2018-19 Annual Impact Report

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2018 -19

Annual Impact Report


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Contents What You’ve Made Possible


Your Impact by the Numbers


Tonight’s Main Event: Fund a Student’s Future


Ensuring the Beat Goes On


Building the Future of Healthcare


Providing a Home Away from Home


Leaving a Lasting Legacy


The Art of Giving Back


Meet the WCU Foundation Board of Trustees


The Power of Endowments


Your Support Makes it Possible

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What You’ve Made Possible 4

2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

Dear Benefactors, Throughout 2018 and 2019, we’ve reached out to you, the alumni, friends, and family of West Chester University, to support our institution with gifts to advance student success. You responded with a dedication to the future of the University that we could not have anticipated. That’s because when we requested donations, you also volunteered direction. You spoke up about what matters most to you at West Chester University. And then, you made your vision a reality. Take, for example, the Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons currently under construction and slated to open in 2020. Through the generosity and commitment of people like the Duey family and organizations including Student Services, Inc. and our Alumni Association, we are advancing medical science and engineering at WCU for decades to come.

Donor engagement is accelerating University-wide, as evidenced by the brothers Dr. James R. Wells ’54 and Mr. Richard G. Wells ’58, who made a $3 million gift to the Wells School of Music — the largest cash gift in University history — possible. Not to mention the many donors who stepped up to break all-time records at the 2019 Presidential Scholarship Community Gala, raising 67% more than the year prior on behalf of students committed to academic excellence. These achievements are certainly incredible, but the deep collaboration of our donors goes beyond funding. Their input — your input — means future generations will enjoy a quality of education, experience, and facilities that far surpasses our expectations. In this Annual Impact Report, you will read about the ways you have directly contributed to the cycle of success that drives our community forward. While each story is fundamentally about donations, it is also about how your action, your vision, and your commitment to building a better University manifests for our students, today and tomorrow. Before we close, there is one more thing we will be asking you to do as part of the work we began in 2018: Celebrate; you’ve earned it! On behalf of all of us at West Chester University and the WCU Foundation, thank you.

Christopher M. Fiorentino, Ph.D. President West Chester University

Christopher P. Mominey Chief Executive Officer WCU Foundation


Your Impact

By The Numbers Discover the difference you and the West Chester University Foundation made in the 2018-2019 fiscal year.



total cash & gifts-in-kind






















6,963 total donors
















2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T


Your contributions help support the success of West Chester University and its students every day.

increase in giving from 2017-18


17,527 total students

in new scholarships


increase in enrollment since 2010


of students are the first in their families to pursue a four-year degree


in the US News & World Report’s 2020 rankings for top public regional universities in the North

Your continued support helps our students make the most of their experience at West Chester University. Visit WCUFoundation.org/Donate


Tonight’s Main Event:

Fund a Student’s Future Presidential Scholarship Community Gala sponsorship and donations surpass $255,000.

A steel drum performance. A live

Allison Weissman ’22 and Hannah

auction. A theme and menu inspired

Stevens ’22, as well as the donors

by West Chester University president

of a $20,000 surprise match for

Christopher Fiorentino’s memories

funds raised the night of the event —

of visiting a family home in Barbados.

Brigadier General Richard D.

In March, 350 guests gathered at

Merion ’59, M’69, H’09 and Jeanette

Longwood Gardens for the 36th

Merion H’09.

Annual Presidential Scholarship Community Gala. And while the

Planned by the West Chester

festivities were dazzling, attendees

University Foundation, in collaboration

never lost sight of the night’s core

with a steering committee of

purpose: supporting the success of

philanthropic community leaders, the

WCU students.

Gala is the sole source of funding for the Presidential Scholarship, which

Open to all WCU supporters, faculty,

rewards students who display a

staff, and community members, the

commitment to academic excellence.

Gala is one of the University’s premier

Beginning in fall 2020, the scholarship

events. Attendees included two of this

will support seven students annually

year’s three scholarship recipients,

with renewable $3,000 scholarships.


2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T


Peter Matuszak ’22 2018 Presidential Scholarship Recipient Hometown: Cincinnati, OH Academic Focus: Majoring in economics and finance, minoring in Spanish Athletic Focus: Member of the varsity golf team, taking part in a 30-hour weekly training regimen What the Presidential Scholarship means to Peter: “This scholarship makes WCU a better, more competitive university — and it’s given me the opportunity to freely pursue avenues I would have previously considered impossible.”

T H E G A L A BY T H E N U M B E R S :

350 total attendees

Over $255,000 total sponsorship & donations

67% increase in funds raised from 2018 Gala attendees celebrated the theme “Barbados: Charting the

Two $20,000

Course for Student Success.”

donor matches

Thank you to all the supporters and attendees of this year’s Presidential Scholarship Community Gala. For more information, visit WCUFoundation.org/ Gala2020


Ensuring the Beat Largest gift in West Chester University history promotes a legacy of musical achievement.

For brothers James R. Wells ’54 and Richard G. Wells ’58, music is more than a hobby. It’s the inspiration and motivation that’s indelibly shaped their lives — and now, their legacies. “Music is still my driving passion,” says James, a former tenured WCU professor and director of the Golden Rams Marching Band, “whether it is performing, listening, or attending concerts.” The brothers both majored in music education, then went on to establish Festivals of Music and Music in the Parks — national adjudication festivals for school music programs in 1982. The next year, they established World Travel, Inc. to facilitate travel to national and international music festivals. World Travel, Inc. evolved into specializing in corporate travel


and is the fourth largest independent travel company in the U.S. So when James and Richard sought to support their alma mater, they worked with the West Chester University Foundation to match their musical passions with the University’s mission. The result was a recordbreaking $3 million endowment bestowing the Wells School of Music with their name. The gift supports students and faculty by helping fund scholarships, graduate assistantship programs, travel for music ensembles, state-ofthe-art marching band equipment, and music education programming. For the brothers, the endowment presents an exciting opportunity to give students the same access to

music that so profoundly impacted their own lives. “We have one of the best music education schools in the country,” James says. “Donations help the school continue to bring proficient musicians here — and to let the rest of the nation know about West Chester University.” Richard adds, “Donations allow music to continue — not only at the University, but in our schools, communities, and across society. Providing financial aid to students in this era of great financial demands is a must to keep music alive.”

You can support rising musicians with a family legacy fund of your own. Get started at WCUFoundation.org/Music

2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

Goes On W E L L S S C H O O L O F M U S I C BY T H E N U M B E R S :


degree programs



concerts annually


clubs & organizations




in partnership with

not teaching assistants

All-Steinway school

of classes taught by faculty,

Steinway & Sons

performing ensembles

The Wells brothers’ $3 million gift endowed the state-of-the-art Wells School of Music.


Building the Future of Healthcare Why adjunct professor and donor Marc Duey believes gift-giving is the key to guiding students — and healthcare — forward.

Slated to open in 2020, the much-anticipated Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons (SECC) building is set to become the heart of West Chester University’s campus. But the Duey family, after whom the Duey Centers for Science within the facility are named, are most looking forward to the advancements following the building’s ribbon cutting. “Careers will be initiated, new enterprises will be formed, and patients will be better served,” says Marc Duey, who is founder, president, and CEO of ProMetrics, as well as a WCU adjunct professor. “It is exciting and palpable to provide students with the opportunity to jump on the fast track of emerging technology.”


2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

T H E S E C C BY T H E N U M B E R S :

175,000 square feet Almost twice the size of the largest academic & service building

$130 million project $5 million goal for private gifts $1 million donated by the Duey family $1 million donated by Student Services, Inc. $150,000 donated by the WCU Alumni Association

You can help fund the next scientific breakthrough. Get started at WCUFoundation.org/Science

Marc is passionate about these innovations because he’s seen their impact firsthand. For the past 20 years, he’s helped introduce dozens of life-saving therapeutic products incorporating pharmaceutical products, patient-level data, artificial intelligence, wearables, and ingestibles. Marc says, “Biomedical engineering offers the potential to push the envelope on what is possible, creating immense opportunity for young designers, programmers, and engineers.” The Dueys worked with the West Chester University Foundation to leave a lasting impact on the WCU campus and students. In addition to their gift, the new center’s financing will come from reserves, bonding,

and $5 million in private gifts including donations from Student Services, Inc. and the WCU Alumni Association. Though the private gifts make up the smallest percentage of the $130 million goal, that margin of excellence empowers donors to appreciate the incredible impact they can have on students. “Each and every contribution to the project represents an important element to the whole,” Marc says. “Donors can know with confidence that their gift has contributed directly to future professionals who will move patients from a condition of pain and disease to one of comfortable ease.”


Providing a Home Away from The Family Fund has raised over $500,000 towards enhancing the student experience.

For the past 20 years, the contributions of West Chester University families have made an impact beyond the classroom: they’ve helped students feel at home. The West Chester University Foundation created the Family Fund to empower families to build a greater sense of campus community. We use your donations to welcome and engage students through co-curricular initiatives including Family Weekend activities, student tailgates, mental health awareness presentations, sustainability education, and more. Earlier this year, we updated the name from the Parents Fund to the Family Fund to more accurately reflect you, our donors. Whether you’re a WCU parent, relative, guardian, or friend, your contributions create a more welcoming, empowering campus environment every year.


2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

m Home


Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives to Create Intentional Connections Your Family Fund donations give students the confidence to pursue their goals beyond graduation. In February, your contributions helped engage WCU’s diverse student body through two events hosted at the Twardowski Career Development Center (CDC). The Inclusive Career Connections Breakfast allowed students to meet one-on-one with employer representatives ahead of the career fair later that day. The CDC’s résumé and interviewing workshop for international students gave participants first-hand guidance and practice, equipping them for future success.

You can get involved today. Get started at WCUFoundation.org/Families


Leaving a Lasting Legacy How donors are bolstering students’ paths — and their own — through planned giving. Some West Chester University Foundation donors are amplifying their impact — and reaching more avenues — using a variety of planned giving options.

Flexible and simple to set up, the Foundation’s planned giving program allows donors to support their passions in ways that best fit their lifestyle and future goals. With giving options including bequests, charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder unitrusts, and gifts of stocks and bonds, donors can direct a legacy that supports current and future generations of students.

Welcome to 2019’s new members of WCUF’s planned giving society. The George Morris Philips Society includes over 400 members who’ve included the Foundation in their estate plans. A special welcome to this year’s new members: J O H N H . B A K E R ’ 74 C E L I A C. E S P LU G A S PA M E L A B . LO B B & C H A R L E S W. LO B B J A S O N P Y R A H & PAT R I C I A P I N TO - P Y R A H K A R E N WA L L S W H I T E ’ 7 5 & G E O R G E P. W H I T E ’ 74


2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

D O N O R H I G H L I G H T:

Dr. Jen Bacon & Maggie Krall Jen and Maggie are longtime supporters of public education. So they created a bequest to support students with demonstrated financial need and a commitment to reducing inequality for others through community service, activism, or writing.

Dr. Jen Bacon (left), dean of West Chester University’s College of Arts and Humanities, and her partner Maggie Krall (right), administrative director of the MD-PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania.

“We reached a point in our lives where we started thinking about what we can leave behind,” Jen says. So she and Maggie connected with the Foundation, which helped them solidify their ideas for social justice into a concrete plan. “If I’m richer at the end of my life because of the incredible education I’ve been able to receive and champion,” Jen says, “then the least I can do is make sure those resources go toward assuring future students get opportunities as well.”

R E C I P I E N T H I G H L I G H T:

Michael Nangle An aspiring high school English teacher, Michael has long known that he wants to work with young adults. His time as an English education major on the literature track — and a student under Dr. Jen Bacon’s College of Arts and Humanities — has only galvanized his passion.

In addition to maintaining a 3.9 GPA, Michael is president of the Honors Student Association and treasurer of the Under A Rest acapella group.

Michael says receiving the Herbert F. Mitchell Scholarship — an award named after educator Herbert Mitchell ’42 and established through a legacy gift — helped him focus on preparing for his career. “As teachers, we often rely on previous generations of teachers to help create the next great generation of leaders,” he says. “This scholarship helped confirm that my leadership and involvement are impactful for the community and myself.”

Plan your own legacy today. Get started at WCUFoundation.org/PlannedGifts


The Art of Giving Back

How artist John H. Baker ’74 is driving student success on the West Chester University Foundation Board of Trustees.


2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

Exhibitions across the U.S. and China. An esteemed career as a West Chester University artist, professor, and department chair. A gallery in the E.O. Bull Center for the Arts bearing his name. John Baker ’74 has already cemented a strong legacy at the University. Now, as president of the WCU Foundation Board of Trustees, he’s helping donors do the same. John’s 45-year history with the University began when he was a student himself. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he stayed on as a ceramics professor, then served as chair of the Department of Art + Design. In addition to creating a scholarship honoring his mentor Jack Hawthorne, John started the John H. Baker Gallery Endowment to support the gallery, its exhibitions, and visiting artists. He says, “My experience in the arts community provided the passion I display not only for the arts, but my commitment to student success — and the mission of the University.” Now serving the first year of his two-year term as president, John helps oversee the WCU Foundation, working with the Board to stay actively involved in the Foundation’s operations. He leverages his deep experience serving in arts leadership positions to support the University, its donors, and its students. “We’re made up of a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a number of valued areas to find a match for donors’ visions and support,” John says. “My vision is to help grow the

Internationally recognized artist John Baker is now

University’s curriculum and provide what’s

focusing on helping donors support the next generation

needed to help students succeed.”

of students and professionals. Photo by Fig West Chester


Meet the WCU Foundation Board of Trustees Officers



Keith E. Beale ’77 Executive Director, Finance (ret.) Verizon Communications

Kristen Gibbons Feden Associate, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP

R. Lorraine Bernotsky, ex officio Executive Vice President & Provost West Chester University

Thomas A. Fillippo ’69 Council of Trustees Representative President (ret.), Devault Foods

Eric K. Bossard ’85 President, Commonwealth Insurance Advantage

Christopher M. Fiorentino, ex officio President West Chester University

J. Alan Butcher ’88, M’92 Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Maury Hoberman Physician (ret.)

John H. Baker ’74 Professor Emeritus, Art + Design West Chester University VICE PRESIDENT

Deborah J. Chase ’76 Director, Program Management (ret.), Raytheon Colonel (ret.), US Army TREASURER

Kathy Leidheiser Managing Director Ernst & Young LLP S E C R E TA R Y

Sandra F. Mather ’64, M’68 Professor Emerita, Geology & Astronomy, West Chester University CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Christopher P. Mominey CEO, WCU Foundation

Millie C. Cassidy President, Sentinel Real Estate Corporation Edward N. Collison ’93 President/Principle Hobbs and Company, Inc. Zebulun R. Davenport, ex officio Vice President for Student Affairs West Chester University Paul D. Emrick ’88 Executive Director Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management


David P. Holveck ’68 President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director (ret.) Endo Pharmaceuticals Joan M. Kaminski ’69 Research & Engineer Program Manager (ret.), ExxonMobil Donald E. Leisey ’59 Chairman and CEO Leisey & Associates Todd E. Murphy, ex officio Vice President for Administration and Finance, West Chester University Tahany Naggar Professor Emerita, Economics West Chester University

2 0 1 8 -1 9 A N N UA L I M PACT R E P O R T

Our Mission The West Chester University Foundation engages donors and other partners to drive student success. We secure funding that helps West Chester University students achieve more.

John N. Nickolas ’90 Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer The Philadelphia Phillies Michael A. Peich Professor Emeritus, English West Chester University Robert H. Plucienik President, Chester Valley Engineers, Inc. Lewis A. Raibley, III ’83 Resource Partner Court Square Capital Partners James P. Shinehouse ’80 Partner, Atlantic Financial Advisory Partners Marisa Tilghman Senior Counsel The Vanguard Group, Inc. May Van ’89 Partner and Coach Kelleher Associates VP & General Manager (ret.) Agilent Technologies, Inc. John Villella ’76, M’82, ex officio Vice President for University Affairs and Chief of Staff West Chester University

Our Values We are committed to our core values of passion, respect, innovation, dedication, and ethics. “The key to our success as a Foundation is to always be thinking about how we match donor passion to University mission — but our strategy is only as strong as the culture we build within our organization. We are very intentional about living out our mission, vision, and values.” – Christopher P. Mominey, CEO

Leading by Giving $476,475 donated by the Foundation Board in the 2018-2019 fiscal year

Building the Future Our financial goal for the 2019-2020 fiscal year is $9 million — $4 million in future commitments, and $5 million in current use funds. To help reach that goal, we are making constant improvements to the donor experience, including a new website that makes it easier than ever to give. Together, we can continue driving student success — today and into the future.

Visit WCUFoundation.org/Donate to make your impact today.


The Power of Endowments Investments that make a lasting impact — and generate strong returns. Endowments enable donors to leave a permanent legacy that supports the future of West Chester University — all while growing their investments. At West Chester University Foundation, we aim to achieve consistent returns with your endowed gift, balancing the risks and rewards inherent in portfolio management. We invest your endowments with the following objectives in mind: •

Provide investment earnings adequate to meet your specific strategies through a balanced portfolio

$1,399,042 in earnings toward operating & scholarship funds

234% total endowment growth from 2009 to 2019


$ 13,464,490

Preserve and grow the inflation-adjusted portfolio value


$ 16,251,074


$ 19,528,433

Avoid short-term (three years or shorter) volatility of portfolio returns


$ 20,123,156


$ 23,811,798


$ 29,930,768


$ 31,491,692


$ 31,789,447


$ 36,450,783


$ 39,020,547


$ 45,003,568

Endowment donors receive annual reports highlighting how the Foundation is stewarding their funds — and how students are benefiting from their gifts. Thank you to all our supporters and our partners for helping the WCU Foundation support the University’s mission — and student success.



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Your Support Makes it Possible To all our donors guiding the future of West Chester University — thank you.

Our mission to drive student success simply isn’t possible without donors like you. Your leadership and contributions make a profound, personal impact on students — and the University as a whole.

To see your name among a full list of all supporters, please visit WCUFoundation.org/Donors Again, thank you for your continued support. We at the WCU Foundation look forward to working with you to help guide the University forward — this year, and every year thereafter.


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Our Mission The West Chester University Foundation engages donors and other partners to drive student success. We secure funding that helps West Chester University students achieve more.

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