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Strategic Plan With an ongoing effort to move the WSIA and our industry forward, we are continuously analyzing our strengths and weaknesses and taking your suggestions for how to improve. One year ago, this took shape as our first Strategic Plan that was presented to the WSIA Board of Directors. This document was the result of a lot of work from a lot of people. Jim Emmons, President of the WSIA, James Krawczyk, our marketing and social media genius, along with the help of Consensus Communications of Orlando, put together a 44-page report and plan that is reviewed every quarter.

other WSIA divisions, cable park members are now able to download universally adopted liability waivers and on-site warning sign language via their unique password. Jim is now working on the Camps and Schools division in the same manner. We hope to have a core group of interested Camps and Schools owners at the 2013 Summit in the Snow, where this work will continue to develop. Jim was able to bring over 20 Camps and Schools for a preview meeting at Surf Expo, and with that kind of turnout we’re optimistic that we will see similar numbers at the Summit to hammer out the first round of deliverables to this group.

How Did We Do? We are pleased to report the WSIA had its second straight year of growth in both membership and revenue. Thanks to the efforts of Jim Emmons we were able to add several new “silos” to our membership base. The cable park industry has been on our radar for years, but Jim was able to round up a core group to attend the 2012 Summit in the Snow and show them what we could do for them. Seven months later we again brought this unique “silo” together at September’s Surf Expo and made good on our promise to provide the most comprehensive risk management program to date for cable park operators. Similar to


New Summit Sponsors WSIA is pleased to announce that Surf Expo has stepped up to a “name-in-title” position for the 2013 Summit in the Snow. We are also pleased to announce Clarion Marine audio as the Summit’s presenting sponsor. Other long time sponsors include The Rietz Law Firm, Belter Insurance, Murphy Systems, Boating World and World Sports & Marketing.

WSIA Dealer Alliance One of our most ambitious projects today for the Summit in the Snow has been the creation of the WSIA Dealer Alliance. Jim, who has turned out to be the true visionary of the WSIA, met with Bill McCaffray at the 2012 Summit and asked Bill to help lead the effort to get more dealers to participate in the Summit in the Snow. The premise was quite simple. The more dealers that attend the Summit will cause more manufacturers to attend. With the Board’s approval, the WSIA Dealer Alliance has created with what we believe are the top 21 dealers diversely and equitably representing our core manufacturer members. They are a combination of pro shops, boat dealers and those that provide both. As of mid-January, the following dealers had committed to attend: Ambush/Buywake, M&M WaterSports/Boardco, Miami Ski Nautique, Tommy’s Slalom shop, Texas Ski Ranch, Minnesota Inboard Water Sports, Transition WaterSports and Action Water Sports from Michigan. With the help of some creative ideas and Bill’s hardworking team, we have already tripled the number of dealer registrations over last year and we expect that this number will grow substantially through February.

Dan Clark The WSIA secured Hall of Fame professional speaker and former NFL player, Dan Clark for the Summit’s keynote address. Jim Emmons presented the concept to hire Dan at WSIA’s September board meeting where he played a video excerpt of Dan’s work. Jim has seen Dan speak on two previous occasions and raved about how he can emotionally move the audience. Jim’s comment was, “He will give Bill Walton a run for his money!” referring the to 2010 presentation at Park City where NBA Hall of Famer, Bill Walton wowed the audience with the best speech the Summit ever had. As a primary contributing author of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Dan Clark calls himself a “story-teller” and his twenty-plus years of story telling have landed him in the Speaker’s Hall of Fame with the likes of Zig Ziglar, Art Linkletter, Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell and Norman Vincent Peale to name a few. Dan has also been to the Middle East and Afghanistan several times to speak to our troops. If you have never been to the Summit in the Snow, this is your chance to come to one of our industry’s most rewarding events and to get a chance to hear a world-class speaker.

Be a part of the Dealer Alliance Maybe you’ve heard of this effort and maybe you were not targeted

to be included in this year’s elite group. Would you like to be? We want dealers that understand what the WSIA can do for them and how we work behind the scenes to make sure you have access to waterways in your local market. The first step in the process would be to attend the Summit in the Snow 2013. You can get the same discounted registration, the same killer room deal, and the same free lift ticket as Dealer Alliance members. You will get to come to all the same breakouts and seminars. And most importantly, you will be sending a strong message to your manufacturer reps and executives that you “get it,” and are part of this industry’s core group.

Pennsylvania Law Passed We have been working with the State of Pennsylvania for the last 18 months. Pennsylvania was considering adopting the Indiana law regarding wakesurfing. Indiana became the first state to outlaw wakesurfing behind an outboard or inboard/outboard while making it legal to wakesurf behind an inboard or V-drive powered boat. We are pleased to report that that the Pennsylvania law went into effect Jan 1, 2013. This is another huge victory for the WSIA and our dealers. Just imagine the loss of revenue had wakesurfing been outlawed behind all boats in Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia as it was originally proposed! The WSIA thwarted yet another assault on our financial well being! We will be sending out a WSAN

alert on this exciting news in the next few weeks.

Kevco And now the best for last. We think that Water Sports Retailer (WSR) can and should be one of the most valuable tools for our dealers. So, we’re pleased to announce that we were able to hire one of the most dialed-in editors we could find. Please welcome Kevin Michael (a.k.a. Kevco) to the WSIA team as the editor of WSR. Kevco brings a lifelong passion and experience, taking to the water at five years old and progressing to become a professional water skier. His love for wakeboarding led him into the editor position at WAKEBOARDING Magazine, where he authored countless articles and tested every boat on the market for many years. Kevco is a respected industry insider that has had a finger on the pulse of this industry for 15 years. Please help us welcome Kevco to the team. Feel free to contact him with any ideas you have:


Marine Focused f

Is insurance from Belter right for your business? Let’s talk.

ca. lic. 0619345 4

for Over 30 Years



Connelly/CWB/Proline Standing By Their Original Mission Statement Since 1965. Interview with Kevco and Jay Quam, VP Sales & Marketing

Kevco: What is your company

What are dealers doing these

What is the value in overseas

philosophy on keeping the deal-

days that are really helping sales?

production now compared to the

ers happy, helping them sell

Before the recession, everybody


though, etc.?

was able to ride the wave, so to

Overseas production was awe-

Jay: From the beginning, we’ve

speak. But these days, the dealers

some in year’s past, but it’s be-

had a mission statement ‘to be the

that are successful are the ones

come costly. It’s time consuming

leader in quality products, innova-

putting in the time and energy

and shipping expenses can be

tion and customer satisfaction.’

into making things happen. How

hard to control. Every year we

Even though it’s an old saying, it’s

you do that is by staying involved

come closer to bringing more pro-

been something that still holds

in the sport by doing events, pro-

duction back to the US. We have

true, and we really are committed

motions and being active on so-

kept our factory and the skilled

to all those things and you can’t

cial media – basically pushing the

labor here the whole time just in

have one without the other. We’ve

sport proactively instead of wait-

case we get to that point. We are

been doing this since 1965 and it’s

ing for people to walk in the shop.

pretty close to that point right

still the same commitment today.

Keeping yourself relevant is an


We also spend a lot of time listen-

ongoing initiative and having an

ing to dealers and consumers to

online presence is more important

Your product line is becoming

really help people enjoy their time

now than ever.

quite diverse. Are you seeing

on the water.

growth in other segments besides core wakeboarding and waterskiing?

Gabe Lucas. Photo: Meddock


CWB Team rider Will Christien. Photo: Meddock

Having a diverse product line is

manufacturers have the coastal

you won’t be around.

also a key. Waterski sales are down,

areas locked up, but if you look at

You’ve obviously been realis-

wakeboards are steady, tubes are

our distribution, it’s mostly all in-

tic on the manufacturing side as

cranking, standup paddleboards

land, lakes and rivers. Our biggest

well. We hear dealers saying that

are unbelievable and believe it or

growth this year will be with SUPs,

your products ship on time, have

not, kneeboards are strong. Wake-

towables and kneeboards.

low warranty claims, etc.

surfing, while the numbers are still

Warranty is key. I’ve been here for

smaller than other lines, is showing

Your longevity in this industry is

over 20 years and in the nineties,

incredible growth. So having our

obvious to all of us involved. What

we had a warranty nightmare or

hands in all those areas helps us

is the key to that vitality and how

two. But now, in the summertime,

weather the storm if one segment

were you able to overcome chal-

we have two people in our war-

is having an off year. We don’t rely

lenges like the recession?

ranty department and in the win-

on one area to make or break us.

We’ve always been realistic about

ter we only need one. Basically

what the market is doing and what

we build a quality product that

Explain your success in the SUP

we can sell. We budget accord-

doesn’t break. And if we have a


ingly and stick to those budgets.

problem in production, we shut

Last year, we started out conser-

There are a lot of examples in this

down production until it’s figured

vatively and we sold about three

industry where those boundaries

out. So if there is a problem out

times what we thought we’d sell.

are not considered and people go

in the field, we’re backing it up

We could have done more. So

outside what is realistic. It’s critical

with service and standing by the

now, it’s really blowing up and we

to have people on staff who are

product by taking care of both the

are offering six boards in the line

passionate about the sport, but

dealer and the customer. That’s a

with free freight through our nor-

you have to be smart about the

company philosophy.

mal distribution channels. The surf

way you run a business otherwise

Connelly’s Jamie Beauchesne. Photo: Kris Dobbins

Josh Twelker & Mike Dowdy. Photo: Meddock



Greg Kish How Slingshot Sports Established a Winning Strategy By: Kevco

Greg Kish Title: Director Of Sales Years With Slingshot: 11 With your 2007 launch in the wake market, there was some skepticism




manufacturer would make it as a wakeboard brand. Were you feeling that? Yes. Our competitors would sell against our brand with this story, but the history runs deep with our design team in the wakeboard industry. Tony Logosz worked with Herb O’Brien to help design the first Darin Shapiro pro model and he also did design work with Bill McCaffray back in the Neptune days. I’m fortunate to work for a brand that is very passionate about watersports and has a


strong track record developing

Ride Shop and Chuck Morrow

innovative products and bringing

from Ambush Boarding Co. were

new technologies that change the

early believers.

game. It was also helpful that Liq-

uid Force has a strong kiteboard-

There seems to be respect in the

ing division and is also a leader in

way you were just talking about

the wakeboarding market.

other brands in the market. And

people say you have good cama-

What were your biggest chal-

raderie with competing reps from

lenges as a new brand in wake?

other brands. That is unusual. Ex-

The timing of our launch could

plain your perspective there.

have been better. We missed fall

We work in an incredible industry

Surf Expo in September 2006 and

and everyone is passionate about

thought we could deliver product

action sports. I find common

in February 2007 and still get deal-

ground with the other sales reps

ers on board. Ronix also launched

in the way they live their lives and

around the same time and did a private showing of their new products to their core dealers at OWC in Orlando. By the time we had product to show, the dealers had already spent their pre-book dollars and were very excited to support Paul and Herb O’Brien’s new company. It was not easy but our story did resonate with a few key dealers and they took some risk and brought in a few units. John Vincent from Active Watersports, Wade Wagley from Greenhouse

Greg Kish, product testing

how they choose to spend their

What is they key to Slingshot’s

were many skeptics and our com-

free time. Wakeboarding, snow-


petitors used this skepticism to

boarding, skiing, skateboarding,

I think the leadership and vision

pigeonhole the product into cable

surfing, kiteboarding, motocross,

that Jeff Logosz provides the

or rail-specific applications. The


company is probably the most

truth is, our product works great

important. Jeff and Tony Logosz

behind the boat, on the cable, or






boarding – these are all great sports and I find that many of us share the same values. I think it’s also important to look at


“If all brands can work together to make the dealer stronger then we all benefit.”





great job of showcasing



and the unique style of our riders.

the bigger picture and this is really amplified when

are the founders of our brand and

What has Shredtown done for

you’re working with other reps

their passion for watersports is au-

the brand and the sport overall?

at dealer sponsored events like

thentic and real. They truly want to

Shredtown is probably one of the

boat shows, demo days, and sales

produce products that have an im-

most authentic stories in the sport

events). All of the major brands

pact and lead to progression.


operate under a dealer-based dis-

them sending their YouTube vid-

tribution model. So in theory, if all

What did the movie LIPSMACK

eos to us back in the early days. I’m

brands can work together to make

do for you as a brand?

not sure where they bought their

the dealer stronger then we all

LIPSMACK was very well received

product or how they heard about

benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I en-

and I think it provided a bit of

the brand but the videos started

joy the competitive nature of the

legitimacy to the brand for the

coming in. We would all gather

sales effort, but working together

wakeboarding skeptics. Our sto-

around the computer screen and

is key.

ry in wakeboarding has revolved

say “holy s--- look what these

around a single word, FLEX. There

kids are doing with our product.”

Taking the kite to the waves




Mrs. Kish enjoying some SUP scenery (Photos courtesy Kish family album)


EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH I think Logosz was proud on those

and Mauricio Abreu for Kite.

what is the key to keeping your

days because he clearly saw both

dealers happy?

impact and progression from his

In the beginning, you seemed to

Customer service, sales support,


deliver core products, but now

extended dating, preseason dis-

are offering kids products, wake

counts, freight incentives, war-

Do you see winching as an area

surfers and SUPs. Explain that

ranty support, efficient communi-

that will grow, or will it always be

growth in strategy and how is it

cation and follow up. Our partners

a niche?

working out?

expect us to deliver what we

Anything that gives you a pull is

Kid products are in the pipe for

promise and provide value to their

cool. Not sure about the growth of

sure -- Tony and Jeff both have

business. They depend on us to

the winch, but I say, ‘go for it and

young children approaching the

create great products with innova-

show us what is possible.’

grom age group and trust me,

tion that matters (not just hype).

these kids are going to have great

They need us to deliver this prod-

How would you explain your team

products to ride. The good news is

uct on time, at the right price with

overall? What type of riders do

that all kids in this age group are

incredible marketing support to

you go for?

going to benefit – timing is every-

create end user demand and drive

Our team is rad. Honestly, I have

thing. Wakesurfers and standup

sell through.

very little input regarding team

paddleboards are a natural exten-

selection or advancement. I will

sion of Tony’s knowledge and ex-

Why would a customer choose

work with shops directly to help

pertise in shaping and allows us to


groom the ‘shop riders’ but this is

offer a more robust product line to

Riders should buy Slingshot not

where I draw the line. Once it goes

our partners.

solely because of the product we

Greg Kish, all-weather waterman




make, but why we make it. We

to the next level I hand them off to the experts – Jeff McKee for Wake


Being an independent brand,

are a passionate group of action

sports participants and we take

I graduated from Penn State with

pride in the product we produce.

a degree in Finance but my path

One of the favorite aspects of my

down the watersports industry

job is to take dealers/riders/media

road started with my summer job

partners on a factory tour in North

on the Outer Banks of North Caro-

Bonneville, Washington. Our fac-

lina. I worked for five years at Kitty

tory is amazing and the fact we

Hawk Sports and ran their school/

produce boards in the USA is

rental location. We had it all and

awesome. The attention to detail

couldn’t have asked for a bet-

and pride from the people mak-

ter summer job – WaveRunners,

ing your product is insane – if you


have a chance check out our fac-

windsurfing, and Hobie cats. This

tory video at

was all before kiteboarding came



Personally, what is your partici-

How does the Internet and online

distribution services we bring to

pant level in the sports you deal

sales affect your business and the

the table.

with? It seems like you live the

relationship with your dealers?

lifestyle and are a participant.

The Internet brings many chal-

What is Slingshot’s long-term

I married an amazing girl and my

lenges and opportunities. It is

strategy and how are you grow-

wife and I are fortunate to enjoy

here to stay and has will continue

ing the sport specifically?

many outdoor activities. We have

to transform the world of retail

Continue building great products

dirtbikes, mountain bikes, skis,

sales. We have an online store

with innovation that matters and

snowboards, surfboards, paddle-

and implemented the Shopatron

provide value to our partners, rid-

boards and kiteboarding gear. The

model for our partners on fulfill-

ers, employee’s and investors. In

Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood

ment. Some of our partners love

terms of sport growth I think we

and Pacific Ocean are all relatively

Shopatron and some do not. The

have to look at the cable parks.

close to Hood River, Oregon so we

Internet will continue to evolve --

These parks are going to have

have many options. One of these

brands/distributors/retailers must

an incredible long term effect on

days we will get a boat but for

embrace change and develop cre-

the watersports industry. Kids will

now if we want to wakeboard or

ative solutions to these changes.

grow up and develop friendships

wakesurf we must pester the crew

riding the cable – then they will

at Active Watersports in Portland

How is it working with the crew at

get older and get jobs. One of

Oregon for a ride. I’m confident

REMOTE Wakeskates?

their buddies will buy a boat, an-

that one day soon a determined

Silas Thurman has done an amaz-

other one will take up kiteboard-

entrepreneur will actually build a

ing job creating end user demand

ing, the third will get into surfing

cable park in the Northwest and

for his brand and our relationship

or paddleboarding. This is where

the riders will rejoice.

seems to work really well. Silas is

the crossover will begin because

very creative and has strong vi-

they have one common waters-

How did you get your start in the

sion and I think he appreciates the

ports bond – wakeboarding at the

watersports industry?

quality of our construction and

cable park.



Greg & his wife out on the trails





Miami Ski Nautique Kim Laursen, Co-Founder

ners, co-owners of a ski boat, and spent many years traveling the southern US, and Europe “chasing buoys.” Henrik’s plan was to return home to Denmark, while mine was to live near my family in Illinois. Somehow, we just never managed to quit skiing long enough to move away from south

Henrik, Kirk and Kim Laursen

by Nautique. Being three avid

Charleston, South Carolina. Hen-

Nautique fans, the conversation

rik, being the salesman that he is,

eventually centered on starting a

somehow convinced me to plan a

small boat dealership. Miami Nau-

wedding near Trophy Lakes on a

tique was founded in 1998, with

Friday night, so we could ski the

Rony as a silent partner. In 2007,

record tournament starting the

we bought Rony’s shares, and be-

next morning.

came sole owners.

What year was Miami Nautique



Back in the day, we were a six-boat

founded, and what was business

founded on the water. Between

dealership sharing space with

like at that time?

sets of driving, coaching, and ski-

a miami bus company. We had

Miami Nautique is a family run

ing, we often had “wouldn’t if be

one full time service technician,

business located in Miami, FL with

cool if…” conversations in the boat.

a website manager, and a part

a satellite location in Pomano

Some of these talks included our

time bookkeeper. Our boats were

Beach. Our Nautique dealership,

friend, Rony Siekaly who was play-

selling, and we received enough

service center, and water sports

ing center for the Orlando Magic

water sports equipment special

pro shop is owned and operated

at the time, and was sponsored

requests, to open a very lean pro

by my husband, Henrik Laursen, and myself. We’ve been passionately involved in water sports for the past 25 years. Henrik and I met at McGinnis Ski School in Ft. Lauderdale. I was a school teacher driving and coaching skiers, during summer break. and Henrik was a financial manager of a Scandinavian company . We became quick friends, ski part-


Florida. Eventually, we married in




The Miami Ski Nautique team When did you open the second

It seems like Miami would be a

derstands the needs of high-end

satellite location, and how is that

market different than any oth-

competitors as well as local fami-

working out?

er. What makes your situation

lies. To this end, each and every

About a year ago we opened our


staff member is a passionate wa-

satellite location on Chrystal Lake

Miami is a great place to call home,

ter sports athlete with technical

in Pompano. This is about an hour

and yes, our market tends be

knowledge of equipment. Since

north of Miami, and home to Dean

unique. For one, we clearly have a

Miami is a popular tourism destina-

Lavelle’s LTS wakeboard school.

warm climate. Therefore, we don’t

tion, our staff is also multilingual,

It’s also just minutes from the Ski

have a predictably slow season,

fluently speaking nine languages.

Rixen cable park, McGinnis Ski

and we have the capability to host

Being located on the coast, much

School, and Chet Raley’s Palm

events year round. The climate is

of our boat market is on salt water.

Beach training center. We’ve got

perfect for ski/wake schools as

This tends to make our boat prep

a fresh water lake for demoing

well, so it gives us an opportunity

and service unique in comparison

boats and equipment, so we’re

to support schools, athletes, and

to the fresh water market. Coastal

happy there, and the store is gain-


rent and property tend to run on

ing momentum.

It’s imperative that our staff un-

the high side as well.


Sunset at Miami Ski Nautique North. Finally, our ice hockey team is a

G23 wakeboard boat, Nautique

locally in tournaments. Over the

bit unique to south Florida busi-

earned the water sports indus-

years, we’ve developed very spe-

ness. Henrik, along with several

try’s “Manufacturer of the Year” as

cial lifelong relationships with our

staff members, and customers, are

well as “Most Innovative Product

international customers, and enjoy

avid hockey players on our Miami

of the Year.” With the addition of

serving them.

Nautique Hanson Bros ice hockey

the G25, and the NSS Surf System,

We also have representatives in


it’s clearly evident that Nautique

each country to offer local assis-

is not happy with the status quo,

tance to customers as needed.

What types of features are really

which fits our business rational

On any given day, up to eight lan-

helping sell boats these days?


guages are spoken in our pro shop,

We’re proud to represent an in-


so it’s important that our staff is

novative and progressive manu-

Explain how the international

multilingual, and understands the

facturer like Nautique. They con-

side of your business works.

cultures of other countries. Our

tinue to step it up year after year

We’ve worked very hard and dili-

by introducing game changing

gently, to develop our interna-

boats, and shifting the landscape

tional business. Miami is a hub for

of water sports. For example, the

Latin America with people travel-

Ski Nautique 200 was introduced

ing to and through our city on a

in 2010, and since then, has set

rather routine basis. Many have

more world records than most

second homes or businesses in

other boat companies combined.

Miami, while others are visiting

With last year’s introduction of the

family, vacationing, or competing

It’s a family business!

Marketing the Miami Ski Nautique business at special events both in the US and abroad. priority is that clients can feel at

monetary values and import taxa-

clinics at our local ski club, World

home when they deal with Miami

tion as well.

Games Cali, Pan American Cham-

Nautique, whether it’s by email, in

pionships, The Beach Games in

person, or over the phone, in their



Venezuela, various South Ameri-

home language or ours.

America, etc. What is your strat-

can National Championships, the

At the end of the day, we’re all

egy there?

US National Championships, and

speaking the same language – a

We sponsor athletes and events in

the Miami Nautique Intl Record

true passion for the water.

every country, in order to support

slalom and Latin American Big

the sport, and give back to our

Dawg held in Miami. We’re also

customers and friends.

involved in a Miami cable project,

What are the biggest challenges





which is scheduled to open in the

International shipping and warran-

What types of special events or

ties can be a challenge. Since each

promotions are you working on

country has different customs reg-

this year?

Anything else you want to

ulations, accomplishing smooth

Our next events are the Nautique

touch on?

transitions from country to coun-

Big Dawg tournament in Chile,

Just a big thanks to the manufac-

try can be difficult. Additionally,

and the Miami International Boat

turers who continue to send us

some countries go through times

Show in February. Some other

enough quality innovative prod-

of political instability, affecting

events we’re involved in are: kids’

uct to keep our customers hungry,

next year.

give us great training, and support us year after year. Finally, a note of appreciation for the WSIA and all they do for the industry.

The hockey team

Branded events and materials


“Daddy, you promised to wear your life jacket!” Trust us, she’ll know if you don’t. Brought to you by the National Safe Boating Council and the women who nag love you. 18



Summit in the Snow Draws Largest Attendance Ever New Dealer Alliance Program Brings 14 Shops

The view from the gondola, on the way up the mountain. Photo: Kevco With a new location in Steam-

The WSIA Dealer Alliance Group

top executives, and it provides

boat, Colorado and new, world-

recognized top performance in

a priceless value to everyone in-

class speakers in the lineup, the

watersports with a special award

volved. The Tommy’s Slalom Shop

2013 Summit in the Snow hosted

and the opportunity to participate

group of dealers (which recently

over 170 attendees at the Steam-

in an open forum discussion on

grew to three shops nationwide)

boat Grand Resort on March 5-7.

how to improve the marketplace

left with an invaluable experience.

The new “WSIA Dealer Alliance”

for all dealers.

Founder Tommy Phillips is now

program, driven by Alliance


a consultant for the group and

Multimedia brought 14 leading

Now in its 7th year, the Summit in

said, “This year’s Summit was the

shops to the Summit, surpassing

the Snow has proven to be a man-

best ever! Without the skills we

the previous dealer mark of four.

datory event for the industry’s

learned, we could not compete at

As the final meetings concluded and everyone hit the slopes once again, the 2013 Summit in the Snow was considered by all to be a unanimous success. The WSIA would like to thank its sponsorship supporters; Surf Expo, Clarion Audio, Belter Insurance, Reitz Law Firm, Alliance Multithe highest level. The legal advice

Morning seminars gave people

and the new WSIA Dealer Alliance

options on which breakouts to at-

have shaped the way top dealers

tend and covered everything from

lead the industry. We will attend

risk management to social media

the crucial meetings every year to

and Internet marketing.

maintain our edge.”

media, Boating World Magazine, OJ Props, and World Sports & Marketing.

Speakers Peter Reitz & Associates: Risk Management Dr. Dan Maxim: Product Stewardship Greg Walthour: SEO Domination James Krawczyk: Photoshop & WordPress

Keynote Speakers Dan Clark (L) and Ted Murphy (R). Photo: Meddock

The opening night featured Dan

Ted Murphy, from in

Clark, a professional speaker and

Orlando, entertained the entire

recent Speaker’s Hall of Fame in-

group with the second keynote

ductee, who delivered a comedic

on Wednesday night. Murphy did

and inspirational keynote on “The

his homework on our industry’s

Art Of Significance” and achiev-

performance in the areas of SEO

ing the level beyond success.

and social media. He gave us the

With the WSIA’s emphasis on

roadmap to success and delivered

relevance, this night really set the

several messages on how to get

tone for a great event.


David Mihm: Local Search Strategy Darlynn Nangano: Social Media & Marketing Sunny Grosso & Shereen Eltobgy: Delivering Happiness In The Workplace Capt. Richard Moore: Boating Law Administrators Greg Agnew: The State of Electronic Releases



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Connelly Skis

Liquid Force

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Lynnwood, WA (425)-775-5416

Encinitas, CA (760) 943-8364

Creative Water Sports

Nash Mfg / Nash Sports

Redlands, CA 909-335-1885

Fort Worth, TX 800-433-2901

Big Rapids, MI 888-661-2263

Custom Chutes, Inc.

O’Brien International

Bradenton, FL 941-753-4818

Redmond, WA 407-852-2424

Agenda Surf

Eagle Sports

Bryant Boats Sweetwater, TN (423) 337-3639

Correct Craft Orlando, FL (407) 855-4141

CWS Boats Cape May, NJ (609) 780-6326

Fineline Industries Merced, CA (209) 384-0255

GE Capital Hoffman Estates, IL 248-625-3650

Malibu Boats Merced, CA (209) 383-7469


Acme Propellers

Chula Vista, CA 619-318-4848

AM Skis Orlando, FL 407-412-5971

Aquaglide/Northsports White Salmon, WA 509-493-4938

Body Glove Int’l Redondo Beach, CA 310-374-3441

Houston, TX 800-862-4424

Bonnier/Transworld Wakeboarding Winter Park, FL 407-628-4802

Sanger Boats Fresno, CA (559) 485-2842


Redmond, WA 206-257-2301

HO Sports Redmond, WA (425)-885-3505

Performance Diesel Webster, TX 281-464-2345

Jobe Sports USA Orlando, FL 407-352-3655


KC Technology/D3 Skis

Revel Match / Rave Sports

Ellensburg, WA 509-933-2312

MasterCraft Boat Co. Vonore, TN (423) 884-2221

Pacific Watercraft

Little Mountain, SC

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Kent Sporting Goods New London, OH

Roswell Wake-Air Cocoa, FL 321-890-7120

Kwik Tek Comptech / Sky Ski Redding, CA 530-244-6837

Denver, CO 303-733-3722

Slingshot Sports Hood River, OR 509-427-4950

Sport Dimension

Action Water Sports, Inc.

Bart’s Water Sports

Deep Creek Marina

Carson, CA 310-320-7873

Hudsonville, MI 810-629-1342

North Webster, IN (574)-834-7666

McHenry, MD 301-387-6977

Square One Dist.

Action Water Sports of

Issaquah, WA 425-369-6850

Bennett’s Boat & Ski Tahoe South Lake Tahoe, CA

Zachary, LA 225-654-9306

Active Water Sports Beaverton, OR 503-643-5018

Springville, UT 801-747-3539

Adrenaline Watersports

Boulder City, NV 702-293-1122

Belevue, WA 425-746-9253

Ambush /

Elkton, MD 410-620-2628

Kennesaw, GA 770-974-9757

Cleveland Boat Center ZF Marine LLC Dartmouth, MA 401-261-1964

Aqua Sport Marine

Ilmington, IL (815) 476-7802

Driport Marine O’Fallon, MO (636) 978-9999

Flash Watersports & Marina Lake Hopatcong, NJ 973-663-7990

Fort Fremont Marine Fremont, WI 920-446-3220

Club Royale Marina Art in Surf

Fenton, MI 810-629-1342

Cleveland, TN 423-472-1201

Lebanon, TN 615-444-2628


Action Water Sports of Fenton

Dockside Marine

Chessie Marine Sales

WOW World of Watersports Boystown, NE (402) 516-8034

Hot Springs, AZ 501-760-7100

Boulder Boats

WaterSki America Dallas, TX 972-620-2377


BoardCo. Inc

Wake Journal Orlando, FL 407-476-4791

Diamond Lakes

Cayucos, CA 805-440-6065

Waterford, MI 248-681-9100

Gull Lake Marine Richland, MI 267-627-4507

Conneaut Lake Navigation Barefoot Central Katy, TX 281-395-9751

Conneaut Lake, PA 814-382-3255

Heinen’s Motorsports Osseo, MN 763-425-2178


MEMBER DIRECTORY Hyperactive Watersports Chestermere, Alberta, CA hyperactivewatersports. com

Memphis Boat Center Memphis, TN 901-744-4444

New Found Boat Shoppe Bristol, NH 603-744-0777

Redline Water Sports Chilliwaer, BC

Regal Marine Pty Ltdt Miami Ski Nautique Island City Watersports Cumberland, WI 715-822-8337

Miami, FL 305-438-9464

Overby Marine Sales/ Service Littleton, NC (252) 586-3593

Midwest MasterCraft Lauderdale Lakes Marina Elkhorn, WI 262-742-3898

LIghthouse Harbor Marina Greentown, PA 570-857-0220

Lynnwood Motoplex Lynnwood, WA 425-774-0505

Main Channel Marina Syracuse, IN 574-457-4200

MarineMax, Inc. Clearwater, FL (727)-531-1700

MasterCraft Dealer Tempe, AZ 602-541-3857


Crystal, MN 763-533-9666


Midwest Watersports Pacific Nautiques Pacific, WA 253-833-4140

Minnesota Inboard Watersports Excelsior, MN 952-474-1742

Parker Business Planning Orlando, FL 407-843-8808

Performance Ski & Surf Orlando, FL 407-859-7544 Elizabethtown, NC 910-247-6201

Lake Buena Vista, FL 407-939-0754

Raymond, ME (207)-655-7547

Shuswap Marine Ski & Board Centres Calgary, Alberta, CA 403-255-0045

Silver Lake Marine Race City Marine Mooresville, NC 704-799-0008

Nautiques of Orlando Orlando, FL 407-425-2678

Sammy Duvall’s Water Sports Center

Sebago Watersports

MP Marine Products Salt Lake City, UT 801-973-4017

Sail & Ski Center Austin, TX

Greenville, NC

Victoria, MN 952-443-1805

Vermont, Victoria 03-9874-4624

Silver Springs, NY 585-237-5185

Ski Dock Recreation Station Spearfish, SD 605-717-4386

Austin, TX 512-918-2628

Ski Rixen of Quiet Waters Deerfield Beach, FL

TNT Wakeboarding Raleigh, NC 910-987-5155

Afrayed Knot Watersports Cortez, FL 941-448-4169

H2O Sports Parasailing Hilton Head, SC 843-683-4386

Stan Craft Marine Coeur d’Alene, ID 208-457-8000

Superior Boat Repair & Sales Rancho Cordova, CA 916-638-3382

Tommy’s Slalom Shop Denver, CO 303-455-3091

Fort Worth, TX 817-589-7547

Ocklawaha, FL 352-288-9905

Crystal, MN 763-533-9666 Texas Ski Ranch New Braunfels, TX 830-627-2843

Crystal, MN 763-533-9666

White Lake Marine The Boat House Iowa City, IA 319-631-0112

Panama City, FL 850-236-8677

Transition Watersports Texas MasterCraft

High Times, Inc. Aquatic Adventures

White Lake, NC (910)-862-3688

Holland America Beaufort Inlet Watersports Beaufort, NC 252-422-2498

Woodard Marine

Banora Point, NSW -95837

Hydeville, VT 802-265-3690

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (206) 626-8091

Ikes Beach Service Best Boat Club Ft. Lauderdale, FL 954-562-5179

Gulf Shores, FL 251-948-3757

Just Chute Me Chute ‘em Up Parasailing Port Aransas, TX 361-774-5792

Daytona Beach Parasail Tigé Boats Australia

Palm Harbor, FL 727-410-6443

Daytona Beach, FL 386-547-6067

Destin, FL 850-333-3984

Lighthouse Harbor Marina Greentown, PA 510-857-0220

MB Parasail

Dennis Parasail Tigé Performance Mesa, AZ 480-861-0666


Plymouth, MA 508-789-0715

East Coast Parasail Tigé Watersports Corona, CA 951-737-9801

Adventure Parasail Virginia Beach, VA 757-714-6634

Marco Island Water Sports Marco Island, FL 239-777-9977

North Cape May, NJ 609-889-9481


MEMBER DIRECTORY Miami Beach Parasail

SeaBreeze Parasail

Top of the Line Parasail

KC Watersports

Miami Beach, FL 319-520-8266

Virginia Beach, VA 757-286-5930

Dunedin, FL 727-403-8807

Paola, KS 913-783-4300

Naam Sports

SeaBreeze Watersports

UFO Parasail

Langkawi, Kedah 604-966-5991

Honolulu, HI 808-396-0100

Lahaina, HI 808-661-78836

Orlando Water Sports Complex

Nutin Fancy Fishin, Inc

Sebago Watersports of Key West

Wind & Watersports

Dunedin, FL

Key West, FL

Ft. Myers, FL 239-765-8080

OBX Parasail

Orlando, FL 407-854-1800

Texas MasterCraft Ft. Worth, TX 817-589-7547

Siesta Key Watersports Paradise Parasail Ft. Myers, FL 239-433-4337

Pleasure Island Parasail Orange Beach, AL 251-609-0244

Sarasota, FL (727)642-2876

Pensacola Beach, FL (850) 934-9743

Sage Sailing Surfside Beach, SC 843-232-8383

Skys The Limit Watersports, Inc.


Lafayette, LA

Dunedin, FL (727)389-2209

Elev8 Wake Park

St. Augustine, FL 904-819-0980

Boulder, CO 303-304-4844

New Braunfels, TX 830-627-2843

Sunset Watersports Key West Key West, FL 305-294-1500 sunsetwatersportskeywest. com

Sammamish, WA 206-227-5178

Pleasant Grove, Canada (415) 747-4119

College Station, TX 979-229-9395


Hydrous Wake Park Allen, TX 214-390-3088

Tidalwave Watersports Mt. Pleasant, SC 843-296-9244

Wake Island Watersports

Wakeside at the Barracks H3O Development Partners

SD Watersports Lake Buena Vista, FL 407-939-0754

Texas Ski Ranch


Smile High Parasail Radical Rides


Belter Insurance Willows, CA 1-800-540-2258

Informes y Soluciones Lima, Peru 51-1-372-2200

Big Game Watersports Northbrook, IL 847-715-1253

Boating World


The Boarding School


Irvine, CA 949-660-6150

Altadena, CA (626) 456-1969

Orlando, FL 407-484-5525

Lexington, KY 859-225-9487

Clarion Corp of America


Wake Charter


Cyprus, CA

Edgewood, NY 631-254-2155 x145

Portland, OR 503-421-8188

Chicago, IL 312-946-6200

Coleman Company

Tearepair, Inc.

WakeSurf NC

Wichita, KS 316-832-3084

Land o Lakes, FL 800-937-3716

Littleton, NC 252-203-7000

National Safe Boating Council

Evolution Insurance Brokers Sandy, UT 801-304-5572

Unleashed Wake Magazine Toulouse, France 336-125-15123


Bristow, VA 703-361-4294

Surf Expo Atlanta, GA

AWSEF Ilmor Marine Mooresville, NC 704-360-1900

Wake Worx Knoxville, TN 865-643-4119

Polk City, FL 863-324-2472

Dale Dobroth

Indexic, Inc Mt. Pleasant, SC 800-742-4781

Ken Cook Co. Milwaukee, WI 414-466-6000


Chain O Lakes Water Ski School Three Lakes, WI 715-546-2014

INT League Black Diamond, WA 360-886-7822

LA Fire Department Redondo Beach, CA 310-318-1395

Protomet Corp Oakridge, TN 865-425-0600

Miami Ski Nautique Miami, FL

LOFS Watersports Association Crown Point, IN 219-682-8528

USA Water Ski Polk City, FL 863-324-4341

Wake The World Asheboro, NC 336-215-1135

Wakescout San Juan Capistrano, CA 949-496-2178


Parker Stair MasterCraft Vonore, TN parker.stair


“Daddy, you promised to wear your life jacket!” Trust us, she’ll know if you don’t. Brought to you by the National Safe Boating Council and the women who nag love you.

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