  on  a  consistent  basis.    If  these  thoughts   and  thoughts  of  similar  nature/vibra2on  con2nue   and  con2nue  for  long  periods,  this  emo2on  will   get  “locked  away”  in  certain  regions  of  the  body.   As  an  example,  let’s  say  you  have  repeated  sub-­‐ conscious  nega2ve  thoughts  of  guilt  or  lack  of   self-­‐worth.  These  thoughts  will  trigger  an  emo-­‐ 2on  and  over  2me  this  emo2on  gets  “stored"  in   55

your stomach  because  this  is  where  you  tend  to   hold  your  emo2ons.  This  is  a  feedback  mecha-­‐ nism  you  have  created  of  constric2ng  your  stom-­‐ ach  either  consciously  or  unconsciously  every   2me  you  feel  something  you  do  not  like.    As  a  re-­‐ sult,  you  hold  tension  in  this  area  and  disallow   these  emo2ons  to  be  released.    Now  because  you   have  “stored  this  emo2on”  in  your  stomach  for   many  many  years,  every  2me  you  think  a  nega-­‐ 2ve  thought  you  instantly  feel  it  in  your  stomach.   This  is  a  result  of  a  heavy,  dense  accumula2on  of   emo2ons  in  that  area.   Thank  goodness  for  medita2on.  Medita2on  can   help  you  to  reverse  this  cycle.  When  you  start  to   meditate,  several  things  happen  which  allow  you   to  “shake  open”  and  release  this  stored  energy. -­‐  You  start  to  relax.  When  you  start  relax  this   area,  you  allow  the  natural  release  of  this  lower   vibratory  energy.     -­‐  You  remain  more  focused.  When  you  can  focus   on  what  you  are  doing,  you  bring  yourself  into   the  present  moment.  A  mind  that  is  in  the  pre-­‐ sent  moment  and  focused  on  what  it  is  doing,  is   not  worrying  about  the  future  or  thinking  about   the  past.

-­‐ You  learn  to  become  aware  of  your  thoughts   and  to  easily  release  them.   -­‐  Your  mind  starts  to  quiet.  The  constant  mental   cha_er  (conscious  and  subconscious)  starts  to  de-­‐ crease  because  you  are  training  your  mind  to  fo-­‐ cus  and  release  thoughts  that  do  not  serve  you. The  above  concepts  seem  simple,  yet  the  results   are  profound.  A  consistent  daily  medita2on   prac2ce  will  allow  you  to  emo2onally  detox  and   raise  your  vibra2on  to  that  of  an  emo2onally   healthy  person.  You  can  release  the  old  emo-­‐ 2onal  baggage  you  have  been  carrying  around  for   years  and  start  feeling  be_er  now. Note:  Some2mes,  when  you  start  to  meditate,   you  can  release  emo2onal  energies  faster  then   you  can  handle  it.  This  can  happen  especially  for   stored  emo2ons  that  are  more  “dense”  then  oth-­‐ ers.  When  you  start  to  release  emo2ons  faster   than  you  can  adjust,  this  is  known  as  a  healing  cri-­‐ sis.  To  find  out  what  you  can  do  when  undergoing   a  healing  crisis,  please  read  this  ar2cle    h_p://­‐to-­‐medita te/296-­‐how-­‐do-­‐i-­‐deal-­‐with-­‐a-­‐healing-­‐crisis


Featured Wellness Woman Carol Dunlop,  CPT Determined,  Strong,  Undefeated   “You  have  to  push  yourself  to  stay  moJ-­‐ vated  and  to  get  past  those  bumps  in  the   road.”   Carol   Dunlop   is   one   of   the   most   “can-­‐do”   mul2-­‐ talented   women   I   have   ever   met.     Even   though   she   has   had   two   bouts   with   cancer   she   has   m o v e d   f o r w a r d   w i t h   o p 2 m i s m   a n d   courage.     Carol   is   a   fitness   expert,   an   outstanding   graphic  ar2st  and  web  designer  and  she  runs  her   own   fitness   company.     She   confronts   life’s   ups   and   downs   with   a   sense   of   grace   and   determina-­‐ 2on  that  is  inspiring.    We  have  had  many  conver-­‐ sa2ons  over  the  last  few  years  and  each  2me  I  fin-­‐ ish  a  conversa2on  with  Carol  I  feel  I  can  conquer   anything.     Our   favorite   way   to   end   one   of   these   conversa2ons   is   “okay   Lynnis,   okay   Carol…LET’S   DO  THIS!”      

What made  you  decide  to  get  into   fitness  and  body  building?   Basically,   I   wanted   to   get   in   shape.     I   needed   to   do  something  that  was  a  challenge.  My  husband   and   I   started   to   go   to   gym   and   I   saw   a   fitness   con-­‐ test  and  in  1999  I  started  training  to  be  a  Fitness   Compe2tor.     I   got   a   trainer,   worked   very   hard,   and  placed  last.  I  was  devastated.    I  got  another   trainer   and   she   was   great   and   the   next   compe2-­‐ 2on   I   went   from   last   place   to   9th   place.     AWer   that  my  husband  thought  I  should  do  body  build-­‐

ing. My   first   show   overall   2nd   for   women   over   45   but  I  was  devastated  that  the  other  girl  won.  The   next  contest  I  competed  against  the  same  girl.    I   worked  hard  and  focused  on  my  goal  and  I  won!    I   was  so  happy.  I  did  five  body  building  shows  in  6   years.   Had   a   blast!     It   was   awesome   seeing   women   in   shape   at   that   age   liWing   weights,   see-­‐ ing  pull  ups,  and  stuff…I  loved  it!    Now  I  am  doing   cross  fit  compe22ons  which  I  love  too!

How did  you  deal  with  your  breast   cancer  scare? AWer  doing  five  body  building  shows  in  6  years  I   discovered  I  had  a  lump  in  my  breast  while  taking   a   shower.     I   knew   it   was   a   problem   and   immedi-­‐ ately  called  my  Doctor.    They  sent  me  for  a  biopsy   and  three  day  later  I  found  out  that  the  lump  was   cancerous.    .    My  world  just  crumbled.  How  could   this  be?    I  was  so  healthy.    I  went  to  a  breast  sur-­‐ 57

geon who  was  awesome,  and  advised  she  advised   me  to  get  a  plas2c  surgeon  and  oncologist.    I  found   a   great   plas2c   surgeon,   and   already   knew   of   a   great  oncologist.    I  also  was  anemic  and  I  needed   to  get  a  blood  transfusions.    I  was  so  depleted  of   blood   I   would   stand   up   and   get   dizzy.   I   was   diag-­‐ nosed   at   stage   one.     I   could   have   had   a   lumpec-­‐ tomy,  single  lumpectomy  or  double.  I  made  a  deci-­‐ sion  to  have  a  double  mastectomy  and  did  immedi-­‐ ate  reconstruc2on.    My  thing  was  if  they  go  in  and   see  more  than  one  lump  they  may  have  to  go  and   take  all  of  it  anyway;  might  as  well  take  them  both.   Sta2s2cs  have  shown  more  women  who  have  both   breast   removed   have   a   be_er   chance   of   survival.   As   long   as   you   have   breast   2ssue,   the   cancer   can   come  back.    For  me  it  was  not  about  saving  the  “ta-­‐ tas”,  it  was  about  saving  my  life.      I  went  through   six   rounds   of   chemo   therapy.     I   was   scared   to   death   of   chemo.   I   had   heard   so   many   horrible   things.    I  decided  to  educate  myself.    I  went  on-­‐line   and  found  some  support  boards  which  helped  me.   Every   2me   I   got   a   treatment   I   was   in   the   gym   do-­‐ ing  some  type  of  cardio.    I  wanted  to  get  this  poi-­‐ son  out  of  my  body.    I  had  medica2on  to  stop  the   nausea.    I  never  did  throw  up  but  did  get  nausea.    I   only  was  in  bed  once  during  the  chemo.    My  hair   did   fall   out   and   my   husband   shaved   all   my   hair   off,   so  I  was  bald  for  awhile.    Even  aWer  the  opera2on  I   was  moving  to  exercise  my  arm  in  order  to  prevent   atrophy.       Now,   I   have   no   problems.     I   never   stopped  working  out,  never  stopped  my  ability  to   be  fit  

How do  you  keep  your  clients  moD-­‐ vated?   Look   at   everything   you   are   doing   (diet,   exercise,   lifestyle)  that  is  bringing  you  close  to  your  goal  or   causing   you   to   move   away   from   your   goal.     You  

have to  be  passionate  about  your  goal.    The  goals   you   set   should   drive   you.   Your   goals   should   be   such   that   if   you   didn’t   meet   this   goal   you   will   be   devastated.    It  has  to  be  fully  important  to  you.    I   tell   my   clients   to   get   their   mind   right,   and   that   there   are   obstacles   they   will   need   to   overcome.     You  may  not  always  succeed.    Some2mes  you  will   have   the   support   of   others   and   some2mes   you   may   not.   You   have   to   be   ready   and   depend   on   yourself.    I  tell  my  clients  the  truth.    It  is  all  about   choices.    They  have  the  power  to  choose  how  they   want  to  live.    I  am  real;  there  are  no  tricks  to  losing   wait.    You  have  to  push  yourself  to  stay  mo2vated   and  to  get  past  those  bumps  in  the  road.  

What does  a  woman  over  40  needs  to   think  about  when  ge^ng  fit?   Saying  “over  40”  can  be  a  boundary  you  set.    You   can   get   fit   at   any   age.   You   can   do   anything   you   want   to   do.   What   ma_ers   is   how   badly   do   you   want   it?     We   get   hung   up   on   the   age   thing.   If   I   want  to  do  something  I  am  going  to  do  it  no  mat-­‐ ter   what   the   age,   no   ma_er   what   others   might   say.  

What kind  of  exercises  should  you  do  for   weigh  gain  as  a  result  of  hormonal  imbal-­‐ ances? Well…you   have   a   combina2on   of   cardio   and   strength   training   in   short   burst.   That   is   why   cross   fits  works  so  well.    Strength  builds  muscle.  Cardio   builds  endurance  at  15  to  20  minute  sessions.      Do   a  move  where  you  can  sweat  a  lot  (cardio)  very  in-­‐ tense.     That   is   the   main   way   to   combat   that   weight.     The   other   way   is   of   course   your   diet.     You   can  reduce  those  changes  in  your  body  as  a  result   of   hormones.     You   have   to   watch   what   you   are   58

ea2ng, you  can’t  out  train  a  bad  diet.      Muscle  is  metabolism,  if  you  don’t  have  muscle  your  metabolism   is   gone,   muscle   burns   fat.     If   you   don’t   build   muscle   you   won’t   burn   fat.     To   build   muscle   you   must   strength  train.    No  muscle,  no  fat  burn.    I  had  a  client  who  lost  four  inches  in  a  week  and  four  pounds  be-­‐ cause  of  ea2ng  right  and  doing  the  workouts  I  told  her  to  do.    It  is  not  that  hard  but  it  goes  back  to  mo2-­‐ va2on  and  staying  away  from  the  stuff  that  might  cause  you  to  stop.  

What is  your  definiDon  of  a  Wellness  Woman? She  is  a  woman  who  takes  care  of  herself  and  puts  her  fitness,  health  and  wellness  first.    You  lifestyle,   fitness,   skin   care,   what   you   eat,   the   friends   and   family   you   are   around…they   all   contribute   to   your   wellness.  You  can  let  your  journey  for  wellness  overwhelm  you.  You  take  your  journey  in  segments.  You   tackle   each   one,   one   at   a   2me.     You   may   not   ever   achieve   100%   but   you   con2nually   think   about   how   to   stay  fit  and  how  to  improve  your  overall  wellness.   Carol   Dunlop's   30/30   Wellness   Woman   40   Workout   is   fantas2c!   It   isn't   easy   but   it   will   get   you   results   within  30  days!    The  30/30  Workout  is  a  mix  of  endurance,  strength  and  stretch  your  cardio  capacity  to   the  max.  Give  it  a  try  and  you  will  get  results!! Work  out  instruc2ons  with  the  video: ACCESS  CODE:  wellnessw40 h_p://­‐workout-­‐for-­‐wellness-­‐woman-­‐40-­‐and-­‐beyond/ For  PDF  instruc2ons: h_p://­‐content/uploads/2013/08/30-­‐30-­‐Workout-­‐by-­‐Op2mum-­‐Body-­‐Sc ulp2ng.pdf




h_p://                                                          Download  The  TimeWise  Repair  Brochure  Here 60

Aging Naturally  and  Gracefully…   WITHOUT  Botox By  Milan  Perry   I  know  of  many  people  that  claim  to  lead   a  “healthy  lifestyle”.  This  is  one  of  those   unique   phrases   that   are   oWen   leW   each   individual’s   interpreta2on.   For   example;   consider   those   people   who   feel   that   be-­‐ cause   they   never   caught   a   cold—this   in   some  way  cons2tutes  a  healthy  lifestyle.   My  personal  (&  clinical)  opinion  is  that  if   you   can   go   through   life   with   its   many   changes   and   understand   how   to   bring   your   body   into   an   area   of   conscious   awareness   that   balances   those   changes;   then   that   is   what   puts   you   in   line   to   age   gracefully.  AWer  all,  no  one  is  perfect—  right? In   2012;   Botox   fillers   and   Chemical   Peels   were   among  the  most  popular  cosme2c  procedures  be-­‐ ing  performed  in  the  United  States.  According  to   the   American   Society   of   Plas2c   Surgeons   “…   Botox   treatments   have   risen   by   8   percent   since   last   year,   to   6.1   million   procedures,   along   with   the   skin-­‐smoothing   treatment   microdermabra-­‐ sion.   This   demand   for   fillers   to   smooth   out   the   wrin-­‐ kles   has   jumped   5   percent,   while   laser   hair   re-­‐ moval   treatments   rose   4   percent   and   chemical   peels  jumped  2  percent.  This  is  clear  evidence  of   our  yearning  to  look  and  feel  young;  to  make  ap-­‐ pear  that  we  have  aged  gracefully.  This  superficial   gracefulness  can  affect  ones  overall  wellness  with   certain   dangers   that   are   oWen   ignored.   It’s   not  

painless, neither   is   it   instant.   There   can   be   aller-­‐ gic   reac2ons,   and   an   unskilled   injector   could   leave  you  lopsided. Through  the  looking  glass  of  2me Here  are  4  keys  that  can  assist  you  on  a  journey   to  age  gracefully. #1;   Being   Stress   Free…   I   am   not   speaking   about   the  stress  that  you  can’t  control  but  more  so  the   factors   that   are   within   your   reach.   Set   small,   measurable   goals   to   carve   out   some   amount   of   2me  for  “YOU”,  and  block  out  the  world.  Enjoy  a   great   movie   with   a   friend   or   even   alone.   Reflect   on  past  accomplishments  not  on  present  regrets. #2;   Engage   in   Exercise   ….that   you   really   enjoy.   It   doesn’t   have   to   be   expensive   or   complicated.   Anything   that   will   makes   you   move.   Walking   or  


even do   some   vigorous   houses   work   with   some   energe2c  music.

first thing   my   husband   said   when   he   walked   into   the   room   was   “crack   kills!”…and   we   had   the   big-­‐ gest   laugh.   In   good   humor   I   turned   to   him   and   #3;  Eat  more  plants  ….Raw  Foods  are  not  for  every-­‐ said,  “Yep…  sure  does”. one  but  you  can  adopt  a  70/30,  veggie/meat  diet   for  now. So   as   you   look   back   upon   2me,   do   you   find   your-­‐ self   pondering   the   ques2on,   “Have   I   aged   #  4;  Learn  the  art  of  laughter….  we  live  in  a  serious   gracefully?  Have  I  implemented  my  own  balanced   world  that  can  be  super-­‐scary  at  2mes.  We  get  so   lifestyle  in  a  way  that  I  will  never  have  to  consider   absorbed   in   our   day-­‐to-­‐day,   that   we   forget   to   Botox?  You  can! laugh   a   li_le.   Yesterday,   I   was   bent   over   the   com-­‐ puter,   finishing   up   a   blog   and   not   realizing   that   my   h_p://   cute  low  cut  jeans  was  exposing  my  derrière.  The    

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Karen Wells,  M.Div Karen   Wells   holds   a   Master   of   Divinity,   majoring   in   Marriage   and   Family  Counselling.  She  is  the  founder  of  Karis  Counselling  Services,   with   one   aspect   of   the   counselling   service   devoted   to   helping   women  regain  the  power  they've  lost  because  of  a  past  trauma6c   experience.  Karen  wants  to  give  women  HOPE.  Life  is  too  short  to   be  stuck  in  your  past.  She  wants  every  woman  to  know  God  has  ex-­‐ ci6ng  plans  for  them.   As  a  globally-­‐minded  woman,  Karen  offers  her  services  by  telephone,  Skype/webcam,  and  we-­‐ binar.  As  well  as  hos6ng  her  own  Woman  To  Woman  radio  show,  she  teaches  online  and  in-­‐ person   workshops,   speaks   at   conferences,   churches,   and   retreats.   She   has   authored   two   books   en6tled,   “Even   With   My   Knees   Knocking   I   Will   Follow   God’s   Call”   and   “UnHooked!   7   Steps  To  Emo6onal  Freedom.”

Shawngela Pierce Shawngela  Pierce  is  an  educator,  author,  reiki  prac66oner,  business   owner   and   medita6on   instructor   who   specializes   in   mindfulness   medita6on   and   qigong   (chee   gong).   She   is   an   avid   meditator   and   has  been  prac6cing  for  over  10-­‐years.  She  has  a  masters  degree  in   the  field  of  educa6on  with  3  1/2  years  of  post-­‐masters  educa6on  in   naturopathic   medicine.   This   includes   mind-­‐body   therapy,   Tradi-­‐ 6onal  Chinese  Medicine  (TCM),  botanical  medicine,  nutri6on,  hydro-­‐ therapy   as   well   as   other   healing   modali6es.   She   loves   teaching,   which  is  something  she  has  done  for  over  15-­‐years.  Her  passion  for   teaching   led   her   to   design   the   Medita6on   for   Health   Program.   The   program   is   designed   to   help  people  u6lize  the  benefits  of  medita6on  as  well  as  other  holis6c  lifestyle  changes  to  live  a   harmonious,  healthy  and  care-­‐free  life. 63

Dr Kat  Smith As  a  Doctor  of  Human  Sexuality  (Sexologist)  and  a  Cer6fied  Love   Coach,  it  is  Dr.  Kat’s  desire  to  inspire  others  to  embrace  the  deca-­‐ dence  of  what  love  and  in6macy  has  to  offer.  She  has  co-­‐hosted  a  syn-­‐ dicated  morning  radio  program  with  ABC  Radio  Networks,  Inc.,  along   with  a  weekly  show  called  A  Woman’s  Point  of  View.  Dr.  Kat’s  speak-­‐ ing  topics  concentrate  on  rela6onship  enrichment,  love  and  life  en-­‐ hancement.  With  messages  that  speak  to  the  hearts  and  minds  of   those  seeking  to  understand  their  internal  dialogue  and  external  com-­‐ munica6on  she  helps  clients  to  learn  to  re-­‐parent  themselves,  rejuve-­‐ nate  and  re-­‐purpose  their  lives.  She  has  authored  several  books  and  created  programs,  games   and  products  to  enrich  rela6onships  and  increase  one’s  lovability. hips://kat-­‐

Lisa Magoulas Lisa  is  a  Board  Cer6fied  Holis6c  Health  Prac66oner  who  helps  people   achieve  permanent  weight  loss  with  small  lifestyle  changes.  She  is  a   happily  married,  open  and  honest  person  with  a  passion  for  helping   people  become  fit  and  healthy.  She  is  also  a  foodie  who  loves  wine,   gardening,  exercise,  and  spending  6me  with  her  husbandand  2  dogs.   (Not  necessarily  in  that  order)  -­‐  Visit  her  Web  Site  and  Say  Hey!   hip://


By Dr.  Kat  Smith If   society   had   its   way,   love,   sex   and   romance   would  only  be  privy  to  the  young,  bold  and  beau-­‐ 2ful.  However,  they  would  not  be  here  if  it  were   not   for   the   mature   women   who   gave   them   life.   But,  when  the  kids  have  leW  to  seek  out  their  own   life   adventures,   how   do   we   s2r   the   desires   of   our   bodies,  hearts  and  minds  with  those  we  love. It   happens   oWen   when   women   become   mothers   and   spouses.   We   put   everyone   before   ourselves   and   push   aside   the   sexy,   roman2c   woman   we   once  were,  well,  because  now  we  have  to  fit  the   image   of   a   good   wife   and   mother.   It   is   rumored   that  men  marry  women  they  are  a_racted  to  and  

they wish   we   never   change.   Yet,   we   marry   men   and  hope  to  change  them.  This  does  not  make  a   solid  founda2on  for  mutual  love  and  care. So  now  what  do  we  do?  He  has  endured  the  child   rearing   and   the   increase   in   equity   (or   weight   gain)  and  greying  of  hair.  You  have  embraced  his   changes  as  well,  but  the  ques2on  remains,  is  the   love   s2ll   there?   Do   you   s2ll   respect   each   other   and   are   ready   to   DO   YOU?   Well,   it   is   never   too   late   to   reboot   your   romance.   It   takes   some   2me   and   dedica2on.   The   same   as   when   you   devoted   to   raising   your   family   or   accomplishing   your   ca-­‐ reer   goals.   You   shiW   that   2me   and   energy   into   65

planning and  doing  for  each  other  the  things  that   spark  loving  moments  that  are  in2mate  and  filled   with  passion.

• Talk   dirty   to   them   or   at   least   use   a   sexy,   come  hither  voice.

• Have   fun   again.   Laughter   is   not   only   medicine,   it   heals   and   bonds.   Do   the   fun   things  together  that  you  loved  when  you  first   •   Set   a   weekly   date   and   keep   it   special.   No   met  or  that  you  developed  over  the  years. baby   siVng   the   grandchildren   on   this   day.   Tell  your  kids  this  is  the  one  day  a  week  that   •   Plan   a   romanEc   retreat   to   reconnect,   reju-­‐ venate   and   relax   together.   The   different   scen-­‐ you  reserve  for  your  love.   ery  does  wonders  for  dusty  relaEonships.   •   Show   your   affecEon.   Bring   her   flowers.   Being   amorous   isn’t   a   thing   of   the   past.   All   it   takes   Make  his  favorite  meal.  Caress,  hug  and  kiss   is  a  li_le  brushing  up  on  your  old  da2ng  and  seduc-­‐ oMen. 2on   skills   you   learned   back   in   the   day.   Its   like   rid-­‐ There  are  a  host  of  ideas  to  bring  you  closer.  Here   are  a  few:

ing a  bike.  You  don't  forget.  You  only  have  to  shiW  

• Schedule  mani/pedi  appointments  or  do  a   a  li_le  and  steer  in  the  direc2on  you  wish  to  go. spa  day.  RelaxaEon  reduces  stress  and  allows   h_p://   the  mind  and  body  to  respond  to  inEmacy. -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ADVERTISEMENT-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐

h_p:// 66

Finding the  Inspira9on   that  Mo9vates  You

By Lori  Hanson If   you’re   a   woman   over   forty   chances   are   you   have   been   there—a   few   2mes.   You   know,   that   place  where  you’re  flatlining  through  life.  You  just   can’t  seem  to  mo2vate  yourself  to  tackle  the  new   thing   on   your   To   Do   list.   Your   energy   is   off,   your   mood   is   blah   and   no   ma_er   how   many   nights   you’ve  gone  to  bed  promising  yourself  that  tomor-­‐ row   you’re   going   to   take   ac2on,   it   just   isn’t   hap-­‐ pening. You  would  go  get  help,  but  who  has  the  2me  with   your   busy   schedule.   And   where   do   you   find   the   person   who   can   break   you   out   of   this   funk   any-­‐ way?   It’s   not   like   you   can   make   a   call   and   ask   if   they  have  a  funk  doctor  in  the  house!   Women   are   complex   beings—it’s   a   blessing   actually.  And  that  complexity  combined  with  the  

pressures of   day-­‐to-­‐day   life   of   working,   raising   a   family,   caring   for   your   partner   and/or   aging   par-­‐ ents  can  make  it  difficult  to  see  or  hear  the  clues   from  your  uninspired  state. Here  are  three  easy  steps  you  can  take  to  find  in-­‐ spira2on  and  get  your  mojo  mo2vated  and  work-­‐ ing  again.

1. Slow  Down You  won’t  find  inspira2on  when  you  are  running   24x7  and  telling  yourself  and  everyone  else  how   busy   you   are.   If   you   are   a   go,   go,   go,   girl,   you   go_a  take  it  down  a  notch  and  create  some  space   for   you   in   your   life.   When   you’re   running   you   aren’t   really   seeing,   hearing   or   tuned   in   to   your   internal  GPS. 67

This is   why   people   hire   coaches.   When   I’m   coach-­‐ ing  a  client  I  lead  them  to  discover  the  “why.”  The   As   a   woman   you’ve   been   blessed   with   an   incredi-­‐ real   reason   they   want   to   do   something.   ble   guidance   system,   your   intui2on   (your   GPS).   (   Losing   twenty   pounds   The   li_le   voice   that   reminds   you   it’s   trash   day   isn’t  going  to  happen  if  your  mo2vator  is  that  your   when   you’re   running   late   for   work.   The   nudge   or   spouse  thinks  you  should.  Why  do  you  really  want   visual  image  you  get  that  steers  you  in  a  different   that   promo2on?   Is   it   for   more   money,   more   re-­‐ direc2on   than   you   had   planned   to   take.   When   you   sponsibility,   the   corner   office?   Or   is   it   because   it   pay   a_en2on,   you   realize   what   a   giW   it   is   to   have   brings   you   closer   to   experiencing   the   dream   vaca-­‐ this  insight.  And  the  best  part  is  it’s  free,  you  just   2on  you  always  wanted?   need  to  own  it. Dig  a  li_le  deeper  and  ask  yourself  what  you  really   want  and  you’ll  oWen  find  what’s  missing.   3.  Ask  Yourself  Why?

2. Tune  in  to  Your  IntuiDon

It could   be   you’re   flatlined   and   haven’t   taken   ac-­‐ 2on   because   this   feels   scary,   out   of   reach   or   you   don’t   know   where   to   start.   It’s   easier   to   just   shut   down  and  ignore  it.  It’s  not  a  top  priority  yet.

Transforma2on occurs   when   you   are   willing   to   go   inside  and  take  inventory.  What  can  you  let  go  of,   what  do  you  need  to  replace  and  what  do  you  love   most  about  your  life?  


How to  Conquer  the  Top  5  Problems  of     Entrepreneurs  over  40 Many  years  ago  I  began  my  entrepreneurial  journey   by   leaving   a   social   work   job   to   be   a   stay-­‐at-­‐home   mom  with  a  desire  to  remain  in  a  helping  profession.     I   started   teaching   paren2ng   classes   at   night,   con2n-­‐ ued   educa2on   and   training   and   became   a   holis2c   nu-­‐ tri2onist,   teacher,   and   mentor   which   led   to   my   cur-­‐ rent  passion  for  helping  other  holis2c  entrepreneurs   build  and  market  their  business. Over   the   years   entrepreneurs   have   shared   their   big-­‐ gest   fears   and   frustra2ons   with   me.     At   the   core   of   almost  every  discussion  were  five  common  problems   I  could  well  relate  to:

1.  Lack  of  Confidence 2.    Too  Much  Informa6on 3.    No  Focus 4.    Energy  Vampires 5.    Money  Fears Like  any  problem,  once  you  recognize  it,  you  can  take   steps   to   solve   it.     Here   are   my   best   2ps   to   conquer   the  top  five. #1    Lack  of  Confidence:    You  do  not  have  to  be  a  walk-­‐ ing   “search   engine”.     It’s   not   uncommon   for   people   to  ask  you  something  you  may  not  know  the  answer   to.    Let  your  client  know  you’ll  check  it  out  and  get   back  to  them.    Focus  on  your  strengths  and  share  the  

best of  you  with  your  clients.    They  came  to  you  be-­‐ cause  they  believe  you  can  help  them.    Prove  them   right.     Don’t   let   the   fear   of   making   a   mistake   hold   you   back.     The   best   lessons   are   learned   from   over-­‐ coming   mistakes   and   obstacles.     Keep   learning   in   your   area   of   exper2se   and   prac2ce,   prac2ce,   prac2ce.    Competence  leads  to  confidence.    Stay  posi-­‐ 2ve.    Replace  fear  and  doubt  with  faith  and  determi-­‐ na2on.    You  will  have  good  days  and  bad  days.    Know   that  this  is  part  of  the  process  and  keep  going.    Have   daily   rituals   that   invoke   a   confident,   posi2ve   mind-­‐ set. 69

#2   Too   Much   Informa2on:     Resist   the   urge   to   get   caught   up   in   trying   to   prove   how   much   you   know   or   how  much  you  can  help  all  at  once.    People  want  re-­‐ sults  not  more  informa2on.    Listen  to  what  they  have   to   say   and   help   them   solve   the   problem   they   came   to   you  with.    This  has  been  reinforced  to  me  many  2mes   and  I  s2ll  struggle  with  wan2ng  to  give  people  “their   money’s  worth”.    Years  ago  I  was  teaching  a  paren2ng   class   and   thought   I   was   so   brilliant   because   I   shared   so   many   wonderful   posi2ve   discipline   concepts.     At   the   end   of   the   presenta2on,   a   mother   came   up   to   me   with   a   frustrated   look   and   said   “can   you   just   tell   me   how   to   keep   my   2   yr.   old   son   quiet   and   entertained   in   church?”    I  shared  a  few  specific  2ps  and  her  look  of   frustra2on   changed   to   relief   and   gra2tude.     She   leW   happy  because  she  got  the  result  she  was  hoping  for.   #3   No   Focus:       You   can   help   more   people   when   you   become  an  expert  in  a  specific  topic  or  a  niche  target   group  of  people,  and  when  you  focus  on  how  you  de-­‐ liver  and    market  your  services.    It  is  near  impossible   to  be  great  at  everything.    Choose  what  works  for  you   and   make   a   point   of   being   the   best   at   what   you   do.     For   example:     If   you   like   teaching   a   cooking   class   rather  than  one-­‐on-­‐one  meal-­‐planning  sessions,  then   1)   focus   your   2me   and   energy   on   genera2ng   awe-­‐ some   cooking   classes   and   2)   connect   with   a   colleague   who  prefers  the  one-­‐to-­‐one  and  refer  ideal  clients  to   each   other.     It’s   a   win-­‐win   for   everyone.     The   same   goes   for   marke2ng   efforts   like   social   media.     Choose   one  or  two  pla…orms  where  your  ideal  clients  are  (i.e.   FB,  Twi_er,  Instagram,  Pinterest,  You  Tube)  and  focus   your  2me  and  effort  there.  

is hard  to  avoid,  you  can  politely  walk  away  if  they  are   being  too  nega2ve  or  you  can  give  yourself  an  “energy   boost”.    I  used  to  give  myself  a  quick  Reiki  treatment   and  visualize  a  posi2ve  energy  bubble  around  me  be-­‐ fore  I  had  to  interact  with  energy  vampires.    Give  it  a   try,  if  you  have  yet  to  do  it  and  see  how  you  feel. #5   Money   Fears:     This   was   a   big   one   for   me   and   for   many   fellow   holis2c   entrepreneurs.     Money   fears   don’t   go   away   by   themselves.     If   your   personal   and   business  finances  are  in  a  mess,  hire  a  bookkeeper  or   accountant   to   help   you   get   organized.     It   was   the   best   decision  I  made  and  worth  every  penny.    Learning  to   look   aWer   your   finances   is   empowering   and   a   cri2cal   skill   for   a   business   owner.     Another   problem   is   the   fear  of  asking  for  and  receiving  money.    If  you  struggle   with  your  money  rela2onship,  there  is  no  quick  fix  or   simple   affirma2on   that   solves   our   money   mindset.     Acknowledge   if   you   need   to   work   on   your   money   fears  and  get  the  help  that  works  for  you.       When   you   acknowledge   and   take   ac2on   to   conquer   the   problems   that   block   your   success,   a   life   of   fun,   freedom,  impact  and  abundance  is  yours. Get  your  copy  of  “The  4  Fundamentals  of  a  Booming   H o l i s 2 c   B u s i n e s s ”   a t  

#4 Energy  Vampires:    These  are  people  who  are  unsup-­‐ por2ve   or   drain   your   posi2ve   energy   with   their   nega-­‐ 2ve  energy.      You  know  who  they  are.    Remove  energy   vampires   from   your   circle   and   con2nue   to   surround   yourself  with  posi2ve  like-­‐minded  people.    If  the  per-­‐ son  happens  to  be  a  family  member  or  a  person  that   70

Must Have  Foods  To  Include  in   Your  Diet  A`er  40 By  Lisa  Magoulas Are  you  having  problems  losing  weight  or  keeping  it   off?   As   our   hormones   change,   our   metabolism   slows   down   and   our   stress   levels   go   up.     This   causes   the   dreaded   belly   fat   we   all   despise.     Besides   a   regular   exercise   rou2ne,   it’s   important   to   maintain   a   healthy   nutri2onal  ea2ng  plan  that  will  support  these  hormo-­‐ nal   changes.     Here   are   some   2ps   you   can   follow   to   get  rid  of  or  prevent  weight  gain. Drink   plenty   of   water.     Your   taste   buds   don’t   know   the   difference   between   hunger   and   thirst.     By   the   2me   you   realize   you’re   thirsty,   you’re   already   dehy-­‐ drated.    Staying  hydrated  is  important  for  diges2on   and   for   the   health   of   your   organs.   Water   will   help   flush   your   kidneys,   and   help   with   regular   bowel   movements.   Staying   hydrated   will   also   give   you   a   youthful  appearance.

along with  a  bunch  of  other  vegetables  and  make  a   chopped   salad.     Not   only   is   it   delicious,   I   can   con-­‐ sume   more   vegetables   than   if   I   tried   to   eat   them   alone.     Leafy   greens   are   also   packed   with   vitamins   and   nutrients,   which   is   the   most   beneficial   way   to   consume   them.     When   you   eat   your   vitamins,   rather   than  taking  a  pill,  your  metabolism  works  at  breaking   those  foods  down.    Your  diges2ve  tract  has  to  work   to   break   the   food   down   –   allowing   for   healthy   bowel   movements.     As   this   process   occurs,   the   vitamins   and  nutrients  go  right  into  your  blood  stream.    

It may   be   easy   to   grab   a   Slim   Fast   or   a   frozen   dinner   such   as   Lean   Cuisine,   but   those   foods   are   highly   processed   and   have   very   li_le   nutri2on.     Slim   Fast   contains  Aspartame,  which  studies  show  causes  crav-­‐ ings  for  carbohydrates.    Frozen  dinners  such  as  Lean   Cuisine  are  extremely  high  in  sodium  and  most  are   very   high   in   carbohydrates.     Instead,   try   preparing   larger  meals  on  the  weekend  so  that  you  can  freeze   por2ons.  I  have  a  freezer  full  of  grab  and  go  food.  I   know  what’s  in  it  and  I  know  it  tastes  great. Add   more   leafy   greens   to   your   diet.   Whether   you   juice  them,  put  them  in  your  smoothie,  chop  them   up  in  a  salad  or  sauté  them,  the  more  you  eat,  the   be_er.   Leafy   greens   are   high   in   fiber,   which   will   fill   you   up   and   helps   with   diges2on.     I   like   to   take   a   large  variety  of  greens  and  chop  them  up  very  finely   71

Many of   us   have   inflamma2on   in   our   guts,   which   cause  us  to  gain  that  belly  fat.    We  get  that  from  years   of  ea2ng  an  unhealthy  diet.  Inflamma2on  can  lead  to   other   problems   such   as   diabetes,   high   cholesterol,   candida,  just  to  name  a  few.    It  can  be  a  very  serious   condi2on.     Following   the   2ps   I   just   shared   with   you   can   help   heal   inflamma2on,   but   it   can   be   a   long   process.     Dairy   is   a   big   culprit   in   triggering   inflamma-­‐ 2on,   so   it’s   a   good   idea   to   limit   dairy.   Don’t   worry   about   the   calcium.   If   you’re   ea2ng   plenty   of   leafy   greens,  you’ve  got  the  calcium  covered.   Incorpora2ng   these   changes   into   your   lifestyle   will   help  you  age  gracefully.


Ohhhh What  a  Feeling….

The Wonderful  Benefits  of  Massage   By  Dr  Kathy  Gruver Massage  has  been  around  for  centuries  and  we   know  it  feels  good,  but  what  else  can  that  rub-­‐ down  do  for  us?   Research  has  shown  that  massage  lowers  blood   pressure  and  heart  rate,  can  lower  and  stabilize   blood  sugar,  help  preterm  infants  with  growth,   decrease  stress  and  increase  feel  good  hormones   like  oxytocin.  It  also  moves  lymph  throughout   your  body.  What  is  lymph? Lymph  is  the  cleansing  system  of  the  body.  It  runs   through  vessels  similar  to  your  circulatory   system,  but  doesn’t  have  a  pump  to  move  it  (like   the  heart).  So  lymph  is  moved  through  your  body   from  movement,  breathing,  muscle  contrac2on   and  massage.  The  more  the  lymph  moves  

through, the  be_er  your  immune  system,  as  the   lymph  carries  away  the  “bad  stuff”.  In  a  situa2on   involving  cancer  however,  you  don’t  want  those   cells  moving  through  the  body  via  the  lymph.  If   you’ve  had  cancer  please  tell  your  prac22oner  up   front.   Massage  helps  with  circula2on,  which  is  why  it  is   so  good  for  elderly  people  or  those  that  are  inac-­‐ 2ve  due  to  injury.  Massage  helps  move  the  blood   and  fluid  around  which  is  extraordinarily  benefi-­‐ cial  in  healing.  People  with  swollen  legs  and  an-­‐ kles  like  pregnant  women  or  those  with  lymph   edema  can  find  relief  with  massage.  Just  being   touched  is  another  benefit  for  elderly,  it  is  relax-­‐ ing,  nurturing  and  can  improve  their  quality  of   73

life. It’s  also  shown  to  have  a  huge  benefit  for  kids   as  there  is  so  li_le  healthy  touch  for  them  too.   When  we  think  of  massage  we  think  of  muscles   and  that  is  the  main  part  of  the  body  that  massage   addresses.  AWer  a  workout,  our  muscles  produce   toxins  like  lac2c  acid.  We  want  to  move  those  out   of  the  body  to  avoid  muscle  2redness  or  pain.  Mas-­‐ sage  flushes  those  toxins,  smoothes  the  muscle  fi-­‐ bers  and  helps  relax  them.  Massage  techniques   like  deep  2ssue  and  trigger  point  massage  actually   help  stretch  out  the  muscles.  Massage  helps  with   muscle  injuries  by  bringing  healing  blood  to  the   area,  but  make  sure  you  are  not  having  deep  2s-­‐ sue  done  on  a  muscle  tear,  that  can  cause  more   problems!  I’ve  seen  massage  help  with  headaches,   low  back  pain,  knee  pain,  even  abdominal  pain.   Seek  out  a  qualified  prac22oner.   A  technique  called  myofascial  release  can  help   those  muscles  even  more  by  loosening  up  the  fas-­‐ cia.  What  is  fascia,  you  ask?  When  you  take  the  

skin off  a  raw  chicken  breast  and  there  is  the  shiny   film  that  lies  over  the  meat?    That  is  the  fascia.  It  is   between  the  muscle  and  skin  and  helps  support   our  movements.  Some2mes  the  fascia  gets  bound   to  muscle  and  restricts  our  range  of  mo2on.  Myo-­‐ fascial  release  works  on  unbinding  that  fascia  to   allow  us  less  restricted  movement  and  freedom.   Where  as  massage  used  to  be  seen  just  as  a  luxury,   more  and  more  research  is  being  done  on  its   health  effects.    Some  of  the  current  research  is   showing  that  massage  reduces  nausea  in  cancer   pa2ents,  decreases  pain  aWer  surgery,  reduces  hos-­‐ pital  stays,  reduces  anxiety  and  depression  and   helps  colicky  infants  relax  and  sleep  be_er.   As  you  can  see  the  benefits  of  massage  clearly   make  it  an  easy  op2on  to  help  keep  you  healthier.   I  hope  your  massages  are  frequent  and  enjoyable!

-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ADVERTISEMENT-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ When I first started PraiseWorks I had a serious health issue – I was stressed out, anxious all the time, and a basket case. "Worry" and being "Stressed Out" was a way of life. I thought everyone felt like they were going straight down hill on a rollercoaster without restraints when they first wake up in the morning. Imagine that? I thought feeling stress out, scared and full of worry was the way life was. BUT NO MORE!! Over the last two years I have created a program for myself that I have shared with hundreds of women and now I want to share some of those tips with you! These 7 holistic tips will help you reduce your stress, increase your energy and help you to approach life with more vigor and joy! Register now for these informative and FREE Webinars.


LaScia “AcSon”  Jackson Fitness  expert  and  author  La6cia  “Ac6on”  Jackson  has  over  12  years   of  experience  in  the  health  and  fitness  field.  She  holds  a  Master’s   Degree  in  Public  Health  (M.P.H.),  B.S.  Degree  in  Exercise  Science,   A.A.  Degree  in  Human  Performance,  is  a  Cer6fied  Personal  Trainer,   Cer6fied  Lifestyle  Weight  Management  Specialists  and  Cer6fied   Weight  Loss  Counselor.   She’s  the  author  of  “I’m  Not  a  Size  Zero-­‐  Defining  Your  Curves  While   Loving  Yourself”,  an  empowering  women’s  fitness  training  book  that  emphasizes  being  fit  isn’t   about  being  a  size  zero,  it’s  about  being  a  size  healthy.    She  is  a  3-­‐Time  Na6onal  Fitness  Cham-­‐ pion  (N.P.C.),  2008  I.F.B.B.  Fitness  Olympian  and  top-­‐level  I.F.B.B.  fitness  professional.  She  has   been  featured  in  over  12  na6onally  recognized  fitness  publica6ons  (Oxygen,  Muscle  and   Fitness  Hers,  Flex,  Ironman,  Muscular  Development)  and  has  made  mul6ply  television   appearances  for  sta6ons  such  as  Fox  45/ABC  22  and  C.W.  31  as  the  go  to  fitness  expert.    She’s   a  Veteran  of  the  United  States  Air  Force  and  a  member  of  Delta  Sigma  Theta  Sorority  who  en-­‐ joys  community  outreach  and  volunteering.  As  a  survivor  of  domes6c  violence,  it  has  become   her  mission  to  empower  both  young  women  and  girls  with  the  knowledge,  skills  and  abili6es   to  embrace  themselves  from  an  inner  and  outer  perspec6ve.   hip://  

Sam Rafoss,  RHN Sam  Rafoss,  RHN  is  a  holis6c  nutri6onist,  speaker,  author  and  business   strategist  for  holis6c  entrepreneurs.    Her  coaching  is  focused  on  help-­‐ ing  the  healers  of  the  world  airact  their  ideal  clients  and  make  money   doing  what  they  love  to  do.    A  recipient  of  the  2014  Amazing  Coach   Award  from  the  Inspira6onal  Business  Leaders  Council,  Sam  is  serving   her  higher  purpose  so  others  can  serve  theirs.    When  you're  ready  to   boom  your  business,  Sam  takes  you  by  the  hand  and  ensures  you   create  the  life  of  your  dreams.


Woman of Wellness Wellness women know the importance about breast exam and annual pap-smear
 This is something we must do every year
 Vitamins, protein, rest, and exercise is now our new regiment 
 now we are living life as if it’s heaven sent
 Wellness of mind, body, and soul is better than pure gold.
 Wellness is like the morning sun that keep your world brighten
 As you stand tall with strength, meeting each challenge 
 You take life by leaps and bounds
 Never touching the ground
 Wellness Women strike your pose for you are
 the new picture of the fountain of health
 Nurturing your body is your wealth
 Inspiring other women by living by example Is my sample
 Wellness is something you can’t keep a secret 
 Because your results are beaming when you step into the world
 You embrace life with such a glow as you speak your words f low
 You become the champion of your own destiny
 By loving yourself so much
 treating our body
 Like we treat our vehicle
 We keep it tune up and give it all the things
 To keep on running, we take pride in life
 We love the temple of our vessels
 And we thank God by showing him we love ourselves
 By being the Women of Wellness 76

© Luella  Hill-­‐Dudley

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Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Issue #5  

The Summer Issue - The Nations First Mind, Body, Spirit eMagazine for Women 40 and Beyond.

Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Issue #5  

The Summer Issue - The Nations First Mind, Body, Spirit eMagazine for Women 40 and Beyond.