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EDITOR'S LETTER To the active military and the veterans that helped contribute in making this magazine I want to say "Thank You". As a veteran myself I know of the dedication, long days, and the stress that we all once had to endure. But these past couple of weeks you was able to be transparent, share your thoughts and allow WayToParent to capture your story. I also want acknowledge and say thank you to all the military spouses that helped contribute as well. As they are apart of the military as the one serving, from their unselfish sacrifices, dealing with the household and leaving familiar land to the unknown. Lastly thank you to my team that continues to press forward and work hard. Without them this wouldn't be possible. I hope everyone enjoys the magazine.

Sincerely, Blaine Way


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Mini Pecan Pies

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S T E P Ingredients 1 1/2 cups pecan halves 1 cup white sugar 3 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1/2 cup dark corn syrup 2 tablespoons butter, melted 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon salt 18(3 inch) ready-to-bake pie shells

1 2 3 S T E P


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F Place pecans on a food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped. Mix sugar, eggs, light corn syrup, dark corn syrup, butter, vanilla extract, and salt together in a bowl; fold in pecans. Spoon 1/4 cup pecan mixture into each pie shell. Place pies on a baking sheet. Bake until pies are slightly browned, 25 to 30 minutes.



Prep Time : 20 minutes Cook Time: 25 minutes Total Time: 45 minutes Servings : 18

Fried Devil Eggs w/Shrimp

Great for those big family holiday dinners and something new to give them that whoop, wow

DIRECTIONS: 1. Place 5 eggs in medium sauce pan and cover with water bring to a boil. Turn off heat and cover for 11 minutes for the perfect

and pow!

boiled eggs.


2. While eggs cooking make your batter station pour flour, egg, and panko crumbs in three different bowls IN THAT ORDER. 3. Remove eggs and place in ice water and peel immediately.

6 eggs 1


4. Cut eggs in half and remove yolk; place then in a bowl to cups Panko Crumbs prepare for filling. Place eggs on tray.

1 cup flour

5. Add Dijon mustard, mustard and old bay to egg yolks mix

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard


1 teaspoon of old bay


together well; no lumps. Transfer into piping bag or squeeze bottle so that it easy to add filling on top of eggs.

cup mayo

pound raw shrimp tail-on or off

6. Heat oil to 350F 7. Remove shell from shrimp you may keep the tail on or off season with garlic powder, black pepper, and salt.

1 teaspoon salt

8. Place boiled eggs in flour cover fully, then to the eggwash, and

1 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 piping bag with pastry tip or 12 ounce squeeze bottle Peanut oil for frying

into the panko crumbs and repeat for remainder of eggs. 9. Drop shrimp in fryer for 4-5 minutes remove from oil and place on a wire rack. 10. Add 3-4 eggs to oil at a time to allow optimum space for flipping the eggs cook for 4-5 minutes or until golden brown.

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Repeat for remainder of eggs. Remove from oil place on a wire rack. 11. Add 1 tablespoon of filling on top of eggs and place shrimp on top tail up or lay flat on their side and enjoy.


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Brett Thomas

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CoParenting IN THE MILITARY By: Jelia Hepner

One of the most difficult challenges that

I had the opportunity to interview Whitney Ray, a 28-year-old mother that co-parents with her ex-husband Marcus Sr. Who has served our country for 11 years and is currently stationed overseas. Ray discusses

a child(ren) may face growing up can be

her experiences with co-parenting, various

when parents’ divorce or end a romantic

obstacles she has faced and gives advice

relationship with a significant other.

to others who may be involved in the same

Both the child and adults can become


emotionally and mentally damaged if the situation is not handled in a proper way. Situations like this can be even more difficult when one or both parents are serving in the military. This is when the issue of co-parenting comes into play because if done in the correct manner, it can be a big stress reliever and problem solver for all parties involved

"The lesson I’ve learned from co-parenting is it’s not about competition"

"Don’t use your child(ren) as messengers" What would you say are some obstacles for you as a mother co-parenting with someone who is in the military?   Some of the obstacles for me a mother of a military child would be arranging time for the father to see our child especially since his father lives overseas. Another obstacle would be dealing with his emotions of being sad because he misses his dad. How do you balance motherhood and still manage to find time for yourself?   I have a full-time job as a customer experience manager and brand ambassador for Hendrick Porsche. I also just opened my own business doing tooth gems. Balancing my own business and working full time can be a little challenging but I thank God for family. Having a support system close by really helps me a lot

What is the most important tool to have when co-parenting? Communication for co-parenting is very important. I cannot stress that enough. It makes co-parenting easier to keep the other parent in the know


You recently had to fly your child overseas so he could be with his father. Tell us about that experience how was it for the child and you?   This past summer my son’s father and I agreed to fly Jr out to Germany for the whole summer. What an awesome experience for him to see the world and be around different culture. Jr loves traveling and of course, he loves to be with his dad. For me, it was so hard to be without my son for 2 months. My anxiety was at an all-time high and I cried like a baby the day Jr got on that plane. I planned this with his father. I will say it was so awkward to stay in the same house with my ex-husband and ex mother in law for a whole week. We celebrated Jr’s birthday at the bowling on the military post and then drove to Paris to visit the Eiffel tower. Creating great memories for Jr was the goal and we did just that. Allowing him to be with both his parents for his birthday and showing him that we can get along for him made him the happiest kid on earth. I enjoyed seeing my son happy. What advice do you have for other parents?   The advice I would give to anyone that is co-parenting would be, putting your child first and staying kid focused. Set aside any feelings you may have towards the other parent. Communication is key, updating the other parent on achievements, educations, doctor visits, etc. Make a schedule that works for both of you. Keep your issues to yourself. Don’t use your child(ren) as messengers.


"CHANGING LIVES ONE DAY AT A TIME" With Anthony Jackson by:Erica Lorraine

Veterans are the brave souls who have actively served/fought in the military, naval, or air services, and were discharged, or released under conditions other than dishonorable. Often times after being released, some veterans are not able to find jobs, or may not be able to work due to a disability. The civilian life is foreign to them, and they now have to fight for survival. No one who fights for their country should have to fight for food, jobs, or a place to live. The Action Jackson Foundation stands by this same principle. Anthony Jackson,   is the founder/executive director of The Action Jackson Foundation. The Action Jackson Foundation is a 501© (3) nonprofit organization comprised of Military Veterans with more than 100 years of combined faithful service to this country. They are 100% focused and committed to addressing the issues affecting homeless veterans, and other deprived people in their communities. With a goal of assisting to end poverty, and suicides among veteran’s communities, promoting mentorship, and brining awareness to communities, we had to speak with Mr. Jackson about his exceptional non-profit. WTP-So, what was your motivation in starting The Action Jackson Foundation? Mr.Jackson: My motivation for starting the foundation came from a homeless veteran I met at the V.A. hospital one day. We decided to have lunch, and during lunch he explained about all the problems he was experiencing with getting his disability benefits. He didn’t have any avenues, or have any channels to resources that would assist him. WTP-What differentiates The Action Jackson Foundation from other Veteran assisted programs? Mr. Jackson- I feel what differentiates us is the fact that all everyone on my staff is actually a military veteran. We are able to acquire news that we have, or share knowledge that we have experienced firsthand to help our veterans. What these veterans are going through all of us military retirees have been through, and can offer the right amount of support. Another reason our non-profit is different from others is the fact that none of my staff, or I have salaries from the foundation. Some of these big organizations use overcast payrolls, but we do it simply for the love of our veterans, and every single dime goes back into one of our programs.


WTP-What is one of the hardest or biggest decisions the organization has had to make recently? Mr. Jackson- One of our biggest decisions currently was the decision to relocate. As an African American, and being a man, running a nonprofit has had its challenges. There were several hoops that I had to jump through, that others didn’t have to do. Certain organizations who were doing less were able to get lots of support from the community, whereas we were limited. So even though my county has one of the highest homeless populations in the whole state of Florida, one of the reasons we decided to set up shop there, we were not getting the support we needed from city official. So we made a decision to pack up shop, and revamp our organization with new programs, new logos, and a new mission statement. Our new programs will cater to what the Veterans actually need, not what they want. WTP-What are your goals for the next 3-5 years? Mr. Jackson- Our goal is expansion. Having operations in the North and South. Georgia, and Virginia are the states I’m looking at now. Our long-term goal is to have AJF set up in very states, helping as needed.


@actionJacksonFoundation The Action Jackson foundation’s mission is “Changing Lives One Day at a Time.” They approach each day looking to change at least one misfortune by lending a helping hand, and resources for a brighter tomorrow.

How Did The Military Help You? Donovan Cain I got my associates degree through the post 9-11, I still receive free health care, I'm looking into business loans right now Eddie T. Gunns Kept me out of prison!!! That is all!! Carry on!!

Sheva Quinn More than anything, the military taught me the discipline I needed to run a successful with young children.The military also taught me how to manage on limited resources to support the mission; mission being a successful business.

I’ve meet many people with different back grounds and cultures. I’ve learned new skill sets and know the true definition of teamwork. Tamesha Humphrey

The military gave me a step ahead. It got me out of living in the projects and was able to give back to my Mom to help her with my other brothers and sisters. She was a single mom of 5. It introduced me to the world and I met great people along the way. I served 8 years and now. It also benefited me in the civilian world. I got my bachelors for free. I got promoted to different positions because of my military background. They figured a I already had leadership because I was a SGT in the military leading soldiers. When I got my real estate license being a veteran you can get up to 10 points to go towards your license if you are short that amount to pass the test. It’s so many benefits. Even though I didn’t retire I still receive pay from the VA. Free healthcare. It taught me discipline.

Life Of A Spouse By: Mashonda Waddell

Being a military spouse has its highs and its lows, advantages and disadvantages, just as any other partnership. However the struggles of this role aren’t talked about often. A lot of people don’t even think these spouses have struggles; however a military spouse’s life can get very uncomfortable and challenging at times. Keshia Jacobs, mother of 9 month old Chosen, and wife of Army Recruiter, SSG Jacobs was able to give us some insight into the life of a military spouse. During the interview she shares some things that she feels everyone should know before signing up to become a military spouse.

What have been some of the advantages of being a military spouse? The advantages are free healthcare, free

education, discounts, some good travel opportunities, and opportunity to meet new people. The army is such a small world in itself so often times you move and meet some great people along the way. It’s a lot easier and comforting to have relationships with people that can relate to you as a military spouse. The army has taught me growth, maturity, independence, and the ability to go from uncomfortable to comfortable real quick. You learn to roll with it and not harp on the all the negative cause after all I

How long have you been a military wife?

did sign up for this, right? .

I’ve been a military wife for 8 years. I met my husband back in 2010 while he was deployed. We knew of each other because we were both from Fayetteville; however we never had the chance to speak until Facebook allowed us to meet each other. We’ve been together ever since.spouse.

How many years does your husband have left in the military? My husband has currently served 11 years in the service with 8 more to go towards retirement. He will retire at the age of 39. It will be here before we know it, and although there

have been a lot of sacrifices, I know we will look back and appreciate all that has happened along the way.


What are some of the disadvantages? The moving every few years, being away from family, living in a town where you don’t know anyone, and sacrificing our careers. We constantly get settled in jobs of our own, while having to

quit and relocate over and over. The army tends to assign us to duty stations where there isn’t much opportunity in the city for work or even just leisure. We as a spouse sacrifice a lot when married to a soldier. A lot of times our careers are on hold while we sit in the shadows and support and watch our husband achieve goals, even while sometimes we feel a little left behind.  Some women experience rapid deployments and trainings which can put a major strain on marriages and sometimes end in divorce. The time some marriages and families spend apart is definitely not healthy. There is so much that the military doesn’t share with spouses to prepare them for all the changes they will experience along the way.


know for a fact moving away from our hometown was a major growth for my marriage, so I do thank the military for that."

Kidpreneur Spotlight

Sassy G Nailz Saniyya Hunt is the 10 year-old CEO and chief creator of Sassy G Nailz, LLC based in Dallas, GA. Sassy G Nailz is a low toxin, vegan and cruelty-free nail care line whose mission is to encourage people to be kind, confident and create a beautiful world. Not only is Saniyya making her mark on entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, she is leading the way in social service as well. Saniyya is the founder and captain of The Sassy Squad Project; a dynamic organization designed to encourage young people to spread kindness in the world by building confidence and sensitivity. Through training and development this group of girls between the ages of 8-18 provide free manicures to the elderly and mentally delayed. Saniyya is a fun loving leader, educator, creative problem-solver, broadcast host, and inspiring speaker. When she is not working, Saniyya loves to spend time with her sisters, choreograph dance routines and perform science experiments. Saniyya believes that it takes confidence to be kind, and tells everyone that the best way to build self-confidence is to have pretty nails. Pretty hands build confidence, confident girls are kind and kind girls look like her!







Overcoming Adversities By: Blaine and Mashonda

We all have a story that brought us to the exact place we are today; something that caused us to push harder and dream bigger. A lot of times adversities are our biggest motivators.

The home was determined as unsafe and abusive, causing her adoptive parents to relinquish their parental rights and her adoptive father to be sentenced to 20 years in prison. This left Heather and her brother to spend the rest of their childhood moving between foster homes and group homes.

For Heather Hill her life was a continuous theme of adversities, which led to her dream career, serving in The Mississippi Army National Guard. For this Heather embraces the path that she had to travel to attain a prosperous life.

Heather couldn’t let this keep her down, she was determined to make something of herself.  Even as a child, she refused to allow herself to be pushed down in life and wallow on the ground.

Heather and her twin brother were adopted at the age of 2, and lived with their adopted parents until the age of 10, when they were removed from the home due to various unfortunate and reoccurring situations that happened within the home.

wtp mag | 18

This attitude was one of the many reasons, Heather accomplished everything she set out to do. She now uses her experiences to empower other women and children, and encourages them to have the same tenacity, when working towards their dreams. Heather also works hard to pass this resilient and determined mindset on to her beautiful daughter, who she names as one of her biggest motivators.

"No matter your age, don’t be afraid to start over. You should never sacrifice your happiness, sanity, morals, and values because you choose to settle in life."


WayToParent Magazine was granted the opportunity to engage with Heather in an intimate interview to discuss how the military played a part in her successes and to get some advice for women who may be facing hardships. WTP: What made you want to join the military and what branch are you in? Heather: I joined May 2015 with a MOS of 92A (Automated Logistical Specialist). I joined the Guard because it had always been my dream to serve my country. At the age of 19, in 2008, I actually swore into the Marines but I was convinced a couple of weeks prior to leaving that it wasn’t the best idea. Ever since then, it had been a decision I had always regretted. At the age of 26, I decided to go for it once again. It was the best decision yet. WTP: How did you get into empowering other women? Heather: I’d like to believe that God placed it in my lap. I remember posting videos on social media in 2014 as I was going through a spiritual purification process for almost a year. I would talk about relationships, marriages and encourage others. People began to listen, comment and share things from my page. I’ve also given time back to the DHS (department of human services) and spoken to other children in foster care. I also speak at empowerment events. My hopes are to host my own events in which I could reach the masses. Not just for women, but everyone. WTP: How has your daughter changed your life? Heather: My daughter (Angel Hill) was born June 1, 2009. I had her at a very early age (20yrs). My pregnancy wasn’t how I had dreamed. I was severely sick the first 3 months and her father (my now ex-husband) was sentenced to 7 years in prison. I was afraid of the world being statistically correct about foster children. I was afraid of being a disappointment. I was afraid of being a single mother. I remember telling myself, before my daughter was born, that I wouldn’t cry. I said, “It’s just a baby….no big deal.” I had a scheduled caesarean and as I felt a force of pressure pushing down on my stomach, I also heard a fainted cry. Before seeing those beautiful eyes, I immediately began to cry. When she was brought to me, I saw those big and beautiful blue/gray eyes. All I could think was, “She is mine. This is my child.” That moment changed everything. She was certainly God sent. It humbled me. It taught me responsibility. It gave me even more of a reason to build a sturdy foundation and reach for the stars. All for her. I wanted to give her the best life I could possibly give her. Angel is such a sweet, kind, loving, adventurous, silly and mature individual.




WTP: What advice can you give to other women that may be in similar situations? Heather: “Trouble don’t last always” and “Right before a hurricane, there’s always signs of dark clouds, gusty winds, rain warning you to get out of there; take heed to the signs.” I can’t tell you that everything is going to be ok because that is determined by you. What I can tell you is that you are stronger than you think. You are a warrior and a divine individual. Last but not least, “It’s ok to put you first.” WTP: What advice can you give to women wanting a new start? Heather: No matter your age, don’t be afraid to start over. You should never sacrifice your happiness, sanity, morals, and values because you choose to settle in life. Settling is not your solution to fixing problems. It only creates worse problems. Sometimes it is better to throw away that rotten

"Always aim to climb to the highest peak of the mountain, never settle and never get discouraged"

apple, walk over to a DIFFERENT tree and choose a different apple. WTP: How has the military changed your life?

We would like to thank Heather HIll for sitting down with us; and wish her the best in her future endeavors following Heather today, to keep up!

Heather: -The military has offered me a free education in which I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree and financial stability, which has allowed

For More Information

me to close on my first home in May 2019. Above all, this organization has allowed me to build lifelong friendships and partnerships. For me, the military is my family.

@Iamheatherdenise WTP MAG | 25


PHONE: 1-800-273-8255


Battling PTSD by Brandon Valentine convo w/Jeremiah

I’ve been friends with Jeremiah for the last 5 years. I met him when he first came home from his deployment, I've seen him at low points and seen him riding the high horse. We never talked in depth about his service or the side effect of being in active combat for 4 years. When I asked him if we could do this interview, he sighed deep and said ok. I met up with Jeremiah at his downtown home in Portland Oregon, he was sitting in his dimly lit living room playing his PlayStation. I asked him about the ambiance he said it was a reflection of how he was feeling. Jeremiah served from 2010- 2014 as an E4 infantry man in the US Army. He said he only spent 1 year not in combat during his time. I asked him what was it like after being in combat for 4 years? Jermiah:“You look at normal things and see the where the threat is, my head is always on a swivel.” He explained that he rarely felt 100% safe when he was in a crowded environment. I asked him what helped him reintegrate when he got back? “ Jermiah:"I found the right job. When I first got back, I thought I would use my knowledge and get into law enforcement. So, I got a job as a security guard, after a couple of run ins with people I honestly felt it was in the best interest that I didn’t join law enforcement because of my shoot first mentality.” I asked Jeremiah what helps him with his anxiety he laughs before answering and says “I smoke a lot of weed.” At this point we are both laughing. I ask is there specific strand that you like the best? Jeremiah:“It's gotta be Indica, the body high is the best and I’m huge advocate for using it.” We talk a bit about the different types of strains, I honestly didn’t know weed consumption had gotten so scientific but that’s for another article. His girlfriend texted him and put a smile on his face. “Does she fully support you with things?” Jeremiah: “As much as I let her.” he replies. “Do you have a support system?” Jeremiah took a minute to think before responding. He told me does but he doesn’t allow people past a certain point and in his mind it's for their benefit. “How can people be more supportive to you or to a love one that may be in a similar situation?” Jeremiah: “Check in more, when you know someone is suffering checking in goes a long way.” During our talk Jeremiah mentioned good times and bad times, I inquired more about what that meant. He told me that his anxiety cycles, will have a stretch of feeling good, going out and then will suddenly hit a wall which consist of a period of tough times and breaking down. “What does breaking down mean?” Jeremiah: “For me it's not the flash backs to being in the sand box as much, it happens but not like it used too. It means I just don’t feel safe and I feel alone. I have canceled on friends because I just don’t want to be around people.” Before we wrap up is there anything you want to say to veterans that may be reading this or just got home? Jeremiah: “Don’t try to take on everything by yourself. Be around people that you know and want to know more about what's going on. They care about your mental health, if someone wants to know how to help let them in.”




Military Spouse Creating Change By: Mashonda Waddell

I know you’ve heard time and time again that the top critics of women are other women. It’s sad, yet very true. Women will tear other women down just to give themselves a boost of self-confidence. If only they were to realize that women, as a whole could gain a place of power in the world if they could just learn to work together. Jelisa Horne-Irias, RN BSN and military wife recognized this, and knew that she had to do something to aid the process of moving women up the ladder of success, by bringing them together to support and enable each other. In turn, she created The Noelle Foundation Women’s Empowerment Event, which took place on October 5, 2019.  WaytoParent Magazine had the opportunity to take part in this event, and we must say it was PHENOMENAL From the moment we walked into the atrium of the event a sense of unity and fellowship was felt. It was surprising to see that the room was not only filled with women, but there was also a great number of men in attendance. Upon walking around the room one could hear sounds of connections being made, business ideas being exchanged, and laughter being shared.  Vendors were also seen spending money with each other and showing an interest in each other’s businesses. It was really a beautiful sight to see people working together and supporting each other.

Inside the auditorium was where the real magic took place. The event was hosted by two of the funniest people that you could ever meet, talk show host Ohavia Phillips and Power 98’s No limit Larry. Their personalities kept the crowd engaged and on their feet. O’havia kept the crowd rocking with her signature “Milly Rock” dance, and even engaged the crowd in a “Milly Rock” dance contest. No Limit Larry also shared his sensitive side and dropped some knowledge for women in the audience. They both really complemented the lovely, eclectic panel, composed of a therapist/author, professional sports agent, civil engineer, event planner, publicist, E! News contributor, celebrity stylist, international event and interior designer, and an educator. Let’s just say if anyone could tell us how to achieve success it was this group of very SUCCESSFUL people!

Not only did they tell the audience how to achieve it, but they shared their personal journeys to success. They were all very open about the many adversities they faced along the way to success. Charity Washington, A-List Celebrity Stylist, opened with a very emotional speech, which included some great tips for the audience. The panel members followed up by leading discussions on the inequality between men and women in the working world, the gender roles within the home, doing business with friends, and the influence of your birth family on mental health and relationships. Throughout the crowd there were a great deal of head nods and “Amens” going on, indicating that the majority of the audience could relate to what the panel was saying. There was literally never a dull moment during the entire panel discussion. To top it off at the closure of the event one lucky audience member won $100 dollars. That audience member wasn’t me, however I still had a smile on my face from the positive energy I received from just being in that room. Although this event was originally created to empower women; both men and women left with a sense of fulfilment and encouragement to keep pressing on. They also left with a lot of connections to people in places that they are aspiring to be. I know you’re probably wishing you had attended this event, but don’t worry I took a few notes for you. Here are some quotes from some of the panel members.

“Be more aware of the opportunity, than you are of the pay; Focus on building relationships.” –No Limit Larry

“Submissiveness comes from a place of humility; you have to be humble to recognize someone’s strength as your weakness.” –Mike Grant

Photographer: Tony Drew Films 29

“When working for someone or working as an intern go above and beyond your duties, because you never know what doors that experience may open for you.”Charity Washington

A book every family can relate too WTPLIFESTYLEMAGAZINE.COM




Symona Hunt also known as “It’s Symona” is a Youtube personality who loves to share videos on the things she enjoys doing. She is a precious 4 year-old who has an opinion about everything. While many parents shudder at the thought of filming their unpredictable toddlers life, Symona’s parents embrace her curiosity and when she says something crazy, embarrassing, or silly, they simply shrug their shoulders, shake their heads and say “It’s Symona.

Kidpreneur Spotlight

Her silly, but always wholesome antics are what truly make her promotion videos so funny and sought after. Symona loves baby dolls, bunny rabbits, and blueberries (in that order). Symona is also growing into an amazing influencer and agent for change as she is working with her family to create an organization whose mission is to provide baby dolls and toys to kids in shelters and foster homes. She also has an entrepreneurial spirit as she is working to develop an all-natural hair perfume.

Subscribe: @Symona Hunt








Profile for Waytoparent

WayToParent LifeStyle Magazine (Veterans Day Issue).  

In honor of veterans day WTP Magazine covers active military, veterans, and military spouses in this lifestyle issue.

WayToParent LifeStyle Magazine (Veterans Day Issue).  

In honor of veterans day WTP Magazine covers active military, veterans, and military spouses in this lifestyle issue.