2019-20 Annual Impact Report

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Annual Impact Report


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What You’ve Made Possible


Your Impact by the Numbers


Boosting the Future of Biomedical Engineering


Establishing a Legacy of Live Readings


A Win for the University


Paving the Way


Answering the Call


Giving Back as a Way of Life


WCU Foundation Board of Trustees


The Power of Endowments

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What You’ve Made Possible 4

2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

Dear Benefactors, We hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying autumn. West Chester University and the WCU Foundation have accomplished great things this past year despite unprecedented challenges. This fall, we are continuing to deliver almost all of our classes via remote learning. Our professors are working diligently to provide a quality West Chester University education in the online format. Additionally, students can access the Tutoring Center, Success Coaching program, and other resources online to ensure they excel in the digital space; co-curricular learning opportunities continue too. Students can virtually participate in clubs and organizations, as well as multicultural mentoring, wellness coaching, and more. While things may look different this fall semester, the pursuit of excellence never stops at West Chester University. Our students continue to grow, learn, and passionately work to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Another priority that hasn’t changed is your commitment to helping our students achieve their goals. In this Annual Impact Report, you will read about gifts that support academic programs, gifts available to immediately support current needs, gifts to build and renovate facilities, and gifts to grow endowments. These stories of philanthropy will demonstrate that regardless of the amount of your gift — or how you direct those funds — you are making a lasting impact on current and future graduates of WCU. We advance the University’s mission with you. We are grateful for your generosity in ordinary times, and even more so in this extraordinary year. On the following pages, you will learn about the lasting impact your philanthropy has on student success now and into the future. For almost 150 years, passion has fueled student achievement at West Chester University — generations of alumni, faculty, staff, and family help our students achieve their goals. Next year, we will celebrate our sesquicentennial anniversary and all that this University has achieved over the years. We look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion. On behalf of West Chester University and the WCU Foundation, thank you again for your continued friendship and support.

Christopher M. Fiorentino, Ph.D. President West Chester University

Christopher P. Mominey Chief Executive Officer WCU Foundation


Your Impact

By The Numbers Discover the difference you and the West Chester University Foundation made in the 2019-20 fiscal year.

$10,585,094 total outright gifts & future commitments

$5,283,708 outright gifts CORP ORATIONS & ORGANIZATIONS





$1,235,602 $983,275


$3,610,070 planned gifts

9% increase

in fundraising dollars from fiscal year 2019 to fiscal year 2020


5,545 donors




Allocation of Gifts CURRENT U SE







2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

Your contributions help support the success of West Chester University and its students every day.

41% increase in scholarship dollars raised

$2,349,430 total raised for scholarships


donors who supported scholarships

17,669 total students

4th largest

university in the Philadelphia region

One of 11

Pennsylvania universities and 119 institutions nationwide that received the 2020 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

First time in WCU history Received 2020 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education

Your continued support helps our students make the most of their experience at West Chester University. Visit WCUFoundation.org/Donate


Boosting the Future of Biomedical Engineering This scholarship recipient-turned-pharma leader explains why he’s giving back.

When Song Li was an undergraduate student in China, he didn’t have the funds to fully cover his education — or even his meals. Years later, as he pursued a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at McGill University in Canada, he also relied on scholarships and grants to make it through his studies. “At that time, my family had no money,” he says. “Without that kind of support, I would’ve probably had to work full time while trying to earn my degree. Donations make it possible for students to focus on studies and research — students like me.” Today, Dr. Song Li is the CEO of Frontage Holdings, a multistate pharmaceutical services company. He has earned numerous professional accolades that include Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


More importantly, he remembers what it took to reach these heights. That is why he is also a major donor to the WCU Foundation. In 2019, he and his family created the Lei and Song Li Scholarship for Biomedical Engineering — a generous gift that is making an education in biomedical engineering possible for WCU students every year. “I often ask my management team, ‘What is your purpose? Is it just to work and make money?’” says Dr. Li. “No — we must also take care of our community. Getting students into the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields is an investment that will hopefully one day lead to a cure for cancer.”

As philanthropists, Dr. Li and his family have donated to many organizations and causes, but when asked why they chose to support WCU, it came down to the importance of attracting students to biomedicine, and the Foundation’s transparency. “The Foundation tells us where the money goes, and how it’s used. I know they’re putting our gift to work to help students, and to propel the medical engineering program forward.”

See for yourself how much your gift can accomplish. Get started at WCUFoundation.org/Science-and-Mathematics

2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T


Brand new, state-of-the-art Sciences and Engineering Center, including The Duey Centers for Science, set to open in fall 2021

First engineering program offered at WCU

Field is anticipated to grow by 7% through 2026

Holds the highest percentage of female students of all engineering specialties

Graduates can seek employment in the pharmaceutical field or in medical device development, creating necessities like the masks, personal protective equipment, and ventilators currently used in the fight against COVID-19


Establishing a Legacy of Live Readings This former professor’s endowment connects students with leading authors, writers, and poets.

“Author readings are important, even to novices. So I established a reading series that will be at West Chester University in perpetuity.” Luanne Smith knows the power of seeing writers read their work live. It’s what inspired her to become a writer herself. Luanne was a graduate student when she attended a reading by poet Jared Carter. The experience emboldened her to write about what she knew — and where she was from. “It changed the way I look at what writing is, in a way that really made my profession happen,” Luanne says.


That passion for readings carried over into Luanne’s storied professorship at the University. Over her three decades teaching creative writing — including time as co-director of the creative writing program — Luanne saw how her own students benefitted from interacting firsthand with poets and writers. Along with providing exposure to the University and its guests, the readings gave students valuable behind-thescenes insights into writers’ processes and professions.

2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T


500+ students study creative writing each year with faculty who are publishing poets, novelists, and non-fiction writers

30+ students are seeking a minor in creative writing

12 sections of creative writing courses have been offered per semester over the last three years

Student works are published each year in the University’s literary magazine, Daedalus

The English Club produces its own literary magazine, Literati

Learn how you can help build a better WCU. Visit WCUFoundation.org/Arts-and-Humanities to get started.

So when Luanne decided to create an endowment, she worked with the Foundation to create a plan that benefits emerging writers in the short and long term. The Luanne and Roger Smith Endowment honors Luanne’s late brother Roger, a chemical engineer who shared her passion for reading. The endowment provides operating funds for creating, promoting, and sustaining three to four readings per year. Featuring established as well as up-and-coming writers,

journalists, and poets from around the world, the program will kick off this year with a series of virtual readings and events. Luanne’s goal for the endowment is to give English and writing students the same inspiration she benefited from herself. “I still get notes from former students who say readings were the highlight of their time at the University,” Luanne says. “It’s a process that helps everybody.”


A Win for the University

She came to West Chester to play lacrosse and field hockey — she left with more than a degree.

As a former student-athlete, Cheryl Wolf ’72 understands commitment. She was a four-year varsity starter in field hockey and lacrosse under the leadership of Vonnie Gros, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education. “To be there at that time, with the best coaches and athletes in the country — it was special,” she says. Since she graduated, Cheryl has continued to support the University as a loyal donor. Her first gift of $5 in 1977 kicked off almost 40 years of giving — 20 of them consecutive — to WCU’s lacrosse and field hockey programs.


“I feel fortunate to still be in the field of athletics. So many doors were opened for me because of West Chester — I built a great foundation and learned all that is needed to run an athletic program.” For two decades, Cheryl served as Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach and Assistant Field Hockey Coach at Cornell University, earning a Regional Coach of the Year Award from the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association in 1992. While there, she saw the impact of alumni contributions firsthand, and wanted to do the same for her alma mater.

2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

TO G E T H E R , W E A R E G O L D E N :

77% of donors contributed less than $250 last year

1,428 alumni & friends donated for the first time

705 members of the Carillon Society, which recognizes donors who support WCU through consecutive years of giving

12,645 years of giving represented in the Carillon Society

Learn more about the power of participation at WCUFoundation.org/Giving-Societies

Photo by Mark Palczewski, USA Field Hockey

“It’s not cheap to run a program,” she admits. “The money can go towards things like equipment and financial assistance.” Cheryl returned to the Philadelphia area in 1997 to join Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart as Athletic Director and Head of the Health and Physical Education Department. She eventually made the move to administration, and currently works as an athletic assistant at Hightstown High School.

A true team player at heart, Cheryl’s investment is also reflective of the invaluable lessons student-athletes rely on after graduation. “We want our students to be successful at everything they do. Academics come first, but athletics teaches them discipline and time management, how to lead and how to contribute — they learn what it takes to be successful.”


Paving the Way How one donor’s future commitment will become a platform for change. For Lyndon Searfoss ’64, becoming a member of the George Morris Philips Society achieved his goal of advocacy for the LGBTQA community and created the opportunity to support WCU students for generations to come through the Lyndon W. Searfoss ’64 and Ernest L. Cofrances, III Endowment.

“When I saw years ago that a program coordinator was hired to help gay students on campus, that was an investment,” he says. “That step showed leadership from the top down — leadership that effected change on a campus. It spoke to what WCU could become in the future.” So to ensure program support and advocacy could

Using philanthropy as an avenue to champion the cause made sense to Lyndon. His college years fell during a time when the LGBTQA rights movement had not been recognized nationally — the first formal WCU student group to support LGBTQA rights was established in the mid-1970s. Later, he heard updates from campus regarding students within the LGBTQA community who were homeless and in need of food and supplies, trying to make it through college — that sparked his interest in giving back.

continue, Lyndon decided to include the University in his estate plans. The resulting endowment will support WCU programs like workshops, performances, and speakers; emergency relief for students; and faculty research that, he hopes, will elevate the issues facing the LGBTQA campus community. “If you are going to truly make a big impact,” Lyndon says, you need to create a way forward to make that impact beyond the University community.”

Welcome to 2020’s new members of WCUF’s planned giving society. The George Morris Philips Society includes over 425 members who’ve included the Foundation in their estate plans. A special welcome to this year’s new members: J E N S. B AC O N A N D M AG G I E J. K R A L L STA N L E Y J. C O H E N J E N N I E D. FA L B E Y ’ 7 2 & G E O F F R E Y R . FA L B E Y ’6 9 D O R OT H Y K E L LY C. ST E P H E N L E W I S R O S E M A R I E VA L E N T M O R O C H KO ’6 7 LY N D O N W. S E A R FO S S ’6 4 & E R N E ST C O F R A N C E S, I I I S A L LY & R O B E R T E . S M I T H ’ 7 2 PAT R I C I A A . STA U F F E R ’ 7 8 JOSEPH A. ZECHMAN


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T


Zaire Cuspud ’21 A psychology major with a minor in women’s and gender studies, Zaire hopes to enter the fields of human resources and employee relations. Educating others is what he’s passionate about, and as a recipient of the Bob Baker Award, he’s doing just that. “I advocate for my community and provide an inclusive, diverse, and accepting space wherever I am,” he says. “Coming from my background, having financial stability is hard. This scholarship allows me to focus on school and provides me with the tools and techniques to be successful.” The Bob Baker Award is given to a student leader of the executive board of a student group who has demonstrated leadership and a desire to make a difference in the world. Zaire is president of the studentrun club SAGA, Sexuality and Gender Alliance.

In addition to working as a peer educator at WCU’s Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy, Zaire serves as the Sexuality & Gender Equity Senator on the Student Government Association, the Publicity Chair of the Psychology Club, and is a brother of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity.

Plan your own legacy today. Get started at WCUFoundation.org/PlannedGifts 15

Answering the Call How community partners pivoted to provide relief.

Excitement for the annual Presidential Scholarship

But at the heart of their investment lies an unwavering

Community Gala — now in its 37th year — was quickly dulled

commitment to students — when asked to redirect their

by news of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the Gala was

event sponsorships to the Student Emergency Aid Fund,

cancelled and the campus community rallied to embrace a

more than 30 community partners contributed $112,000

new normal, the need for student aid intensified.

to the effort. Established to assist students experiencing hardships, the Fund assists those facing technology gaps

Community partners traditionally sponsor events like

that were previously filled through existing on-campus

the Gala and the President’s Speaker Series. Through

resources, those confronting unanticipated expenses due

the creation of a University-wide Corporate Relations

to reduced work hours, and those experiencing financial aid

Partnership Program, they can now invest in collaborative

and tuition payment difficulties.

programs that support academics, research, and professional development. Working with the Foundation

The growing impact community partners are having on the

allows them to advance their strategic priorities while

University has not gone unnoticed — these relationships

offering countless avenues of opportunity for the University.

have become so important that community partners are now recognized annually as members of the President’s Circle, a giving society that celebrates philanthropic leadership.


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T


Lenovo The onset of COVID-19 impacted students across the country, especially those in the University’s Promise Program — unaccompanied homeless and foster youth who lack the basic necessities many of us take for granted. Access to technology is critical for them to stay on track with their education. A donation of Lenovo ThinkPads was already in the works before Arthur Hall Insurance

the pandemic hit in March — initial conversations with the Fortune

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Global 500 company resulted in an agreement for ten laptops.

CALECO Laundry

Upon hearing of the immediate need, they quickly agreed to more

Citadel The Desmond

— 26 in total, a value of $20,000. The gift reveals true collaboration in support of some of the University’s most vulnerable students.

Dilworth Paxson, LLP First Bank

“Lenovo was inspired to donate laptops to support the WCU

H.B. Frazer Company

Promise Program because we are committed to increasing access

Hobbs and Company, Inc.

to opportunity by providing smarter technology to all,” says

Jobsite Products, Inc.

David Hamilton, Lenovo Public Relations Lead, North America.

Krapf Bus Companies

“The students served through the Promise Program have faced

Lamb McErlane PC

significant adversity. We hope the technology provided will help

Lobar, Inc.

them further their educational goals.”

M&T Bank Meridian Bank Monarch Staffing NJM Insurance Group Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP


$140,000 contributed by community partners and individuals

The Party Center The Philadelphia Phillies PSECU

$125,750 amount awarded in spring 2020

Radius Systems Safeguard Business Systems Sodexo

145 students awarded funding in spring 2020

Stradley Ronon TD Bank Univest WCU Alumni Association West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Thank you to all the community partners and individuals who extended their generosity to support our students. For more information, visit WCUFoundation.org/CommunityPartners


Giving Back as a Way of Life Board member May Van M’89 on the value of contributing time and talent.


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

May received the President’s Medallion for Service in 2018.

May Van’s contributions to West Chester University stretch

studies in the College of Business and has demonstrated

far and wide.

financial need. In addition to providing monetary support, May meets with recipients at least once per semester to

She’s a longtime member of the WCU Foundation Board of

provide personal mentorship.

Trustees. Co-founder of the College of Business and Public Management Women in Leadership program. Creator of

“We can all have a positive impact on the next generation,”

the Helen Man Memorial Scholarship. She’s also a former

she says. “We may not all have the financial means, but we

commencement speaker, President’s Award recipient,

can provide assistance in other areas — supporting job

adjunct professor, and more.

searches, showing how to manage the work environment, assisting with problem solving, or helping develop the

For May, giving back is more than a checklist. It’s a natural

necessary skills to be successful in life.”

extension of her passions. “I believe in paying it forward,” May says. “After achieving success in the corporate world

In that regard, May believes the Foundation, along with

thanks to my MBA from WCU, it was time to give back. My

WCU alumni, faculty, staff, and other supporters, could all

primary interests are social justice, education, and the

play a role in supporting the University and its students.

advancement and protection of women and children’s

She sees a future where everyone actively contributes

rights. And as a member of the board, I wanted to put my

their skills, experiences, and finances toward helping

money where my mouth is.”

students succeed. May says that is what motivates her involvement with the Foundation.

Working with the Foundation, May is able to fulfill several of her philanthropic goals. For example, she created the

“I believe integrity means you believe in something, you

Helen Man Memorial Scholarship in memory of her mother.

put it into action,” May says. “That’s how I approach my

The scholarship supports a female minority student who

philanthropy work.”

Visit WCUFoundation.org/NewOutlook to meet Helen Man Memorial Scholarship recipient Moesha Grant.


WCU Foundation Board of Trustees Officers



Dawn Swope Apgar Assistant Professor & Director Social Work Seton Hall University

John H. Baker ’74 Professor Emeritus, Art + Design West Chester University VICE PRESIDENT

May Van M’89 Vice President & General Manager (ret.) Agilent Technologies, Inc. Founder, Brelyn Coaching & Consulting TREASURER

Kathy Leidheiser Managing Director Ernst & Young LLP S E C R E TA R Y

Sandra F. Mather ’64, M’68 Professor Emerita, Earth & Space Sciences, West Chester University

Keith E. Beale ’77 Executive Director, Finance (ret.) Verizon Communications R. Lorraine Bernotsky, ex officio Executive Vice President & Provost West Chester University Eric K. Bossard ’85 President, Commonwealth Insurance Advantage Millie C. Cassidy President (ret.), Sentinel Real Estate Corporation Edward N. Collison ’93 President/Principle Hobbs and Company, Inc.


Christopher P. Mominey CEO, WCU Foundation

Zebulun R. Davenport, ex officio Vice President for Student Affairs West Chester University


Cindy Ray CFO, WCU Foundation


Paul D. Emrick ’88 Executive Director Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Kristen Gibbons Feden Associate, Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky Thomas A. Fillippo ’69 Council of Trustees Representative President (ret.), Devault Foods Christopher M. Fiorentino, ex officio President West Chester University Maury Hoberman Physician (ret.) David P. Holveck ’68 President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director (ret.) Endo Pharmaceuticals Joan M. Kaminski ’69 Research & Engineer Program Manager (ret.), ExxonMobil Donald E. Leisey ’59 Chairman and CEO Leisey & Associates Michael A. Mele ’89 Vice Chairman Cushman & Wakefield Todd E. Murphy, ex officio Vice President for Administration and Finance, West Chester University

2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

Our Mission The West Chester University Foundation engages donors and other partners to drive student success. We secure funding that helps West Chester University students achieve more.

Tahany Naggar Professor Emerita, Economics West Chester University

Our Values We are committed to our core values of passion, respect, innovation, dedication, and ethics.

John N. Nickolas ’90 Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer The Philadelphia Phillies Robert H. Plucienik President, Chester Valley Engineers, Inc.

Behind the Scenes The Foundation Board oversees 1,429 funds.

Marisa Tilghman Senior Counsel The Vanguard Group, Inc. John Villella ’76, M’82, ex officio Vice President for University Affairs and Chief of Staff West Chester University Randall A. Warren M’92 Chief Executive Officer Warren Financial Stanley J. Yarosewick President Emeritus Keene State College

Looking Toward the Future “As we stand on the threshold of the University’s sesquicentennial anniversary, we are more convinced than ever that the mission of our Foundation — to secure funds that drive student success — will have a lasting impact for years to come. “The upcoming celebration will harbor a recognition of all that has made this institution exceptional, and we will continue to promote philanthropy among our alumni, partners, and friends so that these next 150 years will continue to transform the lives of our students.” – Christopher P. Mominey, CEO

Visit WCUFoundation.org/Donate to leave your mark.


The Power of Endowments Investments that make a lasting impact — and generate strong returns. Endowments enable donors to leave a permanent legacy that supports the future of West Chester University — all while growing their investments.



in earnings toward operating & scholarship funds At West Chester University Foundation, we aim to achieve consistent returns with your endowed gift, balancing the risks and rewards inherent in portfolio management. We invest your endowments with the following objectives in mind:


total endowment growth from 2010 to 2020


new endowments established in 2019-20 •

Provide investment earnings adequate to meet your specific strategies through a balanced portfolio


$ 16,251,074

Preserve and grow the inflation-adjusted portfolio value


$ 19,528,433


$ 20,123,156

Avoid short-term (three years or shorter) volatility of portfolio returns


$ 23,811,798


$ 29,930,768


$ 31,491,692


$ 31,789,447


$ 36,450,783


$ 39,020,547


$ 45,003,568


$ 46,146,694

Endowment donors receive annual reports highlighting how the Foundation is stewarding their funds — and how students are benefitting from their gifts. Thank you to all our supporters and our partners for helping the WCU Foundation support the University’s mission — and student success.


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

Your Support Makes it Possible To all our donors guiding the future of West Chester University — thank you.

Our mission to drive student success simply isn’t possible without donors like you. Your leadership and contributions make a profound, personal impact on students — and the University as a whole.

To see your name among a full list of all supporters, please visit WCUFoundation.org/Donors Thank you for your continued support. We at the WCU Foundation look forward to working with you to help guide the University forward — this year, and every year thereafter.


202 Carter Drive West Chester, PA 19382 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

NONPROFIT ORG U.S. Postage PAID West Chester, PA Permit No. 181

Our Mission The West Chester University Foundation engages donors and other partners to drive student success. We secure funding that helps West Chester University students achieve more.