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Sida 28


The Gang is to receive a new assignment from the head of the UN.

By Magnus Bergmar & Karin Södergren

The Globe Gang travels all over the world collecting children’s stories about the rights The Gang consists of Nomza from South Africa, of the child… Tove from Sweden, Raju from India, Hun from

You’re to go to Brazil, where you’ll meet Railander and make his voice heard all around the world. Don’t take any risks!

Vietnam, Amelia from Peru and Hema from Egypt. The wealthiest 10% of Brazil’s population own half the country’s resources, the poorest 10% have less than 1%. …most of the poor people are descendants of either the 5 million slaves who were taken from Africa to Brazil or the country’s native Indians.

Brasilia This is Railander’s home.

Brazil is one of the world’s most unequal countries …

Railander, they want to meet you!

Saõ Paulo

Belo Horizonte Rio de Janeiro

Hello. Would you like to tell us about your life?

I ran away from home when I was 8. I’m now 11.

Washington was my best friend… Do you want to come with me to Favelinha?

My step-father used drugs. He hit my mum and me every day.


Eng 28-31_QX6



Sida 29

We cadged rides into town.

Favelinha was a gang. What’s your name, then?


Washington taught me how to smoke marijuana. I don’t want to go home and get beaten again.

Go home, otherwise I’ll call the police!

The police beat and insult us.

Hey, stop! THIEF!

I need a gun – there’s a gang out to get me.


Eng 28-31_QX6



Sida 30

GET LOST or I’ll shoot.

I never shot anyone.

I went home, but…


Do you want to be with him or with me?

With you!

You’re coming home with me.

I ran away again, and started using drugs.

What am I going to do with you?


Eng 28-31_QX6



Sida 31

If you continue to live here, I’m going to hurt you. I must take you to a home.

That was how I ended up here at Everybody´s Circus.

Street children need love more than anything else.

I ran away three times but…

Grab the opportunity.

…now I’ve started a new life.

I want to be at the circus too, but I can’t give up the drugs.

I want to be an Olympic gymnast.

I ate everything at the hotel’s breakfast buffet.

The happiest day of my life was when we performed in the capital, Brasilia.

It’s just like a trampoline!

We jumped all night.



Railander, they want to meet you! Doyou wantto come with me to Favelinha? The Gang consists of Nomza from South Africa, Tove from Sweden, Ra...

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