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Emily Fox


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Emily Foxtrot Dance Lessons Q. Tell us about your Business: I prepare wedding couples for their first dance, work with family members for a parent/child dance, and teach general skills so they can really enjoy the music. Q. Detail what your services bring to a wedding celebration Dancing in front of an audience is a new experience for many people. With preparation, it can be a magical part of the wedding celebration. Whether it’s the wedding couple doing a romantic Rumba, a father/ daughter rocking out to East Coast Swing, or a mother/son twirling to a Waltz tune, choosing a song that captures the relationship and learning to dance together brings depth to this special moment. I teach a variety of styles so we can find a dance to fit almost every song. Another important aspect of wedding dance are the memories created in the minds of the participants and in the images that capture the day. There’s nothing quite like a picture of a fabulous dip at the end of the dance, and when the photographer knows it’s coming, s/he can be in the right place at the right time. Q. Tell us about one of the most unique details or touching moments you were ever a part of at a wedding A couple with limited dance experience said that not only was their first dance the highlight of the reception, when the groom did a turn it blew the crowd away and they erupted in applause. Q. What word(s) of advice would you give engaged couples that are planning their wedding? I would suggest discussing their hopes and concerns about the first dance. Some couples may want to go all out with a piece choreographed to their song, but even a small amount of education and practice make a big difference in confidence, ease, and enjoyment. Q. Tell us something about your business that makes you stand out/be different or connect with your client. My students and I enjoy each other because I’m patient and bring humor into the lesson. We focus on learning to dance, but having fun, feeling safe and developing confidence are the real goals. I never require a minimum number of lessons. Also, navigating the challenges of learning to dance together can be a meaningful part of preparing for the commitment of marriage, and I enjoy drawing the parallels between dancing and life. For Fun: Q. What’s your favorite food? Yes! (as long as it’s not too spicy) Q. What personally inspires you? I’m inspired by people who are dedicated to being the best version of themselves professionally and personally. Q. How do you spend your downtime? What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working so hard? Dancing (surprise!) and seeing movies on the big screen take my mind off of work, and I love to hang out with friends. Did I mention the ocean? Q. If you were a new addition to the crayon box...what color would you be and why? I’d be a new texture, like an oil pastel that spreads smoothly on the paper and you can mix into other colors with your hands. Q. Share three things no one knows about you. Not many people know that I have a passion for classic cars, or that when music isn’t playing I can be a total klutz, and my mother swears that my first word was, “cookie,” which explains a lot.

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Fall 17/Winter 18 Wedding Day Sourcebook  

Fall 17/Winter 18 Wedding Day Sourcebook

Fall 17/Winter 18 Wedding Day Sourcebook  

Fall 17/Winter 18 Wedding Day Sourcebook